" The Epic Boarding School Roleplay " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 10 to 18 years of age.
Hey guys! Welcome to The Epic Boarding School Roleplay! Basically this is going to be a funny, comedic, and interesting roleplay that is going to take place in a boarding school! Some rules:
1) No bad words.
2). Please do not make a character and never come on.
3). You can make a character up or use it from a movie, tv show, etc.
4). Just have fun!
5). There will be funny missions and also boring ones!

1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.18 16:13 (Jeff: The headmaster of the school. He is very strict, mean and hostile to anyone that doesn't follow his rules. He can be funny when it comes to jokes, but don't expect it.)
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.18 16:14 (He is a skinny man with brown hair, brown eyes, always wearing suits and expensive shoes.)
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.18 16:15 (By the way, The Boarding School name is....Governor Butts School!
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.18 17:25 [Hey, I decided to join!]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.18 17:26 [My description:Fun, humorous, smart, and also sort of laid back. Hobbies:Archery, swimming, pets, movies, books, classical music/opera, and more. Appearance:I guess I look like Terra from Teen Titans. You can look up a pic of her if you want.]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.18 17:27 [Eh, nvm, I decided to play as a made-up character instead of myself.]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.18 17:28 [Lila:Basically she has the exact same description, except she's more shy and quiet.]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.18 17:29 [Nvm AGAIN, I'll be me.]
18>Katniss (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.18 17:30 [Katniss:The main character from the Hunger Games movies/books. Has long black hair in a braid, gray eyes, and though she prefers her Mockingjay costume I guess she'll wear a school uniform.]
18>Katniss (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.18 17:31 [In this RP, she'll be a little more tomboyish and like making fun of Jeff FartFace and the name of the boarding school.]
18>Katniss (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.18 17:31 [She does archery, is pretty good at identifying edible plants, and has an OK overall education.]
15>Connor (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.18 17:34 [Hans:He is based on an imaginary friend I once had-he looks like Wally from Leave it to Beaver, except he's in color. He has blue eyes, brown/dark blonde hair, and I guess he wears the school uniform. He's nice, laid back, sticks up for his friends, is
15>Connor (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.18 17:34 pretty smart, and sometimes funny.]
5>Julie and Bethany (Students), 14+13yo.2015,Jun.18 17:37 [Here are my two last characters for this RP; they will be the "bad guys" (AKA the more snotty kids): Julie has black hair in a bun, brown eyes, and tan-ish skin. She prefers wearing "fancy" clothes over the school uniform.]
5>Julie and Bethany (Students), 14+13yo.2015,Jun.18 17:38 [She is Beth's best friend. She is probably the less snotty and more quiet of the two, but still thinks she and Bethany are "cooler" than everyone else.]
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.18 17:39 [Bethany has long, straight blonde hair, brown eyes, and is sort of a little "stick girl." She also prefers spangly clothes over the school uniform. She's snotty and lazy; often she says "I don't wanna do (whatever the class is about)" openly in class,
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.18 17:40 and hence she gets bad grades. She thinks she and Julie are "cooler" than everyone else. Her laziness drives Jeff nuts.]
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.18 17:42 [BTW, will this be a normal boarding school with abnormal characters, or will it have some fantasy-like twists where you can also learn things like magic there?]
19>Tris (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.18 18:36 (Introducing Tris, the main character from the Divergent book trilogy and movie series! Has sort of caramel colored hair with hints of brown and blonde and wears black a lot due to being in Dauntless.)
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.18 18:37 [Hi!! :D]
19>Tris (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.18 18:37 (Can be described as brave, selfless, and smart- isn't stupid; is also levelheaded. Is good with hand to hand combat and also guns and knives.)
19>Tris (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.18 18:37 (Hi!)
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.18 18:37 [AN ANNOUNCEMENT: I decided to change my character in the purple slot to Raven from Teen Titans. I won't be playing as myself.]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.18 18:39 [I'm also replacing Hans with another made-up character named Joshua.]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.18 18:39  Secret message to Jeff FartFace  
10>Fred and George (Students), 17yo.2015,Jun.18 18:39 (Next up, Fred and George. They're the comedic Weasley twins you know and love from the Harry Potter series. They have red hair and are almost impossible to tell apart.)
10>Fred and George (Students), 17yo.2015,Jun.18 18:40 (The Weasley twins have put down their Gryffindor robes for this new boarding school. Fred and George love a good laugh, good times, and good people.)
10>Fred and George (Students), 17yo.2015,Jun.18 18:40 (They are often seen bashing Jefd FartFace and the school.)
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.18 18:40 [Nvm, I'm replacing Hans with Harold from the Red Green Show instead!]
3>Justin Bieber (Teacher), 23yo.2015,Jun.18 18:41 [Harold is from the classic sitcom "The Red Green Show." He's from Possum Lodge, a lodge located somewhere in Canada that is run and populated by hillbillies.]
3>Justin Bieber (Teacher), 23yo.2015,Jun.18 18:42 [His uncle, Red Green, is the head of the lodge and the host of the Red Green Show. Harold is the director and producer of the show; he also has some sort of electronic special effects gadget he loves using on the show.]
9>Mikey (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.18 18:42 (Next is Ron, another Weasley and good friend of HP himself. Has the unmistakable red hair of a Weasley. Once again, he too put down the Gryffindor for this much *cough* better boarding school.)
3>Justin Bieber (Teacher), 23yo.2015,Jun.18 18:43 [He wears pants, a plaid red and green shirt, big, nerdy glasses, and suspenders. He's a nerd and is pretty awkward and hyper. He bashes anyone who likes breaking the boarding school rules, but in the end he'll join the Jeff-hater group.]
9>Mikey (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.18 18:43 (Is less comical than his twin brothers, but he does love eating- especially chicken.)
3>Justin Bieber (Teacher), 23yo.2015,Jun.18 18:43 ["Much *cough" better boarding school." XD I laughed at that statement!!]
13>Amanda (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.18 18:45 (And concluding the line of Weasleys at this boarding school, we have Ginny. Has long red hair, like a Weasley. Is also known to be Harry Potter's girlfriend.)
13>Amanda (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.18 18:45 (Haha! Yeah.)
12>Rob Stow (Teacher), 57yo.2015,Jun.18 18:45 [OK, so with all these HP characters being created, I couldn't help creating my own HP character. Draco Malfoy is from the HP series; he started out as a snotty Slytherin boy, went on to become a Death Eater, but eventually chickened out and fled from the
12>Rob Stow (Teacher), 57yo.2015,Jun.18 18:46 Death Eaters with his family to live a more peaceful life.]
13>Amanda (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.18 18:46 (Is more quiet than her brothers and doesn't tend to get into their business unless completely necessary.)
12>Rob Stow (Teacher), 57yo.2015,Jun.18 18:46 [In this RP, he isn't a Death Eater, but he's basically in Julie and Beth's "cool" and snotty group.]
12>Rob Stow (Teacher), 57yo.2015,Jun.18 18:48 [Hey Joan, want to RP on Superhero Universe? I probably don't have much time to stay on, and I want to get things going on there.]
7>Margo (Student), 17-18yo.2015,Jun.18 18:48 (Margo, one of the characters from the book/movie (which will be released in a month or so) Paper Towns. Has hair similar to Tris but with less blonde, and blue eyes.)
12>Rob Stow (Teacher), 57yo.2015,Jun.18 18:48 [Oh, and feel free to make your "bad guys" be part of Julie's group.]
7>Margo (Student), 17-18yo.2015,Jun.18 18:49 (Kind of hates the boarding school and bashes it along with Fred and George. Is often the ringleader of certain revenge plots. Is sly, sneaky, and pretty smart.)
7>Margo (Student), 17-18yo.2015,Jun.18 18:50 (Ok.)
16>Edward (Student), 109yo.2015,Jun.18 18:52 (One last character, Edward Cullen from the infamous Twilight saga. He has brown hair, yellow eyes, and very pale skin.)
16>Edward (Student), 109yo.2015,Jun.18 18:52 (Let's agree- he's way too old for the school, but he looks 18.)
16>Edward (Student), 109yo.2015,Jun.18 18:53 (Would be considered one of the snottier people, but everyone avoids him.)
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.18 18:53 [Yeah, he is way too old. XD]
16>Edward (Student), 109yo.2015,Jun.18 20:27 (By the way, Edward's a vampire. I forgot to mention that.)
16>Edward (Student), 109yo.2015,Jun.18 20:27 (I'm excited to start!)
14>Indiana Jones (Teacher), 45yo.2015,Jun.18 21:05 (His name is Remus Lupin. He has light brown hair and brown eyes. This is before he was a professor at Hogwarts. He is still a werewolf though, but has potion to keep him from changing.)
14>Indiana Jones (Teacher), 45yo.2015,Jun.18 21:07 (He is kind, considerate of others and very funny, also helpful. Just be careful not to get him mad. XD)
17>Thomas (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.18 21:08 (The main character from The Movie, The Maze Runner. He is extremely kind, caring, nice and brave. He is extremely quiet when it comes to bullying, but will speak up if needed.)
17>Thomas (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.18 21:10 (Also, the dress code is like this: Polo shirts or button down shirts. Men and Woman are both to wear either khakis or Navy Blue pants or shorts, and nice dress shoes.)
17>Thomas (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.18 21:11 (He has brown hair and brown eyes, is tall, and also very outgoing. He is really good at making friends and loves to run. He will probably join the track team at the school.)
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.18 21:14 (So the first idea is that: The first day of school and everyone is sent to the school. Some are meeting each other for the first time and others already know each other. They find out who their roomates are and what classes they are in.)
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.18 21:15 (Their are 3 dorms catergoized into grades. The first is: Prescott which is for boys from 7-9 grade, Then Dana, which is for girls 7-9. then Harmsworth, which has girls on one floor and then boys on the second floor. That is for students grades 10-12)
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.18 21:16 (Harmsworth is the only dorm that does not have roomates, but instead you share a suite with 5 other people including you.)
