" Camp Mytho " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 12 to 17 years of age.
Our world may seem ordinary, boring, and downright dull, but that is only the surface of our world. The real magic lies beneath the surface, seen only by the eyes of those who are worthy. This deeper world is that of the creatures of fantasy, like Fairies, Gnomes, and Giants. They live in secret, far from the sight of human eyes. But, living in secret is no way to grow up as a young mythological creature. How would they learn the ways of the world around them, and the Magic within it? That, is where our esteemed Camp Mytho comes in. We train our young campers in the ways of Magic and Combat. If you should choose to join us, we sincerely hope you enjoy your stay with us! Don't mind the strange disappearances we've had lately...oh, and try not to get into too much mischief.

1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.5 00:42 Welcome to Camp Mytho, campers of all ages, sizes, and species! Let me tell you some of our rules.
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.5 00:42 No bad messages! None, or you will be banished (deleted).
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.5 00:44 After joining our camp, please remain active. If we don't here from you, we will presume you are no longer with us (deleted)
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.5 00:45 The types of species we accept here are Fae (fairie folk. Not the tiny winged kind...more like elves)
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.5 00:46 Dwarves (I assume you know what they are)
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.5 00:49 Gnomes (very small people, who where caps, and love the underground)
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.5 00:50 Centaurs (half horse, half human...good at archery)
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.5 00:50 Sirens (girls with enchanted voices, that can make a person believe anything)
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.5 00:51 Giants (giant humans pretty much)
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.5 00:53 [Hi, it's me, Brunny!]
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.5 00:53 [I'll make a character in a minute...]
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.5 00:54 Kitsune (half human half fox, who's goal in life is to receive a second tail)
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.5 00:54 [Actually, nvm, I just came on here to let you know I'm on Last of Us. Can you delete my character?]
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.5 00:58 (It's already deleted. Sorry that you decided not to join)
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.5 01:36 And finally, Dryads (people that can transform from trees into humans)
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.5 01:37 You can be any of those, nothing else!
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.5 01:39 Your characters age must be between 11 and 17, unless they are specifically told otherwise. I understand that most of the creatures live well beyond a thousand years, but well measure it in human years.
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.5 01:46 When you create your character, they will be placed in one of six cabins: Phoenix, Hydra, Unicorn, Dragon, Griffyn, or Basalisk.
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.5 01:52 After that, your characters will go on "Quests", different challenges to earn them money and other rewards.
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.5 01:54 When there are enough members, we can begin the actual plotline.
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.5 01:56 Special people, known as The Seers (because they can see the myths) have banded together to purge the world of all mythological creatures.
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.5 01:58 They are led by a masked villain, who goes by the title The Pure One.
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.5 02:00 An ancient prophecy proclaims the coming of great heroes of each of the races, who will defeat the Pure One and his followers.
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.5 02:01 When the "heroes" are actually campers from Camp Myth.
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.5 02:03 They have to undertake something called The Trials, which is sort of like a long series of Quests, only as a punishment.
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.5 02:03 So, please, join and enjoy!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 17:18 (Name is CJ her dad was a wolf and her mom was a sorcer she looks like a wolf she stands on to legs has copper red fur and green eyes like to wear a gray hoodie she knows about some of her powers but she is still figuaring out most of them)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 17:21 (she never wanted to go to Camp Mytho but her parents made her she mastered her shrinking and growing spells so she keeps all her things in her hoodie pocket she is self concence about her tail beacause it looks exactly like a fox tail)
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 17:23 Alright, thanks for joining!
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 17:24 (Rick is a Fairie, who was sort of a rebel in his own family. He hated growing up with them because they always wanted him to grow up under their control. All he wanted was to be free, and now that he gets accepted to Camp Mytho he can be)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 17:26 (her parents lied entered her as a Kitsune beacause they really wanted her to go to camp when in reality she is a new kind of breed that isnt saposed to exist)
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 17:26 (like all Fairies, he has elf like ears, and angelic looking wings, which are silver and black. He can control certain amounts of magic for a while, too)
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 17:26 (alright, I see! I love the character idea, CJ)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 17:27 *watches as her parents run off leaving her at camp Mytho*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 17:27 *smiles, announcing things about Camp to the new arrivals*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 17:28 Hello! Welcome to our esteemed Camp everyone!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 17:28 *stands there at the entrance woundering if she can run off*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 17:28 You shall soon be placed into one of six cabins=
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 17:28 *sees CJ*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 17:28 Oh! A new arrival!
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 17:29 Come, come! You must be one of the new Kitsunes!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 17:30 *sees the counselor sighs* lets get this summer over with *walks into camp with paws in her hoodie pocket*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 17:30 I was just telling all our other campers about the cabins.
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 17:31 if i told you i wasnt a Kitsune could i leave camp?
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 17:31 We will be placing you all into one of six cabins: Phoenix, Hydra, Dragon, Gryffin, Unicorn, or Basilisk!
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 17:31 *shakes her head, sadly*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 17:32 I'm afraid you can't leave the camp anymore...even if you weren't a Kitsune!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 17:32 *is thinking of every possible way to get out while gettting the least amount of trouble*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 17:32 The magic barrier, which seals the outside from the inside, has already been drawn. No one leaves, or enters anymore!
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 17:33 *watches the Councelor and the new Kitsune girl interested*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 17:33 if i get into to much trouble will you call my parents and have them take me home?
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 17:34 *a sudden glint takes over the Councelor's eyes* We have a...different...form of punishment for bad behavior...
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 17:34 You should pray you don't have to undergo it.
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 17:35 *watches as the Councelor walks back to the podium, and continues her speech*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 17:35 *clances at the cabins and looks at the forest around her*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 17:35 I shall explain the Cabins now!
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 17:35 Dragon: For the truly brave and daring members of our group!
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 17:36 Unicorn: For the gentle, and kind!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 17:36 ok *thinks to self great im stuck at camp physoc phath*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 17:36 Hydra: For the cunning and ambitious!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 17:36 *takes a seat farthest away from any creater*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 17:36 Gryffin: For the bold, and honorable!
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 17:37 And Basilisk...for our "special" campers...*looks directly at CJ and Rick*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 17:37 *half listens to the speech while thinking about how much she dosent care*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 17:39 *secretly hopes her cabin isnt with any other creatures*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 17:39 After being placed, your cabin mates are your team! You must work with them for the summer, through the entire challenges we place!
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 17:39 In each cabin, there is one of each type of creature!
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 17:39 So, let us begin the placement!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 17:40
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 17:40 *begins dragging up creatures and placing them*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 17:41 *mutters quietly to self* i dont want to be in any team
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 17:42 *get's closer to Rick and CJ*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 17:42 *drags Rick onto the platform*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 17:42 *after a strange evaluation, he is placed in Basilisk*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 17:43 *he is the first to be placed in Basilisk, so he doesn't know what to do*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 17:44 *w
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 17:44 *wounders if she can dig out*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 17:44 *drags CJ up onto the platform, despite protest*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 17:44 Hello there! Let's get this over with quickly!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 17:45 ya ok whatever
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 17:45 *after the quickest evaluation of all, she places her in Basilisk*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 17:46 will i be punished if im not a kitsune?
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 17:46 (sorry, that was the wrong character, the Camp Counselor did that)
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 17:46 *looks at her oddly*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 17:47 No, if you weren't a Kitsune, you'll just have an extra camper in Basilisk!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 17:47 (i figured)
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 17:47 *continues on with the placement*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 17:48 *dosent want extra people in her cabin thinks if she should tell the counselor or not*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 17:48 *flies lightly to the cabin that looks like Basilisk*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 17:49 (no, as in she'd just be the one extra camper)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 17:49 *walks to the cabin that has Basilsk cabin over the door*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 17:49 (since she isn't a Kitsune, she'd be the extra, since they need one of everything, including a Kitsune)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 17:50 *trs to open door but dosent have opsible thumbs*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 17:50 *looks at her* Here, allow me!
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 17:50 *opens the door, and holds it open for CJ*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 17:51 (yes i understand but adding a kitsune to the cabin would be more people she is mostly antisocial)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 17:51 *walks in and gets settled on one of the top bunks*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 17:52 *takes a look around, before settling on another top bunk*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 17:52 *takes sheets from her hoodie pocket grows them and puts them on the bed*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 17:53 *sets all of his things up around his bunk, then sits, wondering what to do*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 17:54 *gets an itch starts scratching behind her ear using her back leg*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 17:55 *looks at CJ* So, uh...my name's Rick.
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 17:55 And you are?
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 17:57 I am someone who dosent like people *cercles around her bed on for legs then lays down like a dog would with her head resting on her paws*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 17:57 *rolls his eyes* Well, hello then Someone Who Doesn't Like People...nice to meet you too.
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 17:58 *growls at him*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 17:58 *flutters his wings indignantly*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 17:59 Someone's a bit hostile...
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 18:00 So...I've heard you're not a Kitsune...so what are you exactly?
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 18:00 i am alot nicer when i am not being trapped at camp physco path
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 18:01 *attemps to sleep but it is hard when rick keeps talking*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 18:01 Trapped...this place is at least a nicer prison than my parents...
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 18:03 i dont care about your back story im trying to sleep
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 18:04 *sighs* Whatever then...go to sleep, I'm going to check out the border.
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 18:04 (do you go on the rp Snatched?)
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 18:04 *flies out the door, blasting CJ with a gust of wind*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 18:04 (yes...I'm still the person who is Tina and Danny)'
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 18:05 (thought so i can tell by the style you type i am still Nicolai and others)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 18:06 *gets up she is finally alone*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 18:06 (yes I also know. Under your character's space where it says name, it says Caprial)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 18:07 *gets out her Guitar from her hoodie pocket and starts playing witch is hard beacuse she has fluffly paws*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 18:08 (yep i am on both rps right now)
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 18:08 *flies upward as far as he can, happy to finally be free*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 18:08 (same here)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 18:14 *hums along to her guitar*
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 18:15 (Alura, one of the Siren)
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 18:15 (she has a beautiful voice, that no one is immune to, which can make someone do anything she wants)
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 18:16 (like the other Siren, she is actually really weird looking, she has dark blue skin, and blue hair, with yellow eyes, and gnarled nails)
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 18:16 (however, unlike the other Siren, she doesn't like using her powers for decieving others, so she doesn't disguise herself)
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 18:18 (she's kinder than most Siren are, but one of her strange qualities, is that she's mute, so she can't talk, but she can still lure people with her instrument, the lyre)
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 18:18 (because of her strangeness, they placed her in Basilisk)
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 18:19 (she also has a slight control over water, but not much)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 18:19 *keeps playing dosent see Alura come in*
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 18:20 *looks at CJ*
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 18:21 *can't talk, so she just sets up her things and watches CJ*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 18:23 *hears her set up her things quickly shrinks her guitar and lays back down*
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 18:27 *laughs silently at her*
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 18:27 *watches her lying down, and sits there, unsure of what to do*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 18:28 *slightly reads her mind beacuase she can*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 18:28 why are you laughfing at me?
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 18:31 (nvm its to fair if Cj can read minds)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 18:33 *can hear Alura beacause her voice is so high pitch no one can hear her but beacause she is part wofl she can hear it and she finds her high pitched voice very anoying*
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 19:33 (actually, it'd probably be better if she could read Alura's thoughts, considering she can't talk at all. She doesn't even make noise*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 19:35 (ok)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 19:36 *reads her mind sees she is laughing at her* why are you laughing at me?
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 19:38 *thinks* I've never seen a Kitsune use magic before!
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 19:39 *thinks* I think it's cool.
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 19:41 im not a Kitsune so you still never seen one you magic *is not in a very good mood*
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 19:42 *thinks* Well, that's too bad.
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 19:42 *thinks* Oh well, it's still pretty neat that you use magic.
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 19:43 *thinks* And that you play the guitar.
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 19:43 *thinks* It's interesting that you can hear me think...no one else can, so this is the first real conversation I've ever been in.
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 19:44 *thinks* But, you obviously are not as excited as I, so I shall leave you now.
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 19:44 *walks out the door, once again leaving CJ*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 19:45 well im not chosing to read your mind this is the first time my mind makes me read someones mind its probably beacause you cant talk
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 19:46 *nods, then leaves, playing her lyre*
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 19:47 *as she starts to walk out the door, Rick comes in for a landing*
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 19:47 *looks at him, startled*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 19:48 Oh! Hi, there! You...uh, you...you look blue...
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 19:48 *doesn't realize that Alura is a Siren*
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 19:49 *glares at Rick, then pushes him out of the way, and keeps walking*
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 19:49 *hates it when people make fun of her appearance*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 19:49 *lays down on her bed*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 19:51 *enters the building* Hey, CJ.
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 19:51 So...who was that weird blue girl?
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 19:54 she doesn't like it when people make fun of her aperence
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 19:55 Oh...
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 19:55 I wasn't making fun of it...I just said she looked blue...
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 19:56 she is self conscience about her blue skin she is a siren
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 19:57 She's a Siren? I thought that Sirens were like super beautiful and sang and stuff.
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 19:58 she is a mute she uses her instrument insted of singing
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 19:59 Oh...
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 19:59 Well, I wish I'd have known that.
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 20:00 she likes magic but her voice is so anoying
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 20:00 I wonder where the rest of our "team" is...
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 20:01 And...I thought you said she couldn't talk...?
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 20:01 How can she have an annoying voice, if she can't talk?
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 20:03 she cant i am talking about the voice in her head usually i control if i can read peoples minds or not but beacause she is a mute my powers wont not let me listen to her
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 20:03 Huh...well cool power, I guess...
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 20:04 So, how are you magic then? What are you?
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 20:05 (I've got to leave for a while. Bye!)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 20:05 my powers are none of your concern
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 20:05 (bye)
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 20:44 *walks around the camp, unsure of what to do*
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 20:44 *sees the counselor*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 20:45 Oh, hello child! You must be the fre- er...the Siren I placed in Basilisk yes?
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 20:45 *trs her best to ignor Rick*
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 20:48 (A dryad)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 20:49 dont you have something better to do?
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 20:49 (She has long pale blonde hair and green eyes. She is rather mysterious and often uses her powers.
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 20:50 (She hates being alone and is excited to be going to camp, and once she has become used to a place and dropped jer
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 20:50 Her mysterious airs she is really fun, brave but a bot outspoken!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 20:53 *lays down on her bed trying to plan a way out of camp*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 20:54 *hopes no one else is in her cabin she dosent like people that much*
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 20:54 *not sure what to do, or where to go*
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 20:55 *wonders what her cabin will be*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 20:57 *takes out some beef jerkey from her pocket and starts eating it*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 20:59 *chews on it like a dog would*
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 21:08 Finds out she is in basilisk
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 21:08 *naws on the beef jerkey*
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 21:09 Makes her way to the cabin and sees a wolflike creature eating a beef jerkey
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 21:09 *sees Sylvatica and puts her beef away in her pocket*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 21:12 *sits up and skratches her ear with her back leg*
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 21:16 *Stares at CJ, then walks past her to her own place and starts to unpack her few belongings*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 21:17 *stops scrahching and lays down* no im not a kitsune no im not going to tell you what i am dont talk to me
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 21:19 * continues to ignore cj, she really cant be bothered with people being rude*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 21:20 *sniffs the air* you smell like a tree and squirrles
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 21:23 your a Dryad
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 21:24 "I thought you didn't walk to talk" (bye)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 21:25 but you smell like Squirrles i am part wolf and i like Squirrles
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 21:52 I really hope you don't meen thAt you like eating squirrells, because i. Am a dryad, a protector of natures plants and animals
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 21:53 i dont eat squirrles i chase them
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 21:54 *after he walks back into the cabin, he sees Sylvatica*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 21:54 Woah...is she a new member too?
