" Awesome Book Roleplay No. 2 (the first one is not being used anymore so please join this one!) " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 8 to 18 years of age.
Be any character from your favorite books that you want! Just try to leave some slots open to other people.

OK, OK, I'm starting out backwards.

In this RP, characters from all sorts of books wake up in an apartment in New York City in 2014. Life seems perfect. Well, not perfect, but you know what I mean. Only there's a problem. It turns out that all the bad guys from those books are also living in New York City, just in a different part of the city. And they're planning to destroy or do something almost as bad to the good guys.Some of them are also planning to destroy the city.

Your book/books don't have to have bad guys, but it would be better if they did. It would be great if you could be one character from a book that doesn't really have a bad guy and other characters from books that do.


1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Nov.11 06:32 (Welcome to my game, everyone!)
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Nov.11 06:33 (As usual, in this game we will have missions. In this case, missions are adventures._
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Nov.11 06:33 *sorry(
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Nov.11 06:33 (MISSION NO. 1: A new life)
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Nov.11 06:34 (In this mission, the characters all wake up in the New York City of 2014, in an apartment.)
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Nov.11 06:34 (We'll wait for a few more people to join, and then we'll begin!)
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Nov.11 06:34 (Also, if you're joining the game, please read the description (see above.)
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Nov.11 17:14 Lara Zany is twelve years old. She is from the Friendship Matchmaker Series. In the books, she is well-known at her school for "matching kids up." In other words, she finds people who don't have best friends best friends. There's only one problem, though
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Nov.11 17:15 which is that people don't always appreciate her efforts. In this RP, she is ready to help with anything, but she also likes to stick her nose into other people's businesses.
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.11 17:17 Maria Naccarro is about twelve years old. I'm saying she's about twelve years old because in The Mourning Emporium she doesn't really come up other then in a few sentences.) Maria is from The Undrowned Child and The Mourning Emporium.
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.11 17:18 For most of The Undrowned Child, she makes fun of the main character because of her clothes and is really mean to her. At the end, though, she becomes nice. Maria is obsessed with the latest fashions. In the RP, she is kind and helpful
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.11 17:19 but she can get annoyed easily. (Sorry about this. I can't write a lot in the sentence slots.) She also likes to give fashion advice.
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.11 17:21 (In The Undrowned Child, she was supposed to be the main character's best friend. Her parents are the best friends of the main character's parents. Maria moves to Venice where The Undrowned Child is set at the end of the book, but up until then she's been
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.11 17:21 (staying in Venice.)
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.11 21:45 Teodora Gasperin (called Teo) is 12 years old and is the main character in The Undrowned Child and The Mourning Emporium. Her birth parents drowned when she was a tiny baby, and Teo almost drowned. The fishes of Venice however, breathed into her mouth
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.11 21:47 for her. When she was still a baby,some scientists from Naples adopted her.
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.11 21:47 Then she went to Venice and discovered about her past. It turned out that a ghost was after her and her friend Renzo, and Venice. So in the book they have to try to save the city.
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.11 21:48 Teo's eleven in the first book.
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.11 21:49 In The Mourning Emporium, Teo's friend Renzo looses his mother in a bad storm. His father was already dead, so Renzo got put on a floating orphanage called the Scilla. Teo's parents were kidnapped by the bad guy, but she only finds out about the bad guy
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.11 21:50 part at the end of the book. Teo disguises herself as a boy and goes onto the Scilla.The Scilla is ran by a friend of Teo's named Professor Marin, but then an evil women named Miss Uish takes over the ship and turns the kids into pirates.
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.11 21:52 Then they set sail for London, where Miss Uish is from. The kids kick Miss Uish off the boat, but she survives and gets onto the bad guy's boat. Then Teo and the othe raids find out that London's in danger, and they have to save it!
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.11 21:52 Also, Teo's adopted parents save the day because they can't bear working for the bad guy any longer.
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.11 21:53 In the books and the RP, she is kind and gentle. She also loves cats. She doesn't like fashion and loves to read.
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.11 21:54 Also, in the books, it turns out that there's a Venetian prophecy that is all about an Undrowned Child and a Studious Son, and Renzo's the studious son and Teo's the undrowned child.
13>Katniss (District 12 Tribute), 16yo.2014,Nov.11 22:09 (Hi! I'm going to join as a few characters and a bad guy.)
13>Katniss (District 12 Tribute), 16yo.2014,Nov.11 22:10 (My first character is Katniss, from the book The Hunger Games. The story is about a futuristic region called Panem which is divided into 12 Districts.
13>Katniss (District 12 Tribute), 16yo.2014,Nov.11 22:11 (Katniss is from District 12, the poorest district. When her 12 year old sister Prim is chosen to compete in the 74th Hunger Games, Katniss takes her place.)
13>Katniss (District 12 Tribute), 16yo.2014,Nov.11 22:13 (Katniss is good at hunting and uses a bow and arrow. You could consider her a tomboy because she's not "girly". Her mood can change, but she mostly keeps to herself.)
8>President Snow (President of Panem), 71yo.2014,Nov.11 22:16 (President Snow, also from The Hunger Games. He's basically the evil ruler of Panem, wants to kill Katniss, etc. VERY evil.)
16>Hazel (Cancer patient), 17yo.2014,Nov.11 22:19 (My last character for now is Hazel, from the book The Fault in Our Stars. Yeah, it's a romance book, but actually really good- and doesn't even have much romance.)
16>Hazel (Cancer patient), 17yo.2014,Nov.11 22:21 (Anyways, Hazel has a type of lung cancer and really hates it. She's pretty witty, isn't much for the ordinary, and likes reading a lot, specifically this book called "An Imperial Affliction".)
16>Hazel (Cancer patient), 17yo.2014,Nov.11 22:22  Buying Book (x 1)  
4>Thomas (The Maze Runner), 16yo.2014,Nov.11 22:26 (I'm going to add two quick characters. My first one is Thomas, from The Maze Runner. He is a Runner in the Maze, and is often confused in extreme situations, otherwise friendly.)
15>Ponyboy (The Outsiders), 14yo.2014,Nov.11 22:28 (Ponyboy is from the book "The Outsiders". He is a greaser. Really dreamy and creative, smart as well.)
18>Tris (Divergent), 16yo.2014,Nov.12 02:44 [I call Tris from the fantastic book "Divergent!"]
18>Tris (Divergent), 16yo.2014,Nov.12 02:45 [Divergent is about future dystopian Chicago, where everyone lives in five factions:Abnegation, Erudite, Amity, Candor, and Dauntless. Each person reflects the personality of their faction-Abnegation are the selfless, Erudite are the smart, Amity are
18>Tris (Divergent), 16yo.2014,Nov.12 02:45 the loving, Candor are the honest, and Dauntless are the brave.]
18>Tris (Divergent), 16yo.2014,Nov.12 02:46 [Those who can't fit in are either factionless people, who can't make it through society and become homeless and poor, and Divergents, who are people who can be in multiple factions-AKA, they can be smart AND brave, honest AND loving, etc.]
18>Tris (Divergent), 16yo.2014,Nov.12 02:47 [In the book, Tris (formerly named Beatrice) is a Abnegation girl. Like everyone else, at the age of 16, she takes a test to see what faction she is from. In the end, it turns out she can be from Abnegation, Erudite, AND Dauntless-she's selfless, smart,
18>Tris (Divergent), 16yo.2014,Nov.12 02:48 and brave. When the day came when she had to choose which faction she was from, she chose Dauntless. The rest of the book features her living in the Dauntless faction.]
18>Tris (Divergent), 16yo.2014,Nov.12 02:48 [Of course, it's much more complex than that, but that's basically what the book "Divergent" is about.]
6>The Little Prince (The Little Prince), ???yo.2014,Nov.12 02:52 [I call The Little Prince from "The Little Prince"!]
6>The Little Prince (The Little Prince), ???yo.2014,Nov.12 02:53 [Real name is unknown. Is a very young "prince" who has blond hair, blue eyes, and a nice suit (I can't remember what it looks like right now, though).]
6>The Little Prince (The Little Prince), ???yo.2014,Nov.12 02:54 [The Little Prince is, once again, from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's book "The Little Prince." The book is about a crashed aviator stranded in the desert who meets a strange young person named the Little Prince. He soon finds out the Prince lives on a
6>The Little Prince (The Little Prince), ???yo.2014,Nov.12 02:56 tiny "planet"-Asteroid B-612-that is only the size of a house. The Little Prince, after some interrogating, then tells the aviator the stories of his travels, talking about how he would clear baobab trees from his home and, at one point, tend to a rose
6>The Little Prince (The Little Prince), ???yo.2014,Nov.12 02:57 that suddenly sprouted up on the asteroid. After getting a bit tired of the rose, who bugged the Prince with her needs, the Little Prince set out on his own intergalactic travels, where the final planet he visited being the Earth.]
6>The Little Prince (The Little Prince), ???yo.2014,Nov.12 02:57 [It is my very favorite book of all time, is interesting, and after reading the final chapter I literally cried-and this book is the only book that made me do that.]
6>The Little Prince (The Little Prince), ???yo.2014,Nov.12 02:57 [It was that touching... :')]
9>Firestar (ThunderClan Leader), ???yo.2014,Nov.12 02:59 [I call Hermione from Harry Potter! You guys have all read the books, so you probably know what she looks like, what her personality is, and what the books are about.]
14>Cato+Clove+M.+G. (Careers), 14-18yo.2014,Nov.12 03:03 [I call Clove from the Hunger Games! Is basically the District 2 tribute of the Hunger Games (note that the HG are basically annual gladiatorial games where two tributes from each District between the ages of 12 and 18, one boy and one girl, compete
14>Cato+Clove+M.+G. (Careers), 14-18yo.2014,Nov.12 03:04 in a fight to the death).]
14>Cato+Clove+M.+G. (Careers), 14-18yo.2014,Nov.12 03:04 [Brown eyes, dark hair, targets Katniss a lot. Is vicious and great at throwing knives. A baddie.]
14>Cato+Clove+M.+G. (Careers), 14-18yo.2014,Nov.12 03:04 [Wears her tribute uniform mainly.]
9>Firestar (ThunderClan Leader), ???yo.2014,Nov.12 03:07 [Actually, I'm going to RP as Hermione in a different slot. One sec, I'll change this one to a different character...]
9>Firestar (ThunderClan Leader), ???yo.2014,Nov.12 03:08 [Firestar is from the Warriors series, which is about four groups of feral (wild) cats known as Clans. The Clans are ThunderClan, ShadowClan, WindClan, and RiverClan.]
9>Firestar (ThunderClan Leader), ???yo.2014,Nov.12 03:09 [Firestar started out as an ordinary housecat until he became curious about the forest that was just beyond his backyard. After going into the forest to explore, he was invited by Bluestar, ThunderClan leader, to join her Clan.]
9>Firestar (ThunderClan Leader), ???yo.2014,Nov.12 03:10 [Firestar accepted the offer and helped save ThunderClan from his rival Tigerstar, an evil cat who killed many other cats in order to try to reach his goal of being the leader of all four Clans, and also later on became ThunderClan leader himself.]
9>Firestar (ThunderClan Leader), ???yo.2014,Nov.12 03:11 [Firestar is also linked to the prophecy "Fire alone can save our Clan." Basically Firestar is the "fire."]
9>Firestar (ThunderClan Leader), ???yo.2014,Nov.12 03:11 [He is a ginger cat with kind green eyes. I guess he can speak English in this RP. He is kind, compassionate, strong, and a good leader.]
19>Hermione (Gryffindor Student), 15yo.2014,Nov.12 03:12 [This is my new color/slot for Hermione.]
19>Hermione (Gryffindor Student), 15yo.2014,Nov.12 03:13 [Sorry if this is a sort of dumb or off-subject question, but do comic books count in this RP? Just wondering.]
7>Cara (Erudite), 18-19yo.2014,Nov.12 03:52 Ok, here is my final character for now, Cara from the books Insurgent and Allegiant, the final books in the Divergent series.)
7>Cara (Erudite), 18-19yo.2014,Nov.12 03:54 (She's not that big of a character, but I really liked her as a character. Anyways, she's Will's older sister and is from Erudite, the "smart" faction. She joins Tris and Four and other people's league, but isn't always fond of their actions.)
7>Cara (Erudite), 18-19yo.2014,Nov.12 03:55 (Very smart, logical, may get along with Hermione and Ponyboy due to that.)
7>Cara (Erudite), 18-19yo.2014,Nov.12 03:56 (The book didn't specify what she looked like, but I imagined her to have sandy colored hair in a French braid, a blue Erudite coat and skirt, and to be tall.)
