" One upon a yesteryear "
This game is destined to players of 13 to 18 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

One day a random person from the past Appeared out of no were and we have to get her home

1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.13 04:12 (Its starts with a few friends hanging out at there house)
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.13 04:19 (Is we the Friends?)
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.13 04:20 (yes we is)
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.13 04:20 (okies)
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.13 04:20 (okies)
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.13 04:23 yo
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.13 04:25 (So who is at the house? All fourfour characters or..)
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.13 04:27 (um lets roll the 100 sided dice, biggest number is whoes house its at)
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.13 04:27  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=32  
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.13 04:29  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=57  
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.13 04:29 (please no)
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.13 04:32  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=23  
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.13 04:32 (its Khafras house)
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.13 04:33 (Oh jeez.... who wants to be at my house.... need i explain what it is like...)
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.13 04:33 (ok)
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.13 04:34 (It looks normal on the outside, but its full of Egyptian stuff inside.
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.13 04:35 (cool)
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.13 04:35 (Khafra's family is Egyptian)
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.13 04:36 (So lets start this off)
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.13 04:36 (ok nice to know)
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.13 04:36 *Is at Khafras house* So...
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.13 04:37 Um... welcome to my home. I hope... you like it.
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.13 04:38 cool stuff,
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.13 04:40 Yeah. Most of this stuff has been passed down to my family through many generations.
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.13 04:40 By the way, why did you guys choose to come by MY house?
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.13 04:41 so what do you wanna do?
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.13 04:41 Wanna play a game?
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.13 04:41 We never been to your house before
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.13 04:41 Sure what kind?
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.13 04:44 Ive got all kinds of games. My favorite game is hounds and jackals. But im afraid it may be too difficult to play.
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.13 04:46 What kind off game do you wanna play?
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.13 04:47 (hello)
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.13 04:47 Im good with whatever, what do you wanna play Shade?
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.13 04:51 i don't really mind what we play. Anything we play is good.
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.13 04:52 Well.*gives everyone a dice* How about we each roll a six-sided die, and whoever has the lowest number will take a look around and find a game to play?
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.13 04:53 *apears out of no wear in the other room a lound Crash can be herd in Khafras room*
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.13 04:53 what was that?
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.13 04:54 *grabs a rod from a stand and walks cautiously to his room*
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.13 04:56 *is standing in his room looking very shocked at the shelf that just fell*
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.13 04:57 *opens the door to his room and gasps* my shot glass collection!
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.13 04:59 *turns quickly* Im sorry to bother you but do you have any idea were i may be? A moment ago i was at home in my fathers castel.. oh my...Have i been kidnapped?...that tends to happen...
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.13 04:59 uh no you literally just popped in outta nowhere.
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.13 04:59 *points the rod at Evangeline* you ruined my life's collection of shot glasses!
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.13 05:00 Oh..Im terribly sorry.. I didnt mean to.... were might i be? This looks like a very strange land...
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.13 05:00 * glares at khafra* He literally just teleported here dude!
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.13 05:02 She... she just teleported in here.
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.13 05:03 *walks in the room* whoa... did you just come from the renascence fair or somethin?
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.13 05:03 oh oops. sorry.
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.13 05:04 Could one of you please kindly escort me home? my father would be most greatfull he gets worried when i leave the castel, thats why i Stay in my tower
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.13 05:04 *circles Evangeline* what kind of power do you possess, to teleport? Where do you come from?
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.13 05:06 Khafra i don't think she knows how she got here...
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.13 05:06 I...I dont understand what your saying
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.13 05:07 Most people dont. Where i come from, there are legends and such about magic. Very interesting lore.
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.13 05:08 you mean Witchcraft... Thats evil
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.13 05:08 No! Not witchcraft!
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.13 05:09 (brb gotta do something)
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.13 05:09 this..this is freaky..
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.13 05:11 Witchcraft isnt even from... well i know where you are from now. What timeline at least.
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.13 05:11 (back)
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.13 05:11 (Kk)
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.13 05:13 this place is very strange... it has weird things...id very much like to return home
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.13 05:14 well do you know exactly what place your home is at?
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.13 05:14 Well thats going to be difficult, considering the fact that you are from the renaissance era.
