" DIVERGENT RP " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 12 to 18 years of age.
One hundred years ago, a terrible war struck the nation, causing the citizens to create a faction system which consisted of the following five factions:
-Erudite (Smart)
-Abnegation (Selfless)
-Amity (Peaceful/Kind)
-Candor (Honest)
-Dauntless (Brave)

The five factions were meant to keep the peace. At the age of 16, citizens must choose their faction for life at the Choosing Ceremony. They were also told to live under the following motto 'Faction before blood'. However, certain people fit into more than one faction, unlike the norm. They were called Divergents.
This RP is based off of the popular book/movie series 'Divergent'. What if Tris and Four had never existed? Instead, several other characters will take their place. Join this awesome, gripping, cinematic adventure today!


1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.20 03:38 Hi, and welcome to Divergent RP!
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.20 03:38 First, we'll go over some basic rules!
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.20 03:38 1. Please, no innapropriate stuff.
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.20 03:40 2. No canon characters allowed (Tris, Tobias, etc.). The only canon characters are the faction leaders, who are as followed: Marcus Eaton (Abnegation), Jeanine Matthews (Erudite), Jack Kang (Candor), Johanna Reyes (Amity), and Max (Dauntless).
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.20 03:40 3. If you don't return in two weeks, your characters are cut!
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.20 03:41 4. No powerplaying/taking over the plot.
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.20 03:41 5. It is preferred that you be a few characters from each faction, just so we have a mix. In this RP, we will be switching from faction to faction, so it won't be focused on, say, Dauntless or Erudite more.
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.20 03:42 6. When you create your character, please put their faction of origin in the role box. Don't reveal which faction your character will be choosing at the Choosing Ceremony - it remains a secret!
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.20 03:44 However, you can reveal if they are Divergent or not/
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.20 03:44 *.
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.20 03:44 7. Have fun!
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 03:47 [Nicole:A Divergent who originates from Amity. Has long, silky jet-black hair, strange violet-blue eyes, and (currently) wears the typical Amity garments-a red shirt with yellow pants.]
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 03:48 [In terms of personality, she is a mixture of her Divergent traits and Katniss from the Hunger Games. She is brave, smart, and loving (which sort of reveals the three factions her test will show she could be in), but also is quiet and isn't sure of
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 03:48 herself. Unlike Amity, she can have a fiery temper, but she doesn't reveal it much.]
18>Witt (Dauntless trainer), 25yo.2015,Mar.20 03:51 [Lola:A typical Candor girl-honest, strict, but has a touch of compassion and love. She has gray eyes and short brown hair in a bobcut. She wears the usual black and white Candor clothes.]
4>Ginger (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 03:52 (Connor, a Candor. Has sandy, spiked hair and blue eyes. Wears a black shirt with a white jacket and white pants. Is a stereotypical Candor loudmouth, as well as very outgoing.)
9>violet (girl), 11yo.2015,Mar.20 03:54 [Sarah:An Abnegation girl with long, curly red hair (well, it looks more orange) and golden/hazel eyes. She is sweet, quiet, curious, and VERY loving. Sometimes she questions the strictness of Abnegation.]
9>violet (girl), 11yo.2015,Mar.20 03:55 [She wears the usual Abnegation gray dress.]
8>Elizabeth (candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 03:55 (Claire, from Erudite. Has mostly blonde hair with hints of brown, wide blue/gray eyes, and is pretty tall for her age. Wears the usual Erudite dress code. Acts superior considering she's Erudite, but is caring and nice too.)
13>Kara (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 03:56 (Lauren, from Dauntless. Is not associated with the Lauren from the books. Has brown hair, bold eyebrows, and dark brown eyes. Wears the usual Dauntless black. Is Divergent. Usually keeps to herself, a mysterious person.)
7>Nathan (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 03:56 [Jake:An Abnegation boy and Sarah's sister. Has short blonde hair and icy blue eyes-looks very different from Sarah. He wears Abnegation gray. He's inquisitive, smart, observant, but still a bit selfless.]
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.20 03:57 (Michael, from Abnegation. Wears the Abnegation gray, has bright ginger colored hair, and blue eyes. Is pretty clumsy and sort of short, but really nice. Has a lot of siblings and cares about them a lot. Is Divergent.)
16>Riley (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 03:59 (And lastly, Savannah, from Abnegation. Has reddish-blonde hair, blue eyes, and wears a gray Abnegation dress. Is your ideal Abnegation- very selfless and kind. Has been Michael's friend since childhood.)
14>Mary (Abnegation), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 03:59 [Gerald:Born and raised in Dauntless, wears the usual Dauntless black. Has bright green eyes and short, wavy brown hair. Is brave, but sort of reckless and selfless. A Divergent. Also likes to joke around a lot.]
