" The Unwanted Relegion Forest Mansion Teens "
This game is destined to players of 11 to 19 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

I was thinking and I understand that here's too many school, magic, animals, relationship roleplays so I'll try to make something different...
okay well here it is:
1you play as a human or human looking person
2we won't go to school
3we can be the teens who don't like to be home like..:
'*he ran away from home. into the forest he found....* 'what is this place?' 'welcome! you want to join us? don't be afraid, we're the same as you' 'who are you?'
4you can have a crush on someone but don't usually show it
5we are a group of unpopular teens who don't want to be home so they make a new relegion and lives in a mansion in forest
1. age: 14-19
2. be a human looking person
3. don't be rude! - you're all the same(the unwanted teens...)
4. don't destroy the forest! xD or the mansion.
5. describe your character shortly before you start to play(like: hair, eyes, character, clothes, powers?, what likes what not?)

1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Sep.23 15:25 (hair color-greenblack-emo style, eyes color-green, wears a black hoodie and jeans, she's pretty unstable so she can get mad or sad fast)
13>Ghinter (bi boy), 15yo.2016,Sep.23 15:35 (Ghinter is a nice guy but he looks like he's scared all the time.. but I guess he's okay. his hair is dark brown, eyes are blue, clothes are usually a soft jumper and jeans. he left his home because his dad was drinking and harmed him...)
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.23 15:49 (Alex will be the leader of the teens. if you wish you can be his girlfriend what makes you the leader too but he won't just be with you, he have some rules.)
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.23 15:54 (hair-brown, eyes-dark dark brown like almost black, he's usually calm and smart, reliable and strong, you shouldn't joke with him. he's very handsome ;) clothes he wear-white blouse(shirt?), scarf, black jeans, jacket)
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Sep.23 15:55   + 80 Money points to Alex  
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.23 22:20 *walking with his dog and friend in the woods*
12>Jackson (friend), 18yo.2016,Sep.23 22:22 so how was your day?
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.23 22:23 dude we go to the same job, you saw me.
12>Jackson (friend), 18yo.2016,Sep.23 22:23 oh right.. what will you do now?
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.23 22:24 (he got fired) I guess I'll try to find a new job.. or be homeless heh.. not funny
12>Jackson (friend), 18yo.2016,Sep.23 22:25 hey um you wanna see something cool I found?
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.23 22:25 sure
12>Jackson (friend), 18yo.2016,Sep.23 22:26 follow me. *they walks to a mansion* I found this house, looks like nobody lives here
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.23 22:27 I see.. what do you want to do?
12>Jackson (friend), 18yo.2016,Sep.23 22:28 I was just thinking about what you just said and.. I thought you may live here if.. well if you really become homeless one day
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.23 22:29 I won't, no, I have family, I live with them
12>Jackson (friend), 18yo.2016,Sep.23 22:30 yeah but you're already 19 you should live on your own
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.23 22:30 I will think about it. let's go inside?
12>Jackson (friend), 18yo.2016,Sep.23 22:31 sure
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.23 22:32 looks really nice actually *finds a light switch* and the light still works
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.23 22:34 I could get some wood and *goes to a living room* yup here is a fire place
12>Jackson (friend), 18yo.2016,Sep.23 22:34 so you like it here?
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.23 22:35 yeah it's nice but I'll think about
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.23 22:37 *Jackson walks home and Alex at his house* I'm back! *takes off the dog collar and puts it on table*
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.23 22:38 Alex mom: where was you so long? and why did I get to know that you're fired? why did that happen?
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.23 22:39 sorry mom I'll try to find a new job
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.23 22:40 Alex mom: a new job? that's not so easy! you're old enough so from this day you get money by yourself.
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.23 22:41 *sighs* yeah I know. what's for dinner?
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.23 22:42 Alex mom: salmon, Alex: okay thanks *takes a peace and eats thinking what should he do*
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.23 22:47 mom, Mom: yes? , Alex: should I move out?, Mom: why? well yeah but I thought you don't want it?, Alex: well it's just.. nah nevermind
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.23 22:50 Alex dad: *comes home angry* How could you lose your job?? go to your room and think about what you did!