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.13 05:14 "Ye olde days"
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.13 05:15 (Brb... bloody nose)
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.13 05:16 well then
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.13 05:16 (ok)
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.13 05:17 whoa...dude..everyone she knows is like dead by now then
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.13 05:17 What?!....
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.13 05:17 don't say that in front of her!
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.13 05:17 neomi!
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.13 05:19 sorry!
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.13 05:19 *sighs* welp...
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.13 05:20 *chuckled* yeah. You are way out of your time.
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.13 05:20 ***chuckles
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.13 05:21 can someone please explain to me what is going on?
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.13 05:21 It seems you have been pulled through time.
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.13 05:23 ok so You were back were you lived doing what ever you did but someone or something threw you across time so now you are hundreds of years in the future
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.13 05:23 Whitchcraft?!
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.13 05:24 Perhaps. Who knows?
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.13 05:24 not witchcraft... er i dont think
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.13 05:24 yeah sure.. a whitch sent you here to the future were everything is diffrent
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.13 05:26 *walks out of the room and comes back with a broom* There goes my collection from all around the world... *puts the shelf back up and starts sweeping the glass*
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.13 05:26 oh..I dont like this... I wish to return home...
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.13 05:26 So whats your name?
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.13 05:27 And where are you from?
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.13 05:29 im Princess Evangeline from the kingdom of Evermore
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.13 05:30 Huh. Never heard of it... Strange. I'm usually the historian. Well... I mostly specialize in Egyptian history, but still...
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.13 05:30 Where is this kingdom>
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.13 05:32 5 days north of the crystal sea
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.13 05:33 Welp
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.13 05:33 to the library. We got research to do
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.13 05:34 here... *pulls out a map* can you point to where it is? We are here *points at America*
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.13 05:35 that is a very strang looking map....
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.13 05:35 what? Its just a map of--- ohhhh.... right.. forgot...
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.13 05:36 Shade is right... To the library..
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.13 05:36 everyone get in the car. we're goin for a ride.
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.13 05:38 Can you drive?! We're all too young...
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.13 05:38 without an adult.
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.13 05:38 What is that thing?!
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.13 05:39 I know how to drive
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.13 05:39 uh it's a magical... wheel machine.
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.13 05:39 oh..
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.13 05:39 uh it's a magical... wheel machine.
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.13 05:39 (it lagged)
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.13 05:40 (that's why there's two)
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.13 05:40 (lol)
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.13 05:40 So taxi driver then?
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.13 05:41 (im going to bed. ttyl)
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.13 05:41 (alright. night)
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.13 05:44 (night)
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 01:46 (yo)
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 01:47 Um its a hourse drawn carage without horses, in the future with can move super fast in these things and all we have to do is feed it and it will take us were ever we want
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 01:47 so you feed it and in exchange it take you were you wish to go?
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 01:47 yeah what Neomi said.
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 01:47 sure...
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 01:48 so do we have keys or do i need to hotwire it?.. i can do both
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 01:49 i have the keys. well i know where they are
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 01:49 were?
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 01:49 check under the potted plant over there
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 01:51 *goes over and gets it* ok all in and Seatbelts on... this isnt exactly legal so if we get pulled over we are in trouble
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.14 01:51 *opens a gold box and tosses the keys to Neomi* jeez. All you had to do was ask.... You are NOT hotwiring my car.
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 01:51 Just call Khafra's parents!
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 01:51 *gets in the car* what is this fabric for? *holds up the seatbelt*
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.14 01:52 (Im lost. Im done. Its my house.....
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 01:52 I am NOT getting in with an illegal driver
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 01:52 (ok nvm Khraf gave her the keys)
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 01:53 I know how to drive! im just not old enough to get my licence! take a risk for once in your life powder puff
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 01:53 (guys im gonna be one of the parents)
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 01:53 (ill make one)
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 01:54 (y?.... Neomi can drive)
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.14 01:55 *gets in the car* just come on, Shade!
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 01:55 I would prefer a parent.
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 01:56 If it makes you feel better i do this all the time
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 01:56 and I have never crashed
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.14 01:56 We'll be just fine.
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 01:56 No. No it really doesn't the only thing i do illegally is carry a sword.
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 01:57 then your already breaking the law, get in
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 01:57 no what if you crash?
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 01:58 I'll pay for lunch after the library
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 01:58 And i wont crash
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 01:59 Oh come on don't bribe me with my weakness!