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.18 21:17 (Breakfast is from 7:30-8:45, 8:45-3:11 is when classes go on, and then 12:31-1:19 is lunch and then dinner is at 5:30.)
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.18 21:17 (There are no assigned seats at lunch.)
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.18 21:18 (If no one else wants to join, you both could create teachers if you like.)
4>Bella (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.18 21:20 (Bella, she is a snotty, mean, and incosiderate girl that only likes to pick on people that mess with her. She hangs around Edward a lot and follows him around like a puppy dog. Later in the roleplay, she will be turned into a vampire.)
4>Bella (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.18 21:22 (She has black hair and brown eyes. She hangs around the snottier group of people and is usually always caught into some sort of trouble)
11>Han (Student ), 15yo.2015,Jun.18 21:25 (Han Solo, or normally just referred to as Han. He is pretty quiet, nice, sometimes mean, but in a funny way. He hates Jeff with a burning passion since his father used to be a pals with him, but then something terrible happened)
11>Han (Student ), 15yo.2015,Jun.18 21:33 (Han has brown hair and brown eyes and normally is caught doing something physical or playing video games with the nerds. He can be funny and pretend to be a good at things when hes not)
15>Connor (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.18 23:06 (Thomas- awesome! Just finished reading The Maze Runner yesterday, haha. )
15>Connor (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.18 23:09 (Ok, last character: Connor. Connor is tall, pretty strong, has dark blonde/brown hair, and hazel eyes.)
15>Connor (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.18 23:09 (Connor plays football for the boarding school's team. He's pretty nice, has a good sense of humor, blah blah blah. Basically someone you'd want to hang around.)
15>Connor (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.18 23:13 (Connor plays football for the boarding school's team. He's pretty nice, has a good sense of humor, blah blah blah. Basically someone you'd want to hang around.)
15>Connor (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.18 23:14 (Double post, sorry.)
19>Tris (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.18 23:14 (Ok, since I'm done with characters, I'm ready to begin!)
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.18 23:41 *It is September 10 and all the kids are excited about coming to Governors Butt School* *is in his office getting all the students information in form and is a little nervous about how this year is going to go*
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.18 23:42 (This will be a boarding school where if the students wanted to learn magic, they could! It's basically an everything school.)
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.18 23:43 *Comes along Draco
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.18 23:44 *Draco's file and starts laughing at how terrible he looks* I'm surprised this kid actually can go to school.
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.18 23:44 (Oh and Brunny, if you wanted to make Tubby
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.18 23:44 (Tubbys fat mom a teacher you can! :D)
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.18 23:52 [I'm switching from Raven to myself AGAIN.]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.18 23:53 [I WILL MAKE TUBBY'S FAT MOM A TEACHER!!!!!!! :D]
12>Rob Stow (Teacher), 57yo.2015,Jun.18 23:54 [I'm gonna be greedy and take the last slot. XP However, I'm making a teacher in the blue slot.]
12>Rob Stow (Teacher), 57yo.2015,Jun.18 23:54 [I'm giving Draco slot 8.]
20>Patsy Tubman (Teacher), 36yo.2015,Jun.19 00:00 [Two last characters:Patsy Tubman:AKA Tubby's Fat Mom, Patsy is a teacher at the school. She makes fun of kids who often put their feet in their mouths and tricks kids into bringing her McDonald's food for her.]
20>Patsy Tubman (Teacher), 36yo.2015,Jun.19 00:01 [She wears a big red (or pink) dress, has short dark hair, and brown eyes. She can barely fit through the doors in the hallways. She isn't a very good teacher. Those who hate her call her "Piggy Patsy," "Fatsy Patsy," "Fatsy," and even "The Tub."]
12>Rob Stow (Teacher), 57yo.2015,Jun.19 00:02 [Rob Stow:Based on Rob from World Battles. His motto is "PREWRITE!!!!"]
12>Rob Stow (Teacher), 57yo.2015,Jun.19 00:03 [He is a little overweight, is balding, and wears grey pants w/ suspenders and a white shirt. He also wears a gray coat and hat when he's traveling.]
12>Rob Stow (Teacher), 57yo.2015,Jun.19 00:03 [He is strict, mean, but also a little crazy. Watch out for him. XD]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:04 [Note:I know I took a LOT of slots, so I'm going to make Julie and Beth sisters (but since they look different we'll say Beth was adopted) and have them be in the same slot.]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:05  Secret message to Jeff FartFace  
7>Margo (Student), 17-18yo.2015,Jun.19 00:05 (Haha, awesome!! Rob Stow. Based off of true life teacher experiences - sort of.)
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:05 [Once Jack deletes slot 6, anyone can feel free to claim it.]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:05 [Really?! XD]
9>Mikey (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 00:06 (Yes.)
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:06 [I also changed my mind about Harold.]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:06  Secret message to Jeff FartFace  
9>Mikey (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 00:06 (Only less weird and crazy. Still weird though.)
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:06 [Once Jack deletes slot 3, anyone can feel free to claim it.]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:07 [XD Oh noooo.]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:07 [Anyway, I'm done with my characters. I realized I had taken too many slots and decided to change my mind about some of my characters.]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:07 [Do you want to claim slots 3 and 6?]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:08 [If you do, I can change the password for them and let you grab them now.]
10>Fred and George (Students), 17yo.2015,Jun.19 00:08 (I think Paige was going to join, so sure.)
8>Draco (Student), 15yo.2015,Jun.19 00:08 *is wondering if anyone doesn't like how he looks XD*
8>Draco (Student), 15yo.2015,Jun.19 00:09 [OK!]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:10 [Done. Feel free to tell Paige that slots 3 and 6 belong to her.]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:10  Secret message to Jeff FartFace  
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:11  Secret message to Fred and George  
10>Fred and George (Students), 17yo.2015,Jun.19 00:11  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:12  Secret message to Fred and George  
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:12 [OK, hopefully all these character changes weren't too confusing. XD]
10>Fred and George (Students), 17yo.2015,Jun.19 00:13 (I think I have them down pretty well! It's awesome that Tubby's Fat Mom and Rob Stow are here.)
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:14
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:14 [Oops]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:15 [Yeah!!]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:15 [Jack said we can start anytime we want, sooo...let's start!]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:15 [Oh wait. Should we wait until Paige is done claiming slots 3 and 6? Or should we just go ahead?]
10>Fred and George (Students), 17yo.2015,Jun.19 00:16 (Slot 6 isn't really working, so we'll have to ask Jack to delete it later.)
10>Fred and George (Students), 17yo.2015,Jun.19 00:16 (We can just go ahead. I think she's almost done.)
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:16 [Hmm...maybe I misspelled "password." Let me check.]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:17 [Darn it, I gave away the password... >.< ' Oh well. Yeah, we'll have to wait for Jack to delete it.]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:18 [Should they all be heading to boarding school together in a van or something??]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:18 [Hm...where to start...]
10>Fred and George (Students), 17yo.2015,Jun.19 00:19 (I guess everyone can arrive at the school.)
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:19 [OH MY GOSH!!!! YOU MADE JUSTIN BIEBER A TEACHER!!!!! X'D]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:20 [SO CLASSIC PAIGE!!!!! >X'D]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:20 [I LITERALLY FELL OFF THE COUCH LAUGHING!!!!!]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:20 [First Beliebers, now Betiechers. XD]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:20 [Bieber Teachers... XD]
3>Justin Bieber (Teacher), 23yo.2015,Jun.19 00:21 (Yes, hahaha. Justin Bieber is an actual teacher, and specializes in biology for some reason...anyways, he's more into the girls than he is the actual teaching, so beware.)
10>Fred and George (Students), 17yo.2015,Jun.19 00:21 (Haha, that is pretty hilarious.)
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 00:21 [Hey, it's me, Brunny. I actually forgot to change the password in this thing. XP]
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 00:21 [Let me change it to "password" for you, Paige...]
3>Justin Bieber (Teacher), 23yo.2015,Jun.19 00:22 (Justin is actually really violent, especially when it comes to boys getting in his way.)
10>Fred and George (Students), 17yo.2015,Jun.19 00:22 (I think I'll get rid of Ginny and Ron.)
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:22 [Done. Slot 6 is all yours.]
3>Justin Bieber (Teacher), 23yo.2015,Jun.19 00:22 (Okay, thanks!)
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:22 [OK.]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:22 [No problem!]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:22
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:23 [Darn it. Looks like I never gave up the old Thematic Clubs habit of putting a space in my post before hitting enter. XP]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:23
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:23 [I DID IT AGAIN!! >_< ]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:23 [An example of how someone does NOT learn from their mistakes... XD]
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.19 00:23 (Here guys!)
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:24 [THE GANG'S ALL HERE!! :D]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:24 [Whoooooooo!]
10>Fred and George (Students), 17yo.2015,Jun.19 00:24 (Yay!)
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:24
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.19 00:24 (Sorry! Had to take out the trash. D:)
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:24 [That ruined my moment... >_________< ]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:24 [WHY CAN'T IT LEARN NOT TO PUT SPACES IN MY POST?!?!?!]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:24 *I LEARN
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:25
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:25 [-_-]
10>Fred and George (Students), 17yo.2015,Jun.19 00:25 (It's okay!)
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.19 00:25 (Do I need to delete anything or we all good?)
10>Fred and George (Students), 17yo.2015,Jun.19 00:25 (I think we're good!)
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:26 [We're good!]
13>Amanda (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 00:28 (Amanda: based off of the Amanda on WB. Has pale skin and medium brown hair, which is usually up due to being so thick.)
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:28 [I guess Paige is still making Augustus...whoever that is...]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:28 [I like Augustus Gloop better. XD]
13>Amanda (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 00:28 (Backstory: was from a dirt poor family in North Carolina, and has been shipped off because she was sort of hated by her mom.)
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:28 [That pig and nincompoop... XD]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:29 [Augustus Gloop, Augustus Gloop, that nincompoop!]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:30 [Hey, can people who don't like Augustus refer to him as Augustus Gloop The Nincompoop?]
