" Forest Adventure "
This game is destined to players of 0 to 15 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

A forbidden forest. Your an explorer who has to find out the secrets of the overgrown, wild forest.

1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Mar.27 11:09 'Hey Pony, did you hear that roar, from the forest last night?'
2>Pony (girl), 12yo.2022,Mar.27 11:10  Secret message to Amaani  
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Mar.27 11:11  Secret message to Pony  
2>Pony (girl), 12yo.2022,Mar.27 11:11  Secret message to Amaani  
2>Pony (girl), 12yo.2022,Mar.27 11:12  Secret message to Amaani  
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Mar.27 11:12  Secret message to Pony  
2>Pony (girl), 12yo.2022,Mar.27 11:14  Buying Pet (x 1)   Secret message to Amaani  
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Mar.27 11:14  Dropping Pet (x 1)  
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Mar.27 11:14  Dropping Pet (x 1)  
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Mar.27 11:15  Giving Explorer's Kit (x 1) to Pony  
2>Pony (girl), 12yo.2022,Mar.27 11:15  Secret message to Amaani  
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Mar.27 11:15 Okay, I think we're ready now. She mounts her new horse blizzard
4>Kitty (girl), 10yo.2022,Mar.27 11:21  Buying Pet (x 1)  Hi
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Mar.27 11:23 They ride along a rocky path
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Mar.27 11:24 They hear another roar, bringing several rocks, that don't hurt them luckily
2>Pony (girl), 12yo.2022,Mar.27 11:25  Buying Riding gear (x 2)  o
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Mar.27 11:28 We'll have to take a side road that's safer.
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Mar.27 11:29 The road was dark and narrow though
4>Kitty (girl), 10yo.2022,Mar.27 11:29  Taking Pet (x 1)  
2>Pony (girl), 12yo.2022,Mar.27 11:30  Giving Riding gear (x 1) to Kitty  
7>Blizzard (Stallion), 4yo.2022,Mar.27 11:31 'I don't want to ride through that.' *Whispers to Midnight*
4>Kitty (girl), 10yo.2022,Mar.27 11:33  Giving Riding gear (x 1) to Amaani   Secret message to Amaani  
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Mar.27 11:35 They ride through until they come to a fork in the road.
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Mar.27 11:36 The roaring and forest are on the left, but a whispered wailing is coming from the right.
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Mar.27 11:36 Which should we take?
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Mar.27 11:36  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=Yes  
4>Kitty (girl), 10yo.2022,Mar.27 11:39 c'mon lets get in to the forest and find out what the roar is.
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Mar.27 11:39 Yeah, the right sounds creepy
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Mar.27 11:40 Eventually they get into the forest
7>Blizzard (Stallion), 4yo.2022,Mar.27 11:40 Ah, I needed the open air. He thought
7>Blizzard (Stallion), 4yo.2022,Mar.27 11:41  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=3  
7>Blizzard (Stallion), 4yo.2022,Mar.27 11:41  Rolling 10 sided dice... Result=6  
12>midnight (mare), 4yo.2022,Mar.27 11:41  Secret message to Blizzard  
7>Blizzard (Stallion), 4yo.2022,Mar.27 11:42 'Or wait do I smell something?'
4>Kitty (girl), 10yo.2022,Mar.27 11:42 lets stop for some rest and food
12>midnight (mare), 4yo.2022,Mar.27 11:42  Secret message to Blizzard  
7>Blizzard (Stallion), 4yo.2022,Mar.27 11:42  Secret message to midnight  
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Mar.27 11:43  Secret message to midnight  
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Mar.27 11:43 ?
4>Kitty (girl), 10yo.2022,Mar.27 11:44  Buying Food and drink (x 10)  here is some food and drinks i took some with us.
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Mar.27 11:44 Blizzard began to turn around.
4>Kitty (girl), 10yo.2022,Mar.27 11:44  Giving Food and drink (x 1) to midnight  
4>Kitty (girl), 10yo.2022,Mar.27 11:44  Giving Food and drink (x 1) to Amaani  
4>Kitty (girl), 10yo.2022,Mar.27 11:44  Giving Food and drink (x 1) to Pony  
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Mar.27 11:44 They eat, but the horses are restless
4>Kitty (girl), 10yo.2022,Mar.27 11:44  Giving Food and drink (x 1) to Blizzard  
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Mar.27 11:45  Giving Weapons (x 1) to all players  
2>Pony (girl), 12yo.2022,Mar.27 11:46  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Food and drink  
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Mar.27 11:46 After they had eaten and drunk their fill, they heard a growl
4>Kitty (girl), 10yo.2022,Mar.27 11:46 wait, there is another horse
2>Pony (girl), 12yo.2022,Mar.27 11:47  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Riding gear  
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Mar.27 11:47 The wild horse was running away from something
2>Pony (girl), 12yo.2022,Mar.27 11:48 look! behind the horse! a big angry dragon!
