" Miyazaki Anime Roleplay " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 11 to 18 years of age.
This is a roleplay for any Anime Miyazaki films like Ponyo My neighbor totoro Howls moving castle Castle in the sky and Spirited away you can role play as a character from the movie or just talk about the Animes have fun!(in the charecture role put what anime your charecture is from)

1>Ponyo (Ponyo), smallyo.2015,Jan.9 20:31 (tell me what items you would like in the store bc i have no idea what to put )
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.9 21:50 [Hi, it's me, Brunny! I'm playing as Mei, Satsuki, and Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro!]
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.9 22:03 [Here's a list of some of the anime movies I've seen:My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, Ponyo, Howl's Moving Castle, Castle in the Sky, Princess Mononoke, The Cat Returns, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, The Secret World of Arrietty, and probably
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.9 22:04 several others.]
3>Sheeta (Castle in the Sky), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 18:16 (Hi! I'm going to be Sheeta, from Laputa: Castle in the Sky. I've seen the movies Spirited Away, Ponyo, Howl's Moving Castle (which is also a REALLY good book), Castle in the Sky (my favorite), and Kiki's Delivery Service)
3>Sheeta (Castle in the Sky), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 21:45 (So, what exactly are we going to be doing on this roleplay)
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.10 22:10 [Castle in the Sky was really long but good. My favorite Miyazaki movie is the first one I ever saw (My Neighbor Totoro). Also, did you know that out of Miyazaki's own anime movies, his personal favorite is Spirited Away?]
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.10 22:10 [Also, Isabella has a good question-what will we be doing?]
1>Ponyo (Ponyo), smallyo.2015,Jan.10 22:12 (i guess we could go on adventures but i think it would be better if we just talked about the movies what ever you guys want to do you can pick)
3>Sheeta (Castle in the Sky), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 22:13 (My preference would be actually roleplaying over just talking)
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.11 23:45 [Yeah, I want to roleplay!]
1>Ponyo (Ponyo), smallyo.2015,Jan.12 00:41 (ok we can make up the roleplay as we go alone it will be fun)
16>Yuki (Wolf Children), 11yo.2015,Jan.12 02:12 {Hi!, I'll be role playing as, Yuki from Wolf Children, Here is a list of the movies i've seen so far:Howls Moving Castle, Ponyo,My Neighbor Totoro,Castle In The Sky}
16>Yuki (Wolf Children), 11yo.2015,Jan.12 02:13 {Oh yea, And Of course Wolf Children (My Favorite)}
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.12 23:59 [Hi Ellie!]
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.13 00:00 [I haven't seen Wolf Children. What is it about?]
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.13 00:01 [Oh, and the only anime movies I've seen other than Miyazaki ones are Full Metal Alchemist and (I think) Fruits Basket. But Fruits Basket was VERY long time ago, and I had no idea what Full Metal Alchemist was even about...]
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.13 00:01 [But I think I liked Fruits Basket.]
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.13 00:02 [Have any of you seen the Cat Returns?]