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.23 22:53 *walks to his room thinking* ... they only notices me if I lose.. maybe they don't want me.. I could ran away, maybe they would search me? I don't think they would care..
12>Jackson (friend), 18yo.2016,Sep.23 23:13 *phonecalls* hey so what did you decide about the house?
12>Jackson (friend), 18yo.2016,Sep.23 23:13 I.. I will move there today
12>Jackson (friend), 18yo.2016,Sep.23 23:14 (sorry wrong color) today?? are you okay? it's late
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.23 23:15 yeah I'm going
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.23 23:15 I will pack my bags and go
12>Jackson (friend), 18yo.2016,Sep.23 23:16 but it's dark and cold?
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.23 23:16 you will come with me
12>Jackson (friend), 18yo.2016,Sep.23 23:17 ah dude.. I'm in bed, I don't wanna get up..
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.23 23:17 fine goodbye then *puts down the phone*
12>Jackson (friend), 18yo.2016,Sep.23 23:18 wait-
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.23 23:19 okay I'll need some clothes, some food.. *packing*
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.24 11:20 *sneaks out. walks to the forest mansion. sighs* I'm home *walks to the bedroom to spend the night*
12>Jackson (friend), 18yo.2016,Sep.24 11:25 *the next day* *walks to the mansion* Alex?.. are you here?
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.24 11:26 yes, I'm in the kitchen, come in!
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.24 11:27 *Jackson walks in* hey it's pretty nice living here *smiles* want a toast bread?
12>Jackson (friend), 18yo.2016,Sep.24 11:28 umm no thanks, I ate my breakfast. so you will live here now?..
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.24 11:30 yeah it's nice, I can do whatever I want. hmm but I guess I'll have to find a job to buy food
12>Jackson (friend), 18yo.2016,Sep.24 11:31 yeah.. well I'm kinda worried about you. do you need any help here?
12>Jackson (friend), 18yo.2016,Sep.24 11:34 (I forgot to describe Jackson: black hair, blue eyes, he don't have any problems with life, he's just a friend to Alex. wears t shirt, jacket, pants and boots.)
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.24 11:35 we could get some woods for the fireplace because it's a little cold here
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.24 11:37 *eats his breakfast and they go to colect some wood*
12>Jackson (friend), 18yo.2016,Sep.24 11:41 (I will skip a time a little because this is kinda spaming this place) Alex I have something to tell you..
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.24 11:41 what is it?
12>Jackson (friend), 18yo.2016,Sep.24 11:43 I'm moving to live in Europe tomorrow so I'll be far and I may never see you agen
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.24 11:44 ah.. okay well than I hope you have a safe flight.. bye *holds him* I'll wait your message
12>Jackson (friend), 18yo.2016,Sep.24 11:45 (time skip) bye *he flies away*
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.24 11:46 *time skip: he found a job and is now living in the mansion for about four weeks*
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Sep.24 11:48 (um.. sorry for the spam ;] we can start the roleplay now)
13>Ghinter (bi boy), 15yo.2016,Sep.24 12:05 *comes home and sees his dad drunk agen* *dad notices him, gets up and starts to walk to him*
13>Ghinter (bi boy), 15yo.2016,Sep.24 12:05 dad.. don't ah *runs upstairs and locks into his room* *hears dad banging the door*
13>Ghinter (bi boy), 15yo.2016,Sep.24 12:06 Dad: Come out you fool! Show me you have balls (xD) to beat me! Come out! Are you a girl or a boy! *brakes the door*
13>Ghinter (bi boy), 15yo.2016,Sep.24 12:06 *tries to hide under his bed, almost crying*, Dad: I know you're here! *finds him and hits his head once* Get up!
