" Adventure Of the Big Cookie! "
This game is destined to players of 10 to 16 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Welcome to my Adventure Of the Big COOKIE! =^~^=

you can be anything cute in this rp! :3

Just have fun! ^^

8>game master Jo (parrot), 14yo.2016,Mar.17 12:46 welcome! welcome little animals! this is the game where cookies will be given and your first mission is to get on top of that mountain and you will get a cookie! =^~^=
8>game master Jo (parrot), 14yo.2016,Mar.17 12:48 colect cookies to get the Big COOKIE! =^~^=
1>Puffy Pie (bunny), 12yo.2016,Mar.17 12:49 cookies!! ^^
8>game master Jo (parrot), 14yo.2016,Mar.17 12:52 (if u didn't understand than money here is called cookies and now, in the begining, you have 5 cookies in your pocket)
8>game master Jo (parrot), 14yo.2016,Mar.17 13:04 (oh and about cutness. you can get one cookie for 5 cutness points)
1>Puffy Pie (bunny), 12yo.2016,Mar.17 13:10   - 1 cuteness points to game master Jo  
1>Puffy Pie (bunny), 12yo.2016,Mar.17 13:11   + 1 cuteness points to game master Jo  what the..?
1>Puffy Pie (bunny), 12yo.2016,Mar.17 13:12   + 100 Money points to game master Jo  ok Idk..
9>Felix (kitten), 5yo.2016,Mar.17 13:18 yay! ^^
9>Felix (kitten), 5yo.2016,Mar.17 13:19 let's be team bunny? :3
1>Puffy Pie (bunny), 12yo.2016,Mar.17 13:19 sure! ^^
1>Puffy Pie (bunny), 12yo.2016,Mar.17 13:20 let's go! we have to get there first! :3
9>Felix (kitten), 5yo.2016,Mar.17 13:21 wait! we have to buy something before start. *runs into gaming shop*
9>Felix (kitten), 5yo.2016,Mar.17 13:22  Buying food (x 2)  
9>Felix (kitten), 5yo.2016,Mar.17 13:22  Buying water (x 2)  
9>Felix (kitten), 5yo.2016,Mar.17 13:23  Buying sweets (x 1)  
1>Puffy Pie (bunny), 12yo.2016,Mar.17 13:24 well? are you redy?
9>Felix (kitten), 5yo.2016,Mar.17 13:24 yes! let's go! :3
9>Felix (kitten), 5yo.2016,Mar.17 13:25 *climbing up the big mountain*
1>Puffy Pie (bunny), 12yo.2016,Mar.17 13:25 phew.. I'm tired..
9>Felix (kitten), 5yo.2016,Mar.17 13:29  Giving water (x 1) to Puffy Pie  here
9>Felix (kitten), 5yo.2016,Mar.17 13:30 maybe it will help :)
1>Puffy Pie (bunny), 12yo.2016,Mar.17 13:30 oh thank you..
1>Puffy Pie (bunny), 12yo.2016,Mar.17 13:35 *drinking water* where did you get it?
9>Felix (kitten), 5yo.2016,Mar.17 13:36 I bought it on shop. I knew we will need it and I have food for u too :3
9>Felix (kitten), 5yo.2016,Mar.17 13:37  Giving food (x 1) to Puffy Pie  :)
1>Puffy Pie (bunny), 12yo.2016,Mar.17 13:38 aww thank you.. your such a great friend *hugs kitten*
1>Puffy Pie (bunny), 12yo.2016,Mar.17 13:44   + 2 friendlyness points to Felix  and two for Puffy too
1>Puffy Pie (bunny), 12yo.2016,Mar.17 13:45   + 1 cuteness points to Felix  let's give him some cuteness too :)
1>Puffy Pie (bunny), 12yo.2016,Mar.17 13:47 (note: that when I give points without ( ) that doesn't mean it's said by my character!)
8>game master Jo (parrot), 14yo.2016,Mar.17 13:50 *flies around* aww so sweet.. you will get something! ^^
8>game master Jo (parrot), 14yo.2016,Mar.17 13:51  Buying sweets (x 2)  
8>game master Jo (parrot), 14yo.2016,Mar.17 13:51  Giving sweets (x 1) to Puffy Pie  
8>game master Jo (parrot), 14yo.2016,Mar.17 13:51  Giving sweets (x 1) to Felix  
1>Puffy Pie (bunny), 12yo.2016,Mar.17 13:52 yay! ^^
8>game master Jo (parrot), 14yo.2016,Mar.17 13:54 now keep climbing! bye :) *flies away*
1>Puffy Pie (bunny), 12yo.2016,Mar.17 13:56   + 1 friendlyness points to game master Jo  
9>Felix (kitten), 5yo.2016,Apr.16 15:06 *they are amoust up*
1>Puffy Pie (bunny), 12yo.2016,Apr.16 15:09 yas! I can see the cookie! let's run! *runs up to cookies* yay! ^^
9>Felix (kitten), 5yo.2016,Apr.16 15:09 yay :)
