" A Matter of Magic (A Harry Potter Roleplay) " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 10 to 15 years of age.
A new apprentice of Salazar Slytherin has been rumored to have risen, and now a new prophecy has been found, claiming that only seven new Hogwarts heroes can possibly oppose him. It's going to take both looking to the future, and the past, to overcome a more powerful evil than even Voldemort himself.

1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.21 02:50 H'lo! Welcome to A Matter of Magic!
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.21 02:52 This game obviously follows most of the usual regulations and rules, so I would ask that you abide by them. Please and thank you!
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.21 17:33 When you create your character, be sure their description is lengthy and thorough. I would request that you provide the following:
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.21 17:35 General Appearance. Just provide a simple description of what your character looks like. You can include their clothing preferences if you lik.
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.21 17:36 Personality. How your character acts, thinks and behaves.
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.21 17:41 Blood Status. Whether they are pure blooded, half blooded, or muggle born. Pure bloods are students who were born to two wizards. Half bloods were born to a wizard and a muggle, and muggle borns are students born to two muggles.
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.21 17:41 Family. Just, list the members of their immediate family.
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.21 17:46 Pet. Pick a cat, bat, rat, toad, or owl.
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.21 17:48 House. Choose the house you'd like your character to be sorted into. I would like to see some diversity!
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.21 17:49 Favorite Subject in Hogwarts. Just choose your favorite subject. That will affect the game later.
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.21 17:50 And which time period they're from. Either modern day, or during the foundation of Hogwarts.
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.21 17:52
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.21 17:52 The Plot: So, this is the plot of the game.
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.21 17:55 Salazar Slytherin has a new Apprentice, who is very determined to raise his master once again. Unbeknownst to all, this Apprentice is currently attending Hogwarts, waiting for the perfect time to strike.
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.21 17:57 Along with the apprentice though, are seven new first years who are going to be in for the surprise of their lives when they find out their part of a prophecy to save the day.
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.21 17:59 It's going to take a lot of hard work and homework to hone their skills in magic, but even that won't be enough. It's also going to take some VERY old allies to help them win. (That's where the other students from another time come in)
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.21 18:00 And, yeah, that wraps it up. Note that the seven students are all first years at first! Thank you.
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.21 18:01 [This sounded like fun, so I decided to join!]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.21 18:02 [I have to go to the zoo, so I'll explain my character later.]
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.21 18:03 (Ok, thank you!)
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.21 18:03 (I'll take this time to describe my characters!)
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.21 18:06 (Maverick: Maverick has deep brown skin, and curly black hair. He has deep brown eyes. He always has a big goofy grin on his face, and he likes to wear clothing to represent his favorite Quidditch team.)
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.21 18:09 (He is very charming, loving being able to bring joy and laughter to other people. He can be a little impulsive, because he bases his actions on emotion rather than thoughts and plans. He is very defensive, but also understanding of others.)
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.21 18:11 (Maverick is a Half blood. His mother, a witch, fell in love with a muggle man. She gave up her magic to be with him, which is why she doesn't really approve of Maverick going to Hogwarts.)
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.21 18:12 (His family consists of his mother, a witch, his father, a muggle, his older sister Penny who is a muggle, and his younger sister Mary who they assume is a muggle)
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.21 18:14 (Maverick has an owl named The Riddler, and a cat named Seth. He managed to smuggle in both, even though it's against the rules)
12>Oliver (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.21 18:14 (Oliver, my first character. Has honey blonde hair and hazel eyes. Is very outgoing and friendly, sometimes getting himself into trouble. But he's also very smart and collected.)
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.21 18:15 (Maverick is going to be a part of the Gryffindor family.)
12>Oliver (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.21 18:15 (His pet is a cat, will end up being in Ravenclaw, and his favorite Hogwarts subject is Transfiguration.)
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.21 18:16 (His favorite subject is Herbology, and he's from modern day Hogwarts)
13>Cora (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.21 18:16 (Cora, another one of my characters. She has brown hair the color of coffee and blue eyes. Cora is friendly and extremely loyal, adventurous, a great friend to have around. )
13>Cora (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.21 18:17 (Her pet is an owl, and she will be sorted into Gryffindor. Her favorite subject is Defense Against the Dark Arts.)
13>Cora (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.21 18:17 (Those are all of my characters for now, I might make some more later though.)
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.21 18:17 (Great, thank you!)
4>Kai (Hogwarts Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.21 18:20 (My second character, Kai. Kai has black hair and green eyes, and can always be seen wearing a tuxedo and fedora. He's sneaky and clever, and charming like Mav, but in a different way.)
4>Kai (Hogwarts Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.21 18:21 (He will be sorted into Slytherin, though he doesn't really want to be. Because he comes from a Muggle born family, he will end up being teased.)
4>Kai (Hogwarts Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.21 18:22 (He ends up being good friends with Mav, so his "pet" is also Mav's owl, The Riddler. He helps take care of it, and keeps him company.)
4>Kai (Hogwarts Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.21 18:23 (His favorite subject is Flying Lessons, mostly because he enjoys straying from the group and overlooking the forbidden forest)
6>June (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.21 18:26 (My last character, June. June has light brown hair, with pink streaks dyed in. She's bubbly, and loyal, and just plain fun to be around. Shes a stickler for the rules, though, causing some people to think she's a stick in the mud.)
6>June (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.21 18:28 (She's technically a Half blood, being born to a witch, and a squib. Her father, the squib, currently teaches Care of Magical Creatures, which is her favorite subject)
6>June (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.21 18:30 (June doesn't have a pet, but she spends enough time around other creatures that she doesn't really care. Eventually, she will get sorted into Hufflepuff)
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.21 22:28 [Miku Nonaka: She has long black hair with blue on the ends. Has big brown eyes and pale skin. Can be seen wearing a cherry blossom pink top with frilly thingies that are made by a red belt, blue jean shorts and Japanese-style sandals a lot.]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.21 22:49 [Is very artistic and doesn't act like an "actual" girl most of the time. Is very smart, very logical and was bullied since she was nine so she can be fierce, and as such, knows how to defend herself. Doesn't really have any friends.]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.21 23:07 [She wants friends, but she's the ideal target for bullies, so she can't really make any. Will eventually be sorted into Ravenclaw. Has a pet owl named Sakonji. Her favorite subject in Hogwarts is Defense Against the Dark Arts, and she is pure-blooded.]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.21 23:15 [Her family consist of her wizard father Samuel, her witch mother Najika, her wizard brother Mike, her muggle sister Halia, and her witch sister Akane. Miku is from the mdern day.]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.21 23:18 [And something that I forgot to mention: she is the second-to-youngest. Halia is her only sister that is younger than her.]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.22 05:20 [Nicole: Has long, jet-black hair often in a ponytail, pale skin, and odd indigo/violet-blue eyes. She's quiet, shy, brave, loyal, and compassionate. She is oddly talented in magic, especially Defense Against the Dark Arts and Charms.]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.22 05:21 [Has good artistic tastes-she likes classical music, chess, and things like that. She will be sorted into Gryffindor. At first she'll wear a purple and white horizontally stri ped shirt, navy blue jeans, and black tennis shoes, but then she'll get her
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.22 05:21 Hogwarts robes.]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.22 05:22 [She is half-blood. Her family members include her wizard father, her Muggle mother, and her younger brother (who might be added into the roleplay once Nicole becomes older.]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.22 05:23 [Her pet is a male black owl with a white blotch on his chest named Darkstorm.]