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 00:30 (Augustus, from The Fault in Our Stars,a novel/movie enjoyed by hipsters and fangirls of all ages. This version of Augustus is the movie one, of course, so look him up on Google Images.)
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.19 00:30 (But hey! I made Han Solo!)
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:30 [YEAH!!! :D]
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 00:31 (Okay, so a lot of people pity Augustus because he had cancer, now he has a prosthetic leg. Augustus may have some good looks, but don't be fooled: he's really annoying.)
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:32 [Wait, why did the Augustus profile revert back to saying "Paige\'s character (---) ---"??]
14>Indiana Jones (Teacher), 45yo.2015,Jun.19 00:32 (Indiana Jones: A teacher and one of the most favored by all the students. He's fun, but strict at the same time. He dislikes students that have cliques and isn't afraid to take his whip out.)
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 00:33 (More on Augustus (and Mikey) later, but I gotta go. See you!)
14>Indiana Jones (Teacher), 45yo.2015,Jun.19 00:33 (He wears nice suits that people from the 1980's would wear. Just stay on his good side and your good. XD)
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:35 [Bye!]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:35 [Why are everyone's profiles reverting back to what they once were?]
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.19 00:36 (Are mine?)
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:36 [Amanda's profile says "Ginny," what I think is Mike's profile says "Ron," and Augustus' profile literally says "Paige\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s character".]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:37 [Nope. Also, aww!! Why did you get rid of Lupin?! :(]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:37 [Uhhh...the Augustus profile now says "Paige\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s character"...]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:37 [THE SLASHES KEEP DOUBLING IN SIZE! HELP!!!]
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.19 00:38 (I can bring him back if you want.)
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.19 00:38 (What is going on??????)
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:38 [Whew...the slashes have been deleted now, but they're returning and growing again...]
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.19 00:38 (What is going on here?)
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:39 [The slashes are growing in number again... O_O]
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.19 00:39 (The whole website was moved to the sidea0
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:39 [Every time I reload this page, the amount of slashes double. I think the slashes appear because the name says "Paige's...(etc.)". The computer doesn't like the ' symbol or something...]
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.19 00:39 (They grow as we say ok.)
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:39 [Yeah.]
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.19 00:40 (AHHHHHHH!!!!!)
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:40 [Sorry Paige, but Jack, I think you need to delete slot 6.]
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.19 00:40 (I'm getting a headache from all the slashes)
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:40 [AAAAGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!]
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.19 00:40 (Deleted.)
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.19 00:40 (I will brb)
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:41 [It seems like the slashes grow up to a certain number, then they revert back to have 1 slash.]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:41 [OK.]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:41 [Whew...]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 00:42 [@ Paige:Sorry about that. Slot 6 went whacko and we had to stop it.]
8>Draco (Student), 15yo.2015,Jun.19 00:55 [Just trying to make sure someone doesn't take Paige's slot while she's gone.]
8>Draco (Student), 15yo.2015,Jun.19 01:00 [I guess I'll start since I'm getting bored... XP]
8>Draco (Student), 15yo.2015,Jun.19 01:00 *Jeff is going through student profiles**meanwhile, all the students arrive at the boarding school together*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 01:01 [Note:The following is based on something that actually happened to me at a summer camp once.] *is stuck behind Julie and Bethany, who are walking along slowly and chatting**sighs and decides to just walk around them since they won't speed up*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 01:01 *as she walks around them, however...*
5>Julie and Bethany (Students), 14+13yo.2015,Jun.19 01:01 Julie:Hey, don't pass us!
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 01:02 *just looks at them, confused**then passes them anyway and makes it near the front of the crowd*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 01:03 [Yes, that happened to me. :P Basically two girls were walking slowly, so I just went around them and one was like "Don't pass us!" I looked at them in confusion and went ahead. After a while I found out that neither of those girls could live without
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 01:03 their phones and probably thought they were "cooler" than me. XP So annoying.]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 01:04 *sees Katniss up ahead**her mouth drops open**can't help but go a bit faster so she's walking next to the Girl on Fire herself*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 01:05 *fortunately, she's next to Katniss Everdeen...but unfortunately, she's also next to Edward Cullen*
18>Katniss (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 01:07 *looks around at her fellow students**sees that some of them are weird and/or creepy (e.g. Edward, Bella, Beth, etc.)**decides to stay away from those types of people*
18>Katniss (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 01:08 *they enter the school*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 01:08 *looks around curiously*
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.19 01:16 *Walking around, watching the students*
17>Thomas (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 01:17 *Arrives at the school and looks at all the kids* Thinks to himself: I'm definitely better looking than all the guys here.
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 01:20 [Welcome back. XD]
11>Han (Student ), 15yo.2015,Jun.19 01:20 *Walking by a bunch of other students and accidently bumps into Brunny* Oh Hi...Sorry..
11>Han (Student ), 15yo.2015,Jun.19 01:20 (Hey XD)
8>Draco (Student), 15yo.2015,Jun.19 01:21 *looks around in disgust* Hogwarts is much better than this PATHETIC place...
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 01:21 It's fine...wait...LONE STARR?!?!
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 01:22 You're so much younger!!
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 01:22 Han:*awkwardness*
11>Han (Student ), 15yo.2015,Jun.19 01:22 Hahaha. No. My names Han Solo.
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 01:22 HAN SOLO?!?!?!
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 01:23 You mean like the one from Star Wars?!
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 01:23 Is Chewy here too?!
11>Han (Student ), 15yo.2015,Jun.19 01:23 Yeah!
11>Han (Student ), 15yo.2015,Jun.19 01:23 And no chewy couldn't come.
5>Julie and Bethany (Students), 14+13yo.2015,Jun.19 01:24 *the two sisters (AKA one girl and her adoptive sister) are complaining to Bella about some stupid thing on Facebook*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 01:24 Oh...what about Luke? Leia?
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 01:24 Or even Obi Wan?
11>Han (Student ), 15yo.2015,Jun.19 01:25 They might stop by sometime. *Smiles*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 01:26 Cool!
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 01:26 If Obi Wan stops by, make sure he brings his giant lizard. :D
18>Katniss (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 01:27 *looks at the other female students* Um...so...do you think we should check out the girls' dorms?
18>Katniss (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 01:27 [Wait...what should the students do now exactly? Snoop around or something?]
11>Han (Student ), 15yo.2015,Jun.19 01:27 (There is going to be a meeting soon in the theater)
18>Katniss (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 01:28 [OK.]
11>Han (Student ), 15yo.2015,Jun.19 01:28 (yeah. Just wait for Jeff to make the announcement)
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 01:29 Sure. *goes up to Katniss* My name is Brunnhilde, by the way. Katniss:You mean...like the Valkyrie?! Brunny:Yeah. But I've got a lot of German heritage, so my family decided to name me Brunnhilde.
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 01:30 Hi! Im new!
11>Han (Student ), 15yo.2015,Jun.19 01:30 *Goes over to Draco* I just wanted to say that you have a very strange haircut.
11>Han (Student ), 15yo.2015,Jun.19 01:31 (Um,... Felicity.... We were kind of saving that for Paige...)
13>Amanda (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 01:31 (Wait...someone took my Augustus slot.)
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 01:31 [Yeah. That slot belonged to Paige, Felicity. We're sorry, but you may have to have your slot deleted...]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 01:32 [I announced that that slot belonged to Paige above. I guess you didn't see that slot.]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 01:32 *announcement
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 01:32 [Again, I'm sorry, but we're out of room for more characters.]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 01:33 [We deleted that slot temporarily because it was doing REALLY weird stuff, and we were waiting for Paige to take the slot.]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 01:34 [Jack, do you think we should delete the yellow slot again and give it back to Paige, who claimed it first? Or no?]
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.19 01:34 (I think we should because technically it was Paige's.)
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 01:34 [@ Felicity:If you're confused, scroll up and you can find my announcement as well as see what happened.]
9>Mikey (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 01:35 (Let me introduce Mikey real quick. He's based off of Mike from the WB, but everyone calls him Mikey. Has pale skin, a dash of freckles, and red hair that is cropped, but somewhat wild and wispy on the occassion.)
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 01:35 [Yeah. Go ahead and delete slot 6. @ Felicity:Again, I'm VERY sorry, but that slot is Paige's. If you are still confused, scroll up and find my announcement.]
8>Draco (Student), 15yo.2015,Jun.19 01:36 Well you look weird yourself. *huffs*
9>Mikey (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 01:36 (He's a Midwestern guy, and has lived in a double-decker RV with his numerous family members almost his entire life. Since he was too smart for RV life(he quotes things for fun) he was shipped off in hopes that he could get a good edu.)
9>Mikey (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 01:36 *walks into the school cautiously, a backpack slung over his shoulder*
8>Draco (Student), 15yo.2015,Jun.19 01:37 [Paige, feel free to take back your slot once Jack removes Felicity.]
8>Draco (Student), 15yo.2015,Jun.19 01:37 [OK, Felicity's been removed. You can put Augustus back in.]
9>Mikey (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 01:37 *says to no one in particular:* Hi everyone...
9>Mikey (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 01:37 (Thank you.)
8>Draco (Student), 15yo.2015,Jun.19 01:38 [No problem.]\
8>Draco (Student), 15yo.2015,Jun.19 01:38 *]
5>Julie and Bethany (Students), 14+13yo.2015,Jun.19 01:38 *they look at Mike* Um...
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 01:39 (Well, unfortunately for the students, Augustus is back.)
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 01:40 [Noooo! XD]
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 01:40 (Another thing about Augustus: he talks like he came out of the 19th century...and can also be sort of a stalker.)
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 01:40 [Justin and Augustus MUST become best buddies. XD]
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 01:41 *bumps right into Mikey* Ooh!!... *slides swiftly, whereas Mikey falls to the ground*
5>Julie and Bethany (Students), 14+13yo.2015,Jun.19 01:41 Beth:*whispers to Julie while glancing at Mike:* Weirdo...
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 01:41 (It's probably unlikely because Justin is so violent...haha.)
