" psychological hospital... "
This game is destined to players of 10 to 40 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

OMG I can't...
I think this will get so scary...
ok... so if you decide to join... it's on your own risk... I'm scared, but as this is mine roleplay... I can't leave...
1. make a character and play
2. no rules for this psycho house... so it can get scary as f* ...
4. ok... than... wish you good luck!
5. if you're too scared to play, just say so

1>Verus Cho (psychopat), 45yo.2016,Jan.20 19:54 *sleeping... yet...*
12>Yet Creenon (weirdo), 37yo.2016,Jan.20 20:17 *talking to hisself* hello hello arg ya no hello boom haha no no.. nonono tikuraku larabu? yan kare la pot... ket? seru... *jumps up* no! *hits the wall* arrg *sits down , crying, still talking something qietly...* *screams* LET ME GO! *continues talking
1>Verus Cho (psychopat), 45yo.2016,Jan.20 20:26 *wakes up* ... *looking around* ... *stares at doors* ... m h h h h.. *laughs* *laughs louder and louder...* ha ha ha ha *stays quit and calms down, stares at door* -_-
3>Jonas Peter (maniac), 34yo.2016,Jan.25 18:03 *runing around his palat screaming evily*
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.25 18:07 *takes a big breath* *and goes in* ok.. ok.. calm down.. here's your medicaments...
3>Jonas Peter (maniac), 34yo.2016,Jan.25 18:08 NO! YOU WON'T GET ME! GO AWAY! LET ME OUT OF THIS PLACE! *starts runing to Daniel*
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.25 18:09 oh... *calls another doctor* hey um.. I need help in palat 234
16>Chris (doctor), 34yo.2016,Jan.25 18:13 ok I come! *runs to help Daniel(he's just learning so he still needs a little help)*
16>Chris (doctor), 34yo.2016,Jan.25 18:14 *holds Jonas down* everything will be ok.. calm down.. your name is Jonas.. your not mad.. now sleep...
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.25 18:15 *gives Jonas medicaments* ok it's done
16>Chris (doctor), 34yo.2016,Jan.25 18:16 good! now do you need help with others? or I can go?
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.25 18:17 you can go I gues
16>Chris (doctor), 34yo.2016,Jan.25 18:19 ok good luck! I heard Yet is pretty crazy today so be cereful
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.25 18:19 who is not crazy here? :D *laughs*
16>Chris (doctor), 34yo.2016,Jan.25 18:20 us :| *not laughing at all*
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.25 18:21 oh... ok than you can go now..
16>Chris (doctor), 34yo.2016,Jan.25 18:21 *walks away...*
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.25 18:24 ookay... let's go! *walks to another palat*
12>Yet Creenon (weirdo), 37yo.2016,Jan.25 18:25 looks up .........
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.25 18:26 shhh.... I won't hurt you.... *goes closer*
12>Yet Creenon (weirdo), 37yo.2016,Jan.25 18:26 grrrrrrrr....
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.25 18:27 shh..... *takes out Yet's medicaments*
12>Yet Creenon (weirdo), 37yo.2016,Jan.25 18:28 nnn.. no! I........ d... don't... n..... then....
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.25 18:29 yes you do
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.25 18:30 (first rule: talk calmly to pacient or he will try to kill you...)
12>Yet Creenon (weirdo), 37yo.2016,Jan.25 18:31 NO! *hits Daniel down*
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.25 18:33 ah! that's it! now I won't be nice! *gets up and stabs the medicaments to Yet's sholder*
12>Yet Creenon (weirdo), 37yo.2016,Jan.25 18:34 GRRAaaarrrrgggnno.......... *gets sleepy, falls...*
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.25 18:36 there! that's done! *smiles* now only one and my work is over today! :)
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.25 18:37 *hears Verus laughing* oh..... ok *goes in...*
1>Verus Cho (psychopat), 45yo.2016,Jan.25 18:38 Mwhahahahaha! *asks evilly with angry look* what do you need..?
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.25 18:39 um... nothing.. I just wanned to laugh with you......
1>Verus Cho (psychopat), 45yo.2016,Jan.25 18:39 oh?
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.25 18:40 yea...
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.25 18:40 *goes closer*
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.25 18:40 so?
1>Verus Cho (psychopat), 45yo.2016,Jan.25 18:41 what?
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.25 18:41 how was your day?...
1>Verus Cho (psychopat), 45yo.2016,Jan.25 18:41 ...
