" The Avengers Roleplay " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 10 to 18 years of age.
Hello everyone! Looking for something fun and funny at the same time! Then join this Roleplay! Let me go over some simple rules: No bad words, no fighting, no arguing, just be nice to each other,

Rules of the Roleplay:
1) You can be up to 2 characters from the movie. If you would like to reserve a character, please let me know. ,
2) You can make up your own character that has there own superpower.
3). Ages can be from 16-40
4). You can choose to be bad guys. They also have their own powers.
5). All the bad guy are part of a group called The Jokers.
5) Have fun!

1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.5 05:43 So let me explain the first mission and let me know what you all think of it.
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.5 05:45 The Avengers have been separated from the last battle that they had in a New York City and are called back to stop The Jokers. Well Iron Man gets himself in some trouble and the team can't find them. They get some help from the other superheroes and let
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.5 05:46 *Him, not them* true others join the team. The Jokers are wrecking havoc in Vermont and the team goes down and tries to stop them and save Iron Man. Can the team do it?
19>Black Widow (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.5 05:50 (Sounds like a good idea!)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.5 05:51 (And for the next mission, you can come up the idea!)
5>Tutti Frutti/Rosa (Villian/Joker), 26yo.2015,Apr.5 05:56 (Here's my villain, Tutti Frutti. Her real name is Rosa Hawkins, but her superhero alliance is Tutti Frutti. Has the ability to use lasers, and she owns a special lase gun that's pink.)
5>Tutti Frutti/Rosa (Villian/Joker), 26yo.2015,Apr.5 05:56 (Has blonde hair, blue eyes, very pretty and seductive. Wears a hot pink bodysuit with purple gloves and boots. )
11>BloodVain (Brain Control ), 32yo.2015,Apr.5 06:00 (My Villian is: BloodVain! He has brown hair, brown eyes, always wear suits. He doesn't have a name, but everyone calls him Dave. He is also a lawyer, but for most of the time is controlling people and making them work for him.)
11>BloodVain (Brain Control ), 32yo.2015,Apr.5 06:01 (Nice Villian!)
4>The Spartan/Connor (Avenger), 22yo.2015,Apr.5 06:01 (The Spartan is a fellow Avenger/someone who follows the Avengers. Real name is Connor, and he has a rep for being extremely hyper. Originally started out as a football player for a college team, but eventually figured he had more than strength...)
4>The Spartan/Connor (Avenger), 22yo.2015,Apr.5 06:02 (...he had super strength! Wears a dark green uniform, gold cape, boots, and armor. Has the power of super strength and speed.)
16>Storm Woman/Jen (Avenger), 18yo.2015,Apr.5 06:05 (Storm Woman is also an Avenger/Avengers ally. She has blonde/brown hair and brown eyes. Real name is Jennifer/Jen. One day, she accidently created a tornado that was really destructive, so she went into hiding.)
16>Storm Woman/Jen (Avenger), 18yo.2015,Apr.5 06:06 (Wears a blue bodysuit with gold accents and a transparent blue cape with a gold lightening bolt. Also wears gold boots and a navy blue mask.)
16>Storm Woman/Jen (Avenger), 18yo.2015,Apr.5 06:09 (Storm Woman can control the weather, create storms,etc. at the tip of her fingers.)
13>Lazer Jet (Avenger), 35yo.2015,Apr.5 06:09 (Lazer Jet is an Avenger Ally. He has blond hair, brown eyes. His name is Rich. His superhero powers are he can run far distances, jump tall buildings and even go invisible. He wears an outfit like The Flash except no mask, wears a helmet instead.)
16>Storm Woman/Jen (Avenger), 18yo.2015,Apr.5 06:27 (I'm gonna change Storm Woman's appearance. Instead of a blue bodysuit, she wears a navy blue shirt and navy blue pants with brown boots, sort of like the outfit Katniss wears in Catching Fire at the Reaping.)
16>Storm Woman/Jen (Avenger), 18yo.2015,Apr.5 06:27 (So sort of like a jail uniform except blue.)
13>Lazer Jet (Avenger), 35yo.2015,Apr.5 16:47 (Ok. Very nice.) (If Brunny or anyone would like to join, I would like to wait
13>Lazer Jet (Avenger), 35yo.2015,Apr.5 16:47 (I would like to wait for anyone else to join and then we can start today!)
13>Lazer Jet (Avenger), 35yo.2015,Apr.5 18:02 (I would like to wait for anyone else to join and then we can start today!)
16>Storm Woman/Jen (Avenger), 18yo.2015,Apr.5 19:52 (Ok sounds good to me!)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.6 01:48 (Great! So tonight we will start!)
13>Lazer Jet (Avenger), 35yo.2015,Apr.6 03:20 (I would like to wait for anyone else to join and then we can start today!)
13>Lazer Jet (Avenger), 35yo.2015,Apr.6 03:20 (Sorry about the repost!)
13>Lazer Jet (Avenger), 35yo.2015,Apr.6 03:59 (Sorry about the repost!)
19>Black Widow (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.6 04:38 (hey!)
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.6 04:38 [I'll join as Thor from the Avengers!]
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.6 04:42 [Glacia:A woman who is really a mutant. Never joined the X-Men, so therefore she'll be part of this Avengers roleplay instead. She is made up, BTW.]
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.6 04:42 [She has long white hair, ice blue eyes, and currently wears a dark blue bodysuit w/ a white cloak and gloves.]
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.6 04:44 [History:She was born and raised in Europe (specifically northern parts near places such as Germany and Norway), but when she was little she accidentally froze one of her closest family members solid, killing him.]
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.6 04:45 [Out of despair and fear she fled to America and ended up in NYC. She's been living by herself and trying to control her powers. Considered joining the X-Men, but prefers to be alone in case she kills another person.]
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.6 04:46 [Magneto and the Brotherhood soon found out about her existence and Magneto himself came to her and tried to get her to side with him, but she lost control of her powers again and froze a whole, huge skyscraper.]
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.6 04:47 [She fled again out of fear and is currently still hiding in NYC. She'll later meet the Avengers and their allies, learn that they can perhaps help her, and eventually decide to side with them.]
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.6 04:47 (And Brunny, you can decide to have a few villains if you like. You don't have to.)
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.6 04:50 [OK! I'm going to make one or two.]
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.6 04:50 (Once your done creating your characters, we can start.)
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.6 04:51 [Note that Glacia's real name will be revealed later.]
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.6 04:51 [Can I create Magneto? I know he's from X-Men, but this takes place in the Marvel universe, right?]
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.6 04:52 (Yeah sure. I might create The Joker from Batman.)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.6 04:52 (Hence The Jokers.)
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.6 04:52 [OK.
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.6 04:52 *]
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.6 04:53 (You can create a Villian or use one from Marvel)
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.6 04:53 [I call Magneto! He'll be a villain.]
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.6 04:54 [Wait, isn't Batman from DC Comics, not Marvel?]
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.6 04:54 (Let me double check)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.6 04:54 (Yup. I was wrong)
9>Ignis/Julia (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.6 04:56 [Ignis:A villainess. She has the power to create and control fire and lava. Looks a lot like Clove from the HG, actually. Has long crimson hair that becomes fiery orange when she uses her powers. She also has orangish eyes and wears a black bodysuit with
9>Ignis/Julia (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.6 04:56 fire-like markings. brb...]
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.6 04:57 (Ok)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.6 05:18 (I have to go soon.)
19>Black Widow (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.6 05:22 (Yeah.)
9>Ignis/Julia (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.6 05:26 [Back. Sorry I took foreverrrrr...]
9>Ignis/Julia (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.6 05:28 [Ignis' History:Was the normal bratty teen. Originally had brown hair+eyes. During a party, she and her boyfriend went outside for some "quality time" (AKA kissing and all that yucky stuff). However, an interglactic asteroid came down and hit Ignis.]
9>Ignis/Julia (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.6 05:29 [The asteroid carried some alien DNA from an alien race on a planet that has pyrokinetic life forms, therefore giving her fire powers.]
9>Ignis/Julia (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.6 05:30 [Note that Ignis' real name is Julie.]
9>Ignis/Julia (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.6 05:30 [Anyway, let's start!]
9>Ignis/Julia (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.6 05:32 [Note that after being hit by the asteroid, she sort of lost her boyfriend because he and she already hated superpowered people such as mutants, and her bf was sort of freaked out by her new abilities.]
9>Ignis/Julia (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.6 05:32 [That POed Ignis a whole lot, so she changed her name, set her entire hometown on fire, reduced her bf's family to ashes, and set out to be the best and most dangerous criminal in the Marvel universe.]
9>Ignis/Julia (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.6 05:33 [Note that "ignis" is latin for "fire" or "lightning."]
9>Ignis/Julia (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.6 05:34 [Can we start now?]
9>Ignis/Julia (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.6 05:59 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.6 17:30 (We will start tomorrow.)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.6 17:30 (I meant today!)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.6 17:30 (All the Avengers will have to be in different places)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.6 17:43 First Mission: Iron Man goes insane. Iron Man has been done lately because he lost his girlfriend and really needs to find some fun things to do.
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.6 17:44 Well he meets up with BloodVain, Tutti Frutti, and Magento on his way to New York City.
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.6 17:45 BloodVain controls his mind and tells him awful things about The Avengers and how they wanted him gone from the team.
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.6 17:45 Black Widow and Captain America figure out where he is
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.6 17:46 And call in the team to save him. A terrible fight breaks out and Iron Man attacks the team. Will the team save him?
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.6 18:07 And call in the team to save him. A terrible fight breaks out and Iron Man attacks the team. Will the team save him?
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.6 18:07 (Sorry about the repost)
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.6 19:10 [Sounds really cool! Let's get started!]
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.6 19:10 [I guess when IM attacks the Avengers, we can say Glacia was on the run due to an unexpected "accident" in Manhattan (AKA she froze someone/something again) when she bumps into the battle.]
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.6 19:11 [She recognizes Magneto and tries to escape, but of course Magneto and crazy Iron Man go after her, ending up with her being part of the battle too.]
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.6 19:11 [Just coming up with a way to get Glacia to meet the Avengers and all.]
9>Ignis/Julia (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.6 19:12 [I guess Ignis will be either excluded completely from the mission and appear later on, since one or two other villains won't be included either.]
9>Ignis/Julia (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.6 19:13 [Changing Ignis' real name to Julia.]
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.6 23:13 (You can have any bad guy you want. I was giving an example basically.)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.6 23:13 (We will start tonight!)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.6 23:14 (There are 5 spots left. If you would like to create another character, you can. I might)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.6 23:14 (Magneto is the head Villian.)
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.7 01:55 [Great! :D Magneto is the head villain...ahhh, I can see it now...him going around, bossing around everyone... Magneto: >:( *chucks a bunch of cars @ Brunny* Me:AAUUGGHH!!!!! *runs away*]
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.7 01:56 [I'm going to create two more characters-another hero and another villain.]
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.7 02:00 [Surbeta:An ally of the Avengers-specifically a friend of Thor. Looks exactly like Pi from Life of Pi except he wears a sparkling, golden bodysuit that radiates and flashes with sunlight and has a white "S" logo and some white lines/ stri pes on it.]
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.7 02:02 [History:Is the son of the Hindu god Surya, god of the sun (hence why his name is a combination of "Surya" and "beta" (which means "son")). Thus, he has the power to create and control sunlight. He met Norse god Odin and his son Thor and became acquainted
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.7 02:02 with the Avengers via Thor. Later, during a battle, Surbeta made a surprise appearance and helped out the Avengers, thus fully becoming an ally. During this, he formed a "second home" in India, where he lives peacefully in a little hut.]
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.7 02:03 [If he isn't at his second home, of course, he's with his father. His alias is Pinak;when he is on Earth and living in his second home, he pretends to be a normal, poor, and happy Hindu teen.]
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.7 02:26 (Magneto is the head Villian.)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.7 02:27 (Ok! And sorry about the reposts)
20>Bloated Betty (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.7 03:08 [My last character for now:Bloated Betty, a villain. She has blonde hair in pigtails, has baby blue eyes, and wears a pink T-shirt w/ blue overalls. Oh, and she's very, very, VERY chubby.]]
20>Bloated Betty (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.7 03:10 *]
20>Bloated Betty (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.7 03:14 [History:Grew up in redneck Mississippi with her mother, ultra fat twin sister, and "Ol' Sugar Daddy." She and her family were more "priveleged"-they could afford to get their food via eating out. Back then and today, Betty has a diet of McDonald's for
20>Bloated Betty (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.7 03:14 breakfast, McDonald's for lunch, and McDonald's for dinner.]
20>Bloated Betty (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.7 03:17 [One day, McRonald was seeking a follower/"minion," so he put something weird in one of the burgers at McDonald's. Of course, Betty ate the burger and received the power to grow and shrink herself-but mostly grow.]
20>Bloated Betty (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.7 03:17 [She can also "inflate" herself and float/fly like a balloon, as well as roll around like a ball.]
20>Bloated Betty (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.7 03:18 [Betty took on the alias "Bloated Betty" and indeed became McRonald's ally. Now she is part of the group of villains that Magneto is the leader of.]
20>Bloated Betty (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.7 03:19 [In terms of personality, Betty's really redneck, makes comments about food all the time, and is more of a nuisance than a threat. She's even sort of annoying to some of her fellow baddies.]
20>Bloated Betty (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.7 03:19 [However, still, she can be dangerous, so heroes beware!]
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.7 03:21 (Hehehehehe. Doctor Doom is second in chief of the villains.
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.7 03:21 (He's almost as bad as Magento)
20>Bloated Betty (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.7 03:21 [Speaking of McRonald, could you (Paige) describe him? It's sort of obvious that he's some sort of villainous Ronald McDonald, but that's all I know.]
20>Bloated Betty (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.7 03:21 [Ugh, JACK!! You stole my character!! >.< ]
20>Bloated Betty (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.7 03:21 [I have a villain named Doctor Doom on Fartlandia Roleplay!!]
20>Bloated Betty (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.7 03:22 [No offense, but maybe you should change his name... XP]
20>Bloated Betty (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.7 03:23 [Also, I guess we should save the other two slots for Paige and Joan. They might want to create other characters (i.e. the Hulk or someone/something).]
20>Bloated Betty (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.7 03:25 [Oh, and sorry if I freaked out when you created Doctor Doom. But still, DD is my character, sooo...I still suggest a name change.]
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.7 03:41 (He's almost as bad as Magento)
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.7 03:42 (Fine..)
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.7 03:45 (Changed! Rather be this awesome guy!)
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.7 03:49 [Awesome!! Quicksilver!! :D He was great in X-Men:Days of Future Past!]
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.7 03:49 [I liked the part where Quicksilver gave one of the guards a big wedgie. XD]
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.7 04:06 [Hello...?]
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.7 04:20 [Guess you left.]
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.7 04:38 We will start soon!
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.7 04:49 We will start soon!
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.7 17:16 (Changed! Rather be this awesome guy!)
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.7 17:16 (Sorry about the frequent posts!)
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.7 20:11 (Sorry about the frequent posts!)
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.7 21:05 [It's fine! Can we start yet?]
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,Apr.8 01:36 (In case you didn't know, Quicksilver is one of the main characters in The Avengers Age of Ultron.)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.8 03:22 (We can start now!)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.8 03:29 (We can start now!)
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.8 03:51 [How come it says that Quicsilver is a villain? He is a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants in X-Men, but he's an outright hero in the Avengers.]
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.8 03:52 [Also, OK! Let's start! Also, @ Paige:Mind providing profiles for Scarlet Witch, McRonald, and Edward?]
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.8 03:52 (Quicksilver will be an ally, not a Villian)
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.8 03:52 [I'm just curious about who those characters are (although Ed and McR are easy to guess).]
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.8 03:52 [OK. I guess you should change what your Role box says, then.]
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.8 03:52 [Also, is someone going to play as the Hulk?]
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.8 03:53 (You can. And BloodVain is evil too)
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.8 03:55 [I'll be the Hulk. I've seen "The Avengers" and a movie about the Hulk, but not for a long time, so I only sort of remember the basics about him.]
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.8 03:57 [I call the Hulk! >:D *the Hulk is seen smashing things*]
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.8 04:00 [Let's start!]
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.8 04:01 [Are we going to start in medias res (where Iron Man is already crazy) or at the very beginning (where IM breaks up with his gf and meets with some of the villains)?]
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.8 04:02 [Sorry if I hogged all the characters, BTW...I sort of just realized there are four of us and I have the most characters out of all of you...]
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.8 04:07 [Jack?]
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.8 04:13 [I guess you left...]
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.8 04:30 [BTW, since we're starting, you should get the storyline going the next time you come on.]
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.8 05:06 (Starting now!!)
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.8 05:38 (Someone can play as his girlfriend. I forgot her name)
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.8 17:19 [Me too...let me look her up...]
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.8 17:20 [Her name is Gwyneth Paltrow. I'll play as her.]
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.8 17:21 [Whoops, sorry, I meant Virginia "Pepper" Potts. Paltrow is the actress who plays as her.]
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.8 17:22 [Should we start in Stark Tower, where Virgina and Tony are talking and they break up or something?]
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.8 23:48 (Yeah sure)
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.9 01:05 [Okie dokie then.]
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.9 01:06 Pepper:*with Iron Man in Stark Tower**IM is being all obsessed with his suits again and it's sort of just driving her nuts*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.9 01:08 Pepper:Tony...? *Tony doesn't answer her because he's occupied with fixing his suit or something like that* TONY. *that got his attention*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.9 01:09 Pepper:Look...I'm sorry to say this, but your obsession with your suit is going too far. So you can either have the suit or you can have me. Choose. Now.
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.9 01:09 *Tony is shocked and he stutters a little, unsure about what to say* Pepper:Okay, you made your choice. *smiles coldly* Bye. *picks up her stuff and leaves*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.9 01:10 [OK, the breaking up thing is done.]
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.9 02:17 *Is to upset to do anything*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.9 02:19 *Goes to the train station to go down to Queens* *Sees BloodVain, McRonald, and Magneto waiting there too*
6>McRonald (Villian), 52yo.2015,Apr.9 03:57 *glances at Iron Man and laughs darkly* *mutters stuff to his comerades*
8>Edward C./The Vamp (Villian), 17yo.2015,Apr.9 03:58 (Sorry for the holdup on character profiles.)
8>Edward C./The Vamp (Villian), 17yo.2015,Apr.9 04:00 (The Vamp: Edward Cullen, AKA Edward C. He's a creepy vampire who can move at incredible speeds, can read minds, and stalks people obsessively. Yes, he actually finds great pleasure in doing that.)
10>Scarlet Witch (Avenger), 20-30yo.2015,Apr.9 04:01 (Scarlet Witch: An ally of the Avengers, will be appearing in the next Avengers movie. Mostly travels alongside Quicksilver.)
6>McRonald (Villian), 52yo.2015,Apr.9 04:02 (McRonald: Basically Ronald McDonald, only new and improved. Long before The Avengers came around, McRonald was just your average Ronald working at a McDonald's in downtown NYC. )
6>McRonald (Villian), 52yo.2015,Apr.9 04:03 (After getting a lot of backlash from the media, Ronald got angry- very, VERY angry. So, he took out his anger on customers, forcing them to donate cash to Ronald McDonald House Charities or else "face the consequences of Ronald".)
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.9 04:04 (Ok awesome!)
6>McRonald (Villian), 52yo.2015,Apr.9 04:05 (Eventually ditched the idea of Ronald McDonald House Charities and funded himself, working alongside Hamburgler, Fry Kids, Birdie, and Grimace. Built himself a giant tower in Memphis, similar to the one Stark owns.
11>BloodVain (Brain Control ), 32yo.2015,Apr.9 04:07 (Oh wow.)
6>McRonald (Villian), 52yo.2015,Apr.9 04:07 (Got in a heated battle a few years later after his "golden years" (or the nineties) and lost Hamburgler, Birdie, Fry Kids, and Grimace to the battle. Is now an entreprenuer looking for vengeance, as well as cash. Lots of it.)