6>Jake (abnegation), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 04:02 (Hank: From Erudite, has blond hair and blue eyes. Like an Erudite, he is very intelligent, but sometimes doesn't like to speak his mind.
12>Patrick (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 04:02 [Patrick:My last character for now, from Erudite. Has dark blue eyes, dark blonde hair, and is tall and strong. Is sort of like Peter from the books-mean, reckless, cunning, and taunts the "good" characters. He wears Erudite blue-at least for now.]
6>Jake (abnegation), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 04:02 (Also wearing the erudite dress code)
12>Patrick (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 04:03 [Shall we start?]
13>Kara (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 04:04 (Yeah! I'm just going to start out slow so that other people can join and stuff.)
12>Patrick (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 04:04 [OK!]
13>Kara (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 04:04 -AT SCHOOL-
12>Patrick (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 04:04 [Looks like Jack joined as someone named David.]
15>Tray (Dauntless), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 04:05 (Yeah. I did. Let me explain him really quick ok?)
13>Kara (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 04:05 *it is one of the final days before testing for the Choosing Ceremony begins* *mutters:* I can't wait to get out of this place. *accidently shoves an Erudite student*
13>Kara (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 04:05 (Ok!)
12>Patrick (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 04:06 [Okie dokie!]
15>Tray (Dauntless), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 04:08 (David: From Candor, Has Brown hair, Brown eyes, is open minded and extremely nice. Tries to keep the peace when things aren't going well, but otherwise he's easy to get along with. Wearing the Candor Outfit)
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.20 04:08 *walks through the halls with Savannah* *hears Connor guffaw across the hallway* *is secretly fearful of Connor for some reason*
15>Tray (Dauntless), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 04:08 (Ok! Done!)
12>Patrick (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 04:09 [Great! Let's start! :D]
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.20 04:09 (Awesome!)
9>violet (girl), 11yo.2015,Mar.20 04:09 *walks with Michael, Savannah, and Jake*
18>Witt (Dauntless trainer), 25yo.2015,Mar.20 04:10 *sees the Abnegation nearby**is with Connor**is heard muttering "Stiffs"*
8>Elizabeth (candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 04:10 *sees Lauren- who looks sort of annoyed- making her way through the hall* *several people steer clear of her*
8>Elizabeth (candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 04:11 *looks at Lauren* Lauren: *smirks* Heya, smarty pants.
9>violet (girl), 11yo.2015,Mar.20 04:11 *has a sudden yearning to stop the little "hate" thing between Candor and Abnegation and form peace**stops herself, thinking that that is more like something that she herself would want, and she must let go of herself*
4>Ginger (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 04:11 *laughs good and hard*
12>Patrick (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 04:12 *also walks past Lauren**pushes her rather hard while doing so**sarcasm* Oops. Sorry. *keeps walking, quietly laughing to himself*
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.20 04:12 *trips out of anxiety, and books go flying* *quickly bends down to pick them up, face burning*
13>Kara (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 04:12 *chuckles* Real sincere apology! *keeps walking*
6>Jake (abnegation), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 04:13 *Walks by and sees Lauren fall down to the ground*
7>Nathan (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 04:13 *frowns a little* You know, what use is making fun of us? I mean, really, it's just words. It shouldn't affect us... Sarah:Jake, you sound a little Erudite... Jake:Oh. Sorry...
14>Mary (Abnegation), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 04:14 *sees what Patrick did to Lauren and is sort of weirded out-usually a Dauntless would push an Erudite, not the other way around*
16>Riley (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 04:14 *bends over and helps Michael pick up his books* Want me to carry some of these for you? *picks up excess notebooks* Some of these you didn't have to bring, you know.
14>Mary (Abnegation), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 04:14 *sighs, shakes his head, and walks over to Lauren* Hey. Need some help?
13>Kara (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 04:15 Yeah...thanks for helping me out.
14>Mary (Abnegation), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 04:15 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.20 04:15 *assures Savannah its okay* Really, I can carry these...*struggles to even pick them up*
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.20 04:15 (Bye!)
6>Jake (abnegation), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 04:16 (Bye!)
3>Richard (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 11:54 (Petra: from Dauntless. Petra is a ruthless Dauntless, who absolutely hates and shuns her current leader. She's very rebellious and noble, but that quality often gets her into trouble...lots of it. She has black hair with a few dyed red streaks, and
3>Richard (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 11:55 really pretty blue eyes. She mostly wears a lot of black)
10>Carlos (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 11:58 (James: from Amity, and also a Divergent. He was born to Amity, but was always sort of drawn more to learning about the world than treating it kindly. James is very smart, honest to a fault, and also secretly very kind, and his motto is even that he
10>Carlos (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 11:59 believes it's the small acts of kindness that really change the world. He has scraggly black hair and deep brown eyes. He usually wears light clothing that comes in yellow.)