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.12 04:14 (Brunny, is it OK if I'm Scout from To Kill A mockingbird? I know you were Scout in the last Book RP)
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.12 04:19 Amy is from the book Little Women. She is twelve years old and loves to draw. She is kind, but, like Maria, is quick to get annoyed. She is also vain. She is good friends with Maria in the RP.
20>The Scientists (TUC&TME), ???yo.2014,Nov.12 04:23 (Actually, I'll be The Scientists instead.)
20>The Scientists (TUC&TME), ???yo.2014,Nov.12 04:25 (No.)
20>The Scientists (TUC&TME), ???yo.2014,Nov.12 04:26 The Scientists are Teo's parents and Maria's parents. Teo's parents moved to Venice, but Maria's live in Naples, where Teo, Maria, and Teo's parents used to live.)
13>Katniss (District 12 Tribute), 16yo.2014,Nov.12 04:31 (Ok.)
20>The Scientists (TUC&TME), ???yo.2014,Nov.12 04:32 (In the RP, though, everyone wakes up in New York City and windup living there.)
20>The Scientists (TUC&TME), ???yo.2014,Nov.12 04:32 (Hi!)
20>The Scientists (TUC&TME), ???yo.2014,Nov.12 04:33 (The scientists go by their last names. There's Mrs. and Mr. Naccarro, and then there's Mrs. and Mr. Stampara.)
20>The Scientists (TUC&TME), ???yo.2014,Nov.12 04:34 Mr.and Mrs. Naccarro are Maria's parents. In the RP, all they do is science. Nothing else. THey'll be very minor characters in this RP.)
20>The Scientists (TUC&TME), ???yo.2014,Nov.12 04:35 They don't like Maria that much, and she doesn't really like them either.
13>Katniss (District 12 Tribute), 16yo.2014,Nov.12 04:35 (Ok! Sounds good!)
20>The Scientists (TUC&TME), ???yo.2014,Nov.12 04:40 Mr. and Mrs. Stampara are Teo's adoptive parents. They are basically the opposite of Mr. and Mrs. Naccarro. They're still good friends, though.
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.12 04:42 Lorenzo Antonello (call him Renzo) is the Studious Son. He and Teo are also very smart, but Renzo's more of a geek then Teo. He is very proud of his city, Venice,in both the book and the RP. He tends to hang out with Teo.
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.12 04:43 Teo is also a reader of hearts. When people speak, she sees the words that they're saying written in their handwriting over their head. Sorry I didn't add that earlier.
13>Katniss (District 12 Tribute), 16yo.2014,Nov.12 04:43 (Cool facts!)
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2014,Nov.12 04:45 Sargano Alicamoussa is a circus-master. He's adopted most of the Ship Boys. He offered to adopt one but that one refused because he liked to sail more. Mr. Alicamoussa lives with his wife Mercer.They've lived all over the world so they use
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2014,Nov.12 04:45 some strange vocabulary in the book and the RP.
4>Thomas (The Maze Runner), 16yo.2014,Nov.12 04:51 (Ok! So when do we begin?)
6>The Little Prince (The Little Prince), ???yo.2014,Nov.13 03:24 [You can be Scout, Leetka! However...we're out of space for more characters...oh, well. Anyway, yeah, we should start!]
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Nov.16 17:18 (in a sec. Just let me take out one of my characters.)
17>Scout (TKAM), 8yo.2014,Nov.16 17:23 (Hi!)
17>Scout (TKAM), 8yo.2014,Nov.16 17:24 (Scout is actually from the novel To Kill A Mockingbird; sorry about that mistake. I almost put down another character but I changed her at the last minute. I forgot to change the name of the book, though.)
17>Scout (TKAM), 8yo.2014,Nov.16 17:25 Scout is from the novel To Kill A Mockingbird. She is about eight years old and likes to climb trees and play. In the RP, she is very daring. She tends to hang out with all of the children.
20>The Scientists (TUC&TME), ???yo.2014,Nov.16 17:26 Actually, I'll just be Mr. and Mrs. Stampara because Mr. and Mrs. Naccarro don't even come up at all in the second book and they're very minor characters in the first book.
20>The Scientists (TUC&TME), ???yo.2014,Nov.16 17:26 OK, let's start!
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2014,Nov.16 17:27 He is also the one who arranges to rent the apartment.
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Nov.16 17:27 One fine day… BEEP. BEEP.
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Nov.16 17:27 CRAAAAAAASH!
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Nov.16 17:28 *there is a loud bang*
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Nov.16 17:28 *wakes up* *hears everyone else screaming FIRE* *jumps up* Fire? Fire? Where?
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Nov.16 17:28 (Sorry about that.)
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Nov.16 17:28 *she wakes up*
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.16 17:28 *opens her eyes sleepily* Where's my cosmetics?
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2014,Nov.16 17:30 *wakes up* *tiptoes out of the room* *opens the door* *sees a copy of the New York TImes* *looks at it* *gasps* We're in 2014! *runs over to the elevator* *presses the DOWN button* Wait. What is this thing? I wonder if it's a time machine.
3>A/Maggie/Annika (BAD/TSOK/MAM), 11-12yo.2014,Nov.16 17:32 The ship boys are only from the second book. They are very fun characters. In The Mourning Emporium, they are the other kids on the Scilla, a ship that used to be managed by Professor Marin (another character in the book who I'm not including
3>A/Maggie/Annika (BAD/TSOK/MAM), 11-12yo.2014,Nov.16 17:32 (because he dies).
3>A/Maggie/Annika (BAD/TSOK/MAM), 11-12yo.2014,Nov.16 17:36 Then it was taken over by the evil Miss Uish. The kids on the ship are named Emilio, Rosato, Fabrizio, Alfredo, Giovanni, Marco, Sebastiano, and Massimo. E is obsessed with being a sailor, R is really sweet and likes to make things out of wood, F likes to spy, A is just cute, G likes food,
3>A/Maggie/Annika (BAD/TSOK/MAM), 11-12yo.2014,Nov.16 17:38 Mas likes animals and is very quiet, S likes being mischievous, and Mar likes sailing. In the book, everyone gets adopted by Mr. Alicamoussa except for Emilio, who wants to be a sailor.
3>A/Maggie/Annika (BAD/TSOK/MAM), 11-12yo.2014,Nov.16 17:38 (Sorry, just had to introduce them.)
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.16 17:39 *wakes up* Where are all my paints and brushes?
13>Katniss (District 12 Tribute), 16yo.2014,Nov.17 04:55 *grabs her bow and arrows*
16>Hazel (Cancer patient), 17yo.2014,Nov.17 04:56 *wakes up and starts coughing immedietly from the smoke* *tumbles out of bed and grabs her oxygen tank*
15>Ponyboy (The Outsiders), 14yo.2014,Nov.17 04:57 *wakes up, trying to grab a few books, pens, and other stuff* *struggles to carry everything*
7>Cara (Erudite), 18-19yo.2014,Nov.17 04:57 *grabs some of Ponyboy's stuff without being offered to do so*
4>Thomas (The Maze Runner), 16yo.2014,Nov.17 14:04 Wait-who-what-ok, can somebody tell me what's going on?
6>The Little Prince (The Little Prince), ???yo.2014,Nov.20 02:45 *wakes up and looks around rather impatiently* Well, this is very odd. Wasn't I on my planet a moment ago?
6>The Little Prince (The Little Prince), ???yo.2014,Nov.20 02:45 *gets up* Hmmm...
18>Tris (Divergent), 16yo.2014,Nov.20 02:46 *wakes up and looks around**sees a random newspaper lying around and picks it up* 2014...?!
18>Tris (Divergent), 16yo.2014,Nov.20 02:46 Hey-I've gone back in time or something...!! By the way...who are you guys and where am I??
9>Firestar (ThunderClan Leader), ???yo.2014,Nov.20 02:48 *wakes up, expecting to be in his warm nest made of moss in his den in ThunderClan camp**looks around and realizes he is surrounded by Twolegs (humans)* O_O
9>Firestar (ThunderClan Leader), ???yo.2014,Nov.20 02:48 *leaps to his feet and looks around* W-where am I?! *everyone looks at him like 0________0*
19>Hermione (Gryffindor Student), 15yo.2014,Nov.20 02:49 *has awoken by now* What the...cats can't talk...
6>The Little Prince (The Little Prince), ???yo.2014,Nov.20 02:49 This is very odd indeed!
13>Katniss (District 12 Tribute), 16yo.2014,Nov.20 04:54 *screams hoarsely:* Fire!!!
13>Katniss (District 12 Tribute), 16yo.2014,Nov.20 04:54 We need something so we can jump out the window. Someone, rip the headboard off one of the beds.
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Nov.20 06:50 *runs into the kitchen* *finds a big bucket lying around* *fills it with water* *pours it over the flames* * the fire stops*
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Nov.20 06:50 *hears sirens in the distance*
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2014,Nov.20 06:51 *comes back* Hey guys, we'll be renting this apartment together. Isn't that cool? And we're in 2014. *sniffs the air* What happened here?
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.20 06:52 *has woken up by now and grabbed her cosmetics* There was a fire, but it got put out. Wait…we're in the WHAT?!
20>The Scientists (TUC&TME), ???yo.2014,Nov.20 06:53 T-the t-twenty-first c-century...
20>The Scientists (TUC&TME), ???yo.2014,Nov.20 06:55 Mrs. S: *casts a glance towards the newspaper* Where are we?
20>The Scientists (TUC&TME), ???yo.2014,Nov.20 06:56 Mr. Alicamoussa: It seems as if we've landed in New York City...
20>The Scientists (TUC&TME), ???yo.2014,Nov.20 06:56 The Scientists: *stare at each other*
20>The Scientists (TUC&TME), ???yo.2014,Nov.20 06:57 *stares at Mr. Alicamoussa like he's grown two heads*
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.20 06:57 *is putting her easels down* NEW YORK CITY?! Eeeeeee!
3>A/Maggie/Annika (BAD/TSOK/MAM), 11-12yo.2014,Nov.20 06:58 Why are we in 2014 in New York City?
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.20 06:59 Dear me, dear me. *shakes his head while putting his books back* This is certainly not good. Do you think… *turns to Teo*
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.20 06:59 *takes a deep breath* *tries to remain calm* Yeah.
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.20 06:59 *puts her books down*
17>Scout (TKAM), 8yo.2014,Nov.20 07:00 New York City? 2014? I wonder if Maycomb County, Alabama still exists!
17>Scout (TKAM), 8yo.2014,Nov.20 07:00 *is very excited*
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.20 07:01 NEW YORK CITY?! Ohmigosh ohmigosh ohmigosh! *squeals* it's, like, one of the HOMES of fashion!
19>Hermione (Gryffindor Student), 15yo.2014,Nov.20 22:10 Well, we're going to have to find out why we awoke here and how we got into the 21st century.
16>Hazel (Cancer patient), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 22:29 (Maycomb County!! Sorry, I am reading the book currently.)
16>Hazel (Cancer patient), 17yo.2014,Nov.20 22:30 Actually this is sort of the year I'm from, so all I need to know is what years you guys are from so I can tell you how old you are.
15>Ponyboy (The Outsiders), 14yo.2014,Nov.20 22:30 Well I'm from the 60s...
13>Katniss (District 12 Tribute), 16yo.2014,Nov.20 22:30 I have no idea whatsoever.
13>Katniss (District 12 Tribute), 16yo.2014,Nov.20 22:31 But this place is definitely not modern.
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.21 04:08 I'm from 1901.
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.21 04:08 *all the characters from TUC and TME mutter that they are too.*
4>Thomas (The Maze Runner), 16yo.2014,Nov.22 02:48 I don't know where I am, where this place is, what this place is....and I don't know any of you. I'm pretty sure I'm back in time though. It's great to meet you all though. I'm Thomas. *extends a hand to anyone*
7>Cara (Erudite), 18-19yo.2014,Nov.23 00:22 Nice meeting you. *shakes his hand*
16>Hazel (Cancer patient), 17yo.2014,Nov.23 00:23 *tells the characters from TUC and TME that they are over 115 years old*
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.25 06:16 *gasps* Well, I look like a twelve-year-old!
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.25 06:16 *extends her hand* I'm Maria.
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Nov.25 06:20 (Hi, I changed the game master character. Sorry.)
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Nov.25 06:21 Penelope Bailey is eleven years old. She is from the book Penelope Bailey takes the Stage. She's from 1889, so she's also time-traveled. In the book and the RP, she's obsessed with acting and wants to be an actress. In the RP, Penelope is kind and
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Nov.25 06:21 friendly. She also has a tendency to quote from famous plays.
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Nov.25 06:22 *starts reciting a passage from a play *
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.25 06:22 What are you reciting?
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Nov.25 06:22 A passage from a play!
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.25 06:23 Uh…*tries to look interested* …that's nice!