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 01:41 *sees Mike fall down and rushes over* You okay? *helps him get up*
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 01:41 Oh! My bad. *doesn't even help Mikey*
9>Mikey (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 01:42 Yeah, yeah...I'll be fine. *glares at Augustus*
18>Katniss (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 01:42 Hey Brunnhilde, are you coming with me to the dorms or not?
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 01:43 Coming! *turns back to Mikey* The name's Brunnhilde. *shakes hands with him* You can call me Brunny if you want. What's your name?
9>Mikey (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 01:44 Nice to meet you. I'm Mike. Some people call me Mikey though.
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 01:44 Okay. See you soon, Mikey! *turns and runs with Katniss*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 01:44 Where do you think the dorms are? Katniss:I guess up these stairs. Not sure though. Let's go. *runs up some stairs with Brunny*
18>Katniss (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 01:45 *makes it to the top first**Brunny is close behind**she and Brunny are jogging along when they hear someone screaming at them*
12>Rob Stow (Teacher), 57yo.2015,Jun.19 01:45 HEY!!!! ABSOLUTELY NO-I REPEAT, NO-RUNNING THROUGH THE HALLWAYS!!!!!!!
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 01:45 *she and Katniss stop and glance at each other* Uh-sorry...
18>Katniss (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 01:46 Sorry...uh...do you know where the dorms are? Rob:Down the hallway and to the right.
18>Katniss (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 01:46 Thanks. *she and Brunny keep going**as they do, they hear a familiar "AND NO MORE RUNNING!!!!!!!" behind them*
13>Amanda (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 01:46 *is dropped off at the school doors* *walks out of a pretty old and crappy van* *the mom can be heard screaming stuff* Mom: ...You better BEHAVE!! Or else...Amanda: Yeah, okay. See you. Mom: GO!!! Get out of my sight. *the van drives off, then breaksdown*
18>Katniss (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 01:46 [Hello?]
18>Katniss (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 01:46 [Nvm]
13>Amanda (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 01:47 *walks inside, looking sort of grim*
9>Mikey (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 01:47 *walks around the school, looking for his dorm*
18>Katniss (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 01:47 *she and Brunny spend a few minutes snooping around the dorms*
18>Katniss (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 01:49 *then they begin walking back the way they came**they chat while doing so*
18>Katniss (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 01:50 [Hello?]
15>Connor (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 01:51 *his car pulls up to Govenor Butts Boarding School* *gets out of the car and grabs his stuff out of the trunk* *Amanda's van is in front of him, as well as Mikey's and Augustus's* This is kind of reminding me of The Breakfast Club.
18>Katniss (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 01:52 [Nvm]
15>Connor (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 01:52 Mom: See you soon! Call us! Connor: Bye Mom! See you soon! *walks into the school*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 01:53 So you're really from District 12? Katniss:Yep. Brunny:How come you're here instead of in Panem? Katniss:After competing in the 74th Hunger Games my family decided that I need to complete my education. So I was sent here.
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 01:53 *she and Katniss go downstairs**they see Rob coming so they slow down as much as possible to keep him from screaming "NO RUNNING!!!!"*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 01:54 [Is Jeff going to make his announcement yet?]
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 01:54 *is hanging around the front door, trying to socialize with the new students* *slaps Amanda on the shoulder* Hey there. *smiles creepily* What's your name?
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 01:54 [Or is he busy FARTING around? XD]
13>Amanda (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 01:55 Um- Amanda. Augustus: Your FULL name. Amanda: It's just...Amanda. Augustus: Okay then, "Just Amanda".
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 01:55 *she and Katniss get back to the main hallway where everyone else is**sees JB preparing stuff for class* Oh god...
18>Katniss (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 01:55 What...?
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 01:56 Ugh...it's JUSTIN BIEBER...
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 01:56 *stares at Amanda with a creepy smile* *Amanda glances at him irritably* Augustus: Oh my God. You just ruined the moment! You're supposed to say, "why are you staring at me?"!
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 01:56 I can NOT believe I just came to a boarding school with HIM as one of the teachers.
13>Amanda (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 01:56 Okay then. Why are you staring at me?
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 01:56 *says simply:* Because you're beautiful.
13>Amanda (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 01:57 *is very creeped out* *walks away slowly*
20>Patsy Tubman (Teacher), 36yo.2015,Jun.19 01:57 *waddles into view* OI JUSTIN! DID YOU GET ME MAH NUGGETS YET?!
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 01:57 Hey! See you soon, Just Amanda! Oh-*gets hit by the door by Connor*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 01:57 *she and Katniss meet up with Mikey**they spot Patsy*
3>Justin Bieber (Teacher), 23yo.2015,Jun.19 01:58 *is actually wearing a suit and tie* Nope, sorry.
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 01:58 Oh no...*smirking* Katniss:What? Brunny:One of our teachers can easily be seen by a satellite in orbit. That's not good.
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 01:58 *smiles cheerfully at Connor* Hey there! And you are?...
20>Patsy Tubman (Teacher), 36yo.2015,Jun.19 01:59 UGH, WHYYY?! *whines* I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR UP TO...uh...*looks at a clock*...THREE MINUTES!!!
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.19 01:59 Alright studentsag,
7>Margo (Student), 17-18yo.2015,Jun.19 02:00 *arrives in style in a battered minivan* *parks and gets out, running into the school*
3>Justin Bieber (Teacher), 23yo.2015,Jun.19 02:00 *runs a hand through his hair, signaling that he's going to lose it soon* Listen. Get in the (BLEEP) car and get it yourself.
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.19 02:00 Announcement time kids!
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 02:01 *screams obnoxiously:* I AM NOT A CHILD! I AM A GROWN MAN!
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 02:01 *looks at Jeff*
10>Fred and George (Students), 17yo.2015,Jun.19 02:01 *they have arrived late too in a rental car* Fred: *looks at the school* Welcome to Hogwarts?...George: We'll see. *walks in*
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 02:01 *looks around to see if any of the girls are amused by this*
13>Amanda (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 02:02 *glances at Augustus* What an arse.
19>Tris (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 02:02 *follows Jeff's voice* *sees Augustus* Caleb?!
9>Mikey (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 02:02 Yeah. Wish I could PUNCH him in the arse.
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 02:02 *turns around* Hazel!?
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 02:03 *is sort of giving Augustus the "WT*?!" look (and yes, I blotted out that letter we all know about...)*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 02:03 TRIS?!?! :O
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 02:03 KATNISS AND TRIS IN THE SAME SCHOOL?!?!?!
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 02:03 I'M IN HEAVEN!!!! :'D
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 02:04 *someone farts REALLY loudly, leaving everyone looking around for someone to blame*
19>Tris (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 02:04 *????* Umm...I'm Tris, heh heh...*looks around* Remember me? I thought you stayed home.
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 02:04 Who's Caleb? Do you have the intention that I, Augustus, am Caleb?
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 02:04 *is sounding so full of himself*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 02:04 [Wait, are Augustus and Caleb played by the same person or something?]
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.19 02:05 Listen up now!
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 02:05 *looks around* Random Student/Teacher:ALRIGHT, WHO THE HECK BLASTED ONE?!?!
18>Katniss (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 02:06 *is getting impatient**yells from the back of the crowd* WE'RE LISTENING!
7>Margo (Student), 17-18yo.2015,Jun.19 02:06 (Yeah. And the same person who plays Tris plays his girlfriend.)
18>Katniss (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 02:06 [Wow...talk about coincidences. XD]
18>Katniss (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 02:06 [This isn't good. XD]
8>Draco (Student), 15yo.2015,Jun.19 02:07 YEAH, HURRY UP!
7>Margo (Student), 17-18yo.2015,Jun.19 02:07 *runs through the halls, backpack slung across her shoulder* *sees Fred and George* Hey, do you know where we're supposed to go? Fred: Not really. George: The Maurauder's Map would never work here, so...SOL...
3>Justin Bieber (Teacher), 23yo.2015,Jun.19 02:07 IF YOU'RE LISTENING, THEN SHUT THE (BLEEP) UP!!!
3>Justin Bieber (Teacher), 23yo.2015,Jun.19 02:08 *glances at Jeff* Sorry 'bout that. It was almost necessary.
7>Margo (Student), 17-18yo.2015,Jun.19 02:09 Fred: I solemnly swear I am up to no good. George: *nods ruefully* Margo: *smiles* That's me all the time.
18>Katniss (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 02:09 *sees Margo, Fred, and George running around in some nearby hallways**yells:* HEY! WE'RE IN HERE!
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 02:10 *whispers to Mikey:* Someone had better tell Jeff FartFace to stop farting around.
10>Fred and George (Students), 17yo.2015,Jun.19 02:10 George: aye aye, cap'n! Fred: We're coming! *the threesome run into the auditorium or whatever*
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.19 02:11 Now, all of you can get your roommate assignments and dorms with Mr. Jones over there. And then you can get come to my to get your schedules.
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 02:11 *blurts out:* INDIANA JONES?!?!?!
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.19 02:11 *MeI
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 02:11 THIS IS HEAVEEEEEEEN!!!!!!
14>Indiana Jones (Teacher), 45yo.2015,Jun.19 02:12 *Waves for the students to see where he is*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 02:12 IT IS INDY!!!! :D
16>Edward (Student), 109yo.2015,Jun.19 02:12 *looks bored* Okay, so...where do we go first?
16>Edward (Student), 109yo.2015,Jun.19 02:13 *looks around for Bella obliviously*
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 02:13 Is it co-ed?...the dorms, I mean. *is smirking*
18>Katniss (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 02:13 *@ Edward:* Um, Mr. FartFace just told you where to go.
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 02:13 *continues:* Wonder who my lucky bunkmate will be.
15>Connor (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 02:14 *glances at Edward and Gus irritably* Okay, so...*walks up to Indy*
13>Amanda (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 02:14 *walks towards Indy*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 02:15 *walks up to Indy behind Amanda and in front of Mikey*
14>Indiana Jones (Teacher), 45yo.2015,Jun.19 02:16 Name please.
