" Classical-Broadway Music RP " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 11 to 19 years of age.
Welcome to Music Roleplay! This game is all about characters from operas, ballets, musicals, and even composers all coming together to form a team. Together, they will venture into different worlds and defeat those who are trying to destroy them. Join this game to tag along on the epic quest!

Character Rules:
You are only allowed to be 4-5 characters max unless I say you can be more. This is to ensure that everyone can join the game. It is recommended that you be one or a few of each (composer, opera character, musical character, and bad guy).

1>J.S. Bach (Composer-Baroque), _____yo.2014,Nov.7 05:06 Hello, and welcome to this game!
1>J.S. Bach (Composer-Baroque), _____yo.2014,Nov.7 05:07 Basically, this game mixes classical composers, opera characters, ballet characters, and characters from musicals together.
1>J.S. Bach (Composer-Baroque), _____yo.2014,Nov.7 05:08 The team goes on adventures throughout the different worlds of music--and you get to decide where it is sometimes!
1>J.S. Bach (Composer-Baroque), _____yo.2014,Nov.7 05:08 Here are the rules:
1>J.S. Bach (Composer-Baroque), _____yo.2014,Nov.7 05:09 1. NO innapropriate content, or you will be removed from the game.
1>J.S. Bach (Composer-Baroque), _____yo.2014,Nov.7 05:10 2. YOU MUST COME ON WEEKLY!!! IF YOU DON'T RETURN IN A WEEK, YOUR CHARACTER(S) WILL BE DELETED!!!
1>J.S. Bach (Composer-Baroque), _____yo.2014,Nov.7 05:11 3. Character rules- refer to the rules above.
1>J.S. Bach (Composer-Baroque), _____yo.2014,Nov.7 05:11 4. NO Popstar baddies allowed.
1>J.S. Bach (Composer-Baroque), _____yo.2014,Nov.7 05:11 4 1/2. Actually, no popstars are allowed!
1>J.S. Bach (Composer-Baroque), _____yo.2014,Nov.7 05:12 5. If you want to be characters from say, Beauty and the Beast, go ahead.
1>J.S. Bach (Composer-Baroque), _____yo.2014,Nov.7 05:12 6. No animals will be allowed as characters.
1>J.S. Bach (Composer-Baroque), _____yo.2014,Nov.7 05:14 7. If you have any ideas, questions, concerns, feel free to ask.
1>J.S. Bach (Composer-Baroque), _____yo.2014,Nov.7 05:15 Now, go make your characters and we can begin as soon as possible
8>Cosette (Les Miserables), 18yo.2014,Nov.7 05:20 (Cosette- basically looks like Cosette from the newer version of Les Miserables (the movie). Kind, nice, happy, caring, etc.)
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-45yo.2014,Nov.7 05:23 [Here!]
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-45yo.2014,Nov.7 05:23 [I put "Co-Game Master" in my country box in the "About Me" section of my profile. Is that OK?]
8>Cosette (Les Miserables), 18yo.2014,Nov.7 05:24 (Yep!)
3>Ludwig van Beethoven (Composer-Romantic), ???yo.2014,Nov.7 05:24 [I call Ludwig van Beethoven and Leonore Florestan!]
3>Ludwig van Beethoven (Composer-Romantic), ???yo.2014,Nov.7 05:24 [OK!]
11>Amneris (Aida), 28yo.2014,Nov.7 05:26 (Amneris is the villain from Aida. She wears a big gold headdress, white Egyptian style robes with jewels, basically looks like your typical Egyptian princess. Mean, snooty, and plotting.)
3>Ludwig van Beethoven (Composer-Romantic), ???yo.2014,Nov.7 05:33 [I've seen the opera Aida, so I know who that is!]
11>Amneris (Aida), 28yo.2014,Nov.7 05:34 (Amneris is truly evil!)
1>J.S. Bach (Composer-Baroque), _____yo.2014,Nov.7 05:54 Okay, I'm bending the rules a bit. You can be 4 characters, but you must limit yourself- just so there's enough extra character boxes to go around.
14>Prince Siegfried (Swan Lake), 21yo.2014,Nov.7 06:10 (Prince Siegfried is from the ballet Swan Lake. He wears a white shirt, light blue vest and pants, black boots, and a gold crown. He has gold/brown hair. Friendly, socialable, and likes to keep up with the latest.)
12>George Gershwin (Composer-Modern), ___yo.2014,Nov.7 06:24 (I'm going to be Gershwin, and I'm sure you're all familiar with him!)
18>W.A. Mozart (Composer-Classical), ___yo.2014,Nov.7 06:25 (I'm also going to be Mozart.)
16>Odette (Swan Lake), 19yo.2014,Nov.7 06:28 (Odette- has long, light blond hair and blue eyes. Wears a villager dress, but on special occassion a pretty looking swan type dress. Is really nice and loving, in love with Prince Siegfried.)
5>Christine (Phantom of the Opera), 16yo.2014,Nov.7 06:31 (Christine is from The Phantom of the Opera. She has long, dark brown curly hair that is usually accented with a flower. She usually wears a fancy dress, and she is kind and loves music and singing.)
18>W.A. Mozart (Composer-Classical), ___yo.2014,Nov.7 06:33  Buying Instrument (any) (x 1)  
18>W.A. Mozart (Composer-Classical), ___yo.2014,Nov.7 06:33  Buying Pen/Pencil (x 2)  
12>George Gershwin (Composer-Modern), ___yo.2014,Nov.7 06:33  Buying Piano (x 1)  
12>George Gershwin (Composer-Modern), ___yo.2014,Nov.7 06:34  Buying Orchestra Hall (x 1)  
12>George Gershwin (Composer-Modern), ___yo.2014,Nov.7 06:34  Buying Songbook (x 1)  
12>George Gershwin (Composer-Modern), ___yo.2014,Nov.7 06:35  Buying Pen/Pencil (x 1)  
12>George Gershwin (Composer-Modern), ___yo.2014,Nov.7 06:35  Dropping Orchestra Hall (x 1)  
12>George Gershwin (Composer-Modern), ___yo.2014,Nov.7 06:35  Buying Stage (x 1)  
16>Odette (Swan Lake), 19yo.2014,Nov.7 06:36  Buying Dress (girls) (x 1)  
16>Odette (Swan Lake), 19yo.2014,Nov.7 06:36  Buying Pen/Pencil (x 1)  
16>Odette (Swan Lake), 19yo.2014,Nov.7 06:36  Buying Knife (x 1)  
16>Odette (Swan Lake), 19yo.2014,Nov.7 06:37  Buying Cape (x 1)  
16>Odette (Swan Lake), 19yo.2014,Nov.7 06:37  Buying Cloak (x 2)  
5>Christine (Phantom of the Opera), 16yo.2014,Nov.7 06:37  Buying Opera House (x 1)  
5>Christine (Phantom of the Opera), 16yo.2014,Nov.7 06:37  Buying Dress (girls) (x 5)  
5>Christine (Phantom of the Opera), 16yo.2014,Nov.7 06:38  Buying Pen/Pencil (x 1)  
5>Christine (Phantom of the Opera), 16yo.2014,Nov.7 06:38  Buying Cloak (x 1)  
5>Christine (Phantom of the Opera), 16yo.2014,Nov.7 06:38  Buying Weapon (any) (x 7)  
5>Christine (Phantom of the Opera), 16yo.2014,Nov.7 06:38  Buying Cape (x 6)  
18>W.A. Mozart (Composer-Classical), ___yo.2014,Nov.7 06:40  Buying Piano (x 1)  
18>W.A. Mozart (Composer-Classical), ___yo.2014,Nov.7 06:40  Buying Violin (x 1)  
18>W.A. Mozart (Composer-Classical), ___yo.2014,Nov.7 06:41  Buying Clarinet (x 1)  
18>W.A. Mozart (Composer-Classical), ___yo.2014,Nov.7 06:41  Buying Flute (x 1)  
1>J.S. Bach (Composer-Baroque), _____yo.2014,Nov.7 07:05   - 70 Awesomeness points to Amneris  
19>Don Pizarro (Governor of a Prison), 40-60yo.2014,Nov.7 22:09 [I'll also be Don Pizarro, the main bad guy of Beethoven's "Fidelio!"]
