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Have you been interested in the Zodiac signs or interested in what they actually mean? Well, you have come to the right place! At this club, we will chat about our Zodiac signs, engage in discussion, and I will update on a cool fact every day. Please join!

1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 20:09 ARIES: "Supreme"
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 20:10 TAURUS: "Well, I have your back if you need me."
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 20:10 VIRGO: "I'm a realist."
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 20:10 LIBRA: "I don't know, but I'd like to say that I'm pretty and I have some excellent qualities."
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 20:11 SCORPIO: *whispers:* You'll never know me...
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 20:11 CAPRICORN: "Often a perfectionist."
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 20:11 AQUARIUS: "I'm a creative and free mind."
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 20:12 I AM a realist.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.23 20:12 No wonder Scorpio is often matched with bad guys like Slade and Magneto. XD XP
17>Taurus(caprial) (april), 14yo.2015,Jul.23 20:12 cool
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.23 20:12 I'm a creative and free mind.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.23 20:12 But my Capricorn friend is NOT a perfectionist; she's sort of like me.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.23 20:12 Sometimes a bit bossy, but a perfectionist? No.
17>Taurus(caprial) (april), 14yo.2015,Jul.23 20:13 i do turn my computer off and on again.. thats weird
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.23 20:21 Yeah...
17>Taurus(caprial) (april), 14yo.2015,Jul.23 20:22 why did the chicken cross the road
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.23 20:26 I'm going to do another update.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.23 20:26 @ Caprial: Because a chicken's gotta do what a chicken's gotta do!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.23 20:27 Note that my second place answer to that question would be "To get run over."
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.23 20:27 UPDATE #66: THE SIGNS WHEN SUPER HAPPY
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.23 20:27 ARIES: YEEEAAAH!!!!! *dancing while surrounded with bright red balloons*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.23 20:28 TAURUS: *waving his/her arms in the air, screaming, and hopping around while at work*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.23 20:28 VIRGO: *jamming and dancing while sitting at his/her computer*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.23 20:29 LIBRA: *puts on weird-looking hat and dances around in a doorway in his/her home*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.23 20:30 SCORPIO: *at first smiles only a little, but that quickly changes from smiling to beaming*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.23 20:31 CAPRICORN: *raises hands in the air* Woot woot!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.23 20:32 AQUARIUS: *stands there, screaming his/her head off, waving his/her fists, and even hugging people at random*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.23 20:33 Okay...that doesn't match me. I beam like a Scorpio, I laugh loudly, and I even say "Woot woot" like a Capricorn...but I don't scream at the top of my lungs.
17>Taurus(caprial) (april), 14yo.2015,Jul.23 20:33 it dosent match me eaither
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.23 20:34 However I do get huggy and occasionally pump my fists.
17>Taurus(caprial) (april), 14yo.2015,Jul.23 20:38 i squeal and slightly vibrate
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.23 20:39 I whoop, smile, laugh, stuff like that.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.23 20:53 I'll post another update I guess.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.23 21:02 UPDATE #67: THE SIGNS AND THE GODS/OLYMPIANS THAT WATCH OVER THEM
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.23 21:03 ARIES: Minerva
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.23 21:03 TAURUS: Venus
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.23 21:04 VIRGO: Ceres
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.23 21:04 LIBRA: Vulcan
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.23 21:05 SCORPIO: Mars
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.23 21:05 CAPRICORN: Vesta
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.23 21:05 AQUARIUS: Juno
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.23 21:14 gtg! *offline*
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 21:24 That's not really my type of happy, I'm probably more of a Scorpio when it comes to being happy*
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 21:24 *.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 21:24 UPDATE #68: THE SIGNS AS FAIRYTALES
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 21:24 ARIES: Little Red Riding Hood
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 21:25 TAURUS: The Princess and the Pea
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 21:25 VIRGO: Snow White
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 21:25 LIBRA: Cinderella
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 21:25 SCORPIO: The Sorcerer's Apprentice
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 21:26 CAPRICORN: Puss in Boots
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 21:26 AQUARIUS: The Little Mermaid
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 21:35 UPDATE #69: THE SIGNS AS POP
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 21:35 ARIES: Dr. Pepper
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 21:35 TAURUS: Cooe
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 21:36 *Coke
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 21:36 VIRGO: Ginger Ale
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 21:36 LIBRA: Cream soda
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 21:36 SCORPIO: Pepsi
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 21:37 CAPRICORN: Root beer
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 21:37 AQUARIUS: Mellow Yellow
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 21:39 UPDATE #70: THE CHORES THE SIGNS HATE THE MOST
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 21:39 ARIES: Dusting
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 21:39 TAURUS: Uncomfortable chores- like scrubbing the bathroom floor
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 21:40 VIRGO: Doing the dishes- there is a satisfying feeling afterwards, but they hate the messiness of it
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 21:40 LIBRA: Cleaning the fridge
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 21:41 SCORPIO: Vacuuming
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 21:41 CAPRICORN: Taking out the trash
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 21:41 AQUARIUS: Yard work
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.23 22:19 Joan, it's soda, not pop.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.23 22:30 Um, actually, I call it pop.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.23 22:30 Pop is a synonym for soda. People all over America call it different things.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.23 22:31 Since you're from the coastline and Joan is more inland, she calls it something different than you do.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.23 22:32 I call it pop and one or two of my friends call it pop, but most other people call it Coke and soda and other names like that.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.23 22:33 About Update #68: The Little Mermaid. So obvious. XP About Update #69: Er...what's Mellow Yellow?? About Update #70: I actually do yard work a lot and don't really mind it. I'm more of a Taurus when it comes to chores.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 22:37 A lot of my family from the western Midwest call it soda, but I don't. I call it pop.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 22:38 68: Snow White (the fairy tale) is kind of creepy. Not my favorite. 69: I prefer Coke...I've only had ginger ale like once. 70: That pretty much nailed it. I hate doing the dishes.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 22:39 Mellow Yellow is kind of a Mountain Dew knockoff.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 22:41 UPDATE #71: THE SIGNS AS 80s MOVIES
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 22:41 ARIES: The Karate Kid
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 22:44 TAURUS: D*rty Dancing (won't let me type the full word, sorry.)
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 22:44 VIRGO: The Breakfast Club
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 22:45 LIBRA: Back to the Future
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 22:45 SCORPIO: The Goonies
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 22:45 CAPRICORN: Ferris Bueller's Day Off
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 22:46 AQUARIUS: Footloose
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.23 23:19 Footloose? XP
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.23 23:19 I haven't seen it, but I have heard of it and I'm not so fond of it.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.23 23:20 I emailed my Capricorn friend and told her that because of her Zodiac sign she'd be FBDO if she was an 80s movie, and she was like "YEEEEEEAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!"
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.23 23:20 The Karate Kid, Back to the Future, and Ferris Bueller's Day Off are all great movies.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.23 23:26 I've heard of Back to the Future.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 23:42 I've seen almost all of those movies and they're classic. I'm happy with my result of The Breakfast Club.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 23:42 UPDATE #72: THE SIGNS AS FAMOUS WORLD LANDMARKS
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 23:42 ARIES: Lutor Temple (Egypt)
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 23:43 TAURUS: Iguaza Falls (Brazil/Argentina)
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 23:43 VIRGO: Tower Bridge (UK)
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 23:44 LIBRA: Eiffel Tower (France)
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 23:45 SCORPIO: Mont St. Michel (France)
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 23:45 CAPRICORN: Machu Picchu (Peru)
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 23:46 AQUARIUS: Hagia Sophia (Turkey)
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 23:55 UPDATE #73: THE SIGNS AS THEIR FAVORITE MOVIES
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 23:56 ARIES, TAURUS, AQUARIUS: The Hunger Games
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 23:56 VIRGO, SCORPIO: Divergent
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.23 23:56 LIBRA, CAPRICORN: The Maze Runner
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 01:04 Out of the HG, Divergent, and The Maze Runner, the HG is in fact my favorite! :D
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 01:05 My Capricorn friend and I both haven't seen The Maze Runner though.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 01:05 Also, I haven't even heard of the Hagia Sophia...I'll have to look it up.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 01:05 Just looked it up. It's beautiful!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 01:07 UPDATE #74: THE SIGNS AND WHAT THEIR HAIR IS LIKE
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 01:07 ARIES: Curly, big, strawberry blonde hair
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 01:08 TAURUS: Long, soft, d*rty (it won't let me post the actual word) blonde curls
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 01:08 VIRGO: D*rty blonde hair in a bun
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 01:09 LIBRA: Soft, long, straight blonde hair
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 01:09 SCORPIO: SUPER long (Perhaps all the way down to your bottom!) straight black hair
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 01:10 CAPRICORN: Super straight, neat, black hair in a bobcut
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 01:10 AQUARIUS: Blonde with pink highlights
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 01:11 OK...everything except the pink highlight part isn't true. In fact, Aries, Taurus, and Libra describe my hair better.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 01:12 My Capricorn friend doesn't have hair like that at all though. So I'm betting a lot of the results are mismatched.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 01:12 Wait, nvm, Taurus would be an inaccurate description of my hair. My hair is NOT curly.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.24 02:26 That's not my hair at all. My hair is short, thick, kinda soft and is a very, very dark shade of brown.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 04:41 Yeah...well, I would NEVER EVER think of putting dyes and highlights and crap in my hair. I like my hair the way it is.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 04:42 No idea why it says I would have pink highlights. I don't even like the color pink much, anyway.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.24 04:43 I don't have blonde hair, I have brown hair. It's naturally very curly but I straighten it, so technically I have straight hair at the moment.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.24 04:44 And I also wear my hair in a ponytail like Tris's quite frequently.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.24 04:45 I liked the Divergent movie better than the book, and the fact that they actually filmed it in Chicago is a plus. Tower Bridge is also very cool, an awesome result.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 04:52 Not sure if I like the movie or the book better. But when it comes to Insurgent, the book is WAYYY better. When they made the Insurgent movie they changed practically 90% of it.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 04:53 It all lead to the same result and had famous parts from the book, but a LOT-and I mean a LOT-wasn't in the book at all.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 04:54 In the book, there wasn't any special box at all-it was simply some secret message/file that was hidden on Jeanine's computer. And Tori killed Jeanine, NOT Tobias' mother (whose name I can't recall right now).
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 05:08 Alright, for my next update, I assume all of us likes sweet treats...
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 05:08 So, here it goes.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 05:09 UPDATE #75: THE SIGNS AS DESSERTS
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 05:09 ARIES: Banana Split
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 05:09 TAURUS: Raw Cookie Dough
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 05:10 VIRGO: Frozen Yogurt
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 05:10 LIBRA: Assorted Chocolates
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 05:11 SCORPIO: Apple Pie
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 05:12 CAPRICORN: Dark Chocolate
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 05:13 AQUARIUS: Lemon Bar
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 05:13 OK, so I've never had a lemon bar, but I love lemons and I'm eager to try one.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 05:15 However, I'm probably a Capricorn, Virgo, and Libra rolled into one in terms of desserts. I LOVE chocolate, and I like ice cream (the frozen yogurt I get locally is a lot like ice cream BTW). Scorpio...eh, I'm not so much.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 05:15 I also love cookie dough, but I've never had it raw.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 05:15 I've had it in ice cream though, and it's good.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 05:16 Oh, and Aries (the banana split) I don't think is bad. Haven't had that dessert in years, but I think I liked it when I had it.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.24 05:17 Frozen yogurt is alright. Also about Insurgent: Yeah, the book was totally changed. And they didn't even film it in Chicago.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.24 05:17 UPDATE: 76: THE SIGNS AS ACCENTS
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.24 05:17 ARIES: Jersey accent
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.24 05:18 TAURUS: Canadian accent
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.24 05:18 VIRGO: Australian accent
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.24 05:18 LIBRA: American accent
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.24 05:18 SCORPIO: New Yorker accent
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.24 05:19 CAPRICORN: Boston accent
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.24 05:19 AQUARIUS: Southern belle accent
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 05:22 Ugh...even though I live in the South, I'm not really into Southern accents. XP
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 05:22 I don't have one myself, but lots of other people do (at least where I live).
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.24 05:38 An Australian accent's cool enough, I guess. If you say "rise up lights" it will sound like "razor blades" in an Australian accent.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.24 05:38 Yeah, even though they exist, Southern accents seem kind of stereotypical.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.24 15:17 Mmmmmmmm, chocolate! BTW, I'm talking about the dessert thing.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.24 15:18 I speak like I'm from Virginia, and I don't know what an "American accent" even is.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 17:01 Definition of an American accent: The accent of someone who is an American.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 17:01 XD
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 17:03 I found a video on Youtube that is labeled "Brits Doing An American Accent" so maybe you can check that out, Libra.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 17:05 @ Virgo: Yeah, they're so stereotypical. However, most of the white people where I live (there are tons of hispanics with mainly Mexican accents BTW) have Southern accents. It's a tad annoying because occasionally the accent is so heavy I have trouble
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 17:05 figuring out the person with the ultra heavy Southern accent is even speaking English. XD XP
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 17:08 UPDATE #77: THE SIGNS AND THEIR IDEAL PETS
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 17:08 ARIES: Small pets (hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, etc.)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 17:08 TAURUS: Large, pure breed dogs
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 17:09 VIRGO: Smart, clean, and easily trained pets (Cats, dogs, etc.)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 17:09 LIBRA: Puppies
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 17:10 SCORPIO: Cats and/or helpless animals/animals that need care
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 17:11 CAPRICORN: Fish, birds, and hamsters
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 17:12 AQUARIUS: Anything (as long as it's a baby animal)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 17:14 OK, so that doesn't fully match me...I like almost all animals, but I specifically like non-pure breed dogs (AKA "mutts"), fun, lively fish (especially Tiger Oscars), and cute, floppy-eared bunnies (the Lops breed).
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 17:15 So I guess I'm a mixture of Capricorn (fish), Libra (puppies), Aries (rabbits), Virgo (dogs), Aquarius (my love of almost all animals), and even Sagittarius (though not listed, I will mention that the Sagittarius supposedly loves dogs that can work hard
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 17:16 and go on looong walks).
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.24 17:52 I actually have a cat, so it matches pretty well.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:05 Really? What's your cat's name? What does he/she look like?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:05 I'm not a cat person BTW. I'm a full-out dog lover.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.24 18:06 My cat is named Clove, looks sort of like a Maine Coon cat.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.24 18:11 I would want a puppy, as long as the adult version is not very big.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.24 18:11 I'm more of a cat person, though.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:12 I looked up Maine Coon cat pics. I like how it looks (some of my favorite fur colors on cats include silver tabby/gray tabby and black).
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:13 I like wild/feral cats, but I'm not into domesticated ones.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.24 18:20 About the American accent thing, there are a lot of ways that Americans talk! Search 'americans cant agree on how to pronounce crayon" to see what I mean.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:22 I'm going to do a couple more updates.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:22 @ Libra: Crap...!!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:23 ARIES: Getting into a dance battle at a club and turning it into an ACTUAL battle
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:24 TAURUS: Kidnapping celebrities and forcing them to act/sing out his/her favorite scenes
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:24 VIRGO: Pouring bleach on people he/she hates
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:24 LIBRA: He/she was framed
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:25 SCORPIO: Murder (?! O.O)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:25 CAPRICORN: Throwing pies at Iggy Azalea repeatedly
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:25 AQUARIUS: Hacking into government databases to find out about aliens
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:26 OK...so everything except Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio is actually sort of funny.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:26 I would so love to do what Capricorn did. XD
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:30 OK, so the Virgo one isn't funny at all...I have a pool and only once or twice in my life have I gotten chlorine "burns" (nothing serious, just one or two red spots that sting a bit), but bleach is NOT good.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:30 I kind of feel sorry for all Virgos out there...
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.24 18:30 I would want to throw pies at Justin Beiber!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:30 What do you guys think about the list?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:30 Me too!! XD
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:31 OK, so Cartoon Network fans, I think you'll like this...
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.24 18:31 Kinda weird, but some of it is funny!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:32 UPDATE #79: THE SIGNS AS ADVENTURE TIME CHARACTERS
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:32 ARIES: Marceline
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:32 TAURUS: Lady Rainicorn
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:32 VIRGO: Princess Bubblegum
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:32 LIBRA: BMO
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:32 SCORPIO: Flame Princess
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:33 CAPRICORN: Lemongrab
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:33 AQUARIUS: Gunther
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:33 Gunther...?? o_o
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:33 I DON'T WANNA BE A PENGUIN!!!!!
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.24 18:34 Who's BMO??
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:34 Finn and Jake's living video game console.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:34 Remember him?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:35 I just told my Capricorn friend that according to her Zodiac sign she'd be Lemongrab in terms of Adventure Time, and she was like: "UNACCEPTABLLLLLE!!!!!!!!"
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:35 And I was like "*sarcasm* Yeah...you'd totally not be him..." XD
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:36 Note that Lemongrab's favorite word is "UnaccepTABLLLLLE!!!!!!"
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.24 18:36 I dont watch Adventure Time. I dont even have cable TV. I have Roku.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.24 18:40 Wanna switch to something else?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:40 No thanks.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:41 Oh my gosh, I just found the funniest update ever!! XD I have to post it.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:41 UPDATE #80: WHICH CARTOON YOU SHOULD WATCH BASED ON YOUR ZODIAC SIGN
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.24 18:41 But I just posted something on Candyland.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:41 ARIES: Steven Universe
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:41 TAURUS: Steven Universe
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.24 18:41 oh, sorry
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:41 VIRGO: Steven Universe
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:41 LIBRA: Steven Universe
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:42 SCORPIO: Steven Universe
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:42 CAPRICORN: Steven Universe
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:42 AQUARIUS: Steven Universe
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:42 ...And you can guess the results of the other signs. X'D
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.24 18:42 Do you think that it was a joke?
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.24 18:43 I think that it was a joke.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:44 Of COURSE it was a joke!! XD
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:45 I found it, laughed hard, and HAD to post it. XD
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:45 If it wasn't a joke, then I don't even know what it was.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.24 18:46 Yea, its just ridiculous.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.24 18:47 Awesome, Princess Bubblegum!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:49 You're lucky. XD XP I'm a penguin.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:49 Not just any penguin, but Ice King's sidekick penguin.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.24 18:49 BTW, Roku is a TV box thingy that has Netflix, Hulu, etc.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:51 OK. I didn't really know that. I don't have cable, I have satellite.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:51 I actually don't get CN where I live; I watch my favorite CN shows while I'm on vacation.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:52 I also have a DVD w/ Johnny Test episodes on it that I've watched 50 times.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.24 18:53 Whoa, you have a TV satellite thing on your roof?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:54 Yeah.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:55 There's some stick-like thingy on my roof that points upwards, as well as a big dish by my house. Birds-specifically cardinals-keep sitting on the stick thingy and making the signal go whacky and the TV screen glitch. >.< XD
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 18:55 *whacko
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 19:01 OK, I'm going to post another update!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 19:02 UPDATE #81: THE SIGNS AS THINGS/EMOTIONS THAT GENERALLY MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 19:02 ARIES: Motivation
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 19:02 TAURUS: Trust
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 19:02 VIRGO: Advice
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 19:02 LIBRA: Smiles
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 19:02 SCORPIO: Comfort
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 19:03 CAPRICORN: Endurance
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 19:03 AQUARIUS: Adventure
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 19:03 Yay, adventure! I like adventures! :)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 19:05 I probably would have preferred compassion and/or honesty, but adventure's fine.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.24 19:05 Advice does make me feel better in a generally tough situation.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.24 19:06 Wanna switch to something else? Like Tornado again?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 19:08 Nah. I'm fine with being on here, World Battles, and Candyland.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 19:08 gtg soon.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.24 19:14 UPDATE #82: THE SIGNS AS CANDY
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.24 19:14 ARIES: Hot Tamales
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.24 19:14 TAURUS: Payday
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.24 19:14 VIRGO: Smarties
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.24 19:14 LIBRA: Jolly Ranchers
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.24 19:15 SCORPIO: Twizzlers
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.24 19:15 CAPRICORN: Snickers
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.24 19:15 AQUARIUS: 3 Musketeers
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 19:16 I LOVE 3 MUSKETEERS!!! :D :d
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 19:16 Weirdly enough, my Capricorn friend like Snickers.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.24 19:18 Yum, Jolly Ranchers!
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.24 19:19 I like Snickers too. Also Smarties, Twizzlers and Three Musketeers.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.24 19:19 My sister, Kalista LOVES 3 Musketeers.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 19:19 I haven't had Smarties, but I don't like Twizzlers. Snickers and 3 Musketeers are good though.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 19:20 Is she an Aquarius too? :D
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.24 19:21 Smarties are okay, I like Hot Tamales, Jolly Ranchers, and Twizzlers, especially the rainbow kind.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.24 19:21 I'm not really a fan of chocolate candy, though.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 19:21 I love chocolate candy-I guess I'm in the "chocoholic" category of candy lovers-but that's me.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 19:24 UPDATE #83: THE SIGNS DURING A MATH TEST
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 19:25 ARIES: HECK, THIS IS SO CRAPPIN' EASY EVEN A TOAD WITH NO EYES CAN DO THIS!!!!!!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 19:25 TAURUS: Well .71823 has 182 in it...*blink*...so 182 must be the answer.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 19:26 VIRGO: *is already done with the test*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 19:27 LIBRA: What the h**l is a Pythagorean-whatever and why the [CENSORED] do I need to use it...?!!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 19:27 SCORPIO: I'm just gonna bullcrap this and hope for the best...
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 19:27 CAPRICORN: Darn I'm hungry...!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 19:28 AQUARIUS: I got this! *10 minutes later* I don't got this...teacher, please help, I have no idea what's going on...
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 19:29 XD Aquarius sounds like me when I'm studying, but not during a test.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 19:30 The Libra one annoyed me though. I mean, seriously, what airhead doesn't know about the Pythagorean Theorem?!
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.24 19:30 Oh, I didn't see your question about my sister. No, she's a Libra like me.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 19:30 No offense to all Libras out there; that was not directed at you.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 19:30 OK.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.24 19:31 And that is so not me! Are people assumimg that Libras are dumb and vulgar?!
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.24 19:31 Oh, and none taken.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.24 19:32 Sure, I may be done with a test, but I'm no math prodigy.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.24 19:33 *sigh* Zodiac stereotypes...never a good thing.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.24 19:35 UPDATE #84: THE SIGNS AS FLOWERS
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.24 19:35 ARIES: Honeysuckle
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.24 19:35 TAURUS: Daisy
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.24 19:35 VIRGO: Violet
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.24 19:36 LIBRA: Hydrangea
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.24 19:36 SCORPIO: Geranium
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.24 19:36 CAPRICORN: Poppy
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.24 19:36 AQUARIUS: Orchid
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 19:37 I love orchids!!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 19:37 Poppies and violets are nice too.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.24 19:37 I have to go now, bye guys!
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.24 19:39 Hydreangeas are really pretty!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 19:40 Bye!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 19:41 Yeah, they are! But I can see how they were named after the Hydra (I'm actually not sure if they are named after the Hydra, but I can guess that they are).
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.24 19:54 Can we switch to Tornado, pleeeeeeeeeeez?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 19:55 gtg! *offline* I'll be back later! However, I won't be on most of the night.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 22:40 UPDATE #85: THE SIGNS AS FOODS
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 22:40 ARIES: Potato chips
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 22:40 TAURUS: Burgers
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 22:40 VIRGO: Apples
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 22:41 LIBRA: Fried Chicken
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 22:41 SCORPIO: French Fries
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 22:42 CAPRICORN: Guacamole
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 22:42 AQUARIUS: Salad
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 22:42 Salads are okay...niether me or my friend like guacamole, though.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 22:47 UPDATE #86: THE SIGNS AS INSECTS
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 22:47 ARIES: Mosquito
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 22:47 TAURUS: Beetle
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 22:47 VIRGO: Fly
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 22:47 LIBRA: Butterfly
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 22:47 SCORPIO: Scorpion (Durrr XP)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 22:48 CAPRICORN: Beetle
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 22:48 AQUARIUS: Butterfly
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 22:48 Well, there are some duplicates...
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 22:48 The only insect I really like is the butterfly, so I guess it matches.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 22:48 I feel bad for Aries and Virgo though.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 22:53 UPDATE #87: THINGS THAT MAKE THE SIGNS VERY, VERY SAD
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 22:53 ARIES: People ignoring what they say
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 22:53 TAURUS: Being pressured to do something they dislike
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 22:54 VIRGO: Feeling useless, like they're a burden to people
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 22:54 LIBRA: Making wrong, unfixable decisions
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 22:55 SCORPIO: Having their private things/secrets exposed
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 22:55 CAPRICORN: Working for nothing
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 22:55 AQUARIUS: Feeling stupid/not smart enough
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 22:56 OK, so the Aries one doesn't make me sad; it just makes me a little ticked off. Taurus...not so sure-I generally like what I do. Virgo...eh, I've never felt useless, so I'm also not sure.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 22:57 Libra-yeah, I hate doing that. Scorpio-never really had any secrets exposed, and I don't even have any "private" things, so...nope, I don't know about that one. Capricorn-okay, doing lots of stuff for nothing sounds depressing, but usually I'm good at
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.24 22:58 what I do, so that's never happened to me. Aquarius-occasionally after failing at something I feel super sad and like that, so that matches me in terms of what makes me sad, but that's only happened to me once or twice.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.24 23:01 Wow.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.24 23:53 About the flowers: I like violets, and I really like hydrangeas, especially blue ones. And I usually don't feel sad about being useless because I've never felt useless.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.25 00:02 UPDATE #88: THE SIGNS AS WEATHER
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.25 00:02 ARIES: Thunder
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.25 00:03 TAURUS: Fog
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.25 00:03 VIRGO: Rain
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.25 00:03 LIBRA: Lightning
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.25 00:04 SCORPIO: Cloudy
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.25 00:04 CAPRICORN: Thunderstorms
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.25 00:04 AQUARIUS: Hail
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.25 00:10 UPDATE #89: WHAT YOUR SIGN IDENTIFIES WITH IN SPACE
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.25 00:10 ARIES: Supernova
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.25 00:10 TAURUS: Sirius
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.25 00:11 VIRGO: Andromeda galaxy
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.25 00:11 LIBRA: Crab nebula
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.25 00:11 SCORPIO: Pulsar
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.25 00:11 CAPRICORN: Dark matter
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.25 00:12 AQUARIUS: Cosmic rays
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 00:34 I find hail rather fascinating, and I've heard of cosmic rays. I wish I matched with black holes or Sirius though. Oddly enough, my Capricorn friend loves thunderstorms and is very-and I mean VERY-curious about dark matter and black holes.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 04:25 What's weird is how Libra is the Crab Nebula...you'd think that'd be Cancer.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 04:35 UPDATE #90: THE SIGNS AS SPORTS
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 04:35 ARIES: Soccer
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 04:35 TAURUS: Tennis
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 04:36 VIRGO: Gymnastics
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 04:36 LIBRA: Ice Skating
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 04:36 CAPRICORN: Golf
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 04:36 AQUARIUS: Rock Climbing
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 04:36 Yeeeaaah...tried rock climbing several times, was TERRIBLE at it. XP
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 04:37 UPDATE #91: THE SIGNS AS ADVENTURE SPORTS
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 04:38 ARIES: Bungee Jumping
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 04:38 TAURUS: Waterskiing
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 04:38 VIRGO: Rock Climbing
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 04:38 LIBRA: Rafting
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 04:39 SCORPIO: PADDLE-BOARDING
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 04:39 *Paddle-boarding
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 04:39 CAPRICORN: Zip Lining
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 04:39 AQUARIUS: Sky Diving
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 04:39 Not sure if I'd go sky diving...but I know for sure that ever since she saw Divergent, my Capricorn friend has ALWAYS wanted to go zip lining.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 04:40 * UPDATE #90: SCORPIO: Karate [Sorry, forgot to put in the Scorpio result.]
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 04:45 UPDATE #92: THE SIGNS AS MYTHICAL CREATURES (VERSION #2)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 04:46 ARIES: Hippogriff
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 04:46 TAURUS: Dryad
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 04:46 VIRGO: Pegasus
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 04:46 LIBRA: Mermaid
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 04:46 CAPRICORN: European/Chinese Dragon
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 04:46 AQUARIUS: Elf
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 04:47 Aww, do I have to move to the North Pole now?! XP XD
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 04:47 My friend will be happy once she finds out she's a dragon...both of us love dragons.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 04:47 Which is probably because I introduced her to Spyro and ever since she loves those video games just as much as I do...
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 04:48 I like watching gymnastics, but my favorite sports are football and basketball. Rock climbing seems fun, but a little dangerous, and meh...I'd rather be a fairy or something.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 04:49 I'd rather be a dragon. But being an elf actually isn't too bad, as long as I'm the LOTR version instead of the Santa version.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 04:49 My favorite sports are baseball and hockey. I also like football, swimming, golf, and basketball.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 04:57 OK, so because of Wagner's Ring Cycle (and because of my own name and German heritage) I am a big fan of Norse/Germanic mythology. So, I'm going to do THIS update...
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 04:57 UPDATE #93: THE SIGNS AS NORDIC GODS
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 04:57 ARIES: Thor- storms ,strength, healing and vitality
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 04:58 TAURUS: Frigg-love, fertility, gold and family
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 04:58 VIRGO: Sif-grains, love, beauty and fertility.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 04:58 LIBRA: Tyr-war, law and justice
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 04:59 SCORPIO: Loki-fire, lairs and shape shifting
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 05:00 CAPRICORN: Hajmdal-created social division and watches the rainbow bridge that is used by the gods to enter and exit Valhalla
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 05:00 AQUARIUS: Mimir-knowledge and wisdom
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 05:00 Yay, I'm the Nordic god of knowledge! ^.^
17>Taurus(caprial) (april), 14yo.2015,Jul.26 05:02 hi
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 05:04 Hey.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 05:09 Heya!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 05:16 @ Virgo: Any comments about my last update?
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 05:22 Hmm...can't say it's my type of god, but still cool enough.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 05:25 Yeah. Not sure if Mimir is my type of god either, but I am smarter than many other people I know in real life.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 05:51 gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 05:53 Ok, see you!
