" Red Moon "
This game is destined to players of 11 to 19 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Vampires roleplay
you can be a vampire or a human
(can have as many characters you need)
the main place for vampires is forest but they can live someplace else too
(I allow things that vampires do like attack humans and suck their blood)
Vampires hate wolves... yeah that makes me think about wolves, you can be a wolf/human too
it's usually not allowed to mix the relationship between these three but if you really wish to do that (like bella edvard and jacob) than you can try
but I can say- vampires are usually pretty mean at first
I guess that's all
good luck and have fun playing!
^>.< ^

1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 21:16 [if you're thinking about the red moon.. that's a pretty bloody time but vampires enjoys it because they say that every creature's blood gets more delicious it this time. that happens once a year only]
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 21:19 (I guess we could go without character descripsions so we could imagine all by our own amazing minds :) and I won't put anything on the sale, you can buy things or have things in some shop]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 21:19 [hello]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 21:19 [hello]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 21:19 [cindy]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 21:19 [its trent]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 21:19 [its trent]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 21:19 [its trent]
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 21:20 (say hello and start to rp)
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 21:20 (oh hey trent ^~^)
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 21:21 [ok where do we start]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 21:21 [this is better for you since your the gamemaster so you dont get lost with someone else]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 21:22 [i get lost with other people games if I'm not on for long or im not from the start]
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 21:22 (I guess we start at the forest)
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 21:22 [is there like a missoin or story?]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 21:23 *mission
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 21:23 [did you read all?]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 21:25 [yes but it really doesnt show an mission (for ex. a evil person taking over) or something like that or a main mission]
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 21:25 (no there's no story. we make it)
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 21:25 *an evil person
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 21:35 [we can start if you're ready]
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 21:37 *I'm siting up a tree just resting*
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 21:45 *sitting in a cave far from kayla*
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 21:45 *murmering* humans...humans!
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 21:46 i need IT!!!
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 21:54 [do we know each other? I think we should 'cause we're living in the same forest]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 21:54 [not yet but we will meet soon if thats okay with you]
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 21:54 [sure]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 21:55 [maybe we go after the same human?}
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 21:55 \
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 21:56 *jumps off* *takes a big breath and walks(runs) tovards some city*
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 21:56 [ok]
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 21:57 *looking for some tasty blood*
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 21:58 (she's a new vampire actually, but she had born a vampire and she can keep calm to blood*
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 21:58 )
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 21:58 *walks towards a trailer park in the city*
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 22:00 mm there you are *gets closer and attacks a man*
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 22:01 *goes after same man* yum!
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 22:03 *notices you* who are you?
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 22:04 my food go away i havent had a human for 20 years!
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 22:04 it's mine! I got him first
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 22:05 there are many more, go get your own!
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 22:05 i deserve it!
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 22:05 no you don't!
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 22:05 no out in the big city with skyscrapers? they will kill me!
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 22:06 they won't know you're a vampire
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 22:06 wanna see how I do that?
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 22:10 i know how to fight you youngling!
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 22:12 than get your own human.
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 22:12 sees other human and tackles it*
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 22:14 *takes as much blood as she needs at the moment and is going back to forest theritory*
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 22:17 *sucks blood*
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 22:17 oh my god its this easy!
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 22:21 *walking to her forest home*
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 22:21 *runs to cave*
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Oct.27 22:22 *laying on the ground* wait.. help me
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 22:22 what *turns to the guy* oh hah wolf.. what are you doing here?
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 22:23 wolf blood never had that before
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 22:23 yum!
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 22:23 wait i hate wolves *gets ready for an track in cave*
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Oct.27 22:23 I got attacked by *looks at Kayla* by vampires rrr
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 22:23 *attack
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 22:24 [by the way i smelled the scent of the wolf]
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Oct.27 22:24 [voss we're not in the same place..]
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Oct.27 22:24 [okay]
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 22:25 and why do you think I would help a dog?
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 22:25 were are you, you little wolf?!
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 22:26 *comes out*
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Oct.27 22:26 I'm a wolf
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 22:26 [do the vampires hate sun?]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 22:26 here wolfy, wolfy
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Oct.27 22:26 [voss you have a different wolf.and we're not at the same place]
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 22:28 fine whatever I don't care about wolves
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 22:28 [no but we are in the same forest and im looking for the wolf]
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Oct.27 22:29 please help! I.. I will do something for you in return, just please help me..
