" A thing 2 Sara is a Jerk "
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Well YOU should know whats going on But if your new WE are not going to say anything bc your charecture wouldn't know whats going on so why should you

14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 04:51 *pulls a small glowing braided rope out of her hoodie pocket* You probably want your shoelaces back now...
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 04:54 *holds them in her hand rubbing them slightly with her thumb*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 04:54 thats what you wanted to talk about right?...shoelaces?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 05:02 Keep them.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 05:03 I've had them for almost 10 years now..
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 05:05 remember when you gave them to me?...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 05:07 Yeah.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 05:08 It was my 3rd?...4th day here and I was crying in here because I was scared of the dark.. and you slipped them through the hole and said I could barrow them even though they were your favorite
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 05:09 you never asked for them back...and I still kept them
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 05:09 They were my favorite because they were sparkley...and I knew you'd like them too because they were sparkley.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 05:10 *smiles a bit* they still sparkel a little...they are green with bits of metel thread woven through them to make them shine....neon green and glowing
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 05:12 Yeah...I remember being scared that night. I didn't like the dark either. Being able to hold them in a sliver of light through the crack of the door was reassuring. But I knew you needed them more.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 05:13 *chuckles* Im pretty sure they are girl laces
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 05:16 *chuckles as well* I'm pretty sure of that too.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 05:19 days were so simple back then...our childhood was crap but they didnt hurt us until we were was it 9?...10? I cant remember so that was at least 3 years of peace
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 05:20 Yeah...I couldn't stand it when I heard the sounds from your room.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 05:21 Sometimes I just wanted to die to end it. I was 10, I think.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 05:21 they never hurt me in my room, I was crying beacause I didnt wanna leave. sounded like screams of murder though...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 05:22 I think about that time is when they told me my family was sick and wanted favors...I did things for them. They told me they wanted me to be your friend.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 05:22 I didn't understand. I thought we were already friends. I only think I figured it out when I was 14.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 05:23 *I think I only
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 05:23 you...you knew 3...3 years ago?....
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 05:25 Two. I had been used by them for at least four. I only realized I was being used after those first four years. I was already too deep in to be able to do anything.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 05:26 *starts crying silently hugs her legs and leans against the wall*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 05:26 It's easy to tie the hands of a young boy behind his back if you've got four years to work with.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 05:26 *looks down solemnly*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 05:27 *dosent look at him or way anything*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 05:27 *say
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 05:29 *says quietly* I wish I never realized I was being used. Everything would be so much easier.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 05:30 If you did know you would have been killed...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 05:30 Know what?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 05:32 before I was brought to this room I was with another girl for a month... the room was white and bright 24/7...she told me things she shouldnt have about this place...the truth and she didnt listen to them...at all and one day they took her and she never
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 05:33 came back and I was moved here, they tried to use her she wouldnt let them...and they killed her
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 05:34 I didnt know that they killed her when I was little but eventually I worked it out
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 05:35 Maybe it would've been better, though. Instead of going through all this, I should've been killed, and we wouldn't be here.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 05:35 she taught me how to keep my strength up here... which is hard to do...you know you have been to weak to move before
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 05:36 Don't say that Aron....I wouldnt have made it if you were dead
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 05:36 I remember when I got out and I thought you were dead...those were the worst days of my life
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 05:37 I will show you how to keep your strength up...come lunch if you can call it that
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 05:39 *smiles slightly* Alright.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 05:40 *the small door flap opens and to metal bottles and two watter bottles slide in* ah... our good friend soylent with fish oil...
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 05:41 So what she taught me is first you drink the soylent..* picks up one metal bottle and one water bottle and starts drinking from the metal one*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 05:44 *does the same*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 05:45 *finishes it* then you take some water *poors it in the metal bottle and puts the cap on* Then you shake it up *shakes it* and that gets the rest of the soylent that was stuck to the bottle *drinks it*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 05:46 *does the same again*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 05:46 then you can wash the taste out with the rest of your water *drinks the water* you would be surpirzed how much extra energy that last bit gives you
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 05:48 [Aw geez...I can't stop thinking of Soylent Green...I haven't actually seen the movie, but someone spoiled what soylent green is made out of. >_< ]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 05:51 [lol no actual soylent is a thing and it isnt people it is actually Maltodextrin (carbs) Oat Powder (carbs, fiber, protein, fat) Whey Isolate (protein) Grapeseed Oil (fat) Potassium Gluconate Salt (sodium) Magnesium Gluconate Monosodium Phosphate)
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 05:51 (Calcium Carbonate Methylsulfonylmethane (Sulfur) Creatine Powdered Soy Lecithin Choline Bitartrate Ferrous and Gluconate (Iron) )
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 05:52 [it is a meal replacement I never had it but saposably it works]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 05:53 [Huh, cool. So people have actually made a drink-food-thing called soylent. Uhhh...I think they could've done a better job in choosing the name. XD]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 05:54 [yeah the lab isnt feeding them ground up people...one person isnt even enough to feed one person for a full day..it would take alot of people to feed the lab if that was the case]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 06:01 ..you should ask to see your family again in person to make sure they are alive
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 06:02 [Gosh darn it brain...why?! *virtually punches myself*]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 06:03 [My first instinct was to respond with something like "That's what overpopulation is for. >:D" Gosh darn myself to heck... XD]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 06:03 I have for years. They let me watch from a distance, but I can't get any closer.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 06:04 ask them to let you talk to them holigrams can be used from a distance you need proof
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jul.11 06:06 [oh I also updated a profile so you might want to reload the page]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 06:08 *the lights in the room turn on* This room has lights?!
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.11 06:10 *opens the door* Yes..yes it dose... *pushes in a girl she looks very pale and her eyes are bloodshot* this should be proof enough for you...
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.11 06:10 *is coughing violently*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.11 06:11 I'll let her spend time with her brother for a while... *walks out of the room locking the door but the light stays on*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.11 06:14 *takes a step forward but stumbles onto the floor*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 06:17 *gasps and hugs the girl tightly*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.11 06:18 *holds onto him is shaking a bit* A...Aron?...
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 06:19 *comes over* Aron who is this?...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 06:23 *puts her face in his hands* What did they do to you?!?!?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 06:24 you know exactly what they did I told you...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 06:26 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 06:26 honey...when is the last time you had medicine vitamins or food?...
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.11 06:27 y...you mean the...the little blue tablets?...
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.11 06:27 yes exactly those
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.11 06:28 I...I had one yesterday I get them at night
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.12 05:11 *nods a bit* ok
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.13 04:53 Are...Are you ok Aron?...*coughs more*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.13 05:00 [I'm here!]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.13 05:00 I'm fine.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.13 05:06 yes
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.13 05:07 *looks at Hanna* Those tablets aren't good for you.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.13 05:07 They're making you and the others sick.
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.13 05:08 I know but its not like we have a choice
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.13 05:10 You knew?
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.13 05:11 yes we know the tablets are making us sick Aron
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.13 05:15 *for once he doesn't have anything to say**naturally he wants to stop his family from getting the tablets, but the more he thinks about it, the more impossible the feat becomes*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.13 05:21 Eric he wouldn't take them....
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.13 05:23 He did at the beginning but a few months ago..he...he wouldnt they tried to force him to be he just wouldnt *is shaking a bit*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.13 05:24 *says quietly and emotionlessly:* What did they do to him, Hanna?
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.13 05:29 He went insain flying himself into walls...scratching an bitting himself...after a while They murdered him after he begged them to kill him...
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.13 05:30 I haven't seen Maddie in weeks I dont know how she is...and mom she is..she is alive but she wont speak to anyone or move or eat...she has an I.V in her arm...keeping her alive but her eyes...they look vacent
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.13 05:31 *vacant
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.13 05:31 *nods a little*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.13 05:32 *looks up at a wall* IS THIS WHAT YOU PROMISED ME?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.13 05:32 *there are tears in his eyes* YOU PROMISED ME A HEALTHY FAMILY. IS THIS WHAT YOU CALL A HEALTHY FAMILY?!?!
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.13 05:32 Dad..I see him every few weeks..he comes back..looking worse then anyone..he dosent take the pill they dont make him or let him
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.13 05:33 *said that before Aron was yelling*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.13 05:33 *the tears rapidly start falling* I MIGHT AS WELL HAVE DONE NOTHING!! ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! *pauses, panting--close to hyperventilating**then punches a wall, yelling in rage*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.13 05:34 *scoots back terrified at her brother*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.13 05:35 presume to be the most important thing the lab has ever come across*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.13 05:35 I WANT TO GO ON THE RECORD STATING THAT THIS IS NOT AN ACT!!
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.13 05:36 *goes over to Aton and holds his arms by his sides* Hey! Hey.. Aron look at me...ok look at my eyes
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.13 05:36 *pants, rubbing his hand as it throbs in pain**backs up into a corner and slides down the wall into a sitting position*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.13 05:39 We are going to fix this... we will make it ok... First we are going to fix your sister help her...get her strength up get that drug out of her system...she can have my food and water i dont need it
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.13 05:40 I know she looks bad but I had that to I know how to safely fix it... we can do this Aron we will save your family no matter the cost...ok? You and I
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.13 05:41 Now go talk to your sister...you scared her half to death
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.13 05:42 Her life is crumbling around her so you need to be strong and calm for her she is scared and weak and isnt sure whats going to happen because she isnt you need to be that
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.13 05:43 You need to be strong and brave and sure we are going to make it beacause we will
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.13 05:43 *nods a little, getting a grip on himself *
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.13 05:44 *gets up, wiping away the tears**goes to Hanna* I...I'm sorry about that...I lost my temper...I shouldn't have...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.13 05:44 [Aedona's talking to C.J. on AHAW BTW.]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.13 05:44 Now go tell your little sister that you are gojng to take care of her and make sure she is ok beacause you need to be her hero right now thats what she needs
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.13 05:44 *said that before he left*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.13 05:46 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.14 04:29 It's ok....Can...Can I stay here with you guys?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.14 04:32 Yes. I'd love that. *puts an arm around her*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.14 04:35 *smiles a bit*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.14 04:36 *walks in* If she is staying here you will need this *drops some strong rope on the ground and a helmet made of strong foam then he leaves*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.14 04:40 *is visibly confused*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.14 04:42 *sigh a bit* in 3 to 7 days we will need it
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.14 04:43 What??
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.14 04:44 IF he gave us this they are cutting her off cold turkey
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.14 04:46 Oh... *realizes that they're going to have to put the foam helmet on Hanna and tie her up*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.14 04:48 we wont need it for a few days though
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.14 04:52 am I going to be ok?...
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.14 04:52 yes you will be fully healthy and happy in a few weeks...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.14 04:55 We'll get through this. Don't worry.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.14 04:57 we will need water she will be sweating and have cold shakes...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.14 05:00 *nods a little*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.14 05:02 you need to go Bargin with Mathews..
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.14 05:09 I know.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.14 05:09 *goes to the door and knocks*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.14 05:10 *opens it* come on in
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.14 05:13 *walks to Mathews*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.14 05:19 so what do you need?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.14 05:19 "That child" is my sister, and she's going to be made better.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.14 05:19 So are the rest of my family.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.14 05:20 *sighs* We need water.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.14 05:20 Lots of it.
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.14 05:21 Oh...right there isnt a water spout in that room...
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.14 05:25 go back inside we will get you the proper accommodations
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.14 05:27 *closes the door and gas slowly fills the room soon they are all asleep*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.14 05:29 *wakes up in a room she recognizes it has 3 white beds with metal frames white carpet white walls except for one wall which is just a long mirror and 2 doors instead of one and bright lights on the celing*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.14 05:31 *wakes up**I presume he recognizes the room too*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.14 05:32 [no he has never been in those types of rooms he was always in dark concreate ones]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.14 05:33 [Oh, okay.] *he doesn't recognize the room then*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.14 05:33 [the white rooms were for more then one person who were staying together for a long time Aron was always in a solo roomwhich are the dark concrete ones]
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.14 05:33 *wakes up to and sits on the bed*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.14 05:34 [OK.] *looks around quickly*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.14 05:35 I remember this room... My friend before...anyways she had one bed on that wall over there and took the blankets from one of the other beds and made a fort...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.14 05:35 [brb; gotta brush my teeth...]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.14 05:36 [k]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.14 05:46 this one has a full bathroom to...with a sink and a shower and towls to....
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.14 05:49 [Back, but I gtg now. See you tomorrow! *offline*]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 04:14 [I'm here!]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 04:14 [hi]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 04:20 \
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 04:20 [Hey!]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 04:24 this is one of the nicer rooms...
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 04:26 Lp gets the nicest rooms...I was in charge of an Lp group once
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 04:27 Yeah... *gets up, still looking around*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 04:30 the lights dont turn off in this room though...so it can be hard to sleep in
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 04:31 Not as bad as being in the dark all the time, I guess...
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 04:33 the dark is easier on your eyes but there is good and bad of both rooms
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 04:35 have you ever been in an Lp room before?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 04:43 *shakes his head*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 04:45 \
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 04:45 [Crap...]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 04:47 [brb]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 04:48 Lp is the low priority group bassically kids who saw something they were not sapouse to or just with really usefulness abilities like Phoebe her hair would change color based on her emotions they have basically an apartment it has a kitchen
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 04:49 multipule bedrooms a tv and alot of games and things also it looks like a normal house just without windows and the front door is always locked and no computors or phones
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 04:49 well one old computor without internet but it has rollar coater tycoon 3...and the sims and some other offline games
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 04:52 still...carpet and beds is better then cement
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.15 05:00 can we be moved to an Lp room? then sound nice...
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 05:00 maybe when your better...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 05:14 [I'm back!]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 05:15 [hi]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 05:19 *turns to Hanna* I'll try to get us to an LP room once you're better. It'll be a goal of sorts.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 05:20 *nods and smiles a bit knowing that,that will probably never happen*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 05:20 *her stumach growls*...crap I'm really hungry....How long were we out for?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 05:24 I don't know.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 05:24 *walks over to Hanna* ok not as pale... go Ahhhh
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.15 05:25 Ahhhhh.....
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 05:25 white stuff on the toung is gone...can you walk?...
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.15 05:26 *gets out of bed walks a bit before wobbling and having to hold the bedframe*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 05:27 better then before...
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.15 05:27 why do I see clouds in the room?...they are sparkely...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 05:28 *glances around
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 05:28 **
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 05:28 *grows concerned*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 05:28 and halucinating...we are on day 3 then...this could eaither be over tonight or the last stage will happen lasting a few days...get the Helmet Aron
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 05:30 *nods and grabs the helmet, along with the rope*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 05:31 we dont need the rope unless she gets violent
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 05:31 *puts the helmet on Hanna* this is your party hat....
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.15 05:32 *giggles a bit* yay! party
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 05:32 her mental state will decline a bit she will act silly and childish but It will lighten up...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 05:33 Alright.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 05:34 *sits on Hanna's bed and puts an arm around her*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 05:34 hopefully anyways... it usually dose...
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.15 05:35 why is your hair purple? *giggles a bit and touches Arons hair*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 05:42 Because I like that color.
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.15 05:44 it sparkles to...I love sparkles
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.15 05:47 *falls off the bed and laughs some more*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 05:47 I know. I added sparkles just for you. *said that before she fell off *
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 05:48 thats what the helmet is for...she will be bumping into alot of stuff...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 05:48 *helps her get back up on the bed*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.15 05:50 *rolls off again and laughs* oooh...can we make a slide?...I wanna side...
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 05:53 m..maybe later we can make a slide ok?
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.15 05:54 no no no! Now! *starts kicking the metal bedpost then slams her body into the wall*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 05:55 No no, you might hurt yourself. Stay on the bed, please.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 05:55 Aron get the rope!
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 05:57 *grabs the rope and goes to tie her up**definitely has the skill to do this, but not the heart--he hesitates*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 05:57 *takes the rope from him* Put her on the bed hold her down
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 05:59 never mind...I got this
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 06:00 *drags Hanna onto the bed and starts tying her to it as she trys to get out of it*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.15 06:01 *starts panicking* Aron! Aron there is a monster Hurting me Aron Help! *is wiggling around*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 06:02 *keeps tying her down tightly* Aron just go into the bathroom and shut the door turn on the water...
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 06:02 get a wet towl and a dry one
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.15 06:03 Aron! Aron Hep untie me please!
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 06:04 *finishes tying Hanna down she can barely move*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 06:06 Aron I need those Towels
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 06:06 *comes back with the towels*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.15 06:07 *starts crying* Aron please...Please help me
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 06:08 *takes the dry towl rolls it up a bit and puts it in Hannas mouth gagging her a bit* that is so she wont bite her toung off
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 06:09 *takes the wet towl and folds it then places it over Hannas eyes* and thats so her eyes wont dry out..the dry one is also so she wont choke from over salavating
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.15 06:10 but she should get over this whole ordeal soon Violence and sry eyes are the last steps... but it verries on how long it lasts but it started early so hopefully it will end early
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.21 05:09 *eventually tiers and stops struggling*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.22 04:25 sorry...this must be hard for you...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.22 04:31 *nods slightly*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.22 04:34 she...she should recover soon though...
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.22 04:36 *starts shaking violently she is having a seizure*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.22 04:43 *hears Hanna shaking and gets up, spinning around to face her* Hanna!!!
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.22 04:46 *gets up with Aron and puts her hand on his shoulder* she is ok....thats a symtom of withdrawl from the drug the rag in her mouth will keep her from biting her toung off
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.22 04:50 *it takes a huge amount of effort on his part to stay back
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.22 04:50 **
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.22 05:00 * the flap under the door opens and a plate will a blue pill slides through with a note under it that reads "This will stop the serizures and stop her from acting insaine"
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.22 05:05 *looks at the plate with the blue pill and sighs* dont touch that pill Aron
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.22 05:27 *nods**doesn't feel like talking**knows that the pill is probably KB-97*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.22 05:36 *slowly gas starts filling the room again* No..no no!...we cant take care of her if we are asleep! *starts covering her face knowing full well her attempts are fuitiel*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.22 05:53 *stands up* NO!!
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.22 05:53 WE HAVE TO CURE HER!!! WE HAVE TO CURE HER OR I'LL NEVER WORK... *gags* ...WORK...FOR YOU...AGAIN... *collapses*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.22 05:54 *falls asleep*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.22 06:10 *wakes up first**finds the note*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.22 06:16 flush this note and you can easily feed this pill to the person of your choice it is double dosege so they wont be able to fight you easily when you give the next one but it wont harm them just make them weak as it dose - Alen
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.22 06:17 P.s MAthews is no longer on your guys cases and Altho we have never met you probably will be wishing that Mathews was still in charge of you since I am not as kind"
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.22 06:33 *shuffles in her sleep a bit*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.23 04:20 [I'm on!]
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jul.23 04:22 [Hello]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.23 04:25 *is on the floor still passed out*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.23 04:35 *a blue pill is slipped under the door*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.23 04:50 *flushes the note away**picks up the pill and thinks*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.23 04:51 [The pill is KB-97, right?]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.23 04:51 [yes a strong dose]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.23 04:56 *mumbles slightly in her sleep*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.23 05:00 *moves her arm a bit when she is poked but stays out of it*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.23 05:02 *sits up drowzily* what?...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.23 05:08 I... *hesitates*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.23 05:08 *lifts up the pill* I need you to eat this.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.23 05:09 you are going to let me go back to sleep? since thats what I want to do right now...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.23 05:09 We don't have a choice. You just need to trust me.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.23 05:09 [nvm]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.23 05:09 No Im not eating that
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.23 05:12 You're immortal. You'll be okay.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.23 05:12 and I do have a choice and its no Im not eating it
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.23 05:13 I can't explain, but if you don't eat it, she's going to have to, and that'll undo everything we've done.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.23 05:13 Fine I'll eat it then snap my neck
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.23 05:17 *stands up and eats it then almost instantly falls to the ground* I...Is that doubble dosage?....I...I cant move
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.23 05:18 Aron snap my neck for me please.. I dont think I have the strength to
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.23 05:22 *sits up* thanks...I guess
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.23 05:23 *opens the door a bit* Aron come in here please
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.23 05:24 *loks a bit confused dosent recognize the voice at all*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.23 05:27 *turns to Alen**sighs and follows**doesn't recognize the voice, but he guesses who this is*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.23 05:29 *closes the door behind him He is quite young about 19 20 maybe, his hair is a bit messy but it looks good its dyed with light blue and light purple he is thin and energetic looking*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.23 05:33 You said "she may not die." That can be interpreted in many different ways.
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.23 05:33 and you killed her anyways, and to think Mathews said you were a good listener
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.23 05:34 I thought it meant the pill may not necessarily kill her.
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.23 05:34 you knew what it ment I am not someone who leans easily with excuses Aron there will have to be consequences
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.23 05:35 [I actually thought it meant what Aron thought it meant. XD I was confused about the note because of that.]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.23 05:35 I'm not making an excuse. *sounds perfectly innocent*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.23 05:36 If you didn't want me to kill her, that should have been in the terms. The terms merely stated that the act of eating the pill may not necessarily kill her.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.23 05:36 [Kinda reminds me of the sentence "Flying planes are dangerous." I remember hearing about how that one sentence could be interpreted in tons and tons of different ways.]
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.23 05:36 fine *hands him another pill* this pill dosent kill anyone. you know what to do and just so we are clear you only get one second chance with me and this is it
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.23 05:37 *nods* Alright.
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.23 05:38 now get back in your room
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.23 05:42 *returns to the room**looks visibly more pale*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.23 05:42 I'm sorry. *hands the pill to her*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.23 05:43 *closes the door*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.23 05:44 No *hands the pill back* Im not eating it if I cant die Im not going to do that to myself
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.23 05:50 ...You would do this to my sister?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.23 05:51 I am helping your sister stop the affects of this drug Aron. If I eat that and cant die then I cant help her! and You are definitly not giving that to your sister
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.23 05:54 Mathews isn't in charge anymore.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.23 05:55 You must eat this. *is still paler than usual**this is highly unusual--he stays composed extremely well around his bosses*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.23 05:56 at least tell me why first as much as you can without repercussions
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.23 06:04 I cant just blindly trust you anymore I need a least a bit of a explanation or reason
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.23 06:05 I can't tell you. That's part of the...terms.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.23 06:05 If you don't, horrible things will happen to her, okay?! *points at Hanna*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.23 06:05 You have to eat this!! Please!!
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.23 06:08 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.23 06:11 if not horibale things happening to Hanna, thats A reason Aron and I can accept it *takes the pill then lays on the other bed then eats it* for the record Im doing this for her not you
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.23 06:11 *looks pretty pale and sickly fairly quickly* ....ugh...
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.24 04:57 Also Aron I forgot to inform you of something quiet important but you may want to sit down first
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.24 05:16 *turns to Alen* What is it?
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.24 05:19 Your sister is her name hanna or Hailey? I havent memorized all the names yet
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.24 05:21 Anyways she is now the only living family you have left, just thought you should know...but im here to get to know you guys
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.24 05:23 *sits there, silent from shock*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.24 05:23 *has the urge to beat Alen to a bloody pulp, but he just sits there, staring in silence*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.24 05:25 I didnt kill them I dont like working with blood I dont like how it feels or likes when it drys its all crusty and brown, but they were taking up much needed space and they were not very useful anyways
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.24 05:26 *coughs a bit and glares at Alen* I am not going to work with you, ask almost anyone here I am not very good at listening or fallowing instuctions
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.24 05:28 I feel like I can persuade you otherwise, I am going to try to get you to do what I want willingly
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.24 05:28 Good luck with that, its not going to happen
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.24 05:29 Anyways.. *gets out a waterbottle and goes over to hanna and unties her sits her up and helps her drink* there you go sweetheart thats it drink up
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.24 05:30 *is drinking the water greedily gulping it down*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.24 05:31 *continues to sit and stare*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.24 05:36 And about your family they were already braindead, Mathews did that all I did was have the plug pulled
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.24 05:37 It was merciful they were suffering alot to far gone
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.24 05:48 *remains silent*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.24 05:49 *sigh a bit* come on Hanna *helps her up a bit* we are gonna move you to another room
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.24 05:53 *rises* No.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.24 05:53 She is staying here or I am coming with her. *is still staring into space and his voice is very quiet, but there's something dark and commanding hidden in his tone*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.24 05:54 She is the last of everything I had...and I...am not...losing her... *his voice is shaking and his hands turn to fists*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.24 05:59 *hesitates*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.24 06:00 *in the midst of trying to snap her neck, their faces come quite close**he whispered to her: "I'm sorry"*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.24 06:03 *looks a bit afraid* wait no...
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.24 06:03 Aron please...Dont leave me alone with him...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.24 06:08 *goes over and hugs Hanna*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.24 06:08 *he stares silently as tears start to pour down his face*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.24 06:11 *starts crying as well* Aron...I...Im scared please *she starts getting pulled along by Alen*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.24 06:17 *the tears get faster*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.24 06:19 its ok you wont be alone with me for to long
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.24 06:22 *he leaves the room a few minutes later he comes back without her* Come on Hanna lets go
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.24 06:23 *keeps holding Hanna* I'm not leaving her.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.24 06:23 I'm never leaving her.
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.24 06:24 your not leaving her im moving you three to a diffrent room
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.24 06:25 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.24 06:25 [ok bye]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.25 04:46 I'm not leaving her side, then.
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.25 04:50 would you rather go first instead?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.25 04:57 I am only going with her.
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.25 04:57 Aron, I can only take you one at a time so do you want to go first or your sister to go first?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.25 04:57 Neither of us are going first or last.
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.25 04:59 you want to do this the difficuly way then?
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.25 04:59 *difficult
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.25 05:00 fine, you be that way *leaves the room without Hanna or Aron then gas starts to flood it*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.25 05:01 *gets knocked out fairly quickly*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.25 05:01 *holds his breath, grabs the rope, and ties his wrist to Hanna's even though it will probably be useless*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.25 05:01 *becomes unconscious as he finishes tying the knots*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.25 05:03 *comes in easily unties the knots and takes Hanna leaving Aron alone in the room he waits for Aron to wake up*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.25 05:15 *sits on the bed and waits for him*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.25 05:22 *wakes up and starts to panic* Where is she?!! Where is she?!?!
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.25 05:25 But you?....you are not very useful for anything and ontop of that you are a difficult person
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.25 05:25 *gets up and paces* I need to be with Hanna...I need...
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.25 05:26 you need to convince me why you should stay or you will end up deaf
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.25 05:26 *dead not deaf
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.25 05:27  Secret message to C.J  
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jul.25 05:28 [k]
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.25 05:30 and if you are dead hanna will be left alone with me quite alot
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.25 05:33 *is silent**he can't really put rational thoughts together anymore*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.25 05:33 *after straining his mind hugely, he says almost robotically:* I'm your only connection to outer space.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jul.25 05:34  Secret message to BKN001  
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.25 05:34 Your discoveries out there are greater than anything anyone has discovered here. I alone could facilitate them.
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.25 05:34 no your really not...
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.25 05:35 we have many people on lots of planets doing reasearch and sending back data
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.25 05:35  Secret message to C.J  
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.25 05:39  Secret message to C.J  
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.25 05:40 *is sitting by the door in Hanna's room, motionless*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jul.25 05:41  Secret message to BKN001  
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jul.25 05:41  Secret message to BKN001  
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.25 05:42 *follows Alen*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.25 05:43 *wakes up a bit drowzy looks around the room is nice like an actual girls bedroom but without a window it has white walls with pink flowers and a dresser and some other things even a toy box*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.25 05:44 *brings him to a room that looks like a smaller apartment it has a kitchen a living room three bedrooms and a full bathroom and it looks really nice* here you go
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.25 05:45 *his sensors notify him of Hanna's awakening, thus activating him. His digital eyes flicker on and he raises his head to look around the room*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.25 05:45 *is sitting in her bed her room has blue walls and it looks more like a teens room she is reading a book*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.25 05:47 *sees BKN moving and gets scared moves back against the wall as far away as she can get from it*
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.25 05:48 *catches sight of Hanna and hops up, blinking* Hello! I see you have awoken! *cocks its head to one side* May I be of any service?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.25 05:48  Secret message to Dr. Alister  
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.25 05:48 *is shaking a bit* what is the answer that wont get me killed?
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.25 05:49  Secret message to Aron  
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.25 05:49  Secret message to Dr. Alister  
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.25 05:49 (he's relatively small. Small enough to be picked up, but too big to be carried for long)
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.25 05:49 (so big enough to be heavy)
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.25 05:50  Secret message to Dr. Alister  
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.25 05:50 Killed? Whatever do you mean?
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.25 05:50 *lifts a paw* I am here to protect and serve.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.25 05:51  Secret message to Dr. Alister  
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.25 05:51  Secret message to Dr. Alister  
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.25 05:52  Secret message to Aron  
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.25 05:52 W..what is your name?
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.25 05:53 [ok]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.25 05:54 *goes over and hugs Hanna**glares at the robot* Go away!
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.25 05:54 I am BKN001, security and helper robot!
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.25 05:54 If she doesn't like you, you shouldn't be here!
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.25 05:54 [aron is in the living room, Hanna is in her bedroom]
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.25 05:55 [Hannas room is at the moment locked from the inside so people cant get in unless she herself opens the door]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.25 05:58 [Oh, okay.] *goes and bangs on Hanna's door* Hanna! What's wrong? Who's in there with you?!
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.25 05:58 so your recording me...but your here to help me?
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.25 05:58 Yes ma'am!
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.25 05:58 Its just a toy Robot
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.25 05:59 can I call you beetle?
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.25 06:00 You may call me whatever you like!
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.25 06:02 ok *picks him up* Lets...go beetle *opens her bedroom door and sees Aron* hey
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.25 06:03 *sees the robot* What's that?
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.25 06:04 beetle he is mine
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.25 06:05 Hello there!
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.25 06:07 *walks out into the living room* cool...this is a nice room...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.25 06:08 *looks at "Beetle" suspiciously*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.25 06:08 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.25 06:08 Affirmative! You are practically in the luxury suite of this place!
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.25 06:08 *follows Hanna* Are you feeling alright? Is there anything you need? [Anyways, bye!]
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.25 06:10 im ok Aron I feel alot better im not sick anymore
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.25 06:12 ooh thats a kitchen...*opens the fridge* Finally something that isnt soylent...Beetle...do you know how to cook?
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.25 06:18 I do! My master programmed me to be helpful both in the workplace and at home! What would you like?
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.25 06:20 something tasty I havent had real food in almost 10 years...
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.25 06:22 Alright! You like soups?
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.25 06:24 I dont know.. I havent eaten any real food since I was 5...
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.25 06:26 I'll make you some soup! *grabs cream, sausage, kale, and onions from the fridge and places them on the counter*
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.25 06:27 *jumps up to reach the cupboards and grabs broth, knives, pots and pans, and potatoes*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.25 06:27 ok *sits on a stool on the other side of the counter and watches him*
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.25 06:30 *starts cooking the sausage in a sauce pan while he swiftly chops up the vegetables. he then pours water and broth into a big pot and tosses the vegetables in as well*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.25 06:31 *smiles a bit* I really like this room maybe we can move the rest of my family in here [she still has no idea that the rest of her family besides Aron is now dead]
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.25 06:31 I can teach you to cook, if you'd like! *says while turning down the heat and mixing the meat and cream into the pot*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.25 06:32 *comes out of her room* I smell something cooking!