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.22 05:26 [Orion: Resembles Draco Malfoy. Has platinum blonde hair and green eyes. Pale, skinny, sort of frail-looking. He is prideful, ambitious, a bit cowardly, nice to his friends, and cruel and bully-ish to his enemies. Will be sorted into Slytherin.]
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.22 05:27 [His family includes his parents and maybe a cousin or two, but that's about it. His pet is a female cream-colored cat with green eyes named Cream.]
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.22 14:48 (Well, we are ready to start the game, but first: There are too many kids for the prophecy, so I'm going to bend the rule, and say there are eight. However, that means that only the following people can be in the prophecy anymore!:
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.22 14:49 Maverick, Nicole, Kai, June, Miku, Orion, Oliver, and Cora. That's all!
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.22 14:49 So, we can actually begin now, and we can always make characters for the other time period later.
3>Danielle Makino (Time Travel Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.22 15:38 [Danielle Maknio: Has green eyes, tan skin and blonde hair dyed pink at the ends in a bobcut. Wears khakis, black sneakers and a blue hoodie over a white tee.]
3>Danielle Makino (Time Travel Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.22 15:38 [Oops...]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.24 00:12 [OK, let's begin! BTW, I don't think there's anyone in Hufflepuff House...is that OK, or not?]
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.24 16:41 (Actually, June is going to be in Hufflepuff, so it's ok!)
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.24 16:42 (All of the students have just received their letters that they will be going to Hogwarts! Now, they're off to Diagon Alley to buy their supplies!)
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.24 16:42 (you don't actually have to buy your supplies. Mostly, I'm going to use this as an opportunity for some of the characters to meet each other)
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.25 01:25 [Delete Danielle Maknio's character and messages, unless she can play a role as one of the characters from the past.]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.26 23:04 [Awesome! I'll show what happens to Nicole upon receiving the letter...] *goes to the mailbox one morning and finds an odd-looking letter**goes back in the house, opens it, and reads it*
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.26 23:05 *suddenly becomes all excited* MOM!! DAD!! *rushes over and shows them the letter**her brother comes over and becomes sort of jealous but happy for her*
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.26 23:06 ~LATER ON...~ *has packed her bags**her dad takes her to Diagon Alley*
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.26 23:06 *looks around* Whoa...
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.26 23:47 [Now I'll show what happens when Miku gets the letter!]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.27 01:15 *Akane brings Miku a weird letter* Akane: I found this letter for you, doofus. *miku rips it open**reads it* Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! MOM! DAD! GUYS, YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS! *Miku's parents come* Miku's dad: You made it into Hogwarts!
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.27 01:18 Miku's mom: You are a witch after all! Halia: Aww, when am I gonna get my Hogwarts letter? Mike: You'll get it when you're eleven if you're a witch. Miku's mom: Miku, pack your bags. You're coming to Diagon Alley with me and Mike!
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.27 01:19 Mike: We'll show you around and tell you the stuff you need to buy. Miku: This. Is. AWESOME!
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Aug.27 01:21 ~LATER...~ *has packed**mike and her mom take her to Diagon Alley**looks at all the stuff* Wow! This is amazing!
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Sep.4 04:09 *his mom brings in the mail one morning and finds the letter* Mom: Oh my gosh...Orion, for you!! *hands Orion the letter* Orion: *reads it* Hm. About time!
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Sep.4 04:09 So, when are we going to Diagon Alley?
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Sep.4 04:10 [Oh, I forgot to mention that Orion is a pureblood wizard and lives in the Wizarding World.]
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Sep.4 04:11 ~LATER...~ *has packed and entered Diagon Alley**looks around, only intrigued by expensive and rare items (his family is rich, so Orion is spoiled and is used to having/seeing items that most wizarding families can't get; therefore, only the super
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Sep.4 04:11 expensive stuff he hasn't seen interest him)*
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Sep.5 00:55 Wow! It's beautiful! *wanders around with family**bumps into orion* Hey, Klutz! Watch where you're go--*notices him**blushes a little bit* Oh, sorry.
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Sep.5 01:01 Mom, can we go to the wand shop now? Miku's mom: Of course, darling. *we go over to the wand shop*
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Sep.18 00:10 [Does anyone even go on this anymore?]
14>Kaan (an ancient student), 100yo.2015,Sep.28 19:19 (Kaan resembles neville with short spiky brown hair and green eyes . he is pure blood and grumpy . will be sorted into ravenclaw . gtg be back soon .
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Oct.18 16:03 [The students from the past TIME TRAVEL! They aren't immortal!]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 01:29 [Hello?]
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 02:06 *walks eagerly around Diagon Alley with his mom, dragging her around* *his mom is half miffed, and half proud and nostalgic* Mom! We have to go to Ollivanders! You said I could get my own magic wand there!
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 02:09 Mom: Just be patient, Maverick! We can go there next! *holds onto Maerick's hand like a leash on a little puppy* *slowly takes him to the wand shop*
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 02:11 *almost jumping up and down* This is it, Mav! You get to be a real wizard from this moment on! *runs into the store bursting with confidence...right into Miku*
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 02:12 Oh! Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to run into you! *hastily helps her pick up some of her fallen items and smiles at her sheepishly* Sorry...
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 02:15 *his pet cat, Seth, jumps from his arms and rubs against Miku, purring* *laughs* My cat likes you.
4>Kai (Hogwarts Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 02:23 *walks into the wand shop* *sees Maverick and Miku, and waves at them* Hey! Excuse me, I'm a bit new to the whole "wizardry" thing...what do I need to do to buy all these things? *takes out his list*
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 03:59 *smiles* Your cat is so cute! What's his name? And what's your name?
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:04 *thinks* There's a guy who's cute. There's also a guy who's cute and nice.
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:07 (hi!)
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:08 *grins, revealing a bit of a gap toothed smile* His name is Seth! *holdsout his hand* And my name is Maverick. Mmost people just call me Mav though.
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:09 *turns to Kai* I'm a bit new to wizardry myself. We could probably figure it out together, though, mister...?
4>Kai (Hogwarts Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:10 Oh, my name's Kai. And...thanks. *cant help but smile back at Maverick and Miku*
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:10 [Hi]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:10 I'm Miku. Nice to meet you!
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:11 I'm actually surprised that you're being so nice to me. People are almost never nice to me.
4>Kai (Hogwarts Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:11 *does a little bow* Nice to meet you too, m'lady.
4>Kai (Hogwarts Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:12 I can't imagine why people wouldnt be nice to you!
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:12 Yeah, you seem pretty great to me!
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:13 I don't understand it either! People have just been mean to me all my life.
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:14 *gives her a sympathetic look* That's awful!
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:15 But, hey, now you get to go to one of the top wizarding schools in the world!
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:15 Im sure things are going to be good for you from herein out!
4>Kai (Hogwarts Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:16 *nodsin agreement*
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:16 It's okay. I've learned to deal with having no friends. Although, friends would make my life better.
4>Kai (Hogwarts Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:18 Well, hey, we're your friends now. And I'm sure you'll make plenty of friends in Hogwarts!
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:18 Yeah!
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:19 Well, it looks like my dream has become reality! *smiles*
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:20 *laughs* Yeah. Oh, we should probably get our wands!
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:21 Oh yea!
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:22 *thinks* I've got a crush on two boys. The one that I met on the streets is bound to be a jerk.