6>McRonald (Villian), 52yo.2015,Apr.9 04:08 (Abilities: His creepy nature. Otherwise, McRonald does not have any powers. Weapons include a McNugget blaster and a scorching spatula smothered in acid grease.)
6>McRonald (Villian), 52yo.2015,Apr.9 04:10 (Created an alias for himself by adding "Mc" to the beginning of his name. Didn't want to lose his fame-and fortune-at McDonald's.)
11>BloodVain (Brain Control ), 32yo.2015,Apr.9 04:12 (Awesome character!)
11>BloodVain (Brain Control ), 32yo.2015,Apr.9 04:13 *Sees Iron Man/ Tony standing alone* *Whispers* Should I go control him?
5>Tutti Frutti/Rosa (Villian/Joker), 26yo.2015,Apr.9 04:24 *approaches the scene* *smirks as she sees Iron Man* *whispers to BloodVain:* Yeah...that sounds like a great idea...
11>BloodVain (Brain Control ), 32yo.2015,Apr.9 04:25 Ok awesome. *Walks over to Tony casually and puts his hand on his shoulder*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.9 04:26 *Turns around to see Bloodvain smirking at him* Um? Who are you?
11>BloodVain (Brain Control ), 32yo.2015,Apr.9 04:31 My names David.
5>Tutti Frutti/Rosa (Villian/Joker), 26yo.2015,Apr.9 04:35 *watches in the background, smirking*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.9 04:36 [McRonald is CLASSIC. XD]
9>Ignis/Julia (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.9 04:38 *is "taking a stroll" in Queens-AKA she's planning to reduce the place to ashes**can't help eavesdropping on what's happening*
9>Ignis/Julia (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.9 04:38 [I'll be on here and X-Men! I'm not in a WB mood tonight, though-sorry P+J.]
11>BloodVain (Brain Control ), 32yo.2015,Apr.9 04:39 Tony: Listen, I don't know you. So leave me alone.
9>Ignis/Julia (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.9 04:39 [I promise to go on WB the next time we RP together (which is probably tomorrow), though!]
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.9 04:40 *watches intently, recognizing who Tony really is and knowing that controlling him is key to future plans*
20>Bloated Betty (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.9 04:40 *hanging around with Magneto and Co.*
20>Bloated Betty (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.9 04:40 *McRonald is, of course, with her*
5>Tutti Frutti/Rosa (Villian/Joker), 26yo.2015,Apr.9 04:42 (Ok! That's fine.)
11>BloodVain (Brain Control ), 32yo.2015,Apr.9 04:42 *Grabs Tony*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.9 04:42 *wanders around Manhattan*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.9 04:43 *sees a nice little shop and goes inside**looks around for anything she needs*
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,Apr.9 04:44 *chilling out in Stark Tower and having a great time with the fellow Avengers minus Tony* *isn't aware of what's going on with Tony*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.9 04:45 *sitting next to CA, also "chilling out"**is sort of still confused about a lot of Earth customs, though*
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.9 04:46 *in Hulk form**sitting on the couch and eating lots and lots and lots and lots and LOTS and LOTS and LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS AND LLLOOOTTTSSS of chips-bags included*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.9 04:46 *Tries to fight Bloodvain, but knows he can't get his suit*
19>Black Widow (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.9 04:46 *sits down on a leather couch next to CA* *makes some witty comment*
20>Bloated Betty (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.9 04:46 Hurry up, BloodVain! Imma gettin' hungreh in mah tummeh!
5>Tutti Frutti/Rosa (Villian/Joker), 26yo.2015,Apr.9 04:47 *suits up in front of the entire city, taking out her TF laser blaster just in case*
5>Tutti Frutti/Rosa (Villian/Joker), 26yo.2015,Apr.9 04:47 Yeah! Let's get rid of him while we can. Or...should we?...
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.9 04:47 *Knows that Tony is gone and gets up and leaves Stark Towers*
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.9 04:48 No...we should control him. Xavier and the X-Men have been rather passive lately and not doing much about me and my plans...so I'm aiming to target the Avengers instead.
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,Apr.9 04:48 *sees that Hawkeye left* Hey...where did Clint go?
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.9 04:48 *sees Hawkeye leaving* Where is he going?
11>BloodVain (Brain Control ), 32yo.2015,Apr.9 04:48 The brain control is complete!
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.9 04:49 HULK DON'T KNOW!!!!
19>Black Widow (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.9 04:49 *stands up* I don't know, but he looked like he was in a hurry.
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.9 04:49 I'm going to follow him and make sure he doesn't get in trouble...AGAIN. *follows Hawkeye, hammer in hand*
8>Edward C./The Vamp (Villian), 17yo.2015,Apr.9 04:49 *smirks* Fabulous.
9>Ignis/Julia (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.9 04:49 *approaches the villains* Hey...mind if I join in on the fun? I always hated the Avengers, anyway.
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.9 04:50 *Runs into the train station and hides behind one of the the building, sees Tony*
20>Bloated Betty (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.9 04:50 Shee-ure. What's ur name?
5>Tutti Frutti/Rosa (Villian/Joker), 26yo.2015,Apr.9 04:50 *clips her TF laser blaster to her suit*
9>Ignis/Julia (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.9 04:50 Ignis. *shakes hands with the villains* Magneto:And what makes you so...special? Ignis:This. *creates a ball of fire in her hands*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.9 04:51 *follows and finds Hawkeye**says a little too loudly* What are you doing?
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,Apr.9 04:51 Well, I'm following Thor. *grabs his suit, Black Widow follows him*
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.9 04:51 *raises his eyebrows* Hm...you'd be useful. Sure, join us. Ignis:*smiles* Thanks.
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,Apr.9 04:51 *turns around to see the Hulk* Bruce? You comin'?
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.9 04:51 *gets up, angrily throws the couch across the room, and follows*
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.9 04:52 HULK WANTS MORE CHIPS, BUT FINE!!!!!
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.9 04:52 *follows and eventually calms down, reverting to human form*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.9 04:52 Shhhhh!!
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.9 04:53 *goes to the cashier, holding some goods* I'd like these... *sets them on the counter only to encase the counter-and the floor around the cashier's feet-with ice*
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,Apr.9 04:53 *eventually catches up with Hawkeye and Thor* Hey,what's going on?
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.9 04:53 *gasps**the cashier now knows she's a mutant* Cashier:Sorry...I don't sell things to you FREAKS. Glacia:*feels hurt and accidentally uses her powers again, causing the ice on the floor to rise up and begin to encase the cashier, starting at her feet and g
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.9 04:54 *and going up towards her head*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.9 04:54 Cashier:No...STOP!! Glacia:I'm sorry...I-I can't...
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.9 04:54 Shhhh...
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.9 04:54 Cashier:Please!! *her arms are now frozen**her teeth chatter from the cold* POLICE!!!! POLICE, HELP!!!! *a policeman outside-plus a man who works at the store-rush in*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.9 04:55 *the cashier is now encased in ice* Man:What...WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO HER?!?! Glacia:I'm sorry-I didn't mean to- Man:"SORRY" DOESN'T HELP!!!! Policeman:You're under arrest. *takes out handcuffs*
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,Apr.9 04:55 *glares at Hawkeye* *grits teeth* *says quietly:* Tell us.
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.9 04:55 *the policeman ends up with his hands frozen when he tries to put her in handcuffs**turns and runs away, her cloak streaming behind her*
19>Black Widow (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.9 04:56 *crosses arms*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.9 04:56 *over a matter of seconds, the ice spreads and eventually encases the entire shop behind her*
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.9 04:56 Wait a minute...Tony is- Thor:Over there. *points @ Tony*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.9 04:57 *keeps running until she reaches the Queens*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.9 04:57 *gasps, skidding to a halt when she spots the villains**the only one she recognizes is Magneto, and since she fears Magneto, she knows that she's not safe**quickly hides behind a building near the Avengers and the villains*
9>Ignis/Julia (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.9 04:58 So...what now? Magneto:We'll use Iron Man to fight and possibly eliminate the other Avengers.
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.9 04:58 Yes. He is going to join them.
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.9 04:59 And while the Avengers are occupied with fighting Iron Man, we'll eventually surprise attack them and defeat them with ease.
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.9 04:59 [Should I have Magneto get BloodVain to send Tony after the Avengers?]
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.9 05:00 [Also, Jack, do you mind fixing your Role boxes on X-Men:New Mutants and providing a description of Vixen, please?]
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.9 05:00 Why?!
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.9 05:01 How do you know?
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,Apr.9 05:02 This is just great. *sees the villains* Who are they?...Black Widow: Not sure about some of them, but I know that one. *points to Magneto* Erik Lehnsherr. Goes by Magneto.
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.9 05:03 Yes. He is going to join them.
19>Black Widow (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.9 05:03 And I know him too. *looks at BloodVain* But not much.
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.9 05:03 Magneto...he's that powerful mutant who can control metal, isn't he?
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.9 05:03 I
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.9 05:04 *looks at Betty* You know, I swear I've seen HER before. Literally, I could see her all the way from Valhalla!! Dr. Banner:*laughs quietly**sarcasm* I wonder why.
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.9 05:04 Can I kill Hawkeye first?
19>Black Widow (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.9 05:04 Yeah. He's the leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants. But I have no idea what he's doing here.
19>Black Widow (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.9 05:05 I'd assume he'd be lurking around in D.C. somewhere.
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.9 05:05 Uh.... No...
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.9 05:06 Go ahead, as long as you kill all of them. Now go and fight the Avengers, Iron Man!
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.9 05:06 No, Natasha...he's right here, in front of us!
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.9 05:07 *spies on the villains only to realize that she's in plain view of the Avengers**sees Thor looking at her and gasps*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.9 05:07 *points at Glacia* Hey, who's she??
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,Apr.9 05:07 *turns around obliviously*
20>Bloated Betty (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.9 05:08 Hey McRonald, mind lending meh a few McNuggets? Imma still hungreh...
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.9 05:08 *Gets his suit on and looks through his mask*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.9 05:08 *backing away vvveeerrryyy ssslllooowwwlllyyy*
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.9 05:08 Hm...I'm not sure...she's a little familiar, though...
6>McRonald (Villian), 52yo.2015,Apr.9 05:08 *says crazily:* YeAH! *shoots McNuggets in Bloated Betty's mouth via McNugget blaster*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.9 05:09 *trips a little awkwardly on her white cloak*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.9 05:10 *falls down and lands right in plain view of both the villains AND the Avengers*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.9 05:10 *thinking one word:Awkward...*
5>Tutti Frutti/Rosa (Villian/Joker), 26yo.2015,Apr.9 05:11 *rolls her eyes at McRonald and Bloated Betty* *focuses on the "action"*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.9 05:11 [X-Men RP is about to begin!! :D]
20>Bloated Betty (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.9 05:11 *eats everything and actually is seen growing fatter* Ahhh...soooo gooood...
9>Ignis/Julia (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.9 05:12 *sees Glacia* Hey hey heyyyy...who do we have here?
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.9 05:12 *has actually been aware the whole time that the rest of the Avengers were watching* By the way, if you're wondering where the Avengers are, they are that way. *points directly at where the Avengers are*
20>Bloated Betty (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.9 05:13 OMG, like, busteeeeed!
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.9 05:13 *Is right behind Hawkeye then throws him against the clock on the wall*
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,Apr.9 05:13 *takes out his shield* BW: Whoa, Captain. I'd spare that if I were you. CA: Why? BW: Magneto can control metal.
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,Apr.9 05:14 *jumps after sort of seeing the Hawkeye/Iron Man impact* TONY?!!
19>Black Widow (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.9 05:15 *takes out her gun* *tries to shoot at Tony* CA: NATASHA!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.9 05:15 *Hears Hawkeye hit the clock and glass shatter*
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,Apr.9 05:15 *is sort of overreating*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.9 05:16 ALRIGHT, THAT'S IT!!! *comes out of hiding* WHO WANTS SOME HAMMER?!?!?!
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,Apr.9 05:16 *overreacting
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.9 05:17 One minute... *comes out of hiding* Ignis:*smirks* Heya, twerp. *prepares to launch a fireball at Bruce*
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,Apr.9 05:17 *throws his shield frisbee-style at Bloated Betty* Lose some weight, eh?
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.9 05:17 I wouldn't say that if I were you...
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.9 05:17 He's probably dead.
5>Tutti Frutti/Rosa (Villian/Joker), 26yo.2015,Apr.9 05:18 *takes out her blaster* *holds it up smugly*
20>Bloated Betty (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.9 05:18 *inflates herself*
20>Bloated Betty (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.9 05:18 *the shield bounces off her fat and goes right back at CA*
9>Ignis/Julia (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.9 05:18 Why? You're nothing but some lousy nerd!
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.9 05:19 Bloodvain: *Keeps controlling Iron Man*
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.9 05:19 Perhaps...or perhaps not. *goes into Hulk form, lifts up two cars, and hurls them both straight at Ignis*
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,Apr.9 05:19 *grabs his shield*
6>McRonald (Villian), 52yo.2015,Apr.9 05:20 Hey, did everyone eat their McNuggets today?...*creepily lifts up his McNugget blaster*
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.9 05:21 *quickly stops the two cars in mid-air and launches them right back at the Avengers**one goes for Glacia, and the other goes straight for Black Widow*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.9 05:21 *Feels blood fall down his head*
19>Black Widow (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.9 05:21 You know what, Ronald? I didn't. *aims her gun at McRonald*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.9 05:22 *gasps and gets down, suppressing a scream**instinctively holds up her hand, causing a wave of ice to rise and freeze the car, leaving it frozen and attached to a big hunk of ice*
19>Black Widow (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.9 05:22 *sees the car coming straight at her* *jumps on top of the car and carsurfs*
19>Black Widow (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.9 05:23 *the car goes soaring over McRonald, who screams like a little girl*
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.9 05:23 *suddenly, he flies down from the sky, bright sunlight around him* Hey guys, you called?
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.9 05:24 Hm... *raises his eyebrows at BW, impressed**however, he makes the car spin*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.9 05:25 *Falls off the clock tower*
4>The Spartan/Connor (Avenger), 22yo.2015,Apr.9 05:25 *he and Storm Woman appear at Surbeta's side* We're here to help.
16>Storm Woman/Jen (Avenger), 18yo.2015,Apr.9 05:26 *a clap of thunder is heard*
19>Black Widow (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.9 05:26 *falls off the car, of course, but lands pretty nicely*
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.9 05:27 *Appears fast and grabs Hawkeye*
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.9 05:28 *bright sunlight pours into the Queens*
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.9 05:28 *tries making the car slam down onto BW*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.9 05:28 *however, she leaps epicly for BW, grabs her, and she and BW tumble aside**the car misses them by inches*
19>Black Widow (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.9 05:29 *
19>Black Widow (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.9 05:29 *looks at Glacia, surprised and confused* Thanks...
6>McRonald (Villian), 52yo.2015,Apr.9 05:30 Alright, someone's about to get scorched...*wanders around aimlessly, spatuala in hand*
4>The Spartan/Connor (Avenger), 22yo.2015,Apr.9 05:31 *walks up to McRonald, smirking* Not yet, Mickey R. *slams a fist in McR's face*
4>The Spartan/Connor (Avenger), 22yo.2015,Apr.9 05:31 *throws the spatula down on McRonald, who screeches*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.9 05:32 *Shoots some lasers at Hawkeye*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.9 05:32 Er-no problem. *gets up quickly, afraid that she will freeze Black Widow*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.9 05:33 *goes after Iron Man**absorbs lightning via his hammer and launches the lightning straight at Tony*
20>Bloated Betty (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.9 05:37 *rolls around, trying to crush random Avengers**tries rolling over CA, but is blasted with light by Surbeta**screams and shrinks down to normal size-which is still pretty big*
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,Apr.9 05:37 *sends his shield whizzing towards Tony*
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.9 05:39 *sees Glacia and approaches her* Glacia:*gasps, terrified**BW notices this*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.9 05:39 Hawkeye: *Does the unthinkable things and jumps in front of Tony having the shield hit him*
16>Storm Woman/Jen (Avenger), 18yo.2015,Apr.9 05:39 *battles Tutti Frutti* Hmm, I'm feeling in the mood for some wind...*blasts Tutti Frutti with powerful winds*
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.9 05:39 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
5>Tutti Frutti/Rosa (Villian/Joker), 26yo.2015,Apr.9 05:39 (Bye!)
5>Tutti Frutti/Rosa (Villian/Joker), 26yo.2015,Apr.9 05:40 *screeches as she collapses due to the wind*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.9 05:40 (Bye!)
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,Apr.9 05:40 *gasps* Hawkeye!....*didn't intend for it to happen*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.9 05:41 Hawkeye: I'm going....to save him...
19>Black Widow (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.9 05:41 *sees the shield hit Hawkeye* *is shocked*
19>Black Widow (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.9 05:42 Hawkeye!! What- no! You can't do that!
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.9 05:42 Cli....nt..... No....
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,Apr.9 05:43 Tony's bad now, Clint! You can't sacrifice yourself like this.
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.9 05:44 (sorry about the repost!)
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.9 05:45 Hawkeye: He's.... been more a friend than.....any....of you...
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.9 05:46 *Charges up his hands and attacks Hawkeye*
19>Black Widow (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.9 05:47 That's a lie! Admit it, Tony!
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.9 05:49 *Looks at Black Widow* You know nothing!!
19>Black Widow (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.9 05:49 Then tell me what I don't know.
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.9 05:50 *The blasts send him hitting one of the cars* That.....
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.9 05:52 You think we are good friend a Clint, but in reality you're nothing but a terrible archer.
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.9 05:53 It's true. I've had you're back sometimes, but I would let you die.
19>Black Widow (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.9 05:54 Tony, you're nothing but a selfish traitor.
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.9 05:55 Hawkeye: I've done so much for you and get injured instead..
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.9 05:56 And you're nothing but a terrible leader.
11>BloodVain (Brain Control ), 32yo.2015,Apr.9 05:57 Be careful Tony. Watch what you say.
19>Black Widow (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.9 05:58 Yeah. Listen to BloodVain. He speaks the truth. *slowly lifts her gun up and aims it at Tony*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.9 05:59 Natasha... You kill him... This team will never be the same... Kill off BloodVain...
19>Black Widow (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.9 06:01 *aims her gun at BloodVain*
19>Black Widow (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.9 06:02 (I'm gonna have to go. Bye, see you!)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.9 06:03 Bloodvain: You can't kill me.. He's not a traitor you dumbos.
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.9 06:03 (See you!!)
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.9 18:46 *sees BloodVain and recognizes him a little* Hey...I know him. He's the villain who's been going around New York and controls people!
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.9 18:46 That explains a lot.
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.9 18:47 PUNY BRAIN CONTROLLER!!!! *picks up a nearby bus and prepares to chuck it at BloodVain*
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,Apr.9 19:23 I think it's time to put everything into reverse. *chucks his shield at BloodVain's head*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.9 20:27 (See you!!)
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.9 20:28 *Sees Calptain Americas shield hit Bloodvain and the control leaves his brain*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.9 20:29 Tony!! Are you ok?
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.9 20:45 Yea..... I'll be fine... I'm sorry about the trouble that was caused.. *Hw
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.9 20:46 *Helps Hawkeye up and starts to blast McRonald*
6>McRonald (Villian), 52yo.2015,Apr.9 21:24 Mwah ha haaaa!!! Prepare to meet the wrath of my McNuggets! *takes out the blaster and shoots McNuggets everywhere*
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,Apr.9 21:25 *holds up his shield and tries to block everyone who is in the same vicinity as he is*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.10 02:40 Tony!! Are you ok?
