" City Life "
This game is destined to players of 10 to 30 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Come join RPG city and find out what its like to live the City Life

1>NBAteamz (skyscraper boss), 17yo.2016,Jun.29 21:47 Come join City Life!
2>Lily (Child), 7yo.2017,May.20 09:25 Buy house(100)
2>Lily (Child), 7yo.2017,May.20 09:25  Buying House (x 1)  
2>Lily (Child), 7yo.2017,May.20 09:27  Selling House (x 1)  
2>Lily (Child), 7yo.2017,May.20 09:30  Buying energy drink (x 6)   Secret message to NBAteamz  
2>Lily (Child), 7yo.2017,May.20 09:31  Buying laptop (x 1)   Secret message to NBAteamz  
2>Lily (Child), 7yo.2017,May.20 09:32  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=No   Secret message to NBAteamz  
4>Jake Connor (Citizen), 19yo.2017,Sep.4 19:07 How do i get in the game?
5>Isabelle (fun/good), 16yo.2018,Nov.6 18:45 I will buy the computer
5>Isabelle (fun/good), 16yo.2018,Nov.6 18:46 yeah how do you get in the game
5>Isabelle (fun/good), 16yo.2018,Nov.6 18:47 can I buy a phone
15>sally (crazy), 7000yo.2018,Nov.6 18:49 hey
15>sally (crazy), 7000yo.2018,Nov.6 18:49  Buying cellphone (x 1)  
5>Isabelle (fun/good), 16yo.2018,Nov.6 18:50  Buying cellphone (x 1)  now do i have it
5>Isabelle (fun/good), 16yo.2018,Nov.6 18:51  Buying laptop (x 1)  
5>Isabelle (fun/good), 16yo.2018,Nov.6 18:51  Buying wings (x 1)  
5>Isabelle (fun/good), 16yo.2018,Nov.6 18:52  Rolling 4 sided dice... Result=1  
5>Isabelle (fun/good), 16yo.2018,Nov.6 18:53 the phone
5>Isabelle (fun/good), 16yo.2018,Nov.6 18:54 how do i get more money
5>Isabelle (fun/good), 16yo.2018,Nov.6 18:54 hello
5>Isabelle (fun/good), 16yo.2018,Nov.6 18:55  Secret message to KittyUnimeow  
11>John Marston (Citizen), 23yo.2019,Dec.15 11:54  Buying cellphone (x 1)  
3>Aïko (Collégienne), 13yo.2021,Jan.19 13:02  Buying House (x 1)  Hi, i'm new
3>Aïko (Collégienne), 13yo.2021,Jan.19 13:03  Rolling 6 sided dice... Result=4  
3>Aïko (Collégienne), 13yo.2021,Jan.19 13:04 What is It ?
3>Aïko (Collégienne), 13yo.2021,Jan.19 13:04  Secret message to KittyUnimeow  
9>max (kid), 11yo.2021,Feb.26 14:14  Rolling 4 sided dice... Result=4  
9>max (kid), 11yo.2021,Feb.26 14:14 how i get money .-.
9>max (kid), 11yo.2021,Feb.26 14:15  Buying Mk47 gun (x 1)  
9>max (kid), 11yo.2021,Feb.26 14:15 i got a gun
16>yangrunze (student), 15yo.2021,Feb.26 14:36 Hi there!I'm new here.Hope to enjoy our city life!
16>yangrunze (student), 15yo.2021,Feb.26 14:37  Secret message to maggie  
16>yangrunze (student), 15yo.2021,Feb.26 14:39  Secret message to KittyUnimeow  
9>max (kid), 11yo.2021,Mar.5 14:05 dude..this site is down ;-;
9>max (kid), 11yo.2021,Mar.5 14:06 *shoot in some cars*
6>Casey (Architect), 10yo.2022,Oct.16 05:21  Secret message to max  
6>Casey (Architect), 10yo.2022,Oct.16 05:22  Buying House (x 1)   Secret message to max  
6>Casey (Architect), 10yo.2022,Oct.16 05:23 HOW TO GET more moneys💵

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