8>Elizabeth (candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 12:46 (Thank you for joining!)
8>Elizabeth (candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 12:47 *walks past Patrick* I saw you push that girl. Even if she was Dauntless, you could've been nicer. *goes into a classroom with all of the other kids*
8>Elizabeth (candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 12:48 *sits down amongst the Erudites* *they are about to learn about the Choosing Ceremony*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 16:06 *sits down in the classroom next to James*
7>Nathan (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 16:08 *makes sure to listen VERY closely to the teacher;he loves learning*
14>Mary (Abnegation), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 16:09 *sits back, yawning loudly and making some bold comment about how boring this will be**some of the others can't help cracking up, althouh the teacher definitely isn't amused*
11>Trimena (Abnegation), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 20:55 (Drew, from Erudite. Has short, light brown hair and glasses. Is kind of skinny, wears Erudite blue. Is super smart, has always been liked, but is searching for something more than edu in life.)
11>Trimena (Abnegation), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 20:55 (Can be dramatic, weird, quirky, or bossy- it all depends.)
20>Christina (Candor/Dauntless), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 20:57 (Kelly, from Amity. She has long, brownish-blond hair; it used to be blonde but has since naturally altered. Has bright blue eyes and Amity yellows and oranges on, with leather sandals.)
20>Christina (Candor/Dauntless), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 20:58 (Has always been a little strong from carrying baskets around, but is mostly weak- very weak. A Divergent.)
13>Kara (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 21:05 *laughs heartily at Gerald's comments*
16>Riley (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 21:06 *turns around and looks at Lauren and Gerald, not amused* Teacher: Quiet, please...*the class quiets down*
16>Riley (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 21:06 *focuses her attention back up on the teacher*
16>Riley (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 21:42 *the teacher begins explaining the history behind the factions and how they came to be* *is unusually endorsed in the subject* *feels like taking notes*
4>Ginger (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 21:43 *is so bored* *slouches a bit* *sits up more, trying to stay awake* *looks around at some of his other Candor friends, then looks at the teacher*
4>Ginger (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 21:44 *focuses more once the teacher begins to explain how the last day of school/the aptitude tests will go*
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.20 21:47 *pretty soon, class ends* *everyone files out* *catches up with his Abnegation friends and walks with them*
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.20 21:47 *laughs a little* Wow...I can't believe that, um, school's almost over.
16>Riley (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.20 21:48 Yeah. *smiles distantly* I've had a lot of good memories here with all of you.
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.20 21:49 Hey, it's not time to get sentimental yet! *grins* We still have time. *trips a little* Well, some time.
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.21 23:46 For all I care, we could end up being one, big happy family in Abnegation! *unsteadily throws his arms around Jake and Savannah*
17>Juan (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.21 23:47 *overhears Michael* You sure about that? *smiles a little and keeps walking*
17>Juan (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.21 23:48 (Oh, and here's my new character: Carlos, from Dauntless. He has dark skin, neat, short black hair, and chocolate colored eyes. Wears a black jacket and pants/typical Dauntless dress code.)
17>Juan (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.21 23:49 (Is beloved by his faction and is a perfect example of a Dauntless member, but he feels like there's more to just guarding the city and stuff. Is pretty nice, facetious, and funny.)
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.22 03:29 *exits the school with everyone else* *examines all of his classmates from other factions - the Candor, debating and arguing, the Dauntless, laughing and joking around, the Erudite, quietly talking, and the Amity, singing quietly*
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.22 03:29 *isn't quite sure where he belongs*
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.22 03:31 *stares at a Dauntless guy who affectionately puts an arm around a girl*
16>Riley (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 03:32 *nudges Michael a bit* Wake up, sleepyhead! *smiles* *heads in the direction of the Abnegation neighborhood*
12>Patrick (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 03:32 [Hi!]
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.22 03:33 *follows Savannah, tripping over the cement in the process*
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.22 03:33 (Hi!)
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 03:33 *watches the Dauntless, who she, like Tris, has always admired**knows that she has been taught to love peace and shun the warlike ways of the Dauntless, but she has always loved how free they are*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 03:34 [I'll be on Movie RP and here. I'm making Sitcom Roleplay, so my replies will be slow.]
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.22 03:35 (Ok!)
16>Riley (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 03:36 So, uh, are you ready for the Choosing Ceremony tomorrow?
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.22 03:36 *laughs a little* Uh, no...
9>violet (girl), 11yo.2015,Mar.22 03:37 *she and Jake catch up with Michael and Savannah and join them in conversation*
9>violet (girl), 11yo.2015,Mar.22 03:37 [Are our characters going to take their tests? Or not?]