1>Verus Cho (psychopat), 45yo.2016,Jan.25 18:42 you will drug me agen, aren't you?.. -_-
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.25 18:42 well... I should...
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.25 18:43 but you seam normal...
1>Verus Cho (psychopat), 45yo.2016,Jan.25 18:43 what do you mean by the word "normal"?
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.25 18:45 I think... maybe I could not give your drugs tonight...
1>Verus Cho (psychopat), 45yo.2016,Jan.25 18:46 oh? why should you do that? you know I'm not stabil
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.25 18:46 well... you are now...
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.25 18:47 sits next to Verus...*
1>Verus Cho (psychopat), 45yo.2016,Jan.25 18:48 ...
1>Verus Cho (psychopat), 45yo.2016,Jan.25 18:48 *a big silent moment...* I don't trust you
1>Verus Cho (psychopat), 45yo.2016,Jan.25 18:48 you don't trust me
1>Verus Cho (psychopat), 45yo.2016,Jan.25 18:49 you will drug me anyway!
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.25 18:50 no! no! calm down! please! I won't! just calm down please...
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.25 18:50 ok.. ok I go... do you sleep well?
1>Verus Cho (psychopat), 45yo.2016,Jan.25 18:51 yes
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.25 18:51 than do it or Chris will know about us secret...
1>Verus Cho (psychopat), 45yo.2016,Jan.25 18:53 *with asking look* ...okay...
1>Verus Cho (psychopat), 45yo.2016,Jan.25 18:54 *still can't believe Daniel did that...*
1>Verus Cho (psychopat), 45yo.2016,Jan.25 18:54 WAIT!
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.25 18:55 yes?
1>Verus Cho (psychopat), 45yo.2016,Jan.25 18:55 what's your name?
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.25 18:56 it's Daniel and yours is Verus ok?
1>Verus Cho (psychopat), 45yo.2016,Jan.25 18:56 yes...
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.25 18:57 *starts walking out*
1>Verus Cho (psychopat), 45yo.2016,Jan.25 18:57 bye Dan...
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.25 18:58 bye friend.. see you next time...
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.25 18:58 *walks away*
1>Verus Cho (psychopat), 45yo.2016,Jan.25 18:59 friend....... *falls a sleep thinking...*
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.25 19:00 *goes to Chris* I'm done.. can I go home?
16>Chris (doctor), 34yo.2016,Jan.25 19:00 yes sure go
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.25 19:00 ok bye.....
16>Chris (doctor), 34yo.2016,Jan.25 19:01 are you hiding anything from me?
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.25 19:01 uh no..
16>Chris (doctor), 34yo.2016,Jan.25 19:02 hm... *walks away*
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.25 19:02 phew.. *goes home*
1>Verus Cho (psychopat), 45yo.2016,Jan.26 14:01 *staring at the ceiling* hm... whay is he so nice... *smiles* well I could use that *starts laughing evil* oh I forgot that I have to play sleep... *closes his eyes*
1>Verus Cho (psychopat), 45yo.2016,Jan.26 14:02 (so this night will be normal I gues, but it will get bad somenight)
3>Jonas Peter (maniac), 34yo.2016,Jan.26 14:04 *wakes up* ...... I HATE THIS PLACE! HATE HATE HATE HATE! *hits the wall*
16>Chris (doctor), 34yo.2016,Jan.26 14:06 ah... *takes sleep drugs and goes to Jonas palat* (it's night, he's a night doctor)
16>Chris (doctor), 34yo.2016,Jan.26 14:07 hey Jonas calm down calm down...
3>Jonas Peter (maniac), 34yo.2016,Jan.26 14:10 NO!
16>Chris (doctor), 34yo.2016,Jan.26 14:14 shh... atleast try to calm down your voice.. it's sleep time...
3>Jonas Peter (maniac), 34yo.2016,Jan.26 14:15 NO YOU WON'T GET ME SLEEP! NO! *tries to hit Chris*
16>Chris (doctor), 34yo.2016,Jan.26 14:18 Whoa! *quickly catches Jonas hand and pushes him down* if your not normal than I have to do this, Jonas! *stabs the medicaments in Jonas hand*
3>Jonas Peter (maniac), 34yo.2016,Jan.26 14:19 NO! *tries to get away, but falls asleep slowly..* No! no! n... no...