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:25 *hops over to Olivander* Are you the person I need to talk to to get a wand?
4>Kai (Hogwarts Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:25 *follows Mav's example*
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:27 Olivander: Yes, I am. I'm Olivander, the Wand Keeper. And you must be new students, yes?
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:27 *nods* Yeah, I am!
4>Kai (Hogwarts Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:27 Mhm. We are.
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:28 Olivander: In that case, let's get started finding your wands. *smiles at Miku* Ladies first.
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:29 Oh. Thanks.
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:29 Olivander: *brings out a choice wand example* *hands it to Miku* Don't be shy, try it out!
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:30 *grasps the wand*
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:30 *watches with curiosity* *isnt sure what to think*
4>Kai (Hogwarts Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:32 *is very excited* *cant wait to get his own wand*
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:32 *bites lip with anticipation, even though she knows that Olivander is going to say that it's the wrong one*
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:34 Olivander: Go ahead and give it a wave.
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:36 *waves the wand around a bit*
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:38 Olivander: *purses his lips* Perhaps another...
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:39 Olivander: *brings out another wand* Try this. It's made of holly, with unicorn hair at its core, ten and a quarter inches.
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:40 *thinks* I knew that he was going to say that.
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:40 I have a good feeling about this one.
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:40 [Nvm]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:40 *takes the wand and waves it around, a bit more confident this time*
4>Kai (Hogwarts Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:40 Ooo, this wand sounds fancy! I have faith in it!
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:41 Olivander: Do you feel anything? Is this the one?
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:43 *crosses his fingers*
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:43 I feel...something.
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:44 Olivander: I believe we may have found your wand, miss.
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:47 It's weird. It's...how do I describe it...it's like it's pulsing. It's there, now it's gone, there, gone, there, gone, this is weird.
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:48 Olivander: Hmmm...how very interesting.
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:50 *notices something**starts freaking out* Is the tip supposed to be smoking like that?!
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:51 Olivander: No! No it should not! Hurry, put it down!
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:52 *drops the wand immediately*
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:54 Am I allergic to unicorn hair or something?!
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:55 Olivander: I'm not usually this innacurate... *sighs, pulling out one more* Maybe this one? Made of ebony, 7 and a half inches, and a core of kelpie bone.
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:55 *giggles at Miku's comment*
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:56 *gingerly wraps her fingers around the wand*
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:57 I hope nothing crazy happens this time.
4>Kai (Hogwarts Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:57 *holds breath in anticipation*
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 04:59 Olivander: I'm sure we'll be fine, my dear.
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:00 *a tiny shower of icy blue sparkles bursts from from the tip of the wand*
4>Kai (Hogwarts Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:01 *grins* That's actually really pretty.
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:02 Olivander: Do you feel...anything? Any connection at all?
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:03 Yes, and it's not anything like the other one. This one actually feels right.
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:04 Olivander: *nods* Then I think you have a new wand, my dear.
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:06 *smiles a bit*
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:08 Olivander: Next?
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:08 Er, you can go Kai. I can wait.
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:09 *steps back*
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:13 [Brb.]
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:17 (ok. I'm multitasking, so replies will be slower.)
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:18 [Back.]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:19 [SILVER!!!]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:20 [:D]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:20 [Can I have a summary?]
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:21 (sure. Maverick, Kai, and Miku went to Olivanders, and Miku just got her wand. Now Kai's getting his)
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:23 [Also, Miku has a crush on Maverick.]
4>Kai (Hogwarts Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:23 Thanks, Maverick. *looks at Olivander sheepishly*
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:24 [OK!]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:24 *enters Olivander's*
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:24 *looks around in awe*
4>Kai (Hogwarts Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:25 (Say, would one of you like to play as Olivander? I don't want to have to hold a one person conversation)
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:27 *turns and sees Nicole* And our crowd gets bigger! The wand shop is certainly a popular place.
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:28 [Hm...sure! How about when my characters get their wands you play as Olivander, and when your characters get their wands I play as Olivander?]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:29 [Note that I haven't actually seen the movies or read the books in months and possibly years, but I'll try my best.]
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:30 (It's alright. And yeah, we can do that.)
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:31 [OK!]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:31 *smiles at Maverick*
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:31 Olivander: Why, hello! And what's your name?
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:31 *grins back widely*
4>Kai (Hogwarts Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:32 *shuffles his feet* It's, ah, Kai.
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:36 Olivander: Alright... *thinks for a moment, then goes in the back**grabs a wand and gives it to Kai* Try this out.
4>Kai (Hogwarts Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:37 *takes a deep breath* *swishes the wand* *is a little afraid he'll blow something up, but nothing happens*
4>Kai (Hogwarts Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:38 *the wand is cold and dead in his hands* I'm... Not sure this is the wand for me.
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:38 Olivander: Hm...that isn't right...let's try another. *takes the wand and goes in the back again*
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:39 Olivander: *comes back and puts another wand in Kai's hands* Eleven inches. Oak. Phoenix feather. Give it a wave.
4>Kai (Hogwarts Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:40 *shakes out his hands* *waves his wand blockily, and a gust of wind shoots from it, knocking a few wands off the shelf* I think this wand is angry!
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:43 Olivander: Oops! Heh heh...I'll fix that in a minute. *takes the wand and puts it back**grabs another wand**gives it to Kai* Another pheonix feather wand, but shorter and made of yew.
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:43 Olivander: *quickly puts the fallen wands back*
4>Kai (Hogwarts Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:44 *nods* Ok, I think I have it this time...
4>Kai (Hogwarts Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:44 *waves it again, this time a small surge of power seeping into his hands* *gasps at the feeling*
4>Kai (Hogwarts Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:45 Wow... I just, felt the wand...
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:45 Olivander: Perfect!
4>Kai (Hogwarts Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:45 Is that good?
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:46 Olivander: *grinning* Congratulations on getting your wand. Anyway, next?
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:46 *steps back* I can wait for her.
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:46 *points to Nicole*
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:49 Thank you. *smiles shyly and heads over to Olivander*
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:49 *struts in**sees the line in front of him and huffs, rolling his eyes*
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:51 Olivander: Alright, young lady, let's see... Perhaps a wand of beach wood, 11 inches, and a core of dragon heart string?
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:51 Olivander: *hands her the wand*
4>Kai (Hogwarts Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:52 *glances at Orion*
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:52 *can almost sense Orion*
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:54 Uh...sure!
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:55 *waves it**though she comes close to feeling it, it ends up sending a couple wands flying across the room*
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:55 Olivander: *smiles at her* Go ahead and wave it.
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:56 [Hint: Dragon heart string is the right core, but the wood is wrong and the length-even though 11 inches is pretty long for wands-is a little too short.]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:56 Oops...
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:56 Olivander: *grimaces* Ah...no.
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:56 (Darn!)
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:57 *pays Orion no mind*
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:57 Olivander: *brings out another wand* How about, this? Made of oak, a core of dragon heart string, 11 and a half inches.
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:58 *takes the wand**waves it**violet sparkles come out of it, and her eyes widen as she feels it*
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 05:59 Olivander: I think you've found your match.
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:02 *nods, grins, and backs off*
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:02 Olivander: Next!
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:03 *huffing, and puffing, and blowing down the hou-no XD*
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:03 *well, he's still huffing and puffing, though*
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:03 (haha! XD)
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:04 I think I could go next, now. Unless, he'd rather go before me? *glances at Orion having what appears to be a mental breakdown*
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:05 *sings quietly* 🎵 Seems like just yesterday you were a part of me...🎵
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:05 Yesss! *mutters* Finally...
