" [private rp] journey to the Semchi universe " (game over)
This game was destined to players of ? to ? years of age.
Welcome the Semchi Universe! filled with all sorts of lovely speices including, Bolouvians, Snipes, Kalfin, seasonal deer, much more and of course the dominate species Chia wolves! Explore this wonderful world Everything seems perfect! at first glance anyways...

1>C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.3 06:18 [C.J and her Family packed up their home on Falcon and left for the Semchi universe! C.J Laolia and Chobi worked together to open a portal which they all traveld though landing on C.J's home planet a forest that wasnt to crowded filled with tree huts and]
1>C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.3 06:20 [homes under roots, and homes made with rocks all blending into the natural world around them the wolves all look super friendly and come up to greet Bakura and his family]
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.3 06:32 *huddles beside her sister shyly*
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.3 06:38 *sticks by Silver* this is nice...
4>Naomie (Deer), ?yo.2019,Sep.3 06:38 *walks by Talie* are you ok?
6>Peter (Bolouvian), 18yo.2019,Sep.3 06:40 *apon seeing a portal open from the feild his pack was staying in he rushed over to the newcomers and circles Silver* I haven't seen a creature like you before....you have very long legs
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.3 07:01 And I haven't seen a creature like you before. You have very short legs.
6>Peter (Bolouvian), 18yo.2019,Sep.3 07:03 I can stand on 2 legs to *stands up on his hind legs* Im taller then you now *smiles and gets back on all fours* Im Peter im a Bolouvian
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.3 07:16 *nods slightly at Naomie*
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.3 07:16 [Wait, how big are Bolouvians? XD XP]
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.3 07:16 [I've been imagining them to be the size of ordinary turtles.]
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.3 07:39 *dips his head* Silver. I'm a Vulpis.
6>Peter (Bolouvian), 18yo.2019,Sep.3 07:49 [no they big bois]
6>Peter (Bolouvian), 18yo.2019,Sep.3 07:54 hello. welcome to this planet
13>Charlie (Bolouvian), 15yo.2019,Sep.3 08:42 *comes forward from the rest of the pack, curiosity getting the better of it* [Considering there's no genders I'll just use "it" for my Bolouvian characters.]
6>Peter (Bolouvian), 18yo.2019,Sep.3 08:55 [them works and the parents name their kids after cool names they find around diffrent universes, they just dont have erm...genetically diffrent genders....but some use gendered pronouns ]
13>Charlie (Bolouvian), 15yo.2019,Sep.4 04:47 [Okay.]
14>Kit (peace Keeper), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 07:03 *A chia wolf comes over to them happily* Oh boy! Alpha Chobi is back! ohh he has 2 other Alphas with them! and Oh their packs!
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.7 07:04 *huddles closer to Naomie and Laolia*
14>Kit (peace Keeper), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 07:12 *walks over to Talie* You must be her Alphas peace keeper *points to Laolia excitedly* Im Chobis peace keeper!! *smells Talie and cuckles* You smell funny wanna play with me and the other peace keepers! *gets down and wags her tail*
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.7 07:17 Uhh... *glances at Laolia and Naomie nervously* S-sure...
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.7 07:18 *is very soft-spoken* Who are you?
14>Kit (peace Keeper), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 07:22 Im Kit! come on *motions for Talie to come over* Who is that deer with you?
4>Naomie (Deer), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 07:29 Im Naomie her husband
14>Kit (peace Keeper), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 07:29 Oh your playing House! I like playing house! I'll be the kid and then when we switch Roles I can be the mom and you can be the kid!
14>Kit (peace Keeper), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 08:02 *looks at Silver and tilts her head* I never seen a thing like you before...are you new?
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 08:07 Yes, I'm new. I'm Silver!
14>Kit (peace Keeper), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 08:12 your not a chia wolf are you this Alphas friend?
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 08:26 No, I'm actually her husband.
