" Spirit Animals (ROLEPLAY) "
This game is destined to players of 10 to 18 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

For thousands of years forests and the animals of the world have been protected from humans and danger by the animal gods. Long ago, everyone knew of these gods and they're powers, but now they are forgotten, believed to be fairy tales.

The story starts out in ancient times, when the gods decide to work together to help the earth and animals. Then we'll skip ahead to modern times, as the gods are still working to save plants and animals.

Gods have a animal form, and a human form. And they have magic.

RULES: 1. to join first describe your character, you can play as a human or god. If a god put your animal form (type of animal, fur/skin color, eye color, etc), your human form (hair color, eye color, skin color, clothes, etc), and what powers they have. If a human put what they look like (eye color, skin color, hair color, clothes, etc), and their weapon of choice. And your character's age. If you are a god then you're 100s or 1000s yrs old, so just put how old you look--- 2. No rude/swear words. But you can use 'stupid' and things like that--- 3. There can be romance, but nothing really that sexual. If your animal/human mates/has sex keep it short like 'we mate/have sex'. Humans and gods can fall in love with each other. Gods can fall in love if they are same type of animal, (fox god + fox god, yes! Fox god + cat god, no!). And of course humans can fall in love--- 4. And lastly, HAVE FUN!

2>Cuqailliam (Cuqa) (God-Tiger), 984yo.2017,Feb.21 22:08 [hello]
2>Cuqailliam (Cuqa) (God-Tiger), 984yo.2017,Feb.21 22:15 [im on the other game that you made]
4>Spark (Dire wolfgod), 2000yo.2018,Nov.28 18:47 Hello! I am a direwolf god but I'm not that big. My coat color is bright russet and my eye color is deep emerald)
4>Spark (Dire wolfgod), 2000yo.2018,Nov.28 18:47 I have small ears and a very long tail, I also have veyr long silky fur)
4>Spark (Dire wolfgod), 2000yo.2018,Nov.28 18:48 My human form is a rather young looking girl with bright ginger hair and green eyes and loads of freckles)
4>Spark (Dire wolfgod), 2000yo.2018,Nov.28 18:49 My magic is light fire but not much)
4>Spark (Dire wolfgod), 2000yo.2018,Nov.28 18:49 I'll check back soon
5>Lily (White Tiger), 16yo.2021,Oct.24 16:57 Hello!! I'm a White Tiger with pure blue eyes. My human form is a girl (16) with olive skin, green-brown eyes and curly, dark brown hair. She wears jeans and a unique top (Any color but pink), and her weapon of choice is a bow.
5>Lily (White Tiger), 16yo.2021,Oct.24 16:58 [Lol I just realized that I chose my color to be pink]
11>Yuki (Fox god), 13yo.2022,Jan.3 21:18 Hello ! My name is Yuki and I am the fox god ! Can I join you ?
12>Peeta (Fire cheetah), 11yo.2022,Jan.20 16:54  Secret message to Yuki  
11>Yuki (Fox god), 13yo.2022,Jan.20 17:00 oui si tu veux
12>Peeta (Fire cheetah), 11yo.2022,Feb.17 17:37  Buying Solar panel (x 1)  
11>Yuki (Fox god), 13yo.2022,Feb.17 18:30  Buying Sword/knife (x 1)  
6>Jasmine (Human), 16yo.2022,Feb.25 05:10 Hello! may I join please!
6>Jasmine (Human), 16yo.2022,Feb.25 05:11  Buying Magic necklace (x 1)  
6>Jasmine (Human), 16yo.2022,Feb.25 05:11  Buying Old book (x 1)  
11>Yuki (Fox god), 13yo.2022,Mar.1 12:40 Hello ! What is hour spirit animal ?
6>Jasmine (Human), 16yo.2022,Mar.2 05:35 Well, my spirit animal is a peacock. With the bluest feathers ever, and they shine under the sun
6>Jasmine (Human), 16yo.2022,Mar.2 05:36 But, I mostly prefer being human

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