" The A Team " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 00 to 100 years of age.
In the year 2010, a nuclear bomb exploded,destroying most of the world, the bomb created by mad scientist Franklin Poop, was made for world domination. He planned to use it as a threat,taking over everywhere imaginable,but due to mis calculations it exploded unexpectedly. A lot of the human population was wiped out, but there still remained a large portion. New cities were created, new governments were made,though nobody found Franklin Poop, he remained at large. Its now the year 2020. A top secret government known as T.S.G, has been watching young teens (Your character) for awhile now. Because they survived the explosion,but unlike everyone else, their DNA levels changed and varied from normal. T.S.G suspected these now teenagers had some type of abnormal abilitys. Anyways, T.S.G one day, received a message from no other than Franklin Poop, declaring that he will have his revenge, and he's much stronger now. T.S.G, then went to finally collect all the teens they've been spying on, tranquilizing them, and putting them in holding cells. (Starting off with our characters waking up confused etc)

1>Chris (Fire), 15yo.2015,Jul.21 04:36 [OKAYY THAAANNNNN]
1>Chris (Fire), 15yo.2015,Jul.21 04:36 [ Character ages: 15-17]
1>Chris (Fire), 15yo.2015,Jul.21 04:37 [Blahblahblabla]
1>Chris (Fire), 15yo.2015,Jul.21 04:40 [ Chris: Female, age 15. She has long white hair and gray eyes. Outgoing, fun,funny, but can be really serious too. Shes a genius,but at times,can be really slow. ]
3>Nick (Air), 16yo.2015,Jul.21 04:42 [ Nick: Male, 16, short black hair and brown eyes (Might change it later), he's a pretty chillax guy. But gets a bit serious]
7>Lily (Ice), 15yo.2015,Jul.21 19:12 [ Lily: Female 15. Crystal blue eyes and jet black hair. She's really shy,and doesn't speak much. She's caring and a sweet person]
1>Chris (Fire), 15yo.2015,Jul.21 19:15 [ Character limit'll be like, 4-5 characters I guess.]
18>Melody (Telekinesis), 15yo.2015,Jul.21 19:21 [ Melody: Female, 15. Light blue eyes, and black hair. She's deaf, and can only see. Generally she's a nice person but has a short temper.]
11>Jace (Shrinking), 16yo.2015,Jul.21 19:26 [Jace: Male, 16. Brown hair and green eyes. He's a joker,loves playing around and doing pranks on people.]
11>Jace (Shrinking), 16yo.2015,Jul.21 19:27 [ Hmmmmmmm ]
11>Jace (Shrinking), 16yo.2015,Jul.21 19:28 [Yup thats pretty much it. Just need one more player so the game can begggginnnn]
2>Emily (Water), 15yo.2015,Jul.24 22:20 [Female, 15. Long jet black hair, and BRIGHT green eyes. She is usally shy, but can be aggresive if you attack or attempt to harm her or anyone/anything she loves
12>Recovias (Invisibility), 17yo.2015,Jul.24 22:32 [Male, 17. He has a curly red hair, and brown eyes He is super shy.}
16>Volta (Lightning), 16yo.2015,Jul.30 03:07 [Volta: Female, 16. Has wavy, wild-ish jet-black hair w/ lots of white streaks. She likes wearing black leather outfits that shine white/have a white-ish hue. Can control electricity and, when in a very powerful state, she can control the weather and
16>Volta (Lightning), 16yo.2015,Jul.30 03:08 create electrical storms/thunderstorms to some extent. Though a bit defensive and shy at first, she'll be very fun and supportive once she gets to know the others.]
16>Volta (Lightning), 16yo.2015,Jul.30 03:09 [@ Rebekah: BTW, the wind power is technically the same thing as the air power (which Nick already has), so you might want to give Emily a different power.]
16>Volta (Lightning), 16yo.2015,Jul.30 03:09 [Oh, and Volta has bright blue eyes, but her eyes glow white when she uses her powers.]