14>Kit (peace Keeper), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 08:28 *looks confused*...no...your not a Chia creature and I know your not playing pretend like Naomie beacuse Alphas are to busy to play pretend...we are not sapposed to lie its bad
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 08:29 hes not lying, hes my husband
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 08:29 I agree. Lying is bad.
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 08:30 *said that before Laolia responded*
14>Kit (peace Keeper), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 08:31 *whispers* but...chia wolves are only saposed to marry other Chia creatures
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 08:31 Its ok I made sure he is super duper safe and he is an Alpha to
14>Kit (peace Keeper), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 08:32 but your breaking the rules
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 08:32 well Im only half Chia wolf my mom *points to C.J* married a demon wolf so since im half not Chia wolf I can marry not chia wolf creatures
14>Kit (peace Keeper), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 08:33 oh....you didnt break the rules..your mom did...
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 08:34 yeah, but hes a wolf to so she still married a wolf so its not that bad
14>Kit (peace Keeper), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 08:34 *runs over to Bakura* Did you actually marry an Alpha chia wolf? beacause your not a chia wolf and your not saposeded to do that
3>Bakura (Demon Wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 08:39 Where I come from it's okay. What really matters is that we love each other.
14>Kit (peace Keeper), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 08:39 but were she comes from its not ok
1>C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 08:40 I didnt grow up here, I was acidently left behind when I was little so I never learned the rules or met other Chia wolves
14>Kit (peace Keeper), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 08:40 oh ok, Peter! wanna go play house with Namoie and the other peace keeper?! *runs back over to Taile*
11>Chobi (C.J's Dad), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 08:42 get used to that...if that was just a peace keeper the others might be accepting of C.J since of her past but you *looks at Laolia and Silver* might have some problems just assert yourself as Alpha Laolia and they should back down
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 08:43 ..how do I do that?
11>Chobi (C.J's Dad), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 08:44 bite their ear or knock them back with your magic
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 08:45 *glances at Silver nervously* I...I dont know if im comfortable with that
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 08:49 *gives her a reassuring look*
15>Spark (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 08:51 you should be ok.
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.7 08:52 ...We're...not playing house...he's really my husband too...
14>Kit (peace Keeper), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 08:54 Your a peace keeper though we cant get married
14>Kit (peace Keeper), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 08:54 its a grown up thing...
14>Kit (peace Keeper), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 08:56 you dont have a song you cant get married without a song and you have no song magic
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.7 08:59 But I love him and he loves me...and I'm a grown up.
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.7 08:59 And I'm only half Chia wolf.
11>Chobi (C.J's Dad), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 09:00 *walks with them to what looks like a clearing in the village woods while walking through they had many stares and a few whispers he Roars loudly and the wolves gather quickly he uses his magic to speak loudly and to reach the other chia wolf planets*
11>Chobi (C.J's Dad), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 09:02 *with diffrent Alphas* This is my Daughter C.J, those who are older may remember the tragic time when we lost her but she has returned home with her Family! Due to their circumstance she had no Idea about the dangers of marrying outside of this universe
11>Chobi (C.J's Dad), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 09:03 But None the less her spouse is Safe and so is my Grand daughter Loalias Spouse who is also not of this universe, My Grandaughter Talie while normally would be a peace keeper is not due to her Father so She has the mental maturity to marry and My Grandson
11>Chobi (C.J's Dad), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 09:04 Spark, While not being born normally is a pure Chia wolf, You are to respect Laolia and C.J as the Alphas they are that is all you are dismissed *the crowd walks off some muttering and some excited some stay to talk with them*
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 09:05 ugh...now everyone is looking at us more...I dont like this
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 09:05 We'll be alright.
14>Kit (peace Keeper), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 09:07 *a random Chia wolf walks up to Silver* So...What exactly are you?
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 09:08 He is my Husband. He is an alpha maybe not a Chia wolf Alpha but an Alpha none the less
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 09:08 I'm what's called a "Vulpis". A species special to my homeland's main deity. *chuckles* We're more like glorified maned wolves though.
