" The Dream You Can't Live (a romantic novel) "
This game is destined to players of 14 to any years of age.
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well.. just another romantic stuff between oposites ;)
hope you enjoy ^^

11>Narator (-), -yo.2016,Apr.28 20:44 it was a bright night before the morning and everyone was suprised how can it be? will the night come? why it's still day if it should be night?
11>Narator (-), -yo.2016,Apr.28 20:52 they asked their king: "oh king Jackson, where is the night? where is the dark? why it's so cold?" and the king answered: "it's because the newborn goddess, the oposites and fighters, the fire and ice."
11>Narator (-), -yo.2016,Apr.28 20:55 it was mysterious time and mysterious weather and somewhere in sky there was an unknown power
11>Narator (-), -yo.2016,Apr.28 20:56 it falled and came closer with every second
11>Narator (-), -yo.2016,Apr.28 20:57 finally it landed. it landed so quaet, it landed so bright, where it landed? noone knows
9>Chon (Fire Dragon), 43yo.2016,Apr.28 20:59 *rolling over to protect the baby* *looks around* we're safe here Hrishi..
11>Narator (-), -yo.2016,Apr.28 21:01 the king has some ice powers so his son had them too. now he was one year old but king already knew what is his destiny and leaded him to it.
11>Narator (-), -yo.2016,Apr.28 21:04 he trained his son's powers every day, he wanted him to be the most powerful boy in the world and somewhat he wanted him to win the future race with fire.
11>Narator (-), -yo.2016,Apr.28 21:12 he was a good teacher and careful dad but the day on his son's 17th birthday.. he died and said: "see, I'm dying but you, your destiny is to fight the fire, it's your life goal and you're redy. now go!" after these words, he died.
11>Narator (-), -yo.2016,Apr.28 21:13 his son, Jack junior, the new ice prince
11>Narator (-), -yo.2016,Apr.28 21:18 for the first days it was hard but he didn't give up and so he got ready and started his way
11>Narator (-), -yo.2016,Apr.28 21:20 meanwhile Hrishi was trained by fire Dragon. she was good but she still needed to practice a lot, her powers was strong so it was hard to learn to control them
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.28 21:22 Furinel, will you come with me?
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,Apr.28 21:24 I could but I can't leave my family *he thinked a little* okay I will come, I know the journey is going to be long
11>Narator (-), -yo.2016,Apr.28 21:25 they started to go
11>Narator (-), -yo.2016,Apr.28 21:25 a year passed..
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,Apr.28 21:26 Jack, you think we will find it? you think we will fight it? we should go back
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.28 21:27 never! I have to find it and I will do it!
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,Apr.28 21:29 *sights* well my family needs me, I have to go back. wish you good luck, come back soon!
11>Narator (-), -yo.2016,Apr.28 21:30 he walked away but prince junior continued his way
11>Narator (-), -yo.2016,Apr.28 21:31 it was a very dark night and he was still walking
11>Narator (-), -yo.2016,Apr.28 21:33 suddenly he saw a light coming from the forest, he was suprised so he went there
9>Chon (Fire Dragon), 43yo.2016,Apr.28 21:34 *wakes up and gets Hrishi closer*
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.28 21:35 wha.. who are you?
9>Chon (Fire Dragon), 43yo.2016,Apr.28 21:36 I am not allowed to disclose this information
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.28 21:37 *sees the girl so takes out his sword* oh no don't say it's her?
9>Chon (Fire Dragon), 43yo.2016,Apr.28 21:38 oh haha you're the newborn ice prince? well than better leave, we don't need your attention.
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.28 21:39 is she.. is she the fire I'm searching?
9>Chon (Fire Dragon), 43yo.2016,Apr.28 21:39 well you better know that
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.28 21:40 hm. *sits down* I won't leave till she wakes up
9>Chon (Fire Dragon), 43yo.2016,Apr.28 21:41 alright, as you want.
11>Narator (-), -yo.2016,Apr.28 22:56 the next morning
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.28 23:01 *wakes up* yawn.. hello Chon *smiles*
9>Chon (Fire Dragon), 43yo.2016,Apr.28 23:02 hey *licks her cheek* you have a guest..
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.28 23:03 what? who? oh.. who is he?
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.28 23:04 I'm Jake junior the ice prince. pleased to meet you my princess
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.28 23:04 um hm hello?
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.28 23:05 didn't your teacher told you?
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.28 23:06 told me what?
9>Chon (Fire Dragon), 43yo.2016,Apr.28 23:06 no sorry I really didn't but now I will
9>Chon (Fire Dragon), 43yo.2016,Apr.28 23:07 this is the boy you have to fight with.. will you?