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 21:54 *lays back down growls slightly at Rick*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 21:55 Easy there...
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 21:55 *smiles at Sylvatica*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 21:56 just beacause i look like a wolf dosent mean you have to treat me like one
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 21:56 *swats rick on the back of his head with her tail*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 21:56 Ow!
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 21:57 You growl at me...I tell you to calm down!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 21:58 *growls and puts her head down on her paws*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 21:58 *rolls his eyes, and rubs the back of his head* Geez, that's a strong tail...
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 21:59 *rings a large bell, sensitive to all creatures, summoning them to the courtyard*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 21:59 *gets out her beef jerkey and starts chewing on it again*
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 21:59 Wow cj, i really dont think you and i will get along if that is your attitude to animals
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 21:59 ugh*puts her jerkey away hops down and walks on to legs*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:00 *goes to the court yard*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:00 *hops down, and goes to the courtyard*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 22:01 *when everyone is gathered, she smiles at everyone*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 22:01 Once again...a warm welcome to all of our campers!
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 22:01 I have a very important announcement to make...
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 22:01 Tomorrow is a very special day...
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:01 *keeps her paws in her pockets*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 22:02 Tomorrow, you will all be beginning your first Quest with the rest of your team!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:03 *groans*ugh
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 22:03 For those of you that don't know, a Quest is a special challenge that you must take, in order to earn rewards...and also to keep you all safe.
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:03 *raises paw*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 22:03 It will test you in strength, bravery, courage, agility, smarts, and ingenuity!
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 22:04 *glances at CJ, irritated*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 22:04 Yes?
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:04 *thinks:well, i am not going to work in a team with cj well
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:04 will one of the rewards being able to leave camp?
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 22:04 I hope you have a good reason for interrupting me...
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 22:05 No, that will not be a reward! That will be a punishment!
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 22:05 And, you are very close to finding out exactly what the punishment is...
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:06 *puts hand down*
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:06 Thinks: well i should start behaving badly then, anything to get out of here and basilisk
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:06 *thinks* How on earth can I work with my team...if I can't even talk to them?
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:06 Puts hand up: what is the quest going to be
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 22:06 Thank you for asking!
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 22:07 Your first quest will be...
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 22:07 Traveling through the Labyrinth!!!!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:07 *talks softly to Alura* if you help me get out of camp ill help you talk to the other people
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 22:08 There will be many monsters and traps awaiting you, and there will be no helping other teams!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:08 *ears perk up*
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:08 *thinks* Done.
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:08 *freezes in shock, she is claustrophoboc and hates being trapped*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:08 *smiles at Alura*
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:09 I don't really want to be here either. *thinks*
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:09 Whats the prize
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:09 *thinks sadly* It'll have to wait until after the first quest though...
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:10 (Can cj read everyones mind)
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 22:10 The reward for winning...will be the competitors choice of a wish being granted, withing certain rules of course!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:10 *loves winning if there are prizes that means there are winners her tail starts wagging*
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:10 Looks at alura, wondering who she is
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 22:10 (if she chooses, she can)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:10 *yes but only when she wants to she isnt doing that right now*
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:11 What are the certain rules
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:11 can we wish to be disintolled from camp?
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 22:11 If you win...I'll tell you. Until then, you can pick from the supplies here. First come, first serve! *with a wave of her hand, supplies appear*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 22:12 (you can now buy any of the items under the buy usage)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:12 *runs on for legs to the suplies*
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:12 Jumps forward to the supplies
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:12  Buying Spell Book (x 1)  
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:13  Buying Sword (x 1)  
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:13  Buying Sword (x 1)  
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:13  Buying Dual Knives (x 1)  
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:13  Buying Magic Mirror (x 1)  
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:13  Buying Magic Wand (x 1)  
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:13  Buying Shield (x 1)  
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:14  Buying Pen and Parchment (x 1)  
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:14  Buying Rabbits Foot (x 1)  
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:14  Buying Singing Harp (x 1)  
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 22:14 *with a wave of her hand, the supplies disappear*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 22:14 No more!
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:14  Buying Potion of Invisible (x 1)  
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 22:15 You shall have the rest of the day to practice with your team! Then, tomorrow, meet at the Labyrinth!!
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:15 Grabs the last potion
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 22:15 Good luck!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:15 *takes her suples and goes to the cabin happily wagging her tail behind her*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:15 *swings his sword, pleased* This is nice!
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:15 *rolls her eyes, a whole day of practice with a mute, a dog and a fairie
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:16 *climbs on her top bunk and drops the suples is sitting like a dog and wagging her tail*
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:16 Walks quickly towards cabin, turning trees to humans as she walks
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:16 Hey! Being called a Fairie is a compliment!
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:16 Goes up to bunk
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:17 Ignores rick
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:17 *places the sword and shield up onto his bed*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:17 *wags tail exciditly*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:17 Stupid tree girl...ignoring me...grrr!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:17 *smells rabits foot over and over and memorises the sent*
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:17 *sits on her bed, sadly*
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:18 *didn't grab any supplies*
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:18 Turns around suddenly and yells: how dare you call me a stupid tree girl
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:18 Stomps out the cabin
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:19 Well how dare you insult me with my own kind! *yells after her*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:19 *growls at rick at smacks him with her tail again* be nice to girls you are a gentalmen act like one!
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:19 Ow!
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:19 *rubs his head*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:19 *grabs her singing harp drops it on Aluras lap*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:19  Dropping Singing Harp (x 1)  
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:20 (we need to have the rest of a team, so I'm going to add some more characters)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:20 *wags tail then goes back to her bed*
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:20 *thinks* Thank you CJ. *smiles*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:20 (ok)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:20 i cant play i have paws
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:20 (you can also make some more characters if you want)O
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:21 Walks back into the cabin
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:21 (Julia, would you like to make another character?)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:22 ill be right back *hops down carrying the rabits foot walks to the counselor*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:22 Counselor...
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 22:23 Yes?
10>Lillexa (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:24 (Ok, this is lillexa, sylvaticas twin sister. They look exactly the same but there personalities are completely dofferent
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:24 could you put this Rabits foot at the end of the labrenth?
10>Lillexa (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:24 (I am quiet and reserved but very kind. Unlike sylvy who has an awful temper)
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 22:24 (alright...Lillexa has to be in a different cabin though, there can only be one of each creature per cabin)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:24 could you put this Rabits foot at the end of the labrenth?
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 22:25 *looks at CJ*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 22:25 *takes the foot* Sure...
10>Lillexa (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:25 (Sylvetica and lillexa hate there names and are always refered to as sylvy and lil
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:25 thanks
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 22:25 I hope you realize that knowing where the end of the Labyrinth is wont help you get throught he maze...
10>Lillexa (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:26 Are there any more new charactors
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:26 *walks back to her cabin wagging her tail*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:26 (yes.
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:26 Arther, the Kitsune of Basilisk)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:26 *walks back* why not?
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:27 (looks a lot like CJ, only he is an actual fox)
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:27 Umm... Hi arthur
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 22:27 If I told you that, you'd have quite the advantage... well, good night! *leaves*
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:27 ( is this our fulll team now
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:28 (no, we also need a dwarf, a centaur, a giant, and a gnome)
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:28 Goes up to lils bunk
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:28 (Ok)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:28 *walks to her cabin on four legs sees Arther growls at him and hops onto her bed and gaurds her things*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:29 *smiles* What's wrong, afraid I'll steal your stuff?
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:29 *chuckles* I won't, I'm kidding!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:29 foxes are known for stealing it just so happens your 1/2 fox!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:30 *is hiding her tail is self consence about it*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:30 *shrugs*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:30 You're part wolf, and I'm not saying all your flaws.
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:31 It's actually a pretty long list, my friend.
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:31 *settles into a bunk*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:31 *is sitting on her tail afraid that Arther might make fun of it*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:32 *wines and lays her head on her paws*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:32 *smiles, seeing CJ hiding her tail*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:32 Your tail is very pretty, by the way.
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:33 It's not as great as mine, but it's still very nice.
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:33 "Smiles at arthur, " i am glad someone else has realised that wolfy is not perfect"
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:33 And you must be our Dryad.
10>Lillexa (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:33 Yes, me and sylvy are dryads
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:34 *shoves her tail under her sheet*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:34 Sylvy...what a nice name.
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:34 *looks back at CJ* You know, Kitsunes are very proud of our tails.
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:34 *starts reading and memorising spells from her spell book*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:35 In fact, the greatest honor we can acheive is to recieve two tails.
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:35 Yeh, much better than sylvatica, my real name, i meen, it sounds like some kind of disease
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:35 *stares into Arthers eyes*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:35 *laughs* I don't think it's that awful. But, I do like Sylvy.
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:35 *just sits there staring*
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:36 Ummm. Cj, are you ok
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:36 *Rick enters the building, his wings flapping*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:36 *dosent look away* im busy
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:36 *looks at Arther* Hello! You must be our new Kitsune!
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:37 Right..... Doing what
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:37 *no matter what is happening she is compleatly focused and is staring into Arthers eyes*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:37 *blocks CJ's view with his wings*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:37 *laughs*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:37 *wont stop until Arther looks away*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:38 *keeps staring into Arthers eyes*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:38 *stares right back*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:38 *swats Rick with her tail so she can keep staring*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:38 *to Sylvy* Are they having a staring contest?
10>Lillexa (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:38 Well, it seems that arthur and cj rather like each other"
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:39 *sits there and stares*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:39 Ouch! You need to stop doing that!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:39 I am declaring Dominence who ever looks away first looses the winner is the Alpha *keeps staring into his eyes*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:40 *tries to ignore Rick*
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:40 For goodness sake guys, do you really like each other that much, do you want us to leave you alone ( winks at rick)
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:40 *smiles* You can sure try, Wolfie!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:40 *stands her ground and dosent look away*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:40 *laughs*
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:40 Wow, really, you guys are so sad
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:41 *pays no attention to anyone but Arther* my name isnt Wolfie!
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:41 *growls in the direction of Sylvy*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:41 You never told me your name!
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:41 Rick, alura, lil, this may go on for a while, do you want to go outside
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:41 *keeps staring*
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:42 *nods*
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:42 Well, its not like cj is much better
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:42 Yeah! This could take a while!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:42 CJ! i take pride seriousely! *keeps staring*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:43 *watches CJ closely*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:43 *keeps staring into his eyes*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:43 You know, another form of dominance is displaying your tail proudly. *puts his tail high in the air*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:44 Im a wolf thats not how i do things *stars into his eyes
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:44 And a typical form of submission is putting your tail between your legs!
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:44 *goes outside dragging rick, lil and alura woth her*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:44 *raises tail up high and stairs at him even more*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:45 I hope this doesn't go on too long...I do want some sleep.
10>Lillexa (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:45 Same...
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:45 *nods vigorously*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:45 I wont look away until you do!
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:46 And I won't look away until you do!
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:46 I want to sabatoge this so badly!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:47 ok i guess the only way for this to work is you be Alpha male I be Alpha female agreed?
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:47 Gees, there like little kids (mimics) "i wont look away until you do" "and i wont until you do"
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:48 Finally an agreement
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:48 if you agree ill look away first *basically she just asked him out without openly declaring it*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:49 Fine by me.
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:49 (new character, joining as a giant)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:49 ok *looks away*
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:49 (Coriander, aka Cory, is a half giant, his mother being a giant, and his father being a human)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:50 *throws him some beef Jerkey*
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:50 Laughs and winks at rick again , looks like loves in the air,
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:50 (so, he's really, really tall, but not as tall as all of the other giants, making him somewhat of an outcast)
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:50 Hi cory
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:51 Oh yeah.
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:51 I'm just glad that's over. Now I can sleep!
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:51 *walks up to Basilisk, where he was sorted into*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:51 Arther want to plan a way out of the labrith? i have some good ideas
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:51 *looks at the crowd gathered around*
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:52 Ok
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:52 *nods*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:52 *goes into defence mode when she sees the giant she makes herself look like a cute puppy wich no one could bear harming*
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:53 We
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:53 Well i'll be getting some sleep
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:53 *smiles at CJ* Aw...
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:54 *looks up cutely its her best line of defence*
10>Lillexa (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:54 Shakes here head, thats all sylvy cares about, beauty sleep
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:54 (ok, do any of you want to make the Gnome, or Dwarf? If not, I'll just make them, and be done with it)
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:55 *grins* Speaking of...I need some beauty sleep of my own!
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:55 *flits into his bunk*
10>Lillexa (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:55 I willc make
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:55 *puts her tail between her legs and wines making her look even cuter*
10>Lillexa (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:55 I will make a centaur
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:56 (ok)
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:56 *has to crouch down low to fit into the door*
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:56 Hello, everyone...
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:57 Starts argueing with lil about how she dosent need as much beauty sleep as anyone else here
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:57 *is quiet scared of the gaint any monster cant hurt a puppy bc puppies are to cute to harm*
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:57 My name is Cory.
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:57 Hi
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:57 *smiles around at everyone*
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:57 *looks at CJ* Do not be afraid.
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:57 *is sitting looking like a puppy so she wont get hurt*
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:58 I am not as cruel as my larger cousins.
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:58 I am only half giant, after all.
8>Wren (Centaur), 11yo.2015,Jan.7 22:59 Gallops in on. A hurry, he is a very excitable 11 year old boy
8>Wren (Centaur), 11yo.2015,Jan.7 22:59 I am wren..
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:59 *whimpers a little, backing into his bunk*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 22:59 *stops looking like a pupy* i wasnt afraid i was practing my defence for the labyrinth
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:00 *nods* Good defense.
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:00 *looks at Wren*
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:00 Hello, Wren.
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:00 *looks like a puppy when she sees the centar*
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:00 Great, we now have a baby centaur working with us
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:00 I thought a wren was a flighty little bird...but it is a horse?
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:01 *wimpers*
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:01 (by the way, Cory as a giant is sort of not very smart...)