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.25 06:32 Family? *shakes his head a bit* What's your family like
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.25 06:32 that would be nice sometime
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.25 06:33 I didnt kill myself Aron I was killed in my sleep and im back to normal no thanks to you
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.25 06:33 I had a big sister and another big brother older then Aron I used to play with them alot and my mom would sing to us
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.25 06:35 I sing! *buzzes quietly for a few moments*
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.25 06:36 *stirs the soup, then leaves it on low heat* Give it about ten more minutes and it'll be ready.
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.25 06:38 ok *smiles big*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.25 06:38 who are you tiny robot?
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.25 06:39 BKN001, but you can call me Beetle!
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.25 06:41 ok beetle can you Escort Aron to his room I dont want to be around him right now and I dont want to move eaither
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.25 06:43 If you say so, ma'am! *grabs a couple of bowls and spoons* When those ten minutes are up go ahead and eat! *hops off the counter* Come along, Aron, sir!
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.25 06:46 thanks beetle
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.25 18:59 *repeats himself* Come along, Aron, sir!
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.26 04:22 (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1l2OoPYUihBwMy-8kVIgdxIEKiFBGn_ai/view?usp=drivesdk )
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.26 04:23 (A general idea of what the robot looks like. Btw he is running down a hallway at Vulkanisch, not wherever he is now)
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 04:28 Only if she comes with me. *gestures towards Hanna*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 04:29 [Hey! Didn't think you'd be on this early since it's Wednesday.]
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.26 04:36 (Caprial wont be on for a little while. I'm 18 so I'm too old for the Wednesday night activities)
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 04:37 [I'm on AHAW as well, BTW.]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 04:37 [Oh, okay.]
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.26 04:39 Negative. Miss Hanna wishes to eat. Now come along.
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.26 04:39 (For now I'm only on here)
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 04:45  Secret message to BKN001  
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 04:45  Secret message to BKN001  
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 04:46  Secret message to BKN001  
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 04:46  Secret message to BKN001  
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.26 04:47  Secret message to Aron  
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 04:47 [hi im on for the night]
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.26 04:47  Secret message to Aron  
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.26 04:49  Secret message to Aron  
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 04:52 [Hey!]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 04:53  Secret message to BKN001  
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 04:54  Secret message to BKN001  
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.26 04:58  Secret message to Aron  
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 04:59 Aron just go with the tiny robot I'll watch over her unlike you who likes to throw people to the wolves except worse since wolves are kinder
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 05:03 actually at this point I think Alen is kinder then you since he hasnt done anything to hurt me yet!
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 05:07 *dishes out the soup to Hanna and herself and starts eating it* this is good soup...
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 05:08 *takes it and opens it, it says...*
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.26 05:09 I do my best! Glad you enjoy it!
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.26 05:13 its amazing!
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.26 05:15 *wags his tail* It's been a pleasure cooking for you! Anything else I can do for you?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 05:16 get us out of this labratory
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 05:16 *chuckles slightly* but thats probably against your programming
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 05:17 [Sorry for disappearing.]
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.26 05:18 *buzzes a bit, looking down. His eyes dim* I cannot do that for even I cannot escape. I'll never escape-- *beeps a few times and lights up again* Hello! How may I help you?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 05:19 *it says: "everyone is dead she's all i have left don't believe me ask alen he's so nice that he'll kill her soon"*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 05:19 *the paper is obviously in his writing, but gradually the text gets more and more wild, as if his hand was shaking more and more as he wrote it*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 05:21 *writes a note* hand this to Aron please *it reads "I cant trust anything you say you lie alot I cant trust lairs I dont trust Alen eaither but I trust him more then you"*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 05:21 *it says "i won't let the plug be pulled on her i won't let her end up like the oThErS"*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 05:21 *sets the note down then sees the small text it says..*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.26 05:22 *comes in with a few dvds* you guys wanna watch a movie?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 05:23 *is sitting alone in the other room, staring into space**looks placid and relaxed, but he can hear his heart pounding in his ears**each second away from Hanna adds a tremendous amount of pressure on him*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.26 05:23 ok *goes over to Alen and looks at his movies* I like this one
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 05:23 *jerks back a little when Alen comes in, startled*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 05:23 *sits on the couch*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 05:24 *reallyyyy doesn't like Hanna going right over to Alen**wants to tear Alen to shreds**however, he has enough reason left to sit there stoically*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.26 05:24 Wanna watch the movie with us Aron?
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.26 05:26 *gives the note to Aron and lies down at Alen's feet*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.26 05:26 hi buddy are you taking good care of them for me?
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.26 05:28 I call him beetle he made a really good soup
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 05:28 Alen Why are you being so nice to us?
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.26 05:29 Yes sir!
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 05:29 In a minute. *goes to the bathroom and reads the note*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.26 05:30 your guys life is already awfel..you shouldnt have to live in a concreate box hyped up on drugs 24/7 you deserve some place nice, I wish I could put you some place better but this is the nicest I could manage under the circumstances
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 05:30 *flushes the note, goes back out, and sits not too far from Hanna but not too close to Alen*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.26 05:31 If I could get you out of here I would but I have rules to but If you need anything let me know I will check up on you guys alot
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.26 05:32 thanks your really nice, this room is alot better then the old ones
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.26 05:32 *as the movie plays Hanna falls asleep and lays on Alen*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.26 05:33 *looks at Aron and smirks a bit* aw how sweet.....long day must have tired her out
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 05:33 *yawns a bit* Im gonna head off to bed to *walks off to her room*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 05:36 *looks back at Alen**thinks he's making a poker face, but for a split second he gives away a murderous look in his eyes*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 05:37 *turns back to the movie**he still thinks he's doing his good acting job, but he isn't rational enough to realize just how many times he's glanced at Alen and Hanna*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.26 05:38 you should really get your sister to bed Aron..
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.26 05:40 hey buddy, now you make sure to take care Of everyone...especially Hanna take extra special care of her
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.26 05:42 Affirmative!
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 05:44 *nods and pokes Hanna awake gently* Come on, it's time for bed.
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.26 05:45 mmm..k..*lazily walks off to bed*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.26 05:47 do you like it here Aron?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 05:54 Yes. *sounds emotionless*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.26 05:55 whats on your mind? talk to me right now clear your mind you wont get introuble for speaking your mind during certain times this is one of those times
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 05:58 *stares into space*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 05:59 *then shakes his head several times as if to try to clear it* Can't. *shakes his head again* Can't...
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.26 05:59 or you can ignore me thats fine to
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.26 05:59 cant what?
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.26 05:59 [nvm what he said about ignoring him]
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.26 06:02 hey bettle how is Hanna adjusting?
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.26 06:06 Hanna's heart rate has slowed substantially! Status shows that she is already becoming accustomed to the current premises!
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.26 06:10 ok and how is Aron adjusting?
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.26 06:12 Signs have shown increased hostility, mistrust, anger, malice, and an overall lack of adjustment to the premises.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 06:13 *stays silent*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 06:14 *goes to Hanna's room*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.26 06:14 oh that isnt good at all How do you thing we can help Aron adjust better?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 06:14 *nudges her in case she's asleep and then hugs her*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.26 06:14 *is alseep in her room*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.26 06:17 *mummbles a bit when Aron hugs her* mmtrying to sleep
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 06:17 I love you more than anything.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 06:17 Never forget that. Promise me you'll never forget that.
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.26 06:18 love you to now lemme sleep
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.26 06:21 It is suggested to just give him some extra time to adjust and if status does not change action will have to be taken to calm his hostility.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 06:21 *lets go of her and sits on a cushy chair in her room, refusing to leave her*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.26 06:22 what sort of action would you recomend if such a thing happend?
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.26 06:26 My programming suggests begin medication. *looks up at Alen* Is the action correct for this facility?
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.26 06:26 (this is what they do in Vulkanisch. They go right to forcing their patients to be calm)
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.26 06:28 give him two weeks to adjust if his anger and hostilitay levels havent lowered at least 20% then we can start him on medication
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.26 06:29 unless he gets violent if he gets physically violent sadate him and call me imediatly
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.26 06:29 Goodbye I will return later *leaves closing the door behind him*
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.26 06:29 Yes sir, I shall have this system programmed immediately!
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.26 06:30 *wakes up the next morning to see Aron in the chair* Aron? why are you in my bedroom?
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.26 06:31 *runs over to the door and sits down. He looks around and starts making a low whining sound until he eventually deactivates for the night*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 06:32 *sits there in silence*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 06:32 *wakes up abruptly**he had drifted off * Huh what??
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 06:33 *has dark circles under his eyes**he was awake most of the night* Just making sure they didn't take you away...
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.26 06:34 Aron you look exausted go get some sleep
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 06:35 *nods a little* Okay. *goes to his bed and goes to sleep*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.26 06:36 *cooking
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 06:37 Hi, oh um,... Beetle! can you get me the pepper?
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.26 06:39 *reactivates and runs to the kitchen* Of course, ma'am! *hops into the pantry and grabs the pepper*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 06:40 thank you beetle
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.26 06:40 *walks in* morning ladies, I see your taking full advantage of the kitchen! thats lovely
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 06:40 *a dragon about the size of Nycro appears on some shelves above Aron's bed**the dragon looks down at Aron sadly*
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.26 06:42 (Beetle can DEFINITELY sense the dragon's arrival. The question is.. should he alert Alen or no?)
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.26 06:44 {hmm idk would Beetle do such a thing?}
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.26 06:46 (its part of his programming to sound an alarm if there is an unidentified presence. It takes a lot out of him to stray from his programming)
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.26 06:46 (hence why he buzzes sometimes. He's making slight attempts at breaking through)
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.26 06:47 (the question is if you want him to or not)
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.26 06:48 {Im good with whatever}
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 06:50 [I don't care if he does or not. In fact, go ahead.]
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.26 06:51 [yeah he probably should tell him}
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.26 06:52 *senses the fifth heartbeat in the vicinity. Before he can act, his digital eyes turn dark and an alarm sounds* Intruder alert! Intruder alert! *hops off the counter and runs toward Aron's room, still sounding the alarm*
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.26 06:54 (hmm how do i explain a part of Beetle that I didn't draw because I wanted it to look cute? The bottom ring of his neck is a screen with a red line eye. There's a contraption hidden under that big neck that makes a mouth with 8 metal sharklike teeth on
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.26 06:54 [cool]
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.26 06:55 Whoa...its a Dragon....Aron...Wake up! there is a dragon on your bed...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 06:55 Dragon: *hops down from the shelf* He's not waking up. Not yet.
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.26 06:55 the jaw and six on the roof of the mouth. It's so well hidden that it just looks like a normal chest. It's a defense system because there's no point in a security bot that cannot incapacitate things)
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 06:56 *looks at the Dragon* Hey...what...are you doing here?..Im not aposed but...just wonderning
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 06:56 *the dragon is indigo and female*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.26 06:56 why wont he wake up is he hurt? *gets worried*
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.26 06:56 *the lights in his eyes shut down and the mouth at its chest speaks* Identify yourself!
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 06:57 Dragon: You've met me before...I've just changed form. I was just came for a visit.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 06:59 I..no I dont understand please expaline *is worried herself but isnt showing it*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 07:01 *explain
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.26 07:02 Identify! *starts buzzing*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 07:02 Dragon: I'm the ocelot fursonia you've seen a few times before.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 07:02 Dragon: *turns to the robot* Don't waste your energy on me.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 07:03 Dragon: *turns to Aron, giving him a heartwrenchingly sad look**then disappears*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 07:03 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 07:03 *groans* Not you again! hat do you want?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 07:03 *his eyes blink open* Wha...why are you all...??!? [Anyways, bye!]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 07:03 [nvm]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.26 07:04 *walks over and hugs Aron tightly and speaks in a half wisper* you scared me half to death
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.26 07:06 *overrides the security alert, thus locking his servos. he cannot move*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.26 07:08 *picks up beetle* [is there a switch or something to bring him back to normal?}
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.26 07:16 *hes back to normal but he needs to be recalibrated*
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.26 07:16 (whoops that meant to be in () )
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.26 07:18 {oh ok}
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.26 20:14 (recalibration is a simple and pretty fast process. basically just restarting the system)
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.27 04:06 hmm..recalibrating *sets him down then leaves*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 04:10 *a small portal opens and a dragon paw pops out, giving the robot a slight nudge that causes it to fall over on its side**the paw retracts and the portal disappears*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 04:11 [I couldn't resist. XD]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 04:12 *continues holding onto him*
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.27 04:14 *beeps a few times and automatically pushes himself upright*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 04:15 *whispers back* What...why...??
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 04:16 *hugs her back lightly*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 04:17 that stupid ocolot... I think she has it out for you
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 04:18 Ocelot...? Oh, her? What about her?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 04:20 *just hugs him agiain*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 04:21 *continues hugging her* Is...is Hanna alright?
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.27 04:21 ( https://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=fhhmDpS8ViU )
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.27 04:21 (sneak peek storyboard)
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.27 04:22 yeah im fine
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 04:26 your such an idiot *chuchkles slightly*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 04:28 [brb]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 04:28 [Nvm, I'm back.]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 04:29 [ok]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 04:31 [Hm...so that's Beetle?]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 04:32 [ye]
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.27 04:37 (he's a good boi)
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 04:38 *sits up* What happened?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 04:43 she wouldnt let you wake up i thought you were dead..
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 04:51 Oh...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 04:52 She didn't do anything to Hanna, did she?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 04:52 dont scare me like that ever agin
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 04:52 *again
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.27 04:52 no im fine
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 04:54 Okay. *it's unclear who he's answering*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 04:56 lets go eat breakfast
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.27 04:56 *finishes recalibrating and goes to the kitchen to bake some cookies*
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.27 05:03 *remains silent as he grabs plates for everyone*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 05:05 *sits down as well*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 05:09 are you ok beetle?
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.27 05:09 *places different foods on the table* help yourself.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 05:10 *fidgets*
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.27 05:10 Yes. I am fine. Just getting over my recalibration process.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 05:12 ok
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.27 05:14 *walks in* alright first off any volenteers?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 05:16 *looks at Alen, suspicious*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.27 05:17 I..I can do it
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.27 05:18 wonderful you can help me with my little project
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 05:20 No, I'll do it.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 05:20 *doesn't know what Alen wants to even do, but he doesn't want Hanna doing whatever it is with him*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.27 05:22 ok then you can come help lets go
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 05:23 *follows Alen*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 05:24 *keeps casting glances back at Hanna**doesn't like leaving her at all, but he wants to keep Alen away from her*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.27 05:27 *walks with aron closing the door behind him and goes to another room with puppies* We need to take the puppies for a walk
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.27 05:27 then give them a bath
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.27 05:27 *starts putting leashes on a couple and hands a few to Aron*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 05:30 *takes some of the leashes*
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.27 05:31 *awhile later pulls out a batch of cookies each of a different shape. He takes a few and arranges them meticulously then puts the others on a plate* You're welcome to have these whenever.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 05:32 thank you Beetle
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 05:33 *picks one up and starts eating it* So...you are not earth tech so where did you come from?
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.27 05:34 *opens the door to outside and starts walking the puppies with Aron* SO you obviously hate me, Why?.. if I may ask
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.27 05:35 My planet of origin is Exocoel, of the Irakurri universe.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 05:37 I don't.
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.27 05:38 you dont hate me? Thats a lie if I ever herd one *chuchkles a bit* Im not offendend dont worry again if we are alone you are free to say whatever
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 05:39 oh there are people on Falcon i kind of know from Ikuri
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.27 05:43 I've only ever known the scientists at Vulkanisch. And a few subjects. I feel bad for ratting out the blue-haired kid. Wonder if he's still alive.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 05:45 was his name Saxon?
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.27 05:45 how about this you ask a quesion and I answer honestly then I will ask a question and you answer honestly
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.27 05:47 I do not recall such a name. *sits for a moment* My database last recalls subject TS014, a blue-haired ice mage, 20 years old. Occupation: Temporary scientist.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 05:48 sounds like Saxon
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.27 05:49 So he was given a formal name? I'll have that updated
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 05:51 *hesitates**then says:* Were they really irredeemable? *is asking if his family couldn't be saved and revived*
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.27 05:51 This information is supposed to be confidential. *sits down* The recalibration has yet to fully restore the system programming. Occasions like these are rare. *picks up a cookie and sighs* ....It's nice to be cooking for a family again..
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.27 05:56 If only I could.... I'm still somewhat limited, even in what I say. Even so, I only have about a minute or so left.
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.27 06:00 Whenever I get the chance I will try to help, but there is not much I can do, I'm sorry.
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.27 06:01 yes when I first met them they were completely braindead...the day you met me was my 3rd day in this facility I was stationed at another one prior to this...I was like you actually
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 06:02 no your ok.. you dont have to be sorry I understand
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.27 06:03 its called pairing, they pair you a normal person they take you from a young age and pair you with someone very powerful so they can use you to control them, except I didnt have a family like you I was an orphan
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 06:03 *pauses, staring into space*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.27 06:03 after I worked for them for years I was promoted to this position here in charge of you three
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 06:04 *looks calm on the outside, but insanity is festering rapidly on the inside*
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.27 06:04 ...Saxon is alive, then? I figured he'd been killed off like most other subjects since he just disappeared.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 06:05 no he is alive and well he dosent talk about his past though
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.27 06:08 Understandable. And what about you? You seem like you've been in a lab before. Most new subjects have much higher heart rates and are difficult to work with while you haven't seemed quite indifferent comparatively.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 06:10 I have been in this lab since I was 7 I hate it but Im used to it
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.27 06:10 I see.
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.27 06:14 If you go along peacefully you can easily get out of here when your 18-19 years old
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 06:16 *doesn't really hear Alen at this point**all he can hear is his heartbeat again*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.27 06:17 or you can br promoted like me and if you have a high position that means you make the rules and you can get your sister out of here alltogether, which is what I did with my brother
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.27 06:17 Word has it Vulkanisch has reopened. I hope he doesn't make me come back to that awful place.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 06:19 *suddenly grabs Alen and shoves him against a wall* Liar!!
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 06:19 You're just like the rest of them!! Keep your filthy hands off my sister or I swear I will kill you!!! *his eyes are wild*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 06:19 *pulls him off and then slams him against the wall again*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.27 06:20 *shoves Aron off him* Why the H*ll would I lie about that? also dont get violent with me that wont end up well
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.27 06:21 [nvm]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 06:22 I WILL KILL YOU!!! *tries to punch him repeatedly*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.27 06:23 *pushes a button on his watch and sucurity comes quickly and grabs Aron tightly he straitens his coat out* you are going to deeply regret that
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.27 06:25 *they drag aron to a room there is a one way mirrior in this room so Aron can see into another room but the person in that room cannot see him*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.27 06:27 *has someone collect Hanna and she is put in the other room Aron can see and hear her but she cannot see or hear him*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.27 06:28 *stands in the room looks very nervous*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 06:33 *kicks the mirror*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.27 06:34 *speaks through the speaker in Arons Arm* I warned you not to get violent Aron....Your sister is about to be in alot of pain...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 06:34 *he did that before Hanna was brought in*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 06:34 Hanna...HANNA!!! *bangs wildly on the mirror as hard as he can* HANNA GET OUT OF THERE!!! HANNA!!!!
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 06:35  Secret message to Big Jim  
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.27 06:35 *a man walks into Hannas room and grabs her roughly then breaks her leg she crys out in pain and drops to the floor and trys to crawl away from him*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.27 06:36 [yeah]
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.27 06:37 *speaks through his arm again* She cant hear you Aron she has no idea that you are there
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.27 06:38 (man now i feel bad because when I read what happened to Hanna I actually said "rip" out loud)
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.27 06:39 *he starts kicking and punching her until she is bruised and a small puddle of blood is on the floor and the man leaves hanna is left on the floor crying* S...Somebody help me P...lease help me..
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.27 06:39 [oh no]
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.27 06:41 ...
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.27 06:42 I tried to be nice Aron I tried to be kind but that just wasnt alright for you, YOu just had to get violent...and beacause you did your sister is broken and bruised and IT wouldnt have happened if you didnt lash out
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 06:42 *his heart rate is dangerously high**he is clutching his head, pacing around, and moaning Hanna's name over and over**at one point, he violently bangs his head against the wall*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 06:43 *is crying extremely hard while doing all this*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 06:43 I...I dont like being alone....I wish I knew if they were ok or not...
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.27 06:44 and now you are being a danger to yourself... ok.. we are going to move you to a diffrent room
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.27 06:44 Would... You like to know the status of them both?
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.27 06:45 *some gaurds come is and take aron they move him to a padded room with foam chairs and foam furniture it looks like a normal bedroom but everything is soft and squishy so he cant hurt himself*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 06:46 I...Im unsure...yes but I'm scared of the answer
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.27 06:46 Not good, I'm afraid. *lists off the status of both Hanna and Aron*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.27 06:47 now Aron if you calm down and start to couperate then we will let you visit your sister again as long as you dont show violent behavior
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 06:48 *doesn't answer anything**his mind is whirling*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 06:48 *tears start flowing from her eyes*...who...who gave the order for that to happen to them explain what happened and why they were hurt
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 06:48 *is convinced that he messed up horribly and that they're going to kill her and it's all his fault*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 06:49 *sits and rocks in one place for a while**then paces for a while**then sits and rocks in one place for a while...rinse and repeat*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 06:49 *stops crying and seems to get calmer and better over time**on the inside, he's only getting worse and worse*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 06:50 *finally takes a sheet, tears it, and turns it into a rope*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 06:52 *his mind is by now a complete mess**has gone wayyyyy past the despair event horizon (https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/DespairEventHorizon)*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 06:52 *about 20 minutes later, he kicks out the chair from beneath himself, and his life ends*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 06:53 [This is why I appeared in his room. I was mourning him already.]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 06:54 [This is probably the saddest RP death I've ever done--at least from my perspective. I knew what was going to happen for several days and was building it up. It just made the whole thing really sad for me.]
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.27 06:54 *some gaurds come in and dispose of his body*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 06:54 [Also, some of those secret messages earlier were me promising RaeAnna a slot on AHAW--namely, slot twelve. Go ahead and free it up for her; it's all hers. She needs it for more characters she intends to bring in.]
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.27 06:54 *keeps silent, in fact, tries to back away to the door*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 06:55 [I'm just curious...did you see it coming?]
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.27 06:56 (sort of. in a way. But not exactly how it went down)
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.27 06:56 [yes]
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.27 06:56 [not strangulation but I figured a furnished room ment you were gonna try to kill him using funiture]
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.27 06:59 *is carried into the room all bandaged up and is layed on the couch the guy carrying her leaves*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 06:59 [Yep.]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 06:59 hanna are you ok?....Were is Aron *hanna shrugs a bit not wanting to speak* Beetle were is Aron?
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.27 07:00 *looks away*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 07:00 [I guess I'll keep this slot for Irakurri Aron.]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 07:01 [I never really liked having two of the same character until it turned out they were quite different. But I've been intending to get rid of one of my AHAW Gandalf hero team members for a while. I at first was thinking of having Calvin retire with Emily,
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 07:01 but I'm too attached to him (he's the last of my very original three AHAW characters--Nova, Gandalf, and Calvin) and I've been trying to find a way to retire Aron anyway. I just didn't know I'd kill him off until the Hanna arc came along.]
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.27 07:02 I need a replacement Aron.... *calls up the deer and they inform him of another Aron the Ikuri one and they send him to Alen*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.27 07:02 [yeah thats perfectly fine]
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.27 07:02 (That... Is by far the best thing I've read today. "I need a replacement Aron")
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.27 07:03 Hello you must be Aron yes?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 07:03 Beetle! were is Aron? *looks really scared*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 07:03 [Oh my god.]
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.27 07:03 (speaking of AHAW we are both there again i believe)
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 07:04 [no its ok I can figure something out]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 07:04 [I was actually thinking of asking if Irakurri Aron could be used in Yinyang Aron's place to complicate things. XD XP]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 07:04 [Well...no need to ask, then.]
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.27 07:05 *sighs and makes a flatline noise, then trots over to Hanna*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 07:06 [ye replacement Aron]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 07:06 *colapses and starts sobbing*
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.27 07:07 (*doesnt want to respond to anything due to internally screaming to stop listening to music* XD)
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.27 07:07 wait *her voice is raspy* what dose that beep mean I..I dont understand...is my brother ok?
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.27 07:07 [I should mention Ikuri Aron dose not have siblings]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 07:08 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.27 07:08 (A song got recommended to me and it has made me involuntarily start planning Saxon's future death. This has to stop it's making me cry)
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 07:09 Agh!! Wha...who...who are you? *looks around, recognizing the lab surroundings, and goes pale* [Anyways, bye!]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 07:09 [@ RaeAnna: Uh...we have Saxon-Aedona plans...please don't kill him off...]
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.27 07:10 ( I wont yet. I don't WANT TO! This song is killing me.)
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 07:10 [Wait wait wait. Could there be a story arc where Saxon dies, but he could be brought back, and Aedona has to find a way to do so? That'd be an interesting arc. Anyways, bye!]
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.27 07:12 (https://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=M2LfgczASvc I know you don't like this kind of music so start at 2:29 and mute it until 3:17. That's when the song changes and is more quiet. listen from there until the end)
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.27 07:12 (this is all so fitting for him.. ;-;)
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.27 07:14 I am Alen no need to worry no one here is going to hurt you I just need you to live in an well basically an apartment with some others it has bedrooms and a kitchen tv, everything you will need
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.27 07:14 (well listen until the guitar picks up again)
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.27 07:15 (or until the end if you'd like. At the end there's incredibly sad whistling)
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.27 07:17 [poor hanna she dosent understand ]
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.27 07:18 I'm so sorry. He's gone.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 17:22 Wh...why? Where am I? This is Earth, right?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 19:17 [@ Caprial: I sent you some messages on AHAW, BTW. ^.^]
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.27 19:35 Hanna is this Arons little sister
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.27 19:35 [Ok]
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.27 19:41 So this Arong got extremly violent which is why im a bit bruised, and his mental state diteriated rappidly and he took his own life if we knew he was planning to do that we would have kept him from doing so
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.27 19:45 So just live in a house and do what you normally would do, are you ok woth this?
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.27 19:45 And will you be able yo do this without getting violent?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 19:47 pHey!]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 19:47 *[
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.27 19:48 [Hi your ahaw world idea is good altho I would like to finish the deer thing first]
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.27 19:49 [I.E saxon finishing his freezing and sucurity]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 19:49 [OK. So basically once Saxon's done with what the deer assigned him, I can nab him and and plop him in the rescue team?]
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.27 19:50 [Yes]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 19:53 [Okie dokie. ^.^ I'm sharing the plan with RaeAnna on AHAW.]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 19:53 [I'm not sure if she's on anymore, so could you message her so we can all come on together?]
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.27 19:53 [Ok]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 19:57 Yeah sure, I can do this.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 19:58 *is aware that if the other Aron was anything like him, violent acts would be EXTREMELY abnormal for him**both Arons are definitely not the violent type**knows something is very wrong with the whole situation if the other Aron turned to violence*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.27 20:05 Good fallow me please
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 20:08 *follows Alen quietly*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.27 20:10 gone...gone were did they move him to alother facility?
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Jul.27 20:13 *opens the door to the room* go on in
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.27 20:14 no
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.27 20:15 *sees Aron in the doorway and smiles big* ARON!!
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 20:18 *comes in* Oh, uh...you must be Hanna. *extends a hand for a shake*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 20:19 I'm...I'm not your Aron.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 20:19 Sorry...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 20:19 *his clothes are different, of course*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 20:22 *sees Aron is crying alot knows its not her Aron but hugs him tightly anyways*
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.27 20:25 huh...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 20:25 [Is Laidir letting Borenaga and Aedona go now?]
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.27 20:26 *right about now he stands up straight and his eyes brighten and he runs over to the three* Server back online! Sorry for the inconvenience! Can I be of service to you?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 20:30 *says quietly* Could you get some tissues?
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Jul.27 20:31 Yes of course! *runs into the other room and returns with some high quality tissues*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.27 20:31 what do you mean your not my Aron I..I dont understand
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 20:33 *turns to Hanna* There's a parallel universe called Irakurri. It has alternate versions of some people from this universe.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 20:33 *uses the tissue and continues hugging him*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 20:33 I'm from that universe. I'm basically your Aron's counterpart there. Even I have trouble understanding it...
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 20:34 Hanna he is like a twin of Aron he looks like him and sometimes acts a bit like him but he isnt the same as your brother
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 20:36 Hanna...I'm very sorry to say this, but...your brother killed himself.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 20:36 That's why I'm here, I guess...they wanted me to help you get through this.
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.27 20:38 w...what no your lying *starts crying* you...your my brother
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 20:39 I'm sorry. I'm not.
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.27 20:46 *keeps crying* NO..no you are your my big brother and your really over protective and you fallow me around everyweare and protect me from things that I dont need protecting from and its annoying sometimes but I dont care beacause you only do it beacause
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.27 20:47 your worried about me beacause I'm your little sister and you dont want anyone to hurt me not even my feelings
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.27 20:49 and and even if..if we are a part for a few minututes you. you always hug me when you see me again and ask if Im ok and..*is incoherent and just crys into a pillow*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 20:49 *shakes his head quietly*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 20:54 *goes and its on the couch by hanna and rubs her back while she crys as well* hey......I...it will....we...we will be ok
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 20:57 *sighs and follows the two girls*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 20:59 *tries to hug them both*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.27 21:01 *hugs him back tightly crying into him heavily*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 21:05 *after a few hours Hanna is asleep on the couch and she is in the kitchen making bread*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 21:08 I used to hate cooking...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 21:10 *is sitting on the couch with Hanna sleeping on his lap*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 21:11 thank you...for staying here..
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 21:14 Thank Alen or whoever that guy was. He teleported me here.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 21:15 I know but you...you could be locking yourself in the bedroom or completely ignoring us...
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 21:18 oh...w..what happend if you dont mind me asking
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 21:23 We...decided it wouldn't really work out between us...the way things are... *shifts uncomfortably*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 21:23 So I just moved in with Tomas--my Tomas...and she moved out somewhere...
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.27 21:30 oh...ok...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.28 04:24 Do you think Hanna will make it through this? I don't want her to think I'm really her brother...
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.28 04:26 she...she probably will be ok it will take time though
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.28 04:34 *nods a little*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.28 04:34 *finally asks the question that's been nagging him* Why would he get violent?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.28 04:40 Mathews retired before he did he killed Arons family except for Hanna left them brain dead...and since Hanna was his only family he got extrememly protective especially around Alen
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.28 04:49 Oh...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.28 04:49 I can see how that could cause anyone to fall apart...
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.28 04:50 *nods a bit*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.28 05:08 *tries to gently scoot away from Hanna without waking her up*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Jul.28 05:14 *mumbles a bit but stays asleep*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.28 05:41 *goes to the bathroom**then comes back and checks the kitchen for a quick snack*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Jul.28 05:49 oh the robot over there thats beetle
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Jul.28 05:50 Oh...uh...hi, Beetle.