16>Riley (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 03:37 *smiles* Hm. *sees a factionless person wandering around* *goes over to help that person*
16>Riley (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 03:37 (Yes, shortly.)
9>violet (girl), 11yo.2015,Mar.22 03:37 [OK!]
9>violet (girl), 11yo.2015,Mar.22 03:38 *follows Savannah*
9>violet (girl), 11yo.2015,Mar.22 03:38 *takes out a piece of bread from her bag and offers it to a factionless man*
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.22 03:38 *watches, feeling slightly depressed* *really doesn't want to stay in Abnegation much longer*
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.22 03:38 *goes to his house*
13>Kara (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 03:39 *takes the train back to Dauntless with other Dauntless folk* *goes to her apartment* *enters and sees her mom lounging around* Mom: *says in a demanding tone:* How was school.
13>Kara (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 03:40 Uh, it was good. Mom: You make any new friends? Lauren: *sounds annoyed* You know I'm not good at making friends. Mom: Don't gimme that. Work on it.
13>Kara (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 03:41 Why aren't you at your post at the fence? Mom: Because, it was too windy. Now go fix your hair, it looks terrible. Lauren: *sighs, kicking a door*
13>Kara (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 03:42 *doesn't fix her hair; is instead pondering over weather to stay or leave Dauntless*
13>Kara (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 03:42 -THE NEXT DAY-
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 03:43 *has absolutely no idea about which faction she should choose*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 03:43 Jake:*is already torn between Abnegation and Erudite* Sarah:*is pretty sure she's going to stay in Abnegation, but still...&
13>Kara (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 03:43 *it is the day of the Choosing Ceremony* *gets up really early* *her mom is not awake* *looks in the doorway of her mom's room, then leaves for school*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 03:43 **
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.22 03:44 *wakes up and heads out almost immedietly* *waits outside of Savannah's house, and she comes out*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 03:44 *all my characters wake up and leave*
16>Riley (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 03:45 Good morning! Michael: Morning. Savannah: So, are you ready for your test? Michael: I told you yesterday...not really.
16>Riley (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 03:45 *soon enough, they arrive at school* *goes to Faction History class with everyone else*
11>Trimena (Abnegation), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 03:47 Drew: *looks up at the teacher intently* Teacher: *explains how the test will work, etc.* *then it is time for everyone to take their test*
11>Trimena (Abnegation), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 03:48 *walks into his testing room, a stoic look on his face*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 03:48 *squirms, feeling uneasy**looks around and sees that many of the others are the same way**tries to remember stuff about peaceful thoughts and calms down a little*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 03:48 *goes into her testing room, breathing heavily to stay calm and peaceful*
12>Patrick (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 03:49 *goes into his testing room rather casually*
16>Riley (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 03:49 *glances at Michael hopefully before they enter their testing room*
20>Christina (Candor/Dauntless), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 03:50 *timidly enters the testing room*
20>Christina (Candor/Dauntless), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 03:50 (I may have only the Divergents do their test in this part of the RP.)
20>Christina (Candor/Dauntless), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 03:52 *sees a Dauntless test administrator at a screen* Er - hello...how are you today? Administrator: Sit down. Kelly: *sits down* *is handed a vial of blue stuff* *drinks up*
12>Patrick (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 03:52 [OK.]
12>Patrick (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 03:53 *all my characters go into their testing rooms*
20>Christina (Candor/Dauntless), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 03:53 *finishes her test* *wakes up, waiting for her results* Excuse me, but can I have my test results? Administrator: *says quietly:* They were inconclusive.
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 03:54 Test Admin:Sit down. Nicole:*gets in a dentist type chair* Test Admin:Ready? Nicole:I- *is handed a vial of the simulation serum anyway*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 03:54 *sighs and drinks it*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 03:55 *finds herself in the room with the cheese and the knife* Voice:Choose. Nicole:What...? Voice:CHOOSE. Nicole:*looks at the two**sighs and grabs the cheese*
20>Christina (Candor/Dauntless), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 03:55 How - how is that? Administrator: It just is. I manually entered Amity as your result. Now get out, before some teacher comes in.
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 03:55 *still isn't sure, so she grabs the knife too*
20>Christina (Candor/Dauntless), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 03:55 *rushes out of a back door, feeling confused and scared*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 03:56 *a dog comes running towards her**before doing anything, she ducks down in submission**when she looks up, the dog is looking at her kindly**smiles* You're not all that scary, huh?
