" After Us (the Last of Us Sequel) " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 11 to 16 years of age.
This is the sequel to my previous game, Last of Us, but don't worry, new members and old members alike are certainly welcome to join! Follow the intense storyline of a new world striving to survive as it discovers what it can accomplish. An old enemy, a dark and horrible evil, is rising to destroy the peaceful balance of this world, using darkness as his weapon. Now, there are only seven hopes for the world, seven beacons of light, known as the Equilibriums, just seven teens who can bend all of the world elements, and supposedly bring balance to their new world. Can they bring the light? Or will darkness finally reign, once and for all...?

1>Iso (Equilibrium), 16yo.2015,Mar.12 17:47 Hello everyone! I certainly hope that you will all enjoy my game, but first, let me lay down some rules!
1>Iso (Equilibrium), 16yo.2015,Mar.12 17:48 There are some of the more obvious rules for starters: Now bad minded messages, no powerplaying, please follow the storyline, and of course please come on frequently or you will become inactive and later deleted. Also, no powerplaying!
1>Iso (Equilibrium), 16yo.2015,Mar.12 17:50 Some character rules: When you join, you must make at least one Equilibrium to start (one of the teens who bend all the elements). They are between the ages of 15 and 18, no more, no less. There are only seven, so you can only have one to begin with,
1>Iso (Equilibrium), 16yo.2015,Mar.12 17:51 but since we do need seven, if no one joins in time, then that rule can easily be bent. Then there are the "Ally" characters. These are characters which aren't Equilibriums, but are still part of the team. They can bend one element, but they don't have
1>Iso (Equilibrium), 16yo.2015,Mar.12 17:53 to, they can always just be a regular person just trying to help out. These characters can be any age you want. Then, there are the "Dark Ones" people who are part of the Dark Spirit's army, and who bend the shadow element. They can also be any age.
1>Iso (Equilibrium), 16yo.2015,Mar.12 17:54 Finally, there are the "Bad Guys" who are bad guys that aren't part of the shadow army and such. They're just regular bad people. They can also be of any age at all.
1>Iso (Equilibrium), 16yo.2015,Mar.12 17:56 Now, a little bit about their world. It's a world that's much smaller than ours, which was previously considered to be flat. It's split up into a few main regions, The Northern Icy Mountains, The Western Swamps and Coasts, the Southern Desert, and the
1>Iso (Equilibrium), 16yo.2015,Mar.12 17:57 Eastern Mountains. In the center of it all, though, there is the Capital City, a melting pot for people of all elements and origins to live. Certain people of specific elements live in their respected climates and environments and such. The world at
1>Iso (Equilibrium), 16yo.2015,Mar.12 17:58 the moment, is going through a stage that is much like the early Industrial Ages, where only crude technology has been created (like the very first automobiles and radios). That's about it for now!
1>Iso (Equilibrium), 16yo.2015,Mar.12 17:59 Feel free to join then, and don't forget to have fun!
1>Iso (Equilibrium), 16yo.2015,Mar.12 17:59 Oh, and here's my character's profile:
1>Iso (Equilibrium), 16yo.2015,Mar.12 18:00 (Iso, one of the Equilibriums. He comes from the revered and mystic Northern Mountains, and tends to be very...strange. He loves all things balanced and at peace and harmonized. He has dark brown hair, deep blue eyes, and dark skin.)
1>Iso (Equilibrium), 16yo.2015,Mar.12 18:01 (he can bend all of the elements, although his two main ones as preferences are Ice and Water, specifically Water. He also has a younger sister, who can bend Water, who is an Ally.)
2>Rae (Equilibrium), 16yo.2015,Mar.12 18:32 [Rae:One of the Equilibriums. A descendant of Raven from Last of Us. Lives in the Eastern Mountains with the monks, and inherited Raven's quiet, calm, and smart personality, but is a bit nicer than Raven.]
2>Rae (Equilibrium), 16yo.2015,Mar.12 18:33 [She can bend all the elements, but her two main ones are darkness and light-mainly darkness, because for some reason she has never really been able to control light very well.]
2>Rae (Equilibrium), 16yo.2015,Mar.12 18:35 [Rae has always been a bit haunted by Raven's ghost, but the monks have advised her to try to let go of the spirit of her ancestor, for Rae is not Raven-she is simply herself.]
2>Rae (Equilibrium), 16yo.2015,Mar.12 18:35 [Rae has long, silky black hair and violet-blue eyes. She wears a black bodysuit and a long, dark purple cloak-she prefers purple over indigo, unlike Raven.]