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 06:21 UPDATE #94: WHERE THE SIGNS MIGHT GO
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 06:21 ARIES: Camelot
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 06:22 TAURUS: 221 Baker St. (Sherlock)
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 06:22 VIRGO: Asgard (The Avengers)
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 06:22 LIBRA: Wonderland (Alice in Wonderland)
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 06:23 SCORPIO: Panem (The Hunger Games)
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 06:23 CAPRICORN: Westeros (Game of Thrones)
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 06:23 AQUARIUS: Tardis (Doctor Who)
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 06:39 UPDATE #95: WEAPONS FOR THE SIGNS
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 06:39 ARIES: A whip
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 06:39 TAURUS: A lance
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 06:40 VIRGO: Chainsaw
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 06:40 LIBRA: A cane that hides a sword
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 06:40 SCORPIO: 8-sided dice
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 06:40 CAPRICORN: A club
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 06:41 AQUARIUS: A wand or rifle
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 06:46 UPDATE #96: THE SIGNS AS CITIES
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 06:46 ARIES: Chicago, USA
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 06:46 TAURUS: Paris, France
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 06:47 VIRGO: Moscow, Russia
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 06:47 LIBRA: Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 06:48 SCORPIO: New York City, USA
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 06:48 CAPRICORN: Montreal, Canada
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 06:48 AQUARIUS: Dubai, UAE
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 06:51 UPDATE #97: THE SIGNS AS FOOD
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 06:51 ARIES: Grilled cheese
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 06:51 TAURUS: Pasta
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 06:52 VIRGO: Soup
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 06:52 LIBRA: Cheesburgers
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 06:52 SCORPIO: Chinese takeout
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 06:53 CAPRICORN: Ramen noodles
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 06:53 AQUARIUS: PB&J
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 06:58 UPDATE #98: THE SIGNS AS POPULAR BOOKS
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 06:58 ARIES: The Maze Runner
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 06:58 TAURUS: The Fault in Our Stars
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 06:58 VIRGO: Thirteen Reasons Why
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 06:59 LIBRA: The Selection
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 06:59 SCORPIO: The Outsiders
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 06:59 CAPRICORN: The Mortal Instruments
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 07:00 AQUARIUS: Vampire Academy
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 07:02 UPDATE #99: LOTR CHARACTERS
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 07:02 ARIES: Denethor
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 07:02 TAURUS: Samwise
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 07:03 VIRGO: Bilbo
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 07:03 LIBRA: Legolas
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 07:03 SCORPIO: Aragorn
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 07:03 CAPRICORN: Gandalf
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 07:04 AQUARIUS: Eomer
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 07:05 UPDATE #100: THE SIGNS AS NATURAL DISASTERS
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 07:06 ARIES: VOLCANO
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 07:06 TAURUS: Earthquake
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 07:06 VIRGO: Avalanche
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 07:06 LIBRA: Micro burst
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 07:07 SCORPIO: Hurricane
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 07:07 CAPRICORN: Blizzard
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 07:07 AQUARIUS: Asteroid
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.26 13:55 What the heck is a micro burst?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:02 A micro burst is a sudden, powerful, localized air current, and is in most cases a downdraft.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:03 Note that if you don't know what something is, you can always look it up or something. That's what I do on here whenever I see a Zodiac Sign result that I don't know much about.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:05 About Update #94: I guess I would want the Tardis. Perhaps I would use it to visit ancient Pompeii or visit the Knights of the Round Table and meet Parsifal. :D
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:05 About Update #95: I could see myself using a wand, but I could never see my Capricorn friend using a club.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:06 About Update #96: Cool, Dubai! I was hoping for Prague, Berlin, or Bon, but I guess that's good enough.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:07 About Update #97: I actually eat PB&J almost every day. It's my favorite kind of sandwich.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:08 About Update #98: Never heard of Vampire Academy, sorry. In fact, the only books out of those I have heard of are The Maze Runner, The Outsiders, and The Fault in Our Stars. I haven't read any of them though.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:08 About Update #99: Eomer isn't a bad result, but I think we're all jealous of every Capricorn out there. XP XD My friend will rejoice when she finds out that she matches with Gandalf.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:10 About Update #100: OK...so asteroids are cool (I'm more into the real facts about the cosmos and all of that than I am into astrology; astrology is fun, but I don't really believe in it), and therefore I'm content with my result.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:15 UPDATE #101: THE SIGNS AND THEIR (REALISTIC) PSYCHIC ABILITIES
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:17 ARIES: The "Right Place, Right Time" power-this sign can easily find the next big thing and find great talent wherever he/she goes.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:18 TAURUS: The "Sensing the Invisible Border" power-this sign knows where every "border" of acceptable behavior is, and never crosses other people's invisible boundaries. He/she is also quick to act when someone tries to cross his/her own border.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:20 VIRGO: The "Sensing Opportunities and Threats" power-this sign already knows info before it is released and easily creates correct a prognosis. For instance, he/she knows what a neighborhood will look like one year from now before moving into the place.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:22 LIBRA: The "Knowing the Other Better than Yourself" power-this sign can read other people, know their motives, and know what their next move is, but tends to easily forget about him/herself to the point that he/she cannot see his/her own accomplishments
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:22 at a right "angle." He/she also loses his/her power when someone gets close to him/her.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:23 SCORPIO: The "Filtering Out the Surface Layer" power-this power has to do with the Scorpio's great longing for affection and attention. Basically, the Scorpio can read lust/love and reel it in with ease.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:25 CAPRICORN: The "Knowing the Pace" power-as we know, most people do things out of nowhere-quit their job, move, etc. This sign knows exactly when to do something big like that in order to move up in the "ladder of success."
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:26 AQUARIUS: The "Mindreading" power-this sign can easily get what they want from other people, specifically by using their psychic powers.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.26 17:28 Wow, I could read people if magic was real?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:29 Interesting powers, but I don't think I have the Mindreading power at all. I think I've seen ghosts a couple times in my life, though.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:29 Yep, I guess.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.26 17:29 Cool!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:30 I keep looking around at different Zodiac Signs and their powers one, but a lot of the results seemed to come out of the blue. However, the update I posted seemed a bit more realistic, so I decided to put it here.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:30 *stuff, not one
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:31 Ugh...it's like people just completely forget about the telekinesis power. I keep looking for an update where I get telekinesis, and so far I can't even find telekinesis being mentioned. XP
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:32 Note that, obviously, my favorite superpower is telekinesis. I also like flight/levitation, telepathy, various forms of shapeshifting (e.g. the ability to turn into a dragon), and, to some extent, pyrokinesis.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:32 Oh, and cyclokinesis seems like a cool power too.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.26 17:32 I know, telekinesis is cool!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:33 Note that in case you don't know what some of those things mean, here's a few definitions: Telekinesis: The ability to move objects with one's mind. Pyrokinesis: The ability to control/create fire with one's mind. Cyclokinesis: Basically Elsa powers.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:33 Nvm, you know what telekinesis is.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.26 17:35 I heard that hydrokenesis is the ability to control water.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:35 Yeah, it is.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.26 17:35 *hydrokinesis
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:35 I'm going to post another update!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:36 UPDATE #102: THE SIGNS AND THEIR IDEAL CAREERS
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:36 ARIES: Wrestler
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:36 TAURUS: Stock Broker
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:36 VIRGO: Psychologist
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:37 LIBRA: Artist and/or Makeup Artist
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:38 SCORPIO: (I think I won't post this one...on the website I found, Scorpio's result is a bit inappropriate.)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:39 CAPRICORN: Worker on Wall Street, Banker, and the Richest Person on Wall Street
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:39 AQUARIUS: Astronaut
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:40 I apologize to all Scorpios out there. The Scorpio result actually sort of sickened me. However, luckily, this is nothing but astrology, so it doesn't mean all that much.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.26 17:41 You can secret message it to everyone.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:41 Well, I always sort of imagined what it would be like to go to outer space, and I love Cosmos and Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, so I might be an astronaut.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.26 17:41 Or just me
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:41 @ Libra: HECK no!!!
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.26 17:41 Im curious about everything
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:41 @ Libra: Really, you don't want to know what it is!!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:41 @ Libra: You're only ten years old! And I'm fourteen and even I hated it! XP
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.26 17:42 PLeEZ?! i totally get it if you don't want to, though
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:42 I sort of understated it when I said "a bit inappropriate" to be polite, but...okay, it was really inappropriate.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:43 So no. I'm sorry, but I'm not telling anyone. You can try to find the website page I found if you're really curious (I'm not saying what it is), but you're a bit young for that kind of crud.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.26 17:43 For some reason, I want to know! im weird!
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.26 17:43 haha
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:43 XP
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.26 17:43 So what did you search?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:45 Sorry, not telling. XP Ugh...the result was actually sort of disgusting...
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.26 17:45 And which search engine did you use?
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.26 17:45 oh, never mibnd
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.26 17:45 *mind
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:46 It doesn't really matter, anyway. This is just astrology. And, plus, niether of us are Scorpions.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.26 17:47 Auto correct?
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.26 17:47 You typed in "scorpions."
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:49 That's what the plural for multiple people who have the Scorpio sign is.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.26 17:49 Ohhhhhhhhhhh.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:50 I know I've been saying Scorpios, but I sort of just realized that it's Scorpions, not Scorpios.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.26 17:50 Wanna switch to something else?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:50 In a minute. I have one more update to post.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:51 UPDATE #103: THE SIGNS AND THEIR SENSES OF HUMOR
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:51 ARIES: Offensive Humor
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:51 TAURUS: Dry Sense of Humor
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.26 17:51 Ok.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:51 VIRGO: Sarcastically Hilarious
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.26 17:51 oops
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:52 LIBRA: Can Make Anything Funny
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:52 SCORPIO: Dark Humor
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:52 CAPRICORN: Bluntly Funny
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:52 AQUARIUS: Weird yet Funny Sense of Humor
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.26 17:53 I have a couple comments to make.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:53 OK...so sometimes my humor is weird, but it's funny. However, my Capricorn friend has a good sense of humor. I don't really think "Bluntly Funny" fits her well.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:53 OK, go ahead.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.26 17:54 I can HARDLY make anything funny to Kalista and our friend Lauren, but my BFFs think that I'm hilarious.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.26 17:55 And about the profession thing, that would fit me really well.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.26 17:56 Wanna switch to Tornado?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:57 I'm actually a very humorous person (I can crank out jokes like a pro and have for years), so I guess practically any type of humor fits (I find a lot of types funny-insults, slapstick, weirdness, toilet humor, etc.).
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.26 17:57 Sure.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.26 17:58 Gtg! Meet ya on Tornado!
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 19:33 Yes, I guess you could say that I have a sarcastic sense of humor and wit.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 19:36 UPDATE #104: TEEN TITANS
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 19:37 ARIES, CAPRICORN: Robin
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 19:37 AQUARIUS, LIBRA: Starfire
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 19:37 TAURUS: Cyborg
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 19:37 VIRGO, SCORPIO: Raven
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 19:42 UPDATE #105: THE SIGNS AS MOVIE CLICHES
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 19:42 ARIES: Walking away from an explosion
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 19:42 TAURUS: Chase scenes
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 19:43 VIRGO: Inspiring speeches
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 19:43 LIBRA: A happy ending
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 19:43 SCORPIO: Death traps
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 19:43 CAPRICORN: Star-crossed lovers
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 19:44 AQUARIUS: Underdog victories
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 19:59 UPDATE #106: THE SIGNS AS DISNEY HEROINES
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 19:59 ARIES: Nala (The Lion King)
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 19:59 TAURUS: Rapunzel (Tangled)
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 20:00 VIRGO: Jane Porter (Tarzan)
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 20:00 LIBRA: Merida (Brave)
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 20:00 SCORPIO: Tinker Bell (Peter Pan)
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 20:01 CAPRICORN: Belle (Beauty and the Beast)
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.26 20:01 AQUARIUS: Tiana (Princess and the Frog)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.27 02:37 About Update #104: Starfire...meh. About Update #105: Cool, underdog victories! I sort of wish I got the Taurus or Virgo one-chase scenes are epic and I like inspiring speeches.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.27 02:38 About #106: Tiana is great! :D
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.27 02:42 UPDATE #107: THE SIGNS AS WELL-KNOWN ANIMATED MOVIES
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.27 02:43 ARIES: The Incredibles (YEEAAH!!!! CONGRATS ARIES!!! THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST ANIMATED MOVIES EVER!!!! :D)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.27 02:43 TAURUS: Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (Not a bad movie, but the book is much better.)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.27 02:44 VIRGO: Astro Boy (Congrats Virgo! This movie is actually pretty good! :D)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.27 02:45 LIBRA: The Princess and the Frog (This is one of the better Disney princess movies; congrats to all Libras!)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.27 02:46 SCORPIO: Coraline (I haven't read the book of the same movie, but the claymation movie is actually very, very good. Congrats to Scorpio!)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.27 02:48 CAPRICORN: Ratatouille (Though one of my friends is obsessed with this movie, I'm not really into it. However, it's still a Pixar classic and overall probably an okay/good-ish movie.)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.27 02:51 AQUARIUS: WALL-E (Though a little weird, this is actually a VERYYY good movie. I'm very happy to get this result!)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.27 02:51 Anyone got opinions on their results?
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.27 04:39 I have never seen Astro Boy. But I do like Ratatouille!
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.27 05:08 UPDATE #108: THE SIGNS AS CEREAL
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.27 05:08 ARIES: Reese's Puffs
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.27 05:09 TAURUS: Honey Nut Cheerios
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.27 05:09 VIRGO: Frosted mini wheats
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.27 05:09 LIBRA: Trix
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.27 05:09 SCORPIO: Cookie Crisp
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.27 05:10 CAPRICORN: Cocoa Puffs
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.27 05:10 AQUARIUS: Captain Crunch
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.27 05:20 UPDATE #109: THE SIGNS AS HUNGER GAMES DISTRICTS
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.27 05:21 ARIES: District 11
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.27 05:21 TAURUS: District 3
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.27 05:21 VIRGO: District 12
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.27 05:21 LIBRA: District 4
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.27 05:22 SCORPIO: District 1
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.27 05:22 CAPRICORN: District 7
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.27 05:23 AQUARIUS: District 10
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.27 19:06 I guess Frosted Mini Wheats are pretty good. I like the blueberry muffin kind. Also, awesome! I get to be from District 12!!
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.27 22:10 I'll eat Trix if it's all that we have, and I have no idea what District 4 means. What does it mean?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.28 00:41 @ Libra: As I explained before about the Hunger Games, the Hunger Games is about future dystopian America that has been split into twelve DISTRICTS ruled by a cruel CAPITOL. (I'm not "shouting," I'm just pointing out important names of stuff.) To keep the
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.28 00:42 Districts from rebelling, the Capitol forces them anually to send one boy and one girl tribute in between the ages of 12 and 18 to compete in a fight to the death called The Hunger Games. Careers, who are tributes who illegally train to fight before
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.28 00:42 the Hunger Games, are generally from Districts 1, 2, and 4. So your District isn't a very good one.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.28 00:44 Oh.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.28 01:54 District 4 is also the fishing district.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.28 01:57 District 11=Agriculture, District 3=Technology, District 12= Coal mining (main character's District), District 1= Luxury, District 7=Lumber, and District 10=Livestock
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.28 02:04 UPDATE #110: THE SIGNS AS SPORTS
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.28 02:05 ARIES: Hockey
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.28 02:05 TAURUS: Basketball
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.28 02:05 VIRGO: Football
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.28 02:05 LIBRA: Baseball
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.28 02:06 SCORPIO: Tennis
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.28 02:06 CAPRICORN: Volleyball
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.28 02:06 AQUARIUS: Cross country
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.28 03:21 Well, District 10 isn't bad...I guess... (It generally isn't mentioned much in the HG books/movies BTW.) I like animals, though.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.28 03:23 About the cereal: I actually like Captain Crunch a lot. And my Capricorn friend likes Cocoa Puffs.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.28 03:24 I actually like all the cereals listed (except Frosted mini wheats, though I do like Frosted mini wheats Chocolate "Little Bites").
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.28 03:24 I don't know much about cross country...I wish I had Libra's and Aries' results, though. I love baseball and hockey!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.28 03:40 UPDATE #111: THE SIGNS AS ICE CREAM FLAVORS
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.28 03:41 ARIES: Birthday cake
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.28 03:41 TAURUS: Creme brulee
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.28 03:41 VIRGO: Green tea
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.28 03:41 LIBRA: Neopolitan
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.28 03:42 SCORPIO: Wild cherry
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.28 03:42 CAPRICORN: Chocolate
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.28 03:42 AQUARIUS: Creamsicle
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.28 03:42 Uh...creamsicle????
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.28 03:42 Didn't even know that existed... o_o
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.28 03:43 My favorite flavor is chocolate chip cookie dough. I also like chocolate, vanilla, and neopolitan. My Capricorn friend likes ultra chocolatey ice cream, so I guess that fits.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.28 03:44 A lot of weirrrd flavors are in that list, though... o.o
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.28 03:49 UPDATE #112: THE SIGNS AND THEIR WEAPON OF CHOICE DURING AN APOCALYPSE
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.28 03:49 ARIES: Knife
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.28 03:50 TAURUS: Baseball bat
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.28 03:50 VIRGO: Sniper
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.28 03:50 LIBRA: Machete (Which is often the weapon of some anime characters, so since you like anime I guess that fits.)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.28 03:51 SCORPIO: Katana
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.28 03:51 CAPRICORN: Tomahawk (I emailed my Capricorn friend about this and both of us admitted we were like "Whaaaa...????!!!!")
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.28 03:51 AQUARIUS: Frying pan
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.28 03:52 YEEAAH!!!!!! *whacks a random guy in the face w/ a frying pan*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.28 03:53 Actually, my choice of weapon would be a bow and arrow (which, according to the website I found, would be the weapon of a Sagittarius).
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.28 03:57 UPDATE #113: THE SIGNS AND WHAT THEY WOULD DO IN A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.28 03:57 ARIES: This...is...SPARTAAAA!!!!! *attacks the zombies w/ his/her squad but withdraws after 5 seconds*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.28 03:58 TAURUS: *hides in basement and waits for Leo to protect the market*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.28 03:58 VIRGO: *travels far away to a farm and lives there w/ all the food, weapons, and animals*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.28 03:59 LIBRA: *totally panicks and freaks out* I HAVE TO...TO SURVIVE?!?!?!?!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.28 03:59 SCORPIO: *is the zombie king/queen* >:)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.28 04:00 CAPRICORN: *creates tons of the antidote for the virus that makes zombies what they are and uses the antidote on all the zombies to save the world*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.28 04:00 AQUARIUS: *provides the best weapons and helps fight the zombies*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.28 04:01 Well...my role isn't that bad since I would contribute by providing good weapons and battling the zombies, but I wish I got Capricorn or Virgo. The Virgo "action" seems much safer, and the Capricorn one sounds much smarter.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.28 04:02 I emailed my Capricorn friend about her result and she was really happy.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.28 05:25 Green tea ice cream? Gross! I like superman and blue moon better.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.28 05:27 Yeah, a sniper or gun would probably be my choice during a zombie apocalypse. A good way to get rid of 'em fast. Although my real weapon of choice would be a sledgehammer.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.28 05:27 Annnnd I probably would hide out in an abandoned barn too to be safe.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.28 05:27 Oh, and a tomahawk is basically a Native American hatchet.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.28 05:28 And football is one of my favorite sports, so that matched me pretty well in the last post I made.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.28 05:30 UPDATE #114: THE SIGNS AS FAMOUS HISTORICAL WOMEN
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.28 05:31 ARIES: Harriet Tubman
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.28 05:31 TAURUS: Princess Diana
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.28 05:31 VIRGO: Sacagawea
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.28 05:31 LIBRA: Rosa Parks
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.28 05:32 SCORPIO: Mother Teresa
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.28 05:32 CAPRICORN: Amelia Earhart
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.28 05:32 AQUARIUS: Anne Frank
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.28 05:43 UPDATE #115: THE SIGNS AS BOY NAMES
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.28 05:43 ARIES: Michael
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.28 05:43 TAURUS: Brandon
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.28 05:44 VIRGO: Matthew
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.28 05:44 LIBRA: Noah
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.28 05:44 SCORPIO: Dylan
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.28 05:45 CAPRICORN: Dakota (actually, this is more of a girl's name, so I'm confused.)
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.28 05:45 AQUARIUS: Wyatt
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.28 05:46 UPDATE #116: THE SIGNS AS GIRL NAMES
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.28 05:46 ARIES: Christine
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.28 05:47 TAURUS: Macy
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.28 05:47 VIRGO: Ashley
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.28 05:47 LIBRA: Emily
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.28 05:47 SCORPIO: Madison
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.28 05:47 CAPRICORN: Nicole
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.28 05:48 AQUARIUS: Destiny
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 00:53 Anne Frank-cool! Destiny seems like a nice name, but both me and my Capricorn friend prefer Nicole and Ashley.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 00:53 I emailed my friend about her being Amelia Earhart and she was so happy. :D
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 00:54 BTW, Dakota is a boy's and girl's name. I actually see it used as a boy's name more often.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 00:55 Wyatt? Er...no. Not into that name.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:02 UPDATE #117: THE SIGNS AS GERMAN DOG BREEDS
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:02 ARIES: Affenpinscher
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:02 TAURUS: Leonberger
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:02 VIRGO: Great Dane
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:03 LIBRA: Weimaraner
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:04 SCORPIO: Rottweiler
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:04 CAPRICORN: German Shepherd
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:04 AQUARIUS: Schnauzer
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:05 OK...Schnauzer's are cute, but I never really thought much of them. Sooo jealous of any Capricorn out there, though.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:05 Also a tad jealous of Virgo.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:05 UPDATE #118: THE SIGNS AND THEIR FANDOMS (MY VERSION)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:06 ARIES: Harry Potter and The Hunger Games
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:06 TAURUS: Supernatural and Pretty Little Liars
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:07 VIRGO: Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and The Hunger Games
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:07 LIBRA: Harry Potter and Percy Jackson
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:08 SCORPIO: Supernatural
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:09 CAPRICORN AND AQUARIUS: The Avengers and Homestuck
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:09 Well...I was hoping for HP, the HG, or even the X-Men, but nope.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:10 The Avengers are cool, but I have no idea what Homestuck is.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:12 I also have no idea why Virgo has three results and Scorpio has one...oh well.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:36 UPDATE #119: THE SIGNS AND HOW STRONG THEY ARE IN A PHYSICAL FIGHT
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:37 SCORPIO: Is the strongest of the signs
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:37 [Crap. Wrong way around. Redo.]
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:37 UPDATE #119: THE SIGNS AND HOW STRONG THEY ARE IN A PHYSICAL FIGHT
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:38 ARIES: Is the second strongest due to being a fire sign and having the ruling planet Mars (which is, BTW, the name of the god of war)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:39 TAURUS: Is the fifth strongest of the twelve and is very scary and fearless during a fight-the Taurus is a bull for a reason!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:40 VIRGO: The ninth strongest of the twelve; is rather practical, has self-control, and good with timing, but if he/she isn't perfect he/she will lose the fight
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:41 LIBRA: The eleventh strongest, just above Piscest-the Libra is not a fighter and is more agile, but when they do fight they want to know how to finish it rather than actually getting it done
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:41 SCORPIO: The strongest of the signs due to being dark, powerful, cunning, and manipulative
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.29 01:43 Are you done?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:43 CAPRICORN: Is the seventh strongest of the twelve because it is an earth sign, and like Virgo is thus practical; the Capricorn is often strong, powerful, unemotional, and determined in a fight, but if his/her opponent is very agile the Capricorn will
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:43 probably lose (And no, I'm obviously not done.)
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.29 01:44 Oops.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:45 AQUARIUS: The 8th strongest of the signs due to being very smart and very fast, but they aren't as power-hungry or determined to win as other signs and thus won't ever go over-the-top in a fight
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:45 OK...that matches me. I'm fast and smart, but also somewhat strong. The Capricorn one doesn't match my friend though; my friend is, like me, fast, but her downfall is people being stronger than her.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:46 She (my Capricorn friend) and I have NEVER been in a real physical fight, but we have occasionally tussled with other friends in a swimming pool and tried dunking each other underwater for fun, and both of us have problems with people who are stronger
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.29 01:46 I actually don't know if that's me. I've only been in a fight with my siblings, and that was to be playful.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:47 than us; we are usually the fast ones. But I think I'm also a tad stronger than her, so I'm a little bit of a mixture (I'm a bit stronger than an Aquarius and maybe a tad slower, but I'm also smart like an Aquarius).
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:47 Yeah. I've only been in playful fights where I tussle with one of my friends as he tries to momentarily dunk me underwater or something.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:48 BTW, hi!
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.29 01:50 I don't really do it underwater, though. But it sounds fun!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:51 Yeah. It's rough, but I don't mind-I can play physical games like any boy can, but I tend to try to be more smart than forceful.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.29 01:51 Brb! I have to check on Tamagotchi. Be back in 5 or something!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:52 OK. I'm going to post another update real quick. DON'T interrupt it-if you do, don't even post "Oops" or something. Just wait until I'm finished.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.29 01:52 Well, that was like, fifteen seconds.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:52 UPDATE #120: THE SIGNS AND HOW "CHILL" THEY ARE
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:53 ARIES, SCORPIO: Looks chill but has no chill
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:53 TAURUS: Looks and is chill
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:54 VIRGO, AQUARIUS: Doesn't look and doesn't have chill
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:54 LIBRA, CAPRICORN: Looks un-chill but is chill
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:54 Meh...I just got bored and decided to post that. I think "chill" means how laid back or relaxed they are or something.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:55 BTW, that is just untrue. In most cases, I'm laid back. But it depends.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.29 01:56 That isn't me. I'm more Virgo or Aquarius.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:57 Whaaaa? Weird...
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:57 OK, I'm posting ANOTHER update! :D
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:58 UPDATE #121: THE SIGNS AS RANDOM THINGS YOU MIGHT HAVE SAID RECENTLY
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:58 ARIES: I SWEAR TO GOD MY BLADDER IS GOING TO EXPLODE!!!!!!!!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:58 TAURUS: What's shakin' bacon?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 01:59 VIRGO: How smarticle is your particle?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 02:00 LIBRA: That [BLEEP] did WHAT?! Oh h**l noooo!!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 02:00 [Whoops, that's not Libra's saying, that's Leo's.]
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 02:00 [REDO!!]
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 02:01 LIBRA: Riding in convertibles makes my hair look like I was electrocuted...
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 02:02 SCORPIO: If I threw this book at you how long will it take you to realize that you're a dumb [BLEEP]?...Wrong answer.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 02:02 CAPRICORN: I'm surrounded by idiots. -__-
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 02:02 AQUARIUS: Water is literally life!
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.29 02:03 That isn't me. I'm more Virgo or Aquarius.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 02:03 OK...I haven't ever said "Water is literally life," but my Capricorn friend has said "I'm surrounded by idiots" before. XD
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.29 02:03 Oops, double post
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 02:03 The Libra and Aries ones are HILARIOUS!!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 02:04 The Capricorn and Scorpio ones are also funny. ^.^
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.29 02:04 But it's still not me. I mostly sing.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 02:04 Yeah, I sing too, but your result is pretty funny. XD
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.29 02:05 Wanna switch to something else?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 02:06 Sure. How about we go to Candyland?
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.29 02:07 I was thinking Tornado. But Candyland is ok if you don't wanna go there.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 02:08 Yeah, I'm in more of a Candyland mood. Meet you there! *goes to Candyland RP*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 02:48 UPDATE #122: THE SIGNS AS FICTION BOOKS
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 02:48 ARIES: The Fault in Our Stars
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 02:48 TAURUS: Divergent
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 02:48 VIRGO: And Then There Were None
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 02:49 LIBRA: Matched
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 02:49 SCORPIO: The Forest of Hands
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 02:50 CAPRICORN: Dreamland
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 02:50 AQUARIUS: The Outsiders
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 02:51 OK, so I've heard of The Outsiders but I haven't read it/seen the movie of the same name.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 02:54 I would like to apologize to all people who have the Aries Zodiac sign. XP
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.29 02:54 And, I'm jealous of all Tauruseseseseseses (XD).
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.29 17:24 The Outsiders is a good book. You'll probably end up reading it sooner or later.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.29 17:24 UPDATE #123: THE SIGNS AS WONDERFUL THINGS IN WINTER
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.29 17:24 ARIES: Sledding and skiing 🎿
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.29 17:26 TAURUS: Christmas and Hanukkah 🎁🎄
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.29 17:28 TAURUS: Christmas and Hanukkah 🎁🎄
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.29 17:28 (Double post, sorry.)
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.29 17:29 VIRGO: Knitted hats and sweaters 👕
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.29 17:29 LIBRA: Holiday candies and cookies 🍬🍪
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.29 17:30 SCORPIO: Fireplaces 🔥
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.29 17:31 CAPRICORN: Scented candles ♨️💫
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.29 17:32 AQUARIUS: City lights and decorations 🎇✨
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.29 17:32 Not really a hats and sweaters person, but it can be nice when it's frigid outside.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.29 17:34 UPDATE #124: THE SIGNS AS WONDERFUL THINGS IN SPRING
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.29 17:35 ARIES: Cool night breezes 💨
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.29 17:35 TAURUS: April showers ☔️
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.29 17:36 VIRGO: Bikerides 🚴🏼
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.29 17:36 LIBRA: Blooming flowers 🌷
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.29 17:37 SCORPIO: The fresh smell of earth 🍃
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.29 17:37 CAPRICORN: Picnics 🍉🍎
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.29 17:38 AQUARIUS: Local carnivals 🎠
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.29 17:39 I love bike riding, so I'm happy with my result. When it comes to spring, I also like Aries and Scorpio's result.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.29 17:41 UPDATE #125: THE SIGNS AS WONDERFUL THINGS ABOUT SUMMER
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.29 17:41 ARIES: Backyard parties 🎈🎊
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.29 17:42 TAURUS: Farmer's markets 🎑
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.29 17:42 VIRGO: Campfires 🔥
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.29 17:43 LIBRA: 4th of July fireworks 🎆💥
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.29 17:44 SCORPIO: Road trips 🚘
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.29 17:45 CAPRICORN: Fireflies 🐛🌟
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.29 17:46 AQUARIUS: BBQ's 🍗
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.29 17:46 Campfires/bonfires are in fact some of my favorite things in summer, but Libra and Scorpio are lucky!
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.29 17:47 UPDATE #126: THE SIGNS AS WONDERFUL THINGS IN AUTUMN
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.29 17:48 ARIES: Football 🏈
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.29 17:48 TAURUS: Thanksgiving feasts 🍗🍴
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.29 17:49 VIRGO: Hayrides 🚜
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.29 17:49 LIBRA: Jack-O-Lanterns 🎃
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.29 17:50 SCORPIO: Charlie Brown on TV 📺
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.29 17:50 CAPRICORN: Warm rainy nights ☁️💦
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.29 17:51 AQUARIUS: Orchards and parks 🌳🍎
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.29 17:51 I'm not really a hayride person. I actually prefer Aries' result and Capricorn's result.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.29 19:26 OMG, I love Halloween!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.30 00:56 About #123: I like that, but I also like the holiday Christmas itself. About #124: I actually like all those things, though my result is the one I like the least because I haven't been to a carnival for years.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.30 00:56 About #125: Uh...NO. I don't like BBQ's at all. I'm more like a Capricorn, a Libra, and a Scorpio.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.30 00:57 About #126: I'm like all of those except hayrides (I haven't been on one).
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.30 00:57 *I (not I'm)
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.30 21:10 How do you find all of this??
