" AlfHeim Online " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 14 to 30 years of age.
Welcome to the floating city of Aincrad. Aincrad is the home to Alfheim, A legendary tower that is said to have the most magnificent treasures on the highest floor. The Alfheim Tower has 25 Floors, Each floor has monsters roaming around them and A Boss that you have to defeat so that you can move on to the next floor. You guys can party up, create guilds, but each party/guild can only consist of up to 5 players. Also we use an HP system, also known as HIT POINTS.When your hit points drop to zero (0) then you are dead, and you shall wait for 1 minute (60 seconds) to be revived or you can be revived by an item called resurrection stone.
Basic Class:
Swordsman: uses a one handed sword, has an emphasis on Strength
Renegade: uses two short blades, has an emphasis on Agility
Defender: uses a shield and a one handed blunt object, has an emphasis on Defense
Champion: uses a two handed spear, has an emphasis on wisdom
Brute: uses a two handed sharp object, has an emphasis on charisma
By the way, This game also has a Leveling system. You all start as level 1, but as you gain more experience you shall advance into the next level.
As your level increases, your stats will too. Sorry this is just my first time so, feel free to contact me for suggestions. =) ps. I still haven't finished the list of items , but i'll complete them gradually =))

1>Alistair (The Vindicator), 21yo.2015,May.28 11:11 Hey guys! So htis is my first time making a game, hope you enjoy it
1>Alistair (The Vindicator), 21yo.2015,May.28 11:26 Guys Welcome to the Town of Beginnings!
2>Nastya (Defender), 18yo.2015,May.28 11:29 (Nastya arrives at Town of beginings, Nastya, A beautiful girl, with red hair, blue eyes, and an unbreakable spirit)
1>Alistair (The Vindicator), 21yo.2015,May.28 11:29 Guys Welcome to the Town of Beginnings!
2>Nastya (Defender), 18yo.2015,May.28 11:31  Buying Wooden Mace (x 1)  * Nastya buys a wooden mace, her very first weapon. =)
2>Nastya (Defender), 18yo.2015,May.28 11:32 *equips mace
1>Alistair (The Vindicator), 21yo.2015,May.28 11:32 Hey Nastya! enjoy the game =)
4>SpearHead (Champion), 25yo.2015,May.28 11:33 (SpearHead is a young muscular jargon, with the wisdom of an old man)
1>Alistair (The Vindicator), 21yo.2015,May.28 11:34 Hey SpearHead!
2>Nastya (Defender), 18yo.2015,May.28 11:34 Greetings, Spearhead!
4>SpearHead (Champion), 25yo.2015,May.28 11:34  Buying Wooden Spear (x 1)  
1>Alistair (The Vindicator), 21yo.2015,May.28 11:37  Secret message to Nastya  
1>Alistair (The Vindicator), 21yo.2015,May.28 11:39  Secret message to SpearHead  
2>Nastya (Defender), 18yo.2015,May.28 11:44 * Nastya walks to SpearHead, "do you want make party?"
4>SpearHead (Champion), 25yo.2015,May.28 11:45 *accepts Nastya's Party invitation
2>Nastya (Defender), 18yo.2015,May.28 11:45 Thanks very much, spearhead =))
1>Alistair (The Vindicator), 21yo.2015,May.28 11:46 [Announcement] Nastya and SpearHead formed a party
1>Alistair (The Vindicator), 21yo.2015,May.28 17:46  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Grim Reaper  
1>Alistair (The Vindicator), 21yo.2015,May.28 17:47  Giving Grim Reaper (x 1) to SpearHead  
7>Reiko Zakuro (Lone fighter), 14yo.2015,May.29 01:18 hello?
1>Alistair (The Vindicator), 21yo.2015,Jun.2 10:45  Secret message to Reiko Zakuro  
6>Veikliba (Renegade), 16yo.2015,Jun.7 04:03 [Veikliba:A Renegade. Slim, pretty, has long blonde hair tied back in a sharp ponytail and large violet-blue eyes. Wears sleek black outfits w/ bright yellow markings.]