16>Yuki (Wolf Children), 11yo.2015,Jan.13 02:00 {Oh, Hi, Brunny!, Wolf children Is about, A collage student, Who one day while taking a class, Notices one person impartucular,}
16>Yuki (Wolf Children), 11yo.2015,Jan.13 02:02 {He, has black hair, and a sort of streched out shirt, anyway, she fallows him out of the class, and soon they Fall in love}
16>Yuki (Wolf Children), 11yo.2015,Jan.13 02:04 {There Love life was normal until, The guy {Forgot his name} Reveals a secret to Her {Forgot her name XD}, He is a human/wolf She seemed startled at first but,}
16>Yuki (Wolf Children), 11yo.2015,Jan.13 02:05 {And he asks her if she wanted to forget about him, She Says "I love you the way you are, your perfect no matter what," So they get married and they both contuinue to keep him being a wolf a secret*
16>Yuki (Wolf Children), 11yo.2015,Jan.13 02:07 {Soon, They have two, Wolf/Children, and they contune with there lives, But one day the dad dosint come back from work, so the mom with her two wolf children, set out in the rain to find him}
16>Yuki (Wolf Children), 11yo.2015,Jan.13 02:09 {She finds, a trash company, hauling her dead husband into the trash truck, (He was in his wolf form) She crys and runs to him hugging him wishing he was alive}
16>Yuki (Wolf Children), 11yo.2015,Jan.13 02:10 {They trash company think she is crazy, and leave with her dead husband, (He died trying to catch food for his family, but fell into a conal), she goes on with her life}
16>Yuki (Wolf Children), 11yo.2015,Jan.13 02:11 {Raiseing her two Meat eating shap shifting children, alone, soon they move out of the city were her children wouldint be in danger of revealing there secret}
16>Yuki (Wolf Children), 11yo.2015,Jan.13 02:12 {And the children choose there way of life, the boy, chooses to live life as a wolf, and the girl, chose to live life as a human}
16>Yuki (Wolf Children), 11yo.2015,Jan.13 02:13 {Sorry, that took so long!, any way I havent seen Cat Returns, what is it about?}
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.14 22:51 [That's a cool movie! I hope I'll be able to watch it sometime. :)]
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.14 22:52 [The Cat Returns is about a teenage girl named Haru who sort of has a terrible life. While her mom and friends are nice, she's often clumsy and annoyed with everything.]
1>Ponyo (Ponyo), smallyo.2015,Jan.14 22:53 (cool that sounds interesting..)
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.14 22:53 [One day, while walking from school, she spots a black odd-eyed cat walking across the street. She rescues it rather epicly before it gets hit by a car, and the cat suddenly speaks to her, thanking her for saving his life.]
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.14 22:54 [Hi Caprial! Anyway, soon Haru learns about a world where talking cats live, and without asking if it's okay with Haru herself, the king cat learns about what happened and decides to have the cat she saved (his son/the prince) marry her.]
1>Ponyo (Ponyo), smallyo.2015,Jan.14 22:55 (so she has to merry a cat agenst her will)
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.14 22:55 [After a mysterious voice tells her to do this, Haru goes to a place called the Cat Bureau, where she meets a fat, witty, white cat named Muta, a crow named Toto, and a cat figurine that comes to life named the Baron.]
3>Sheeta (Castle in the Sky), 13yo.2015,Jan.14 22:55 (It sounds really great, I hope I can watch it soon)
1>Ponyo (Ponyo), smallyo.2015,Jan.14 22:56 (i am going to look it up on kissanime.com)
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.14 22:56 [Yep. Anyway, Muta, the Baron, and Toto try to help Haru and her situation, but Haru is soon captured and taken away to the cat world, where she turns into a cat. However, after a long rescue mission and such, Haru makes it back to the human world safe
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.14 22:56 and sound.]
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.14 22:57 [I didn't want to spoil it for you, so I only mentioned the rest of the movie by talking about the rescue mission and Haru making it back home safely.]
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.14 22:57 [The Cat Returns is really good! You should see it.]
1>Ponyo (Ponyo), smallyo.2015,Jan.14 22:57 (cool)
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.14 22:58 [Oh, and another thing-Haru has the ability to talk to cats.]
3>Sheeta (Castle in the Sky), 13yo.2015,Jan.14 22:58 (Ok, I'll have my brother get it for me)
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.14 22:59 [I'm more of a dog person than a cat person (I only like feral cats), but I still like the Cat Returns. Some of the Muta moments are pretty funny.]
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.14 22:59 [Muta and Toto sort of hate each other. XD]
1>Ponyo (Ponyo), smallyo.2015,Jan.14 22:59 (i will watch it later they have it on kissanime.com so thats good its were i get all my animes)
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.14 22:59 [Muta keeps calling Toto a "bird-brain" and "chicken."]
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.14 22:59 [Great1]
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.14 22:59 *[Great!]
1>Ponyo (Ponyo), smallyo.2015,Jan.14 23:00 (have any of you guys watched death note? its my favorite anime series)
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.14 23:01 [(SPOILER ALERT) There was a part around the end where Haru, the Baron, and Muta were falling together from the sky, hands/paws linked, and they were rescued by a huge flock of Toto's friends/crows.]
