" war between sky "
This game is destined to players of 14 to 19 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

you can play as: army man, kid, mother, father, any other vilager
(but you have to know how war is like: if you're a man you go to army, if kid-stay home/escape or something)
you can go to army if you're 15 but it would be better if you're older, and only men!
(write 'army man1' if you're in the good team and 'army man2' if you're in the bad team)
unfurtenatly the good team is the villagers of the war place..

3>vulta (soldier), 19yo.2016,Oct.8 20:56
9>Voss (army man1), 18yo.2016,Oct.8 20:56
Player 62016,Oct.8 20:57
Player 42016,Oct.8 20:58
7>Ashlie (Warrior), 16yo.2016,Oct.8 20:58
12>Vino (Army man 2), 19 yo.2016,Oct.8 20:58
2>Nikole (Archer), 17yo.2016,Oct.8 20:59
1>Georg (army leader1), 45yo.2016,Oct.8 20:59 ok that's beautiful now we can start :)
1>Georg (army leader1), 45yo.2016,Oct.8 21:49 will we be the svilt or good team?
1>Georg (army leader1), 45yo.2016,Oct.8 21:50 we will need some oposite team members too of corse but who will we be?
1>Georg (army leader1), 45yo.2016,Oct.8 21:51 *bad
1>Georg (army leader1), 45yo.2016,Oct.9 18:31 okay I'm in the good team. if nobody joins, I'll play by myself...
1>Georg (army leader1), 45yo.2016,Oct.9 20:05 start in 3
1>Georg (army leader1), 45yo.2016,Oct.9 20:05 2
1>Georg (army leader1), 45yo.2016,Oct.9 20:05 1
1>Georg (army leader1), 45yo.2016,Oct.9 20:05  Giving army man clothing (x 1) to Bill  
1>Georg (army leader1), 45yo.2016,Oct.9 20:06 be safe!
13>Vincent (army boy1), 16yo.2016,Oct.9 20:07 I Want To Join you!
1>Georg (army leader1), 45yo.2016,Oct.9 20:08 kid, how old are you?
8>Lucy (someones mom), 39yo.2016,Oct.9 20:09 sorry he don't know what he's talking! Vincy, we're going home... *pulling her son back*
13>Vincent (army boy1), 16yo.2016,Oct.9 20:09 No! I want to help my country!
1>Georg (army leader1), 45yo.2016,Oct.9 20:10 if he wants that, he can come
8>Lucy (someones mom), 39yo.2016,Oct.9 20:10 but he's my little boy, I don't want to loose him!
1>Georg (army leader1), 45yo.2016,Oct.9 20:12 it will be okay.. we will protect him
8>Lucy (someones mom), 39yo.2016,Oct.9 20:13 but.. *cries*
13>Vincent (army boy1), 16yo.2016,Oct.9 20:14 mom *puts his hands on her sholders* I will be okay. I will survive. take care of yourself, be safe! *hugs her and walks away*
1>Georg (army leader1), 45yo.2016,Oct.9 20:16  Giving army man clothing (x 1) to Vincent  here's your suit man!
1>Georg (army leader1), 45yo.2016,Oct.9 20:16 be safe!
13>Vincent (army boy1), 16yo.2016,Oct.9 20:16 thank you..
1>Georg (army leader1), 45yo.2016,Oct.9 20:20   + 5000 Money points to Phill  
18>Phill (army leader2), 46yo.2016,Oct.9 20:21  Buying army man clothing (x 3)  
18>Phill (army leader2), 46yo.2016,Oct.9 20:21  Giving army man clothing (x 1) to Bruno  
18>Phill (army leader2), 46yo.2016,Oct.9 20:21  Giving army man clothing (x 1) to Reiman  
1>Georg (army leader1), 45yo.2016,Oct.9 20:23  Giving bigger gun (x 1) to Bill  
1>Georg (army leader1), 45yo.2016,Oct.9 20:23  Giving bigger gun (x 1) to Vincent  you think you will know how to use it?
13>Vincent (army boy1), 16yo.2016,Oct.9 20:23 yes sir.
1>Georg (army leader1), 45yo.2016,Oct.9 20:24 good.
1>Georg (army leader1), 45yo.2016,Oct.9 20:26 we're going by tanks! *he tells the commands and the last one* we three will be in one tank! Bill. Vincent. and me.
1>Georg (army leader1), 45yo.2016,Oct.9 20:28   + 1000000 Money points to Phill  
18>Phill (army leader2), 46yo.2016,Oct.9 20:29  Buying war plane (x 3)  
18>Phill (army leader2), 46yo.2016,Oct.9 20:29  Giving war plane (x 1) to Bruno  
18>Phill (army leader2), 46yo.2016,Oct.9 20:30  Giving war plane (x 1) to Reiman  Reiman you selfish man! I hope you know how to fly!