13>Ghinter (bi boy), 15yo.2016,Sep.24 12:07 *cries. he gots up and runs out of the room as fast as he can he runs out of the home hearing his dad screaming after him*
13>Ghinter (bi boy), 15yo.2016,Sep.24 12:08 *he runs into the forest where he usually hide*
13>Ghinter (bi boy), 15yo.2016,Sep.24 12:27 *walks inside the mansion and sits down*
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.24 12:28 *comes home*
13>Ghinter (bi boy), 15yo.2016,Sep.24 12:28 what*hides*
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.24 12:29 hm? is someone there?
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.24 12:30 come out, it's okay
13>Ghinter (bi boy), 15yo.2016,Sep.24 12:30 you.. who are you?
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.24 12:31 I kinda live here now. where are you?
13>Ghinter (bi boy), 15yo.2016,Sep.24 12:31 *comes out* I'm here..
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.24 12:32 oh hello, so why are you here?
13>Ghinter (bi boy), 15yo.2016,Sep.24 12:33 I.. ran away from home, this is where I usually hide, I didn't know you live here sorry
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.24 12:34 you don't need to sorry, it's not officialy my house but why did you ran away?
13>Ghinter (bi boy), 15yo.2016,Sep.24 12:34 I don't want to talk about it...
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.24 12:35 it's okay, you can tell me
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.24 12:36 I kinda ran away too and now I feel better. my parents just didn't care about me and I lost my job so I was thinking would they miss me if I left and.. No they don't
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.24 12:37 now I'm living here and I feel free and more happyer, I don't need to sorry to anyone anymore
13>Ghinter (bi boy), 15yo.2016,Sep.24 12:38 well than my story is worse..
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.24 12:39 what is it? would you like some tea? let's go to the kitchen, you can tell me about your story there
13>Ghinter (bi boy), 15yo.2016,Sep.24 12:40 okay...
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.24 12:40 *puts the water to boil and sits by the table* well?
13>Ghinter (bi boy), 15yo.2016,Sep.24 12:44 *sighs* it's my dad.. he's drinking and.. and I'm bi so he hates me.... he hurts me.. I try to hide but but he always finds me
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.24 12:45 oh.. well you're safe here and it's okay, I don't hate you about that.
13>Ghinter (bi boy), 15yo.2016,Sep.24 12:45 thanks...
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.24 12:46 how old are you?
13>Ghinter (bi boy), 15yo.2016,Sep.24 12:46 I'm 15
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.24 12:48 okay the tea is ready *puts two cups on the table and fills them* here you go
13>Ghinter (bi boy), 15yo.2016,Sep.24 12:50 thank you *takes the cup closer*
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Sep.24 23:57 *a little time skip agen. like a few days. Ghinter is living with Alex*
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.24 23:59 *they're walking by a school to make sure nobody is bulyed* (Alex works at school now as a protector or something like that)
13>Ghinter (bi boy), 15yo.2016,Sep.25 00:00 I don't like being here, it feels like everyone is looking at me
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.25 00:01 you can stay home if you want
13>Ghinter (bi boy), 15yo.2016,Sep.25 00:01 no it's okay, I feel safe with you
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.25 00:02 *sees a girl bulyed* wait here, Ghinter! *walks there* stop it right there!
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.25 00:05 Bully: or what?, Alex: or I will do the same to you and a much more painful!, Bully: kk we're just joking it's okay bye! *walks away*
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.25 00:05 are you okay?
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Sep.25 00:06 yeah it's good you don't need to help me *gets up*
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.25 00:06 what's your name?
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Sep.25 00:06 why do you need to know?
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.25 00:07 to tell this to the school principle
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Sep.25 00:08 I don't need it! *walking away*
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.25 00:09 we'll see. when you next get bullied I may not be around. they could do worse things to you.
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Sep.25 00:10 *looks back* I know but that's how it is, you can't change it
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.25 00:12 I can. look at this guy, Ghinter come here please!
13>Ghinter (bi boy), 15yo.2016,Sep.25 00:13 *walks there*
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.25 00:15 his life was bad too, before he met me, I saved him from his father, now he's living with me and as he said before, he really feels much safer now, nobody ever tries to harm him agen because I protect him
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.25 00:16 so here's for you. will you trust me?