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:05 🎵 I used to stand so tall, I used to be so strong.🎵
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:05 *struts up to the counter*
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:06 *holds up his hands backing off* Ok, man.
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:06 *somebody farts really loudly while Miku is singing-sorry, I couldn't help it... X'D*
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:06 Olivander: Ah. And what's your name?
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:06 🎵 Your arms around me tight, everything felt so right. Unbreakable, like nothing could go wrong.🎵
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:07 Orion.
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:07 🎵 Now I can't breathe, no, I can't sleep, I'm barely hanging on...🎵
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:07 *someone starts making fake coughs REALLY loudly in the background*
4>Kai (Hogwarts Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:07 *smiles at Miku* Your singing is really pretty.
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:07 *someone: "Oh, COME ON!! Aw, geez!! This is a small room!!!"*
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:07 ~.~
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:08 🎵 Here I am, once again, I'm torn into pieces! Can't deny it, can't pretend, just thought you were the one.🎵
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:08 Olivander: *cant help but smile a tad* Well, let's find your wand, shall we?
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:08 [Are they trying to make Miku stop singing?]
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:09 Yes... *someone: "Gag-a-maggot!! Man, that-"**looks over his shoulder* Oh, SHUDDAP!!!!
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:09 [Kinda sorta. XD Also, it's just plain funny to me, so...]
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:09 [Long story short: I LOVE fart jokes. ^.^]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:09 🎵 Broken up, deep inside...🎵 *her voice trails off*
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:10 *turns back, looking ahead stoically...until someone lets another one rip >XD*
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:10 *pulls a really dusty battered one off a shelf in the back* Try this. A mahogany wand, with a core of salamander bone, 7 and a quarter inches.
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:10 -______-
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:11 *grimaces at how old the wand is but gives it a wave anyway**it weakly makes a fart sound XD*
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:11 -.-'
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:11 Maverick: *turns to Miku* Your singing is really great. Much better than I can do. It would be better if people would stop farting though...
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:12 [XD]
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:12 Uh...that isn't my wand...right?
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:12 Olivander: Heh. I'm guessing it's not the one for you.
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:12 Um, thanks. *blushes a bit*
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:12 [That was aimed at Maverick.]
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:12 *sarcasm* Oh really?
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:13 *hands the wand back to Olivander, huffing*
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:13 Olivander: Unless your wand has a sense of humor. Anyways, how about...this? Cedar, very flexible and light, made with griffin feather, 8 inches.
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:14 *tries it out**it is a bit closer but ends up sending a couple stacks of wands flying up towards the ceiling*
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:14 *rolls eyes and hands wand back to Olivander*
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:14 *gives Orion a look of "seriously?-cut-the-sarcasm-kid"*
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:15 *headwall XD*
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:16 [XD]
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:16 *takes the wand back* Fine. How about... This pine wand, made with a core of merfolk scale, 9 inches?
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:16 *thinks* That's basically mermaid murder.
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:17 *gives it a wave, getting impatient**green and yellow sparks fly out of it and he fels the wand*
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:17 *feels
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:18 *rolls his own eyes* Happy now, mister Orion?
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:19 Quite. *turns and starts walking out**is heard muttering some other annoying comment as he struts outside*
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:19 Finally, he leaves. Such a pain in the butt.
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:19 *thinks* Yes! FINALLY!
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:20 *makes a big smile at Miku*
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:20 My turn now?
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:20 Olivander: Yes! *is enthusiastic again
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:20 **
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:20 *steps up, eager to begin*
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:21 Olivander: So, what's your name?
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:21 Im Maverick! Though most people just call me Mav.
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:23 *looks at the rows of wands behind him* *cant imagine sorting through them all*
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:24 Olivander: Ah! An enthusiastic boy...I see... *talks to himself a little while going in the back**returns and gives Maverick a wand* Unicorn hair, oak, 10 inches, surprisingly springy.
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:25 *tries to stay as far away from it as she can*
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:25 *takes the wand, waving it a little* *is disappointed when nothing happens at all*
4>Kai (Hogwarts Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:26 Er, at least it didn't explode...
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:27 Olivander: Hm...close, but not close enough. *takes the wand and goes in the back again*
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:27 Are you referencing my earlier reaction to unicorn hair?
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:27 Olivander: *returns* Unicorn hair core again, 9 and a half inches, holly. Try it out!
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:28 *waves the wand, a faint glow coming from it* *there was no feeling, though*
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:28 Olivander: *@ Miku* Not really...it seems like Maverick here is more suited for unicorn hair than you were.
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:29 Olivander: *frowns a little* Hm...let me try again, then. [Any specific wood or core that you want?]
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:29 (Nah, not really. Unicorn hair works just fine. Just go with ash wood I guess)
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:31 [OK!]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:32 Olivander: *comes back* Unicorn hair, ash, 10 and a half inches, comfortably springy.
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:32 [gtg! *offline* I'll probably come on tomorrow, around 9:00 PM CT/10:00 PM ET! Bye! Oh, and BTW-I WON A CHESS TOURNAMENT TODAY!!! :'D]
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:32 (Really? That's great! Bye!)
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 06:34 *tries this wand out* *this time, a very bright golden glow escapes the wand* *definitely feels the wand this time!*
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 13:51 [Hey, Silver, you wanna join the RP Alliance again?]
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 14:00 (Oh, sure!)
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 14:02 [Hi!]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 14:03 [Guess that you left.]
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 14:09 (sorry, didn't realize you were still on, actually)
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 14:10 (Hehe, oops)
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 14:10 [Hi!]
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 14:11 (H'lo!)
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 14:11 [And I'm staying on.]
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 14:12 (ok, so am I)
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 14:13 [Are you gonna join the RA or what? I don't mean to put pressure on you.]
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 14:14 (I'll join, I guess)
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 14:16 (there, I've added myself again)
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 14:17 [Yay!]
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 14:20 *grins at his new wand* *quickly pays for it*
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 14:22 *she has paid for the wand already*
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 14:23 Mom: Maverick, honey, are you finished getting your wand? We need to get home for supper! Maverick: *smiles sheepishly at the others* Well, I have to go. I'll see you all at Hogwarts!
4>Kai (Hogwarts Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 14:24 Yeah, see you at Hogwarts!
6>June (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 14:26 *rushes inside the store* *is out of breath from running there*
6>June (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 14:26 *goes over to Olivander* Need...a wand...please?
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 14:27 *stares at June*
6>June (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 14:28 Olivander: But of v
6>June (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 14:29 course. And who might you be?
6>June (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 14:29 *regains her composure* My name is June!
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 14:29 *slowly leaves the shop*
6>June (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 14:30 Olivander: Well, alright, June, I'll see what I can do for you!
4>Kai (Hogwarts Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 14:30 *leaves the shop as well* *still has to buy robes*
6>June (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 14:32 Olivander: *whips up a pretty old wand in the back* *blows off some dust* Here, try it out!
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 14:33 *runs over to the shop with the cauldrons*
6>June (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 14:36 Olivander: It's mahogany, 12 and three quarter inches, very sturdy, good for transfiguration, infused with a core of kraken heart string. I think you'll find it suitable.