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 03:56 *gives the dog the cheese**just then a girl appears* Girl:Doggie! *beams* Dog:*growls and charges at the girl* Nicole:NO!!!!! *grabs the dog, pulls it back, and kills it with the knife*
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.22 03:56 *is in the middle of his test* *doesn't take anything* *instead defends the little girl in the test* *wakes up, looking around* *glances at himself in one of the mirrors and quickly looks away*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 03:57 *then she finds herself in a bus* Man:*asks Nicole some question* Nicole:*somehow she knows she has the answer in her head but also knows that saying the answer would be a terrible mistake*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 03:57 *lies* I don't know
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 03:57 *.
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 03:57 *wakes up from the test**the Test Admin looks grim* What...what is it...? What are my results? Test Admin:Your test results are inconclusive.
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.22 03:58 Administrator: *looks at the computer, dumbfounded* Michael: What were my results? Administrator: Inconclusive. Michael: WHAT- Admin: SHH!!!
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 03:58 What...how...? Test Admin:You are Amity, AND Dauntless, AND Erudite.
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 03:58 So I could be in any of those factions? Test Admin:Yes. You have a more complex personality. You are Divergent.
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 03:59 *remembers rumors about how Divergents are dangerous to the faction system and shudders*
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.22 03:59 Administrator: You got Abnegation. And Dauntless. And Amity. Michael: So I'm Divergent? Administrator: Yeah, and you must leave before someone finds out.
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 03:59 TA:You must NEVER tell anyone you are Divergent unless you want to be killed. You understand? Nicole:*nods quickly* TA:I set your results as Amity. Now go. Quickly.
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 04:00 *gets up and leaves*
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.22 04:00 But what about the Choosing Ceremony?! Administrator: You must choose the faction you think you truly belong in. Now go. *shoves Michael out of a door*
13>Kara (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 04:02 *the news of her Divergence has been revealed* *seems more annoyed than worried* *paces around, trying to chill out* What am I gonna do...*just leaves then and there*
13>Kara (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 04:02 *is thinking that it's better to choose a safe haven as a faction over a faction that she truly belongs in* *walks down a lone alley*
14>Mary (Abnegation), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 04:03 *is taking his test**when he faces the dog, he tries to kill it with the knife but does it sort of awkwardly*
14>Mary (Abnegation), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 04:03 *the dog survives, the girl appears, and the dog charges at the girl* NO!!!! KILL ME INSTEAD!!!! *lunges at the dog and grabs the dog**gets pretty scratched up but manages to kill it*
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.22 04:03 *waits around outside for some of his friends* *Savannah comes out*
14>Mary (Abnegation), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 04:04 *appears in the bus and lies to the man who asked him a question**then wakes up8
16>Riley (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 04:04 How did your test go, Michael?
14>Mary (Abnegation), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 04:04 &&
14>Mary (Abnegation), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 04:04 **
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.22 04:05 *shrugs* It was okay, I guess. Savannah: What were your results. Michael: *smiles, trying to make a joke out of it* It's a secret. Savannah: I see. *chuckles*
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.22 04:07 *he and Savannah wait for Jake and Sarah*
14>Mary (Abnegation), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 04:12 What are my results? TA:You are Divergent. Gerald:*jumps a little* What?! TA:You are Dauntless AND Abnegation. You must keep this secret-otherwise your life will be in grave danger. I set your results to Dauntless manually.
14>Mary (Abnegation), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 04:12 TA:Go before the teacher comes in. Now. Gerald:Okay... *quickly leaves*
7>Nathan (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 04:13 *he and Sarah have distant looks in their eyes*
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.22 04:15 *heads on home with his Abnegation friends* *it is a pretty silent walk home*
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.22 04:16 *has a slightly shaking voice* I'll see you guys tomorrow, I guess.
16>Riley (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 04:17 *goes over to Michael and hugs him* *hugs Sarah and Jake as well*
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.22 04:21 *goes in his house* *sits down at his table, reflecting* *tries not to cry, and feels pretty stupid about it*
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.22 04:22 Little brother: You're not leaving forever, are you Michael? Michael: *looks down at his brother with a really red face* *manages a smile* No. No, I won't.
7>Nathan (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 04:23 *all my characters head home**Sarah helps her mother cook while Jake hides in his home and reads*
13>Kara (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 04:23 *enters her Dauntless apartment* Mom: What was your test results? Lauren: *no answer* Mom: Was it Dauntless? It better have been Dauntless.