14>Kit (peace Keeper), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 09:09 yeah but still...I mean...arent you a little tall...for her
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 09:10 *pushes the wolf back gently with her magic* I like how tall he is
14>Kit (peace Keeper), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 09:10 *scoffs and walks off*
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 09:11 *laughs a bit*
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 09:11 Do you think we will ever...fit in here?I wish we could just go live with the rest of the Vulpis again..
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 09:12 it could be worse tho at least Rouny isnt here
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 09:13 True.
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 09:13 *rests his chin on Laolia's head* We'll find our place here, don't worry.
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 09:15 *nuzzel him* yeah...I hope so...those turtle things seem nice though
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 09:17 Yeah, they do. *looks around, not moving his head* Should we explore a bit?
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 09:18 yeah sure Maybe we can find a cave far away from this town *chuckles a bit*
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 09:19 *smiles* Perhaps. Maybe I could build us our own burrow somewhere.
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 09:20 Oh I love those burrows
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 09:22 maybe we can do it by a waterfall or a stream...
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 09:22 Ooh, yeah, that sounds really nice.
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 09:24 maybe....start on a family...
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 09:29 Maybe.. Let's take a look around and make ourselves a good home first.
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 09:30 alright *smiles and starts wandering out of the forest and into the feilds were herds of Bolouvian are stacking things and making huts
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 09:30 *
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 09:31 oh look at them....they are adorable just stacking things..
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 09:34 *smiles* Maybe we should live somewhere near them?
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 09:36 maybe
6>Peter (Bolouvian), 18yo.2019,Sep.7 09:36 *runs over past Silver and Laolia he is surprisingly fast* Oh hey guys!
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 19:56 Hello!
6>Peter (Bolouvian), 18yo.2019,Sep.7 20:26 This is were I live in the feild with my pack! we are building homes again!
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 21:24 Again?
6>Peter (Bolouvian), 18yo.2019,Sep.7 21:48 Yeah They got knocked over by some chia Wolves it happends alot but then we get to build them again which is so much Fun! I love building...
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 22:00 Building is a lot of fun. Back home we built a lot of cool homes
6>Peter (Bolouvian), 18yo.2019,Sep.7 22:03 I like stacking rocks and mud and we make huts
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.7 22:07 We built lots of homes around a massive oak tree in the forest. We loved weaving branches together in pretty ways and making cool rock formations.
6>Peter (Bolouvian), 18yo.2019,Sep.7 22:10 ooh...
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.8 00:17 Perhaps we can work together to build something cool sometime?
6>Peter (Bolouvian), 18yo.2019,Sep.8 01:43 Alright
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.8 02:56 Cool! *continues his walk*
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.8 03:45 *walks with him* this is nice...looks like there are some mountains up ahead wanna climb them?
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.8 03:48 Of course!
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.8 03:51 Come on *smiles and starts climbing*
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.8 03:56 *follows close behind her, deciding if he should stay back or try and race her*
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.8 04:04 *after a while they manage to reach the top*....look...you can see everything from up hwre!
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.8 04:17 *sits down beside her* I wonder if there are any creeks nearby all the way up here.
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.8 04:23 Lets sit and listen and maybe we will find one!
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.8 04:26 *listens*
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.8 04:28 I think I hear some..
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.8 04:29 *wanders off on the top of the cliff twards the other side and finds a small stream running down the hill*
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.8 04:30 The water is like...pinkish purple
13>Charlie (Bolouvian), 15yo.2019,Sep.8 04:49 *is happily rebuilding their hut*
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.8 04:49 *looks around**says quietly to Naomie* You want to...go somewhere?
4>Naomie (Deer), ?yo.2019,Sep.8 04:51 Sure were do you wanna go? Im from this universe
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.8 04:54 Cool... There are places in Irakurri with water like this, but I've only ever heard of it. Getting around is hard for most of my kind.
4>Naomie (Deer), ?yo.2019,Sep.8 04:54 My home looks alot duffrent than this planet
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.8 04:55 Should I lick it?