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 01:59 Just get in or im leaving
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.14 01:59 I'll prepare you a feast later tonight if youll just get. In. The. Car.
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 01:59 fine... *sighs* here we go...
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 02:03 *drives to the library without crashing or speeding* k we are here
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 02:03 I have never seen anything as fast as this before!
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 02:03 Be lucky you did not kill me.
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 02:04 *scoffs* yeah if i wanted to kill you you would be dead by now
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 02:05 *pulls out sword* care to question that?
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.14 02:05 I dare
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 02:06 dare?
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.14 02:06 *i care
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 02:06 oh
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 02:06 I have a question? If you are a lady why do you dress like a man? Wont you get killed for that?...
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 02:06 so if we were in a legally arranged fight right now you would question neomi's ability to kill me?
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 02:07 um who evangeline?
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 02:07 in the future you can were whatever and I like pants
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 02:07 *withdraws sword* forgot i had this thing out.
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 02:08 oh...
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.14 02:08 Theres no such thing as a "legally arranged" fight. Now if you really do wanna fight, we can go all Hamilton and Burr.
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 02:09 I dont use swords... ITs the 20th century... and I dont fight but lets just say i know people
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 02:09 *scoffs* i can sense things a mile away maybe even longer.
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 02:09 Anyway lets go inside
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.14 02:09 Theres nothing wrong with swords. Swords are fun.
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 02:10 swords are indeed fun Khafra
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 02:10 I dont fight people never had. Violence is for the impatient
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 02:11 (btw can we delete Khafra's mom on number 19)
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.14 02:11 *goes through the library and picks out seven books on the renaissance era* here. You can look through these. *walks to a different section of the library.*
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 02:11 why do you have a sword? are you a knight? can ladys be knights in the future to?
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 02:12 Uh.... sure....
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 02:12 (k)
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 02:13 Oh my... there are so many books! this person must be very wealthy... or a monastery... are we in a monastery?
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 02:13 Close enough!
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 02:14 what are we doing with all theese books? I held a book once i even looked inside altho i wasnt sapose to...
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 02:14 research about your time.
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 02:15 that's what we're doing with em
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.14 02:15 *comes back to the group* books are the best. I have a book that is more precious to me than life. I keep it with me at all times.
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 02:16 What are you going to learn from a book?
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 02:16 We all know about your magical book khafra
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 02:17 why dont you just ask your elders? books spoil the mind and make people go insane
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.14 02:17 Books help you learn about things even your elders do not know.
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 02:17 Only the church leader knows how to read but he is protected from insanity
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 02:18 Not true. Books are amazing and full of things you should know in life
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 02:18 how do you learn anything by staring at paper and ink if your not a church leader?
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 02:19 The ink forms words that give you things to learn
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 02:19 (brb)
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 02:20 I know but only the church leader knows how to rad, are you all church leaders?...
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.14 02:21 Ha. No. Im just very intelligent.
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 02:22 only church leaders or insane people read you can even go to rail for reading without permission
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 02:22 *jail
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 02:23 they usually end up in the insane asylum
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 02:28 Nobody ends up in jail for books anymore
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 02:29 the future is very strange...
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 02:30 i can see why it would be strange for you
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 02:31 so you all know how to read?...
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 02:31 yes. yes we do
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 02:32 dose everyone in the future know how to read?
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 02:32 most of us do
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 02:32 of course we all gotta learn though
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 02:34 why do you all read?
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 02:34 knowlage.
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 02:34 its the law...
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 02:35 can you teach me?
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 02:35 Sure we can! right guys?
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 02:36 You can you go for it, yeah they will teach ya...
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 02:37 Neomi your in this too
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 02:38 Im not teaching her
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 02:39 yes you are
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 02:40 no im not
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 02:40 Where did Khafra go?
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 02:40 your teaching her
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 02:40 He was just here a second ago
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 02:41 Neomi stop being so mean.
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.14 02:41 *pops up from behind a bookshelf* here!
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 02:42 gah! oh hi there!
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 02:43 Im not being mean she asked if someone would teach her how to read and YOU volunteered I didnt
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 02:43 I dragged you in this therefore your helping.
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 02:44 Will you teach me to read Lady Shae?
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 02:44 shae?
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 02:45 yes you said that was your name didnt you?..
