" Crestwood Middle School "
This game is destined to players of 11 to 15 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Ok you should be respectful to everyone out of rp. In rp mode, I really don't care. You can rp date and you can make-out. If you want to have $3X then do it privately. No suicide or killing or injuries. Not happening. Have fun and stay fresh xD

1>Francessca (Model Student), 12yo.2017,Jun.14 07:29 Hello students! I am Francessca! I am in the 6th grade. I am a model student for Crestwood Middle School. I would be delighted to show you around! I have to warn you of bullies. They can drop kick pretty good!
1>Francessca (Model Student), 12yo.2017,Jun.14 07:31 I need to set up the supplies for the new students! I heard that a wave of them are coming in! I better start right away
1>Francessca (Model Student), 12yo.2017,Jun.14 07:33 Ok. When the students come, inform me immediately! I can't break my model student record!
2>Lily (student), 13yo.2018,Jul.24 00:51  Buying Locker [School] (x 1)  
2>Lily (student), 13yo.2018,Jul.24 00:51  Buying iPhone 7 (x 1)  
2>Lily (student), 13yo.2018,Jul.24 01:05  Buying Laptop (x 1)  
2>Lily (student), 13yo.2018,Jul.24 01:05 Hi!
3>Kenan (Student), 14yo.2018,Dec.15 13:25 hello

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