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.8 05:06 *chuckles* You do what you want, but neither of us know if this water is good to drink.
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.8 05:08 Could I see your home?
4>Naomie (Deer), ?yo.2019,Sep.8 06:03 They sent me away beacause of the War I dont know if its safe
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.8 06:13 I can always heal myself after *licks it then jumps back quickly scraping her tongue*
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.8 06:13 Oh...alright...
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.8 06:14 Well, could we go somewhere with less of a crowd around? I don't really like being around so many other creatures...
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.8 06:17 What is it like?
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.8 06:19 Its carbonated!
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.8 06:19 just unflavored carbonated water!
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.8 06:20 Eugh... Unless... Unless we find some berries and things to flavor it!
14>Kit (peace Keeper), ?yo.2019,Sep.8 06:20 *A chia wolf (not kit) walks up to Talie* Hi!, oh you two make such a sweet couple look at you! you know you really made the right choice marrying a chia creature and all that
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.8 06:21 OOH yes lets do that!
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.8 06:23 (Let the racism toward Bakura and Silver begin!)
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.8 06:24 (Bakura wont get it as much Bc C.J is aggressive if she is in earshot of people talking oof about Bakura they get a bite)
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.8 06:31 ...Um...
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.8 06:31 *sounds rather defensive* I don't know what you mean by that.
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.8 06:32 *starts looking for some berries and natural sweeteners*
14>Kit (peace Keeper), ?yo.2019,Sep.8 06:36 its just good that someone in your family has common sense, your smarter then the rest of them
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.8 06:36 *searches around and finds some flowers and eats them*
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.8 06:38 I still don't understand what you mean.
14>Kit (peace Keeper), ?yo.2019,Sep.8 06:41 thats alright thats probably the peace keeper side of you.
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.8 06:48 No, I just...
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.8 06:48 *sighs* If you mean what I think you mean, then Laolia is far smarter than you.
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.8 06:48 Naomie, let's just leave...
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.8 06:51 *returns to the stream with some berries*
14>Kit (peace Keeper), ?yo.2019,Sep.8 06:55 If her husband leaves her then she will be an emotional wreck like Himlina... same as your mother
4>Naomie (Deer), ?yo.2019,Sep.8 06:55 yeah...*walks off with Talie*
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.8 06:56 *starts walking away*
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.8 06:56 *mutters* What is wrong with these wolves?
4>Naomie (Deer), ?yo.2019,Sep.8 07:04 they dont mind other creatures but they dont like them marrying their kind
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.8 07:04 Why?
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.8 07:05 *returns with sweet flowers* Lets make Soda
4>Naomie (Deer), ?yo.2019,Sep.8 07:05 I dunno im not a chia wolf...she did say theyd end up like Himlina so maybe we find her?
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.8 07:08 Yes!
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.8 07:09 [gtg to bed! *offline* Goodnight!]
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.8 07:09 *scoups some of the water up in some rock bowls she carved with magic*
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.8 07:14 *uses some of the flowers to make a sweetener using his own magic, then a light syrup and juice with the berries he got*
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.8 07:17 shall we mix them?
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.8 07:19 Yes
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.8 07:19 *mixes the water with the syrup and sweetener and hands him a cup as she takes a sip* mm!
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.8 07:22 That's cool, we can easily make our own soda.
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.8 07:22 *takes a drink*
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.8 07:29 Yeah, as long as we stay away from that pack of wolves we should be fine
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.8 20:22 Yep. So what now? Do we want to live up here or find somewhere nearby? I do like the stream.
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.9 00:07 well I do like the stream and the veiw....we can put a little fence up around the edge of it!
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.9 01:30 Yeah! So what kind of house should we have? A tree house, a burrow, maybe both in one?
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.9 05:19 But Silver's not going to leave Laolia.
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.9 05:20 Why should we find Himlina? Why don't we just build a house away from everyone else? *nuzzles him*
4>Naomie (Deer), ?yo.2019,Sep.9 05:28 ok lets ask the bolouvians, they love building
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.9 05:28 Oh Yes!! what kind of tree?