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Aug.5 04:24 Hello, Aron, sir!
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Aug.5 04:42 Aron in your lab did you meet an Alen?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Aug.5 04:45 *looks through the cabinets for something to munch on*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Aug.5 04:46 No, I didn't.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Aug.5 04:46 I knew a Matthew, though. [I'm assuming there's a counterpart to Matthew, but if not I'll just undo his previous statement.]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Aug.5 04:48 The Mathew here retired
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Aug.5 04:54 *pauses**finally says:* Let's just say...some fires, given enough time...die out.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Aug.5 04:57 it only dies out if no one makes an effort to fuel it in the first place
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Aug.5 05:03 Then neither of us made any effort. *shrugs his shoulders*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Aug.5 05:12 oh...my....my Aron was working with the lab...he lied to me alot did...did you do the same thing with your lab? he...he did it to protect his family
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Aug.5 05:16 *shakes his head* No...I didn't work for them.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Aug.5 05:16 I don't even really know what happened to my family.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Aug.5 05:16 oh....
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Aug.5 05:32 *puts her bread in the oven* so what have you been doing before this?...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Aug.5 05:36 Helping out at Tomas'.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Aug.5 05:42 oh...thats fun..
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Sep.1 06:32 *paces a bit and leans on Bakura* im going insain not being able to use magic...
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Sep.4 05:21 *it has been months since the 3 (4 if you count beetle) have been in this house inside the lab Hannas has been walking on crutches but her leg is making a speedy recovery none of them have left the room though leaving them with a false sense of sucurity*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Sep.4 05:26 *has gotten used to being more of a big brother figure, though he continues to be firm when it comes to whether he's actually her brother (in other words, he always makes it clear that he's not Yinyang Aron)*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Sep.4 05:28 *a whole lot of his initial awkwardness is gone, but he tries not to mention his Yinyang counterpart unless he has to reaffirm that he's not that Aron*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Sep.4 05:28 *taps Aron on the shoulder* hey what do you call a psycic midget running from the cops?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Sep.4 05:31 Hm...I have no idea. What?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Sep.4 05:34 A small medium at large *smiles big at her joke*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Sep.4 05:39 *strains his face in efforts not to laugh (and also because the pun inflicts damage on the souls of all who witness it), but finally gives in and laughs quietly*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Sep.4 05:41 *smiles more seeing that it actually worked* come on its your turn to pick the movie tonight
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Sep.4 05:46 Alright. *looks through the movies*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Sep.4 05:46 Unless you want me or Hanna to pick...she has her eyes on the new my little pony movie but Im looking at the Decoy bride... but Hey your pick whatever movie
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Sep.4 05:48 *chooses the classic Humphrey Bogart movie "The Maltese Falcon"*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Sep.4 05:48 I'm in the mood for some film noir...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Sep.4 05:54 *turns the movie on and yells to that it's movie time so that Hanna and Beetle can come over and watch*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Sep.4 05:54 *smiles* alright i will grab Hanna *walks off and comes back with Hanna making her way over to the couch*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Sep.4 05:54 [Nvm]
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Sep.4 06:00 *groans* you always pick the old boring films
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Sep.4 06:02 The old films are not boring. They're interesting and...sophisticated.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Sep.4 06:02 You'll...uh...appreciate them more when you're older.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Sep.4 06:03 *sits down and starts watching*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Sep.4 06:04 *sighs and watches the movie*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Sep.4 06:05 *while watching she leans on Aron a bit without notice that she is doing it*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Sep.4 06:15 *it takes him a while to notice, as he's fixed on the movie**when he does, he feels awkward and doesn't know what to do, so he just tries to pay attention to the movie*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Sep.4 06:18 *after a while her head rests on Arons shoulder*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Sep.4 06:22 *clears his throat a little and squirms slightly but naturally as if he's just adjusting himself*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Sep.4 06:26 *since she is asleep her body falls a bit and her head lands on his lap whole the rest of her body is curled up on the couch*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Sep.4 06:31 *realizes she's asleep and decides not to bother her**feels hot and awkward, though*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Sep.4 06:50 You wont see her again for a long time if not all i didnt mean for it to sound grimm..just it is the truth...
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Sep.4 06:50 *woke up when he turned on the lights* I..I dont want to leave...
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Sep.4 06:56 Im not asking im tellingbut you can choose to come easily or be difficult...choose quickly and make the right choice or their will be consequences...*glances at Hanna* how is your leg Hanna?..getting better I hope?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Sep.4 06:57 *is shaking alot had tightly grabbed onto Arons arm* w...what are you going to do..w..were are you taking me?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Sep.4 07:00 *gets up shakily and slowly walks twards him she keeps ahold of arons hand til she can no longer reach him as she walks over to Alen* im the only one leaving right?...
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Sep.4 07:06 looks at the couch as she is being pulled out until the door shuts behind her*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Sep.4 07:32 *a few minutes later the door opens and Saxon is standing there*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Sep.4 07:36 *holds beetle tightly and stares at Saxon*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.4 07:37 Hello there, I'm Saxon
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Sep.4 07:43 Hi...
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Sep.4 07:45 This is your new roomate call if you need anything their is a phone on the kitchen wall that only calls mewh
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Sep.4 07:45 But i will check on you tomarrow *closes the door behind saxon and it locks tightly
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Sep.4 07:51 Oh...so she is ok?
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Sep.4 07:53 *looks at saxon hopefully*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.4 07:53 If she is cooperative, then somewhat. They may use her for testing, seeing how much of an asset she could be to the lab.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.4 07:55 I'm sorry but I am just going to be honest... *sits down and sighs*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Sep.4 07:56 This is beetle...
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Sep.4 07:57 *holds beetle out twards Saxon*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Sep.4 07:57 Honesty..is ok id rather have the truth then noy knowing whats going on
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Sep.4 07:58 Greetings, TS014! Has Dr. Nilsson decided he no longer needs your assistance? *Saxon: Apparently.
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Sep.4 07:59 Oh you know him Beetle? Is he nice? And a goid person?
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Sep.4 08:00 *good [also I'm going to bed]
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Sep.4 08:40 *starts lifting off some of Saxon's file* Subject TS014: Ice mage. Age: 18 -
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.4 08:41 *interrupts Beetle* I'm much older than that now.
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Sep.4 08:48 Okay. *continues* Attributes: Ice, Shadow. Class: EX. Recommended specializations: Assassin, warrior, backup scientist, engineer's assistant. Further notes: Subject is a hard worker with ambition previously unseen in the facility, thus potentially
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Sep.4 08:48 dangerous.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.4 10:28 ...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Sep.4 21:42 *finally speaks* "Home universe?" So...are you from the other universe--Irakurri?
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Sep.5 04:28 whats Ikuri?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.5 05:23 Irakurri is a dangerous universe. Yes I am from there.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Sep.5 20:33 I'm from Irakurri as well. My name is Aron.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.6 04:57 Heh. What are the chances? So... Comparatively, how bad can this place be?
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Oct.2 05:42 *looks down and dosent say anything hugs Beetle a bit more closly*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.2 08:12 BKN... Bones.. Can you manage to shut down your audio receivers for 30 seconds?
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Oct.2 08:14 .. *nods* I will certainly try. *buzzes for a little while until his ears fall limp* Error. System audio failure. Rebooting...
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.2 08:17 *smiles a little, then looks serious* Okay so I will need you to write down any information you have on this facility for me. Any vents, Windows, doors, cameras.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.2 08:18 I must know as many locations as possible.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.2 08:22 You'll be the second.
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Oct.2 08:40 My leg is broken, Im a liability if your going to escape it will be quicker and easier without me
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.2 09:52 Who said anything about me escaping? You are the ones who don't fit in here.
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Oct.2 19:47 Im confused...what do you mean?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.2 20:01 I intend to get you out of here.
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Oct.2 20:32 But...you..are gojng to get out with us right?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.2 20:34 Eh. If it so happens to end that way.
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Oct.2 20:49 I...i dont think this is a good Idea...
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.2 20:53 They never are good ideas. Unfortunately one must take risks to get anywhere in this plane.
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Oct.2 22:21 No...no if we just...listen to them and do what we are told we wont get hurt..It...an attempt isnt worth the risk
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.2 22:25 *scoffs* Then why are you hurt, huh? We're all just guinea pigs here. They don't really care if you cooperate they'll still hurt you.
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Oct.2 22:28 The people who hurt me they got fired it wasnt a planned thing when they broke my leg and Assaulted me...Alen is in charge of us and he has never hurt me he has actually protected me from alot of things here
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Oct.2 22:30 He..used to be a scientist that was assigned to work with me along with others but he wasnt in charge but he always was kind to me he wasnt rough or abusive like the others and now he is in charge of this room at least he might be in charge of others..
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.2 22:31 It's just a matter of time before you'll change your mind about him.
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Oct.2 22:32 I dont know if he is or not but this place is a living nightmare but Alen isnt Alen takes care of us and I dont want to risk escaping and getting caught then being moved to an orange or red zone were he cant protect me
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Oct.2 22:33 I have been around him since I was 5, I trust him and he is the only person here that I trust
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Oct.2 22:35 And a simple fact of the matter is I am not saposed to be here im not useful to them anymore Alen got me off their kill list by agreeing to pay for everything for me with his own money if I try living its kill on sight for me thats the truth
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Oct.2 22:44 *her watch beeps and she pulls a orange pill bottle from her pocket leans over and picks up the glass of water on the table she takes one yellow pill and one light green tablet and swallows them with a sip of water*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.2 22:48 They are all cruel, no matter how kind they act. They have a job to do. No scientist is your friend.
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Oct.2 22:52 I dont belive you
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Oct.2 22:53 *puts the cap back on the pill bottle and puts it back on her pocket*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.2 22:55 What are those for?
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Oct.2 22:57 My bone marrow dosent make enough blood cells
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.2 22:58 I see.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.2 22:59 There's a man named Nixon at the lab I grew up in. He's quiet and considerate, much like your Alen. I wanted to call him a friend. HE was the one who taught me that scientists are not friends.
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Oct.3 01:49 Things must be diffrent in Ikuri then
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.3 03:08 I seriously doubt that. Anyway, Beetle should be rebooted any minute now so we must stop talking about the matter of escape.
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Oct.3 03:09 Ok
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.3 03:16 [Hi!]
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.3 03:16 Nevertheless... May I take a look at your medication? I specialized in pharmaceuticals back in the other lab so I'm kind of curious.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.3 03:17 (A blatant lie but they don't know him sooo)
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.3 03:20 *hasn't really spoken because he wants to keep his thoughts to himself for now**he agrees with Saxon that no scientist is their friend, and he doesn't trust Alen nearly as much as Hanna does, but at the same time he doesn't know if trying to get out is
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.3 03:21 worth the risk*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.3 03:23 (Oh btw I'm taking part in Goretober so if you want to see my daily entries I can put them on a Google doc. Also note that I am drawing each entry in MS paint unless i feel inspired otherwise)
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.3 03:23 [If you need lineart for all three of those characters, I can provide you my original lineart. The only colored character I can provide you with at the moment is Eira.]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.3 03:25 [OK, interesting. I hadn't heard of Goretober until now (I just looked it up). I'm not a big fan of blood in art, though, so I'm neutral about it. Share your drawings if you feel compelled to.]
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.3 03:25 (I created a new creature and drew Dag so far)
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.3 03:26 (Im drawing Armis tomorrow cause it's "playing with knives")
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Oct.3 03:27 Im not giving you my medication
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.3 03:28 What am I even going to do with it? All I want is to take a quick look at it. (Gtg now)
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.3 03:29 [I bet you could make all your Goretober drawings be of Armis and still have Armis drawing ideas to spare. XD XP]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.3 03:30 [See ya! @ Caprial: Meet me on AHAW 2! My replies will be a bit slow. I'm doing math.]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.3 03:38 [@ Caprial: Are you still around?]
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Oct.3 03:41 My brother once got ahold of my pills and took them all at once it killed him
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Oct.3 03:41 [Ye im on]
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.3 05:34 Why the heck... That is not my preferred way to go, thank you very much.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.3 05:35 I could make sure he doesn't do anything bad to your medication.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.3 05:38 As of I'd do anything anyway.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.3 05:38 Literally just being curious here.
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Oct.3 05:39 Reboot complete. What did I miss? *Saxon: Nothing important, glad you're back.
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Oct.3 05:40 Saxon wants to look at my medication
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.3 05:41 Maybe just give him one yellow and one green pill. It's not like he'll need the whole bottle.
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Oct.3 05:42 Saxon is certified to carry out this task.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.3 05:43 Of course I don't need the whole bottle
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.3 05:46 (Gtg now. Ill respond after work)
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.3 05:48 [OK, see you!]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.3 05:49 [gtg myself. See you! *offline*]
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Oct.3 05:52 *hands him the pill bottle*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.3 08:06 Thank you. *examines the bottle, then takes out a pill* Interesting.. Very interesting.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.3 10:29 And here I figured they were giving you sugar pills. *puts the pill back and returns the bottle to Hanna*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Oct.3 13:55 What would be the benifite of giving me fake pills except to slowly kill me..ah i see your point. No if they were gaing to kill me they easily could they wouldnt need sugar pills *puts the bottle back in her pocket*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.3 16:18 [But what if they ARE sugar pills because of placebo effect?!]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.3 16:18 [Dun dun DUNNNN!!]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.3 16:21 [It's definitely possible for her to take sugar pills and not die due to placebo effect, but then again it would make zero sense plot-wise... XD XP So much for thinking outside of the box...]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.3 16:21 [...Unless the lab is trying to save money on making medication! DUN DUN DUNNNNNN!!!]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.3 16:22 [I'll shut up with my ranting. But as you can see, I'm keeping an eye out for plot twists... *squinty suspicious eyes*]
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.3 17:53 *takes a seat on the couch* You clearly have more than Vulkanisch had. So what if there to do here?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.3 18:06 *is
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Oct.3 22:52 [No its not sugar pills]
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Oct.3 22:59 Made it into a dome thing its over there *points to it in the corner of the living room* we put a sheet over it so it would like...look cooler I guess
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.3 23:06 *sighs* I wonder if I can reprogram the computer. Not my specialty but it'd be something interesting to do..
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Oct.3 23:08 Ok doing that wont get you an internet conection but go for it...just dont screw up the progress on my games
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.3 23:10 No promises. *goes to the computer and boots it up, opening up the command prompt and scanning through the coding*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.4 03:10 [I'm on!]
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.4 03:13 (Hi)
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.4 03:15 [Hey!]
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.4 03:17 It appears I cannot manually tamper with the codes. Have either of you tried looking at the inside,of the computer itself?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.4 03:17 What am I saying, of course not.
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Oct.4 03:20 Please refrain from further exploitation of the desktop system. *Saxon: Don't worry, Bones, I'm not trying to find anything I'm just messing around.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.4 03:21 So Aron, why are you here?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.4 03:26 (Gtg see you at 9:30)
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.4 03:26 The other Aron died...killed himself...so they took me in to help Hanna cope.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.4 03:26 Hanna is Yinyang Aron's sister.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.4 03:26 [See ya! @ Caprial: Meet me on AHAW 2!]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.4 03:38 [@ Caprial: When you come on, of course.]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.4 05:34 So why are you here?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.4 05:44 Hmm.. No. Seemed pretty submissive. With that mentality she would likely be given a few freedoms. The place has changed so she would likely end up being an assistant to one of the scientists.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.4 05:48 (Aaaand I gtg.)
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.4 05:53 [See you!]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.4 05:53 So is she in Irakurri now?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.4 08:08 Yep.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.4 20:14 On the bright side there's a chance she could escape with the rescue team.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.4 21:09 "Rescue team??"
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.4 21:11 Yes, rescue team. Something about freeing the... Yin Yang duo?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.4 21:11 *shrugs* Dunno about any of that.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.4 21:30 (Wait a second where is this lab? What planet?)
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Oct.4 23:10 [Earth this lab is on earth but it is extememly high tech magic proof all the works stuff the public dosent think exists]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Oct.5 04:06 [ye]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.5 04:07 [@ Caprial: Hi! :D Meet me on AHAW 2 and AHAW! Aedona asked C.J. something on AHAW.]
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.5 05:33 (Mmk)
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.5 05:34 [Hi!]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.5 05:35 I don't know either...
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.5 05:35 Knowing how these events turn out she will be back in this universe anytime now
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.5 05:38 How do you know?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.5 05:41 I've seen so many of these events I'm just not even going to be surprised if that's how it turns out
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.5 05:44 Alright then... *slightly questions Saxon's sanity, but he does hope that Saxon is right*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.5 05:45 (XD)
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.5 05:46 [I mean, he is this dude with weird hair who asks for Hanna's pills and then talks about this rescue team and Yinyang duo... XD]
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.5 05:46 *turns off the computer* Not feeling like getting in trouble yet so I'll leave that alone. So what now?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.5 05:47 (Gtg now. Ill respond after work)
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.5 05:51 I don't know...can you cook? [See you!]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.5 05:51 Do you like movies...?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.5 08:09 Sure I can cook. Maybe not like a gourmet chef but it's still something. As for movies.. Depends on what you have.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.5 21:51 Is there a training ground?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.6 04:52 Uh...I suppose if you shove the couch over, there's enough room for you to exercise. But we're never really allowed out of this room.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.6 05:31 [I'm here!]
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Oct.6 05:34 *is watchung the tv while cutting something out of paper, acidently cuts a peice of the tip of her finger off and it starts bleeding but she seems perfectly calm*oh
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Oct.6 05:35 I think...i cut a bit of my finger off on acident.. thats weird..
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Oct.6 05:35 Its all red and stuff...i probably need a bandaid
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.6 05:36 No I need an actual training area. I don't think this place has any obstacle courses.. Something to keep me entertained.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.6 05:36 *said that before Hanna said anything*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.6 05:38 *turns to Hanna, a little concerned, but otherwise remains calm* You'll need more than a band aid for that. The real concern is that you're so calm. Especially with your... Personality type.
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Oct.6 05:38 *is kind of focusing on her finger curiously* its...thicker then water and..turns brown when it dries..I wonder why...
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Oct.6 05:40 Oh...hmm more then a bandaid ok...um...we have a first aid kit..in the bathroom cupboard but we could also call Alen...red is such a weird color
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.6 05:40 *quickly goes to a cabinet, pulls out some bandages, and runs over**starts wrapping Hanna's finger*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.6 05:40 *to the cupboard
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.6 05:41 *makes sure the bandages are tight* Sorry if I'm hurting you...
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Oct.6 05:43 It dose hurt but im ok *watches as a tiny drop surfaces on the bandages exterior*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Oct.6 05:44 *picks up her scissors and looks at the blood on them* Saxon is your blood red...I think blood is gross and it smells bad im scared of blood to *is still extremely calm*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.6 05:45 Hanna, it should hurt like h**l...are you sure you're okay?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.6 05:45 Bones, come here. *Beetle trots over to Saxon* Can you call Alen in here, please? *Beetle: Yessir. *sends a request for Alen*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.6 05:46 *instinctively glances at Hanna's pill bottles**doesn't really want her taking those pills anymore, but he isn't sure how to communicate that or what to do*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.6 05:46 *notices Aron's glance and calls him over as Beetle moves over to Hanna*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Oct.6 05:47 It dose hurt like h*ll but im ok *continues her calm temperment her eyes are not even watering*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.6 05:48 (I gtg now. Will respond after work)
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Oct.6 05:49 *rushes into the room with another doctor and his medical kit* Hanna are you ok? *the doctor gets to work fixing her finger*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Oct.6 05:49 It hurts very badly but im ok
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.6 05:55 *doesn't really believe that she's hurting at all*
8>Talie (Chia-Demon wolf mix), Youngyo.2018,Oct.6 06:49 [@ RaeAnna: By the way, we've just about concluded the Tiberion arc on AHAW 2, so you should be able to come on there soon. You can take Ruben's slot/slot 3 and put Corvis in it now. I changed the slot's name to "RaeAnna's slot" and the password to
8>Talie (Chia-Demon wolf mix), Youngyo.2018,Oct.6 06:49 "password." Go ahead and claim it!]
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.6 07:43 *looks around the room for the cameras and grabs a piece of paper, writing "Get me one of her pills. I want to try and run some tests on them". Gives the note to him*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.6 07:45 *gives the note to Aron
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Oct.6 08:44 Is she ok? Doctor: yes she is all patched up now...her uncanny calmness is due to her medication it it strong for the first half hour after she takes it and gradually wears off to normal emotions in about 2 hours
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Oct.6 08:45 Ok so New rule....Hanna you are not allowed around shap objects for 3 hours after taking toy medicine ok?
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Oct.6 08:45 Ok
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Oct.6 08:48 [Fyi their are hidden cameras all over the place]
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Oct.6 08:50 If Hanna misses a day of her meds or only takes one tablet without the pill or vise versa she will become extremely ill
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Oct.6 09:03 Also Saxon We will need to run some scans and tests on you later, nothing to invasive when would you feel comfertable with having these tests done?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.6 09:08 Anytime is fine. *shrugs* May I ask what kind of tests?
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Oct.6 09:09 Mri, cat scans...blood work..checkjng heart rate and such among other things
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.6 09:10 Sounds good to me. Sounds like Earth, are we on Earth?
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Oct.6 09:11 Also are you Alerigic or to any medication that would put you under or do certain ones have little to no or bad effects on you?
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Oct.6 09:13 Beacause everyone here except you is from earth Saxon you were to test if living thibgs could travel through our worm whole but now that your here..well everyone can be useful in some way
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.6 09:15 I don't think I'm allergic to anything you could give me.
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Oct.6 09:17 You might be surprized...when people look at earth then see low tech not very advanced not very civilised, that is what we want people to think
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.6 09:18 I've lived on Earth before, sir. Now here's the real question... Do you think my drivers license is valid on this Earth?
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Oct.6 09:18 If you are aleric to anything we would need to know for your own saftey
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Oct.6 09:19 Im afraid not...it wouldnt be..amd even if it was you probably wouldnt be allowed in cars here for several several years
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.6 09:21 Dang.. I miss my old truck. Good times... Anyway no I am not allergic to any medications.
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Oct.6 17:18 Are you alergic to anything that isnt medication?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.6 19:16 Peanuts? That's about it
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Oct.6 19:21 Thats very good to know
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.7 03:41 Indeed
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Oct.7 04:11 *his radio beeps he picks it up* Yes?...Oh really?!...yeah go ahead bring her here..thats wonderful mmhmm bye *puts his radio back*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 04:12 *a few minutes later she is brought inside the room* Hi...
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.7 04:24 Right...
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 04:25 //////////////
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 04:25 [oops]
2>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Oct.7 04:26 [I'm here!]
2>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Oct.7 04:26 [I'll be on both here and AHAW 2. I might later wish to switch to being on AHAW and AHAW 2 instead, though.]
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Oct.7 04:29 Alright. um...I will be back in 2 hours to collect you for tests Saxon *leavs the room closing and locking the door behind him*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.7 04:34 Well isn't this just great?
2>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Oct.7 04:35 [BTW, I imagine that Eloise has managed to stay out of the jurisdiction of the deer--mainly, she just steals a space ship, goes into space, lives in it until it runs out of resources, and then rinse and repeat.]
2>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Oct.7 04:36 [Basically she escapes the deer by not living on or near any planets. However, the longer the deer's rule has been, the harder it has been to steal ships and/or resources. Would it be okay if Eloise became part of Armis' rebel group?]
2>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Oct.7 04:37 [She'd still be nearly uncontrollable and have tendencies to sneak up on her comrades with syringes, but she doesn't have access to her labs anymore, so she is rational enough to not try to perform any experiments on others that are more complex than
2>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Oct.7 04:37 *sticks needle in someone else and waits to see what happens*]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 04:38 *shrugs a bit* This lab used to be worse at leasts its tolerable now
2>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Oct.7 04:38 [And she's performed so many experiments on so many different species that most--if not all--of the rest of the rebel group would be too boring for her to experiment on. At most, any incidents involving syringes would be more of an insane compulsion to do
2>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Oct.7 04:38 something rather than a real attempt at experimentation.]
2>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Oct.7 04:39 [She'd even go after someone with just saltwater in the syringe. XD XP]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 04:44 Oh Saxon have you seen the inside of the fort we made yet?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.7 04:45 Nope
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 04:46 come see inside its cool *stands up and walks inside the fort*
2>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Oct.7 04:48 [Sooo...could Eloise join Armis' rebel team?]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 04:48 *climbs inside the fort as well* Mind if I join you on this epic adventure?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.7 04:49 (Ehhhh maybe? He's growing more and more protective tho. Believe it or not he cares an awful lot about the creatures he raises)
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.7 04:49 Not at all.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 04:50 *sits down and grabs a paper and a pen and begins writing while talking* we made this thing out of Papaer and tape its really cool, what do you think? *hands him a paper saying "there are microphones and camera's everywhere so keep speaking also is
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 04:50 everything ok?" and hands him a pen*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 04:51 Yeah sure, Aron what did you do today? did you show Saxon Goat simulator yet?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.7 04:59 I like it. Quite creative. Anyway, I guess I am having some tests run on me. Big surprise there. *writes "Figured as much. Everything is fine. Already got some plans in motion. But more about you how did you get back so fast?"*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.7 05:00 Honestly this place doesn't seem as bad as I figured. Hopefully I can be put to work soon.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 05:02 *stars writting* Oh, they dont give..er,,,residents jobs here "Aedona and co long story, what plans?"
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 05:03 [@ Caprial: Yeah, I figured it was a way for secret communication.]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 05:04 Oh! Goat Simulator...I forgot...thanks for reminding me. *writes as quickly as he can about what happened with Hanna's finger and her medication and whatnot*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.7 05:04 Aye, but even my own files say I'm qualified for work. My hopes are that they give me something to do because I'll likely die in here doing nothing. *writes "Getting you lot out. Just for fun. Maybe help myself in the process"*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.7 05:06 Im not big on causing trouble in the lab. Vulkanisch taught me a lesson last time I caused trouble. Ended up killing friends.. *this is a lie based around actual events*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 05:07 *writes in reply to Saxon: "If this is anything like the Irakurri Earth lab, that could take years--that's assuming you're successful."*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.7 05:07 (You know which one)
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 05:08 Yeah...why would any of us cause trouble, anyway? This is a nice place...definitely better than the Irakurri Earth lab...
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 05:09 oh thats not good... but still *writes Getting out is not easy at all but it is possible just takes...literally years of planning Also Hanna dose not need the meds* maybe it will work
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 05:10 it used to be bad really bad but they added new protocals
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.7 05:12 So I hear. But if these people want advances in their work they'd let me help out. Otherwise they'd just be wasting Dr. Nilsson's resources. *smiles* BKN is here for a reason. Probably to keep tabs on this place.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 05:13 OH they gave us a wii recently lets play wii tenis its fun!
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.7 05:14 I wonder what that doctor will do when he finds out that he threw away his star pupil for some girl who was,hardly any use to him.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 05:15 Really? Huh...that's good. *writes "How are we supposed to get her off the meds?"*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 05:15 I stole his jackel puppy to
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 05:16 *@ Saxon* BKN?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 05:17 Jackal puppy?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 05:17 come on lets go play! *writes back, throw your Wii remotes and the microphones *drawsa a picture were each microphone in the living room ins there is 3 of them*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 05:18 BKN is beetle Aron
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 05:18 *walks out of the fort*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.7 05:18 The robot dog. That is basically Dr. Nilsson's pet. Bones would never let that machine out of his sight unless it was for a grander scheme. No doubt he is keeping tabs on this place. He doesn't just exchange info with other labs. Vulkanisch is a secret
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.7 05:18 For a reason
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 05:20 *helps start up the game*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.7 05:23 *said that before leaving the fort* Just so you know I am terrible at video games.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 05:23 Don't worry, I su ck too.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 05:24 It shouldnt be to hard its just swinging a remote *picks up a wii remote* oh it looks like the wrist straps are missing..meh
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 05:24 its not like we will need them
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 05:29 *turns it on and starts it starts playing really getting into the game after a few minutes her palm gets sweaty and it "SLips" out of her hand and hits a hidden microphone causing it to fall* Aw man...my hand got all sweaty no fair..*walks over and grabs
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 05:30 the remote she steps on the microphone on her way to make sure its broken then walks back over* Ok your turn Aron
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 05:38 *isn't sure how this is going to work; if all three of them "accidentally" hit all the microphones, it'd be painfully obvious what they're trying to do*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 05:39 *well, it lands near a microphone but doesn't hit it**stumbles after his remote, letting his knee "accidentally squish" the microphone in the process*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 05:39 *"accidentally"
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 05:40 Bro! seriously! dont let it fly like that! come on! you almost hit the TV!
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 05:42 Saxon your turn ...wait here ima make you a strap so it wont fall out of your hand to *makes a weak strap out of paper that can easily be broken* There thats better
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 05:43 Sorry, sorry... *is blushing a little, making it seem even more like a legitimate accident to those watching on the cameras*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.7 05:49 Sounds... Practical? These controllers are weird.. *ignores the game for a bit, trying to understand how the remote works* Ah, I see now. *starts playing for awhile. his hand doesn't get sweaty, but while he moves, he slips a paper under his feet and
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.7 05:50 eventually trips himself, causing him to stumble onto the third microphone* Oof! Who didn't clean up their mess??! *gets up and looks at the damage done* Great, now you've soiled my good name here.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 05:51 Honestly...that was well exicuted those were all the mics in this house...they picked up sound from every Area so they ant hear us now
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 05:56 *is worried* Are you sure?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.7 06:00 And how does this help us?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.7 06:00 Also, there's one more microphone
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 06:03 Beetle, is in the bedroom with hanna her bedroom door is closed and I tested his hearing range earlier he cant pick up clear sound from there
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.7 06:08 You'd be surprised what he can hear. The question is if he is actively trying not to hear. Between you and me he isn't the best security bot. Not meant to deal with such... Emotional creatures such as humans.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 06:09 how do we turn him off?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 06:10 Yeah...it sometimes almost seems as if...he's crying for help. What's his problem?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.7 06:13 It's.. A long story. I barely remember it happening, anyway. I try not to think about my days actually working in the lab.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.7 06:15 Simply put, Dr.Nilsson had Nixon build a security robot dog and ship it to Exocoel. I don't know exactly what was done, but the robot is hosting the real Dr.Nilsson.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.7 06:15 His soul, I mean.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 06:17 Weird...was Dr. Nilsson good or bad or...what?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.7 06:21 From what I've learned, Bones was a good man. A father who wanted to support his family, even going as far as working at the lab to put food on the table. He probably didn't know what the place would be like and was driven mad by what they made him do.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.7 06:21 But the doctor back in irakurri is a demon. All of us knew THAT. His real name is Sachiel. He cast the original soul out so he did not have to worry about a conscience.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 06:22 Oh...geez...
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.7 06:22 Bones often doesn't go against the machine's coding, but he is probably trying to be helpful to you because you might remind him of his family.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 06:26 Alright...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 06:27 So...what was the point of knocking out all the microphones, exactly? They're bound to figure it out in under an hour...