19>Tris (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 02:16 *follows everyone else by getting in line* *goes behind Margo*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 02:16 *wondering what'll happen if she messes with his hat XD*
18>Katniss (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 02:16 *is in front of Margo and behind Mikey*
15>Connor (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 02:16 *states his name to Indy*
20>Patsy Tubman (Teacher), 36yo.2015,Jun.19 02:16 Okie doke, the students are busy...NOW GET ME MAH MCDONALD'S LUNCH JUSTIN!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!
16>Edward (Student), 109yo.2015,Jun.19 02:17 *brings up the rear of the line with Bella*
3>Justin Bieber (Teacher), 23yo.2015,Jun.19 02:17 *turns to Patsy* Unlike YOU, I have a job. So go up to McDonald's yourself.
12>Rob Stow (Teacher), 57yo.2015,Jun.19 02:17 *yells @ Patsy from upstairs:* Will you...SHUT UP?!?!?! I'M PREWRITING SOMETHING HERE!!!!! Patsy:YOU'VE BEEN PREWRITING IT FOR SEVEN MONTHS!!!!! Rob:YEAH-WELL, SO?!?!
20>Patsy Tubman (Teacher), 36yo.2015,Jun.19 02:18 UGH...JUST...WHATEVER!!!
20>Patsy Tubman (Teacher), 36yo.2015,Jun.19 02:18 *starts waddling**exits the boarding school**she is panting hard by the time she gets to her car*
20>Patsy Tubman (Teacher), 36yo.2015,Jun.19 02:19 I...hate...walking!! *gets in her car and drives two blocks to McDonald's**gets a HUGE lunch that fills up her entire backseat**drives back and carries everything back in a suitcase*
20>Patsy Tubman (Teacher), 36yo.2015,Jun.19 02:19 *finally gets back**once she's done, she faceplants*
20>Patsy Tubman (Teacher), 36yo.2015,Jun.19 02:20 *holds up her suitcase* See...Justin? I did it...all...by...myself! If you did it, I wouldn't have had to be tortured this way! Justin:Hm...meh.
20>Patsy Tubman (Teacher), 36yo.2015,Jun.19 02:21 *gets up and waddles over to a bench, angry since she didn't affect Justin in any way**starts eating*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 02:21 *waits around* Thinks:Why is Indy being so slow...?
15>Connor (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 02:21 *watches The Tub feasting, in pure disgust* She's our teacher?... Fred: Rightfully so.
18>Katniss (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 02:22 *sees Fatsy eating-or more like gorging**winces* Ugh...
13>Amanda (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 02:23 Interesting set of teachers we have here.
18>Katniss (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 02:23 [Hey Paige and Joan, want to RP on here and Superhero Universe?]
7>Margo (Student), 17-18yo.2015,Jun.19 02:24 Well, it is called Governer Butt's Boarding School.
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 02:24 *can't help but laugh at Amanda's statement*
7>Margo (Student), 17-18yo.2015,Jun.19 02:24 (Sure.)
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 02:24 [@ Jack:Oh, and if you return (for I think you've disappeared), feel free to join me on SU too.]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 02:24 [OK!]
5>Julie and Bethany (Students), 14+13yo.2015,Jun.19 02:27 *they don't mind the wait at all-they are busy posting on dozens of social medias at once*
12>Rob Stow (Teacher), 57yo.2015,Jun.19 02:30 *is upstairs, prewriting, prewriting, prewriting...*
19>Tris (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 02:30 *is bored silly*
14>Indiana Jones (Teacher), 45yo.2015,Jun.19 02:34 (Ok!)
8>Draco (Student), 15yo.2015,Jun.19 02:35 HURRY UP!
16>Edward (Student), 109yo.2015,Jun.19 02:36 *smirks at Draco's comment*
8>Draco (Student), 15yo.2015,Jun.19 02:38 '
8>Draco (Student), 15yo.2015,Jun.19 02:38 [Oops]
14>Indiana Jones (Teacher), 45yo.2015,Jun.19 02:39 Next please.
16>Edward (Student), 109yo.2015,Jun.19 02:39 I've never met anyone slower.
13>Amanda (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 02:40 *goes up to Indy* *states her name*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 02:41 Thinks:I'M NEXT!!!! :D
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 02:45 Thinks:So that means I'll get to meet Indy in two hours...?
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 02:49 *sees everyone fidgeting around**looks at Indy* Thinks:INDYYY...HURRY UP I HAVE TO PEE!!!!!
12>Rob Stow (Teacher), 57yo.2015,Jun.19 02:59 *prewriting*
12>Rob Stow (Teacher), 57yo.2015,Jun.19 02:59 *prewriting, prewriting, prewriting, prewriting, prewriting, prewriting, prewriting, prewriting, prewriting, prewriting, prewriting, prewriting, prewriting, prewriting, prewriting, prewriting, prewriting, prewriting, prewriting, prewriting, prewriting*
14>Indiana Jones (Teacher), 45yo.2015,Jun.19 03:03 Next please.
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 03:13 *comes up**states her name*
16>Edward (Student), 109yo.2015,Jun.19 03:24 *stands around doing nothing - a Cullen tradition*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 03:27 [XD Nice tradition.]
9>Mikey (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 03:28 *goes up after Brunnhilde* *then Fred and George go after him*
14>Indiana Jones (Teacher), 45yo.2015,Jun.19 03:29 Next. Who is next?.
14>Indiana Jones (Teacher), 45yo.2015,Jun.19 03:29 Come on guys.
10>Fred and George (Students), 17yo.2015,Jun.19 03:30 Fred: *turns around to see Katniss* She is.
10>Fred and George (Students), 17yo.2015,Jun.19 03:30 *they go up to Jeff to get their schedules*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 03:31 *Margo goes, and then Katniss*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 03:31 *or vice versa*
14>Indiana Jones (Teacher), 45yo.2015,Jun.19 03:32 Just keep the line moving please.
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 03:32 *Julie and Bethany then go**Draco goes next*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 03:33 [Hey Jack, mind posting on Superhero Universe? I provided a summary for what happened. All you have to do is read the summary, read what Paige, Joan, and I posted after that, and then join in.]
16>Edward (Student), 109yo.2015,Jun.19 03:33 *goes after Draco, Tris goes after him, and the line keeps going*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 03:35 *Augustus goes after Tris, and Bella goes after Augustus*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 03:36 *Han goes after Bella, and now we're all done*
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.19 03:37 Now come get your class assignments.
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 03:37 *everyone starts getting their schedules; first Connor, then Amanda, Brunny next, then Mikey, Fred, George, Katniss, Margo, Julie, Beth, Draco, Ed, Tris, Augustus, Bella, and FINALLY Han*
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 03:37 *received his schedule* *holds it casually, a dumb smile on his face* So...what are we gonna do now?
12>Rob Stow (Teacher), 57yo.2015,Jun.19 03:38 *yells from upstairs:* READ THE SCHEDULE YOU IDIOT!!!!!
15>Connor (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 03:39 *glares at Augustus* Really. Gus: *smiling still* Yep.
18>Katniss (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 03:39 *glances at the stairs whence the annoying scream came*
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.19 03:40 Now, go to your dorm rooms and get settled in.
19>Tris (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 03:40 *looks at different papers, trying to figure out if she's sharing a dorm with anyone*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 03:41 *looks at her papers* Um...Mr. FartFace? *trying not to laugh when she mentions his name*
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 03:41 *stupidly runs into a door* *pats it, grinning widely*
19>Tris (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 03:42 *says warningly* Watch the door.
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.19 03:42 Here are the roomate assignments: Han+Mikey, Fred+George, Tris+Bella, Augustus+Draco, Katniss+Julie, Ed+Margo.
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.19 03:42 And Amanda and Brunny. Connor will get a single room.
19>Tris (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 03:43 *looks at Bella slowly* *says quietly:* No...not her. Margo: Hey, I got Edward, so don't feel bad. Tris: I guess I'd rather have Bella.
19>Tris (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 03:43 *looks at a grinning Connor* He's lucky.
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 03:44 Beth:Hey, what about me?! Julie:Yeah! Beth and I are sisters! We need to be together! In fact, we're not just sisters- Beth:We're besties!
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 03:44 Beth:*sees Connor* UGH. DO NOT tell me I'm getting a room with HIM.
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 03:44 Beth:Can I get a room with Julie? Julie:I don't wanna be with Katniss... *whines*
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.19 03:45 WELL! Deal with it!
19>Tris (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 03:45 What about Thomas?
18>Katniss (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 03:46 Seriously? Our HEADMASTER is forgetting about people?@
18>Katniss (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 03:47 *?!
18>Katniss (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 03:47 I don't want to be with Julie either. I'd be happy to get a room with Connor or Thomas.
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.19 03:48 Ok fine. Katniss you are with Thomas and Julie and Beth are together.
7>Margo (Student), 17-18yo.2015,Jun.19 03:49 Personally, I don't blame Katniss. I'd rather be with Edward.
18>Katniss (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 03:50 Julie+Beth:YES!!!
20>Patsy Tubman (Teacher), 36yo.2015,Jun.19 03:52 Okie dokie, MOVE IT PEEPZ!!!
7>Margo (Student), 17-18yo.2015,Jun.19 03:52 *turns to Julie and Beth, looking confused*
20>Patsy Tubman (Teacher), 36yo.2015,Jun.19 03:52 *Julie and Beth, familiar with the word "peepz," start going to the dorms immediately*
15>Connor (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 03:52 Make way for Fatty, everyone.
10>Fred and George (Students), 17yo.2015,Jun.19 03:53 Fred: *bows mockingly* Your Majesty the Queen...George: What an honor...
19>Tris (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 03:55 *walks up to the dorms*
20>Patsy Tubman (Teacher), 36yo.2015,Jun.19 03:56 Shuddap you snots!!
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.19 03:56 Each sheet has the name of the dorm you are in.