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.30 21:33 Mostly online. I'm also on a site called Wattpad, so that's actually where I find 99.9 % of my results.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.31 01:20 Simple. I look it up on Google. I find most of my updates on Tumblr and Wattpad with the help of Google.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.31 01:20 Note that I don't use and I don't like Bing.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.31 01:37 OK, so I'm not into Frozen, but overall I think that movie is OK. Therefore, I'm going to post which character is which astrology-wise.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.31 01:37 UPDATE #127: THE SIGNS AS FROZEN CHARACTER
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.31 01:37 *CHARACTERS
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.31 01:42 ARIES, LIBRA: Sven
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.31 01:43 VIRGO, CAPRICORN, AQUARIUS: Elsa
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.31 01:43 *VIRGO, CAPRICORN, AQUARIUS, SCORPIO: Elsa
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.31 01:43 TAURUS: Kristoff
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.31 01:44 Yay, Elsa! She's my favorite!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.31 01:46 UPDATE #128: THE SIGNS AS DISNEY CHARACTERS (YET ANOTHER VERSION)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.31 01:47 ARIES: Alice (Alice in Wonderland)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.31 01:48 TAURUS: Abu (Aladdin)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.31 01:49 VIRGO: Sebastian (The Little Mermaid)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.31 01:49 LIBRA: Nala (The Lion King)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.31 01:50 SCORPIO: Tinkerbell (Peter Pan and all the Tinkerbell movies)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.31 01:51 CAPRICORN: Lightning McQueen (Cars and Cars 2)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.31 01:51 AQUARIUS: Mushu (Mulan)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.31 01:53 Yeah, Mushu! I love the movie "Mulan" and Mushu is pretty funny!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.31 01:53 I also love dragons, so... ^.^
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.31 01:56 My Capricorn friend probably won't be too pleased. She and I aren't really into the Cars movies, but Lightning isn't that bad of a character.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.31 01:56 I think I like Cars 2 better than Cars, but I'm not sure.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.31 02:04 UPDATE #129: THE SIGNS AS DESPICABLE ME CHARACTERS
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.31 02:22 ARIES: Vector
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.31 02:22 TAURUS: Agnes
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.31 02:22 VIRGO: The Minions
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.31 02:22 LIBRA: Margo
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.31 02:22 SCORPIO: Lucy
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.31 02:23 CAPRICORN: Gru
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.31 02:23 AQUARIUS: Edith
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.31 02:23 There actually was no Aries result, but in my opinion Vector is sort of like an Aries, so I filled that in.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.31 02:25 Edith is an okay result for me, but I know for sure that my Capricorn friend will jump for joy when she sees her result.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.31 02:26 I actually act like Edith in many ways (I'm tomboyish and outgoing).
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Jul.31 02:27 Any opinions about your results, guys?
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.31 05:14 No. NO NO NO NO. I HATE the minions. They annoy me so much.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.31 05:15 I'd prefer Gru. Actually, anything but the minions would work fine.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.31 13:19 @Virgo: You gotta lighten up. The minions are funny!
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Jul.31 13:21 And Margo fits me pretty well, except for the part in Despicable Me 2 where she fellin love with El Macho's son. That's just weird.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.31 18:11 I think my opinion on the minions is final. And I agree with you on that, I prefer Margo single.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.31 18:20 Hey, does anyone know what their sun/moon sign is?
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.31 18:40 My sun sign is obviously Virgo, but my moon sign is Gemini I think.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.31 18:46 UPDATE #130: WHEN THE SIGNS NORMALLY GO TO BED
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.31 18:46 ARIES: 12:00 am
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.31 18:47 TAURUS: 9:30 pm
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.31 18:47 VIRGO:10:00 pm
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.31 18:47 LIBRA: 9:00 pm
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.31 18:47 SCORPIO: 11:30 am
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.31 18:48 CAPRICORN: 11:30 pm
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.31 18:48 AQUARIUS: 12:30 am
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.31 18:49 Well...partially true. I usually settle in at around 10, but I actually go to bed between the times of 11:30 to 1:30. So I'd have to say Aries and Aquarius hold my average result.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.31 18:54 UPDATE #131: THE SIGNS AS JUNK FOOD
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.31 18:54 ARIES: Little Debbie snacks
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.31 18:54 TAURUS: Donuts
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.31 18:55 VIRGO: Ice cream
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.31 18:55 LIBRA: Doritos
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.31 18:55 SCORPIO: Twinkies
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.31 18:55 CAPRICORN: Cheetos Puffs
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.31 18:56 AQUARIUS: Ramen noodles
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.31 18:56 Ironically, I'm not really an ice cream person. Right now I could really go for Cheetos Puffs...or ramen noodles...
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.31 18:59 UPDATE #132: THE SIGNS AS HOLIDAYS
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.31 19:00 ARIES: Christmas
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.31 19:00 TAURUS: Thanksgiving
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.31 19:00 VIRGO: Easter
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.31 19:00 LIBRA: Halloween
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.31 19:01 SCORPIO: Valentine's Day
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.31 19:01 CAPRICORN: New Year's Day
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.31 19:01 AQUARIUS: St. Patrick's Day
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Jul.31 19:02 Easter is fun, but these days I have come to prefer Christmas, Halloween, and my birthday much more.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.1 04:00 @ Libra: The minions are sort of funny and in Despicable Me 1 & 2 they are fine, but in the movie Minions I pretty much hated them just as much as Scarlet Overkill did. XD XP
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.1 04:01 Yep, I'm a night owl. I actually go to bed around the Scorpio (which I assume is 10:30 since Capricorn is 11:30) and Capricorn times, but I often lay around thinking for an hour or two before actually falling asleep.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.1 04:01 Never had Ramen noodles, sooo... XP I like Doritos and Cheetos though.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.1 04:02 St. Patrick's Day isn't a bad result, but Christmas, Halloween, New Year's, my birthday, and more are my favorites. Christmas is my favorite out of all the holidays.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.1 04:03 I don't know what my moon sign is. How do you find out what your moon sign is?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.1 05:18 UPDATE #133: THE SIGNS WHEN WATCHING THEIR FAVORITE MOVIE
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.1 05:18 ARIES: *their favorite character comes on the screen* OH MY GOSH!!!! YAYAYAYAY!!!!!! *jumps up and down and squeals uncontrollably*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.1 05:19 TAURUS: *watches the movie intensely and quietly; whoever talks during the movie will meet his/her end thanks to Taurus*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.1 05:20 VIRGO: *sits in his/her favorite spot, with his/her favorite blanket, his/her favorite food, and his/her favorite people**almost dies from happiness* :')
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.1 05:21 LIBRA: *turns to the other people watching* This is how I get my fl*rting techniques!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.1 05:22 SCORPIO: *watches the movie like they're living it*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.1 05:23 CAPRICORN: *intently stares at his/her friends in order to make sure they're enjoying the movie*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.1 05:23 AQUARIUS: *shushes his/her friends if one of them moves even a centimeter*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.1 05:23 OK, so I love so many movies...I have a set of favorites, but not one exact favorite. I wouldn't know if this is accurate or not.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.1 05:24 I'd probably be more like a Virgo, a Scorpio, and a Capricorn combined while watching one of my favorite movies.
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.1 19:08 I would probably be a Virgo, Capricorn, Scorpio, and Aquarius combined
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.1 21:58 Hi Rebekah! Welcome to the club! Wow, we have a LOT of Capricorns here!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.1 21:58 UPDATE #134: THE SIGNS WHEN WAKING UP IN THE MORNING
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.1 21:59 TAURUS: *is in a horrible mood until they shove every single thing they can find in the fridge into his/her mouth*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.1 22:01 VIRGO: *accidentally sleeps right through his/her alarm and flips over everything on their bed when they finally wake up* Hm...weird...I was supposed to be 20 minutes early but now I'm 10 minutes late...???
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.1 22:02 LIBRA: *wakes up and instantly checks all his/her stuff on social media**is super sad because no one texted them in 3 in the morning* :(
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.1 22:02 SCORPIO: *pulls out rocket launcher from under his/her pillow and shoots the living crap out of the alarm clock without even opening his/her eyes**rolls over*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.1 22:03 CAPRICORN: *doesn't even need an alarm clock**wakes up every day at the right time like a robot*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.1 22:04 AQUARIUS: *wakes up after having a really good but weird dream**super confused* What is this? Is this reality?? I don't know...what's the square root of 98.723??? Why do I have the sudden urge to punch something???? Oh, the alarm is still going. *sighs*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.1 22:05 OK...that's exactly like me when I wake up after having good but weird dreams. However, I don't have those dreams very often. Also, the Capricorn result is the complete opposite of my friend; she's often like a Virgo.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.1 22:06 XD The Scorpio, Aries, and Taurus ones just make me crack up. The Aquarius one is also a bit funny, but the Aries one is a great example of someone who (like me) is NOT a morning person.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.1 22:12 UPDATE #135: THE SIGNS AND THEIR TYPES OF DREAMS
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.1 22:13 ARIES, SCORPIO: Those super gory dreams that you never want to see again but then you have them the next night
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.1 22:13 TAURUS, VIRGO: Those dreams that just stick
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.1 22:14 LIBRA, CAPRICORN: Those cute, sweet dreams that you always forget but they were just amazing
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.1 22:14 AQUARIUS, VIRGO: Those dreams that are just weird
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.1 22:14 OK...that matches things pretty well. My Capricorn friend has told me about her dreams, though, and they don't match that type.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.1 22:15 *matches me
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.1 23:04 I'm more Aquarius or Virgo when it comes to dreams.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 04:18 I don't even dream that often. And I'm not a morning person, so mine is probably more like Capricorn.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 04:18 By the way, welcome Rebekah!
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 04:19 Aquarius: You can find your moon signs by looking up "what is my moon sign", then you will find a moon sign calculator.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 04:48 OK, thanks.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 04:50 Well...I used the calculator. Unless I put the stuff in wrong, my moon sign is Scorpio.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 04:54 I also looked up my Capricorn friend's moon sign, and hers is Aries. It kind of matches her, actually; she's the smart, business person type who is a Capricorn, but at the same time she's much more energetic (thus, her moon sign is Aries).
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 04:55 The Aquarius sign matches me fine (I'm unique, creative, and even leader-like) but I'm not sure about Scorpio...I guess I'm brave, but I'm much more fun-loving and less intense.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 04:55 What do the moon signs mean, anyway??
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 04:59 Reading more about the Moon in Scorpio...it sort of makes me feel powerful... XD XP
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 04:59 I can be powerfully emotional at times, but I'm actually a person with plenty of self-control. So I'm not sure if Scorpio really fits me.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 05:00 Not really sure, but I think it's the opposite of your sign. For example, my sun sign is Virgo. My moon sign is Gemini.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 05:00 I looked up the Gemini moon and it basically means you're adventurous, which I can be at times.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 05:01 I'm not sure about that...I think sun signs have to do with what constellation the sun was in during one's birth, and moon signs have to do with what constellation the moon was in during one's birth.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 05:02 I'm pretty sure about the moon sign thing, but I'm not sure about the sun sign thing.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 05:03 I read about moon signs on Lunarium just now, and I think I'm right. It talks about how the moon's motion is strange and different from the sun, so one's birth date isn't good enough for saying what one's moon sign is.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 05:03 Therefore, I put in my time zone and what time I think I was born at, (and my birthday, duh) and I got Scorpio.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 05:05 OK, I'm mad now. I read about the Aries moon sign, and it says: "...and so it is quite common for an individual with this Moon to go into sports (REAL sports, not chess!)." And I was like "RAAAHHH SHUTTT UUPPP!!!!!!!"
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 05:06 My Capricorn friend doesn't really do many sports (she watches them, though) and, like me, she does chess. She's not as good as I am, but she's okay. And that line I read just p***ed me off.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 05:14 I'm going to post another update!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 05:14 UPDATE #136: THE SIGNS WHEN READING A RELATABLE ASTROLOGY POST
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 05:14 ARIES: YOOO ME AS [BLEEP]!!!!!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 05:14 TAURUS: It's like they know me...!!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 05:15 VIRGO: How is this accurate?!
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.2 05:15 I looked up my moon sign and apparently, it's Capricorn. Kinda cool, because my best friend has the Capricorn Sun sign.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 05:15 LIBRA: OMG TRUUUEEE!!!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 05:15 SCORPIO: WHAT THE [BLEEP]?!?!?!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 05:15 CAPRICORN: *whispers:* But how...??
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 05:15 AQUARIUS: Relatable...
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 05:16 Well...that's my mentality. I don't believe in any astrology, but it's fun to see how relatable or not relatable astrology posts are.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 05:16 @ Libra: Cool! As I have mentioned, one of my good friends has the Capricorn sun sign.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 05:17 Some of them for me are not relatable. It's mostly just stereotypes, which is annoying. I AM NOT A PERFECT PERFECTIONIST!!!
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 05:17 Same here. I have a Capricorn friend and a Cancer friend.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.2 05:17 Speaking of the moon, there was a blood moon tonight! I'm pretty sure that it passed, but it looked awesome! The Moon was all red, like a blood-red color. Probably where it got its name!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 05:18 Months ago I woke up at 3 in the morning just to see a blood moon, and it really was red!!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 05:18 I probably would go out and try to see the blood moon if it wasn't cloudy. XP
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.2 05:20 Cool, right?! 😶😶😶😶😁😁😄😄😄😄😊😊😊😊😃😃😃
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 05:21 Last night I saw the blue moon. It wasn't blue, but it was huge- and a lot more enhanced. I also saw a reddish orange moon on the 4th of July, but it was probably because of the fireworks.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.2 05:22 Maybe.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 05:22 I wish I saw the blue moon...
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.2 05:24 Yeah, they're really rare.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.2 05:24 Although, in 2014 and 2015 combined, there were four blood moons.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.2 05:25 Including the one tonight, there have been seven blood moons in the past 500 years.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 05:27 Wow. That's a lot!
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 05:27 *of years
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.2 05:28 And they're so pretty!
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.2 05:28 I mean the blood moons, obviously.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 05:30 Yeah, I imagine they're pretty something.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.2 05:31 They're really amazing.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 05:31 Yeah. I saw one nice and clear months ago, and it was amazing!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 05:31 Jinx, in a way.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 05:38 I'm going to post another update!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 05:38 UPDATE #137: THE SIGNS WHEN READING A BOOK (SPECIFICALLY A TOUCHING ONE)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 05:39 ARIES, VIRGO, LIBRA: *screams, cries, throws book at wall, and cries again*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 05:39 TAURUS: *doesn't read books*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 05:40 SCORPIO, AQUARIUS: *makes a Tumblr page dedicated to the book, writes a fanfiction book, and literally ships everything in it*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 05:40 CAPRICORN: *never-and I mean NEVER-cries while reading*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 05:41 OK...that is not me. I don't do Tumblr (occasionally I look up something on Google and get a bunch of Tumblr pages as results, though) or fanfictions (though I read them now and then).
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 05:41 I'm more of a Capricorn; the only book I ever cried after reading it is The Little Prince, and that's my very favorite book. The Little Prince isn't that sad, but it leaves you hanging with these unanswerable questions that you often come face-to-face
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 05:42 with in real life, so I guess I found those questions really relatable and got emotional and stuff.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 05:42 I'm definitely a Capricorn on this on.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 05:42 *one
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 05:43 Sure, certain characters are annoying, but I certainly don't cry.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 05:44 Same. Only cried once.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 05:45 I found the Taurus result almost offensive...who doesn't read books?!
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 05:46 Surprisingly, not many people like to read- unless it's the rare online find that isn't even published.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 05:48 Ugh. Now that just sounds terrible.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 05:49 It's really sad, considering the fact that there are a lot of good books out there.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 05:51 Exactly... :/
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 05:52 I have to go really soon, but I'm going to post another update real quick.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 05:53 OK, so not everyone has read the Warriors books, but they are quite popular and I'm betting that at least 70% of the members here have at least heard of the books. So, I'm making a Warrior cats Zodiac update...
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 05:54 UPDATE #138: THE SIGNS AS WARRIOR CATS
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 05:55 ARIES: Hollyleaf (Black she-cat, one of the main characters from Warriors: Power of Three. Is very smart, a "politician" (she loves the warrior code/Clan laws with all her heart), a bit tragic overall as a character after discovering her own birth broke
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 05:55 all the laws of the warrior code. A good character, but in my opinion she isn't really an Aries.)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 05:56 TAURUS: Graystr ipe (Co-op and best friend of Firestar, who is the main character of Warriors. Is brave, headstrong, fun-loving, and loyal. Has long gray fur with a dark gray str ipe down his spine.)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 05:58 VIRGO: Ivypool (One of the main characters of Warriors: Omen of the Stars and is the sister of main character Dovewing. Is clever, a good fighter, and at first a bit naive; she sided with the "bad guys" for a while before realizing what she was doing was
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 05:58 wrong and then acted as a spy for the good guys. Is a pale gray/white tabby she-cat.)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 05:59 LIBRA: Squirrelflight (Firestar's energetic, fiery daughter. I'd actually make Hollyleaf a Libra and Squirrelflight an Aries, but that's me. Is brave, fiercely loyal to family and friends (but not so much the warrior code itself), and sort of dives
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 05:59 headfirst into things without thinking about the consequences. Has fiery red fur.)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 06:00 SCORPIO: Jayfeather (Brother of Hollyleaf and Lionblaze, overall a good and interesting character. Is blind and has the powers of telepathy and empathy. He is a tabby gray tom w/ blue eyes.)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 06:01 CAPRICORN: Firestar (The main character of the first series-Warriors-as well as the cat that the first prophecy from StarClan, "Fire alone can save our Clan," is all about. Originally a kittypet, but became a warrior and indeed saved his Clan. Has fiery
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 06:02 red fur and green eyes. Brave, loyal, kind, and open to all.)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 06:03 AQUARIUS: Bluestar (The leader of ThunderClan before Firestar came into power. At first she was charismatic and a brilliant leader, but after the main villain of the first series-Tigerstar-betrayed her, she sort of snapped. However, she eventually
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 06:03 regained sanity and died saving her half-Clan children, Mistyfoot and Stormfur. Has blue eyes and silver fur w/ a blue-ish hue.)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 06:04 Wow, Bluestar! What a great result! :D However, my Capricorn friend probably got a better result. She'll be happy when she sees this.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 06:05 gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 06:06 Note: Ivypool is overall a good character, though she was lead astray by some villainous characters at first. Congrats on your result, P+J! Anyway, bye! *offline*
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 06:07 Bye!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 17:12 ARIES: The "Has a Hard Time Controlling Powers" and "Blows Stuff Up with Their Minds" Squads
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 17:12 TAURUS: The "Love Potions and Spells" Squad
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 17:13 VIRGO: The "Magic Skills on Point" and "Blows Stuff Up with Their Minds" Squads
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 17:14 LIBRA: The "Love Potions and Spells" and "Magic Skills on Point" Squads
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 17:15 SCORPIO: The "Thought To Be a Devil Worshiper" and "Blows Stuff Up with Their Minds" Squads
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 17:16 CAPRICORN, AQUARIUS: The "Thought To Be a Devil Worshiper" and "Magic Skills on Point" Squads
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 17:16 OK, so I guess if I were a Teen Titan I would be Raven (e.g. the devil part reminds me of Trigon, and the magic skills on point reminds me of how much Raven has to control herself).
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.2 17:17 Wow.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 17:17 I kind of like dark, mysterious characters with powerful magic abilities (like Raven), so I'm OK with my result. But I also like the "Has a Hard Time Controlling Powers" types (e.g. Terra) because they add more dramatic effect with their lack of control,
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 17:17 so anything can happen.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 17:18 BTW, hi!
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.2 17:18 Hi!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 17:19 How do you like your result?
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.2 17:20 It's cool! Also, wanna switch to Tornado or something?
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.2 17:25 Yay, MAGIC SKILLS!!!!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 17:26 Nah, I'm fine with this club. @ Bekah: Hey!
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.2 17:26 Um, hi, Rebakah.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.2 17:28 @Brunny: Please? I've been waitng for your response to something for three days. Maybe more since these websites are run in France time.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 17:28 When you said "um" it reminded me of a funny story. Want me to tell you the story?
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.2 17:28 Let's go to Tornado!
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.2 17:28 *waiting
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.2 17:29 Let's go to tornado
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 17:29 BTW, why don't we multitask? I go on three clubs at once all the time, so two should be fine. I'll be on both here and Tornado, OK?
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.2 17:29 Let's go to Tornado!
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.2 17:29 Ok
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.2 17:29 Ok, guys! *goes to tornado*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 17:29 All you have to do is open Tornado on another tab and switch tabs, thus posting on here, and then Tornado, and then here again, etc.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 17:35 UPDATE #140: THE SIGNS AND THEIR SEASONS
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 17:36 ARIES, TAURUS: Spring (in the Northern Hemisphere), Autumn (in the Southern Hemisphere)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 17:37 VIRGO: Summer (in the Northern Hemisphere), Winter (in the Southern Hemisphere)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 17:38 LIBRA, SCORPIO: Autumn (in the Northern Hemisphere), Spring (in the Southern Hemisphere)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 17:38 CAPRICORN, AQUARIUS: Winter (in the Northern Hemisphere), Summer (in the Southern Hemisphere)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 17:38 Great, I'm winter! Winter is my favorite season. :)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 17:39 Note: In case you don't know this, the seasons are reversed in the Southern Hemisphere. When it's winter here it's summer there, when it's spring here it's autumn there, etc.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.2 17:39 That's cool!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 17:42 UPDATE #141: THE SIGNS AND THEIR FATAL FLAWS
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 17:43 ARIES: Bad/short temper
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 17:43 TAURUS: Stubbornness
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 17:43 VIRGO: Too controlling
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 17:43 LIBRA: Doesn't care about anything...like, at all
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 17:43 SCORPIO: Lies too much
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 17:44 CAPRICORN: Snobbiness
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 17:44 AQUARIUS: Antisocial
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.2 17:45 That isn't me. I'm more Aries. In short, I'm very irritable.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 17:46 Yeah, I get angered easily too, though I try to stay polite when I'm offended by something.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 17:46 I can also be overly stubborn sometimes, but I can find ways to use stubbornness/willpower for my own good and stuff like that.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 17:47 "Antisocial?!" Er...I know that a lot of people think of the stereotypical chess players as antisocial nerds and crap, but it turns out that chess players (like me) are actually TOO social.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 17:48 Though I can be a little awkward around a lot of people, I am NOOOT antisocial. I'm probably more like a Capricorn or a Taurus.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 17:51 UPDAYE #142: THE SIGNS AS DISNEY VILLAINS
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 17:52 ARIES: Cruella de Vil (101 Dalmatians)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 17:52 TAURUS: Syndrome (The Incredibles)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 17:53 VIRGO: Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty & Maleficent)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 17:53 LIBRA: Hans (Frozen)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 17:53 SCORPIO: Jafar (Aladdin)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 17:54 CAPRICORN: Ursula (The Little Mermaid)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 17:54 AQUARIUS: Dr. Facilier (The Princess and The Frog)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 17:55 Oops...just realized that Joan already did an update almost just like this one, except I don't remember Syndrome and Dr. Facilier being in there as results. Oh, well.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 18:10 UPDATE #143: THE SIGNS AS FORMS OF ART
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 18:10 ARIES: Music
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 18:10 TAURUS: Singing
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 18:10 VIRGO: Crafting
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 18:10 LIBRA: Designing
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 18:11 SCORPIO: Digital Art
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 18:11 CAPRICORN: Cinema
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 18:11 AQUARIUS: Drawing
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 18:11 Funny...I'm REALLY good at drawing. However, I like the Aries, Taurus, and Capricorn results a lot too.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 18:11 UPDATE #144: THE SIGNS WHEN THEY ARE COMEDIANS
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 18:12 ARIES: *tells tons of riddles that leave the audience stumped*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 18:13 TAURUS: *tells stupid jokes that everyone finds "so funny that we totally forgot to laugh"*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 18:13 VIRGO: *tells deep and thought out jokes certain to please the general audience*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 18:14 LIBRA: *tells old jokes that everyone knows-for example:* WHY DID THE CHICKEN CROSS THE ROAD?! TO GET TO THE OTHER SIDE!!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 18:15 SCORPIO: *excels in the art of inappropriate jokes that are sure to make the audience blush* (No offense to all Scorpions out there, but this is the result I found... XP)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 18:16 CAPRICORN: *makes a re-enactment of Sagittarius' experiences* [Note: The Sagittarius result for this is: *tells the audience about his/her funny experiences*]
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 18:16 AQUARIUS: *does the sound effects for Capricorn and Sagittarius*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 18:17 That's odd...I have a Sagittarius friend who has many funny stories to tell, and my Capricorn friend often helps him out by adding onto the story with her own jokes or even acting things out a little.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 18:17 I just listen, laugh, and maybe add in my own joke or two.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 18:40 My temper isn't controlling- I am not a control freak! In fact, I'm pretty much the opposite. I'm more like Taurus, Aries, and Aquarius for that.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 21:10 Yeah, I know. I guess we can blame Wattpad for that or something... XP
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 21:11 BTW, any opinions on your results in updates #140, #142, #143, and #144?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 21:11 *about, not on
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 22:51 I like summer because the winter here is hecka cold...and winter in the Southern Hemisphere is technically like summer, so I'm okay with that.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 22:53 Crafting is okay, but I mainly prefer Aries and Capricorn. And I can't say deep jokes are my type. I have a witty sense of humor, so I basically have no filter when it comes to jokes.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 22:56 UPDATE #145: THE SIGNS AS CHARACTERS FROM THE HUNGER GAMES
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 22:57 ARIES: Johanna Mason
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 22:57 TAURUS: Haymitch Abernathy
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 22:57 VIRGO: Peeta Mellark
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 22:57 LIBRA: Cinna
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 22:58 SCORPIO: Effie Trinket
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 22:58 CAPRICORN: Primrose Everdeen
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 22:58 AQUARIUS: President Snow
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 22:59 Okay, Peeta's a pretty good character. Sorry about your result, Aquarius. Maybe President Coin would've been better.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 23:01 UPDATE #146: THE SIGNS AS CHARACTERS FROM DIVERGENT
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 23:01 ARIES: Tobias "Four" Eaton
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.2 23:01 Omg, same here, Joan! I thought that a third ice age was going on last winter!
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.2 23:01 sorry
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 23:01 TAURUS: Will
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 23:01 It's okay!
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 23:02 Yeah...it was actually WARM when it was -3° here!
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 23:02 Like a heat wave...
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 23:02 VIRGO: Christina
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 23:02 LIBRA: Molly
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 23:03 SCORPIO: Peter
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 23:03 CAPRICORN: Jeanine Matthews
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 23:03 AQUARIUS: Natalie Prior
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 23:04 Christina is a nice result, but I'm less outgoing than she is.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 23:05 UPDATE #147: THE SIGNS AS CHARACTERS FROM TWILIGHT (mainly for laughs!)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:05 Hi!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:06 Hi!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:06 Double-post. Also, sorry about interrupting!
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 23:06 ARIES: Emmett Cullen - the more outgoing Cullen brother. His girlfriend is Rosalie Cullen, he's really not in the story, so...he's tolerable.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 23:06 Hey!
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.2 23:07 About the winter thing, to me, I thought that 20 degrees Farenheit was SUPER COLD!!!!!!!!!!! I maybe couldn't survive where you live!
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.2 23:07 sorry
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:07 I think 50 degrees Fahrenheit is cold... o.o
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 23:07 TAURUS: Charlie Swan- Bella's dad. He's the most drama free character, basically doesn't give a crap about anything. Also, he's the chief police or whatever of Forks, WA.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:08 BTW, for the past two hours my thermometer has been saying it's 112 degrees outside. XP
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:08 Whoops, I'm interrupting even more. Sorry!
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.2 23:08 @Brunny: I get it. You live in Texas. SUPER HOT.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 23:08 VIRGO: Bella Swan- the most boring, least inspiring female main character ever. She's pretty boring, and she's obsessed with a 100+ year old guy...gross.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 23:09 It's 93 here last time I checked.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:09 You're so lucky, Joan. XP
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 23:10 LIBRA: Rosalie Hale/Cullen- the you-know-what of the story, hates Bella (I mean, she has a reason to), a no-nonsense kind of gal. One of the only characters I can actually handle.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.2 23:10 Just checked right now, and it's about 80.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 23:11 SCORPIO: Edward Cullen- the creepiest, most unattractive vampire ever. He stalks Bella in her sleep for fun, is also obsessed with her.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:11 Okay, NOW I actually envy you.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:11 @ Libra
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.2 23:11 Oh, she's the...ahem...butt hole?
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 23:11 CAPRICORN: Carlisle Cullen- once again, one of the more tolerable characters. Is a doctor, as well as the patriarch of the Cullen clan.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:11 I feel so sorry for all Virgos and Scorpions out there...
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.2 23:12 I mean the one assigned to me.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:12 @ Libra: I guess. I haven't read the books/seen the movies, but I'm not planning to since from what I've heard Twilight completely su cks.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 23:12 Actually, one of the most tolerable characters in that movie (at least for me) is Jane- a bad guy!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:12 Ha!!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:13 Wow...so believable. I mean it!
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 23:13 I've seen the movies, but I've never read the books. Paige has, and she just wasted her time reading them.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:13 Reminds me of Minions. One of the more tolerable characters is Scarlet Overkill-the main villain!
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.2 23:13 I dont care about what Twilight is.'
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.2 23:14 Oops, didnt mean for the ' to be there!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:14 However, I think we all know that Gru (who appears at the end) is the only fully tolerable character...'CAUSE HE'S AWESOME!!!!
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 23:14 AQUARIUS: The werewolves. They're pretty wild, hate the vampires (sometimes), and can bark in English. Oh, and somehow they manage to keep a stash of jean shorts on them at all times.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:14 @ Libra: Your "fatal flaw" is showing, but this time it's actually being used for a good reason. XD
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:15 I always liked werewolves much more than vampires, so I guess I'm okay with that.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 23:15 There you have it. Your sign as a freakin' Twilight character.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.2 23:15 @Brunny: Why are you talking about that?
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.2 23:16 I mean my flaw.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:16 About update #145: Darrr!! >.< At least all Capricorns got a good character for once. About update #146: Yay, Tris' mom! Great character! However, Capricorn got the crap end of the stick in terms of characters again.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:16 @ Libra: Come on, admit it! "But this time it's actually being used for a good reason" is funny!!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:17 @ Libra: Er...you get my joke (which is actually truthful, though it is humorous) right??
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:17 @ Libra: Actually...darn, too late, you ruined my humorous moment. XP
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.2 23:18 @Brunny: What do you mean?
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.2 23:18 About my flaw?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:18 @ Libra: In case you don't get it, you said "I don't care about what Twilight is" and I made a little quip by saying that your fatal flaw (note that the Libra's flaw is caring about nothing) is showing but this time for a good reason because Twilight
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:18 stinks.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:19 @ Libra: Anyway...you did sort of ruin my joke, but it's OK. For now, at least. XP
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.2 23:19 Okay. Whatever.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:20 @ Virgo: Mind if I post another update?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:20 Oh crud...the website is having problems again. Everyone, brace yourselves for another million "Failed to connect" messages. XP
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:22 Wait...nvm...the website appears to be working again.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.2 23:22 Ok!
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 23:22 It's working for me...
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 23:22 Yeah, go ahead.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:25 OK!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:26 UPDATE #148: THE SIGNS AS DRINKS
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:27 ARIES: Monster
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:27 TAURUS: Strawberry Milkshake
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:27 VIRGO: Snapple (Apple)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:27 LIBRA: Gatorade
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:28 SCORPIO: Red Bull
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:28 CAPRICORN: Water with Lemon
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:28 AQUARIUS: Na ked (green kind)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:29 I've never had Na ked, but my Capricorn friend likes water with lemon.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 23:29 I'm not really a Snapple fan; I prefer water or once in a while, Coke.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 23:30 UPDATE #149: DORITOS- NACHO CHEESE OR COOL RANCH?
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 23:30 TAURUS, VIRGO: Nacho cheese
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.2 23:30 I bet that Grav3yardgirl would really wish that she was a Libra--wait, what did they list for Leo?
