" War "
This game is destined to players of 16 to 40 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Hey Everyone!
If you want to join this role play please read THIS first!
Description: There are two groups at war, for now lets call them A and B, We can rename them any time. They are at war. You can choose any role as long as it somehow relates to war. For instance: Spy, Warrior, Gunner... Also list your group.
There are two bases 1 km away from each other, each, at the start of this role play has 1 wall lvl 1, 1 house lvl 1, 1 weapon holder lvl 1,1 barracks lvl 1. Your team can collect money by plundering the other team. Killing one person gives you 10 gold. Please be creative!
I won't say how much soldiers a barracks produces, how much HP a wall has... Decide this among yourselves!
The Setting: Behind both A and B a forest. Between them: a big river. Around the river the terrain is flat with some medium rocks.
Please join!
P.S. I will try updating the store, weapons... Sorry if the prices may be a bit unreasonable, this is my first role play.

1>_A_ (Judge/Overseer), 30yo.2017,Mar.8 09:24 Hope you guys got everything!
1>_A_ (Judge/Overseer), 30yo.2017,Mar.10 10:47 *You can throw stuff, that also counts
1>_A_ (Judge/Overseer), 30yo.2017,Mar.14 21:43   - 1 Hunger points to all players  
1>_A_ (Judge/Overseer), 30yo.2017,Mar.17 18:18   + 100 Money points to Alan  
1>_A_ (Judge/Overseer), 30yo.2017,Mar.17 18:19   - 100 Money points to Alan  
1>_A_ (Judge/Overseer), 30yo.2017,Mar.23 12:26 We'll start when ther
1>_A_ (Judge/Overseer), 30yo.2017,Mar.23 12:27 *We'll start when there is at least 2 players per team
2>Alan (Soldier, A), 20yo.2017,May.19 19:22 This
2>Alan (Soldier, A), 20yo.2017,May.19 19:22 is my second character
11>Butcher (soldier), 20yo.2017,Jun.12 17:15  Rolling 4 sided dice... Result=1  
12>Noah2008 (1), 12yo.2021,Jan.20 20:16 can you send me money
12>Noah2008 (1), 12yo.2021,Jan.20 20:16  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=76  
12>Noah2008 (1), 12yo.2021,Jan.20 20:17 hl
12>Noah2008 (1), 12yo.2021,Jan.20 20:31  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=2  
12>Noah2008 (1), 12yo.2021,Jan.20 20:34  Secret message to Butcher  
12>Noah2008 (1), 12yo.2021,Jan.20 20:36 buy
12>Noah2008 (1), 12yo.2021,Jan.20 20:36  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Barraks(lvl 2)  
13>haon (h), 14yo.2021,Jan.20 20:39  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=41  

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