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 22:29 i smell it im geting closer
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 22:29 [do the vampires hate sun?]
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 22:30 I would help, maybe, but I don't know how
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 22:31 i see something laying on the ground...its a wolf!
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 22:31 (it's unconfortable for them but they can go in it)
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 22:31 [what about garlic]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 22:32 [what about garlic]
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 22:32 wait! you it's you agen!
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 22:32 (lol Idk this one so I guess its okay)
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 22:33 [so it can kill us we need a weakness]
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 22:33 (they are okay with it(nothing happens))
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 22:33 [like wolfs have silver bullets]
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 22:34 this is my wolf and you can't get it. altho why should I care
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 22:34 (I.. don't know)
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Oct.27 22:35 ah two vampires oh no
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 22:36 get up!
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Oct.27 22:36 I can't...
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 22:36 we need to kill him! he needs to die! i bet wolf blood taste good!]
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 22:36 so week?
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 22:37 [i have an idea for the main mission]
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 22:37 no we won't kill him
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 22:37 wolfs are enemys
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 22:37 injured creatures don't taste good
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 22:39 what? that makes no since!
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 22:39 (okay if you need something.. I guess you can use holly water or fire)
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 22:39 (to attack vampires)
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.27 22:42 [fire is good i think but holy water is kinda demonish]
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 22:43 [okay]
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 22:46  Secret message to Zen  
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Oct.27 22:47  Secret message to Zen  
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 22:48  Secret message to Zen  
2>Xaviar (Demon ), 200yo.2016,Oct.27 22:48 [its trent]
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Oct.27 22:49 (ah Im bad at these secret messages xp)
16>Jade (Human), 16yo.2016,Oct.27 22:49 [hey I decided to be a human is there a story yet?]
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Oct.27 22:50 ... okay *turns to his human form*
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Oct.27 22:50 [we make the story]
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Oct.27 22:51 (oh and secret message was just the first one )
16>Jade (Human), 16yo.2016,Oct.27 22:51 [ok]
2>Xaviar (Demon ), 200yo.2016,Oct.27 22:51 [is it ok if im a demon?]
2>Xaviar (Demon ), 200yo.2016,Oct.27 22:52 [well we found a wolf thats about it..... a werewolf]
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 22:52 [yes it's okay]
2>Xaviar (Demon ), 200yo.2016,Oct.27 22:53 [cool]
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 22:59 [okay bye]
16>Jade (Human), 16yo.2016,Oct.27 22:59 [i'll come on tomorrow :) bye]
2>Xaviar (Demon ), 200yo.2016,Oct.27 22:59 [ok bye]
2>Xaviar (Demon ), 200yo.2016,Oct.27 23:00 \
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 23:30 *voss looks back* *she fast takes zen on her back and runs* ahh you're still havy!
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 23:34 it's a safe place I live in and I'm yunger I'm faster *about five minutes later* I can't run anymore, you're too havy but we're almost there
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Oct.27 23:35 run! just keep runing! I know you can do it...
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 23:36 *at the safe teritory* *falls down* phew.... I.. did it *thinking* why
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Oct.27 23:37 thank you...
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Oct.27 23:38 you can take some of my blood if that makes you feel better..
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 23:38 I won't
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Oct.27 23:39 are you sure we're safe here?
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 23:41 yes.. we.. this place in kinda mystical.. *sits up* it's nice because it's safe but I don't feel my power here.. that kinda sucks
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Oct.27 23:42 your power?
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 23:42 yeah anyways.. what's your name, wolf?
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Oct.27 23:44 oh I'm Zen, I'm from the Moon pack but.. I left...
7>Amy (Vampire girl), 89yo.2016,Oct.27 23:44 [can I join?]
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 23:44 why
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 23:45 [sure :)]
7>Amy (Vampire girl), 89yo.2016,Oct.27 23:45 [cause I want too]
7>Amy (Vampire girl), 89yo.2016,Oct.27 23:46 [can you join my pageant moms RP?]