20>The Scientists (TUC&TME), ???yo.2014,Nov.25 06:24 Mrs. S: *turns pale* *leans on her husband's arm* Mr. S: *is muttering in Italian about how there has to be a scientific explanation for the time-traveling thing*
20>The Scientists (TUC&TME), ???yo.2014,Nov.25 06:24 Mrs. S: Is this a dream or something?
17>Scout (TKAM), 8yo.2014,Nov.25 06:25 *pinches herself* Ow, that hurt. This isn't a dream, 'cause it hurt when I pinched myself.
20>The Scientists (TUC&TME), ???yo.2014,Nov.25 06:26 Mrs. S: Don't pinch yourself, dear.
17>Scout (TKAM), 8yo.2014,Nov.25 06:26 Sorry, ma'am.
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.25 06:26 *notices her parents* *runs over to them* *jumps on Mr. S*
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.25 06:27 *is looking for her paints*
4>Thomas (The Maze Runner), 16yo.2014,Nov.26 14:28 *shakes Maria's hand* It's nice to meet you too.
15>Ponyboy (The Outsiders), 14yo.2014,Nov.26 14:28 *looks distantly out the window*
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Nov.26 22:41 (Actually, I'll remove Amy and put in someone else.)
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.26 22:45 The SOF people are the main characters from the School of Fear series. In the book, five children who have deadly fears go to a school to cure their fears.
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.26 22:46 The head of the school is named Mrs. Wellington. She is very old and is obsessed with fashion. She is also very old fashioned and strict. She loves to enter beauty pageants.
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.26 22:46 Schmidty is Mrs. Wellington's very old servant. He speaks in an old-fashioned way. He is very kind.
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.26 22:47 Macaroni is Schmidty's pet bulldog.
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.26 22:48 Abernathy is Mrs. Wellington's stepson. He ran away to the woods when he met her. I don't remember what he's afraid of. The other children found him in the woods in the second book. He likes music, but is a terrible singer. He and Mrs. Wellington don't
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.26 22:48 t along.
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.26 22:48 *get along.*
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.26 22:49 Madeleine is thirteen years old. She is one of the people who comes to the School of Fear. She is from England. She is terrified of bugs. She wears a veil over her head and carries bug spray with her all the time. Other then that, she's pretty much normal
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.26 22:50 as the students in the School of Fear go.
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.26 22:51 Lulu is Madeleine's age. She is from Rhode Island. She is afraid of confined spaces. She has a really harsh temper. She doesn't like Theo, who is another student, or Hycainth, who is also a student.
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.26 22:52 Theodore (Theo) is Lulu and Madeleine's age. He is terrified of death. He is pretty geeky, too, and likes to state creepy facts like how many people died in whatever year. He doesn't really like Lulu. He has a special relationship with Macaroni.
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.26 22:52 Theo
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.26 22:53 is from New York City.
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.26 22:53 so he knows his way around pretty well.
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.26 22:54 Hycainth is ten years old. She is the youngest student there. She is very small for her age. She is from Kansas. She is terrified of being alone, so she carries her pet ferret, Celery, with her all the time. She claims to be able to talk to animals.
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.26 22:55 There are many more ways in which she's weird, and it would take a while to list them, so you'll find out during the RP. She thinks that everyone's her best friend.
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.26 22:55 Celery is her pet ferret. Celery has some really crazy habits, like climbing in people's mouths while they're asleep or going to the bathroom on people.
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.26 22:57 Garrison is fourteen years old. He's terrified of water, which means he's terrified of swimming. Other than that, he's the "cool surfer dude" type of kid. He and Madeleine are sort of in love. He's from Florida.
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.26 22:57 I may or may not add one more character from this book.
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.26 22:58 Hycainth: Well, my name's Hycainth, this is my pet ferret Celery, and let's be besties, everyone! Lulu: Um, NO.
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Nov.27 01:47 Hello, Hycainth. Pleased to meet you. I'm afraid I already have a best friend, however. Hycainth: Oh, that's OK! You can have as many besties as you want, right guys? And call me HiHi.
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Nov.27 01:47 *Celery jumps up onto Penelope and starts peeing on her*
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Nov.27 01:47 Penelope: *shrieks*
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Nov.27 01:48 *starts reciting another passage from another play*
3>A/Maggie/Annika (BAD/TSOK/MAM), 11-12yo.2014,Nov.27 01:52 F; Sniffs the air* What's that smell?
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.27 01:53 Aw, that's just Celery, my ferret. She likes to go to the bathroom on people. Penelope, Celery says she's very sorry and she'll go clean it up. *celery starts sitting on various parts of Penelope*
3>A/Maggie/Annika (BAD/TSOK/MAM), 11-12yo.2014,Nov.27 01:53 *wrinkles his nose* *steps back a little*
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.27 01:54 SHE LIKES TO GO THE BATHROOM ON PEOPLE?! And you're shrugging about it like it's an everyday thing? *glares at HiHi
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.27 01:55 *mutters something under his breath about American pets being impolite*
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.27 01:56 *walks over to Penelope* Madame, let me help you clean up. Shall I find something for you to clean it up with?
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.27 01:56 HiHi: Oh, she already has someone to clean it up for her. *points to Celery*
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.27 01:57 0___0 Really, Hycainth, your pet shouldn't take the trouble.
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.27 01:57 *gingerly lifts up Celery and hands her to HiHi* *mutters under his breath: Must wash my hands...
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.27 01:58 *is having a private moment with her parents*
17>Scout (TKAM), 8yo.2014,Nov.27 01:58 Somethin' smells rotten...
17>Scout (TKAM), 8yo.2014,Nov.27 01:59 (I have no idea what ferret pee smells like, so I'm just making up a random smell for it.)
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.27 01:59 Lulu: That's her stupid ferret. *Celery runs over and starts pooping on Lulu's head* EEEEKKKK!
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.27 04:08 Uh…hi, um, HiHi. I'm Maria.
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.27 04:10 *Celery stops pooping on Lulu and jumps on the back of Maria's nightgown* *she starts peeing on Maria* Ohmygod. Like, that was my best nightgown! Please keep this FERRET away from me!
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.27 04:10 And I kind of already have a best friend.
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.27 04:11 HiHi: *repeats what she said about having more then one best friend*
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.27 15:40 *has finally stopped hugging her parents* *runs over* *sees the damage* *HiHi comes over and introduces herself* Hi, HiHi, it's a pleasure to meet you.
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.27 15:41 HiHi: Celery says hello too… *Celery runs over to Teo* Maria: STEP BACK, TEO! CELERY LIKES TO USE THE BATHROOM ON PEOPLE!
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.27 15:43 *Teo steps back* Teo: Thanks,Maria. HiHi: Hey, I have new nicknames for everyone. Penelope,is it OK if I call you Pen-Pen? Maria, may I call you Mar-Mar? Teodora, may I call you Te-Te? Teo: Actually, just call me Teo.
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.27 15:44 HiHi: And this is my No. 1 best friend, Mad-Mad. *points to Madeleine* Madeleine: I will only start thinking about being your best friend if you tell me who the president of the USA is! (Actually, Madeleine's a little geeky, too. She's obsessed with
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.27 15:44 presidents.)
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.27 15:45 HiHi: George Washington! Madeleine: *rolls her eyes*
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.27 15:45 Theo: *walks into the room* Hey, guess how many people died this year? *Macaroni is trailing behind Theo*
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.27 15:46 *rolls her eyes at Theo*
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Nov.27 15:48 No offense, but I'd rather read a play than know how many people died this year.
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Nov.27 15:51 *runs over to the bedroom window* *sees someone who looks and is dressed like her aunt*
20>The Scientists (TUC&TME), ???yo.2014,Nov.27 15:53 Mrs. S: *sniffs the air, which now smells even worse* *moves over to the part of the room where HiHi is* *takes in the damage*
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.27 15:53 *sees Mrs. S* Oh, hi! I was wondering whether you were here.
20>The Scientists (TUC&TME), ???yo.2014,Nov.27 15:54 Hello, Maria.
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.27 15:55 *Mrs. Wellingron walks into the room* Mrs. Wellington: Hello…*looks at the damage* Hycainth, what did your ferret do this time?
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.27 15:56 *turns to the people who aren't from School of Fear* I'm very sorry about Hycainth. She's one of my students. *notices the traffic* Where are we?
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.27 15:56 New York City, 2014.
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.27 15:57 Wonder how we got into New York City from Farmington. (Farmington is the town where the school is located) And I KNOW it's 2014. Don't think I've lost track of time.
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.27 15:58 I just thought that you were from earlier, since most people here are. Mrs. Wellington: Oh my goodness, no! And time-travel? Very interesting! What century are you from?
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.27 15:59 Teo: Um, we're from 1901...
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2014,Nov.27 16:01 Sorry guys - one last character change. Mary Poppins, from Mary Poppins. In the book, she's the nanny to some children. I won't include them in this RP because I don't really want to create another set of characters in one slot. Mary Poppins is basically
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2014,Nov.27 16:02 like Mr. Alicamoussa, except for she's a woman and she's from England. She also time-traveled. I
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2014,Nov.27 16:02 She is the one who persuades the landlord to rent the apartment to them.
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2014,Nov.27 16:03 (I may or may not change another character)
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2014,Nov.27 16:04 (She also seems very strict, but actually isn't really.)
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2014,Nov.27 16:04 *walks over to HiHi* Little girl, take your ferret away and get some towels!
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.27 16:05 HiHi: Oh, are you Mary Poppins? Then you're another Mar-Mar. I'm HiHi, and I've seen your movie!
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2014,Nov.27 16:06 Um…wait. There's a movie about me?
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2014,Nov.27 16:06 HiHi: Yeah, and a musical, too! So! Where are the kids you babysit for?
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2014,Nov.27 16:07 Mary Poppins: Babysit? What's that? Oh, hold on just a sec. JANE! MICHAEL! *runs around the apartment searching for them* *doesn't find them anywhere* *comes back in a little while* Sorry, no sign of them.
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2014,Nov.27 16:13 *rolls her eyes* Supercalefragelisticexpialidotious! (In the RP, she'll be saying that a lot!)
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.27 16:14 *starts humming the tune to the song*
20>The Scientists (TUC&TME), ???yo.2014,Nov.27 16:16 Mr. S: That sounds like a science word! Mary Poppins: I don't believe it is.HYCAINTH! GET SOME TOWELS!
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.27 16:16 *comes back with some towels* Here you go! *everyone who has been peed or pooped on by Celery takes one*
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2014,Nov.27 16:17 Really, young man, you shouldn't have done all that work. Hycainth should have done it herself, since it was really her fault. Renzo: True...
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.27 16:18 And you may call me Renzo.
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2014,Nov.27 16:18 Mary Poppins: All right, Renzo.
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.27 16:24 Theo: Oh no, oh no, now everyone's going to die. CALL AN AMBULENCE! IF YOU DON'T, THEN I'LL CALL ONE MYSELF!
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.27 16:25 I don't think we'll die.
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.27 16:25 We will, we will, we will will will will will! *starts crying loudly*
20>The Scientists (TUC&TME), ???yo.2014,Nov.27 16:27 Mrs. S: Um, I'm a scientist. And no one's going to die.
20>The Scientists (TUC&TME), ???yo.2014,Nov.27 16:27 Maria: I TOLD you so!
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.27 16:28 *looks up from his tears* Well, if you're a scientist and if you say so...
20>The Scientists (TUC&TME), ???yo.2014,Nov.27 16:28 Mrs. S: *pats him on the back a few times*
17>Scout (TKAM), 8yo.2014,Nov.27 16:30 Hey, y'all! When are we going to go outside? Firestar: Hopefully soon. Scout: A TALKING CAT? LOOK AT THAT, YOU ALL! A TALKING CAT!
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.27 16:30 *is not all that surprised to see a talking cat* (In TUC and TME, there are talking cats.)
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.27 16:30 Big. Deal.
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.27 16:31 Mrs. Wellington: *comes back into the room, with her hair in curlers*
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.27 16:31 How d'you all like my new look?
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.27 16:31 *flashes a movie-star smile*
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.27 16:32 Oooh, I looooooove it!
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.27 16:33 Mrs. Wellington: Thank you, Whatever-your-name-is. Maria: I'm Maria. Mrs. Wellington, Well then, thank you, Maria!
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2014,Nov.27 16:38 EVERYONE SHOULD CHANGE THEIR CLOTHES FOR SAFETY!
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.27 16:39 *whispers to Rosato in Venetian* Translation: She's like a second Miss Uish! Rosato: She's a little nicer. You're right, though.