16>Volta (Lightning), 16yo.2015,Jul.30 03:10 [Note: Volta is actually a real name, so don't chastise me for using what looks like a fake name. XP]
4>Pinak (Plants), 16yo.2015,Jul.30 03:13 [Pinak: Male, 16. Basically looks like the 16 year-old Pi from Life of Pi (you can look him up). He likes wearing anything green and/or brown. He is kind, caring, curious, fun, and very philosophical.]
4>Pinak (Plants), 16yo.2015,Jul.30 03:14 [He can control plants, trees, and even plants from under the sea (e.g. kelp, coral, etc.) and he loves nature. He is of Indian descant.]
4>Pinak (Plants), 16yo.2015,Jul.30 03:17 [@ Saleena: BTW, do we play as bad guys? If we do, who are the bad guys?]
4>Pinak (Plants), 16yo.2015,Jul.30 03:18 [BTW, Franklin Poop is a great name. XD]
12>Recovias (Invisibility), 17yo.2015,Aug.4 20:45 [What does Franklin poop have to do with anything]
4>Pinak (Plants), 16yo.2015,Aug.6 00:04 [Well, if you read the description of the game you'd know. XP]
4>Pinak (Plants), 16yo.2015,Aug.6 00:05 [No offense BTW-just re-read the storyline of the game to find out.]
12>Recovias (Invisibility), 17yo.2015,Aug.6 00:27 Yeah, I read it again
12>Recovias (Invisibility), 17yo.2015,Aug.6 00:28 {oh sorry, meant to put it in brackets
4>Pinak (Plants), 16yo.2015,Aug.7 03:38 [OK.]
1>Chris (Fire), 15yo.2015,Aug.8 05:48 [I forgot the plot. Hold on,i'll reread XD]
1>Chris (Fire), 15yo.2015,Aug.8 05:49 [For now the main bad guy is Mr.Poop]
1>Chris (Fire), 15yo.2015,Aug.8 05:50 [And um,yeah xD]
1>Chris (Fire), 15yo.2015,Aug.8 05:50 [ I shalst begin]
1>Chris (Fire), 15yo.2015,Aug.8 05:50 *Wakes up and looks around* Huh? Where am I..
1>Chris (Fire), 15yo.2015,Aug.8 05:51 *Looks at all the people passed out* Whaaaa
1>Chris (Fire), 15yo.2015,Aug.8 05:52 *Gets up and notices shes in a cell type holding place* *Walks over to the cell bars and tries to see outside the cell*
1>Chris (Fire), 15yo.2015,Aug.8 05:52 HELLOOOOOOOOO?!
3>Nick (Air), 16yo.2015,Aug.8 05:52 *Wakes up as well as my other characters* What the heck..
11>Jace (Shrinking), 16yo.2015,Aug.8 05:53 WHO WHAT WHEN WHERE WHY
11>Jace (Shrinking), 16yo.2015,Aug.8 05:54 *Sees all the pretty ladies* Well thannn *Licks his hand and slicks his hair back* Why hello there
11>Jace (Shrinking), 16yo.2015,Aug.8 05:55 [Jace is gonna be like, the Jack from PRs. THE PICK UP LINE GUY xD]
11>Jace (Shrinking), 16yo.2015,Aug.8 05:55 *Tries to lean against the wall with one and but slips and falls*
7>Lily (Ice), 15yo.2015,Aug.8 05:55 Where are we?
18>Melody (Telekinesis), 15yo.2015,Aug.8 05:56 *Looks around sitting in a corner*
4>Pinak (Plants), 16yo.2015,Aug.8 17:57 [Nooo, not the pick up line guy!! XD]
4>Pinak (Plants), 16yo.2015,Aug.8 17:59 *wakes up**moans, rubbing his head*
4>Pinak (Plants), 16yo.2015,Aug.8 18:00  Secret message to Jace  
4>Pinak (Plants), 16yo.2015,Aug.8 18:01 *sits up and looks around* Where the heck...??
16>Volta (Lightning), 16yo.2015,Aug.8 18:01 *wakes up too**sits up and looks around* Where...am...I...?
16>Volta (Lightning), 16yo.2015,Aug.8 18:03  Secret message to Chris  
2>Emily (Water), 15yo.2015,Aug.8 19:45 Where are we? Is this a dream?