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Oct.27 23:47 I didn't like the leader..or he didn't like me because I wanted to be the leader and.. so I left saying "I'm going to search for new pack"
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Oct.27 23:47 [hah yeah maybe tomorrow]
7>Amy (Vampire girl), 89yo.2016,Oct.27 23:48 [shous I be boss's girlfriend or cousin...]
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 23:49 and than you came into the wrong theritory
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Oct.27 23:49 yeah
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Oct.27 23:49 [who's the boss?]
7>Amy (Vampire girl), 89yo.2016,Oct.27 23:50 [Cindy?]
7>Amy (Vampire girl), 89yo.2016,Oct.27 23:50 [Sirry meant Voss XD]
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Oct.27 23:50 [oh you mean Voss. yeah if you want and he's okay with that]
7>Amy (Vampire girl), 89yo.2016,Oct.27 23:51 [have to do homework be back in exactly 15]
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 23:51 there's a little pound.. I guess it's kinda healing
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 23:52 [I will probably be sleeping at that time]
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Oct.27 23:53 okay thanks *goes to the pound and walks in* ah it really feels better!
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 23:55 good *gets up and goes into her tree house*
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Oct.27 23:55 hey wait! whats your name?
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 23:56 Kayla
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 23:56 you sleep outside
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Oct.27 23:57 without even dog house? *laughs*
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.27 23:57 um yeah bye
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Oct.27 23:58 *sighs* okay *sleeps down by a tree as a wolf*
7>Amy (Vampire girl), 89yo.2016,Oct.28 00:13 [im back]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.28 00:40 [whats happen?}
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.28 00:43 [cousin]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.28 01:53  Secret message to Kayla Ferra  
7>Amy (Vampire girl), 89yo.2016,Oct.28 02:59 [ok]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.28 03:00  Secret message to Kayla Ferra  
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.28 12:03  Secret message to Voss  
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.28 12:04 *Next day*
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.28 21:11 [hello]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.28 21:11  Secret message to Kayla Ferra  
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.29 17:15  Secret message to Voss  
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.29 17:33  Secret message to Kayla Ferra  
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.29 17:33  Secret message to Kayla Ferra  
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.29 17:34  Secret message to Kayla Ferra  
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.29 20:14  Secret message to Voss  
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.29 21:29  Secret message to Kayla Ferra  
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.29 21:29  Secret message to Kayla Ferra  
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.29 21:46  Secret message to Voss  
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.29 21:49  Secret message to Voss  
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.29 21:59 [hello]
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.29 22:23 [I'll join soon.. in about ten minutes]
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.29 22:30 [aand I'm here]
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Oct.29 22:32 Kayla.. are you up? hello
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.29 22:33 *sighs* yes I'm coming.
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.29 22:33 *comes out of her house* what do you want?
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Oct.29 22:34 um.. ah nevermind I'll get something by myself
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Oct.29 22:34 so what do you eat?
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.29 22:35 you know what I like.
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Oct.29 22:35 yeah right you're a vampire
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.29 22:37 I'm not much like others tho.. I can live without it, I guess it's kinda in my genes that I don't need much
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Oct.29 22:38 hmm okay. I'll try to hunt something then *turns into wolf*
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.29 22:39 just try to stay in safe zone okay?
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Oct.29 22:39 mh.. *runs away*
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.29 22:40 I guess I could go to city.. *walks to the city*
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.29 23:06 *standing by the forest line and thinking: ah what's wrong.. I'm not hungry :so she's walking back*
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Oct.29 23:07 *waiting her home* hey where was you?
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.29 23:08 just walked
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Oct.29 23:09 I was thinking.. did you think anything I could do for you?
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.29 23:09 nope
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Oct.29 23:12 it's nice here but.. would you like to go out? I mean like for a walk or or we could even go to some restorant? it's it's not what you think ah just say yes *covers his face because it's getting red*
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.29 23:13 *staring at him confused...* s.. sure
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.29 23:13 are you feeling okay?
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Oct.29 23:14 y yeah thank you can I hug you?. ah stupid question >.<
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.29 23:15 yeah when are we going?
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Oct.29 23:15 when it gets darker, I know you don't like the sun..