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.10 02:43 *Takes out his arrows and shoots at McRonald*
11>BloodVain (Brain Control ), 32yo.2015,Apr.10 02:48 *Gets back up from Iron Mans attack, he takes over Hawkeyes brain*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.10 02:53 *Feels his brain being controlled and aims his arrows at Iron Man*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.10 04:22 *gasps when she sees BloodVain focusing his eyes on Hawkeye**knows what's going on**quickly puts her hand on the ground, freezing the ground and making ice and frost spread across the ground until it reaches Hawkeye*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.10 04:23 *makes the ice on the ground around Hawkeye's feet rise up and push his legs*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.10 04:25  Secret message to Hawkeye  
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.10 04:25 (Ignore that post)
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.10 04:28 *tears a hunk of metal off of a nearby building and launches it at Glacia*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.10 04:29 *sees the metal coming at her and is unprepared**prepares to be hit (mind if one of your characters saves Glacia, Paige, Joan, or Jack?)*
4>The Spartan/Connor (Avenger), 22yo.2015,Apr.10 04:29 *picks up McRonald* Okay, sport. Time for you to get out. *chucks McRonald all the way out of the area*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.10 04:31 *Blasts the hunk of metal that is going towards Glacia*
20>Bloated Betty (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.10 04:31 NOOO!!!! MY MASTERRRR!!!! *turns to the Spartan**her voice is now deep and creepy* YOU...SHALL...DIE!!!!
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.10 04:31 *sees what Iron Man did**says quietly* Er...thanks.
11>BloodVain (Brain Control ), 32yo.2015,Apr.10 04:32 BRAIN CONTROL COMPLETE!
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.10 04:32 *sees that although she stalled Hawkeye with her ice, Hawkeye is still prepared to shoot Tony* DUCK!!!!
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.10 04:32 *absorbs lightning via his hammer and launches it at BloodVain*
4>The Spartan/Connor (Avenger), 22yo.2015,Apr.10 04:33 You sure 'bout that, fatty?
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.10 04:33 *Shoots an arrow at Tony at which he ducks and then leaves the area*
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.10 04:34 *chucks a bus at one of the bad guys, but since Magneto is around, it's useless**the bus comes back and hits him like a boomerang*
11>BloodVain (Brain Control ), 32yo.2015,Apr.10 04:35 I*Sends the Hammer right back at Thor hitting him with it*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.10 04:38 *catches his hammer, but awkwardly**skids back*
20>Bloated Betty (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.10 04:39 *inflates so that she's absolutely HUGE*
20>Bloated Betty (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.10 04:39 *rolls towards the Spartan, dwarfing him*
4>The Spartan/Connor (Avenger), 22yo.2015,Apr.10 04:40 *resists Betty, due to super strength*
11>BloodVain (Brain Control ), 32yo.2015,Apr.10 04:41 *Leaves the area after Hawkeyr*
9>Ignis/Julia (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.10 04:41 *sees Glacia and smirks**turns to Magneto* Mind if I have some fun melting Miss Iceberg? Magneto:Go ahead.
19>Black Widow (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.10 04:43 *stands around* Has the battle ended, or what?
16>Storm Woman/Jen (Avenger), 18yo.2015,Apr.10 04:44 I don't know. It's never really over. *heads out with CA and BW*
9>Ignis/Julia (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.10 04:44 Not yet! *leaps out of nowhere, hands on fire**epicly faces Glacia, smiling*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.10 04:45 *Goes off on his own to find Hawkeye*
9>Ignis/Julia (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.10 04:45 Heya Arctigirl! *launches fire at Glacia*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.10 04:46 *resists Ignis, creating ice shields and then launching ice cold winds filled with snow and frost at her*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.10 04:46 *bombards Ignis with ice, eventually causing her to collapse in defeat*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.10 04:46 *sees Iron Man leaving and curiously follows him*
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,Apr.10 04:47 *ends up wandering the streets of NY with BW and SW*
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.10 04:47 *has vanished**he meets up with BloodVain and says:* If any Avenger gets near you...make Hawkeye kill him or her.
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.10 04:47 *then vanishes off somewhere*
20>Bloated Betty (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.10 04:47 *still trying to crush the Spartan*
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.10 04:48 *Thor and the Hulk rush after CA and Co.* Hey, wait for me!! *follows them*
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.10 04:48 [Hey Jack, mind posting on X-Men more frequently?]
4>The Spartan/Connor (Avenger), 22yo.2015,Apr.10 04:48 Ooooh!!! Look at the time!...It's time for me to go...I'll get you one day, Bloated Becca. Or whatever you go by. *leaps out of sight*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.10 04:49 (Sure!)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.10 04:51 *Hears footsteps behind him and sees Iron Man*
4>The Spartan/Connor (Avenger), 22yo.2015,Apr.10 04:51 *catches up with Thor, Pinak, and the Hulk pretty quickly*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.10 04:53 Come on Clint. You're letting that old nuisance get to you. You're smarter than that.
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.10 04:56 *creeps over and watching Iron Man and Hawkeye*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.10 04:58 Kill me dude. The rest of the team is gone.
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.10 05:00 Where do you think Tony and Hawkeye went?
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.10 05:00 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
19>Black Widow (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.10 05:01 (Bye!)
19>Black Widow (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.10 05:01 I'm not sure. They could be anywhere, for all I know. But it's our duty to find them.
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.10 05:02 *An arrow is shot through his heart monitor* *He falls down*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.10 05:03 *Quickly realizes What he has done and takes the arrow out fast*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.10 05:06 *Quickly realizes What he has done and takes the arrow out fast*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.10 05:07 (Sorry repost!)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.10 05:13 *Tries to reach Black Widow or Captain America*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.10 17:19 *gasps and comes out of hiding**runs over to Iron Man and kneels by him*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.10 17:19 *tries to close up the wound with ice and see if that helps, but it is no use**sighs and removes the ice from the hole where the arrow was*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.10 17:20 Wake up!! Wake up!! *shakes Iron Man, but he doesn't even flinch*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.10 17:20 *sighs, looking around helplessly*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.10 17:55 *Looks at Glacia*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.10 17:55 He needs to go back to stark Towers.
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.10 17:55 *Picks him up*
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,Apr.10 18:41 *he and the rest approach Hawkeye* Hey, what's going on?
19>Black Widow (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.10 18:41 *looks down at Iron Man* What happened to Tony?
16>Storm Woman/Jen (Avenger), 18yo.2015,Apr.10 18:43 *looks concerned* He's out cold. Maybe even dead. *sees that the heart monitor was pierced by something* Someone shot that monitor through.
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.10 19:30 *glances at Hawkeye, knowing exactly who shot Iron Man*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.10 19:30 *looks at Glacia* Hey, what's she doing here??
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.10 19:31 *is in human form again* I don't know...but if I were you, I'd be more concerned about Tony.
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.10 19:32 *looks at Tony* This isn't good...
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.10 19:36 *gives Dr. Banner a look* Yeah...but still, why is SHE here?
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.10 19:37 *interrupts before an argument starts**lies in order to hide the fact that she lacks control over her powers* I was just talking a stroll through Queens when I saw you guys.
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.10 19:38 At first I just watched you to see what was going on, but I ended up getting in the middle of it all. I eventually decided to help you guys, especially after Iron Man saved my life.
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.10 19:38 Wait...you know who we are? Glacia:Who doesn't? The Avengers have many admirers.
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.10 19:39 So where are you from? How'd you get your powers? Glacia:This city. I'm...*hesitates, afraid that perhaps the Avengers don't like mutants*...a mutant. With ice powers.
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.10 19:40 I didn't really want to join the X-Men, and Magneto once tried making me join his side, but I didn't want to join him either. So I just go around the city, trying to live a normal life, occasionally defeating a criminal in a fight...you know what I mean?
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.10 19:41 Yeah. Hey, you'd be a useful ally, and you don't really have a role, right? Glacia:Yeah... Dr. Banner:Feel free to join us.
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.10 19:41 [Sorry if I posted too much or anything;I'm just making Glacia an ally real quick.]
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.10 19:42 *smiles a little, but is at the same time a tad afraid because of her inability to control her powers* Okay...I'll join you.
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.10 20:50 I shot him.....
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.10 20:50 BloodVain was controlling me and told me to shoot Tony... I couldn't resist...
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.10 20:50 I'm sorry...
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,Apr.11 00:15 *pauses* We forgive you...
19>Black Widow (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.11 00:16 Technically it was BloodVain's fault. He was the one in control.
19>Black Widow (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.11 00:16 (Hey guys, we won't be on tonight. Sorry!)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.11 03:49 (Ok!)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.11 05:12 (Just an announcement: This mission is going to be over soon. Any ideas are greatly appreciated!)
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.12 00:54 Yeah. We don't blame you for anything.
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.12 00:55 If BloodVain were still around, I would give him some hammer.
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.12 00:55 Yeah. Technically, BloodVain shot him, not you, Clint.
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.12 00:56 [I have a few ideas. Here they are:Idea #1:The bad guys attack Stark Tower head-on and capture all the Avengers except the allies. While the allies escape off somewhere in NYC, the Avengers are taken to Magneto's lair as prisoners.]
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.12 00:57 [The Avengers soon learn that something terrible is going to happen to each of them-some of those things including execution, experimentation, torture, slavery, and more. However, meanwhile, the allies are still hopeful and they eventually find Magneto's
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.12 00:58 place. Then the allies battle the baddies and free the Avengers. Now back at full strength, the Avengers and allies drive away the bad guys and escape. In the end, they peacefully return to Stark Tower.]
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.12 00:59 [Idea #2:OK, this is gonna be pretty cheesy, but I'll tell you what this idea is:Basically Black Widow has been leaning towards CA in terms of relationships, and Hawkeye gets sort of depressed. Hawkeye goes out for a stroll...and, of course, BloodVain
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.12 00:59 also "goes out for a stroll" and takes control of Hawkeye. Soon, the Avengers realize that Hawkeye is gone, and later they also find out that he's being used to commit burglaries thanks to the fact that the baddies know how strong and fast he is.]
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.12 01:01 [Eventually, however, at least some of the Avengers confront Hawkeye while the rest take on the baddies. They help Hawkeye sum up his willpower and break free from BloodVain's control, as well as distract BloodVain by fighting him. It ends the same way-
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.12 01:01 everyone happily returns to Stark Tower.]
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.12 01:02 [Idea #3:This is my last idea for now. During a battle with some normal ol' bank robbers, Glacia loses control of her powers and puts NYC in an eternal winter type state (but sometimes I think it already is in that state XD). After almost killing one of
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.12 01:03 her fellow Avengers by freezing him solid (however, he survived thanks to Surbeta's warm sunlight powers melting him and reverting him back to normal), Glacia flees in fear of hurting her friends.]
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.12 01:04 [The Avengers decide to find Glacia and try to help her regain control and bring things back to normal. Meanwhile, Magneto has taken interest in Glacia yet again and is after her too;he wants her on his side since she's so powerful.]
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.12 01:05 [Eventually, Magneto's side finds Glacia first-she is hiding in an ice palace she created on one of NYC's tallest buildings-and assaults her in order to try to knock her out and take her prisoner. Glacia, thanks to how powerful she is, barely escapes.]
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.12 01:06 [The weather, meanwhile, has been getting much, much, MUCH worse, and NYC is trapped inside a huge snow storm/blizzard. Glacia is meanwhile fleeing from Magneto himself, and that's when the Avengers find her.]
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.12 01:06 [What happens next...? STAY TUNED! >:D]
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.12 01:06 [Note that if we do Idea #3, I'm leaving the finale as a surprise.]
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.12 01:06 [What do you guys think of those ideas?]
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.12 01:41 (I think Iwe do
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.12 01:41 (I think we do should the order of the ideas as 2,1,3.)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.12 01:42 (Just because I tink know everyone loves BloodVain. :))
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.12 03:00 Still.... I can't handle being controlled....
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.12 04:20 [Sure, OK!]
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,Apr.12 04:22 (I like Plot 2 and Plot 1 the best.)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.12 04:26 (Here by the way!)
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.12 04:30 [Hi!]
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.12 04:32 (Hi)
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.12 04:35 [I personally like Plots 1 and 3.]
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.12 04:36 [Plot 2 is, as stated, cheesy in terms of romance stuff.]
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.12 04:36 [Let's start RPing!]
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.12 04:36 [Also, @ Jack:I object. As we know, everyone loves Magneto. ^.^]
19>Black Widow (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.12 04:36 (I find Plot 3 to be too similar to Frozen...and to be honest, I've had my fill of Frozen. Just putting in my input.)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.12 04:38 (Hmmm...)
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.12 04:38 [OK. Yeah. When we do 3, I might change it up a bit.]
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.12 04:42 [In fact, I'm removing the ice palace from the plot. There will also be more battles while Glacia is "on the run."]
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.12 04:42 [And rather than being in an eternal winter, all of NYC-the buildings, ground, everything-will be covered and encased in ice.]
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.12 04:42 [Let's start!]
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.12 04:43 (Ok!)
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.12 04:48 *everyone is in Stark Tower and hanging out**Glacia, of course, is a new addition to the team**BW and CA have been exchanging "goo goo eye" type looks*
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,Apr.12 04:49 *glances at Black Widow from across the room, a slight smile on his face* *tries to act super casual*
19>Black Widow (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.12 04:51 *walks over to CA* Hey. CA: Hi. BW: You know, why don't you ask that nurse out...what was her name?...CA: Kristen? BW: Yeah. She seems kinda nice.
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.12 04:51 *he and many of the others have easily noticed the CA-BW glances**whispers something to Connor and Jen**he and the other two laugh quietly*
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,Apr.12 04:51 *smiles at the ground* Nah...BW: Too shy or too scared? CA: Too busy.
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,Apr.12 04:52 Plus, I have someone else in mind. Not that it matters.
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.12 04:52 *Is by himself watching everything*
4>The Spartan/Connor (Avenger), 22yo.2015,Apr.12 04:53 *snickers a little* Things are getting quite sappy over there.
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.12 04:53 [One sec]
19>Black Widow (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.12 04:53 *smirks* Who's the special someone?
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.12 04:53 *Sees Hawkeye down, goes over and puts a hand on his shoulder*
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,Apr.12 04:54 *shrugs* It doesn't matter. It's no one.
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.12 04:54 Tony.. Nothing is worth it anymore...
16>Storm Woman/Jen (Avenger), 18yo.2015,Apr.12 04:54 Heh heh heh...sure...
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.12 04:54 That's a lie man... You're needed here on this team.
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.12 04:55 Well sometimes, I feel like the only people who care about each other are the others. We are the ones who always does more.
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.12 04:56 [Back. Finished watching "The Wolverine." It was pretty good, but among the X-Men movies I've seen (X-Men, X-Men 2:X-Men United, X-Men 3:The Last Stand, The Wolverine, and X-Men 7:Days of Future Past), the two best ones out of the five are X-Men and X-Men
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.12 04:56 7:Days of Future Past.]
16>Storm Woman/Jen (Avenger), 18yo.2015,Apr.12 04:57 (Yeah, Days of Future Past is good. Watched it not too long ago.)
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.12 04:58 [Yep. You should watch more X-Men movies;the first one is really good, too.]
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.12 04:59 *sees BW and CA**blurts out* So are you two a couple? *everyone stares at her*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.12 04:59 What? Just asking.
16>Storm Woman/Jen (Avenger), 18yo.2015,Apr.12 04:59 (Yeah, I'll have to.)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.12 04:59 (I have to see them again)
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,Apr.12 05:00 Who said it was official? I don't like Natasha - I mean, in THAT way, but - please don't make assumptions, alright?
4>The Spartan/Connor (Avenger), 22yo.2015,Apr.12 05:00 Things have been becoming a bit obvious, Steve...tsk tsk tsk.
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.12 05:02 Yeah. We've been seeing you give each other "the looks" for the past hour nonstop.
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,Apr.12 05:03 *is pretty much defenseless now*
19>Black Widow (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.12 05:03 *glances at CA, arms crossed*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.12 05:04 *Gets up and grabs his bow and arrows and walks out*
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.12 05:05 Come onnn...go ahead! Kiss! Kiss! *gradually the others join in, chanting "KISS!! KISS!! KISS!!"*
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.12 05:05 *eventually, just for kicks, the two do**by then Hawkeye is just gone*
19>Black Widow (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.12 05:06 *is slowly losing her temper*
4>The Spartan/Connor (Avenger), 22yo.2015,Apr.12 05:06 *laughs* I think we scared off Hawkeye!
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.12 05:07 *laughs too**Glacia is smiling* Oh, well!
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.12 05:07 *of course, Hawkeye is going out for a walk...and so is BloodVain*
11>BloodVain (Brain Control ), 32yo.2015,Apr.12 05:07 *Is out walking around stealing money from people* *Sees Hawkeye*
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.12 05:09 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.12 05:10 (Ok!)
4>The Spartan/Connor (Avenger), 22yo.2015,Apr.12 05:10 (Bye!)
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.12 05:11 *Leaves Starks Tower after Hawkeye*
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.12 17:17 Great. Now Iron Man's gone too. Glacia:Should we go after him and Hawkeye? Bruce:Well, since Magneto and his buddies have been lurking around lately...yes. Let's go.
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.12 17:18 *everyone leaves in order to find Tony and Hawkeye*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.12 22:32 *Hides from everyone*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.12 22:34 *Hides from everyone*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.12 22:34 (Sorry! Repost!(
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.12 22:36 (Sorry! Repost!(
11>BloodVain (Brain Control ), 32yo.2015,Apr.12 22:50 *Grabs Clint and knocks him out*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.12 22:52 TONY?? Glacia:CLIIIINT!! *no one answers*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.12 22:53 TONY, SHOW YOURSELF OR I'LL GIVE YOU SOME HAMMER THE NEXT TIME I SEE YOU!!!!
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.12 22:53 *okay, NOW they get an answer XD*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.12 22:53 *Tony yells "OVER HERE!!"**everyone runs a block, turns a corner, and finds Tony, who is still searching for Hawkeye*
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.12 22:54 What's going on?
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.12 22:54 *@ Tony*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.12 23:55 BloodVain got him...
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.12 23:55 I did not see where he went though.
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.13 00:09 BloodVain: Why do would you want to be with a team that doesn't even care about you?
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.13 00:09 *Is tied to a chair* Because they mean a lot to me.
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.13 00:10 BloodVain: *Starts the process of controlling his brain*
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,Apr.13 02:27 And BloodVain's probably been jacking around with his brain, too.
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.13 02:49 Well... I'm going to hellp him.
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,Apr.13 04:33 Well, alright. Suit yourself. But remember- if you need help, just call on us and we'll be there.
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.13 04:34 (Just a thought: I was thinking that maybe Magneto had a battle scene with just one of the Avengers but was thinking of doing it in the season finale)
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.13 04:35 [OK, cool!]
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.13 04:35 (You two can decide which one though!)
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.13 04:35 Hey, we should all stick together as a team. We're the Avengers, and we're at peak strength when we work together.
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.13 04:36 [I sort of immediately vote Glacia.]
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.13 04:36 Bloodvain: Just at least kill Tony... That's all.
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.13 04:37
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.13 04:38 Iron Man: Well the team seems to have better things to do than stick together.
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,Apr.13 04:39 (Either Iron Man or Captain America. Maybe even the Hulk to spice things up.)
11>BloodVain (Brain Control ), 32yo.2015,Apr.13 04:40 *Leaves Hawkeye tied up in a chair and leaves to see if the other Avengers were around*
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.13 04:41 [Glacia or MAYBE Black Widow. Not sure, but definitely voting on Glacia.]
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.13 04:42 *glances at the others* Well, I don't know about you, but I'm going with Tony. The more, the merrier.
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.13 04:42 I'm going, too.
11>BloodVain (Brain Control ), 32yo.2015,Apr.13 04:43 (I was thinking of a fight like the Hulk vs Loki. But it doesn't matter)
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.13 04:44 Oh. *Looks a little shocked*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.13 04:45 [Thor vs. Loki!! :D]
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.13 04:45 [Hulk vs. Bulk (AKA Bloated Betty). XD]
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,Apr.13 04:46 We're all going. We must help Tony.
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,Apr.13 04:46 (Nice nickname!)
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,Apr.13 04:46 (By the way, my game's open!)
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.13 04:47 (Hehe :D)
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.13 04:47 (Sweet!)
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.13 04:49 [Great!!]
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.13 04:49 [I'm switching from here to the new game!]
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,Apr.13 04:52 (Ok!)
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.13 04:52 Steve. The last thing Clint needs is you and the others.
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.13 04:59 Steve. The last thing Clint needs is you and the others.