6>Veikliba (Renegade), 16yo.2015,Jun.7 04:05 [Backstory:A very experienced, smart, and sly catburgler living in Aincrad. Was never caught by the Aincrad authorities (and if they did catch her and try to send her to jail, she'd always escape before being incarcerated).]
6>Veikliba (Renegade), 16yo.2015,Jun.7 04:06 [Decided to compete in the quest for the treasures at the top of Alfheim, and perhaps "retire" from her job as a thief after getting the treasures. Though normally a loner, she'll probably form a party.]
6>Veikliba (Renegade), 16yo.2015,Jun.7 04:06 [She likes dual swords/katanas, but she lost them one day. Hence, she'll be using more basic weapons for now.]
6>Veikliba (Renegade), 16yo.2015,Jun.7 04:07  Buying Wooden Sword (x 2)  
6>Veikliba (Renegade), 16yo.2015,Jun.7 04:07  Buying Wooden Dagger (x 10)  [Note that she's decent at knife-throwing.]
6>Veikliba (Renegade), 16yo.2015,Jun.7 04:07  Buying Medicine (x 1)  
6>Veikliba (Renegade), 16yo.2015,Jun.7 04:08  Buying Life Potion (x 1)  
6>Veikliba (Renegade), 16yo.2015,Jun.7 04:08 [OK, done buying things.]
6>Veikliba (Renegade), 16yo.2015,Jun.7 04:08 [BTW, what are the "profiles" and backstories of SpearHead and Nastya?]
16>Aquaflow (swordsman), 22yo.2015,Jun.8 07:46  Secret message to Alistair  
16>Aquaflow (swordsman), 22yo.2015,Jun.8 08:03  Buying Wooden Axe (x 1)   Secret message to Alistair  
16>Aquaflow (swordsman), 22yo.2015,Jun.8 08:04  Buying Wooden Sword (x 1)  
16>Aquaflow (swordsman), 22yo.2015,Jun.8 08:06  Buying Wooden Dagger (x 1)  
1>Alistair (The Vindicator), 21yo.2015,Jun.8 09:57  Secret message to Aquaflow  
1>Alistair (The Vindicator), 21yo.2015,Jun.8 10:00  Secret message to Reiko Zakuro  
1>Alistair (The Vindicator), 21yo.2015,Jun.8 10:07 Welcome to Aincrad, warriors. In this game you must go through every struggle, every stymie, every obstacles side by side with your party/guild members.
1>Alistair (The Vindicator), 21yo.2015,Jun.8 10:08 You all arrive at the Town of Beginnings(Floor 0) Where you can equip, upgrade, buy and sell items, and even synthesize your weapons.
1>Alistair (The Vindicator), 21yo.2015,Jun.8 10:18 Form a guild/party if you must, equip your weapons, upgrade, synthesize and check your supplies. The raid on MainLand(Floor 1) starts on June 13
1>Alistair (The Vindicator), 21yo.2015,Jun.8 10:22 And finish all your backstories please. That is all.
16>Aquaflow (swordsman), 22yo.2015,Jun.8 14:28  Secret message to Alistair  
1>Alistair (The Vindicator), 21yo.2015,Jun.9 06:46  Secret message to Aquaflow  
6>Veikliba (Renegade), 16yo.2015,Jun.10 02:10 [I'm already done buying weapons and making backstories. All I have to do now is make parties, I guess.]
6>Veikliba (Renegade), 16yo.2015,Jun.10 02:11  Secret message to Alistair  
6>Veikliba (Renegade), 16yo.2015,Jun.10 02:11 *walks around, looking for people who could be her allies*
6>Veikliba (Renegade), 16yo.2015,Jun.10 02:15  Secret message to Alistair  
1>Alistair (The Vindicator), 21yo.2015,Jun.13 02:18  Secret message to Veikliba  
1>Alistair (The Vindicator), 21yo.2015,Jun.13 02:37 [Announcement] The Upgrade and Synthesis system has been updated, you can now Synthesize and Upgrade your weapons into a higher Level and Power.