19>Don Pizarro (Governor of a Prison), 40-60yo.2014,Nov.7 22:09  Buying Knife (x 1)  
19>Don Pizarro (Governor of a Prison), 40-60yo.2014,Nov.7 22:10  Buying Cape (x 1)  
19>Don Pizarro (Governor of a Prison), 40-60yo.2014,Nov.7 22:10  Buying Hat (any style) (x 1)  
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-45yo.2014,Nov.7 22:11  Buying Clothes (any gender) (x 1)  
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-45yo.2014,Nov.7 22:11  Buying Weapon (any) (x 1)  
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-45yo.2014,Nov.7 22:12  Buying Food (x 1)  
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-45yo.2014,Nov.7 22:12  Buying Water (x 1)  
3>Ludwig van Beethoven (Composer-Romantic), ???yo.2014,Nov.7 22:12  Buying Piano (x 1)  
3>Ludwig van Beethoven (Composer-Romantic), ???yo.2014,Nov.7 22:12  Buying Pen/Pencil (x 1)  
3>Ludwig van Beethoven (Composer-Romantic), ???yo.2014,Nov.7 22:12  Buying Songbook (x 1)  
3>Ludwig van Beethoven (Composer-Romantic), ???yo.2014,Nov.7 22:13  Buying CD/Recording (x 1)  
3>Ludwig van Beethoven (Composer-Romantic), ???yo.2014,Nov.7 22:13  Buying Orchestra Hall (x 1)  
2>The Phantom (Phantom of the Opera), ___yo.2014,Nov.8 01:18 (The Phantom is from the Phantom of the Opera, obviously. He wears a black tuxedo, pants, and has his signature white mask. Is very unpredictable sometimes.)
2>The Phantom (Phantom of the Opera), ___yo.2014,Nov.8 01:18 (Also, the Phantom is in love with Christine.)
1>J.S. Bach (Composer-Baroque), _____yo.2014,Nov.8 01:18   - 70 Awesomeness points to Don Pizarro  
8>Cosette (Les Miserables), 18yo.2014,Nov.8 01:19  Buying Dress (girls) (x 1)  
8>Cosette (Les Miserables), 18yo.2014,Nov.8 01:19  Buying Cloak (x 1)  
11>Amneris (Aida), 28yo.2014,Nov.8 01:20  Buying Knife (x 1)  
11>Amneris (Aida), 28yo.2014,Nov.8 01:20  Buying Opera House (x 1)  
14>Prince Siegfried (Swan Lake), 21yo.2014,Nov.8 01:22  Buying Clothes (any gender) (x 1)  
14>Prince Siegfried (Swan Lake), 21yo.2014,Nov.8 01:22  Buying Hat (any style) (x 1)  
14>Prince Siegfried (Swan Lake), 21yo.2014,Nov.8 01:23  Buying Cart (x 1)  
14>Prince Siegfried (Swan Lake), 21yo.2014,Nov.8 01:23  Buying Cape (x 1)  
1>J.S. Bach (Composer-Baroque), _____yo.2014,Nov.8 01:23 (It looks like we've bought everything our characters need, so is everyone read to begin?)
5>Christine (Phantom of the Opera), 16yo.2014,Nov.8 19:39 (Yeah let's begin!)
7>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 24yo.2014,Nov.8 21:39 (One last character for now: Aurora, from Tchaikovsky's ballet The Sleeping Beauty. Has blonde/golden hair and wears a blue villager dress usually. Is kind, curious, and loving.)
7>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 24yo.2014,Nov.8 21:40  Buying Dress (girls) (x 1)  
7>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 24yo.2014,Nov.8 21:40  Buying Cloak (x 1)  
7>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 24yo.2014,Nov.8 21:46  Buying Satchel (leather) (x 1)  
11>Amneris (Aida), 28yo.2014,Nov.8 21:46  Buying Jeweled dagger (x 1)  
2>The Phantom (Phantom of the Opera), ___yo.2014,Nov.8 21:47  Buying Stage (x 1)  
2>The Phantom (Phantom of the Opera), ___yo.2014,Nov.8 21:47  Buying Songbook (x 1)  
2>The Phantom (Phantom of the Opera), ___yo.2014,Nov.8 21:47  Buying Cape (x 1)  
2>The Phantom (Phantom of the Opera), ___yo.2014,Nov.8 21:48  Buying Jeweled dagger (x 1)  
8>Cosette (Les Miserables), 18yo.2014,Nov.8 21:49  Buying Satchel (leather) (x 1)  
8>Cosette (Les Miserables), 18yo.2014,Nov.8 21:49  Buying Notebook (x 1)  
8>Cosette (Les Miserables), 18yo.2014,Nov.8 21:49  Buying Pen/Pencil (x 1)  
5>Christine (Phantom of the Opera), 16yo.2014,Nov.8 21:50  Secret message to Cosette  
8>Cosette (Les Miserables), 18yo.2014,Nov.8 21:52  Secret message to Christine  
15>Don Giovanni (Don Giovanni), 30-40yo.2014,Nov.8 22:02 (Don Giovanni is from the oprea Don Giovanni. He is made of evil and enjoys doing bad things. Wearing black clothes with a white collar and long black cape.)
15>Don Giovanni (Don Giovanni), 30-40yo.2014,Nov.8 22:02 (Has black hair in a ponytail.)
15>Don Giovanni (Don Giovanni), 30-40yo.2014,Nov.8 22:03  Buying Flute (x 1)  (Uses a flute as one of his weapons.)