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.13 05:11 (Season Finale idea: So it's a beautiful day in New York, people are going to work, the birds are flying and singing, just a normal day.... UNTIL... Magneto and his groups of baddies start causing havoc in New York. The Avengers go down and try to stop)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.13 05:13 (Magneto and his group, but end up getting themselves too tired and weak to continue the fight... BUT.. There is one Avenger who won't stop fighting until the end.. Who is this person??)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.13 05:13 (Find out tomorrow night!!!!!! :) :))
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.13 05:15 (No arguing or getting upset if you avenger is not picked. They are all amazing!)
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.13 05:16 [OK, awesomeness!!]
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.13 05:17 [*crossing fingers in hope of Glacia being the one who won't stop fighting*]
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.13 05:18 Let's just get going. Pinak is right-together, we're stronger.
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.13 05:18 (*Doing a raffle to see who will win)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.13 05:19 *Hears the teams voice and knows they are close* *Stays tied*
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.13 05:22 *sees Jack doing a raffle*
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.13 05:23 Buying Ticket
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.13 05:23 *votes for Glacia*
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.13 05:23 [Just kidding. XD]
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.13 05:23 *he and the others are getting very close to where Hawkeye is*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.13 05:24 (Wow Brunny....)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.13 05:24 Bloodvain: *Disappears and tells Magneto*
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.13 05:26 Good...now that you've got Hawkeye, use him to kill as many Avengers as possible.
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.13 05:26 And if Hawkeye starts to break free from your control, make him kill himself.
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.13 05:27 *Hears in his brain to kill as many of the avengers as he possibly can*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.13 05:28 Bloodvain: Will do.
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.13 05:28 Oh...and there are a few I want dead first. They include Iron Man and Black Widow. Oh, and there is one Avenger I want alive and brought to me-Glacia.
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.13 05:29 I have some plans, and Iron Man and Black Widow are the two who can interfere with them the most. And part of my plans are to capture Glacia, so BloodVain...capturing Hawkeye was brilliant.
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.13 05:30 Now...send Hawkeye out to do his job.
11>BloodVain (Brain Control ), 32yo.2015,Apr.13 05:30 Thank you boss.
11>BloodVain (Brain Control ), 32yo.2015,Apr.13 05:31 *Goes back and unties Hawkeye* Now. Go kill Iron Man.
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.13 05:32 Kill Iron Man. Got it. *Grabs his bow and arrows*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.13 05:34 Guys, wait. *they all stop* I...just have a bad feeling about this.
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.13 05:35 What? Are you chicken? Glacia:No...I just...got a chill.
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.13 05:36 *Walks outside and sees the others*
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.13 05:36 C'mon, Glacia. We'll be fine. Let's keep go- Pinak:Um, guys, we don't have to go anywhere. *Hawkeye is standing before them*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.13 05:37 Clint!
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.13 05:38 *sees Hawkeye* Where have you been? *sighs with relief*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.13 05:39 *I guess none of them are aware that Hawkeye is being controlled*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.13 05:39 [gtg soon]
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.13 05:39 Where have I been? Oh nowhere. *Aims an arrow at Iron Man*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.13 05:40 (How long?$
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.13 05:40 Ummm...Clint?!
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.13 05:40 [I'll have to go @ 11:45 PM/5 minutes from now.]
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.13 05:41 Tony: Clint! Don't shoot me!
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.13 05:41 (Ok.$
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.13 05:41 *sees a-correction, TWO-familiar silhouettes nearby and realizes what's happening*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.13 05:41 Guys!! BloodVain and Magneto are controlling him!!
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.13 05:42 *his silhouette quickly vanishes; since he was spotted, he chose to flee*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.13 05:42 *Shoots the arrow and it goes right through Tonys chest but not near his heart)
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.13 05:44 Alright, that's it!! Want some hammer?! *he and BW go for Hawkeye*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.13 05:44 Tony: *Falls down*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.13 05:44 *of course, since Magneto ordered BloodVain to get Hawkeye to kill Black Widow too, Hawkeye is telepathically sent a message to kill her*
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.13 05:45 *gets mad and goes into Hulk form*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.13 05:45 *she and Pinak kneel down by Tony* Oh...is he alright??! Pinak:I think so...it didn't hit his heart or anything.
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.13 05:45 *Jumps out of the way and ends up behind BW* *Pulls out a knife and stabs it right through her back*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.13 05:46 Pinak:Idea...you'll freeze his chest a little so it goes numb, and then I pull out the arrow. *Tony is heard muttering something like "You've gotta be KIDDING me...!!"*
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.13 05:46 *BW falls down, and he charges at Hawkeye* SMASH HAWKEYE!!!! *tries crushing Clint*
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.13 05:47 Ready? *Glacia nods and lightly freezes Tony's chest, making it numb so he'll feel less pain; plus, ice is great on bruises and stuff*
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.13 05:47 One...two...THREE!! *pulls out the arrow**Tony screams and Glacia unfreezes his chest*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.13 05:47 *Doges Hulks attack and grabs Glacia*
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.13 05:48 You okay?
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.13 05:49 *screams when she is suddenly pulled away from Tony and Surbeta* Pinak:GLACIA!! *gets up and launches light at Hawkeye and Glacia, but Hawkeye shoots an arrow with a grappling hook on it and swings up and out of the way*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.13 05:49 *struggles, but can't break free**tries not to panic*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.13 05:49 *Bloodvain appears and grabs glacia from Hawkeyes grip and then disappears*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.13 05:49 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.13 05:50 (Ok! Bye!)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.13 06:00 (Ok! Bye!)
19>Black Widow (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.13 13:29 *is on the ground and possibly almost dead*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.13 14:53 *Gets up slowly* Natasha! Are you ok?
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.13 15:02 *Wakes up from being controlled from BloodVain and sees his bloody knife in his hand* What did I do....
13>Lazer Jet (Avenger), 35yo.2015,Apr.13 16:07 (Come check out my new game The Maniac Roleplay! :))
13>Lazer Jet (Avenger), 35yo.2015,Apr.13 16:08 *He and Quicksilver are hanging out by a cafe* *They both see Hawkeye getting up from a table with a bloody knife in his hand*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.13 17:31 *Falls down by QuickSilver and Lazer Jet*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.13 20:48 *Captain America sees what happened to BW and is devastated*
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.13 20:48 *helps Tony stand up straight since he's still weak from being shot*
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.13 20:49 *calms down and reverts to human form**sees that Tony is hurt, BW is almost dead, and Glacia is missing* Oh, god...
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.13 20:50 [BTW, I know that BloodVain's main power is mind control, but can he teleport or something? He keeps popping out of nowhere and then vanishing, so I'm wondering if teleportation is another one of his powers.]
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.13 20:51 [Oh, a quick note to help you imagine what Glacia looks like:She is sort of like a cross between Rogue from X-Men and Elsa from Frozen.]
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.13 20:52 [Oh, and I'm altering her outfit a little (she originally wore a blue hoodie set and a white cloak, but I'm adding/changing a few things):Glacia wears a dark blue bodysuit with a white cloak, white boots, white belt, and white gloves. She has icy blue
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.13 20:53 eyes and pure white hair. I might change her outfit again later.]
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.13 20:53 *is being taken away through dark alleys towards Magneto's lair**elbows BloodVain in his chin, breaks free, and makes a run for it*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.13 20:53 *turns a corner and runs smack into Magneto himself*
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.13 20:54 *smiles a little* Where do you think you're going, little girl?
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.13 20:54 *gasps, trying to escape, but BloodVain creeps up behind her and knocks her out*
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.13 20:55 *goes over and looks down at Black Widow* This is not good...
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.13 21:38 I.....gotta find Clint..
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.13 21:38 I'll be alright...
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.13 21:39 (And yes that is one of his powers.)
16>Storm Woman/Jen (Avenger), 18yo.2015,Apr.13 21:49 *looks down at BW and then up at Iron Man* You sure you can do this on your own?
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.13 21:52 Yes.i can.
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.13 21:54 If anyone can help and free Clint, it's me.
13>Lazer Jet (Avenger), 35yo.2015,Apr.13 22:10 Hey aren't you Hawkeye from The Avengers?
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.13 22:10 Yeah... My real name is Clint, by the way.
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.14 04:05 [Not sure what to do with Glacia right now...since in the next mission (AKA Plot Idea #1) all the Avengers get captured and taken to Magneto's lair, should I have Glacia just be outright missing until everyone is captured and taken to where she is?]
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.14 04:12 (The other baddies are going to go down and attack the Avengers.)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.14 04:14 (The Season Finale will begin shortly after this one.)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.14 04:16 (Oh! And the winner for the fight with Magneto is no other than.... Storm Woman!)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.14 04:23 (Sorry Glacia wasn't picked. She will be chosen in other missions though :))
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.14 04:33 [OK.]
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.14 04:35 [BTW, how many missions make up a season on here?]
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.14 04:59 (At least 3 maybe 4.)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.14 05:00 (Maybe do one more little mission than the season finale. At the end of each mission, I'll put -END-)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.14 07:38 (Maybe do one more little mission than the season finale. At the end of each mission, I'll put -END-)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.14 21:17 (At the end of this mission, Brunny you are allowed to pick what we do next and then after that we will do the season finale.)
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.15 04:31 [OK, cool!]
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.15 04:35 [Hm...I think I'll mix up Plot Ideas #1 and #3 for the pre-season-finale mission. Basically it'll begin like Plot #1 (everyone is captured) but continue on and "evolve" into Plot #3 (where it is revealed that Glacia cannot control her powers, etc.).]
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.15 04:52 (Maybe do one more little mission than the season finale. At the end of each mission, I'll put -END-)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.15 04:52 (Well when do you want to start that?
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.15 04:53 (Or what do you guys want to do for the next mission?)
11>BloodVain (Brain Control ), 32yo.2015,Apr.15 05:32 (The next mission that we will start tomorrow will not be the season finale, but we will start it after this mission is completed.)
11>BloodVain (Brain Control ), 32yo.2015,Apr.15 05:34 (Glacia is still captured and Hawkeye has gone missing. Black Widow and Tony are still terribly injured and the others are worried sick about them. BloodVain and McRonald come down to stop them from finding Hawkeye. Black Widow is about to be attacked)
11>BloodVain (Brain Control ), 32yo.2015,Apr.15 05:35 (When an arrow hits McRonald, BW sees Hawkeye and realizes that he is back to normal. Will everything be the same again?)
11>BloodVain (Brain Control ), 32yo.2015,Apr.15 05:38 (Brunny, we will do you're idea after this one.)
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.15 17:09 [Yeah, that's what I mean. We'll finish up this mission where in the end Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Tony are (somewhat, at least) back to normal, and then we'll do my idea as a pre-season finale mission.]
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.15 17:13 [And since Glacia is still captured, it'll make sense if (in the next pre-season finale mission) everyone else is captured by Magneto. Then everyone can kind of "meet back up" with Glacia.]
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.15 18:10 (Ok! Awesome.)
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.16 04:08 *looks at Iron Man* Good luck finding Hawkeye.
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.16 04:36 Anything to save a member. *Slumbers off*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.16 05:24 (Just an FYI: If any time you guys wanted to add a new member, you can certainley delete one of your characters and add one in)
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.16 22:56 [Thanks! However, I'm happy with the characters I have.]
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.16 22:56 *hangs around with the rest of the Avengers**meanwhile, Iron Man finds Hawkeye*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.17 01:33 Hawkeye... Are you ok?
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.17 02:00 I'll be alright... I guess.
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.17 02:45 I'll be alright... I guess.
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.17 02:45 (Sorry about the repost!)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.17 02:56 (Sorry about the repost!)
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,Apr.17 04:29 *tries to help Black Widow, but to no avail* If one more pint is lost, then Natasha may be a goner.
16>Storm Woman/Jen (Avenger), 18yo.2015,Apr.17 04:29 *tries to apply pressure* I'm doing the best I can. Honestly! CA: *says gravely:* I know.
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.17 04:29 [Here!]
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.17 04:30 *waits around sort of impatiently*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.17 04:33 *waiting...waiting...waiting**huffs*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.17 04:33 *Tries to help Hawkeye*
4>The Spartan/Connor (Avenger), 22yo.2015,Apr.17 04:34 *is on the lookout for Iron Man and Hawkeye whenever they show up*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.17 04:37 *Picks up Hawkeye and tries to take him to stark towers+
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.17 04:42 *sees Iron Man and Hawkeye going to Stark Tower* Hey, they're over there. Pinak:Let's follow them. *the Avengers follow Iron Man and Hawkeye**they, of course, have two new Avengers among their ranks-Lazer Jet and Quicksilver*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.17 04:43 *they get to Stark Tower*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.17 04:45 *Takes Hawkeye into his basement*
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.17 04:46 *looks at Hawkeye* Will he be alright?
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.17 04:51 I hope so.
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.17 04:56 Well...we'll just have to wait and see.
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.17 04:57 [Does the mission end here?]
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.17 05:00 (Yup)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.17 05:00 (-End of mission)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.17 05:01 (-End of mission)
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.17 05:02 [OK! I guess I'll be in charge of the plot now, since the pre-season finale mission's plot consists of my ideas.]
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.17 05:03 ~A FEW DAYS LATER...~ *Hawkeye is healed and well**the Avengers are doing fine**they have been trying to locate and find Glacia, but it is no use*
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.17 05:03 *they are hanging out in Stark Tower when the bad guys attack all at once*
20>Bloated Betty (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.17 05:06 YO!!! *inflates* I'M THE BULK!!!!
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.17 05:07 Hey, wait a minute! You can't be The Bulk! I'm The Hulk! It's too close! Plus, you're already named Bloated Betty!
20>Bloated Betty (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.17 05:07 NOT anymore. BOOM! DRAMA BOMB!!
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.17 05:07 Well...at least now I have a reason to get very, VERY angry. *turns into the Hulk and charges at "The Bulk"*
6>McRonald (Villian), 52yo.2015,Apr.17 05:08 *enters nonchalantly, McNugget blaster fully loaded and ready to use* Hey, McKids!!! Ready to FIGHT?!?
4>The Spartan/Connor (Avenger), 22yo.2015,Apr.17 05:09 *scoffs* McKids?? The h***?
11>BloodVain (Brain Control ), 32yo.2015,Apr.17 05:09 *Is the last one to enter* *Walks in casually*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.17 05:10 *Aims his bow at Bloodvain* Time to pay.
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.17 05:12 *gets his hamer ready*
11>BloodVain (Brain Control ), 32yo.2015,Apr.17 05:14 Shoot me already. *Smirking*
9>Ignis/Julia (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.17 05:15 Heya guys! *launches fire at Connor and Quicksilver*
4>The Spartan/Connor (Avenger), 22yo.2015,Apr.17 05:17 Hey, Flame Princess! *blocks the fire with a fireproof shield*
9>Ignis/Julia (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.17 05:19 [gtg! *offline* I probably won't be on at the fixed times tomorrow. Anyway, see ya!]
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.17 05:19 *Dodges the attack*
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.17 05:19 (See ya!)
20>Bloated Betty (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.21 21:34 *the Hulk is throwing her around like a (giant) beach ball*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.24 04:20 *Shoots at BloodVain, who grabs his neck and starts to choke him*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.24 04:23 *tries hitting BloodVain in the head w/ his hammer*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.24 04:23 [Note that the plan is for the good guys to lose and all get knocked out in the end.]
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,Apr.24 04:23 *sends his shield flying at BloodVain*
11>BloodVain (Brain Control ), 32yo.2015,Apr.24 04:24 *Grabs the hammer and throws it back*
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.24 04:24 *activates his light powers and hurls beams of light at Edward*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.24 04:24 *hit in the head with his own hammer* ACK!! *falls down*
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.24 04:25 *still tossing BB around**BB bounces off a wall at one point**tries catching her, but she comes at him with too much force**is given a fatty hip check and falls down*
20>Bloated Betty (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.24 04:25 *sits on the Hulk* NOBODEH BEATS DAH BULK!!!!
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.24 04:26 *screaming from under Bloated Betty's jurrassic butt*
8>Edward C./The Vamp (Villian), 17yo.2015,Apr.24 04:26 *the light doesn't really affect him, except that he starts sparkling rapidly* *races towards Surbeta at the speed of light, punching him out cold with his rock hard fist*
8>Edward C./The Vamp (Villian), 17yo.2015,Apr.24 04:27 (Jurassic Butt: That would be a great Jurassic Park parody.)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.24 04:28 *Falls down, unconcious*
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,Apr.24 04:29 *is brought down by McRonald's nuggets*
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.24 04:29 [X'D Correctamundo!]
4>The Spartan/Connor (Avenger), 22yo.2015,Apr.24 04:29 *can't continue fighting once Bloated Betty passes gas*
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.24 04:29 *send flying back**hits Storm Woman**they both collapse, unconscious*
11>BloodVain (Brain Control ), 32yo.2015,Apr.24 04:29 Let's go metal head! *Uses his mind and sends multiple of heavy things at Iron Man*
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.24 04:30 ["*can't continue fighting once Bloated Betty passes gas*" OH MY CRAPPING GOSH!!!! I JUST FELL BACKWARDS IN MY CHAIR!!!! XD!!!!]
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.24 04:30 [Wait, BloodVain can do telekinesis too?!]
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.24 04:31 *Gets hit multiple times* YOU BALD HEADED CREEP! YOURE WORST THAN ANY MILEY CRYUS!
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.24 04:31 *Falls down nearby Hawkeye*
11>BloodVain (Brain Control ), 32yo.2015,Apr.24 04:31 (Yeah,)
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.24 04:35 ["You're worse than any Miley Cyrus!" XD Nice comeback.]
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.24 04:36 *only Black Widow, Lazer Jet, Quicksilver, and Scarlet Witch are still standing*
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.24 04:38 *He and LazerJet try to fight against BloodVain and McRonald*
6>McRonald (Villian), 52yo.2015,Apr.24 04:41 HAHAHAHA MWAHAHAHAHA!!! EAT YOUR NUGGETS KIDDIES!!! *blasts everyone*
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.24 04:42 *totally unconscious*
9>Ignis/Julia (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.24 04:43 *launches fire at Scarlet Witch and Black Widow nonstop*
6>McRonald (Villian), 52yo.2015,Apr.24 04:44 *everyone gets knocked out*
6>McRonald (Villian), 52yo.2015,Apr.24 04:44 *shoots one last nugget at everyone* Well, that'll do it.
11>BloodVain (Brain Control ), 32yo.2015,Apr.24 04:45 Guess the magazines are right, they are worthless.
9>Ignis/Julia (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.24 04:46 That was too easy! *blows smoke off her fingertips like one would blow smoke off a gun*
9>Ignis/Julia (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.24 04:46 Let's take 'em back to Magneto.
9>Ignis/Julia (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.24 04:47 ~LATER...~ *the Avengers wake up to find themselves in cave-like cells similar to the ones in the movie "X-Men"**of course, the bars are all made of metal, for Magneto's convenience**there are no locks or doors, since Magneto's around*
4>The Spartan/Connor (Avenger), 22yo.2015,Apr.24 04:48 *grips the bars* We're trapped.
9>Ignis/Julia (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.24 04:48 *the Avengers who don't have superpowers and just have weapons are in normal handcuffs and don't have their weapons anymore; those who do have powers have special little helmets on their heads that keeps them from using their powers*
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.24 04:48 *wakes up* Where...where am I?
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.24 04:50 *Wakes up* What the...?
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.24 04:52 *wakes up, moaning* Argh...that was the WORST fart I've ever smelled...wait, where am I?
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.24 04:55 *looks out at Magneto's lair through the bars**suddenly sees a familiar figure huddled in another cell all the way across a HUGE cave that makes up Magneto's lair (note that the walls are lined with cells and tunnels leading to other rooms)*
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.24 04:56 Hey! GLACIA!
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.24 04:56 *is indeed alone in another cell that is across the main part of the lair
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.24 04:56 **
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.24 05:00 *turns and looks at the others via the bars**grips the bars* PINAK!!
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.24 05:00 Glacia's here! The Hulk:No wonder we couldn't find her!
