" Spirit Animals - A ROLEPLAY "
This game is destined to players of 9 to 18 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Hello, welcome to Spirit Animal RP! Story: For thousands of years forests and the animals of the world have been protected from humans and danger by the animal gods. Long ago, everyone knew of these gods and they're powers, but now they are forgotten, believed to be fairy tales.

The story starts out in ancient times, when the gods decide to work together to help the earth and animals. Then we'll skip ahead to modern times, as the gods are still working to save plants and animals.

Gods have a animal form, and a human form. And they have magic.

RULES: 1. to join first describe your character, you can play as a human or god. If a god put your animal form (type of animal, fur/skin color, eye color, etc), your human form (hair color, eye color, skin color, clothes, etc), and what powers they have. If a human put what they look like (eye color, skin color, hair color, clothes, etc), and their weapon of choice. And your character's age. If you are a god then you're 100s or 1000s yrs old, so just put how old you look--- 2. No rude/swear words. But you can use 'stupid' and things like that--- 3. There can be romance, but nothing really that sexual. Humans and gods can fall in love with each other. Gods can fall in love if they are same type of animal, (fox god + fox god, yes! Fox god + cat god, no!). And of course humans can fall in love--- 4. And lastly, HAVE FUN!

3>Cuqailliam (Cuqa) (God-Tiger), 984yo.2017,Feb.21 22:11 [hello?]
3>Cuqailliam (Cuqa) (God-Tiger), 984yo.2017,Feb.21 22:13 [ i am a very young god...in my god form i am a cat humanoid (look up khajiit if you want to know what it looks like)]
3>Cuqailliam (Cuqa) (God-Tiger), 984yo.2017,Feb.21 22:14 [in my animal form i am a white tiger with black stripes]
3>Cuqailliam (Cuqa) (God-Tiger), 984yo.2017,Feb.21 22:14 [my god form is a white tiger humanoid]
3>Cuqailliam (Cuqa) (God-Tiger), 984yo.2017,Feb.21 22:15 [my human form is just a human that wears jeans and a white t-shirt everyday]
1>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.21 22:51 Hi everyone, welcome to the Spirit Animals RP!
1>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.21 22:52 [Hello Cuqu, you're welcome to join!:) I wanted to get back right away, but my phone was having problems!]
3>Cuqailliam (Cuqa) (God-Tiger), 984yo.2017,Feb.21 22:55 phey]
1>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.21 22:56 [hello guys, before joining you must read the rules and submit your character :) Btw, you must also say whether you're a whether you're a boy, girl, or neuter (I forgot to say that in the rules) :D]
3>Cuqailliam (Cuqa) (God-Tiger), 984yo.2017,Feb.21 22:56 [oops meant 'hey]
1>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.21 22:56 [im gonna join now :D]
1>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.21 22:56 [its fine XD]
3>Cuqailliam (Cuqa) (God-Tiger), 984yo.2017,Feb.21 22:57 [ok so i control the cold,ice etc.]
3>Cuqailliam (Cuqa) (God-Tiger), 984yo.2017,Feb.21 22:58 [my eye color for all forms are blue]
1>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.21 22:58 [ok great, that's a good power XD]
1>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.21 22:58 [ice is cool, lol]
3>Cuqailliam (Cuqa) (God-Tiger), 984yo.2017,Feb.21 22:59 [hey id you would every like to join a new game you are welcome to join "We Are The Past"]
1>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.21 22:59 [my character is named Wix. She is a fox spirit.]
3>Cuqailliam (Cuqa) (God-Tiger), 984yo.2017,Feb.21 22:59 *if not id
3>Cuqailliam (Cuqa) (God-Tiger), 984yo.2017,Feb.21 22:59 [ok cool!]
1>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.21 23:00 [okay, I'll check it out later, I promise!]
3>Cuqailliam (Cuqa) (God-Tiger), 984yo.2017,Feb.21 23:00 [all forms of me are male]
3>Cuqailliam (Cuqa) (God-Tiger), 984yo.2017,Feb.21 23:00 [thanks!]
1>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.21 23:04 [In animal form Wix has brown fur with a little white, and all the way white eyes. In human form she medium length dark brown with light strips hair, brown eyes with gold flecks, tan skin, and usually wears dark colors like brown and black.]