8>game master Jo (parrot), 14yo.2016,Apr.16 15:12 congratulations little friends! you have finished the 1st mission first! ^^
8>game master Jo (parrot), 14yo.2016,Apr.16 15:14  Giving cookie (x 6) to Felix  (hmm.. Idk what's wrong but well now it should be okay)
8>game master Jo (parrot), 14yo.2016,Apr.16 15:15 (ah wait no. the wrong thing...)
9>Felix (kitten), 5yo.2016,Apr.16 15:22  Giving cookie (x 6) to game master Jo  
1>Puffy Pie (bunny), 12yo.2016,Apr.16 15:23   + 6 Money points to Felix  
1>Puffy Pie (bunny), 12yo.2016,Apr.16 15:24 (okay hmm this should be corect..)
1>Puffy Pie (bunny), 12yo.2016,Apr.16 15:24   + 1 challenges finished points to Felix  
1>Puffy Pie (bunny), 12yo.2016,Apr.16 15:26 (ahh this is so difficult. I have no idea how to do things lol ;D)
1>Puffy Pie (bunny), 12yo.2016,Apr.16 15:33 wohoo! so what's the next mission? =)
8>game master Jo (parrot), 14yo.2016,Apr.16 15:33 I will give you the next mission when everyone will finish this
1>Puffy Pie (bunny), 12yo.2016,Apr.16 15:34 hmm okay
9>Felix (kitten), 5yo.2016,Apr.16 15:36 hey look bunny! let's get some more friends?
1>Puffy Pie (bunny), 12yo.2016,Apr.16 15:37 um sure they look nice let's go then *they starts walking to the new girls*
9>Felix (kitten), 5yo.2016,Apr.16 15:40 hello *smiles*
1>Puffy Pie (bunny), 12yo.2016,Apr.16 15:41 (welcome Felicity and Kelly! ^^ thanks for joining my roleplay!)
11>lavenderplum ((fluffy kitty)), 12yo.2016,Apr.16 16:18 hi can i join the adventure!
11>lavenderplum ((fluffy kitty)), 12yo.2016,Apr.16 16:22 i'm a chubby marshmallow which loves to talk random things *hops up and down* whats the new mission! cant wait!
11>lavenderplum ((fluffy kitty)), 12yo.2016,Apr.16 16:27  Buying water (x 1)  i wanna climb up the mountain and find cookies! *running to the shop*
11>lavenderplum ((fluffy kitty)), 12yo.2016,Apr.16 16:29  Buying food (x 1)  
11>lavenderplum ((fluffy kitty)), 12yo.2016,Apr.16 16:30 ok i'm set for the journey, just gotta pack all the food and water *packs it in a huge backpack and waits for other players*
8>game master Jo (parrot), 14yo.2016,Apr.19 18:08 hello kitten! *smiles* you can start to go now :)
1>Puffy Pie (bunny), 12yo.2016,Apr.19 18:10   + 1 cuteness points to lavenderplum  
1>Puffy Pie (bunny), 12yo.2016,Apr.19 18:13   - 5 Money points to Felix  (I just remembered why he didn't have money [because he bought things] so I'll take those points back..)
1>Puffy Pie (bunny), 12yo.2016,Apr.19 18:15 (NOTE: I'm not sure how the points works so just don't mind me please if I do something wrong.. ;))
2>Acid (Youtuber), 20yo.2016,May.7 20:26  Buying cuteness (x 1)  Hi! Im new in this game!
2>Acid (Youtuber), 20yo.2016,May.7 20:27  Secret message to Acid  
2>Acid (Youtuber), 20yo.2016,May.7 20:28  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=theBigCOOKIE! :3  
2>Acid (Youtuber), 20yo.2016,May.7 20:29  Buying water (x 1)  
2>Acid (Youtuber), 20yo.2016,May.7 20:30  Buying cookie (x 1)  
2>Acid (Youtuber), 20yo.2016,May.7 20:31  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=4  
2>Acid (Youtuber), 20yo.2016,May.7 20:32  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=No  
2>Acid (Youtuber), 20yo.2016,May.7 20:32  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=Yes  
2>Acid (Youtuber), 20yo.2016,May.7 20:33  Selling cuteness (x 1)  
8>game master Jo (parrot), 14yo.2016,Jun.15 20:23 hey :)
8>game master Jo (parrot), 14yo.2016,Jun.15 20:24 *sees the camera* hm are you filming this?
8>game master Jo (parrot), 14yo.2016,Jun.15 20:26 *sees the camera* hm are you filming this?
8>game master Jo (parrot), 14yo.2016,Jun.15 20:26 (ah dobble post)
16>Milly (The Littel Kitten), 2yo.2016,Oct.10 16:20 Hi everyone
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