" Jasmine tree "
This game is destined to players of 11 to 19 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

just make your character and play...
the Jasmine tree in this story symbolises a romantic place in the city's park...
I honestly don't know what or who will happen in this story but we can play it and let's see how it goes :)
(no magic! it's reality)

1>Melany (student), 18yo.2016,Jun.4 17:31 (if you want something on buyables just ask me :))
1>Melany (student), 18yo.2016,Jun.4 17:45 [Melany: long blonde hair and light blue eyes, nice and romantic, is a student at a boarding school]
11>Haru (boy), 16yo.2016,Jun.4 17:52 [Haru: black hair and gray eyes, nice, kind and joyful but sometimes hates to go to school. lives near the Jasmine park so he likes to walk there often]
16>Yui (girl), 14yo.2016,Jun.7 21:22 [Yui: black long hair and blue eyes, nice and friendly but a little shy, wears dresses, likes to play]
19>Daniel (singer), 18yo.2016,Jun.12 12:13 [Daniel: dark brown hair and redishbrown eyes, nice and romantic gentelman, he's a singer]
16>Yui (girl), 14yo.2016,Jun.12 12:16  Buying ice cream (x 1)  (just checking here)
1>Melany (student), 18yo.2016,Jun.12 12:19   + 60 Money points to Yui  
16>Yui (girl), 14yo.2016,Jun.12 12:20  Buying ice cream (x 1)  
1>Melany (student), 18yo.2016,Jun.12 12:22   + 0.60 Money points to Yui  (ok now it's corect. I just had to check that so nvm these mesages)
16>Yui (girl), 14yo.2016,Jun.12 12:23  Giving ice cream (x 2) to Melany  
1>Melany (student), 18yo.2016,Jun.15 19:45 (I guess I'll start if noone joines but I'll wait a little more)
19>Daniel (singer), 18yo.2016,Jun.17 18:22 *walking home from the studio, singing silently* I want it all so I take it all and I don't care what the world will say because I'm here in the middle of nowhere with you my darling and nothing won't stop us from our love now.....
19>Daniel (singer), 18yo.2016,Jun.17 18:23 *anymore
19>Daniel (singer), 18yo.2016,Jun.17 18:23 hmm yeah sounds good
19>Daniel (singer), 18yo.2016,Jun.17 18:26 (umm.. I only just now thought that hah ;) it's not any official song so I don't allow you to copy and paste without saying it to me!)
19>Daniel (singer), 18yo.2016,Jun.17 18:27 (because it's my own song/words)
19>Daniel (singer), 18yo.2016,Jun.17 18:28 *if you didn't understand than he's thinking words for a new song*
16>Yui (girl), 14yo.2016,Jun.17 18:32 *playing around the rain puddle on the ground*
19>Daniel (singer), 18yo.2016,Jun.17 18:33 *looks up*
19>Daniel (singer), 18yo.2016,Jun.17 18:33 (ah! it was her text)
19>Daniel (singer), 18yo.2016,Jun.17 18:34 *stops* hello *smiles* you should go home, it's pretty cold outside now
16>Yui (girl), 14yo.2016,Jun.17 18:35 o-okay.. I will
19>Daniel (singer), 18yo.2016,Jun.17 18:36 *smiles and starts walking away*
16>Yui (girl), 14yo.2016,Jun.17 18:37 are you that new singer?
19>Daniel (singer), 18yo.2016,Jun.17 18:37 *turns back* yes haha
16>Yui (girl), 14yo.2016,Jun.17 18:38 *looks down smiling* I really like your songs
19>Daniel (singer), 18yo.2016,Jun.17 18:39 thank you :) maybe I should write one about you? ^^
16>Yui (girl), 14yo.2016,Jun.17 18:40 *looks up* you would do that? :o
19>Daniel (singer), 18yo.2016,Jun.17 18:40 sure ^^ why not
16>Yui (girl), 14yo.2016,Jun.17 18:41 thank you ^^
19>Daniel (singer), 18yo.2016,Jun.17 18:41 *smiles*
19>Daniel (singer), 18yo.2016,Jun.17 18:43 okay than it's my special promise to you :) but you should really go inside and drink some warm tea now
16>Yui (girl), 14yo.2016,Jun.17 18:43 thank you ;) *runs to her home*
19>Daniel (singer), 18yo.2016,Jun.17 18:44 *walks to his house*
20>Next Day (rainy day), 2yo.2016,Jun.17 18:47 (this line will say when the next day starts)
1>Melany (student), 18yo.2016,Jun.17 19:20 *getting ready for school*
6>Margaret (Yui's mom), 32yo.2016,Jun.17 19:23 honey! brekfest is ready
1>Melany (student), 18yo.2016,Jun.17 19:24 coming mom! *finishes the last things and goes downstairs*
19>Daniel (singer), 18yo.2016,Jun.17 19:26 *gets up* yawn.. hello day *walks to the bathroom to go in a shower*
1>Melany (student), 18yo.2016,Jun.17 19:27 *finishes eating* thnx mom, I'm going, bye
6>Margaret (Yui's mom), 32yo.2016,Jun.17 19:29 have a good day *hugs her and Melany walks out of the house*
19>Daniel (singer), 18yo.2016,Jun.17 19:30 *haves his brekfest and gets dressed up* ready to go! *goes out, locks the door and starts walking to his job*
11>Haru (boy), 16yo.2016,Jun.17 19:33 *opens one eye that other, looks at the clock* 07:43 ah school *closes eyes*
17>Gregory (Haru dad), 37yo.2016,Jun.17 19:37 Haru! You will be late agen! get your ass up and go to school!