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.24 05:02 *Lays against the bars*
19>Black Widow (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.24 05:03 *sighs*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.24 05:04 *Wakes up as regular Tony Stark* I wish you had your arrows Clint.
19>Black Widow (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.24 05:04 (Gotta go, bye!)
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.24 05:05 [gtg! *offline* Tomorrow is chess club night, so when/if I come on, I'll probably be late.]
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.24 05:05 [Nvm, I can stay on.]
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.24 05:06 (Ok bye! I can stay on)
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.24 05:07 (Want to continue?)
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.24 05:10 [Sure.]
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.24 05:11 (Ok)
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.24 05:12 What are you guys doing here?! Pinak:Magneto's followers captured us!!
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.24 05:14 [Just to keep things more "neat," I'm going to say that all the Avengers except Glacia are in the same cell.] *comes into the Avengers' cell (not Glacia's)*
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.24 05:14 *is flanked by BloodVain and Rosa, who are being bodyguards*
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.24 05:15 I'm sorry to interrupt your conversation, but I noticed you would like to know what my plans are, and I decided to share them with you before your...potential deaths.
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.24 05:15 *grumbling a little* About time.
11>BloodVain (Brain Control ), 32yo.2015,Apr.24 05:15 *Is smirking the whole time*
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.24 05:16 My first part of my plans is obvious-your capture makes taking over New York City much easier. I still have to deal with the X-Men, but they are currently unaware of most of my plans and they'll be my targets later.
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.24 05:17 My second part is that it is a bit wasteful to keep you cooped up here while I take over. Therefore, I'm going to run tests on some of you-specifically those
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.24 05:18 with abilities that interest me, such as the Hulk, Scarlet Witch, Pinak, and Lazer Jet.
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.24 05:19 Other Avengers who don't have very impressive powers and aren't very useful to my tests-such as Black Widow and Iron Man, for instance-will be executed.
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.24 05:20 *is furious* So you're going to take over New York City, turn some of us into lab rats, and kill the rest of us? Magneto:If that's how you view it, yes.
13>Lazer Jet (Avenger), 35yo.2015,Apr.24 05:20 I have nothing of your interest!
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.24 05:20 IF I HAD MY HAMMER RIGHT NOW... *gets up, but Rosa and BloodVain take a step forward*
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.24 05:21 *@ Lazer Jet* Why yes, I do. *turns to Quicksilver* And I am interested in you, too...I do recall you are a member of my Brotherhood of Mutants, so I do think you will turn to my side very, very soon.
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.24 05:21 *Looks at Black Widow and then at Magento* And I thought *Nudges to BloodVain and Rosa* They were insane.
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.24 05:22 *getting mad, but his helmet won't let him morph into the Hulk*
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.24 05:22 *just looks at Iron Man for a moment, then turns back to the Avengers*
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.24 05:23 I would never join you even if you forced me.
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.24 05:23 And what about Glacia? What are you going to do with her? *protective of Glacia; he and Glacia have a close brother-sister type relationship*
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.24 05:24 Oh, she's the main part of the third section of my plan. Oh, I do apologize-I have been working backwards. I'm going to start with Glacia, go on to you, and then take over the city.
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.24 05:25 Of course, you'll see in a minute what I am going to do with Glacia... *he, Rosa, and BloodVain exit*
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.24 05:25 *as soon as he leaves, a familiar scream is heard*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.24 05:26 *is being seized and forced out of her cell by BloodVain (who teleported to her) and Ignis*
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.24 05:26 *rushes to the bars and sees Glacia* GLACIA!!!
13>Lazer Jet (Avenger), 35yo.2015,Apr.24 05:27 *Is a little scared and nervous*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.24 05:27 *is pulled out of her cell and taken down onto the sidewalk-like path that is surrounded by water in the main part of Magneto's lair*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.24 05:28 NO!!! NOOO!!!! *fights BloodVain and Ignis**is wearing an anti-power helmet like the rest of the Avengers**however, her abilities are so powerful that the helmet cracks and she blasts BloodVain and Ignis back*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.24 05:28 *she blasted them with ice, of course*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.24 05:28 Dr. Banner:GLACIA!!! Pinak:GET OUT OF HERE!!! DON'T WORRY ABOUT US!!!!
11>BloodVain (Brain Control ), 32yo.2015,Apr.24 05:28 YOU BRAT! *Freezes a little*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.24 05:29 *makes a run for the door, but McRonald and Rosa get in the way**they throw her back*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.24 05:30 *is down, but not defeated**while laying on her back, she launches ice at Rosa and McRonald, freezing them against the door*
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.24 05:30 *is watching**sighs, shakes his head, and walks out to Glacia* Glacia:*sees Magneto and launches ice, frost, and snow at him, but he easily blocks it with metal and tosses the newly frozen metal aside*
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.24 05:30 *grabs Glacia by one of her arms and drags her across the path that goes along the water*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.24 05:31 NO!!!!
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.24 05:32 *some of the other baddies break free**drags Glacia up some stairs and inside a big, complex machine with a giant glass sphere with a chair in the middle of it*
11>BloodVain (Brain Control ), 32yo.2015,Apr.24 05:32 *He unfreezes after a while* I hope she pays.
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.24 05:32 *BloodVain teleports to him**he and BloodVain force Glacia into the chair, strap her in, remove her helmet, and lower a bigger helmet attached to the machine onto her head*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.24 05:33 *Looks above his crate* I might know a way to go out of here.
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.24 05:33 *to BloodVain* Oh, she will. *turns and yells up to the rest of the Avengers:* As you will see now, your friend will become my weapon. Bruce:*realizes the truth* You mean you'll control her powers through that machine?!
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.24 05:33 *Get*
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.24 05:34 Yes...and I'll amplify them through this machine, making me able to freeze any place in the world whenever I want.
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.24 05:35 [gtg! *offline* Tomorrow is chess club night, so when/if I come on, I'll probably be late.]
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.24 05:36 (Ok!)
11>BloodVain (Brain Control ), 32yo.2015,Apr.24 17:39 (Isnt quicksilver and Scarlet Witch brother and sister and magneto is the father?)
11>BloodVain (Brain Control ), 32yo.2015,Apr.24 17:58 (Isnt quicksilver and Scarlet Witch brother and sister and magneto is the father?)
11>BloodVain (Brain Control ), 32yo.2015,Apr.24 17:58 (Sorry repost)
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.25 01:52 [I know that Magneto is definitely Quicksilver's dad, but I haven't even heard of Scarlet Witch until now, so I have no idea...]
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.25 01:52 [Note that I didn't go to chess club tonight, so I will probably come on @ the normal times.]
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.25 01:54 [Just looked up Scarlet Witch...Wikipedia said that she was originally Quicksilver's sister and Magneto's daughter, but that was eventually changed and she was made Magneto's step-child.]
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.25 01:55 [However, let's say Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are both the children of Magneto to make things more interesting.]
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.25 01:56 So you're going to either make the world go down on its knees and submit to you or freeze it and start new Ice Age.
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.25 01:56 Yes, exactly.
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.25 01:57 That's blackmail!!
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.25 01:57 This isn't fair!!
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.25 01:57 Being the son of a mighty Hindu god, I would have expected you to be wiser and realize that this isn't supposed to be fair.
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.25 01:58 *turns to BloodVain* Start the machine.
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.25 01:58 You won't succeed, Magneto. Magneto:And why is that? Bruce:Glacia is too strong. She can keep her powers down and under control, despite how powerful your machine is.
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.25 01:59 You never really knew much about your own friends, did you?
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.25 01:59 What do you mean...?
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.25 01:59 Have you ever noticed how Glacia acts when she uses her powers?
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.25 02:00 *the Avengers realize the truth* Thor:Glacia can't control her powers. Bruce:GLACIA!! Why didn't you tell us?! Glacia:*just silently and sadly looks up at her friends*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.25 02:01 *sort of POed at both Glacia AND the bad guys now* First we're captured and destined to torture and death, and then we find out our own friend could have frozen and killed us all by accident in a matter of seconds... *punches a wall out of anger*
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.25 02:24 (Ok!)
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.25 02:27 BloodVain: *Starts the machine* It doesn't matter about Glacia right now...
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.25 02:27 *Knows somehow it's his fault that this happened*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.25 02:44 It's awesome to know....
11>BloodVain (Brain Control ), 32yo.2015,Apr.25 02:52 *After he starts the machine, he goes back over to the cages and to QuickSilver* You look... Like someone I know.
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.26 04:27 *the machine starts, and Magneto decides to freeze one of the Rocky mountains as a test**like Bruce said, she's too strong and the machine can't fully take control of her powers; but unlike Bruce said, she can't keep her powers under control herself*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.26 04:28 *Magneto and the bad guys watch a nearby screen intently, which shows a live feed of the targeted Rocky mountain**however, nothing happens*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.26 04:29 *then frost begins to spread from her chair and cover the machine**the ice and frost enters the machine and begins to freeze it and destroy it*
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.26 04:29 What's going on?! BrucE:She's too strong-the machine can't cope with her. But she can't keep her powers down or cope with the machine, either. She's losing control.
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.26 04:30 *panic goes through virtually everyone*
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.26 04:30 [Jack?]
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.26 04:31 We need to stop him!
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.26 04:31 What's happening? Why isn't the mountain being frozen? *furious and surprised as the same time**BloodVain quickly explains what's happening*
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.26 04:31 (Sorry!)
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.26 04:31 *turns quickly to Ignis* Thaw the ice and save the machine. Ignis:But- Magneto:NOW.
9>Ignis/Julia (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.26 04:32 *nods and quickly tries to thaw the ice, but Glacia's abilities are so powerful that her waves of fire and heat turn to ice, fall to the ground, and spread rapidly, freezing the machine AND Magneto's lair*
9>Ignis/Julia (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.26 04:33 [Still there?]
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.26 04:33 (Yeah)
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.26 04:34 *Tries to break the bars*
9>Ignis/Julia (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.26 04:34 [OK]
9>Ignis/Julia (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.26 04:34 *none of the Avengers can break the bars due to their helmets preventing them from using their powers**however, Glacia can break the bars*
13>Lazer Jet (Avenger), 35yo.2015,Apr.26 04:35 Relax!
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.26 04:35 *can't hold in her inner power any longer**lets out more and more AND MORE AND MORE AND MORE AND MORE of her icy powers, freezing over virtually every part of Magneto's lair*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.26 04:35 *the bars of the Avengers' cell are frozen and become weakened**the Avengers' helmets and handcuffs are also frozen and shatter*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.26 04:36 *Is watching and has never been more shocked before in his life*
9>Ignis/Julia (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.26 04:36 *things are getting unbelievably cold**is especially affected since her element is fire (e.g. fire vs. water/ice, heat vs. cold)*
9>Ignis/Julia (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.26 04:37 *her teeth chatter rapidly**falls down on her knees, frost slowly covering her**the redness in her hair and cheeks begin to fade* Magneto:*sees Ignis and the other baddies suffering* We have to flee.
9>Ignis/Julia (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.26 04:37 *she and the rest of the baddies quickly escape Magneto's frozen lair and run away into NYC*
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.26 04:38 *can use his powers again**gets angry at everything that's happening, transforms, and breaks the bars, freeing everyone*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.26 04:38 *reaches out his hand, psychically searching for his hammer**it soon comes flying into his hand after breaking through several frozen walls*
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.26 04:39 *uses his sunlight powers to keep himself and the rest of the Avengers warm*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.26 04:40 *suddenly lets out a HUGE amount of her ice powers, causing there to be an explosion of cold air, frost, ice, snow, etc.*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.26 04:40 *the Avengers are immediately wiped out...*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.26 04:40 *Quickly finds his a arrows*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.26 04:41 *My characters are wiped out*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.26 04:41 ~LATER...~ *the Avengers wake up**they are laying somewhere in NYC; they were blasted clear out of Magneto
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.26 04:41 *of Magneto's lair and back up into the city*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.26 04:41 *she is not with them; she is missing*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.26 04:42 *wakes up to find that he is VERY, VERY cold**the rest of the Avengers are the same way*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.26 04:43 *the Avengers get up**NYC is almost unrecognizable**the ground is covered in over a foot of snow, and all the buildings, cars, and people are encased in ice that is 3 inches to 3 feet thick*
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.26 04:43 This is not good...
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.26 04:43 *grumbles* You think?!
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.26 04:44 [Hello?]
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.26 04:44 This snow is terrible! Well at least magnetos baddies are gone..
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.26 04:45 *Is remembering the brother of mutants* *Grumbles stuff*
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.26 04:46 *is in human form again**sees the damage dealt to all of NYC* God...I knew Glacia's powers were dangerous, but I underestimated them at an insane level...
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.26 04:47 What should we do now?
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.26 04:48 Well... I'm going to go back to Starks Tower.
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.26 04:48 (Sorry Paige and Joan) Black Widow:The only way to get rid of the ice is to get Glacia to regain control of her powers and undo this all herself. Captain America:Therefore, we have to find Glacia.
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.26 04:48 *grabs IM* No, you aren't. We're having a meeting here.
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.26 04:49 [BLACKHAWKS SSSSSCCCCOOOORRRRRREEEE!!!!!!!]
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.26 04:50 *Looks back at Thor* I got to fix my suit.
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.26 04:50 [WWWWHHHHOOOOO!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D]
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.26 04:50 (Are they winning?)
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.26 04:53 *sighs* Fine. CA:*continues speaking* We should split up into three groups and look for Glacia. Group #1 will include myself, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Bruce. Group #2 will have Thor, Iron Man, Pinak, and Scarlet Witch.
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.26 04:53 [YEP!!!!]
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.26 04:54 *typo CA:Group #2 will have Thor, Iron Man, Storm Woman, and Scarlet Witch.
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.26 04:54 CA:Group #3 will have Quicksilver, Lazer Jet, Pinak, and Connor.
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.26 04:55 CA:We'll start searching once Tony's done fixing his suit.
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.26 04:55 I was.....just going to go off somewhere, but it's fine.p
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.26 04:55 [OK, a summary on who's in which group:Group #1:Captain America, Black Widow, the Hulk, and Hawkeye. Group #2:Thor, Iron Man, Scarlet Witch, and Storm Woman. Group #3:Quicksilver, Lazer Jet, Surbeta, and the Spartan.]
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.26 04:56 *Runs back to Starks Tower and down to where his suit is kept*
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.26 04:56 *teams up with Lazer Jet, Quicksilver, and the Spartan*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.26 04:57 (Can I have BloodVain stop Tony from getting his suit?)
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.26 04:57 *hangs out with Scarlet Witch and Storm Woman*
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.26 04:58 *Looks at LazerJet and then at the group*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.26 04:58 [Sure, but in the end Tony must escape with his suit return to the others (AKA there can be a battle, but Iron Man should win).]
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.26 04:59 *CA, BW, Bruce, and Hawkeye get together and stand around*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.26 04:59 [BLACKHAWKS WWWWIIIINNNN!!!!!!!]
11>BloodVain (Brain Control ), 32yo.2015,Apr.26 05:00 *Appears* I hope you don't mind Tony.. I did some moderations to your suit.
11>BloodVain (Brain Control ), 32yo.2015,Apr.26 05:00 (Awesome!)
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.26 05:00 [BloodVain:*appears dramatically* Me:Dun dun DUNNNN!!! >:D XD]
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.26 05:01 Like what!
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.26 05:02 [♫♬♪♩ *Sweet Home Chicago plays* ♫♬♪♩ (Note:That's a reference to the hockey game.)]
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.26 05:03 BV: Your suit doesn't listen to you anymor.
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.26 05:03 (I heard that song before)
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.26 05:05 *getting impatient* What's taking him so long?! Pinak:I don't know...must be something very wrong with his suit, I guess.
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.26 05:05 *Powers his suit up and it knocks out BV*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.26 05:06 Well... Guess it still listens to me then. *Puts the suit on and leaves*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.26 05:07 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late. Feel free to finish up any remaining part of the IM vs. BV battle!]
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.26 05:09 (No. It's done and bye!)
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.26 18:36 (Are they winning?)
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.27 04:47 *as soon as Tony returns the three groups set out*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.27 04:48 *they search and search and search and-well, you know what I mean-but it's no use*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.27 04:49 ~MEANWHILE...~ *she has escaped Magneto's icy lair and is now on the run in NYC**occasionally spots one of the Avengers, but fears the Avengers' wrath (which they might unleash on her since she lied to them and didn't tell them about her problem with her
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.27 04:49 powers)*
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.27 04:49 *Is trying to seperate from his group to find Magneto*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.27 04:50 *Wanders off into an empty side street*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.27 04:52 *is walking along through a snowy and icy street when a great wall of metal comes up in front of her, blocking her path forward**gasps, realizing what's happening*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.27 04:52 *turns and runs back the way she came, but another wall slides into view and blocks her path**two more walls then get in her way; she is now trapped in a box*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.27 04:53 *or more like a rectangular arena*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.27 04:53 *Quicksilver, who has managed to wander off, notices the wall of metal nearby*
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.27 04:54 *steps inside the "arena" and looks straight at Glacia* Well, well...look who we have here.
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.27 04:54 *backs away quickly**trips and falls down*
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.27 04:55 *Wanders slowly over to the metal arena*
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.27 04:57 What a pity...it looks like you can't escape.
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.27 04:57 *walks towards Glacia, who tries to get up and run away**grabs her and throws her down*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.27 04:58 *looks up at Magneto* Are...are you going to kill me?
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.27 04:58 *Knows there's nothing he can do*
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.27 04:58 Unfortunately, probably yes.
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.27 04:58 Unless you submit to me, of course, and join the Brotherhood of Mutants.
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.27 04:58 Of course, you'd never do such a thing...correct?
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.27 04:59 *gulps and makes the tiniest nod**knows that that was probably her death sentence*
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.27 05:00 *makes a small nod back, then raises his arms**metal comes from all directions and then comes together to form a giant spike*
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.27 05:00 *aims the spike directly at Glacia, ready to strike**however, Quicksilver has had enough*
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.27 05:01 [OK Quicksilver, that's your cue!]
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.27 05:01 *Jumps through the metal and stands in front of Glacia* STOP!!!!
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.27 05:02 Glacia...might be stronger than me... But I'm done seeing you picking on her.. I'll join back in the brother of mutants to save her life.
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.27 05:03 *Brotherhood*
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.27 05:05 *looks at Quicksilver* I would be greatly pleased if you joined the Brotherhood, my son... Glacia:*stutters* S-s-s-son?!?! Magneto:...but for me, Glacia's death is neccessary. There is no stopping it.
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.27 05:07 She's done nothing wrong! Killing her would ruin the plan!
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.27 05:07 Her powers could make you stronger. Think about it.
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.27 05:08 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.27 05:10 (Ok! Bye)
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.27 05:15 *Looks at Glacia and then back at Magneto* Shes special and very powerful. Without her alive, no powers for you. *Sighs* Since I am your son..... I have no choice, but to join The Brotherhood of Mutants..
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.28 18:44 *raises his eyebrows a little* Hmm... *thinks for a moment, and then lowers the metal spike* Good.
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.28 18:45 I was planning to kill her in order to get rid of the ice in the city and my lair, but now that I think about it...I was on the brink of creating a machine that allows one mutant to absorb the powers of another.
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.28 18:46 And if I had Glacia's powers...I would be unstoppable. Thank you for the advice, Quicksilver. Now, come. *he and Quicksilver seize Glacia and pull her out of the metal arena*
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.28 18:47 *the rest of the bad guys come out of nowhere and follow them*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.28 18:47 ~MEANWHILE...~ *the rest of the Avengers meet up**all of them are empty-handed, and, of course, Quicksilver is missing*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.28 18:47 Great. Now we've lost Glacia AND Quicksilver.
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.28 18:48 We'll just have to keep looking.
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.28 18:48 *suddenly hears the sound of foosteps and flies up in the air**looks over some buildings and sees the bad guys walking along only a few blocks away**quickly flies back down to the other Avengers*
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.28 18:49 Guys! The villains-they have Glacia! And I think I saw Quicksilver with them, too... Thor:Let's go! *the Avengers rush to Glacia's rescue*
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.28 18:49 *the Avengers then confront the bad guys*
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.28 18:50 Stop! Pinak:Let Glacia go! Magneto:I will only do that if she dies.