15>Don Giovanni (Don Giovanni), 30-40yo.2014,Nov.8 22:03  Buying Hat (any style) (x 1)  
15>Don Giovanni (Don Giovanni), 30-40yo.2014,Nov.8 22:03  Buying Cart (x 1)  
15>Don Giovanni (Don Giovanni), 30-40yo.2014,Nov.8 22:04  Buying Jeweled dagger (x 1)  
15>Don Giovanni (Don Giovanni), 30-40yo.2014,Nov.8 22:04  Buying Cloak (x 1)  
15>Don Giovanni (Don Giovanni), 30-40yo.2014,Nov.8 22:04  Buying Weapon (any) (x 1)  
18>W.A. Mozart (Composer-Classical), ___yo.2014,Nov.8 22:05  Buying Music paper (x 20)  
18>W.A. Mozart (Composer-Classical), ___yo.2014,Nov.8 22:06  Buying Notebook (x 1)  
12>George Gershwin (Composer-Modern), ___yo.2014,Nov.8 22:06  Buying Music paper (x 10)  
1>J.S. Bach (Composer-Baroque), _____yo.2014,Nov.8 22:08 -CHAPTER 1-UNIFICATION/BACH'S CONCERT
1>J.S. Bach (Composer-Baroque), _____yo.2014,Nov.8 22:10 Chapter 1 starts out when everyone comes together to meet in Bach's orchestra because Bach is about to give an organ concert in front of thousands.
1>J.S. Bach (Composer-Baroque), _____yo.2014,Nov.8 22:10 But the villains weren't invited...and they want revenge. Will the concert remain peaceful, or go into chaos? Stay tuned.
1>J.S. Bach (Composer-Baroque), _____yo.2014,Nov.8 23:33 Otherwise, the game can begin!
1>J.S. Bach (Composer-Baroque), _____yo.2014,Nov.8 23:36 *is backstage, practicing the organ* *some of the characters come in*
5>Christine (Phantom of the Opera), 16yo.2014,Nov.9 05:03 *comes in, wearing a pastel pink dress with a rose in her hair* *sits down in the front row*
2>The Phantom (Phantom of the Opera), ___yo.2014,Nov.9 05:08 *is at the other side of the hall* *stares at Christine* *starts singing part of "Music of the Night"*
12>George Gershwin (Composer-Modern), ___yo.2014,Nov.9 05:13 *takes a seat in the balcony* *whistles*
7>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 24yo.2014,Nov.9 05:15 *enters* *looks at all of the gleaming crystal chandeliers and intricate designs curiously*
20>Yentl Mendel (musical character), 17yo.2014,Nov.9 06:05 Isabelle is the main character in the American Girl Doll movie Isabelle Dances into the spotlight. She is obsessed with ballet, and is a talented ballerina. She is ten years old. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. She is very nice, but she tends to be a u
20>Yentl Mendel (musical character), 17yo.2014,Nov.9 06:05 *a bit nervous at times*
4>Domenico Scarlatti (Baroque Composer), ???yo.2014,Nov.9 06:08 Domenico Scarlatti was a composer. He was born in the same year as Bach and Handel. He is most famous for his harpsichord sonatas. In the RP, he is nice, but a bit hyper.
4>Domenico Scarlatti (Baroque Composer), ???yo.2014,Nov.9 06:08 He may be joining Composer RP.
6>Elizabeth Guerre (Baroque composer), ???yo.2014,Nov.9 06:11 Elizabeth Guerre's real name was Elizabeth Jacquet De la Guerre, but I didn't have room to write that. She was a composer. In the RP, she is like Barbara Strozzi except for she's a bit less obsessed with boys and more obsessed with clothing.
6>Elizabeth Guerre (Baroque composer), ???yo.2014,Nov.9 06:11 She may be joining Composer RP.
9>Hildebrand (Bad Guy), ???yo.2014,Nov.9 06:17 Hildebrand is from the operetta Princess Ida. He's one of the bad guys. In the RP he is really mean and likes to say things like "Mwa ha!"
17>Diana (Opera Character), ???yo.2014,Nov.9 06:21 Hilarion is roughly twenty. He is from the opera Princess Ida. He's Princess Ida's boyfriend. He's a good guy, but he has a bad side to him too. He doesn't like women who do anything other then cook (Read: the women and girls in this book.)
17>Diana (Opera Character), ???yo.2014,Nov.9 06:21 In the RP he's lovesick.
13>Princess Ida (Opera Character), 20yo.2014,Nov.9 06:28 Princess Ida is also roughly twenty. She is from the opera Princess Ida. She is Hilarion's girlfriend. She's a good guy. In the RP, she loves Hilarion but doesn't like his ideas about women. She is nice and a bit superstitious.
1>J.S. Bach (Composer-Baroque), _____yo.2014,Nov.9 23:56 (I'm sorry, but you can't be Isabelle because she is from a movie. I don't think Isabelle Dances into the Spotlight is regarded as a ballet.)
6>Elizabeth Guerre (Baroque composer), ???yo.2014,Nov.10 04:32 (OK.)
6>Elizabeth Guerre (Baroque composer), ???yo.2014,Nov.10 04:33 *get onstage* Could I play something, Bach?
6>Elizabeth Guerre (Baroque composer), ???yo.2014,Nov.10 04:34 *gets onstage*
6>Elizabeth Guerre (Baroque composer), ???yo.2014,Nov.10 04:34 (Sorry)
1>J.S. Bach (Composer-Baroque), _____yo.2014,Nov.10 23:13 *stops playing the organ for awhile* Since I'm practicing, sure. *gets off the organ seat*
3>Ludwig van Beethoven (Composer-Romantic), ???yo.2014,Nov.11 02:04 [I've seen Don Giovanni! It's great! :D]
3>Ludwig van Beethoven (Composer-Romantic), ???yo.2014,Nov.11 02:04 [BTW, may I have a summary of what happened?]
6>Elizabeth Guerre (Baroque composer), ???yo.2014,Nov.11 06:04 *starts playing one of her pieces*
4>Domenico Scarlatti (Baroque Composer), ???yo.2014,Nov.11 19:42 Seriously? That's SO low. My pieces are way better. Oh well, at least you're better then that rock music I heard when I went into town.
6>Elizabeth Guerre (Baroque composer), ???yo.2014,Nov.11 19:42 Humph.
6>Elizabeth Guerre (Baroque composer), ???yo.2014,Nov.11 19:43 (I added my characters. Bach started to play the piano but then Elizabeth Jacquet de la Guerre decided to play something. And now Scarlatti's insulting her.)