1>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.21 23:05 [i say again, Wix is female in all forms :D]
1>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.21 23:05 [Wix in animal form is a fox]
3>Cuqailliam (Cuqa) (God-Tiger), 984yo.2017,Feb.21 23:06 [human form my character has a lumberjack beard (brown) and has a buzz cut (brown)....he is tan and has a scare on his left cheek]
3>Cuqailliam (Cuqa) (God-Tiger), 984yo.2017,Feb.21 23:06 *SCAR
1>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.21 23:06 [oh I also forgot to put in the rules you submit a little bit about your character, like their personality.]
3>Cuqailliam (Cuqa) (God-Tiger), 984yo.2017,Feb.21 23:07 [sorry for caps]
3>Cuqailliam (Cuqa) (God-Tiger), 984yo.2017,Feb.21 23:08 [my god is a Loner and likes to work as a leader or under his own rules but prefers to work by himself]
3>Cuqailliam (Cuqa) (God-Tiger), 984yo.2017,Feb.21 23:10 [my animal form was born to be a leader...he is the leader of his pack...btw his speices is very rare]
1>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.21 23:11 [its fine XD Wix is very brave, caring, and protective over what she cares about. She's very sneaky, and doesn't like to fight. But when she does fight, no one wants to get in the way, because she's very good at combat]
3>Cuqailliam (Cuqa) (God-Tiger), 984yo.2017,Feb.21 23:11 [btw you dont have a inventory as a GM]
1>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.21 23:13 [In ancient times (where the story starts out) Wix lives in a forest alone, protecting the animals and plants from humans]
3>Cuqailliam (Cuqa) (God-Tiger), 984yo.2017,Feb.21 23:13 [so are you going to use the purple slot?]
1>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.21 23:15 [well when I was having problems with my phone, I accidentally filled In the purple one...]
3>Cuqailliam (Cuqa) (God-Tiger), 984yo.2017,Feb.21 23:16 [well you should because the game master doesnt have a inventory]
1>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.21 23:17 [let me think, what are Wix's powers..?:)]
2>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.21 23:18 [okay, I like this color better anyway :D]
2>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.21 23:19 [btw Wix is thousands of years old, but she appears to be 18 or 19]
3>Cuqailliam (Cuqa) (God-Tiger), 984yo.2017,Feb.21 23:19  Buying Gun (x 1)  
3>Cuqailliam (Cuqa) (God-Tiger), 984yo.2017,Feb.21 23:20  Selling Gun (x 1)  
3>Cuqailliam (Cuqa) (God-Tiger), 984yo.2017,Feb.21 23:21 [replys might be slow because i am on another role-play]
2>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.21 23:23 [Wix's main powers are astral projection (which she can use to visit people/animals in their dreams), she can feel people's and animals emotions, she can hide so well she's basically invisible, ]
2>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.21 23:23 [thats fine!:)]
2>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.21 23:25 [if she wants she can see the world in slow motion (which is very great for combat), and she a communicate your mind with any animal or human]
3>Cuqailliam (Cuqa) (God-Tiger), 984yo.2017,Feb.21 23:26 [my god can send out a silent alarm with his mind]
2>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.21 23:27 [she can feel when a tree dies, which makes her very sad]
2>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.21 23:27 [thats really cool].
3>Cuqailliam (Cuqa) (God-Tiger), 984yo.2017,Feb.21 23:28 [
2>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.21 23:28 [like all the other gods, she doesn't really need any food. She loves to drink water.]
3>Cuqailliam (Cuqa) (God-Tiger), 984yo.2017,Feb.21 23:29 [he can see people thoughts which can get very annoying]
2>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.21 23:29 [gtg for a little bit]
3>Cuqailliam (Cuqa) (God-Tiger), 984yo.2017,Feb.21 23:30 [when he gets angry he can hear everyones thoughts which hurts his head]
3>Cuqailliam (Cuqa) (God-Tiger), 984yo.2017,Feb.21 23:30 *hears not see
3>Cuqailliam (Cuqa) (God-Tiger), 984yo.2017,Feb.21 23:30 [ok]
2>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.21 23:48 [ill be back a little later or tomorrow! Bye]
16>Alexia (Goddess - Wildcat ), 15yo.2017,Feb.22 00:16 [Hi can join?]