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:01 (most giants are very dumb)
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:01 (they can't really even talk much)
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:02 (but, Cory is only half giant, so he's smarter than most)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:02 *looks like a cute puppy*
8>Wren (Centaur), 11yo.2015,Jan.7 23:02 Firstly, i am not a baby, and secondly, a wren is a bird but it is not my fault it is my name! And also, you can hardly talk with a name like coriander
8>Wren (Centaur), 11yo.2015,Jan.7 23:02 Oh, and i am not a horse
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:04 (Duly, my last character. He is the gnome, which means he is exceptionally small, but also very clever, and loves riddles.)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:04 *sees an opertunity stops looking like a puppy* thats right he isnt a horse or he would be bigger he is more of a pony boy
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:04 (he has brown hair, and green eyes, and has a love of digging tunnels)
10>Lillexa (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:05 ( cool, now we only need a dwarf
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:05 *laughs* Yeah, a pony!
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:06 *after being sorted, he walks into the cabin*
8>Wren (Centaur), 11yo.2015,Jan.7 23:06 Yells at cj, well your not particuarly bog or strong either, wolfie
8>Wren (Centaur), 11yo.2015,Jan.7 23:06 And i am most probably faster and stronger than foxy as well
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:07 You want to bet?
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:07 I could steal and cheat you blind, pony boy!
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:07 *wonders what he just walked into*
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:07 Hey arthur, go easy on him
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:08 Oh, and hi duly, sorry about this
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:08 *uses powers to makes Wren soaking wet* im sorry is you pretty pony main wet? do you need a little girl to brush it out for you?
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:08 He wasn't exactly going easy on me...
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:09 *nods at Sylvy*
8>Wren (Centaur), 11yo.2015,Jan.7 23:09 Liftls a hoof and suddely hoof matks appear all over cj and arthur
8>Wren (Centaur), 11yo.2015,Jan.7 23:09 Brings out hos bow and arrow amd points it at the
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:09 *walks to an open bunk, and shakes his head, instead burrowing under the earth*
8>Wren (Centaur), 11yo.2015,Jan.7 23:10 Brings out hos bow and arrow amd points it at the
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:11 *uses powers to braid pink ribbons and flowers into Wrens main* now you are ready for the pony show
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:11 Why you little!
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:11 *brings out retractable claws, and bares his fangs*
8>Wren (Centaur), 11yo.2015,Jan.7 23:12 Puts flowers and and pink sparkles all over cj, as well as some red lipstock
8>Wren (Centaur), 11yo.2015,Jan.7 23:12 And your ready for your first date with arthur
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:12 *sees the bow and arow bares teeth and growls* put the arrows down pony boy!
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:13 You-YOU!!!!
8>Wren (Centaur), 11yo.2015,Jan.7 23:13 Laughs
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:13 THAT IS IT! YOU MESS WITH THE ALPHAS, YOU GET THE CONSEQUENCES!
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:14 *flies furiously at Wren, scratching and biting with no mercy*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:14 *shakes it off and wipes off the lipstick* youv gone to far pony boy!! *jumps out of bed and starts bitting his ankles*
8>Wren (Centaur), 11yo.2015,Jan.7 23:14 What, you and cj already married
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:15 *shakes it off and wipes off the lipstick* youv gone to far pony boy!! *jumps out of bed and starts bitting his ankles*
8>Wren (Centaur), 11yo.2015,Jan.7 23:15 What, you and cj already married
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:16 *shakes it off and wipes off the lipstick* youv gone to far pony boy!! *jumps out of bed and starts bitting his ankles*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:16 *mumbles* Need...sleep!...be...quiet...
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:16 *shakes it off and wipes off the lipstick* youv gone to far pony boy!! *jumps out of bed and starts bitting his ankles*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:17 *mumbles* Need...sleep!...be...quiet...
8>Wren (Centaur), 11yo.2015,Jan.7 23:17 Biting wont affect me, i have healing powers
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:17 (sorry it repeted itself)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:18 *keeps biting his ankle anyway* Take that back!!!
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:18 (yeah, that was weird)
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:18 I don't care if you can heal or not!
8>Wren (Centaur), 11yo.2015,Jan.7 23:19 What back
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:19 take back what you said pony boy!
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:20 Take it back!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:20 *keeps biting Wren*
8>Wren (Centaur), 11yo.2015,Jan.7 23:21 Now, what did i say, i cant quite remember
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:21 *growls*
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:22 For goodness sake shut up! What is wrong with you guys
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:22 You know what im talking about!!! *starts bitting him harder*
8>Wren (Centaur), 11yo.2015,Jan.7 23:22 Dont think i do
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:22 *suddenly shouts so loudly the ground quakes* STOP!
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:23 *covers his ears, whimpering*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:23 *is getting even more angry keeps bitting him* Just take it back ok!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:23 *stops and wimpers*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:24 crawla over to bed cercles around puts her head on her paws*
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:24 Now...go to sleep.
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:24 *goes to sleep*
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:24 You too, little horse and fox!
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:25 *goes to sleep*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:25 *mutters softly* he isnt a horse he is a pony boy *chuckles softly to self*
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:26 *grunts* Good.
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:26 *wakes up in the middle of the night and starts howling at the full moon*
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:27 Now we all sleep. *just sort of lies down on the floor, since he can't fit in a bed*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:27 *wakes up to the howling of CJ*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:27 Aroooo! ooo ooo!
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:27 *barks at the moon, since he can't actually howl*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:28 arooo!!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:28 *howls very loudly*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:28 *continues to bark, much to the annoyance of the others*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:29 *stops and listens hears her family howling back*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:29 *sits up, pointing at the two*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:29 *stops and listens hears her family howling back*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:30 *howls back to them*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:30 Shut- *falls asleep again before he can finish. Snores loudly*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:30 *howls back to them*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:31 *hears the sound of other howls*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:31 *howls as loud as she can*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:31 *barks even louder*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:31 *wonders who they are*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:32 AROOO OW OW AROO
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:33 *listens to her family howling back*
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:33 UGH!!!! *digs even deeper to escape the noisy pair*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:33 *smiles and goes back to bed*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:33 *satisfied, curls up in his bunk*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:34 *wakes up at sun rise* UpUp up every one up we have alot to do this morning!
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:35 *sits up tail wagging*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:35 *swats Rick with her tail* get up!!!
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:35 *pops up from his hole in the ground*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:36 *falls from the bunk, landing awkwardly*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:36 *goes into Dulys hole and drags him out* get up up everyone up!
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:36 OW!!!!
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:36 *wakes up, rubbing his eyes*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:36 *shakes Alura awake* get up its sunrise!
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:37 *looks around, quietly*
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:37 *thinks* We shall win the Quest today.
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:37 *smiles and gets up*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:37 *nudges Sylvy and lilly* get up!!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:38 we have to make a plan for the quest!
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:38 Hey...where'd pony boy go?
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:39 oh right *bites wrens ankle* Pony boy get up!
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:39 *looks around curiously*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:40 *the group is the strangest he
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:40 has ever seen before*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:42 Wait...what about our last member...we still don't have a dwarf.
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:42 ok i had the consaler put a rabits foot at the end of the labyrinth I will sniff ou the rabits foot Arther you smell for monsters we want to avoid them if we can
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:42 i am not a kitsune so i guess i am here insted of a dwarf
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:43 *shrugs* Works for me I guess.
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:43 I'll try to sniff out monsters.
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:43 Coriander you look over the walls and help us avoid dead ends
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:44 *thinks* If we run into other groups, I'll play my music to make them go the wrong way.
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:44 Very well.
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:44 Pony boy if we run into monsters you distract them beacause you can get hurt
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:45 yes Alura and also you play music to make some monsters fall asleep
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:46 *nods*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:46 Sylvy and Lilly you tell us wether the monsters are nice or dangerous
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:47 Rick you will kill the harmful monsters after Alura puts them to sleep
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:47 (Julia, are you still on?)
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:48 Aye aye, captain!
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:48 *swings his sword, nearly decapitating Duly*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:49 in the quests we are friends and partners and we have to work together afterwards is when we can fight over our differences
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:49 Fine, I'll pretend to be all of your friends.
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:50 Duly you will block the way to the end of the labryinth with dirt so the other teams loose
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:50 You had better, unless you want to lose.
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:50 *shrugs* Ok.
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:51 What if the other teams just do the same things we do?
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:51 *shrinks her things and puts them in her pocket* lets ask the consuler if we can start early!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:52 thats why we start early
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:53 *nods* I like cheating.
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:53 Do you think the counselor will let us?
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:54 That sort of gives us an unfair advantage...
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:54 its not cheating its using are strangths to our advantages
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:55 Alright, if you say so.
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:55 lets ask *walks out of the cabin and to the consuars office knocks on her door rapidly*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 23:55 *is sitting by the Labyrinth*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.7 23:55 (hold on, I need to go eat supper! I'll be back on soon!)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:56 *sees everyone else sleeping in there cabins*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:56 ok
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:56 *sees her by the labyrinth runs over to her with the team*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:58 Counselor can we start the labyrinth quest early?
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.7 23:59 Counselor
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 00:08 (back!)
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 00:09 *looks at the team suspiciously, then smiles a wicked grin* Oh, but you see, you can't. Your team is incomplete.
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 00:11 You do not have your dwarf...so sorry. *smirks*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 00:12 *uses powers to temporarily tuen Lilly into a dwarf* ok now can we start?
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 00:13 *turn*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 00:13 (hello)
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 00:13 *glares at them* Fine.
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 00:14 The other teams will join you shortly.
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 00:14 thank you *walks into the labyrinth with the others is fallowing her nose* sorry lilly ill turn you back after the quest
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 00:16 *comes to the first intersection* Coriander wich way should we go?
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 00:16 *laughs at Lilly, who looks ridiculous as a dwarf*
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 00:16 *looks over the wall* Left we should go.
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 00:17 stop it Arther we are friends on quests
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 00:17 *nods* Right, sorry Lilly*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 00:17 *goes left* Arther do you smell any monsters
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 00:18 Duly are you blocking the path with dirt?
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 00:18 *sniffs* No monsters yet...
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 00:19 *starts digging furiously*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 00:19 bark as soon as you smell one then Wren and Alura can run ahead
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 00:20 good job Duly keep up the good work
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 00:20 Got it.
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 00:20 *continues sniffing*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 00:21 *sniffs*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 00:21 *sniffs for the rabits foot*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 00:22 *suddenly sniffs something...different...barks like crazy*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 00:22 Coriander how big is the labyrinth?
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 00:23 Very big...goes on for miles.
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 00:23 Alura you go make it fall asleep with the harp while Wren distracts it!
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 00:23 *nods and runs at it*
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 00:24 *it's a Basilisk*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 00:24 Wren yell when its asleep
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 00:24 *starts to play the harp, but get's frozen into stone when she looks at it*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 00:25 *hears her thoughts go blank* Wren dont look into its eyes
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 00:25 keep distracting it i have a new plan!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 00:26 Duly how fast can you dig?
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 00:26 (I have to go for a bit. I'm coming back though)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 00:27 *uses spell from spell book to Reverse the Basilicks spell to turn Alura back*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 00:27 (ok)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 00:29 *takes the magic miror holds it up to the monster he looks in it and turns to stone*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 00:34 (I'm back)
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 00:35 *stares at the now stone Basilisk* Wow, that was amazing CJ.
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 00:40 *pops up from underground* The paths are secure now! Only other gnomes will be able to dig their way through!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 00:43 Duly how fast can you dig?
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 00:45 i have a new plan
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 00:49 (hello?)
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 00:57 (oh geez, sorry I was gone, I thought you left!)
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 00:59 *smiles* So, what's the plan Captain?
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:03 Hey! Wait a second! *snaps his fingers* Hehehee...*unfurls his wings* I can just fly everyone out of here!
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:03 I could take you one by one to the finish line!
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:04 *cocks her head to the side, then looks at CJ. Thinks* Could that work?
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:17 raise you hand if you are afraid of hights
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:23 *looks around. Doesn't raise her hand*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:25 are you sure? if you are raise your hand
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:26 *shakes his head*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:26 I don't see anyone raising their hands...
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:27 *looks at Rick* But how will tiny bird carry me? I am too big!
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:28 Yeah, and I think it'd be hard for you to carry Wren, no offense...
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:29 Ok, so I'm hearing that I should carry everyone else out, then come back to help Wren and Cory. Any other objections?
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:29 No?
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:29 Duly has a point
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:29 Ok!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:30 i have an alternative instead of going over cant we go under?
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:30 Under?
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:31 I like where this is going.
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:31 Duly can dig and me and Arther can help him
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:31 Sounds like a plan captain!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:31 we can dig a tunnel then duly can go back and fill it in
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:32 Yeah, I'll help ya Duly!
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:32 *nods*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:32 ok who wants to go with the over plan and who wants to go with the under plan? will vote n it
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:33 *starts to dig a tunnel beneath the maze with Arther and CJ*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:33 (nevermind Duly's entry)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:33 Looks like under...
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:34 I vote over! I HATE being underground!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:34 (nvm mine)
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:34 (ok)
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:34 We will all go under. Tiny bird, you can fly over.
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:35 say over if you like Ricks plan and Under if you like mine
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:35 Is this plan good?
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:35 Coriander we have to stay together for safty reasons
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:35 *all my characters vote under, except Rick*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:36 I will NOT go underground! I refuse!
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:36 *crosses his arms, and folds his wings*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:36 You can just go on by yourselves. Coriander's right...I'll be fine!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:37 Rick.. would you please go under so we can stick together
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:37 No! I will not!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:38 *turns into a puppy and looks extra cute* please
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:38 You can all stick together. Besides, there are no red flags!
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:38 I go over, nothing gets me.
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:38 You go under, nothing gets you.
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:38 You have nothing to worry about.
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:39 And, you do look adorable, but that won't work on me missy!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:39 *stops the puppy cuteness* ill stop hitting you with my tail if you go under
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:39 I'm even more beautiful!
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:39 *considers* Deal.
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:40 good * starts digging with the others*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:40 *folds his wings nervously*
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:40 It will be ok, tiny bird.
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:41 Sure...sure...
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:43 *digs with Duly and Arther make the tunnle big so Coriandeder can get through
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:43 *starts to walk through with the others*
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:43 *ducks his head into the tunnel*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:45 so what are you guys planning to wish for?
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:45 It is dark in this tunnel.
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:46 Uh, I'd rather not say it to everyone...
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:46 *wants to wish for his freedom from his parents, and the other Fae who treat him like a servent*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:47 *uses powers to make a ball of light gives it to Coriander* here you go
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:47 *thinks* I want to wish for a voice!
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:47 *holds the light* Much better.
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:47 I don't really know...
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:48 im sure you would Alura
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:49 *shrugs* She said there would be rules...wonder what that means...?
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:49 Guess we'll find out soon, because we're nearing the exit.
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:50 *digs to the end pops out sniffs around and grabs the Rabits foot at the end of the labyrinth *
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:51 I got the rabits foot!
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:51 *bursts out, flying high into the air* I'M FREE!!!!
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:51 Yes!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:51 *holds the rabits foot in her mouth and wags her tail happily*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 01:52 *walks over to the team*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 01:52 Congratulations on winning your first Quest!
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 01:53 *looks them over* Now you shall get your wish!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:53 *walks over to the concerler holding the rabits foot Drops it at her feet* We got through the labyrinth
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:53 what are the rules?