2>Rae (Equilibrium), 16yo.2015,Mar.12 18:36 [Like Raven, Rae has trouble managing her anger and must keep calm to keep control of herself. However, over time, she'll get over this and become more open and kind with her friends. She's mainly quiet and tries to keep herself isolated, but eventually
2>Rae (Equilibrium), 16yo.2015,Mar.12 18:36 will become much nicer.]
2>Rae (Equilibrium), 16yo.2015,Mar.12 18:37 [I might change her name sometime.]
12>Anastasia (Ally), 14yo.2015,Mar.12 19:41 (Anastasia: an Ally, and Iso's younger sister. She, along with her brother, are the two only remaining descendants of Aquarius (and maybe Calista...). She is very laid back, and takes after more of Aquarius than her brother. She can control only Water,
12>Anastasia (Ally), 14yo.2015,Mar.12 19:42 but that doesn't mean she's completely defenseless. She hates it when other people get treated unfairly, and she's very selfless and loves helping others. She has long curly black hair, that she keeps in a bun. Her eyes are an icy blue. She sometimes
12>Anastasia (Ally), 14yo.2015,Mar.12 19:43 get's jealous of the Equilibriums, like her brother, though because they make her seem weak.)
12>Anastasia (Ally), 14yo.2015,Mar.12 19:44 (she's kind of tomboyish, but not really. She just has a very outgoing nature, and often tries to prove people wrong. And also, despite their two year age difference, Anastasia is already as tall, if not taller, than her brother)
18>Tempest (Ally), 17yo.2015,Mar.12 22:37 [Tempest:An Ally and descendant of Xander. Her element is lightning. She wears a silvery dark gray bodysuit with a few white and black lightning-shaped markings, and she has long, straight, wild, and spiky hair that is black, gray, and white.]
18>Tempest (Ally), 17yo.2015,Mar.12 22:37 [She is enthusiastic, helpful, "electrifying," friendly, and a good fighter. She also likes cracking jokes, whether they're hilarious or insulting. Like Anastasia, she is sometimes jealous of the Equilibriums.]
18>Tempest (Ally), 17yo.2015,Mar.12 22:38 [Oh, and Tempest has pale skin and very light gray eyes. Her eyes glow bright white when she uses her powers.]
18>Tempest (Ally), 17yo.2015,Mar.12 22:39 [She can also fly a bit, thanks to her control over storms, clouds, and electricity.]
11>Aoi (Ally), 12yo.2015,Mar.12 22:42 [My last Ally for now:Aoi, a descendant of Joshua. Looks just like Aang, except his eyes are bright green, he has sandy blonde hair, and he doesn't have any blue arrow-like tattoos. He also wears yellow and light green instead of yellow and orange.]
11>Aoi (Ally), 12yo.2015,Mar.12 22:43 [Controls the sky and the air. Is enthusiastic and immature like Josh, but also a bit smarter and braver. Secretly likes Anastasia.]
14>Slithy+Mimsy (Dark Ones), 37yo.2015,Mar.12 22:48 [Slithy and Mimsy:Two twins who are also Dark Ones. They manipulate the Shadow element and wear black robes. Both of them are lean, have pale grayish-green eyes, and have short, neat pitch black hair that is "cut round."]
14>Slithy+Mimsy (Dark Ones), 37yo.2015,Mar.12 22:49 [Both of them are sly, cunning, and like picking on people who are weaker than themselves. Their voices are smooth and have a certain snake-like hiss to them. Their names come from two words from Lewis Caroll's poem "Jabberwocky."]
14>Slithy+Mimsy (Dark Ones), 37yo.2015,Mar.12 22:50 [Although strong and sly, they are overall cowards to anyone who is stronger than themselves (e.g. the Dark Spirit, the Equilibriums, etc.) and are quick to flee and make excuses about things.]
19>Shyam (Dark One), 43yo.2015,Mar.12 22:53 [Shyam:My last Dark One for now. He is tall, brawny, and wears the typical Dark One robes. He is bald and has the black symbol of the Dark Spirit tattooed on his head. He is a powerful, ruthless, and cunning Dark One who tends to boss around other Dark
19>Shyam (Dark One), 43yo.2015,Mar.12 22:55 Ones. He is EXTREMELY loyal to the Dark Spirit and will do whatever it takes to fulfill the Dark Spirit's plans. He is also known for screaming at Slithy and Mimsy when they show cowardice or blurt out that they failed a mission.]
19>Shyam (Dark One), 43yo.2015,Mar.12 22:55 [Although Shyam has pale olive skin, his name is an Indian one. It means "dark."]
19>Shyam (Dark One), 43yo.2015,Mar.12 22:55 [Shyam is my last character for now. I might make a bad guy who isn't a Dark One sometime-not sure.]