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 23:31 TAURUS, VIRGO: Nacho cheese
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.2 23:31 sorry!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:31 @ Libra: They listed Coke for Leo, I think.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:31 Whoops...
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 23:32 Sorry, double post. Site's glitching again.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:32 Same here.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 23:32 EVERYONE ELSE: Cool Ranch
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:32 NEVERRRRRR!!!!!!!
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 23:33 Okay, so, generally I like Nacho Cheese, but I'm going through a Cool Ranch phase right now.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:33 NACHO CHEESE ALL THE WAYYYY!!!!!!
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.2 23:33 I don't like Doritos at all. I'm weird.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:33 Both are actually fine, but I've always liked nacho cheese much more.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:34 @ Libra: WHAT?! Oh, well...we all have our tastes.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.2 23:34 Yea.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:34 UPDATE #150: WHAT TYPE OF PIZZA THE SIGNS WOULD GET
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:35 ARIES: Meat Lovers
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:35 TAURUS: One simply chooses one type of pizza for Taurus... (Note: I'm not sure what that means...beef, maybe? Since Taurus is a bull??)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:36 VIRGO: Cheese
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:36 LIBRA: Extra cheese with cheese sprinkles and cheese in the crust
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:37 SCORPIO: Deep dish
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:37 CAPRICORN: Pepperoni
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:37 AQUARIUS: Buffalo chicken
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:38 N. O. NO. I'm vegetarian.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:38 Also, my Capricorn friend actually doesn't like pepperoni pizza.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 23:38 Noooo, cheese can be bland and plain sometimes! I always get pepperoni, and I'm also willing to eat sausage once in a while too.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.2 23:38 OMG, THANK THE UNIVERSE THAT I DIDN'T GET PEPPERONI!!!!!!!
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 23:39 The only time I ever eat cheese pizza is the Lenten season. And sometimes if my friends just want cheese.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.2 23:40 And extra cheese with cheese sprinkles, whatever those are, and cheese stuffed crust might be good.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:40 I'm more like a Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio. I prefer the New Yorker style pizza more than the Chicagoan deep dish, but deep dish is fine.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.2 23:40 What are cheese sprinkles?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:40 I actually just had a slice of New Yorker style cheese pizza. It was so good. ^.^ :d
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 23:41 I like square/corner pizza, AKA Detroit style.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:41 Not sure...maybe it meant shredded cheese or something.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:41 I like round pizzas, but I've had square ones too.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.2 23:43 Um, Aquarius, they taste the same.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:43 No, they're different.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:43 At least to me.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:44 Some restaurants make round ones, others make square ones; I think that's why they're different.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:44 They use different sauces and/or cheese "combinations," usually.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:44 Plus, the overall shape probably effects the crust in some way.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:44 So then the crust tastes different.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:45 OK, here comes another update...
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 23:45 Square pizza has totally different crust, thus causing a taste difference - in most cases.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:46 UPDATE #151: THE SIGNS IN A SUPERHERO MOVIE
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:47 ARIES, AQUARIUS: The One Who Saves The Day
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:47 *ARIES, AQUARIUS, TAURUS: The One Who Saves The Day
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:48 VIRGO, LIBRA: That One Person Who Messes Up Everything Once It's Getting Better
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:48 SCORPIO, CAPRICORN: Is The Villain
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:48 Scorpio and Capricorn are the bad guys...AGAIN.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:48 At least I'm the hero.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.2 23:50 Sooooooooooooo............I'm comic relief.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:50 *flies epicly* I'm a supeheroooo!! :D
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:50 @ Libra: Sort of.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 23:50 I consider the Avengers to mess things up. Whenever they try and save a city, they always ruin it.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 23:51 I also consider Mystique to be that type of person.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 23:51 UPDATE #152- THE SIGNS AS THINGS IN THE SKY
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 23:52 ARIES: Puffy clouds
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 23:52 TAURUS: Shooting stars
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 23:52 VIRGO: Double rainbows
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 23:52 LIBRA: Eclipses
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 23:52 SCORPIO: Satellites
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 23:53 CAPRICORN: Northern lights
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 23:53 AQUARIUS: Hot air balloons
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.2 23:54 A double rainbow is cool, but they only last for so long. I prefer Taurus, Aries, and Capricorn's result.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:54 Hot air balloons...sort of cool. I prefer clouds, shooting stars, rainbows, eclipses, and, of course, the Northern Lights.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:55 I'm pretty much the same as Virgo-I prefer Aries, Taurus, and Capricorn's results.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.2 23:55 Well, then the guy who wrote Cecilia, I'm The Satellite must be a Scorpio!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:57 1. CANCER: Is the most likely to die because, despite the fact that they probably have the best hiding spot, their sobs can be heard from miles away.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:57 2. SAGITTARIUS: Their curiosity gets the best of them, and they get killed.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:58 3. ARIES: They're just loud as fudge and thus get killed from giving themselves away.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:58 4. LIBRA: They can't make up their mind, switch hiding places every two minutes, and end up being easily spotted and killed.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:58 5. TAURUS: They're just lazy. XD XP
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:59 6. PISCES: They end up killing themselves with their own weapon by accident.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:59 7. VIRGO: They sacrifice themselves.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.2 23:59 8. LEO: They end up surviving, but only because they care about nothing but themselves.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 00:00 9. SCORPIO: The killer gets scared of how angry the Scorpio is and decides to let them live.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 00:00 10. CAPRICORN: They outsmart and kill the killer him/herself.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 00:01 11. AQUARIUS: They've thought of this scenario multiple times, and have tons of escape plans.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 00:01 12. GEMINI: They're secretly helping the killer.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 00:01 The Pisces and Taurus results are so awkward and funny...
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 00:02 The Virgo one is touching, though, and I think we all want to be a Capricorn (if we aren't already Capricorns, of course).
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 00:02 At least I escape.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 00:02 BTW, sorry to all Geminis and Leos out there.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.3 00:02 Honestly, I probably wouldn't sacrifice myself in that type of situation.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 00:03 Same here. I might try to shove someone out of the killer's path, but only if the situation was really, really desperate.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.3 00:04 No, not me. I can make up my mind. I'm pretty good at hide-and-seek. That is how I prove it.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 00:06 If something similar to a horror movie happened in real life, my plan would probably be to get my bow and arrows and then run like heck. XD XP Not much of an escape plan, but it might work in a horror movie situation or something.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.3 00:07 You must be good at archery.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.3 00:08 I'd grab anything, because anything can be a weapon- literally.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.3 00:08 I'd probably go for some sort of blade, though.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.3 00:08 A stick?
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.3 00:08 Maybe?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 00:10 I'm decent at archery, I guess. Not anywhere near the Katniss level of skill, but decent.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 00:10 A chair??
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 00:11 That probably wouldn't work if the killer had a chainsaw. XD XP O.O
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.3 00:11 In an alien abduction, I would grab a frying pan as a weapon.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.3 00:11 If the aliens didn't have lazer guns.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.3 00:12 A chair could work if it were hard enough AND if you whacked the killer's chainsaw out of his hand AND if you whacked him in the face/head.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 00:13 ...That'd be pretty difficult, Virgo. XD
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.3 00:13 UPDATE #154: WHAT THE SIGNS TASTE LIKE
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.3 00:13 Oh, I would kill the killer!
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.3 00:13 What?
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.3 00:13 Hey, it's reasonable.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 00:13 In an alien abduction, I think I would try to either talk to the aliens or run like heck.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.3 00:13 ARIES: (kind of not appropriate, won't post this)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 00:14 Er...what the signs taste like...?? Okay then... o.o
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.3 00:14 TAURUS: Chocolate pudding
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.3 00:14 VIRGO: Cigarettes (Gross, no thanks)
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.3 00:14 LIBRA: Cotton candy
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.3 00:15 SCORPIO: Espresso
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.3 00:15 Yea, weird.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.3 00:15 CAPRICORN: Toothpaste
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.3 00:15 AQUARIUS: Watermelon
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.3 00:15 The title, that is.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 00:16 You'd think a Taurus would taste like beef, a Scorpio like a scorpion, and a Aquarius like water... o.o
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.3 00:16 Yay, I love cotton candy!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 00:16 Yum, I love watermelon. But I'm not into kissing/romance/bf-gf stuff, so...eh, no thanks when it comes to that update.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 00:17 I feel sorry for all Virgos out there. XP
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.3 00:17 In the Hunger Games thing
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.3 00:17  Secret message to Virgo  
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.3 00:18 Yum, tooth paste!
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.3 00:18 Yummy, toothpaste
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 00:18 ARIES: I'm so sporty and- *person accidentally bumps into him/her*-WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR I HATE YOU!!!!! *beats the person to a pulp* That's better!
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.3 00:19  Secret message to Libra  
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 00:19 TAURUS: *shoves food down throat* I'm right, you're wrong. Now go get me some food-I'm too lazy to get up.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 00:20 GEMINI: OMG I'm such a two-faced female dog!!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 00:20 CANCER: *cries in a pile of used tissues*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 00:20 LEO: Tell me I'm beautiful, because I know I am. But, to be honest, I have self esteem issues.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 00:21 VIRGO: *swats away germs with gloved hand and Windex*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 00:21 LIBRA: *fl*rts**judges people* I'm pretty.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 00:22 SCORPIO: *stares at you intensely* I'm evil and mysterious. (I'm cutting out the next line because it isn't very appropriate.) *wink*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 00:22 SAGITTARIUS: I can show you the world...LET'S PARTY!!! *jumps on table*
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.3 00:22 What about Capricorn
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 00:22 CAPRICORN: I have to study so I can become a billionaire. Who needs emotions when you have money?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 00:23 [Please try not to interrupt during my update, Rebekah.]
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.3 00:23 Wow..
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 00:23 AQUARIUS: Would you like to hear my conspiracy about aliens?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 00:24 PISCES: *daydreaming**is so distracted that they fall into a ditch* Wait, what??
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 00:24 OK, some of these are funny, but the Capricorn one is just sort of offensive. My Capricorn friend is not like that at all.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.3 00:25 Not me. I'm the exact opposite.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 00:25 I can be a little weird, but when it comes to aliens...I'm just not sure if they're out there. I'm open minded, so I think they could be out there, but I'm not sure.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.3 00:25 UPDATE #156: THE SIGNS AS RANDOM STUFF
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.3 00:25 ARIES: Lamborghini
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.3 00:25 TAURUS: The beach
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.3 00:25 :(
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.3 00:25 And my Capricorn friend also isn't like that.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.3 00:25 VIRGO: Gardens
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.3 00:26 LIBRA: Jokes
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.3 00:26 SCORPIO: Lipstick
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.3 00:26 CAPRICORN: Stars/clouds
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.3 00:26 AQUARIUS: Waves
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 00:28 Waves...so obvious. XP
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 00:28 My Capricorn friend and I both love stars and clouds, so that fits both her and me.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.3 00:28 Wow.
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.3 00:31 I try not to interuptt but my thing won't show me who'ss talking that well, so i don't know if I should talk or not.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 00:31 All you have to do is hit the "OK" button without entering any text, and it'll reload the page so you can see who posted what.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.3 00:31 Hey guys, gonna go now. Bye!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 00:32 You can also hit the "Enter" key (WITHOUT entering any text, including spaces and tabs) and it'll do the same thing.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 00:32 Yeah, I have to go too. See you! *offline*
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.3 00:33 Okay
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.3 00:34 I'm actully Capricorn (my sign is)
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.3 00:35 Bye, guys! *goes to a g a r . i o*
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.3 00:35 What?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 04:32 I have the same reaction as Bekah...what's a g a r . i o??
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.3 13:07 The thing in the brackets here, minus the spaces, is the URL of a website. [a g a r . i o]
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 18:08 Oh, okay.
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.3 19:11 Oh, okay
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 19:48 Er...
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 19:48 Jinx!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 19:52 UPDATE #157: THE SIGNS AS SPIES
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 19:53 ARIES: The totally dedicated type of spy who will crawl through air vents to break into places and snapchat with their friends at the same time
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 19:53 TAURUS: The dependable spy who can make REALLY good fake accents and often shows up at the last minute to help finish a fight
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 19:54 VIRGO: The analytical spy that spots details and clues no one else notices and ends up saving the day almost every time
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 19:54 LIBRA: The chill spy that flies their helicopter to Starbucks before starting their secret mission
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 19:55 SCORPIO: The seductive spy that stealthily collects the enemy's secrets
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 19:55 CAPRICORN: The classy spy that wears sunglasses with a formal outfit and looks so professional that even James Bond would be freaking jealous
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 19:56 AQUARIUS: The spy that thinks they're Kim Possible and says "What's the sitch?" too much
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.3 21:32  Secret message to Libra  
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.4 01:13  Secret message to Aquarius  
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.4 01:36 Awesome!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.4 04:09  Secret message to Libra  
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.4 04:09 Yeah...I'm stuck being a Kim Possible type weirdo. XP But Kim Possible's sort of cool, anyway.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.4 17:24 UPDATE #158: THE SIGNS AND THEIR ADDICTIONS
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.4 17:24 ARIES: Caffeine
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.4 17:24 TAURUS: Eating
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.4 17:24 VIRGO: Cleaning
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.4 17:24 LIBRA: Sleeping Pills
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.4 17:25 SCORPIO: Internet
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.4 17:25 CAPRICORN: Working
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.4 17:25 AQUARIUS: Video Games
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.4 17:26 Uh...no, no, no, and no. I only play video games once every few months. I view them as brain candy that damage my chess skills, so that's why I rarely play them. However, I still like them a lot; I specifically love Insomniac Games' original Spyro the
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.4 17:26 Dragon trilogy.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.4 17:27 I'm probably more like a Scorpio and (sort of) like a Capricorn.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.4 17:30 UPDATE #159: THE SIGNS AS MOVIES
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.4 17:30 ARIES: The Fast and Furious, Taken (Action movies)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.4 17:31 TAURUS: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Finding Nemo (Funny, comfortable, familiar movies)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.4 17:31 VIRGO: 21 Jump Street, The Princess and the Frog (Movies where the main character is a perfectionist or has to set things right)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.4 17:31 LIBRA: The Notebook, Titanic (Romance movies)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.4 17:32 SCORPIO: Sherlock Holmes, Twilight (Mystery movies with tons of twisted plots)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.4 17:33 CAPRICORN: The Professional, Ratatouille (Serious or funny movies with a goal/achievement that is reached at the end of the story)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.4 17:33 AQUARIUS: WALL-E, The Hunger Games (Movies that have a focus on the "big picture")
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.4 17:33 YES!!!! I LOVE WALL-E AND THE HUNGER GAMES!!!!!!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.4 17:34 My apologies to all Scorpions and Libras out there...from what I've heard, The Notebook and Twilight completely su ck, but Titanic and Sherlock Holmes aren't that bad at all.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.4 17:35 My Capricorn friend unfortunately didn't get good results...she and I haven't seen The Professional, and niether of us really like Ratatouille (though we do have a friend who is crazy about it XP).
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.4 19:36 I like Ratatouille, but I've never seen "The Professional."
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.5 00:25 Yeah, same. Except Ratatouille is an okay movie to me-not the best, but okay. I REALLY like The Incredibles and WALL-E, though.
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.5 01:21 Yeah.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.6 17:02 ARIES: "You talking to me? You talking to ME?"
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.6 17:02 TAURUS: "There's no place like home."
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.6 17:03 VIRGO: "I need that like I need a hole in the head."
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.6 17:03 LIBRA: "It is what it is."
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.6 17:03 SCORPIO: "That's what she said."
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.6 17:03 CAPRICORN: "Working hard, or hardly working?"
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.6 17:03 AQUARIUS: "Live long and prosper."
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.6 17:04 Hey, I like my quote! ^.^ But I'm more of a Chess fan, so I prefer the term "Castle long and promote." *drumroll**BA DUM TSSSS* :D
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.6 17:05 If you don't get my play on words, you can simply look up the rules of Chess to find out what castling long and promoting are.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.6 17:06 I like the Virgo and Scorpio ones too-they're humorous (Virgo's sarcastic comment is sort of funny, while Scorpio's is basically an example of what you say in a "That's what she said" joke).
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.6 17:06 I also like Libra's a lot.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.6 17:11 UPDATE #161: THE SIGNS AND THEIR MOST COMMONLY USED EXCUSES
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.6 17:13 ARIES: "I didn't do it." "They dared me to do it." "I didn't know it was loaded." "I had to do it." "I had no idea I was going so fast." "It was an accident." "It's a free country, man." "I can do what I want to do."
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.6 17:14 TAURUS: "It was on sale." "I didn't know that it would cost so much." "I thought you'd like it." "I meant to bring it back sooner." "I had a sore throat." "I've been doing it that way for years."
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.6 17:15 VIRGO: "My accountant told me it was OK." "My doctor told me to do it." "You asked for a critique." "I couldn't help myself." "My allergies were acting up." "It was that d*** medicine."
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.6 17:17 LIBRA: "I only did it because my friend/partner does it." "He/She/It/The devil made me do it." "I was having personal problems." "No, I think it was you, I wouldn't do that." "Can we compromise on this somehow?"
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.6 17:18 SCORPIO: "I was in the mood." "It's a tax write off." "I didn't think I'd get caught." "I didn't mean to do it." "No one else has to know about it." "Get a warrant." "Talk to my lawyer." "They thought I was going to die."
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.6 17:19 CAPRICORN: "It's nothing serious." "I was only following orders." "It all happened to fast." "I had to see a doctor." "My job got me." "We really need the money." "Have you ever heard of satire?"
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.6 17:20 AQUARIUS: "I'm just weird, I guess." "I think about things differently." "My computer had a virus." "So what?" "What are you going to do about it?" "Who cares about the stupid rules anyway?"
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.6 17:21 Nope...that doesn't match me very well probably because I rarely get in trouble. I've had a few "So what?" moments where one of my friends is freaking out about some stupid thing, but otherwise...nope.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.6 18:05 I like "It is what it is." I actually use that a lot. And those excuses don't match me at all. Except maybe I will blame medicine for stuff, just not like that.
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.6 20:49 Mine mostly matches me. Alliteration!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.7 04:35 I actually have used the "I was only following orders" type excuse, where I try doing something I was told to, sort of mess up, and get nagged at by some of my friends.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.7 19:43 UPDATE #162: THE REASONS WHY YOU WOULD DUMP THE SIGNS IF YOU WERE DATING ONE OF THEM
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.7 19:44 ARIES: Because he/she wasn't showing any commitment.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.7 19:45 TAURUS: Because you caught him/her looking at your phone while you were out of the room.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.7 19:46 VIRGO: Because he/she keeps nagging at you about your inconsistent coaster usage. (Note: A coaster is a little mat that you place under glasses filled with some sort of drink; it keeps condensation from getting on the table and stuff.)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.7 19:46 LIBRA: Because he/she didn't stand up for you when you need him/her to.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.7 19:47 SCORPIO: Because you're an idiot who has no idea about the revenge he/she (AKA the Scorpion you just dumped) is about to wreak.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.7 19:47 CAPRICORN: Because he/she is too focused on his/her career.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.7 19:48 AQUARIUS: Because you're sick of arguments.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.7 19:48 If I was dating someone and he dumped me it would be because of arguments?!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.7 19:48 Weird...
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.7 19:48 The Virgo one is sort of funny...
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.7 19:49 Eh, again, I don't really believe in this stuff. I just like looking it up now and then.
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.7 20:08 Mine makes sense. I am already thinking about college/my job/my future
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.7 21:45 Oh my gosh, if anything, I myself am the one who will get annoyed with people nagging me to use coasters. I don't even use them. I only have one, and it's pretty awesome.
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.7 23:28 Daily Update# 163 Signs and their social media
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.7 23:33 Aquarius: Twitter
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.7 23:34 Scorpio: Instagram
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.7 23:35 Virgo,Aries,Taurus: Tumblr
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.7 23:35 Capricorn,Libra: Facebook
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.8 04:42 My Capricorn friend saw this and her reaction was "Facebook? Oh my GOSH no!!"
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.8 04:42 I'm not into social medias, and the only one of those I have no real negative opinion on is Tumblr, so... XP
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.8 04:43 Not too happy about my result either.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.8 04:43 @ Virgo: I don't really know why, but I have tons of coasters, and all of them are awesome and unique.
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.8 19:33 Daily Update # 164 Signs and their favorite type of shoe
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.8 19:34 Aries: Ballet Flats
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.8 19:34 Taurus: Converse
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.8 19:35 Virgo: Combat Boots
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.8 19:35 Libra: Rain Boots
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.8 19:36 Scorpio: Stilettos
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.8 19:37 Capricorn: Short Heels
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.8 19:37 Aquarius: Cowboy Boots
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.8 19:38 I don't like combat boots
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.8 19:40 Daily Update #165 Signs as angels and demons (no offense to those who are demons
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.8 19:41 Aries: Demon
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.8 19:41 Taurus: Angel
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.8 19:42 Virgo: Angel(YAY)
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.8 19:43 Libra: Angel
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.8 19:43 Scorpio: Demon
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.8 19:43 Cool.
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.8 19:43  Secret message to Virgo (Euodia)  
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.8 19:43 Capricorn: Demon
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.8 19:44 Aquarius: Demon
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.8 19:45  Secret message to Capricorn (RKC)  
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.8 19:47  Secret message to Capricorn (RKC)  
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.8 19:49 Daily Update #165 Signs and their character traits
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.8 19:50 Aries:Caring
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.8 19:50 The signs as Dreamworks characters
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.8 19:50  Secret message to Virgo (Euodia)  
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.8 19:51 Taurus: Focused
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.8 19:51 Virgo: Humorous
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.8 19:52  Secret message to Virgo (Euodia)  
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.8 19:52  Secret message to Virgo (Euodia)  
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.8 19:52  Secret message to Virgo (Euodia)  
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.8 19:52 Libra: Honest
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.8 19:53 Scorpio: Kind
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.8 19:53  Secret message to Virgo (Euodia)  
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.8 19:54 Oh, sorry
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.8 19:54 Capricorn: Procrastinator
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.8 19:54 Aquarius: Passionate
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.8 19:55  Secret message to Capricorn (RKC)  
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.8 19:56  Secret message to Virgo (Euodia)  
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.8 19:56 Signs as dreamworks characters
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.8 19:56 ARIES: Bruce - Finding Nemo
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.8 19:56 TAURUS: Beast - Beauty and the Beast
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.8 19:56 GEMINI: King Julian - Madagascar
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.8 19:57 CANCER: Violet - The Incredibles
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.8 19:57 LEO: Mufasa - The Lion King
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.8 19:57 VIRGO: Sebastian - The Little Mermaid
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.8 19:57 LIBRA: Lady - Lady and the Tramp
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.8 19:57 SCORPIO: Mike Wazowski - Monster’s Inc.
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.8 19:57 SAGITTARIUS: Jack Frost - Rise of the Guardians
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.8 19:58 CAPRICORN: Spirit - Spirit Stallion of the Cimaron
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.8 19:58 AQUARIUS: Flick - A Bug’s Life
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.8 19:58 PISCES: Ray - The Princess and the Frog
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.8 19:58 The end!
11>Leo (Sign), anyyo.2015,Aug.8 19:59 Huh. Leo's a lion, and Mufasa is a lion. Cool!
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.8 20:00 Update 166 celebrities who share signs
11>Leo (Sign), anyyo.2015,Aug.8 20:00 I like Violet better though
11>Leo (Sign), anyyo.2015,Aug.8 20:00 GTG
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.8 20:01 @ rkc wow you're fast
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.8 20:02 Yeah
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.8 20:02 Not trying to brag
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.8 20:02 Aries: James Franco
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.8 20:03  Buying Pet lion (x 1)  
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.8 20:03  Giving Pet lion (x 1) to Leo  
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.8 20:04 Taurus:David Beckam
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.8 20:04 Virgo: Dylan O'brien
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.8 20:05 Scorpio: Leonardo DiCaprico
11>Leo (Sign), anyyo.2015,Aug.8 20:39 Thanks RKC
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.8 20:52 Welcome, Leo!
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.8 20:53 Not that interested in social media sites, but if I could join any of them, it'd have to be Tumblr.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.8 20:53 UPDATE #165: I KNOW YOUR FAVORITE FOOD.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.8 20:53 ARIES: Burritos
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.8 20:54 TAURUS: Steak
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.8 20:54 LEO: Burger
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.8 20:55 VIRGO: Pizza
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.8 20:55 LIBRA: Salad
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.8 20:56 SCORPIO: Sushi
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.8 20:56 CAPRICORN: Macaroni and Cheese
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.8 20:57 AQUARIUS: Chicken and waffles
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.8 20:57 YES, I LOVE PIZZA!!
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.8 21:42 UPDATE #166: THE SIGNS AS ACCENTS PART 2
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.8 21:42 ARIES: Russian
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.8 21:43 TAURUS: Italian
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.8 21:43 LEO: Welsh
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.8 21:43 VIRGO: German
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.8 21:43 LIBRA: French
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.8 21:44 SCORPIO: Spanish
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.8 21:44 CAPRICORN: British
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.8 21:44 AQUARIUS: Australian
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.8 21:45 I don't mind German accents. They're actually pretty cool. And I'm part German, too. Among my favorite accents are British, Irish, Scottish, and Australian.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.8 21:47 UPDATE #167: THE SIGNS AS SOUNDS
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.8 21:47 ARIES: Fireworks- loud and beautiful to watch
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.8 21:47 TAURUS: The crispy sound you hear when you eat chips
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.8 21:48 LEO: The sound of crackling fire
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.8 21:48 VIRGO: Birds chirping in the morning- it is either beautify or annoying
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.8 21:48 LIBRA: Wind blowing through the trees
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.8 21:49 SCORPIO: Typing on a keyboard
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.8 21:49 CAPRICORN: Wine glasses clinking
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.8 21:49 AQUARIUS: The sound of the ocean
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.8 21:50 Hearing birds in the morning is nice, but it can get annoying.
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.9 01:33 Wow, you do know my favorite food.
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.9 01:33 And I love British accents.
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.9 01:35 The signs as breeds of horses
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.9 01:35 Aries: American Quarter Horse.
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.9 01:35 Taurus: Icelandic Horse
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.9 01:35 Gemini: Rocky Mountain Horse
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.9 01:36 Cancer: Shetland Pony
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.9 01:36 Leo: Mustang
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.9 01:36 Virgo: Lipizzaner Horse
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.9 01:36 Libra: Clydesdale
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.9 01:36 Scorpio: Irish Sport Horse
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.9 01:36 Sagittarius: Mangalarga Marchador
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.9 01:37 Capricorn: Andalusian Horse
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.9 01:37 Aquarius: Thoroughbred
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.9 01:37 Pisces: American Paint Horse
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.9 04:21 @ RKC and Caprial: Please number the updates; don't just post them. Not providing numbers can make things confusing.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.9 04:21 @ RKC: There's no need to post stuff about every sign-just the signs of the members here.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.9 04:23 About the Dreamworks characters: Eh, I don't really like a Bug's Life. Plus, that isn't even Dreamworks-it's Disney Pixar! I wish I got Violet (who is also Disney Pixar, NOT Dreamworks).
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.9 04:49 A Bug's Life is one of my favorite Pixar movies, along with Toy Story. But all Pixar movies are good, really.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.9 05:12 Yeah. But I don't know why 90% of the characters in RKC's Dreamworks update are Disney, not Dreamworks.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.9 05:13 Yay, I'm a thoroughbred! I'm fast! *zips around*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.9 05:13 About the signs as sounds: I love the sound of the ocean and the smell of sea salt! :D
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.9 05:14 About the foods: Eh, I don't like chicken (ate a piece of it once-or rather, tasted it and promptly spit it out-and hated it). But I love waffles!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.9 05:15 About the accents: Odd...I can imitate an Australian accent pretty well. I don't have one, but I can make a fake one.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.9 05:15 About the celebrities: Hey, where's my result??
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.9 05:16 About the angel vs. demon update: No wonder I like Raven from Teen Titans so much... XD
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.9 05:18 About the signs as shoes: Despite where I'm from (and I see cowboy boots ALL THE CRUD-ING TIME), I don't wear cowboy boots. I love tennis shoes.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.9 05:19 @ Caprial: Nvm about the please number the updates part. I confused you with Euodia since you both post in green.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.9 05:43 Update #169: THE SIGNS AND HOW THEY NAME THEIR PETS
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.9 05:44 ARIES, VIRGO, SCORPIO, AQUARIUS: The kid who gave their pets fancy/weird names like "Mr. Puffly Bottomstern" or "Miss Angelstar Smiles-A-Lot" or "Lessanaire" or "Roankurt"
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.9 05:45 TAURUS, LIBRA, CAPRICORN: The kid who gave their pets obvious names like "Blackie" or "Brownie" or "Stri py" or "Spot"
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.9 05:46 *ARIES, LEO, VIRGO, SCORPIO, AQUARIUS: The kid who gave their pets fancy/weird names... (etc.)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.9 05:48 UPDATE #170: THE SIGNS AND THEIR IDEAL PETS
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.9 05:48 ARIES: Snake
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.9 05:48 TAURUS: Dog
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.9 05:48 LEO: Cat (Duh XD XP)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.9 05:48 VIRGO: Fish
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.9 05:49 LIBRA: Parakeet
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.9 05:49 SCORPIO: Monkey
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.9 05:49 CAPRICORN: Turtle
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.9 05:49 AQUARIUS: Squirrel
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.9 05:50 Ugh, I HATE squirrels!! They drive my dog crazy and steal all-and I mean ALL-the pecans I grow on my pecan trees! >.<
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.9 05:50 My Capricorn friend likes turtles, though...