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 01:53 You did indeed get through!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:54 ( i gtg offline i brb)
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 01:54 Now, the rules are very simple. You can wish for anything, as long as it pertains to only yourself. You can not wish for something to change, but you can wish to gain something.
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:55 (nvm i can stay on for a little bit)
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 01:55 If you wish for say *looks at CJ* getting out of Camp...then your wish will be invalid, and you lose your wish.
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 01:55 (ok, good!)
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 01:55 Now, who wants to get the wish?
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:55 so the wishes have to be selfish wishes?
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 01:56 Not selfish...
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 01:56 You can wish for something selfless, like giving a gift to a friend...
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 01:56 Who wants the wish?
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:57 I wish Alura could be able to speak
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:57 What do you mean?
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:57 What do you mean, who wants the wish?
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 01:58 *looks at Arther* Why, goodness, did I forget to mention only one person can get the wish?
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:58 I
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 01:58 Too bad so sad for the rest of you, but it would appear that CJ has taken the wish.
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 01:59 guys we have to wish for Aluras voice shen has so many good ideas
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 02:00 *looks at Alura* Sure.
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 02:00 I wish for Alura's voice.
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 02:02 It is done..
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 02:02 *waves her hand over Alura*
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 02:02 I-I-I can talk!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 02:04 *smiles at her*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 02:06 *sends a message into Aluras mind* i keptmy side of the deal
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 02:07 i brb offline)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 02:23 (back)
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 16:41 (sorry for leaving last night)
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 16:42 allura, you can speak!
10>Lillexa (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 16:43 Right, can i be turned back into a dryad again?
8>Wren (Centaur), 11yo.2015,Jan.8 16:43 So, now can we go home?
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 17:18 oh right *turns lilly back into a Dryad*
10>Lillexa (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 17:56 thanks
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 17:56 So, what do we do now counselor?
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 18:07 Well i dont know about you guys but im heading back to the cabin *runs off into the Cabin to see a Dwarf standing there*
4>Myrol (Dwarf), 12yo.2015,Jan.8 18:12 (is a small angry dwarf)
4>Myrol (Dwarf), 12yo.2015,Jan.8 18:14 (carries a big stick and rarely smiles)
4>Myrol (Dwarf), 12yo.2015,Jan.8 18:16 (his voice is deep but in emarecing moments his voice gets high and squeaky)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 18:17 *walks into the cabin on four legs*
4>Myrol (Dwarf), 12yo.2015,Jan.8 18:18 *sees a wolf walking into the cabin* Wolf!!! *Starts to hit CJ with his stick*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 18:19 Ow! stop it *bites his stick so it would stop hitting her*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 18:20 *jumps up onto her top bunk and sits down*
4>Myrol (Dwarf), 12yo.2015,Jan.8 18:21 *trys to jump up to hit CJ but he is to short* Go outside wolf! wolfs should sleep outside!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 18:25 ya whatever you say shorty *sits reading her spell book*
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 18:26 Look who we have here, the final member of our team, a dwarf
8>Wren (Centaur), 11yo.2015,Jan.8 18:27 *gallops in and accidentaly knocks over myrol
4>Myrol (Dwarf), 12yo.2015,Jan.8 18:27 My name is Myrol!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 18:28 guys say hi to shorty he is are to Dwarf
4>Myrol (Dwarf), 12yo.2015,Jan.8 18:28 *hits Wren with his stick*
4>Myrol (Dwarf), 12yo.2015,Jan.8 18:29 whats were your going!
4>Myrol (Dwarf), 12yo.2015,Jan.8 18:29 *watch*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 18:29 Shorty meet Pony boy and Sylvy
4>Myrol (Dwarf), 12yo.2015,Jan.8 18:30 My names not Shorty!! *jumps up and down angerly*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 18:31 ok whatever you say Shorty
10>Lillexa (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 18:31 *in usion with wren and sylvy* Hi Shorty
4>Myrol (Dwarf), 12yo.2015,Jan.8 18:32 *sits angrly on his bottom bunk with his arms crossed* I hate this stupid camp
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 18:32 then you are in the right Cabin
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 18:33 *laughs* welcome to the club
4>Myrol (Dwarf), 12yo.2015,Jan.8 18:35 *grumpily unpack his this murmering*
4>Myrol (Dwarf), 12yo.2015,Jan.8 18:35 *things*
10>Lillexa (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 18:36 where did rick get to?
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 18:36 who cares, in my opinion, the less people here the better
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 18:37 I dont know he is proubably with Arther Duly Alura and Coriander
10>Lillexa (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 18:38 Uh hu
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 18:39 hey Sylvy to you have extra pens and paper
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 18:40 Yeah, I have a bit of paper and a pen, why?
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 18:42 i need something to draw on
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 18:43 what ya going to draw
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 18:47 pictures....
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 18:49 of what?
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 18:55 fine ill just find my own paper *pulls out a tiny pice of paper from her pocket makes it grow to a fairly large pice gets her pen and starts drawing*
4>Myrol (Dwarf), 12yo.2015,Jan.8 18:59 *randomly hits Wren with his stick for no reason*
8>Wren (Centaur), 11yo.2015,Jan.8 19:16 *spits on myrol* "keep that stick to yourself mini"
4>Myrol (Dwarf), 12yo.2015,Jan.8 20:25 *hits Wren again*
8>Wren (Centaur), 11yo.2015,Jan.8 20:32 *bangs myrol on the head with his bow*
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 20:36 floats over to CJ's bunk, "thats a weird drawing, nice, but weird
10>Lillexa (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 20:37 *follows sylvatica over to CJ's bunk*
10>Lillexa (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 20:37 "ummm....so what is it actually meant to be"
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 20:44 its not done yet it will look better when its finished *pushes Sylvy and lilly off her bunk*
4>Myrol (Dwarf), 12yo.2015,Jan.8 20:45 OW!
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 20:45 flys back to her own bed
10>Lillexa (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 20:45 whats wrong now Myrol
4>Myrol (Dwarf), 12yo.2015,Jan.8 20:46 *hits Wren with his stick again*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 20:50 *folds up her drawing and puts it in her frount pocket*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 20:51 *rolles over* Ugh! im so board
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 21:03 i am going for a walk *jumps off her bed and walks outside starts walking around camp*
8>Wren (Centaur), 11yo.2015,Jan.8 21:04 Will you stop hitting me?
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 21:05 Hurries outside with lil and tries to find rick, allura, cory and duly
10>Lillexa (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 21:10 *cj, what did you draw*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 21:23 dose it matter? *starts walking faster*
4>Myrol (Dwarf), 12yo.2015,Jan.8 21:24 no *hits Wren with his stick again*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 21:25 *has her frount paws in her hoodie pocket*
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 22:30 not really, i am just wondering
8>Wren (Centaur), 11yo.2015,Jan.8 22:32 "STOP HITTING ME YOU STUPID LITTLE DWARF"
8>Wren (Centaur), 11yo.2015,Jan.8 22:32 *freezes myrol with his powers*
4>Myrol (Dwarf), 12yo.2015,Jan.8 22:56 *starts to wobble back on forth until he falls onto Wrens foot*
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 23:05 *laughs*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 23:15 *sees rain clouds heads inside sees Mytol on Wrens hoof*looks like you have a problem pony boy
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 23:30 (sorry I was gone for so long guys)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 23:31 (its ok)
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 23:31 (so, ok I'm going to explain what's sort of going to happen next in the rp)
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 23:32 (they try to escape the camp with Alura's help, but they get caught by the counselor, who punishes them by making them take the Trials)
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 23:33 (as they take The Trials, they meet the main bad guy, and find out they have to defeat him...so that's what's going to be happening!)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 23:33 *finishes digging the hole to exit the camp with Duly*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 23:37 there my drawing is complete
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 23:37 *looks around for any people*
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 23:38 The coast is clear!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 23:38 *was drawing a picture of many ways to escape camp*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 23:38 *looks at the rest of the group, who want to leave the camp*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 23:39 *was drawing it in comic book form*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 23:39 *he doesn't want to leave, and go back to his parents, but he also wants to help his new friends*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 23:40 *is watching the camp via her magic. Sees the kids from Basilisk escaping* Oh no you don't...
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 23:42 (hello?)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 23:44 *runs through the hole on all fours and starts speeding through the forest leaving the others behind*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 23:44 *suddenly appears in front of CJ*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 23:45 (please ignor the post about the comics and drawing)
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 23:45 Going somewhere?
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 23:45 *runs around her and keeps running*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 23:45 (ok)
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 23:45 *puts up another magic barrier around the whole forest*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 23:46 *it's a sphere, meaning you can't dig, or fly around it*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 23:46 This is unacceptable behavior at our Camp, I'm afraid.
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 23:46 *crashes into the Barrier* ow!
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 23:47 *rounds up the others, then sends out monsters to round up CJ*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 23:47 *is yelling at Counselor* Hey, whats the big deal!
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 23:48 Doing this to us poor kids...you wonder why we want to leave!
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 23:48 And what did you do with CJ?
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 23:49 She will be joining you shortly. We have something very important to discuss.
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 23:49 *trys to dig out*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 23:51 *by now the monsters have found CJ attempting to dig out...even though it won't work*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 23:51 *they run at her*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 23:52 *reaches the bottom of the bubble crawls out of the hole*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 23:52 *turns into a cute puppy*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 23:52 *a basilisk glares at her*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 23:53 *it's stare turns to stone*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 23:53 *sits there looking cute and adorible witch is her only defence*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 23:53 *puls out her miror*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 23:54 *while she's distracted by the basilisk, an ogre grabs her, and holds her up*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 23:55 *stares at the oger with her cute erisistible puppy eyes* set me down
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 23:55 *the ogre sets her down, but more monsters come*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 23:56 *they eventually just stuff her into a bag, and bring her to the Counselor*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 23:56 *digs /underground into a burrow*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 23:56 (nvm that last post)
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 23:56 (ok)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 23:56 *stops the puppy look*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 23:56 *sees a bunch of monsters carrying CJ in a bag*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 23:57 HEY!!!!
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 23:57 SET HER DOWN!!!!
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 23:57 *launches at the monsters, but gets held back by the counselor's magic*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 23:57 *yelps*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 23:57 *trys to claw out of the bag rips a hole in it and jumps out stars running again*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 23:58 *freezes CJ with her magic*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 23:58 *runs to the end of the border and jumps into her hole*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 23:58 Oh no you don't...
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 23:58 (nvm last post)
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 23:58 Look who finally decided to join us...
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 23:58 *laughs*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 23:58 *trys to escape* MMM let me go!
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 23:58 You would just leave your friends?
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 23:59 And I thought wolves were loyal!
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 23:59 I have something special planned for all of you...
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.8 23:59 I was going to come back for them!
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 23:59 I think you'll like it!
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.8 23:59 You get to leave Camp for it, in fact!
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:00 *looks at her intrigued*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:00 We can...leave?
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.9 00:00 *nods*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:00 are you seriouse for trying to leave the camp you punish us by making us leave camp?
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:01 Yeah...what's the catch?
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.9 00:01 Well...I can't guarentee you'll make it back alive...
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.9 00:01 I'm sending you on the Trials!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:01 and there it is
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.9 00:02 You must travel the world and complete all of the Twelve Deadly Trials.
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:02 and what if we just ignore it and go home?
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.9 00:02 And just in case you get any ideas...*waves her hand, and a sort of magic goes into the kids*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.9 00:02 Now you can't
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.9 00:03 That magic makes it so you have to complete the Trials. Deviate from the path set...and you will get injured to the point of death.
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.9 00:03 Now...how about we talk rewards?
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:03 ok *allready has a plan to get out o it*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:03 I'm interested...
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.9 00:04 Your reward shall be far greater than anything imaginable.
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.9 00:04 You will be allowed your freedom.
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.9 00:04 You can leave Camp, go back to your homes.
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.9 00:05 And, I will be watching you with my magic.
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.9 00:05 When you complete the Twelfth Trial, I will summon you, and reward you.
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:05 dosent seam to hard
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.9 00:06 And, as extra sentiment, just in case...*summons up the kids parents*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.9 00:06 Try anything at all...and they will pay the price for your actions!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:06 *here ears go up*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:07 *stares at his parents in shock*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:07 Mom! Dad!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:07 *launches at the conserlor growling and baring her teeth* I HAVE LITTLE SIBLINGS IF YOU KEEP MY PARENTS HERE THEY WILL DIE!
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:07 *glares at his parents*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.9 00:08 *holds CJ back*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.9 00:08 All the more reason to complete the Trials!
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.9 00:08 Now...Good Luck! Let the Trials begin!
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.9 00:09 *opens a portal and sends the kids, screaming, through*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:10 No!!!!
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:10 *tries running back through the portal, but it closes*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:11 *goes into a growling fit runs around in a cercle growling and chasing her tail*
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:11 *sniffs a little*
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:12 She...She's a monster!
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:12 She's insane!
4>Myrol (Dwarf), 12yo.2015,Jan.9 00:13 *is still at the cabin was never unfrozen*
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:13 Yes...tiny Counselor is monster.
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:14 *sniffs around the area they're in*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:14 Hey guys...where's Myrol?
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:15 *looks at Wren*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:15 *is barking and growling and chasing her tail* ARF ARF ARF ARF ARF ARF ARF!
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:15 Ahem...
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:15 CJ!
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:15 *goes to calm her down*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:15 Look, CJ...we'll help you find your siblings.
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:15 *glares at the others* Right guys?
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:16 I'll help.
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:17 *calms down but her ears are down and she is still slightly growling* but my home is way off the path if we leave our parents will be hurt
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:17 So will I.
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:17 *looks pained*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:17 Maybe, just some of us could leave.
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:18 *shuffles his feet, then raises his voice* I...I don't really have parents.
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:18 no ill just send a force feild with my magic
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:18 I could dig a way, then go get your siblings...
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:19 *her ears perk up* Really Duly?
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:19 Yeah.
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:19 I'll do it!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:19 could you stay with them?
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:19 I could bring them back here...
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:20 I can't bear the thought of leaving you guys!
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:20 Plus...I don't know the first thing about caring for them...
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:20 oh wait *grabs her favorite teddy bear and gives it to Duly* here bring this then they will know i sent you
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:21 Ok. *takes the bear*
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:21 (do you think you could make at least one of the siblings an actual character?)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:21 i will send you mind messages and teleport you food and things
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:22 *sighs* Ok...I'll do my best!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:22 (i was just about to do that)
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:22 (awesome!)
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:27 And, I'm off! I hope they don't like to chase gnomes...Bye guys! Good luck! *travels off in a mound of dirt to find CJ's siblings*
20>Daisy (pup), 4yo.2015,Jan.9 00:28 (is a small brown pup with a grey muzzel has magic but is not good at it and messes up most of her spells has a brother pup named Pip)
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:29 (aw...sounds great!)
12>Pip (Pup), 6yo.2015,Jan.9 00:30 (is a white pup with a red on the tip of his ears and tip of his tail is very protective of his siter knows a few simple spells)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:30 I hope they are ok....
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:30 (oh...what happened to the other character?)