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Mar.27 11:48 I think it'a being chased by a wild animal! *She held up a torch*
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Mar.27 11:49 Hide!
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Mar.27 11:49 She knocked out the torch and ducked int the underbrush.
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Mar.27 11:50 But blizzard and midnight and the other horse were running
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Mar.27 11:50 'The Dragon will catch them! Who has a bow and arrow?'
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Mar.27 11:50  Rolling 4 sided dice... Result=1  
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Mar.27 11:50  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=Yes  
2>Pony (girl), 12yo.2022,Mar.27 11:51 i have a bow and arrow, hidden in my bag, i will get it out.
5>moonlight (horse), 6yo.2022,Mar.27 11:52 and i'll get the horses to safety and calm them down.
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Mar.27 11:52 Can you see it's weak pint Kitty? It's usually either the armpit or ear
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Mar.27 11:53 *Point
4>Kitty (girl), 10yo.2022,Mar.27 11:53 and i'll get the horses to safety and calm them down.
2>Pony (girl), 12yo.2022,Mar.27 11:58  Buying First aid Kit (x 1)  "ktwang!" oh bother, i missed it.
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Mar.27 11:59 Try again, it's getting close! This is the last chance or one of us will have to go and make a distraction.
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Mar.27 12:00 (If you want you can roll the two sided dice to see if you miss or not)
2>Pony (girl), 12yo.2022,Mar.27 12:01  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=Yes  
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Mar.27 12:02 The dragon falls to the ground wounded
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Mar.27 12:02 'Get a rope from the explorers kit and tie it up!'
4>Kitty (girl), 10yo.2022,Mar.27 12:05 I'll tend to the horses when Pony deals with the stuff, now the dragon is gone..
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Mar.27 12:05  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=No  
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Mar.27 12:06 I wonder if we could use his scales for armour? We might need it
7>Blizzard (Stallion), 4yo.2022,Mar.27 12:07 'I don't want to wear a dead Dragon!' Whinnied Blizzard, who had been rounded up by Kitty
2>Pony (girl), 12yo.2022,Mar.27 12:07 pony gets a rope and ties it's front legs. " the rope isn't long enough to tie it's front legs, Amaani. can you use yours"
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Mar.27 12:08 Sure.
2>Pony (girl), 12yo.2022,Mar.27 12:08 i mean it's back legs and front legs.
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Mar.27 12:10 We'll leave it here. By the time it gnaws through the rope we'll be gone, and it'll be too injured to eat anybody, and it'll scare away any wild animals
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Mar.27 12:11   + 1 Experience points to all players  
5>moonlight (horse), 6yo.2022,Mar.27 12:12  Secret message to Blizzard  
5>moonlight (horse), 6yo.2022,Mar.27 12:12  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=Yes   Secret message to Blizzard  
7>Blizzard (Stallion), 4yo.2022,Mar.27 12:13 But everyone had decided not to use the scales and they rode of again
12>midnight (mare), 4yo.2022,Mar.27 12:16 i hate the smell of dragon blood, don't you?
7>Blizzard (Stallion), 4yo.2022,Mar.27 12:17 Yes! It's horrible. Let's go down to the stream and see if we can get rid of it
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Mar.27 12:21
2>Pony (girl), 12yo.2022,Mar.28 20:04 'bang!' a boulder landed in the path just in front of them, after it fell down off a cliff.
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Mar.29 11:48  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=Yes  
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Mar.29 11:48  Rolling 6 sided dice... Result=3  
7>Blizzard (Stallion), 4yo.2022,Mar.29 11:50 Luckily no one was hurt, but the horses panicked for some time before they were calm
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Mar.29 11:51 'What shall we do?'
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Mar.29 11:51 'It's too big to climb.'
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Mar.29 11:52 'Oh look there!' To the right, there was a cave.
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Mar.29 11:52 'Shall we go in?'
2>Pony (girl), 12yo.2022,Apr.4 13:45 okay, but i will, go in to check if it is safe first.
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.4 13:47 Okay, take a rope so that you don't get lost, and send a signal if your in danger.