16>Chris (doctor), 34yo.2016,Jan.26 14:21 *goes to his office* ah.. I need sleep... *lays his hed on the table and falls asleep...*
12>Yet Creenon (weirdo), 37yo.2016,Jan.26 14:23 *still sleeping*
6>Linda (doctor), 19yo.2016,Jan.26 14:26 my first day in this job wow... *comes in* *to Chris office* *knocks* hello? are you okay? *goes closer to Chris* hello o? *picks him* hey! wake up!
16>Chris (doctor), 34yo.2016,Jan.26 14:27 ah! oh hello! who are you?
6>Linda (doctor), 19yo.2016,Jan.26 14:28 I'm Linda, the new doctor..
16>Chris (doctor), 34yo.2016,Jan.26 14:30 oh yea I ok... wait till Daniel comes, he will tell you what to do! I need to sleep now so go, sit there please *points at the sofa*
6>Linda (doctor), 19yo.2016,Jan.26 14:31 it's morning why do you sleep?
16>Chris (doctor), 34yo.2016,Jan.26 14:32 I'm the night doctor! please don't talk! I'm sleeping!
6>Linda (doctor), 19yo.2016,Jan.26 14:33 kk sorry... *sits on sofa*
6>Linda (doctor), 19yo.2016,Jan.26 14:33 *waiting Daniel..*
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.26 15:07 *comes in*
6>Linda (doctor), 19yo.2016,Jan.26 15:08 hey
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.26 15:08 um... do I know you?
6>Linda (doctor), 19yo.2016,Jan.26 15:09 no, I'm Linda, the new doctor, and you are Daniel right?
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.26 15:10 yea..
16>Chris (doctor), 34yo.2016,Jan.26 15:11 can you Please talk somewhere else??
16>Chris (doctor), 34yo.2016,Jan.26 15:12 oh Daniel! it's your new partner, you should show her what to do
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.26 15:12 what? I thought you are my partner
16>Chris (doctor), 34yo.2016,Jan.26 15:13 Just Go!
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.26 15:14 ok ok I go... come, follow me Linda!
6>Linda (doctor), 19yo.2016,Jan.26 15:14 ok *follows*
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.26 15:16 here is your doctor suit, when you are redy call me at this number *gives his visitcard and goes away*
6>Linda (doctor), 19yo.2016,Jan.26 15:18 *..... and she's redy* *phones Daniel* you can come now
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.26 15:19 kay *comes* oh you look good *smiles* ok let's go
6>Linda (doctor), 19yo.2016,Jan.26 15:19 *smiles*
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.26 15:23 *where should I take her first... ok maybe Verus will be on* ok we're here! here is a psychopat Verus Cho, but I don't think he's unstable... well let's go in
1>Verus Cho (psychopat), 45yo.2016,Jan.26 15:24 hello.. Dan......
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.26 15:24 hey.. I have your brekfest
1>Verus Cho (psychopat), 45yo.2016,Jan.26 15:25 okay.. and who is she?...
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.26 15:26 um... practicant.. her name is Linda
6>Linda (doctor), 19yo.2016,Jan.26 15:26 hello
1>Verus Cho (psychopat), 45yo.2016,Jan.26 15:27 *looks at Linda* ... *looks back at Daniel* go away
6>Linda (doctor), 19yo.2016,Jan.26 15:28 huh?
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.26 15:28 we should go if he want so
6>Linda (doctor), 19yo.2016,Jan.26 15:29 ok...
6>Linda (doctor), 19yo.2016,Jan.26 15:30 *they go out of that palat* why does he hates me?
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.26 15:31 he don't trust doctors... I thought he trusts me hm...
1>Verus Cho (psychopat), 45yo.2016,Jan.26 15:31 *starts to cry...*
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.26 15:33 uh... wait here *goes in* what's wrong?...
1>Verus Cho (psychopat), 45yo.2016,Jan.26 15:33 you don't like me anymore...
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.26 15:34 um... I do
1>Verus Cho (psychopat), 45yo.2016,Jan.26 15:34 no...
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.26 15:36 *goes closer* it's okay... I won't let anyone do bad to you.. *hugs Verus softly* you can trust me... don't worry
1>Verus Cho (psychopat), 45yo.2016,Jan.26 15:37 ... :(
1>Verus Cho (psychopat), 45yo.2016,Jan.26 15:37 *looks away* go..
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.26 15:38 okay... *walks away slowly*
6>Linda (doctor), 19yo.2016,Jan.26 15:39 is everything ok?