1>J.S. Bach (Composer-Baroque), _____yo.2014,Nov.11 22:24 (Basically Chapter 1- Bach's Concert has started. Bach is to be giving a concert in a German orchestra hall, but the bad guys come in and ruin everything. )
1>J.S. Bach (Composer-Baroque), _____yo.2014,Nov.11 22:24 Yes, Germans these days seem to like that electronic stuff. *grumbles*
12>George Gershwin (Composer-Modern), ___yo.2014,Nov.12 02:52 *seats himself in the theater* *takes out some paper and jots down some music notes and side notes*
5>Christine (Phantom of the Opera), 16yo.2014,Nov.12 02:53 *calmly sits and waits for the concert to begin*
18>W.A. Mozart (Composer-Classical), ___yo.2014,Nov.12 02:54 *makes his way a bit noisily through the hall* *clears throat loudly and takes a seat in the back* *is later heard humming*
8>Cosette (Les Miserables), 18yo.2014,Nov.13 17:37 *sits down near the front*
7>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 24yo.2014,Nov.14 22:54 *sits down on the balcony and waits for the concert to begin* *Elizabeth leaves the organ and Bach returns to the organ* *the orchestra comes out and tunes*
1>J.S. Bach (Composer-Baroque), _____yo.2014,Nov.14 22:54 *starts playing his most famous work- Tocatta and Fugue*
3>Ludwig van Beethoven (Composer-Romantic), ???yo.2014,Nov.16 01:43 *really likes how dark and furious the piece is*
2>The Phantom (Phantom of the Opera), ___yo.2014,Nov.17 04:59 *is really moved by the piece* *someone behind him starts coughing loudly and obnoxiously*
15>Don Giovanni (Don Giovanni), 30-40yo.2014,Nov.17 04:59 *he is the one behind the Phantom* *bends over and gags*
4>Domenico Scarlatti (Baroque Composer), ???yo.2014,Nov.20 06:39 *is humming along*
6>Elizabeth Guerre (Baroque composer), ???yo.2014,Nov.20 06:39 *wrinkles her nose in disgust at the music* This sounds too much like what I heard at the clothing store.
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-45yo.2014,Nov.21 03:50 *hears Don Giovanni and spots him**is getting pretty annoyed, but tries to hide it*
15>Don Giovanni (Don Giovanni), 30-40yo.2014,Nov.22 00:07 *gags somewhat hilariously*
11>Amneris (Aida), 28yo.2014,Nov.22 00:07 *watches Don Giovanni, smiling a little*
14>Prince Siegfried (Swan Lake), 21yo.2014,Nov.22 00:08 *looks at Don Giovanni* *sighs quietly*
1>J.S. Bach (Composer-Baroque), _____yo.2014,Nov.22 00:09 *Don Giovanni starts gagging and he gets messed up* *bangs the organ keys, screaming in rage* *the concert hall goes quiet * *gets up and leaves*
11>Amneris (Aida), 28yo.2014,Nov.23 00:25 *yells:* BOO BACH!!!!
1>J.S. Bach (Composer-Baroque), _____yo.2014,Nov.23 00:27 *is seen coming back from behind the curtains* *takes off his shoe and throws it at Amneris, but it hits Don Pizarro instead*
1>J.S. Bach (Composer-Baroque), _____yo.2014,Nov.23 00:27 *a full out riot begins*
4>Domenico Scarlatti (Baroque Composer), ???yo.2014,Nov.25 06:49 *waves his arms in confusion* WHAT'S HAPPENING HERE?!
5>Christine (Phantom of the Opera), 16yo.2014,Nov.25 23:22 *screams and gets crushed by something*
18>W.A. Mozart (Composer-Classical), ___yo.2014,Nov.26 14:31 *runs throughout the place wildly* *jumps onto the stage* *is pushed over by his own opera character* *falls to the stage floor*
2>The Phantom (Phantom of the Opera), ___yo.2014,Nov.26 14:32 *climbs into the opera house ceiling* *grabs some wooden planks* *laughs and drops it on Don Giovanni*
15>Don Giovanni (Don Giovanni), 30-40yo.2014,Nov.26 14:34 Huh-*looks up, only to be crushed by a wooden plank* *there is a loud crash, and Don Giovanni is seen sprawled across the stage floor, and the wooden plank slides off of him*
2>The Phantom (Phantom of the Opera), ___yo.2014,Nov.26 14:34 *laughs some more* *grabs another plank, ready to crush another victim*
11>Amneris (Aida), 28yo.2014,Nov.26 23:26 *screams* *dodges a wooden plank*
6>Elizabeth Guerre (Baroque composer), ???yo.2014,Nov.27 04:06 *is dodging stuffed animals that happen to be sitting around on stage*
6>Elizabeth Guerre (Baroque composer), ???yo.2014,Nov.27 04:07 Oh God. *curses in French* Excuse my language, but this place s simply HORRID.
13>Princess Ida (Opera Character), 20yo.2014,Nov.27 15:34 *walks out of the concert hall*
17>Diana (Opera Character), ???yo.2014,Nov.27 15:36 *follows Princess Ida, while at the same time dodging an avalanche of stuffed animals* Elizabeth Guerre: Well, this is what you guys get for throwing stuffed animals at me! Hiilarion: But I didn't do it! Elizabeth Guerre: *ignores him*
9>Hildebrand (Bad Guy), ???yo.2014,Nov.27 15:37 *picks up a huge teddy bear that's lying around* *throws it at Amneris* MWA HA HA HA HA! *throws another teddy bear towards Bach* MWA HA HA HA HA!
9>Hildebrand (Bad Guy), ???yo.2014,Nov.27 15:37 Amneris: How old are you, TWO?!
6>Elizabeth Guerre (Baroque composer), ???yo.2014,Nov.27 16:45 Oh, my god. This place is bad for my HEALTH! *throws a stuffed puppy at Hildebrand* Hildebrand: AAAAHHHH! *thinks it's a real dob*
6>Elizabeth Guerre (Baroque composer), ???yo.2014,Nov.27 16:45 *dog*
4>Domenico Scarlatti (Baroque Composer), ???yo.2014,Nov.27 16:45 *picks up a random stuffed kitten* *throws it at Elizabeth Guerre*
6>Elizabeth Guerre (Baroque composer), ???yo.2014,Nov.27 16:46 AAAAH! Not. Chic.
4>Domenico Scarlatti (Baroque Composer), ???yo.2014,Nov.27 16:46 *throws it back at Domenico Scarlatti*
4>Domenico Scarlatti (Baroque Composer), ???yo.2014,Nov.27 16:47 (Sorry. Elizabeth Guerre does that)
4>Domenico Scarlatti (Baroque Composer), ???yo.2014,Nov.27 16:47 Greeeeeaaaaatttt.
4>Domenico Scarlatti (Baroque Composer), ???yo.2014,Nov.27 16:47 *throws the kitten at Amneris* Amneris: I'm stuck with a bunch of two-year-olds!
4>Domenico Scarlatti (Baroque Composer), ???yo.2014,Nov.27 16:48 Scarlatti: I'm NOT TWO! YOU'RE PROBABLY A TWO-YEAR-OLD WALKING ON STILTS!