2>Pony (girl), 12yo.2022,Apr.4 13:48 pony goes in, a little scared that the cave would collapse unto her
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.4 13:48 'Is it safe?' I called
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.4 13:50  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=Yes  
2>Pony (girl), 12yo.2022,Apr.4 13:52 she walks to the other end, and as it was safe, she ran back to the others and said "it's safe, excepting a tunnel that is very deep into the mountain, i didn't go far down it because of that."
12>midnight (mare), 4yo.2022,Apr.4 13:53  Selling Weapons (x 1)  
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.4 13:53 Do you think it's safe to take the horses?
2>Pony (girl), 12yo.2022,Apr.4 13:56 yes, but the need to be kept tightly away from any side tunnels in the cave
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.4 13:57 'Ok then.' She and Blizzard entered cautiously.
2>Pony (girl), 12yo.2022,Apr.4 14:00 pony led midnight in front of kitty and moonlight, but midnight was a bit hesitant to go in.
7>Blizzard (Stallion), 4yo.2022,Apr.4 14:01  Secret message to midnight  
2>Pony (girl), 12yo.2022,Apr.4 14:01 midnight! stop dragging your feet! we need to get through this cave!
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.4 14:02 Yes, we can't let any rocks fall on us
12>midnight (mare), 4yo.2022,Apr.4 14:03  Secret message to Blizzard  
7>Blizzard (Stallion), 4yo.2022,Apr.4 14:05  Secret message to midnight  
12>midnight (mare), 4yo.2022,Apr.4 14:06  Secret message to Blizzard  
7>Blizzard (Stallion), 4yo.2022,Apr.4 14:07  Secret message to midnight  
7>Blizzard (Stallion), 4yo.2022,Apr.4 14:08  Secret message to midnight  
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.4 14:09  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=No  
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.4 14:10  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=No  
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.4 14:10 The tunnel was short, and led do a sort of room/cave
4>Kitty (girl), 10yo.2022,Apr.4 14:10 ok how long left till we are at the other end of the cave?
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.4 14:11 I don't know. But this looks like a good place to rest the night.
3>Yusuf (boy), 4yo.2022,Apr.4 14:17 HEHEHEE, I FOLLOWED YOU, PONY!!!
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.4 14:18 Oh no!
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.4 14:19 He's your brother right?
2>Pony (girl), 12yo.2022,Apr.4 14:21 yep, he is, and he fetched his puppy, mr dog as well.
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.4 14:23 Hmm...pups are nice. He could be very useful for sniffing things out.
13>MR DOG (puppy), Dogyo.2022,Apr.4 14:23 mr dog nipped midnight really hard, and then hid.
12>midnight (mare), 4yo.2022,Apr.4 14:24 aaaahh!
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.4 14:24 Or actually he might be a real handfull
2>Pony (girl), 12yo.2022,Apr.4 14:25 yes, but this one is really troublesome...
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.4 14:25  Giving First aid Kit (x 1) to midnight  
2>Pony (girl), 12yo.2022,Apr.4 14:25 definitely.
4>Kitty (girl), 10yo.2022,Apr.4 14:25 l
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.4 14:26 Well, we have to go on with the adventure.
4>Kitty (girl), 10yo.2022,Apr.4 14:27 looks like he will have to ride on moonlight wih me i hope she is up for it.+
4>Kitty (girl), 10yo.2022,Apr.4 14:27 +
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.4 14:33 Okay. What's that?'
4>Kitty (girl), 10yo.2022,Apr.4 14:33 ok lets get going now,
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.4 14:34 There was a blue light coming from further onward
2>Pony (girl), 12yo.2022,Apr.4 14:34 er, whats what??
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.4 14:35 That blue light, over there. It was coming from another tunnel.
4>Kitty (girl), 10yo.2022,Apr.4 14:35  Buying Armour (x 1)  
4>Kitty (girl), 10yo.2022,Apr.4 14:36  Giving Armour (x 1) to Yusuf  
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.4 14:36 Shall we go and look at it?
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.4 14:36  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=No  
2>Pony (girl), 12yo.2022,Apr.4 14:36  Giving Food and drink (x 1) to MR DOG  
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.4 14:37 Die...
4>Kitty (girl), 10yo.2022,Apr.4 14:37  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=No  
2>Pony (girl), 12yo.2022,Apr.4 14:37 what was that??
4>Kitty (girl), 10yo.2022,Apr.4 14:37  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=Yes  
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.4 14:38 The dice seriously doesn't want us to go look
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.4 14:38 Oh yes finally!
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.4 14:38 Now let's go look!
4>Kitty (girl), 10yo.2022,Apr.4 14:40 ok i wil go and have a look.