11>Haru (boy), 16yo.2016,Jun.17 19:39 ahh fine.. *slowly walks to the kitchen* what's for brekfest today?
17>Gregory (Haru dad), 37yo.2016,Jun.17 19:39 Make them yourself! I'm busy right now
11>Haru (boy), 16yo.2016,Jun.17 19:41 *walks to the fridge, opens it and just stares* ...... *he takes out chese, egg and yoghurt*
11>Haru (boy), 16yo.2016,Jun.17 19:53 *makes a bread with chese, boils the egg and eats*
1>Melany (student), 18yo.2016,Jun.17 19:55 *is at school*
11>Haru (boy), 16yo.2016,Jun.17 19:58 *looks at the wach* 07:52 *finishes eating and gets ready to go* I'm leaving
17>Gregory (Haru dad), 37yo.2016,Jun.17 19:58 okay
11>Haru (boy), 16yo.2016,Jun.17 19:59 *he decides to go through the Jasmine park*
19>Daniel (singer), 18yo.2016,Jun.17 20:01 *walks to his work(at office)*
19>Daniel (singer), 18yo.2016,Jun.17 20:01 (you know singers have another job too)
19>Daniel (singer), 18yo.2016,Jun.17 20:04 *it's 07:58* just in time *smiles* *walks to his work room at the office*
19>Daniel (singer), 18yo.2016,Jun.17 20:05 *turns on the computer* 08:00 *starts doing his stuff for work*
11>Haru (boy), 16yo.2016,Jun.17 20:10 *still walking to school*
11>Haru (boy), 16yo.2016,Jun.17 20:13 *enters the school theritory*
11>Haru (boy), 16yo.2016,Jun.17 20:13 *walks into school*
11>Haru (boy), 16yo.2016,Jun.17 20:14 *goes to his locker and takes some books*
11>Haru (boy), 16yo.2016,Jun.17 20:14 *walks to his class*
11>Haru (boy), 16yo.2016,Jun.17 20:14 *goes in*
2>Fred (teacher), 48yo.2016,Jun.17 20:15 Haru! you're late agen! go sit somewhere!
11>Haru (boy), 16yo.2016,Jun.17 20:17 *walks to his seat and looks at the watch* 08:09
11>Haru (boy), 16yo.2016,Jun.17 20:19 (okay so now they all is at some places. Melany is at school, Haru goes in other class, Daniel is working. please join someone!)
16>Yui (girl), 14yo.2016,Jun.17 20:20 mummy can I go out and play?
16>Yui (girl), 14yo.2016,Jun.17 20:22 (her family isn't that rich so she don't go in a school but they home school her)
1>Melany (student), 18yo.2016,Jun.17 20:23 (ahh... I just remembered that Melany goes in a boarding school....)