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 06:29 Hanna belives she has a dises she takes madication those capsules can hold any drug but she will always willingly take them since she belives its her medication they did the same thing to me before I figured it out
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 06:29 we have to get her to stop taking her medication also Saxon the walls here they move not the ones in the house but the rooms out their and the halls they move
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 06:32 You know...with the cameras...could they read our lips?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 06:38 my head is bent slightly down and im facing away from most camera's they see the top of my head and for head not my lips
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 06:42 Oops...uh... *tries to angle his head in a similar manner*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.7 06:43 yep. and if you must look up, sort of mumble your words. it'll be harder to understand but your lips cannot be read
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 06:43 yep
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 06:46 Got it...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.7 06:48 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Oct.8 04:16 Say anything you need to say now since they are going to realse gas in about 2 minutes to knock us out so they can come and fix the damage
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.8 04:18 How the heck are we supposed to get her off her medication?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Oct.8 04:19 convince her to stop taking it or find a way for it to get lost if we steal it the cameras will show so if it like falls out of her pocket acidently kick it under the couch or something
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.8 04:42 Alright...but how are we supposed to convince her to stop taking it?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Oct.8 04:44 I...I have no Idea but I can probably tell her about my fake ilness
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Oct.8 04:55 Which might cause her to try her own experiment and cause her to try going without her meds doe a day or so
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.8 04:57 Yeah...that's a good idea...
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2018,Oct.8 22:39 [I don't know if you guys are around, but I can be online for a little while.]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Oct.8 22:46 Yeah...wait...nothing is happening...they should have gassed this place by now we should be out cold...
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2018,Oct.8 22:47 [Hi!]
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2018,Oct.8 22:47 [I'll mainly be on AHAW 2.]]
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2018,Oct.8 22:47 *]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Oct.8 22:47 [Hi Raeanna is on AHAW2]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Oct.8 22:48 [Lets just only be on SHAW2 it will be easier]
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2018,Oct.8 22:49 [Yeah, that's a good idea.]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.9 03:15 Are you sure you found all the microphones?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.9 03:15 They could be just inside the walls or some other place that's impossible to get to...
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Oct.9 03:57 no...inside walls would distort the sound to much...
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Oct.9 03:58 *walks into the room* You know I try to make things nice for you guys but you make it Really difficult
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.10 18:13 *doesn't say anything*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.10 18:14 [BTW, I was thinking about my psychological thriller RP earlier this morning (I'm going to open it after I get back from Europe, by the way), and I realized that one of your characters would probably be perfect in it.]
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Oct.10 18:15 [Whom?]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.10 18:15 [That character is Theo. The only issue is that in his current state he'd be way overpowered, so if you want to "import" Theo into my RP you'll have to crank down the strength of his mind control power quite a bit. (The whole cast is human.)]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.10 18:16 [For instance, a really good way to make him less powerful would be that he can only control one person at a time, and the control lasts for a shorter period. The control switches to someone else and the "timer" restarts every time he gives someone else
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Oct.10 18:17 All of you in my office now *opens the door and points to the white office coneccted to evwry room except instead of 2 chairs and a table it has a couch 1 chair and a table*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.10 18:17 [What do you think?]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.10 18:18 [Though now that I think about it, he could order anybody with a weapon to kill themselves...crap...]
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Oct.10 18:18 [Im down with it]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.10 18:19 [Maybe he'd need some sort of "thou shalt not kill" philosophy to keep him from being OP...]
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Oct.10 18:19 [Oh whats the fun in killing people?]
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Oct.10 18:20 [No he wont kilk any actual characters only random npcs ]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.10 18:21 [Yeah...when you're an untrustworthy and sadistic b****rd with mind control abilities, why waste it by killing off anyone you control? XD XP]
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Oct.10 18:22 [Why woulf he kill someone if instead he could slowly tear. Their lives apart and watch them suffer? Death is instand boom then its over why would he do that if he could trap them in their own existance?]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.10 18:22 *goes to Alen's office and sits down* [If the characters want to fight Theo, I imagine that they'll need to do it as a group. If they get isolated, then Theo's powers will surely become more terrifying. So if Theo wants to take advantage of everyone, all
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.10 18:23 he has to do is get everyone isolated...]
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Oct.10 18:25 [Yep easy peasy]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.10 18:29 [6 hours still seems OP, especially since I have designed the "power system" such that the minority of characters whose ESP manifests have very weak powers (at least in comparison to characters in this RP)...how about it's more like 1 hour?]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.10 18:34 [My Internet is hiccuping so badly right now... >_< ]
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Oct.10 18:36 [How about 4?]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.10 18:38 [It's mind control. There's a ton you can do with 1 hour, especially if you've got the poor victim alone...however, if the time needs to be increased, then how about make it 2?]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.10 18:38 [Haggling 101... XD]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.10 18:44 [By the way, from what I can tell, every time Theo gives an order to someone the time limit resets. So if he told someone to do something, left for 50 minutes, came back, and gave that someone another order, that someone would work for him an hour longer.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.10 18:45 *]
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Oct.10 18:45 [Ok how about 3 normal Or 2 if he can control people even through speaker i.e if he calls someone and the pick up he can control them over the phone]
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Oct.10 18:47 [And yes yoy are correct]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.10 18:48 [Hm...let's go with 3 normal. If he doesn't have to be physically present, then that's a bit OP. Admittedly it'd be terrifying if he got into the speaker system, but it's still a bit too OP.]
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Oct.10 18:48 [3 hours it is then :)]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Oct.10 18:54 [RaeAnna woke up! To AHAW 2!]
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Oct.10 19:11 You...dilibratly destroyed the microphones first off...and I saw that note you wrote on the Cameras Sacon, Planning to Steal Hannas medication? I mean I ubderstand the microphone thing but stealing pills?! Really?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.10 19:15 Apologies, sir, I'm quite curious and am getting bored with every passing minute. So I wanted to run some tests out of sheer boredom, it's not that bad.
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Oct.10 19:16 Going around making assumptions How about you Just ask me! Did you ever think to do that?! Im Really Really trying here to make your lives as good as they can possibly be in this situation but if you keep acting out you will be moved to a new area that
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.10 19:16 *said that before Alens continuation*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Oct.10 19:17 Im not in charge of! Fun fact Mathews keeps trying to get you guys back and if you guys mess up badly enough my superiors will move you to him
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Oct.10 19:19 *sits down and runs his hand through his hair* im really trying here
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Oct.10 19:22 And as for your Boredom Saxon what could I give you to help fix it?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.10 19:26 As previously mentioned, I am meant to be working. However, supposedly I'm not allowed to do anything for years. The most entertainment I've gotten is exposing BKN for being a spy.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.10 19:28 But that's just me being a jerk. Cause I'm bored.
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Oct.10 19:29 We know he is a spy thats why he is pnly allowed in that obe room with very limited ibfermation about this facility
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Oct.10 19:30 And you need work to do, ok what work would you have in mind?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.10 19:31 *chuckles* You insult Nixon's intelligence. But enough about that, he isn't here to steal information.
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Oct.10 19:32 Alright please then enlighten me on why BK is actually here
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.10 19:33 Well as previously mentioned I want to run my own tests on Hanna's medication. They aren't sugar pills like I expected, so I'm quite curious. And no I don't want to know via paper, I want to figure it out for myself
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.10 19:36 BKN is Dr.Nilsson's closest companion, assuming he has one. He's likely here to see how you handle the resources he has given you. That includes me.
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Oct.10 19:37 Analyzing that tales alot of equipment that im not authorized to give you, but I can...get you a microscope some pipettes and some pitri dishes and some cottom swabs
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Oct.10 19:38 And...maybe a box of latex gloves
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.10 19:39 Hmm.. I might be able to make something out of that. For now.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.10 19:41 Can i get some chemicals?
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Oct.10 19:59 Only non corosive or non iritating ones
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Oct.10 20:00 Make a list of what you want and I will get what I can from that list
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.10 20:01 I also want to know if you have any training areas. Some place where I can keep my skills refined. Like an obstacle course. Of course, it'd require being able to use magic, but I'm willing to negotiate the terms on that.
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Oct.10 20:01 If you guys stay out of trouble and stop killing the microphones which we now have to re install
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Oct.10 20:03 We do have obstical courses but those are only for training the JISU and for testing ither certain things but I might be able to...make a study about you and your magical abilities to grant you acsess
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Oct.10 20:06 Sounds good.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Nov.1 16:08 *huffs a bit as she rolls up her sleeve and sticks out her arm*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Nov.1 16:09 *falls limp on the chair*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Nov.1 16:09 Saxon may I see your arm please?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Nov.3 07:40 Very well. *rolls up his sleeve as well and holds out his arm*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Nov.3 07:42 *injects it in his arm causing him to pass out when they wake up their new "house is exactly the same but it has an extra bedroom an extra person and a small lab for Saxon*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Nov.3 07:56 *wakes up and stumbles to Saxons room and opens the door* Sax...saxon
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Nov.3 08:37 ... hmm? *is still waking up*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Nov.3 17:24 I here someone moving around the kitchen...it isnt Hanna I checked her room she is asleep
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Nov.3 17:41 *yawns* And?
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.12 09:05 alright...ok here we go *lets Caras consciousness and soul into Laolias body*
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.12 09:11 *gasps and sits up*
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.12 09:11 I..Im alive im ok! I thought I died
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.12 09:15 *hugs Cara* Shh no I would never let that happen to you sweetie
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.12 09:16 Your acting weird C.J...
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.12 09:17 Laolia im your mother you dont call me by my first name
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.12 09:17 no...no my name is Cara...
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.12 09:22 No your name is Laolia and you are my daughter
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.12 09:27 No im really not...Im Cara
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.12 09:30 Laolia, just stop
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.12 09:31 My Name isnt LAolia its CARA! I am not your kid! were is My Dad?! My Dads Tomas and Corvis were are they?
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.12 09:32 Alright thats it young lady *makes a replica of the house on this diserted planet and levitates Cara to laolias room and wards it with magic proofing* You will stay in here until you come to your senses *locks Cara in the room*
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.12 09:35 no! *trys to open the door but it wont budge lays on the bed and cries* I want my dad...and my papa...I wanna go home
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.12 09:39 *as the hours go by she paces around and around and begins slowly banging her head against the wall*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.12 09:40 *walks in* LAolia are you ok honey?
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.12 09:40 *mumbles* my..name is Cara...
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.12 09:41 Still playing that game? alright you can stay in here then *walks out locking the door again*
19>Spark (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.12 17:29 *wanders over to Silver* hey the ice deer left shouldnt Laolia and my mom be back by now?
19>Spark (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.12 17:29 Its been 12 hours and im getting worried
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.12 18:43 I'm sure they're alright. They're both powerful mages.
19>Spark (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.12 18:50 No its diffrent this time it feels off
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.12 18:53 Hmm.. *starts pacing* She's still alive.. I can feel it.
19>Spark (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.12 18:56 Alive dosent mean they are ok silver you can be braindead and still be technically "alive"
19>Spark (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.12 18:57 Can you just go check on her? I cant seem to track them
19>Spark (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.12 19:54 *sighs* nevermind forget it *walks off*
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.12 20:00 *is currled up and crying* I want to go hone back to Tomas or at least with Aedona and my other friends
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.12 20:05 I...i gwt it that blast to the head made you all dazed and confused butits ok we will fix that we will fix you Laolia
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.12 20:13 Im going to make some dinner ill make your favorite...you just rest *leaves the room again*
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.12 20:20 *starts checking all of Laolia's favorite places to go*
19>Spark (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.12 20:27 *goes to Bakura* mom and laolia have been gone for 20 hours now im worried
3>Bakura (Tenshi), 18yo.2018,Nov.12 21:06 Odd.. *teleport around until he finds CJ* What's going on, why haven't you come back yet? Where's Laolia?
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.12 21:09 Laolia got hit in the head and it messed her mind up alot she isnt...ok to be around other people im...staying with her until she is more stable
3>Bakura (Tenshi), 18yo.2018,Nov.12 21:14 *isn't quite sure of that answer* If you say so.. We're all worried, that's all. ..How long will it take before you csn come back?
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.12 21:15 I...I dont know she is...really messed up in the head...I would bring her home but I dont want her getting overwhelmed or acidently running off and getting herself hurt
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.12 21:20 she is in a really bad place
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.12 21:21 can can see her though if you want she is in her room I had to make it magic proof though
3>Bakura (Tenshi), 18yo.2018,Nov.12 22:18 Alright. Ill go see her, but what do I tell Silver?
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.12 22:19 Do you think Silver staying here would help her? the one she loves might...pull her out of it a little
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.12 22:19 or help a bit
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.12 22:21 I can tell him what happend but...keep it away from the kids I dont want them to worry to much...
3>Bakura (Tenshi), 18yo.2018,Nov.12 22:21 Probably?
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.12 22:23 alright go check in on her then I...I need you to stay home and watch the kids ok?
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.12 22:23 And send silver over...
3>Bakura (Tenshi), 18yo.2018,Nov.12 22:28 Okay.
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.12 22:28 *is asleep on the bed*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.12 22:30 I will do whatever it takes to help fix Laolia but. Its going to take alot of time
2>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Nov.13 04:11 [I'm on! Sometimes I forget that C.J. is supposed to be a character on the heroic side of things...this is one of those times. XP]
2>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Nov.13 04:11 [At least Yinyang C.J. is better...]
2>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Nov.13 04:11 [I kind of understand why Irakurri C.J. is acting the way she is--she wants her daughter back--but you don't just do this to Cara. You don't.]
2>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Nov.13 04:12 Leonore: CARA I'LL SAVE YOU!!! *tries to run through the walls of the room Cara's in**runs nose-first into the wall and falls back, leaving a nose-shaped dent* Oww...
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.13 04:15 [hi im on]
2>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Nov.13 04:23 [Hi!]
2>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Nov.13 04:52 [BTW, I am considering inventing my own sort of "trademark species." I realized earlier today that you have your Chia wolves, and RaeAnna has her Vulpis, and I have...blatant ripoffs of the dragons from Spyro. XD]
2>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Nov.13 04:54 [I mean, I guess I have the Reptix pretty fleshed out, and I have Eloise's alien species that's similar to spider monkeys, but humanoid reptiles are nothing new, and I don't have any plans for Eloise's species.]
2>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Nov.13 05:04 [Currently I'm thinking of making some sort of bird-like species...all the major made-up species tend to be mammals. Got any tips on making species?]
3>Bakura (Tenshi), 18yo.2018,Nov.13 05:35 (I don't have any ideas)
3>Bakura (Tenshi), 18yo.2018,Nov.13 05:38 (The species is supposed to be something deeply personal)
2>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Nov.13 05:38 [Hm...okay, interesting...go on... XD]
2>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Nov.13 05:39 [I posted that before the deeply personal part.]
2>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Nov.13 05:39 [If you go on some philosophical monologue about not having any ideas, I'd be truly happy. XD]
2>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Nov.13 05:40 [Anyways, yeah, I kinda guessed that. You guys are obviously proud of what you've created and your pride is well-deserved. Your species are quite personal.]
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.13 05:41 [well we dont make species just for fun its not "Hmm I wanna make a magical dog creature" your species is Personal and means alot not just something you make for fun and throw away if it goes wrong]
2>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Nov.13 05:43 [Alright, got it.]
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.13 05:43 [I have a few original species all in the one universe I made up]
3>Bakura (Tenshi), 18yo.2018,Nov.13 05:43 (I have a few Irakurrian things that are held close to me. Vulpis are #1. #2 are the angels and demons. #3 is my own dragon lands, which has existed since before,Irakurri)
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.13 05:46 [lets rp]
3>Bakura (Tenshi), 18yo.2018,Nov.13 05:46 (Gtg now. Ill respond after work)
2>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Nov.13 05:47 [OK, interesting.]
2>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Nov.13 05:47 [See you!]
8>Talie (Chia-Demon wolf mix), Youngyo.2018,Nov.13 05:47 *comes in* What about Laolia needing fixing? *looks really, really worried*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.13 05:52 [C.J is on another Planet Tallie dosent know were they are]
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.13 05:52 [nor dose Spark or Anyone else besides Bakura at the moment]
8>Talie (Chia-Demon wolf mix), Youngyo.2018,Nov.13 05:58 [Oh, okay. Nvm.]
2>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Nov.13 06:05 *is working on finding Armis*
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.13 06:18 *is asleep on the bed Bakura poped in and saw her sleeping then let closing the door behind him*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Nov.13 06:19 *Cara gets the sensation that something is off and wrong*
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.13 06:20 [she has been having that sensation all day]
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.13 06:21 [also didnt Aron ya know Die?]
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.13 06:22 *wakes up but just sit up on the bed staring at the wall*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Nov.13 06:23 [Aron is not visiting, and yes, Aron died, but not Irakurri Aron.]
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.13 06:25 [k]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Nov.13 06:25 *suddenly the outlines of everything turn yellowish and black**everything feels twisted and dark*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Nov.13 06:26 *a dark and oddly familiar voice says "I remember you..."*
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.13 06:26 *wimpers and holds the blanket close around her*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Nov.13 06:26 *"Why didn't you...help me?"**the voice sounds like it's in pain and is laced with bitterness*
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.13 06:27 I...I dont know who you are
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Nov.13 06:28 *"But I know who YOU are..."*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Nov.13 06:28 *"Yes...I see...it's not your fault..."*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Nov.13 06:29 *"It's not...OUR...fault. We are like this because of THEM. THEY did this to us, with their so-called good intentions..."*
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.13 06:29 *cries* I dont like it here I wanna go home
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.13 06:32 Its confusing and Scarry
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.13 06:35 can you take me home?...I live with my dads but I cant get out of this room...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Nov.13 06:37 *whoever is talking to her doesn't respond, though suddenly it seems as if one of the walls has disappeared, revealing a black void**a vaguely humanoid figure is seen in this void, but seems kind of glitchy; Cara can't make him out*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Nov.13 06:37 *the figure's defining color is yellow*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Nov.13 06:38 *"I want to help you...I can do great things for you when I'm capable of doing them...just trust me..."*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Nov.13 06:39 *"Those you followed into Irakurri were never your friends...never trust them...C.J. is not your best friend...your star does not emit light...they are...dark."*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Nov.13 06:39 *"They will cause you only pain and think nothing of it. You have no friends...except me."*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Nov.13 06:40 *"It's not our fault...it's not his fault...it's all their fault..."**the voice doesn't seem to be talking about Cara when he says "our," though*
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.13 06:41 whats your name?....
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Nov.13 06:41 *the blackness and yellow fades away, as does the sense of something being genuinely wrong*
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.13 06:41 mm...I dont like him...
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.13 06:52 *continues crying under curlled up blankets*
16>Lily (Tiger), 15yo.2018,Nov.13 08:39 *was hiding out behind CJ's alternate house mass creating single use teleporters and storing them in his book when he senses a familiar presence. He growls* I really wish you'd died. Tormenting these people is MY job.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.13 08:53 *waits for silver to arrive*
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.13 08:53 *runs to CJ* Is she going to be alright?!
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.13 08:54 Where is she?
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.13 08:56 Before you go see her you need to know her brain is very damged she isnt acting normal she may not remember you she cant even remember her own name
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.13 08:58 She is very confused and stressed out when you see her dont play along with her delusions it will only hurt her in the long run [i dont think Silver ever met or herd of Cara did he?]
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.13 09:01 It will take a long time for her to go back to normal but it will happen over time
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.13 09:02 She is in her bedroom make sure you close the door behind you the room is magic proof she cant open the door but you can..i just dont want her acidently running off or getting hurt
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.13 09:02 You can go ahead and see her
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.13 09:06 Just be gentle ok?
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.13 09:06 *goes into Cara's room* Laolia? Are.. Are you alright?
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.13 09:08 *is wrapped in the blanket stilk crying ignores Silver*
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.13 09:12 Hey, what's wrong?
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.13 09:13 Im..not saposed to talk to strangers
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.13 09:18 I...I just wanna go home *continues crying*
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.13 09:18 I'm not a stranger though. CJ said you probably wouldn't remember me.
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.13 09:19 I know, and you can go home as soon as you're better.
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.13 09:21 I never met you before
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.13 09:22 *is trying not to be hurt*
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.13 09:23 And my name isnt Laolia *is visablly upset* C.J keeps calling me that but that isnt my name
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.13 09:26 What is your name?...
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.13 09:27 Silver.
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.13 09:27 We met back in Irakurri..
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.13 09:29 You can come sit on the bed if you want...I dont like near the door it has a mirrior on it and when I look in it its not my face i think the mirror is broken, I dont like it
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.13 09:30 I went to Ikuri once...with Aedona and A dragon name nycro...and Saxon and C.J but C.J was nice in Ikuri...now she is scarry and confusing
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.13 09:32 Not as mean and scary as Nycro though
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.13 09:32 This CJ hasn't been to Irakurri in quite awhile. You must be thinking of this universe's CJ.
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.13 09:32 The CJ outside is from Irakurri
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.13 09:35 Wait there are 2 C.J's
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.13 09:36 Yep. One is my mother-in-law, the other is... just CJ, I guess?
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.13 09:37 Oh you married is he nice?
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.13 09:39 Excuse me?
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.13 09:39 The boy you married is he nice?
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.13 09:40 I didn't marry a boy... I married a beautiful young woman.
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.13 09:44 Oh ok, Is she nice?
16>Lily (Tiger), 15yo.2018,Nov.13 20:09 She's the nicest wolf around.
16>Lily (Tiger), 15yo.2018,Nov.13 20:10 (Oh, whoops. Silver meant to say that)
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.13 20:24 Thats nice, Im not married not yet but thats ok
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.13 20:34 ... Who are you?
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.13 20:36 my name is Cara
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.13 20:37 im glad that your here I was getting lonely...I have been in this room alone for almost a whole day
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.13 20:43 *sits down and sighs* MLK
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.13 20:43 (What the heck)
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.13 20:44 (Forgrt the mlk...)
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.13 20:44 [idk im confused to]
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.13 20:44 are you ok?...
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.13 20:45 (I accidentally pressed go and swiped up, making it spell mlk for some reason)
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.13 20:46 No, it's hard to come to terms with this.
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.13 20:47 come to terms with what? *tilts her head slightly
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.13 20:47 *
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.13 20:50 My love isn't here.. You look like her, but... I know it isn't her.
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.13 20:52 Im sorry *ducks under a blanket and just pokes her snout out* Is this better?
16>Lily (Tiger), 15yo.2018,Nov.13 20:54 *puts away the final teleporter* What's next, then? *Pulls out a bottle and feeds Qui'non*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.13 20:55 *comes back in with a plate of food* Laolia I brought you dinner
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.13 20:56 *scowls a bit* Thats not my name
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.13 20:58 CJ, what happened to my wife?
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.13 21:00 I told you she was very confused *lays the plate on the Desk* LAolia im leaving the food on the desk for you if you would like it *begins to leave*
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.13 21:04 *stops her* What happened to Laolia!?
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.13 21:05 I told you she got hurt and is mentally confused...She will be back to normal in time Silver It will just take a long time to fix her
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.13 21:08 THIS is not Laolia. What happened?
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.13 21:10 lets talk about this in another room LAolia is already confused as is she dosent need you confusing her more
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.13 21:11 Wait...d...dont go Silver I...I dont wanna be in here alone!
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.13 21:12 *smiles* see? she still remembers you a bit at least a little deep down or she wouldnt care if you left....its Ok Laolia we will be right back
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.13 21:12 *nudges Silver out of the room and walks out after him and closes the door behind her*
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.13 21:13 *wimpers a bit*
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.13 21:13 That's not her.
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.13 21:13 But I still sense her. Where is she?
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.13 21:14 That is her right in there
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.13 21:15 I know seeing her like that is hard its difficult but at leaste she is alive!
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.13 21:16 She almost was dead but I...I saved her I wouldnt let my Daughter die
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.13 21:19 Im young but I'm not stupid. I know that's not her.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.13 21:22 *Growls loudly* Why Would I keep Someone like this if it wasnt my daughter?! She is! She is in there and she is Safe and Im not letting anything happen to her again!
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.13 21:23 I dont care how long it takes Im going to protect and take care of my baby girl! She is upset and confused now but I will fix that Fix her make her feel safe and loved again Beacause She should always feel Safe and comfertable and loved!
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.13 21:24 *A few tears roll down her face* Im taking care of my daughter the best way I know how
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.13 21:25 It may be her body but it's not her mind! She remembers so much, nothing if which even remotely resembles Laolia. Amnesia isn't like that!
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.13 21:26 Whatever is happening... It's wrong. Who is Cara
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.13 21:27 I said she was confused not that was had Amnesia she has another Life in her head but Im going to fix that! Im bringing the LAolia we know back it will take time but I will bring her back even if It kills me!
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.13 21:29 Now You can stay here Help me and help your Wife Laolia help to bring her back or you can leave and abandon her
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.13 21:39 I won't leave you to force someone into acting like Laolia. Even if she does accept who you want her to be, she won't be my wife.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.13 21:40 I knew you would abandon her, From the moment I met you, You are the biggest mistake she ever made trusting you
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.13 21:45 She got shot in the head made completely braindead and I fixed it and beacause she isnt how she used to be you are leaving her
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.13 21:49 She proabably needs you more right now then her entire Life and you have to audacity to Leave her?!
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.13 21:53 *snarls* How dare you! That is NOT her! As much as it pains me to see her, I have sense enough to know that her mind is NOT Laolia's! I will not live in denial just pretending that she's my wife! Try as you might, it's not her and never will be!
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.13 21:56 I know its not Her but its all I have left! *tears stream down her face as she looks down* She is all I have left of Laolia....
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.13 22:04 You think you're the only one at loss here? You lost your daughter, I lost the love of my life and I'll never find another as long as I live.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.13 22:06 I only have a small peice of her but I can bring the rest back It will just take time but I can do it thats what you dont understand is that I actually can bring her back
10>Laolia (Chia pup), pupyo.2018,Nov.13 22:07 Ziraph: Lily! Lily I got you something
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.13 22:10 Lily: Ooh, what'd you get?
10>Laolia (Chia pup), pupyo.2018,Nov.13 22:11 Ziraph: *holds out a beautiful glass orb swirling with blue on the inside containing Laolia's consciousness*
10>Laolia (Chia pup), pupyo.2018,Nov.13 22:13 [Lily probably has Seen when C.J use to have consciousness orbs from people she didnt like so she might recognize what it is]
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.13 22:14 Lily: Where... Did you get that?
10>Laolia (Chia pup), pupyo.2018,Nov.13 22:18 Well I know you get lonely...sometimes when im not around and im not always the best at listening and I know it frustrates you so I got you someone you can always talk to you can tell her all your secrets and never worry if she will tell anyone
10>Laolia (Chia pup), pupyo.2018,Nov.13 22:19 I can even rigg it so you can here her talk to but if you dont want that then thats ok to and she is really nice you can tell beacause the blue tones are not dark or green and corupted they are soft blues
10>Laolia (Chia pup), pupyo.2018,Nov.13 22:19 [obviously Ziraph said that]
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.13 22:29 I have so many questions.. Who gave you that?
10>Laolia (Chia pup), pupyo.2018,Nov.13 22:33 Ziraph: I got it from Armis she cant hear us now but when I wake her up she can and if I open up her end of communication then she could talk back to us to
10>Laolia (Chia pup), pupyo.2018,Nov.13 22:34 Do you like it?
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.13 22:36 You... Dealt with a demon? I don't have a good feeling about this.. W-wake her up..
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Nov.13 22:38 Ziraph: *wakes her up* she can hear us now but we cant here her...Hello im Ziraph and this is my friend Lily she is quite nice
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.13 22:39 Hello...
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Nov.13 22:41 Lily would you like to hear her to or no? Eaither or is fine I gor her for you
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.13 22:42 I'd like to hear her.
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Nov.13 22:47 *makes it so Laolias voice can be heard* there ya go we can here you now
10>Laolia (Chia pup), pupyo.2018,Nov.13 22:48 Hello?..
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.13 22:49 Hey.. Wait your voice sounds familiar..
10>Laolia (Chia pup), pupyo.2018,Nov.13 22:51 I...im trying not to panic but I...I cant see or f..feel anything and I..I cant move my body..w..where am I?
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.13 22:51 Your consciousness is.. Trapped, but preserved.
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.13 22:52 You don't have a body anymore... Im sorry.
10>Laolia (Chia pup), pupyo.2018,Nov.13 22:52 Oh...ok but were...were is my body?...
10>Laolia (Chia pup), pupyo.2018,Nov.13 22:53 [Nvm]
10>Laolia (Chia pup), pupyo.2018,Nov.13 22:54 I...ok..i...i need to get back..get back home... my mom Oh...gosh she...would burn a universe to the ground if she knew...dose she know?...wait she was with me...this is bad
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.13 22:57 Is this... Laolia?!
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Nov.13 22:58 Ziraph: no..no your in another universe Armis said he would get someone from Ikurrie a nuce soul she has probably been in here for a while
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Nov.13 22:59 *was speaking to Loaolia*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Nov.13 22:59 No I told armis to get someone from Ikurri who was nice and wouldnt be missed
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.13 23:00 Did you really say "someone who wouldn't be missed?"
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.13 23:01 What exactly did you ask of him!?
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.13 23:01 I want the exact terms of the contract
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Nov.14 02:11 Here *hands her a copy of the contract*
10>Laolia (Chia pup), pupyo.2018,Nov.14 02:14 No...Im Laolia
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.14 03:04 *reads over the contract* ...There are so many loopholes in this..
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.14 03:07 Laolia.. Im so sorry..
10>Laolia (Chia pup), pupyo.2018,Nov.14 05:41 Im fine...just tell my mom and Silver that Im not dead please
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.14 05:42 She'll go to great lengths to bring you back. Silver probably misses you dearly..
10>Laolia (Chia pup), pupyo.2018,Nov.14 06:05 Yeah...so tell her Im ok so she dosent kill someone
10>Laolia (Chia pup), pupyo.2018,Nov.14 19:58 Just take me with
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.14 21:08 Okay, let's go. Where.. Where is she?
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Nov.14 21:09 Ziraph: I can telaport you there
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.14 21:11 That sounds good. Will you take us to her, then?
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Nov.14 21:12 *nods and telaports them*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.14 21:14 *was in the middle of bicking with Silver when Lily telaported behind C.J, she is to busy arguing to notice* it is her and Ill fix it!
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.14 21:15 ... What's who?
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.14 21:16 *turns around* oh hi Lily ...
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.14 21:18 Silver: She's trying to make someone believe she's Laolia! *Lily: CJ, why?
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.14 21:19 What? I..ok Lily what brings you here?
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.14 21:20 Laolia wanted me to make sure you didn't hurt anyone...
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.14 21:20 She's alive, we just need her body.
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.14 21:21 Silver: I told you she's alive!
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.14 21:21 What?...
10>Laolia (Chia pup), pupyo.2018,Nov.14 21:21 Hi mom
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.14 21:22 *smiles big* ok good I..its ok Laolia I..I have your body Ill put you back in
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.14 21:22 Silver: What about Cara?
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.14 21:24 *carefully grabs Laolia and goes into the bedroom ignoring Silver*
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.14 21:25 *sighs* How did you end up with Laolia's consciousness?