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 02:45 sade. it is pronounced shade.
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 02:45 *shade
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 02:47 I aplogogise Lady shade *she curtsies*
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 02:48 oh it's alright. Teachers pronounce it sometimes like that too
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 02:49 Well if neomi is gonna be a butt and not help me will khafra?
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 02:50 *has her headphones in and is listening to music*
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 02:51 Whatever...
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.14 02:52 Sure... i guess?
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 02:52 ok so me and khafra are gonna help you read.
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 02:53 ok!
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 02:55 or you know we can focus on getting her home instead...
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 02:55 we can do both ya know. it's a thing called multitasking
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 02:58 *sighs* lemme know when your done
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 02:59 kay
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 02:59 mr.sourpuss *chuckles*
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 03:00 so how do i read?
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 03:01 well reading is quite simple actually. you look at the works printed on ink and sorta speak them to yourself.
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 03:04 oh so you look at the scribbles and make up a story about them! I see
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 03:04 yeah!
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 03:06 let me try *picks up a book* Once there was a princess and an evil witch sent her to a future them um.... she went home and...the gaurds..burned the whitch at the stake and...everything was perfect.. the end
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 03:07 *the book she picked up as a dictionary*
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 03:07 o.o...
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 03:07 *was
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 03:08 How was that?...Reading is fun
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 03:08 let's... get another book instead... *hands over a book about animals*]
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.14 03:08 Okay... *grabs some paper and a pencil* to learn to read, you must first learn to write...
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 03:09 meh. i learned to read before writing so.
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 03:10 *grabs the pencil* what do i do with this?...
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.14 03:11 How? You learn to read by learning what the characters are in the first place. You learn that by writing the letters yourself.
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 03:11 you write words on the paper. so here lemme show you an example *writes the word dog on the paper*
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 03:12 now what dose this strange stick do?
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 03:12 *nvm*
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 03:12 That quill has no ink!... How?
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.14 03:12 Here. Let me help. *corrects any wrongs Evangeline made with holding the pencil, then grabs another pencil and writes the letter a* copy what i just did.
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 03:12
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 03:14 ok.. *writes dog*
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 03:15 nice job!
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.14 03:15 Not what I wrote, but okay.
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 03:16 it's what i wrote so i'm proud
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 03:17 weird...
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 03:18 very strange...
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 03:21 Its like drawing but less fun
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 03:22 pretty much. And us current day people have to write every day
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 03:22 same goes with reading
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 03:22 \
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 03:23 (why did my computer put the slash mark DX)
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 03:25 Lets...just work on getting me home
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 03:25 alright fair enough. Hey Neomi we're done!
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 03:26 alright lets get lunch then
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 03:27 FOOOOOOOD.....
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 03:27 feed meh!!
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 03:27 Khafra, did we get what we need?
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.14 03:33 Yes. Theyre all right here. Lets go
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 03:33 TO SUBWAY FOR SANDWICHES!!!!!
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 03:38 no not Subway
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.14 03:39 My car. My rules. We go to subway.
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 03:40 no, because there is this good resturant and I get free food there
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 03:40 So if you want to go to subway im not paying
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 03:41 why do you get free foor there exactly?
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 03:41 *food
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.14 03:41 Okay, Kaiba, I'LL pay. Let's go.
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 03:42 TO SOUBWAY!!
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 03:42 Lets just say I did the owner a big favor once
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 03:44 find... but after subway I am going to stop by The jade grove to get lunch
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 03:44 *fine
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 03:44 EVERYONE GET IN LE CAR MUST GET SOUBWAY!!!!!!
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 03:45 whats a soubway?...
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.14 03:45 Whatever. Lets go
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 03:45 soubway is a sandwich place
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 03:46 whats a sandwich?...
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 03:46 *makes a very loud dramatic gasp* EVERYONE TO LE CAR NOW THIS YOUNG LADY MUST TRY A SANDWICH
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 03:49 alright come on *gets to the car and they drive to subway*
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 03:49 FoD!!!!!!!!
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 03:49 food!!!!!
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 03:50 this is a very...intresting dining room...
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 03:59 I am famished,
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 03:59 what is your favorite kind of meat evangeline?
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 04:01 pheasant
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 04:02 uh we have chicken?