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.28 23:08 .. I'm confused
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.28 23:09 well, we can do it later if you're not ready
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.28 23:10 *gets up and goes closer* I want to know.. is it true what legends says
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.28 23:11 *touches his arm* ah you really are cold.
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.28 23:12 ow! don't do that
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.28 23:12 hm we may fight if you want..
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.28 23:13 oh hm well okay
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.28 23:14 but without any weapons! only our power
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.28 23:14 okay sure
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.28 23:15  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=89  
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.28 23:15  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=41  
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.28 23:15 ow!
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.28 23:16  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=85  
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.28 23:16  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=20  
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.28 23:17 ah *falls down*
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.28 23:17 are you okay?
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.28 23:18 I don't know.. it was too strong.. ah I don't feel good
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.28 23:19 maybe you should get some sleep..
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.28 23:19 but we didn't finish the fight
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.28 23:20 we can finish it any time you can, I have a lot of time
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.28 23:20 ah fine..
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.28 23:22 *helps her to get up* ow ow ow ow! geez you're so hot (omg xD it's not like you think, she's fire, fire is hot)
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.28 23:24 um thanks? *goes to sleep*
9>Chon (Fire Dragon), 43yo.2016,Apr.28 23:25 hah. well, boy, is she stronger than you?
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.28 23:28 not really but yes she's hot as fire and even warmer..
9>Chon (Fire Dragon), 43yo.2016,Apr.28 23:29 you should get something to eat
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.28 23:30 oh you're right, I'm starving.. um what do you eat?
9>Chon (Fire Dragon), 43yo.2016,Apr.28 23:31 the same as you silly boy
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.28 23:31 okay okay *walks off*
11>Narator (-), -yo.2016,Apr.28 23:34 while Jack was hunting, Hrishi was sleeping and Chon was guarding, it was already night when he came back
9>Chon (Fire Dragon), 43yo.2016,Apr.29 06:50 well? did you get anything? this forest is pretty empity huh
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.29 06:51 yeah..
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.29 06:51 I didn't get anything sorry
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.29 06:53 I'm not good at hunting. how do you get to eat if here is nothing to hunt?
9>Chon (Fire Dragon), 43yo.2016,Apr.29 06:55 well.. it's actually pretty sad.. that we haven't eat for about hm week now? but it feels normal now
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.29 06:57 woah
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.29 06:58 okay well I have some money, I can go to nearest shop
9>Chon (Fire Dragon), 43yo.2016,Apr.29 07:00 hmm I know shop food isn't too healthy but okay go if you want, we will wait you here
11>Narator (-), -yo.2016,Apr.29 21:55 the nearest shop was pretty far so he came back only about the morning light
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.30 15:38 good morning princess!
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.30 15:39 don't call me like that
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.30 15:40 okay well here's some food for you
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.30 15:40 I'm not hungry
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.30 15:41 oh well okay *sits down and eats*
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.30 15:42 *stares at the food for a moment*
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.30 15:42 fine! *takes it*
9>Chon (Fire Dragon), 43yo.2016,Apr.30 15:43 did you get anything for me?..
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.30 15:44 not really but you can take this food
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.30 15:44 why are you not leaving?..
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.30 15:45 why should I?
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.30 15:46 are you done? we could practice a little
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.30 15:46 sure
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.30 15:48 (sorry. the 'are you done' part was his text)
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.30 15:48  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=81  
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.30 15:49  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=11  
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.30 15:49 ah sh**!
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.30 15:49  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=15  haha
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.30 15:50  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=50  
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.30 15:50 revenge!
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.30 15:50 ah?
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.30 15:51  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=59  
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.30 15:51  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=77  
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.30 15:51 okay! do you have enough?
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.30 15:52  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=62  never
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.30 15:53  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=71  
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.30 15:53 ah will we kill each other now??
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.30 15:54 yeah maybe ha
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.30 15:55 talk less and think about the fight!
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.30 15:55  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=13  
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.30 15:55  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=80  
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.30 15:56 *falls* hey that's unfair! you attacked twice
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.30 15:57 yeah any problems with it? ha okay okay *gives her his hand*
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.30 15:58 no we don't have any problems *starts smiling*
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.30 16:01  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=77  but now you're down! *pulls him down by hand*
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.30 16:02 ah *falls on her and blushes a little..* um what
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.30 16:03 *watching up.. waiting for his reaction*
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.30 16:08 *confused* um well.. *gets up and coughs* will you get up? *gives his arm agen*
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.30 16:08 *gets up*
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.30 16:09 why did you do so?..
