" A whole new world " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 14 to 18 years of age.
This is a roleplay were you play as your oc's to speak irl or making a charecture discription put it in between parentheses like this (i gtg)or (has long blond fur) to use actions put it in between stars like this *walks around is grumpy beacause a fish stole her sandwich* and just type for your charecture to talk grammer and spelling dosent matter much as long as you you dont spell everything wrong on purpose or all the time if you dont go on reguraly you will be kicked off same for bad or inappropriate language or things if to people are dating or married keep it limited to hugs holding hands and small short kisses tragic backstorys are allowed you are NOT allowed to kill someone elses charecture unless they say you can if you want to quit please msg me so i can delet your charecture please only have one charecture and be descriptive when describing them thank you have fun ☺ ☻ p.s to load text click ok without typing anything and the new text will load!

1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.9 21:25 (Has red and black fur it used to be pure white but for the first 9 years of her life she was used as a lab experiment has magic powers and is great at using them lives in a tree in the forest kills tourchers or telaports anyone who comes near her)
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.9 21:29 (is extremely racist towards all humans and all humanoids stays in her tree most of the time is very lonely but dosent want to be around anyone the locals belive she is a monster they call her the evil tree wolf she wears a green hoodie and stays in her)
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.9 21:32 (tree except for occasional walks in the middle of the night she is the last of her kind that she knows of has the rare ability to never forget anything but to her its a curse)
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.9 21:34 *sits in her tree floating a orb with millions of shades of blue it glows very brightly in the top of her tree as she sits there trying to distract herself so she wont think of her past*
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.9 21:36 [Saka: A dark red and white fox. Lives in a hole in the ground under CJ's tree, but has no idea that CJ exists.]
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.9 21:39 [Is the last of the magic foxes where she lives. Her powers will be revealed later, except she has the same memory power as CJ.]
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.9 21:40 (welcome to the rp!)
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.9 21:42 [Considers every creature equal because she has a fox-human form. Is lonely because her human boyfriend, who accepts Saka for who she is, lives halfway around the world.]
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.9 21:43 [Be right back.]
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.9 21:43 (k)
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.9 21:44 *is even more distressed and depressed then usual makes her glowing orb extremely bright knows no one would be stupid enough to ask her to turn it off*
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.9 21:53 [Has olive skin, dark brown eyes and long, dark red hair in her human form. Still has her fox ears, so she folds them down and puts on a knit winter hat in human form. Wears a white shirt with half-length sleeves and red long pants in human form.]
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.9 21:57 [Takes walks in the middle of the night occasionally. Is depressed most of the time, but is cheered up easily. That time comes rarely, though. Her past isn't nearly as sad as CJ's.]
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.9 21:59  Secret message to  
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.9 21:59  Secret message to  
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.9 22:12 [Nobody has any idea that she exists, except her boyfriend and his family. Is immortal, but is only 11 so far.]
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.9 22:12 *is walking around her tree but isnt looking were she is going falls out of her tree and gets her foot stuck in Sakas hole* UGH! dang it stupid rabbits!!!
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.9 22:14 *trys tugging her foot out*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.9 22:15 *cant get it out is getting frustrated mummbles to herself* when i find that rabbit its going to be dead...
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.9 22:17 *is walking around at midnight in human form**has her hat off because nobody is around*
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.9 22:18 *goes back to her home**notices CJ* What are you doing in my home?
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.9 22:19 *growls at Saka* You dug this hole?!
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.9 22:20 *turns back into a fox* Um, yea.
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.9 22:20 Sorry if it got in the way of your tree.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.9 22:21 *gets agressive beacause she looks like a human pulls her foot out* If you know whats good for you you are going to run off and never come back! cause see that thats my tree so beat it kid!
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.9 22:23 *is on four legs about ready to pounce* Go you filthy human shape shifting thing!
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.9 22:24 I'm a magic fox, and that's my home! My name's Saka!
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.9 22:24 [Brb. That means 'be right back']
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.9 22:25 I dont care who you are! if you dont leave in 5 seconds i you will wish you never met me! am being nice and letting you escape so take my offer and go!
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.9 22:26 (i know what brb means)
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.9 22:27 That's my home. I'm not leaving. Let me in.
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.9 22:27 Well, my home.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.9 22:28 ok fine *turns around so it looks like she is leaving but uses her magic to knock Saka out*
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.9 22:29 *wakes up 5 seconds later* goes back into her house*
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.9 22:30 *mutters* Why did she do that? Why does she hate me?