11>Leo (Sign), anyyo.2015,Aug.9 13:00 Update #171 The signs as countries
11>Leo (Sign), anyyo.2015,Aug.9 13:01 ARIES England, Germany, Poland, Palestine, Israel, Syria, Lithuania
11>Leo (Sign), anyyo.2015,Aug.9 13:01 TAURUS Tasmania, Cyprus, Ireland, Switzerland, Capri, Rhodes, the Greek Islands
11>Leo (Sign), anyyo.2015,Aug.9 13:01 GEMINI Belgium, Iceland, Sardinia, Morocco, Wales, Tunisia
11>Leo (Sign), anyyo.2015,Aug.9 13:01 CANCER Holland, USA, Paraguay, Scotland, New Zealand
11>Leo (Sign), anyyo.2015,Aug.9 13:02 LEO France, Italy, Macedonia, Romania, Sicily, Madagascar, Zanzibar
11>Leo (Sign), anyyo.2015,Aug.9 13:02 VIRGO Brazil, Greece, Switzerland, Turkey, Crete, Uruguay, West Indies
11>Leo (Sign), anyyo.2015,Aug.9 13:02 LIBRA Argentina, Austria, Burma, Canada, China, Japan, Siberia, Tibet
11>Leo (Sign), anyyo.2015,Aug.9 13:02 SCORPIO Finland, Bavaria, Norway, Morocco, Queensland, Korea, Syria, the Transvaal
11>Leo (Sign), anyyo.2015,Aug.9 13:02 SAGITTARIUS Australia, Chile, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain
11>Leo (Sign), anyyo.2015,Aug.9 13:03 CAPRICORN Bulgaria, Mexico, UK, Albania, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Lithuania, India
11>Leo (Sign), anyyo.2015,Aug.9 13:03 AQUARIUS Iran, Russia, Sweden, Syria, Ethiopia
11>Leo (Sign), anyyo.2015,Aug.9 13:03 PISCES Egypt, Normandy, North Africa, Portugal, Samoa, Scandinavia
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.9 15:31 Sorry the celebrities are Capricorn: Zayn Malik and Aquarius: Evan Peters
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.9 15:33 Update # 172
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.9 15:34 Update # 172 Converse Vs Vans
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.9 15:35 Aries, Capricorn,Scorpio: Converse
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.9 15:43 Virgo, Aquarius, Taurus, Libra, Leo: Vans
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.9 15:54 Update# 173 when the signs have a crush
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.9 15:55 Aries,Libra,Capricorn: Chace their crush
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.9 15:58 (I meant chase) Taurus,Leo,Scorpio,Aquarius: Ignores their crush
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.9 15:58 Virgo: Runs from their crush
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.9 19:25 Wow, i do that
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.9 19:26 Update #173 The signs as faries
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.9 19:26 Aries: Rainforest fairy
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.9 19:26 Taurus: Forest fairy
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.9 19:26 Gemini: Dark fairy
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.9 19:26 Cancer: Flower fairy
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.9 19:26 Leo: Cloud fairy
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.9 19:27 Virgo: Wood/Mountain fairy
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.9 19:27 Libra: Hills fairy
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.9 19:27 Scorpio: Cave fairy
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.9 19:27 Sagittarius: Fire fairy
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.9 19:27 Capricorn: Nomadic Fairy
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.9 19:28 Aquarius: Tall fairy
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.9 19:28 Pisces: Ocean fairy
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.9 19:28 Hi Bekah!
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.10 01:00 Hey roc that's update 174 you idiot😉
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.10 01:00 I mean rkc not roc this tab is being stupid
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 04:02 Euodia, I know that you were joking when you were calling RKC an idiot, but try not to call people that. There are a lot of sensitive people on the Internet who overreact over small things; I am NOT saying RKC is one of them, but be careful.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 04:04 UPDATE #175: THE SIGNS AND WHAT THEY LIKE TO COLLECT
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 04:04 ARIES: Guns
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 04:05 TAURUS: Unknown (they don't tell anyone what they collect)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 04:05 LEO: Shoes
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 04:05 VIRGO: The tears of men (???)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 04:05 LIBRA: Their own selfies
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 04:06 SCORPIO: Human souls
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 04:06 CAPRICORN: Celebrity hair (o.O)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 04:06 AQUARIUS: Trash
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 04:06 Uh...what?!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 04:07 OK, so I dig around in the trash once in a while, but that's because one of my friends likes cleanliness and she sometimes throws away stuff that isn't even trash (uuuggghhh).
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 04:07 I'm just happy I'm not a Libra...never liked selfies.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 04:08 UPDATE #176: THE SIGNS WHEN THEY SEE AN INSECT
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 04:08 ARIES: Hello little demon! >:) *squashes it under their thumb*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 04:08 TAURUS: *makes a disgusted face and pretends he/she saw nothing so he/she doesn't have to deal with it*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 04:09 LEO: *screams, making a huge deal about it**kills it like they're destroying a supervillain*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 04:10 VIRGO: *puts it in a cup and takes it outside*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 04:10 LIBRA: *screams and runs as if he/she is being chased*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 04:11 SCORPIO: *has a mental connection with the bug* I get you man...
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 04:11 CAPRICORN: *opens all the windows+doors and hopes it leaves soon*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 04:11 AQUARIUS: *watches it for like an hour and takes pictures of it*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 04:12 Eh...that doesn't match me. I might watch the bug now and then, but I am much much MUCH more like a Virgo.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.10 15:12 If it's a really small spider (or bebe pider, as my family refers to it) I'm like an Aquarius, but every other time, I'm like a Taurus. Not Me. What. So. EVER.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.10 15:14 About 175, I used to take selfies, but they started to take up too much space on my phone. I occasionally take them, but not a lot, and they're mostly ussies, or groupies.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.10 15:15 I mostly collect erasers.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 17:25 @ Libra: BTW, spiders aren't insects. They're arachnids. Insects have six legs, arachnids have eight.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 17:26 I think overall I'm a toy collector; though I don't usually get toys anymore since I'm beginning to outgrow a lot of them, I have a lot of toys-a lot of good ones, too. :D
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 17:30 Speaking of spiders, I've actually seen two kinds of really poisonous spiders (note that almost all the kinds of spiders in this world are NOT poisonous, but I have seen two species that are in fact poisonous).
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 17:31 One is the black widow (every year or two I find one in its web in a place where it usually shouldn't be, e.g. a bucket that I want to use), and I even think I've seen a brown recluse once.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 17:34 UPDATE #177: WHICH SIGN(S) WOULD DIE IF THEY WERE ON THE TITANIC?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 17:34 Leo: Yes
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 17:34 Every Other Sign: No
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 17:35 Yay, I would live! :D
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 17:35 I feel kind of sorry for Leo though... XD :/
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 17:35 It probably has to do with LEOnardo DiCaprio or something...
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 17:36 UPDATE #178: THE SIGNS FROM MOST TO LEAST MATURE (IN TERMS OF PERSONALITY)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 17:36 LIBRA
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 17:36 TAURUS
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 17:36 VIRGO
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 17:36 CAPRICORN
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 17:37 AQUARIUS
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 17:37 LEO
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 17:37 SCORPIO
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 17:37 ARIES
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 17:37 I actually thought I was a little more mature than that, but OK. Well, personality-wise I'm fun-loving and I like funny things, but in terms of my tastes I have very mature opinions about things.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 17:38 UPDATE #179: IF THE SIGNS FOUND A GENIE, WHAT WOULD THEY WISH FOR?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 17:38 ARIES: Immortality
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 17:38 TAURUS: A LOT of money
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 17:39 LEO: Love
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 17:39 VIRGO: Confidence
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 17:39 LIBRA: Beauty
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 17:39 SCORPIO: Emotional stability
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 17:39 CAPRICORN: Success
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 17:39 AQUARIUS: Peace
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 17:41 Well...I'm like an Aquarius (I wish the world was much more peaceful), Capricorn (I wish that I was SUPER good at the things I like to do and thus be very successful, though I already am good at most of them), and Pisces (though not listed, a Pisces would
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.10 17:41 wish for magic powers).
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.10 18:30 In all honesty, I'd probably ask for money just so things could be more affordable.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.10 18:31 Okay...why would I collect tears? I mainly just collect autographs and Barbies (the collectables).
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.10 18:32 And I probably wouldn't take an insect outside...I would try and kill it. I mean, if it was a centipede (not an insect) I wouldn't even get close to killing it.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.10 18:33 Expect me on in a couple minutes!
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.10 18:34 Once, I stayed up until 6 am trying to kill a centipede. There were like 2 in my room, but I killed one. I ended up failing miserably due to its amazing speed.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.10 18:34 Ok!
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.10 18:35 Anyways, since I have a bunk bed, I woke up after a couple hours to see the centipede hanging right over me. It was a living nightmare...
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.10 18:42 Well, since it was a living nightmare, the Tantabus must be real! 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 You will probably only get that joke if you've watched Season 5, Episode 13 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.10 18:42 No shame!
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.10 22:12 Update# 180 ice cream brands
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.10 22:13 Aries: Edy's
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.10 22:14 Taurus: Turkey Hills
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.10 22:15 Leo: Ben &Jerry's
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.10 22:16 Virgo: Friendly's
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.10 22:16 Libra: Marble Slab
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.10 22:17 Scorpio: Haagen-Dazs
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.10 22:18 Capricorn: Breyers
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Aug.10 22:18 Aquarius: Carvel
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.11 04:19 @ Virgo: Unless it's a mosquito or something that seems life-threatening (e.g. a black widow spider), I don't like killing bugs. Every time I kill one (that isn't a mosquito or isn't life-threatening), I actually feel really sorry for it. I mean, it had a
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.11 04:20 right to live, too. It's another living being-like you or me. I know this might sound silly to some people, but for me it's true.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.11 04:21 You might as well kill some normal cat that somehow wandered into your house.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.11 04:21 About the ice cream brand update: I haven't had the Carvel brand...my Capricorn friend likes Breyers a lot, though.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.11 04:27 @ Virgo: As for centipedes...I just don't like them. I probably would kill one if it got in my room and not have many regrets. I would still prefer trying to put it outside, though. Same with wasps and bees.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.11 04:50 Well, more like just bees and centipedes. Unless the wasp is being aggressive, I wouldn't want to kill it.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.11 18:34 ARIES: Twister. It's not a board game, but who cares? You don't listen to the rules. (I cut out the third sentence in the commentary because it has a bad swear word in it.)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.11 18:35 TAURUS: Disney's Frozen Party Game. Please, we are begging you. STOP SINGING LET IT GO. (I totally agree with the commentary...Let it Go is sooo crud-ing annoying!!)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.11 18:36 LEO: Ouija Board. Everyone thinks you are a good idea, until you summon the spirits of the dead and kill their families. (Note: This is only commentary; no Leos are being blamed for anything here.)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.11 18:37 VIRGO: Candy Land. You are basically a child who will never grow up.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.11 18:38 LIBRA: Yaztee. You want people to scream your name all night long.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.11 18:39 SCORPIO: Uno. Everyone thinks you're their friend, until BAM! You give them a draw four.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.11 18:39 CAPRICORN: Clue. You're a mystery. Who are you? Where did you come from?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.11 18:40 AQUARIUS: Cards Against Humanity. There is no need for explanation.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.11 18:40 I never even heard of Cards Against Humanity, so... XP
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.11 18:40 My Capricorn friend likes Clue, though.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.11 18:40 Libra and Scorpio got good results, in my opinion.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.11 19:31 Never played Yatzee, but my mom loves Yatzee, and she's a Libra, too, so that fits her.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.11 19:31 I'm more like an Aries, a Virgo, and a Scorpio.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.11 19:32 And Ouija board totally fits a famous Leo named Bunny, or as she's known on YouTube, Grav3yardgirl.
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.11 19:33 I have never played clue
11>Leo (Sign), anyyo.2015,Aug.11 19:34 Really? Does she summon the dead?
11>Leo (Sign), anyyo.2015,Aug.11 19:34 Grav3yardgirl?
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.11 20:14 update 182
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.11 20:17 The signs as cat breeds
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.11 20:17 Aries: Bengal Cat
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.11 20:17 Taurus: British Long-hair
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.11 20:17 Gemini: Siamese
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.11 20:17 Cancer: Munchkin
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.11 20:17 Virgo: Persian
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.11 20:18 Libra: Russian Blue
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.11 20:18 Scorpio: Ragdoll
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.11 20:18 Sagittarius: Savannah
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.11 20:18 Capricorn: Maine Coon
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.11 20:18 Aquarius: Turkish Angor
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.11 20:19 Pisces: Chartreux
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.11 21:45 @ Bekah: You're missing out! Clue is one of the best board games ever! (Other than Chess, of course, which is THE best.)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.11 21:46 @ Leo: I never said Grave3yardgirl (who I have barely even heard of) can summon the dead. I guess something about the board game Ouija Board (note that I haven't even heard of that game until now) has to do with summoning the dead.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.11 21:47 About Update #182: I looked up the Turkish Angor cat breed. Though I prefer black cats and gray/silver tabbies, that cat breed is pretty.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.11 21:48 @ Bekah: Also, again, there's no need to post updates about ALL the signs-unless you have a reason not to, try to post updates only about the signs of members here (which include Virgo, Capricorn, Aries, Libra, Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, and Scorpio). Sorry
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.11 21:48 if I'm being pushy.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 04:47 Here!
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.12 04:51 Here also!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 04:55 UPDATE #183: THE SIGNS AND WHAT TYPE OF DRESS THEY WOULD WEAR
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 04:55 ARIES: Little black dress
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 04:56 TAURUS: Lace dress
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 04:56 LEO: Maxi dress
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 04:56 VIRGO: Denim dress
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 04:56 LIBRA: Thigh split dress
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 04:57 SCORPIO: Short dress
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 04:57 CAPRICORN: Bandeau dress
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 04:57 AQUARIUS: What's a dress??
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 04:57 That is totally my mentality. XD
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 04:58 I don't like wearing dresses.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 04:58 Weirdly enough, my Capricorn friend dislikes Bandeau dresses.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.12 04:59 Denim dress? I don't know...no thanks.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 05:00 I looked up denim dresses. They look nice to me, but a little short.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 05:03 UPDATE #184: THE SIGNS AS RANDOM CLOTHES
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 05:03 ARIES: Panties
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 05:03 TAURUS: A very large sweater/jumper made of crappy fabric
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 05:04 LEO: Mittens
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 05:05 VIRGO: (I'm not gonna put this in. Though it's not super inappropriate, I probably wouldn't want young people seeing this.)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 05:05 LIBRA: Thongs
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 05:05 SCORPIO: Tank tops
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 05:06 CAPRICORN: T-shirt
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 05:06 AQUARIUS: Salad dressing
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 05:06 What...??
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 05:06 Ohhh, I get the pun. "Dressing." XD
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 05:06 Still weird, but it's kind of funny.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 05:09 OK, I am SO PROUD of myself for finding THIS update, because what it's about is one of my VERY favorite subjects! :D XD
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 05:09 Comedy fans, you'll love this...
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.12 05:09 I think I have an idea of what my designated article of clothing is. *gag* *choke*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 05:10 UPDATE #185: THE SIGNS AS FARTS (Yes, you are not hallucinating. X'D)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 05:10 ARIES: Those really loud, snappy farts
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 05:10 TAURUS: Those quiet non-smelly farts
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 05:11 LEO: Those farts that leave you feeling warm in your underwear
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 05:11 VIRGO: Those farts that sound unreal, very standard fart noise
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 05:12 LIBRA: WHAT THE [BLEEP] THAT JUST CAME OUT OF YOUR BUTT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 05:12 SCORPIO: Those rumbly low farts that stink up to high heaven
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 05:13 CAPRICORN: Those short stacatto-ed farts that come one after another for like 5 minutes straight
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 05:13 AQUARIUS: Those class that sneak up on you and embarrass you in class, yikes...
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 05:14 OK, I've had some awkward fart-filled moments during chess tournaments, but nothing like that.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 05:14 The Capricorn result definitely matches my friend, though. XD
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 05:14  Secret message to Virgo  
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.12 05:15 Haha, nice. But my farting is more like Aries, Taurus, and Scorpio.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.12 05:15  Secret message to Aquarius  
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.12 05:17 I'm probably going to leave this club for tonight. I'll see you on Movie RP and WB!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 05:17  Secret message to Virgo  
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 05:18 OK, see you!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 05:18 My farts are mixed-some are in a way like the Aquarius farts, and others are like the Aries, Taurus, Scorpio, and Capricorn farts.
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.12 13:55 Mine is right, but I fart for 3 min. straight, not 5
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 18:18 XD So you time yourself?!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 18:19 UPDATE #186: THE SIGNS WHEN THEY'RE STAYING HOME BECAUSE THEY ARE ILL
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 18:20 ARIES: I HATE EVERYTHING!!!!!!! *tries to break something but doesn't have enough energy*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 18:20 TAURUS: *eats the entire kitchen and then throws it all up*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 18:21 LEO: *sitting in a pile of (used) tissues* I am so disgusting...I can never show my face again...!!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 18:23 VIRGO: *on web MD website* MOM...OH MY GOD...HELP!!!!! I HAVE PHNEUNOMONOULTRAMICROSCOPICSILICOVOLCANOKONIOSIS!!!!!!!!!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 18:24 LIBRA: *sleeps all day**occasionally wakes up to take some more medicine and complain*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 18:25 SCORPIO: *complains complains complains COMPLAINS CoMpLaInS cOmPlAiNs c o m p l a i n s*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 18:25 CAPRICORN: *is the most miserable thing on earth**lies in a ball all day*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 18:25 AQUARIUS: I SAID I'M NOT SICK!!!!!! *throws up*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 18:26 I rarely get ill, but that doesn't really match me.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 18:29 From what I can remember, I'm more like a Pisces, except I do stuff on my computer instead of stare at the ceiling. (Note: The Pisces result is: *lies in bed staring at the ceiling**is surrounded by stuffed animals*)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 18:31 UPDATE #187: THE SIGNS AS COLLEGE ROOMMATES
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 18:31 ARIES: *constantly leaves the door to our (your+Aries') dorm unlocked by accident*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 18:32 TAURUS: *cooks so everyone else doesn't just try to survive on Chinese takeout*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 18:32 LEO: *keeps trying to insist on getting a "family" pet for the apartment/dorm*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 18:32 VIRGO: *buys groceries so everyone else doesn't starve*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 18:33 LIBRA: *ends up doing other people's laundry so that they don't wear the same outfit every day for a week*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 18:34 SCORPIO: *is the only one who pays their portion of the rent on time*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 18:34 CAPRICORN: *is constantly buying house plants without saying anything and placing them in inconvenient spaces*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 18:35 AQUARIUS: *cleans without being asked because nobody else is going to do it*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 18:35 Uh...no. Cleaning is NOT my thing.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 18:36 I might be a Capricorn, though I don't garden much, or I might even be an Aries...heh heh... o.o'
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.12 19:06 I love to plant
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.12 19:07 And for the when they are sick, i am TOTALLY a Capricorn
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 22:32 Here!
11>Leo (Sign), anyyo.2015,Aug.12 22:32 Hey!
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.12 22:34 By inconvient spaces does it mean the bathroom?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 22:35 I don't know...anywhere that gets in the way, I guess. BTW, hi Leo!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 22:35 Are you Silver, Leo?
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.12 22:35 Brunnhilde?\
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 22:35 Wait, no, Silver's older...
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 22:35 @ Leo: What's your name?
11>Leo (Sign), anyyo.2015,Aug.12 22:35 No, I am not Silver
11>Leo (Sign), anyyo.2015,Aug.12 22:37 I would never get anyone a pet unless it was a fish
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 22:37 Yeah...I realized that from looking at your age...
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 22:37 I have fish. :D
11>Leo (Sign), anyyo.2015,Aug.12 22:37 And I do not have self esteem issuess when I am sick
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 22:37 OK, time for another update!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 22:37 UPDATE #188: THE SIGNS ON ANIMALS
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 22:38 [Argh, typo...redo.]
11>Leo (Sign), anyyo.2015,Aug.12 22:38 Awesome!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 22:38 UPDATE #188: THE SIGNS AS SEA ANIMALS
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 22:38 ARIES: Whale
11>Leo (Sign), anyyo.2015,Aug.12 22:38 I love fish!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 22:38 TAURUS: Dolphin'
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 22:38 LEO: Sea lion (Duh XP)
11>Leo (Sign), anyyo.2015,Aug.12 22:38  Secret message to Aquarius  
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 22:38 VIRGO: Barnacles
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.12 22:39 Ha!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 22:39  Secret message to Leo  
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 22:39 LIBRA: Sting ray
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 22:39 SCORPIO: Shark
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 22:40 CAPRICORN: Swordfish
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 22:40 AQUARIUS: Turtle
11>Leo (Sign), anyyo.2015,Aug.12 22:40  Buying Sword of truth (x 1)  
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 22:40 Yay, I love turtles!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 22:40 Poor Virgo...
11>Leo (Sign), anyyo.2015,Aug.12 22:40 Sea lions are ovious
11>Leo (Sign), anyyo.2015,Aug.12 22:41 Are you finished? I want to do an update?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 22:41 Go ahead, I'm finished!
11>Leo (Sign), anyyo.2015,Aug.12 22:44 All Your Perfect Astrological Song, Sung by an Artist With Your Astrological Sign July 10, 2014 12:35 PM Share on email 88 View Comments A woodcut by Elizabethan physician William Bullein, from 'A Newe Booke entituled Government of Healthe', published 15
11>Leo (Sign), anyyo.2015,Aug.12 22:44 Oh, sorry
11>Leo (Sign), anyyo.2015,Aug.12 22:44 ARIES: Lady Gaga – “The Edge of Glory”
11>Leo (Sign), anyyo.2015,Aug.12 22:45 TAURUS: Willie Nelson – “Ain’t It Funny How Time Slips Away?”
11>Leo (Sign), anyyo.2015,Aug.12 22:45 All Your Perfect Astrological Song, Sung by an Artist With Your Astrological Sign July 10, 2014 12:35 PM Share on email 88 View Comments A woodcut by Elizabethan physician William Bullein, from 'A Newe Booke entituled Government of Healthe', published 15
11>Leo (Sign), anyyo.2015,Aug.12 22:45 {sorry}
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 22:48 Still there, Leo?
11>Leo (Sign), anyyo.2015,Aug.12 22:48 {yeah, forget that update
11>Leo (Sign), anyyo.2015,Aug.12 22:48 I am... Mady
11>Leo (Sign), anyyo.2015,Aug.12 22:49 Do you want to go somewhere else?
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.12 22:49 Yum, Yum, Yum, Yum, Yum, Yum, Yum, Yum.
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.12 22:49 Random!!!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 22:50 Nah...
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 22:50 Here's another update.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 22:50 UPDATE #189: THE SIGNS AS THE THREE DIVERGENT BOOKS
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 22:51 ARIES, TAURUS, AQUARIUS: Divergent (The 1st book of the trilogy)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 22:51 VIRGO, LIBRA, CAPRICORN: Insurgent (The 2nd book of the trilogy)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 22:52 LEO, SCORPIO: Allegiant (The 3rd book of the trilogy)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 22:52 Yes!! I always thought the first book was the best one! :D
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 22:52 I haven't read Allegiant. Hoping to, though.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 22:53 ANOTHER update...
11>Leo (Sign), anyyo.2015,Aug.12 22:53 Did you get that idea from the Divergent RP?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 22:53 UPDATE #190: THE SIGNS AS BEAUTIFUL THINGS
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 22:53 @ Leo: Yep. Plus, I'm a Divergent fan. Anyway...
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 22:54 ARIES, SCORPIO, AQUARIUS: Dark Thunder Clouds (Power)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 22:54 TAURUS: Mountains (Stability)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 22:55 LEO, VIRGO: Waterfalls (Reliability)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 22:55 LIBRA, CAPRICORN: Northern Lights (Wonder)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 22:55 I love thunderstorms, but I might have preferred mountains or the Northern Lights.
11>Leo (Sign), anyyo.2015,Aug.12 22:56 Why don't you want to switch
11>Leo (Sign), anyyo.2015,Aug.12 22:56 and congrats on your RP alliance RP
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 22:57 Eh...I don't know. Not in the mood. Plus, I don't know who you are, so I don't know what clubs you belong to.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 22:57 Thanks!
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.12 22:57 I'm leaving, and so is
11>Leo (Sign), anyyo.2015,Aug.12 22:57 Me!!!
11>Leo (Sign), anyyo.2015,Aug.12 22:58 I will go to the Your Banned RP
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.12 22:58 I will maybe stay here or go to the Earthquake/Tornado game
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.12 22:59 Crud, gotta go...see you guys! *offline*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.13 17:06 UPDATE #191: THE SIGNS' REACTIONS TO CRAPPY PUNS
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.13 17:07 ARIES: *genuinely laughs until they think of something better*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.13 17:07 TAURUS: *tries to think of something better, fails, and smirks at the crappy pun*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.13 17:08 LEO: LM*O WT* HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! (Note: I cut out letters that stand for swear words.)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.13 17:08 VIRGO: *tries to make a pun of the pun**ends up giggling*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.13 17:10 LIBRA: None (The person who wrote this update forgot to put in a result for Libra. Sorry, all Libras out there!)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.13 17:10 SCORPIO: *doesn't want to laugh but does anyway**jokingly threatens to kill the person who made the pun*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.13 17:10 CAPRICORN: *laughs too much**ruins the moment*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.13 17:11 AQUARIUS: *half smirks, half laughs* Ooo, that su cked... *laughs more*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.13 17:12 When I hear a crappy pun, I usually groan and say "Ooo" or something, so that at least partially matches me.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.13 20:27 UPDATE #192: THE SIGNS AND THEIR ROLES IN A FAIRYTALE
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.13 20:27 ARIES, VIRGO, SCORPIO: Evil Queen/Villain
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.13 20:27 TAURUS: Animal/Companion they meet during the adventure
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.13 20:28 LEO: Prince/Dream Guy
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.13 20:28 LIBRA, CAPRICORN: Princess
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.13 20:28 AQUARIUS: Heroine
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.13 20:28 Yay, a heroine!
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.13 22:31 UPDATE #192: WHAT THE SIGNS SAY TOO MUCH
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.13 22:31 ARIES: "Fudge it"
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.13 22:32 TAURUS: "No, it's mine"
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.13 22:32 LEO: "Yeah, but remember that time I..."
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.13 22:32 VIRGO: "No, not there"
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.13 22:33 LIBRA: "You choose"
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.13 22:33 SCORPIO: "Why?"
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.13 22:33 CAPRICORN: "No."
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.13 22:34 AQUARIUS: "I already knew that"
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.13 22:34 Haha, mostly Aries for me.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.13 22:46 UPDATE #193: HOW SASSY THE SIGNS ARE
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.13 22:46 ARIES: 70%
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.13 22:46 TAURUS: 45%
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.13 22:46 LEO: 75%
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.13 22:46 VIRGO: 30%
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.13 22:47 LIBRA: 67%
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.13 22:47 SCORPIO: 83%
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.13 22:47 CAPRICORN: 88%
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.13 22:48 AQUARIUS: 99%
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.13 22:50 Pretty true. I'm usually not sassy if I can help it.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.14 00:41 About Updaye #192: Yeah, often people tell me stuff I already know. XP I'm also a bit of a Scorpio and maybe a Virgo/Capricorn.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.14 00:41 *Update
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.14 00:43 About Update #193: Whaaat?! OK, I'm a bit sassy-sometimes I think my artistic tastes are much better than most people's, and sometimes I'm stubborn and I argue a bit. But I mainly try to be nice to others and not have a big attitude or anything.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.14 00:43 If I were to estimate my sassiness level, I might say 50% or 40%. But DEFINITELY not that.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.14 20:04 In fact, I might even have a lower sassiness level, like 30% or something.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.14 22:21 UPDATE #194: THE SIGNS WHEN CAMPING
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.14 22:23 ARIES: *first to pitch his tent**screams at a couple fellow campers and slacks off*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.14 22:23 *his/her
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.14 22:25 TAURUS: *brings the most food and has a state-of-the-art tent**tries to fix anything that's broken and gets in an argument with Sagittarius, who took something from his/her tent without permission*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.14 22:25 LEO: *pitches his/her tent by the best-looking girl/boy in camp**hopes that he/she brought enough cologne/perfume for three days*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.14 22:26 VIRGO: *nervously goes through the list the fourth time and hopes he/she didn't forget anything**wonders what the signs will be doing*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.14 22:30 LIBRA: *can't decide where to pitch his/her tent**will make sure everyone will admire the beauty of his/her tent or will charm someone into putting it up for him/her*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.14 22:30 SCORPIO: *brought a Swiss army knife and a sleeping bag**is determined to hunt something**pitches his/her tent far away from everyone else*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.14 22:31 CAPRICORN: *already starting a fire**wonders is he/she should start chopping more wood*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.14 22:32 AQUARIUS: *upset that the meals aren't vegetarian**looks for interesting mushrooms in the woods*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.14 22:32 OK, I'd definitely be upset if there were no vegetarian meals, but I'm not dumb enough to go looking for mushrooms. I know that a lot of wild mushrooms are poisonous.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.14 22:33 UPDATE #195: THE SIGNS AND THEIR CAMPING PARTNERS
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.14 22:33 ARIES & AQUARIUS
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.14 22:33 TAURUS & PISCES
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.14 22:34 LEO & SAGITTARIUS
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.14 22:34 VIRGO & CANCER
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.14 22:34 LIBRA & GEMINI
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.14 22:34 SCORPIO & CAPRICORN
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.14 22:35 Hm...not sure if I'd choose an Aries. Capricorn or Sagittarius, maybe, since two of my closest friends have those signs.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.15 00:17 About 194, I would just look at the instruction manual and follow it. I wouldn't be able to charm people into pitching a tent for me. At. All.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.15 00:23 195: I might have a Gemini friend, but I'd rather bring my Aries dad, my Libra sister or mom, my Leo sister (when she gets older) or my Capricorn brother or BFF.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.15 04:16 I actually have a Cancer friend, but she's really not the outdoorsy type. I'm better off with my Capricorn friend, who is way more adventurous. I've actually been camping with her...in my backyard, haha.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.15 04:39 Yeah, my Capricorn friend is adventurous too (her moon sign is Aries, so astrology-wise that would explain it; again, I don't believe in astrology, but it's kind of fun to research it) and would probably love to go camping with me. It's kind of weird; all
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.15 04:40 the Capricorns I know are generally nice, outgoing people. Some of them are smart, but they aren't the emotionless money-grabber types at all.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.15 04:41 All this Zodiac stuff has given me an idea about a Zodiac fictional book series or a Zodiac RP, but if I were to make it into a book I would probably have to finish the current trilogy I'm working on.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.15 17:30 UPDATE 196: THE SIGNS AS BODY PARTS
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.15 17:31 ARIES: Head
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.15 17:31 TAURUS: Throat, Neck
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.15 17:32 GEMINI: Arms, Lungs
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.15 17:32 CANCER: Stomach, ahem, lady chest parts
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.15 17:33 LEO: Heart, Spine
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.15 17:34 Virgo: Nervous System
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.15 17:34 LIBRA: Kidneys
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.15 17:35 SCORPIO: Reproductive Organs
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.15 17:37 SAGITTARIUS: Hips, Thighs
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.15 17:38 CAPRICORN: Bones, Teeth
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.15 17:38 AQUARIUS: Ankles
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.15 17:39 PISCES: Feet, Immune System
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.15 17:45 Dang, I meant for Virgo to be all caps.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.15 17:46 *UPDATE 197
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.15 17:47 LEO, CAPRICORN, LIBRA: Attractive
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.15 17:47 SAGITTARIUS, SCORPIO, ARIES: Honest
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.15 17:49 CANCER, PISCES, TAURUS: Understanding
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.15 17:49 GEMINI, AQUARIUS, VIRGO: Smart
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.15 19:14 Yay, smartness! :D Also, ankles? Meh...I was hoping for hands or something.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.15 19:21 UPDATE #198: THE SIGNS AS TYPES OF FRIENDS
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.15 19:21 ARIES: The one who stands up for you
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.15 19:21 TAURUS: The one that sorts out your drama
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.15 19:22 LEO: The one that gets you into parties
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.15 19:22 VIRGO: The one that doesn't sugarcoat it
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.15 19:22 LIBRA: The one that takes selfies with you
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.15 19:23 SCORPIO: The one who will literally kill for you
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.15 19:23 CAPRICORN: The one who explains things to you
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.15 19:24 AQUARIUS: The one that lets you be yourself
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.15 19:25 I guess I'm that type of friend. But I'm also the Aries or Capricorn type (though while playing games I sometimes side with different friends at different times just to have more fun and mix things up >:D XD).