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.9 05:37 Good question... *takes a step back to view the area* My first impression is redwood or maybe sugar maple? What do you think?
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.9 05:42 Quercus suber maybe
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.9 05:43 or a honey locus
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.9 05:45 Oooh, maybe
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.9 05:47 Alright...
4>Naomie (Deer), ?yo.2019,Sep.9 05:49 *walks over to Peter* Excuse me could...you and your pack possibly build us a strong home that will last?
6>Peter (Bolouvian), 18yo.2019,Sep.9 05:50 Oh yes! *chips loudly and the bolouvians all gather* we are building them a perminate home! come on! *they all run off and start stacking rocks*
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.9 05:51 here *Grows a big tree with custom roots that dig down but wont get in the way*
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.9 06:09 Oh gosh... *smiles a bit*
13>Charlie (Bolouvian), 15yo.2019,Sep.9 06:09 *very quickly gathers and brings rocks*
4>Naomie (Deer), ?yo.2019,Sep.9 06:09 *smiles* it would be done in a few days
6>Peter (Bolouvian), 18yo.2019,Sep.9 06:10 *is slathering each layer in a special mix of clay sand and grasses that is stronger then their temporary mud mix*
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.9 06:17 Maybe we should make the tree more of a play place and the house itself under it?
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.9 06:17 They're sweet...
6>Peter (Bolouvian), 18yo.2019,Sep.9 06:18 Yeah!
6>Peter (Bolouvian), 18yo.2019,Sep.9 06:18 [Laolia ment to say that XP]
4>Naomie (Deer), ?yo.2019,Sep.9 06:18 Bolouvians are nice...
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.9 06:18 [XD I just imagined one Bolouvian saying to Talie: "You right!"]
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.9 06:20 Cool! Do you want to get started on that while I start on the burrow?
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.9 06:22 yeah!
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.9 06:22 *starts working on the tree*
4>Naomie (Deer), ?yo.2019,Sep.9 06:23 snipes are angry little dudes though...be careful of them...
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.9 06:25 Snipes??
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.9 06:26 *finds a good spot to start digging up the entrance to the burrow. Uses his magic to grow the roots of various plants around the walls for both aesthetic and support*
4>Naomie (Deer), ?yo.2019,Sep.9 06:28 they will bite your ankles if your in their teritory..
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.9 06:29 *is making sure its fun, looks good and is structurally sound*
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.9 06:29 How do I tell if I'm in their territory?
4>Naomie (Deer), ?yo.2019,Sep.9 06:31 if you can hear them your in their terriroy they will growl to warn you if you get to close to their territory
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.9 06:43 *digs under the tree and manipulates the roots, stretching, growing, and moving them as he needs to build each room*
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.9 06:51 *is adding balconies and swings and slides and things to climb*
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.9 07:13 Oh, okay.
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.9 07:31 *looks around* I really don't know where to go or what to do here... *chuckles awkwardly*
4>Naomie (Deer), ?yo.2019,Sep.9 07:38 mostly Chia wolves stay with their pack and do tons of stuff with them
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.9 07:38 *builds a beautiful den with flowers growing from the roots to give the walls some color, but not enough flowers to be overbearing.*
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.9 07:40 *finfishes it up making sure everything is safe and fun*
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.9 08:04 I'm just happy being here with you and my family...
4>Naomie (Deer), ?yo.2019,Sep.9 08:11 yeah
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.9 08:26 What do the deer do?
4>Naomie (Deer), ?yo.2019,Sep.9 08:33 ...stuff
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.10 04:42 Like...what?
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.11 04:16 *waits for an answer*
4>Naomie (Deer), ?yo.2019,Sep.11 04:45 depends on the species of deer...
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.11 05:33 What species are there?
4>Naomie (Deer), ?yo.2019,Sep.11 05:39 well...the names are complicated and you probably wont understand then but roughly they traslate to winter spring summer and fall
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.11 05:41 Oh...which are you?