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.9 22:30 *telaports herself and Saka into her tree ties Saka to the wall of hertree house using magic proof ropes that block her powers sits down and waits for Saka to wake up*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.9 22:30 *nvm*
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.9 22:31 Why am I tied to a wall?
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.9 22:32 *in the middle of the night climbs down from her tree silently knocks Saka out and ties her to the walls of her treehouse with the ropes that block magic power waits for her to wake up smirking*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.9 22:32 I told you to leave you didnt so you are going to stay *uses her powers to make a burning pain in Saka's foot*
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.9 22:33 *tolerates pain very well* That doesn't hurt.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.9 22:34 lucky for me your so stubborn i was getting bored
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.9 22:34 Why do you hate me?
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.9 22:35 *uses powers to rip Sakas left ear off* oops
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.9 22:35 *regrows her ear*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.9 22:35 *ignors Sakas question*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.9 22:36 *glares at Saka beacause she cant hurt her*
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.9 22:36 *uses her phsycic abilities to see that on the inside, CJ is very lonely*
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.9 22:37 I can tell that you're very lonely.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.9 22:37 *smaks Saka very hard* DONT YOU DARE LOOK INTO MY MIND!
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.9 22:38 *drains Sakas powers and puts them in a floating orb beside her just out of reach*
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.9 22:38 *leans forward**grabs her powers back*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.9 22:39 *is sitting there glaring is in rage*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.9 22:39 *takes her powers away agin and shoves them in her hoodie pocket* You are not getting theese back!
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.9 22:39 *breaks the ropes with her bare paws*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.9 22:40 good you got out now leave!
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.9 22:40 *pins cj to the ground*her power floats back into her heart*
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.9 22:40 *blasts cj*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.9 22:41 *sets Saka on fire*
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.9 22:41 I'm not gonna stop this until you tell me why you're being so mean!
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.9 22:41 *the fire goes out*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.9 22:42 If you know whats good for you then you will be gone by tomarrow morning understand?! *pushes Saka out of her tree*
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.9 22:42 *floats cj in the sky and drops her 75 feet*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.9 22:42 *puts a forcefeild around her tree house*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.9 22:43 *telaports inside her force feild before she falls makes it so only C.J can get in and out*
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.9 22:43 You fool! You aren't even in your tree right now!
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.9 22:44 *dives into her house*puts up a forcefeild*makes it so she's the only one who can access it
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.9 22:44 *sits in her tree were she just telaported into goes into her closet were there are no windows or ways Saka can see her crys sighlently*
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.9 22:44 *vents to her diary*
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.9 22:46 *sings to herself* Aaaah, aaaah-aaaah, aaaaah, aaaah.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.9 22:47 *yells with a hint of sadness in her voice* BE QUIET WILL YOU?! YOUR SINGING IS AWEFUL!
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.9 22:47 [gotta go!]
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.9 22:48 (ok bye)
Player 122015,Oct.9 22:51 Hello
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.9 22:52 (hi)
Player 122015,Oct.9 22:53 How are you?
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.9 22:53 (please use parenthesis when talking irl and im doing fine r u here to join the rp?)
Player 122015,Oct.9 22:53 How are you?
Player 122015,Oct.9 22:55 (Sorry)
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.9 22:55 (its ok)
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.9 22:56 (so are you here to rp?)
Player 122015,Oct.9 22:56 (Yes)
Player 122015,Oct.9 22:57 (Yes)
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.9 22:57 (cool do you need help making a charecture?)
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.9 23:02 (if you need any info scroll up to the top or ask me)
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.10 00:16 My singing isn't awful!
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.10 00:16 How did you hear it in the first place??
Player 82015,Oct.10 00:26 [Brandon: Saka's boyfriend. Resembles Brandon from Dork Diaries. He has light brown hair instead of golden. He plays electric guitar.]
Player 82015,Oct.10 00:29 [Is a little meek, but can be very confident. Is smart and a little socially awkward.]
3>Amber (Friend), 13yo.2015,Oct.10 16:28 [ Amber: Amber comes from a divorced home in Hawaii. She stays with her dad and her brother Jeffery in Hawaii. Her mom on the other hand, lives in California with her sister Jessica.]
3>Amber (Friend), 13yo.2015,Oct.10 16:30 [ Has blonde curly hair and a dimple. She is very pretty.She has a best friend who is a boy called Curtis.]
3>Amber (Friend), 13yo.2015,Oct.10 16:31 [ She is bold and talented in singing and can play the guitar, voilin, flute and saxophone. She is also smart.]