4>Domenico Scarlatti (Baroque Composer), ???yo.2014,Nov.27 16:48 (sorry for reposting that)
11>Amneris (Aida), 28yo.2014,Nov.27 17:14 No I am NOT!!! *throws a stuffed animal dog at Scarlatti*
8>Cosette (Les Miserables), 18yo.2014,Nov.28 00:25 *tries to escape* *gets tripped by Don Giovanni, who is on the ground*
8>Cosette (Les Miserables), 18yo.2014,Nov.28 00:25 *screams and takes a fall*
14>Prince Siegfried (Swan Lake), 21yo.2014,Nov.28 00:26 *tries to keep his crown on while trying to run* *gets a stuffed animal thrown at his head*
11>Amneris (Aida), 28yo.2014,Nov.28 00:26 *smiles evilly at Prince Siegfried, preparing to throw a huge stuffed lion at him*
16>Odette (Swan Lake), 19yo.2014,Nov.28 00:28 *just as Amneris is about to throw the stuffed lion at Siegfried, she throws herself in front of him, taking the blow* *they both tumble to the ground*
9>Hildebrand (Bad Guy), ???yo.2014,Nov.28 04:08 *throws a stuffed grizzly bear at Odette and Amneris* The bear's gonna eat you up! MWA HA HA HA HA!
11>Amneris (Aida), 28yo.2014,Nov.28 17:50 *takes the stuffed grizzly bear* I'll get her for you. *is about to slam Odette with the stuffed bear*
2>The Phantom (Phantom of the Opera), ___yo.2014,Nov.28 17:51 *brings a wooden plank down on Amneris' head*
6>Elizabeth Guerre (Baroque composer), ???yo.2014,Nov.28 18:31 Oh, dear! Are you all right, ma'am? *turns to Amneris* Amneris: AUGH!
4>Domenico Scarlatti (Baroque Composer), ???yo.2014,Nov.28 18:33 0_0 Can we just leave this place?
20>Yentl Mendel (musical character), 17yo.2014,Nov.28 23:34 [hello everyone. I'd like to join this game as Yentl Mendel, a character from a classical musical. Is this alright?]
1>J.S. Bach (Composer-Baroque), _____yo.2014,Nov.29 03:37 (Yeah, sure!)
20>Yentl Mendel (musical character), 17yo.2014,Nov.29 17:57 [right, so Yentl is a 17 year old girl who grew up in Poland under her father teaching her the holy teachings, which were forbidden to women.when her father dies, she dresses and acts as her late brother Ansher to continue learning]
20>Yentl Mendel (musical character), 17yo.2014,Nov.29 17:57 [her only problem occurs when a girl named Hadass begins to fall in love with her]
20>Yentl Mendel (musical character), 17yo.2014,Nov.29 17:58  Buying Clothes (any gender) (x 1)  
20>Yentl Mendel (musical character), 17yo.2014,Nov.29 17:59 *runs screaming from The Phantom, who is still trying to crush people with wooden planks*
2>The Phantom (Phantom of the Opera), ___yo.2014,Nov.29 18:40 (Ok, thanks for giving some background information on your character! It sounds like a good musical!)
15>Don Giovanni (Don Giovanni), 30-40yo.2014,Nov.29 18:41 *sits up, looking around sort of stupidly* *gets smashed by a plank and goes right back down on the floor*
1>J.S. Bach (Composer-Baroque), _____yo.2014,Nov.29 18:42 *is backstage, fearing for his life* *grabs all of his musical works quickly*
11>Amneris (Aida), 28yo.2014,Nov.29 18:43 *staggers backstage, looking fierce* *has one of the Phantom's wooden planks in hand, ready to strike Bach* *sees Bach* You...
1>J.S. Bach (Composer-Baroque), _____yo.2014,Nov.29 18:44 GAHH- AHHHH!!! *takes the emergency exit outside*
4>Domenico Scarlatti (Baroque Composer), ???yo.2014,Nov.30 17:24 (Welcome to the game!)
4>Domenico Scarlatti (Baroque Composer), ???yo.2014,Nov.30 17:25 *runs up onto the stage* *starts playing a sonata on the piano*
17>Diana (Opera Character), ???yo.2014,Nov.30 17:28 (One character change - Diana is from the opera CALISTO. I watched the opera a few years ago so I don't remember the people in it well, but I'm pretty sure that Diana's the bad guy. She's fairly similar to Amneris, maybe a tiny bit less mean)
17>Diana (Opera Character), ???yo.2014,Nov.30 17:28 *starts booing Scarlatti loudly*
4>Domenico Scarlatti (Baroque Composer), ???yo.2014,Nov.30 17:29 *pushes the piano off the stage without thinking* *the piano lands right in between the stage and the seats* *tt
4>Domenico Scarlatti (Baroque Composer), ???yo.2014,Nov.30 17:29 *it's not hurt*
4>Domenico Scarlatti (Baroque Composer), ???yo.2014,Nov.30 17:30 *carries the bench downstage* *the music spills all over the place*
4>Domenico Scarlatti (Baroque Composer), ???yo.2014,Nov.30 17:30 *points to Diana* This is all YOUR fault! You made me so mad that I pushed the piano off the stage!
17>Diana (Opera Character), ???yo.2014,Nov.30 17:31 BOOOOOOOOOO!
4>Domenico Scarlatti (Baroque Composer), ???yo.2014,Nov.30 17:31 *throws some music in Diana's face*
17>Diana (Opera Character), ???yo.2014,Nov.30 17:32 *throws a stuffed goat into Amneris's face*
17>Diana (Opera Character), ???yo.2014,Nov.30 17:32 Amneris: How IMMATURE.
17>Diana (Opera Character), ???yo.2014,Nov.30 17:33 Diana: YOU'RE the one who's immature!
4>Domenico Scarlatti (Baroque Composer), ???yo.2014,Nov.30 17:37 (Sorry, the organ)
4>Domenico Scarlatti (Baroque Composer), ???yo.2014,Nov.30 17:38 *continues to play* *stops for a minute* I need a harpsichord, or at least a piano!
6>Elizabeth Guerre (Baroque composer), ???yo.2014,Nov.30 17:39 *is hit by a wooden plank* *faints*
13>Princess Ida (Opera Character), 20yo.2014,Nov.30 17:40 Someone help her! *points to Elizabeth Guerre* *runs back towards the stage*
4>Domenico Scarlatti (Baroque Composer), ???yo.2014,Nov.30 17:40 Send for a doctor! I mean - call an ambulance!
17>Diana (Opera Character), ???yo.2014,Nov.30 20:37 Blah, blah, blah. Stop being so dramatic.
17>Diana (Opera Character), ???yo.2014,Nov.30 20:38 Princess Ida: WELL SHE'S IN DANGER!
4>Domenico Scarlatti (Baroque Composer), ???yo.2014,Nov.30 20:39 *glares up at The Phantom, who's still throwing wooden planks at people*
7>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 24yo.2014,Nov.30 20:40 *runs backstage* *dials up 9-1-1*
2>The Phantom (Phantom of the Opera), ___yo.2014,Nov.30 20:40 *runs out of the hall and outside, where it is raining*
2>The Phantom (Phantom of the Opera), ___yo.2014,Dec.1 00:18 *climbs the roof*
6>Elizabeth Guerre (Baroque composer), ???yo.2014,Dec.1 04:14 *stirs slightly*
13>Princess Ida (Opera Character), 20yo.2014,Dec.1 05:42 I think she's regaining consciousness…*crosses her fingers behind her back*
8>Cosette (Les Miserables), 18yo.2014,Dec.2 03:27 *comes up beside Princess Ida, hoping for the best*
7>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 24yo.2014,Dec.2 03:37 *goes up to the stage, taking the microphone* Attention everyone...I've called the police, and they're on their way. *some people cheer* *smiles*
4>Domenico Scarlatti (Baroque Composer), ???yo.2014,Dec.2 03:40 *the ambulance arrives*
4>Domenico Scarlatti (Baroque Composer), ???yo.2014,Dec.2 04:13 (Hello?)