3>A/Maggie/Annika (BAD/TSOK/MAM), 11-12yo.2014,Nov.27 16:41 E: I could use some fresh air…*opens the window and sits down right near it* *an ambulance comes rushing by with its siren on* What's that? *puts his hands over his ears*
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.27 16:41 Theo: It's called an ambulance. And I'm beginning to think that we should call one again.*gets up* *starts toward the stairs*
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.27 16:42 Everyone else in the room: NO!
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.27 16:42 *continues to run*
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.27 16:42 STOP HIM!
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.27 16:42 Maria: *gets up* *follows Theo*
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.27 16:43 Maria: *gets up* *follows Theo*
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.27 16:43 (Sorry for reposting that)
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.27 16:57 *Everyone who's been pooped or peed on by Celery goes into the bathroom to change* *Theo comes back* *Maria is dragging him*
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.27 16:57 *waits for the bathroom*
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.27 16:58 *looks for her favorite book in the meantime*
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.27 16:58 Lulu: *walks out, looking much cleaner* *is dressed in new clothes*
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Nov.27 16:59 *is next in line* *walks in* *comes out a little while later, all clean*
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.27 17:00 *walks in* *comes out a few minutes later, all clean, with lots of blush and lipstick on*
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2014,Nov.27 17:00 Whew. Thank god. It was scary, being captured. *shudders at the memory*
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2014,Nov.27 17:00 (Sorry for posting that.) Whew.
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2014,Nov.27 17:00 Supercalefragelisticexpialidocious! *sighs with relief*
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.27 17:01 Yeah, yeah, yeah. Could you say that in English? Mary Poppins: It IS English!
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.27 17:13 Lulu: Whatever.
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.27 17:13 *walks over to a random CD player* *puts in a random CD* *THE MARRIAGE OF FIGARO bursts through the loudspeakers*
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.27 17:14 Abernathy: *walks into the room* What's that? Lulu: Opera. DUH.
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.27 17:15 Could you turn this thing down a little? What is this, anyway?
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.27 17:16 A CD PLAYER. IT'S LIKE A RECORD PLAYER. Maria: WHAT'S A RECORD PLAYER? Lulu: YOU DON'T KNOW?
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.27 17:16 Um, no...
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Nov.27 17:17 *starts trying to sing along with the music* *also tries to act with it*
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Nov.27 17:17 *The singing starts*
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.27 17:18 Uh, Penelope? Are you sure you… *Penelope is swaying and trying to say the words really loudly*
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Nov.27 17:18 No, no, don't worry about me. I'm just fine.
15>Ponyboy (The Outsiders), 14yo.2014,Nov.28 00:23 *looks out the window* How about we go take a walk outside?
13>Katniss (District 12 Tribute), 16yo.2014,Nov.28 00:24 Yeah. That would be fun.
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.28 01:46 OK!
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Nov.28 04:09 *everyone goes outside*
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.28 04:11 *looks at the street* This is NOT like Venice. Or Naples, for that matter.
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.28 04:13 Lulu: Well, what did you expect, for this to look like the countryside? Yeah, then it would probably not look like Venice or Naples either…still. What did you expect, Boston? Providence? Some major but not as busy city? This is NEW YORK, for god's sakes.
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.28 04:14 Well, I've only been here for a day!
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.28 04:16 *sees a lady yammering on a cell phone* What's that thing? *turns to Mrs. S* Do you know?
20>The Scientists (TUC&TME), ???yo.2014,Nov.28 04:16 No...
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.28 04:16 Can we go shopping?
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Nov.28 04:17 Not if I'm coming. I don't exactly like fashion, sorry...
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.28 04:17 Yeah, me neither.
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Nov.28 04:18 *doesn't want to upset Maria* But I guess I'll go...
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.28 04:18 Me too...
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.28 04:19 *everyone heads towards the nearest boutique*
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.28 04:20 Mrs. Wellington: An excellent idea, dear. *sees a long avenue up ahead* Hey, that's Madison Avenue! *is unable to control herself* *starts running* Schmidty: *struggles to keep up with her*
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.28 04:20 Firestar: Slow down!
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.28 04:22 Mrs. Wellngton: What the?! *sees Firestar* IT'S A TALKING CAT! *starts walking around in circles with a finger pointed at Firestar* *all the passerbys stare at the book characters* *some of them recognize Hermione, Katniss, and Mary Poppins* *one person
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.28 04:24 recognizes Firestar* Person: There's Firestar! And Hermione and Katniss and Mary Poppins! *everyone takes out their iPhones* Everyone who isn't in the books: SELFIE!
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2014,Nov.28 04:24 *someone snaps a selfie of herself and Mary Poppins*
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2014,Nov.28 04:25 What are you doing, ma'am? Leave me alone, thank you very much! Person: But I'm taking a selfie!
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.28 04:26 *the same thing happens* Ooooh, can I see your toy? *tries to reach for the iPhone*
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.28 04:27 Person: Don't you know what an iPhone is? Look at your clothes, you probably don't. You can hold it, but be very careful not to drop it. And it's not a toy! Maria: *takes the iPhone from Selfie Person No. 2* *holds it for a minute* *hands it back*
20>The Scientists (TUC&TME), ???yo.2014,Nov.28 04:28 *whispers in Italian* Translation: I'm thinking this iPhone thing is dangerous. Mr. S: Me too. (iPhone actually have radiation, but I like them anyway.)
20>The Scientists (TUC&TME), ???yo.2014,Nov.28 04:30 (I don't use iPhones a lot, though. I am getting an iPod for my birthday. It's a special kind of iPod that doesn't carry radiation.)
20>The Scientists (TUC&TME), ???yo.2014,Nov.28 04:30 *I'm*
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.28 04:31 *sees someone who looks a lot like Sylvie Montgomery walking by* (Sylvie Montgomery is the bad guy. She's determined to destroy the School of Fear. She works for a newspaper. Sylvie is very fat and looks a lot like a pig)
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2014,Nov.28 04:32 Supercalefragelisticexpialidocious! *sighs with relief*
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2014,Nov.28 04:33 (sorry for reposting that) Supercalefragelisticexpialidocious! This crowd is getting on my nerves.
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.28 04:34 *overhears Mr. and Mrs. S talking* In Italian: No, it's NOT dangerous! It's, like, some kind of thing where you can do everything you want on it. At leas that's aha tit looks like to me!
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.28 04:34 *what it*
14>Cato+Clove+M.+G. (Careers), 14-18yo.2014,Nov.28 04:35 [Hi Leetka!]
14>Cato+Clove+M.+G. (Careers), 14-18yo.2014,Nov.28 04:35 [Long time no see! :D How come you don't go on Movie RP anymore?]
14>Cato+Clove+M.+G. (Careers), 14-18yo.2014,Nov.28 04:36 [Also, may I have a summary of what happened on here?]
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Nov.28 04:36 *a person takes a selfie of herself and Penelope* Penelope: May I see your thingy? Person: Sure. *hands it over* Penelope: *looks at it* Can you read plays on this thing? Person: Yeah, I guess. Now could I please have it back?
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Nov.28 04:36 (Hi! Sorry. I was going to go onto Movie RP later.)
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Nov.28 04:36 (in a while.)
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Nov.28 04:37 (Basically, I changed some of my characters, and everyone's taking a walk. They've been stopped by passerby's who are taking selfles of themselves and the book people.
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Nov.28 04:37 (sorry for spelling that wrong)
14>Cato+Clove+M.+G. (Careers), 14-18yo.2014,Nov.28 04:39 [It's fine!]
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.28 04:39 *switches back to English* SO, CAN WE GO SHOPPING ALREADY? Madeleine: You sound like Lulu. Lulu: I heard that!
14>Cato+Clove+M.+G. (Careers), 14-18yo.2014,Nov.28 04:39 [Want to go to Composer RP?]
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.28 04:39 (Did you look at the summaries for the new characters?)
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.28 04:39 (Sure! Let's be on both.)
14>Cato+Clove+M.+G. (Careers), 14-18yo.2014,Nov.28 04:40 [OK! Also, I haven't looked at the summaries for the new characters.]
14>Cato+Clove+M.+G. (Careers), 14-18yo.2014,Nov.28 04:40 [Let me look real quick...]
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.28 04:41 (You might want to look at them, because some of them are really long and I don't know how to repost things.)
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.28 04:41 (Sorry. My replies may be slow.)
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.28 04:45 (Hello?)
14>Cato+Clove+M.+G. (Careers), 14-18yo.2014,Nov.28 04:45 [I read the character changes. Mary Poppins is awesome! :D]
14>Cato+Clove+M.+G. (Careers), 14-18yo.2014,Nov.28 04:45 [Sorry, I was reading the character changes.]
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.28 04:49 (Thanks!)
9>Firestar (ThunderClan Leader), ???yo.2014,Nov.28 04:49 *random people are grabbing him, petting him, and, of course, taking selfies* What-hey!! Let me go, Twolegs! *they pay no attention to his pleas*
9>Firestar (ThunderClan Leader), ???yo.2014,Nov.28 04:49 [I've only seen the movie Mary Poppins, though. I haven't read the book.]
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.28 04:50 (I've read the book.)
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.28 04:51 *Macaroni is also being petted* *so is Celery*
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.28 04:51 Celery: *is a little annoyed* *marks her territory on one person* Person: EW! That ferret just pooped on me...
9>Firestar (ThunderClan Leader), ???yo.2014,Nov.28 04:54 *looks at Celery* I wonder what kind of animal that is... *Macaroni spots him and starts barking at him**gets a bit scared*
6>The Little Prince (The Little Prince), ???yo.2014,Nov.28 04:56 *he is the one with probably the fewest fans, but he is annoyed by them anyway* What is going on? *is bombarded with questions about him, but he answers none of them and makes statements about the current situation*
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.28 04:58 Person: SOMEBODY GET ME A TISSUE!
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.28 05:00 *poses for pictures*
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.28 05:00 *flashes movie-star smiles*
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.28 05:00 Mrs. Wellington: *is also posing for pictures and flashing movie-star smiles*
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Nov.28 05:02 (I have to go now, bye!)
6>The Little Prince (The Little Prince), ???yo.2014,Nov.28 05:05 [Bye!]
18>Tris (Divergent), 16yo.2014,Nov.28 05:05 *is meanwhile stuck in an awkward situation* Er-I don't really know-what's a selfie-wait, what??-er, no thanks...
19>Hermione (Gryffindor Student), 15yo.2014,Nov.28 05:06 *sighs, getting tired of all the pictures* Alright, get back. Person:Or what? *snaps another pic in Hermione's face* Hermione: -.- Or I'll jinx you. Person:O_O Okay...bye!! *runs away*
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Nov.28 05:10 (I may be able to stay on for a little while longer, but my replies will be really slow.)
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Nov.28 05:12 What? AAAAHHHH! No, I don't want…STOP TAKING PICTURES OF ME! Are you going to report me to the police? Person: *jumps ten feet into the air* What?! No…I thought I read a book about you. Ir you're a criminal…Penelope: I'm not! It's just, in my day..Person:
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Nov.28 05:12 *comes back*
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Nov.28 05:15 (Hello?)
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Nov.28 05:24 (I have to go now, bye!)
16>Hazel (Cancer patient), 17yo.2014,Nov.28 15:47 *someone starts crying in her face* Are you?... Hazel: Just get out of my way. I don't want any pictures with anyone!
13>Katniss (District 12 Tribute), 16yo.2014,Nov.28 16:15 *people crowd around her* *sees a Mockingjay pin phone cover among the many (i)phones* Please, just get out of my way- *struggles to push through the crowd*
7>Cara (Erudite), 18-19yo.2014,Nov.28 17:49 Maybe we should disguise ourselves. There's a clothing store right over- *trips over a fan*
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.28 18:02 Yeah...
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.28 18:03 *sees an iPhone with a mermaid design on the cover* *the owner comes over* IT'S THE UNDROWNED CHILD! Ohmygosh ohmygosh ohmygosh!SELFIE!*snaps a picture*
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.28 18:04 Teo: No thank you…it's very nice to meet you, but I don't like having pictures taken of me anymore...
17>Scout (TKAM), 8yo.2014,Nov.28 18:05 *person comes over* Person: Hi, Scout!
17>Scout (TKAM), 8yo.2014,Nov.28 18:05 Scout: Hey...
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.28 18:35 TUC&TME fan No. 5: Hi, Renzo! Renzo: Um, hi!
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.28 18:37 *a fan starts babbling about how much she loves fashion* That's it, I'm getting out of here! *starts running towards Madison Avenue*
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.28 18:38 COME BACK! WAIT FOR US! *Maria doesn't come*
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.28 18:38 *repeats what Teo said in Venetian*
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.28 18:38 Can't…stay…here…any…longer...