6>June (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 14:37 *waves the wand, a warm feeling spreading through her fingertips as the tip lets out a shower of yellow sparks* *grins* I do like it. Thanks! *pays for the wand, then heads out, looking around*
4>Kai (Hogwarts Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 14:38 *heads to the robe shop* *buys some robes, but doesn't like them as much as his suits*
4>Kai (Hogwarts Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 14:39 *feels a little lonely now without the others, since his parents didn't come with him*
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 14:40 *it takes about ten minutes for her to buy the cauldron*
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 14:43 *she buys her robes and is ready to leave*
4>Kai (Hogwarts Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 14:44 *catches up to Miku* Hey, uh, Miku! Can't wait to see you again at Hogwarts!
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 14:45 Uh, sure, bye! *walks off with her mom and her brother*
4>Kai (Hogwarts Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 14:47 *waves* Bye.
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 14:49 [Can we fast-forward to when school starts?]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 14:55 [Hello?]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 14:55 [I guess you left.]
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 23:57 (Yeah, we can do that! I'm not sure if Joan is planning to come back, but if she does we can always do her Diagon Alley experience as well)
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 23:57 ---LATER---
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 23:58 *all the students have bustled onto the Hogwarts Express at Platform 9 3/4, ready to start the year*
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 23:59 *confidently heads to an empty car towards the back, laughing at the sounds of all the children and their familiars*
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 23:59 *watches a few people passby his car, giving him strange looks* *doesnt pay them any mind*
4>Kai (Hogwarts Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.7 00:01 *tries to join a near full car, but they push him out* *sighs, heading down the line* *sees Maverick, and grins with relief*
4>Kai (Hogwarts Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.7 00:02 Excuse me, is this seat taken?
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.7 00:03 *smiles* It's taken by you! Have a seat, friend!
4>Kai (Hogwarts Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.7 00:04 *gets in the car, and sits down* *is a little startled by Mav's pets*
4>Kai (Hogwarts Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.7 00:04 Er, aren't you only allowed to bring one pet? *glances at the cat and owl*
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.7 00:05 *looks at Kai innocently* I have no idea what youre talking about. Besides, I can't imagine leaving either of these two behind!
4>Kai (Hogwarts Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.7 00:06 *puts a finger to his lips* I won't tell anyone. *scratches Seth under the chin and he starts purring*
4>Kai (Hogwarts Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.7 00:07 I wish I could have pets, but my dad is allergic... *looks a little sad*
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.7 00:09 Oh, that's awful! Every kid should have an animal companion! *takes his owl and gently plops him next to Kai* Here! You can be The Riddler's co-owner!
4>Kai (Hogwarts Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.7 00:10 Oh! Er...thank you... Y-you named your owl The Riddler?
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.7 00:11 Yeah! He seemed like one of those thoughtful riddle people, so, that's what I call him!
4>Kai (Hogwarts Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.7 00:12 Well, it's certainly unique. *chuckles when The Riddler nips at his finger*
4>Kai (Hogwarts Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.7 00:13 Not
4>Kai (Hogwarts Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.7 00:13 sure if that means he likes me, or that he's hungry. Have you been feeding him enough?
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.7 00:15 *snorts* You sound like my mom! And yes, he gets plenty to eat.
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.7 00:17 So... Which House d'you suppose you'll be sorted into?
4>Kai (Hogwarts Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.7 00:18 House? What's a House?
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.7 00:20 Uh, your group for the year! Your...faction? I guess? There's Gryffindor for the bold and brave, Slytherin for the ambitious, Ravenclaw for the intelligent and accepting, and Hufflepuff for the loyal and hard working.
4>Kai (Hogwarts Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.7 00:22 *sniffs* Sounds like stereotyping to me.
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.7 00:23 Nah, I don't think its like that. It's like, taking the best of your skills, and making them even better.
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.7 17:53 *has gotten on the train* Hm. Would that work? No, that would jam that thingamajiggy that I found.
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.9 16:55 *sings quietly* 🎵...kipochi no kokoro ni, katsutsen tobikon de kita...🎵
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.9 16:58 🎵Takuro kimochi da toko...🎵*by that time is singing really loudly* 🎵...Anno yuhi ni, yakusoku shika sara! Yao sugu aitai sono kimochi wo onegai tsutaete ne!🎵
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.9 17:00 *falls over**lands on Maverick*
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 03:09 *jumps a bit, surprised when Miku tumbles into their car, and ends up landing on him* *laughs* A stunning entrance, Miku! Are you planning on sitting with us for the ride? *gives a puppy look* We could use the extra company!
4>Kai (Hogwarts Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 03:10 Yeah, it'd be nice.
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 12:44 *blushes**laughs all awkward* Uh, sure!
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 23:11 *anime scene where Miku kind of flips over Maverick and ends up sitting in the window seat*
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 23:14 *unloads some sort of contraption, some spare parts and a USB stick out of her backpack**twirls a lever on the contraption* Hm. Where would the USB port go?
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 23:17 Aha! *fastens the USB port onto the contraption* Hm. Let's try it now.
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 23:19 *pokes the USB stick into the port**a demented screeching noise comes out**Miku takes the USB stick out immediately* Nope!
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 23:21 Uh, what are you up to, Miku?
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 23:22 How do I make it come out clearly?
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 23:23 It's hard to explain.
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 23:23 [Hi!]
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 23:25 (Hey!)
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 23:25 [Did you leave? Please tell me if replies will be slow.]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 23:25 [Oops.]
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 23:25 *laughs* Well, it looks difficult! Would you like some help?
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 23:26 It has to do with mathematical music. Specifically, a sound braid.
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 23:26 I'm fine!
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 23:27 It's diffucult, but not frustrating diffucult.
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 23:27 [*difficult]
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 23:27 Oh...
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 23:29 Hm. How the heck do I do this? *accidentally knocks off an unneccassary part by banging her fists on the table*
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 23:31 Maybe I should try it now. *hovers the USB stick in front of the port* Moment of truth...3, 2, 1, GO! *slams the USB stisk into the port*
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 23:31 Why don't you just try using some magic to help?
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 23:32 [*stick]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 23:32 *a beautiful melody comes out* I've just figured it out. That's why.
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 23:33 *stares* Woah...that was AMAZING!
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 23:33 How did you...you must be a genius!
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 23:35 [To find out what a sound braid sounds like, this is the link: youtube.c om/watch?vVB6a4nI0BPA]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 23:35 [Remove the space from c om.]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 23:36 [try the link with both a lowercase L and a capital i between the n and the 0.]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 23:36 I know. Smart is the new cool.
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 23:37 The music was a sound braid. Yes, I know that doesn't make sense.
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 23:40 [Replies will be slow.]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 23:41 [Okay, hello???]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 23:43 [HELLO?! You could tell me if you're leaving.]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 23:46 [Seriously, where where are you?]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 23:48 [Hello? Silver? HELLO?!}
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 23:48 (Nyeh! Sorry for disappearing, my mom called me away)
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 23:49 [You could've told me!]
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 23:49 (I had no time to say I was leaving. I had to go pick up some stuff)
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 23:50 [Okay, sorry.]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 23:50 [Anyway, back to RPing!]
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 23:50 (She wasn't going to wait. If I didn't come right away, she might have just taken away my internet...)
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 23:50 (Yes!)
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 23:51 Sound braid...sounds interesting.
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 23:52 It took a little while, but I think that this is really cool.
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 23:54 *nods* I agree wholeheartedly!
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 23:55 *blushes a little bit*
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 23:55 Nobody's ever thought that my projects are cool except for my family.