16>Alexia (Goddess - Wildcat ), 15yo.2017,Feb.22 00:17 [its Alexia from the other spirit animal RP!]
16>Alexia (Goddess - Wildcat ), 15yo.2017,Feb.22 00:23 [My Character is named Alexa. her sprite animal is wildcat. she's female and teen. In her cat form she has light brown and dark gray fur, with ice green eyes. And in human form she has pale skin and ice green eyes and dark Carmel brown hair
16>Alexia (Goddess - Wildcat ), 15yo.2017,Feb.22 00:24 With black streaks in it.]
16>Alexia (Goddess - Wildcat ), 15yo.2017,Feb.22 00:32 [Her hair is up in a bun with strips hanging down. oh and her eyes tern dark green wen she uses magic!: She's sometimes quiet and reserved. But deep down she is very cheerful and nice, But can be can be rude and kill things.]
16>Alexia (Goddess - Wildcat ), 15yo.2017,Feb.22 00:36 [she can control lightning and heer pepels thoughts if they are mad or sad.]
2>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.22 01:22 [Hey Alexia, of course you can join!]
2>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.22 01:23 [btw, I'm back XD]
2>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.22 01:24 [she hear people's thoughts, cool. Btw Wix's eyes turn white when she uses magic in human form.]
4>Mimi Nastami (Human), 21yo.2017,Feb.22 02:49 Hello?
16>Alexia (Goddess - Wildcat ), 15yo.2017,Feb.22 02:55  Secret message to Wix  
16>Alexia (Goddess - Wildcat ), 15yo.2017,Feb.22 02:56 [Thanks for letting me join!!]
16>Alexia (Goddess - Wildcat ), 15yo.2017,Feb.22 02:56 [ I didn't mean to click secret message to wix:(]
16>Alexia (Goddess - Wildcat ), 15yo.2017,Feb.22 02:57 [ hi Mimi Natsumi!! Do you want to join? What's your character look like??
16>Alexia (Goddess - Wildcat ), 15yo.2017,Feb.22 02:58 [Sara can Mimi Natsumi join??]
6>Chara (Anomaly God - goat), 10yo.2017,Feb.22 05:10  Secret message to Chara  
6>Chara (Anomaly God - goat), 10yo.2017,Feb.22 05:14 Sorry, testing that out. Chara can manipulate reality, but they're bad at it so they stick to time travel via SAVE POINTs and RESET POINTs. Resets will bring the RP all the way back to the last reset point, so that will only be used for plot reasons.
6>Chara (Anomaly God - goat), 10yo.2017,Feb.22 05:16 They are agender (neuter) and use they/them/their pronouns. They have brown hair down to their shoulders and they wear a lime-and-yellow striped jacket and brown shorts. They are pale with rosy cheeks and black eyes.
6>Chara (Anomaly God - goat), 10yo.2017,Feb.22 05:31 Chara's weapon of choice is the REAL KNIFE, a red daggar with pale yellow swirls. Description: "REAL KNIFE. 99 ATK. Here we are!" Chara is a blasé but charming person, wise beyond their years. They have been through their life many times via time travel,
6>Chara (Anomaly God - goat), 10yo.2017,Feb.22 05:33 and since nobody remembers their tampering with time, they will sometimes share predictions only for them to turn out impossibly accurate. They can also summon objects and teleport.