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 03:56 *goes to her dorm with Amanda*
10>Fred and George (Students), 17yo.2015,Jun.19 03:57 *they both laugh and go to their dorms*
13>Amanda (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 03:58 *stands in front of the metal bunk bed* Well, isn't this inviting?
7>Margo (Student), 17-18yo.2015,Jun.19 03:58 *didn't really know where Edward went, so she just goes to her dorm* *is shocked to see him there*Edward: Did I...give ya a little scare? Margo: Yeah, of course.
7>Margo (Student), 17-18yo.2015,Jun.19 03:58 *stands around awkwardly* So...which bunk do you want? Edward: *says so darkly its almost hilarious* I...don't...sleep...
18>Katniss (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 03:59 *goes to her dorm with Thomas*
7>Margo (Student), 17-18yo.2015,Jun.19 03:59 *turns away, very creeped out* Okay.
18>Katniss (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 03:59 Mind if I claim the higher bunk?
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 04:00 *immediately gets in the higher bunk bed* Yes!!
5>Julie and Bethany (Students), 14+13yo.2015,Jun.19 04:00 *the sisters settle in and gossip about worthless phone and social media crap*
15>Connor (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 04:00 *sets up his room* *abandons some crap in the top bunk for the meantime*
17>Thomas (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 04:00 Yeah sure Katniss.
9>Mikey (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 04:00 *tries to climb the ladder, but it is like a sword* *winces with every step* Hey Han, top bunk or bottom bunk?
8>Draco (Student), 15yo.2015,Jun.19 04:01 *tries "bonding" with Augustus by chatting with him**sighs*...You're hopeless...you're even MORE stupid than Crabbe and Goyle...pitiful.
8>Draco (Student), 15yo.2015,Jun.19 04:02 Oh, well...pick a bunk. I don't care which one I get.
13>Amanda (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 04:02 *mumbles:* I've always been a bottom bunk person myself...*throws on some sheets, then bumps her head on the iron 'roof' thing* Ow!
11>Han (Student ), 15yo.2015,Jun.19 04:02 Sure I'll take bottom. I guess.
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 04:03 Suit yourself. *grabs a limp pillow and attempts at climbing he ladder with his prosthetic leg*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 04:03 You OK?
8>Draco (Student), 15yo.2015,Jun.19 04:03 *gets in the bottom bunk*
19>Tris (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 04:03 *ultimately decides that Bella might be wanting the bottom bunk*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 04:06 Amanda?
13>Amanda (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 04:06 Yeah. Think I'm okay. *wanders to the closet and grabs a 70's fan* Let's air this place out in the meantime.
7>Margo (Student), 17-18yo.2015,Jun.19 04:06 *goes into the top bunk to avoid Edward at all costs*
13>Amanda (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 04:08 *plugs it in, and the fan whirs to life- sort of* *since it is an ancient spinning fan, it creaks loudly as it is turning*
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 04:09 *cranks up all his favorite hipster hits via MP3 player*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 04:10 Uh...is it just me, or does it smell like something died in the closet?
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 04:10 *connects the MP3 to Bluetooth so the sound will radiate more*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 04:10 Draco:AAAAGGGGHHHH...YOU'RE GIVING ME A MIGRAINE!!!!!
13>Amanda (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 04:11 *inhales, then pauses* Actually...you're right. I'm not so sure I want to know who or what is in there...*silently gags*
10>Fred and George (Students), 17yo.2015,Jun.19 04:11 *they can hear the music blasting across the hall* Fred: *sighs* George: It's the hipster - Fred: Or muggle? George: Both.
13>Amanda (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 04:12 *casually leans against the wall, which is vibrating/shaking* What the heck?
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 04:13 IT'S MUSIC, DRAGON!! MUSIC....LIKE A FLOWING CHOCOLATE RIVER TO MY MOUTH!!
9>Mikey (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 04:14 *pounds on the vibrating wall*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 04:15 *Rob, who is still prewriting, is heard screaming "RRRRRRRRAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!"*
10>Fred and George (Students), 17yo.2015,Jun.19 04:15 Fred: BLOODY H***....George: SHUT UP IN THERE!
9>Mikey (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 04:16 *pounds on the vibrating wall*
11>Han (Student ), 15yo.2015,Jun.19 04:16 I can't focus with that racket.
3>Justin Bieber (Teacher), 23yo.2015,Jun.19 04:18 *is acting as warden* Um, who's blasting that (BLEEP)?
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 04:18 *screams regally yet stupidly:* IT IS I, AUGUSUTUS WATERS!!
3>Justin Bieber (Teacher), 23yo.2015,Jun.19 04:19 Ever heard the phrase, "silence is golden"? Well, we live by that here at Govenor Butts. So turn your music off before I do.
8>Draco (Student), 15yo.2015,Jun.19 04:19 AUGUSTUS, TURN THAT [BLEEP] OFF OR I'LL USE THE AVADA KEDAVRA SPELL ON YOU!!!!!
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 04:20 *comments rather loudly* Well this su cks.
5>Julie and Bethany (Students), 14+13yo.2015,Jun.19 04:20 *she and Beth are meanwhile in their room, jamming to the music instead of sleeping*
5>Julie and Bethany (Students), 14+13yo.2015,Jun.19 04:21 *Julie
13>Amanda (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 04:22 Yeah, especially when Augustus freakin' Waters is across the hall. *sighs* What he needs is a knuckle sandwich.
11>Han (Student ), 15yo.2015,Jun.19 04:22 PLEASE TURN THAT DOWN!
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 04:23 With a foot-in-butt side, I hope.
18>Katniss (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 04:23 *moans and presses her pillows against her head, trying to drown out the music*
13>Amanda (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 04:24 Yeah, especially when Augustus freakin' Waters is across the hall. *sighs* What he needs is a knuckle sandwich.
12>Rob Stow (Teacher), 57yo.2015,Jun.19 04:24 I AM PREWRITING SOMETHING HERE!
13>Amanda (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 04:24 (Sorry, double post)
12>Rob Stow (Teacher), 57yo.2015,Jun.19 04:24 *!!!!!!!!!!
12>Rob Stow (Teacher), 57yo.2015,Jun.19 04:24 [It's fine.]
7>Margo (Student), 17-18yo.2015,Jun.19 04:25 *has been trying to sleep, but the music interrupts* I'll fix it myself if I have to. *jumps from the top bunk and out the door*
13>Amanda (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 04:25 Sounds excellent. He'd like that, I think.
7>Margo (Student), 17-18yo.2015,Jun.19 04:25 *follows the sound of music* *finally finds the location and pounds on the door*
9>Mikey (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 04:25 *passes out on the top bunk*
7>Margo (Student), 17-18yo.2015,Jun.19 04:25 HEY!!! I COULD USE SOME HELP HERE!!
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 04:26 *looks up* Augustus Waters at your service, how may I help you?
11>Han (Student ), 15yo.2015,Jun.19 04:26 *Starts to play video games*
15>Connor (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 04:26 *takes off some headphones* *hears Margo asking for help* *leaves his dorm room*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 04:29 *smirks, remembering a Willy Wonka quote**pokes her head out the door and screams down the hallway to Augustus:* AUGUSTUS GLOOP YOU NINCOMPOOP!!!!!!!
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 04:29 *laughs at her little prank and quickly goes back in her room before JB sees her*
15>Connor (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 04:31 *stands behind Margo*
7>Margo (Student), 17-18yo.2015,Jun.19 04:31 I'd just like to ask if you can turn your music down...before an entire army comes and attacks.
13>Amanda (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 04:32 *has a good laugh*
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 04:33 *since Margo is a girl, she gets the exception* Okay...I'll turn it down. *smiles creepily* Sorry about the inconvenience. It'll NEVER happen again.
7>Margo (Student), 17-18yo.2015,Jun.19 04:37 Roger that...I'll make sure it doesn't. *leaves, goes into her dorm to grab stuff, and camps out on the football field for the night*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 04:37 Classic, huh?
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 04:37 *laughing*
15>Connor (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 04:38 Thanks, Augustus. *leaves*
5>Julie and Bethany (Students), 14+13yo.2015,Jun.19 04:38 *the sisters go "Aww" when the music is shut off*
8>Draco (Student), 15yo.2015,Jun.19 04:38 FINALLY! *tries going back to sleep*
13>Amanda (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 04:39 Yeah, pretty spot-on for Augustus. *laughs*
19>Tris (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 04:40 *is finally able to get some sleep*
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 04:40 *connects his PlayStation to the TV* Don't worry- I'll be wearing a headset with this. Unless you want to join me, of course?
8>Draco (Student), 15yo.2015,Jun.19 04:42 No. I don't like that worthless Muggle crap.
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 04:42 *goes to sleep*
8>Draco (Student), 15yo.2015,Jun.19 04:42 *goes to sleep*
18>Katniss (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 04:43 *goes to sleep*
19>Tris (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 04:43 *goes to sleep*
14>Indiana Jones (Teacher), 45yo.2015,Jun.19 04:43 *Sitting outside*
5>Julie and Bethany (Students), 14+13yo.2015,Jun.19 04:43 *they stay awake and do stuff on their phones some more**Justin Bieber catches them awake, so it isn't very long until they go to sleep anyway*
15>Connor (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 04:43 *goes to sleep*
7>Margo (Student), 17-18yo.2015,Jun.19 04:44 *goes to sleep*
10>Fred and George (Students), 17yo.2015,Jun.19 04:44 *goes to sleep*
16>Edward (Student), 109yo.2015,Jun.19 04:44 *stays awake*
16>Edward (Student), 109yo.2015,Jun.19 04:45 (Ah...the annoyance of people staying up all night on their phones.)
13>Amanda (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 04:46 *goes to sleep*
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 04:47 *goes on a girl hunt*
5>Julie and Bethany (Students), 14+13yo.2015,Jun.19 04:47 [Yeah. XP]
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 04:47 *carefully opens the door to Tris and Bella's room*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 04:48 *wakes up to the feeling of being watched*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 04:48 *carefully climbs down the bunk bed**has to go to the bathroom, so she goes to the bathroom in her dorm*
19>Tris (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 04:50 *hears the door creaking open* *opens her eyes and stares at the walls* Bella?...