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 23:57 They said that overly smart people are lame. I'm the only one who thinks that smart is the new cool.
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 23:57 I tried to tell them that I can be myself, but they wouldn't listen.
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.11 00:00 [hello?]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.11 00:03 [hello?]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.11 00:05 [hello?]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.11 00:06 [hello?]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.11 00:08 [hello?]
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.11 00:09 (Sorry, but I do have to go...I need to clean around the house and won't be back for a while.)
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.11 00:09 [Okay, bye.]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.14 21:40  Secret message to Maverick  
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.14 21:41  Secret message to Maverick  
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.14 21:41 [Hey guys, sorry I haven't been on here much. May I have a summary?]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.14 22:18 [They got on the train. Miku, Maverick and Kai are sitting together, Miku made a device that plays a sound braid.]
1>Maverick (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.15 01:45  Secret message to Nicole  
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.15 04:07  Secret message to Maverick  
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 04:12 [I'm here!]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 04:15 [I'm here!]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 04:15 Sometimes it feels like my life is one big two-thousand-peice jigsaw puzzle and all the pieces except for about five hundred are missing.
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 04:18 Scratch that, I can only find two hundred fifty.
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 04:19 Every time I try to be myself, people think that it's a cry for help.
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 04:20 *sitting with Maverick and Co.*
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 04:21 [Lets say that she plopped down there and nobody notices her until she speaks.]
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 04:23 *hanging out with a lot of other bratty kids*
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 04:23 [OK.]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 04:24 In my opinion, other than being loving and selfless, being intelligent is one of the greatest values you can have.
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 04:25 Someone with good mathematical skills, good artistic tastes, and good philosophical beliefs immediately earns my respect.
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 04:26 Heh, you could say that I'm probably going to end up in Ravenclaw...I might.
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 04:26 *cranks the handle, making the sound braid go faster**the sound braid is suddenly not just her voice, but her voice and Akane's voice*
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 04:26 So
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 04:26 [Nvm. I hate glitches.]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 04:27 I didn't even notice that you were th ere.
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 04:27 *looked up at Nicole before she said that*
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 04:28 Oh...well... *is a little hurt, but hides it*
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 04:29 No, I don't mean to be offensive! I was just so absorbed in what I was doing!
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 04:31 Oh, you didn't offend me at all!
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 04:32 *is trying to be polite*
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 04:32 Okay, good.
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 04:34 *the train has been moving for a while now*
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 04:34 *he and a bunch of his buddies are heard laughing obnoxiously*
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 04:38 *glances towards the sound of the laughing*
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 04:38 *without warning, a man with a cart full of goodies comes over*
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 04:38 *looks out the window**sings quietly to herself* 🎵 Seems like just yesterday, you were a part of me. I used to stand so tall, I used to be so strong.🎵
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 04:40 🎵 Your arms around me tight, everything felt so right. Unbreakable, like nothing could go wrong.🎵
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 04:40 🎵 Now I can't breathe, no, I can't sleep, I'm barely hanging on...🎵
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 04:40 🎵 Here I am, once again, I'm torn into pieces! Can't deny it, can't pretend, just thought you were the one.🎵
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 04:41 🎵 Broken up, deep inside, but you won't get to see the tears I cry behind these hazel eyes...🎵 *her voice fades to silence*
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 04:46 Ooo... *breathes in the smell of sweets*
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 04:46 Man: Want any? :)
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 04:46 *nods**picks a package of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans*
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 04:47 Um, okay. *takes some candy and pays appropriately*
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 04:49 [How about you do more stuff with Orion?]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 04:52 [Brb]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 04:56 [Back.]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 04:56 [Sure. Not sure what to do, though, since no one else plays as an obnoxious student who will be one of Orion's buddies.]
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 04:57 *is heard making fun of Ollivander and how "utterly slow" he is*
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 04:57 [How about he overhears Maverick and Co and goes over to him?]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 04:58 [I mean them.]
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 04:59 [OK.]
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:00 *hears Maverick and Co. talking* Hm...sounds like those stupid kids who were taking FOREVER in Ollivander's are nearby. *smirks* I think I'll go teach them a lesson regarding respect.
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:00 *his friends smirk and urge him on*
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:01 Hm. I wonder what would happen if... *starts fiddling with her device**tugs HARD on a wire*
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:02 Come on! Can't you break free?!
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:06 *comes out of nowhere* Well well well...I see we have a little inventor here...
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:06 Is your Muggle toy not behaving? *smirks*
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:07 *the wire breaks free* Yaah!
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:07 *She kind of gets knocked backwards*
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:08 Did you say something, Orion? *says his name offensive-like*
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:13 Hey, at least I'm named after a noble hunter and a famous constellation. But your name-I can't even pronounce it! Is it Italian or something? *grinning-he obviously knows it's not Italian, but he's having fun making fun of Miku*
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:14 Occording to legend, that "noble hunter" chased after seven sisters called "The Pleiades." So...did you just come in here to chase after us?
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:14 If you did...get out.
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:15 Miku is Japanese, and it means future! Now shut it, or else!
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:15 *looks furious*
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:15 [Miku actually is Japanese for future.]
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:15 I don't CARE what it means, but YOU-*points at Nicole*-YOU will be sorry, you stinking half-blood! *turns and stalks away*
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:15 [I knew it was Japanese, but I didn't know its meaning.]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:16 *jumps onto Orion* RAAAH!!!
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:17 Nobody makes fun of me, you good-for-nothing brat!
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:18 *punches Orion in the face...REALLY HARD[no offense Brunny]*
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:18 *jumps up onto her feet* Bing-bang-boom!
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:19 *scrambles to his feet and slams Miku against a wall**points his wand at her throat*
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:20 *pushes Orion off before he can do anything*
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:20 I'm not sure about you, but my wizard father luckily taught me a couple tricks that might come in handy!
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:20 *keeps holding on, though he was shoved back a little*
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:20 *aims his wand at Miku* So...EAT SLUGS!
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:20 You don't know anything about magic yet, Punching Bag, so you're out of luck!
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:21 *Miku's face turns green**runs away laughing before any adult can see him and punish him*
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:21 *jumps up and grabs a pipe near the ceiling*
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:21 *the green face thing didn't happen*
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:21 [Orion is pureblooded-he knows plenty of stuff about the Wizarding World, and as he pointed out his wizard parents showed him a couple simple spells.]
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:22 [Also, sorry, but you're kind of making Miku be invincible...I let her punch Orion, so could you please let Orion get her back?]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:22 He was just bluffing. He didn't do anything. It wasn't a real spell at all.
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:22 [Also, "Eat Slugs" is a real spell.]
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:22 [It makes you throw up slugs. XP]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:23 Uh...yes it is...
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:23 [She's just agile and tough. I don't want Miku to get cursed, so I'll let Orion punch Miku quite a bit in the future.]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:24 [Remember the part from HP and the Chamber of Secrets where Ron tried to cast the "Eat Slugs" spell on Draco Malfoy, but since Ron's wand was broken the spell came out of his wand backwards and hit Ron himself instead?]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:24 [Can we forget that it ever happened? Please?]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:24 [Which book was that?]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:25 [Let's forget everything past the part where Orion put his wand to Miku's throat happened.]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:25 [HP and the Chamber of Secrets.]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:25 [How about we say that it missed?]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:25 [Never mind the miss thing. And I don't remember that.]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:26 [He pressed it against her throat-missing would be impossible.]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:26 [Well, for the rest of the day Ron was throwing up slugs, so... XD XP]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:26 [Have you not seen the HP movies/read the HP books for a very long time?]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:26 [Can we not make Miku get cursed by Orion? How about we make their fights strictly body only?]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:27 [I haven't read them in a while.]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:28 [Well, this is a Harry Potter RP. Until they reach Hogwarts, we'll have their fights be body only.]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:29 [As I said, yes, we'll say that everything past the point where Orion put his wand against Miku's throat didn't happen. That includes the part where she was cursed.]