17>Scout (TKAM), 8yo.2014,Nov.28 18:39 *starts running after Maria*
20>The Scientists (TUC&TME), ???yo.2014,Nov.28 18:40 *notice that Maria's gone*
20>The Scientists (TUC&TME), ???yo.2014,Nov.28 18:40 Mr.S: I'm going after her.
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2014,Nov.28 18:41 Supercalefrageisticexpialedocious! *runs after Maria and Scout*
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2014,Nov.28 18:41 *everyone starts going after Maria and Scout* *the fans follow them*
17>Scout (TKAM), 8yo.2014,Nov.28 19:47 *is wheezing a little*
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.28 19:48 *Theo is wheezing a lot and trying to catch his breath* Theo: I…think…I…have…asthma…I…need…to…go…to…a…hospital...
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.28 19:49 Mrs. Wellngton: You mean, you're having an asthma attack. Theo: Yeah...
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.28 19:52 HOS…PIT…AL!
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.28 19:54 *a tourist suddenly taps Mrs. Wellington on the shoulder and starts speaking rapid-fire Spanish* Translation: Excuse me, I need to know where the nearest bathroom is right away, pleeeeeaaasssseeee help!
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.28 19:54 Mrs. Wellington: English, please.
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.28 19:55 Tourist in Spanish: I don't know English! Mrs. Wellington: Does anyone know Spanish?
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.28 19:55 *the tourist is waving her arms around and hopping up on one foot now*
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2014,Nov.28 19:56 Not me. I'm afraid that's one thing I don 't know. Well, I know a few words. Still.
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2014,Nov.28 19:56 Firestar: What's Spanish? *the tourist notices Firestar and screams*
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.28 19:57 Me neither.
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.28 19:57 I don't believe Venetian would help?
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.28 19:58 *I don't suppose Venetian would help?
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.28 19:58 Whatever.
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.28 19:59 *says something in Venetian* Translation: I
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.28 19:59 I'm new to this place - and this century, but I'd say you should try a store.
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.28 20:00 Tourist: I CAN'T UNDERSTAND YOU!"
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.28 20:00 (sorry)
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.28 20:01 HiHi: Celery says you should just climb up onto one of us and use the bathroom on us. She says we make very good toilets.
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2014,Nov.28 20:03 *says something in broken Spanish* Translation: Bathroom in store. *points to Madison Avenue* *The tourist runs off and comes back a second later, saying something about no bathrooms*
7>Cara (Erudite), 18-19yo.2014,Nov.29 18:46 *wanders over to a clothing store on Madison Ave,*
7>Cara (Erudite), 18-19yo.2014,Nov.29 18:47  Buying Shirt (x 20)  
7>Cara (Erudite), 18-19yo.2014,Nov.29 18:47  Buying Pants (x 20)  
13>Katniss (District 12 Tribute), 16yo.2014,Nov.29 18:48 *Cara beckons them over to the store* *goes over with everyone else*
7>Cara (Erudite), 18-19yo.2014,Nov.29 18:49  Giving Shirt (x 1) to Penelope Bailey  
7>Cara (Erudite), 18-19yo.2014,Nov.29 18:49  Giving Shirt (x 1) to Maria/Aislinn  
7>Cara (Erudite), 18-19yo.2014,Nov.29 18:49  Giving Shirt (x 1) to A/Maggie/Annika  
7>Cara (Erudite), 18-19yo.2014,Nov.29 18:49  Giving Shirt (x 1) to Thomas  
7>Cara (Erudite), 18-19yo.2014,Nov.29 18:49  Giving Shirt (x 1) to People from SOF  
7>Cara (Erudite), 18-19yo.2014,Nov.29 18:50  Giving Shirt (x 1) to The Little Prince  
7>Cara (Erudite), 18-19yo.2014,Nov.29 18:50  Giving Shirt (x 1) to Mary Poppins/Daphne  
7>Cara (Erudite), 18-19yo.2014,Nov.29 18:50  Giving Shirt (x 1) to LA/TM/AD  
7>Cara (Erudite), 18-19yo.2014,Nov.29 18:50  Giving Shirt (x 1) to TG/TM/AG/BF  
7>Cara (Erudite), 18-19yo.2014,Nov.29 18:51  Giving Shirt (x 1) to Katniss  
7>Cara (Erudite), 18-19yo.2014,Nov.29 18:51  Giving Shirt (x 1) to Ponyboy  
7>Cara (Erudite), 18-19yo.2014,Nov.29 18:51  Giving Shirt (x 1) to Hazel  
7>Cara (Erudite), 18-19yo.2014,Nov.29 18:51  Giving Shirt (x 1) to Scout  
7>Cara (Erudite), 18-19yo.2014,Nov.29 18:55  Giving Shirt (x 1) to Tris  
7>Cara (Erudite), 18-19yo.2014,Nov.29 18:55  Giving Shirt (x 1) to Hermione  
7>Cara (Erudite), 18-19yo.2014,Nov.29 18:56  Giving Shirt (x 1) to The Scientists  
7>Cara (Erudite), 18-19yo.2014,Nov.29 18:56 Okay, hope everyone got a shirt...
3>A/Maggie/Annika (BAD/TSOK/MAM), 11-12yo.2014,Nov.30 17:11 One last (really last) character change. Annabelle Stevens is eleven years old. She is from the Boys are Dogs series. The movie ZAPPED is based on BOYS ARE DOGS and Zoey is based on Annabelle.
3>A/Maggie/Annika (BAD/TSOK/MAM), 11-12yo.2014,Nov.30 17:12 n the books, Annabelle is pretty much normal. She likes animals, and spending time with her friends. But she thinks most boys are disgusting. In the books, she finds out how to train the boys in her school, which is to talk to them like she talks to her
3>A/Maggie/Annika (BAD/TSOK/MAM), 11-12yo.2014,Nov.30 17:13 dog Pepper because that's the only way they'll listen.
3>A/Maggie/Annika (BAD/TSOK/MAM), 11-12yo.2014,Nov.30 17:13 Yup. Ooh, I like mine!
3>A/Maggie/Annika (BAD/TSOK/MAM), 11-12yo.2014,Nov.30 17:13 Thanks!
3>A/Maggie/Annika (BAD/TSOK/MAM), 11-12yo.2014,Nov.30 17:13 *runs to try it on*
20>The Scientists (TUC&TME), ???yo.2014,Nov.30 17:17 Tourist in Spanish: Could someone please ask where the bathroom is? Mr. S: *decides to see whether she can understand Italian* *says something to her* Translation: You might want to ask someone who works here...
20>The Scientists (TUC&TME), ???yo.2014,Nov.30 17:17 Tourist: *says something in Spanish: Translation: I can't understand you!
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2014,Nov.30 17:19 *translates in broken Spanish* Tourist: *struggles to understand Mary Poppins* *she goes over to a person who looks like she works in the store* *the person points* *the tourist thanks the book people* *she runs off towards the bathrooms*
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Nov.30 17:20 *looks at her shirt* *turns to Annabelle* We have the same shirt! Annabelle: *looks at her shirt and then at Teo's shirt* Yeah, we do!
17>Scout (TKAM), 8yo.2014,Nov.30 17:21 *looks towards the tourist* Well, THAT was interesting… Madeleine: Not.
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.30 18:35 *looks at her shirt* I'd like something a little…fancier. *looks at the other shirts* *sees one that she likes*
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.30 18:35  Buying Shirt (x 1)  
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Nov.30 18:37 *decides that she doesn't feel up for wearing pants yet*
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.30 18:38  Buying Shirt (x 1)  Garrison: *looks at his shirt* Hey, that's a GIRLS' shirt!
3>A/Maggie/Annika (BAD/TSOK/MAM), 11-12yo.2014,Nov.30 18:38 Garrison. That's. Rude.
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Nov.30 18:39 *blushes* Sorry.
13>Katniss (District 12 Tribute), 16yo.2014,Dec.1 00:19 *comes out wearing an "I love NY" T-shirt*
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Dec.1 04:12 *comes out wearing a hot pink tee*
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Dec.1 04:13  Buying Dress (x 1)  
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Dec.1 04:13 *decides to buy a dress as well* *runs to try it on*
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.1 04:14 I am NOT changing my clothes yet, thank you. *shoves the shirt back into Cara's hands*
7>Cara (Erudite), 18-19yo.2014,Dec.2 03:26 *takes the shirt back* Okay. Whoever wants a different shirt, I have extra. And whoever wants pants, just ask me.
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.2 03:41 *everyone asks for pants except for Maria* Why don't we all go out to a restarauht?
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.2 03:42 *restaraunt*
7>Cara (Erudite), 18-19yo.2014,Dec.2 04:32 Ok, it sounds like a nice idea.
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.2 04:33 *all my characters walk out the door* Cara: Wait for us!
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.2 04:33 *Cara pays*
7>Cara (Erudite), 18-19yo.2014,Dec.2 04:34 *is finished paying* Okay, let's go to a restaurant. You guys can decide.
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.2 04:38 I pick…that one! *points to a random restaraunt*
7>Cara (Erudite), 18-19yo.2014,Dec.2 04:38 *they walk towards the restaurant*
3>A/Maggie/Annika (BAD/TSOK/MAM), 11-12yo.2014,Dec.2 04:38 All right, let's go. *walks out the door*
4>Thomas (The Maze Runner), 16yo.2014,Dec.2 04:39 I hope this serves good food. Ponyboy: We'll find out.
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Dec.2 04:39 I'd rather spend more time there, but OK. *hears a low rumble* Okay, I guess I do want to get food.
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Dec.2 04:41 *looks around*
13>Katniss (District 12 Tribute), 16yo.2014,Dec.2 04:43 That was me, sorry. I've just been a little bit hungry these days.
13>Katniss (District 12 Tribute), 16yo.2014,Dec.2 04:46 (gtg, bye!)
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Dec.2 04:51 (Bye!)
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Dec.2 04:52 Oh, okay. I thought it was me.
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.2 04:52 *enters the restaurant*
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.2 04:52 *everyone else follows*
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.2 04:53 *a waiter gestures for them to sit down at a huge table* Waiter; May I take your orders?
18>Tris (Divergent), 16yo.2014,Dec.2 04:58 [Summary?]
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.2 05:03 (They went onto Madison Avenue and into a clothing store._
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.2 05:03 (Then they went out to eat lunch. They've just arrived at the restaurant.)
18>Tris (Divergent), 16yo.2014,Dec.2 05:12 [OK.]
18>Tris (Divergent), 16yo.2014,Dec.2 05:12 *eats a burger* You know, my friend from Dauntless named Christina loved burgers.
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.2 05:12 Uh…what's a burger?
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.2 05:13 Annabelle: You don't know what a burger is? Teo: No.
3>A/Maggie/Annika (BAD/TSOK/MAM), 11-12yo.2014,Dec.2 05:13 *explains to Teo what a burger is* *the waiter comes back with the rest of their orders*
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.2 05:15 *is the only one who hasn't ordered anything yet* Waiter: What would you like to order, young man? Renzo: *starts rattling off the names of various dishes that he likes* Waiter: Hold on, kid. This restaurant's crowded. We can't take any of your orders, so
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.2 05:15 we'll just give you some random dishes. Renzo: *gives the waiter the evil eye*
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.2 05:16 *the waiter goes and comes back with a bunch of dishes in a few minutes* Waiter: Here ya go. Renzo: Thank you. By the way, what's your accent? (Renzo is sort of a language/history geek) You don't sound English to me. Waiter: New Yawk City, kid. Don'tcha
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.2 05:16 your accents? Renzo: Oh…yeah...
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.2 05:17 *blushes*
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.2 05:17 *the waiter leaves*
6>The Little Prince (The Little Prince), ???yo.2014,Dec.2 05:18 This is very odd indeed!
6>The Little Prince (The Little Prince), ???yo.2014,Dec.2 05:18 *inspects his burger* This reminds me of what one man was eating on a little planet I visited not long ago... *starts telling a strange story about some of his travels*
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.2 05:21 *looks at The Little Prince like 0_0
20>The Scientists (TUC&TME), ???yo.2014,Dec.2 05:22 *are interested, but don't really believe it anyway*
20>The Scientists (TUC&TME), ???yo.2014,Dec.2 05:22 *are weirded out by the story*
6>The Little Prince (The Little Prince), ???yo.2014,Dec.2 05:22 ...and so I flew on my flock of birds to the next little planet-or as many people say, asteroid-and I met the man eating the strange so-called "burger."
6>The Little Prince (The Little Prince), ???yo.2014,Dec.2 05:23 We had a chat, and he told me about his obsession with burgers. I shortly got bored and eventually left the man to go on with his burger business, not satisfied with my travels yet at all.
6>The Little Prince (The Little Prince), ???yo.2014,Dec.2 05:23 [Note that in the book, the Little Prince never met a burger-eating man, although he met many strange men living on their own little asteroids during his travels.]