Player 122015,Oct.10 16:33 Hello
Player 122015,Oct.10 16:34 (Hello)
4>Curtis (Amber's Best Friend), 13yo.2015,Oct.10 16:34 (HI)
4>Curtis (Amber's Best Friend), 13yo.2015,Oct.10 16:36 [Curtis: Typical teenager with sandy coloured hair. He is handsome. He can drum and play the trumpet.]
4>Curtis (Amber's Best Friend), 13yo.2015,Oct.10 16:38 [ Hates almond and cinammon. Loves chocolate and soda.]
4>Curtis (Amber's Best Friend), 13yo.2015,Oct.10 16:40 Hey Caitlin, have you seen Amber?
3>Amber (Friend), 13yo.2015,Oct.10 16:42 * Enters her house* dad I'm home! Jeff where are you?
3>Amber (Friend), 13yo.2015,Oct.10 16:43 Oh there you are Jeff! Is dad home?
Player 122015,Oct.10 17:18 (Hello)
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.10 20:07 *folds down ears**sings that song from the little mermaid* AAAH,m
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.10 20:08 [Delete that.]
4>Curtis (Amber's Best Friend), 13yo.2015,Oct.10 22:10 Hi Saka have you seen Amber?
4>Curtis (Amber's Best Friend), 13yo.2015,Oct.10 22:11 I can't find her in the school.
3>Amber (Friend), 13yo.2015,Oct.10 22:17 * Jeff shakes his head* Jeff would you like some ice-cream?
3>Amber (Friend), 13yo.2015,Oct.10 22:17 [ Oh and Jeff is half deaf]
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.11 07:17 *smells humans around doesn't like all the attention telaports herself and her tree somewhere else in the forest leaving Sakas house roofless*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.11 07:25 *doesn't like her new area of the forest so tell sports her tree to a big feild of tall grass puts her tree and tree house in the middle of it puts a sign in front of her house that says*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.11 07:26 "Anyone or anything within 100ft of this tree will be extremely harmed or dead stay away if you enjoy being alive"
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.11 07:27 *goes into her tree and looks at the orb again*
3>Amber (Friend), 13yo.2015,Oct.11 10:04 Jeff: Why would I want a rice-dream?
3>Amber (Friend), 13yo.2015,Oct.11 10:05 Amber: I said ice- Oh forget it.
4>Curtis (Amber's Best Friend), 13yo.2015,Oct.11 14:29 *goes over to Amber's house* *knocks*
3>Amber (Friend), 13yo.2015,Oct.11 14:30 *Opens*
3>Amber (Friend), 13yo.2015,Oct.11 14:30 Hi Curtis, come in.
4>Curtis (Amber's Best Friend), 13yo.2015,Oct.11 14:56 I couldn't find you at school I decided to come here and check. Where have you been? Oh hi Jeff.
3>Amber (Friend), 13yo.2015,Oct.11 14:58 Jeff: Hi
3>Amber (Friend), 13yo.2015,Oct.11 14:59 Amber: I had to leave school early cause my dad had work to do and he couldn't leave Jeff alone. He's only 9
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.12 01:25 *is bord so telaports Amber into her tree just so she can yell at her stands up and growls at Amber*What are you doing here you filthy human?!
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.12 01:30 *uses her magic to block all the doors and windows so Amber can't leave waits for Amber to freak out as she continues growling at her*
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.12 14:47 *teleports a note to CJ*
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.12 14:50 *it says, 'Why are you so racist to humans?! All creatures are equal! Why do you shut everyone out when you're lonely yourself? I want to be your friend! Sincerely, Saka'*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.12 17:55 *looks at the note then looks at Amber* You got lucky today *telaports Amber back were she came from*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.12 17:57 *telaports her tree back to its original place knocks on Saka's door*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.12 17:59 (i will be on alot more know bc my pc got fixed)
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.12 19:33 *makes a hole in the forcefield* What is it, CJ? I am kinda in the middle of reminiscing over my boyfriend!
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.12 20:17 never mind its not important just stop asking me stupid questions in notes and stuff *climbs up her tree and mumble slightly to herself*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.12 20:21 *puts in headphones and starts listening to music*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.13 01:41 stupid fox... hmmph..
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.13 01:45 *hears something takes out her headphones sniffs the air smells something that reminds her of the lab starts having a wild flashback falls on the floor then starts running around frantically crashing into the walls*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.13 01:47 NO NO NO! STOP IT NO!! *is running around frantically and banging into everything while yelling after a few hours of yelling and crashing she is huddled in the corner crying and breathing heavy is relived the flashback is over*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.13 01:47 *is still crying beacause of the memorys but is crying sighlently*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.13 03:14 *hopes Saka didnt hear her crashing and yelling but knows she probably did hopes Saka wont come up to see if she is ok*
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.13 20:44 Huh. What was that?