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.26 15:39 yeah...
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.26 21:45 lets go.. I have things to do
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.26 21:46 oh by the way I has hiven only three pacients for now so I could help you when I finish ok?
6>Linda (doctor), 19yo.2016,Jan.26 21:47 sure
1>Verus Cho (psychopat), 45yo.2016,Jan.26 21:49 (just saying, we need more pacients, please join! you can be a doctor if you want to, but than there will be more pacients needed)
8>Kari (Patient), 17yo.2016,Jan.26 21:59 [Do not delete these characteers. I'm deciding what they're going to be.]
1>Verus Cho (psychopat), 45yo.2016,Jan.27 13:59 (ok sure :) thanks for joining)
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.27 14:06 *Yet's palat*
12>Yet Creenon (weirdo), 37yo.2016,Jan.27 14:10 blureno I now hay week.. one five ten brr no six man... *sees Daniel* no.. perado kena ah... nvm it d ka... vaa... raa naa.. la gaa
6>Linda (doctor), 19yo.2016,Jan.27 14:11 *wispers* is he alright?...
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.27 14:13 no.... *puts the food on table* let's go..
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.27 14:13 *they're out* ok one more pacient...
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.27 14:15 he's pretty loud and evil so.. maybe you should stay out... he's maniac
6>Linda (doctor), 19yo.2016,Jan.27 14:16 but you can come if you want...
6>Linda (doctor), 19yo.2016,Jan.27 14:16 (sorry, it was Daniel text...)
6>Linda (doctor), 19yo.2016,Jan.27 14:17 ok
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.27 14:18 oh good he's sleeping... *puts his brekfest on table and goes out*
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.27 14:18 ok I'm done with brekfest
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.27 14:19 now let's ask Chris what do you need to do
6>Linda (doctor), 19yo.2016,Jan.27 14:19 but he's sleeping...
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.27 14:20 well it's his problem :D
6>Linda (doctor), 19yo.2016,Jan.27 14:21 ha ok let's go :)
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.27 14:21 hey Chris! Chris!
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.27 14:21 Chris?
16>Chris (doctor), 34yo.2016,Jan.27 14:22 What??
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Jan.27 14:22 where should she go?
16>Chris (doctor), 34yo.2016,Jan.27 14:23 ahh I don't know.. I need sleep...
16>Chris (doctor), 34yo.2016,Jan.27 14:23 (I need pacients...)
16>Chris (doctor), 34yo.2016,Feb.1 23:53 *looks at some docoments* ...ok you can get Kierra, Kari and Takato I gues and Daniel will have more job now... Rika and Dani and I have all others, but I don't want to help you! I have my own things to do so go!
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.1 23:53 ok
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.1 23:54 follow me Linda..
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.1 23:56 let's visit Takato *they're here* ok I will be here outside, but you go in and give her brekfest
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.1 23:57 if she gets too... Idk not normal than you have this medicaments..
6>Linda (doctor), 19yo.2016,Feb.1 23:58 ok *goes in* hey...
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.2 00:08 (I think you better take Kierra, Takato and Dani and I will take Rika, Kari and Rena and three others I have of corse...)
6>Linda (doctor), 19yo.2016,Feb.2 00:09 (ok...)
6>Linda (doctor), 19yo.2016,Feb.2 00:11 (wait than you have six patients?)
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.2 00:12 (yea...)
6>Linda (doctor), 19yo.2016,Feb.2 00:12 (why Chris don't have any?)
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.2 00:13 (he have all others in this hospital + he's working at night..)
6>Linda (doctor), 19yo.2016,Feb.2 00:14 (oh.. ok)
6>Linda (doctor), 19yo.2016,Feb.2 15:24 you okay?...
6>Linda (doctor), 19yo.2016,Feb.2 20:23 *hmm gues she's not talking much...* *puts her brekfest on table and goes away*
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.2 20:24 well? can you work by yourself now?
6>Linda (doctor), 19yo.2016,Feb.2 20:25 yea you can go... buut there are so meny rooms.. well I 'll try to search them by my self
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.2 20:26 ok good luck and if you need any help than call me
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.2 20:27 *walks away*
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.2 20:28 *goes to Rika's palat* ... *gives her brekfest* ...
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.2 20:29 ...
13>Toby (Hospital patient), 16yo.2016,Feb.4 04:28 (Hey! I hope it's not too late for me to join!)