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.29 23:17 I don't hate it but yeah it don't feel too good
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.29 23:41 [im here]
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.30 10:12 [okay. what's the plan now?]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.30 13:12 [idk]
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.30 14:02 [I have my plans for this day, I just want to know what you want to happen?]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.30 14:10 [ok]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.30 14:11 [whats happened?]
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.30 15:08 [she took the wolf to her house that is in some mystical "safe zone" in the forest. now they are there]
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.30 15:09 [you want to meet someone or what you gona do?]
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Oct.30 15:10 we could start going now
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.30 15:11 sure let's go
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.30 15:34 [hello]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.30 15:34 [sorry i keep forgetting ]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.30 15:36 [about this game]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.30 15:36 [safezone? ill read]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.30 15:41 [ok i get it but what were we running from?]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.30 15:42  Secret message to Kayla Ferra  
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.30 15:43  Secret message to Kayla Ferra  
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.30 15:52 [hello]
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.30 15:55 [we not runing. you wanted to kill the wolf but I didn't. so we were runing away from you to keep the wolf safe.. sounds weird but that's what happened and I guess the wolf likes Kayla xD ]
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.30 15:55 [and okay I'll add you :)]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.30 15:56 [ok]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.30 15:56 [just friend request me ihaventmessage you ]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.30 15:57 [the pic looks like im closing my eyes but I'm not]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.30 15:57 [i was looking down]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.30 16:03 [i added u]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.30 16:06 [hello?]
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.30 16:06 [ok :)]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.30 16:07 [OK LETS STARTED SORRY FOR CAPS]
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.30 16:08 *they're walking at the forest now(they're going to the city)*
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.30 16:08 [where is Voss right now?]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.30 16:25 [gtg sorry]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.30 16:26 [bye be back in 1-3 hours]
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.30 16:48  Secret message to Voss  
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.30 16:48 [okay I'll try to be here when you're back]
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.30 20:15 [are you there?]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.30 21:34 im here]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.30 21:34 [sorry didnt think it would take that long]
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.30 21:41 [yeah so where is voss right now?]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.30 22:03 [idk]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.30 22:03 [late again!]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.30 22:03 [hes in his cave]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.30 22:05 [it didntwork sorry
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.30 22:05 ]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.30 22:07 [im paintballing tomorrow with my brother!]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.30 22:08 [i dont have facebook or google+]
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.30 22:09 [oh um than what else do you have?]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.30 22:10 [ill post a pic of it]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.30 22:10 [nothing]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.30 22:12 [and i mean nothing....i dont have a phone yet anyways...i get one at chirstmas]2
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.30 22:15 [oh okay I'll try something else but now I gtg so bye]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.30 22:17 [why?
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.30 22:17 ]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.30 22:17 [well will you be back?]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Oct.31 00:32 [you want to start that darkness game back up again?]
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.31 15:19 [I may not be on today because I'm busy and yesterday it was late so I went to sleep and sure we can continue that roleplay and I guess I could post that picture on my profile and after you see it I'll delete it because I don't need it there]
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Oct.31 15:32 [meh the picture is not working agen than I guess it won't. let's just forget about it]
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Nov.1 21:51 so do you often go out with girls?
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Nov.1 21:52 actually.. no
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Nov.1 21:53 to be honest you're the first one who even talked to me..
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Nov.1 21:54 and what do you usually do?..
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Nov.1 21:54 I just walk around, hunt a little and so
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Nov.1 21:55 do you have any she wolf in your pack?
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Nov.1 21:57 we have three but one is with the leader and the other is together too but the single one is single because she wants so. so you see, I can't get any of them
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Nov.1 21:58 hah okay but how about school? I know you should study too
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Nov.1 21:59 [hello]
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Nov.1 22:01 I graduated last year, I'm 19 now, by the way how old are you? are you as young as you look or older?
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Nov.1 22:01 [hello]
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Nov.1 22:02 I'm 17 but I had been a vampire all my life so you can call me a new vampire but I'm actually just a real vampire
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Nov.1 22:03 *feels that he did wrong and tryed to look for kayla8
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Nov.1 22:03 8
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Nov.1 22:03 *
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Nov.1 22:03 kayla!!
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Nov.1 22:03 where are you!
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Nov.1 22:04 oh um okay. I had these transforming powers too but I learned to do it just some years ago
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Nov.1 22:04 shh! is someone calling my name?