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.13 20:49 *wipes her eyes and stands up*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.13 20:50 *takes to force feild off her tree starts picking up the things in her house
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.13 20:53 *is thinking and gets frustrated and sad stomps her foot on the ground and walks out of her house and starts pacing outside her tree*
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.13 20:57 *teleports next to the opening in CJ's tree* She must have remembered something from her past.
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.13 20:58 Hi, CJ.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.13 20:59 *keeps pacing is kinda frustrated* Yeah what is it?!
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.13 21:01 *hovers above CJ* I'm just wondering, why do you shut everyone out?
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.13 21:03 That is none of your business! I have a good reason for everything i do and you would NEVER! understand!
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.13 21:03 *paces more and quickens her pace slightly as she walks back and forth*
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.13 21:05 Okay. *goes invisible**spies on CJ*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.13 21:07 *sits down and puts her head agent the wall and starts to cry beacause she thinks she is alone*
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.13 21:09 *thinks* Oh, she is lonely. Why won't she accept me as a friend?
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.13 21:09 *talks to herself* Why?... Why cant i just ugh! *bangs her head on the wall* I need someone *sighs is feeling more lonely than ever*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.13 21:11 Ill never have friends im to ugh!... *kicks the wall* ow!
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.13 21:12 *thinks* She needs someone. Why does she fight me?
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.13 21:15 UGH! I need friends but i keep pushing people away.. i have to keep them away for my safety I hate my life! *knocks a glass bowl onto the floor*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.13 21:16 *sits down and Sighs*
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.13 21:17 *thinks* What does she mean by 'for my safety' when she only gets hurt when she hurts others?
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.13 21:19 *smells Saka now that she is calm* How much did yo hear? i know your here Saka you can come out now
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.13 21:20 ( I gtg ill be back on in about 1 1/2 hours)
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.13 21:24 *makes wind that blows the smell go away*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.13 23:22 *Puts a sheet over Saka* i can sence you as well So you can take off the sheet and make yourself appear or keep the sheet on
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.13 23:24 *sits back down* im not mad just tell me how long you have been standing there
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.14 00:45 *returns to the ground**takes off the sheet**becomes visible again* Please don't get mad at me, but I've been here pretty much the entire time you've been venting...
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.14 02:08 Im not mad you can stay if you want *uses magic to fix the broken vases and bowls*
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.14 02:23 Really, CJ?
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.14 02:33 yes
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.14 02:34 *starts picking up things and putting them back*
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.14 02:34 Thanks!
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.14 02:35 yeah whatever...
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.14 02:37 *sweeps dirt out the door and mumbles something to herself*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.14 02:40 would you mind not bringing humans here ever?
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.14 02:50 I dont like humans so i would really apreachate if you didn't bring them anywhere near here
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.14 19:58 *fixes her table*
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.14 20:42 Why don't you like humans? But I won't bring humans here, and I won't do that shape-shifty thing in front of you.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.14 20:43 *ignors her question* thanks
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.14 20:46 *shake her head slightly trying not to think about her past*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.14 20:46 so your a fox tthen?
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.14 20:49 Kinda. Half fox, half you-know-what.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.14 20:52 what human? its not like that word is offensive to me i just dont like humans
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.14 20:56 Oh.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.14 20:58 *finishes picking up than sits down*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.14 20:58 humans are why i live here and not in the city
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.14 21:02 *chuckles slightly* even if i didnt hate humans i still wouldnt be abalel to live in the city
3>Amber (Friend), 13yo.2015,Oct.14 21:03 * walks over* I'm sorry C.J. I guess you don't want to be friends
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.14 21:10 *blocks Amber* I wouldn't go any further if I were you!
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.14 21:14 *glares at Amber* GO away and dont come back if you enjoy living
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.14 21:16 Told you, Amber! Yes, I know your name!
3>Amber (Friend), 13yo.2015,Oct.14 21:17 * backs off* S-s-sorry * runs away crying*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.14 21:18 *walks up to Amber* Listen kid! go if i wasnt being nice today you would be dead by now!
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.14 21:18 (nvm)
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.14 21:18 *yells after Amber* She didn't mean to make you cryyyyyyyyyy!
4>Curtis (Amber's Best Friend), 13yo.2015,Oct.14 21:19 * comes over* let's go Amber. Some people are anti-social.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.14 21:19 *sits back down and acts like nothing happened* so whats so great about living in a hole?