4>Domenico Scarlatti (Baroque Composer), ???yo.2014,Dec.2 04:13 *is the first one to notice that they've arrived* They're here!
13>Princess Ida (Opera Character), 20yo.2014,Dec.2 04:15 Could somebody help me lift Elizabeth up?
17>Diana (Opera Character), ???yo.2014,Dec.2 04:16 Blah blah blah.
7>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 24yo.2014,Dec.2 04:16 (Hi, sorry!)
7>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 24yo.2014,Dec.2 04:16 *runs towards the ambulance*
8>Cosette (Les Miserables), 18yo.2014,Dec.2 04:17 *helps pick Elizabeth up*
17>Diana (Opera Character), ???yo.2014,Dec.2 04:21 *they carry her to the ambulance, where she's put onto a stretcher* *looks on* *turns to Amneris* You are such a baby!
11>Amneris (Aida), 28yo.2014,Dec.2 04:24 *staggers into an ambulance* I'm sorry, but I can'tbear to ruin my makeup!
17>Diana (Opera Character), ???yo.2014,Dec.2 04:27 *spits in Amneris's face*
17>Diana (Opera Character), ???yo.2014,Dec.2 04:27 NOW you're makeup's ruined! Ha, ha! Booooo!
11>Amneris (Aida), 28yo.2014,Dec.2 04:27 *screams* AUGHHH!!! You RUINED my beautiful self!! Ambulance Driver: Ok, get in the ambulance NOW.
17>Diana (Opera Character), ???yo.2014,Dec.2 04:31 *laughs*
17>Diana (Opera Character), ???yo.2014,Dec.2 04:31 *gets into the ambulance*
17>Diana (Opera Character), ???yo.2014,Dec.2 04:31 *throws a teddy bear at Amneris*
17>Diana (Opera Character), ???yo.2014,Dec.2 04:31 *while she's walking in*
11>Amneris (Aida), 28yo.2014,Dec.2 04:33 *glares at Diana, looking really babyish*
17>Diana (Opera Character), ???yo.2014,Dec.2 04:42 *laughs at the babyish look on her face* Aw, the cute widdle baby! Scarlatti: Shut. Up. *the ambulance starts to move*
18>W.A. Mozart (Composer-Classical), ___yo.2014,Dec.2 04:42 *the ambulance drives off* *waves mockingly at Amneris*
17>Diana (Opera Character), ???yo.2014,Dec.2 04:45 *sticks her tongue out at Mozart* Boo Mozart!
18>W.A. Mozart (Composer-Classical), ___yo.2014,Dec.2 04:45 *makes a face*
18>W.A. Mozart (Composer-Classical), ___yo.2014,Dec.2 04:45 (Gtg, bye!)
4>Domenico Scarlatti (Baroque Composer), ???yo.2014,Dec.2 04:51 (Bye!)
17>Diana (Opera Character), ???yo.2014,Dec.2 05:48 *puts her hand on her nose and starts wiggling her fingers* Nyah, nyah nyah nyah nyah.
4>Domenico Scarlatti (Baroque Composer), ???yo.2014,Dec.2 05:48 *is beginning to think that Diana and Amneris are both extremely immature*
20>Yentl Mendel (musical character), 17yo.2014,Dec.2 13:09 *begins to question the sanity of these people she's with*
13>Princess Ida (Opera Character), 20yo.2014,Dec.2 18:58 *is feeling the same way* *rolls her eyes* This place...
9>Hildebrand (Bad Guy), ???yo.2014,Dec.2 18:59 *is in another ambulance* *is throwing toys at everyone*
9>Hildebrand (Bad Guy), ???yo.2014,Dec.2 18:59 MWA HA HA HA HA!
14>Prince Siegfried (Swan Lake), 21yo.2014,Dec.2 22:02 *clutches a toy angrily* Those idiots! *throws it at Hildebrand from the other side, nearly instigating a car crash*
20>Yentl Mendel (musical character), 17yo.2014,Dec.3 02:01 *smiles kindly at Princess Ida* Thank you for agreeing with me. I'm Yen- um...Anshed. Yeah, that's my name!
20>Yentl Mendel (musical character), 17yo.2014,Dec.3 02:02 And you are?
13>Princess Ida (Opera Character), 20yo.2014,Dec.4 04:48 I'm Princess Ida. Nice to meet you!
17>Diana (Opera Character), ???yo.2014,Dec.4 06:36 *glares out the window* *sticks her tongue at everyone whom she sees on the street*
17>Diana (Opera Character), ???yo.2014,Dec.4 06:37 Aurora: Diana…that's sort of rude…Diana: *gives Aurora her "death glare"*
4>Domenico Scarlatti (Baroque Composer), ???yo.2014,Dec.4 16:33 *is a bit shocked by Diana and Amneris's rudeness*
6>Elizabeth Guerre (Baroque composer), ???yo.2014,Dec.4 16:33 *is still unconscious*
4>Domenico Scarlatti (Baroque Composer), ???yo.2014,Dec.4 16:34 *sighs* if only there were a harpsichord here...
17>Diana (Opera Character), ???yo.2014,Dec.4 16:34 Quit dreamin', kiddo.
4>Domenico Scarlatti (Baroque Composer), ???yo.2014,Dec.4 16:35 I am NOT dreaming! *throws a tiny stuffed puppy that somehow got into the ambulance at Diana*
17>Diana (Opera Character), ???yo.2014,Dec.4 16:35 *is furious*
8>Cosette (Les Miserables), 18yo.2014,Dec.6 03:01 *the ambulances arrive in the hospital* *enters the emergency room and goes inside a random hospital room*
8>Cosette (Les Miserables), 18yo.2014,Dec.6 03:01 *is getting her temperature taken, heart rate checked, etc.* *looks out into the hallway to see much commotion going on*
2>The Phantom (Phantom of the Opera), ___yo.2014,Dec.6 03:03 Nurse: Please remove your mask. Phantom: *paces the hallways, agitated* No. Nurse: I'm sorry, but you have to. We need to- Phantom: YOU SHALL NOT REMOVE MY MASK!! IF YOU DARE-
5>Christine (Phantom of the Opera), 16yo.2014,Dec.6 03:04 *tries to run out of her hospital room* *the Phantom is stabbed with a needle full of something that makes you go unconscious* *is pulled back into the room*
16>Odette (Swan Lake), 19yo.2014,Dec.7 00:02 *enters a hospital room, wearing a hospital gown and hospital socks* *has to get blood drawn*
17>Diana (Opera Character), ???yo.2014,Dec.7 15:45 No! You're NOT GETTING MY BLOOD DRAWN! *kicks a doctor* Doctor: Now, listen. It's gonna be really quick. Hold still… *begins to draw blood* Diana: DON'T YOU DARE! YOU STUPID LITTLE...