1>Iso (Equilibrium), 16yo.2015,Mar.12 23:03 (we can begin the game, once there are seven Equilibriums...I may lower the number or have us create more though, if we don't get enough in time)
6>Kaia (Equilibrium), 17yo.2015,Mar.13 00:46 (Since I was part of Last of Us, I decided to join! )
6>Kaia (Equilibrium), 17yo.2015,Mar.13 00:47 (Kaia: is a descendent of Terra, thus her element is earth. Has blonde/brown hair tied in a ponytail, and has the same wide blue eyes as Terra.)
6>Kaia (Equilibrium), 17yo.2015,Mar.13 00:49 (Is usually pretty friendly in terms of personality, but is also bold, rebellious, and pretty tomboyish. Due to her control of the earth, she is sometimes unsure of herself and is still working on finding herself.)
9>McKenna (Ally), 12yo.2015,Mar.13 00:52 (McKenna: an Ally, as well as a distant cousin of Blair's. Has golden hair tied in braids and blue eyes. Can control fire. Is kind, timid, quiet, not much of a talker but has a strong side to herself.)
20>Miriam (Dark One), 45yo.2015,Mar.13 00:56 (Miriam: a Dark One. Has wild black hair, huge blue eyes, a long nose, and the Dark Ones robes. A loyal follower of the Dark Spirit, will do anything to please him.)
20>Miriam (Dark One), 45yo.2015,Mar.13 00:57 (Personality-wise, she can be sort of bossy, and downright crazy. These are all of my characters for now, although I may or may not make more later on.)
2>Rae (Equilibrium), 16yo.2015,Mar.13 16:26 [Cool characters! Note that Terra never had children (she died when she was a teen;that's going to happen soon on Last of Us), but she does have an unknown brother, so we can say that Kaia is a descendant of her brother, thus making her related to Terra
2>Rae (Equilibrium), 16yo.2015,Mar.13 16:26 anyway.]
2>Rae (Equilibrium), 16yo.2015,Mar.13 16:26 [Out of your three characters, though, Kaia is my favorite! :)]
6>Kaia (Equilibrium), 17yo.2015,Mar.13 20:26 (Thanks!)
2>Rae (Equilibrium), 16yo.2015,Mar.15 00:50 [Hopefully we'll start soon!]
2>Rae (Equilibrium), 16yo.2015,Mar.15 19:37 [Perhaps each of us should have more than one Equilibrium so that we can achieve the seven Equilibrium goal or something?? It doesn't look like we'll have seven members anytime soon...]
1>Iso (Equilibrium), 16yo.2015,Mar.16 01:39 (I agree. We can each have more Equilibriums. That way we can finally start!)
16>Metallo (Metal), 17yo.2015,Mar.16 01:45 (Metallo, one of the Equilibriums. Is the very last living descendant of Jinny, and heir to her vast city made entirely out of metal. He has silver hair, and light silvery eyes to match. He always wears metal armor at all times. He can seem sort of
16>Metallo (Metal), 17yo.2015,Mar.16 01:47 Stuffy at first, but after a while, he may open up. He has a very good talent for telling stories, although he doesn't like to brag about his abilities. He can bend all the elements, but he prefers metal over all others.)
7>Orion (Equilibrium), 18yo.2015,Mar.16 03:35 (Orion: an Equilibrium. Has short blonde hair and light blue eyes. He is the descendent of Calista and can control ice. Due to this, his personality is sort of cold, and he doesn't really know how to control his powers that well.)
3>Edna (Equilibrium), 17yo.2015,Mar.18 00:22 [Edna:An Equilibrium and big sister of McKenna. Her name is Celtic for "fire." Has long, blazing red hair, bright golden eyes that turn red with a tint of gold when she uses her powers, and wears a red turtleneck long-sleeved shirt and navy blue jeans.]
3>Edna (Equilibrium), 17yo.2015,Mar.18 00:22 [She also wears black shoes with neon red stri pes.]
3>Edna (Equilibrium), 17yo.2015,Mar.18 00:23 [Edna has a fiery temper which, if it gets too out of hand, can result in the loss of control of her powers. She is also witty, brave, and selfless in times of need. She has a sweet spot for McKenna, though, and is very protective of her.]
3>Edna (Equilibrium), 17yo.2015,Mar.18 00:23 [Edna also has a bit of a sour attitude and thinks that being an Equilibrium is more of a curse than a gift. However, over time she'll open up and become nicer with the others.]
3>Edna (Equilibrium), 17yo.2015,Mar.18 00:24 [Edna is also proud and stubborn.]
3>Edna (Equilibrium), 17yo.2015,Mar.18 00:24 [Although she can control all the elements, her preference is fire.]
3>Edna (Equilibrium), 17yo.2015,Mar.18 00:25 [Well, we have six Equilibriums. Mind if I make the final one? Or do you want a second Equilibrium, Joan?]