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.15 21:15 I don't sugarcoat it. And I'm probably kind of like a Taurus, too. My friends are like me; they don't usually get involved in drama. But sometimes they vent so I usually try to make it better for them.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.15 21:15 Ugh, the nervous system. Cool system, but...sometimes I hate nerves.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.15 22:01 I'm pretty much all of that..😄
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.15 22:03 Maybe. I don't know what "doesn't sugarcoat it" means.
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.16 00:46 I like to explain things to my friends, when they don't understand my brillant inventions.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.16 17:19 UPDATE 199: THE SIGNS' POLARITY
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.16 17:22 ARIES, GEMINI, LEO, LIBRA, SAGITTARIUS, AQUARIUS: Positive
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.16 17:23 TAURUS, CANCER, VIRGO, SCORPIO, CAPRICORN, PISCES: Negative
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.16 17:23 I am optimistic most of the time, so that fits me.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.16 17:24 UPDATE 200: THE SIGNS IN DIFFERENT PERSONALITY GROUPS
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.16 17:26 ARIES, TAURUS, GEMINI, CANCER: Emotional
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.16 17:28 LEO, VIRGO, LIBRA, SCORPIO: Intellectual
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.16 17:29 SAGITTARIUS, CAPRICORN, AQUARIUS, PISCES: Theoretical
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.16 17:29 Both of them fit me really well!
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.16 17:30 So, what do you think? Do the results fit you?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.16 21:25 I'm a very positive person, so that matches me. However, my Capricorn friend is also positive, so that doesn't match her at all.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.16 21:26 @ Libra: "Sugarcoating" is basically an expression that means making something sound better than it really is. In a way it's a form of deception.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.16 21:27 Matches me pretty well.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.16 21:27 Not sure about Update 200...I'm emotional, intellectual, and theoretical, I guess.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.16 21:27 Hi!
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.16 21:27 Ok, I finally found something on the signs as X-Men characters! Here it is!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.16 21:28 Replies will be slow. I'm reading American history (ugh).
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.16 21:28 YES!!!!!
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.16 21:28 Hi!
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.16 21:28 I hate American history. I mean, I don't need to learn about ever detail of the Revolutionary War every year. Anyways, here we go!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.16 21:29 Same. So boring.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.16 21:29 UPDATE #201: THE SIGNS AS X-MEN CHARACTERS
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.16 21:29 I love Roman history though.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.16 21:29 ARIES: Iceman
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.16 21:29 TAURUS: Wolverine
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.16 21:30 LEO: Hank McCoy/Beast (One of my personal favorites)
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.16 21:30 VIRGO: Jean Grey
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.16 21:31 LIBRA: Storm
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.16 21:31 SCORPIO: Raven Darkholme/Mystique
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.16 21:31 CAPRICORN: Cyclops
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.16 21:32 AQUARIUS: Kitty Pryde
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.16 21:32 Not a bad result.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.16 21:32 Kitty Pryde!! :D
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.16 21:32 Jean Grey is also one of my favorites.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.16 21:32 Sort of surprised that Scorpio wasn't Magneto.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.16 21:33 My Capricorn friend won't be too pleased. None of us really like Cyclops, though he's OK.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.16 21:33 Gemini got Magneto. Poor Gemini.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.16 21:34 BTW, I was watching SNL last night and Scarlet Johannson (AKA Black Widow) was hosting it. I actually didn't see her (I just saw her name in the info), but I saw a couple hilarious skits.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.16 21:35 I actually have a Gemini friend. I had better not tell her about this. XD
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.16 21:35 Wish I could have tuned in! She's one of my favorites.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.16 21:36 Yeah, haha. And it's my moon sign!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.16 21:37 My moon sign's Scorpio...that doesn't match me at all. I thought I would get Aries, but my Capricorn friend did.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.16 21:40 Gemini kind of matches me, but not much.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.16 21:41 Finally done reading history.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.16 21:41 Same. Scorpio sort of matches me, but seems too "dark" in personality.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.16 21:41 Capricorn and Aries fit my friend really well though.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.16 21:43 Want to switch to WB?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.16 21:43 Nvm, you already did. See you there!
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.16 21:43 Sure. See you there!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 04:38 UPDATE #202: THE SIGNS AND THEIR IDEAL METHODS OF TRANSPORTATION
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 04:38 ARIES, TAURUS, LIBRA: Car
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 04:39 LEO, CAPRICORN: Train
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 04:39 VIRGO, AQUARIUS: Bike
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 04:40 SCORPIO: Plane
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 04:41 I like riding my bike, but I haven't done it in a while. I like riding in cars too.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 04:41 My Capricorn friend hasn't been on a train, but I think she has always wanted to ride in one.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 04:43 UPDATE #203: THE SIGNS AND THEIR EYE COLORS
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 04:43 ARIES, LIBRA: Brown
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 04:44 TAURUS, CAPRICORN: Hazel
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 04:44 LEO, SCORPIO: Green
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 04:44 VIRGO, AQUARIUS: Blue
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 04:44 Matches me. My Capricorn friend's result is mostly wrong, but I think her eyes do have a little bit of hazel in them.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 04:59 UPDATE #203: THE SIGNS AND THEIR COLORS-VERSION 1
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 04:59 ARIES: Clouded red-passion, anger
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 04:59 TAURUS: Dark blue-stubborn, need for control
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 04:59 LEO: Bright orange-vibrancy, optimism
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 05:00 VIRGO: Yellow orange-analytical, perfectionist
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 05:00 LIBRA: Pink-artistic, loving
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 05:00 SCORPIO: Bright red-sensual, competitive
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 05:01 CAPRICORN: Orange red-power, confidence
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 05:01 AQUARIUS: Gold-guide, protected by divine entities
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 05:01 I've always preferred silver over gold, but gold is nice, I guess.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 05:02 My Capricorn friend likes the color orange somewhat, so I guess orange red fits her a bit.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 05:02 UPDATE #204: THE SIGNS AND THEIR COLORS-VERSION 2
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 05:02 ARIES: Dark red
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 05:02 TAURUS: Brown
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 05:02 LEO: Olive green
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 05:03 VIRGO: Jade green
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 05:03 LIBRA: Teal
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 05:03 SCORPIO: Blue
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 05:03 CAPRICORN: Indigo
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 05:03 AQUARIUS: Purple
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 05:03 Whahoo! Purple and violet are my favorite colors! :D
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.17 05:04 Hi!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 05:04 Weirdly enough, both me and my Capricorn friend like the colors purple/violet and blue (specifically darker shades). Some shades of indigo are part violet and part blue, so I'm betting that my Capricorn friend will like her result when she sees it.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 05:04 Hello!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 05:05 Here's another update-it looked fun so I decided to post it!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 05:05 UPDATE #205: THE SIGNS AND WHAT THEY WOULD ASK THE WIZARD OF OZ FOR
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 05:05 ARIES, LEO: A heart
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.17 05:05 My color on the second one fits me a lot! I love ocean colors! 😘
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 05:06 TAURUS, VIRGO, CAPRICORN: Courage
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.17 05:06 sorry
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 05:06 LIBRA, AQUARIUS: A brain
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 05:06 SCORPIO: A way home
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 05:07 @ Libra: It's okay. Just don't say "sorry" until I'm done with the update; that just interrupts the update a second time.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.17 05:07 Sorry!
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.17 05:07 I sound like Twilight Spar3
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 05:08 I already have a brain, so... XD But I might ask for the wizard to make me smarter somehow (though I already am smart). Though I already am a little bit of a daredevil, I could be braver; I might ask for courage, too.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 05:08 Who's Twilight Spar3?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 05:08 Hopefully he/she is not a fan of Twilight... XP
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.17 05:08 In sound like Twilight Sparkle in the Season 4 premiere...
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 05:08 Oh, nvm. That's a pony from MLP.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.17 05:09 Yes!
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.17 05:10 Anyway, it doesn't fit me. I'm smart enough. I would ask for courage or a way home.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 05:10 I don't watch the MLP show, but I do know a couple of the ponys' names because I used to collect toy MLP ponies.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 05:11 I'd ask for smarts or courage.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.17 05:11 It's G4. Generation 4.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 05:11 What's Generation 4?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 05:12 Again, I don't watch the MLP show.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 05:12 So if it's related to MLP, I'm clueless. XP
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 05:13  Secret message to Libra  
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 05:13  Secret message to Libra  
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.17 05:14 Anyway, let's get back to the astrology.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 05:14 Actually, I have to go. See you! *offline*
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.17 05:15 Bye!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 17:45 VIRGO
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 17:45 CAPRICORN
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 17:45 AQUARIUS
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 17:45 LEO
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 17:45 TAURUS
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 17:45 SCORPIO
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 17:45 LIBRA
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 17:45 ARIES
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 17:46 Yep, that's me. I'd probably want to know if a cold front is coming or if it's going to rain before going to the beach. XP
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 17:47 ARIES, GEMINI, SAGITTARIUS: Racing/Speed competition
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 17:48 TAURUS, VIRGO, SCORPIO, LIBRA, AQUARIUS: Marco Polo
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 17:49 CANCER, LEO, CAPRICORN, PISCES: Chicken fight
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 17:50 I like all three of those games (I haven't done a chicken fight in years, though), so any one of those matches me.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 17:51 Note for those who don't know what a chicken fight is: It's basically a "fight" between two pairs of people in a pool; the pairs each have one person sit on the other person's shoulders and try to knock the other person who is on another person's
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 17:52 shoulders down into the pool. The first one who goes down into the pool is the loser. It's really fun, but again, I haven't done it in such a long time.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 17:53 Even though my result was Marco Polo, I wanted to define "chicken fight" in case someone freaks out at his/her result. XD
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 23:52 #208: THE SIGNS (ALL TWELVE) AS PAIRS OF TRIBUTES COMPETING IN THE HUNGER GAMES
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 23:53 ARIES, TAURUS: District 2
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 23:53 LEO, AQUARIUS: District 1
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 23:53 VIRGO, LIBRA: District 3
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 23:54 SCORPIO, CAPRICORN: District 12
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 23:54 GEMINI, PISCES: District 4
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 23:55 SAGITTARIUS, CANCER: District 5
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 23:55 Nooo! I'm a Career! DX
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.17 23:56 My Capricorn friend is going to jump for joy when she sees these results... (Note: District 12 is the District of the main protagonist of the Hunger Games books/movies.)
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.17 23:58 Hi!
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.18 00:01 Guess you're not here.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:02 OK, this looked like a funny update, so I decided to post it...
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:02 UPDATE #209: THE SIGNS REACTING TO LOSING THEIR PHONE
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:03 ARIES: *has a megaphone**announces as loudly as he/she can:* IF YOU HAVE SEEN MY PHONE, PLEASE REPORT TO THE QUEEN ASAP!!!!!!!!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:03 TAURUS: *literally hires people to help them look for it*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:03 LEO: *cries and freaks out until they find it*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:04 VIRGO: *to be honest...Virgos never loses their phones*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:04 LIBRA: *FREAKS THE [BLEEP] OUT*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:05 SCORPIO: *tries to act calm and collected, but is actually panicking on the inside*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:06 CAPRICORN: *panicks and literally sends out an AMBER Alert*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:08 AQUARIUS: *sprints around everywhere he/she went that day like a whirlwind until they find it*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:09 I guess that matches me...I don't even own a phone, and I find the way people are sooo obsessed with their phones nowadays VERYYYY annoying, but I'd probably go back to wherever I was that day to see if I could find my phone if I had one.
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.18 19:10 Totally. I don't have a phone though.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:10 UPDATE #210: THE SIGNS AS CLICHE MOVIE LINES
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:11 ARIES: *is talking crap about someone when everyone falls silent* They're right behind me, aren't they?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:11 TAURUS: If I don't make it, tell [significant other] that I love him/her.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:12 LEO: *bad guys are approaching* Uh...guys, we've got company.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:13 VIRGO: Dad: "Son/daughter, you're giving up your dream!" Son/Daughter: "No dad, I'm giving up yours."
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:13 LIBRA: You look/sound/act just like your mother.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:13 SCORPIO: I don't even know who you are anymore!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:14 CAPRICORN: *looking warily off into the distance* There's a storm coming.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:14 AQUARIUS: This isn't what it looks like...
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:14 OK...not sure about that one. I'd prefer a more epic movie line (e.g. the Leo one) or a strangely simple but interesting one (the Capricorn line).
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:15 BTW, hi Bekah!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:16 UPDATE #211: THE SIGNS IN A SURVIVAL SITUATION
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:16 ARIES: *punches a bear in the face*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:16 TAURUS: *is too lazy to make a shelter so he/she gets eaten by wild animals*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:17 LEO: *is a complete bad "butt" and makes it out alive*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:17 VIRGO: *becomes one with nature*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:17 LIBRA: *looks for a way out of the wilderness*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:18 SCORPIO: *gets really stressed out and does whatever he/she can to survive*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:18 CAPRICORN: *makes use of the resources he/she has and survives*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:18 AQUARIUS: *looks for cell service the whole time*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:19 Uh...no, no, no, and NO. I don't have a cell phone, and though trying to call someone for help would be good, I would probably be more like a Capricorn and/or a Libra.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:28 UPDATE #212: HOW COMPETITIVE ARE THE SIGNS?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:28 ARIES, LEO, SCORPIO, CAPRICORN, AQUARIUS: Rip your head off competitive
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:28 TAURUS, VIRGO: Meh...
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:29 LIBRA: Does it look like I care?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:30 OK, I'm competitive. Whenever I'm competing for something (e.g. I'm playing a game with a prize involved), I really want to win. But I'm generally not a sore loser (or winner).
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:32 One more update for now...
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:32 UPDATE #213: THE SIGNS REACTING TO ASTROLOGY POSTS
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:33 (Note: My own "commentary" will be in parenthesis-like this.)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:34 ARIES: *fuming* COME ON!!!!!! I'M NOT THAT ANGRY ALL THE TIME!!!!!!! (Oh, the irony... X'D)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:34 TAURUS: You know, I do a lot more than eat food...OMG...
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:34 LEO: BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA SO ME!!!!!!!!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:36 VIRGO: Um...actually, I'm not a neat person, LOL!! (OK, I'm a bit mad at whoever came up with the Virgo result. All the Virgos I meet are quite neat...ooo, that rhymes!)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:36 LIBRA: I'm fine with this I guess...
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:37 SCORPIO: Why does everyone say I'm evil?! Who started up this stereotype?!?! Well, whoever did it, I'm going to find them and MURDER THEM!!!!! (More irony... XD Note: This is just an ironic joke. No offense to any Scorpions out there!)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:38 CAPRICORN: I'm a lot less motivated than you think.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:38 AQUARIUS:...Okay...??
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.18 19:38 Sometimes I'm like that. My results vary wildly. Hi!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:39 Since I don't really believe in astrology but I just like finding relatable posts whenever I'm bored, that is kind of my reaction. I also a little bit like a Capricorn-I notice stereotypes that aren't true in many people I know.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:39 Hello!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:39 Be right back...
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.18 19:40 Ok!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:41 Back.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:42 Had to go "powder my nose."
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.18 19:43 What does that mean?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:43 Still there?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:43 Nvm.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:43 It's an expression that means I had to go to the bathroom. XP
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.18 19:44 Ok, brb. Same reason. Lol
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:45 OK. I must be spreading the "Powdering-One's-Nose-Expression" virus. XD
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:47 Hello?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:47 Libra?
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.18 19:47 No, I'm serious. XP
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.18 19:48 Interesting
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:48 What's wrong? Are you doing "impossible paper work" during your "sit-down job?" X'D
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.18 19:48 No
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:48 @ Libra: Nvm, you're back. @ Capricorn: Hello again!
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.18 19:48 Wha? Also, hi!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:48 My toilet joke was directed at Libra, Capricorn. XP
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.18 19:49 Hello
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:49 @ Libra: Darrr!! You ruined my joke again. >.<
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:49 @ Libra: Sit-down job=sitting on the toilet. Impossible paper work=having trouble with the toilet paper. Get it now? -.-
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.18 19:49 FUNNY!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:50 Ugh...I hate having to ruin my own jokes by giving away what they mean. :P
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:50 No offense BTW.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:50 BTW, thanks Capricorn!
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.18 19:50 I get it. :)
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.18 19:53 Hello?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:53 Still here.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:54 Want to switch to Earthquake?
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.18 19:54 Hello.
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.18 19:54 YEAH!
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.18 19:54 Sure!
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.18 19:55 But I would rather switch to SU
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.18 19:55 What's that?
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.18 19:55 I'll go on Earthquake, though
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Aug.18 19:55 Okay
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.18 19:56 Oh, Superhero Universe
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.18 19:56 *goes to earthquake*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:57 OK! I'm planning to close SU sometime soon, though; I sort of lost interest in it.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.18 19:57 *goes to Earthquake*
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.20 13:37 Is this RP still active? I don't think it's ever gone this long without a post!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.20 19:02 Yeah. I've been checking it. Plus, two days of absence is nothing, really.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.20 19:02 A week is a bit long, though.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.22 17:06 UPDATE #213: THE SIGNS AS BIRDS
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.22 17:07 ARIES: Hawk
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.22 17:07 TAURUS: Finch
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.22 17:07 LEO: Parrot
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.22 17:07 VIRGO: Dove
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.22 17:07 LIBRA: Swan
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.22 17:08 SCORPIO: Robin
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.22 17:08 CAPRICORN: Crow
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.22 17:08 AQUARIUS: Raven
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.22 17:09 Doves are cool! But Aries and Leo are lucky.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.22 17:13 UPDATE #214: THE SIGNS IN THEIR SLEEP (WARNING: EXTREMELY RANDOM AND WEIRD)
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.22 17:14 ARIES: Sleep talking and yelling
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.22 17:14 TAURUS: Dreams about food
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.22 17:14 LEO: Too hot, too cold, too dark
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.22 17:15 VIRGO: Sleep walks and runs into a door
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.22 17:16 LIBRA: Wets the bed
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.22 17:16 SCORPIO: Stays up all night watching anime
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.22 17:17 CAPRICORN: Has the weirdest dreams
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.22 17:17 AQUARIUS: Hugs their pillow and cries about being single.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.22 17:17 Well then...
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Aug.22 17:18 I kind of laughed at my result. But I'm more like a Leo. Funny thing is that my birthday is actually August 23 (which is actually tomorrow), the first day where being a Virgo begins I guess. So I could probably technically be a Leo.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.22 20:18 I'm mostly a Capricorn(once I had a dream about tarantulas and "testistory flies", which I don't even think are a thing) , but once I stayed up till 2 i the morning watching Digimon, so I'm part Scorpio, part Capricorn.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.22 20:27  Secret message to Aquarius  
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.23 03:37  Secret message to Libra  
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.23 03:38 Yay, a raven! I like ravens. Too bad my Capricorn friend got crows...despite the similarity, ravens are better than crows (in my opinion).
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.23 03:38 XD The Virgo sleeping result is pretty funny. But my result is just...what? I don't even care one bit about being single.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.23 03:39 I'm like a Scorpio, Capricorn, and Leo rolled into one. Sometimes I'm too hot/cold, but too dark? No, I love sleeping in pitch black darkness. Weirdest dreams-oh yeah! Watching anime instead of going to sleep-HECK YEAH!! Or at least I wish I could do that
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.23 03:40 more often.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.23 03:41 OK, this one is one I made myself. It includes one sign that we don't normally do, and it excludes most of the signs that we do. Here it is...
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.23 03:42 UPDATE #214.5 (I'm not even sure if this counts as a complete update, so I'm making it "half of one."): THE SIGNS AS WELL-KNOWN FEMALE BOOK HEROINES
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.23 03:42 TAURUS: Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games trilogy)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.23 03:43 VIRGO: Hermione Granger (The Harry Potter series)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.23 03:43 SCORPIO: Beatrice "Tris" Prior (The Divergent trilogy)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.23 03:43 SAGITTARIUS: Ashley (The Caverns trilogy; AKA the trilogy I myself am writing)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.23 03:43 I just wanted to do an update with a character from one of my books in it.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.23 03:44 I'm actually not completely sure which sign matches Ashley; she's supposed to be born in the winter, not far from New Year's Day, and she is quite hotheaded now and then so a fire sign would fit her. The fire signs are Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius; the
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.23 03:45 only one of those that "overlaps" whenever her birthday is is Sagittarius, so I picked that sign. Sagittariuseseses (XD) usually are philosophers with good senses of humor, and their main flaw is that, being fire signs, they are hotheaded and expect too
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.23 03:46 much from other people, and Ashley has that hotheadedness, is a bit of a philosopher, and she laughs at things that are funny, but she generally doesn't crack jokes herself.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.23 03:46 So she at least partially matches a Sagittarius.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.23 03:47 Sorry to everyone who didn't have their signs "evaluated."
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.23 03:50 OK, time for a REAL update!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.23 03:52 UPDATE #215: THE SIGNS AS DIFFERENT COMMON TYPES OF BIRDS
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.23 03:52 ARIES, SCORPIO, CAPRICORN, AQUARIUS: Birds that poop on people they don't like
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.23 03:53 TAURUS, VIRGO, LIBRA: Birds that sing way too early in the morning
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.23 03:53 LEO: Birds that crash into windows while flying
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.23 03:54 A lot of the birds around where I live must have Leo as their Zodiac Sign... XD
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.23 03:54 Wanna go on Candyland?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.23 03:54 My result is sort of funny. Well, it's not funny if you're one of those humans they dislike, but it's hecka funny if you're one of those birds. XD
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.23 03:54 Hi!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.23 03:55 In a minute. Still looking around at updates.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.23 03:55 Ok.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.23 03:56 Oh my gosh. I'm looking at alternate bird updates, and in one of them Pisces got "Big Bird from Sesame Street" as his/her result. X'D
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.23 03:56 Poor Pisces... X'D
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.23 03:58 I hate Big Bird. No offence to all PISCES out there.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.23 03:58 derp
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.23 03:58 OK, I'm going to do two more updates and then switch to Candyland with you.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.23 03:58 Yeah. Sesame Street is so annoying.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.23 04:00 UPDATE #216: THE SIGNS AS BIRDS #2
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.23 04:00 ARIES: Woodpecker
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.23 04:00 TAURUS: Robin
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.23 04:01 LEO: Flamingo
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.23 04:01 VIRGO: Quail
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.23 04:01 LIBRA: Sparrow
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.23 04:01 SCORPIO: Owl
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.23 04:02 CAPRICORN: Raven
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.23 04:02 AQUARIUS: Peacock
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.23 04:02 Cool! I've seen peacocks at the local zoo and I like them
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.23 04:02 *!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.23 04:03 UPDATE #217: THE SIGNS WHEN GROUNDED
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.23 04:03 So many birds......XD
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.23 04:03 ARIES, TAURUS, SCORPIO: *sneaks food into room*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.23 04:03 LEO, AQUARIUS: *feels bad/guilty for what they did*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.23 04:04 VIRGO, CAPRICORN: *sleeps*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.23 04:04 LIBRA: *tries to find a way to sneak their phone away from parent possession*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.23 04:04 Yeah...that would probably be me. I'd also be a Capricorn or a Virgo.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.23 04:05 [brb]
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.23 04:06 No, not me at all! I accept it, draw and daydream when I get my phone taken away.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Aug.23 04:09 Back. Switching to Candyland.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Aug.23 04:11 Okay! See ya!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.3 18:25 This hasn't been updated in a loooong time, so I'll do an update or two.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.3 18:26 UPDATE #218: THE SIGNS' STYLES
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.3 18:26 ARIES: Exotic
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.3 18:26 TAURUS: Preppy
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.3 18:26 LEO: Arty
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.3 18:26 VIRGO: Vintage
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.3 18:26 LIBRA: Chic
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.3 18:26 SCORPIO: Punk
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.3 18:26 CAPRICORN: Traditional
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.3 18:27 AQUARIUS: Flamboyant
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.3 18:27 Not really sure what my style is, so no comment on that one.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.3 18:29 When I found this one (the update I'm about to post) I was kind of excited, so I had to post it (I love dragons ^.^).
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.3 18:29 UPDATE #219: THE SIGNS AS DRAGONS (YYYYEEEEAAAAHHHH!!!!)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.3 18:30 ARIES: Has smokey gray scales and long wings, can dart to and fro at high speeds with its retractable claws wielded, and likes to challenge other dragons regardless of size.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.3 18:31 TAURUS: Large, muscular, has scales that can change colors to match its surroundings which allow it to catch prey with ease, and avoids involvement with other dragons.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.3 18:32 LEO: Is a breathtaking serpent that lives in a sea of jewels and gold, generally mellow unless you touch its treasure, and its scales match its riches so it can attack you by surprise.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.3 18:33 VIRGO: Polished scales that are pearl white, perfectly aligned black spikes, impressive wingspan, likes isolation but also enjoys the company of his/her mate, and is competitive and picky.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.3 18:34 LIBRA: Elegant, refined, has scales that vary from pink to lavender, can exhale a gas that induces sleep, intelligent, easy to tame, and very cautious.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.3 18:35 SCORPIO: A slender dragon w/ crimson tail+eyes, has black jagged spikes down its spine, black speckles in its rear and tail to show that it is venomous, aggressive, and easily provoked.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.3 18:36 CAPRICORN: Almost never seen unless searched for, exhales shards of ice when threatened, has light blue or silver scales, peaceful, secluded, and lives at high altitudes.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.3 18:37 AQUARIUS: Most feral looking dragon, has a long snout+sharp jaws, acid drips from its mouth constantly, has dull green eyes and short legs, interesting to spectate but not safe to.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.3 18:38 Eh...my dragon is interesting, but I prefer the Capricorn and Libra dragons. Also, being a huge fan of Spyro, I wish my result was a young, little purple dragon who breathes fire and kicks bad guy butt. ^.^
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Sep.3 19:09 About 218, NO WAY. About 219, yea, totally.
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Sep.3 19:52 Cool!
3>Capricorn (RKC) (Sign), _____yo.2015,Sep.3 19:52 It exhales ice!
11>Leo (Sign), anyyo.2015,Sep.3 19:53 Update #220
11>Leo (Sign), anyyo.2015,Sep.3 19:54 What th signs do on roller coasters
11>Leo (Sign), anyyo.2015,Sep.3 19:56 Screaming: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, and Pisces
11>Leo (Sign), anyyo.2015,Sep.3 19:57 Hands up+smiling: Capricorn, Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Aquarius.
11>Leo (Sign), anyyo.2015,Sep.3 19:58 Trying to take a selfie/record it: Gemini, Leo, Libra
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.4 22:27 About #220: Yep, that's me. ^.^ I put my hands up, smile, and occasionally whoop, but I never scream or try to record it.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Sep.4 22:32 Hi!
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Sep.4 22:32 I'm staying.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Sep.4 22:33 And that IS NOT ME.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Sep.4 22:35 Oh, I saw YB-TG.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.6 21:51 What's YB-TG?
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Sep.7 00:41 You're Banned-The Game. It sounds cooler to say YB-TG to me. Speaking of YB-TG, at first, I thought that it was made by a rambunctious little boy!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.7 17:20 Well, if I was to sort myself "socially," I'd put myself in the nerdy-jocky (I'm smart and athletic) tomboy group (a lot of "girly girl" stuff just plain annoys me).
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.7 17:20 *if I were
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.7 23:02 Yeah, I scream on rollercoasters. It's kind of hard not to when you're facing 300-400 ft drops at almost 100 miles per hour.
11>Leo (Sign), anyyo.2015,Sep.8 01:14 I will not be able to come on frequently because of school.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.8 21:55 Okay, understandable. Thanks for letting me know!
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.8 21:57 UPDATE #221: WHAT THE SIGNS FEAR MOST ABOUT GOING BACK TO SCHOOL
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.8 21:57 ARIES: Long, silent exams
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.8 21:57 TAURUS: Answering questions in front of everyone
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.8 21:57 LEO: Group projects
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.8 21:58 VIRGO: Getting bad grades
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.8 21:58 LIBRA: Being in class without any friends
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.8 21:58 SCORPIO: Having to deal with the idiots
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.8 21:58 CAPRICORN: Spirit days
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.8 21:58 AQUARIUS: Wasting time doing pointless work
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.8 21:59 Okay, going to be honest here, but I'm scared of pretty much all of those results except for Aquarius and maybe Aries.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Sep.8 23:13 Not me. This might sound surprising, but I'm more of a loner at school. But being popular and having a lot of friends would be cool.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Sep.8 23:14 I'm pretty much everything on that list except Libra, Aquarius, Capricorn and Scorpio.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.8 23:18 I'm definitely a Virgo, Scorpio, and Aquarius-ESPECIALLY Scorpio. I'm one of the smarter kids in school, and I often hear people say the dumbest things. I hate that... >.<
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.8 23:19 I'm also a bit of a Taurus, but not as much.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.8 23:21 @ Libra: Being popular doesn't matter, being smart does. So I pretty much don't give a hoot about popularity. However, having some friends is nice-I find that having just a few good, close ones are fine. But overall I have plenty of friends, though I'm
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.8 23:21 not popular.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.8 23:24 UPDATE #222: THE SIGNS WHEN IN THE SHOWER
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.8 23:24 ARIES: *accidentally turns on the water too high, but bears the pain because they cannot be proven weak*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.8 23:24 TAURUS: *has a bowl of popcorn just outside the shower for when they want to eat*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.8 23:25 LEO: *is the star of their own concert in the shower (in other words, they sing...a LOT...)*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.8 23:25 VIRGO: *is the weirdo who brushes his/her teeth in the shower* [O.o]
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.8 23:27 LIBRA: *takes baths with lots of bath bombs**takes photos of it/selfies and posts the photos on his/her social medias* [My reaction: *facepalm* -_-]
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.8 23:27 SCORPIO: *forgets to put the flap of the shower curtain inside the shower**water gets all over the floor*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.8 23:28 CAPRICORN: *takes showers without warm water...like, how the heck to do do that?!*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.8 23:28 AQUARIUS: *contemplating about the meaning of life*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.8 23:30 Surprisingly, that's a bit like me. I'm philosophical. But in the shower? Not really. Sometimes I'm a Scorpio, and a few times I've been a Capricorn. Otherwise I'm normal.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Sep.9 00:28 I'm more like a Leo.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.9 20:02 Definitely normal in the shower!
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.9 20:05 I agree with you Aquarius, I get pretty irked with the idiots in school. They were more so annoying than idiots, but same difference. Now I do homeschooling/virtual schooling, so I don't have to deal with them much, but today I was doing a lesson, and
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.9 20:05 there was a chat thing. Nobody really used punctuation, and there were a few idiots on there. It was grinding my gears.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.9 20:07 Also, Libra, back last year I was a bit of a loner myself. I had a few friends with the exception of my sister, but being really shy didn't benefit me much...but yeah, popularity doesn't matter one bit.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.9 20:08 My sister has actually witnessed people saying "popularity matters!" and they sound pretty idiotic when they do. I've heard lots of stories about popular people landing themselves a job at McDonald's and stuff too.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Sep.9 20:51 @Virgo: About the school thing, I'm not shy in the slightest. I'm a pretty big extrovert. I just prefer to do something like play Four-Square with one or two friends and a bunch of people I don't know.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.10 19:54 @ Virgo: Darrr, I hate browsing around and seeing how people keep making English mistakes. >.< I swear Europeans speak and write English better than most Americans I see online.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.10 19:54 @ Virgo: And the "popularity matters" thing? I can actually easily imagine myself laughing my head off at the people who are saying that. Seriously, that's so stupid.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.10 19:55 @ Libra: I'm not much of an extrovert-I'm quiet with new people, and once I get to know them I tend to switch from being talkative to being quiet again and vice versa a lot. So I'm in between an introvert and an extrovert.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.11 01:38 UPDATE #223: THE SIGNS AS MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.11 01:38 ARIES: Electric guitar
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.11 01:38 TAURUS: Drums
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.11 01:38 LEO: Trumpet
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.11 01:39 VIRGO: Violin
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.11 01:39 LIBRA: Harp
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.11 01:39 SCORPIO: Saxophone
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.11 01:39 CAPRICORN: Double bass
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.11 01:39 AQUARIUS: Synthesizer
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.11 01:40 Hm...I think one of my relatives used to have a synthesizer. Not very fond of the instrument, though. I'd prefer the piano, cello, voice, or violin,
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.12 01:42 I play the violin! So it fits.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.12 01:51 We'll stay on the same page, so in that case...