17>Diana (Opera Character), ???yo.2014,Dec.7 15:46 *the doctor clamps his other hand over her mouth*
4>Domenico Scarlatti (Baroque Composer), ???yo.2014,Dec.7 15:47 *is having his temperature taken* *is a bit freaked out by what's happening to him* I'm not sick!
9>Hildebrand (Bad Guy), ???yo.2014,Dec.7 15:48 *is getting a blood test* wiggles his arm so that it's impossible to draw blood* *the nurse is furious*
9>Hildebrand (Bad Guy), ???yo.2014,Dec.7 17:11 *picks up a stuffed hyena* *throws it at the nurse* *it hits her face* MWA HA HA HA HA!
17>Diana (Opera Character), ???yo.2014,Dec.7 17:12 *is in the next room* *hears Hildebrand screaming* SHUT UP!
13>Princess Ida (Opera Character), 20yo.2014,Dec.7 17:12 *is furious with all the screaming* PLEASE BE QUIET, EVERYONE!
13>Princess Ida (Opera Character), 20yo.2014,Dec.7 17:12 Her nurse: Yeah!
4>Domenico Scarlatti (Baroque Composer), ???yo.2014,Dec.7 17:14 *hates the screaming* *tries to put both hands over his ears* *the doctor says that he can go now* *Scarlatti runs out*
4>Domenico Scarlatti (Baroque Composer), ???yo.2014,Dec.7 17:14 *of the room*
6>Elizabeth Guerre (Baroque composer), ???yo.2014,Dec.7 17:14 *some nurses take her blood pressure*
6>Elizabeth Guerre (Baroque composer), ???yo.2014,Dec.7 17:14 *stirrs*
20>Yentl Mendel (musical character), 17yo.2014,Dec.7 20:39 *is very nervous about being at the hospital. Is worried someone will find out she's not really a boy, and send her to prison.*
13>Princess Ida (Opera Character), 20yo.2014,Dec.9 14:36 *notices that Yentl Mendel looks afraid* Are you OK, Anshed?
1>J.S. Bach (Composer-Baroque), _____yo.2014,Dec.9 22:48 Doctor: *to Yentl* Please fill out this information for me. *hands her a clipboard with an information sheet and pen*
6>Elizabeth Guerre (Baroque composer), ???yo.2014,Dec.10 16:25 *opens her eyes a little* Who…?!
20>Yentl Mendel (musical character), 17yo.2014,Dec.11 01:47 *nervously fills out paper, trying to remember all her brothers medical records, when she sees Elizabeth waking up* Hey! She's awake!
20>Yentl Mendel (musical character), 17yo.2014,Dec.11 01:49 Um...my name is Anshed, and this is Princess Ida. Don't worry, it's going to be alright, you're at the hospital now. They'll take care of you.
18>W.A. Mozart (Composer-Classical), ___yo.2014,Dec.13 18:54 *skips throughout the hospital hallways, laughing gleefully* *rams right into a patient bed that is being taken to another room*
6>Elizabeth Guerre (Baroque composer), ???yo.2014,Dec.14 15:18 Um, thanks. Whew, I feel so weak!
3>Ludwig van Beethoven (Composer-Romantic), ???yo.2014,Dec.20 23:55 [May I have a summary? Also, I saw the movie "Yentl!" It was good!]
3>Ludwig van Beethoven (Composer-Romantic), ???yo.2014,Dec.20 23:56 [I think I like Beethoven's opera "Fidelio" better, but "Yentl" was still good.]
6>Elizabeth Guerre (Baroque composer), ???yo.2014,Dec.21 19:31 (Elizabeth Guerre fainted, and they took her to the hospital, and now everyone's being checked out by the doctors. Also, Elizabeth Guerre's regaining consciousness.)
18>W.A. Mozart (Composer-Classical), ___yo.2014,Dec.22 22:01 (Yeah. Basically there was a brawl at the concert and everyone is at the hospital.)
4>Domenico Scarlatti (Baroque Composer), ???yo.2014,Dec.23 22:22 *is walking past Elizabeth's room* *bears her speaking* *walks in* You're awake!
17>Diana (Opera Character), ???yo.2014,Dec.23 22:24 *pushes the nurse* Nurse: Hey! *kicks Diana* Diana: *kicks the nurse* *sticks her tongue out* *within minutes angry cries are heard coming from Diana's room*
17>Diana (Opera Character), ???yo.2014,Dec.23 22:25 Amneris: BE QUIET OVER THERE!
17>Diana (Opera Character), ???yo.2014,Dec.23 22:25 *the doctor joins in the fight*
6>Elizabeth Guerre (Baroque composer), ???yo.2014,Dec.23 22:29 Too much noise...
13>Princess Ida (Opera Character), 20yo.2014,Dec.23 22:29 *sticks her head into Diana's room* Hey guys, Elizabeth Guerre's woken up and she doesn't like your screaming.
16>Odette (Swan Lake), 19yo.2014,Dec.24 18:35 Do we really have to spend the night here? I don't think I can stand this much longer. Nurse: Yes. *inserts an IV into her arm*
8>Cosette (Les Miserables), 18yo.2014,Dec.24 18:59 *comes to visit Elizabeth* How is she doing?
2>The Phantom (Phantom of the Opera), ___yo.2014,Dec.24 18:59 *is meanwhile being wheeled to the plastic surgery area so they can fix his face* *screams*
20>Yentl Mendel (musical character), 17yo.2014,Dec.26 16:50 *turns to Cosette*. She should be fine soon. *thinks about something curiously*. Say, do you know where we are? I don't remember a thing other than going to that dreadful concert.
9>Hildebrand (Bad Guy), ???yo.2014,Dec.28 17:33 *starts throwing random things at the nurses and doctors around him* MWA HA HA HA HA!
3>Ludwig van Beethoven (Composer-Romantic), ???yo.2014,Dec.30 23:35 ...WHY DO I HAVE TO STICK OUT MY TONGUE?!?!?
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-45yo.2014,Dec.30 23:36 So they can- Beethoven:I WASN'T ASKING YOU!! Leonore:Okay, then...
3>Ludwig van Beethoven (Composer-Romantic), ???yo.2014,Dec.30 23:38 Hildebrand:*throws a stuffed animal**it hits Beethoven in the face* MWA HA HA HA HA!
3>Ludwig van Beethoven (Composer-Romantic), ???yo.2014,Dec.30 23:38 >__________<
6>Elizabeth Guerre (Baroque composer), ???yo.2014,Dec.31 21:59 Quiet…quiet…Princess Ida: *sticks her head into Hildebrand, Beethoven, and Leonore's room* Be quiet, everyone, Elizabeth just woke up and she needs quiet!