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Sep.25 00:17 I.. guess, well I got to go now bye *walking to her next lesson*
13>Ghinter (bi boy), 15yo.2016,Sep.25 00:17 will she join us?
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.25 00:17 yeah I believe so. let's go now.
3>Ayano Aishi (Neko girl), 17yo.2016,Sep.25 01:55 [Ayano Aishi. Pale skin, dull gray eyes across which flames of hell occasionally dance, long black hair in a high ponytail, plump cheeks, small nose and lips, thin body type, gray cat ears and tail. The cat ears don't actually hear anything.]
3>Ayano Aishi (Neko girl), 17yo.2016,Sep.25 02:04 [Wears a beat-up seifuku, as she was in school in Japan when she went on her adventure. She hitched a plane ride to wherever this takes place. Along with the seifuku, she wears black leggings, white Vans and black fingerless gloves that reach her elbows.
3>Ayano Aishi (Neko girl), 17yo.2016,Sep.25 02:04 ]
3>Ayano Aishi (Neko girl), 17yo.2016,Sep.25 02:14 [She carries around a hand-axe when in the forest to hack nature out of her way. Her ears are peirced, a small silver hoop in the front and a ruby stud farther back. Her cat ears are not peirced.]
3>Ayano Aishi (Neko girl), 17yo.2016,Sep.25 02:16 [In case you are confused, she has normal ears on the sides of her head that hear and are peirced, and cat ears on top of her head that do not hear and are not peirced.]
3>Ayano Aishi (Neko girl), 17yo.2016,Sep.25 02:32 [She's pretty emotionless. She'll only know two over the course of the RP: love and rage. She's curious about things, but curiosity is not an emotion by my standards. She'll fall in love with Taro Yamada, and whatever threatens him will fill anger her.]
3>Ayano Aishi (Neko girl), 17yo.2016,Sep.25 02:34 [Oops. Whatever threatens Taro Yamada will anger her.]
3>Ayano Aishi (Neko girl), 17yo.2016,Sep.25 02:37 [Eventually, she'll give in to her anger and...I'll let you think. You'll find out later.]
3>Ayano Aishi (Neko girl), 17yo.2016,Sep.25 02:40 [She ran away because she didn't understand other's emotions and wanted to be left alone. People didn't like her anyway.]
14>Taro Yamada (Boy), 18yo.2016,Sep.25 02:44 [I'll explain him when he's important.]
3>Ayano Aishi (Neko girl), 17yo.2016,Sep.25 03:07 *approaches the edge of the forest**sees Ghinter and Alex walking by**decides to follow them*
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.25 11:12 *hears a crack and looks back*
3>Ayano Aishi (Neko girl), 17yo.2016,Sep.25 15:10 *had just stepped on a twig**just stands there like she got busted with Ghinter and Alex looking at her*
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.25 16:04 are you following?
3>Ayano Aishi (Neko girl), 17yo.2016,Sep.25 17:05 Who are you?
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.25 18:21 I'm Alex and this is Ghinter. who are you and why did you follow us?
3>Ayano Aishi (Neko girl), 17yo.2016,Sep.25 19:07 I'm Ayano.
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.25 20:46 okay
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.25 20:47 it's getting late, you should go home soon
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.25 20:59 do you have home?
3>Ayano Aishi (Neko girl), 17yo.2016,Sep.25 21:59 I used to.
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Sep.26 17:04 what happened?
7>Luna Dellmur (nice but weird girl), 15yo.2016,Sep.26 20:31 (she's a cute and friendly girl, maybe a little weird but I like her. she have blonde hair in a beautiful style and her eyes are 0033ff color blue. she likes nature and animals, sometimes she can see/hear things that others can't but that's all. she usual
7>Luna Dellmur (nice but weird girl), 15yo.2016,Sep.26 20:32 she usually wears a dress or skirts and sweater but she goes bare feet usually..)
