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1>Jaismi (Advisor), 10000yo.2020,Aug.24 23:18 Hello everyone! Welcome to the RolePlay!
1>Jaismi (Advisor), 10000yo.2020,Aug.24 23:19 Please read the rules above, and try your best to abide by them.
1>Jaismi (Advisor), 10000yo.2020,Aug.24 23:19 Good Luck!
7>Pls join my RolePlay (THE GAME MASTER ), ?yo.2020,Aug.30 18:40 Are u a female? Do you play animal jam? Do you like the game? Are u a kid? Join my RolePlay! Animal Jam RolePlay!
7>Pls join my RolePlay (THE GAME MASTER ), ?yo.2020,Aug.30 18:41  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Cupcake 🧁  
7>Pls join my RolePlay (THE GAME MASTER ), ?yo.2020,Aug.30 18:43  Buying Cookie 🍪 (x 10)  
7>Pls join my RolePlay (THE GAME MASTER ), ?yo.2020,Aug.30 18:46 Join kittyland RolePlay
1>Jaismi (Advisor), 10000yo.2020,Aug.30 22:08 (Note: If you would like you can leave a link to your RolePlay so people can easily get there)
2>Alice (student), 13yo.2020,Sep.13 15:19 http://www.roleplay-city.net/game.php?REF=findapenpal
2>Alice (student), 13yo.2020,Sep.13 15:20 " Be a penpal of me,please! "
3>Amaani (Gamemaster), 10yo.2021,Mar.14 12:41 Hi! If you love wild animals, nature, and/or love the Jungle Book come see my game 'The Jungle Book'
3>Amaani (Gamemaster), 10yo.2021,Mar.16 09:31 Or if you like a quiet and peaceful life and love nature and the mountains you can come and see my game 'Heidi'
4>Maddie (Join my game.), 15yo.2021,Apr.7 04:33 Hi! I made a roleplay about a zombie apocalypse called "Probably An Apocalypse". I've got a backstory to get you started, and I hope it will be fun to play out! Characters will have to work together as a town to survive, and stop the spread of the virus.
4>Maddie (Join my game.), 15yo.2021,Apr.7 04:35 Here is a link to my game in case you are interested in "Probably An Apocalypse"! http://www.roleplay-city.net/game.php?REF=ProbablyAnApocalypse
3>Amaani (Gamemaster), 10yo.2021,May.5 12:13 I know some might not be so interested in 'wild animals' but there will always be some horse crazy people so come on and join me in 'Horse Drama'!
5>Sanscas (Healer), 19yo.2021,May.28 00:35 I would be interested to play, but I don't know exactly how. Can someone explain? ^^
5>Sanscas (Healer), 19yo.2021,May.28 00:35  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Cupcake 🧁  
8>Lily (Advertising my rpg), 12yo.2021,Oct.24 16:46 Do you love wolves? They are such mystic and beautiful animals. If you do love them, join my roleplay- Wolf Kingdoms, were we roleplay as wolf packs. If you join fast, I might make you the Alpha of one. (Their are 2 wolf packs)

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