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:29 *backtrack to where he slammed Miku against a wall after she punched him*
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:30 [Can we not make them fight much, though? How about they just don't talk to each other? Or Miku just ignores him?]
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:31 *reaches for his wand, but stops* Hm...I don't think I'd bother wasting my energy using the few magic spells my family taught me on someone as low as you.
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:31 You're the one who's low.
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:31 [You can have Miku react to Orion in any way you like. Just don't have her automatically dodge every single blow Orion tries to deal to her if they get into a fight again, OK?]
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:31 [Sorry if I'm being offensive.]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:32 *pushes Orion off* Later, loser.
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:32 [I can be kind of blunt sometimes.]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:32 *goes back to her seat*
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:32 Sure, later. *punches Miku hard, sending her stumbling against the wall again, and then walks away, laughing*
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:32 [Can we do curses really rarely?]
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:32 *he did that before she reached her seat*
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:33 [This is a Harry Potter RPG. I doubt curses will be rare. XD]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:33 He is so gonna get it.
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:33 [Well, kind of rare between them.]
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:35 [Well, since fights between students (unless they're for training purposes) are usually avoided, so it'll probably be rare.]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:36 [Just a heads-up: I get kind of nervous when one of my characters is fighting one of someone else's characters, so maybe Orion and Miku shouldn't fight.]
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:37 [But if they're doing a duel for training purposes (like when Harry and Draco did one and when a snake was released during the duel Harry revealed that he was a Parseltongue*
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:37 *)&
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:37 **)*
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:37 [Errrgh, typo city...anyway, if they're doing a duel for training purposes, I'll have Orion definitely fight as hard as he can.]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:38 [I think that Miku will only fight when she has to.]
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:38 [It's fine if you don't want them to fight-all you have to do is have Miku ignore Orion whenever he taunts her-but remember that this is a Harry Potter RPG. Students jinx each other all the time, whether they do it on purpose or not.]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:38 [Or when she can't control herself.]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:40 *realizes what she did* Wait, why did I fight him?
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:41 I hate fighting.
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:41 [Can we play on something else?]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:41 He was being really mean, and I guess you lost control of your anger.
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:41 [Sure-I'll go on Candyland. Gtg soon though.]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 05:42 Yea, I guess that was exactly what happened.
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.21 22:45 [Message for everyone: The reason that I would rather not have Miku get cursed is because she's my only active character. Once Danielle Makino joins the game as one of the students of the past, I'll let one of them get cursed now and again.]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.21 22:46 [But not both at once. Until Danielle Makino joins the game, I don't want Miku to get cursed unless I make an agreement with the person who's cursing her ahead of time.]
9>Kita Lanyon (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.23 03:02 (Hey, hope it isn't too late to join! I know I won't be partof the prophecy, but that's fine by me)
9>Kita Lanyon (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.23 03:04 (Kita Lanyon, the pure blood daughter of (ficticious) famous Amos Lanyon, author of multiple wizarding books about how pure bloods are superior. Kita inherited much of her fathers opinions, and strongly believes muggle borns are lesser.)
9>Kita Lanyon (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.23 03:06 (Kita is extremely intelligent, but she doesn't use her intelligence for good. She's cunning, and ambitious, and always strives to be the best. Most people think she's a real jerk, but she honestly just acts the way she does because she believes she has
9>Kita Lanyon (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.23 03:08 to uphold her familys reputation. She's an introvert at heart, but would do anything for those close to her. She is really good with magic, and likes to make sure other people know it)
9>Kita Lanyon (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.23 03:09 (Kita has fiery red curls, and bright green eyes. She's small and really pretty pudgy. She often wears really baggy sweaters with jeans)
9>Kita Lanyon (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.23 03:11 (She has no pets. If she were to look into the Mirror of Erised, she would see herself with a perfect version of her father, who would be happy, and smiling, and proud.)
9>Kita Lanyon (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.23 03:11 (Shell be sorted into Slytherin, and will probably hang around Orion mostly)
16>London Krights (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.23 03:14 (and, last to hop on the bandwagon, London Krights. London is a sweet, and clumsy boy from an all muggle family. He has no idea what he's getting himself into with magic, but he's going to make the most of his time at Hogwarts)
16>London Krights (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.23 03:16 (London has little self control, and is happy to do almost anything he'd like. He can be a bit sassy, and is a funny person. He is a calm person, generally, and he is also really unique. He likes to keep an open mind, and accepts everyone)
16>London Krights (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.23 03:17 (He has long black hair, and silvery blue eyes. He's tall and willowy, towering over most kids his age.)
16>London Krights (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.23 03:19 (London doesn't have a pet either. His favorite subject is Charms. He considers himself to be an avid fan of many books and shows, and frequently references them, though most don't know what he's talking about)
16>London Krights (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.23 03:20 (He'll be sorted into Ravenclaw.)
16>London Krights (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.23 03:21 *walks along the train, a bit sad when no one wants to take him in*
16>London Krights (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.23 03:21 *sighs* It can be so difficult sometimes
16>London Krights (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.23 03:23 *hums along to the tune of Dust In The Wind* *knocks on the door of Maverick and Co. expecting to be rejected again* Er, hey, do you guys have room for one more?
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 04:46 I'll say yes; what do you guys think?
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 04:49 *shoves the USB stick into the port thingy**the melody comes out backwards*
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 04:50 What? I like to tinker.
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 04:51 [Hi!]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 04:51 [Hi!]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 04:53 I'll say yes too!
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 04:54 *looks at the USB key* How does that work? I thought Muggle electronics weren't supposed to work around magic... [Note that I think it was mentioned that some normal technology stuff stops working due to the forces of magic.]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 04:54 *it was mentioned in the books
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 04:54 [Can't be too sure, though. I haven't read the books in a while either.]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 04:55 *wraps a wire around something**the melody goes Möbius*
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 04:55 *looks at Miku curiously* Did you design it so that something protects the USB key from the forces of magic that make it stop working?
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 04:56 [If you don't know what that means, look it up, because it's hard to explain.]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 04:57 I dunno how it's working.
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 04:57  Secret message to Maverick  
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 04:58 A way to think of this thingy that I have here is that it's an electric and very complicated Rube Goldberg machine.
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 04:59 [I looked up Möbius and got stuff about a Möbius stri p. Is that what you're referring to?]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:00 [Like a musical Möbius stri p. It plays the melody once, then it plays the inverted version, and so on.]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:01 [Are you on Christmas break yet?]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:02 [Heck yeah!]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:02 [About the Möbius stri p: Ah, OK. Now I see what you mean.]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:02 [I'm opening a new survey, so my replies will be slow.]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:03 [I'm on Christmas break, too.]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:03 [Sweet! New survey! Christmas survey?]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:06 [Actually, nope. Just a normal random survey.]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:06 [I might do a New Year's Day survey though.]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:07 [Is Christmas survey a good idea?]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:07 [Actually...I might put one Christmas thing in it...]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:07 [Yep, it sure is! Replies will be slower now...coming up with survey stuff...]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:07 [New Year's survey is good idea.]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:12 [Nah-I'm incorporating Christmas stuff in my survey right now.]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:12 *cranks the handle as fast as she can*
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:13 *pulls the handle off* Oops.