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.30 16:10 ah nevermind that..
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.30 16:12 mh..
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.30 16:14 have you ever went anywhere?
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.30 16:14 like how?
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.30 16:15 well, do you spend all you're life here?
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.30 16:15 yea.. what's wrong with that?
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.30 16:16 nothing.. but do you have any friends?
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.30 16:17 yes. my Dragon and one girl.. she comes sometimes
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.30 16:18 I think she could come today too
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.30 16:18 hm okay
9>Chon (Fire Dragon), 43yo.2016,Apr.30 16:19 *yawns and falls asleep*
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,Apr.30 16:20 *takes some food from home and walks there* hey Hrishi! how are you?
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.30 18:38 heey..
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,Apr.30 18:39 is everything okay?
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.30 18:39 mh
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,Apr.30 18:41 *looks back* oh! *makes a green energy ball* Who are you!? go away! now! or I will punch you in the face!
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.30 18:52 no no wait it's okay..
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,Apr.30 18:52 who is he??
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.30 18:53 he's the ice prince
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,Apr.30 18:54 hm seriously? *goes closer and touches him with one finger* yep he's very cold!
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.30 18:55 *coughs* hey
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,Apr.30 18:56 hm but shouldn't you kill him?
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.30 18:56 yeah.. maybe later
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.30 18:56 are you ignoring me?
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,Apr.30 18:59 why later?
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.30 19:00 well I kinda like him *starts laughing hard because she knows he's there and they ignor him*
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,Apr.30 19:04 seriously ? lol he 's your opponent (I don't know the reason.. but she really don't hear him..)
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.30 19:05 oh yeah? *smiles and starts laughing too*
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.30 19:09 I know ah.. *still laughing and ignoring* (she have no idea that her friend isn't ignoring.)
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.30 19:12 hm is your friend okay?
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.30 19:13 Neta you can stop ignoring now
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,Apr.30 19:13 ignoring who?
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.30 19:14 him *points*
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,Apr.30 19:15 oh um was he saying something?.. sorry I didn't hear
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.30 19:15 well yeah he said 'hey'
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,Apr.30 19:16 ... I seriously didn't notice that
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.30 19:17 he said some other things too.. and pretty loud
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.30 19:18 maybe she have some listening problems? like she can listen only to one person in a time?
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.30 19:25 no I don't think so.. she have never have that before
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,Apr.30 19:26 Hrishi? what's wrong with me??
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.30 19:30 okay well ah I have no idea. try to listen.only to him now
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,Apr.30 19:30 okay
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.30 19:31 hello.. Neta. how are you? *looks at Hrishi* I don't think she hears me..
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,Apr.30 19:32 *is sad* .. I will go home.. it's late
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.30 19:33 okay *hugs her* it will be okay, don't worry much
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,Apr.30 19:34 okay.. *walks away*
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.30 19:34 didn't you burn her?
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.30 19:35 no. my powers works only on.. strangers
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.30 19:35 hm okay
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.30 19:35 is your Dragon sleeping?
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.30 19:36 yea
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.30 19:36 he's name is Chon by the way
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.30 19:37 sure
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.30 19:37 *after a moment* um soo.. was that true what you said?..
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.30 19:38 um about what....
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.30 19:39 well that part that you like me hah
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.30 19:39 *just blushes*
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.30 19:40 *sits closer*
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.30 19:41 *looks up* I know this isn't corect.. *looks to her* but do you want to try it?..
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.30 19:42 *confused before...*
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.30 19:42 *kisses her*
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.30 19:44 *first she's okay with it but than she gets up fast and looks away* no..
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.30 19:45 you can't do this.. *is still doesn't looking at him*
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.30 19:47 ah sorry *thinks: wait she wasn't burning.. does that mean.. *
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.30 19:47 *kisses him back*
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.30 19:49 *gets confused but happy and enjoys*
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,Apr.30 19:50 *ends* that's all bye!.. *goes to sleep*
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Apr.30 19:51 *smiles* okay ;)
11>Narator (-), -yo.2016,May.1 16:37 the next morning
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.1 16:38 *wakes up*
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.1 16:39 *looking at her* good morning princess
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.1 16:40 ah I told you to don't call me like that..
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.1 16:41 ha yeah. so what's the plans for today? :)
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.1 16:42 I don't know, sleep?
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.1 16:42 is that all you do?
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.1 16:43 well I practice sometimes but moust of time I'm bored so I sleep
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.1 16:43 well you can't be bored with me..
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.1 16:44 let's go somewhere today?