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.14 21:25 Lily: *looks at Ziraph* it's a long story
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.14 21:26 *a few minutes later comes out with the orb but its still full* Silver let Laolia sleep this process was exhausting for her *hands the orb to Laolia* she is asleep to but she is better with you
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Nov.14 21:27 Ziraph: it was an accident
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.14 21:29 She should wake up in a few hours
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.14 21:34 Who is this?
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.14 21:37 Cara she was already dead before she was in an orb when i got her
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Nov.14 21:38 Yin yang tomas was raising her so you know she would be better with you lilly, she is quite sweet
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.14 21:42 Yes, she's definitely better off away from Tomas..
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.14 21:44 Thank you. *@CJ and Ziraph* Both of you.
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Nov.14 21:44 Ziraph: leta go home *telaports back*
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.14 21:45 Lily: Waits for Cara to wake up*
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.14 21:46 Silver: *goes and sits beside Laolia*
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.14 21:53 *wakes up a few minutes later* ...w..were am I...I..I cant see anything..I..I cant feel anything were am I?!
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.14 21:56 Lily: Shh. You're safe now. That's what matters, right? Im sorry you cant have a body though.
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.14 21:58 Were Is my Dad?
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.14 22:02 I don't know your dad.
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.14 22:05 His name is Tomas...
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.14 22:18 He is my dad and I havent seen him in a long time and I want to..
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.14 22:27 .. So it is true.. Tomas isn't.. A good person.. You're safer with me.
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.15 02:51 He is a good person hes my dad...i have my dad Tomas and my papa corvis and they raised me since I was a puppy...i wanna go back home..
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.15 03:07 I've never met Corvis, but Tomas scares me..
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.15 03:08 He isnt scary he is the nicest dad in whe whole universe and Corvis is the nicest papa
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.15 03:24 I will not see Tomas again..
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Nov.15 03:31 *sarts crying the orb changes from blue to grey and you can heqr her sobbing*
2>Eloise (Mad Scientist), YAyo.2018,Nov.15 04:30 [I read everything/I'm up to date with everything. I just don't really know what to do with my characters on here. :P]
18>Silver (Vulpis), Youngyo.2018,Nov.15 05:40 *sighs*
16>Lily (Tiger), 15yo.2018,Nov.15 05:41 (Wherever your unknown character went, Armis sure isn't happy about the presence)
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2018,Nov.25 20:59 *is in the kittchen cooking*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Nov.25 21:01 I didnt get a good look at him but i dont want to go up its probably a new scientist...new scientists are curious thata bad for me
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Nov.25 21:05 *stumbles groggily toward the door* Oh, you want me to go talk to him, don't you?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Nov.25 21:08 Yes..please
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Nov.25 21:15 *opens the door* Alright... *goes to the kitchen. Yawns* Hey, who are you?
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2018,Nov.25 21:19 Greg Thompson *holds out his hand* nice to meet you im looking for my Daughter...Alen said hed get me in the same apartment with her
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2018,Nov.25 21:20 She might not remember me though I havent seen her since she was...was it 6 or 7 years old?...i dont know but im making breakfast
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Nov.25 21:22 Hmm.. Your daughter got a name?
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2018,Nov.25 21:25 Seara like the deaert
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Nov.25 21:26 "Sahara"? Sara?
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2018,Nov.25 21:27 Just...Seahra
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Nov.25 21:28 ...huh.. I don't think you have the right room, then.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2018,Nov.25 21:30 Hmm ill have to talk to alan later but anyways would you like to get your roomates? Id like to meet everyone ill be staying with
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Nov.25 21:32 They'll be out soon enough. Just let them sleep. *sits in a chair* My name is Saxon, by the way. I forgot to add at. Sorry I just woke up.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2018,Nov.25 21:34 Nice to meet you
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Nov.25 21:35 Likewise. So what are you cooking?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Nov.25 21:35 *hears thwm talking a bit walks in when she sees Greg she stops in her tracks*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2018,Nov.25 21:36 Pancakes and eggs
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2018,Nov.25 21:37 *looks and sees Sara* Seahra?!
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Nov.25 21:38 Thats not my name anymore *looks mad and hurt at the same time*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2018,Nov.25 21:39 *smiles and starts walking twards her*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Nov.25 21:40 Dont! Stop dont look at me dont talk to me dont even come near me!
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Nov.25 21:41 You dont exist to me alright?! You dont exist. *tirns and walks off back into the hall goes into her room and locks the door*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2018,Nov.25 21:42 *sits down at the table and looks a bit confused* is...is she ok?...is she always like that to people?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Nov.25 21:46 She's perfectly fine, considering where she is. And no, she isn't always like that. *puts his head on the table and closes his eyes* Don't try to talk to her, it either won't work or won't end well.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Nov.25 21:47 I'd rather not have much yelling in here.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Nov.25 21:47 Or crying.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2018,Nov.25 21:49 *walks in the hall and finds saras room and knocks on the door*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2018,Nov.25 21:49 Is everything alright?..
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Nov.25 21:50 *huffs and follows Greg* Go back to the kitchen. I said don't talk to her.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Nov.25 21:51 Your not my father dont you Dare pretend to be!
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2018,Nov.25 21:52 *sighs* will you at least come eat breakfast?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Nov.25 21:54 I dont need to eat beacaue as you say im a "freak of nature a monster" now leave!
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Nov.25 21:55 Just go eat your breakfast, Mr. Thompson.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2018,Nov.25 21:59 I was wrong back then i was scared and stupid and I regret that day every second of my life..I know I was wrong and I want to make it up to you
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Nov.25 22:00 I was 6! I was terrified you pushed me into the road when they were comming after me and locked the gate! And watched as they dragged me away kicking and screaming and you did nothing!
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Nov.25 22:03 *puts his hand on Greg's shoulder* Greg... Go. Back. To. The. Kitchen.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2018,Nov.25 22:05 Im..truly..sorry sara *walks back to the kitchen*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Nov.25 22:07 *sits by the door for a minute* Do you want me to cook you some breakfast?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Nov.25 22:09 *sniffles a bit she has been crying* I...I dont know...
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Nov.25 22:20 What do you want?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Nov.25 22:22 Just some toast..I guess
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Nov.25 22:26 Anything else?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Nov.25 23:31 No
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Nov.25 23:37 Alright. *goes back to the kitchen and starts preparing toast. He intentionally tries not to say anything to Greg*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2018,Nov.26 00:33 I know I was a crap father but thats why im here im trying to make it up to her
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Nov.26 01:03 You're not going to make anything up to her anytime soon
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.2 20:38 Take it from me, don't move too fast, you'll only make things worse.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.2 21:44 Now... You don't seem like you have anything abnormal about you. How'd you get here? You do realize what this place is, right?
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2018,Dec.2 21:48 Yes this place used to have no visitors allowed but a few weeks ago they opened aplications so if your a family member with someone who lives here you can live with them. I was the first to apply
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.2 21:50 But you don't know anything about this place?
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2018,Dec.2 21:51 I know
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.2 21:54 I honestly cannot see why anyone would willingly come to a place like this. I think you'll find this place is not worth the time and money you put in.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2018,Dec.2 21:56 I let her be taken away from me and live without a dad or family for 11 years...It was the buggest mistake in my life
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.2 22:06 Maybe so, but whatever made you expect her to forgive you so easily? She's got a new family now, anyway.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2018,Dec.2 22:08 I dont expected her to forgive me...i just want her to know im sorry
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Dec.2 22:17 *walks in and closes the soor behind him* morning Saxon and...oh the new one Greg family visitation
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Dec.2 22:18 Anyway Saxon do you know were Sara is?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.2 22:19 She's in her room. I'm about to take her some breakfast, can you wait if you have any plans?
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Dec.2 22:20 No...sorry for this its best she has an empty stomach
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.2 22:20 What are you going to do?
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Dec.2 22:22 Try to cure a deadly but non contagious disease
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.2 22:24 What disease?
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Dec.2 22:26 Creutzfeldt
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.2 22:30 Huh. Alright then. *sighs* Well there's nothing I can do to stop you. Not without getting myself in trouble, of course. *grins*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Dec.2 22:31 Its painless but its important to research
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Dec.2 22:33 Today we are testing things to prevent it later we will test for cures for people with early onset and then later we will do cures for severe levels of the illness
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.2 23:07 I see.. So what about the rest of us? Just sit around? Contemplate our existences?
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Dec.3 00:11 Hanna is on a drug trial Greg is a family visitation resident and you Saxon well we are setting up the right rooms and such
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Dec.3 00:13 And aron is also part of a observation and behavioural testing
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 00:16 Got it..
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Dec.3 00:17 *knocks on Sara door* hey get up we have some new tests to run
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Dec.3 00:18 Prevebtitive disease testing not a painful disease though
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Dec.3 00:19 *opens the door with her hood up and her hands in her pocket* fine..lets get this over with...how long is the session?
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Dec.3 00:20 15 hours in this session
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Dec.3 00:22 Who are the scientists on this case
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Dec.3 00:23 Johnson and Bartholomew
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Dec.3 00:23 [Alan said that]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Dec.3 00:25 No...no I cant he with them... *backs up a bit*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Dec.3 00:25 *be
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 00:27 *looks at Sara and Alen quizzically*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Dec.3 00:30 They are the lead scientists on this project and we need you
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Dec.3 00:34 Please no! I...I...cant be with them! They are monsters
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Dec.3 00:38 I dont want to use the protocals for difficult subjects sara I dont, and I know you dont want that eaither since you hate those rooms so..I will go with you for those 13 hours and make sure they fallow our new protocals for using the no preventable harm
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Dec.3 00:38 Protocals ok?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Dec.3 00:42 Please....I...I..rather be with anyone else..
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 00:44 Surely there's something you can do
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Dec.3 00:49 Sara you can come the easy way or the hard way since i dont pick who works on the projects
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Dec.3 00:55 *starts panicking a bit* I...I...can i do something else instead?
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Dec.3 00:56 No, lets go
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Dec.3 01:03 *starts walking*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Dec.3 01:04 *slowly starts walking behind Alen shaking*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 01:07 *grabs Sara and pulls her behind him* ...*can't find any words to say*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Dec.3 01:07 S...Saxon..d..dont
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 01:12 ... *wants to glance back at Sara, but he is frozen in a defensive stance, staring at Alen with the slightest hint of malice in his eyes*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Dec.3 01:14 *moves Saxons hand moves padt him and starts walking behind Alen* a
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Dec.3 01:17 *past
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Dec.3 01:22 Im not worth it...
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 01:24 We both know that is not true.
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Dec.3 01:25 No sara you are worth it but I will try to make sure for the next trial that your not with them
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Dec.3 01:30 *opens the door* come on Sara
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Dec.3 01:31 *walks up to the door and stops in the doorway* I...I cant ..do...do this please dont make me do this Alen!
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Dec.3 01:32 Its just one day Sara
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 01:36 *starts walking toward Alen* Sir, don't make her do this. *Isn't trying to come off as aggressive, but likely still does anyway*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Dec.3 01:40 If i new she had a problem with them i wpuldnt have schedualed sara to todays project I wont schedual her with them again but she needs to go today
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 01:46 Bull
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 01:51 3
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Dec.3 01:53 Reasurch shows we get better preformance from pur test aubjects and more clear results when they have little to low stress and feel comfertable so i wouldnt internationally want to make her unnecessarily stressed out
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 01:55 So don't let her go.
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Dec.3 01:59 Listen im just trying to do my job ok Saxon, I cant unschedual her last minute like this I could get firied meaning Mathews would be in charge of Sara again and he likes to keep people separate
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Dec.3 02:01 I...I dont want to be with Mathews...
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Dec.3 02:02 *walks out the door*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Dec.3 02:05 Finally.. thank you sara *walks out and closes the door*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 02:13 *paces around the room*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.3 02:19 *walks out of the room holding beetle* Hi Saxon are you ok?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 02:25 No... I'm not.
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.3 02:31 Whats wrong?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 02:32 I'm powerless to help anyone. Whatever happened to that confidence I used to have...
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.3 02:35 Its...better not to fight people here you will just end up broken...you can help people when they come back but never try to prevent them from being taken...its ok no one wants you to try and be a hero
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.3 02:35 Everyone here knows not to interfere with people being taken
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.3 02:36 And the people being raken dont ask or want people to try to stop people taking them beacuse people who try get hurt
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 02:40 They can hurt me all they want. I just don't want my friends to be hurt. Something's wrong with me... *sits down, back against the wall* ... What is it...
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Dec.3 02:40 *turns his head at Saxon's inquiry*
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Dec.3 02:41 There is nothing wrong with Saxon.
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.3 02:47 Its ok Saxon sara is used to it im used to it everyone here is not doing anything when they take people is the best thing you can do beacause if you dont they put you in the HSU sara lived their for 11 years everyone knows saras they used her in all the
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 02:47 Physically, that's true. I also feel pretty okay. I mean... I was getting protective.. That's an occupational hazard of being me, but... I didn't... Do anything...
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 02:48 *said that before Hanna*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.3 02:48 Videos and examples of what to do how to act and what wpuld happen if you acted out and how...fighting wouldnt get you anywere no matter how powerful you are or no matter how much you plan
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.3 02:51 Sometimes if you are being troublesome they make you watch tapes of Sara being experimented on or live footage of her in that room...she had it worse then anyone here since she was an example and she is so reusable
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.3 02:52 They use her for the worst most painful projects the most unethical nost inhumain thinfs since she cant die....and they broke her they know she will listen beacause she knows what will happen if she dosent
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 02:53 *looks down* That's honestly not as bad as... *shakes his head* ...Nevermind. Sara wasn't able to eat her breakfast. You can have it I guess.
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.3 02:53 She dose not want you to try to save her beacause she knows what happends if you do and she dosent want that to happen to you
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.3 02:54 Im..ok ill save it for when she gets back
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 02:56 It's bread. By the time she gets back it'll be bad
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.3 02:59 Ok...*walks over and grabs the toast*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 03:03 What now, then...
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.3 03:05 We hang out here...this place is so much nicer....it has lots of things to do
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 03:09 How about you find something fun to do. I'll be here until then
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.3 03:14 *shrugs a bit and walks over to the book case and finds a picture book and picks it up*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.3 03:22 *sighs frustrated shuts the book sets it on the end tqble and pushes it off onto the floor*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.3 03:23 Beetle why are books so confusing? Its a bunch of scribbles on paper...its stupid...
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Dec.3 03:27 *takes a look at the book* What is so confusing? Where are the scribbles?
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.3 03:28 *points to the words*
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Dec.3 03:29 Those are words.
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.3 03:30 No words are things you speak out loud not scribbles
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 03:31 You mean to tell me you've never learned to read and write?
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.3 03:35 No...I was born here and im a DLP class... in the lab
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 03:38 Whatever that means. *finds some paper, a pen, and some books varying in difficulty, then sits at the table* I'm going to at least teach you the basics of reading. MAYBE we will get into writing.
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.3 03:41 DLP means disposable low priority it mean I didnt get any perks or special requests or gifts or a say in anything being in this room is amazing...Alen was the only person here who treated me like a human being when he got promoted to be in charge of
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.3 03:43 A group of people that was amazing...im only here since Sara is in here...shes the highest rank the only reason she wasnt here for the first 11 years was beacause she fought alot
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.3 03:44 *sits down* I...I dont know if im allowed to learn to read I...I should ask first...
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 03:44 Usually I would fight. That's why there's something wrong. I'm not fighting.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 03:45 There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't read
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.3 03:47 I.
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.3 03:47 I dont want to get in trouble
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 03:50 You won't be getting in trouble and I do not want to be reading stories to a teen.
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.3 03:51 You dont have to read to me I dont even know what reading is
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 03:51 Then you are barely living
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.3 03:55 Im...not sick or dying..so im...living normally and good...if i was barely living I wpuld be almoat dead
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 04:00 You can be alive, but you aren't living. No one can live in this kind of place. Living is having freedom to make your own choices without fear of being persecuted. It's having time to yourself, time to waste on the little things. You needn't worry about
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 04:01 what could kill you because your life isn't based off of how long you live, it's how you lived your life.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 04:03 That's what makes humans so fascinating. They want to live life to the fullest with what little time they have.
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.3 04:07 My life is alot better now then how it used to be...Im not alone anymore and I have more freedom in this room then my previous one
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.3 04:07 I even get real food here not Soylent real food I didnt know how good food actually tasted
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 04:10 You have no idea what the outside world is like.. This room is so cramped compared to what's out there.
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.3 04:11 This....place is so big though...its bigger then any other room it has a kitchen and a living room and beds in seprate rooms with doors
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 04:12 *sighs* I wonder if this is how she felt... *starts doodling on the paper*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.3 04:13 how who felt?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 04:17 Someone I knew a long time ago.
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.3 04:19 was she your friend?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 04:20 Yeah... We were pretty close.
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.3 04:22 what happend to her? did you guys get put in seprate rooms?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 04:29 No she... She died. All she wanted was her freedom back. The smell of fresh air, the feeling of cold rain on your face and the wind in your hair.
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.3 04:31 whats rain and wind?
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.3 04:32 and...how can air be fresh?...air is just...air its always the same
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 04:37 My thoughts exactly. Back then at least. *pushes the paper away from him. He's drawn a fairly good sketch of a hilly meadow with clouds in the sky. At the top of the hill sits two silhouettes facing away from them*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.3 04:38 thats pretty what is it?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 04:41 It's sort of what the outside is. Only... Not nearly as pretty as the real thing.
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.3 04:42 no outside of these rooms dont look like that they look like halls...
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 04:42 That's not outside.
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.3 04:47 yeah it is just outside of the rooms then outside of the halls is laboratories training facilities and other rooms
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 04:50 You've never wondered if there's anything more than this stupid room?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 04:50 And that facility outside it?
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.3 04:52 this facility is massive...its...the whole world...
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 04:57 Not even MY lab was as big as the world. It's so much bigger. Even then, there's a whole universe out there.
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.3 05:09 whats a universe?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 05:12 It's what we call the many planets and realms as a whole.
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.3 05:13 there are other planets?...are they all labs like this planet?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 05:15 Nope. The other planets have wide open skies and all sorts of creatures to see. Civilizations are pretty cool, too.
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.3 05:16 I dont understand most of what your talking about
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 06:04 And you won't understand until you see the outside world for yourself.
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.3 06:07 will you show me one day? the worlds you talk about?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 06:10 Sure, if we get out of here.
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Dec.3 06:15 *comes back a few hours later with Sara who is shaking a bit and looks like she has been crying alot*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.3 06:17 *walks over to Alen* Am I allowed to learn to read?
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Dec.3 06:17 in...a few months yes but right now no...
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 06:18 *growls under,his breath*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Dec.3 06:20 *stumbles a bit and grabs theo as she falls a bit so he can stop her from falling*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Dec.3 06:21 dont kill Sara for a few more weeks we changed her project so she wouldnt be working with Johnson and Bartholomew but that means something a bit more physically intense
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 06:22 *by this point in time he's since moved to the couch. He isn't going to sit at the table all day. is not going to ask if Sara is alright* Sara, you should come sit down..
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Dec.3 06:25 *nods a but and stumbles a bit before sitting on the couch*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2018,Dec.3 06:26 see you in...a few days Sara..*walks out closing the door behind him*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2018,Dec.3 06:26 *walks into the room and sees Sara* Oh hi your back...a...are you alright?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Dec.3 06:27 d...dont...talk..to mm...leave me alone..
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 06:27 Get out of here. Now.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2018,Dec.3 06:28 Seahra looks really...i'll should we call a doctor?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Dec.3 06:29 mm mys nams....sara...not....Seahra...go away...
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Dec.3 06:31 *moves over to saxon a bit more which takes alot of effort*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2018,Dec.3 06:34 im just concerned Saxon...we should call a doctor in here
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 06:36 *shoots Greg a dead serious glare* Just. Go. *holds Sara in a comforting manner*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2018,Dec.3 06:39 wait are you two dating?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 06:40 *without hesitation* No, we aren't.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2018,Dec.3 06:41 good shes just a kid *walks off*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Dec.3 06:42 Ima...sleep on the..couch tonight
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 06:42 *scoffs at Greg's remark as he walks away* Okay, what would you have said if I had said yes?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 06:43 *@Sara* You do that if you wish. If you want to go back to your bed, though, I can carry you.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Dec.3 06:45 mm im heavy ill be ok
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 06:46 I'm strong, I can carry you easily.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Dec.3 06:52 *nods a bit* lock my door...
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 07:02 Will do. *picks up Sara and carries her to her room. As best he could he puts her in bed and pulls the covers over her, then locks the door as he goes to leave*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Dec.3 07:05 I dont want himm in *snuggles into the blankets and quickly drifts off to sleep*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 07:07 *looks at Sara kind of confused before he shuts the door and returns to the couch. Though he zones out, he is still alert, listening for movement in the room*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Dec.3 07:08 *wakes up the next morning and she walks to the kitchen using the walls to help her move* morning...
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 07:11 *is already up and preparing some food* Morning. Did you sleep well?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Dec.3 07:19 Only beacuse i was exhausted...
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Dec.3 07:22 I need to get something to eat before he wakes up *makes her way twards the toaster*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 07:24 *puts down a platter of toast and other common breakfast foods* Take your pick. *puts down another empty plate*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Dec.3 08:11 Thanks *grabs some toast*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 08:15 You feeling any better today, then? *grabs some food for himself*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Dec.3 08:33 Id rather have alen glued to my side 24/7 then be in the same room as the new resident here. But physically yes a feel a bit better but ill decline over tome til this project is over
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Dec.3 08:34 But mentally i wont be ok for...a long time or maybe until him or I leave
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Dec.3 08:40 *bites the toast*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 10:10 Don't worry. I won't let him near you if that's what you wish.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Dec.3 15:23 *nods a bit* thanks....dont belive a word he says he good a lying very good at lying
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Dec.3 15:38 *has been mostly trying to care for Hanna**he's actually trying to avoid Sara because some of her actions have reminded him way too much of the Irakurri lab**he's also experiencing confusion because he can feel himself falling a little in love with this
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Dec.3 15:38 Sara, but he's determined not to do so for the sake of Irakurri Sara*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Dec.3 15:39 *he also just tries not to talk to Greg at all, feeling he shouldn't stick his nose in that situation**the people he talks to the most are Hanna and Beetle*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Dec.3 15:40 [@ RaeAnna: So Armis didn't like the unknown visitation that appeared around Cara's room, huh? How come?]
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 18:01 (because he knows exactly who it is)
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Dec.3 18:10 [why would he wanna stay true to Irakurri sara? Irakurri sara broke up with him but ye emotions are complet tho to so I can also see why]
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Dec.3 18:16 you...you dont have to go with me just telaport me to my dad to Tomas please!
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 18:41 Lily: Are you... Sure Tomas is okay....? He's scary to me...
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Dec.3 18:42 hes my dad he loves me and I have my own room and we play together alot and watch movies and stuff and I miss him and my papa
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Dec.3 18:47 he said when I came back from the trip we could play a new game about robots but I died on the trip and C.J put me in here and made me fall asleep them I woke up in the wring body and now Im awake here and I wanna go home!
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Dec.3 19:00 and my dad isnt Scary he is a nicest dad ever
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 19:24 Lily: He may be nice to you, but I don't... Want to go near him ever again..
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Dec.3 19:27 then use magic to telaport me there by myself
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 19:32 I don't have magic. *looks at Ziraph*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.3 19:34 Ziraph: *makes Cara go back to sleep* Wait....what should we do...Tomas...isnt good
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 19:36 Lily: I dont... I dont know, she's really sad about being away from him, but... He's not a good man.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Dec.3 19:37 [Aron doesn't want to hurt Irakurri Sara's feelings. Hooking up with Yinyang Sara is a sure way to hurt Irakurri Sara.]
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 19:40 (Lol and Then you have Greg over here like "Saxon you'd better not be datin my girl.")
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 19:41 (Then Saxon's like "BOI")
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.3 19:44 is it better to keep her safe or bring her to Tomas who will probably experiment on her?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Dec.3 20:02 [XD Indeed. Anyways, I gtg. See you!]
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.3 20:08 maybe we can make her feel better by grtting her a new body?
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.3 20:08 *getting
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 20:16 She seems to... Trust him, but... I don't know.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.3 20:35 Oh that sounds good. But how will we do that?
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.3 21:03 I actually have...spares...in my pocket universe ones that will work
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.4 22:17 Oh...
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.4 22:19 They are from a long time ago before i found out you were not dead
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.4 22:21 Not.. Any less odd.
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.4 22:45 My universe my rules
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.5 03:18 That's more of an ethical matter.
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2018,Dec.5 21:06 Oh right the ethics things.. those are hard...um but i think...hmm what kid of animal should we put her in? So she can have a body which is the most humane and ethical thing to do to her
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.5 22:17 Do you have any canines?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.5 22:19 Saxon: *finishes his food and puts his dishes in the dishwasher* Beetle, read me my file again.
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Dec.5 22:20 Yessir! *starts reading off every detail of his lab file*
11>[Silo] Toothache (human), 17yo.2018,Dec.8 23:23 Yes I think i might have a few wolf ones...
11>[Silo] Toothache (human), 17yo.2018,Dec.8 23:50 Well one...it has wolf...on it..
11>[Silo] Toothache (human), 17yo.2018,Dec.8 23:52 I think..
11>[Silo] Toothache (human), 17yo.2018,Dec.9 00:44 I have the perfect thing *grabs cara and goes into her universe a few minutes later she comes back with Cara in her new body* ok...*uses magic to help her wake up*...please work
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Dec.9 00:46 *coughs a bit trys to sit up but falls over not being used to her body* mmm...this isnt my body I Im still Cara!
11>[Silo] Toothache (human), 17yo.2018,Dec.9 00:47 We know Cara...its ok your still cara, your old body died remwmber? This is your new one
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.9 00:47 Lily: Why would you not be Cara? You can always still be Cara. ...How.. Do you feel?
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Dec.9 00:49 *stands on four legs and wobbles a bit* mmm...its a bit wobbly...I dont know how to sit...
11>[Silo] Toothache (human), 17yo.2018,Dec.9 00:49 Try sitting with your front paws up and balance on your tail
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Dec.9 00:50 *sits like Ziraph says*...Ok...Can...Can I go back to tomas now?
11>[Silo] Toothache (human), 17yo.2018,Dec.9 00:51 Um...ahh...*makes cara fall asleep again*
11>[Silo] Toothache (human), 17yo.2018,Dec.9 01:51 We could show her some of your memories about tomas so she wouldnt.. be endangerd by him...but thats the bad ethical problem right? But is it bad if its saving her future pain?
16>Lily (Tiger), 15yo.2018,Dec.9 01:52 I don't know... I don't want to hurt her..
16>Lily (Tiger), 15yo.2018,Dec.9 01:53 But Tomas is just... Scary..
11>[Silo] Toothache (human), 17yo.2018,Dec.9 01:54 What if we show her the scary stuff but nit the super super bad stuff?
16>Lily (Tiger), 15yo.2018,Dec.9 01:56 Maybe? Dont traumatize her though.
11>[Silo] Toothache (human), 17yo.2018,Dec.9 02:07 *nods a bit then puts some of the memories into caras head* there
11>[Silo] Toothache (human), 17yo.2018,Dec.9 02:09 *wakes cara up* hey...Cara
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Dec.9 02:10 *is shaking a bit* w...why would Tomas do
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Dec.9 02:11 Why would he do that *looks hurt and terrified and a bit betrayed starts crying*
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Dec.9 02:15 I...I want my da...no he..hes scary...I..i dont know were to go now *cries more*
16>Lily (Tiger), 15yo.2018,Dec.9 02:27 Im sorry... You can stay with us if you want. We will keep you safe.
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Dec.9 03:24 *nods a bit*
16>Lily (Tiger), 15yo.2018,Dec.9 03:44 I live here in this forest. It's really nice, I've built myself a little house not far,from here.
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Dec.9 03:49 What about my things....
16>Lily (Tiger), 15yo.2018,Dec.9 03:57 Maybe we can sneak them away sometime?
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Dec.9 04:02 B..but then he will know im alive beacause my things will be missing
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Dec.9 04:03 Why did he hurt you?...w...why did he hurt anyone? Would...would my dad hurt me to?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Dec.9 04:14 [Hi!]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Dec.9 04:14 *joins Saxon and Sara in the kitchen* Morning...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Dec.9 04:42 [Are you still there?]
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.9 04:50 Beetle, stop reading my file. *Beetle silences himself* Morning.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Dec.9 04:53 *yawns and helps himself to some breakfast*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Dec.9 04:53 How are you doing?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.9 04:55 I've been better. You?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Dec.9 05:04 Same...
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.9 05:08 (Brb)
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Dec.9 05:09 [OK.]
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.9 05:19 (sorry my laptop did a thing where it completely didnt have wireless connectivity..)
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Dec.9 05:43 [Aw crap. It's fine.]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Dec.9 05:44 [I also obviously got distracted...sorry... XD XP]
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.9 05:49 (I just got a whole new tablet. O.M.G.... It's so freaking amazing)
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.9 05:52 (*cries* I have to put it back now. It's supposed to be a Christmas present i just checked to make sure it works)
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.9 05:55 Took you long enough to show your face, by the way. We've been here for well over a day.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Dec.9 05:57 [Not much of a surprise, then, is it? XD]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Dec.9 05:57 [But congrats!]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Dec.9 05:58 What...? I've been here too.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.9 06:07 (Well I bought it myself and then was like "Hmm i dont want to have lost a full $300 on this. How about I ask for money back to pay for it for Christmas?" So thats what i did)
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.9 06:08 (Im getting money back and the tablet is a Christmas gift)
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.9 06:09 But you havent been around us since we moved. Where were you when Alen took Sara for half a day?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Dec.9 06:15 [Oh, okay.]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Dec.9 06:16 I was here... [I thought Aron was there the whole time? The only reason he didn't say anything was because I wasn't on here.]
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.9 06:17 (Hes been in the room, but not in the same area.)
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Dec.9 06:20 [OK...?]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Dec.9 06:21 [XD So I interpret that as he's been in the same room but staring at a corner or something.]
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.9 06:21 (Its not just one big block. It's like a house.)
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.9 06:22 (Its got a kitchen, separate rooms, a living room, etc)
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.9 06:22 (Weve just referred to the whole place,as,a room)
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Dec.9 06:28 [Oh, okay. Well still, I thought of it as if Aron's just been grounded in the corner this whole time and it's kinda funny. XD]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Dec.9 06:34 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
16>Lily (Tiger), 15yo.2018,Dec.9 21:11 I really do not know, Cara. From experience, scientists can be unpredictable. But one way or another we can get your stuff back.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.10 04:41 Here, but not HERE. You've been out for awhile.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Dec.10 05:06 Well...Sara's sensitive about Greg...I didn't really want to interfere, so I've been spending most of my time with Hanna.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.10 05:10 Well perhaps we SHOULD interf-- *shuts his mouth and takes a deep breath, exhaling slowly* Come on, Beetle. Let's finish reading my file. *walks out to the couch, followed by BKN*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.10 05:12 (Lol I'm slowly being consumed by the song I'm listening to. It's affecting my character's attitudes)
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Dec.10 05:14 *frowns slightly*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.10 05:16 (Where did caprial go...)