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.28 18:51 *gets angry and transforms**looks at Magneto savagely* PUNY MUTANT!!!!
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.28 18:51 *turns to Quicksilver* Fighting is inevitable. If you want to keep Glacia alive, my son, then do your work.
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.28 18:52 *the bad guys + Quicksilver attack the Avengers*
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.28 18:52 *gives Glacia to BloodVain, who teleports her on top of the Statue of Liberty (which is where Magneto and the baddies were building the machine Magneto told Quicksilver about)*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.28 18:53 *swings his hammer at Edward, but he uses super speed to dodge him*
13>Lazer Jet (Avenger), 35yo.2015,Apr.28 22:56 *Is up against Quicksilver* Dude... Please.
13>Lazer Jet (Avenger), 35yo.2015,Apr.28 22:57 Quicksilver: *Punches Lazerjet and throws him against a building*
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.29 04:51 [Ooo, sinister Quicksilver!] *sees Quicksilver attack Lazer Jet* Quicksilver, what are you doing?! You're an Avenger!
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.29 04:53 [brb]
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.29 04:56 *Goes over to help LazerJet, but QuickSilver grabs him and hard into the same wall*
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.29 04:56 [Back]
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.29 04:57 *activates his powers and flies over to Quicksilver* Please...I don't want to do this.
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.29 04:57 *Goes over to help LazerJet, but QuickSilver grabs him and hard into the same wall*
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.29 04:57 *Quicksilver just looks at him**sighs* Fine. *launches light at Quicksilver*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.29 04:58 (Sorry! Internet!) *Wakes up* Don't...
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.29 04:58 *Quicksilver uses super speed to dodge and slam him into the wall**falls down on Hawkeye and Lazer Jet* >.<
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,Apr.29 04:58 [It's fine!]
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.29 04:59 *fighting Magneto, but it's useless-it's like he's just playing boomerang**chucks car after car at Magneto only to have each car come back at him*
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.29 04:59 *sees a big hunk of ice attached to a building**rips it off and throws it at Magneto*
9>Ignis/Julia (Villainess), 17yo.2015,Apr.29 05:00 *comes into action right on cue**jumps in front of Magneto and launches a stream of fire at the ice, slowing it down and melting it*
13>Lazer Jet (Avenger), 35yo.2015,Apr.29 05:00 *Wakes up and can't get up* ugh!!
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.29 05:00 *then he launches a bunch of cars at the Hulk, making his foe skid back*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.29 05:01 *is hit and knocked back by Edward**Ed then throws him right through an ice-coated window**gets up* UGH!!!! *frustrated*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.29 05:01 *then he is blasted in the face with McNuggets by McRonald**falls back, defeated*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.29 05:01 *the Avengers keep fighting...but they are losing*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.29 05:02 ~MEANWHILE...~ *she and BloodVain find the machine on the Statue of Liberty; it is frozen solid*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.29 05:02 *He flies after Bloodvain and Glacia*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.29 05:02 *BloodVain controls her mind and makes the ice come off of the machine and make the machine functional again*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.29 05:03 *when she snaps out of it, she sees BloodVain is now working on the machine and giving it finishing touches (since it isn't done being built yet, but close)*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.29 05:03 *glances and sees Iron Man at a distance**turns to BloodVain* You can't make me do this. (Sorry Jack) BloodVain:What stops me?
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.29 05:04 *walks backwards* My death. *jumps off the Statue of Liberty, knowing that Tony will probably save her**but unfortunately BloodVain read her mind and knows that Tony is nearby*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.29 05:04 *BloodVain teleports to her, grabs her, and teleports right back to the machine*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.29 05:05 [Still there?]
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.29 05:05 *Uses his power from his suit and attacks the machine*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.29 05:06 *tries fighting back**instinctively makes ice spikes shoot out of her hands and hit BloodVain**it isn't fatal, but the blow sure packs a punch*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.29 05:06 *Gets knocked back a bit*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.29 05:07 *tries finishing BloodVain**launches ice and snow at him, but since she can't really control her powers she uses too much and accidentally creates a big tornado of snow and ice swirl around the Statue of Liberty**Tony gets caught in the tornado and is
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.29 05:07 sent flying every which way*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.29 05:08 *clutches her head and kneels, trying to make the tornado stop but can't*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.29 05:08 *Gets sent right into Stark Towers*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.29 05:08 *BloodVain recovers and drags her onto the machine**is too worn out from making the powerful tornado of snow*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.29 05:09 [Ouch, Tony...I can totally imagine that. XD Right back where he started. The frustration.]
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.29 05:10 *BloodVain teleports to him and tells him that the machine is ready**teleports to the Statue of Liberty with BloodVain**finds himself in the eye of the tornado with the machine and Glacia*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.29 05:10 *Uses one of his arrows to sling him up the statue of liberty*
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,Apr.29 05:10 *turns to BloodVain* Start the machine. *he does so**meanwhile, Magneto goes and puts himself on the opposite side of the machine, where he will receive Glacia's powers*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.29 05:11 *meanwhile, the rest of the Avengers have spotted the snow tornado and know that Glacia is there**they have fought off the bad guys miraculously and are climbing/flying up to the top of the Statue of Liberty*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.29 05:11 *the Avengers make it through the tornado and get to the top together, but the machine is already doing its work*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.29 05:12 *the rest of the baddies appear* What the h**l is this?! Ignis:Your death sentence. *smirks* Bloated Betty:Dis machine is gonna give Magneto Glacia's powahs! *laughs evilly, but coughs in the middle of the laugh*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.29 05:13 Ignis:And after that he'll be unstoppable! CA:Not if we can help it! *the Avengers attack, but it is no use**the bad guys guard the machine well*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,Apr.29 05:13 [Hello?]
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.29 05:13 *Appears next to the baddies*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.29 05:14 *meanwhile, she screams in pain as the powers in her mutant genes are pulled out of her, su cked into the machine, and put in Magneto**Magneto screams too because Glacia's genes are on the brink of being too powerful for him to withstand
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.29 05:14 **
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.29 05:15 *her life flashes before her eyes**sees her family, her childhood friends, how she fled to NYC to protect her loved ones from herself, how the X-Men tried to recruit her, how Magneto first went after her, and how she met the Avengers*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.29 05:16 *realizes that she always had a better time controlling her powers when she was with her family and her friends, and realizes what was given to her that made her able to control her powers:love*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.29 05:16 *closes her eyes and remembers all the love she has been given throughout her life**the machine suddenly sounds an alarm* Ignis:What's happening?! (Sorry Jack) BloodVain:The machine's malfunctioning! *goes and checks on what's going on*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.29 05:17 BloodVain:Glacia...she's reversing it and making the machine pull her powers back into herself!!
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.29 05:17 *she indeed is su cking her powers back into herself* Ignis:Get Magneto off of there!! *some of the baddies pull Magneto off of the machine before Glacia can absorb his powers too*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.29 05:17 *opens her eyes**they are glowing pure white with a hue of ice blue*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.29 05:18 *there is a flash of light, and the snow tornado vanishes**she comes off of the machine**her clothes have changed*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.29 05:19 *is wearing a pure white bodysuit and pure white cloak, as well as pure white fingerless gloves (like the Fagin ones, except fancier)**her hair is an even more radiant shade of white*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.29 05:19 *her outfit is covered in ice blue snowflake symbols, and she wears a white belt with smaller, similar symbols**this is her ultimate outfit*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.29 05:20 *has full control over her powers now**approaches Magneto and the baddies with a vengeance*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.29 05:20 I have had enough of you. You hurt me, you try to use me, and you try to kill me. But what makes me even angrier is that you hurt my friends-and that is the worst thing you can do to me.
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.29 05:21 But from now on, you cannot hurt them anymore...unless you go through ME.
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.29 05:21 *as she speaks, she approaches the baddies and makes ice rise up and push them towards the edge of the Statue*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.29 05:21 *stops just as the baddies get to the edge*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.29 05:22 For now, I forgive you. I am going to let this go. But if you do this ever again...you will feel my uttermost wrath. Now GO.
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.29 05:22 *Falls down to his knees*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.29 05:22 *all the bad guys except Quicksilver leave, humiliated**takes Quicksilver's hand and escorts him back to the Avengers*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.29 05:23 Thor:Why are you presenting us this TRAITOR?
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.29 05:23 I.....can explain...
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.29 05:23 He is not a traitor. He joined the Brotherhood of Mutants to protect me. Magneto was going to kill me, but Quicksilver pledged alliance to him in order to save my life.
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.29 05:24 He's more loyal to the Avengers than any of you are.
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.29 05:24 Oh, and one last thing... *turns and makes the icy winter clouds part and float away**makes all the ice and snow covering NYC vanish, and all the frozen people are restored back to life*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.29 05:25 *turns to the others* So...want to ride back to Stark Tower? Pinak:Sure!! Thor:*grumbles* Eh, okay. The Hulk:HULK HUUUG!!!!! *hugs everyone, crushing their bones*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.29 05:26 Everyone:AWWW!!!!! Random Avenger:I think you broke my spleen... Glacia:*laughs*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.29 05:26 Anyway, let's go! *puts the hood of her cloak up and makes a beautiful bridge of ice appear that links Stark Tower to the top of the Statue of Liberty*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.29 05:27 *runs onto the bridge**the Avengers run after her*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.29 05:27 ~THE END!~
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.29 05:27 -Meanwhile, he still in Stark Towers and notices he's tied up*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,Apr.29 05:27 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.29 05:27 (Or the end!)
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.29 05:28 (Ok! Bye!)
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.29 05:34 (Quick FYI: Next Mission is going like this: Hawkeyes birthday is coming up and all the Avengers have forgotten about it. His birthday comes around and he soon realizes that none of the others say anything to him or have gifts.)
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,Apr.29 05:36 (He goes out for a walk and BloodVain and McRonald appear and treat him nicely. They bring him back to Magneto to join the baddies. Will Hawkeye figure everything out or will he be evil?)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.29 17:26 (And Galcia and QuickSilver go after him to help him realize that he's needed for The Avengers.)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.29 20:06 (Or you guys can decide on what Roleplay we can do.)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.30 00:43 (Or you guys can decide on what Roleplay we can do.)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,Apr.30 04:21 (Let me know and sorry about the repost!)
5>Tutti Frutti/Rosa (Villian/Joker), 26yo.2015,May.1 04:12 (Sounds great!)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.1 04:34 (Ok!)
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.1 04:35 [Let's start!]
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.1 04:36 (Ok!!)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.1 04:37 *Wakes up and hopes that everyone will wish him a happy birthday*
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,May.1 04:37 *is in the kitchen, cooking breakfast* *it is a really ordinary breakfast, though*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.1 04:37 *Gets out of his bed and goes make himself breakfast*
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,May.1 04:38 *sees Hawkeye stumbling out into the living room tiredly* Oh, hey Hawkeye. *doesn't bother turning around*
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,May.1 04:38 Hey, Tony. How are you this morning?
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.1 04:39 Hey Steve.
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.1 04:39 Tony: I'm great. Just you know cleaning my suit today.
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.1 04:39 *is reading a book**actually looks pretty stunning in her new outfit*
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.1 04:41 *Walks into the living room and turns on the TV*
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,May.1 04:42 Hi Hawkeye! How are you?
4>The Spartan/Connor (Avenger), 22yo.2015,May.1 04:44 *stumbles out in the kitchen tiredly* *looks around obliviously* *mumbles:* Morning everyone.
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.1 04:44 I'm alright.
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,May.1 04:45 *watches TV* I don't understand any of this... *looks at CA* Do you?
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.1 04:46 Tony: You're more than alright, Clint!
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,May.1 04:51 Well, it is a bit outrageous, but after doing much research, I suppose I do.
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,May.1 04:53 *in Hulk form**eats a bowl of chips-as well as the bowl*
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,May.1 05:05 *watches the Hulk* *laughs a little* Mind shifting your diet from non edible to edible?
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,May.1 05:05 [brb]
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.1 05:07 (Ok)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.1 05:35 I'll be back later guys... *Walks off outside*
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,May.6 04:15 HULK LIKE PLASTIC!!!! *grabs another bowl, fills it with chips, and eats the bowl and the chips*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.6 04:18 *Walks pretty far*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.6 04:20 Clints gone again.
10>Scarlet Witch (Avenger), 20-30yo.2015,May.6 04:21 *runs out of Stark Tower after Hawkeye*
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.6 04:22 *Looks a little nervous*
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.6 04:23 Sis! *Runs after her*
10>Scarlet Witch (Avenger), 20-30yo.2015,May.6 04:26 I'm going to find Clint! *tries to track Hawkeye down*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.6 04:27 I'm going after Hawkeye. Something's up. *goes out and follows SW and QS*
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.6 04:28 Sis! *Runs after her*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.6 04:29 [Quicksilver must stutter a lot. XD]
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.6 04:29 (My bad!)
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.6 04:29 [No offense, I just come up with jokes having to do with double posts and such a lot.]
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.6 04:30 (They're funny though!)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.6 04:32 *Walks super far and sees McRonald and Bloodvain lurking by him*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.6 04:33 [Thanks!]
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.6 04:33 *the Jaws theme plays just as soon as BloodVain and McRonald come into view**Duh duh...duh duh...DUH DUH DUH DUH...*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.6 04:35 Oh no...
10>Scarlet Witch (Avenger), 20-30yo.2015,May.6 04:39 McRonald: *gets out his blaster* *tries controlling it with her telekinetic powers*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.6 04:41 BloodVain: Come here Hawkeye. Join us.
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.6 04:41 *arrives with SW and QS*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.6 04:44 QuickSilver: Hawkeye... Don't...
10>Scarlet Witch (Avenger), 20-30yo.2015,May.6 04:45 Hawkeye! Don't do this, please!
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.6 04:45 Hawkeye, what are you doing?!
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.6 04:47 *Hears their voices, but doesn't pay attention to them*
10>Scarlet Witch (Avenger), 20-30yo.2015,May.6 04:47 *extends a hand and tries to control Hawkeye's mind so he can remember good times in the past*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.6 04:49 *launches ice at BloodVain and McRonald, trying to stop them and distract them*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.6 04:50 *All the bad memory's take over instead*
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.6 04:55 Hawkeye! Don't do this!
10>Scarlet Witch (Avenger), 20-30yo.2015,May.6 04:55 *looks at the others and shakes her head* It won't work...nothing can stop them.
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.6 04:55 ["Memory's?"]
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.6 04:56 [Oops, sorry, nvm, you meant "memories..." My bad!]
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.6 04:56 He can't turn evil!! He can't!! *launches more and more ice at BloodVain and Ronald*
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.6 04:59 Glacia... There's no way of stopping him...
10>Scarlet Witch (Avenger), 20-30yo.2015,May.6 05:01 Even I can't help him. It's too late.
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.6 05:02 *Turns towards them* It wasn't your fault at all. *Disappers with Bloodvain and McRonald*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.6 05:03 *Dun dun dunnnn!!*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.6 05:07 *Sees Magneto*
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,May.6 05:08 *is talking with Ignis when Ignis gestures towards Hawkeye**turns to Hawkeye*
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,May.6 05:09 *to Ronald and BV:* Ahhh...you brought him back. Good. *to Hawkeye* So...ready to join the Brotherhood?]
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,May.6 05:09 *no ]
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.6 05:10 *Nods* Ye
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.6 05:10 Yea
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,May.6 05:12 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.6 05:12 *With the others* I'll go to my father and convince him to let Hawkeye go. I'll even join his Brother of Mutants. Just to save Hawkeye.
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.6 05:12 (Ok bye!)
10>Scarlet Witch (Avenger), 20-30yo.2015,May.6 05:14 (Bye!)
10>Scarlet Witch (Avenger), 20-30yo.2015,May.6 05:14 I'm coming with you.
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.6 05:22 Why? I don't want you getting hurt.
11>BloodVain (Brain Control ), 32yo.2015,May.6 05:23 Magneto, what if we got QuickSilver to join? With Hawkeye and him, our team would be unbeatable.
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.6 14:15 Glacia... There's no way of stopping him...
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.6 14:16 (I'm on the double post today!)
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.6 17:47 (I'm on the double post today!)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.6 18:26 (This is really bad now!)
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.7 01:46 (I'm on the double post today!)
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.7 04:12 [To avoid double posting, don't click the "Reload" or "Refresh" button on your browser. That usually helps.]
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.7 05:38 (Thanks!) *Joins Magneto* What is my first duty.
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,May.12 03:55 *looks at BloodVain* Very good idea... *looks at Hawkeye* We'll wait until the Avengers are so occupied with something-whether it's handling another villain or searching for you-that they make themselves vulnerable.
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,May.12 03:56 Then we'll strike. Hawkeye, your job will be to track down Quicksilver and make him join the Brotherhood. Make him join in any way you can-whether it's through blackmail or trickery.
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,May.12 03:57 You know, I did notice that some of the Avengers are bleeding hearts who care about each other more than themselves...so when the time comes for us to strike, why don't you target an Avenger of your choice and threaten to kill him or her unless
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,May.12 03:57 Quicksilver joins?
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,May.12 04:23 [Here!]
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,May.12 04:24 [Hellooo? Amigo?]
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.12 04:25 (Here!)
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,May.12 04:25 [OK! Let's continue!]
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.12 04:25 What is Quicksilver yo you
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.12 04:26 (My bad!) What is QuickSilver to you?
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,May.12 04:26 [It's fine!] He's my son. I've been aiming to recruit him for a while.
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.12 04:28 Oh. Wiw.
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,May.12 04:28 I've specifically been wanting him after failing to get Glacia to my side and take her powers for myself.
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.12 04:28 *Wow*
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,May.12 04:30 [Want to switch to The Avengers and have them become occupied with locating Hawkeye?]
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,May.12 04:31 [Then we can have the baddies attack.]
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.12 04:32 (I'm going to have QuickSilver join to save Hawkeye)
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,May.12 04:32 [OK. Should he join during the attack?]
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,May.12 04:33 [Or what should happen?]
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.12 04:33 (Yeah he'll join during the attack)
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,May.12 04:33 [P+J are on. Let's switch!]
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.12 04:34 (Ok!)
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.12 20:45 *Checks all over Starks tower* Hawkeye is nowhere to be found...
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.12 20:47 I know why Magneto is doing this. It's what he's wanted all these years... For me to join The Brotherhood of Mutants.
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.12 20:48 Hawkeye is more of an Avenger than I really am. I'm not going to let that happen. I'm going to find him.
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.15 02:19 Quicksilver, please...we can't afford to lose another Avenger! Plus, what if it's all a trap?
9>Ignis/Julia (Villainess), 17yo.2015,May.15 02:20 I don't know about you, but in my opinion you're all trapped already!
9>Ignis/Julia (Villainess), 17yo.2015,May.15 02:20 *the Avengers turn to see that the baddies-including Hawkeye-have surrounded them*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.15 03:45 *Smirks at The Avengers evilly*
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.15 03:46 Hawkeye... Please... You don't need to do this. Just let me join.
11>BloodVain (Brain Control ), 32yo.2015,May.15 03:46 *Looks at QuickSilver* BE QUIET!
5>Tutti Frutti/Rosa (Villian/Joker), 26yo.2015,May.16 22:11 I don't even know what's going on here, but...whatever. We could use some more comerades.
6>McRonald (Villian), 52yo.2015,May.16 22:12 *says excitedly:* Why don't we just take them all?! *folds his hands plottingly*
8>Edward C./The Vamp (Villian), 17yo.2015,May.16 22:12 Um...that would drain the fun out of everything...right?
9>Ignis/Julia (Villainess), 17yo.2015,May.17 00:47 Yeah, I'm agreeing with Ed here. Let's just kill 'em all. Come on, ya babies! *the baddies attack the Avengers*
9>Ignis/Julia (Villainess), 17yo.2015,May.17 00:49 *while the fight goes on, Hawkeye decides to who to threaten to kill in order to get Quicksilver to join the Brotherhood*
8>Edward C./The Vamp (Villian), 17yo.2015,May.17 04:28 (Are all of the Avengers there currently?)