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.1 16:45 like where?
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.1 16:45 hm river?
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.1 16:46 um okay but what about Chon?
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.1 16:46 he will stay here.. if that's okay?
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.1 16:47 um than... it's like a date?.. *blushes a little*
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.1 16:48 *smiles* if you want it to be..
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.1 16:49 can I kiss you?.. you look so cute right now haha ^~^
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.1 16:49 *still confused..*
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.1 16:51 *gets closer and kisses her softly..*
9>Chon (Fire Dragon), 43yo.2016,May.1 16:51 *wakes up* roar!
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.1 16:53 okay okay, it's okay Dragon, don't worry..
9>Chon (Fire Dragon), 43yo.2016,May.1 16:53 what did you do to her?!
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.1 16:54 nothing. everything is fine.. right?
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.1 16:54 y yes it's okay Chon..
9>Chon (Fire Dragon), 43yo.2016,May.1 16:56 *sneezes at him and lands his head to sleep*
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.1 16:57 than.. let's go?
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.1 16:57 I'm not sure..
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.1 16:58 comon it will be fun. I think,
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.1 16:59 come *gets up and gives his hand*
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.1 16:59 *gets up and follows*
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.1 18:55 *takes her hand*
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.1 18:56 *it burns*
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.1 18:57 ah
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.1 18:58 s sorry I didn't want to burn sorry it happens sometimes...
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.1 19:03 sure sure it's okay but you should learn to control your powers
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.1 19:04 mh.. *looks away*
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.1 19:04 *smiles and takes her hand agen*
11>Narator (-), -yo.2016,May.3 13:45 they walks to the river
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.3 20:21 here it is
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.3 20:22 it's nice *smiles*
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.3 20:24 do you often come here?
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.3 20:24 m not really
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.3 20:25 I don't like water much as you can tell that I'm fire goddess
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.3 20:26 hm yea
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.3 20:32 hmm I'm thinking.. I think they should give me my father's crown now as he died and I'm 18 now.. but I don't know do I want it.. should I take the crown and become a king?
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.3 20:34 it's up to you but as I know it's obligated
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.3 20:37 hm I still have bouth parents I think but I have never met them
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.3 20:37 how?
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.3 20:39 I think they left me or something.. well I don't know but Chon have been with me all the time and he trained me too
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.3 20:40 so you have never meet anyone else? just me and your friend?
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.3 20:41 yea..
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.3 20:42 would you like to meet with my friend? Neta can come too if you don't feel confortable coming alone
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.3 20:44 I.. don't know. won't he try to kill me?
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.3 20:45 ah right.. that problem. well I can tell him to don't. I can tell that we're together now hahahah *laughing*
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.3 20:46 we're.. not..
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.3 20:46 ah sorry
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.3 20:47 than will you come?
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.3 20:47 I have to ask Chon about this
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.3 20:48 is he your dad or something? hah
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.3 20:49 hm I guess you can say so but he's more like a best friend or teacher
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.3 20:49 okay
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.3 20:49 let's go back?
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.3 20:49 um sure okay
11>Narator (-), -yo.2016,May.3 20:50 they walks back home
9>Chon (Fire Dragon), 43yo.2016,May.3 20:51 finally back
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.3 20:53 yeah um Chon? I have a question
9>Chon (Fire Dragon), 43yo.2016,May.3 20:53 yes?
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.3 20:54 can I follow Jack? he's going to show me his town
9>Chon (Fire Dragon), 43yo.2016,May.3 20:55 what? no. why? no you can't left! it's safe here but it's not safe there and I know that.
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.3 20:56 but.. he said he will protect me and I can take Neta with me
9>Chon (Fire Dragon), 43yo.2016,May.3 20:58 yeah right! protect? he wants to kill you, he have to do it because of the oposites fight.
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.3 20:58 but..
9>Chon (Fire Dragon), 43yo.2016,May.3 20:58 no
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.3 20:59 okay.. *sad*
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.3 21:00 but Chon, I seriously won't kill her, I promise
9>Chon (Fire Dragon), 43yo.2016,May.3 21:00 no
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.3 21:00 ah fine
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.3 21:02 *looks at Hrishi and than to the side where her friend lives*
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.3 21:02 um can I visit Neta?
9>Chon (Fire Dragon), 43yo.2016,May.3 21:03 sure but he have to stay here
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.3 21:03 sure *walks away*
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.3 21:04 so you're her teacher huh?
9>Chon (Fire Dragon), 43yo.2016,May.3 21:05 yes and her best friend
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.3 21:05 okay
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.3 21:07 she's the only thing that cares me in the world the moust. I would do anything to protect and care about her. she's the only one I trust and..