12>Recovias (Invisibility), 17yo.2015,Aug.8 19:46 *groans and rolls over* Five... more minutes... mom......
2>Emily (Water), 15yo.2015,Aug.8 19:46 *laughs*
12>Recovias (Invisibility), 17yo.2015,Aug.8 19:47 *hits head* OW!!!
12>Recovias (Invisibility), 17yo.2015,Aug.8 19:47 *wakes up* What's going on?
1>Chris (Fire), 15yo.2015,Aug.8 23:29  Secret message to Volta  
11>Jace (Shrinking), 16yo.2015,Aug.8 23:30 *Sits by Volta* I dunno where you are,but i'm in heaven (:
1>Chris (Fire), 15yo.2015,Aug.8 23:30 *Looks at everyone* Do any of you know where we are,jeesh?
7>Lily (Ice), 15yo.2015,Aug.8 23:31 I'm..I'm so confusedd..
1>Chris (Fire), 15yo.2015,Aug.8 23:31 Guess not.
1>Chris (Fire), 15yo.2015,Aug.8 23:33 T.S.G Agent: *Unlocks gate by pressing a button on a remote* You've all awaken. Please. Follow me.
1>Chris (Fire), 15yo.2015,Aug.8 23:33 Ummmm
3>Nick (Air), 16yo.2015,Aug.8 23:35 *He as well as everyone else begins to follow the T.S.G agent* *Notices Melody still sitting in the corner* You coming?
18>Melody (Telekinesis), 15yo.2015,Aug.8 23:35 *Silence*
18>Melody (Telekinesis), 15yo.2015,Aug.8 23:36 *Nick asks again,this time she reads his lips,gets up,and leaves with everyone else*
12>Recovias (Invisibility), 17yo.2015,Aug.9 01:30 Hey........ Uh... what did you mean by you are in heaven?
2>Emily (Water), 15yo.2015,Aug.9 01:31 Ummmmmm....., where are we going?
11>Jace (Shrinking), 16yo.2015,Aug.9 01:35 *Puts his arm around Recovias and points at all the girls* This my friend- Is heaven
11>Jace (Shrinking), 16yo.2015,Aug.9 01:35 *Around Recovias's shoulder
1>Chris (Fire), 15yo.2015,Aug.9 01:36 T.S.G Agent: All will be explained shortly. Patience.
1>Chris (Fire), 15yo.2015,Aug.9 01:36 Well, i'm hungry. So can we speed this up a notch orrr?
1>Chris (Fire), 15yo.2015,Aug.9 01:38 *The agent leads everyone into a room filled with people working on computers and all sorts of devices* Wooowww
3>Nick (Air), 16yo.2015,Aug.9 01:38 This is so cool ^~^
16>Volta (Lightning), 16yo.2015,Aug.9 04:53 *instantly moves away from Jace* -.-
11>Jace (Shrinking), 16yo.2015,Aug.9 05:41 *Winks at Volta* Hay there
16>Volta (Lightning), 16yo.2015,Aug.9 17:51 *just nods as if to say "Hi" to Jace and then scooches away from him again*
2>Emily (Water), 15yo.2015,Aug.9 19:30 *punches Recovias*
2>Emily (Water), 15yo.2015,Aug.9 19:31 You get away from him.
2>Emily (Water), 15yo.2015,Aug.9 19:31 {sorry meant *punches Jace*}
12>Recovias (Invisibility), 17yo.2015,Aug.9 19:31 Thanks
12>Recovias (Invisibility), 17yo.2015,Aug.9 19:32 COOOOOOOOOOOOOOllLL! Awesome computers! Hey mister, are we allowed to hack thoe computers
1>Chris (Fire), 15yo.2015,Aug.9 21:57 [The Man'll be the boss of T.S.G]
1>Chris (Fire), 15yo.2015,Aug.9 21:57 The Man: *Walks over to the teens* Welcome to T.S.G headquarters
1>Chris (Fire), 15yo.2015,Aug.9 21:59 The Man: I'm sure you're all wondering why you're here, so i'll get to the point.