4>Naomie (Deer), ?yo.2019,Sep.11 05:44 Im..a mix of spring and winter...*looks a bit embarrassed and uncomfortable*
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.11 06:17 ...What
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.11 06:17 *...What's wrong with that?
4>Naomie (Deer), ?yo.2019,Sep.11 06:25 my...mom is a spring deer...and so is her husband
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.11 06:28 ...Oh...
4>Naomie (Deer), ?yo.2019,Sep.11 06:33 my mom was kidnapped and then she escaped with me...
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.11 06:33 Oh god...
4>Naomie (Deer), ?yo.2019,Sep.11 06:33 its like....a dragon and a wolf...like its not natural... really I dont know were I fit or belong
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.11 06:36 *nuzzles him* You belong with me...
4>Naomie (Deer), ?yo.2019,Sep.11 07:07 I know but its diffrent...I mean at least your pack wants you around...
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.11 07:17 *it takes him longer to finish the burrow and make it all structurally sound and clear of loose dirt and rocks*
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.11 07:18 *sits in the tree and looks out at the veiw*
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.11 07:44 I guess...I was just happy with you and my family, though...
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.11 07:55 *climbs up the tree and sits by Laolia*
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.12 07:02 Where will we stay before our home is finished?
4>Naomie (Deer), ?yo.2019,Sep.13 05:36 Probably with your parents or your pack
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.13 05:40 *sighs* Do we have to?
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.13 05:40 My family I don't mind, but...I don't really like the others all that much...
4>Naomie (Deer), ?yo.2019,Sep.13 05:41 Its not that bad they like you
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.13 05:53 But I don't like how they treat you and Silver...
4>Naomie (Deer), ?yo.2019,Sep.13 05:58 Im fine, and Silver can hold his own
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.13 06:02 True...but...I'm just not used to being around so many creatures...
4>Naomie (Deer), ?yo.2019,Sep.13 06:10 your a pack animal...you will get used to it plus its only a few days
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.13 06:10 this is nice
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.13 06:12 Alright...
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.13 06:13 It is. *looks down at the edge of the mountain.* Should we set up something for the rest of the family for an easier climb or no?
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.13 06:14 they can telaport
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.13 06:32 Er...how about we go see how Laolia and Silver are doing?
4>Naomie (Deer), ?yo.2019,Sep.13 06:36 I have no idea were they went
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.13 06:43 Well...we saw the general direction they went...we could try to follow their scent.
4>Naomie (Deer), ?yo.2019,Sep.13 06:44 ok
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.13 06:44 *starts heading back the way they came so they can track down Silver and Laolia*
4>Naomie (Deer), ?yo.2019,Sep.13 06:46 *fallows her*
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.13 06:59 *eventually picks up their scent and tracks them down* Hi!
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.13 07:01 oh...hi...
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.13 07:21 Hey! What are you two up to?
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.13 07:26 Exploring.
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.13 07:26 *looks at their home* Whoa...
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.13 07:28 It's nice, isn't it? We just finished, not too long ago
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.13 07:34 yeah
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Sep.13 07:39 This part actually isn't the house. It's more like a big play area.
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Sep.13 07:40 yeah the house is underground
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.13 07:57 Wow...
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.13 07:57 Wish we had magic that could do things like this...
4>Naomie (Deer), ?yo.2019,Sep.13 08:01 I have some plant and ice magic...
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.15 03:59 I know...
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.15 03:59 I mean magic that could quickly build a house.
4>Naomie (Deer), ?yo.2019,Sep.15 04:38 ..I could build a house if I wanted to...m just not very good at it
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.15 04:40 I could try to help you.
4>Naomie (Deer), ?yo.2019,Sep.15 04:44 no its fine...
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.15 05:07 Alright...
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.16 06:54 Are you sure? I wouldn't mind making a custom built home with you...