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.10 05:18 (Brb)
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Dec.10 05:19 [IT HAS 2 ARMS NOW]
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Dec.10 05:21 [ikuri Aron wouldnt know anything about greg bc Ikuri Sara's dad wasnt greg]
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2018,Dec.10 05:22 *walks into the kitchen and smiles at sara* Good morning
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Dec.10 05:22 *gets up and stumbles to her room using walls to help her walk*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Dec.10 05:23 [No idea. XP]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Dec.10 05:24 [Nvm.]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Dec.10 05:24 [My post came way late.]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Dec.10 05:24 [Also, Aron is capable of hearing, I'm pretty sure. XD]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Dec.10 05:25 [Maybe Irakurri Sara didn't have a Greg, but Aron's been in the same apartment-ish complex thingy with them. He may be trying to be discreet, but he can overhear things quite easily.]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Dec.10 05:27 [ye probably all the yelling but most of the walls are actually sound proof or sound resistance so actually hearing normal talking from a room away you wouldnt be able to make out the words]
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.10 05:28 (Back)
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Dec.10 05:29 [Yep, Aron probably picked up the info from the arguing.]
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.10 05:31 *hears Greg in the kitchen* Beetle. Initiate protocol SD-038-A. Keep an eye on Greg.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2018,Dec.10 05:31 [the arguing wasnt much info except that Sara clearly hates Greg]
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Dec.10 05:33 *nods curtly* Affirmative! Initiating protocol SD-038-A! *trots off to the kitchen and sits by the doorway*
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Dec.10 05:39 Sir, Greg. Under protocol SD-038-A you are hereby under elite supervision. Any questions or comments, see my commanding officer.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2018,Dec.10 05:41 *shrugs a bit* Alright, you have information right tiny robot?
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Dec.10 05:42 Affirmative. However, you do not seem to be registered as an admin. Intel may be restricted.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Dec.10 05:43 [Still, it's been days. Aron had to pick up the info at one point or another.]
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2018,Dec.10 05:44 would a parent or legal gaurdian be entitled to files of their under age child even if restricted?
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Dec.10 05:46 No, sir. Custody of any subject is not that of the parent once admitted to facility. Personal information requires admin approval.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2018,Dec.10 05:47 alright, what information would I have access to?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Dec.10 05:49 *finishes eating and enters the kitchen to put his stuff in the dish washer*
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Dec.10 05:49 Guests have access to general information.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.10 05:51 *taps his foot impatiently as he stares blankly at the anti-magic bracelet on his wrist*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2018,Dec.10 06:01 alright tell me all the general information please
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.10 06:04 Okay! Who would you like general information about? Current accessable files include: Sara, Aron, Hanna, Saxon, Greg, or BKN001.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2018,Dec.10 06:05 BKN001
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2018,Dec.10 06:07 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2018,Dec.10 06:08 [bye]
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Dec.10 06:09 why did he hurt you?...
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Dec.10 06:11 BKN001, pronounced BACON-DOUBLE-O-1. I am a security assistant designed for the viewing of behavioral traits regarding Vulkanisch test subjects. My sole purpose is to keep my masters well informed. You may call me Beetle!
16>Lily (Tiger), 15yo.2018,Dec.10 06:12 I don't know.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2018,Dec.10 06:12 Beetle....can you count to 100,000,000,000,00,875?
16>Lily (Tiger), 15yo.2018,Dec.10 06:12 (crap i forgot to change the name thing)
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Dec.10 06:13 Of course.
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Dec.10 06:13 d...did he love me like he said or was he just pretending?
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2018,Dec.10 06:14 can you show me how please
16>Lily (Tiger), 15yo.2018,Dec.10 06:14 He... Probably was pretending...
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2018,Dec.10 06:14 *starts counting*
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Dec.10 06:15 *looks down sadly* oh....but...but he is my dad?....w...why dosent my dad love me? did...did I do something wrong?
16>Lily (Tiger), 15yo.2018,Dec.10 06:16 No, of course you didn't do anything wrong!
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Dec.10 06:21 then why dosent he love me anymore
16>Lily (Tiger), 15yo.2018,Dec.10 06:24 The only thing I can think of is he didn't really care...
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Dec.10 06:29 Oh....*tears start falling again* He said I was special and that hed never ever hurt me beacause hes my dad and he loves me but he did lots of scary things and dosent really care
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Dec.10 06:35 w...what about my papa? dose my papa still love me?
16>Lily (Tiger), 15yo.2018,Dec.10 06:36 Your Papa?
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Dec.10 06:40 yeah my papa Corvis
16>Lily (Tiger), 15yo.2018,Dec.10 06:42 I don't know who Corvis is?
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Dec.10 06:43 he is my papa Tomas is my dad and Corvis is my papa they both raised me
16>Lily (Tiger), 15yo.2018,Dec.10 06:46 I wish I knew anything about him.
20>Cara (chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Dec.10 06:47 if...if tomas dosent love me dose at least my papa still love me?
16>Lily (Tiger), 15yo.2018,Dec.10 06:50 Dunno
17>Tomas (Tomas), 32yo.2019,Jan.7 02:34 *walks around in his house then telaports to her personal storage unit and sighs holding his key wondering if he should or not*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Jan.28 03:33 *stumbles to Arons Door and knocks on it*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.11 10:53 *opens it* Yes?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.11 10:54 [XD I can't help but find Greg getting BKN001 into a logic trap so easily quite funny. But an even more effective trap goes something like this: "OK Beetle, x = -2. So long as x is under 0, subtract 1 from x and tell me the value of x." That is what we in
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.11 10:55 the programming world call an infinite loop. ^.^]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.11 10:56 [Infinite loops are really freakin' bad, though, so I wouldn't be surprised if BKN001 has a dozen different protocols to prevent him from falling into one.]
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.12 15:19 *listens to BKN counting from the other room* Whatever you're thinking, it's not going to work, buddy.
8>Talie (Chia-Demon wolf mix), Youngyo.2019,Mar.12 22:09 [I'm on!]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 03:40 *pushes past Aron and sits on his bed* Im not dealing with that crap...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 03:42 What crap?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 03:43 Greg
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 03:54 Eh, we just have to get used to him...
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 03:59 No hes not that kind of person he is a filthy lowlife who dosent desreve to be around anyone let alone kids
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 04:08 He doesn't seem that bad...I don't trust him, but he's not as bad as others...
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 04:10 hes the one that sold me to this god forsaken place not that he was any kind of good parent before he did that
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 04:13 and now he comea back her Acting like he didnt Freakin do anything wrong and is expecting to be like "Oh hi dad hows it going" Scr*w that
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 04:26 Hm...yeah, s***w that...but I get the feeling he was put here for a reason...here with us, I mean...I don't like it.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 04:27 He is the reason he is here its the PLF System
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 04:33 [I'm guessing Aron knows what that is, but I don't, so...mind elaborating on what that is so I don't say anything out of character or outright dumb as Aron? XD XP]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 04:42 [Ikurian Aron has no clue its a only in the yin yang lab]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 04:42 [and even yin yang Aron probably didnt know about this]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 04:50 [Oh, okay.] PLF System?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 04:53 Parent Lives with Family system...basically at any time the parent or parents who hand there kid over to the lab can come stay with the kid the parent cant leave but they can stay and he waited a good 10 Years to show up which for the recored I never
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 04:53 Wanted him to show up beacause he was a low life before he sent me here
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 04:59 hes a trash person...anyway Im going back to my room bye *walks off to her room*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 05:05 ...Bye...
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.18 05:08 *walks over to Saxon* So are you and Sarahia dating? or in a relationship?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 05:09 *wonders if the Irakurri lab had something like that**sits down, spacing out as he thinks*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.18 05:19 No, we aren't.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.18 05:20 Sara was never a good kid she was always acting out but Im glad im here for her even if she is still a bratt shes my bratt
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.18 05:24 You don't know anything about her, seeing how you've been gone so long.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.18 05:25 You think you know because you are "her father" but that just isn't the truth.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.18 05:25 I know more about her then you, plus I sent her here for her own good
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.18 05:28 No one should be sent to a lab for any reason.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 05:28 *decides to go to the kitchen**overhears that last statement Greg made and just turns and stares at him in disbelief*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.18 05:29 it was better then her current situation and it gave her structer and routine in her life and she got to help safe the world while living in this lovely kind of space
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.18 05:30 This here. *gestures toward the room* Is all a lie.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 05:32 ...Either you know absolutely nothing about these labs, or you're a monster.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.18 05:33 well I know in the past she has acted out and they had to give her diffrent living spaces to make sure herself and others were safe but shes acting better now
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 05:33 If you had to endure one day of what she went through, you would become irrepairably insane.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 05:33 No wonder she hates you.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.18 05:34 I got little updates here and there but I dont really know much just that its alot better then were she used to be
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.18 05:35 She hates me beacause I wasnt a good dad after her mom died I was in a bad place and I took it out on her and it wasnt healthy so I sent her away for both of our sakes and Im better im hopping she is to and im here now
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 05:38 Sending her away was the worst mistake you'll have ever made in your entire life.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.18 05:40 why what did they do?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 05:43 I'm not from this universe...I can only say what they did to her Irakurri counterpart. But this version of her is so similar to her that I wouldn't be surprised that they went through the exact same things.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 05:43 Let me give you a description of a normal day for, say, 12 year-old Irakurri Sara... *starts listing off some of the horrors she went through*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 05:45 *normally he wouldn't be so open about any of this at all, especially not here, but he's so p***ed at Greg he doesn't care*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.18 05:45 oh my goodness I had no Idea....I need to get her out of here...*quickly runs to Saras room* Come on we are leaving
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 05:45 ...And that's just one day.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 05:45 *said that before Greg ran off *
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 05:46 *greg walks over and grabs her arm* No! leave me alone! no! stop! dont touch Me! let go of me!
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.18 05:46 Im doing this for your own good you cant walk I'll fix it
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 05:47 *is kicking and trying to push him away* NO! Stop dont Touch me!
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.18 05:48 *roughly yanks her forward and slaps her hard* Knock it off and let me help you You are worse then you were as a kid you need to learn some ******* manners!
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 05:49 *starts crying as memories from her past flood she fights and kicks him* NO! Stop it! Leave me alone!
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 05:51 *rushes in and instinctively tries to pull Greg away as hard as he can*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 05:51 *easily elbows Aron in the head and knocks him out*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 05:51 The damage is done, leave her alone!
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 05:51 [Greg did that not Sara]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 05:51 *said that before he was knocked out*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.18 05:52 Your hurt your limping Just stop wiggling let me snap your neck and fix it!
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 05:53 No! stop it! I'll get in trouble You are gonna make it worse for everyone like you Always Do!
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.18 05:54 You are the one that killed your mother but thats fine you still have her eyes not let me Fix it and get you out of here!
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 05:54 I didnt kill her I was just born! *keeps struggling*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.18 05:55 *bangs Saras head against the wall and holds her up as he starts choking her to death* Im fixing this!
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.18 05:56 *Finally takes the initiative to get off the couch and rushes to interfere, grabbing Greg tightly by the neck and his arm* Let go of her now, before I snap your arm.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 05:56 *is stuggling and panicing and trying to tear Gregs hands off*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.18 05:56 Or maybe even your neck. We'll see.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.18 05:57 Im doing this for her own good so I can get her out of here she cant run if her leg is limp
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 05:59 *starts waking up a little**his head hurts a lot and he feels very dizzy*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 06:01 *is struggling to keep air looks at Saxon panicked*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.18 06:03 You're gonna wish you'd complied. *easily breaks Greg's arm and pulls him back by the neck*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.18 06:04 *drops Sara* Gaw!! *swimgs and hits Saxon in the face with his good arm* Whe the ******* ****?!
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 06:05 *starts getting up slowly*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 06:05 *clutches his head with one hand while using the other to support him as he gets up*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 06:07 *sits up as she catches her breath she is shaking*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 06:08 *stumbles over to Sara to see if she's okay**is also prepared to throw himself over her if Greg goes after her again*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.18 06:11 *reels back from the blow, loosening his grip just a little, but he regains his senses quickly, switching hands and slamming Greg into the ground. He has enough pressure on his throat to be making it difficult to breathe, but not quite choking him yet*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 06:12 *instinctively gently puts his arms around Sara and hugs her*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.18 06:13 *his nose is bleeding pretty bad from being hit, but he ignores it for the time being*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 06:14 *dosent struggle he stays still*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 06:15 [greg ment to say that :p]
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.18 06:25 *doesn't move*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.18 06:30 allright you made your point
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.18 06:32 I really don't think I have.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 06:32 [BTW, trauma to the head is really bad. Aron probably needs to see a doctor. People can be knocked out and then seem perfectly fine afterwards...and then drop dead a day or so later.]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 06:35 A...Aron call doctor Allen....
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 06:35 [there is a phone on the wall in the kitchen]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 06:37 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.18 06:38 You have I'll leave the elittle wastetoid alone
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.18 06:39 I warned you, now riddle me this: How many warnings does one man need before they realize they ****** up?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.18 06:41 (Replace They with he. It sounds better)
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.18 06:41 aparently this many now lay off me will ya?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.18 06:44 I always believed one would suffice, despite being taught otherwise. You weren't supposed to have any warnings. Insubordination means immediate termination. *lets go of Greg and stands up, wiping his face* consider yourself lucky to be alive. For now.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.18 06:46 *groans and walks back to his room
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.18 06:46 *
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.18 06:50 *breathes through his mouth to avoid the pain of attempting to breathe through a broken nose*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 06:51 *is still shaking alot* Is...is your nose ok?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.18 06:52 No.. It's definitely broken.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 06:55 you...you should go call Allen...um...he...he can um...um fix it
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.18 14:39 Yeah.. *goes back to the kitchen and calls Allen*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2019,Mar.18 20:05 *a female voice message is said over the phone* "This lab is under quarantine All phones, cameras and microphone functions are unavailable at the moment All doors are deadlocked please wait til the end of quarantine to resume your call thank you"
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2019,Mar.18 20:06 *the phone clicks off*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.18 20:10 Well that's no fun. *looks around for things to dress his own wound with* BKN, make a list of todays incident.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.18 20:10 *incidents
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.18 20:11 Yes, sir. *goes to each of them to assess the damages*
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.18 20:13 *goes to Greg's room last*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.18 23:16 *his head hurts, he feels nauseous, and he has ringing in his ears**starts losing his grip on Sara and slowly falling to the floor*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.19 03:34 bacon call Dr. Allen for help
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.19 06:47 Dr. Alen cannot be reached right now. Attempts to call have already been made. Refer to Saxon for emergency treatment. He is not licensed, but papers say he has experience in non-invasive medical practices.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.20 02:38 *falls to the floor, really dizzy*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 03:33 *sits Aron up* No stay away talk to me dont stop talking to me alright?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 03:36 Okay...um...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 03:36 *has an incredibly difficult time focusing* My head...I...I think I need a...doctor...
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 03:38 yeah you do but keep talking Saxon is calling Allen but you have to keep talking, if worse comes to worse I can fix it
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.21 03:39 Sounds like you've got a concussion.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 03:41 yeah...he should take it easy for a while I dont want him sleeping for at least 5 hours tho just in case
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 03:43 what did Alen say?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.21 03:43 There's been no answer. *picks up the phone again* He just needs to rest. Get some ice if there's any. Talk to him for awhile. Don't be surprised if he throws up.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 03:45 Um...are...are you...um...do you need another hug? *is kinda loopy, so he honestly can't think of more complicated things to say*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 03:46 I will get us some ice...*stumbles to the freezer using the walls for balance comes back a little bit later gives him ice for his head and puts ice on her neck*
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.21 03:47 Your forearm is broken just inches from the ginglymus, the elbow joint. You can splint this yourself if you know how.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 03:47 Thanks...
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.21 03:47 There also appears to be straining on your neck.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.21 03:49 I dont know how and im not Asking Saxon for help since He is the one that broke my arm
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.21 03:51 Very well.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 03:52 Bacon Come here!
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.21 03:53 Oh! I've been summoned! *runs out to Sara*
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.21 03:53 Yes, ma'am?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 03:54 can you call Doctor Alen?
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.21 03:54 I can make another attempt. *tries calling Alen*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2019,Mar.21 03:58 *just woke up walks down the hall and notices Gregs arm walks in with her crutches* Is your arm ok?
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.21 03:59 no its not wanna take a look at it?
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2019,Mar.21 04:02 ok *walks over and kneels down*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 04:02 This...is my fault...I'm sorry...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 04:04 I got mad...I told him about some of the things you've gone through...and then this happened...I'm sorry...
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.21 04:04 *Hangs up the phone and heads to the bathroom to clean himself up and stop the bleeding*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.21 04:05 *grabs Hannah neck and starts strangling her he has a tight grip and she isnt able to speak*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 04:06 no he has always been this way and trust me he knows everything that has happend to me
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.21 04:08 *squeezes the life out of her then shoves her under the bed*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.21 04:14 god i hate kids...
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.21 04:14 *kicks her crutch under the bed as well*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.21 04:15 *walks to the kitchen and gets some Ice puts it on his arm*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 04:16 [...why do all the lovable young girls keep being killed off in these RPs?]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 04:16 Why...why is he like this?
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.21 04:17 [idk...;-;]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 04:17 [BTW, does Irakurri Sara have an Irakurri Greg as her father? If so, did Aron ever learn anything about him? I've been RPing under the assumption that he does not.]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 04:17 beacause he is the walking embodiment of a trashbag
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 04:17 [At least Cara and Eira were brought back...but geezus...]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 04:18 But why?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 04:18 [No Ikurians Sara had good parents but they died]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 04:19 I dont Freakin know
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.21 04:22 (I may disappear for a bit. My parents are picking me up anytime now)
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 04:23 [k]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 04:28 [OK.]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 04:29 Alright...um...how are your injuries?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 04:31 im...used to it
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 04:33 Yeah...sorry...dumb question...I'm...I'm not thinking straight...
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 04:33 no your fine.....so um.....hows your thing with...sara going?
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.21 04:34 *immediately stops the regular call and sends out an emergency signal*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2019,Mar.21 04:37 *answers his personal phone that only the emergency signal can call* Hello?.....
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.21 04:38 *Off in Vulkanisch, a little light on Dr. Nilsson's cufflink flashes. He chuckles and says "fatality numero uno" and continues with his work*
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.21 04:38 Sir, there is one less heartbeat in the immediate area.
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2019,Mar.21 04:40 is there a brech in your room?.... the lab is in quarantine I sealed as many rooms as I could so it couldnt get it....did the airtight seal get broken?
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.21 04:40 No, sir.
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.21 04:41 There was a fight, but no fatalities or mortal wounds were recorded.
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2019,Mar.21 04:41 I...the lab is under quarantine for at least another week... um here is my number *gices it to me* give me updates but Saxon is incharge dont let anyone leave the room dont let anyone break the seal
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 04:42 Oh...um...we...um...well...we sort of...we're not living together...so...um...
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.21 04:42 ... Yes sir..
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 04:42 It's complicated...
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2019,Mar.21 04:44 thank you...I will get there as soon as quarantine is lifted *hangs up*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 04:45 did she...break up with you?
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.21 04:45 *runs to the bathroom* Saxon, sir, there is a problem.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.21 04:46 *finishes throwing away bloodied tissues and cleans up his face* That's never a good thing to hear... What kind of problem?
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.21 04:48 I do believe someone is dead.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 04:48 Uh...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 04:49 It's complex...sorta...maybe...I live not far from her with um...Irakurri Tomas.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.21 04:49 Who wasn't accounted for? *BKN: Everyone's injuries were assessed except for Hanna, who was asleep.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.21 04:51 S***- *runs out of the bathroom, to Hanna's room. He performs a routine check of the room, then moves on to the other rooms, repeating the same process. He's had suspicions from the start, but hoped he'd find her before going to Greg's room*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.21 04:52 *stops in the doorway to Greg's room. His voice is grim* She'd better not be in here, Greg.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 04:53 What's Saxon running around for...?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 04:55 [greg is in the kitchen getting ice]
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.21 04:55 (He still said it anyway. It's not uncommon for him to speak to nothing)
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 04:57 [mmk]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 04:57 [...because he's SECRETLY CRAZY MWAH HA HA HA]
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.21 04:58 (*shrugs* Wouldn't be too wrong)
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 04:58 [...Sorry, my jokes seem to get increasingly dumb the longer I've been not feeling well. XD XP]
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.21 04:58 *looks around the room, in the closet, then under the bed. Takes a long, deep breath when he sees Hanna. He pulls her out from under the bed and places her on top of it*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 04:59 [Earlier today: Me: *lying in bed because I feel like crap* Friend: *pokes head in and yells to other friend* She's asleep! Me: SNORE! Friend: ??? Me: SNORE! Friend: ... Me: I'm sleeping! Can't you hear me snoring? >:D]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 05:00 [Friend: *monotone* That was so funny. *walks away* Me: *chases after him* It was so funny you forgot to laugh! Friend: No, not really. Me: *officially out of snarky comebacks* :/ ]
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.21 05:05 (I'd exaggerate my snores. Like when someone eats a chip I'll sometimes over-exaggerate a crunching noise)
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 05:06 who knows
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 05:09 [XD Yeah, I've done that too. I just haven't just yelled the word "snore" before and decided to see if it was funny...I clearly failed...]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 05:15 I...I don't like it...where are the others, what is he doing...?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 05:16 stay here you need to rest what ever it is he will tell us later ok?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 05:17 *gets up and closes the door her room is soundproof so Aron and her wont hear anything from outside the room*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 05:17 plus if anything happend you wouldnt be much help neither would I
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 05:19 Yeah...maybe...maybe we should lock or block the door in case Greg tries anything...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 05:20 But that would leave Hanna out there...yeah, no, maybe not...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 05:20 *starts getting increasingly faint*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 05:20 keep talking to me bud....
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.21 05:21 *walks out of the room and down the hall. He peers into the living room, then goes to the kitchen, where he finds Greg. He doesn't say a word, he just approaches him and hits him with a right cross, following with a left hook*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.21 05:22 GAW! *backs up* The H*lls your problem man?!
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.21 05:23 *grabs him by the shoulders and knees him hard in the stomach*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.21 05:24 *groans and steps hard on Saxons foot probably breaking a toe before headbutting him and backing up again*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.21 05:25 I said Id leave her alone and im out here leaving her alone what do you want?!
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.21 05:27 *his head starts bleeding, but he refuses to fall back. He punches Greg in the jaw, then rushes to pin him against the wall*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 05:27 [gtg soon.]
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.21 05:28 *headbutts Saxon directly on his nose*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.21 05:29 *yells and steps back*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 05:29 Aron...stay with me man..
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 05:29 I'm sleepy...
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.21 05:30 *knees him were the sun dosent shine then slams his head onto the hard time floor*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.21 05:30 (Contrary to popular belief, people can fall asleep with a concussion)
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 05:30 *thinks really quickly on how to keep him up then grabs his head and kisses him*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.21 05:31 (*falls off the bed, laughing*)
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 05:31 (its safer to not until a doctor gives an ok or you wait an hour or 2]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 05:32 *sort of freezes up**instinctively tries to kiss her back, but he winds up making an "Ack!!" sound instead because his head hurts a lot**is wide awake now*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 05:33 *pulls away and chuckles a bit* Sleepy now?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.21 05:33 (If they are able to make conversation it's okay)
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 05:33 [oh ok]
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.21 05:33 (I can't respond right away I'm still dying)
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.21 05:34 (YOU JUST MADE ME THINK OF ANOTHER VIDEO DANGIT!!)
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.21 05:35 *Tile floor
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.21 05:38 *jumps onto Saxons back cracking a few ribs before grabbing his arm twisting it and pulling from its socket*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.21 05:39 LEave me alone and Ill leave you alone *walks to his room*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 05:40 Uhhh... *shakes his head, blushing*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.21 05:41 (I really don't think I've ever felt more bad for Saxon)
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 05:42 [Yeah, how the h**l is a Raven who's been brought up to fight getting his butt handed to him like this?!]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 05:43 [From everything I've gathered, Greg should be toast...]
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.21 05:43 [Bc greg isnt an honest fighter and greg is very large and durrable]
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.21 05:43 [re-read gregs actions..]
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.21 05:43 [that low level fighting brings anyone to there knees]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 05:44 [I did. I was sure Saxon's martial arts training should've saved him from a lot of that. Maybe it's because he's more used to fighting with magic than without it?]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 05:44 [Not if you know karate or some other martial art.]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 05:46 [I've seen how people who know martial arts dodge things...it's freaking magical. They just seem to shift/move in a surprisingly simple way and the person misses them entirely.]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 05:47 [I'd be a bit more understandable if Greg is ludicrously fast and Saxon didn't know it.]
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.21 05:48 (How long have they been in the lab now?)
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.21 05:48 [greg is very fast and strong and a very tall big man very intimidating]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 05:48 [I have no idea... XD XP]
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.21 05:49 [about 6 months]
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.21 05:49 *just stays on the kitchen floor, curled up, screaming mostly internally*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 05:49 [Still, if you know proper martial arts techniques you should be able to avoid serious injury.]
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.21 05:50 (Here's the BS line. *holds up a fishing line* It's been 6 months without being able to train)
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.21 05:50 (Saxon constantly trains so things like that don't happen)
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.21 05:50 [yup]
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.21 05:51 [and greg got there a few days ago so he is peek phisical proformance]
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.21 05:52 *slowly backs out of the kitchen*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 05:54 [There's this thing called muscle memory... XD If Saxon's out of shape, he'd be more at risk of hurting himself by pulling a muscle doing some martial arts bullcrap out of nowhere, buuut...okay...]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 05:55 [Mostly I'd buy it if Greg's sheer speed wasn't expected. He's big and probably looks strong, so Saxon had to expect how strong he'd be. But big AND lightning fast...that's a different story.]
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.21 05:55 (The training isn't to keep him physically stronger. It's all mental)
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 05:56 [The cliche is that big strong guys are slow, but if he's super fast then that may have come as a nasty surprise.]
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.21 05:56 (He probably is still easily stronger than Greg.)
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.21 05:56 (On a physical level)
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 05:56 [Huh...okay.]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.21 05:57 [Well, I gtg. See you!]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.22 03:17 [I'm on!]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.22 03:26 What do you think is going to happen now...?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.22 04:07 What....do you want...to happen?...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.22 04:11 I don't know...
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.22 04:18 Saxon might require medical assistance.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.22 04:19 [BKN isnt in the bedroom with Sara is he?]
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.22 04:21 (He left the kitchen awhile ago. He doesn't want to say anything to Saxon)
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.22 04:23 *goes to bed and falls asleep pretty quickly*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.22 04:23 can....can you sleep in here tonight..in..incase he comes back?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.22 04:27 [I may disappear. My Internet is acting up.]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.22 04:27 Of course...
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.22 04:27 [k]
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.22 04:31 *forwards a report to Alen's computer saying what the injuries were for the first conflict, finding Hanna dead, and the second conflict*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2019,Mar.22 04:46 *signs* Please....lift the quarantine soon...gaw...those poor kids...I told Eli he was a bad idea....
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.22 04:58 *forwards another messages saying he will be keeping Aron and Sara in one room to prevent any more fights. He mentions leaving Saxon to rest on his own, knowing he will be able to move on his own fairly soon*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.22 04:59 If you want, I won't leave your side so long as he's here...
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.22 05:00 thank you...
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.22 05:04 *walks over and lies down near the doorway to Sara's room. He's inside the room, in the blindspot of the door*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.22 05:06 *Finally straightens himself out and jams his arm back into its socket, then just lies on the floor*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.22 05:08 you should get some sleep
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.22 05:11 *nods a little and lies there in silence**it takes him a little while to fall asleep*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.22 05:31 (*cough* Hm)
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.22 05:31 [idk what to do]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.22 05:34 [I am kinda relying on you guys here, sooo... XP I did hear you had plans to complete on here before Saxon and co. get out...]
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.22 05:37 (Well my main character here is resting, he can't do crap)
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.22 05:39 *walks to the kitchen to get some water and sees Saxon* Saxon! no no no...
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.22 05:40 Hm? *sounds a little tired*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.22 05:41 what...jappend?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.22 05:42 Guess I wasn't completely focused or something. I'll tell you this... I haven't felt an urge to kill this strong in... Hmm... I can't remember how long. I don't know, I'm just tired.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.22 05:42 And broken, but that is another story-
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.22 05:44 how....long will it take you to heal?..you...your not entierly human...
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.22 05:45 I'll be able to move better in the morning. I'll sleep here since I'm fairly comfortable. I'm not really feeling much pain, just... Really achy... Cracked and broken bones are nothing.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.22 05:45 [Same with mine. :P]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.22 05:46 ok...im...im locking my door tonight then...get...well soon *walks to her room locks the door and goes to sleep* [TIME SKIPPPP To next mornin]
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.22 05:47 *is fast asleep on the floor*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.22 05:54 *wakes up with a bad headache*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.22 05:54 [i gtg bye]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.22 06:04 [Aw, bye!]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 03:31 [I'm on! Sorry I'm late, I was working on something.]
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2019,Mar.23 03:43 [Hi im on only this rp tonight replues will be slow]
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.23 03:44 *is passed out asleep in his room but from under thw bed you can start to smell death*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 03:52 [OK.]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 03:53 [Saxon put Hanna's body on top of the bed BTW. I guess Greg moved it back underneath.]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 03:54 [Replies will be slow. I'm finally getting around to working on another drawing that is kinda a gift for you. ^.^]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 03:55 [I doubt if it'll be nearly as ambitious as the last one, though...lineless art is a freakin' pain in the butt...I'm also still not feeling so great, so I want to relax more with this drawing.]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 03:56 *groans very quietly and clutches his head*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 04:02 [yeah]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 04:03 *slept on the floor probably put Aron in her bed when he fell asleep she sits up and rubs her eyes*...you ok?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.23 04:09 *wakes up and calls BKN over to him, gives him a message, then tries to sleep again*
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 04:13 * runs to Sara's room* Saxon asks you to bring him some painkillers. He also has a message for you
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 04:16 Mmm...I have a headache...
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 04:18 ok what message?
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 04:20 He asks you to get him a towel as well, actually. The message is "within the next day or so, it may be in your best interest to make this place smell as obnoxious, but not bad, as possible."
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 04:24 *looks very serious very quickly* Aron stay here dont leave the room BKN Make sure Aron dosent leave the room and dont tell him about any incidents they may have or have had occured * stubles to the bathroom and gets a towl and grabs some painkillers*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 04:25 *from her backpack then stumbles out to Saxon* I got what you asked for.....Please tell me its Greg...