1>Chris (Fire), 15yo.2015,Aug.9 21:59 The Man: The world is in danger.
1>Chris (Fire), 15yo.2015,Aug.9 22:00 The Man: And you all may be our only hope.
1>Chris (Fire), 15yo.2015,Aug.9 22:02 *Laughs*
1>Chris (Fire), 15yo.2015,Aug.9 22:02 Hahahaha! Is this a joke?
1>Chris (Fire), 15yo.2015,Aug.9 22:02 C'mon, are we on one if those prank shows? Where are the cameras?
1>Chris (Fire), 15yo.2015,Aug.9 22:03 The Man: This is very real,Chris. So I suggest you listen up
1>Chris (Fire), 15yo.2015,Aug.9 22:03 The Man: *Explains whats happening with Mr.Poop, and informs them of their powers*
11>Jace (Shrinking), 16yo.2015,Aug.9 22:04 If we had powers all this time,how come we've never been able to use em'? HUH!? HUH?!
1>Chris (Fire), 15yo.2015,Aug.9 22:05 The Man: Scientist at T.S.G have concluded that your cells and DNA and whatnot need a boost before you can use your powers.
1>Chris (Fire), 15yo.2015,Aug.9 22:06 *Lots of scientist come into the room with needles and inject some type of liquid into all the teens*
1>Chris (Fire), 15yo.2015,Aug.9 22:06 *Everyone feels lightheaded and dizzy*
7>Lily (Ice), 15yo.2015,Aug.9 22:07 Wha-Whaa *Can barley keep balance*
7>Lily (Ice), 15yo.2015,Aug.9 22:07 *Suddenly feels a huge rush of a cold feeling go throughout her body* O-O
3>Nick (Air), 16yo.2015,Aug.9 22:08 *Feels lighter and starts floating* Whaaaooaaaa *Can't control it and crashes into the ceiling* Ow..
1>Chris (Fire), 15yo.2015,Aug.9 22:10 *
1>Chris (Fire), 15yo.2015,Aug.9 22:10 *Catches on fire* AAAHHHH *Screams*
16>Volta (Lightning), 16yo.2015,Aug.11 17:12 *clutches her head* Can't...control...it... >.< *electricity radiates from her body and even electricutes some of the nearby people*
4>Pinak (Plants), 16yo.2015,Aug.11 17:14 *moans and falls down, spasming as his powers activate**roots of various trees growing near the building rise through the floor around him, and part of one of those trees comes right through the window*
2>Emily (Water), 15yo.2015,Aug.12 19:12 *starts spirting water*
2>Emily (Water), 15yo.2015,Aug.12 19:12 What?
12>Recovias (Invisibility), 17yo.2015,Aug.12 19:13 *turns invisable*
12>Recovias (Invisibility), 17yo.2015,Aug.12 19:13 Wait, where did i go?
2>Emily (Water), 15yo.2015,Aug.12 22:25 Shouldn't you know where you are?
12>Recovias (Invisibility), 17yo.2015,Aug.12 22:25 I should, but I don't
16>Volta (Lightning), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 04:09 *makes a powerful but small electrical explosion and then collapses*
4>Pinak (Plants), 16yo.2015,Aug.14 04:11 *the tree branches wrap around him and start pulling him out the window, but the scientists grab him and pull him back*
12>Recovias (Invisibility), 17yo.2015,Aug.16 00:48 *starts flickering between invisable and visible*
12>Recovias (Invisibility), 17yo.2015,Aug.16 00:48 *collapes, completly visable*
2>Emily (Water), 15yo.2015,Aug.16 00:48 *water bursts from all around her*
2>Emily (Water), 15yo.2015,Aug.16 00:49 *stream hits one of the scientists in their eye*
2>Emily (Water), 15yo.2015,Aug.16 00:49 Oh, sorry.
2>Emily (Water), 15yo.2015,Aug.16 00:49 *collapes8
2>Emily (Water), 15yo.2015,Aug.16 00:49 *collapses*
16>Volta (Lightning), 16yo.2015,Aug.26 01:25 *sits up**tries to control her powers, but she can't**her body radiates with electricity*