2>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.22 20:14 Hey Chara, nice to have you here!:D You're animal is a goat, right?:D
2>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.22 20:15 Hi Mimi! Of course you can join :) Please submit your character!:D
2>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.22 20:25 [ sorry, forgot to put [ ]!! >< ]
2>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.22 20:28 [hey Cuqu, I can't fine We are the Past. Could you give me the link :D]
6>Chara (Anomaly God - goat), 10yo.2017,Feb.22 20:35 [Yeah, their animal form is a white goat with no horns! Sorry for forgetting that detail.. :P]
2>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.22 20:48 [its totally fine!:D]
2>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.22 20:49 [Do you think we should wait for one or two more members before we start the RP?:)]
2>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.22 20:50 [maybe not ^^ I wonder if Sheika is gonna join us? I hope so :D]
3>Cuqailliam (Cuqa) (God-Tiger), 984yo.2017,Feb.22 21:06 [h'ey]
3>Cuqailliam (Cuqa) (God-Tiger), 984yo.2017,Feb.22 21:10 [i hae power mimicry which means i can absorb other's powers]
3>Cuqailliam (Cuqa) (God-Tiger), 984yo.2017,Feb.22 21:10 *have
2>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.22 21:36 [woah! Cool ^^ I don't wanna get on your bad side, lol XD]
2>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.22 21:37 [Chara, you here too? Alexia is gone at the moment.]
2>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.22 21:38 [If both Cuqa and Chara are here, we could start RPing now!^^]
6>Chara (Anomaly God - goat), 10yo.2017,Feb.22 21:39 [Yup!]
2>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.22 21:39 [hi!]
6>Chara (Anomaly God - goat), 10yo.2017,Feb.22 21:39 [After the roleplay starts, though, can we make it against the rules to add more powers to your character?]
6>Chara (Anomaly God - goat), 10yo.2017,Feb.22 21:40 [Howdy! ^_^]
2>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.22 21:40 [um btw, how do you announce your name Cuqailliam?^^;]
2>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.22 21:41 [uh, I'm not sure Chara]
6>Chara (Anomaly God - goat), 10yo.2017,Feb.22 21:41 [Alright. Just a suggestion, because that can cause a lot of plot holes!]
2>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.22 21:42 [yeah it could get really confusing! well the gods have most powers, but we just said their main powers, the ones they're the best at?]
2>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.22 21:43 [XD?]
2>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.22 21:45 [and Chara, is your name said like chair-a or cha-rah? Or something diferent?XD]
6>Chara (Anomaly God - goat), 10yo.2017,Feb.22 21:45 [Good point, but gods in mythology are usually really good at a certain magic and not much else. And if everyone's amazing at everything then there's no point in being a team. D:]
6>Chara (Anomaly God - goat), 10yo.2017,Feb.22 21:46 [I pronounce Chara as car (vehicle) uh. Some others pronounce it as care-uh or char(coal)-uh.]
2>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.22 21:46 [Wix is said like WICKS]
2>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.22 21:48 [Okay really cool name! Uh yeah, guess right! Now thinking back on Greek and Egyptian mythology, that's true.]
2>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.22 21:49 [*guess you're right]
2>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.22 21:49 [okay, we could pick elements or something?]
6>Chara (Anomaly God - goat), 10yo.2017,Feb.22 21:50 [Good idea! I'll be time. :) Also, is Wix actually 18? I thought the gods were really old?]
2>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.22 21:56 [yeah gods are really old, including Wix. She looks 18 or 19 in human form. I said in the rules you can put your gods real age, or how old they look XD]
2>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.22 21:57 [sorry my fault the rules are long and confusing!]
6>Chara (Anomaly God - goat), 10yo.2017,Feb.22 21:57 [Okay, just making sure!]
6>Chara (Anomaly God - goat), 10yo.2017,Feb.22 21:58 [Chara looks like a 9 - 12 year old.]
2>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.22 22:04 [thats cool, I love double checking tpo!:D]
2>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.22 22:05 [in Greek mythology, all the gods are have one or more than one thing they are the god/goddess of]
2>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.22 22:08 [Poseidon is the god of the sea, water, earthquakes, and horses. And Artemis is the goddess of the moon, and the hunt.]
2>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.22 22:09 [should we have stuff like that? Stuff that relates to our animals.]
6>Chara (Anomaly God - goat), 10yo.2017,Feb.22 22:11 [Yeah, that sounds cool. We should probably limit it to at most 2 a person, so if someone else joins they will still have options to choose from. Chara could be the god of... Time and LOVE.]