7>Nathan (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 04:24 *Gerald paces, his Dauntless energy building inside him**Nicole isn't sure which faction to choose, but finds that she is getting tired of being with the Amity*
7>Nathan (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 04:24 *Lola is confident about what faction she is going to choose**Patrick is also casual and confident*
13>Kara (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 04:24 *locks herself in her room, feeling really stressed at the moment*
20>Christina (Candor/Dauntless), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 04:25 *spends some quality time with Amity friends* *is certain what faction she's going to choose* *Carlos does the same*
16>Riley (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 04:27 -NEXT DAY-
16>Riley (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 04:28 *it is the day of the Choosing Ceremony* *heads towards "the Hub" with her friends and their families*
7>Nathan (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 04:30 *all my characters are in the Hub*
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.22 04:31 *looks up at the Hub, the sunlight glinting off of it* *gets a sick feeling to his stomach*
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.22 04:32 *enters, looking around at the myriad of faction members* *sits down in the Abnegation section by Savannah*
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.22 04:33 Jeanine: *stands up by the faction bowls* *gives a spiel on the factions and stuff* The future...belongs to those who KNOW where they belong.
17>Juan (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 04:34 *listens carefully*
17>Juan (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 04:34 (Hey, do your characters have last names or can I just improvise the last names?)
7>Nathan (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 04:36 [Eh, just improvise. Although Nicole's last name is Adler.]
17>Juan (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 04:37 (Ok.)
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.22 04:38 Marcus: *stands up* Nicole Adler!
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.22 04:40 *Nicole gets up and goes to the faction bowls*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 04:46 *heads to the bowls**already eliminated Amity**stands in between the Erudite and Dauntless bowl, her hand cut and ready to drop blood into one of the bowls*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 04:46 *stands there for a minute**then quickly drops her blood into the sizzling hot coals**lets out a gasp of relief and sadness*
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.22 04:47 Marcus: Dauntless! *the crowd roars*
17>Juan (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 04:47 *watches as Nicole is enthusiastically welcomed by the Dauntless*
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.22 04:48 Marcus: Petra Shephard!
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.22 04:48 *Petra comes up and selects her faction* *the crowd applauds*
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.22 04:49 Marcus: Connor Morrison!
4>Ginger (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 04:49 *confidently walks up to the faction bowls* *takes the knife*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 04:49 *sits down with the Dauntless excitedly**sees her family and feels bad, though*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 04:50 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
4>Ginger (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 04:51 *looks over the various faction bowls* *draws the knife quickly and holds his hand out over the coals, the blood dripping in* *a sizzle is heard*
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.22 04:51 Dauntless!
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.22 04:52 (Ok, bye!)
4>Ginger (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 04:54 *sits down among the Dauntless people* *doesn't look over at his family and friends, although he has the urge to*
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.22 04:54 *Lizzy is called out and she selects her faction* *then Hank is called, and he selects his faction*
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.22 05:35 Marcus: Drew Mereske!
11>Trimena (Abnegation), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 05:36 *walks up to the faction bowls confidently* *grabs the knife and winces as he makes a deep cut* *takes a quick look at the bowls, then lets the blood flow onto the Dauntless coals*
11>Trimena (Abnegation), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 05:37 *the Dauntless cheer loudly* *grins sheepishly and sits with them*
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.22 05:38 Marcus: Kelly Delta!
20>Christina (Candor/Dauntless), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 05:39 *walks up to the faction bowls* *takes the knife and struggles to create a cut* *stares at the Dauntless coals, then holds her hand over the coals in a fist, letting the blood drip*
20>Christina (Candor/Dauntless), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 05:39 *the Dauntless cheer loudly as she takes a seat by Drew*
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.22 05:46 Marcus: Quiet, please!
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.22 05:46 Marcus: Jake Evans!
7>Nathan (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 16:15 *comes forward, takes the knife, and stops for a moment**then takes a deep breath and lets his blood drip into the Erudite bowl*
7>Nathan (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 16:16 *several gasps come from the Abnegation as he walks to the Erudite crowd*
9>violet (girl), 11yo.2015,Mar.22 16:17 *looks at Jake, shocked, but he doesn't even dare to look at the Abnegation*
5>Sierra (Dauntless), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 21:02 (by the way, since I missed it, I'll put what the factions I joined were. Lizzy ended up joining Erudite, James joined Abnegation, and Petra stayed in Dauntless)
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.22 23:01 (Ok, thanks for letting us know!)
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.22 23:02 *watches Jake, eyes wide* *deep down, he could sense it happening all along*
16>Riley (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.22 23:03 *glances at Sarah*
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.22 23:03 Marcus: Erudite! *low murmurs are heard*
9>violet (girl), 11yo.2015,Mar.23 03:26 *remembers how Jake was always curious and loved books**knows that she secretly sensed he was Erudite the whole time*
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.23 03:27 Marcus: Sarah Evans!
9>violet (girl), 11yo.2015,Mar.23 03:32 *takes a deep breath and comes forward**takes the knife, cuts herself, and stares at the Abnegation bowl**then turns and drops her blood into the Amity bowl*
9>violet (girl), 11yo.2015,Mar.23 03:33 *goes and sits with the Amity**tries to look at her parents, but too many people are in the way*
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.23 03:33 Marcus: Amity!