7>Luna Dellmur (nice but weird girl), 15yo.2016,Sep.26 20:34  Secret message to Ayano Aishi  
7>Luna Dellmur (nice but weird girl), 15yo.2016,Sep.26 20:42  Secret message to Ayano Aishi  
17>Estel (Elf boy), 18yo.2016,Sep.26 21:10 (he's a tall elf boy, kind and handsome, he loves nature and he likes to meditate in peace. green as forest eyes and long blonde hair. he have a bow, he's good at shooting arrows, he wears something like a green cloak, white shirt, leggings and boots)
3>Ayano Aishi (Neko girl), 17yo.2016,Sep.27 14:43  Secret message to Luna Dellmur  
7>Luna Dellmur (nice but weird girl), 15yo.2016,Sep.27 19:34  Secret message to Ayano Aishi  
4>Mike (emo boy), 17yo.2016,Oct.1 15:50 (Mike have black or dark dark dark brown hair and eyes. he have a pale skin. he's friendly and handsome, he likes to watch anime, he don't like girly girls. he wears white t shirt and black sweater, jeans and sneakers)
4>Mike (emo boy), 17yo.2016,Oct.1 15:51 hey Elly
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.1 15:52 Mike I told you to not call me by my name!
4>Mike (emo boy), 17yo.2016,Oct.1 15:53 yeah well where was you? I was waiting here for like two hours
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.1 15:54 sorry for waiting.. I got bullyed agen
4>Mike (emo boy), 17yo.2016,Oct.1 15:55 ah *holds her* I wish I could go in your school so I could protect you..
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.1 15:56 *looks up* but you can. why don't you do it?
4>Mike (emo boy), 17yo.2016,Oct.1 15:56 my parents don't allow me to change school
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.1 15:59 you.. can you do it by yourself? I mean.. you know where's the documents right? you could get them and come
4>Mike (emo boy), 17yo.2016,Oct.1 16:00 if that was that easy I would already done it but no.. only they knows where the key is
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.1 16:02 *holds him tighter* I have to go home now.. will you be here tomorrow? tomorrow at 12?
4>Mike (emo boy), 17yo.2016,Oct.1 16:04 sure it's saturday tomorrow
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.1 16:05 okay *looking at him*
4>Mike (emo boy), 17yo.2016,Oct.1 16:07 than I'll wait tomorrow.. *kisses her softly and lets go* have a sweet dreams *smiling*
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.1 16:08 ah um sure bye *walks inside her home still a little blushed*
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.1 16:14 her mom: you was with that boy agen! she: yeah and we will meet tomorrow too.. her mom: no you won't! I don't like that you're emo! she: mom you can't change it! it's my life and I do what I want! *walks to her room*
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.1 16:15 *falls into her bed and starts thinking about what happened today..*
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Oct.1 16:17 okay it's fine if you don't want to tell us, Ayano. maybe you want to stay at our place today?
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Oct.1 16:18 *tonight
3>Ayano Aishi (Neko girl), 17yo.2016,Oct.1 22:59 Sure. The only thing I have to lose is my clothes and my axe.
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Oct.2 11:48 why?
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Oct.4 20:46 let's go
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Oct.4 20:49 *they're at the mansion* your room is upstairs, second door to left. if you need anything, come to my room, it's these doors *shows to his right* good night!
13>Ghinter (bi boy), 15yo.2016,Oct.4 20:50 *to Ayano* will you live here now?
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.4 20:55 *thinking maybe she could let the school guard to protect her.. what was he talking about that boy? he's living with him? maybe I could go visit them.. hm no I have a date tomorrow.. but we could go there together...**she fall asleep*
4>Mike (emo boy), 17yo.2016,Oct.4 20:56 *writes a message to Elly* hey you up?
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.4 20:57 *wakes up and texts back* you're already waiting? sorry I was sleeping
4>Mike (emo boy), 17yo.2016,Oct.4 20:59 *texts back* it's okay, I'll wait you by your home then
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.4 20:59 *gets dressed up fast and walks outside silently*
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.4 21:00 hey *hugs* let's go
4>Mike (emo boy), 17yo.2016,Oct.4 21:00 where?