6>Kaia (Equilibrium), 17yo.2015,Mar.18 02:03 (You can go ahead and take it!)
3>Edna (Equilibrium), 17yo.2015,Mar.19 16:17 [Okie dokie artichokie with mashed potatoes! :D]
3>Edna (Equilibrium), 17yo.2015,Mar.19 16:18 [Nvm-it looks like Izzy took the final Equilibrium.]
3>Edna (Equilibrium), 17yo.2015,Mar.19 16:19 [It's the one in slot 8-the pale skin color one. For some reason it won't let me post his/her name.]
3>Edna (Equilibrium), 17yo.2015,Mar.19 16:19 [Testing...]
3>Edna (Equilibrium), 17yo.2015,Mar.19 16:19 [It still won't let me post the name.
3>Edna (Equilibrium), 17yo.2015,Mar.19 16:20 *]
3>Edna (Equilibrium), 17yo.2015,Mar.19 16:20 [Oh no. Izzy made an Equilibrium who, to this computer, is like He Who Must Not Be Named. XD]
3>Edna (Equilibrium), 17yo.2015,Mar.19 16:20 [Or She. Not sure.]
8>Fantasma (Equilibrium), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 14:52 (Let me try posting his name)
8>Fantasma (Equilibrium), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 14:54 (Oh, wow...it didn't work for me either. I wonder why. It's not bad or anything, it just means Phantom/ghost in Greek.)
2>Rae (Equilibrium), 16yo.2015,Mar.24 22:24 [We are the Knights who say...THE GREEK WORD FOR PHANTOM!!!! >:D]
2>Rae (Equilibrium), 16yo.2015,Mar.24 22:25 [Bring us a shrubbery or we shall say...THE GREEK WORD FOR PHANTOM!!!! >:D >:D >:D
2>Rae (Equilibrium), 16yo.2015,Mar.24 22:25 *]
2>Rae (Equilibrium), 16yo.2015,Mar.24 22:25 [X'D Sorry, couldn't help posting some Monty Python and the Holy Grail-related stuff.]
1>Iso (Equilibrium), 16yo.2015,May.1 02:22 (Well, ok, it's been, like, a SUPER long time, but it's finally time to begin. So, let's start!)
1>Iso (Equilibrium), 16yo.2015,May.1 02:28 (Since the name isn't working, I'm going to try something else for my descendant of Phantom)
1>Iso (Equilibrium), 16yo.2015,May.1 02:28 (Let's try a different spelling)
1>Iso (Equilibrium), 16yo.2015,May.1 02:28 (here goes...Phantasma)
1>Iso (Equilibrium), 16yo.2015,May.1 02:28 (well, it worked, so from now on, the name is Phantasma!)
8>Fantasma (Equilibrium), 16yo.2015,May.1 02:30 (Phantasma is the only living descendant of Phantom, and is still living up to the name (Phantom does in fact turn good in the end of Last of Us). Phantasma is very dark, and often doesn't know his pathway in life. He's quiet and reserved, and hides out
8>Fantasma (Equilibrium), 16yo.2015,May.1 02:32 far away from Capital City in an undisclosed location. Phantasma doesn't know how to control any of his powers yet, so he doesn't use them all that much. He has black hair, and silver eyes. Phantasma tends to wear black...a lot! He's also extremely
8>Fantasma (Equilibrium), 16yo.2015,May.1 02:34 intelligent.)
2>Rae (Equilibrium), 16yo.2015,May.15 02:22 [Cool character! Ready to start?]
1>Iso (Equilibrium), 16yo.2015,Jun.2 02:14 (Yep! It's time to begin the game, once and for all!)
1>Iso (Equilibrium), 16yo.2015,Jun.2 02:16 (the scene starts off with the Capital City characters. Let's start!)
10>Faith (Dark One ), 12yo.2015,Aug.3 17:15 (Please wait a second. I'd like to play, too.)
10>Faith (Dark One ), 12yo.2015,Aug.3 17:17 (Faith: Faith is one of the Dark Ones. Her whole family is in the Dark Spirit's armee; a family of really bad, ruthless warriors.)
10>Faith (Dark One ), 12yo.2015,Aug.3 17:23 (She's good inwardly, but if she would you go the Allys, the Dark One will kill her whole family and Faith loves her family. She's not very good in bending shadows because she's not really a Dark One.)
10>Faith (Dark One ), 12yo.2015,Aug.3 17:24 (Faith is from the Southern Desert. Her hair is dark and curly, her skin is brown and her eyes are light-brown as well.)
4>nathan ( ex-marine), 20yo.2015,Oct.19 22:24 Hello, any one there?