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.2 05:24 *says something to Teo in Venetian* Translation: That waiter was so rude…Teo: Renzo, YOU'RE sort of being rude. Renzo: *blushes* *knows that Maria and Mr. and Mrs. Stampara and maybe some random people in the restaurant can understand him and Teo*
20>The Scientists (TUC&TME), ???yo.2014,Dec.2 05:24 Mrs. S: I hate to interrupt, but although this story is, uh, very interesting, I don't think that could happen.
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Dec.2 05:25 Lulu: Stop speaking Russian!
6>The Little Prince (The Little Prince), ???yo.2014,Dec.2 05:29 *looks at The Scientists* What do you mean?! I LIVE on my own little planet, and I can tell you all about it!
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.2 05:29 *is really offended* *gets out of control for a second* *dumps half of his soup onto Lulu's head*
6>The Little Prince (The Little Prince), ???yo.2014,Dec.2 05:30 Or at least I once lived on it. You know, I used to have all these troubles with boabab trees. Boabab seeds would blow around through the galaxies and I had to uproot their little saplings before they grow too big. It was hard work.
20>The Scientists (TUC&TME), ???yo.2014,Dec.2 05:30 I'm sorry, dear, but that's just not possible. How can you possibly live on another planet? All right, I guess you could, but you probably wouldn't be able to survive there for very long.
20>The Scientists (TUC&TME), ???yo.2014,Dec.2 05:31 Yes, I suppose it would be hard work uprooting baobab saplings. (I've never heard of that kind of tree.)
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Dec.2 05:32 *tries to throw some mashed potatoes at Renzo* *accidentally hits The Little Prince*
6>The Little Prince (The Little Prince), ???yo.2014,Dec.2 05:36 *falls backwards in his chair, potato in his face* Oof!!
6>The Little Prince (The Little Prince), ???yo.2014,Dec.2 05:36 *gets back up and wipes the potato from his face* That was quite unpleasant...
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Dec.2 05:37 *laughs*
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Dec.2 05:37 Ha ha, looser.
6>The Little Prince (The Little Prince), ???yo.2014,Dec.2 05:37 *starts ignoring what other people are saying and going on with his stories, as he often does in the book* I had this Rose on my little planet who always needed my care. I wonder how she is doing.
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.2 05:37 I know you were aiming for me!
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Dec.2 05:38 *throws some more mashed potatoes at Renzo* *they hit him right on the nose*
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2014,Dec.2 05:39 Spit-spot!
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2014,Dec.2 05:39 *everyone ignores her*
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.2 05:39 *can't help but lick a little* Disgusting! *grabs a paper towel* *wipes them off his face*
3>A/Maggie/Annika (BAD/TSOK/MAM), 11-12yo.2014,Dec.2 05:40 *scoots her chair a bit back*
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Dec.2 05:40 *also scoots her chair a bit back*
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Dec.2 05:41 *joins the fun*
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Dec.2 05:45 *throws a slice of pizza at Scout* *the pizza lands on Scout's head*
17>Scout (TKAM), 8yo.2014,Dec.2 05:45 Y'all are putting some really good food to waste. Mmm, don't mind if I do. *eats the slice of pizza*
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Dec.2 05:46 is furious with herself for being so stupid*
6>The Little Prince (The Little Prince), ???yo.2014,Dec.2 05:46 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Dec.2 05:47 (Bye!)
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.2 05:58 I'm not sure this is really a good…WHOA!
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.2 05:59 *throws some veggies at Teo* *they hit her in the face*
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.2 05:59 *wipes veggies off her face*
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.2 06:00 *points to Lulu* This is all YOUR fault! I'm VENETIAN, not anything else! Except, well, Italian. But yeah. *glares at Lulu*
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Dec.2 06:01 WELL HOW WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW?! *throws some ratatuee at Renzo*
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Dec.2 06:03 *the waiter comes in with their desserts* Waiter: Sorry they're early…
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2014,Dec.2 06:03 *throws a small piece of pumpkin pie at Teo*
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.2 06:04 You know, all of this good food is being wasted. *wipes pumpkin pie off her face*
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.2 06:06 *sees the pumpkin pie* forces himself not to steal some of it* I'm going to talk to the waiter about the desserts. *goes and comes back a minute later* The waiter said this restaurant chooses what its customers eat on busy days. I think he was just making
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.2 06:06 that up as an excuse.
13>Katniss (District 12 Tribute), 16yo.2014,Dec.2 22:00 *accidently eats Hermione's piece of pizza* Hermione: Where's my pizza?? It was just here a minute ago...Katniss: Oops...I think I just ate it.
13>Katniss (District 12 Tribute), 16yo.2014,Dec.2 22:00 Everyone's leaving behind perfectly good food and not claiming it.
7>Cara (Erudite), 18-19yo.2014,Dec.2 22:01 So...if we don't want our food we can just give it to...you? Katniss: Yeah. I'll be your garbage disposal.
15>Ponyboy (The Outsiders), 14yo.2014,Dec.2 22:01 *wolfs down more than enough chili dogs* *burps loudly* Uh, can someone pass the fries?
4>Thomas (The Maze Runner), 16yo.2014,Dec.2 22:03 *eats a small bowl of mashed potatoes* Scout: YA need some more food? Thomas: Naw, I'm ok. This should do it.
4>Thomas (The Maze Runner), 16yo.2014,Dec.2 22:04 *grabs a basket of fries and slides it across the table towards Ponyboy* How many of those had you had? I last counted 8.
15>Ponyboy (The Outsiders), 14yo.2014,Dec.2 22:05 Shoot, I don't know...maybe 11. Thomas: And you're still hungry? Ponyboy: Well, sure I am! *pours himself a glass of Coke*
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Dec.4 04:22 NOTE: if you want to add more characters into your slots, you might want to start doing it now. Add as many as you like!
3>A/Maggie/Annika (BAD/TSOK/MAM), 11-12yo.2014,Dec.4 04:27 A is Annabelle, Annika is from The Star of Kazan, and Maggie is from the Maggie Brooklyn mysteries. Maggie is 12 and loves animals and mysteries, and Annika is eleven and is very sweet and gentle, like Teo.
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.4 04:29 LA is Renzo.
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.4 04:30 ™ is Talina Molin. She is from the third book in the TUC series. She loves to read and write, and she's a writer. She has a hot temper and likes to make fun of people and play pranks. In the book,she's called "The terror of the neighborhood."
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.4 04:31 AD is Amneris D'Ago. She is from the fourth book in the series, which I haven't started reading yet. I only know her name, so I'll have her and the other characters from that particular book come in a little later.
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.4 04:31 TG is Teo.
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.4 04:32 ™ is Temnistockle Molin. Again, he's from the fourth book, so he'll come in later.
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.4 04:33 Biri Fava is from the fourth book. SHe
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.4 04:33 She
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.4 04:34 *sorry*
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.4 04:34 She'll also come in later.
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.4 04:35 Talina: *walks in wearing a fedora* *accidentally gets hit by a taco* AAAHHHH! *starts screaming the worst insults she knows in English*
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.4 04:35 LA: *notices her accent*
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.4 04:36 Sorry, AG is Ambrogio Gasperin. He likes to read. He's also from the third book.
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.4 04:36 In the book, he helps Talina.
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.4 04:37 *comes up behind Talina* *sees the food fight* *bursts out laughing*
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Dec.4 04:51 Aislinn O'Neil is from the book Dreemsleeves. In the book and the RP, she's kind and a little superstitious. She has a system of writing your dream for the day on your arm and wearing it to make it come true.
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Dec.4 04:51 Aislinn: *walks in* *is humming "New York, New York" by Frank Sinatra* *notices the food fight* *giggles a little*
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Dec.4 04:52 She's from the 1960s.
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Dec.4 05:44 Renzo: *stares at them*
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Dec.4 05:44 Maria: *gets hit by a tortilla* *screams* Ewwww!
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Dec.5 16:36 Aislinn: What's going on here?
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.7 15:53 (All right, I've finished TALINA IN THE TOWER and started THE FATE IN THE BOX, so now I'm ready to add my new characters to the game! I may add two others.)
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.7 15:56 Temistocle is called Tockle, actually. He is a very kind and sweet boy, and likes animals. I may or may not add his pet cat.
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.7 15:57 Biri is actually short for Ermentrudina, but she goes by Biri. She is kind, and also somewhat proud. She and Amneris are best friends.
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.7 15:58 Amneris is twelve years old. She is good at math problems, and she likes to sew. In the book, she helps her family earn enough money by sewing. She and Biri are best friends.
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.7 15:58 Amneris: *walks in, followed by Tockle and Biri* What the...
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.7 15:59 Biri: It looks like there's some kind of food fight going on here.
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.7 15:59 Tockle: *sighs* I miss Venice. Biri: Oh, STOP WHINING! It's an adventure.
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.7 16:00 Tockle: *is a bit hurt by Biri's comment*
3>A/Maggie/Annika (BAD/TSOK/MAM), 11-12yo.2014,Dec.7 16:01 *Maggie and Annika run in together* Annika: Ooh, I can't wait to see what this place is! *runs up to the door* *opens it* *walks inside* There's a food fight going on! Look!
3>A/Maggie/Annika (BAD/TSOK/MAM), 11-12yo.2014,Dec.7 16:02 Maggie: *follows Annika* *runs in* *watches the food fight* *bursts into uncontrollable giggles*
3>A/Maggie/Annika (BAD/TSOK/MAM), 11-12yo.2014,Dec.7 16:03 Annabelle: *throws some cheesecake at Renzo* *it accidentally hits Teo instead*
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.7 16:04 Teo: Oh god! *wipes some off her face*
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.7 16:04 *laughs* Pie in your face!
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.7 16:05 (Sorry, that was Talina.)
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2014,Dec.7 16:06 Spit spo- *gets hit by some beans*
13>Katniss (District 12 Tribute), 16yo.2014,Dec.9 22:46 *gets pizza thrown in her face* *picks it up and eats it*
7>Cara (Erudite), 18-19yo.2014,Dec.9 22:46 *someone throws nacho cheese on her shirt* Hey!...*grabs tortilla chips angrily, throwing them at Hazel*
16>Hazel (Cancer patient), 17yo.2014,Dec.9 22:46 *ducks under the table*
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.10 16:09 *gets hit by some bacon and eggs* I'm a vegetarian, you know!
20>The Scientists (TUC&TME), ???yo.2014,Dec.10 16:10 *are trying to listen to The Little Prince's story*
20>The Scientists (TUC&TME), ???yo.2014,Dec.10 16:10 *try to ignore the fact that there's a huge food fight going on right around then*
20>The Scientists (TUC&TME), ???yo.2014,Dec.10 16:10 *them*
17>Scout (TKAM), 8yo.2014,Dec.10 16:10 S-sorry...
17>Scout (TKAM), 8yo.2014,Dec.10 16:11 *is embarassed*
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Dec.10 16:11 Mrs. Wellington: Stop it, stop it, you're all ruining my complexion!
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.10 16:12 Biri: *covers her mouth with her hand and giggles*
19>Hermione (Gryffindor Student), 15yo.2014,Dec.12 04:22 [Summary?]
19>Hermione (Gryffindor Student), 15yo.2014,Dec.13 04:17 [Nvm, I just read it all.] Ugh! All of you, just stop it! *gets pizza thrown in her face* Ponyboy:Ooo, look! It's a PIZZAFACE!! *laughs at his own cheesy pun* Hermione:-.- *pulls out her wand and jinxes Ponyboy, sending him flying back*
6>The Little Prince (The Little Prince), ???yo.2014,Dec.13 04:18 *is continuing on with his interesting tales absent-mindedly**explains who uprooting baobab saplings is really hard work, and how once another man's tiny planet/asteroid became overrun with them and split into multiple pieces*
6>The Little Prince (The Little Prince), ???yo.2014,Dec.13 04:20 [Note:Baobabs are actually real trees. They're from Africa and they grow HUGE. You can look them up.]
15>Ponyboy (The Outsiders), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:25 (Yes, I've read about them. I think they grow in Botswana and South Africa and stuff.)
15>Ponyboy (The Outsiders), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:35 *goes back to the table and feeds himself chili by hand*
7>Cara (Erudite), 18-19yo.2014,Dec.13 18:36 *looks at Ponyboy* That's absolutely disgusting. You should have some manners.
15>Ponyboy (The Outsiders), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:37 *looks over at Cara with a chili-smothered face* *scoops up some chili and hurls scorching hot chili in her face*
7>Cara (Erudite), 18-19yo.2014,Dec.13 18:37 Ow! Oooh! My face!! *turns around, taking in the burn*
13>Katniss (District 12 Tribute), 16yo.2014,Dec.13 18:38 Well, I can't say I haven't experienced that hunger before.