9>Chon (Fire Dragon), 43yo.2016,May.3 21:08 (ah that was Chon's text)
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.3 21:08 yeah yeah I got it
9>Chon (Fire Dragon), 43yo.2016,May.3 21:08 good
11>Narator (-), -yo.2016,May.3 21:27 Hrishi is at Neta's place
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.3 21:27 hey
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.3 21:28 *just sits and doesn't look at her* hey.. did you find out what the problem with my hear was?
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.3 21:29 well not really but I have something interesting to ask
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.3 21:30 okay
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.3 21:30 would you like to visit Jake's town with me?
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.3 21:31 what? *looks at her*
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.3 21:31 will you go?
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.3 21:31 um yeah
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.3 21:32 ah okay than I have no choise because I won't let you go alone
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.3 21:33 okay *smiles* we will go tonight
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.3 21:34 wait wait wait.... does your dragon knows about this?
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.3 21:35 um well yeah but he didn't alow so that's the problem..
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.3 21:35 so we will go while he's asleep
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.3 21:36 you're crazy.. he will be mad at you, he will worry much
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.3 21:37 ah yeah I know.. but what's the life if all you have to do is wake up, train, eat, go to sleep, and every day the same?
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.3 21:38 hm true true.. okay than where do we meet?
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.3 21:39 we will come here
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.3 21:39 okay I'll be waiting here
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.3 21:40 okay *is walking back home*
9>Chon (Fire Dragon), 43yo.2016,May.4 22:22 so what did you do?
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.4 22:22 well we just talked a little
9>Chon (Fire Dragon), 43yo.2016,May.4 22:22 about what?
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.4 22:23 about girls things you shouldn't worry about
9>Chon (Fire Dragon), 43yo.2016,May.4 22:24 hm alright come here you should sleep
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.4 22:24 sure *sleeps down by Chon*
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.4 22:25 *looks at them*
11>Narator (-), -yo.2016,May.4 22:25 a hour passes
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.4 22:26 *whispers* he should be sleeping now
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.4 22:26 okay let's go then
11>Narator (-), -yo.2016,May.4 22:27 they walks to Neta's place
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.4 22:27 finally! what took you so long?
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.4 22:28 well we had to wait till Chon falls asleep
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.4 22:29 yea yea let's go? *looks at Jack*
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.4 22:29 yes sure
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.4 22:30 you still can't hear me?..
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.4 22:30 hm weird
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.4 22:31 guess not. come, follow me *starts walking*
11>Narator (-), -yo.2016,May.4 22:34 they gets out of the forest and continues to go but meanwhile Chon is waking up
9>Chon (Fire Dragon), 43yo.2016,May.4 22:36 oh no, no no where is she!! *flies up but doesn't see them* ahh *goes to Neta's place* ahh they're not here eather..
9>Chon (Fire Dragon), 43yo.2016,May.4 22:37 hm river *flies to river* no no no ah!!
9>Chon (Fire Dragon), 43yo.2016,May.4 22:38 *lands back home worryed* ah why didn't she listen to me..
11>Narator (-), -yo.2016,May.4 22:39 meanwhile
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.4 22:39 will we be there soon?
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.4 22:41 as I remember, I walked for a year.. yeah but now as I know where we are I think those could be about.... about three or four days
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.4 22:42 what did he say?
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.4 22:42 that we will walk about three or four days
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.4 22:43 ah? seriously? why so long?
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.4 22:43 because it's far
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.4 22:44 fine, good that I have food!
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.4 22:44 oh that's good thanks
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.4 22:45 you're welcome friend
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.4 22:45 *just keeps walking..*
11>Narator (-), -yo.2016,May.5 20:48 they gets to the city
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.5 20:48 well we're here
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.5 20:49 wow is this the city.. it's so beatiful.. it's like a royal kingdom
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.5 20:50 well it is a kingdom
11>Narator (-), -yo.2016,May.5 20:53 they keeps walking till everyone notices them. they look at them with confused looks and than one of them says "welcome back prince Jack. who are your friends? is.. is that her?"
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.5 20:56 yes. it's the goddess of fire and *takes her closer to better see* and we won't kill her.
11>Narator (-), -yo.2016,May.5 20:58 they're not really happy about this thought "what, how, no, why, why?" they is talking to each other..
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.5 20:59 silent! *everyone wents down their voices* that's what I have decided and you will accept it.
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.5 21:00 now go back to your jobs!