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 04:50 *while she's producing a "loaf" she hears a door creak**quickly finishes and walks over to the other side of the room**sticks her head out the door and sees Augustus across the hallway*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 04:50 *is sort of confused*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 04:50 *isn't sure what to do, so she closes the door and climbs up onto her bunk bed*
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 04:51 *proceeds to climb up to the top bunk*
14>Indiana Jones (Teacher), 45yo.2015,Jun.19 04:52 Bella: *Sound asleep*
19>Tris (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 04:53 *turns around to see Augustus, a smirk just barely visible* AUGUSTUS?!!?!
13>Amanda (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 04:53 *is half-awake* *can hear the distinct klunk of a turd hitting the toilet water, as well as a distinct creaking noise- Augustus himself, right across the hall*
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 04:54 *grins* Prince Charming has arrived...*leans in for a big wet one*
19>Tris (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 04:55 *defends herself by punching Augustus right in the kisser* *it hurt, but it was worth it*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 04:57 *sniffs the air and realizes she forgot to flush**climbs back down, goes to the bathroom, and flushes*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 04:58 *hears a smacking sound**decides it's time to wake up Amanda**goes to Amanda and shakes her* Amanda?
17>Thomas (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 05:00 *Wakes up*
13>Amanda (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 05:01 *looks up at Brunnhilde sleepily* *says tiredly:* What's up?
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 05:01 Something weird is going on-Augustus went in Tris and Bella's room.
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 05:01 I saw him.
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 05:02 Should we go and tell the teachers?
14>Indiana Jones (Teacher), 45yo.2015,Jun.19 05:03 *Hears screaming* *Walks in*
13>Amanda (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 05:04 *looks annoyed, because Augustus strikes again* Yeah, I think we should.*climbs out of bed* It's time to get Augustus busted.
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 05:05 *climbs down the ladder so fast, he'd put Usian Bolt to shame* *leaps into the bottom bunk, crushing Bella*
14>Indiana Jones (Teacher), 45yo.2015,Jun.19 05:09 *Walks around the dorm*
14>Indiana Jones (Teacher), 45yo.2015,Jun.19 05:13 *Checks every room and then goes to Augustus* Where is he?
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.19 05:14 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
14>Indiana Jones (Teacher), 45yo.2015,Jun.19 05:15 (Bye!)
19>Tris (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 05:17 (Bye!)
19>Tris (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 05:17 *is still really freaked out*
14>Indiana Jones (Teacher), 45yo.2015,Jun.19 05:19 *Hears noises from Tris's room and walks in*
5>Julie and Bethany (Students), 14+13yo.2015,Jun.19 18:06 *the sisters have awoken from all the racket* Beth:Uh, da [BLEEP]? Julie:Language! You're not old enough to say that yet! Beth:Psh, whateves. What's going on, anyway? Julie:No freakin' idea.
5>Julie and Bethany (Students), 14+13yo.2015,Jun.19 18:07 Julie:Everyone here's a nut... Beth:Yeah. Let's just go back to sleep.
18>Katniss (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 18:07 *is sound asleep**Thomas is meanwhile awake and wondering what's going on*
8>Draco (Student), 15yo.2015,Jun.19 18:09 *wakes up**says groggily* Augustus...? *looks over at the top bunk and sees that he's gone* Ugh...whatever. I like it better with him gone, anyway. *goes back to sleep, content*
12>Rob Stow (Teacher), 57yo.2015,Jun.19 18:11 *is still prewriting**is heard screaming:* WHAT THE H**L IS GOING ON?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
17>Thomas (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 20:29 *Looking around to see who is up*
17>Thomas (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 20:29 Hey Katniss? You up?
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.19 20:30 *Walks into the dorm* *Checking everyone's rooms* Whoever is still up will have to get a 2 hour detention.
19>Tris (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 20:32 *closes her eyes, struggling to sleep*
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.19 20:33 *Goes to Augusts room and sees that he is gone*
16>Edward (Student), 109yo.2015,Jun.19 20:33 *realizes that he's in deep stuff if he doesn't get in bed* *jumps into the bottom bunk, nearly tipping it over*
4>Bella (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 20:34 Augustus, I swear to god, either get off of me or you will be dead.
11>Han (Student ), 15yo.2015,Jun.19 20:39 *Hears a commotion going on, but doesn't wake up*
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 20:41 Sorry! *falls to the floor* *isnt sure where to go, so he just hides behind the bunk bed*
19>Tris (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 20:41 Augustus, get out of here- or else they'll give you a detention.
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 20:42 *smirks in the darkness* I'd rather be in detention than in history and English and all that bull.
19>Tris (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 20:42 *pauses* Fine- suit yourself. But none of us will be responsible.
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 20:43 You're a very easy person to argue with, Beatrice Prior.
19>Tris (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.19 20:43 *rolls eyes* How do you know my name?
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 20:44 This school, no dur. And perhaps the interwebs?...
4>Bella (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.19 20:48 Just leave our room please and go to bed.
14>Indiana Jones (Teacher), 45yo.2015,Jun.19 20:53 *Walks Ito Tris and Bella's room* Augustus, please go to your OWN room.
14>Indiana Jones (Teacher), 45yo.2015,Jun.19 20:57 *Into*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.20 00:14 *hears Jeff FartFace's announcement about detention**says to Amanda:* Pretend you're asleep!! *climbs back up the ladder and into the bunk bed, pretending to be asleep*
12>Rob Stow (Teacher), 57yo.2015,Jun.20 00:15 *walks into Tris' room* Ah HA!! So THAT'S who's been distracting me from my prewriting all this time!
12>Rob Stow (Teacher), 57yo.2015,Jun.20 00:16 MR. FARTFACE!!! *Jeff arrives* Look who's been going after girls tonight! *smirks**pumps fists* DETENTION ON DAY 1!!! YEAH!!!!
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.20 00:16 *hears an overjoyed Rob screaming* O_O Thinks:Some of our teachers are total nuts...
14>Indiana Jones (Teacher), 45yo.2015,Jun.20 00:53 *Hears Rob screaming* Hey quiet down please!
13>Amanda (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.20 04:13 Yeah. I'm not sure if I'm even guaranteed a good education here, or...
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.20 04:13 *has been caught red-handed* *looks around, a frank expression glued to his face*
19>Tris (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.20 04:14 *raises an eyebrow at Gus* Hey, I guess you got your wish.
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.20 15:43 You get to sit in my office for 2 HOURS! No talking, texting, nothing! Be there at 3:30 tomorrow.
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.21 07:48 You get to sit in my office for 2 HOURS! No talking, texting, nothing! Be there at 3:30 tomorrow.
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.21 20:37 *hears FartFace's announcement**smiles a little* He totally deserves it. (Sorry Paige) Amanda:Definitely. Brunny:Yeah. Anyway, let's go back to sleep.
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.21 20:37 [Note: Amanda couldn't hear the "Our teachers are total nuts" thing because it was in my head-I thought it.]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.21 20:38 [@ Jack:Are the characters going to go to sleep now, wake up, and do their first day of school?]
18>Katniss (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.21 20:41 *she amazingly managed to sleep through all of that*
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.21 21:41 *is really quiet and solemn* Yessir. *trudges back to his room* *goes in and sees a sleeping Draco*
8>Draco (Student), 15yo.2015,Jun.21 22:29 *is sleeping peacefully...until Augustus blasts a REALLY loud and stinky one**sniffs the air, waking up at the stench* Argh!! *turns and sees Augustus* Ugh...YOU again?! Seriously, Augustus?!
8>Draco (Student), 15yo.2015,Jun.21 22:30 *waking up from the stench
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.22 00:27 (They will sleep until 7:45 and then breakfast at 8.)
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.22 00:31 -7:45 in the morning, teachers walk to each dorm room telling kids to get ready and over to breakfast
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.22 03:36 [Poor me. I'm NOT a morning person. XD] *wakes up* Okay...I'll be at breakfast in a minute... *flops right back down, asleep*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.22 03:36 *Amanda has to wake her up again**gets ready and sort of stumbles out of the room, half asleep*
5>Julie and Bethany (Students), 14+13yo.2015,Jun.22 03:39 *they wake up at 7:45 sharp**Beth is super crabby while Julie is super impatient* Beth:Ugghh...I have to GET DRESSED...?! Julie:YES!! Now GET READY!!! Beth:UGGGHHH... *climbs out of bed and looks at the things in the closet*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.22 03:41 *is wearing the school dress code stuff: a light blue polo shirt w/ the school crest on it, navy blue pants, and dress shoes**trudges along, not liking that she has to wear dress shoes instead of tennis shoes*
5>Julie and Bethany (Students), 14+13yo.2015,Jun.22 03:42 Beth:Ugh...there's nothing PINK OR YELLOW?! I am NOT getting dressed. Julie:Yes you ARE. Beth:Fiiine...
5>Julie and Bethany (Students), 14+13yo.2015,Jun.22 03:43 Beth:*puts on the school polo shirt w/ matching light blue shorts* Julie:*puts on khakis and a light blue school button down shirt*
5>Julie and Bethany (Students), 14+13yo.2015,Jun.22 03:44 *the two girls exit their room and head downstairs for breakfast*
8>Draco (Student), 15yo.2015,Jun.22 03:45 *looks through the closet* No robes?! Just Muggle clothes?! Psh, fine... *puts on a school polo shirt and khakis*
8>Draco (Student), 15yo.2015,Jun.22 03:45 *opens the door to exit* Hurry up, Augustus. *Augustus is taking too long, so Draco just sighs and leaves*
18>Katniss (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.22 03:46 *she and Thomas grab their uniforms; she wears a school button down shirt and navy blue pants**puts her hair up in her trademark braid before leaving for breakfast*
11>Han (Student ), 15yo.2015,Jun.22 20:46 *Wakes up and kicks Mikey's bed awake*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.23 01:03 [Um...I doubt you can wake up a bed, Jack. XD]
11>Han (Student ), 15yo.2015,Jun.23 01:28 (Meant to say Mikey)
11>Han (Student ), 15yo.2015,Jun.23 03:04 (Meant to say Mikey)
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.23 04:32 [I know. But the "you can't wake up a bed" comment was just too tempting to post. X'D]
11>Han (Student ), 15yo.2015,Jun.23 04:33 (Wow!)