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.23 03:33 Marcus: Claire Johnson!
8>Elizabeth (candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.23 03:34 *walks up with a confident gait* *takes the knife and cuts her hand*
8>Elizabeth (candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.23 03:34 *holds her hand over the Amity bowl, and the blood drips in*
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.23 03:34 Marcus: Amity!
8>Elizabeth (candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.23 03:35 *walks over to the Amity people, smiling* *sees her parents watching her grimly*
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.23 03:37 Marcus: James Norman! *James comes up and cuts his hand, letting his blood drop in the Abnegation crowd*
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.23 03:37 *bowl
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.23 03:37 Marcus: Abnegation! *James is greeted by the Abnegation folk*
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.23 03:37 Marcus: Patrick Waters!
12>Patrick (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Mar.23 03:38 *comes forward confidently**takes the knife and cuts himself without even wincing or flinching**quickly drops his blood into the Dauntless bowl*
12>Patrick (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Mar.23 03:38 *goes and joins the Dauntless crowd, which is whooping and pumping their fists*
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.23 03:43 Marcus: Dauntless!
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.23 03:43 Marcus: Lauren Andrews!
13>Kara (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.23 03:44 *looks around, then gets up* *slowly walks towards the bowls* *draws the knife, and cuts* *looks over the Abnegation and Amity bowls* *blood drips down the side of her hand*
13>Kara (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.23 03:44 *holds her hand out over the gray stones, letting it drip*
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.23 03:45 Marcus: Abnegation!
13>Kara (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.23 03:45 *walks over to the Abnegation crowd* *can hear her mom crying dramatically*
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.23 03:45 Marcus: Gerald Rosenberg!
14>Mary (Abnegation), 16yo.2015,Mar.23 03:47 *comes forward**is torn between Dauntless and Abnegation*
14>Mary (Abnegation), 16yo.2015,Mar.23 03:47 *finally he cuts himself and drops his blood into the Abnegation bowl*
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.23 03:48 Marcus: Abnegation!
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.23 03:48 Marcus: David Carlson! *David comes up and selects his faction* *the crowd cheers*
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.23 03:48 Marcus: Savannah Willis!
16>Riley (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.23 03:49 *gets up* *smiles at Michael before going up*
16>Riley (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.23 03:49 *takes the knife, slicing her hand open* *holds her hand out over the Erudite bowl, turning the water a slight shade of pink*
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.23 03:49 Marcus: Erudite!
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.23 03:50 *watches Savannah almost longingly as she makes her way over to the Erudite* *has so far lost all of his friends in Abnegation* *there is once again a buzz among the Abnegation over Savannah's choice*
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.23 03:51 Marcus: Carlos Sanchez!
17>Juan (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.23 03:52 *comes up confidently* *the entire process is done quickly* *ends up dropping his blood into the Erudite bowl*
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.23 03:52 Marcus: Erudite!
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.23 03:52 Marcus: Lola Holt!
18>Witt (Dauntless trainer), 25yo.2015,Mar.23 03:55 *comes forward and confidently cuts herself and drops her blood into the Candor bowl*
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.23 03:57 Marcus: Candor!
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.23 03:57 Marcus: Michael Bradford!
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.23 03:58 *stands up, knees shaking* *makes his way slowly to the faction bowls, still not certain of what his faction of choice will be* *cuts his hand*
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.23 03:58 *his head is screaming "stay" over and over again as he looks at the Abnegation bowl* *however, he doesn't wish to stay* *holds his hand over the Dauntless bowl, letting the blood drip in*
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.23 03:59 Marcus: Dauntless!
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.23 04:00 *feels like a heavy weight has been finally lifted from his shoulders* *heads over to the Dauntless, being cheered*
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.23 04:01 *the Choosing Ceremonies have ended* *heads out with the others, looking back at his once friends - and family*
18>Witt (Dauntless trainer), 25yo.2015,Mar.23 04:01 *walks away with her family and fellow Candor*
4>Ginger (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Mar.23 04:02 *whoops as they exit the building* *runs with the Dauntless like he was part of them for a long time*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.23 04:02 *as always, the Dauntless are the first to leave*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.23 04:02 *isn't able to see the Amity before running after the others*
16>Riley (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.23 04:02 *glances at the Dauntless almost irritably*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.23 04:02 *feels a surge of happiness as she bounds down the steps*
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.23 04:03 *runs after the Dauntless, his oversized Abnegation coat blowing in the wind* *tries to keep up with them, but ends up tripping*
7>Nathan (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Mar.23 04:03 *hangs out with Savannah, since she's one of the few Erudite he's already familiar with*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.23 04:04 *sees Michael trip and runs over**helps him get up, but avoids touching him too much-like any Amity, she's aware of that sort "no-touchy" Abnegation trait*
6>Jake (abnegation), 16yo.2015,Mar.23 04:04 (Hiya!) *Walks out with his family*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.23 04:04 [Hi!]