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.4 14:40 I'll come with you.
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.4 14:41 It led to a door. Sounds came from behind it
2>Pony (girl), 12yo.2022,Apr.4 14:44  Secret message to Pony  
4>Kitty (girl), 10yo.2022,Apr.4 14:46 ok i don't recommend going in there. there is a big dragon even bigger than the other one that we tied up in the forest!
2>Pony (girl), 12yo.2022,Apr.4 14:46  Secret message to Amaani  
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.4 14:48  Secret message to Pony  
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.4 14:49 'And look. There are hundreds of goblins all serving him!' It was a banquet hall and the dragon and some of his family were feasting
4>Kitty (girl), 10yo.2022,Apr.4 14:49 ok i don't recommend going in there. there is a big dragon even bigger than the other one that we tied up in the forest!
2>Pony (girl), 12yo.2022,Apr.4 14:50  Secret message to Pony  
4>Kitty (girl), 10yo.2022,Apr.4 14:50 yuk
2>Pony (girl), 12yo.2022,Apr.4 14:50 ugh, they are eating slimy stuff!
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.4 14:52 They are dragons. There are far too many of them to fight
4>Kitty (girl), 10yo.2022,Apr.4 14:52 ok i really recommend going back now.😖
2>Pony (girl), 12yo.2022,Apr.4 14:54  Secret message to Amaani  
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.4 14:54 Ok, ok, we have to get out of here
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.4 14:54 Ok
4>Kitty (girl), 10yo.2022,Apr.4 14:59 so lets not waste any more time and get out of here before any one spots us.
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 13:59 Ok. They snuck back to where they had left Yusuf. 'This time we'll head to the right'
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 13:59 'That may be a way out.'
2>Pony (girl), 12yo.2022,Apr.11 14:00 pony grabbed yusuf and placed him on midnight's back, while also picking up mr dog, then said "cmon lets go"
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 14:01 After a while they came out of the cave into the night air
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 14:01 'Let's find a safe place to sleep.'
13>MR DOG (puppy), Dogyo.2022,Apr.11 14:01 "oh i hate being carried!" :(
12>midnight (mare), 4yo.2022,Apr.11 14:02 you wont have to be for much longer. we are going to rest now
12>midnight (mare), 4yo.2022,Apr.11 14:03 or soon anyway.
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 14:04 All of a sudden they heard a yelling a shrieking behind them
3>Yusuf (boy), 4yo.2022,Apr.11 14:04 I'm tired!!! can we stop now??
3>Yusuf (boy), 4yo.2022,Apr.11 14:05 my brain is making me hear strange sounds!! i must sleep soon!
2>Pony (girl), 12yo.2022,Apr.11 14:06 no, we all heard that, right?
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 14:06 'This is not the time to sleep! We're being pursued by twenty or so goblins!'
2>Pony (girl), 12yo.2022,Apr.11 14:08 id better get on midnight, or else we'll be too slow
13>MR DOG (puppy), Dogyo.2022,Apr.11 14:08 oh no, i'll have to go in your bag!!
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 14:08  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=Yes  
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 14:09 After a while they finally out ran the goblins
2>Pony (girl), 12yo.2022,Apr.11 14:10 pony puts mr dog in her backpack, with his head sticking out a bit, and she leapt on midnight's back.
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 14:11 Amaani fired arrows at the last remaining goblins, which was hard to do on horseback
2>Pony (girl), 12yo.2022,Apr.11 14:19 pony spotted a rustle in the bushes, when she saw a figure climbing through the trees
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 14:20 There was only one old looking goblin left, and Amaani said 'Hide in the bushes!
2>Pony (girl), 12yo.2022,Apr.11 14:21 she had a quick look behind the bush, and there was a coyote eating grass!! it was strange, as coyotes eat meat not grass, so pony was confused
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 14:23 Amaani was also confused, but when he saw them he ran away. 'Never mind, maybe he'll come back. This is a good place to spend the night. Someone needs to stay guard though.'
2>Pony (girl), 12yo.2022,Apr.11 14:23 the coyote barke, and the goblin got scared and turned into a dusty smoke!
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 14:25 'How!?' She looked at the coyote more carefully
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 14:25 There was nothing to suggest he was a magical coyote
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 14:26 Is it a she or a he?
14>Caitie (girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 14:27 "a she" came a sound from behind them
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 14:29 'Who's there?
2>Pony (girl), 12yo.2022,Apr.11 14:29 "who are you???" said a slightly startled pony, as she got ready to defend herself
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 14:31 'Yes. Is the Coyote your friend?'
