" The Funniest Adventure Of All Time Roleplay " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 10 to 100 years of age.
Hey guys! So I am going to keep the rules sweet and short for you all! So here are the rules and I hope you enjoy them! Also, here is a background that you can all enjoy. A group of people that live on planet earth, some live on a planet named Kurghb, and some live elsewhere. But what they don't realize is that they have special gifts and powers that can be useful. Here are the rules.
1). Please no bad messages or harrasment.
2). Please keep it to 4 characters, 2 good and if you want bad guys.
3). The villians are Dark Helmet and Colonel Sandurz!
4). Please make sure your characters are from known movies or from Star Wars itself!
5) Have fun!!! :)

1>Han Solo (Smuggler), 40yo.2015,Dec.26 19:50 (He has brown hair, brown eyes, and is pretty much an amazing person! He is known from 4,5,6,and 7 of all the star wars movies! He is one of the known smugglers that have ever been around!
1>Han Solo (Smuggler), 40yo.2015,Dec.26 19:51 (Han is in love with Leia, but after something happened, they got separated and know he is on a quest of finding her and saving the rebellion from Dark Helmet and Colonel Sandurz)
11>Colonel Sandurz (Evil), 40yo.2015,Dec.26 19:52 (Sandurz has whitish hair and brown eyes. He is known from the comedy spoof of SpaceBalls which made fun of Star Wars. It is an excellent movie! He is also Dark Helmets ship captain and gives orders like he is in charge. He is not much of a threat)
11>Colonel Sandurz (Evil), 40yo.2015,Dec.26 19:53 (But he can be when he is up for a challenge! So good guys look out!)
12>Anakin (Padawan), 18yo.2015,Dec.28 21:47 (Hello! I decided to join as Anakin, the version from the 2nd movie. He's a padawan at this point, but is still leaning towards the Dark Side. Has a huge crush on Padme- a very creepy one as well.)
12>Anakin (Padawan), 18yo.2015,Dec.28 21:47 (I guess he counts as both a bad guy and a good guy.)
18>Dark Helmet (Villain), 37yo.2015,Dec.28 22:08 [I claim Lord Dark Helmet! He wears a Darth Vadar-like costume, though he helmet is bigger and overall DH is a bit shorter. When he slides up a flap that goes over his face, it is revealed that he wears glasses.]
18>Dark Helmet (Villain), 37yo.2015,Dec.28 22:10 [He can seem evil and when he uses his Schwartz (Spaceball's version of the Force) ring (the ring emits a line of energy similar to that of a lightsaber) he can be pretty dangerous. His main assistant is Colonel Sandurz. However, overall he's kind of
18>Dark Helmet (Villain), 37yo.2015,Dec.28 22:10 awkwardly funny... XD]
18>Dark Helmet (Villain), 37yo.2015,Dec.28 22:11 [Are we allowed to play as any movie character we want, or just Star Wars, Spaceballs, and other space movies? If we're allowed to play as characters from other space movies, does that include things like Ender's Game, Instellar, and Gravity?]
18>Dark Helmet (Villain), 37yo.2015,Dec.28 22:11 *Interstellar
18>Dark Helmet (Villain), 37yo.2015,Dec.28 22:12 [If we're allowed to play as characters from non-space movies, however, dibs on Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games trilogy and Magneto from the X-Men series!]
1>Han Solo (Smuggler), 40yo.2015,Dec.29 00:31 (You can play as anyone from any movie!! It's gonna be like a bunch of different fun missions and more!0
1>Han Solo (Smuggler), 40yo.2015,Dec.29 00:32 (Like Katniss can join, etc. I don't really care)
1>Han Solo (Smuggler), 40yo.2015,Dec.29 00:33 (Just have fun!)
3>Bill Marks (Non-Stop), 40yo.2015,Dec.29 00:35 (Bill Marks is one of the good guys that was from Non-Stop which is about him saving a plane from being destroyed and being the good guy.)
3>Bill Marks (Non-Stop), 40yo.2015,Dec.29 00:36 (Now, he's part of Han Solo's crew and all. but he is sent on different missions to stop the evil Dark Helmet and Colonel Sandurz)
13>Magneto (X-Men series), 60+yo.2015,Dec.31 04:05 [Ahem...MAGNETO IS MIIIIINE!!!!!! >:D XD]
13>Magneto (X-Men series), 60+yo.2015,Dec.31 04:06 [Magneto, from the X-Men movies (and I'm playing as the old version, not the younger one who appears in X-Men 6 & 7). Just look him up-I'm too lazy to do this appearance. XP]
13>Magneto (X-Men series), 60+yo.2015,Dec.31 04:07 [Has the power to control metal via altering magnetic fields and whatnot around metal things (hence he is often called the Master of Magnetism), which makes him one of the most powerful beings in the universe.]
13>Magneto (X-Men series), 60+yo.2015,Dec.31 04:08 [Other than being super powerful, however, he is pretty much at genius level intelligence and is calm and cunning. Good guys-beware!]
2>Black Widow/Natasha (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Dec.31 04:27 (I'll play as Black Widow! I imagine her to look like Black Widow from Captain America: The Winter Soldier - straight, short red hair, black bodysuit.)
2>Black Widow/Natasha (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Dec.31 04:28 (Anyways, most of you know Black Widow from seeing The Avengers and also from Movie RP. She's kinda sly, composed, very relaxed, even in the darkest of situations.)
1>Han Solo (Smuggler), 40yo.2016,Jan.3 06:40 First Mission: Dark Helmet and Colonel Sandurz are planning an evil mission to kidnap one of the good guys to use against the others. The question is which one?? During that time Han becomes very annoyed with Anakin lecturing him about his skills and more
1>Han Solo (Smuggler), 40yo.2016,Jan.3 06:40 Who is the good guy that the evil ones are trying to kidnap and how will they keep them safe? Stay tuned!
14>Katniss (The Hunger Games), 17yo.2016,Jan.3 19:00 [Katniss Everdeen, from The Hunger Games! She has wavy black hair in a braid and gray eyes (I'm sticking with her Catching Fire and Mockingjay look because the books said her hair is black even though it was brown in the first movie). She wears her outfit
14>Katniss (The Hunger Games), 17yo.2016,Jan.3 19:01 from Mockingjay Part 1 (the Mockingjay outfit, I mean). She is an archery master. She likes the color green, walking in the woods, and spending time with her closest friends. She is also stubborn and has leadership skills.]
14>Katniss (The Hunger Games), 17yo.2016,Jan.3 19:01 [I'm going to take one more good guy...not sure which, though...]
1>Han Solo (Smuggler), 40yo.2016,Jan.5 04:54 (Okay take your time)
15>Rey (The Force Awakens), 21yo.2016,Jan.7 02:55 (Rey, from The Force Awakens. She is quite independent and still looking for her family. Can be ambitious and a little hot-headed, but overall a good and smart companion. Is familiar with Han.)