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.4 21:01 I.. was thinking to check out one place today
4>Mike (emo boy), 17yo.2016,Oct.4 21:02 where is that?
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.4 21:05 well, there is now a new school guard and he said he can protect me and there was that boy.. Ghinter was his name I think and he's living with him
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.4 21:06 so I thought I could search the house they're living and talk about it
4>Mike (emo boy), 17yo.2016,Oct.4 21:06 talk about your protection.?
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.4 21:08 yeah. he gave me his number, I should probably call him before comming
4>Mike (emo boy), 17yo.2016,Oct.4 21:08 uh sure
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.4 21:09 I just wanted to have someone beside me because I can't know is it safe to go
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.4 21:10 k.. *writes the number and calls*
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Oct.4 21:11 *picks up* hello? who's calling?
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.4 21:12 it's.. it's the girl from school.. I want to meet
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Oct.4 21:13 oh okay sure that's good well I'm living in the forest.. I'm not sure will you find me so could you please tell me some place nearby you?
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.4 21:15 um.. how about this little shop I see? it's named "cacao paradise" I think it's the only one in this town...
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Oct.4 21:16 hmm let me think... yeah I think I know where it is. okay I'll go there, it's not too far
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.4 21:16 okay good bye *ends the call*
4>Mike (emo boy), 17yo.2016,Oct.4 21:17 why do you need it anyway?..
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.4 21:19 I may move to live there and he would protect me at school hmm and maybe I could stay home and meet with you more because there wouldn't be my parents who don't like that we're together
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.4 21:19 so I guess that would be better, don't you think so?
4>Mike (emo boy), 17yo.2016,Oct.4 21:21 *smiles and pulls her closer* as you say. I'm happy if you're happy
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.4 21:22 *smiling*
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Oct.4 21:23 Ghinter! you stay as the older while I'm away.
13>Ghinter (bi boy), 15yo.2016,Oct.4 21:23 but but I'm younger
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Oct.4 21:24 but you have lived here longer time so it's you, bye *walks away*
13>Ghinter (bi boy), 15yo.2016,Oct.4 21:25 oh um okay ah *goes to check if Ayano is still sleeping*
3>Ayano Aishi (Neko girl), 17yo.2016,Oct.4 22:46 *isn't sleeping*
13>Ghinter (bi boy), 15yo.2016,Oct.5 15:45 um hey I just wanted to say that Alex went somewhere and he let me as the older.. I'll go now *walks outside the room*
3>Ayano Aishi (Neko girl), 17yo.2016,Oct.6 01:47 Might as well sleep. *falls asleep on the spot*
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Oct.6 19:54 *comes* hello Elly, who's he?
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.6 19:55 he's my friend and please call me raven!
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Oct.6 19:55 why?
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.6 19:56 I don't much like my name
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Oct.6 19:56 oh well let's go?
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.6 19:57 yeah *they gets back to the mansion* so you live in the forest? hm interesting
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Oct.6 19:58 yeah *knocks by the door* Ghinter let us in!
13>Ghinter (bi boy), 15yo.2016,Oct.6 19:59 *walks by the door* who's there?
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Oct.6 19:59 it's me Alex
13>Ghinter (bi boy), 15yo.2016,Oct.6 19:59 *lets you in*
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Oct.6 20:00 thanks, you can go now
13>Ghinter (bi boy), 15yo.2016,Oct.6 20:00 *walks up to his room*
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Oct.6 20:01 *closes the door* we will go to the kitchen, follow me *they walks to the kitchen* sit by the table
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.6 20:02 *they sits down*
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Oct.6 20:03 okay, so Elly. oh sorry, raven you're an emo and he's an emo too?
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.6 20:04 yes and I wanted to see this place
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Oct.6 20:04 so you're thinking to stay?
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.6 20:04 I guess..
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Oct.6 20:05 okay sure well than I need to hear the reasons why you don't want to stay at your home.