20>Daisy (pup), 4yo.2015,Jan.9 00:31 *is crying beacause her parents just magicaly disapeared*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:32 (Myrol was never unfrozen so he never had a chance to escape so he isnt in trouble)
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:32 (nvm, Pip wasn't appearing for a second, but now he did)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:32 (Wren froze him beacause Myrol kept hitting him with a stick)
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:33 (I was talking about Pip...his character line just wasn't appearing for a second)
12>Pip (Pup), 6yo.2015,Jan.9 00:33 *licks Daisys tears away* its ok im sure they will be back soon
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:34 (I have to go! I'll be right back!)
12>Pip (Pup), 6yo.2015,Jan.9 00:34 (ok)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:38 ok lets get this over with so we can go home *pulls out a sord and shild for rick and singing harp for Alura* we are doing the same plan we had in the Labryinth
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:40 Coner you will tell us what is ahead
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:41 (back!)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:42 (ok)
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:42 My name is Cory...but I will look for you, tiny wolf.
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:42 *smiles*thanks Cory
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:43 So...what exactly is supposed to happen?
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:44 Where are these "Trials"?
12>Pip (Pup), 6yo.2015,Jan.9 00:44 *sniffs the air smells CJ's teddybear* CJ!! *runs to the entrance of the cave
20>Daisy (pup), 4yo.2015,Jan.9 00:45 *ears perk up runs next to Pip* Cj!!
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:45 *watches the two little pups approach*
20>Daisy (pup), 4yo.2015,Jan.9 00:45 *looks for Cj from the entrance of the cave* were is she?
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:46 *pops out of a hole*
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:46 H-hello...
12>Pip (Pup), 6yo.2015,Jan.9 00:46 *sees the Gnome pushes Daisy behind him and growls* Who are you?!
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:46 M-m-my name's...D-duly.
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:47 I brought you two something!
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:47 *holds out the teddy*
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:47 See?
20>Daisy (pup), 4yo.2015,Jan.9 00:47 *peeks from behind Pip* thats Cj's teddy!
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:48 Yeah, it is.
12>Pip (Pup), 6yo.2015,Jan.9 00:48 did Cj send you?
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:49 Yes. She did.
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 00:49 (hold on. I have to go again.)
12>Pip (Pup), 6yo.2015,Jan.9 00:50 ok you can come inside than *moves aside so Duly can enter the cave*
12>Pip (Pup), 6yo.2015,Jan.9 00:50 (ok)
20>Daisy (pup), 4yo.2015,Jan.9 01:04 were is Cj?
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 01:15 *looks at Daisy* She had to go do something for the Camp she goes to...
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 01:15 Nothing to worry about...
12>Pip (Pup), 6yo.2015,Jan.9 01:21 ok
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 01:24 ok Cory can you tell me what is ahead?
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 01:25 *shakes his head* It is all hazy...
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 01:26 fog?
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 01:27 is it foggy or are your eyes hazy?
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 02:19 It is both...something shrouds my vision...I can not see much...it is powerful spell...
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 02:20 kneel down
20>Daisy (pup), 4yo.2015,Jan.9 02:23 Cj is my favorite sister in the whole world she is always playing on her guitar
20>Daisy (pup), 4yo.2015,Jan.9 02:30 dose cj play her guitar at camp?
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 13:43 Oh, i hate the counselor so much! She has taken our parents AND our siblings.
10>Lillexa (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 15:57 Are you ok cory
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 17:23 Cory kneel down i know how to reverser that spell
10>Lillexa (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 21:08 how will you manage that CJ
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 21:17 that spell is simple its one of the first spells i learned its simple but powerful reversing it isnt hard*
10>Lillexa (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 21:25 OK, if you say so, me and sylvy dont know that much about magic unless it has to do with nature
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 23:06 Yeah, me and lil are quite amateur at this
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 23:17 *kneels down for CJ*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.9 23:48 ok this might sting a little *Uses a spell on Cory's eyes to make him see better* there you go
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 11:31 "ouch, that must hurt"
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 18:59 no it just feels like your rinsing your eyes with water it stings a little but not that much
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 19:24 really?
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 19:41 *smiles*. Thank you tiny wolf. I can see through the haze now.
10>Lillexa (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 20:13 I love it when you call CJ tiny wolf
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 20:14 *nods*
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 20:15 Is that not proper to do so?
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 20:16 She is tiny wolf, *points at CJ* He is tiny fox *points at Arther*
10>Lillexa (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 20:16 And what are me and sylvy
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 20:17 *points to Rick* he is tiny bird. *points to Wren* he is tiny horse.
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 20:17 *smiles at the two.*. You are beautiful flowers.
8>Wren (Centaur), 11yo.2015,Jan.10 20:18 I am not tiny, and i am not a horse!
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 20:19 ffr
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 20:19 thanks Cory!
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 20:20 (sorry about that first post
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 20:20 (That's fine)
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 20:21 *looks at Wren*. You are tiny to me...and you possess the appearance of the horse...
8>Wren (Centaur), 11yo.2015,Jan.10 20:22 Excuse Me! How dare you call me a horse, i look nothing like nothing like those creatures! I
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 20:25 *looks sad* I am deeply sorrowed! I am afraid you have the body of horse! Are you ill friend?
8>Wren (Centaur), 11yo.2015,Jan.10 20:28 NO!
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 20:29 *shakes his head*
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 20:30 Wren...you do have the body of a horse
8>Wren (Centaur), 11yo.2015,Jan.10 20:31 *ignores them*
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 20:31 See?
8>Wren (Centaur), 11yo.2015,Jan.10 20:32 *last time i asked CJ and Arthur I was part pony, not part horse, hat made you change your minds?
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 20:33 I am not Arter or CJ.
8>Wren (Centaur), 11yo.2015,Jan.10 20:42 Fair point
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 20:48 Wait...where did arthur and cj go
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 20:52 im right here.
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 20:53 and wren ponies are smaller then horses so being called a horse would be a compliment
10>Lillexa (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 20:53 So you are.....what about arthur
8>Wren (Centaur), 11yo.2015,Jan.10 20:54 Being called a horse or a pony are both bad insults to the supreme centaur race
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 20:54 ok Cory what do you see ahead?
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 20:55 ya what ever you say pony boy
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 20:55 wait were is Arther?
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 20:59 Thats what i just asked
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 21:01 *sniffs around picks up Arthers sent picks up another creatures sent as well* I think he was carried away by something
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 21:01 or he ran off with something....
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 21:02 cory can you tell me if you see Arther?
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 21:04 (i gtg offline ill be back in an hour or two)
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 21:06 (I probably wont be online again tonight cos its quite late here, i will try and be on though)
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 21:13 (Hey
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 21:15 (Im, Caprials sister in real life, she explained to me what happend so im going to join, as a creature in the Trial)
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 21:17 (Im a Black fox with deep red eyes, I can dissapear when ever i want, my personality is shy, Very sly and gental)
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 21:20 (How about, i found Aruther, but he forgot about me, when we were small we were in a Kin, And im trying to make him remember)
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 21:22 *Walks, side by side with Arther, at random times dissapearing then reapearing next to him*leads him to were are home used to be, up in a tree* Wispers* Do you remember?....
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 22:24 *sniffs around picks up another sent gets mad he is with another girl* Arther is in trouble we have to save him!
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 22:25 *Softly nudges his side, eye's full of wounder*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 22:27 *starts running is fallowing Arther and Yukis sent is mad that he is with another girl*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 22:54 *sniffs gently* I think I can remember something...
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:00 You...your name is Yuki, isn't it?
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:01 *follows CJ, keeping a close watch for anything in their path* *wonders what happened to Arther*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:02 *flutters along behind the group. Is very worried that Arther is in danger, but is also worried about the upcoming Trials*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.10 23:04 *after the group left, she put the relatives under a curse, making them go into a deathlike sleep (this is derived from the tale Sleeping Beauty). After watching Duly leave the group, she becomes enraged*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:04 *Nods gently*Eye's turn yellow* (Has mood eyes)
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.10 23:04 *But, Duly of course doesn't have any relatives that she can punish him for, so she gets a better idea*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.10 23:04 (oh, hello!)
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.10 23:05 *entrances a Cyclops to follow Duly's trail, and then do anything it can to get rid of him*
1>Counselor Mytho (Camp Councelor), ~yo.2015,Jan.10 23:06 *then sends another Cyclops after the rest of the group, who have traveled off the path to find Arther*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:06 *sees Arther in the tree starts barking* ARTHER WHAT ARE YOU DOING!
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:06 Woah! *falls out of the tree*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:07 *sees CJ, and gets snapped out of his reverie*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:07 (Hi!, me and caprial are roleplaying, so both are going to be on! :)
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:07 (Ok, cool!)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:09 you were flirrting with her wernt you?
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:09 What? No! I...
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:09 She...I don't really remember, but I know her...
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:09 *arther isnt in trouble she just dosent want him to be with other girls*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:10 so you dated her before?!
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:10 I just said! I don't remember her at all!
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:10 All I can remember is that her name is Yuki!
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:10 *watches them aruging calmly from tree* licks long black glossy tail*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:11 *looks at Yuki* Who are you?
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:11 *is jelouse of Yuki* why were you with her!
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:12 Look, I just got the sense that I knew her, but I don't remember...so I followed. I just want to know who she is.
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:13 *Jumps, down from tree gracfuly* will you belive me?, we only just met. Please...reagine your memory's(Eye's turn blue) Dissaprear's*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:14 *watches her disappear, a little confused*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:14 *turns back to CJ*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:15 *sees she is has disapeared* ok i belive you *licks him behind the ear*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:15 Thank you, CJ.
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:15 *smiles*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:15 *just then, the Cyclops decides to show up*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:16 *While is invisible, sadly walks behind tree, glances back as CJ licks his ear*Run's, back to were she belongs* Wispers*I will come back....Arther
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:17 *turns into a puppy he best defense*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:17 *hears Yuki's voice, and turns around, startled*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:17 *sees the Cyclops*
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:17 That is not a tiny monster...
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:18 *See's arthers confused face* Softly giggles in his ear, runs off*
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:18 *the Cyclops is just as big as Cory, if not slightly taller*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:18 *looks in her pocket for something to help defet the monster*
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:19 *takes out the singing harp*
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:19 *it begins to play, to lull the Cyclops, but the Cyclops crushes it*
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:19 No!
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:19 *dives away before the Cyclops can crush her as well*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:20 *flies up to the Cyclops head to distract it, taking out his sword*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:20 *gets guitar starts to play and sing* Its been said and done every butiful thoughts been allready sung and i guss right now heres another one...
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:20 Hey! *flies over to it's left* Over here! *flies to its right*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:21 *looks at CJ*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:21 Uh...what are you doing?
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:21 *just then, he gets swatted out of the air*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:21 Ow!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:22 *starts to lull the cyclops to sleep* I i love you like a love song baby i i love you like a love song baby...
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:22 *the Cyclops falters*
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:22 *then it falls to the ground*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:22 I i love you like a love song baby so i keep hitting repeat peat peat ya...
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:23 *is still singing to the tune of the song* Rick please kill it before it wakes up i hate singing
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:24 I agree, I hate your singing too! *kills the Cyclops*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:24 *Cant bare to leave arther after being away from him for so long*, Runs back just in time to see them battleing cyclops*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:25 *puts her Gutar away hits Rick with her tail*
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:25 *pulls out a glass vial, and holds it under the dead Cyclop's eye, where some tears fall*
12>Pip (Pup), 6yo.2015,Jan.10 23:25 *smells something in the air*
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:25 *after a few confused looks she shrugs* Cyclops tears have healing properties. That may come in handy!
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:26 *sighs. Has been being chewed on a lot by Daisy*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:27 ok that would work *dosent look like a puppy anymore*
18>-- (--), --yo.2015,Jan.10 23:27 [Hey Isabella, I'm on Last of Us. I have awesome news! Also, you can delete this character slot if you want after reading this.]
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:29 *gets the sense he's being watched*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:35 *smells Yuki but dosent see her growls slightly under her breath*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:36 *smells Yuki but dosent see her growls slightly under her breath*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:45 (sorry we left, the computer shut off caprial using on so its just me:-P )
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:47 *stands behind arther,swinging long black tail back and forth in delight* breaths softly into his ear* Please....please remember
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:49 (Rather dosing remember yet, but him and Yuki used to be best friends, until her clan got destroyed by wolfs)
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:49 * Arther dosint
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:50 (The survivors ran away, bleeding and crying Yuki yelled Arthers name as she was dragged away from him forever)
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:52 (She was born with the power of invisibility, and roamed the earth until she finally found him, but soon after found he forgot about her)
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:53 (and, even worse she found he hand gained friend ship with her eternal enemy, the wolf)
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:54 (Oh, that's really sad)
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:55 (So she curled under the tree were her and arther used to play,softly crying, then she saw him walking alone in the forest, and that's were it started)
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:55 (Sorry I was gone too. My connection to the site was down for some reason)
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:55 (Thanks,)
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:56 (yes same with me and CJ)
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:56 (sorry if my words are weird I'm on my tablet with auto correct)
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:57 (Oh, yeah, my auto correct is very strange as well)
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:57
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:57 (So, that's fine)
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:58 (Haha, Auto correct resembles the world, you can never understand)
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:58 (anything it says)
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:59 (Can't argue with that!)
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:59 (back to rpg'ing)
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.10 23:59 (XD)
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 00:00 (Ok)
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 00:00 *sniffs around him*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 00:01 This place is so familiar...
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 00:01 *remembers being pulled away from arther, winces at the sad memory's* still invisable, stares into his eyes*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 00:02 *continues to try and remember*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 00:02 *eyes turn dark tear drop blue*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 00:03 *looks around, thinking of Yuki*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 00:04 *softly wispers in his ear* please don't try to hard.........if you remember it all...*trails off*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 00:04 Who are you...?
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 00:04 I want to remember!
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 00:05 *nuges his side like she always used to do when they were still, Kit's*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 00:06 *gets a small memory, of he and Yuki when they were really small*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 00:06 Do you really?.....*whispers into his ear*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 00:06 Want to know?......
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 00:07 Yes! I want to know what happened!
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 00:07
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 00:08 Please?
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 00:09 I want to know...
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 00:09 Ok, Me and you were best friends, until a pack of wolfs tore my can apart, killing them one by one, few escaped and I tried to find you but I couldn't...
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 00:09 (I have to go)
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 00:10 My mother pulled me away, I was crying bleeding screaming your name, starring at my blood stained clan hoping you would emerge out of the sea of dead bodys
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 00:10 (ok bye!)
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 00:12 But...you never did, pretty soon the wolfs found my mother and the rest of my clan while I was playing in the woods, I came back thinking my mother would be there....