16>Hazel (Cancer patient), 17yo.2014,Dec.13 18:52 *hides under the table*
20>The Scientists (TUC&TME), ???yo.2014,Dec.14 15:13 (OK, thanks!)
20>The Scientists (TUC&TME), ???yo.2014,Dec.14 15:13 *are getting bored* *pretend to be interested in the Little Prince's story*
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.14 15:14 Teo: STOP IT NOW, ALL OF YOU! Are you all right, Cara?
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.14 15:14 Cara: Uh, yeah. Thanks.
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.14 15:14 Teo: *no one stops* *rattles off a few insults from books that she likes*
5>People from SOF (SOF), Lotsyo.2014,Dec.14 15:15 Abernathy: Good ones, Teo. Maybe I should start using them for HER. *points to Mrs. Wellington*
3>A/Maggie/Annika (BAD/TSOK/MAM), 11-12yo.2014,Dec.14 15:16 Annika: *is shocked at the insults* *puts a hand over her mouth* Well, I'm not in the fight! Teo: Sorry. I was talking to them. *blushes*
3>A/Maggie/Annika (BAD/TSOK/MAM), 11-12yo.2014,Dec.14 15:17 Annika: *thinks of Zed, one of her friends from THE STAR OF KAZAN*
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2014,Dec.14 15:21 Another new character: Daphne. Daphne is from the book THE SCARLET STOCKINGS. In the book, she's always wanted to become a ballerina and is mistreated at the orphanage where she lives in. Then one day she receives a mysterious package that has a pair of
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2014,Dec.14 15:22 scarlet stockings. They are magical and they can give her the power to become a ballerina and help her. She also gets a book called HOW TO TEACH YOURSELF BALLET. Then a kind couple and their son adopt her. She tries to go to ballet school but they don't
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2014,Dec.14 15:24 let her in. She becomes an apprentice to a famous actress and practices ballet secretly, and before she knows it she's preferring on stage with the famous Ova Andova. But Ova Andova hates Daphne and tries to destroy her twice. Will she survive? And will
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2014,Dec.14 15:24 she ever find out who her birth parents are?
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2014,Dec.14 15:24 (Also, the package contains a mysterious riddle.)
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2014,Dec.14 15:25 In the book, except for when she's really, really busy as a ballerina, she is kind and gentle. She likes to read and is a little bit romantic.
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2014,Dec.14 15:25 *walks into the restaurant* *looks around* Oh, my!
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2014,Dec.14 15:25 *taps Biri on the shoulder* Where am I?
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.14 15:26 Biri: I dunno, but this place looks really weird. I think we're in New York or something.
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.14 15:27 (Biri also has the ability to talk to animals such as worms.)
16>Hazel (Cancer patient), 17yo.2014,Dec.18 23:15 (I'm good for now,)
6>The Little Prince (The Little Prince), ???yo.2014,Dec.20 18:48 [Me too.]
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Dec.21 19:27 (OK!)
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2014,Dec.21 19:28 Really, everyone…we're in public, not in our apartment…and we're making a HUGE scene. *looks around at everyone else in the restaurant* *they all have their eyes on her*
15>Ponyboy (The Outsiders), 14yo.2014,Dec.21 21:31 Some of us were TRYING to eat, but we got dragged in. *forces down another hot dog*
16>Hazel (Cancer patient), 17yo.2014,Dec.22 22:00 *gets out from under the table* Actually, a lot of the people just decided to have a food fight.
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Dec.23 22:01 Not me! Aislinn: Hey, where rare we…say, are we in New York City?
3>A/Maggie/Annika (BAD/TSOK/MAM), 11-12yo.2014,Dec.23 22:01 Annika: *widens her eyes* New York City? Maggie: Well, of COURSE we're in New York City!
16>Hazel (Cancer patient), 17yo.2014,Dec.24 18:57 Well, I'm getting out of here. I don't really care to engage in these pointless food fights. *wipes pizza sauce off her face* *grabs her oxygen tank*
14>Cato+Clove+M.+G. (Careers), 14-18yo.2014,Dec.26 05:11 [I'm going to add some characters and play as all four Careers from the book The Hunger Games.]
14>Cato+Clove+M.+G. (Careers), 14-18yo.2014,Dec.26 05:12 [Note that the book The Hunger Games is about a future America known as Panem, which has been split into 12 Districts, ruled by a cruel and unjust Capitol. Once a year, the Capitol forces the Districts to each send them 1 girl and 1 boy "tribute" in
14>Cato+Clove+M.+G. (Careers), 14-18yo.2014,Dec.26 05:13 between the ages of 12 and 18 to compete in the annual Hunger Games (AKA a fight to the death in the dreaded "arena" in which there may only be one victor).]
14>Cato+Clove+M.+G. (Careers), 14-18yo.2014,Dec.26 05:13 [Definition of "Careers":Tributes from Districts 1, 2, and 4 who have illegally trained for combat before entering the Games. Careers make up most of the victors of the HG.]
14>Cato+Clove+M.+G. (Careers), 14-18yo.2014,Dec.26 05:14 [In the book The Hunger Games, the Careers of the 74th Hunger Games (the same Games Katniss competed in) include:Cato, Clove, Marvel, and Glimmer.]
14>Cato+Clove+M.+G. (Careers), 14-18yo.2014,Dec.26 05:16 [Cato is the leader of the Career pack (in the book The Hunger Games, the Careers formed an alliance with one another and worked together to try to kill all the other tributes). He is tall, muscular, cruel, and bloodthirsty.]
14>Cato+Clove+M.+G. (Careers), 14-18yo.2014,Dec.26 05:16 [Cato's main weapon is a sword, machete, or anything with a blade.]
14>Cato+Clove+M.+G. (Careers), 14-18yo.2014,Dec.26 05:16 [Cato is the male tribute of District 2.]
14>Cato+Clove+M.+G. (Careers), 14-18yo.2014,Dec.26 05:17 [Clove is Cato's fellow female tribute;she is also from District 2. She is just as vicious as he is, and possibly more sly. She especially hates Katniss. Her main weapon is the knife-she is great at knife-throwing.]
14>Cato+Clove+M.+G. (Careers), 14-18yo.2014,Dec.26 05:18 [Marvel is the District 1 male tribute. He is a little more "dim" than the District 2 tributes, but still just as deadly. His main weapon is the spear. He can be rather annoying.]
14>Cato+Clove+M.+G. (Careers), 14-18yo.2014,Dec.26 05:19 [Glimmer is the District 1 female tribute. She is a blonde teen. Her main weapon is the bow, although she isn't very good at archery. She is Marvel's girlfriend. Although she wasn't as girly in the book, Glimmer is all into glitz and glam, constantly
14>Cato+Clove+M.+G. (Careers), 14-18yo.2014,Dec.26 05:19 worries about her looks, calls Marvel stupid names like "Marvy-poo," and is very annoying.]
14>Cato+Clove+M.+G. (Careers), 14-18yo.2014,Dec.26 05:19 [All four Careers died in the book, but they will live on in the roleplay.]
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.28 17:29 (OK)
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.28 17:29 TG: I feel the same way.
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2014,Dec.28 17:29 *gets up*
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2014,Dec.28 17:30 Maria: Me too. This food fight is simply horrid.
16>Hazel (Cancer patient), 17yo.2015,Jan.3 02:38 *exits the restaurant and walks around on the sidewalks*
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2015,Jan.4 00:51 *follows Hazel*
18>Tris (Divergent), 16yo.2015,Jan.4 22:48 Yeah, I don't like this. Let's get out of here. *she, Firestar, Hermione, and the Little Prince leave*
18>Tris (Divergent), 16yo.2015,Jan.4 22:48 [BTW, I got the book Insurgent (the second book of the Divergent trilogy)! I'm going to read it soon! :D]
15>Ponyboy (The Outsiders), 14yo.2015,Jan.5 02:01 *stays in the restaurant for more food*
7>Cara (Erudite), 18-19yo.2015,Jan.8 02:00 *follows the rest of the crowd, as does mostly everyone else*
20>The Scientists (TUC&TME), ???yo.2015,Jan.8 05:44 *get up and follow everyone else*
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2015,Jan.8 05:45 SPIT-SPOT! Everyone stay together!
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2015,Jan.8 05:45 Daphne: *is really confused,but follows everyone else outside*
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2015,Jan.8 05:46 *taps a passerby on the shoulder* Where am I? Person: YOU'RE DAPHNE FROM THE SCARLET STOCKINGS! SELFIE! *snaps a photo*
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2015,Jan.8 05:46 Daphne: *suddenly gets swarmed by fans* *is really terrified*
18>Tris (Divergent), 16yo.2015,Jan.9 21:35 *finds herself swarmed with five times the amount of fans Daphne has, since Divergent is one of the latest and most popular movies/books*
18>Tris (Divergent), 16yo.2015,Jan.9 21:36 [BTW Leetka, do you mind coming on Fartlandia RP more often? In two days I might have to delete your characters because you have to come on once a week. Plus, you're missing out on a REALLY awesome adventure on there!]
18>Tris (Divergent), 16yo.2015,Jan.9 21:36 [Oh, and if/when you do go on there, please read what happened. A lot has happened and I don't want to have to explain it all over again for half an hour or something...sorry...]
18>Tris (Divergent), 16yo.2015,Jan.9 21:37 [But on the other hand, the adventure so far has been really epic so you'll probably have fun reading what happened.]
18>Tris (Divergent), 16yo.2015,Jan.9 21:37 [Once again, sorry, but I don't want to have to summarize everything all over again...]
18>Tris (Divergent), 16yo.2015,Jan.9 21:38 *the Little Prince doesn't have many fans surround him except a few French ones*
18>Tris (Divergent), 16yo.2015,Jan.9 21:38 *Firestar is bombarded by Warriors fans and Hermione is surrounded by HP lovers*
16>Hazel (Cancer patient), 17yo.2015,Jan.10 00:38 *isnt really recognized by anyone because she looks like a normal teen...with an oxygen tank*
16>Hazel (Cancer patient), 17yo.2015,Jan.10 00:39 *nobody really recognizes Cara either, and thankfully Katniss and Thomas stayed in the restaurant with Ponyboy*
13>Katniss (District 12 Tribute), 16yo.2015,Jan.10 00:41 *is enjoy breadsticks* *some people come into the restaurant* Teen fan girl: You two look like Katniss from Hunger Games and Thomas from Maze Runner!! Katniss: Well, actually-
13>Katniss (District 12 Tribute), 16yo.2015,Jan.10 00:43 *the truth gets out, and fans swarm around them* *she and Ponyboy and Thomas shove their way out*
4>Thomas (The Maze Runner), 16yo.2015,Jan.10 00:44 Let's run! *he and the other two run the streets of New York*
17>Scout (TKAM), 8yo.2015,Jan.15 16:11 (Sorry I haven't been on for so long. I'll try to come on more often now. I can't read all of what happened because you know how when you roll up the RP pages only some of the most recent stuff is shown, even at the top of the page? i did read some of it
17>Scout (TKAM), 8yo.2015,Jan.15 16:12 (though. Where did my other characters go?)
17>Scout (TKAM), 8yo.2015,Jan.15 16:12 (BTW, thanks for playing me! Tell Isabella that too.)
17>Scout (TKAM), 8yo.2015,Jan.15 16:12 *is recognized by like everyone)
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2015,Jan.15 16:13 *is recognized by some people*
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2015,Jan.15 16:14 *the characters from TUC and TME get recognized by some people* *the people from TITT and TFITB get recognized by about two people* *they all get stared at because they're wearing old-fashioned clothes*
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2015,Jan.15 16:14 Teo: Renzo, let's get out of here.
11>LA/TM/AD (TUC series), 12/??yo.2015,Jan.15 16:15 Renzo: It wouldn't be proper.
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2015,Jan.15 16:16 Mary Poppins: *gets recognized by everyone who isn't a tourist* *tries to brush her fans off, but doesn't manage*
4>Thomas (The Maze Runner), 16yo.2015,Jan.19 21:26 *runs crazily throughout the streets of New York* *runs right in front of a taxi, and it beeps loudly* Oh-sorry! *continues running, and runs right into Saks Fifth Ave.*
18>Tris (Divergent), 16yo.2015,Jan.25 23:53 *spots Thomas and runs after him, escaping the fans*
18>Tris (Divergent), 16yo.2015,Jan.25 23:53 *the Little Prince, Hermione, and Firestar do the same*
18>Tris (Divergent), 16yo.2015,Jan.25 23:54 [A question:When are the characters going to learn about their enemy book characters ganging up and trying to take over? So far all our characters have just been hanging around NYC for a loooong time.]