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.5 21:01 okay let's go *starts walking to his temple*
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.5 21:02 *takes his hand..*
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.5 21:02 *smiles*
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.5 21:03 *just follows*
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.5 21:04 heey Junior old friend!! *runs to him* ah you find her.. cool
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.5 21:04 yep
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.5 21:05 who is the other person?..
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.5 21:05 it's her friend.. she don't hear me
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.5 21:06 huh? why?
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.5 21:06 *goes closer to her* hello can I call you princess? *smiles*
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.5 21:07 um... *blushes lol* ssure
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.5 21:08 haha okay :) *looks at Jack* looks like she hears me. are you sure she don't hear you?
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.5 21:09 yeah well let's go in
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.5 21:16 okay
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.5 21:16 *to Neta* come! :)
11>Narator (-), -yo.2016,May.5 21:17 they walks in
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.5 21:18 woah cool..
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.5 21:18 haha I like her already *smiles*
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.5 21:20 you have traveled for.. how long? well anyway so would you like to eat something
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.5 21:20 yeah sure
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.5 21:25 hmm so what are your names?
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.5 21:26 Hrishi
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.5 21:26 I'm I'm Neta nor :) nice to meet you!
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.5 21:27 cool. I'm Furinel :)
11>Narator (-), -yo.2016,May.5 21:34 servant comes "welcome back my king *he obeisances* if I can call you like that.."
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.5 21:35 hmm you're right.. I should be crowned now
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.5 21:37 well we can defer that to later
11>Narator (-), -yo.2016,May.5 21:38 "right. *walks away*"
11>Narator (-), -yo.2016,May.5 21:49 another servant comes "your dinner is ready your majesty.."
11>Narator (-), -yo.2016,May.6 20:44 they sits by the table
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.8 22:54 (wow Felicity you will join? =) that's awesome! tnx ^^)
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.8 22:56 *eating* hm so what will happen now?
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.8 22:56 about what?
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.8 22:57 well it's clear to see that you love her
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.8 22:57 *looks amazed*
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.8 22:59 Furinel!! shut up *starts laughing* but seriously. how can you say that if you know she's here?
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.8 23:00 hah well I just want you bouth to know what I see :)
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.8 23:03 ah how I missed you mate, you always make things better
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.8 23:03 I missed you too dinosaur! XD
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.8 23:04 no don't say it! xD
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.8 23:04 can't you be serious for a few minits? ;)
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.8 23:05 sure sure *smiles* I can
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.8 23:06 *turns to Neta* so Neta, how do you like this place? :)
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.8 23:07 it's very beautiful and this food tastes amazing :)
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.8 23:07 good to hear :)
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.8 23:08 hm so as you understand, I don't hide my feelings so I want to ask you..
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.8 23:11 would you like to hm no would you like me to show you this place tonight? I want it to be night because the garden looks very beautiful at nights
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.8 23:12 um sure.. *blushes a little*
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.8 23:13 okay than I'll come at ten pm to your room
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.8 23:14 okay
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.8 23:15 hm well it looks like you finished eating than let's go to your room *gets up and looks at everyone*
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.8 23:17 sure thing *gets up and takes Neta's hand* let's go princess? *smiles*
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.8 23:17 *laughs a little* yes but you know that I'm not princess?
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.8 23:18 yep but you are princess for me ;)
11>Narator (-), -yo.2016,May.8 23:18 hm
11>Narator (-), -yo.2016,May.8 23:19 okay they walks to the girl's room
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.8 23:20 this is your room, hope you like
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.8 23:21 wow it's awesome, love it! ^^ *falls in the bed* mm just like my dreams*
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.8 23:22 haha hm how about we go now? it's pretty dark right now too
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.8 23:23 mh okay *gets up and follows smiling*
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.8 23:23 (ah that was Neta's text)
11>Narator (-), -yo.2016,May.8 23:23 they walks away
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.8 23:24 hm you haven't talked much.. is something wrong?
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.8 23:26 no everything is fine I just.. you know I haven't met anyone all my life and now we're here and here's so many peoples
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.8 23:28 don't worry *comes closer* it will be okay while I'm with you *hugs her*
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.8 23:28 would you like to go somewhere too?
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.8 23:29 actually.. I'm pretty tired
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.8 23:30 that's okay, I'll let you sleep
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.8 23:30 okay
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.8 23:31 remember what my friend said? well it's true.. do you feel the same?
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.8 23:33 *looks at him for a moment, confused and blushes, than looks away* yes..
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.8 23:33 okay *smiles and kisses her*
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.8 23:35 well good night then. see you tomorrow Hrishi *walks away and closes the door silently*
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.8 23:35 ...
