" rolblox "
This game is destined to players of 10 to 13 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

this is like rolblox but you have to say whats going on put a fake user name here and fake user is a xample skygirl/Skyler the first one is the user name the seconed one is the user please join

1>Izzy/Isabelle (a citlzen ), 16yo.2019,May.7 22:33 hello welcome everyone there is three rules 1 no cuse word 2 no being mean only fake then after say pause then say sorry 3 have fun
1>Izzy/Isabelle (a citlzen ), 16yo.2019,May.7 22:33  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=47  
1>Izzy/Isabelle (a citlzen ), 16yo.2019,May.7 22:33 thank for playing
20>Chloe (mean girl), 11yo.2019,May.9 16:01 Dude why are you copying people?? There is already another roblox game on here you don't half to copy the original maker of the game who is Bea. How I know her she's my friend in real life
20>Chloe (mean girl), 11yo.2019,May.9 16:03 btw Bea didn't tell me I just know because she told me about you
1>Izzy/Isabelle (a citlzen ), 16yo.2019,May.10 20:33 when I made this I did not no she made one so sorry you are still playing on here right plz
20>Chloe (mean girl), 11yo.2019,May.10 21:32 No I'm not I would play a game of your's but only if you delete elemental friends and roblox
1>Izzy/Isabelle (a citlzen ), 16yo.2019,May.10 21:41 no
20>Chloe (mean girl), 11yo.2019,Jun.14 20:10  Secret message to Izzy/Isabelle  

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