4>Naomie (Deer), ?yo.2019,Sep.17 04:06 ok...lets build one near the Bolouvians *smiels*
4>Naomie (Deer), ?yo.2019,Sep.17 04:06 *smiles
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.17 04:10 Okay! *wags her tail*
4>Naomie (Deer), ?yo.2019,Sep.17 04:17 come on *starts walking*
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.17 04:22 *follows him happily*
4>Naomie (Deer), ?yo.2019,Sep.17 04:30 *gets down to the Bolouvians* ok so if we gather rocks and things I can bind them together
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.17 04:38 Alright. *starts helping out with getting stuff*
4>Naomie (Deer), ?yo.2019,Sep.17 04:54 *starts fusing it together*
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.17 04:56 *keeps gathering more stuff for him to fuse*
4>Naomie (Deer), ?yo.2019,Sep.17 05:23 *continues fusing things together now since the 2 are not very good at building it isnt turing out so well look wise but its sort of structurally sound*
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.17 05:46 *doesn't mind that it doesn't look all that great**she's having fun*
4>Naomie (Deer), ?yo.2019,Sep.17 06:05 *they finish up after a while* nice!
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.17 07:08 *leans against him* It's great!
4>Naomie (Deer), ?yo.2019,Sep.17 07:11 yeah!
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.17 08:50 Let's go in!
4>Naomie (Deer), ?yo.2019,Sep.18 06:18 *goes inside and the inside is even uglier then the outside* Whoa! its so cool!
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Sep.18 06:38 Yeah!
17>Rouny (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Oct.1 21:54 *after seeing the broadcast he telaports to the Planet Laolia and Silver are on and walks over to them* So, You decided to move back here were you actually belong, come on Laolia lets go our house is much nicer then this play tree, lets go and get your
17>Rouny (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Oct.1 21:55 life back in order with the people you Actually belong with.
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Oct.1 21:56 Excuse you?! no I live here with my Husband thank you very much and I thought I made this Clear I want nothing to do with you!
17>Rouny (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Oct.1 22:00 *scoffs* don't be absurd no one in their right mind would willingly sing to that mongrel of a creature, plus we were bethrothed we belong together so come on, you can redecorate the house even if you want to you can even put that tree in the backyard for
17>Rouny (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Oct.1 22:00 kids in the future
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Oct.2 04:37 Leave us Alone Rouny Im not going anywere with you im staying here with MY Husband who is not you! Silver and I would rather DIE then be with you Rouny let alone have kids with you.
17>Rouny (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Oct.2 04:38 *turns to Silver* what did you do to her?
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Oct.2 04:45 [*an indigo dragoness is accumulating a rock collection just for the back of Rouny's head*]
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Oct.2 04:45 [*he should feel flattered*]
17>Rouny (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Oct.2 04:47 [Nope no Dragons allowed sorry not in this universe]
8>Talie (Chia-Demon Wolf), Youngyo.2019,Oct.2 04:50 [I'M A FURSONIA D*** IT XD]
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Oct.4 23:59 It's not really what I did, it's what I didn't do. For one I wasn't all bout marriage. I didn't try to be anything more than a friend. I wasn't rude, I wasn't racist. I wasn't arrogant or pushy. Need I go on?
17>Rouny (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Oct.5 00:01 No that poor vulnerable thing sang to you and you have gone and taken advantage of that. She wouldnt willingly be with something like you
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Oct.5 00:02 *uses her magic to blast rouny a few feet back* Bug off!
17>Rouny (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Oct.5 00:05 No No! See chia wolves arent like this! You did something to her
7>Silver (Vulpis), ?yo.2019,Oct.5 00:25 Or maybe you're just in denial about the fact that you've been rejected.
17>Rouny (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Oct.5 00:36 No one would every reject me for something like you
16>Laolia (chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Oct.5 00:37 Listen he isnt a Thing he is my husband and I did reject you and he isnt controlling me beacause if he was I wouldnt be able to be pregnant with his kids which I am!
17>Rouny (Chia wolf), ?yo.2019,Oct.5 00:39 T...this...! This is unacceptable! I Will find...some way to fix it just...y..you wait! *telaports off*