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.12 01:51 #224: THE SIGNS AS MUSIC GENRES
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.12 01:52 ARIES: Rock or Rap
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.12 01:52 TAURUS: R&B
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.12 01:52 LEO: Upbeat Pop or Hip-Hop
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.12 01:52 VIRGO: Classical
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.12 01:52 LIBRA: Indie folk
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.12 01:53 SCORPIO: Punk Rock
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.12 01:53 CAPRICORN: Classical or Jazz
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.12 01:53 AQUARIUS: Dubstep or electronic
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.12 01:53 Pretty true for me. But I'm actually more Capricorn for this.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.12 01:56 Since I know a lot of us are more of the classical type, I'll post another update.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.12 01:56 #225: WHAT COMPOSERS/CLASSICAL MUSIC DO THE SIGNS LIKE?
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.12 01:58 ARIES: Usually like inspirational music with a military feel, so Wagner is a good choice for this sign. They also like old-fashioned classical with a symphonic swell, such as Mozart.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.12 01:59 TAURUS: Not really classical fans; they prefer pop. However, they will listen to soundtracks from science fiction or adventure films.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.12 02:00 LEO: They enjoy dramatic classical orchestration such as Beethoven, Wagner, and Rachmaninoff.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.12 02:00 VIRGO: They like calming music, especially music by Mozart, Vivaldi, and Debussy
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.12 02:02 LIBRA: They prefer music that was written in the Romantic Era, such as Schubert, Fanny Mendelssohn, and Johann Strauss.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.12 02:02 SCORPIO: This sign prefers more of the contemporary classical composers, such as Satie and Bartok.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.12 02:03 CAPRICORN: They mostly prefer jazz.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.12 02:03 AQUARIUS: Aquarians prefer 20th century classical composers, such as Debussy, Satie, and and Ravel.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.12 03:06 I'm definitely an Aries, Leo, Virgo, Libra, and somewhat of an Aquarius (I like Debussy and R. Strauss, for instance). The Capricorn thing is just wrong; my Capricorn friend isn't really a jazz fan, she's a classical fan, like me.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.12 03:06 That was about #225.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.12 03:07 About #226: I'm a Virgo and Capricorn, but I'm also somewhat of a Taurus (I like the music from the movie Blues Brothers).
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Sep.12 13:43 NO WAY for both of those. For 224, I'm probably a Leo or Aquarius, and for 225, I'm DEFINITELY a Taurus.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.12 14:47 Okay then.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.12 14:47 Kind of a shame a lot of young people nowadays are big fans of pop and rock... :/
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.12 14:49 I mean, seriously, compare pop/rock and classical music. Various types of pop/rock sort of "fade away" after only a decade or so, then a new type emerges. Meanwhile, classical music has been around for over 500 years. That kind of comes to show you that
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.12 14:50 among all the music genres, the people of this world chose classical as the best one (not all the people, but why else would it still be around?) and thus let it "stick around" for centuries. And there are still classical music composers today.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.12 14:53 Also, though many people don't know it, a lot of people hear classical music and even like it even though they're not classical music fans. For instance, Disney took music from Tchaikovsky's ballet "Sleeping Beauty" and put it in some parts of both of
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.12 14:55 their films "Sleeping Beauty" and "Maleficent." The opening music from "2001: A Space Odyssey" is actually from Richard Strauss' "Also Sprach Zarathustra." And, most of all, "Here Comes the Bride" was actually written by Richard Wagner. It is from his
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.12 14:55 opera "Lohengrin," and comes in during a part when the knight Lohengrin and the maiden Elsa (now don't make any Frozen jokes, this is NOT the queen of Arendelle -.-) are getting married.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.12 14:56 Note that I said "most of all" because, in my opinion, "Here Comes the Bride" is the most famous classical music piece of all time.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.12 14:57 NOTE: Please read that. I get very irritated when I have to repeat myself, so... XP
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.12 14:57 Anyway, back to Zodiac stuff.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.12 15:00 UPDATE #226: THE SIGNS AS VARIOUS RANDOM "SQUADS"
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.12 15:01 The "secretly can sing super well" squad: TAURUS, VIRGO, CAPRICORN
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.12 15:02 The "waiting for someone to love me" squad: ARIES, TAURUS, LEO, VIRGO, LIBRA
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.12 15:03 The "fries before guys" squad: ARIES, VIRGO, LIBRA (Wait, where's Taurus?!?!)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.12 15:04 The "literally everything they say is sarcastic" squad: TAURUS, LEO, VIRGO, CAPRICORN, AQUARIUS
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.12 15:05 The "laying in bed with their phone" squad: ARIES, LIBRA, SCORPIO, CAPRICORN, AQUARIUS
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.12 15:06 The "wears too much black" squad: LIBRA, SCORPIO, CAPRICORN
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.12 15:08 The "evil mastermind" squad: TAURUS, VIRGO, SCORPIO
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.12 15:09 Nooo, not the "laying in bed with their phone" squad!! DX
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.12 15:09 I should probably be in the "wears too much black squad."
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Sep.12 18:24 I'm part of the "fries before guys" squad, the "secretly can sing super well" squad and the "lays in bed with their phone" squad.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Sep.12 18:25 Everything else, mnih. I'm only part of those three squads.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.12 21:29 Although classical music is one of the greatest examples of music out there, I believe that people are entitled to like whatever music they want, regardless.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.12 21:30 The only kind of music I truly hold a grudge against is rap and some pop. Some of those songs don't convey very good messages, and neither do the artists (in most cases).
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.12 21:32 Also, the music in Maleficent isn't from the ballet. It was written by a film composer. But they did have Once Upon a Dream in the end credits, which is originally a song from the ballet.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.12 21:33 For the squads, I can't sing very well (at least I don't sing very often), I'm pretty sarcastic when I want to be, and I'm not a mastermind, haha.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.12 21:34 I don't understand why Virgo, Libra, and Aries are in the "waiting for someone to love me squad", whereas they are also in the "fries before guys" squad.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.12 21:34 Definitely fries before guys, though!
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Sep.12 23:23 The secretly can sing group fits for me
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.13 04:54 @ Virgo: Actually, listen to the song during the credits of "Maleficent." That IS from Tchaikovsky's ballet. Also, I once played a classical music piece for one of my friends (I can't remember which) and she was like "Ohhh, that's what I heard in Epcot in
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.13 04:55 Disney World!" Like, UGH. -.- I hate how a lot of movies-especially Disney ones-steal classical music pieces, put them here and there in their films, and then don't give any credit to the composer or the piece.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.13 04:56 Oh, and I definitely should have been in the "secretly can sing super well" squad. I sing like an opera singer, and I have a natural sense of pitch, so I'm very good at singing. I don't like to sing around other people, though; I like to sing when I'm by
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.13 04:56 myself.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.13 04:57 @ Virgo: Whoooops...I think I skipped over the part where you mentioned that the song they took from the ballet part was in the credits. Sorry for technically repeating what you said! XP *foot in mouth moment*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.13 04:58 Oh, and I am TOTALLY fries before guys. XD
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.13 04:58 I am sarcastic when I want to be, but one of my friends actually told me once that my sarcasm is really good, so it fits.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.13 05:01 I tried to find the signs as operas, and instead I got hits for the Phantom of the Opera. For the millionth time Google...THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA IS NOT AN OPERA!!!! >.< *punches computer screen*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.13 05:03 UPDATE #227: THE SIGNS AS MUSICAL INSTRUMENT GROUPS
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.13 05:03 ARIES, LEO: Percussion
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.13 05:03 TAURUS, AQUARIUS: Woodwind
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.13 05:03 VIRGO, LIBRA: Strings
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.13 05:03 SCORPIO, CAPRICORN: Brass
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.13 05:04 Funny. My favorite composer is Beethoven, and I always noticed he was great with the woodwinds. So that fits. Also, both my Capricorn friend and I like Wagner's music, and as Beethoven was to woodwinds Wagner was to brass, so that fits for her too.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.13 05:05 UPDATE #228: THE SIGNS AS MUSICALS (Most of which I haven't even heard of, sooo... XP)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.13 05:06 ARIES: Hairspray
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.13 05:06 TAURUS: Wicked
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.13 05:06 LEO: Les Miserables
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.13 05:06 VIRGO: The Addams Family
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.13 05:07 LIBRA: Grease
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.13 05:07 SCORPIO: Mama Mia
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.13 05:07 CAPRICORN: Rent
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.13 05:07 AQUARIUS: High School Musical
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.13 05:07 One word: NNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.13 05:08 NOT HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL! D'X
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.13 05:08 *!!!!!!!!!!!1
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.13 05:08 *!!!!!!!!!!!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.13 05:08 Ugh, stupid weird double-post...
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.13 05:09 OK, so I feel genuinely sorry for all Leos out there. Les Mis had a good plot, but otherwise...BLEAH. While watching that I found that my natural sense of pitch was more of a CURSE than a gift. Everyone-EVERYONE-sang horribly (or rather "fake sung"-in
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.13 05:10 other words, they pretended to sing but were really speaking in kind of some "long" way) except Cosette. And Hugh Jackman sang like a wolverine. And yes, that's no joke. XD XP It's a real shame not many people recognize that.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.13 05:11 I mean, who the HECK thought of putting HUGH JACKMAN in a crud-ing musical??!!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.13 05:12 The Scorpio result is just...meh (one of my friends loves Mama Mia, but I myself don't really like it all that much :P), and of all of those musicals I think the Libra result is the very best (Grease isn't too bad, in my opinion).
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.13 05:13 And about my result...again, one word: NNNNOOOOOOO-HO-HOOOOO!!!!!!! D,X
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Sep.13 14:23 About 227, strings is okay. I might look into playing guitar--either kind--or ukulele. Is percussion electronic music? If so, I would be more like an Aries or Leo along with my result, but either way, that fits me.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Sep.13 14:28 About 228, never heard of Grease! I think that I might like Mama Mia, considering how much I < 3 < 3 < 3 the song, and I think that I might see High School Musical someday.
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Sep.13 14:38 Not the Addams Family!!! Nooooooo!
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Sep.13 14:39 I like Hairspray though
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.13 17:14 Ugh, not The Addams Family!
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.13 17:16 I love Les Miserables. It's one of my favorite musicals. In the movie, I think Javert had the worst voice; my friend and I make fun of it a lot. I also like some songs from Wicked, Mamma Mia, and I've heard one or two songs from Rent that aren't bad.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.13 17:16 Not really a Grease fan, and I am definitely not a HSM fan. Acting is terrible, plot is ridiculous, songs are annoying.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.13 18:32 @ Libra: No, of course not! Percussion instruments are ones that are used by striking them with a stick or beater. They include drums, cymbals, gongs, triangles, xylophones, and more. A lot of percussion can be found in the classical music piece "The
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.13 18:33 Comedians" by Kabalevsky.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.13 18:34 @ Libra: Grease is actually one of the most famous musicals out there. It stars John Travolta. I haven't seen High School Musical, but from what I've heard about it I think it's really, really, REALLY stupid.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Sep.14 18:40 @Brunnhilde: Just wondering, since I had seen something that related percussion to electronic music.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.15 00:55 @ Libra: Oh...oops. There's probably some electronic percussion type instrument that I've never heard of, then.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Sep.15 00:56 Hi!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.16 20:15 Darn it...I keep missing you by a minute or so. XP
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.16 20:26 UPDATE #229: WHY ARE THE SIGNS ANNOYED?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.16 20:27 ARIES: People were walking too slowly.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.16 20:27 TAURUS: Someone interrupted them.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.16 20:27 LEO: Someone was ungrateful.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.16 20:27 VIRGO: Someone touched their face.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.16 20:28 LIBRA: Someone messed up their hair.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.16 20:28 SCORPIO: Someone judged them on what they said.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.16 20:28 CAPRICORN: Someone wasted their time.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.16 20:28 AQUARIUS: Someone told them to "chill."
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.16 20:30 I'm not really annoyed by that. I'm more like an Aries, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Capricorn-mainly Aries (I constantly am stuck behind people who are too slow and take up all the space they can like no one else exists >.< ), Taurus, and Capricorn (Scorpio
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.16 20:31 would be included if I had never really been judged by anyone-other than the occasional stupid troll or something on the Internet, but those people don't matter).
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.16 20:34 UPDATE #230: THE "WALKING AROUND IN PUBLIC" SQUADS
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.16 20:35 The "Don't [BLEEP] walk into me!!" Squad: ARIES, TAURUS, SCORPIO
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.16 20:35 The "WHY WOULD YOU COUGH ON ME" Squad: LEO, VIRGO, LIBRA, CAPRICORN
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.16 20:36 The "Why are you walking so SLOW" Squad: ARIES, AQUARIUS
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.16 20:36 The "DON'T BREATHE IN MY FACE WHEN YOU WALK PAST ME!!!!" Squad: LEO, VIRGO
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.16 20:39 That matches me. I also probably should be in the "WHY WOULD YOU COUGH ON ME" Squad (when I'm in public, there's the occasional coughing person and I swear at least of of them make sure to cough on whoever they go by...UGH... XP).
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.16 20:43 UPDATE #231: THE SIGNS WHEN CLEANING THEIR ROOM
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.16 20:43 ARIES: This is my homeland! I'm not cleaning it!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.16 20:44 TAURUS, LEO: *gets distracted by things they lost a long time ago*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.16 20:44 VIRGO, CAPRICORN: *does it*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.16 20:45 LIBRA: *depends on the time of the day*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.16 20:45 SCORPIO, AQUARIUS: *puts it off for a long time and ultimately never does it*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.16 20:46 That sounded like me not too long ago... XD XP But I eventually got around to it. Anyway, I'm more like a Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus, and/or Leo.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Sep.16 20:46 Hi!
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Sep.16 20:49 I KEEP MISSING YOU!
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Sep.16 20:52 Staying.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Sep.16 21:08 Looks like you're not coming back.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.18 18:24 I don't really clean my room unless I have friends coming over. Otherwise, there's random crap lying all over the place. It could be worse, though.
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Sep.18 21:58 I hate cleaning my room. Only crap is there. Unless I have a sleepover, I wouldn't clean my room. And if I clean my room, I get distracted by some long lost things. But cleaning my room helps me find some things I haven't seen and found.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Sep.19 17:42 I guess it kinda does depend. I'm mostly like a Taurus or Leo.
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Sep.19 21:19 Hi
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.21 04:14 Originally I was like an Aries, but after a while it sort of got tricky to step over various old toys and items...so finally I switched to Capricorn/Virgo "mode" and just did it.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.21 04:15 [I typoed while commenting about update #230.] *I swear at least half of them
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.21 18:16 UPDATE #232: THE SIGNS WHEN THE TEACHER CALLS THEM DURING CLASS
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.21 18:16 ARIES: *has headphones on and doesn't hear the teacher*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.21 18:16 TAURUS: *waking up from his/her nap* What...??
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.21 18:17 LEO: *looks up from his/her phone* What do you want?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.21 18:17 VIRGO: *guesses a random answer and gets it right by complete accident**pretends like he/she totally knew it*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.21 18:18 LIBRA: *doesn't hear because he/she is talking to his/her friend*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.21 18:18 SCORPIO: *slowly rolls their eyes and answers the question*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.21 18:18 CAPRICORN: *answers the question and gets a little too excited if it's the correct answer*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.21 18:19 AQUARIUS: *says "Um..." a million times before answering the question*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.21 18:19 That's occasionally me. Otherwise I'm like a Capricorn. Once or twice I've been like a Scorpio, but only if the question is so easy (at least to me) it seems stupid.
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Sep.21 19:14 I am usually a Virgo, Libra or Aquarius.
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Sep.21 19:16 UPDATE # 233: THE SIGNS AS WHEN THEY ARE SCARED
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Sep.21 19:17 ARIES: * Knees are shaking *
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Sep.21 19:18 All tHe rest of the signs: * Acts like they are not scared*
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Sep.21 19:20 UPDATE #234: THE SIGNS AND THEIR FAVORITE CAR BRAND
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Sep.21 19:21 Aries: Toyota
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Sep.21 19:21 Taurus: BMW
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Sep.21 19:22 Leo: Audi
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Sep.21 19:23 Virgo: Mercedes Benz
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Sep.21 19:29 Libra: Hundyai
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Sep.21 19:31 Scorpio: Kia
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Sep.21 19:32 Capricorn: VW
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Sep.21 19:33 Aquarius: Sorento
4>Virgo (Euodia) (Zodiac girl ), 11yo.2015,Sep.21 19:35 Yay! Mercedes Benz, I love that car.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.23 20:36 I can't even remember what a Sorento is... o.o XD Awkward.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.23 20:36 And my Capricorn friend and I (as far as I know) don't know what a VW is.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.23 20:37 Also, my result in update #233 applies. But I sometimes gasp or, on rare occasions, scream or yell a little.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.23 20:40 UPDATE #235: THE SIGNS WHEN IT'S THEIR BIRTHDAY
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.23 20:40 ARIES: [BLEEP] YES!!!! EVERYONE COME HANG OUT!!!!!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.23 20:40 TAURUS: PRESENTS PLEASE!!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.23 20:40 LEO: BOW DOWN, it's MY day!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.23 20:41 VIRGO: I hope no one forgets my birthday...
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.23 20:41 LIBRA: I really wish everyone would hand me something so I could keep it forever.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.23 20:41 SCORPIO: God, now people are going to expect me to TALK today.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.23 20:42 (I'm adding in Sagittarius because it's too funny to leave out... XD) SAGITTARIUS: NO SCHOOL. DON'T CARE. NOT GOING. BIRTHDAY. GIVE ME CAKE.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.23 20:42 CAPRICORN:...PLEASE don't make me go out. I just want to make my own cake.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.23 20:43 AQUARIUS: Who's getting the balloons and fireworks?! :D
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.23 20:43 Eh...I don't get balloons much and I only use fireworks during the 4th of July, so that doesn't really apply.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.23 20:44 In fact, I'm none of those things. I'm just like "Yay!...OK, where's the cake?" XD
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Sep.23 20:49 No. Not me. Not any of those. Hard to describe what I do on my birthday. Or today, since today is my 11th birthday...
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Sep.23 22:35 Haha, kind of true. Like in Sixteen Candles.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.25 04:13 @ Virgo: Yeah. I was actually immediately thought of Sixteen Candles when I saw the Virgo result. XD
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.25 04:13 How do you guys like the Sagittarius result? X'D
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Sep.25 20:49 Hilarious. X'D x A MILLION!
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Sep.25 20:51 Did you post that update on my birthday on purpose?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Sep.27 04:25 Not really. But the fact that it was your birthday gave me the idea for that update.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Sep.27 16:55 Anyway, back to astrology.
13>Cancer (the cancer zodiac), 13yo.2015,Sep.29 14:06 hey guys my zodiac is cancer .my zodiac fears being unloved . can someone please reasearch what element i am and what my planet is ?
13>Cancer (the cancer zodiac), 13yo.2015,Sep.29 14:13 my zodiac element is water . Since water is found in everything everywhere, water sign people have a knack for dealing with others, they can see into other people, they understand the motives and needs of other people and to sum it all up, they are border
13>Cancer (the cancer zodiac), 13yo.2015,Sep.29 14:13 borderline psychic and the most in-tune with others. This makes them empathetic, caring and helpful but they are over sensitive and can be easily hurt by others who do not acknowledge the sacrifices that have been made and how deeply involved they really
13>Cancer (the cancer zodiac), 13yo.2015,Sep.29 14:14 are
13>Cancer (the cancer zodiac), 13yo.2015,Sep.29 14:14 Cancer is genuine, concerned with others, nurturing and the most helpful. When unleashed however, like a river that spills it's banks, Cancer can be very aggressive when the need to defend themselves or someone they love.
13>Cancer (the cancer zodiac), 13yo.2015,Sep.29 14:17 cancer strenghts are :Loyalty Dependable Caring Adaptable and Responsive
13>Cancer (the cancer zodiac), 13yo.2015,Sep.30 07:02 good morning
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.1 04:41 Hey, Cancer! Welcome to the club!
13>Cancer (the cancer zodiac), 13yo.2015,Oct.1 16:07 hey ?
13>Cancer (the cancer zodiac), 13yo.2015,Oct.1 16:08 .could you please reasearch what my planet is ?
13>Cancer (the cancer zodiac), 13yo.2015,Oct.1 16:15 * sorry my laptop is slow so i didnt see our message till after i first posted mine .*
13>Cancer (the cancer zodiac), 13yo.2015,Oct.1 16:15 *your
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.2 04:42 Your zodiac sign (Cancer) is ruled by the Moon.
13>Cancer (the cancer zodiac), 13yo.2015,Oct.3 06:36 hey guys !
13>Cancer (the cancer zodiac), 13yo.2015,Oct.3 06:37 thanks . thats awesome !!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.7 04:07 It's kind of weird...my sign is the water-carrier and meanwhile my element is air. Which is nice since air is my favorite element, but...still, it's weird.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.7 04:09 BTW Cancer, what's your moon sign? You can Google something like "Moon Sign Generator", click on the moon sign generator link, enter your birthday, and your moon sign (AKA the zodiac sign the moon was in when you were born) will be revealed to you.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.7 04:10 Oddly enough, mine is Scorpio, and I'm definitely not dark and powerful like a Scorpio at all. My Capricorn friend's moon sign is Aries, which fits her very well (she's smart and energetic).
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.7 19:00 Mine is Gemini; I fit it well enough because I'm fun, witty, sometimes irritable and moody (when I'm in a bad mood, obviously). But I think I fit my star sign the best, because unlike a Gemini, I'm not an extrovert.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.7 19:02 UPDATE #??: THE SIGNS AS MAZE RUNNER CHARACTERS
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.7 19:02 ARIES: Gally
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.7 19:02 TAURUS: Jorge
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.7 19:02 CANCER: Brenda
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.7 19:02 LEO: Minho
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.7 19:02 VIRGO: Newt
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.7 19:03 SCORPIO: Thomas
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.7 19:03 CAPRICORN: Janson
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.7 19:03 AQUARIUS: Teresa
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.7 19:04 Sorry I couldn't post Libra's result, it wouldn't let me for some reason.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Oct.7 21:01 That was 236.
13>Cancer (the cancer zodiac), 13yo.2015,Oct.8 19:08 i read all ur previous entries so now im up to scrach
13>Cancer (the cancer zodiac), 13yo.2015,Oct.8 19:11 i can sort of relate to renda in the sense that i am also a tomboy but otherwise im not sure
13>Cancer (the cancer zodiac), 13yo.2015,Oct.8 19:14 ha ha my moon sign is aquaris
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.8 21:15 Yeah, Teresa! But why the heck does Capricorn always get a bad guy?! I told my Capricorn friend about this update and she was like "WHAT?!?!?!?!?! D:<
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.8 21:15 *"
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.8 21:15 @ Cancer: Weird...my sun sign is your moon sign.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.8 21:15 @ Cancer: I actually think I might like your result better than mine. Not sure though.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.8 21:16 I'm going to find a different Maze Runner update for my Capricorn friend's sake. One sec...
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.8 21:18 Crap...every time I look for a new Maze Runner thing it always has the same results...
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.8 21:19 Wait, I just found one that's different. But it says Minho is a Pisces...what?! Not going to use that one.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.8 21:21 OK, here's another Maze Runner update.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.8 21:21 I think I found a good one.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.8 21:21 For my friend, at least. At least she won't have to be Janson... XP
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.8 21:21 Oops...I said "at least" twice in a row...redundancy. :P Anyway, here it goes...
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.8 21:22 UPDATE #237: THE SIGNS AS MAZE RUNNER CHARACTERS (Version 2)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.8 21:22 ARIES: Minho
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.8 21:22 TAURUS: Ben
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.8 21:22 CANCER: Thomas
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.8 21:22 LEO: Gally
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.8 21:23 VIRGO: Teresa
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.8 21:23 LIBRA: Brenda
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.8 21:23 SCORPIO: Frypan
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.8 21:23 CAPRICORN: Alby
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.8 21:23 AQUARIUS: Jorge
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.8 21:24 Hm...Jorge isn't that bad of a character.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.8 21:24 I'm going to explain what the Maze Runner is real quick...
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.8 21:26 The Maze Runner is a book series by James Dashner. So far, the first two books (The Maze Runner and The Scorch Trials) have been made into major motion pictures. The books/movies are in the sci-fi and action genres.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.8 21:28 In the first book/movie, the main character, Thomas, wakes up in a metal box to find that the only thing he can remember about himself is his first name. The metal box lifts him into a place called the Glade.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.8 21:29 Thomas meets other boys who live in the Glade-called Gladers-who also can only remember their first names. He learns that the Glade is surrounded by a vast Maze, and swift Gladers called Runners go out into the Maze every day and map it (for it is
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.8 21:29 ever-changing and requires constant mapping) to see if they can find a way out. Soon, the first girl and last Glader-Teresa-arrives in the metal box (AKA the Box).
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.8 21:30 Thomas takes it upon himself to become a Runner and see if he can find a way out of the Maze. But it's obviously easier said than done, for there are deadly half insect, half robot creatures in the Maze called Grievers...
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.8 21:31 In the second book, (SPOILER ALERT) Thomas and some of his Glader friends (including characters named Minho, Newt, Teresa, Frypan, and Winston) have made it out of the Maze and into the real world.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.8 21:32 It turns out that the world has been scorched by the sun and turned into a giant desert, and a horrible virus called the Flare has infected most of the people on Earth. Thomas and his friends are saved by people who claim to be against WICKED (which is
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.8 21:33 the organization that put them in the Maze), but they soon learn that these people are actually more people who work for WICKED and have to escape them. They head for the mountains in search of a rebel group called the Right Arm, and make some new friends
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.8 21:33 along the way (including Brenda-a really good character, in my opinion-and Jorge).
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.8 21:34 I'm not spoiling the rest. :D
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.8 21:35 It's a really cool series; I recommend that all people who haven't read it/seen it should try it out. It might be a little old (it's action-packed and some of the things in it-such as the Grievers and the Flare-can be a little scary) for people under the
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.8 21:36 age of 12, though.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.8 23:16 Ah, Teresa! One of my friends who is also reading the series doesn't like her that much, but I don't mind her. She was just trying to do what was right. There was one part in The Scorch a Trials (book) when I hated her, but she isn't that bad.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.8 23:16 I liked Brenda in the movie, and she was okay in the book. Just a bit mysterious or something.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.9 04:20 Yeah, Brenda's cool. Teresa's a good character too, and I didn't hate her when she betrayed everyone in the The Scorch Trials movie-what she did was understandable-but I was more in shock. You know, the "How could you do this to your friends?!" kind of
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.9 04:20 shock.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.9 05:11 Yeah.
14>Capricorn (Zodiac), 12yo.2015,Oct.9 05:12 hi i'm new
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.9 05:13 I know you all have been waiting for this update, so here it is.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.9 05:13 Oh, hi Capricorn!
14>Capricorn (Zodiac), 12yo.2015,Oct.9 05:13 oh hi
14>Capricorn (Zodiac), 12yo.2015,Oct.9 05:13 how are you today
14>Capricorn (Zodiac), 12yo.2015,Oct.9 05:14 how are you today
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.9 05:15 I'm doing good, how about you?
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.9 05:18 Anyways, Update #237: THE SIGNS AS CREEPYPASTAS
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.9 05:18 ARIES: Jeff the Killer
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.9 05:18 TAURUS: Slenderman
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.9 05:18 CANCER: Eyeless Jack
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.9 05:18 LEO: Sally
14>Capricorn (Zodiac), 12yo.2015,Oct.9 05:18 i'm doing great, thanks for asking :)
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.9 05:18 VIRGO: Hoodie
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.9 05:19 That's great! And no problem!
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.9 05:19 LIBRA: Lost Silver
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.9 05:19 SCORPIO: Jane the Killer
14>Capricorn (Zodiac), 12yo.2015,Oct.9 05:19 i'm doing great, thanks for asking :)
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.9 05:19 CAPRICORN: Masky
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.9 05:19 AQUARIUS: BEN Drowned
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.9 17:36 No idea who that is, sooo...
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.9 17:37 Creepypasta stinks, in my opinion. XP I mean, who the heck likes a fandom made up of weird, made-up killers?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.9 17:38 I guess those who love horror movies probably like it, but I'm not really that type.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Oct.9 20:57 Creepypasta is scary....D:
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.10 05:28 @ Libra: I think that's the entire point of its existence. So yeah, that's apparent. XD XP
13>Cancer (the cancer zodiac), 13yo.2015,Oct.12 17:14 hello
13>Cancer (the cancer zodiac), 13yo.2015,Oct.12 17:18 yessssss !!!! thomas !!!! woohoo !!!
13>Cancer (the cancer zodiac), 13yo.2015,Oct.12 17:19 who in the masked crusader is eyeless jack ?
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Oct.12 19:30 Why in the name of Celestia do you like Creepypasta?!
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.12 21:14 I never said I did. I mean, I know most of the characters and stuff, but I don't read the stories. So I really have no opinion on Creepypasta.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.12 21:14 Oh yeah, and I'm pretty sure Eyeless Jack eats kidneys.
13>Cancer (the cancer zodiac), 13yo.2015,Oct.13 16:59 oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! GROSS X ] im confused about this whole creepy pasta thing though cuase i live in sa so i dont know what u are talking about
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.13 17:46 I'm not sure myself whether Creepypasta is a website or something, but anyways, it's kind of like the stories of messed-up people gone crazy...definitely not something I'd like to get into.
13>Cancer (the cancer zodiac), 13yo.2015,Oct.13 17:49 oooooo...slender man who is he ? isnt he that supposed killer al the retarded boys in my class are obsessed with ?
13>Cancer (the cancer zodiac), 13yo.2015,Oct.13 17:50 hey you are actually online at the same time i am !!