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.8 23:35 *goes to sleep...*
11>Narator (-), -yo.2016,May.8 23:36 at the garden
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.8 23:36 wow you were right, it's so beautiful here
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.8 23:37 as beatiful as you..
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.8 23:37 *looks at him*
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.8 23:38 um... did I just said it loud?
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.8 23:38 yes
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.8 23:39 ah haha well atleast now you know what I think ;)
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.8 23:40 hm can you come closer please?
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.8 23:40 sure
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.8 23:41 I have to tell you.. that you're the first girl that I have ever.. kissed *he kisses her softly*
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.8 23:45 *pushes him away a little* m well sorry don't think.. I didn't.. like but.. I'm.. it's too fast for me. I have never had a.. relationship
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.8 23:46 ah sure it's okay you don't need to do it now, but fellfeel free to do it when you want *smiles*
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.8 23:47 (*feel free to)
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.8 23:48 mh..
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.8 23:48 well it's geting late so we should go back now
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.8 23:49 okay
11>Narator (-), -yo.2016,May.8 23:49 they goes back and
11>Narator (-), -yo.2016,May.8 23:50 next day
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.10 14:37 *wakes up*
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.10 14:37 did you sleep well?
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.10 14:39 yeah pretty good. is there something you want to tell me? you look like you haven't sleep all night
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.10 14:39 well.. he did something
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.10 14:40 what
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.10 14:40 he kissed me..
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.10 14:41 aand?..
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.10 14:43 that was my first kiss ever.. that was so weird but powerful.. I didn't know what to do, is it right or is it wrong so it wasn't long but.. I don't know
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.10 14:43 I thought you like him? wasn't that a date?
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.10 14:44 date? no! how? hm. well actually... hm guess it was ah
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.10 14:45 don't worry much. just follow your heart and it will be okay *smiles and hugs friend*
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.10 14:46 hm okay
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.10 14:46 hey but what about you and that guy? :D
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.10 14:47 Jack? um.. well we have kissed some times..
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.10 14:48 seriously? =) why didn't you told me?
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.10 14:49 so you're together? :3
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.10 14:49 I guess..
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.10 14:49 aww that's so sweet! ^~^
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.10 14:50 uh yeah but what about killing the oposite then?
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.10 14:52 hm I think it's just an imagen story but if you ask me than.. than I think you have a choise to fight or live together, but the weather will clear anyway :)
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.10 14:53 how do you know?
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.10 14:54 I heard it on the vilage shop when I bought food for you and I think that information is corect
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.10 14:54 how can you know that?
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.10 14:55 just trust this, I'm sure it's corect
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.10 14:55 okay..
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.10 14:56 let's go?
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.10 14:56 where?
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.10 14:57 to search them..
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.10 14:58 *comes in* heya ladys! hope you had a good sleep. it's a great day today so I had to give you these dressesssss..
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.10 14:59 I won't wear it
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.10 14:59 what's happening today?
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.10 15:01 aw but you will look beatiful, why don't you want it? well okay if you don't want it that don't wear it. oh what's happening? we will crown king Junior today :)
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.10 15:01 oh cool
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.10 15:02 I will wear the dress
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.10 15:02 okay :) good
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.10 15:02 which one you want?
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.10 15:03 um.. that one *points to a beatiful blue dress*
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.10 15:04 okay do you want the flover crown too? :)
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.10 15:04 yes! it's so nice
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.10 15:06 okay :) I'm glad you like it, I will go now but you get ready and we will wait you by the brekfest table *smiles and walks away*
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.10 15:06 isn't this beautiful Hrishi? *smiles*
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.10 15:06 yeah sure
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.10 15:07 why didn't you want it?
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.10 15:07 I like my own clothes, I don't need other
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.10 15:08 hm okay
11>Narator (-), -yo.2016,May.10 15:08 they gets ready and walks to the eating room
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.10 15:09 wow you look very amazing Neta :)
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.10 15:10 thanks
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.10 15:10 where is Jack?
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.10 15:11 he's in he's room, geting ready for the show
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.10 15:11 okay
11>Narator (-), -yo.2016,May.10 15:11 they finish eating
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.10 15:12 hm we should go now
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.10 15:12 okay
11>Narator (-), -yo.2016,May.10 15:12 they gets up and follows
11>Narator (-), -yo.2016,May.10 15:13 they goes to the city centre
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.10 15:15 you have to wait here but I will go back because I'm the one that crones him :) I'm so excited *runs away*
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.10 15:15 oh.. he left us
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.10 15:16 yeah..
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.10 15:16 great just great..