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.17 04:31 [Yep.]
8>Edward C./The Vamp (Villian), 17yo.2015,May.17 04:34 (Ok.)
10>Scarlet Witch (Avenger), 20-30yo.2015,May.17 04:34 Pietro! No! *is held back by The Vamp*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.17 04:36 *launches ice at Edward*
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.17 06:11 *Sees the fight and starts to back away slowly*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.19 04:10 [Are you going to have Hawkeye threaten to kill an Avenger of your choice unless Quicksilver joins the Brotherhood?]
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.19 04:12 (Yeah sure. I'll have him kill Scarlet Witch)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.19 04:14 *Aims his arrows at Scarlet Witch* Want to die? This go off in 5 minutes.
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.19 04:15 NO!!! SIS!!
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.19 04:16 [I didn't mean actually kill someone, I meant him THREATENING to kill someone.]
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.19 04:16 *him actually killing someone
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.19 04:17 (He meant if he hit her. He's not going to.)
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.19 04:17 *the rest of the Avengers try to reach Quicksilver, Hawkeye, and SW, but the other villains hold them back*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.19 04:17 [Oh, OK.]
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.19 04:18 Hawkeye! She's not worth killing!
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,May.19 04:19 HAWKEYE, STOP IT- *blasted back by McRonald*
10>Scarlet Witch (Avenger), 20-30yo.2015,May.19 04:20 *tries to control the baddies via her powers, but it isn't working*
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,May.19 04:20 [brb for about 10 to 15 minutes]
13>Lazer Jet (Avenger), 35yo.2015,May.19 04:21 You're better than this dude! *BloodVain throws him back*
10>Scarlet Witch (Avenger), 20-30yo.2015,May.19 04:21 (Ok.)
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,May.19 04:22 *throws his shield at Edward C., but he sends it back right at CA*
8>Edward C./The Vamp (Villian), 17yo.2015,May.19 04:22 *smiles as CA falls to the ground*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.19 04:23 Come on QuickSilver. You're needed.
19>Black Widow (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.19 04:24 No! Quicksilver, don't. The Avengers need you.
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.19 04:24 *As Tony* Clint... You can't do this.
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.19 04:26 *Looks at BW* My sisters life is on the line right now. She's more needed than I am
19>Black Widow (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.19 04:33 Then don't join BloodVain's army - for your sister's sake.
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.19 04:36 If he doesn't come with us, his sister will die right now.
11>BloodVain (Brain Control ), 32yo.2015,May.19 04:39 Black Widow, kindly stay out of this. If QuickSilver does not join, his sister will die.
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,May.19 04:40 [Back! I apologize for being really late.]
11>BloodVain (Brain Control ), 32yo.2015,May.19 04:41 (It's ok!)
19>Black Widow (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.19 04:43 *realizes that everyone is in a pickle*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.19 04:44 Quicksilver, don't!! I can save your sister-we can save your sister! Just trust me... *getting desperate*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,May.19 04:45 It's too late.
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,May.19 04:45 *says firmly:* They'd probably kill her anyways. They're after the Avengers after all, right?
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,May.19 04:45 Don't, Glacia. It's just too late.
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,May.19 04:46 Killing her would be illogical. That would just drive Quicksilver back onto our side.
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,May.19 04:46 And Magneto wants Quicksilver, right...? Thor:It appears so.
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.19 04:46 *Doesnt say anything*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.19 04:47 Clint! Just knock this whole thing off!
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,May.19 04:48 [By the way Jack, I'm thinking of replacing Glacia with another character in the next mission. Mind trading slots? I would like the purple one for my new character; you can have the cyan one if you agree on a trade.]
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.19 04:48 It's because..., I'm his son..
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.19 04:49 (Yeah sure. Take it!)
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.19 04:50 (How do you delete slots though?)
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,May.19 04:50 [OK! Once this mission's done, you can use the remove character button in the Select Action menu to remove Iron Man and Glacia. Then I'll make my new character in the purple slot and you can re-make Tony in the cyan one. :D]
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,May.19 04:50 [Note:Don't do it right now; I'm not replacing Glacia until the next mission.]
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,May.19 04:50 *dun dun DUNNNN*
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,May.19 04:50 :O
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,May.19 04:51 [Note:That emoticon isn't a big nose, it's Pinak with his mouth wide open in shock.]
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.19 04:51 :O
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,May.19 04:51 :O
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,May.19 04:51 :O
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.19 04:52 -_-
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,May.19 04:53 *crosses arms, looking unemotional*
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,May.19 04:54 [X'D I laughed out loud at that. All the Avengers have the dramatic mouth wide open look while Quicksilver is just like "Psh. Meh."]
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.19 04:57 < _>
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,May.19 04:59 *my characters are still staring at Quicksilver like :O "Nuuu!!"*
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,May.19 05:00 *OK, so I guess by now the drama ends and Quicksilver is taken away to Magneto by the baddies, where he officially joins the Brotherhood*
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,May.19 05:00 [So what happens next?]
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.19 05:01 *Sees Magneto*
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.19 05:02 (The Avengers have to save Hawkeye.)
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,May.19 05:03 [OK!]
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,May.19 05:04 *meanwhile, the Avengers make plans to save Hawkeye once and for all and then start heading to Magneto's lair* [Sorry if I'm sort of "taking over." I'm just trying to keep things going, since here and there the plot seems to be going along VERY slowly.]
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,May.19 05:04 [I'm also excited about the final battle! :D]
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.19 05:05 (Oh yea!)
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.19 05:06 *Listening to BloodVain and Magneto making plans*
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,May.19 05:10 *then...BANG!!!**the Avengers break in out of nowhere, I guess**it's really random but epic*
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.19 05:11 (Wow!!)
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,May.19 05:12 [I know, right? XD After watching so many superhero movies, I drndr
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,May.19 05:13 [Argh, typo...]
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.19 05:14 (Yup!!(
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.19 05:14 *Slowly walks away*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,May.19 05:20 Ready for some hammer, Magneto? Pinak:It's time that Hawkeye and Quicksilver are brought back to US! Glacia:Because THEY are Avengers! WE are Avengers!
11>BloodVain (Brain Control ), 32yo.2015,May.19 05:23 *Has Hawkeye tied up and doing some expirements on him*
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,May.19 05:23 You can't take every Avenger you see, Magneto.
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.19 05:24 I'll find Hawkeye.
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,May.19 05:25 *nods to IM* Then we'll distract the bad guys.
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.19 05:26 *Appears next to Magneto*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.19 05:28 *Finds Hawkeye*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,May.19 05:28 *the Avengers attack while Tony deals with BloodVain and Hawkeye*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.19 05:29 *Attacks BloodVain and knocks him out*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.19 05:30 *Is woken up and starts coughing wildly*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,May.19 05:32 [That was quick...]
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,May.19 05:32 *slams his hammer into McRonald's head*
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,May.19 05:32 *Glacia is being viciously attacked by Julia**gets POed and charges at Ignis, slamming her into a wall and knocking her out cold*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.19 05:33 *gives the Hulk a thumbs-up before going back into the battle*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.19 05:33 *helps Surbeta and Storm Woman fight Edward*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.19 05:33 Tony...... Just go...
8>Edward C./The Vamp (Villian), 17yo.2015,May.19 05:34 *gets burned by Pinak's light* Agh! *backs off*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.19 05:35 *Picks up Clint and brings him slowly upstairs*
8>Edward C./The Vamp (Villian), 17yo.2015,May.19 05:37 (I have to go, bye guys!)
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,May.19 05:37 [Bye!]
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.19 05:38 (Bye!)
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,May.19 05:39 [Want to wrap this up, Jack? I have to go soon myself.]
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.19 05:39 *Power suddenly goes through his body and he sends IM back against a wall*
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,May.19 05:39 *Tony and Hawkeye come into view*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.19 05:39 *Power suddenly goes through his body and he sends IM back against a wall*
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,May.19 05:39 *everyone turns and watches IM and Hawkeye in suspense*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.19 05:39 (Sorry about the double post!)
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,May.19 05:40 [Ouch, Tony...getting sent into a wall twice in a row. XD]
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,May.19 05:40 [It's fine!]
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.19 05:41 *His suit disappears and regular Tony appears*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.19 05:41 *Aims an arrow at Tony*
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.19 05:43 Father! What did you do to Hawkeye?
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,May.19 05:43 Glacia:NO!! *runs forward, but Magneto stops her* Magneto:Stop and watch, Glacia...stop and watch.
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,May.19 05:44 [Good question...what happened to Hawkeye??]
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.19 05:45 (Bloodvain took some power from QuickSilver and fused it with his own)
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,May.19 05:46 [OK.] *turns to Quicksilver, smiling evilly* BloodVain took some of your power, Quicksilver, and combined it with his own. Now he has transferred that power into Hawkeye, giving Hawkeye extra speed while at the same time controlling him.
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,May.19 05:47 It was about time you asked me that. I, of course, expected you to know better and understand that I wanted you for more than just fatherly love.
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.19 05:47 *horrified*
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.19 05:47 No!!!
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,May.19 05:47 *horrified*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,May.19 05:47 *horrified*
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,May.19 05:47 *ANGRYYYYY*
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,May.19 05:48 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late. You can finish this up if you want!]]
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,May.19 05:48 *]
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.19 05:48 Hawkeye deserves more than just to be a pupper!
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.19 05:48 *Puppet*
13>Lazer Jet (Avenger), 35yo.2015,May.19 05:49 *Grabs Hawkeye and stabs needle into his throat*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.19 05:51 *Falls down and feels the power being drained from him*
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.19 05:52 *Turns to Magneto* You may be my father, but I have done nothing to deserve this way from you! You could've nicely asked me to join the BOM but you didn't..
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,May.20 04:27 [Here!]
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.20 04:27 (Hi!)
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,May.20 04:27 I tried at first, but you turned a blind eye on me, so I decided to be more...forceful.
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,May.20 04:28 [BTW, I'll be replacing Pinak with The Vision after this mission is over.]
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,May.20 04:32 [Hello?]
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.20 04:33 *she and Pinak see Hawkeye and run over, looking down at him, worried and curious*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.20 04:36 *Slowly gets up* What happened...
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.20 04:37 *Scoffs* Just being forceful won't make me want to join.
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.20 04:40 *yells to Quicksilver:* Hey-Hawkeye's back! The REAL Hawkeye!
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.20 04:41 But it's now over with anyways.
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.20 04:41 *Looks at Glacia and nods to her* Bring him back with you guys.
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,May.20 04:41 *sighs* I assume you're quitting now, Quicksilver.
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,May.20 04:42 Just be warned: Since you have defected, any member of the Brotherhood is allowed to attack you on sight.
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.20 04:42 No. Actually I'm not.
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,May.20 04:42 Good luck, my son. *turns and walks away**the baddies retreat too**however, Magneto turns and whispers something to BloodVain*
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,May.20 04:42 [Magneto said that before Quicksilver said "No... (etc.)"]
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,May.20 04:43 *turns back and looks at Quicksilver, eyebrows raised*
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.20 04:44 I came to save Hawkeye, but at the same time i don't feel right when I'm with The Avengers.
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,May.20 04:45 I understand that. Come.
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,May.20 04:45 *meanwhile, BloodVain teleports near the Avengers and controls Captain America*
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,May.20 04:46 *sighs* We don't have time for these games, Quicksilver.
18>Magneto (Villain/Mutant), 60+yo.2015,May.20 04:47 *CA is suddenly controlled**he turns and attacks Glacia*
14>QuickSilver (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.20 04:48 *Starts to follow after Magneto*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.20 04:48 *is attacked from behind**CA pushes her down and slams his shield multiple times on her head until there's a dent in her skull*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.20 04:48 *since her brain is now sort of munged, she loses all control of her powers**ice, frost, and snow swirl up everywhere*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.20 04:49 *the baddies escape the scene, and as soon as BloodVain leaves he releases CA from his control*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.20 04:49 [I'm just "getting rid of" Glacia real quick.]
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,May.20 04:49 *is in a daze* What's going on?
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.20 04:51 *CA suddenly realizes what he is done*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.20 04:51 *Looks at Steve in utter shock*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.20 04:52 He just killed Glacia!
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,May.20 04:52 Glacia!! GLACIA!!! *grabs her* No...!!
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,May.20 04:52 [brb for 10-20 minutes. Also, Glacia isn't dead yet.]
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,May.20 04:53 (Gotta go, see you all tomorrow!)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.20 04:53 (Ok! And oh)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.20 04:54 (Ok bye!)
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,May.20 05:07 [Back!]
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,May.20 05:07 [Bye!]
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.20 05:08 *looks at Pinak, tears forming in her eyes**is dying**hugs Pinak; she is icy cold* Go on. Leave with your friends. Pinak:No!! I...can't...!!
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.20 05:09 Surbeta...everything will be alright. I promise.
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.20 05:09 *Surbeta steps back and joins the Avengers, who watch a dying Glacia sadly*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.20 05:11 *struggles to control her powers, which are spreading and quickly freezing Magneto's lair*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.20 05:12 *finally gains true control of her powers and is at peace of mind for the first time in her life**absorbs her powers, undoing the damage she has done, and then explodes into a flurry of magical frost and snowflakes*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.20 05:13 *the snowflakes and frost gently rains down on the Avengers*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.20 05:14 *the Avengers then turn and leave, accepting the fact that Glacia is gone but she died in peace*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.20 05:14 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,May.21 04:32 [OK, I guess you can remove some characters now, Jack. Time to make the slot tradE! :D]
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,May.21 04:32 *trade
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,May.21 04:33 (So what's up next?)
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,May.21 04:36 [I'm actually not sure if the mission's done yet...is it, Jack?]
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.21 04:36 (Doing it now!)
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,May.21 04:36 [Oh, and a quick announcement:Sorry I came on late. I was watching...CASINO ROYALE!! :D]
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.21 04:36 (Yeah it's done)
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,May.21 04:36 [*James Bond music plays*]
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,May.21 04:37 [Just remove Iron Man and Glacia by using the "Remove a character" button in your Select Action menu.]
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.21 04:37 (There Ya go!)
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,May.21 04:40 [OK! One sec...]
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.21 04:40 (Ok!)
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.21 04:41 [OK, so my new character is Teleka. She is basically an Avengers version of Teleka from X-Men:New Mutants-same personality, same appearance, same powers, but much different backstory. She will be an Avenger instead of a X-Man, of course.]
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.21 04:42 [She has long blonde hair, strange violet eyes, and tends to wear slick, black, spandex outfits with deep purple hues.]
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.21 04:42 [Her power:Telekinesis; she can manipulate deep purple telekinetic auras/energy.]
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.21 04:43 (Very cool! :))
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.21 04:43 [Teleka is one of the rare SUPER powerful mutants like Jean Grey.]
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.21 04:44 [Thanks! :D A fun fact (Note:Only Teleka and Thanos know this.):Teleka's ancestors are the ancient beings that possessed the purple Power Infinity Stone (the same stone from Guardians of the Galaxy). She inherited some of that power; her
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.21 04:45 tremendous power doesn't only come from her mutant genes, but her ancestry.]
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.21 04:45 [Since Thanos is obsessed with obtaining all the Infinity Stones, he has great interest in Teleka. Teleka hasn't actually met him yet; he's just been watching and keeping track of her a lot.]
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.21 04:46 [Teleka's real name will probably be revealed later in the roleplay.]
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.21 04:46 (Ok sweet! So have you come up with a new mission idea?)
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.21 04:47
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.21 04:47 [Yep!]
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.21 04:47 [The first half introduces Teleka and focuses on her. The second half "pans back out" and focuses on all the Avengers in general.]
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.21 04:47 (Let it out! :D)
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.21 04:48 [The mission starts like this:The Avengers get a call from S.H.I.E.L.D., who alert our heroes and tell them that one of their agents is under attack at his private castle in Wales by a powerful mutant.]
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.21 04:49 [The Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents alike go to Wales quickly and find Teleka causing chaos and chasing down the important S.H.I.E.L.D. executive. She defeats all the Avengers and reaches the executive and is about to kill him when Vision and Scarlet
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.21 04:51 Witch come to the rescue and stop her. Teleka is seized by the Avengers. Nick Fury and some S.H.I.E.L.D. agents arrive and rescue the agent Teleka was targeting while Nick Fury himself has to inject Teleka with the "cure" (AKA the drug that eliminates the
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.21 04:52 mutant gene and turns mutants into normal people) to keep her in control. Teleka is imprisoned in S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters. To avoid wasting time by interrogating her, Fury sends SW to read Teleka's mind. She does so and reports to the others what
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.21 04:52 happened in Teleka's past; it turns out that Teleka is perfectly innocent, while the S.H.I.E.L.D. executive she was attacking had been performing illegal experiments on mutants.]
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.21 04:53 [While the executive is arrested, Teleka miraculously recharges herself and her powers are restored by unknown forces (which, spoiler alert, are her inner Infinity Stone powers reviving her mutant genes).]
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.21 04:54 [Teleka tries to escape jail, but Nick Fury and the Avengers stop her, letting her know that she is not guilty for anything she's done. Wanting to help her, they offer her a place in the ranks of the Avengers. Teleka accepts.]
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.21 04:55 (Just a quick announcement: Quicksilver has joined the BOM, but will appear when the season finale comes up! Secret: It's after this one.)
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.21 04:55 [OK!]
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,May.21 04:55 (Ok.)
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.21 04:56 [This is where the mission takes a turn and focuses on all the Avengers in general. Basically Ignis, Edward, and McRonald have defected from the BOM and became a criminal group called "The Terrible Trio."]
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.21 04:56 [This trio of evil-doers goes around, robbing banks, terrorizing citizens, etc. etc. Basically the Avengers chase them around and fail to catch them until a final encounter comes.]
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.21 04:57 [The Avengers beat the trio and throw them in jail. There will be a cliffhanger ending where Magneto comes and frees the trio, adopting them back into the BOM and walking away as he tells them about his new, sinister plans.]
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.21 04:57 [Let's start! :D]
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,May.21 04:57 (Ok!)
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.21 04:57 [Note:I'll "trade" Pinak for The Vision real quick before the Avengers are called by S.H.I.E.L.D.]
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.21 04:58 (Ok!)
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,May.21 04:58 *the Avengers are hanging out in Stark Tower, as usual*
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,May.21 04:59 *suddenly a sunny angel appears in the living room**a bunch of the Avengers flip out and are like O_O*
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,May.21 04:59 *sees the angel**gets up and turns to the others* It's okay. This is just a messenger from my father.
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,May.21 05:00 *turns to the angel/messenger* Yes? Angel:*explains to Pinak that some mythological enemies of Surbeta's father are rising and trying to destroy him, and his father needs Surbeta's help*
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,May.21 05:00 *turns to the Avengers* I'm sorry to say that I'll have to retreat to my world for a while...I might not be seeing you again for a very long time.
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,May.21 05:01 It was great saving the world with you all. *smiles a little at them* You're wonderful friends.
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,May.21 05:01 *the Avengers and Surbeta say bye**then Surbeta teleports to his Hindu mythology world with the sun angel*
4>The Spartan/Connor (Avenger), 22yo.2015,May.21 05:01 *smiles sadly at Pinak* We'll see you soon, Pinak.
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,May.21 05:01 [*changes profile so it says "The Vision" on it instead*]
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,May.21 05:02 *looks around at everyone* Well...sure feels like we've lost a lot of members.
19>Black Widow (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.21 05:02 Yeah, well...I'm sure those empty spaces will fill up in no time.
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,May.21 05:02 Yeah...first Glacia, and now Pinak. It's like there's something we keep saying that's taboo and makes people just vanish... *chuckles a little*
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,May.21 05:03 *suddenly BW, CA, and Tony's cell phones ring all at once*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.21 05:03 Maybe it's the fact that they can't avoid my adorable looks.
19>Black Widow (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.21 05:04 *picks up* Hello? *CA does the same*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,May.21 05:04 *nudges Hawkeye*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.21 05:04 *Picks up in a manly way* Hello?
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,May.21 05:04 *turns to Hawkeye* Yeah, that's definitely the reason, Clint.