13>Cancer (the cancer zodiac), 13yo.2015,Oct.13 18:12 is creepypasta really that creepy/scary
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.13 18:54 @ Libra: Joan doesn't like Creepypasta. In fact, she sometimes puts up stuff about things she isn't into as a joke.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.13 18:55 I only know about a few of the main characters in Creepypasta. That's it. And I don't even like it at all either. -.-
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.13 18:56 @ Cancer: Slenderman is some sort of eight foot tall faceless guy who lives in the woods (called the Slenderforest) and kills people who come into the Slenderforest. That's all I really know about him.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.13 18:56 @ Cancer: And, yes, from what I've seen it is that scary. In fact, it's not just scary, it's freaking stupid.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.13 18:58 As Joan said-it's DEFINITELY not something I want to get into.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.13 19:00 Still, I don't understand how so many kids out there love Creepypasta. WHY are they into stories about crazy killers made-up by a bunch of weirdos?!?!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.13 19:02 Anyway, let's drop the subject. Creepypasta's twisted, dark, and stupid, and is definitely something none of us want to get into. Let's start getting back to zodiac sign stuff.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.13 19:04 OK...I found a "Zodiac Signs-Most To Least In Terms of Being Funny" type update. It said Aquarius is the funniest (yay!) and Capricorn was the least humorous (boo!), and it had Sagittarius not being all that funny, so I'm not going to post that one.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.13 19:05 It's inaccurate; my Capricorn friend is pretty funny, and my Sagittarius friend is hilarious-plus, it is said that the Sagittarius Zodiac Sign usually has a great sense of humor.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.13 19:05 So instead I'm going to post this...
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.13 19:06 UPDATE #239: THE SIGNS IN AWKWARD SITUATIONS (Oh no... XD)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.13 19:07 ARIES: *talks and talks and talks and talks to distract others and/or be distracted from the situation*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.13 19:07 TAURUS: *ends up just embarrassing him/herself accidentally...*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.13 19:08 CANCER: *starts talking about him/herself, which probably just makes things worse*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.13 19:08 LEO: *laughs a bit and quickly changes the subject*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.13 19:08 VIRGO: WHAT THE [BLEEP] DO I DO?!?!?!?!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.13 19:09 LIBRA: *leaves*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.13 19:09 SCORPIO: *goes on phone*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.13 19:09 CAPRICORN: *awkwardly laughs and waits for someone to start talking*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.13 19:10 AQUARIUS: *sits silently and pretends to be doing something else*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.13 19:11 Well...sometimes that's me. Other times I'm a Capricorn or a Cancer. If the situation is awkward beyond belief, in my head (DEFINITELY not out loud) I'm a Virgo. XD XP
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.13 19:12 Here's another update:
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.13 19:12 UPDATE #240: THE SIGNS WHEN GOING TO SLEEP
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.13 19:13 ARIES: *will be in bed and then remembers something they left downstairs >.< *
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.13 19:13 TAURUS: *goes to sleep same time every night*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.13 19:14 CANCER: *watches Netflix until about 9:30 or 10ish and then falls asleep*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.13 19:14 LEO: *spends too much time staring at the ceiling and re-evaluating their lives*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.13 19:17 VIRGO: *lays in their bed early-ish and just sits there until it's like 10 and they remember their commitments*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.13 19:17 LIBRA: *thinks they sleep but really doesn't at all*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.13 19:17 SCORPIO: What the heck is sleep??!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.13 19:17 CAPRICORN: *goes to sleep really early surprisingly*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.13 19:18 AQUARIUS: *jumps face down on their bed as soon as they get home and just falls asleep right there*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.13 19:18 XD That's occasionally like me, but I usually just lay there for a minute and then get up.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.13 19:19 The Capricorn one is inaccurate; my Capricorn friend is a "night owl", not a "morning person."
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Oct.14 02:30 About 239, I'm more of a Leo or a Capricorn. About 240, I'm a Cancer, then sometimes an Aries except my bedroom is downstairs, then a Leo. Then in the morning, I'm a bit like a Virgo. Then after school, I'm like an Aquarius, except I watch Netflix.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Oct.14 02:33 Then I'm a Cancer again, and the cycle continues. Except on weekends and days I don't have school, school is removed from my schedule and I watch Netflix all day.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.14 18:46 About #239, I'm probably most like a Taurus or Capricorn.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.14 18:47 And about #240, that's partially true...I remember my commitments and stay up past 11.
13>Cancer (the cancer zodiac), 13yo.2015,Oct.14 19:11 hello
13>Cancer (the cancer zodiac), 13yo.2015,Oct.14 19:16 er.. oh HECK no i do not start talking about me i just shrug and laugh a little
13>Cancer (the cancer zodiac), 13yo.2015,Oct.14 19:17 oh gosh i wish so bad that i could actuaaly watch netflix atall but nope
13>Cancer (the cancer zodiac), 13yo.2015,Oct.14 19:19 i actually thing that last one might be acurate if i had a choice
13>Cancer (the cancer zodiac), 13yo.2015,Oct.15 17:07 hey
13>Cancer (the cancer zodiac), 13yo.2015,Oct.15 17:08 hey
13>Cancer (the cancer zodiac), 13yo.2015,Oct.17 14:31 hey
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.17 21:11 When it comes to #240, I'm sometimes like a Virgo myself, except I'm usually daydreaming about my favorite fandoms or new fictional story ideas rather than remembering my commitments.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.17 21:14 UPDATE #241: THINGS THE SIGNS HATE THE MOST
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.17 21:16 ARIES: Overly controlling people, people that try to be better than him/her, super slow people, negative people, bossy people, boring people, and dishonest people/people who like playing mind games
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.17 21:18 TAURUS: Being pressured when it comes to speed/people trying to make him/her rush through things, sudden changes (especially last minute ones), feeling uncomfortable, and wasteful people
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.17 21:21 CANCER: People hurting his/her family and friends, being underestimated for being a very emotional person, being taken advantage of/betrayed, feeling forgotten/unwanted, ungrateful people, impulsive/hasty people, and messy people/places
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.17 21:22 LEO: Being avoided/ignored/unwanted, haters and mean people, being taken advantage of/betrayed, people who restrain him/her from showing his/her talents/abilities, people with no sense of humor, and selfish people
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.17 21:25 VIRGO: People who take his/her stuff and completely misplace/misuse it, lack of accuracy, overly curious people/people who ask a million questions in 5 seconds, unclean/indisciplined people, people who embarrass him/her, and being the center of attention
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.17 21:28 LIBRA: Aggressive/impatient/bully-like/war-loving people, unclean/indisciplined people, cheap stuff, having to decide between more than one thing, chaos, dull people, and demanding people
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.17 21:30 SCORPIO: People who invade his/her privacy, nosy people who try to find out his/her secrets, people who make him/her envious of others, secretive people, people who don't trust him/her, overly controlling people, and liars
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.17 21:33 CAPRICORN: Lazy people, time being wasted, people who lack productivity, people who bar him/her from his/her goals, being rushed (especially into relationships), public affection, nosy people, people who interfere with his/her work, his/her money being
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.17 21:34 thoughtlessly spent, and sudden changes that make what's going to happen in the future/that make plans unclear
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.17 21:36 AQUARIUS: Being forced to do things (especially by pushy people), people trying to think and do things for him/her, people whom he/she doesn't trust, closed-minded people, clingy/attached people, and barriers/restrictions/firm rules
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.17 21:36 OK, so overall
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.17 21:37 *OK, so overall I'm a mixture of a whole bunch of signs.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.17 21:37 Note that I don't hate anyone, so the following things from the Zodiac sign "hate" list just annoy the living crap out of me...
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.17 21:38 Like an Aries, I dislike slow people. I swear I've been in a store a million times and almost every time in one isle there's a slow person blocking the way. >.<
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.17 21:40 Also, like a Taurus and a Capricorn, I dislike sudden changes. I just got a plan sorted in my head, and now I need to make a freaking new one. XP I also dislike wasteful people and being rushed into things. I like thinking things over when I do work.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.17 21:42 I also don't like haters, bullies, selfish people, and overly controlling people. I've never really bumped into any of those types of people, but what I've heard about them makes me pretty annoyed.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.17 21:43 Like a Leo, I especially am annoyed by humorless people, and I've met plenty of them. I generally have a pretty good sense of humor, and when someone laughs at something that just isn't funny or when someone ruins one of my jokes I'm kind of surprised.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.17 21:44 I also dislike liars. I've never really been lied to, but sometimes I read the news about some big thing that turned out to be a gigantic lie and I'm a bit ticked off and shocked at whoever lied about something.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.17 21:45 Overly nosy people seem annoying, but I have never really bumped into them.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.17 21:47 Closed-minded people also annoy me. I've met some of them, and, being an open-minded person, I just don't get how they don't accept things (and if they do, they accept them negatively). Come on, what happened to optimism?!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.17 21:47 None of the other things annoy me much, though some sound annoying.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.17 21:48 What about you guys?
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Oct.18 15:56 Well, that's partially me.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Oct.18 15:56 My result, that is.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.19 17:12 What else annoys you?
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.20 05:24 That was actually spot on for me.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.20 05:25 I also dislike people who are trying to be funny, but end up being REALLY annoying in the long run. And loud noises.
13>Cancer (the cancer zodiac), 13yo.2015,Oct.21 19:16 hey
13>Cancer (the cancer zodiac), 13yo.2015,Oct.21 19:18 spot on for me
13>Cancer (the cancer zodiac), 13yo.2015,Oct.22 15:00 spot on for me
13>Cancer (the cancer zodiac), 13yo.2015,Oct.22 15:03 oops double print
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.25 00:35 @ Virgo: Yeah. People who try to be funny but fail epicly just make me be like *facepalm* -.-
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.25 00:38 UPDATE #242: THE SIGNS WHEN BEING IN THE QUIETEST ROOM ON EARTH (Extra info: The background noise is around -9 decibels, allowing one to hear his/her own heartbeat. The lights are out, and being in this kind of environment can even be a form of mental
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.25 00:39 torture. If you were able to last more than half an hour in this kind of place, you'd probably be better than average.)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.25 00:40 ARIES, LIBRA: *starts banging wildly on the door literally 45 seconds after entering*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.25 00:41 TAURUS, CANCER, LEO: *lasts the expected/average 20 minutes before completely losing it*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.25 00:41 VIRGO, SCORPIO, CAPRICORN, AQUARIUS: *it's been two hours and they still haven't come out yet...*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.25 00:41 I guess that's good...? XD o.O
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.25 00:42 I could never really imagine being in this sort of environment, but at least according to this I'd last a long time in there...I guess.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.25 00:44 ARIES, LEO, LIBRA: The bad"butt", out-of-this-world character
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.25 00:44 [Oops, redo.]
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.25 00:45 UPDATE #243: THE SIGNS AS MAIN CHARACTERS
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.25 00:45 ARIES, LEO, LIBRA: The bad"butt", out-of-this-world character
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.25 00:46 TAURUS, CAPRICORN, AQUARIUS: The very intelligent, slightly misunderstood character
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.25 00:46 CANCER, VIRGO: The whiny piece of crap that you still love because the story revolves around them
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.25 00:47 SCORPIO: The adorable main character that is sort of hopeless
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.25 00:47 Ouch...sorry about that, Joan.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.25 00:49 But that fits me. I'm smarter than most of the people I know around my age, and occasionally people just don't get some of the stuff I like (e.g. classical music), so that's a match.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.25 02:18 Haha, nope. I don't whine, I'm just a realist. I find myself to fit under the "intelligent character". I'm just not like your typical teen, because I'm not immature and I like things teens (or girls) don't really like today.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.25 02:19 Plus, I hardly really ever whine, I just go with the flow. And I consider myself to be smart.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.25 02:24 Halloween is coming up in a week, and I'm assuming there's got to be at least one thing you don't like about it. So, without further ado, here we go.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.25 02:24 #243: WHAT THE SIGNS HATE ABOUT HALLOWEEN
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.25 02:25 ARIES: Being around unenthusiastic people
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.25 02:25 TAURUS: Having to explain your costume choice over and over again.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.25 02:26 CANCER: Trying to avoid the abundance of horror movie trailers at 1 am
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.25 02:27 LEO: Fear of weight gain from the intake of Halloween candy
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Oct.25 02:27 [Hi!]
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.25 02:27 VIRGO: Overuse of "cute" phrases such as "scary berry juice"
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.25 02:28 (Hi!)
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.25 02:28 LIBRA: Having to decide on just one costume
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.25 02:28 SCORPIO: Not knowing who's inside of a costume/being on constant alert
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.25 02:29 CAPRICORN: Spending excessive amounts of money on stupid things
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.25 02:29 AQUARIUS: People stealing their costume ideas or decorations
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.25 02:30 Not really true for me, it can be kind of annoying, but more funny.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.25 02:31 I actually find myself to be like a Taurus. Since it's usually cold where I live on Halloween night, I have to bundle up, thus concealing my Halloween costume.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.25 02:32 However, for the last two years I went as Katniss Everdeen. I had the tribute coat, the braid, the mockingjay pin...and only two people knew who I was going as.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Oct.25 02:33 Wow.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Oct.25 02:36 Hey, Phoniciple made an RP! She's new on TheRoleplayAlliance. it's called The Unknown: An Adventurer's Guide to The Unexplained. It's a fantasy RP and I thought I would mention it to you!]
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.25 18:06 That's not me...unless I see a bunch of other people going as Tris Prior from Divergent too this year, I could care less.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.25 18:07 I'm a little bit like a Virgo, except I find that more annoying than offensive. I mean, seriously..."Count Chocula" and "Boo Berry" have been around for years...isn't there anything NEW you can come up with, society?! >.<
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.25 18:09 I'm probably more like a Taurus. Years ago I went as a Valkyrie (and, yes, I'm named after a Valkyrie too), and I had to explain who I was a couple times. OK, so you can recognize a bunch of little girls dressed as Elsa and Anna...but you CAN'T recognize
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.25 18:09 a main character of one of the most famous legends in Norse mythology?!?! >___<
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.25 18:11 @ Virgo: Also, WHAT?! No one recognized the fact that you were Katniss?! And I thought Tris would be hard to identify...one of my friends tried to talk me into going as Katniss since she might be more identifiable, but...I guess that's not true.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.25 18:23 Yeah, considering The Hunger Games is one of the most popular movies out there, I thought more people would recognize me. I totally agree with you that people will recognize anyone who is Anna or Elsa, but no one else.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.25 18:25 I can't say that many people will recognize you as Tris, but since you live in a warmer climate, it might be easier for people to recognize you. I don't see myself having much luck; people only know the basic Avengers and Black Widow isn't one of them.
13>Cancer (the cancer zodiac), 13yo.2015,Oct.26 05:43 hey ! im not a whiner !
13>Cancer (the cancer zodiac), 13yo.2015,Oct.26 05:45 yeah i do hate movie traliers ... espesaly horror ones ...they make me jump
13>Cancer (the cancer zodiac), 13yo.2015,Oct.26 15:08 yeah i do hate movie traliers ... espesaly horror ones ...they make me jump
13>Cancer (the cancer zodiac), 13yo.2015,Oct.26 15:08 oops double print
13>Cancer (the cancer zodiac), 13yo.2015,Oct.27 06:24  Rolling 6 sided dice... Result=2  
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.27 20:10 @ Virgo: Yeah-no need to bundle up and hide my costume where I live. Last year a surprising no. of people were able to identify me as Raven from Teen Titans; hopefully they identify me as Tris.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.27 20:11 @ Cancer: I don't really mind movie trailers, but the horror movie ones do sort of creep me out sometimes.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.27 20:12 @ Virgo: I swear each year there's an overload of tiny girls dressed up as Elsa and Anna and tiny boys dressed up as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I mean, can't people come up with anything else?!
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Oct.28 18:01 Yeah. When I went to the Halloween store the other day, there was like, 50% Frozen crap - or maybe 60%. Let me remind myself that this movie came out 2 years ago. And it's still as popular as heck.
13>Cancer (the cancer zodiac), 13yo.2015,Oct.29 16:19  Buying Pet crab (x 1)  
13>Cancer (the cancer zodiac), 13yo.2015,Oct.29 16:20 frozen only came out end of last year in this side o the world
13>Cancer (the cancer zodiac), 13yo.2015,Oct.30 14:35 hello
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.30 19:24 @ Virgo: Same here. One in maybe about three girls I saw last year were either dressed up as Elsa or Anna. I guess that's just another example of how Disney can take away your imagination.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.30 19:25 @
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Oct.30 19:26 *@ Cancer: Hm...that's kind of weird. Since it's so popular, I thought maybe Disney had released it to the whole world pretty fast. But, I guess not.
13>Cancer (the cancer zodiac), 13yo.2015,Oct.31 06:49 yes .... rather curious
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Nov.1 14:13 @Aquarius: WHAT?! Disney doesn't take away your imagination! If anything, it's BOOSTED mine!
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Nov.1 14:15 Also, I saw NO Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I also didn't see Anna OR Elsa.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Nov.1 14:19 But I did see a girl dressed up as Draculaura from Monster High, and there was a group of girls who's theme was Alice in Wonderland. Legit! There was the Mad Hatter, the rabbit who hangs out with the Mad Hatter, the Queen of Hearts and Alice herself.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Nov.1 14:21 I guess here in Rhode Island, people are more original!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.1 19:31 @ Libra: Disney imagines things for you. After you see their movies, you kind of lose your chance to imagine various characters from the fairy tales they took in your own way. You imagine things "their way."
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.1 19:33 Well...luckily this year there were no TMNT boys. But there were a bunch of boys who chose to dress as bananas. XD Weird, but funny.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.1 19:33 I also saw a man dressed as the Joker, a boy dressed as Batman, and a girl dressed as a bumblebee. At least it seems like people decided to be more creative this year.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Nov.1 20:36 Aquarius, I kind of agree.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Nov.1 20:37 There weren't many people out as per usual because of the bad weather, but I did see someone dressed as Elsa, and someone dressed as Santa. No Ninja Turtles, though.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Nov.1 20:38 Me and my friends (the Avengers) were actually pretty successful in the neighborhood. Instead of screaming "trick -or -treat", we screamed "Avengers! Assemble!"
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.3 04:04 Whoo! That's actually pretty awesome! :D
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.3 04:05 But I swear that people confused the fake raven tattoos on my collarbone with fake bat tattoos AT LEAST three times. >.< And then I had to awkwardly explain what they were and who I was supposed to be...
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.3 04:05 Luckily after I corrected a woman she recognized me, for she had seen Divergent but didn't realize I was Tris.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.3 04:06 There was another instance where I was recognized, because as I was walking away I heard an adult behind me complain that my costume is pretty dark and therefore people in cars can't see me very well, and his teenage son (who was dressed as a banana XD)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.3 04:06 stated that I was a Divergent character. So, yeah, I was recognized here and there.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.3 04:12 I actually ran back and forth between the car (the houses were spread out, so we drove around and I was dropped off at lit up houses) and the houses, trying to act Dauntless and stuff.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.3 04:13 I worked up a good sweat and today my right ankle has been a little sore, so maybe that wasn't the best idea. XD Oh well. It was fun.
13>Cancer (the cancer zodiac), 13yo.2015,Nov.3 05:07 wow ... i didnt go trick or treating . i like the avengers thing though and may i ask what u mean by acting dauntless ?
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Nov.4 20:51 She probably means acting fearless.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.5 00:23 Dauntless is the faction of the brave in Divergent. When I said "acting Dauntless" I meant I was acting, well, like someone from Dauntless-fearless, bold, but at the same time kind of playful.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.5 00:24 There are five factions that each contain people with the human virtues the faction values the most: Erudite (the intelligent), Abnegation (the selfless), Amity (the kind), Candor (the honest), and Dauntless (the brave).
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.5 00:25 The factions exist in future dystopian Chicago in the Divergent series. Among the factions, there are the factionless (who don't have enough of the human virtues and were basically kicked out of their factions) and the Divergent (who have more than one
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.5 00:26 virtue and are thus considered dangerous to society). I have taken many Divergent aptitude test quizzes to determine which faction I belong in; I finally came to the conclusion that I am the "ultimate" Divergent (I have and value all five virtues equally)
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.5 00:26 *.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Nov.5 00:59 BUG FooooooOD
13>Cancer (the cancer zodiac), 13yo.2015,Nov.5 13:49 @ libra : ummm
13>Cancer (the cancer zodiac), 13yo.2015,Nov.5 13:50 @ Aquarius : oh right ... i think i mightive seen the trailer like that somewhere ...
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.7 01:00 @ Felicity: Er...spammer alert. XD
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.7 01:00 @ Cancer: OK.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Nov.7 03:02 @Aquarius: Sorry. Was watching Digimon. Some kids in it were almost eaten by a spider Digimon and I went a little digicrazy.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.7 03:42 @ Libra: O...K? XD
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.7 03:43 UPDATE #245: HOW THE SIGNS REACT TO THE END OF THE WORLD
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.7 03:43 ARIES: *throws stuff across the room* WHY DOES THE WORLD HAVE TO END NOW?!?!?!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.7 03:44 TAURUS: *takes all the food they can find and starts eating**obviously, the Twinkies have their own shrine in the closet XD*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.7 03:44 CANCER: *tries to gather family members and close friends, spends last moments with them, and occasionally gets overly emotional*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.7 03:45 LEO: *sobs grossly in the corner, hiding until the end**no one-NO ONE-can see them upset*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.7 03:45 VIRGO: *smiles at their alphabetized stock list and turns Netflix on*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.7 03:46 LIBRA: *opens a hugging booth and goes in it-can't die unloved, can we?*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.7 03:46 SCORPIO: *burns all their diaries* I'd rather die than let this out to public!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.7 03:47 CAPRICORN: *begins mailing survival kits and starts selling them on Amazon* Might as well make some money out of this.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.7 03:47 AQUARIUS: *throws a party* Let's party hard! *sings Die Young by Kesha*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.7 03:48 Um...no, no, no, no. I'm not a "party animal" or whatever and I don't like pop music at all.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.7 03:48 I'm definitely like a Cancer. I'd also be like a Capricorn, except I'd keep the survival kits rather than sell them.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.7 03:48 Though I might give some survival kits out just to help others.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.7 03:49 So, yeah...that's pretty inaccurate.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.7 03:51 UPDATE #246: THE SIGNS AS (SORT OF) FUNNY QUOTES
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.7 03:51 ARIES: Dear Karma, I have a lot of people you missed...
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.7 03:52 TAURUS: All my life I thought air was free until I bought a bag of chips.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.7 03:52 CANCER: After Tuesday even the calender goes W-T-F.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.7 03:53 LEO: Raisin cookies that look like chocolate chip cookies are the main reason I have trust issues. XP
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.7 03:53 VIRGO: Follow your heart, but take your brain with you.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.7 03:54 LIBRA: I love you with all my butt...I would say heart, but my butt's bigger.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.7 03:55 SCORPIO: 8 planets, 204 countries, 809 islands, 7 seas, 6000000000+ people, AND I AM STILL SINGLE!!!!!!!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.7 03:55 CAPRICORN: I need a six month vacation, twice a year.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.7 03:56 AQUARIUS: Some people just need a high five...in the face...with a chair.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.7 03:56 Heh, I'm not a violent person and I probably would never do such a thing, but sometimes I feel like that. XD
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.7 03:57 I like the Capricorn one too, and occasionally I feel like a Virgo (especially when I'm around people who...er...aren't as smart as I am XP).
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.7 03:58 Ohh, and I feel like a Leo ALL THE TIME!! XD XP Seriously, I hate raisin cookies, and once in a while I buy one while thinking it was chocolate chip and I'm like "DARR, WELL THIS IS JUST GREAT. >.< "
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Nov.7 15:15 Yea! I KNOW! Who the heck invented raisin cookies?! If that person is still alive, he or she deserves to be thrown in jail FOR THE REST OF HIS OR HER LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Nov.7 15:18 About 245, I'd be a Cancer of an Aquarius. No, that's not a typo. I'd have a good time with my friends and family, and then at the end I'd have a group hug until the end.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Nov.7 15:22 About 246, Cancer and Leo are funny. The Libra result is SoOOOOOOOOOOO NOT ME!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm more of a Virgo when it comes to that. If you've seen Legend Of The Neverbeast, I'm telling people the same thing that Queen Clarion told Fawn.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Nov.7 15:23 You can let your heart guide you, but remember to think with your head.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.8 22:31 YES!!!! *dumps 500000 tons of raisin cookies in a pit**lights them on fire* Burn...burn...BURN!!!!! *laughs crazily* >:D
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.8 22:32 Also, I haven't seen Legend of the Neverbeast.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.8 22:34 UPDATE #247: COOKIES OR CAKE?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.8 22:34 ARIES, TAURUS, SCORPIO, AQUARIUS: Cookies
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.8 22:35 CANCER, LEO, VIRGO, LIBRA, CAPRICORN: Cake
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.8 22:35 I like them both, but I think cake has the edge. So...that isn't accurate.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.8 22:35 UPDATE #248: WHAT THE SIGNS DO WHEN THEY CAN'T OPEN A COOKIE JAR
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.8 22:36 ARIES: *gets POed quickly and slams it down on the floor* And you thought you could beat me!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.8 22:36 TAURUS: *stubbornly tries to open it for quite a while**this could actually take hours...*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.8 22:37 CANCER: BROOOOTHER??
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.8 22:37 LEO: *gets angry and runs off* I didn't want cookies anyways...
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.8 22:37 VIRGO: Hey, you! Have you been closing it too tightly? It's your fault isn't it?
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.8 22:38 LIBRA: *tries for a while in different ways**ends up sighing and giving up or asking for another person's help*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.8 22:39 SCORPIO: *rolls eyes and walks away*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.8 22:39 CAPRICORN: *tries to utilize pens or knives*
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.8 22:39 AQUARIUS: I'll just put it under hot water I guess. Or use a rubber gripper. :/
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.8 22:40 Meh...that's not me. I'm more like a Capricorn or a Libra.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Nov.8 23:15 About 247, both. About 248, my family doesn't even OWN a cookie jar, so I don't HAVE an answer. My family puts leftover cookies into Tupperwares and sticks them in the fridge, but most of the time, we just buy Oreos or something. :D
13>Cancer (the cancer zodiac), 13yo.2015,Nov.9 14:47 yeah the first one is intirely correct... the second I HAVE ACTUALLY USED THAT MULTIPLE TIMES .... third update no , im more of a cookies man myself ....fourth update i dont own a cookie jar so i wouldnt know ..
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.9 19:26 I don't own a cookie jar either, but I have had previous experiences in which I cannot open a package and so I try to use something long and small-e.g. a pen or a knife, like a Capricorn. If I lose all hope (XD), however, I get someone else to help me.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.9 19:26 So just switch "WHAT THE SIGNS DO WHEN THEY CAN'T OPEN A COOKIE JAR" with "WHAT THE SIGNS DO WHEN THEY CAN'T OPEN A CONTAINER FULL OF FOOD" and find whichever answer matches you.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Nov.10 03:46 Okay, Taurus then. Like, I'll try to pry the lid off a Tupperware full of my mom's delicious homemade macaroni-and-cheese with my teeth if I have to.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Nov.10 05:25 Wow. That's determination. X'D
13>Cancer (the cancer zodiac), 13yo.2015,Nov.10 15:46 hey
13>Cancer (the cancer zodiac), 13yo.2015,Nov.10 15:47 in that case im a virgo a capricorn and a aquarius
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Nov.17 18:00 Uh...wow.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Nov.23 19:29 #249: THE SIGNS AS HUNGER GAMES MOVIES
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Nov.23 19:29 The Hunger Games: Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Nov.23 19:29 Catching Fire: Leo, Aquarius, Gemini
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Nov.23 19:30 Mockingjay part 1: Libra, Scorpio, Pisces
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Nov.23 19:30 Mockingjay part 2: Aries, Virgo, Capricorn
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Nov.23 19:31 Mockingjay part 2 wasn't bad, but out of all the movies, I liked The Hunger Games and Catching Fire. Part 2 was kind of like, okay, we took a one year break and now we're back.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Nov.23 19:32 I liked it, but I don't think it was as exciting as, say, Catching Fire. I did like the ending, though.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Nov.25 22:37 #250: THE SIGNS AS...CHARACTERS FROM A BOOK I'M WRITING
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Nov.25 22:38 *I'm just going to say that some credit goes to Aquarius, who helped create some of these characters. Also, I'm going to be featuring all the signs for this update.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Nov.25 22:40 ARIES: Nairne. Nairne is an extremely independent character, and won't take orders from others. She is usually pretty enthusiastic, often cracking a joke. A few downsides of Nairne are that she can be pretty hot-headed and impulsive.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Nov.25 22:42 TAURUS: Tyler. Tyler's pretty reasonable, as well as independent. He really doesn't need anyone, period. However, he is known to have a temper, and can be pretty cold towards others.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Nov.25 22:44 GEMINI: Sonny. Sonny is witty, pragmatic, and energetic. He doesn't let many people manipulate or take control of him. He's adaptable to anyone he meets, and is clever with words. However, Sonny is known for his random outbursts,which are usually negative
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Nov.25 22:47 CANCER: Connor. Connor is caring, loyal, definitely a true friend you can count on. Connor is pretty emotional, mostly because he's had a rough past. He also sometimes feels sorry for himself and can be too sensitive.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Nov.25 22:49 LEO: Jackie. Jackie is confident, ambitious, and adventurous. She's a great friend, and helps some of the other characters feel better when they're down in the dumps. Sometimes she can be a bit stubborn.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Nov.25 22:50 VIRGO: Amanda. Amanda is the protagonist of the series. She's helpful, nice, and practical. She has a bit of a quiet nature to her, which seems to make her cold towards others.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Nov.25 22:52 LIBRA: Matt. Matt is selfless and peaceful for the most part. He tries so hard, but in the best way. Sometimes he lets people take advantage of him, and he's not the best at settling issues.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Nov.25 22:53 SAGITTARIUS: Drew. Drew is a friend of Connor and Amanda. He is often the life of the party, but can be distant at times.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Nov.25 22:54 SCORPIO: Derek. Derek is loyal, has a dynamic character, and is also very romantic. He can become jealous, obsessive, and overprotective, though.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Nov.25 22:56 CAPRICORN: Jake. Jake is intelligent and loyal, but he also has a nagative streak to him. The first story in this series is about Jake, and I'm currently finished writing it.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Nov.25 22:57 AQUARIUS: Nicole. Nicole is brave, independent, rebellious, and values freedom and humanitarian issues. Her rebellious attitude can get her into trouble, and sometimes she is umemotional and stubborn.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Nov.25 22:58 PISCES: Madison. Madison is creative, compassionate, and doesn't judge people. Sometimes she can be indecisive and doesn't like to face problems.
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Nov.25 22:58 And there you have it!
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Nov.26 00:12 Where will you put your book when you're done?
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Nov.26 04:53 I currently have book 0.5 on Wattpad, but it's not the complete version.
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Nov.26 05:21 Besides Wattpad!
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Dec.2 03:43 Well, I have considered publishing it, but if I do, it probably won't be for a very long time. There's still a lot of editing and planning to be done, and I haven't even started the very first book yet. The one I have started is sort of like book 0.5 in
1>Virgo (Zodiac Sign), __yo.2015,Dec.2 03:44 the series, as I may or may not have added previously.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Dec.6 04:52 Oh my gosh!! You're writing a book based on World Battles RP?!! :D
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Dec.6 04:54 I didn't expect Nicole to be Aquarius-she seems a bit more like a Taurus to me. Also, Sagittarii are usually the most humorous and philosphical of the signs, so I expected Nairne or Pinak to be Sagittarius.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Dec.6 04:55  Secret message to Virgo  
7>Libra (Zodiac sign), ____yo.2015,Dec.6 17:50 World Battles? She didn't say anything about that!
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Dec.7 04:21 Well, all the characters listed are "major" characters from World Battles RP.
12>Aquarius (Zodiac Sign), ___yo.2015,Dec.7 04:21 So I kind of know that it's going to be a WB book... :P