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.23 04:26 *shakes his head* I wish it was.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 04:29 *gives Saxon the painkillers and towl*...right...ok...dont tell Aron *goes to the cupord and gets some vanilla extract puts the oven on low heat and puts water and a little bit of vanilla in the pan and puts it in the over soon the house smells like*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 04:29 *Vanilla and it masks the death smell*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 04:32 What's going on? Where's Sara?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.23 04:32 *rolls onto his belly and pushes himself onto his knees. This takes a lot of effort through the pain. He downs the painkillers and takes a few breaths before standing up and stumbing to the sink. He fills a cup with water and goes to Greg's room. Places
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.23 04:34 the glass just inside the door, then shuts it, stuffing the towel under the gap, then holds the door shut*
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 04:36 She will be back soon
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.23 04:39 Sara.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 04:40 *stumbles over using the walls to ballance* hmm? what?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.23 04:43 It'll be uncomfortable, but could you turn up the heat a bit?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 04:43 that wont bother him...trust me
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.23 04:43 You can also block the vents in your room as well as the kitchen and other rooms that you do not want as much heat in. Nothing flammable though.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.23 04:44 It isn't to bother HIM.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.23 04:44 Heat will... Well, the heat will make the smell worse.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 04:46 I know, he dosent have a sense of smell he cant smell anything
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 04:51 his room is soundproof tho...if you hid the music player in there you could play anything on full blast
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 04:52 *tries to sit up, but he gets very dizzy*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.23 04:54 *smiles* I have insurance for the player, too. Go get the music player. *heads to Sara's room to get BKN* Protocol EU-115-B is still active, correct?
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 04:55 Affirmative!
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.23 04:56 Good. Add Protocol SD-117-B to that. *goes back to the door to Greg's room*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 04:57 *walks and gets the music player leaves it by the door then walks back into her bedroom with Aron*...hi
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.23 05:00 *hides the music player and places BKN in the room. He sets the music player as the target for the protocol, then turns on a playlist, full volume, and returns to holding the door shut*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.23 05:01 (I imagine something like Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up being the first song)
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.23 05:01 (Not the original version, the "Never gonna hit those notes" version)
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.23 05:01 *jolts up* AH! what the h*ll?!
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.23 05:02 Bkn were is that god awfel music comming from?!
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 05:03 That is classified, sir
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 05:05 [XD Oh boy.]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 05:06 Hi...where were you? Are the others okay?
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 05:06 (Oh, btw I sent a link in the other rp)
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.23 05:07 oh its from you...isnt in ok... alright *gets off the bed and pulls the blanket off quickly drops the blanket on BKN and scoops him um and ties the blanket tightly around him trapping the lil robot*
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 05:08 *makes what sounds like clearing his throat, then cuts through the blanket*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.23 05:08 *drags hannas body from under the bed and places her ontop of BKN and the blanket bundle in attempts to muffle the sound more*
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 05:08 Sharp metal toes, sir. *lifts a paw and wiggles his toes*
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 05:09 *did all that after he put Hanna's body over him*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.23 05:13 that dose a better job then the blanket..
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 05:14 *pushes Hanna off of him* Oh, I am strong enough to lift a body. Sorry, sir
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.23 05:15 BKN were are your speakers located?
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 05:18 Speakers are located in the mouth. See the lovely smile? The speakers are protected by a thick layer of ballistic glass.
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 05:19 Dr. Nischen made sure I could not be easily destroyed.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.23 05:21 *picks up BKN and holds his paw uses it to cut open hanna then shoves BKN inside and sits on him and the body*
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 05:25 Lucky me I cannot smell. *a little compartment in his paw opens and a large needle slides out. He jabs Greg with it. It's a quick-acting paralyzing tranquilzer*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.23 05:27 *falls back actually adding more of his weight to ontop of the body*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 05:29 *is waiting for Sara's answer*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 05:33 in the kitchen, they are fine
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 05:33 *pushes Greg off of him and crawls back over to the door* I'm going to need a bath...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 05:41 Okay... *clutches his head, wincing a bit*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 05:42 you ok?
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 05:44 You, sir, are a sick man.
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 05:46 (It isn't a knockout tranquilizer)
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.23 05:48 so what?
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 05:50 I don't know. Just sort of feel bad for you.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.23 05:51 if you feel so bad stop playing that awfel music or atleast go someplace else to do it
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 05:56 I'm not playing the music. And the music is the beginning of why I feel bad.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 05:56 [Do you think a size 650 brush is overkill? XD]
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.23 05:57 can you stop the music?
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 05:58 (hmm.... Like... Hairbrush?)
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 06:00 [No, normal paintbrush. I'm working on the sky background before I get around to drawing the stuff in the foreground.]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 06:00 [How is Greg talking if it's a paralysis tranquilizer, though?]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 06:01 [I guess maybe he can move just enough to speak but not much more??]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 06:01 [AAUUGGHH MY POOR POOR CPU]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 06:01 [THE 650 SIZE BRUSH IS TAKING ITS TOLL XD]
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 06:03 (Ah, no, but I believe a size 5000 brush is overkill)
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 06:05 No I cannot.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.23 06:06 can you get someone else to stop the music?
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 06:07 He will stop the music eventually.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 06:08 [The canvas size I'm using is 1800x1200 with 300 dpi, so 5000 would indeed be overkill. XD]
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.23 06:10 when will this were off?
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 06:12 In four hours. It is a tranquilizer used on runaways. Dr. Nilsson prefers having escapees alive when-
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.23 06:13 when what? Im very intrested...
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 06:18 *mumbles* He's ruined everything. *makes a coughing noise and raises his voice so he can be heard* Dr. Nilsson loves finding escapees since it means he can find new ways to torture humans before killing them.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.23 06:19 what methods dose he use how dose he do it?
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 06:24 Dr. Nilsson has taken great care to not tell many about his unorthodox actions
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.23 06:26 well can you tell me what you do know?
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 06:28 There's a lot of screaming involved. That is all I have in my records.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.23 06:28 can you play it back?
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 06:29 I prefer not to
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.23 06:32 do it anyways
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 06:34 I am not required to, so I will not
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.23 06:35 is there anything you can give me to make this were off quicker?
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 06:36 Nope
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.23 06:37 why are you even here in my room?
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 06:37 It is specially designed to fully paralyze the subject from the neck down, but leave the pain receptors fully functional
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 06:38 *said that before his last response*
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 06:38 I was ordered to stay in here
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.23 06:38 why?
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 06:39 What a ridiculous question to ask
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 06:40 [I'm liking this robot more and more. ^.^]
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.23 06:41 do my a favor and knock me out for 4 hours
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 06:41 (It's often a mix of automated responses and an actual person responding so..)
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 06:41 As much as I'd like to, I'm afraid I cannot.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.23 06:43 why not?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 06:43 [Yeah, I was guessing there was something more than artifical intelligence...I remember you sending a drawing of him with "help me" as a hidden message in it...]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 06:44 [XD Greg: Why not? Me: BECAUSE YOU'RE A [BLEEP]HOLE, THAT'S WHY!!]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 06:44 *AN
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 06:46 I'd rather be stuck in the dark room then be in the same house as him...
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 06:46 (BKN is an acronym for Bones Kabir Nilsson)
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 06:47 [no it means Bacon]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 06:48 Yeah...
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 06:48 I have my orders
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 06:49 Disregarding orders has never ended well.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 06:49 [Geezus...so either Nilsson's a good actor or there's something more to BKN, because frankly he doesn't seem that bad in terms of personality...]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 06:50 [XD Wait, no, I like Caprial's interpretation better. Wait a minute, what if it's a sentient piece of bacon responding?!]
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 06:52 (Recall that The Dr. Nilsson you met is a demon)
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 06:53 [omg]
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.23 06:54 Oh are you afriad Saxon will break you?...
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 06:55 No, Saxon is a good man.
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 06:55 Comparatively. We all have our flaws.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 06:57 [Yeah, you know what, I like the sentient bacon hypothesis way better. XD]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 06:59  Secret message to BKN001  
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.23 07:00 If he is the one who gave you orders and your not afraid of him then your not afraid of breaking his orders eaither
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 07:01  Secret message to Aron  
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 07:02 I agree. But I do have this thing called respect. You should try it out sometime.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.23 07:03 I have respect for some things
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 07:06 Clearly not for enough things.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.23 07:08 kids are the worst Sara was an awfel kid just the worst
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 07:09  Secret message to BKN001  
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 07:13 Could...could I have something for my headache? It's really bothering me... *it's more than just a headache, though--he gets dizzy and nauseous every time he tries to sit up*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 07:15 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 07:15 Kids aren't bad.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.23 07:16 go drink a cup of hot water that might help
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.23 07:18 she was, rotten egg that one always shakin and crying never listening correctly
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 07:20  Secret message to Aron  
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 07:22  Secret message to Aron  
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 07:24 You're wrong.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.23 07:25 how would you know? you never knew her as a child
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 07:29 I do not know anything about your kid, but misbehavior does not mean a child is a rotten egg..
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.23 07:29 she killed her mother and my life a living h*ll
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 07:33 Men like you should never have become fathers.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.23 07:35 I never asked for that little monster in my life why do you think I sent her here?
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 07:38 You know, it's people like you that make me question if Dr. Nilsson's actions are justified or not.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.23 07:40 well your stuck here with me for a while so that must be fun for you
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 07:41 Oh, lots of fun. You remind me that I was NOT a scumbag father.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.23 07:42 your a robot robots dont have kids and yeah I wasnt a good father I dont want anything to do with kids
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 07:46 Don't believe you know anything about me. Now you know what's surprising? The fact that I've not given any regular responses lately.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.23 07:47 whatever
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 07:50 That'll end any minute now, then it'll be back to same old boring me. Before I go, you do know adoption has been a things since nearly forever, right?
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.23 07:51 why would I give her up for adoptions when these people payed my so....so...so much money to take her?
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.23 07:51 *me
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 07:57 I'm not normally a violent thinker, but Saxon will likely find great joy in killing you.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.23 08:02 *scoff* nah he cant kill me, he tried last night but that failed miserably for him
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 08:07 I saw what became of him. You actually are lucky for multiple reasons.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.23 08:11 I could have killed him but I didnt
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.23 08:16 plus if he wanted to kill me he could have walked in and done it by now the fact that he dosent means he is scared or at the very least dosent want to get beat up again which is why instead of fighting he is pulling elementry school pranks
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.23 08:20 Killing him is more difficult than you'd think for one. The fact that he hasn't put you down quickly should be concerning.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.23 08:28 if he ever did have a chance id have to be now or when im sleeping
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.24 03:07  Secret message to BKN001  
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.24 03:08 [I'm here!]
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.24 03:53 [wanna do a time skip?]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.24 04:03 [Sure.]
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2019,Mar.24 04:09 *5 hours later and Greg begins getting feeling in his body again and has been walking around his room for a few minutes]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.24 04:24 *has managed to get up and walk around and get himself some water and food, but he never stays up for too long, as he still gets dizzy when standing*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.24 04:32 *has been doing a lot of thinking over the past few hours. Now he sits on the other side of the hall, humming a quiet tune*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.24 04:36 Hey, Sara, how is Hanna doing? I haven't seen her for a while...
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.24 04:37 thats beacause you mostly stayed in here
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.24 04:37 *goes to the bedroom door and trys opening it*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.24 04:38 *isn't holding the door, just sitting there, smirking*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.24 04:41 *opens the door and looks at Saxon* Hey bud..
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.24 04:42 *Saxon can see hannas mangled body from just outside the door*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.24 04:42 Hey..
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.24 04:42 your robots a little sticky ya might want to clean him off
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.24 04:45 Yeah...well, I would've thought she'd be around...or at least visit...
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.24 04:46 her legs broken its hard to walk with Crutches
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.24 04:46 dose your head still hurt?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.24 04:46 Oh, he can clean himself. He knows where to find water. Close the door behind you.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.24 04:48 *kicks the door wide open then walks to the kitchen and starts cooking*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.24 04:51 Yeah...
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.24 04:52 *blinks, smiling wider*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.24 04:56 *yells out* Im cooking to you guys want any?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.24 05:00 *mutters* No...
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.24 05:01 Hey, Bones, I need your help with something else.
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.24 05:02 With what, sir?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.24 05:03 Darn it... Whatever.. I need samples of *lists off four different sedatives and tranquilizers* right away.
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.24 05:06 What is your clearance, Saxon? *Saxon: *sighs* I have clearance under code VS00414. *BKN: Coming right up, sir. Tranquilizer levels are low. I must be sent back to refill soon.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.24 05:06 [Holy crap, I just saw a commercial for a TV series whose main character is a deadringer for Aedona apart from her hair color.]
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.24 05:07 *a door in his chest opens and four tiny vials drop to the floor*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.24 05:08 [The name of the TV series also made me kinda sad... :/]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.24 05:09 your an awfel lair here *hands him a pain reliver that also has a mild seditive in it*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.24 05:10 [The TV series is called Hanna. The main girl, Hanna, looks pretty much like Aedona with dark brown hair instead of blonde hair.]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.24 05:10 *sighs and takes it* Thanks...
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.24 05:13 sit on the bed when you take it trust me
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.24 05:15 Wonderful. *hides the vials in his pocket and goes to the kitchen to look through the fridge. He grabs several items and makes himself a meal, then leaves for his room without saying anything to anyone*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.24 05:17 Um...okay. *sits on the bed, doing it slowly so he doesn't get dizzy*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.24 05:17 *finishes cooking and eats his food and sits down to watch tv* What a weirdo
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.24 05:20 *takes the pain reliever*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.24 05:22 it will help but it has a seditive in it so you should fall asleep
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.24 05:25 Okay... *isn't surprised since she told him to sit on the bed**soon he does fall asleep*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.24 05:26 *goes back to the kitchen and grabs some spoons, a butter knife, some bowls, and cups*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.24 05:26 *sits down and starts crying about Hanna she didnt want to do it when Aron was awake*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.24 05:35 [Sooo...]
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.24 05:38 *hears Sara crying since her door isnt closed and gets frustrated goes to her room walks behind her and snaps her neck quickly then knocking her out as soon as she wakes up and drags her to his room he takes his bedsheets and rips them then tightly ties*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.24 05:38 *Sara up and shoves her in the closet after kicking her very hard a few times*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.24 05:40 *made sure her mouth was gaged and he closed his door befer he walked back to the living room and turned the tv back on*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.24 05:40 [its a mild seditive so it would last 10 minutes tops]
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.24 05:42 *makes a few mixtures and puts the best of them in a vial. Then takes it out to BKN and loads it back into the chest cavity, then orders him to stand guard in Greg's room again, same as the night before*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.24 05:44 [greg isnt in his room]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.24 05:45 *wakes up not long later**yawns* Sara?
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.24 05:47 *his show is over fairly quickly so he goes back to his bedroom to see BKN* Oh its you again why are you here?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.24 05:47 *figures that she went out to get some food or go to the bathroom, but starts wondering where she is after about 15 minutes have passed**decides to go out and look around**is dizzy upon standing, so he's still fairly slow*
5>BKN001 (Security Bot), ?yo.2019,Mar.24 05:53 I have new orders, sir. *fires a little needle full of that serum into Greg's neck. The combination's final effect was a mystery, but it makes one feel fatigued and nauseous along with a gradual intensifying paralyzation effect*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.24 05:55 aw...gaw...what the h*ll man?! *stumbles against a wall and sits down*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.24 05:56 *looks for Sara*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.24 05:58 *soon finds Saxon* Hey Saxon, have you seen Sara?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.24 06:00 Not since I last came to get food, no.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.24 06:02 I'm sure she's fine. *looks into the living room and smiles* You stay out here. *heads to Greg's room and shuts the door, locking it behind him* I see the serum has already taken effect.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.24 06:03 screw you
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.24 06:05 You know, I mixed some pretty dangerous venoms in that. I don't even know what could happen as a result. One of them results in severe arterial blood clots. I seriously doubt that managed to make its way into the effect, though.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.24 06:05 *stays around the living room**has a bad feeling about all of this*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.24 06:06 The other venom causes hallucinations, but that one is more of a binding element to the other components of the mixture
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.24 06:06 So you admit you cant beat me in a fight without having to drug me first?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.24 06:10 Oh, I can. This way is just more what you deserve.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.24 06:10 You don't deserve to be beaten to death.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.24 06:11 *crouches down* But I'm not here to torture you. Not anymore, at least. Some time to think cleared that up. But I could do one of two things. I could kill you now or I could let you live after making you drink this.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.24 06:14 drink what? did you decide to make lemonade?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.24 06:15 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.24 06:15 *pulls another small vial of thick black liquid from his pocket* A high concentration of a Kvettianite serpent's venom mixed with more of that paralyzing tranquilizer. I made this once before. Kvetti's serpents have venom which quickly breaks down certain
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.24 06:18 organs, including vocal chords, lungs, muscles. I discovered that diluting the venom with lemon-water and tranquilizer lessens the effect so it doesn't slowly kill the victim. The effects stop after several hours of work and leave permanent damage.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.24 06:21 why the h*ll would I ever drink that?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.24 06:22 Never said you were the one making the choice
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.24 06:22 there is no way in H*ll your getting that down my throat
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.24 06:30 I also wonder how much Saras broken bones will heal before she starves to death
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.24 06:35 Yeah, I sort of figured you'd taken her. And I can make you drink this if I absolutely have to.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.24 06:36 I doubt you can
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.24 06:53 *wakes up not knowing were she is she is in a small dark room but its not the Closet Greg left her in she starts feeling the walls for a door but she cant seem to find one*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.24 06:54 *notices a pain in her chest so she snaps her neck and sits back up*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.24 07:00 how about you give me the antidote to this thing that you gave me, I tell you were Sara is and I dont bother her or anyone one else in this house and you dont bother me? sound like a deal?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.24 15:36 I have already seen how trusting your word works out.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.24 21:39 alright then have fun trying to find her I made sure she wouldn't be able to make any noise to help you out with your search. I broke a few of her ribs after fixing her limping problem...
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.24 21:49 *a light sudently turns on and she covers her eyes from the immediate shock of it*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2019,Mar.24 21:51 *a part of the wall in Saras room slides open and he walks in the door shuts behind him, he is very tall and slender he has firy red hair he is wearing a labcoat and holding a suitcase and a clipbord* Hello
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.24 21:52 *looks around quickly blinking the walls and floor and a shiny black material that she has never seen before* Were....am I were is my backpack whats going on?
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2019,Mar.24 21:53 Im Doctor Alister, your on the planet Xeltophain and you young lady must be Sara
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.24 21:54 I...I cant be here...I...I need to go back they...they are not safe...
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2019,Mar.24 21:56 dont be silly of course they are, the quarantine should be lifted some time today as we are clearing out the chemical spill for them, funny little earth humans...we had to get a quarantine so they would eventually turn off the teleportation blocks and as
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2019,Mar.24 21:57 soon as they did we got you here and now we are cleaning up, dont worry no one died from the chemicals.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.24 21:57 You caused the Quarantine?.....
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2019,Mar.24 21:58 well you were there and we needed you its not a harmful substance
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.24 21:59 Hanna died...because we couldn't get Greg out of the room because of the Quarantine that you caused...
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2019,Mar.24 22:02 ah well...I am sorry for your loss, maybe if your good we could get you a roomate, how it works here is simple Sara If you are good you get rewarded if your not you get punished but lets focus on how to be good shall we?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.24 22:03 What I want to focus on is getting out of here..
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.24 22:03 *a bracelet on her shocks her as soon as she says that* ow...
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2019,Mar.24 22:05 every time you talk about negative things it reminds you to...stay positive I just turned it on. we like to have positive attitudes here Sara
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2019,Mar.24 22:10 *presses a few buttons on his watch and in the corner of the room the panels in the walls slide open and s shower pushes forward* So I would like you to shower and put these on *opens the briefcase and hands Sara a small pile of clothes*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.24 22:12 Thank you for the offer but I will have to respectfully decline *the bracelet shocks her again*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2019,Mar.24 22:14 I wasnt asking, Please go do it I will be back in 15 minutes life will be alot easier when you coaperate Sara *walks towards the wall a pannel slides open to let him through then shuts it behind him*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.24 22:16 *keeps her regular clothes on and steps under the shower sanitation station that sanitizes her then dries her off she sits again the outside of the shower wall and waits 15 minutes later Dr. Alister Returns*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2019,Mar.24 22:17 I see you are choosing to be defiant...thats unfortunate
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.24 22:18 I showred and my regular clothes and myself are clean now.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.24 22:20 *a pain suddenly shoots up through her body something she definitly has never felt before and it hurts alot it seems to be coming from the bracelet she holds her wrist trying to somehow cut it off* Gaw...What is this?!...
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2019,Mar.24 22:21 something you will respond to since I herd you have a very high pain tolerance. now, I would like you to re-shower properly then put the new clothes on do I make myself clear?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.24 22:22 *nods quicklys* Yes...yeah...
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2019,Mar.24 22:24 *the pain in saras body stops* thank you now please do it *he leaves the room again and Sara showers and puts on the new clothes they are white with a light blue trim short sleved shirt and long pants but she holds her jeans and hoodie close*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2019,Mar.24 22:27 *a few minutes later Dr. Alister walks back in* Ah...thank you for listening Please hand me your old clothes, if your good you might be able to earn them back.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.24 22:29 *hands them over*..
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2019,Mar.24 22:30 I noticed you still have your shoes and socks on I will need those to please *sara sighs and takes them off and hands them over* Oh thank you Sara *opens his breifcase and puts Saras clothes in and pulls out a pair of white socks* here you go thank you
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2019,Mar.24 22:31 for listening the first time.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.24 22:32 *Sara's bracelet bings and a small star shaped candy pops out she picks it up* What is this?....
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2019,Mar.24 22:32 its candy, go ahead try it.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.24 22:33 *she puts in in her mouth and its the best thing she has every tasted its kind of creamy and fruity and it fizzes a little in her mouth it lasts a few seconds before it dissolves*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2019,Mar.24 22:39 *smiles a bit* I'll give you some time to adjust and then I'll be back *walks out of the room the shower folds back into the wall and the light turns off*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.25 00:32 Your using her as leverage might have worked outside this place, but unfortunately we are still here. I want help but I'm not being offered it. You're out of luck.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 02:54 So you ok with Sara being tied up alone...alright I thought you were her friend but alright fine I get it im more important then her
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.25 03:04 I learned the hard way not to become too emotionally attached to people in the labs.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.25 03:05 Especially the ones in captivity.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 03:13 Oh so you dont care then...thats sad for her to hear she can here you from here...oh no..
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.25 03:17 Oh, no, indeed. Your little guilt-trip isn't working.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 03:18 Go ahead do what your gonna do Sara can listen the whole time
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.25 03:23 We are all already painfully aware there is no justification for my actions. But with one less sleazebag in the universe, maybe I'll be just the slightest bit satisfied. Now... *pops the cap off the vial* time to drink up.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.25 03:24 (Might be slow for awhile. Playing games with family)
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 03:33 No *clenches his mouth shut tight*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 03:36 [I'm on! Sorry I'm late, I was working on something.]
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 03:36 [K]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 03:40 [Hm...I will give Greg a bit of credit here: the masseter is the strongest muscle in the body in terms of the sheer amount of pressure it can exert. So he might be able to hold off Saxon for just a little while, considering that the serum BKN stuck in him
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 03:40 has a paralyzing effect...]
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.25 03:46 (Well there is one thing. Have you ever lifted your head back as far as you can with your mouth shut? You can feel the muscles pulling at your jaw.)
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 03:51 [True...I just tried it...but I could easily keep my teeth clenched together. The human mouth can exert a force of 200 pounds per square inch around the molars.]
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.25 03:51 (It's not strong, but it can be used against someone.)
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 03:51 [In comparison, dogs tend to be in the 200-300 pound range.]
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.25 03:52 (Any bit of weakness works)
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 03:52 [Yeah, of course. Plus Greg's being slowly paralyzed. He'll probably lose most of the strength in his jaw soon.]
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.25 03:52 This would be a lot less painful if you weren't so vain. *pushes Gregs's head back as far as it can without breaking the neck, then pries his mouth open, using quite a lot of effort and the strain the muscles put on the jaw*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 03:53 *his mouth is open* Id rather you just kill me
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.25 03:57 Normally I would, but as I said, wasn't offered the help I needed. *pours the contents of the vial into Greg's mouth. Surprisingly it doesnt taste half bad. Nevertheless, he shuts Greg's mouth and holds it shut*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 04:00 *refuses to swallow*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.25 04:03 You know you will swallow eventually. It's an automatic response. The second you lose focus, you've lost the battle.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 04:03 *starts pushing the liquid out of his teeth and it starts dribbling from his lips*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.25 04:05 (Considering his mouth is being held shut, it's not possible. I just tested this myself with some water)
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 04:06 [I've heard that holding your nose shut keeps you from spitting.]
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 04:07 [I tested it before I typed it, maybe its bc of my overbite :p it leave a pretty wide gap]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 04:07 [Just throwing that out there because I've never wanted any character to die or at least be incapacitated for life so badly. XD]
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.25 04:07 (Well yeah, you blow out your ear drums if you try too hard. It hurts)
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.25 04:08 (Neither have I...)
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 04:08 [In addition, if the lips are held shut tight enough, I don't think anything can escape them, not even air.]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 04:09 [I just tried holding my lips shut and I couldn't even get air out, sooo yeah...]
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 04:09 *he manages to get 1 or 2 drops out but not more then that he focuses on not swallowing*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.25 04:09 (The misconception is that Saxon doesn't know what he's doing.)
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 04:10 *he manages to get 1 or 2 drops out but not more then that he focuses on not swallowing*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.25 04:11 (He's gonna regret all this later on)
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 04:13 *keeps glancing at the closet*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 04:14 *keeps glacing from saxon to the closet over and over again*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.25 04:17 I'm not going to leave to check wherever you are looking until the serum has taken effect. And I know when it has.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 04:19 *continues to not swallow and holds it*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 04:21 *is informed that the quarantine is lifed hurrys back to the lab with some others*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 04:23 [Swallowing is indeed an automatic thing BTW...your body does it on its own. I wouldn't be surprised if Greg ingested some of the stuff.]
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 04:24 [he probably has ingested some of it but he is holding off as much as he can]
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.25 04:25 (Whether intentionally or not, a person swallows, on average, around 350 times automatically, not counting the 50 times during sleep)
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 04:26 [ye]
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 04:28 *finally gives in and swallows*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2019,Mar.25 04:29 *comes back in a while later* I need to get you categorized in here
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.25 04:29 (When the serum takes effect, it will feel like he's being burned alive from the inside. The venom attacks one organ at a time, that attack feeling like pins being repeatedly stabbed)
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 04:29 why did you bring me here?
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 04:30 *starts yelling out in pain*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.25 04:30 (Venom is some nasty stuff. It's partially why I love snakes so much. Venomous snakes' venom is so fascinating)
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2019,Mar.25 04:31 we study strange phenomenons like yourself, among other things
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.25 04:32 Ah, good. *lets go of Greg and goes to the closet. Of course, Sara isn't in there, but he retrieves her backpack* Well... Today is just full of disappointment, isn't it?
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2019,Mar.25 04:33 *takes some things from his briefcase* come here I have some questions along with some other things I need from you
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 04:33 I...I..p..put her there
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 04:34 I...I dont want to *backs up a bit*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.25 04:35 Well she is gone now.
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2019,Mar.25 04:35 *the pain starts shooting through her again* its better for you if you listen, you will learn that over time
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 04:35 Ok..ok I...I will *stumbles over and sits down infront of him*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2019,Mar.25 04:37 Very good *the pain stops*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2019,Mar.25 04:38 you know what... I know exactly what you need Ill be back *walks out of the room a few minutes later Aron is telaported in a big black room exactly like Saras its pitch black*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.25 04:39 (Gotta drive home, be back in like 5 minutes)
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 04:39 *switches the anti telaportation and antimagic feilds back on and rushes into Saxons room with soildgers with guns* What the H*ll has been going on here?!
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 04:40 *is really alarmed*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 04:40 [Saxon isn't in his room BTW...I'm pretty sure he's in Greg's room.]
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 04:40 [I ment Gregs room :p]
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2019,Mar.25 04:41 *walks into Arons room and the light flickers on just like saras room part of the wall opens and shuts behind him* Hello Im Dr. Alister
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2019,Mar.25 04:42 *if Aron looks down he can see a bracelet on him*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2019,Mar.25 04:46 *opens his breifcase and pulls out a small pile of close as a shower imerges in Aron room* I need you to shower and put these on
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2019,Mar.25 04:47 *these clothes are white with red trim rather then white with blue*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.25 04:48 Where do I even start?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 04:48 Why? *doesn't sound aggressive--he sounds as if he's legitimately curious*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 04:50 move Saxon into high sucurity, get Greg into intesive care Now! put beetle in high sucurity to not Saxons away from im I want them on seprate sides of this building, and get clean up in here for the body
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2019,Mar.25 04:50 its disinfected you need to be disinfected...also you have a nasty bump their...I'll send someone to look at it after you change
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2019,Mar.25 04:54 I'll be back but I'll leave the light on for you *leaves the room and goes back to Saras room* ok so about you...we need to do a few little tests just for some basic information alright?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.25 04:54 There is no cure for that venom. Not here in this universe at least. The only surviving Silivii may not be willing to part with the antidote.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 04:54 I dont want to be here *gets zapped again*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.25 04:56 That creature got what was coming to him. Torment, murder, being an overall a**hat. And don't hurt BKN, he only followed the orders of a higher authority.
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 04:57 were not looking for an antidote *they knock Saxon and Greg out and power off BKN temporarily when Saxon comes to he is in a concrete room with the door open leading to the small office with a couch a chair and a coffe table Alen is pacing around*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.25 04:58 *sighs and goes out to the office and takes a seat*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.25 04:58 Any idea where Sara disappeared to?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 05:00 *decides that's not a bad reason**inspects the new clothes carefully and then changes into them*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 05:00 *I guess he showered briefly before changing, but yeah*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 05:06 you no longer have acsess to that kind of information saxon also what the h*ll were you thinking?!
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.25 05:08 I have the feeling even you don't know where she went.
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2019,Mar.25 05:08 *a nurse comes into Arons room and heals him up then escorts him into Saras Room* Ah im glad you could join us
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 05:09 Aron?! why did you bring him here Let him go! *gets shocked again*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 05:09 *as soon as she gets shocked Arons bracelet shocks him to
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 05:11 you injected a man with tourcherous poision we gave him leathal injection
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 05:13 we had to and now we have to think of what to do with you
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2019,Mar.25 05:14 he is your scapegoat when your being negitive you both get shocked when your being disobedient he gets your punishment for you
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 05:16 Beetle is not classified as A Wepon thanks to you and will have to be shut down contained and I will try to have them not disassemble him
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.25 05:18 First off, good for him. He deserved every moment of that pain before he died. Second, you can do with me whatever you wish. Just know that your facility was clearly conned when they sent me here. Third, if you can find the right tools to break him,
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.25 05:19 please do destroy Bones. Just not in this universe, preferrably. It'd be nice for him to see his family again. Hopefully they still love him.
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 05:22 they want to give you leathal injection to I need to find a reason to prove your useful to not have that happen
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 05:23 no....please I'll do anything you want just leave him out of it! *they both get shocked*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2019,Mar.25 05:23 Im sure you will but for now he gets to stay with you
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.25 05:24 Oh, that would be wonderful... A little bit boring of a way to go, but otherwise... *shrugs* Well I am definitely not useful for any testing, unless you still do that military crap like most labs I've read about had.
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2019,Mar.25 05:27 every lab has a military division but people labled as hostile cant get in usually
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 05:31 [Alen ment to say that..]
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.25 05:32 You see, that is where you were conned. Did Dr.Nilsson leave out the part in my file that I am military trained? Or did he just send the half that said I was a problem who ended up having to learn chemistry and mechanics?