3>Sheeta (Castle in the Sky), 13yo.2015,Jan.14 23:01 (No, I'm afraid I have not)
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.14 23:01 [And Muta was just like "WHAT ARE ALL THESE CHICKENS DOING HERE?!?!?!?!" >XD]
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.14 23:01 [No, I haven't seen it.]
1>Ponyo (Ponyo), smallyo.2015,Jan.14 23:02 (want me to tell you about it?)
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.14 23:02 [Sure.]
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.14 23:04 [BTW, I just looked up Wolf Children, and it's not a Miyazaki film...]
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.14 23:04 [I just wanted to point that out, since this is a Miyazaki Roleplay...]
1>Ponyo (Ponyo), smallyo.2015,Jan.14 23:04 (ok so Light who is a main charecture finds a death note its a book were if you write someones name in it you die so he starts writting down all the names of the criminals in his book)
1>Ponyo (Ponyo), smallyo.2015,Jan.14 23:06 ( if you go to kissanime.com you can look it up and doownload it or wattch it for free)
1>Ponyo (Ponyo), smallyo.2015,Jan.14 23:07 (it is past its copy write date so it is perfictly leagal and not breaking any laws if you care about that)
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.14 23:08 [OK.]
1>Ponyo (Ponyo), smallyo.2015,Jan.14 23:08 (i recomend the english Dub verstion rather than subtitles bc the voices sound wierd with the sub titels but thats just my opinion)
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.14 23:09 [Have you seen Summer Wars? It's not directed by Miyazaki, but like Wolf Children it's directed by Mamoru Hosoda.]
1>Ponyo (Ponyo), smallyo.2015,Jan.14 23:09 (they also have the monga but it is diferent then the series)
1>Ponyo (Ponyo), smallyo.2015,Jan.14 23:10 (ya thats like the 3rd or 4th anime i watched)
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.14 23:10 [Great! It was good, although it wasn't Miyazaki.]
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.14 23:10 [BTW, I'm just wondering if Ellie should change her character because Yuki isn't from a Miyazaki film.]
1>Ponyo (Ponyo), smallyo.2015,Jan.14 23:11 (death note isnt Miyazaki but idc XD]
1>Ponyo (Ponyo), smallyo.2015,Jan.14 23:11 [its fine she is my sister IRL]
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.14 23:11 [Really? OK.]
1>Ponyo (Ponyo), smallyo.2015,Jan.14 23:12 {i just put Miyazaki so nobody would play as something inapropriote or gross ect..]
1>Ponyo (Ponyo), smallyo.2015,Jan.14 23:12 [and btw her name is Saeli not Ellie]
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.14 23:14 [Oh OK. Yeah, I think I remember Saeli. She told me her name was Ellie though. Oh, well.]
1>Ponyo (Ponyo), smallyo.2015,Jan.14 23:14 {i am going to watch the cat returns now]
1>Ponyo (Ponyo), smallyo.2015,Jan.14 23:15 {or we could chat some more}
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.14 23:16 [Nah, I have to go update other stuff anyway. Would you like to chat or watch the Cat Returns? Either one is fine by me.]
1>Ponyo (Ponyo), smallyo.2015,Jan.14 23:16 {i think this is more of a chat club then an anime right now lol}
1>Ponyo (Ponyo), smallyo.2015,Jan.14 23:17 [oh either is also fine by me..}
16>Yuki (Wolf Children), 11yo.2015,Jan.14 23:18 my nickname is Ellie, Caprial shut up, she is my sister)
1>Ponyo (Ponyo), smallyo.2015,Jan.14 23:18 ( we need a nutral 3rd party member to solve this...)
1>Ponyo (Ponyo), smallyo.2015,Jan.14 23:18 [ use brackets or perenthises!!!!}
16>Yuki (Wolf Children), 11yo.2015,Jan.14 23:20 (Oh! im sorry, IDK! seriously i spell better than you)
1>Ponyo (Ponyo), smallyo.2015,Jan.14 23:20 {so ya im fine with what ever your fine with}
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.14 23:20 [So should I call you Ellie or Saeli?]