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.10 16:55 okay. you ready?
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.10 16:55 yeah ready
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.10 16:57 okay *comes to the stage* welcome everyone! as you know this is a special day and a special time, it's time when we finally can call our prince king, it's time for him to grow up and lead our lifes!
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.10 17:00 this is important day to him, his father king Jackson and we all so let's celebrate this day together!
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.10 17:16 With the powers given to me I am elected as the new king 's crouner. let the new king come in! *he venerates to him and others does the same*
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.10 17:19 *walks on the stage* welcome my peoples! I know I have been far away so long but now I'm back and I will become your king. thank you for coming, let this start.
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.10 17:30 this crown * he takes it * is an important heritage from generation to generation and now it will belong to you! * he goes closer * I crown you Jack junior ice prince to king! * He puts the crown on Jack's head * honestly promise to lead this nation, and
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.10 17:31 and to prove his greatness, defend your nation!
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.10 17:34 *he lifts his hand up* I promise and I will protect my nation.
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.10 17:35 okay now it's done. thank you all for coming. now we can celebrate.
11>Narator (-), -yo.2016,May.10 17:37 crowning is over and everyone starts slowly walking away to celebrate with food, drink and dancing at the kingdom's park..
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.10 17:38 awesome bro. where did you learn to talk like that?
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.10 17:41 well I had a lot free time while you was away and I knew I'll be the one that does it so I had to practice *smiles* was I really that good?
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.10 17:42 yes. you was pretty awesome *smiles* let's go?
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.10 17:42 sure
11>Narator (-), -yo.2016,May.10 19:34 they're at the kingdom park, celebrating with everyone
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.13 20:52 hey guys
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.13 20:52 heya princess :D
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.13 20:53 you're amazing talker :)
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.13 20:54 hah tnx
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.13 20:56 hm what could we do now?
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.13 20:57 hm we won't dance right? ;D
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.13 20:58 I'm not very good
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.13 20:59 hah I know
17>Neta nor (Hrishi's friend), 16yo.2016,May.13 20:59 I can some steps.. I could teach you a little
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.13 21:00 hm okay ;)
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.13 21:00 so.. can you dance?
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.13 21:01 no..
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.13 21:02 okay. well all you need to do is *stands like in waltz* and now follow my lead
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.13 21:03 ok
11>Narator (-), -yo.2016,May.13 21:03 hm well they're dancing for a while..
9>Chon (Fire Dragon), 43yo.2016,May.31 11:07 *flies down to Hrishi* why did you lie to me?? I worry about you! you can't just leave like that!
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.31 11:08 sorry Chon...
9>Chon (Fire Dragon), 43yo.2016,May.31 11:09 yea yea come on we're flying home.
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.31 11:09 can't I stay?..
9>Chon (Fire Dragon), 43yo.2016,May.31 11:10 no. we're leaving. this place isn't good for you
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.31 11:11 but..
9>Chon (Fire Dragon), 43yo.2016,May.31 11:11 No
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.31 11:12 can Jack and Furinel come too?
9>Chon (Fire Dragon), 43yo.2016,May.31 11:13 *sights* only if you promise to not leave me agen
1>Hrishi chan (fire goddess), 17yo.2016,May.31 11:13 okay I won't
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.31 11:14 um wait wait wait.. so I'm going too? oh cool :)
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.31 11:15 hm but.. Jack is the king now
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.31 11:16 it's okay.. I can stay here...
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.31 11:16 no you have to come with us
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.31 11:17 ah but how??
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.31 11:18 choose someone to lead in your place while you're away. like I was
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.31 11:19 yeah but can I trust them
19>Furinel (Jack's friend), 19yo.2016,May.31 11:20 I'm sure you can, well not that sure but I know you can trust them
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.31 11:20 hm okay
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,May.31 11:21 Who wants to lead this city while I'm away?
8>Samaaki (Brave girl), 16yo.2016,Jun.1 22:26 *deep breath**steps up* I will.
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Jun.2 21:39 okay *smiles* what is your name, girl?
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Jun.2 21:41 (I just want to make sure what time we can play together and what do you want to happen in this story?)
8>Samaaki (Brave girl), 16yo.2016,Jun.2 23:32 My name is Samaaki Fujioka.
18>Kei (Shy guy), 17yo.2016,Jun.2 23:58 *runs up to Samaaki* Samaaki, are you crazy?!
7>Jack junior (ice king), 18yo.2016,Jun.3 09:58 and.. who are you?
4>Mini (lovely doctor), 18yo.2021,Jun.28 06:19 Hey guys

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