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2019,Mar.25 05:32 *finishes up the few tests* Dinner is in about an hour so you will be escorted to the dinning hall at that time see you soon *walks out*
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.25 05:33 Probably just the second half. He always hated to willingly give up assets.
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.25 05:33 *hated willingly giving up assets
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 05:33 no the problem is your a high sucurity hostile subject beacause you forced a man to drink Venom!
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 05:34 Aron are you ok?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.25 05:36 The culture differences are astonishing. *chuckles* He knew I'd still act as a drone and uphold his stupid little code. Clever man...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 05:38 Yeah...I'm fine...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 05:38 Where are we?
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 05:39 the cameras are still down in parts of the lab like this room *puts down a telaportation bracelete* Im leaving the room I will be back in 5 minutes I want you gone off this planet if your not its your own fault what happends to you *leaves the room*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 05:39 I...I dont know
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.25 05:42 Huh... *puts in coordinates for Tomas' house then teleports away* (I assume the anti-magic bracelet is still on him?)
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 05:42 [yup]
17>Tomas (Tomas), 32yo.2019,Mar.25 05:43 *gets alerted when Saxon is outside his lab and opens the door* oh Saxon hey
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 05:44 *a while later a bell rings and the wall pannle opens and an automated female voice says "Please go to the cafeteria"* alright...I guess we need to find the cafeteria....
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.25 05:45 Hey... Sorry if I don't make much conversation. I have to readjust to freedom again. I have.. A lot to think about. Before that, though... Can you get this thing off? *holds out his wrist with the bracelet*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 05:45 *cautiously walks out of the room to a big white hall filled with kids going right* I...I guess we Fallow them.
17>Tomas (Tomas), 32yo.2019,Mar.25 05:46 its not one of mine usually they can only be taken off by the person who put it on...
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.25 05:50 I don't exactly have the patience to hack this thing. Never did. I mean I guess I could find someone else who can.. I'd get quite the mocking if go to Armis.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 05:50 [you might wanna refresh the page I updated the slot]
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.25 05:50 Not because of the bracelet, but because of my state of mind.
17>Tomas (Tomas), 32yo.2019,Mar.25 05:51 I mean I can its earth tech easier to break but...I dont know if I want to...whats in it for me?
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.25 05:54 I really don't know right now... I did some pretty terrible things and I just want to go clear my head.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 05:54 [If I refresh and it's Greg 2.0 I'll scream. XD]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 05:55 [Just refreshed...whew, okay...]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 05:56 [I just realized that in the state Saxon's in...he may not respond well to discovering that Aedona seems to have died...oof...]
17>Tomas (Tomas), 32yo.2019,Mar.25 05:56 [i Think he went to Ikurian Tomas]
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.25 05:57 (Just need to finish the wings and I'll have most of a new drawing complete! EEEE I'm so happy with the design)
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.25 05:57 (indeed to both)
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 05:59 *has short messy blond hair and has the same white with blue trimed clothes as Sara she sees Sara and Aron peeking out of the room into the hall and chuckles walks over to them and nudges Sara* Hey hey hey! Fresh meat, cafeteria is this way come on I'll
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 05:59 Show you around *starts walking then looks back at them* I said come on what are you deaf? lets go
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 06:00 come on Aron... *grabs his hand and walks behind Nori*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 06:01 [@ Caprial: That doesn't mean he'll find out.]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 06:01 *he won't find out.] [God dang these typos to heck...]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 06:01 [@ RaeAnna: Yay! ^.^]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 06:02 *looks around, nervous**has a bad feeling about all of this*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 06:02 Day one and you alrighty got a Scapegoat... Dont worry short stack just listen and dont talk back and soon you will get more privileges and wont have to worry about your goat gettin hurt *nori is taller then Sara and Aron but everyone they see around are*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 06:02 *teens*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 06:04 *they walk to a big cafiteria with alot of tables she gets in line grabs 3 trays and hands 2 back to Sara and Aron* So when do you get here?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 06:04 Um... *doesn't appreciate being called "goat"*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 06:04 I um...about 3 hours ago I think
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 06:04 Just now for me...maybe half an hour ago...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 06:04 What is this place?
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 06:07 we dont know we just call it the place, *slowly moves through the line*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 06:08 I know what they do not what its called its just the place
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 06:09 *gets to the counter were the lunch ladys give dish out food* Hey.. Mrs. D how are ya, lovin that lipstick shade on ya, what grub do we got today?
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 06:09 Mrs. D: Oh thank you dear, we got meatloaf and creamed corn with applesauce and some milk
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 06:11 Very cool *gets her food as she shuffles through the line as Sara fallows* Come on table is this way, *walks to a table and sits down* Hey big Jim how you doin? *she fist bumps a boy across from her*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 06:12 Guys this is Big Jim, Squib, Hot head, and Toothache Guys this is shortstack and Goat
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 06:13 My...name is Sara...
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 06:13 What ever you say short stack *nudges Sara with her elbow and winks*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 06:13 ...My name is Aron...
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 06:15 alright Goat Big Jim: Welcome to the place Short stack, Goat *nods a bit and smirks as he eats*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 06:18 Goat whats your story?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 06:21 Um...well...I'm...um...heh, how do I put this...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 06:22 I'm not from this universe...yeah...so...Sara had a friend named Aron...he was this universe's Aron...but he died, so I was sent to live with her and a few others to help them adjust...I suppose...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 06:23 That was on Earth...and now I'm here...are we even still on Earth??
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 06:24 not even close Goat
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.25 06:29 (toyhou.se/3131956.blitz#12923671)
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 06:30 [whoaa]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 06:32 [Whoa indeed!]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 06:33 [What kind of creature is that?]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 06:34 Where are we?
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 06:36 Squib: The place we all call it the place round here
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.25 06:39 (It's its own creature)
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 06:40 [Okie dokie then.]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 06:40 No, I mean...country or planet or...galaxy or something...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 06:40 [I think Alister told Sara what planet they're on, if I remember correctly.]
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.25 06:42 (I mean, there is a description under the image, but it doesn't explain what animals were used to inspire that)
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 06:44 Squib: ITs the place Nori: Alister says the planet is called Xeltophain but that literally translates to "kidding" In Zeltian its a joke he tells the neebies
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 06:44 *Newbies
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 06:44 Zeltian?
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 06:47 Its a language Goat a common Language
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.25 06:50 (BLITZ WONT GIVE ME THE BLANKETS!!! ITS COLD IN HERE!)
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 06:52 I know it's a language...but where?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 06:52 [XD The puppo needs her warmth.]
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 06:53 tons of planets
12>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2019,Mar.25 06:54 (XD She's such a butt. This is my punishment for not turning off the light)
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 06:56 [XD]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 06:57 [She reminds me of my dog Sascha...I sometimes go to pick up her blankets and move them to a better spot or hang them up because they're wet, and she gets really possessive of them when I touch them and tries to grab them and take them away from me. XD]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 06:58 Okay...name a few.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 07:00 Axoline, Feer, Sentin, Apple12, Xentine, Yimzin, Qeenin and a alot more goat, again common laungauge
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 07:03 oh Im Nori by the way
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 07:05 Okay...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 07:05 *after an awkward hesitation, he reaches out to shake Nori's hand*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 07:06 no...dont touch me goat nah we dont do that here
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 07:09 Oh, okay then... *puts his hand down*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 07:12 *a beep goes off and and the female voice comes over again* "Please go back to your rooms"
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 07:12 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.25 07:13 See you guys at breakfast *walks off*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 22:16 *finishes up his food and goes to follow Sara&*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.25 22:16 **
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.26 00:13 *walks down the hall and manages to find the room and walks in with Aron the door closes behind them*....I...I dont like it here
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.26 03:24 Me neither...there's something rotten about this whole setup...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.26 03:25 [I'm here! Sorry I'm a bit late; I was wrapping up an assignment.]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.26 03:34 [BTW, I just remembered...last year I did a spring break ball...I know spring break has probably ended already everywhere, but I do wonder...would you guys like another one?]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.26 03:58 [I'm still not sure if I want to do it. Joan is up for it, but I want both your opinions before I make any final decision.]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.26 05:01 [its spring break right now]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.26 05:01 Well obviously...they kidnapped us its not like we dont know its bad
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.26 05:02 [Here it ended already, but that's convenient. ^.^]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.26 05:03 [Would you like another spring break ball?]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.26 05:03 Well, yeah...but there's something else...I dunno, Alister just seemed too friendly...
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.26 05:28 Not friendly to me
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.26 05:29 Really?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.26 05:30 *doesn't sound surprised*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.26 05:38 Lets get some sleep I feel like we will need it in the morning *says down on the ground*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.26 05:46 Yeah. *lies down*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.26 05:52 *the next morning the annconcement comes on to go to the cafiteria again Sara makes her way down with Aron and they sit at the same table again
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.26 05:54 Ah your back nice to see you Short Stack, Goat welcome to your first full day in the place
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.26 05:55 My name is Aron.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.26 05:55 [Soooo...]
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.26 05:59 whatever you Say goat *continues eating* so after breakfast we usually go to the courtyard for exersize then back in our rooms to freshin up then diffrent classes or activites or..thing..depending on your level and who you are
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.26 05:59 It could be worse
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.26 06:06 That's all we do here?
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.26 06:08 no...some other stuff to sometimes they switch up the schedule
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.26 06:14 as long as you dont have anything to weird then you should be fine
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.26 06:23 what do you mean by weird?
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.26 06:24 some people have really powerful magic or abilities they....usually dont go to class and sometimes.. they disapear all together..
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.26 06:29 we try not to talk about it
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.26 06:32 *can't help but look at Sara, really concerned*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.26 06:36 ok *keeps her cool on the surface but is very worried the bell rings and the voice tells everyone to go outside Nori leads them outside but Dr.Alister stops Sara before she leaves*
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2019,Mar.26 06:36 Sara I need you to come with me please
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.26 06:37 *looks at Sara**can't fully conceal his fear for her*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.26 06:39 am I in trouble?
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2019,Mar.26 06:39 no not at all *leads Sara off down the hall*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.26 06:40 *looks back at Aron she saw and herd what happend touches Arons Shoulder* Sorry man...
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.26 06:40 Hopefully she lasts longer then a week....
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.26 06:41 A w-week?!
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.26 06:42 yeah...usually they come back to there rooms and maybe sometimes meals throught the week some of them are seen around longer then a week if they are lucky then they just...disapeare
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.26 06:49 Is there any clue at all as to why they disappear?
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.26 06:50 we...dont like to talk about it. Do...do you play basketball?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.26 06:53 No...I want to know.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.26 06:53 I've been in labs before...I can deal with it.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.26 06:53 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.26 06:55 during...free time we are allowed to wander the halls and visit each other...we are allowed to visit the west hall but no one does..the...doors are all locked...and you...can hear...screaming
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.26 06:56 ususally... they um...get weaker and weaker...through out the...um days some...get...scars and um...injuries...and then they....some people say they die...others say they move...there are alot of theories...
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.26 06:57 we dont focus on it...stay...we stay positive...
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 03:06 hopefully...she...will listen...for both of your sakes Goat
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 03:11 stay close to me Goat you dont wanna be wandering around outside on your own
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 03:12 *is really worried*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 03:13 I...does anything happen to anyone who...DOES visit the west hall?
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 03:15 no...Eric...stayed out there every day waiting back when he was a red shirt before his...friend stopped comming back He is someone elses Goat now, Red shirts, Goats thats what we call them
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 03:16 but some people will pick on you if your not with someone wearing a blue shirt I.E your short stack who is.....busy
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 03:19 Oh...
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 03:20 no one here high up cares if the red shirts get hurt but if you stick arouns us you should be fine
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 03:24 *is brought to a lab in the west wing*...W...what do you want with me?...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 03:27 Okay...thanks...
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2019,Mar.27 03:27 Well we do many things here but most of our results end negatively in death the very few positive ones get sent someplace else but we herd you cant die so we get to use you over and over again of course you wont be the only one you get breaks you get
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2019,Mar.27 03:29 Fridays and Saturdays off And I hope your friend Aron is enough encouragement for you not to talk about this with any of the other residents here, we dont want to...worry them you understand...so lay down on the exam table and we will get Started
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 03:31 *after being outside they get called to their rooms to shower, fresh clothes are layed out for them then they go to classes mainly math, science, P.E and music before lunch and then free reign to wander and visit*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 03:34 Goat wanna chill in Squibs room? they have a deck of cards we were gonna play some games
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 03:37 Alright, sure. *has been preoccupied with worrying about Sara all day; in the classes he couldn't focus*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 03:43 Alright *they play some card games until dinner when they arive Sara is already at the table* Hey short stack how are you doin?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 03:44 *she looks very exhausted and you can tell she has been crying*...welll...we....we...are saposed to...stay...stay positive thats what they...tell...tell me
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 03:47 *hesitates, then hugs Sara**whispers:* What did they do?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 03:48 *hugs Aron back and dosent let go she dosent say anything tho she just holds on*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 03:52 *wispers a bit shakily* Id...rather be at the lab....
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 03:54 *hugs her even more tightly, horrified*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 03:55 *pulls away a bit and starts eating*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 04:03 *the automated message to go to their rooms chimes on again and She walks back to the room and breaks down crying as soon as she walks in*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 04:04 *didn't eat much**he lost his appetite when he saw what shape Sara was in*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 04:05 *hugs her again, saying nothing*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 04:06 I'd rather be back in the lab in the cement room alone....Id rather be in it stuck with Greg then be here *keeps crying and holds Aron tight*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 04:14 *is getting angry at Dr. Alister and co. now, but hugs her back and says nothing*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 04:31 w....was there any exits outside? *they both get zapped by the bracelets*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 04:42 Yeah...there's um...there's an outside area...I can show you how to get there if you want...
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 04:48 was the outside Area blocked off or gaurded at all?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 04:50 [Was it?]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 04:51 [X'D I love Sara's mood on the Spring break RP. Don't forget to claim a slot for yourself/our favorite fuzzy snake. ^.^]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 04:51 [Ya know what, how about you decide? wanna play a scientist or one of the kids here?]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 04:54 [Sure.]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 04:54 [R.C dosent wear Dresses Either Bubbles will wear a fun Bow tie tho maybe a tux...]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 04:55 [I would imagine that the place leading to the outside is guarded technology-wise...this place seems really advanced. I'll go with that.] I didn't see any guards, but I've seen cameras all over...
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 04:56 oh...ok
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 04:57 [wanna play as a scientist or a student, you could play as one of Nori's friends if you want but Nori knows everyone]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 05:00 [Raeanna do you wanna play as one to?]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 05:02 [Hm...I'll go with student. You know way more about the scientists here.]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 05:02 [I'll use Rigel's slot since I don't really use him anymore.]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 05:04 [ok ^^]
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 05:08 [Reload. ^.^]
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 05:09 [Raghnall has ice blue eyes, very pale skin, and dark brown hair. He wears glasses and is very lanky. He's quite studious and is very much on the cynical side when it comes to his view of humanity. He is known throughout the place for having a sharp
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 05:10 tongue, and indeed all of the place's "stay positive" bullcrap has not stopped him from being a fountain of snark, which has gotten into trouble plenty of times.]
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 05:11 [yeah he probably has a bracelet that has a high voltage shock they get zapped every time they say something negitive and if you keep it up they up the voltage]
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 05:11 [He subjects himself to his own standards, however, and is perfectly willing to flame himself just as much as he flames others. He's pretty much one of these: https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TheSnarkKnight ]
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 05:12 [Most of the kids say "Stay positive" when they mean "we dont talk about it or I cant say bc of said zap"]
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 05:12 [He's quite clever, so he's good at making backhanded comments and finding verbal loopholes that get around the bracelet.]
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 05:12 *gotten him into trouble
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 05:14 [He doesn't have many friends, probably because of how snarky he is. It may not be so much about his snark being hurtful as it is more about how he gets into trouble quite a lot because of it, and people don't want to be dragged down with him.]
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 05:14 [He's honestly rather lonely, but he has a prideful streak that won't admit it.]
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 05:17 [he could sit at Nori's table at breakfast tomarrow no one sits there unless invited Nori is kind of the head person also Ima Update Alens slot]
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 05:19 [ok refresh ^^]
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 05:20 [Okie dokie.]
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 05:21 [Big jim is easily the tallest one there he is big and strong [similar body shape to maui from moanan] He has short black hair and very dark skin]
11>[Silo] Toothache (human), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 05:24 [Silo Aka Toothach is very agile and quick she is about as tall as Nori who is taller then Sara [sara is relatively short] her hair black as well it is short and has red streaks in it she is usually always chewing bubble gum]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 05:25 * the next morning the message goes off* "Good morning today is Friday please go to the cafeteria" *sara sighs in relief when she hears this*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 05:26 lets go get breakfast...they said they wont take me...friday and saterday...so...so I think im safe
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 05:30 Okay...good... *stays near Sara**gets his food and sits down*
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 05:30 *is reading a book while eating at Nori's table*
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 05:31 [@ Caprial: What do you think of my addition to slot 7 on the spring break ball RP? :D]
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 05:31 [He'll look so cute in a suit. :D]
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 05:31 *walks to the table and sees Raghnall* Hey...Ragdoll What are you doing at my Table?
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 05:32 [aww wrong sara will be there but thats ok]
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 05:38 [Dang...he'll be so confuzzled... :/]
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 05:38 [Sorry for disappearing, I was getting some food.]
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 05:39 [your fine]
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 05:40 Well, I believe I am sitting and reading the writings of Plato, though you may enlighten me on what your eyes register.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 05:41 Well I dont remeber inviting you to sit with us so Beat it ragdoll
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 05:43 [Ouch...memories...I remember when a bunch of "cool" kids once kicked me out of a seating area because they were reserving the seat I was in for a friend who then never showed up.]
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 05:44 [oof. want me to stop I can if it breaks up bad pasts]
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 05:44 I didn't see anyone sitting here, so... *is fully aware this table is reserved**he doesn't like social constructs like the ones Nori employs*
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 05:45 [On top of it all I had moved to those seats because I was getting annoyed by their antics. I had previously been sitting near them. They almost immediately moved to my area when I moved away...it's almost like they were waiting.]
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 05:45 [Nah, it's fine. It's more of an annoying memory than anything else.]
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 05:47 Big Jim would you Kindly remove this Ragdoll from our Table?
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 05:47 Oh yes, as we all know violence solves everything.
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 05:48 You're a real positive bunch. A great inspiration to us all.
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 05:48 ok *easily lifts Rahhnall Off the bench and drops him onto the ground then Nori sits were he was sitting*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 05:49 Oh You know what they say Stay positive Ragdoll [aka Scr*w You thats also what stay positive means]
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 05:49 *gets up and sits on the bench just a foot away from Nori*
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 05:50 Indeed.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 05:51 ["Stay positive" means alot depending on the tone and yes you can see "Stay positive, dont forget to smile, A smile can go a mile" and other corny posters are on the walls of the common rooms]
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 05:51 [Are Sara and Aron at Nori's table?]
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 05:51 [Yep, I bet it does.]
11>[Silo] Toothache (human), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 05:52 *goes behind Raghnall and grabs his book and throws it across the room* Your in my Seat Ragdoll [She has a reputation for literally knocking peoples teeth out which is why they call her toothach]
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 05:52 *looks at her* What? Was this seat taken too? I'm sorry, I'll move to another one. *scoots about two feet*
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 05:53 *said that before Toothache did that*
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 05:53 *silently gets up and gets his book*
11>[Silo] Toothache (human), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 05:54 *while he dose that Squib and hot head take the last spots on the bench at that table*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 05:54 *sighs and stands up and walks over to Raghnall*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 05:56 *firmly puts her hand on Arons shoulder when Sara gets up keeping him there* Your lucky goat your the first Read shirt we like, stick around
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 05:56 *sort of just glares a bit at Nori and co.*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 05:56 A...Are you alright?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 05:56 *he had actually gotten up when Raghnall's book was thrown**he was going to go get it himself*
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 05:57 Oh, as the wise philosophers said...I'm hunky dory. *there is an edge of anger to his tone**what Silo did p***ed him off a bit**he has respect for the writings of ancient greats*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 05:57 [Nori probably pushed Aron back on the bench when he stood up]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 05:58 so Plato?....
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 05:58 Yup, Plato. Ever read any?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 06:00 I...um didnt really have a choice in...what literature I was allowed to read but I recognize the name
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 06:02 Well...I recommend it. Really fascinating stuff. And Socrates...Martial...Ovid...Caesar, Kafka, Nabokov...yeah.
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 06:03 You're new?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 06:03 Y..yeah...why...why dosent Nori and the others like you?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 06:04 [Nori and her group are the top dogs bassically, they know everyone and with them if you listen to them your good]
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 06:05 Eh, no one really likes me. Not that that matters.
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 06:05 Let's just say that I'm a bit too free-spirited for their tastes.
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 06:06 you should stick around us Goat, Ragdoll is trouble, hence our harsh manner hanging with him is bad news and if you stick with us goat no matter what happends you will be safe with us
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 06:06 [Raghnall is an independent and rebellious spirit. That probably contributes to him not getting along with Nori and co.]
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 06:07 And a little too intellectual...honestly there's not many here I can have a decent conversation with.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 06:07 so what your saying is that your an a**hole? *chuckles a bit and then gets zapped and Aron dose to*
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 06:07 [And yes, if there's one part of him he takes pride in, it's his intellect, and for good reason. He really is kind of a league above everyone else academically.]
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 06:09 Sure, but please, don't flatter me by going on to say I'm even close to being as much of one as that group over there. *gets zapped, but doesn't care all that much*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 06:09 [sara is very smart with specific things mostly tech and fighting and other things like that]
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 06:09 *by that group he was referring to Nori and co.*
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 06:09 [Yeah...Raghnall's more of a literature and mathematics type. He's probably good with technology too.]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 06:10 *chuckles a bit* so are you actually smart or just a bookworm?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 06:12 [yeah probably not nearly as good as sara tho]
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 06:12 I have standards for the bounds of my ego, unlike that group over there...I fulfill certain quotas before allowing myself to indulge in bigotry.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 06:13 What did he ever do to you?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 06:13 [if they do catch them talking about being VERY good at technology and describing things correctly they will be moved to another lab to work on tech and other things]
11>[Silo] Toothache (human), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 06:14 that egg head is smart we dont care about that tho he just flaunts it everywear and he gets everyone around him in trouble
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 06:15 yes but can you take apart a quantum gun and put it back together blindfolded?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 06:15 in 2 minutes?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 06:15 *smiles a bit and holds out her hand* Im Sara
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 06:18 No, but can you determine whether the Harmonic series--which is the Riemann sum where n starts at zero and goes to infinity of one over n--is convergent or divergent?
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 06:18 I'm Raghnall. *shakes her hand*
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 06:20 [BTW, what happens to a scapegoat whose "protector" dies or disappears?]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 06:20 Do you know the correct frequency a sonic wepon has to be to pass someone out from the noise without killing them?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 06:21 [They become another persons Scapegoat some nastier kids beat up there Scapegoats but the scientists dont really care about the scapegoats]
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 06:23 [Oh, okay.]
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 06:23 No, but I think Nori does. Her speech has that affect on people, or at least me.
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 06:23 As well as our history teacher.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 06:25 [Actually Nori is liked by many if not all the adults]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 06:26 *smiles a bit then Dr.Alister walks in*
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 06:26 [Hence the "at least me" part.]
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2019,Mar.27 06:26 Sara can you please come with me?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 06:27 b..but you said I had fridays off...
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2019,Mar.27 06:27 this is for something else. come on *walks off with Sara*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 06:28 *has gotten up again when he saw Dr. Alister walk in*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 06:29 dont fallow him Goat if you leave the cafiteria at lunch you get in big trouble
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 06:30 Why?
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 06:33 beacause Alister will have you failing from pain if you do
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 06:33 its not my rule its a rule from the place
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.27 06:34 you only leave if Alister or another scientist asks you to
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 06:34 *sighs and sits back down, frustrated* It's...it's Friday.
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2019,Mar.27 06:38 *a few minutes later he walks back to the cafiteria and walks to Silo* Silo your new scapegoat is Aron, Aron your Silos new Scapegoat you um share a room now
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 06:38 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.27 06:39 Wh...what...? Where's Sara? [Anyways, bye!]
13>Dr. Alister (.), 32yo.2019,Mar.27 06:49 she is no longer your concern Silo is *walks off*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.28 02:19 oooh...thats rough she didnt even last 2 days... man that must be tough Goat... Its alright Toothach here will take care of you
11>[Silo] Toothache (human), 17yo.2019,Mar.28 02:19 yeah, dont worry I wont trigger the bracelets since your part of the crew
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 03:33 *catches Raghnall looking straight at him**isn't sure what to make of Raghnall's look--sympathetic, maybe?*
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.28 03:34 *looks at his book when Aron makes eye contact*
11>[Silo] Toothache (human), 17yo.2019,Mar.28 03:44 dont bother with him goat hes not worth it come on *the bell rings and she walks outside*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 03:54 *follows Silo* You didn't have to throw his book, you know.
11>[Silo] Toothache (human), 17yo.2019,Mar.28 03:55 *ignores Arons comment* So were are you from?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 03:57 Um...well, according to everyone I've talked to, I'm from a universe called Irakurri.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 03:57 I guess I come from Irakurri's version of Earth.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 03:57 Where are you from?
11>[Silo] Toothache (human), 17yo.2019,Mar.28 03:59 and Im stuck with a crazy one great... *blows a bubble in her gum it pops and she keeps chewing it*
11>[Silo] Toothache (human), 17yo.2019,Mar.28 03:59 You probably wouldnt know it even if I told you
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 04:00 Yeah...I'm new to all this traveling through space stuff, honestly...
11>[Silo] Toothache (human), 17yo.2019,Mar.28 04:03 *is walking around the courtyard* so...goat where did you meet shortstack?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 04:08 At the Earth lab. Not Irakurri Earth, um...this universe's Earth.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 04:08 This universe's Aron had died, so, um...they sent me there to help her and others get over it...
11>[Silo] Toothache (human), 17yo.2019,Mar.28 04:15 so your from a mental hosbital got it...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 04:16 No, I'm not.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 04:17 There are plenty of people from Irakurri who live in this universe now. If you and your friends can believe in people being from all sorts of different planets, what's so strange about being from another universe?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 04:19 Just saying...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 04:19 I can barely believe this stuff either, so...
11>[Silo] Toothache (human), 17yo.2019,Mar.28 04:23 whatever goat....sorry about your friend...its best to move on since I can promise you you wont ever see her again
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 04:25 But...she...she can't die...surely I'll see her again...
11>[Silo] Toothache (human), 17yo.2019,Mar.28 04:26 and that...that seals it Crazy..
11>[Silo] Toothache (human), 17yo.2019,Mar.28 04:27 *walks over to Nori and big jim* Everything good over here?
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.28 04:27 yeah everything is alright no trouble yet
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 04:27 *follows her* Literally, though...that's what her special ability is. If you kill her she pops back up.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 04:28 Do...do you know what they would do with someone like that...?
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.28 04:30 if thats true about your friend then your definitly never seeing her again
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 04:31 Ikurian Sara *telaports directly infront of Aron* What have you gotten yourself into?
11>[Silo] Toothache (human), 17yo.2019,Mar.28 04:31 oh my god shes back....
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 04:32 Wha-?!
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 04:32 I...I really don't know...
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 04:33 Ikurian sara: Back? no you must have met the other Sara shes like my twin but...well worse shes so annoying anyway I came to get this big lump
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 04:33 [I'm guessing he can tell the difference between the two Saras?]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 04:33 *mutters* She's...not annoying...
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2019,Mar.28 04:33 can us 3 join you? *puts his arms around Silo and Nori*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 04:34 [yeah his has short hair other sara has long hair]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 04:34 Oh--yeah, can they come? And...um...him. *points at Raghnall, who's leaning against a fence, reading Oscar Wilde*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 04:34 All four of them are good in my book.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 04:36 yes she is Aron we have been over this and sure *breaks their bracelets all 4 of them then telaports them to her house it has 3 bedrooms and its small and nice on a green abandoned planet [aka the shack before it got wrecked]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 04:36 *all 5 she brought Raghnall to*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 04:37 home sweet home. boys can be in one room girls in the other Aron you can stay in my room since yours is now taken by said boys
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.28 04:37 Um...hi.
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.28 04:38 Did I just...? Aron: You did. *smiles a little* Raghnall: Well, this is swell! *rubs his wrist where the bracelet is*
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.28 04:38 *was*
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.28 04:39 This is just swell! *feels extremely freed, not having to watch his tongue all the time*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 04:39 What was that place?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 04:40 My house Aron you have been here before!
11>[Silo] Toothache (human), 17yo.2019,Mar.28 04:40 as I said Crazy....
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 04:40 [He said WAS.]
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 04:41 [He was asking about the place they just came from. XP]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 04:41 hes not Crazy talk like that about Aron again and I send you right back
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 04:41 [Watch your tenses! XD]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 04:41 [OH XP nvm those lines then ]
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 04:42 I dont know Its just called the Place everyone calls it the place its super annoying
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 04:42 [Oh, and I posted a question on the spring break RP. ^.^]
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.28 04:42 Thanks for getting us out of there short stack
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 04:42 What do they do there? What happens to the people who...disappear...?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 04:43 My name is Sara call me short stack again and you wont be able to walk for a month got it?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 04:43 *@ Nori and co.* This isn't "short stack" by the way...there are two Saras...this one's from my universe--Irakurri...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 04:43 The one you met is from this universe...
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.28 04:44 a...alright then...
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 04:44 unlike other Sara im not a pushover
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 04:44 speaking of her I dont know were they go nor do I give a crap
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 04:45 Well I do.
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 04:46 If you don't give a crap about her, then at least give a crap about the people I was stuck with at the Earth lab before I was transferred. One of them was my counterpart's younger sister, Hanna...the other was this tall guy with blue hair named Saxon.
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 04:47 good for you honey, you should get some rest you had a long day
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 04:47 For all I know they're still on Earth. Is it possible for you to get them out, or...?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 04:47 Saxons is already out
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 04:47 Both of them don't deserve to be there...especially with Greg around...
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 04:47 He is? And Hanna?
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 04:50 ...go get some rest Aron all of you, Aron first door on the left you know were it is boys last door on the right girls first door on the right
11>[Silo] Toothache (human), 17yo.2019,Mar.28 04:51 ok then *walks off to the room the girls and boys room both have bunkbeds*
4>Nori (Human), 17yo.2019,Mar.28 04:52 *fallows Silo*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2019,Mar.28 04:52 *goes to the boys room*
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 04:52 But what about Hanna?
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 04:52 [I replie on the spring break RP.]
7>Raghnall (Student), 17yo.2019,Mar.28 04:53 *heads to the boys room* Does this make me one of the cool kids now? *said that mockingly, of course*
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2019,Mar.28 04:54 nah you cant replace Hothead or Squib....man I miss them already
6>Big Jim (human), 17yo.2019,Mar.28 04:54 *starts crying a bit*
14>Sara (human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 04:55 she isnt with...Greg she is someplace much better
15>Aron (Human), 16yo.2019,Mar.28 04:57 *replied