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.14 21:19 *turns to CJ* I just said that so she felt a little better.
4>Curtis (Amber's Best Friend), 13yo.2015,Oct.14 21:19 * comes over* let's go Amber. Some people are anti-social.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.14 21:19 *looks at Saka* yes i did
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.14 21:20 Well, it's more cozy to me.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.14 21:20 humans are to emotional
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.14 21:20 Nothing's wrong with being emotional.
4>Curtis (Amber's Best Friend), 13yo.2015,Oct.14 21:20 C.J DON'T EVER COME TO US IF YOU ARE CAUGHT IN A HUNTER'S TRAP! WE WON'T HELP YOU
4>Curtis (Amber's Best Friend), 13yo.2015,Oct.14 21:21 C.J DON'T EVER COME TO US IF YOU ARE CAUGHT IN A HUNTER'S TRAP! WE WON'T HELP YOU!
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.14 21:21 (sorry i gtg ill be back in 1 1/2 hours i leave everyday at 1:30 for a clas i have to do ill be back on soon)
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.14 21:22 *yells after curtis* I wouldnt want your filthy help! (i really gtg now)
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.14 21:22 [Right now, for me, it's 3:21. Bye.]
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.14 22:42 (im back early its 2:20 usually ill be back around 3:00-3:15 ill be on till 6:20)
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.14 23:06 *realises something telaports to Curtis* How do you know my name?! I havent told anyone my Name so how do you know it?!
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.14 23:29 *glares at Curtis for a while then telaports back into her tree starts packing all her things appidly*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.14 23:29 *rappidly*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.14 23:39 Dang it... should have known...
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.14 23:40 Take a chill pill, CJ.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.14 23:41 *packs rappidly* Cant i have to hurry its a life or death situation...
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.14 23:42 *panics* What is it?
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.14 23:43 I am an idiot a complete idiot...
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.14 23:43 Why?
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.14 23:43 your not in danger I am
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.14 23:44 *ignors her Why question* I never told anyone my name if he knows my name that means...never mind!
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.14 23:44 Why are you in danger?
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.14 23:44 Maybe it was a lucky guess.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.14 23:46 No it wasnt a lucky guess there are people out there who whant to and can eaisily hurt me they are the only people who know my name that means he is worrking with them!
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.14 23:47 Um, why not the forcefield?
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.14 23:47 Can't you put up the forcefield?
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.14 23:48 [Gotta go.]
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.14 23:48 I moved around this planet alot i have to change realms.... unless you can convinse him not to tell them were i am wich i doubt will happen
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.14 23:48 (k)
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.14 23:49 *scoffs* a force feild wont work on those humans they have ways to shut off foce feilds especcialy mine
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.15 00:19 Are you sure? I mean, I'm part human. I know that they don't even have a Type One civilization. They're 0.73 on the scale.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.15 00:41 oh you dont know theese people
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.15 00:42 *pulls out her map* were to go?...
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.15 00:45 *crumpless up her map* I have been everywere! No! no no!
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.15 00:49 *starts digging though a dusty box* Wear is it?!....
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.15 00:52 *pulls out another map*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.15 00:52 YES! ok....
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.15 00:58 *dusts of the map and looks at it*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.15 01:04 YES! ok Saka hold on tight!
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.15 01:05 *telaports her tree to a new spot acidently telaports Sakas house as well*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.15 01:09 sorry it was a little bumpy *unpacks her stuff quickly* i packed it so my sstuff wouldnt break
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.18 15:46 [Hey, Caprial, why not you check out the RPG TheRoleplayAlliance? There's one slot left!]
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.18 17:15 Oh, you teleported as a precaution?
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.18 23:57 no i telaported as far as possible to.... yeah what you said
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.19 17:45 *looks out the doo to see her saroundings looks down to see Sakas house* oops....
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.19 20:45 *looks at the door* Thanks. I don't know where I am, and I can't teleport to someplace that I know from a place I don't know, or vice-versa.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.20 05:54 ya i um.. i dont think you will have to... i kinda acidently telaported your house to...
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.20 20:59 No. I know my house is here. I'm thanking you for that.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.22 05:05 really?
7>Saka (Fox), 11yo.2015,Oct.22 16:58 Yea! *smiles*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.22 18:49 why?
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 14yo.2015,Oct.24 19:29 ( I am shutting down this Rp Beacause it is basically a cheap copy of my other rp "math is amazing and fun club" its not actually about math but if you want to join you can)