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.6 20:07 there's.. nothing really, I just wanted to have some time alone.. also, my mom don't like that I'm emo or I'm being emo so I guess I could meet more with Mike if my mother won't know that
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Oct.6 20:08 wait so he's your boyfried? and his name is Mike okay
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.6 20:08 yes
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Oct.6 20:23 hm okay but my house, my rules I hope you understand
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Oct.6 20:23 I'll show your room now, if you're staying?
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.6 20:24 yeah I will stay I guess
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Oct.6 20:32 is Mike staying too?
4>Mike (emo boy), 17yo.2016,Oct.6 20:33 no I'm not but looks nice here
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Oct.6 20:34 okay that you can choose to live closer to Ghinter or Ayano 'cause there are two rooms left
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.6 20:34 who is Ayano?
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Oct.6 20:35 a girl, she started to live here yesterday
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.6 20:36 than I guess I'll live there
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Oct.6 20:37 go see the two rooms up there, maybe you like the other room more
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.6 20:38 *looks at the first door left and than the first door right*
4>Mike (emo boy), 17yo.2016,Oct.6 20:38 I think this is better
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.6 20:38 yeah I will take this one
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Oct.6 20:39 okay
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.6 20:40 I'll go get my stuff and come back
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Oct.6 20:42 okay I'll be in my room
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.6 20:49 *they walks to Elly's home. goes in. there is her mom* mom: where were you? she: I'm leaving, mom.. mom: What? where are you going to live?? she: I can't say that mom: why? you're staying at his home *points at Mike* isn't you?? she: no I'm not. *they wal
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.6 20:52 *they walks to her room while her mom is still talking. they gets all the stuff and leaves* bye mom: *one tear comes* bye *wipes it away* I hope you feel better there! *walks away*
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.6 20:53 *goes out and sighs* I'm free.. so that's how it feels...
4>Mike (emo boy), 17yo.2016,Oct.6 20:53 yeah.. do you really think you should leave?
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.6 20:54 yeah I did it and I hope it will be okay.. let's go *they walks back to the mansion. goes in*
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Oct.6 20:56 oh you're back! I'm making dinner. you can put your things in your room and come, it will be ready soon.
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.6 20:56 oh alright
4>Mike (emo boy), 17yo.2016,Oct.6 20:57 I guess I'll go now.. my family is waiting
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.6 20:58 okay *hugs him*
4>Mike (emo boy), 17yo.2016,Oct.6 21:00 I will come tomorrow *kisses her on the forehead*
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.6 21:01 okay.. *he leaves* *she walks up to her room and puts down all the stuff*
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Oct.6 21:02 *calls loud* Dinner is ready!
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Oct.6 21:02 *serves it on the plates*
13>Ghinter (bi boy), 15yo.2016,Oct.6 21:03 *comes* mm looks good *sits down and eats*
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.6 21:04 *walks there* oh I thought I'm the last one
13>Ghinter (bi boy), 15yo.2016,Oct.6 21:05 I think Ayano don't feel good.. I'll bring her food when I finish my dish.
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Oct.6 21:05 hm okay *sits down to eat*
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.6 21:06 *eating*
13>Ghinter (bi boy), 15yo.2016,Oct.6 21:08 *finishes first* thank you *gets up, takes Ayano's plate and brings it to her*
3>Ayano Aishi (Neko girl), 17yo.2016,Oct.6 21:23 *looks at door when Ghinter walks in* What is it?
13>Ghinter (bi boy), 15yo.2016,Oct.7 15:21 your dinner. there's chicken and rice and some salad
3>Ayano Aishi (Neko girl), 17yo.2016,Oct.7 21:23 Thanks.
13>Ghinter (bi boy), 15yo.2016,Oct.8 14:29 is everything okay?
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Oct.8 14:31 so he will come tomorrow?
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.8 14:32 yeah
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Oct.8 14:32 and you will go to school right?
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.8 14:33 do I have to?
10>Alex (the leader boy), 19yo.2016,Oct.8 14:34 yeah you have to finish it so you could find a good job
1>Elly (emo girl), 16yo.2016,Oct.8 14:36 yah.. *gets up from the table* thanks *walks to her room*

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