16>Yuki (Wolf Children), 11yo.2015,Jan.14 23:20 IDCIDC!!!!!!!!!!!
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.14 23:20 [Do you really argue this often...? XD o_o]
16>Yuki (Wolf Children), 11yo.2015,Jan.14 23:20 (Ellie please)
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.14 23:21 [Okie dokie then.]
1>Ponyo (Ponyo), smallyo.2015,Jan.14 23:21 {im just going to watch anime now so ttyl ]
16>Yuki (Wolf Children), 11yo.2015,Jan.14 23:21 (yea, most of the time....)
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.14 23:21 [OK, bye Caprial!]
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.14 23:21 [How old are you Ellie?]
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.14 23:21 [I'm 13. I'm going to be 14 next month.]
16>Yuki (Wolf Children), 11yo.2015,Jan.14 23:21 (im ganna go roller blade see ya!)
16>Yuki (Wolf Children), 11yo.2015,Jan.14 23:22 (11)
16>Yuki (Wolf Children), 11yo.2015,Jan.14 23:22 (12 in two months)
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.14 23:22 [OK, bye! I probably have to go myself, so...]
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.14 23:22 [gtg! Bye!]
16>Yuki (Wolf Children), 11yo.2015,Jan.14 23:23 Bye!
1>Ponyo (Ponyo), smallyo.2015,Jan.15 20:58  Secret message to Mei  
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.21 02:19  Secret message to Ponyo  
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.29 00:17 [Has anyone seen the movie "Grave of the Fireflies?"]
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Jan.29 00:17 [It's not a Miyazaki movie, but it still is a great anime film.]
1>Ponyo (Ponyo), smallyo.2015,Jan.31 00:17 [ I love that anime!! but its so sad]
5>Mei (My Neighbor Totoro), 5yo.2015,Feb.1 23:01 [Yeah, it is a really good movie and very realistic in terms of feeling. I recently saw it after not seeing it for many years and I kept crying now and then-I couldn't help it.]
1>Ponyo (Ponyo), smallyo.2015,Feb.3 06:24 ( my favorite anime is 私の小さなポニー its also called Watashi no chīsana ponī guess what the english translation is)
14>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Jun.10 12:51 Konnichiwa! My name is Satsuki, and I am from My Neighbor Totoro!
10>Satsuki (My Neighbor Totoro), 12yo.2015,Jul.13 04:37 [Sorry Felicity, Satsuki's taken... XP]
14>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Jul.21 20:10 I don't care!
10>Satsuki (My Neighbor Totoro), 12yo.2015,Jul.21 22:26 [Felicity, in a RP, once a character's taken, you can't have that same character.]
10>Satsuki (My Neighbor Totoro), 12yo.2015,Jul.21 22:27 [I suggest some other characters-for instance, Nausicaa from Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind isn't taken.]
14>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Jul.22 02:32 I don't even know those. Would it be ok if I did something that's non-Miyazaki?
10>Satsuki (My Neighbor Totoro), 12yo.2015,Jul.23 17:45 [You don't know about Nausicaa from Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind?! :O]
10>Satsuki (My Neighbor Totoro), 12yo.2015,Jul.23 17:45 [Also, sure. As long as it's anime, it's fine.]
14>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Aug.20 16:16 [How do you know? Do you know the person who made this RP?]
10>Satsuki (My Neighbor Totoro), 12yo.2015,Aug.28 04:02 [I know Caprial, but not in real life. Also, if you read the chats above, you'll see that I'm right. XP]
10>Satsuki (My Neighbor Totoro), 12yo.2015,Aug.28 04:05 [For instance, the character Yuki (who is in slot 16) isn't from a Miyazaki movie, she's from a Mamoru Hosoda movie called "Wolf Children." Caprial explained that that's OK; she just put Miyazaki in the name of this RP so no one would choose
10>Satsuki (My Neighbor Totoro), 12yo.2015,Aug.28 04:05 inappropriate characters.]
14>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.26 21:01 [There. Changed it to Rika, my favorite character from my favorite season of my favorite TV show.]
14>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.26 21:01 [Changed it after a few months...XD]