19>Reiman (army man2), 34yo.2016,Oct.9 20:31 yes man.. I know how to do it *gets in the plain*
18>Phill (army leader2), 46yo.2016,Oct.9 20:33  Buying oil (for the plane) (x 6)  Reiman wait!! you forgot the oil idiot!
18>Phill (army leader2), 46yo.2016,Oct.9 20:33  Giving oil (for the plane) (x 2) to Reiman  
18>Phill (army leader2), 46yo.2016,Oct.9 20:33  Giving oil (for the plane) (x 2) to Bruno  
18>Phill (army leader2), 46yo.2016,Oct.9 20:34  Buying bomb/granade (x 18)  and some granades too
18>Phill (army leader2), 46yo.2016,Oct.9 20:35  Giving bomb/granade (x 6) to Bruno  
18>Phill (army leader2), 46yo.2016,Oct.9 20:35  Giving bomb/granade (x 6) to Reiman  
18>Phill (army leader2), 46yo.2016,Oct.9 20:45 *names all his army mans* Bruno.
15>Bruno (army man2), 42yo.2016,Oct.9 20:46 ready to fly sir!
18>Phill (army leader2), 46yo.2016,Oct.9 20:46 Reiman..?
19>Reiman (army man2), 34yo.2016,Oct.9 20:46 ready :D
18>Phill (army leader2), 46yo.2016,Oct.9 20:47 ahh good. let's fly! *gets into his plane*
14>Bill (army man1), 36yo.2016,Oct.9 20:48 sir I think I hear their planes comming.
1>Georg (army leader1), 45yo.2016,Oct.9 20:49 you sure? okay. Get In The Tanks!! *everyone gets in their tanks*
1>Georg (army leader1), 45yo.2016,Oct.9 20:50 *the war have begin*
20>Time (time), 24/7yo.2016,Oct.11 14:42 (message for Bunny: I'll give you the army things, you can choose which team to be in, you can have as many characters you want and just ask if you don't understand something or want anything. if you want your team can go different than my (I mean: my tra
20>Time (time), 24/7yo.2016,Oct.11 14:47 (my team (or first team) goes by tanks but if you want, your characters can go walking or Idk as you want. and you can create some villager people too(that wants to escape, they're not army mans)
18>Phill (army leader2), 46yo.2016,Oct.11 14:51 there's a big building, attack there.
15>Bruno (army man2), 42yo.2016,Oct.11 14:52 *shoots in the building*
1>Georg (army leader1), 45yo.2016,Oct.11 14:54 they attack!! try shooting them down!
14>Bill (army man1), 36yo.2016,Oct.11 14:54 *turns the tank tube up to the sky and shoots*
14>Bill (army man1), 36yo.2016,Oct.11 14:55 they're too fast!
1>Georg (army leader1), 45yo.2016,Oct.11 14:55 okay. Vincent.. we're going out, okay?
13>Vincent (army boy1), 16yo.2016,Oct.11 14:56 yes sir.
1>Georg (army leader1), 45yo.2016,Oct.11 14:56 take your gun! *they gets out of the tank* shoot them!
13>Vincent (army boy1), 16yo.2016,Oct.11 14:57 *takes his gun and tries to shoot down a plane*
15>Bruno (army man2), 42yo.2016,Oct.11 14:58 they're out. should I shoot them?
18>Phill (army leader2), 46yo.2016,Oct.11 14:59 try. but be cereful!
15>Bruno (army man2), 42yo.2016,Oct.11 15:00 okay. *flies up and shoots down at the tank*
1>Georg (army leader1), 45yo.2016,Oct.11 15:00 Hide!!
18>Phill (army leader2), 46yo.2016,Oct.11 15:01 Reiman are you there?
19>Reiman (army man2), 34yo.2016,Oct.11 15:01 yeah I'm trying
18>Phill (army leader2), 46yo.2016,Oct.11 15:02 good. now I have a different mission for you
18>Phill (army leader2), 46yo.2016,Oct.11 15:03 fly around and don't let the people escape.
19>Reiman (army man2), 34yo.2016,Oct.11 15:03 okay
1>Georg (army leader1), 45yo.2016,Oct.11 15:04 you okay?
13>Vincent (army boy1), 16yo.2016,Oct.11 15:04 yes I'm fine
1>Georg (army leader1), 45yo.2016,Oct.11 15:05 get back into the tank.