2>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.22 22:29 [aww, that sounds so cool!!XD Love XD]
2>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.22 22:30 [thats so cool, go with those!:) ]
2>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.22 22:30 [umm, let me think. Wix, Wix, Wix, what to do XD]
2>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.22 22:36 [i think I'm gonna go make a list of all the possibilities, then pick two I like :D]
6>Chara (Anomaly God - goat), 10yo.2017,Feb.22 22:36 [Ohhh! I just had an idea! What if, after defeating an enemy in battle, whoever defeated the person gets EXP and that character gets better with their magic. :) ]
6>Chara (Anomaly God - goat), 10yo.2017,Feb.22 22:36 [Okay. ^_^]
2>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.22 22:37 [bye guys, I'll be back later or tomorrow. Talk to you on STOW Jamie!]
6>Chara (Anomaly God - goat), 10yo.2017,Feb.22 22:37  Rolling 6 sided dice... Result=3  
6>Chara (Anomaly God - goat), 10yo.2017,Feb.22 22:37 [See you later!]
2>Wix (Goddess - fox), 18yo.2017,Feb.22 22:38 [ definitely!! Thats a great idea! Anyways, bye!]
16>Alexia (Goddess - Wildcat ), 15yo.2017,Feb.23 02:37 [ hi! sorry I haven't been on today...:(]
16>Alexia (Goddess - Wildcat ), 15yo.2017,Feb.23 02:37 [ I don't know what Alexia is the goddess of:(....]
16>Alexia (Goddess - Wildcat ), 15yo.2017,Feb.23 02:38 [ maybe Lightning?....]
16>Alexia (Goddess - Wildcat ), 15yo.2017,Feb.23 02:38 [ are our characters actually gods and goddesses or do they just have those powers?]
3>Cuqailliam (Cuqa) (God-Tiger), 984yo.2017,Feb.26 00:40 [the "illiam" is like in william... cu rymes with who qa sounds like gua]
3>Cuqailliam (Cuqa) (God-Tiger), 984yo.2017,Feb.26 00:42 [sratch all my powers i have power mimicry and i can see into the future]
3>Cuqailliam (Cuqa) (God-Tiger), 984yo.2017,Feb.26 00:43 [the "illiam" is like in william. The "Cu" Rymes with "who". The "qa" souns like "gua"]
3>Cuqailliam (Cuqa) (God-Tiger), 984yo.2017,Feb.26 00:45 [i meant "sounds"]
3>Cuqailliam (Cuqa) (God-Tiger), 984yo.2017,Feb.26 00:47 [my god looks about 20]
3>Cuqailliam (Cuqa) (God-Tiger), 984yo.2017,Feb.26 00:49 [ The URL for We Are The Past is BCGP]
3>Cuqailliam (Cuqa) (God-Tiger), 984yo.2017,Feb.26 00:50 [My character can get jelous and Stubborn...watch out!]
16>Alexia (Goddess - Wildcat ), 15yo.2017,Mar.2 06:52 [oh okay! I don't want your character could get jealous or stubborn😅😂😅]
16>Alexia (Goddess - Wildcat ), 15yo.2017,Mar.2 06:55 [Alexia in human form looks about 25 or 16:)!]
16>Alexia (Goddess - Wildcat ), 15yo.2017,Mar.5 00:16 [i meant to say 15, not 25!( ^ ^;) ]
16>Alexia (Goddess - Wildcat ), 15yo.2017,Mar.14 16:16 [hey? Are we gonna RP or not?^~^
16>Alexia (Goddess - Wildcat ), 15yo.2017,Apr.2 15:20 [i guess this RP died.....]
12>Xava Vasillissa (Serpent Godess), 100Myo.2023,Aug.24 05:03 [Hello. I am a dragon goddess with the power of fire. My dragon form is red and blue, with giant wings, spaded tail, and glowing blue eyes]
12>Xava Vasillissa (Serpent Godess), 100Myo.2023,Aug.24 05:04 [My human form has blue and red hair, blue eyes, and wears a scaly outfit most of the time. She uses a hoodie and jeans if she goes to a village or city]
12>Xava Vasillissa (Serpent Godess), 100Myo.2023,Aug.24 05:04 Oh right, forgot. I'm a serpent goddes. My dragon looks like it has a snake hood to it, but it has 4 legs
12>Xava Vasillissa (Serpent Godess), 100Myo.2023,Aug.24 05:05  Buying Sword/knife (x 1)  

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