1>Alistair (The Vindicator), 21yo.2015,Jun.13 02:39 [Announcement] The raid on MainLand starts today. Form a guild or party before entering Floor 1.
2>Nastya (Defender), 18yo.2015,Jun.13 02:44 [Backstory: A joyful, sweet and happy child living with her parents in the Town of Beginnings, Until her Father got sick terminally, She decided to compete in the quest for treasure on the top of AlfHeim in order to help her Father get well.]
2>Nastya (Defender), 18yo.2015,Jun.13 02:47  Secret message to Veikliba  
6>Veikliba (Renegade), 16yo.2015,Jun.13 22:48  Secret message to Alistair  
6>Veikliba (Renegade), 16yo.2015,Jun.13 22:48  Secret message to Nastya  
6>Veikliba (Renegade), 16yo.2015,Jun.13 22:49 *joins Nastya's party*
6>Veikliba (Renegade), 16yo.2015,Jun.13 22:50  Buying Upgrade Stone (x 1)  
6>Veikliba (Renegade), 16yo.2015,Jun.13 22:50  Secret message to Alistair  
1>Alistair (The Vindicator), 21yo.2015,Jun.14 19:44  Giving Wooden Sword +1 (x 2) to Veikliba   Secret message to Veikliba  
1>Alistair (The Vindicator), 21yo.2015,Jun.14 19:46 [Announcement] Veikliba joins Nastya's party.
1>Alistair (The Vindicator), 21yo.2015,Jun.14 19:48 [Announcement] Veikliba has succesfully upgraded her wooden swords to +1, Now the sword are powerful than before.
6>Veikliba (Renegade), 16yo.2015,Jun.15 21:52  Selling Wooden Sword (x 2)  [I'm just getting rid of my old swords real quick...]
6>Veikliba (Renegade), 16yo.2015,Jun.15 21:53  Secret message to Alistair  
6>Veikliba (Renegade), 16yo.2015,Jun.15 22:00 *walks around, looking at the stores full of weapons**two gleaming objects catch her eye; some dual katana swords*
6>Veikliba (Renegade), 16yo.2015,Jun.15 22:01 *decides that she can do with only one of her upgraded swords; she loves katanas and can't help but trade one of her swords for them*
6>Veikliba (Renegade), 16yo.2015,Jun.15 22:01  Selling Wooden Sword +1 (x 1)  
6>Veikliba (Renegade), 16yo.2015,Jun.15 22:02 *sees some even more powerful katanas**talks to the merchant who is selling the katnas and gets him to make a trade; she gives him her two wooden swords and he gives her his katanas*
6>Veikliba (Renegade), 16yo.2015,Jun.15 22:02  Selling Wooden Sword +1 (x 1)  
6>Veikliba (Renegade), 16yo.2015,Jun.15 22:04  Buying Katana +3 (x 2)  *walks back to Nastya, smiling slyly as she shows off her two level 3 katanas*
6>Veikliba (Renegade), 16yo.2015,Jun.15 22:05 So, are you ready to go to Floor 1? *looks at Nastya and SpearHead*
2>Nastya (Defender), 18yo.2015,Jun.17 03:33 [buying a new weapon]
2>Nastya (Defender), 18yo.2015,Jun.17 03:36 Sure! but where's spearhead?
6>Veikliba (Renegade), 16yo.2015,Jun.17 04:03 I am not sure...he may have abandoned us.
2>Nastya (Defender), 18yo.2015,Jun.17 04:59 XD He might have. So what do we do now?
6>Veikliba (Renegade), 16yo.2015,Jun.18 03:57 I guess we should just go in without him.