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Nov.1 22:05 I hear it too
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Nov.1 22:05 kayla is voss!
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Nov.1 22:05 where are u!
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Nov.1 22:05 sounds like that other vampire..
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Nov.1 22:05 please forgive me!
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Nov.1 22:07 *sees voss* yup it's him
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Nov.1 22:07 hello?
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Nov.1 22:08 i know your here somewhere
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Nov.1 22:08 please forgive me!
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Nov.1 22:08 don't worry, I can protect you now, that is if you want me to?
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Nov.1 22:08 i have silvir if that wolf trys to attack me!
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Nov.1 22:08 it's okay Zen. why should I forgive you?
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Nov.1 22:09 *silver
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Nov.1 22:09 there you are!
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Nov.1 22:10 i eally felt ba and I've change my ways *throws silver over hill*
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Nov.1 22:10 *really and bad
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Nov.1 22:10 okay
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Nov.1 22:12 and what will you do now?
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Nov.1 22:12 i smell uh,garlic! *passes out*
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Nov.1 22:13 [theres vamp. hunters]
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Nov.1 22:13 what..
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Nov.1 22:14 \
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Nov.1 22:14 ah he's right! run!
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Nov.1 22:16 what about garlic? *runs after kayla*
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Nov.1 22:16 those are vampire hunters, you saw what happened to him
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Nov.1 22:17 oh..
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Nov.1 22:17 k we're safe here I guess
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Nov.1 22:18 [your going to leave me?]
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Nov.1 22:18 I'm safe I mean
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Nov.1 22:18 [nvm]
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Nov.1 22:18 [well.. sorry kayla don't really think you're her friend ]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Nov.1 22:19 *wakes up in cell with five other cells empty*
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Nov.1 22:19 *a man comes to the cell*
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Nov.1 22:20 heres your food!
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Nov.1 22:20 so what do they do when they get a vampire?
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Nov.1 22:20 *puts cold burger through food slot in cell*
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Nov.1 22:21 I'm not sure but I know my parents didn't come back from there..
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Nov.1 22:21 *doesnt eat it because there could be poison in it*
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Nov.1 22:22 oh I thought you.. left shouldn't we safe him? he seamed different than before
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Nov.1 22:23 ah yeah but it's dangerous to go right in the mouse trap
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Nov.1 22:23 *man comes back with a paintball gun*
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Nov.1 22:24 what are you going to do shot me with paintballs?
8>Zen (wolf), 19yo.2016,Nov.1 22:24 I'm a human looking person, I could do it
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Nov.1 22:24 *shoot
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Nov.1 22:25 no their filled with garlic water!
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Nov.1 22:25 tell me where your pack is!
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Nov.1 22:25 okay but we should wait till everything feels safe.. than we go
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Nov.1 22:26 ...dont know!
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Nov.1 22:26 i....dont know!
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Nov.1 22:26 [you have a pack?]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Nov.1 22:26 what do you mean!
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Nov.1 22:26 [vampire group]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Nov.1 22:27 my group left me!
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Nov.1 22:27 [oh so theycre not really a pack but just vampires that know each other?]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Nov.1 22:29 [well they travel together to get more humans]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Nov.1 22:29 [so they were kinda like family...vosses parents got kill by vamp. hunter]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Nov.1 22:30 [their are millions of packs around the world]
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Nov.1 22:31 [so we three are a pack?..]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Nov.1 22:32 [no packs are about 7-20]
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Nov.1 22:32 [oh okay]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Nov.1 22:33 [vosses group had 10 peeps in group]
1>Kayla Ferra (Vampire), 17yo.2016,Nov.1 22:35 [okay well u can finish your part and I'll join tomorrow. it's sleep time]
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Nov.1 22:35 *shoot garlic ball*
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Nov.1 22:35 ah!!!
3>Voss (vampire), 134yo.2016,Nov.1 22:36 [ok bye]
4>Kyle bovoski (Teenager), 12yo.2018,Mar.2 20:55 Voss.....
4>Kyle bovoski (Teenager), 12yo.2018,Mar.2 20:55 Why?????
4>Kyle bovoski (Teenager), 12yo.2018,Mar.2 20:55 *Throws garlick at voss*

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