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 00:14 but when I came back, she was torn apart her black shiny fur now stained in her blood and the blood of others,I cryed more then ever befor
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 00:15 Eternally scared I set out to find you when I was only 7, I found you but realized you forgot about how, the wolfs with no mercy,
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 00:17 tore and murdered out clan, I realized you had forgotten because when I saw you for the first time in 6 years, you were Licking the wolfs ears friendly
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 00:19 *instead of being excited to see you, I was sad, mad that you either forgot or forgave
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 00:22 *her black tail, touches his in a friendly manner, then retreats as she notices the wolf approching, still invisable walks walks about ten feet away from arther,
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 00:23 still watches him, her eyes as dark as blue can get*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 01:00 *sees Arther looking sad and confused and talking to himself* are you ok Arther?
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 02:37 *turns and sees CJ* *looks around for Yuki, but she's invisible* I'm fine...*thinks about the wolves killing his Kin* Fine...
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 02:43 ok if.. if you say so
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 02:44 *nods*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 02:44 We should keep going...this place brings back bad memories.
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 02:45 *smiles* hey we will finish this quest thing soon than we can all go home
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 02:46 oh... ok
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 02:46 *hears some loud booming noises from farther away*
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 02:46 *looks at Daisy and Pip* Did you two hear that?
20>Daisy (pup), 4yo.2015,Jan.11 02:47 *has her paws over her ears* it sounds scary!
12>Pip (Pup), 6yo.2015,Jan.11 02:48 *smells the air says softly* cyclops.....
12>Pip (Pup), 6yo.2015,Jan.11 02:49 *runs to his moms things digs around until he finds a old book pulls it out*
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 02:50 *looks over at Pip*
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 02:50 What are you doing there?
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 02:50 *sences something is wrong*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 02:50 *stops sudenly pip sent her a mind message*
12>Pip (Pup), 6yo.2015,Jan.11 02:51 i am getting the spell book
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 02:51 *sees CJ stop* Hey, whats wrong?
12>Pip (Pup), 6yo.2015,Jan.11 02:51 i sent a message to my sister she will tell me what to do
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 02:52 CJ...yeah, she'll know what to do!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 02:52 *is sitting down and has her eyes shut is focusing all her enegey to help her siblings*
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 02:53 *paces around nervously* *the booms get louder every minute*
12>Pip (Pup), 6yo.2015,Jan.11 02:53 *listens is easy for him to listen to Cj beacause he is little* Daisy we have to sing the lauliby mommy sings to us when he gets here
20>Daisy (pup), 4yo.2015,Jan.11 02:54 ok i like singing
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 02:54 Singing?
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 02:54 How will that help?
20>Daisy (pup), 4yo.2015,Jan.11 02:54 *starts singing with Pip*
12>Pip (Pup), 6yo.2015,Jan.11 02:55 Cj said wait until he falls asleep*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 02:55 (Hey, im on) * Sadly watches Arther and the enemy walk away to geither* wispers to herself* Guess he's gone again........*climbs to the very top of the tree were Arther and her used to sleep*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 02:55 *is focusing all her energey is able to see whats going on in the cave*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 02:56 (why does she not go with them?)
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 02:56 *watches as the huge Cyclops looms over them*
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 02:56 I hope you kids are right...
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 02:57 *becomes visible again, curls up into ball, tail wrapped around her self, inhales Arthers scent from 6 years ago,*
20>Daisy (pup), 4yo.2015,Jan.11 02:57 *sings with Pip until the monster falls asleep*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 02:58 (she is kinnda sad, and dsint want to get anywere near the wolf)
12>Pip (Pup), 6yo.2015,Jan.11 02:58 *runs and grabs his dads sowrd pulls it and gives it to
12>Pip (Pup), 6yo.2015,Jan.11 02:58 Duly
12>Pip (Pup), 6yo.2015,Jan.11 02:58 * Cj says to use it
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 02:59 *Silently falls asleep, her head full of sad memory's from the past*
12>Pip (Pup), 6yo.2015,Jan.11 03:00 *keeps singing with Daisy like Cj said to*
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:01 *watches as the Cyclops falls asleep*
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:01 So...what do we do with it now?
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:01 *sends a message to Duly kill the cyclops Duly!*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:01 *Flinches in her sleep, starts moving paws fast, still asleep*
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:02 *glances at it* How?!
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:02 I'm like, only three feet tall!
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:03 And I have no weapon!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:03 *sends another message to him use the sowrd and cut off its head*
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:03 I don't have a sword!
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:03 *suddenly sit's up 60 mins later, cold sweat running down her face gasping*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:04 *sends another onePip gave you one!*
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:04 Oh...
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:04 *holds the sword shakily*
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:05 Here goes...
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:05 *Calms down, resting her head on her paws*
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:05 *takes the sword, which is pretty much as tall as he is, and cuts of the head*
12>Pip (Pup), 6yo.2015,Jan.11 03:05 *him and daisy close there eyes like Cj told them to*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:06 *Remembers Arthers expressions,* eyes turn yellow for a second then back to dark blue*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:06 *stops the mind messages and everything and colapps to the ground in pain*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:06 *runs to CJ*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:07 Oh...are you ok?
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:07 *Lays there, limp not wanting to move or even breath but of course she has to*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:07 (oh, poor Yuki...)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:07 *trys to stand up but falls is super weak*im.. im fine
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:08 *helps her stand*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:08 You look a little pale...maybe we should rest...
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:08 (XD)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:08 thanks *everyhting hurts is in alot of pain trys not to show it*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:08 im fine really
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:09 *smiles weakly*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:09 *shakes his head* You know, I can sense you aren't.
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:10 *stares blankly at nothing lost in her memorys*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:10 we have to keep going though
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:11 *takes the pups back to the cave, avoiding the Cyclops*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:11 (Lol, quick question Arther how can a wolf look pale? O.O, not trying,to be rude just a question)
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:11 *sighs* Yeah, we have to keep moving.
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:11 (they aren't really wolves...she's a half human half wolf)
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:12 (so, she's pretty much a human with wolf ears, paws, and a tail)
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:12 (oh ok, caprial wanted me to ask you soo yea thanks)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:12 (the sorceros part is emotions and magic is stuff i got all the looks of a wolf :)
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:13 (yeah, and as a Kitsune, Arther is pretty much the same thing, only a fox)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:14 (i can change to human form but when i do i look like what Arther just said)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:14 (she hates human form so she never ever ever uses it)
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:15 (...I have been living in a lie for this entire game!)
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:15 *her tail swings back and forth, somewhat hoping that Arther will come back, but knows that would be impossible * sighs*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:16 (How?, wait Why?!)
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:16 *wonders when they'll come up against their first Trial*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:16 *walks with Arthers help*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:16 (I thought that CJ was like I described, but she wasn't...so I was living a lie!)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:17 *walks with Arthers help*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:18 (when i first got to camp i was in human form but when i acted like a wolf i was in the form of a wolf*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:18 (oh)
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:18 (yeah, that makes sense)
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:18 (Oh, yea caprial tends to lie not only to friends but also to comrades who rely on her to tell the truth)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:18 Cory what do you see up ahead?
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:19 (WHAT?!!! >:( NOT TRUE!)
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:19 (Ok so all of us can change into a human and a fox/wolf)
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:20 (yeah)
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:20 ( Its my job to make you mad caprial, remember i am your sister)
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:20 (Ok)
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:20 *looks ahead* Much trees...but also much magic and sorcery...I do not like the look of it.
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:20 ( :P)
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:21 (my human form is long black hair down to my ankles, and deep red eyes)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:21 oh.. *sees it getting dark* we should rest for the night
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:21 (Arther's human form is russet red hair, and deep brown eyes)
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:22 (and of course i have ears and a tail in human form)
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:22 (yeah, same with Arther)
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:22 (ok)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:23 (my human has brown hair and blue hair and she is always wearing jeans and her hoodie and her tail and ears)
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:23 (oh, I forgot to explain to you Yuki...the Kitsune are known to have their highest peak in life as being gifted with a second tail)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:24 (she knows i told her all about this RP)
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:24 (oh, ok then! That's good)
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:25 (Ok, thanks for the info, and sorry if im being rude being a kitsune like you i mean no harm)
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:25 (you aren't rude at all)
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:26 (Caprial quit being rude)
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:26 (Ok)
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:28 *changes into human form( wears black noodle strap tanktop and long dark red skinnyjeans)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:28 we should rest for the night it has been a long day..
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:28 Yeah, I agree. Let's stop here.
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:29 *flops down onto the ground* Good, because I am TIRED!
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:30 *brushes hair back behind ear, sits up*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:30 *sits down next to CJ*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:31 *changes back into a fox, her tail swinging back and forth, eyes glowing dark green with interest, jumps down from tree*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:31 *watches as sun goes down,* (she hunts at night)
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:32 *Waits for it to turn completely dark*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:32 *sits down carfully looks a little pained*
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:33 *falls down, exhausted, causing the area to shake*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:33 *hides in bushes waiting for prey to pass by*
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:33 *laughs* Sorry.
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:34 *feels sudden vibration *jumps a little, but ignores it*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:34 its fine Cory
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:35 *sighs, saddened over the loss of her harp*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:35 *listens as a bunny jumps by fast* Swipes it up kill ing it in a stroke*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:36 *smells fresh meat*
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:36 *looks up at the stars, wondering how the others are doing*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:36 *Bows head wispers* Creature of the forest, thank for you life, You served your purpose well
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:37 *Swallows half, picks the other half up, *
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:37 *eventually manages to fall asleep*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:38 *becomes invisible, catches the sent of Arther*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:38 *rolls around fitfully*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:38 *begins to remember that day when the attack happened through a dream*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:38 *fallows it until she finds him asleep on the grou d along with the wolf and giant*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:39 *starts whining in his sleep, as he sees his Kin being torn apart by Wolves*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:39 *is sleeping next to Arther*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:39 No...please no...
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:39 *gently drops the half bunny by his head,*Softly licks his ear, then runs off*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:40 *gets taken away from his Kin by the Wolves, which is how he survived*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:40 *sees Yuki, crying softly in the attack, and remembers her*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:41 *stares at the Wolves in horror, until it becomes too much*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:41 *runs up tree, curls in small fox nest falls asleep thinking about arther and his/her past*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:41 *wakes up abruptly in a cold sweat*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:41 *looks around the camp at everyone, sadly*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:42 *sleeps calmly*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:42 *looks at CJ, and gets a sharp stabbing feeling in his chest, reminded of all his Kin slain by the Wolves*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:42 *tears begin to form*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:43 *then he sees the meat*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:43 *sniffs it cautiously*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:43 *fkinches repeatedly in her sleep* remembers running, screaming*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:43 *it has the scent of a rabbit, but also the scent of Yuki*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:44 *Then remembers her mother, flinches hard*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:44 *remembers the day a small fox was brought to her clan it was in a cage it was going to be dinner but she let him go so they could be friends*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:44 *has a feeling of loneliness, and can't bear it*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:44 *looks to the moon and howls mournfully*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:44 *remembers playing with him for days and days until one day his parents came and took him home*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:45 *doesn't care if he wakes the others, he just needs to howl*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:45 *sits up wispering* Sleep has no purpose, if all its going to cause me is pain *chokes back burning tears*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:46 *hears Arther howl, somehow understands how he is feeling * Howls back thro the night*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:46 *hears the reply* Yuki...
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:47 *changes into her human form, curls up crying *
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:47 *stands up, looking around at the others*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:48 *wakes up but only beacause she has sensitive ears sits by Arther* you ok?
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:48 *sits down* Ye- *sighs* No...
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:48 *then changes back into fox, keeps howling, about loneness and sorrow' about there blood stained past*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:48 I'm not ok, CJ.
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:48 do you want to tell me whats going on?
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:48 *hears Yuki's howl*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:49 I can remember what happened CJ.
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:49 *Stops, still crying falls asleep*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:49 I remember my innocent Kin being killed by the Wolves...
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:49 oh one of those dreams?
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:49 *oh....
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:50 They killed them brutally...they had no reason.
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:50 I watched it all happen...
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:50 *licks his ear* i would never hurt you or any inocent Kitsune
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:50 And I left them.
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:50 *flinch*flinch*flinch-
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:50 *smiles* I know CJ.
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:51 *crys painfully even tho in her sleep, replays all the brutal memory's flinching nonstop*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:51 *remembers thats exactly what her kitsune friend said she called him fluffy wolf she liked him beacause he looked like hur*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:52 *her*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:52 It's funny...now that I remember, I just want to forget.
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:52 *flinch*flinch*flinch-
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:52 *says exactly what she said to that young Kitsune* It will be ok fluffy wolf...
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:53 *stares at CJ* You...you...
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:53 I remember you!
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:53 You helped me escape the Wolves!
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:53 *sits up, shaking head, crying hard sh cant sleep*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:53 You brought me back to my Kin!
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:55 *heard the howls, and recognises Arther's*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:56 i thoough i recognised you... thats why i started staring we used to do it all the time
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:57 *her ears, fall,*wimpers* Why,,,,,,W.....why....? * is lost in her memorys* (voice of Yuki when she was small) i.....im scared.....
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:57 Yeah.
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:58 *collapses, just of greif*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:58 (MORNING)
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:59 *Sits up, re calling the pain filled night*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:59 i remember i cried for an hour straight to my dad to let you go you looked like me and i wanted to play with you so badly you were the only kid around who was my age
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 03:59 And you were the only one there who was willing to let me live.
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 04:00 *watches the sun rise has regained her strangth*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 04:00 *changes into human*jumps down from tree*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 04:01 *the rising sun revigorates him*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 04:01 *Starts walking away from Arther, away from the tree, away from the memorys*softly crys as she walks, every step feeling like a mile*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 04:01 i seriously thought you were my stuffed fox the night before i wished you would come to life and the next day there you were
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 04:02 *has somehow managed to find a certain peace within himself. Even though the Wolves attacked him, CJ brought him back*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 04:02 *changes into a fox*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 04:03 *pulls out the beef jerkey from her pocket gives some to Arther*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 04:03 *Starts running away, trying to get farther away from the tree of happy and sad memorys*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 04:05 *Comes to the, ledge of the cliff, sits on the edge, howling sad cant even discribe what she is feeling* howls long and sad*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 04:06 (alright, it's time for me to go for tonight. I'll be back tomorrow! Bye!)
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 04:06 *closes eyes, dosint stop howling*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 04:06 *ears perk up* a Kitsune is howling...
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 04:06 (Ok....bye)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 04:07 (bye!)
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 04:09 *stops after 3 hours of howling,slowly walks back to tree of memorys, remembering Arther, convinced he is gone...taken by CJ forever*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 04:10 *Lays down, expressionless*
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 12:49 *hears something howling and absent mindedly says "shut up cj)
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 12:50 (Sylvy and lil are still not aware that yuki exists cos they were out in the forest with wren yesterday)
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 15:07 *wonders briefly about what will happen to Yuki once they leave*
10>Lillexa (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 15:19 Guys, whats wrong, you all look really down?
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 15:19 yeah, you have been really quiet all morning
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 15:28 This place is just bringing back some bad memories...
10>Lillexa (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 16:27 Oh..OK
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 16:31 So....Ummm.....do you want to get going?
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 17:46 *stands up and streches her legs* I am going to hunt some small game for breakfast while the others are still sleeping
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 17:49 dose anyone want to come hunting with me?