1>Verus Cho (psychopat), 45yo.2016,Feb.4 15:01 (yea you're just in time umm I gues Linda will be your doctor..)
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.4 20:41 ... *walks away*
6>Linda (doctor), 19yo.2016,Feb.4 20:42 *goes to Dani palat* hey
16>Chris (doctor), 34yo.2016,Feb.4 20:45 *calls Daniel* hey I forgot about Toby. you should tell Linda to take care of him.
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.4 20:45 ok sure *calls Linda to tell that*
6>Linda (doctor), 19yo.2016,Feb.4 20:47 *picks up the phone* yes...... ok where is his palat..... ok bye
6>Linda (doctor), 19yo.2016,Feb.4 20:47 *gives Dani brekfest and walks away...*
6>Linda (doctor), 19yo.2016,Feb.4 20:53 *at Toby's palat*
13>Toby (Hospital patient), 16yo.2016,Feb.7 04:24 *gives Linda a creepy look* *says nothing, just stares*
6>Linda (doctor), 19yo.2016,Feb.7 15:01 *gives brekfest* are are you okay?...
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.7 15:14 *walks to Rika's palat*
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.7 15:14 *Kari
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.7 15:16 hey
13>Toby (Hospital patient), 16yo.2016,Feb.10 21:08 *mutters:* Fine....*isn't really fine, though*
6>Linda (doctor), 19yo.2016,Feb.10 22:08 okay.. do you need anything?
13>Toby (Hospital patient), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 05:19 No, thanks. I'm good.
6>Linda (doctor), 19yo.2016,Feb.12 13:15 okay *walks away*
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.12 13:18 ... *gives her brekfest*
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.12 13:19 ... why is everyone so silent today... hmm *walks away*
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.12 13:20 *walking to Rena's palat..*
2>Rena Marr (insane), 17yo.2016,Feb.19 22:12 who are you
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.19 22:13 I'm Daniel, your doctor
2>Rena Marr (insane), 17yo.2016,Feb.19 22:14 right...
2>Rena Marr (insane), 17yo.2016,Feb.19 22:14 are you scared of me?
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.19 22:15 no..
2>Rena Marr (insane), 17yo.2016,Feb.19 22:16 you should
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.19 22:22 why?
2>Rena Marr (insane), 17yo.2016,Feb.19 22:22 come here
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.19 22:23 ..why
2>Rena Marr (insane), 17yo.2016,Feb.19 22:23 *gives him an angry look* come here
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.19 22:24 uh fine...
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.19 22:24 *comes closer to rena*
2>Rena Marr (insane), 17yo.2016,Feb.19 22:25 *pushes him down* Don't Ever Mess With Me! You Understand? Or I Will Kill You!
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.19 22:27 aah let go! *tries to take sleep drugs*
2>Rena Marr (insane), 17yo.2016,Feb.19 22:28 You Won't Do It So Don't Even Try! *takes the medicaments from his pocket and stabs in his leg*
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.19 22:29 no no no no ow.. why no n.. no... *falls asleep*
2>Rena Marr (insane), 17yo.2016,Feb.19 22:30 I sed you shouldn't do it *gets up and tries to escape*
2>Rena Marr (insane), 17yo.2016,Feb.19 22:33 *walks out of her palat* ... ah where the exit could be... *starts walking to one way and bla bla bla she gets to the outdoor door* yes! *walks out*
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.19 22:34 *wakes up* oh.. no oh no she left... *gets up and runs to exit doors*
2>Rena Marr (insane), 17yo.2016,Feb.19 22:36 ow what the.. *sudenly feels pain and falls on the ground*
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.19 22:39 *runs out* oh no these security things.. they hurt outside.. *thinks: what should I do now.. maybe I should go to tell Chris.. but.. no I can't.. she got so far.. she will hate me if I take her back..*
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.19 22:40 *I could...* *thinks a little* *picks her up fast and runs to his car*
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.19 22:41 (tf? why? ok well he decideed not me so don't ask lol)
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.19 22:42 ahh if Chris will get to know I'll be in troble... *drives home*
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.19 22:43 *takes rena to a safe room she won't escape*
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.19 22:44 right soo... *thinks what should he do* ok *goes to take some things and comes back*
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.19 22:45 *tries to take off that umm.. thing.. Idk how to call it*
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.19 22:47 *done* phew.. I hope it will be okay.. *walks away to get a glass of water*
2>Rena Marr (insane), 17yo.2016,Feb.19 22:48 *starts to wake up* ah.. *feels pain* ow where am I... ow
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.19 22:49 *daniel comes in* oh no..