1>Melany (student), 18yo.2016,Jun.17 20:26 (okay than it happened like so: *Melany gets ready, goes to the school dining room, eats breakfest and goes to her class*)
6>Margaret (Yui's mom), 32yo.2016,Jun.17 20:26 (and now this will be Yui's mom)
6>Margaret (Yui's mom), 32yo.2016,Jun.17 20:29 it's still raining outside honey you shouldn't go out
16>Yui (girl), 14yo.2016,Jun.17 20:29 okay
6>Margaret (Yui's mom), 32yo.2016,Jun.17 20:30 come here and eat a little *puts a bread with jem and tea cup on the tab*
6>Margaret (Yui's mom), 32yo.2016,Jun.17 20:31 *table*
16>Yui (girl), 14yo.2016,Jun.17 20:31 thank you mummy *sits down and eats*
12>Eira (Tourist), 16yo.2016,Jul.26 12:08  Buying dinner at restaurant (x 1)  
12>Eira (Tourist), 16yo.2016,Jul.26 12:09  Buying chocolate (x 1)  
12>Eira (Tourist), 16yo.2016,Jul.26 12:09  Buying ice cream (x 1)  
12>Eira (Tourist), 16yo.2016,Jul.26 12:10  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=44  
12>Eira (Tourist), 16yo.2016,Jul.26 12:11  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=dinner at restaurant  
12>Eira (Tourist), 16yo.2016,Jul.26 12:11  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=chocolate  
12>Eira (Tourist), 16yo.2016,Jul.26 12:11  Dropping ice cream (x 1)  
1>Melany (student), 18yo.2016,Aug.26 18:40 (hey ^^ can you describe your character please?)
7>Ariella (Little sister ), 11yo.2016,Aug.30 01:26 [Hi Cindy]
7>Ariella (Little sister ), 11yo.2016,Aug.30 01:27 [Ariella:has shoulder length blonde hair and blue-cyan-lime green eyes.She is mostly nice,but tends to be annoying.She likes wearing tank tops and shorts]
7>Ariella (Little sister ), 11yo.2016,Aug.30 01:28 [can she be someone's sister?]
1>Melany (student), 18yo.2016,Aug.31 15:33 [from my characters she can be Haru or Daniel sister. if you choose Daniel, you will be popular because he is a singer but he lives alone, if you choose Haru - he's cool I guess but you wont have a mother]
7>Ariella (Little sister ), 11yo.2016,Sep.2 16:39 [I choose Daniel as my brother]
7>Ariella (Little sister ), 11yo.2016,Sep.2 16:50 [I choose Daniel as my brother]
1>Melany (student), 18yo.2016,Sep.2 21:17 [okay]
19>Daniel (singer), 18yo.2016,Sep.2 21:22 [hmm okay so Daniel is always on time, how about Ariella? she should be on school now so you should do that. also how's the relationship between them? I guess it's pretty friendly, right? anything else?]
19>Daniel (singer), 18yo.2016,Sep.3 22:54 [oh are they living together or she will just now move to his home orrr what else?]
7>Ariella (Little sister ), 11yo.2016,Sep.4 02:31 [they live with each other and Atiella is always on time too.Their relationship is steady....]
19>Daniel (singer), 18yo.2016,Sep.4 18:56 *texting to Ariella* hey sis, how's the school? I was wondering would you like some ice cream after school ^^
7>Ariella (Little sister ), 11yo.2016,Sep.5 06:22 *texts back * Like duh!Can ai get mint chocolate chip ^^
7>Ariella (Little sister ), 11yo.2016,Sep.5 06:23 *walks out onto the front of the school grounds*
19>Daniel (singer), 18yo.2016,Sep.5 15:13 *texts back* sure hah, good luck at school! I'm gona work now
4>Felicity (Girl), 16yo.2016,Sep.11 08:23 {Just joined but I'll play along} *pulls out a book and stares at the jasmine* What a tree.
4>Felicity (Girl), 16yo.2016,Sep.11 08:24  Rolling 4 sided dice... Result=3  
19>Daniel (singer), 18yo.2016,Sep.12 22:20 (wow I thought you're Felicity but you're umm.. Eadie so I thought you're a different person but well anyway ssooo.. you should describe your character and.. yah that's all actually)
4>Felicity (Girl), 16yo.2016,Sep.15 23:53 (Ok.. Felicity: Always is out and about, has coppery hair, is a little secretive and loves collecting things.)
19>Daniel (singer), 18yo.2016,Sep.16 20:53 (oki you can join. I.. guess they are all at one class at school?)
7>Ariella (Little sister ), 11yo.2016,Sep.18 14:56 *enters classroom and sits at craft table knowing its her first class*
4>Felicity (Girl), 16yo.2016,Sep.19 06:24 *drops book and runs to the school* Arghhh! Always late!
11>Haru (boy), 16yo.2016,Sep.19 19:11 *looks at Ariella* hey
4>Felicity (Girl), 16yo.2016,Sep.22 02:25 *spreads papers all over the desk*
11>Haru (boy), 16yo.2016,Sep.22 14:27 do you have a pen? I forgot mine..

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