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 18:30 *Sits up, turns invisible*jumps down from tree*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 18:32 *Slowly starts walking into the forest her head down*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 18:33 *Sits up in a bush still invisible, waiting for any prey possible*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 18:33
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 18:35 *Trys to forget about Arther in all, abaout the times when they would westle, when they would fall clumsy into the river trying to catch fish* Ect.
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 18:37 *chokes back tears* Shakes head, Herv eyes turn back to there normal color*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 19:54 *smiles at CJ* I'll come hunting! *transforms into his fox form, looking at her eagerly*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 19:55 *thinks* That ought to clear my head a little at least...
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 20:54 Me and Lil will come with you,
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:29 ok *runs into the woods she is sighlent as the runs hides in a bush as she sees a rabit pas jumps on it grabs its neck with her mouth and snaps it in half*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:30 *See's CJ suddenly steal her prey, turns visible* Walks up to her* First you steal my best friend, second your kind killed my family, and then you steal my prey
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:30 this should be good i have a multiplying spell so i can make more meat
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:31 *catches the scent of another rabbit. Follows it*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:31 What kind of animal/human are you?!* turns into a human angry, tears running down her face*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:31 *notices her rabit is gone sees Yukie starts growling * give me back that rabbit!
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:31 (Never mind my last post)
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:32
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:32 (ok)
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:32 (Caprial i didint take your rabbit, and ok)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:33 *drops the Rabit* (ok nvm that post than) i killed this myself i didnt steal it!
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:33 *watches the two*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:34 *Still a human, backs up against tree, her eyes orange*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:35 *multiplys the rabit into 2 gives Yuki one* here have this one
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:35 *Turns into fox* Yes you did i was in the bush abbout to take it then you did! i cant belive, that someone who has already killed so much of my life is still going!
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:35 Lets Arther have it i dont want anything from a wolf*spits on ground*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:36 Hey!
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:36 Yuki, it's ok.
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:37 *Looks at Arther sad/ angry* You to! , i cant belive you would side with a wolf!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:37 ok fine me and my friends have to go but im leaving that with you *takes her other rabit and starts walking is in wolf form and carrying it in her mouth*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:38 She's not just a wolf!
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:38 *Turns human* Why?...Why would you be best friends with a wolf after they killed so many.........*Trails off, now glaring at him*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:38 She saved me!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:39 come on Arther lets get back to camp there is no use fighting with her
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:39 Then what is she to you?!, a replace ment after i got pulled away from you?!
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:39 You can't judge her by her people!
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:39 *Face drops a little* from what?...me?
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:39 *stares at Yuki*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:40 Yes i can you watched, you watched there blooody rampage! and you still....
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:40 Arther come on we have to go *nudges him forward*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:40 *Shakes head, turns back in to a fox*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:40 *turns back to CJ*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:41 If you care so much about her, that would would forget about me then fine....
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:41 Bye Yuki. You need to learn how to forget.
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:41 *looks at Yuki* you are welcome to come with us and for your information i never hurt a fox
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:41 *Turns invisible, crying runs the other direction, leaving*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:42 *Runs back to the place were her and Arthers parents were murderd, crying curls up*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:42 Forget, and forgive...
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:43 *Howls*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:43 *gets to camp turns human uses a spell to remove the meat from the rabit and quickly multiplys the meat*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:43 *Wispers to herself/ Arther* You dont care about murder do you?.......
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:44 (Ok my parents were murderd Arther dosint realize because his parents are alive*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:44 roast some of it so its tender and juicy drys the rest and turns it into jerkey*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:45 *looks sad*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:45 roast
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:45 *Bites her paw, blood driping slowly, lays down were she last saw her mother dieing* remembers everything* lays there diing slowly*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:46 *puts the jerkey in her pocket decides to be in human form for the rest of the day*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:46 *Natrually, has nothing left to live for, every one is dead but Arther but he already found his place*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:46 *walks over to Arther* are you ok?
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:47 *Waits, feeling pain through out her paw, waits to die*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:47 I am...but Yuki isn't.
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:48 *It takes way to long* sits up, starts running twoards cliff*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:48 *sighs* if you want to go talk with Yuki you can i will be here waiting for you when you get back
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:48 *Stops at the edge staring down, at the jagged rocks below herself*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:48 *Licks her paw a few times*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:49 *turns to fox! and runs to get Yuki*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:49 *Then, stares at her tail*, takes one blind step foward*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:50 *Wispers,* three paws,
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:50 *gets her scent, and follows it*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:50 *takes another step* wispers* two paws
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:51 *sees Yuki, standing near the edge*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:51 *Takes one more step on the very edge, wispers* One step............
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:51 *Gets ready to jump*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:51 Yuki!
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:52 Don't!
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:52 *Tail lashing back and forth in pain*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:52 *runs to her*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:52 *Looks back, at Arther* turns back to cliff*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:52 *Jumps*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:52 *growls*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:53 *runs after her*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:53 *Starts falling, wimpers ready for the pain*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:54 No!
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:54 *jumps down after her*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:54 *is behind Arther was fallowing uses powers to save yuki and lift her back up onto the clif*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:54 *feels hard..........., opens eyes confused*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:55 *uses powers to save Arther as well*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:55 *Is floating by Arther* Screams* NO!, LET ME DOWN! GROWLS*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:55 *Shakes head* Crying*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:55 *looks at Yuki*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:56 Please Yuki...
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:56 *Wimpers* please...
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:56 nope i am sorry i wont let you kill yourself *walks back to camp with them still floating*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:56 *whimpers*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:56 I cant go on living as a shadow....
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:57 You don't have to be a shadow Yuki.
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:58 *lets them down gently at camp after casting a spell on Yuki*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:58 *Turns into human*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:58 *Turns into fox*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:59 i put a spell on you when ever you are trying to kill yourself it will bring you back to me and Arther
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:59 Arther, all i ever was was a shadow, i tryed to find you, then fallowed you..not speaking i am a shadow
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:59 *Growls*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 22:59 That can change!
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 23:00 *Curls up under tree, blending in with the shadow*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 23:00 come with us on are treck
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 23:00 *Shakes head* how?
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 23:00 *Wimpers, lays head down confused*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 23:01 Come with us, Yuki!
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 23:01 Please!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 23:01 *the spell also alows her to see Yuki even if she is invisible*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 23:01 I dont want, to be a puppet killing things.....Why would you take away my freedom?,*Crys without knowing*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 23:02 (CAPRIAL NO!)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 23:02 (nvm that post)
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 23:02 We never said you would be.
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 23:03 *Wimpers* Im not a lap dog.......
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 23:04 it is an invitation if you want you can travel with us we are trying to save are families and are freedom
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 23:04 No, you're a Kitsune, like me.
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 23:04 *Growls* i have no family, and i still have my freedom, whats the point?
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 23:04 Please come with us.
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 23:05 the point is to have friends and people to care about you
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 23:05 *Glares at CJ* I will come, but dont talk to me CJ and if you cast anymore spells on me i swear i will kill you
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 23:06 You can help me save my family.
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 23:06 *Turns invisible, standing by Arther*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 23:06 i wont cast anymore spells on you unless i have to
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 23:06 *Glares* No more
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 23:07 *Turns invisible, CJ cant see me*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 23:08 *smiles, happy for once*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 23:08 *wakes everyone up who isnt awake* come on time for breakfast we have a long day today!
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 23:08 (Caprial the point of invisibility is, no one cann see anything, thats the thing)
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 23:08 *Still invisible, curls up next to Arther angry at CJ*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 23:09 *gets another tail smack to wake him up*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 23:09 *cj can see heat but only at night*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 23:09 Ow! I thought you said you'd stop doing that!
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 23:10 Ow! I thought you said you'd stop doing that!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 23:10 *smacks Rick with her tail*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 23:10 (ok but Yuki is cold blooded, for verious reasons)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 23:10 i did say that but that was at camp what happens at camp stays at camp
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 23:11 I'm up! Geez!
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 23:11 *(Im not reptile caprial)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 23:12 *eats a cooked rabit there are several of them thanks to magic*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.11 23:13 *Still invisible, dosint eat anything, insted climbs up a tree*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 00:40 (sorry I was gone for so long, but my connection for the site was being faulty for some reason...)
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 00:40 *eats the food, for once feeling strangely at peace. Is very happy Yuki decided to join them*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 00:44 *digs into the food happily* *since he was either sleeping or goofing off, he still doesn't know Yuki's there*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 00:44 *flies up into where he's been sleeping, a "nest" of sorts up in a tree*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 00:45 (same here)
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 00:45 *is very happy being free from those who want to conform him like his parents*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 00:45 (oh, hello! Glad I wasn't the only one)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 00:46 *eats on Rabit by herself*
7>Alura (Siren), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 00:46 *sings a little, testing out her new voice*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 00:47 *secretly hopes that Rick will land on Yuki*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 00:48 *flutters around some more, then runs into what appears to be nothing but air* OW!
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 00:48 What the-
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 00:48 *covers here ears not that Alura is a bad singer its just that all singing sound bad to her bc of her sensitive hearing*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 00:49 Guys! THERE'S A GHOST!!!!
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 00:49 *frantically runs around*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 00:49 *when anyhing sings it sounds like cats scratching a chalk board in here ears*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 00:49 *smacks his forehead*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 00:49 Rick, that's not a ghost...
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 00:50 *swats Rick down with her tail* thats just Yuki
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 00:50 Who...?
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 00:50 she is a Kitsune like Arther exept suisidle and she can turn invisible
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 00:50 I don't know of any...Yuki's...
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 00:51 Hmmm...sounds cooler than you and Arther!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 00:51 and she hates me for no aperant reason
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 00:51 and she crys alot
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 00:51 Oh come on! Who needs a reason to hate you!
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 00:52 *rolls his eyes*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 00:52 *Smaks him hard with her tail this time pushing him to the ground*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 00:52 Ow!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 00:53 *continues eating*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 00:53 So, what does she look like then?
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 00:53 Is she always invisible?
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 00:53 Can I see her?
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 00:53 PLEASE!!
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 00:54 *tries to ignore Rick*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 00:54 she is a black fox if you want to see her ask her maybe she will bite you
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 00:55 i hope that she dose
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 00:56 Hello? Miss Yuki?
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 00:57 Please don't bite me! I want to see what you look like!
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 00:57 You sound cooler than CJ at least!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 00:57 (btw she is offline right now)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 00:57 *smacks Rick with her tail again*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 00:58 (oh well then)
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 00:58 *sniffles*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 00:58 *uses powers to send 3 rabits to her siblings*
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 00:59 *three rabbits randomly appear* Wha-how- oh nevermind...
12>Pip (Pup), 6yo.2015,Jan.12 00:59 *sees the cooked rabit in frount of him*Food!
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 00:59 *has gotten used to weird stuff like that by now*
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 00:59 Hey! Hey! It might be poisoned!
12>Pip (Pup), 6yo.2015,Jan.12 00:59 *starts eating one*
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:00 You need to be careful around weird magical stuff!
12>Pip (Pup), 6yo.2015,Jan.12 01:00 no its from CJ
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:00 Well...I guess its safe then...
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:00 I won't be eating that though...
20>Daisy (pup), 4yo.2015,Jan.12 01:01 *smells it than starts to eat a Rabit* Yep Cj made it
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:01 Glad you're looking out for us CJ...wherever you guys are...
12>Pip (Pup), 6yo.2015,Jan.12 01:01 Cj uses spetial spices that makes food tast super good
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:02 Maybe good for a wolf...I'd rather eat my peoples food...mushrooms!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:03 *sends a message to Duly* just eat the rabit Duly.
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:03 I don't eat meat, thank you very much!
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:03 Especially magic meat!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:04 *uses powers to transport the rabit meat into Dulys stomach*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:04 *looks at CJ* Nothing wrong with being strictly vegitarian.
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:05 Eeep! *faints*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:06 what he didnt eat it i just transported it into his stomach
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:06 That's just weird...
12>Pip (Pup), 6yo.2015,Jan.12 01:07 *splashes water on Dulys face so he will wake up*
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:07 *wakes up* I hate magic, so much.
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:08 I could transport a bolder into your stumach so you cant fly...
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:08 *goes to the top of one of the tallest trees, and sits looking up at the sky*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:08 No thanks, missy.
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:08 Flying is what keeps me sane around here...
20>Daisy (pup), 4yo.2015,Jan.12 01:09 Cj uses to do that with us when we wouldnt eat are food but now we are big kids and we can eat food all by arevselfs
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:10 *smiles* That's good!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:10 *continues eating*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:11 *looks at CJ* *whispers to himself* You should never ever clip the wings of a free bird...
20>Daisy (pup), 4yo.2015,Jan.12 01:11 Cj was teaching me and Pip magic want to see?
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:12 *flinches* Uh...sure.
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:12 I don't really like magic, but I'll watch.
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:12 Rick i was kidding i would never stop you from flying unless i had to
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:13 *shrugs*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:13 Even if you had to...you should never.
20>Daisy (pup), 4yo.2015,Jan.12 01:13 i am learning how to transform things so i will turn that pebble into a mouse
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:13 *flies a little farther off*
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:14 Mice are strange...
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:14 Er...I mean, go ahead!
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:15 *watches*
20>Daisy (pup), 4yo.2015,Jan.12 01:15 *consentrates relly hard the rock grows paws a tail wiskers no and mouth it looks like a wird pebble creature*
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:15 Thats...well that's truly something else!
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:15 I could never do that...
20>Daisy (pup), 4yo.2015,Jan.12 01:16 i am getting closer that one has paws! *watches the pebble run and sit on Dulys lap* He likes you
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:16 *shudders a little, then smiles*
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:17 Er...thanks Daisy.
20>Daisy (pup), 4yo.2015,Jan.12 01:17 *the pebble mouse eats a pice of dirt on Dullys pants then goes to sleep*
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:18 Well, you're definitely pretty good at magic...how about you Pip?
20>Daisy (pup), 4yo.2015,Jan.12 01:18 *smiles as she turns into Human form she has blond hair blue eyes and is wearing an orange sun dress*
20>Daisy (pup), 4yo.2015,Jan.12 01:19 she still has her tail and ears though*
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:19 (aw, awesome!)
12>Pip (Pup), 6yo.2015,Jan.12 01:20 *turns the peble on Dulys lap into a cat*
12>Pip (Pup), 6yo.2015,Jan.12 01:20 i know alot of spells
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:20 Aw...it's a cat!
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:21 That's very neat there champ!
12>Pip (Pup), 6yo.2015,Jan.12 01:21 *is still in wolf form he likes it better Daisy is little so she cant really control when she changes form but she is learning*
12>Pip (Pup), 6yo.2015,Jan.12 01:22 *changes the cat into a snake* i can also do reptiles
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:23 *shudders* I think I like cats better...
12>Pip (Pup), 6yo.2015,Jan.12 01:24 *turns it into an phinex* i can also do birds
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:24 *scrambles to his feet*
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:25 Alright, you can stop the demonstrations! I've seen enough to know you're both really talented!