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.19 22:49 please don't kill me..
2>Rena Marr (insane), 17yo.2016,Feb.19 22:50 what the heck?? where are we?
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.19 22:51 sorry I shouldn't have do this...
2>Rena Marr (insane), 17yo.2016,Feb.19 22:52 do what? where are we?? tell me!
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.19 22:53 we're at my house...
2>Rena Marr (insane), 17yo.2016,Feb.19 22:53 wh.. why..
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.19 22:54 I... I didn't want you to die...
2>Rena Marr (insane), 17yo.2016,Feb.19 22:54 what? why?
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.19 22:55 you ran away
2>Rena Marr (insane), 17yo.2016,Feb.19 22:55 well? yes and?
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.19 22:58 pacients get hurt if they exits the hospital.. and you got so far and you was hurt and you would hate me if I did the right thing so now.. now you're here...
2>Rena Marr (insane), 17yo.2016,Feb.19 22:59 oh......
2>Rena Marr (insane), 17yo.2016,Feb.19 22:59 it still hurts anyway
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.19 23:01 sorry I had to take it off...
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.19 23:02 you.. want to drink? *pases her water*
2>Rena Marr (insane), 17yo.2016,Feb.19 23:03 ugh sure... *takes it and starts to drink it*
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.19 23:04 okay.. I have to go back now but please stay here, you're safe here, I promise...
2>Rena Marr (insane), 17yo.2016,Feb.19 23:08 *daniel walks away* what.. oh don't say there was sleeping drugs agen! *sights* that stupid idiot. I hate him... *lays down and falls asleep*
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.19 23:10 *comes back to put a blanket to her* *softly does it and walks away quaetly*
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.19 23:18 *rides back to hospital and goes to Verus palat agen*
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.19 23:19 hey buddy how are you feeling today?
1>Verus Cho (psychopat), 45yo.2016,Feb.19 23:19 fine
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.19 23:21 okay.. do you need anything?
1>Verus Cho (psychopat), 45yo.2016,Feb.19 23:22 No! I want to be alone! why don't you just left me? go away...
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.19 23:24 umm okay.. if you want so... *walks out of Verus palat*
5>Kierra Lundir (Patient), 23yo.2016,Feb.20 08:57 *screams very loud*
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.22 17:53 *hears her* what is going on there.. *walks to her palat doors*
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.22 17:54 why are you standing outside? *asks to Linda*
6>Linda (doctor), 19yo.2016,Feb.22 17:54 I don't want to go in...
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.22 17:55 well that's your job, you have to deal with it... okay I'll do it *walks in*
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,Feb.22 20:54 hey calm down.. calm down.. *slowly coming closer*
5>Kierra Lundir (Patient), 23yo.2016,Apr.18 18:49 I WANT TO EAT CANDY!! WHERE IS MY CANDY? YOU BETTER COME WITH MY CANDY!
7>Daniel (doctor), 20yo.2016,May.9 23:07 hm yes sure here it is *gives her some medicaments* these 'are' candies..
17>Z ((THE DEAD)), -yo.2017,Jan.28 18:41 Who is disturbing us...
17>Z ((THE DEAD)), -yo.2017,Jan.28 18:41 *Attacks Daniel*
20>Jasmine (New Doctor), 20yo.2017,Jul.9 05:59 *go inside* okay. this is the 1st day of my job so i need to do works correctly. *nervous*
20>Jasmine (New Doctor), 20yo.2017,Jul.9 05:59 *knocks* hello??may i come in?
20>Jasmine (New Doctor), 20yo.2017,Jul.9 06:00 hmmm...no one is answering. i guess no one there. *leaves*
10>Sofea (patient), 17yo.2017,Jul.9 06:05 *laugh by herself
10>Sofea (patient), 17yo.2017,Jul.9 06:06 *look at Jasmine and laugh
10>Sofea (patient), 17yo.2017,Jul.9 06:07 *ask who are you?? *smile
20>Jasmine (New Doctor), 20yo.2017,Jul.16 13:23 i am Jasmine, new doctor here and who are you??
10>Sofea (patient), 17yo.2017,Jul.30 13:25 *laugh i am Sofea. *laugh laugh

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