9>Firestar (ThunderClan Leader), ???yo.2015,Jan.25 23:54 *runs at top speed alongside his comrades*
9>Firestar (ThunderClan Leader), ???yo.2015,Jan.25 23:55 The Little Prince:*panting* My, this is very odd!
9>Firestar (ThunderClan Leader), ???yo.2015,Jan.25 23:55 Tris:*panting too* EVERYTHING here is odd...
9>Firestar (ThunderClan Leader), ???yo.2015,Jan.25 23:55 Hermione:Just keep running!!
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2015,Jan.27 16:05 (Right now!)
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2015,Jan.27 16:05 *suddenly sees a woman who looks just like her aunt come over* Penelope's aunt: SO I FOUND YOU, YOU LITTLE BRAT!
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2015,Jan.27 16:06 *chases after Penelope* Penelope: *crosses the street* *narrowly misses getting killed* *gets cursed at by a bunch of taxi drivers*
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2015,Jan.27 16:07 (Note: I heard that in New York City taxi drivers often get out of cars in the middle of the street and curse each other.)
3>A/Maggie/Annika (BAD/TSOK/MAM), 11-12yo.2015,Jan.27 16:08 Annika: *sees Frau Edeltraut run towards her* AHHHH! SOMEBODY HELP ME HERE!*
3>A/Maggie/Annika (BAD/TSOK/MAM), 11-12yo.2015,Jan.27 16:08 *runs down the sidewalk* *hops onto a bus stopping by*
3>A/Maggie/Annika (BAD/TSOK/MAM), 11-12yo.2015,Jan.27 16:09 Bus driver: Hey, you don't have a ticket! Annika: Please…help...
14>Cato+Clove+M.+G. (Careers), 14-18yo.2015,Jan.28 00:18 *they are loitering around with President Snow when they spot Katniss, Tris, Thomas, etc.* Clove:Hey...was that who I think it was...? Cato:*says darkly* Katniss. Glimmer:Let's get her!!
14>Cato+Clove+M.+G. (Careers), 14-18yo.2015,Jan.28 00:18 *they run after Katniss and Co.*
13>Katniss (District 12 Tribute), 16yo.2015,Jan.28 01:23 *notices the Careers* *makes a run for it*
4>Thomas (The Maze Runner), 16yo.2015,Jan.28 01:24 What's going on?!? Katniss: Just run. I'll explain later!
4>Thomas (The Maze Runner), 16yo.2015,Jan.28 01:26 *runs right through the American Girl store* Come on, guys! Let's hide out in here. *accidently runs into a few dolls, knocking them down*
13>Katniss (District 12 Tribute), 16yo.2015,Jan.28 01:27 *sits behind a bookshelf, hiding*
14>Cato+Clove+M.+G. (Careers), 14-18yo.2015,Feb.1 23:05 *they run into the American Girl store**Cato is heard swearing* Clove:Ugh, where'd they go?!
14>Cato+Clove+M.+G. (Careers), 14-18yo.2015,Feb.1 23:06 Glimmer:*screams like a little girl* I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!! *several slaps are heard* Oww...
14>Cato+Clove+M.+G. (Careers), 14-18yo.2015,Feb.1 23:06 Cato:Let's move. *they start looking around for Katniss and Co.*
18>Tris (Divergent), 16yo.2015,Feb.1 23:07 *hides behind a row of dolls around the back with the Little Prince**clutches her gun*
9>Firestar (ThunderClan Leader), ???yo.2015,Feb.1 23:08 *is crouching under the bookshelf Katniss is behind**Clove starts walking around the bookshelf-right towards where Katniss is hiding**to protect Katniss, he lashes out and sinks his teeth into Clove's leg*
9>Firestar (ThunderClan Leader), ???yo.2015,Feb.1 23:09 Clove:Augh!! UGH!!! GET OFF YOU STUPID CAT!!!! *kicks Firestar multiple times, but he won't budge*
9>Firestar (ThunderClan Leader), ???yo.2015,Feb.1 23:09 *hangs on tight as Clove starts to hop around**eventually she trips and falls into a row of dolls, soon finding herself buried in the dolls*
19>Hermione (Gryffindor Student), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 23:10 *is crouching behind some shopping carts**sees Marvel approaching her hiding place*
19>Hermione (Gryffindor Student), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 23:10  Buying Wand (x 1)  
19>Hermione (Gryffindor Student), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 23:11 *Marvel gets too close for comfort**she jumps up, aims his wand at him, and yells:* STUPEFY!!! *Marvel is blasted by red energy and knocked back, unconscious*
19>Hermione (Gryffindor Student), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 23:11 *Cato spots her and runs towards her**Stupefies him too and runs away to another part of the store*
19>Hermione (Gryffindor Student), 15yo.2015,Feb.1 23:11 Glimmer:*is meanwhile browsing around for the perfect American Girl doll XD*
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2015,Feb.8 17:18 (I'm not including the bad guys from THE UNDROWNED CHILD, THE MOURNING EMPORIUM, or THE FATE IN THE BOX in this RP.)
12>TG/TM/AG/BF (TUC series), 12/??yo.2015,Feb.8 17:20 AG: *picks up on elf the American Girl Doll books* I don't know whether I wan to read this or not… *Clove accidentally bumps into him* Clove: What the… Glimmer: *has finally chosen her doll* Look at my new dolly! *thrusts it in Ambrogio's face*
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2015,Feb.8 17:21 Daphne: *suddenly spots the horrible ballerina Ova Andova and her equally nasty assistant Grushka* Oh, no! Ova Andova: *in a heavy RUssian accent* THERE SHE IS!
10>Mary Poppins/Daphne (Mary Poppins/TSS), ?/14yo.2015,Feb.8 17:22 Grushka: AHA! Let's get her, shall we Ovushka?
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2015,Feb.8 17:23 Aislinn: *sees Snoop-Melon Sue-Ellen running over* Like, hey. Isn't this store, like so totally babyish? And isn't 2015 so, like, HOT?!
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2015,Feb.8 17:23 *rolls her eyes*
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2015,Feb.8 17:24 Snoop-Melon: *continues* So, like, wanna go get something? *is suddenly grabbed by Cato and thrown across the room* AAAHHHH!
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2015,Feb.8 17:24 (Note: Snoop-Melon is Aislinn's sworn enemy and at the end of the book they make up.)
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2015,Feb.8 17:25 Maria: *agrees with Snoop-Melon*
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2015,Feb.8 17:27 *a bunch of really geeky teenagers wander in* Geeky Teenager No. 1: Hey, isn't that Katniss Everdeen? Geeky Teenager No. 2: *adjusts his glasses* C'mon, dude, let's…NO IT CAN'T BE!
2>Maria/Aislinn (TUC&TME/Dreamsleeves), 12yo.2015,Feb.8 17:29 Geeky Teenager No. 3: Probably just an alien who looks just like Katniss. But wait a sec: Why is everyone wearing old-fashioned clothes?
13>Katniss (District 12 Tribute), 16yo.2015,Feb.8 19:22 *prays that the teenagers won t figure out what her true identity is*
4>Thomas (The Maze Runner), 16yo.2015,Feb.8 19:24 *runs around the store crazily, trying to avoid the Careers as much as possible* *sees a clothing stand, and grabs a shirt that says "American Girl Place New York*
4>Thomas (The Maze Runner), 16yo.2015,Feb.8 19:26 *finds a boys bathroom and runs in* *rips off the tags and puts it on* *it is a pretty tight fit, but he has another shirt on anyways*
4>Thomas (The Maze Runner), 16yo.2015,Feb.8 19:26 *leaves the bathroom and wanders around the store*
7>Cara (Erudite), 18-19yo.2015,Feb.8 19:28 *she, Hazel, and Ponyboy are officially lost on the streets of New York* I'd think you two would be smart enough to bring maps.
16>Hazel (Cancer patient), 17yo.2015,Feb.8 19:29 Well, I'm sorry, but I dont. We'll just have to figure it out ourselves. *notices a bearded guy with a suit and white rose attached to it* *its President Snow, and he looks terribly out of place*
14>Cato+Clove+M.+G. (Careers), 14-18yo.2015,Feb.12 21:57 Glimmer:*playing with her AG doll**sees Clove* Hey Clove! Check out my new dollyyyy! :D Clove:What the-you're supposed to be looking for Buttless Evergreen or whoever that District 12 girl is!!
14>Cato+Clove+M.+G. (Careers), 14-18yo.2015,Feb.12 21:57 Clove:*knocks Glimmer's doll out of her hands and drags Glimmer along by her ear* COME ON!!! Glimmer:*whining loudly*
19>Hermione (Gryffindor Student), 15yo.2015,Feb.12 21:58 *clutching her wand, she spots some American Girl doll hats* Acio! *one of the hats flies over to her**puts it on in a way that it hides her face, rips off the AG store tag, and runs out of the store*
19>Hermione (Gryffindor Student), 15yo.2015,Feb.12 21:59 *bumps into none other than President Snow*
19>Hermione (Gryffindor Student), 15yo.2015,Feb.12 21:59 Er-sorry... *takes another look at President Snow**is sort of creeped by the way he smells of blood and flowers* Uh...are you...in the right place...?
18>Tris (Divergent), 16yo.2015,Feb.12 22:00 *sees Clove dragging Glimmer around**makes a daring (and dauntless) escape by running for the door-in plain sight*
18>Tris (Divergent), 16yo.2015,Feb.12 22:00 Clove:HEY!! *skillfully throws knives at Tris**Tris ducks behind some dolls, takes out her own knives, and throws knives back at Clove*
18>Tris (Divergent), 16yo.2015,Feb.12 22:01 Clove:*screams, getting hit in the arm by a knife**falls down, clutching her arm*
18>Tris (Divergent), 16yo.2015,Feb.12 22:01 *gets up, turns, and runs out of the store*
9>Firestar (ThunderClan Leader), ???yo.2015,Feb.12 22:01 *follows Tris*
6>The Little Prince (The Little Prince), ???yo.2015,Feb.12 22:01 *is wandering around when he bumps into Thomas**just then, Marvel and Cato spot them* Marvel:*smiles wickedly* Hey...what do we have here?
6>The Little Prince (The Little Prince), ???yo.2015,Feb.12 22:02 Cato:*takes out his machete* Time to say bye-bye, PUNKS! *he and Marvel approach Thomas and the LP*
6>The Little Prince (The Little Prince), ???yo.2015,Feb.12 22:02 Thomas:RUN!!! *grabs the LP, hoists him over his shoulder, and runs REALLY fast out of the store**Cato and Marvel don't even have a chance to do anything*
6>The Little Prince (The Little Prince), ???yo.2015,Feb.12 22:03 Glimmer:*sees Thomas and the LP leave* [BLEEEEEEP]!!!!! Cato:UGH...they GOT AWAY!! *punches a random wall, making a dent*
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2015,Feb.16 04:40 *all of my characters run out of the store, shouting "danger"*
8>President Snow (President of Panem), 71yo.2015,Feb.19 22:17 *stares Hermione down, squinting* You tell me...
13>Katniss (District 12 Tribute), 16yo.2015,Feb.19 22:18 *is still in the store* *leaves amidst all the chaos*
19>Hermione (Gryffindor Student), 15yo.2015,Feb.22 03:01 *thoroughly creeped out* Uh...yeah. Heh heh... *backs away and then runs the heck away from him*
3>A/Maggie/Annika (BAD/TSOK/MAM), 11-12yo.2015,Mar.20 04:20 Maggie: Bye-bye, everyone, I'm going back home to Brooklyn. *dashes into the nearest subway station8
18>Tris (Divergent), 16yo.2015,Apr.2 00:28 *sees Maggie* Where is she going...?! Firestar:No idea.
19>Hermione (Gryffindor Student), 15yo.2015,May.14 22:46 *meets up with Katniss, still shaken by President Snow's stare* O_o'
13>Katniss (District 12 Tribute), 16yo.2015,May.16 21:49 *sees Hazel, Ponyboy, and Cara* Hey, there's some of the group.
16>Hazel (Cancer patient), 17yo.2015,May.16 21:50 *comes up to them, very short of breath* Did any of you see that bearded guy? The one with the white rose corsage?
7>Cara (Erudite), 18-19yo.2015,May.16 21:50 There's something...strange about him.
13>Katniss (District 12 Tribute), 16yo.2015,May.16 21:51 *gulps, knowing who it is*
18>Tris (Divergent), 16yo.2015,May.26 01:05 *DUN...DUN...DUNNNNNNN*
1>Penelope Bailey (PBTTS), 11yo.2015,Aug.12 17:43 (Hi everyone! Sorry I don't come on here a lot, but when you guys are on I'm usually reading in bed, so…I might come back again at some point.)
18>Tris (Divergent), 16yo.2016,Feb.27 00:19 [OK, great! Hopefully you come back soon!]