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:16 *pokes the thingamajiggy in a certain place with a spark plug**the thingamajiggy starts giving off party smoke* Hm. That wasn't supposed to happen. Wait, did Akane...
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:17 [Halfway done with the survey!]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:17 Akane?
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:17 *pulls a party smoke dispenser out of the depths of her device* I knew it.
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:18 Akane's my older sister. She's a witch, like me.
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:21 *taps the device with the spark plug again**the music gets louder* Perfect.
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:24 *quietly sings* 🎵 Do you remember when we fell under? Did you expect me to reason with thunder?🎵
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:25 🎵 I still remember when time was frozen. What seemed forever was just a moment.🎵
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:26 🎵 Hurry up, hurry up. There's no more waiting. We're still worth saving.🎵
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:31 [And the survey is OPEN!]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:34 [Was RP-City working on your laptop?]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:37 [I'm on my laptop and it's working right now.]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:38 [Was it working previously?
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:38 [*]]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:39 [Yesterday it was. I didn't visit this website earlier today though.]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:39 [Were you having trouble? If so, when?]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:41 [About fifteen minutes ago, all the websites in the SOTW system were down on my tablet until about ten minutes ago.]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:41 [Also, your survey was hilarious.]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:44 [Thanks! ^.^ What was your favorite part?]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:45 [I'm not sure what my favorite part is, but I think it's probably the part with the sign that forbids the bowel movement. XD]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:45 [I actually have pictures of real signs from Asia I found on the web that prohibit farting.]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:45 [Probably the part with Santa or the one with Fartlandia.]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:45 [It's hilarious... >XD]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:45 [Wow.]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:46 [Yeah, sometimes I think about Santa and wonder how the heck he gets down the chimney if he eats so many cookies... XD]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:46 [Maaagiiic!]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:47 [But I don't believe in Santa anyway. Or God. Or the Tooth Fairy. Or the Easter Bunny.]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:47 [Not sure if magic would work...fat is fat. XD]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:48 [I still believe in magic. And I believe in Athena and Aphrodite and Poseidon and stuff.]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:48 [I don't believe in Santa, the Tooth Fairy, Jack Frost, or the Easter Bunny (though I do like the movie Rise of the Guardians).]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:49 [Also mermaids and fairies...just not the kind that give you money for losing a tooth.]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:49 [You believe in pagan gods? Odd...but I respect others' religious beliefs, so I don't mind.]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:49 [I don't believe in pagan gods, mermaids, or fairies either.]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:50 [Well, Jack Frost is a different story. I believe in the Jack Frost from Rise Of The Guardians.]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:50 *scratch the either part, I misread your post XP
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:50 [He's cool!]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:50 [ROTG is just a movie, so I don't believe in Jack Frost.]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:51 [I wish that mutants (they are another species of human that have powers from a new gene; mutants are featured in the X-Men movies) were real, and that I were one. XD]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:51 [How did we start talking about this??? XD]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:51 [My dream job: Awesome mutant superhero. XD But obviously I'll never have that job, so I'm going with computer programmer.]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:52 [We were talking about Santa and you mentioned how you don't believe in all sorts of things and do believe in a lot of other things.]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:52 [I put in what I don't believe in and what I wish were real.]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:52 [Anyway, back to RPing!]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:53 [OK! gtg soon though.]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:53 *scooches over so that London can sit down*
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:54 [Oh. Let's make the most of our time!]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:54 *looks out the window at the beautiful landscape**gasps*
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:54 *looks at the others* Do you think we're getting close to Hogwarts?
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:55 *connects her device to some sort of sparkly car thingy*
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:55 I dunno.
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:56 Oh well...might as well make the most of our trip. *takes out her box of Every Flavor Beans and pops a bean in her mouse*
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:56 *mouth
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:56 Mmm...strawberry!
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:56 *the car drives along some sort of ramp thingy that makes it go upside down*
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:56 *looks at the others* Want some?
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:57 *takes a bite of a chocolate frog* Ooh, this is good!
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:57 *grabs another and bites on it**winces* Snot flavor...yuck... *manages to swallow*
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:57 *shares a few beans with whoever requests some*
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:58 Aren't there flavors like anchovy and craft glue with Every Flavor Beans?
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:58 *eats another bean* Hm...lime...I like it. *pops yet another in her mouth**eyes grow wide* Blood flavor!?
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:58 [I've actually eaten snot before, don't ask, I was four, and it doesn't taste all that bad.]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:59 *nods* Yes, I think I've heard that there are flavors like that... *eats a brownish bean* Hay flavor?! *almost spits it out*
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 05:59 [No need to ask-the "I was four" part tells all. XD]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 06:00 [Eaten blood, too. Doesn't taste all bad. I was eight, BTW.]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 06:00 *pops one in her mouth* Hm, familiar.
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 06:01 [Nicole we just surprised by the blood flavor.]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 06:01 [I ate one of my own scabs. Just...is this proof that I am deeply disturbed?!]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 06:01 Familiar? *isn't sure if that's a good sign... XD*
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 06:02 [If you were very young when you did that, probably not... XD]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 06:02 [You're already a bit young compared to me, so...]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 06:02 Wait, is this dodotto tsubu-pyon flavor?! Omigosh!
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 06:02 [gtg! *offline* See you later! Happy Holidays!]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 06:03 *gladly swallows the jelly bean*
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.24 06:03 [Bye! Happy holidays!]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.26 05:38 [Here!]
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.26 05:38 No offense, but...what??
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.26 05:40 Dodotto tsubu-pyon. It's a Japanese candy. I'm from Japan.
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.26 05:40 Oh, okay. *eats another bean* Sauerkraut flavor...odd, but quite tasty. *gulps it down eagerly*
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.26 05:41 *grabs a green bean* Pickle flavor-mmm!
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.26 05:42 *feels some sort of fluttery thing in her bag* Okay, Sakonji. You can come out now. *takes Sakonji out of her backpack*
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.26 05:45 Sakonji?
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.26 05:47 Who-what is that?
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.26 05:49 Haven't you ever seen an owl before?
2>Nicole (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.26 05:51 Oh, right. *recognizes Sakonji as an owl when Miku draws it further out of her bag*
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.26 05:53 *laughing obnoxiously again with his buddies&
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.26 05:53 **
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.26 05:57 [Hello?]
10>Orion (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.26 05:59 [gtg! *offline* See you!]
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.26 06:00 Oh, Orion again.
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2015,Dec.26 06:04 [In the future, replies might be super-slow because with me, around midnight, SOTW and all sites connected to it stop working.]
20>Luna Lovegood (Ravenclaw Student), 13yo.2016,Jan.6 00:06  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=nothing  
20>Luna Lovegood (Ravenclaw Student), 13yo.2016,Jan.11 00:46  Rolling 4 sided dice... Result=2  
7>Miku Nonaka (Student), 11yo.2016,Feb.17 02:54 [Does anyone do this anymore?]
19>john cena (student), 21yo.2016,Feb.26 23:29 experianus ,Hiaaa.