14>Caitie (girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 14:32 Caitie, and that's willowreed.
14>Caitie (girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 14:32 yes she is.
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 14:33 'Thankyou for saving us. Do you live in this forest?'
2>Pony (girl), 12yo.2022,Apr.11 14:34 okay.
14>Caitie (girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 14:34 yep.
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 14:34 'Do you live in this forest?'
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 14:34 (Sorry it repeated)
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 14:35 'Do you know somewhere safe we could rest?'
14>Caitie (girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 14:36 yes, come with me. i have a underground house.
14>Caitie (girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 14:37 you can rest there.
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 14:37 'Thanks!'
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 14:38 They followed Caitie to her house
18>willowreed (coyote), ?yo.2022,Apr.11 14:38 willowreed leapt into a hollow tree nearby, where she slid down a sort of slide.
14>Caitie (girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 14:40 that's her way in. too small to bring your horses into my underground shed though, so lets go this way in.
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 14:40 Amaani followed after making sure the horses were comfortable in the 'courtyard' Caitie had outside
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 14:41 'How about dinner?' Trying not to sound greedy. But they were all real hungru
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 14:41 hungry
14>Caitie (girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 14:43 okay, i was making some pizza when one of those goblins fell on my safety alert, that's why i came out
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 14:44 Cool!
14>Caitie (girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 14:44 so i'd better finish it.
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 14:44 After eating Amaani asked, 'Why do you live out here by yourself?'
14>Caitie (girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 14:45 one good thing for today, i always make too much pizza dough when i make pizza.
14>Caitie (girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 14:45 er, i dunno, i just prefer it.
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 14:46 'Oh I see.' After eating they went to bed and slept till morning
14>Caitie (girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 14:46 anyways, my close friends and my family live in an underground town nearby here
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 14:47 'Oh! I've never seen an underground town. Could you take us there?'
2>Pony (girl), 12yo.2022,Apr.11 14:47 okay, as soon as it's morning.
2>Pony (girl), 12yo.2022,Apr.11 14:48 whoops, wrong charachter, can you delete that?
14>Caitie (girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 14:48 okay, as soon as it's morning.
2>Pony (girl), 12yo.2022,Apr.11 14:49 *character
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 14:49  Secret message to Caitie  
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 14:52 Sorry, If i delete it I'll delete Caitie's message too, so I think we'll just leave it for now
14>Caitie (girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 14:54  Secret message to Amaani  
2>Pony (girl), 12yo.2022,Apr.11 14:54 ok
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 14:55 Morning came
14>Caitie (girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 14:57 catie made flapjacks and muesli for breakfast.
2>Pony (girl), 12yo.2022,Apr.11 14:57 mm mm! these look tasty!
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 14:58 Deliciouce!
1>Amaani (Girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 15:00 After they had finished everyone got ready to go
14>Caitie (girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 15:01 thanks, i thought you might like them,
6>amaya (girl), 6yo.2022,Apr.11 15:02 crash! caitie! can you help me please???
14>Caitie (girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.11 15:03 oh, amaaaya! you aren't meant to come in that way!!!
16>Aqua (Young dragon), 13yo.2022,May.2 07:04  Buying Food and drink (x 1)  Hi, I am the new dragon
12>midnight (mare), 4yo.2022,Jul.18 12:27 hi Dragon, i hope you aren't like the dragons who attacked us before...
6>amaya (girl), 6yo.2022,Jul.18 12:31 uff, sorry, but i do prefer to follow willowreed
4>Kitty (girl), 10yo.2022,Aug.8 17:59  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=Yes  
4>Kitty (girl), 10yo.2022,Aug.8 17:59  Giving Food and drink (x 1) to Pony  
17>farthilde (great fart wizard ), 140yo.2022,Sep.2 21:23 *brap* oops, that was a stinky one! i hope i didn't make the room uninhabitable. sorry about that one guys, i had a bit too many beans for dinner! :P so did anyone a fart wizard? :3
17>farthilde (great fart wizard ), 140yo.2022,Sep.2 21:28  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Explorer's Kit  
17>farthilde (great fart wizard ), 140yo.2022,Sep.2 22:21  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Food and drink  
4>Kitty (girl), 10yo.2022,Sep.7 09:27  Buying Pet (x 1)  
4>Kitty (girl), 10yo.2022,Sep.7 09:27  Giving Pet (x 1) to Amaani  
4>Kitty (girl), 10yo.2022,Sep.7 09:28  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Pet  

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