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.23 04:34 [Anyway, let's RP!]
7>Margo (Student), 17-18yo.2015,Jun.23 04:36 *is still asleep on the football field* *wakes up, feeling the urge to ditch school for a day*
10>Fred and George (Students), 17yo.2015,Jun.23 04:36 *they head down for breakfast*
9>Mikey (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.23 04:36 *the bed "awakens" and falls over, crashing to the ground* *is wrapped up in blankets, alive but shaken*
15>Connor (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.23 04:36 *is still half asleep* *stumbles through the halls*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.23 04:37 *all my characters go to the breakfast area*
11>Han (Student ), 15yo.2015,Jun.23 04:38 Hey man, you need need help?
19>Tris (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.23 04:41 *enters the cafeteria and looks for a place to sit*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.23 04:41 *sits next to Katniss*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.23 04:41 *waits for her other two buddies-Mike and Han-to come in*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.23 04:42 *oh, and she obviously waits for her other friend, Amanda, to come, too*
9>Mikey (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.23 04:42 Nah...I'm fine. *gets up, trips over a plug, and grabs onto the dresser for support* *pulls a shirt out from the drawer, as well as some pants*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.23 04:43 *sees Fred and George and almost flips backwards in her chair*
13>Amanda (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.23 04:45 *enters the cafeteria and is greeted by a pungent smell- similar to the smell of stale chicken (Mc)nuggets*
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.23 04:45 *saunters into the cafeteria, decked out in a suit and tie*
10>Fred and George (Students), 17yo.2015,Jun.23 04:46 Fred: *dissects a hash brown with a plastic fork*
11>Han (Student ), 15yo.2015,Jun.23 04:46 *Walks Into the dining hall and sits next to Brunny* Morning.
10>Fred and George (Students), 17yo.2015,Jun.23 04:47 George: These greasy hash browns are falling apart! I can't even eat them! Fred: *struggles to get any hash brown on his fork*
16>Edward (Student), 109yo.2015,Jun.23 04:47 *sits in the way back in seclusion*
19>Tris (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.23 04:48 *decides to sit by Bella since she's the only person she really knows*
13>Amanda (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.23 04:50 *grabs a styrofoam tray and piles breakfast food on it*
17>Thomas (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.23 04:50 *Sits with Brunny and Han and others*
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.23 04:50 *glances at Amanda's breakfast* Literally- you must have the entire food pyramid on that thing.
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.23 04:51 *proceeds to grab a bananna* *pretends to talk on the phone with it, obviously trying to impress Amanda*
9>Mikey (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.23 04:51 *grabs a muffin* What's with the suit and tie, Augustus?
15>Connor (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.23 04:52 *almost spits out orange juice due to Gus's ridiculous behavior*
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.23 04:52 *Walks past Augustus and sees his outfit* Where do you think you're going? A funeral? This is school.
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.23 04:53 [Hey P+J, mind posting on Fartlandia RP?]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.23 04:55 *eating cereal* Cereal's not bad, but the milk is almost too old...it tastes weird. I wonder when the last time they bought milk is.
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.23 04:55 Actually, yes- I do believe I am wearing this for funeral purposes.
9>Mikey (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.23 04:56 *looks at Amanda, the feeling mutual that Augustus is a total weirdo and jerk*
18>Katniss (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.23 04:58 *glances at Gus irritably*
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.23 04:58 When are you going to funeral?
15>Connor (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.23 05:00 *glances at Augustus, 10000% done with his acerbic, annoying attitude*
8>Draco (Student), 15yo.2015,Jun.23 05:03 Whose funeral, Gus?
16>Edward (Student), 109yo.2015,Jun.23 05:05 *even he looks up*
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.23 05:06 My OWN, of course! Pre-funeral, though.
13>Amanda (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.23 05:06 *finds a seat before Augustus can get any weirder*
8>Draco (Student), 15yo.2015,Jun.23 05:07 Good. Hope you're gone from this place soon. *Gus, who is determined to be Draco's "buddy," sort of ignores that statement*
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2015,Jun.23 05:10 If you screw up once more Gus, you're getting expelled.
15>Connor (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.23 05:11 So...should we write eulogies or something as homework?...
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.23 05:11 *is too happy-go-lucky to give two craps about what everyone's saying*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.23 05:11 *just eats breakfast*
9>Mikey (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.23 05:12 I'd rather do 100 chemical equations than write a eulogy. On a whim.
5>Julie and Bethany (Students), 14+13yo.2015,Jun.23 05:12 *the sisters are taking selfies of themselves eating breakfast*
15>Connor (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.23 05:13 (No offense, Julie and Bethany, but that's disgusting, haha.)
5>Julie and Bethany (Students), 14+13yo.2015,Jun.23 05:14 *they post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram:"herez a selfie of us eating bfast on day 1 of #boardingschool!!! #breakfastselfies #2cool #day1yall"*
5>Julie and Bethany (Students), 14+13yo.2015,Jun.23 05:14 [XD And it's super annoying.]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.23 05:17 *glances at Julie and Beth sort of irritably*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.23 05:17 *whispers to Amanda:* Check out the sisters.
15>Connor (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.23 05:18 Someone on social media: *sees the pictures* Gross...*unfollows them*
11>Han (Student ), 15yo.2015,Jun.23 05:19 They really are desperate.
15>Connor (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.23 05:21 *sees Beth and Julie snapping a pic of themselves about to take a bite out of pancake* That's just over the top.
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.23 05:22  Secret message to Amanda  
5>Julie and Bethany (Students), 14+13yo.2015,Jun.23 05:23 Beth:OMG OMG OMG!! Julie:What is it, Beth? *glances excitedly at Beth's bright pink phone* Beth:We...got... Julie:Yes?! Beth:9 LIKES!!!! Julie:OM*G, YAS!!! *high-fives Beth*
13>Amanda (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.23 05:23  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
13>Amanda (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.23 05:24 *looks a bit disturbed* Was that even necessary?...
10>Fred and George (Students), 17yo.2015,Jun.23 05:25 George: *whispers to Fred* They need to sort out their priorities. Fred: *nods*
9>Mikey (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.23 05:25 Really, it's only breakfast at an ordinary school cafeteria. *stabs his styrofoam plate with his plastic fork*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.23 05:27 *actually facepalms*
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.23 05:27 *tries to get in Julie and Bethany's selfie, holding his tray up above him*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.23 05:27  Secret message to Amanda  
6>Augustus (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.23 05:28 *roars all too loudly and regally:* TIS THE BREAKFAST....OF CHAMMMPPIOOONNNSSS!!!!
14>Indiana Jones (Teacher), 45yo.2015,Jun.23 05:29 Please settle down!
13>Amanda (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.23 05:30 Sound the trumpets- Augustus is here.
9>Mikey (Student), 18yo.2015,Jun.23 05:30 Yeah. All hail KING Augustus.
18>Katniss (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.23 05:31 *mutters* Someone had better tell Gus to shut up soon...I'm getting a headache...
18>Katniss (Student), 16yo.2015,Jun.23 05:31 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
10>Fred and George (Students), 17yo.2015,Jun.23 05:37 (Bye!)
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.24 04:42 *laughs quietly at the others' comments*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.24 04:55 [Are any of you here?]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.24 04:57 [Are any of you here?]
10>Fred and George (Students), 17yo.2015,Jun.24 04:57 (Yeah; I guess I'm just waiting for something to happen.)
11>Han (Student ), 15yo.2015,Jun.24 05:00 (Ok. Now classes start guys!)
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.24 05:12 [Double-post]
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.24 05:17 [OK, whahoo!] *all my characters go to their classes*
11>Han (Student ), 15yo.2015,Jun.24 05:25 (Yeah!)
10>Fred and George (Students), 17yo.2015,Jun.24 05:29 *my characters go to their classes*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jun.24 05:35 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
10>Fred and George (Students), 17yo.2015,Jun.24 05:37 (Bye!)
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Jul.2 21:28 *goes to a Python programming class* Yes!!
8>Draco (Student), 15yo.2015,Jul.2 21:29 *sits down at a class that is basically like Charms class from Hogwarts*
5>Julie and Bethany (Students), 14+13yo.2015,Jul.2 21:29 *they end up at an art class*
18>Katniss (Student), 16yo.2015,Jul.2 21:29 *heads outside to martial arts class (note that archery can be considered a martial art)*
10>Fred and George (Students), 17yo.2015,Jul.27 18:33 *they are stuck in Justin Biebers classroom with several of the others*
7>Margo (Student), 17-18yo.2015,Jul.27 18:33 *comes in and sits down behind Fred*
12>Rob Stow (Teacher), 57yo.2015,Aug.15 20:17 *is the teacher in the Python programming class**does a lecture on lists, dictionaries, and tuples*
2>Brunnhilde (Student), 14yo.2015,Aug.15 20:17 *understands everything-unlike a lot of the others, who sit there like "Whaaaa???? o.o"*
20>Patsy Tubman (Teacher), 36yo.2015,Aug.15 20:18 *teaching at the art class* ...Now start drawin' while I eat mah lunch! Julie: You already had lunch... Patsy: Mah SECOND lunch!!
5>Julie and Bethany (Students), 14+13yo.2015,Aug.15 20:18 Beth: *whines* But I don't want to draw!!
5>Julie and Bethany (Students), 14+13yo.2015,Aug.15 20:19 Beth: I just want to hang out and be super cool! Patsy: Start drawin' NOW young lady! Beth: *huffs and picks up a pen**stares at her piece of paper blankly*
1>Jeff FartFace (Headmaster ), 45yo.2016,Feb.18 23:22 *He walks into the classroom and says" Students, settle down please!*