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 04:04 I prefer beefs of hams to chicken, pheasant is my favorite
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 04:04 but i enjoy hams and beefs..
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 04:04 so ham?
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 04:07 yes please, thank you very much
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 04:09 *walks up to the man at the counter* excuse me good sir! we would like one blackforest ham sandwich and an oven roasted turkey please!
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 04:13 Im thirsty... may i get some wine please?...
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.14 04:13 And gimme a footlong with every meat you got. Including bacon. Add jalapenos, mustard, mayo, and dont cut it in half.
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 04:14 can i also get what he is having? *points to khafra*
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 04:14 also evangeline there is no wine here
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 04:14 ok beer works to
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 04:15 no beer...
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 04:15 no alchohol
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 04:15 hey um Here in the future people our age are not allowed to drink beer or whine
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 04:15 what do you drink then?...
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 04:16 soda and lemonade and milk and water
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 04:16 not all at once
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.14 04:16 I want orange juice.
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 04:17 oh yeah can i get a root beer please?
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 04:17 get her a soda, she would probably like that
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 04:17 and no evangeline.it's not alchohol
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 04:17 make that two root beers
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 04:17 large
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 04:20 oh our ale at the castle has very little alcohol altho i have seen peasants drink ale with lots of it, its kind of funny to watch them stumble when they drink to much
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 04:21 well then...
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 04:21 WHERE IS LE ANDWICHES!!!?
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 04:23 *looks at the soda with the lid and the straw on* this chalace is very big... how do you drink it when the top is sealed?
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 04:23 LE SHADE IS GETTING HANGRY!!!!!
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 04:23 through the tube
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 04:25 oh... but if i tip it through the tube wont the bevrage break the sealed top?
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 04:26 here lemme just... do that for you
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 04:26 there now drink through the tube also known as a straw
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 04:29 \
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 04:29 *take a sip of it then sipts it out and coughs in horror* I think it is poisoned! It burns your mouth!
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 04:29 (MY COMPUTER DID IT AGAIN DX)
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 04:30 that's called carbonation. it is just bubbles
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 04:31 are you sure it isnt poison?
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 04:31 im positive.
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 04:32 it's not poison
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 04:32 *sips more* this is delightful!
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 04:32 see? it's good!
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 04:32 try your sandwich
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 04:34 ok. *eats it* hmm this is good
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 04:35 everyone good?
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 04:35 Current day food is indeed good
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 04:37 Alright lemme grab my leftovers and we can go. and my soda.
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 04:38 can we leave now? i need to get some real food...
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 04:41 Fine we can go now.
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 04:42 (brb)
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 04:45 (back)
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 04:48 *goes in the car drives up to a really nice looking reasturant* ill be right back stay in the car
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 04:49 *goes inside and a few minutes later comes back with a foam box filled with delisouse food*
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 04:49 *follows anyways*
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 04:49 reverse psychology my friend.
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 04:49 you said stay and i followed.
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 04:50 whatever...
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 04:50 thats not reverse psycology thats called being rude
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 04:51 i see it as reverse psychology!
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 04:51 now lets hurry up and go home already!
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 04:53 Ill drive after i eat *opens the box and starts eating the amazing smelling and looking food*
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.14 04:54 What did you order, out of curiousity
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 04:54 welp we're gonna be here for a few hours
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.14 04:56 Frankly, it doesn't matter what you got. Fancy food is stuff I eat every day in my family. It has no effect to make me feel like subway was a poor choice. It feels good to have middle-class food every now and then.
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 05:00 They have an amazing mushroom swiss burger and fries
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 05:01 soubway is still best sandwich ever
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.14 05:03 Sandwiches are delicious. But I can't say it's the best I've eaten. I've learned recipes from around the world.
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 05:04 from your magical book of magicness.
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 05:04 everyone knows magic isnt real
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 05:05 that is what you think my friendo.
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.14 05:06 I actually do have a recipe or two from that book. Might I say that THOSE are the best meals I've eaten
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 05:06 make me them some time please.
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.14 05:07 Well the recipe requires some... foreign ingredients, but I know I can get them.
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 05:09 i bet you i could make thm
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 05:09 *them
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 05:10 what do ya need?
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 05:10 lets go home i got a job in an hour *drives to Khafras home* you can take care of her right?
