" Horror "
This game is destined to players of 1 to 100 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

This is a scary game.

1>Anja Dragon (Programmer), 10yo.2022,Feb.4 23:49  Rolling 6 sided dice... Result=2  
1>Anja Dragon (Programmer), 10yo.2022,Feb.4 23:50  Secret message to Anja Dragon  
1>Anja Dragon (Programmer), 10yo.2022,Feb.4 23:50  Secret message to Anja Dragon  
14>Biratu (Haunted Tiger), 13yo.2022,Feb.7 17:05 So what do we do?
12>Bella (girl), 16yo.2022,Feb.8 07:31 Is this thing still functioning?
12>Bella (girl), 16yo.2022,Feb.8 07:31  Buying Sword (x 1)  
12>Bella (girl), 16yo.2022,Feb.8 07:32  Secret message to Anja Dragon  
12>Bella (girl), 16yo.2022,Feb.9 08:56 Ok, Imma start this RPG
12>Bella (girl), 16yo.2022,Feb.9 08:59 (It was a cold gloomy winter night. Bella, a sixteen year old girl with wavy black hair, blue eyes and pale skin is sitting on her window seat reading a book.)
12>Bella (girl), 16yo.2022,Feb.9 09:01 (As she read, she listened to the silent night. When suddenly, she heard an odd rustle behind a thick bush. She quickly got her head up and looked outside)
12>Bella (girl), 16yo.2022,Feb.9 09:02 (Her window was open) Hello! is someone out there?! (she looked again and continued reading. Then, she heard a low moan)
12>Bella (girl), 16yo.2022,Feb.9 09:03 Who is it? Don't play games with me! I WILL call the cops. Come out!!! (She screamed) (Both her parents were doctors so they weren't home that night)
12>Bella (girl), 16yo.2022,Feb.9 09:04 (The moaning sound came again. Then a figure rose from the bushes. It was her....BROTHER!)
12>Bella (girl), 16yo.2022,Feb.9 09:07 (Bella's brother died in a car accident two years ago. She and her parents survived, but, unlucky Max (her brother) Died. He was three years older than her and he had a messy mop of black hair falling on to his forehead. He had blue eyes just like her)
12>Bella (girl), 16yo.2022,Feb.9 09:08 Max!!!!
12>Bella (girl), 16yo.2022,Feb.9 09:09 Is...is...is...th..th..that y..y..you? (She stammered)
12>Bella (girl), 16yo.2022,Feb.9 09:10  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=No  
12>Bella (girl), 16yo.2022,Feb.9 09:10 What do you mean no???
12>Bella (girl), 16yo.2022,Feb.9 09:10 (She said, hardly believing that this is happening right now)
12>Bella (girl), 16yo.2022,Feb.9 09:11  Secret message to Anja Dragon  
14>Biratu (Haunted Tiger), 13yo.2022,Feb.9 09:53 A howl was heard behind the siblings, adding to Bella's bewilderment.
12>Bella (girl), 16yo.2022,Feb.9 13:40 What on earth was that?

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