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,May.21 05:05 *returns to phone duty*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,May.21 05:05 *S.H.I.E.L.D. agents report to BW, Tony, and CA what's going on* Agents:One of our chief executives is in his private castle in Wales. He is under attack by what appears to be a teenage mutant...we're not all that sure though. She's really powerful.
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,May.21 05:05 Agents:We need your help. We've been sending soldiers there, but they are no match for her.
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.21 05:06 Well, I've had more girls drool over me than God here. *Nudges at Thor*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,May.21 05:06 Agents:So, Avengers, are you going to assemble?
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,May.21 05:06 *says seriously: * We'll see what we can do.
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,May.21 05:06 *grumbling*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.21 05:09 *Laughs softly at Clinks remark*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,May.21 05:12 *the Avengers leave and get on a private jet**they arrive at Wales in no time*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,May.21 05:14 *they and a new legion of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents start riding through the forest in Jeeps towards the executive's private castle**flashes of purple energy are seen through the woods*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,May.21 05:15 *Iron Man scouts ahead by flying over the forest**he sees turmoil going on at the castle; he also sees The Vision watching things from the sky nearby*
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,May.21 05:15 *waves to Tony, signaling that he's here and on the Avengers' team again*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.21 05:16 *Waves back*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.21 05:17 *Joins The Avengers*
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,May.21 05:17 *riding with BW and CA in a Jeep* (Sorry Jack and Joan) BW:So what's going on up there, Tony? IM:Well, The Vision's back and on our side. Also, whoever is down there must be REALLY powerful...sheesh, that is a HUGE mass of telekinetic energy!
17>The Hulk/Dr. Banner (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,May.21 05:18 IM:Anyway, we should attack...right about now. *the Jeeps enter the fog of purple energy as they get near the castle*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.21 05:19 *is meanwhile on a castle balcony, confronting the S.H.I.E.L.D. executive* Executive:*looks at Teleka, terrified* You can't do this!! Teleka:What stops me? *her eyes are faintly glowing purple* Executive:The Avengers-I called them! They're here! Right now
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.21 05:19 *!
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.21 05:20 Your Avengers can't beat me. Nothing can beat me. Not until I achieve my goal. Executive:No!! *braces himself as Teleka prepares to deliver the final blow*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.21 05:20 *Bruce has taken Hulk form by now and charges out of nowhere, grabbing Teleka and leaping off the castle balcony with her*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.21 05:21 *quickly blasts the Hulk with purple energy, breaking free**Bruce falls down to the ground-which is about 7 stories below her**uses her telekinetic powers to levitate*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.21 05:21 *Iron Man flies toward her, and Hawkeye, who is piloting a helicopter, also comes toward her*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.21 05:22 [Hello?]
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.21 05:22 Always like Banner to get the first blow.
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,May.21 05:22 *stands besides Tony* Yup.
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.21 05:22 [One sec]
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.21 05:24 *Into the microphone* Should I pick her up?
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,May.21 05:26 Not sure about yet, Clint. She seems to be at her most powerful state.
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.21 05:38 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.23 04:10 [Here!]
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.23 04:10 (Hi!)'
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.23 04:10 *didn't hear CA's comment, but if she did, she'd say "Most powerful state? Are you really that ignorant, old man?"*\
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.23 04:11 [Heya!]
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.23 04:11 [Mind having your characters attack Teleka? (Note that all of them will lose until the end, where Teleka almost kills the SHIELD executive but is defeated by Scarlet Witch and The Vision.)]
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.23 04:13 [Hello?]
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.23 04:13 (Sure)
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.23 04:14 [OK, go ahead!]
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.23 04:15 *Powers himself up to attack Teleka*
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.23 04:17 Hawkeye: TONY NO!
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.23 04:17 *too late; Iron Man flies toward her, launching energy beams out of his hands at her*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.23 04:18 *quickly starts using her telekinetic powers to make her fly out of the way**all of the blasts miss her except one, which hits her shoulder**falls back, wincing in pain*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.23 04:19 *gets angrier and launches a beam of her own energy-purple telekinetic energy-at Iron Man**he tries to escape it but gets hit and is sent flying into one of the castle walls*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.23 04:20 (Sorry P+J) Connor:Need a lift, Lazer Jet? *LJ nods**grabs LJ and uses his super strength to throw him straight up at Teleka**LJ proceeds to use his super speed to punch Teleka about 100000 times per second while in mid-air*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.23 04:20 *finally blasts LJ, sending him flying right into Tony*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.23 04:21 Connor:OK...so, someone give me a lift! *Scarlet Witch uses her powers to blast Connor up into the air**pumps his fists as he "flies" toward Teleka* COWABUNGAAAA!!!!! *tries giving Teleka a mighty punch but is blasted about 5 miles up into the air*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.23 04:22 *Hawkeye rides his jet toward Teleka and starts preparing to fire**Teleka meanwhile uses her powers to lift up huge chunks of the castle**Hawkeye shoots, but it is too late-huge rocks hit the jet*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.23 04:23 [Jack?]
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.23 04:23 *Storm Woman and Thor work together to use their electricity-related powers to brew up a storm in the sky and launch lightning up at Teleka*
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.23 04:23 *The jet starts spinning* OH NO!!!
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.23 04:24 *Thor and Storm Woman's plan backfires when Teleka
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.23 04:25 *backfires when Teleka takes control of their lightning and launches it right back at them, electricuting them*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.23 04:26 [Paige and Joan are on! Let's switch to Movie RP.]
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,May.28 04:42 *he and Storm Woman are zapped-big time*
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,May.28 04:43
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,May.28 04:43 [Oops]
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,May.28 04:44 [Hello?]
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,May.28 04:46 [Jack?]
13>Lazer Jet (Avenger), 35yo.2015,May.28 04:46 (Yeah. I'm here. Sorry)
3>Thor (Avenger), Imrtlyo.2015,May.28 04:47 [It's fine!]
13>Lazer Jet (Avenger), 35yo.2015,May.28 04:48 (Ok)
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.28 04:48 *basically blasts every Avenger except The Vision and Scarlet Witch to bits XD*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.28 04:49 *turns and flies to the highest room in the castle**uses her powers to open up a wall**lands down hard on the floor, sort of "out of gas"*
13>Lazer Jet (Avenger), 35yo.2015,May.28 04:49 *Sees Hawkeye about to crash*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.28 04:50 SHIELD Executive:*is in the same room as Teleka**grabs a gun and shakily aims it at her, overly confident* Looks like you used up all your energy against the Avengers. There's no way you can win.
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.28 04:51 *meanwhile, Scarlet Witch quickly uses her powers to stop Hawkeye's plane and make it land safely*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.28 04:52 *looks up at the executive, making a sly Mystique-like smile* Actually...I saved a bit of my energy just for you.
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.28 04:54 *gets up, the violet color in her eyes engulfing the whites of her eyes and beginning to glow**raises her hands, an aura of deep purple telekinetic energy forming throughout the room*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.28 04:55 *creates a POWERFUL ball of glowing violet pure telekinetic energy in her hands**the Avengers have recovered and notice the purple glow coming from the top of the castle*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.28 04:55 [Hello? Jack?]
13>Lazer Jet (Avenger), 35yo.2015,May.28 04:58 *Rushes over to Hawkeye and sees his side bleeding* *Gets him out fast*
13>Lazer Jet (Avenger), 35yo.2015,May.28 04:59 (Here)
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,May.28 04:59 (Sorry Paige and Joan) BW:Something's going on up there... The Vision:The girl...she's attacking the SHIELD executive. Scarlet Witch:I know that too... *she and The Vision hurry up to the top of the castle*
15>The Vision (Avenger), ???yo.2015,May.28 04:59 [OK!]
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.28 05:01 *is fully charged now**launches the ball of energy at the executive**then, in awesome slow motion, Scarlet Witch leaps in between her and the executive and deflects the energy ball with her powers*
13>Lazer Jet (Avenger), 35yo.2015,May.28 05:01 *He and Tony are trying to help Hawkeye*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.28 05:02 *meanwhile, also in slow motion, The Vision flies up next to Teleka and blasts Teleka with his yellow lazer eye energy stuff*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.28 05:04 *falls clear off the top castle tower**is knocked out for a little bit, but wakes up and saves herself by using her powers to make her float down to the ground safely*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.28 05:06 *The Vision and Scarlet Witch rescue the executive and bring him down to the ground**meanwhile, Teleka is making a run for safety when Nick Fury arrives-along with tons of Jeeps filled with SHIELD soldiers*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.28 05:06 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
13>Lazer Jet (Avenger), 35yo.2015,May.28 05:07 (Bye!)
13>Lazer Jet (Avenger), 35yo.2015,May.29 04:31 (Bye!)
13>Lazer Jet (Avenger), 35yo.2015,May.29 04:31 (Here!)
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 04:31 [Here1]
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 04:31 *[Here!]
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 04:35 Nick Fury:Alright, stop right there! Teleka:*activates her powers* Nick:*sighs* No need for drama...get out the cure. *one of the soldiers pulls out a special gun*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 04:36 *launches random stuff from the forest (logs, rocks, etc.) at Nick and the soldiers, but unfortunately the soldier with the cure is behind her**is shot in the back with the mutant gene cure*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 04:37 *everything she raised with her mind drops to the ground, and her eyes stop glowing**the violet color in her eyes becomes less radiant since the mutant part of her is gone*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 04:37 *collapses, very weak*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 04:38 *the Avengers spot Nick and all meet up with him*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 04:41 *is too weak to walk, so she is sort of just dragged into one of the cars by the SHIELD soldiers*
13>Lazer Jet (Avenger), 35yo.2015,May.29 04:42 *Is watching what is going on*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 04:43 [Note:I'm going to alter Teleka's backstory a bit so that she can be the same Teleka that's on X-Men:New Mutants. We'll make her both a X-Man and an Avenger; we'll say that she's mainly a X-Man but when emergencies come and the Earth's mightiest heroes
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 04:43 have to come together she's an Avenger.]
10>Scarlet Witch (Avenger), 20-30yo.2015,May.29 04:44 (Ok.)
4>The Spartan/Connor (Avenger), 22yo.2015,May.29 04:44 *hangs around Lazer Jet, a bit winded from being launched 5 miles into the air*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 04:45 [XD Poor Connor.]
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 04:46 Nick:Sorry if I interrupted your little "party." Although the mutant cure is illegal, a bit was saved for emergencies-like this one.
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 04:47 Nick:Ready to go? This mutant has to be interrogated, and since you've already become involved, it wouldn't hurt if you came along. Plus, I'll need a few people who can read minds to come. *glances at Scarlet Witch and The Vision*
10>Scarlet Witch (Avenger), 20-30yo.2015,May.29 04:48 *very slightly nods at Fury*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 04:50 ~LATER...~ *everyone's at SHIELD HQ...wherever that is (Yes, I'm a bit clueless about the locations in The Avengers series. But when it comes to X-Men I'm a bit of a know-it-all. XD XP)*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 04:50 *sitting in an orange prisoner uniform in an isolated cell*
10>Scarlet Witch (Avenger), 20-30yo.2015,May.29 04:51 (I think - not sure, but I think it's in DC.)
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 04:52 *the Avengers and Nick are in another room on a big computer**one part of the computer is monitoring Teleka via security cameras, while another side is showing slides and records about Teleka*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 04:52 [OK, thanks!]
16>Storm Woman/Jen (Avenger), 18yo.2015,May.29 04:53 *watches the screen, arms crossed*
13>Lazer Jet (Avenger), 35yo.2015,May.29 04:54 *Is still a little shaken of QuickSilvers disapperance*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 04:54 Nick:Alright, so this person's the basic mystery girl taken to a more serious level. *shows various images and records* The first whiff of her SHIELD got is when her house-which was far in the country-exploded.
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.29 04:55 It seems like she has more of some stronger powers than others.
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 04:55 Nick:Everything five miles around it was wiped out, too. After some research, it turned out that destruction was caused by a mass of telekinetic energy being violently released by someone-this girl, to be exact.
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 04:56 Nick:*looks at Tony* Exactly. She's a mutant-the rare and more powerful kind-named Teleka. Her real name is Gracie; her last name is currently unknown.
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 04:57 Nick:*shows the damage dealt to what was once Teleka's home* There was also evidence of some sort of extraterrestrial contact made in that area before the explosion happened, but we're not completely sure.
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 04:57 Nick:But we do know that Teleka is the last of her family. Whatever relatives she had left were wiped out from the explosion.
19>Black Widow (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.29 04:57 Well if I can find anymore records, I'll look into some of this stuff.
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 04:58 Nick:About five years later, we learned that a thirteen year-old with telekinetic powers had formed a young group of homeless mutants in New York. They weren't causing any real harm-just stealing things to survive. Basically misfits.
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 04:59 Nick:After a year, Teleka was fourteen years old when she joined the X-Men. She has been fairly inactive since. Then something happened where she fell into a SHIELD executive's hands-we're still not sure what happened.
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 04:59 Nick:*turns to Scarlet Witch* That, of course, is for you to find out.
10>Scarlet Witch (Avenger), 20-30yo.2015,May.29 05:00 *nods* I'll do my best to find out.
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 05:01 Nick:Good luck. *Wanda nods, turns, and leaves with two bodyguards**they head down to Teleka's cell*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 05:01 *sitting on the bed, sort of fidgeting a little**is surprisingly calm, but is also grim*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 05:02 *Scarlet Witch comes in**looks up at her grimly*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 05:02 Let me guess. Nick sent you to look at my past.
10>Scarlet Witch (Avenger), 20-30yo.2015,May.29 05:02 *opens the door, and the bodyguards stand by it* *doesn't really say anything, just goes ahead and enters Teleka
10>Scarlet Witch (Avenger), 20-30yo.2015,May.29 05:02 *Telaka's mind
7>Tony Stark/Iron Man (Avenger), 30yo.2015,May.29 05:02 Good Luck
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 05:04 *Scarlet Witch sees everything that ever happened to Teleka-or at least the "highlights" of her life*
10>Scarlet Witch (Avenger), 20-30yo.2015,May.29 05:05 *is getting more of the big picture here*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 05:05 *when Scarlet Witch finishes, she is left panting and full of emotional pain**looks at Wanda sadly* Hurts seeing all that, doesn't it?
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 05:05 *Wanda just turns and leaves, trying to control herself*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 05:06 *it takes Wanda a while to calm down; when she does, she tells the others about everything she saw* [Mind if I sub in as Wanda and reveal Teleka's past?]
10>Scarlet Witch (Avenger), 20-30yo.2015,May.29 05:07 (Go ahead.)
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 05:08 Scarlet Witch:When Teleka was little, she showed signs of great power. One of her relatives-a mutant with similar powers-helped her learn to control her powers. However, she was descriminated in school for being a mutant, and her powers went out of
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 05:09 SW:...control sometimes-that was always chaos. So, Teleka and her family moved to the country when she was six years old. At the age of eight, her ninth birthday was coming up...she and her family were so happy...
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 05:10 SW:Then an alien ship came down. Robots attacked her family and tried to take away Teleka. Her family defended her but died while doing so; Teleka lost control and caused everything to explode.
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 05:11 SW:The logos on the ship looked Titanian, but I'm not sure. Anyway...Teleka was taken back into society and put up for adoption. She was taken in by a group of superpowered people who thought they could raise her to be a hero.
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 05:12 SW:Teleka lived with this group peacefully for a while. But, at the age of 10, the robots came back. Teleka saw them and lost control-I couldn't tell if she or the robots killed the group of superpowered people.
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 05:12 *sorry, meant 11, not 10
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 05:13 SW:Teleka was put up for adoption again. She was taken in by some normal people-but when these normal people found out she was a mutant, they descriminated against her. At the age of 13, Teleka had had enough. She ran away and formed a group of misfit
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 05:13 SW:...mutants called the Bandits. At the age of 14, Teleka and the Bandits joined the X-Men.]
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 05:13 *no bracket
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 05:14 SW:Later, during a dispute with the Brotherhood of Mutants, Teleka got sidetracked-she saw a Brotherhood mutant running away somewhere. She chased him down but was captured by SHIELD agents working for the executive she tried to kill.
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 05:15 SW:Teleka was taken to the castle in Wales, where she found out that the executive had been performing illegal experiments on mutants. The executive's officials were about to experiment on her, but she was too powerful.
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 05:15 SW:She escaped and went after the executive...and you know the rest. She is innocent.
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 05:16 *everyone turns and looks at the SHIELD executive**after a few moments, that executive finds himself being dragged away by SHIELD officials*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 05:16 [Done.]
12>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2015,May.29 05:17 I guess we didn't really give her the benefit of the doubt.
4>The Spartan/Connor (Avenger), 22yo.2015,May.29 05:17 I guess you never really know a hero until you see them up close...
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 05:19 [gtg! *offline* Tomorrow is chess club night, but I usually come back from chess club early. Therefore, there are chances I'll come on @ the fixed times. See you soon! *offline*]
4>The Spartan/Connor (Avenger), 22yo.2015,May.29 05:19 (Ok, bye!)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2015,May.29 05:20 (Wow!)
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 19:14 [I guess you like Teleka's backstory since you said "Wow." I just gave her the "tragic hero" type backstory. Sort of almost a too common type of backstory, but that was the best I could come up with. XP]
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 19:15 *suddenly some alarms go off* Nick:Enough chit chat now. Sharon, what's wrong? Sharon:*comes over* One of our prisoners-who was in cell (so-and-so)-has just broken out. Thor:That is Teleka's cell.
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 19:16 Nick:How the h**l is that possible?! She got the cure! Sharon:I don't know. But the cameras-*shows Nick and the Avengers her tablet, which shows Teleka breaking out of prison with ease via her telekinetic powers*-show that she still has her powers.
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 19:16 Nick:*turns to the Avengers* I guess it's time to tell her that she doesn't need to do all this and that she's free to go since she's innocent. Let's go!
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 19:17 *is meanwhile using her powers-which has miraculously come back-to defeat the SHIELD guards and walk through SHIELD HQ*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 19:18 *eventually blasts her way clear out of the place**starts walking towards the nearest road in Washington, DC when Nick and the Avengers come out of nowhere in front of her*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 19:19 *raises some large nearby objects with her mind defensively* Nick:Alright, Teleka...calm down. You don't have to do this. We're letting you go. We know you're innocent.
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 19:19 *gradually lowers the objects and deactivates her powers* Nick:But before you go, we have a proposition to make.
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 19:20 Nick:The Avengers-as you may already know-are the world's mightiest heroes. You're mighty alright, but we're not sure if you're a hero.
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 19:20 Nick:So, we offer you the chance to join the Avengers. It'll be more of a part-time job, so unless there's a huge emergency you can feel free to return to the X-Men anytime.
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 19:21 Nick:It's your choice. You can walk away as a ordinary mutant...or you can come with us as a powerful hero.
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 19:22 *knows that leaving will give her the ordinary life as a mutant she's been longing for ever since she was captured by the evil SHIELD executive**however, she also knows about her own longing to prove that she is a true hero*
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2015,May.29 19:22 *after standing there and thinking for a moment, she replies:* I would like to join the Avengers.
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2016,Feb.18 23:19 (Hey guys! So I was thinking that if it's okay with all of you that we restart or come up with a new mission. Let me know!)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2016,Feb.18 23:19 (Cause I have no idea where we were!)
1>Hawkeye (Avengers), 29yo.2016,Feb.18 23:21 (So just write here!)
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2016,Feb.22 00:49 [Yeah...maybe we could restart the whole RP? I forgot most of its history, and over time I have been changing Teleka's backstory, so I would like to re-introduce her.[
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2016,Feb.22 00:49 *]
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2016,Feb.22 00:53 [I also noticed I sort of hogged the slots...if anyone wants to be The Vision, just say so. It appears that Paige and Joan have the least amount of characters, so I especially offer them the chance to play as The Vision.]
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2016,Feb.22 00:54 [Oh, and I forgot a lot about most of the characters (mainly the made-up ones), so it would be good if we simply created profiles for our characters all over again.]
2>Teleka (Avenger), 15yo.2016,Feb.22 00:54 [What do you think of that?]