12>Pip (Pup), 6yo.2015,Jan.12 01:26 it likes you Duly. what kind of animal do you want it to be?
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:26 *smiles at Daisy* How about you make it the pebble mouse Daisy?
20>Daisy (pup), 4yo.2015,Jan.12 01:26 *giggles* your scared of a birdy
20>Daisy (pup), 4yo.2015,Jan.12 01:27 i can only turn pebbles into mouses
12>Pip (Pup), 6yo.2015,Jan.12 01:28 *turns it into a pebble*
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:28 Oh...I don't know then.
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:28 (nvm)
20>Daisy (pup), 4yo.2015,Jan.12 01:28 *turns it into the same wird pebble mouse but this time it is kind of fuzzy*
20>Daisy (pup), 4yo.2015,Jan.12 01:29 its fuzzy now!
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:29 *let's the pebble mouse sit on his shoulder*
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:29 Yeah, it is.
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:29 It feels sort of moldy almost...
12>Pip (Pup), 6yo.2015,Jan.12 01:30 *makes some water apere in a stown bowl he mades starts lapping it up*
12>Pip (Pup), 6yo.2015,Jan.12 01:31 Duly? were are our parents?
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:32 *looks at Pip, a little startled*
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:32 They're at Camp Mytho.
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:35 (Heello, im on) *Falls out of tree when rick bumps into her* HEY!* turns visible*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:36 (hello!)
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:36 Ooo! You really aren't a ghost!
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:36 *turns human, Sticks out her toung* Blha!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:36 (hi)
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:37 You're a really amazing looking Kitsune!
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:37 Why would i be a ghost?..
12>Pip (Pup), 6yo.2015,Jan.12 01:37 why? they said that the camp was just for Cj and kids her age
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:37 Well, you were invisible, so you were like a ghost!
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:38 Ghost
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:38 (I have to go in a little so if i dissaprer or what ever dont freak out)
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:38 (sorry, nevermind that post)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:38 *rolls eyes*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:39 Turning into a ghost is cooler than what CJ does! She just hits me with her tail...
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:39 MMM....ok.....i guess that makes sense
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:39 And yells at me....
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:40 *Wispers to rick* CJ, is a weirdo..just sayin
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:40 Oh, trust me, I know!
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:40 She threatened to put a boulder in my stomach so I couldn't fly!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:41 I was kidding!
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:42 It still hurt my feelings...I'm sensitive ok?
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:42 (my sis has to go offline)
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:42 (ok)
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:42 (I'm actually going to have to go offline soon too)
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:43 *sarcastically * im sorry i hurt your feelings (btw a bunch of us are on snatched so i am going tomstop typing here for now and go on snatched)
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:44 (yeah, I have to go now! I'll be back tomorrow! Bye!)
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 01:49 Dang, thats sorta harsh CJ dont ya think? *Face concerned/ Teasing* ;p
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 04:39 *sticks out toung* then, walks into the forest* Im going hunting, anyone wanna come?, *Glances back for a second for any replys*
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 17:39 Yep, I will come. But I am not killing any creatures I catch, I keep them as pets.
10>Lillexa (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 17:40 *sighs* Its been a long time since I have used my plant magic, I might as well come too
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 17:47 *is a little upset that Yuki wont eat any of the rabits*
8>Wren (Centaur), 11yo.2015,Jan.12 18:38 *grins at cj* i will eat the rabbit if you want
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 22:48 its ok ponies only eats grass and oats *smiles at Wren*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 23:20 Ooo! Ooo! Pick me! *jumps up and down* I wanna go hunting! I never get to go hunting!
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.12 23:37 I'll come too.
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.13 00:11 *trys not to laugh'* ok......* Runs into the forest, midway while running turns into fox*closes eyes, loves the way wind feels* smacks into tree* faints*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.13 01:56 *sences that she fainted teleports her back to camp*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.13 06:05 (i am finishing the roleplay snatched tomarrow than we can start on the book dose that work for you?)
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.13 15:20 *Wakes up at CJ's feet,Confused for a min, then remembers*WHAT THE HECK?!, I WAS FINEEE!! *growls* dont you dare ever touch me with your magic again! *Says in a menacing tone*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.13 15:20 *Runs back into forest, back to the others*
12>Pip (Pup), 6yo.2015,Jan.13 19:40 *sits in the cave sulking*
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.13 20:41 *wonders when Duly will be back with CJ's siblings*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.13 20:44 *is reading Silys mind bc she is bord* he isnt saposed to come back with my siblings he is saposed to stay there
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.13 21:49 "what!!!"
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.14 00:26 i said he is saposed to stay in the cave and watch my siblings not bring them here you need to listen better
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.14 00:36 (yeah, that sounds good Caprial.)
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.14 00:37 *watches Yuki run back* *smiles, and holds up a few dead birds* Look! Look at what I caught for you! They're birds if you didn't already guess! *smiles broadly* Are you proud of me!
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.14 00:50 Yea, uh shure?, Quick question though, how does a fairie, hunt and kill prey?? * looks at him sidways*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.14 00:50 I do have powers! Plus, I can fly to kill them. They are weak...
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.14 00:51 It doesn't take much to bring them down.
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.14 00:51 *looks at Arther signaling him with her eyes for help on wht to say*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.14 00:52 Er...that's very nice, Rick...
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.14 00:52 *shrugs at Yuki*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.14 00:53 *nods at rick, not really shure*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.14 00:53 ok, uh......lets go catch some prey?
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.14 00:54 YEAH!!!!
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.14 00:54 Let's go!
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.14 00:55 (hey i gtg sorry!) bye!
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.14 00:55 (aw, bye!)
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.14 01:55 (hey i gtg sorry!) bye!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.14 21:02 *wonders what the Counselor is doing*
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.15 20:34 Right, so, what are we actually MEANT to be doing?
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.15 20:50 well right now we are waiting for that stupid picky Kitsune to get back so we can finish this treck * is mad she is human form so you can see her face turning mad with anger*
9>Sylvatica (Dryad), 13yo.2015,Jan.15 21:26 smiles at CJ's anger *Yuki is not that bad*
12>Pip (Pup), 6yo.2015,Jan.15 22:42 [ i am making a new youtube series please tell your friends it is called Sammy and Adri's answers please subscribe and have your friends subscribe thanks!]
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.16 00:53 (WTH caprial?!, Advritising on a roleplay!)
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.16 00:54 *Runs, next to Arther, looking for any prey possible, stops suddenly catches a small wiff of bunny* Croutches in bush*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.16 00:55 *Pounces , on a.........BABY WOLF?!* Shakes head* what the.....???
12>Pip (Pup), 6yo.2015,Jan.16 03:46 Im not a baybe!! DULY HELP IM BEING ATTACKED!!!
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.16 03:49 What's going on here!?!
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.16 03:50 *sees Yuki attacking Pip* Oh no you don't! Ai Ai Ai Ai! *gives out a weird gnomish war cry, whacking Yuki with his sword*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.16 03:51 *looks over at Yuki, and sees her being attacked* What on Earth...?
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.16 03:51 *rushes to Yuki, and sees Duly whacking her with his sword*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.16 03:52 D-Duly?
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.16 03:52 *abruptly stops hitting Yuki* Arther? Is that you?
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.16 03:52 *steps away from Yuki, who backs away from him, growling*
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.16 03:53 Arther? How...what are you doing...who is she?
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.16 03:53 *smiles at Duly*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.16 03:53 You've missed a lot while you were away Duly.
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.16 03:54 Her name is Yuki...she's a black furred Kitsune.
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.16 03:54 I've known her since we were young...*trails off*
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.16 03:54 *stares at them, a little unsure*
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.16 03:55 Its...It's good to see you again. These two are Pip and Daisy...CJ's siblings.
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.16 03:57 *looks more closely at Yuki* I don't believe we're aquainted ma'am. *does a little bow* My name is Duly...Duly the Gnome, at your service!
20>Daisy (pup), 4yo.2015,Jan.16 18:01 *looks at Duly* i thought cj sent you to be at our service
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 02:07 *sighs* Er...it's an expression...used when you greet someone....we use it a lot where I come from, Daisy.
12>Pip (Pup), 6yo.2015,Jan.17 04:15 I am calling CJ and telling her what you did *runs off into the cave after smaking Yuki with his Tail*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:16 *hears Pips call turns into wolf form and runs as fast as she can knocks Yuki down and holds her down so she cant get up growls in her face* What did you do to my brother?
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:18 (hello!)
12>Pip (Pup), 6yo.2015,Jan.17 04:18 *acts weak and frail starts limping for pretend then fall says weakly* sh.she... jumped me.... she just *wimpers and starts crying he is acting but he makes it beliveable*
12>Pip (Pup), 6yo.2015,Jan.17 04:18 (hi)
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:18 I tried to hold her off with the sword...
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:19 Arther says she's friendly though.
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:21 *looks at Pip thinks he is badly hurt is extramly mad starts barking and growling* I am going to tear from limb to limb!!!!!!!!
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:22 *shudders*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:22 *is growling and barking and nashing teeth when someone hurts her siblings she will attack*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:24 *starts to press one of her claws on her throat so it is hard for her to breath but not impossible she is making Yuki weak*
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:24 *looks more closely at Pip*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:24 CJ!
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:24 Wait, stop!
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:25 It wasn't Yuki's fault...
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:25 We were just hunting, and she thought he was a rabbit!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:25 *if Yuki is trying her hardest to breath then she wont have the focuse or strength to fight back is glaring at Yuki Cj is in toatl rage*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:26 *is focusing only on Yuki isnt listening to anyone else she can only focuse on one thing when she is mad*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:27 *can't bear to see Yuki hurt*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:27 *launches into CJ desperately, knocking her off*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:27 CJ calm down!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:28 *sits there waiting for Yuki to stop stuggleing while slowly pressing her claw on her harder*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:28 *trys to push Rick off*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:29 *flaps his wings, holding on tight*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:29 *launches back onto Yuki before she can get up*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:29 *keeps pressing her claw*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:29 Sorry CJ... *uses some of his fairy magic to cause CJ to freeze*
12>Pip (Pup), 6yo.2015,Jan.17 04:30 *watches while keeping mental notes loves a good fight*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:30 *is frozen while holding onto Yuki and her claw on her throat is now frozen on yuki like that*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:31 *flies the frozen CJ away*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:32 *unfreezes her on top of a tree*
20>Daisy (pup), 4yo.2015,Jan.17 04:32 *sees Rick using powers on Cj all she nows is he hurt her sister she launches at rick and starts biting his ankle it dosnt hurt much bc she is so little*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:33 *jumps out of the tree and starts chasing down Yuki*
2>Rick (Fairie), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:33 *winces a little, then starts to pet Daisy gently*
20>Daisy (pup), 4yo.2015,Jan.17 04:33 Leave CJ alone!
20>Daisy (pup), 4yo.2015,Jan.17 04:33 *holds onto his ankle*
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:33 *after sensing the commotion in the woods, he follows the others and sees the fight*
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:34 *looks around at everyone then growls deeply*
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:34 ENOUGH!!!
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:34 *picks up Yuki, glaring at CJ*
19>Duly (Gnome), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:37 *tries to calm Daisy down*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:37 *starts barking* let me at her!!!
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:38 BE CALMED TINY WOLF!!!!
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:38 *stamps his foot near CJ*
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:38 *calms down a little*
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:38 Fighting is not the answer...
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:39 *starts growling* let me out her or so help me!!!
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:39 So help me what?
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:39 I could squash you tiny wolf...I choose not to because you are my friend.
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:40 *starts growling and barking trys to climb Corianders leg*
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:40 *shakes CJ off easily*
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:41 Do not make me ask again...
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:41 *uses powers to teleport into his hand starts bitting Yuki*
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:41 YOU HAVE DONE IT NOW TINY WOLF!
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:42 *takes CJ and throws her into the nearby trees*
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:42 *lets out a gutteral scream*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:43 *hits one of the trees with her head gets knocked out and starts bleeding from her head breaks severel bones*
12>Pip (Pup), 6yo.2015,Jan.17 04:43 CJ!!! *starts running into the forest*
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:43 *huffs angrily, then sets Yuki down gently*
6>Arther (Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:43 No! *runs to CJ*
20>Daisy (pup), 4yo.2015,Jan.17 04:44 Sissy! *looks at Coriander with teary eyes* your mean *runs off after Pip crying*
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:45 *shakes head* You know nothing of this world, tiny wolf pup.
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:46 (I'm going to have to leave now.)
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.17 04:46 (bye!)
20>Daisy (pup), 4yo.2015,Jan.17 04:46 (aww ok bye)
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.18 03:20 *Is wounded serverly*Runs up to CJ's face* Bares teeth angerly*Growls deep* You are one heck of a stupid wolf CJ,If you ever dare set a finger, magic all all on me, i swear to the forest gods, i will rip u to shreds
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.18 03:21 If you were there, and if you were at least a tiny bit smart, you would understand, i didint hurt your tiny, prechious ,weak brother, i thought he was a freakin rabbit!
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.18 03:23 *Glares at her, trying not to rip her face off* Runs the other way, resisting killing her*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.18 03:24 *Walks up to Corander*Bows head in thanks* You...Thank you sir, you saved my life....*Limps away*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.19 21:19 *was unconscious didnt hear a thing she said*
12>Pip (Pup), 6yo.2015,Jan.20 03:39 *runs up to CJ worried starts licking her face* Cj Cj wake up!
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.20 03:42 *groans and wakes up is aching all over has a broken leg and a few broken ribs and her head is throbbing she is cut in several places*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.20 03:45 *sees Pip and Daisy trys to pretend she isnt hurt* oh hey guys!
12>Pip (Pup), 6yo.2015,Jan.20 03:46 are you ok Cj are you hurt?
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.20 03:47 *lays there smileling although her eyes show she is in alot of pain* you know me im fine just a few cuts thats all
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.21 18:50 *tears streak down his face*
16>Coriander (Giant), 13yo.2015,Jan.21 18:51 *turns away, and starts to walk away from everyone else*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.21 23:18 *Walks sideby side next to Coriander* Wispering to her self* Suddenly colapses due to injurys, CJ caused*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.21 23:22 *Wimpers in pain, wounds still freash* Trys to stand, but fails, colapsing again* Breaths heavily*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Jan.22 00:06 Coriander wait!! *trys to stand up to run to him but falls down*
3>Yuki (Black fox/Kitsune), 13yo.2015,Jan.22 05:06 *Glances at her leg, Tears well up in her eyes* Her leg is practacly drentched in blood, trys to move her leg,* Howls in pain* Falls to the ground*
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Feb.5 01:27 *uses the rest of her strength to teleport onto Corianders head* Cory dont run off...i want to say thank you for stopping me
14>CJ (1/2wolf1/2sorcerer), 13yo.2015,Feb.24 16:40 I am sorry for the inconveniance but i will no longer be going on this role play site i am deleting all my role play games after i share this message to all the role plays i go on please delet my charectures see "friends forever" for the full explanation