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.14 05:11 i doubt it. You haven't even heard of the ingredients anyway
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 05:11 yeah! you can count on us neomi
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.14 05:11 (nvm)
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.14 05:11 sure
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 05:11 Just tell me what they are
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 05:13 (im gonna pause the rp for now) this has been going on for hours
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.14 05:14 (the parenthesis did not go through correctly)
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 05:14 (ok)
2>Neomi (kid), 15yo.2017,Mar.16 01:23 Ok call me if you need me, altho i probably wont respond till later tonight *throws Khafra the keys and runs across the street puts her headphones in and gets in the car that pulls up next to her house*
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.16 01:23 (hai)
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.16 01:24 So, were is your local witch so she can send me back home if you havent already burned her at the stake that is
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.16 01:28 We dont burn people at the stake anymore.
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.16 01:28 I have to get home as soon as able since i am to be wed next month
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.16 01:34 oh good! were is the witch we shall take your metal beast to go visit her and she can send me back home
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.16 01:37 As far as this generation is concerned, witches dont exist.
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.16 01:38 oh... thats bad for me but i guess that means in my time we killed them all how wonderful
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.16 01:39 You said you had a magic book, Can that take me home?
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.16 01:40 Unfortunately, no. It doesnt do time travel.
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.16 01:41 Khafra's magic book. Can do literally everything except time travel.
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.16 01:41 Not true...
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.16 01:41 for the most part it is
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.16 01:42 oh..well I wonder if ill ever get home.... I hope i can, Im excited to meet who i am being married to, I herd he is young, that good some are married to older men..its very unfortunate
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.16 01:44 lady shade are you married?
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.16 01:44 Never was fond of your era in history. I preferred ancient Egypt and World War 2.
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.16 01:45 no. nor do i ever plan to be married
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.16 01:46 oh, someone in my village went to Egypt once he brought me a wonderful gift
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.16 01:47 Oh. What was it?
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.16 01:47 Oh but why not lady shade? what other is a women's perpouse then to bare your husbands children?
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.16 01:48 to eat, sleep, help those in need, and kill along with hunt things with a sword.
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.16 01:48 this amulate *she pulls out a necklace with a scarb betel on it*
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.16 01:49 It is un ladylike to kill! hunting is a mans job
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.16 01:49 i can choose to be a boy if i like thank you.
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.16 01:49 How fascinating! It's similar to one that I have.
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.16 01:50 Lady shade! pretending to be a man can get you killed!
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.16 01:51 not to mention it is very wrong
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.16 01:51 not in this day and age evangeline!
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.16 01:52 Eh. I could care less.
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.16 01:52 Its Princess Evangeline, And I dont like this age its confusing and strange and you do very immoral and wrong things, I demand you take me home!
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.16 01:53 well we've been trying to thank you very much
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.16 01:53 i don't like little ladies like you judging me.
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.16 01:53 Were is my room I would like to retire for the Evening
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.16 01:54 you don't have one here. im taking the guest room.
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.16 01:55 Were am i saposed to sleep then?!
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.16 01:55 on the couch over there *points to the couch in the living room*
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.16 01:57 Excusse me?! I am not some common folk like yourself! why cant you sleep there?
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.16 01:58 because i already claimed the guest room. now you sleep there since you broke khafra's lifetime collection of shot glasses.
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.16 01:58 No. You can take my room for tonight. Just mke sure no one can see you from the bedroom door. My parents will kill me if they found a strange girl in my bed. Ill sleep elsewhere.
18>shade (human), 14yo.2017,Mar.16 01:59 since when has khafra become a gentleman
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.16 01:59 *curtise* thank you, you are quite then gentleman unlike Some people, When I return home and become queen i will have my husband who shall be king grant you knighthood
3>Khafra (Human), 13yo.2017,Mar.19 00:47 Well. Im off to bed. Oh. Would you mind placing this book on the far side of my bed? *pulls a children's storybook out of a bag* this is where i shall sleep. *opens the book and gets pulled in by Dark, the purple dragon on the cover. The book shuts*
1>Evangeline (from the past), 15yo.2017,Mar.21 04:15 ...Lady shade.. I think your friend is practicing witchcraft....
12>Stephanie (human queen ), 17yo.2017,Apr.3 19:13 Stephanie [she is the present queen of the empire she finds Evangeline, a queen from the past and finds out that they have so much in common ]

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