8>Cosette (Les Miserables), 18yo.2015,Jan.2 03:57 I believe we are in the hospital. *looks out the door window and sees Mozart running crazily through the hall, running into a gurney, fall back, and keep running*
13>Princess Ida (Opera Character), 20yo.2015,Jan.4 00:52 *is annoyed at everyone and everything*
3>Ludwig van Beethoven (Composer-Romantic), ???yo.2015,Jan.4 22:18 *grumbles quietly*
8>Cosette (Les Miserables), 18yo.2015,Jan.6 04:22 I'll just wait in the waiting room, then...*goes into the waiting room*
4>Domenico Scarlatti (Baroque Composer), ???yo.2015,Jan.15 16:07 *mutters a swear word and something about hospitals under his breath*
8>Cosette (Les Miserables), 18yo.2015,Jan.18 17:25 *walks down the hall and looks in the room window where the Phantom is* *watches him thrash around on the hospital bed*
2>The Phantom (Phantom of the Opera), ___yo.2015,Jan.18 17:26 *gets up and storms out of the hospital room and out of sight*
1>J.S. Bach (Composer-Baroque), _____yo.2015,Jan.18 17:27 CHAPTER 2- A PHANTOM OF A TIME
1>J.S. Bach (Composer-Baroque), _____yo.2015,Jan.18 17:28 After leaving the hospital, the Phantom hasn't been seen since, no matter how much everyone tries to look for him. On the bright side, Christine auditions for the main part of an opera.
1>J.S. Bach (Composer-Baroque), _____yo.2015,Jan.18 17:29 Sadly, Christine doesn't get the part, and ends up getting a smaller part instead. Everyone decides to go to the opera, though and that's when disaster strikes...
1>J.S. Bach (Composer-Baroque), _____yo.2015,Jan.18 17:29 Stay tuned!
1>J.S. Bach (Composer-Baroque), _____yo.2015,Jan.19 18:11 *is heading to the Paris Opera House with everyone else*
5>Christine (Phantom of the Opera), 16yo.2015,Jan.19 18:12 *looks slightly nervous as they enter* *after entering, she turns and looks at everyone* Well, I best be off.
1>J.S. Bach (Composer-Baroque), _____yo.2015,Jan.19 18:13 *see you in 5 minutes?
5>Christine (Phantom of the Opera), 16yo.2015,Jan.19 18:13 *nods* Yes. *smiles, then goes to the stage where several opera singers are*
12>George Gershwin (Composer-Modern), ___yo.2015,Jan.19 21:27 *screams after her:* GOOD LUCK!!
12>George Gershwin (Composer-Modern), ___yo.2015,Jan.19 21:28 *looks around at the Opera House* Where are our seats?
16>Odette (Swan Lake), 19yo.2015,Jan.19 21:29 Well, I don't mean to be a snot or anything, but I hope we have good seats.
20>Yentl Mendel (musical character), 17yo.2015,Jan.21 18:53 Er...I don't mean to sound rude...but I'm not so sure I trust operas after what happened last time...
20>Yentl Mendel (musical character), 17yo.2015,Jan.21 18:53 *looks around to find her seat*
14>Prince Siegfried (Swan Lake), 21yo.2015,Jan.21 19:46 It's okay, I'll make sure everyone is safe. *has a sword beside him*
1>J.S. Bach (Composer-Baroque), _____yo.2015,Jan.21 19:46 *hands everyone a program*
1>J.S. Bach (Composer-Baroque), _____yo.2015,Jan.21 19:50 *hands everyone a program*
1>J.S. Bach (Composer-Baroque), _____yo.2015,Jan.21 19:50 (Oops double post.)
7>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 24yo.2015,Jan.21 19:53 (I'm going to change my character to Belle, from the musical Beauty and the Beast.)
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-45yo.2015,Jan.25 23:57 *eagerly takes a program* What opera is this? Beethoven:I'm hoping it's "Fidelio..."
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-45yo.2015,Jan.25 23:58 [Note:I've been to live operas for real, so I guess I know what type of experience the characters will be going through (except for the fact that this ends in disaster).]
6>Elizabeth Guerre (Baroque composer), ???yo.2015,Jan.27 16:00 *sits down* *takes a program* Thank you, Bach. Ahhh - what a lovely opera house.
17>Diana (Opera Character), ???yo.2015,Jan.27 16:01 LOVELY?! You're…*suddenly trips on her way to her seat* D**n it!
17>Diana (Opera Character), ???yo.2015,Jan.27 16:02 Somebody help me up! *no one helps her up* HEL-LO? ANYONE?
17>Diana (Opera Character), ???yo.2015,Jan.27 16:03 Cosette: You can help yourself up…right? Diana: Well, yeah, but I'm not in the mood for it right now!
17>Diana (Opera Character), ???yo.2015,Jan.27 16:04 (Note: I actually like Diana, but in the opera she comes from she's the villain.)
1>J.S. Bach (Composer-Baroque), _____yo.2015,Jan.28 01:28 *gets sort of enraged* Just- sit down already!
7>Belle (Beauty and the Beast), 24yo.2015,Jan.28 01:29 *comes sauntering over, reading a program* *accidently trips over Leonore's chair* Oops! Heh heh...*sits down, her nose in the book*
12>George Gershwin (Composer-Modern), ___yo.2015,Jan.28 02:59 So, what's on the menu? *flips through his program*
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-45yo.2015,Jan.30 02:25 *presses herself back in her chair as Belle gets up and shoves past her* Er-it's okay...
3>Ludwig van Beethoven (Composer-Romantic), ???yo.2015,Jan.30 02:25 Yes, what opera are we seeing exactly?
20>Yentl Mendel (musical character), 17yo.2015,Jan.31 03:27 *sits down hesitantly* *just hopes that Christine will do well*
1>J.S. Bach (Composer-Baroque), _____yo.2015,Jan.31 21:29 *sets his program down* It is Faust.
17>Diana (Opera Character), ???yo.2015,Feb.8 17:34 What's a Faust?
16>Odette (Swan Lake), 19yo.2015,Feb.11 00:07 I believe it
16>Odette (Swan Lake), 19yo.2015,Feb.11 00:07 *it's the opera we're about to see tonight.
17>Diana (Opera Character), ???yo.2015,Feb.16 04:41 Opera is for babies…and my dear brother.
16>Odette (Swan Lake), 19yo.2015,Feb.23 22:03 maybe your views will change once we see it. *the lights dim, and everyone is silent*
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-45yo.2015,Mar.8 03:19 *whispers:* Faust is good.
10>Leonore Florestan (Heroine), 30-45yo.2015,Mar.8 03:20 [I've seen the opera "Faust." It has a dark plot and is really good!]
1>J.S. Bach (Composer-Baroque), _____yo.2015,Apr.2 02:50 THIS GAME IS NOW CLOSED. THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO JOINED/PARTICIPATED!