13>Vincent (army boy1), 16yo.2016,Oct.11 15:05 okay.. *goes in*
14>Bill (army man1), 36yo.2016,Oct.11 15:06 sir I have a message they are not letting people escape what can we do?
1>Georg (army leader1), 45yo.2016,Oct.11 15:08 drive there and watch the situation. if they attack, you can shoot. be cereful *he sends tree tanks to take a look at it*
19>Reiman (army man2), 34yo.2016,Oct.11 15:09 *sees a group of people runing away and drops a grenade on them*
18>Phill (army leader2), 46yo.2016,Oct.11 15:10 Reiman! I didn't tell you to kill them!! land down!
18>Phill (army leader2), 46yo.2016,Oct.11 15:11 land down and walk the forest teritory! I'll send some more men to help you
19>Reiman (army man2), 34yo.2016,Oct.11 15:12 fine *lands down by a forest and gets out*
18>Phill (army leader2), 46yo.2016,Oct.11 15:13  Buying shoutgun (x 1)  
18>Phill (army leader2), 46yo.2016,Oct.11 15:13  Giving shoutgun (x 1) to Reiman  
19>Reiman (army man2), 34yo.2016,Oct.11 15:14 *takes his gun and walks(the other guys walks near him too*
14>Bill (army man1), 36yo.2016,Oct.11 15:15 *sees the people* we have some dead people.. I'll drive around and help other escape
1>Georg (army leader1), 45yo.2016,Oct.11 15:16 ah sure
18>Phill (army leader2), 46yo.2016,Oct.11 15:17 *shoots a tank*
1>Georg (army leader1), 45yo.2016,Oct.11 15:18 our team got attacked.. *tries to call the attacked tank* are you alive?! *no response* *sighs* let's continue..
2>Nikole (Archer), 17yo.2016,Oct.20 18:44 [Hi! May I join? If so, is it okay if Nikole is part of the army even though she's a girl?]
1>Georg (army leader1), 45yo.2016,Oct.21 14:59 (okay she can. read the "time" line. and how do you like my rainbow? xD)
2>Nikole (Archer), 17yo.2016,Oct.22 05:09 [Nikole is part of army1/the "good guys."]
2>Nikole (Archer), 17yo.2016,Oct.22 05:09 [Your rainbow is nice! Unfortunately by selecting this slot I messed it up a little... XP :D]
2>Nikole (Archer), 17yo.2016,Oct.22 05:10 [Can Nikole have a bow & some arrows, as well as a backpack?]
2>Nikole (Archer), 17yo.2016,Oct.22 05:10 [I want her to first be a villager, but after her town is destroyed she is forced to be on the run and survive. She'll eventually make it to army1's base and join them in the fight against the bad army.]
2>Nikole (Archer), 17yo.2016,Oct.22 05:10 [Is that alright?]
1>Georg (army leader1), 45yo.2016,Oct.22 13:41 (okay :) it's okay the rainbow is just for fun ;) yup she can (will you buy them or should I give them to you? and yes she can do that)
2>Nikole (Archer), 17yo.2016,Oct.24 04:02 [I'll buy the arrows, but can you give me the bow (she's had it for a long time so it would be weird for her to suddenly buy it now)?]
2>Nikole (Archer), 17yo.2016,Oct.24 04:03  Buying arrows(10) (x 1)  
2>Nikole (Archer), 17yo.2016,Oct.24 04:03  Buying backpack (x 1)  
2>Nikole (Archer), 17yo.2016,Oct.24 04:04  Buying water (x 1)  
2>Nikole (Archer), 17yo.2016,Oct.24 04:05  Buying food (x 1)  
2>Nikole (Archer), 17yo.2016,Oct.24 04:05  Buying knife (x 1)  [I'll also equip her with an emergency knife.]
1>Georg (army leader1), 45yo.2016,Oct.24 21:45  Giving bow (x 1) to Nikole  
9>Voss (army man1), 18yo.2016,Oct.24 21:49 [hello]
9>Voss (army man1), 18yo.2016,Oct.24 21:51  Buying bigger gun (x 1)  
9>Voss (army man1), 18yo.2016,Oct.24 21:51 [im the heavy gunsman]
9>Voss (army man1), 18yo.2016,Oct.24 21:52 [can we have a 55. caliber on a truck?]
9>Voss (army man1), 18yo.2016,Oct.24 21:52  Buying bomb/granade (x 3)  
2>Nikole (Archer), 17yo.2016,Oct.25 04:09 *ever since the war broke out she's had to feed her family by hunting (she sells what she kills to chefs and such in exchange for money or prepared food)*
2>Nikole (Archer), 17yo.2016,Oct.25 04:13 *is walking along when she hears tanks (from army2, I guess)**realizes that the enemy is coming for her small town*
2>Nikole (Archer), 17yo.2016,Oct.25 04:13 Oh, no... *is in the forest just outside town**spins around and starts racing back the way she came*
1>Georg (army leader1), 45yo.2016,Oct.25 17:02 (hello Trent ^^ thank you for joining! if you need anything just ask)
1>Georg (army leader1), 45yo.2016,Oct.25 17:03 [what is 55. caliber on a truck?]
19>Reiman (army man2), 34yo.2016,Oct.25 17:05 *hears running* who's there? *going to the sound*
19>Reiman (army man2), 34yo.2016,Oct.25 21:08 *jumps in his plan and flies slowly so he could see if something moves in the forest*
9>Voss (army man1), 18yo.2016,Oct.25 21:11 [its a very big gun...look it up on google]
9>Voss (army man1), 18yo.2016,Oct.25 21:11 [on a truck]
14>Bill (army man1), 36yo.2016,Oct.25 21:12 *sees Nikole* hey stop! where are you running?
9>Voss (army man1), 18yo.2016,Oct.25 21:12 [dont look it up i pretty sure thats the wrong name]
9>Voss (army man1), 18yo.2016,Oct.25 21:13 [hello cindy!]
14>Bill (army man1), 36yo.2016,Oct.25 21:13 [oh well and you want me to put it on buyables? okay. how should I name it?]
9>Voss (army man1), 18yo.2016,Oct.25 21:13 [truck gun]
9>Voss (army man1), 18yo.2016,Oct.25 21:14 [maybe]
1>Georg (army leader1), 45yo.2016,Oct.25 21:14 [how much could it cost?]
9>Voss (army man1), 18yo.2016,Oct.25 21:15 [gun with truck and 1000
9>Voss (army man1), 18yo.2016,Oct.25 21:15 ]
9>Voss (army man1), 18yo.2016,Oct.25 21:15 [$]
1>Georg (army leader1), 45yo.2016,Oct.25 21:24  Giving truck (x 1) to Voss  
1>Georg (army leader1), 45yo.2016,Oct.25 21:24  Giving truck gun (x 1) to Voss  
1>Georg (army leader1), 45yo.2016,Oct.25 21:25   + 38 Money points to Voss  
1>Georg (army leader1), 45yo.2016,Oct.25 21:26  Giving army man clothing (x 1) to Voss  
9>Voss (army man1), 18yo.2016,Oct.25 21:26 [thanks!]
9>Voss (army man1), 18yo.2016,Oct.25 21:58 '
2>Nikole (Archer), 17yo.2016,Nov.1 02:27 I must get to my family! *races past Bill*
14>Bill (army man1), 36yo.2016,Nov.1 14:28 I, okay, you will go by yourself? I could take you with my tank, that would be safer
2>Nikole (Archer), 17yo.2016,Nov.1 17:41 I can protect myself!! *is already pretty far ahead of Bill**makes it to the outskirts of the town**a bomb explodes in town, sending a shockwave through the ground**stumbles, falling forward*
2>Nikole (Archer), 17yo.2016,Nov.1 17:41 *scrambles to her feet and darts forward, continuing on towards her home*
2>Nikole (Archer), 17yo.2016,Dec.9 18:37 [I'm online!]
7>Ashlie (Warrior), 16yo.2016,Dec.9 18:44 [Can I join?]
7>Ashlie (Warrior), 16yo.2016,Dec.9 18:48 [guess I'm alone...]
2>Nikole (Archer), 17yo.2016,Dec.9 19:08 [Guess so. I gtg though. See you! *offline*]
7>Ashlie (Warrior), 16yo.2016,Dec.9 21:20 [Hey Beunny!]
2>Nikole (Archer), 17yo.2016,Dec.19 18:36 [Beunny?]
2>Nikole (Archer), 17yo.2016,Dec.19 18:36 [I don't know any Beunny. Who's Beunny?]
14>Bill (army man1), 36yo.2016,Dec.22 13:18 [I think she wanted to say Brunny (you see e and r are close)]
14>Bill (army man1), 36yo.2016,Dec.22 13:19 [and yes Asha you can join]
2>Nikole (Archer), 17yo.2016,Dec.29 05:57 [I know. I was joking around.]
14>Bill (army man1), 36yo.2016,Dec.29 21:54 [k]
12>Vino (Army man 2), 19 yo.2018,Dec.15 15:30  Rolling 6 sided dice... Result=5  
12>Vino (Army man 2), 19 yo.2018,Dec.15 15:31  Buying shoutgun (x 1)  

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