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.23 04:04 [What factions did your characters choose, Jack?]
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.23 04:04 [gtg soon]
20>Christina (Candor/Dauntless), 16yo.2015,Mar.23 04:04 *sees that Michael has tripped* *helps him stand up* Are you okay?
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.23 04:05 *nods, laughing sort of hard* It's hard to keep up with them! *runs towards the yellow train tracks*
6>Jake (abnegation), 16yo.2015,Mar.23 04:05 (Erudite and candor)
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.23 04:07 *does his best to climb up the train tracks*
13>Kara (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.23 04:07 *follows the Abnegation to their small neighborhood, which isn't that far away*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.23 04:08 [OK.]
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.23 04:09 *runs over and climbs up the train tracks with surprising skill**stops with the other Dauntless, waiting for the train*
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.23 04:11 *is the last person to climb the train* *sees it coming* We have to JUMP?! Geez...Connor: Yup. *everyone starts running after the train*
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.23 04:11 *jumps the train with surprising skill* *sees that Drew is falling behind* *holds out a hand for him to grab onto*
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.23 04:13 *helps Drew onto the train* Drew: Thank you. Michael: *nods*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.23 04:14 *jumps and lands hard**winces but is OK**sees Patrick, who landed pretty well*
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.23 04:14 Someone: Get ready...Someone else: For what? Connor: To JUMP. *jumps out*
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.23 04:14 *stands behind with Kelly*
20>Christina (Candor/Dauntless), 16yo.2015,Mar.23 04:15 Better now than never. *makes a leap of faith, Michael following*
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.23 04:16 *falls hard on the roof* *cringes, straightening out his tattered coat* Kelly: Well...that was fun. Michael: *laughs* Yeah. *makes his way to other Dauntless people*
17>Juan (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.23 04:17 *at Erudite, things are getting down to business* *is already wearing a blue suit*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.23 04:18 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
17>Juan (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.23 04:21 (Bye!)
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.23 05:10 (Ok, so now things will be cut up into segments. For example, we'll do Dauntless, then Erudite, and so forth.)
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.23 05:11 (Oh, and if your character has transferred, please switch their faction in your role box. Thanks!)
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.23 05:11 (Note: More time may be spent at Dauntless since all of you plus myself are more familiar with the initiation process there.)
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.23 05:18 -AT DAUNTLESS-
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.23 05:19 Max: *explains to the initiates that the only way to enter Dauntless is by jumping off of a roof into a net* It's the only way to enter Dauntless. And if you can't, well...you're out.
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.23 05:19 *is seriously considering backing out* *is certain that his family could take him back anytime*
20>Christina (Candor/Dauntless), 16yo.2015,Mar.23 05:21 *looks around at some of the initiates* Max: So, who's going to be the brave one to go first? *a random Dauntless native volunteers* *watches in uncertainty*
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.23 05:22 Excuse me, but- *comes into view* I can go second. Max: Come on up, Stiff. Michael: *stands on the rooftop, shaking* *looks down for a minute, then just jumps*
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.23 05:23 *is free falling for awhile* *lands on the net, getting the wind knocked out of him for a split second* *is helped off*
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.23 05:25 Trainer: Welome to Dauntless! Michael: Thanks. *sounds a bit out of breath* Trainer: What's your name? Michael: Er, m- *stops himself* Trainer: Pick a new one if you want, but it'd better be good.
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.23 05:26 Um...Mike. My name's Mike. Trainer: Second jumper is Mike! *a few hoots are heard* Michael: *smiles and watches Kelly tumble down into the net*
20>Christina (Candor/Dauntless), 16yo.2015,Mar.23 05:27 *is helped out of the net by the trainer* *states her name* Trainer: Third jumper: Kelly!
20>Christina (Candor/Dauntless), 16yo.2015,Mar.23 05:28 *stands near Mike* Wasn't so bad, was it? Mike: *smiles* It was actually sort of fun.
4>Ginger (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Mar.23 05:29 *is the sixth jumper* *straightens out his Candor coat* *has a good laugh* Wow...just wow.
11>Trimena (Abnegation), 16yo.2015,Mar.23 05:30 *comes shortly after Connor* *stumbles out of the net, a bit flustered*
11>Trimena (Abnegation), 16yo.2015,Mar.23 05:31 Connor: *looks at Drew* You seem out of sorts. You okay? Drew: *nods quickly*
11>Trimena (Abnegation), 16yo.2015,Mar.23 05:33 *adjusts his glasses, which have been bent out of sorts*
3>Richard (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.23 11:37 *had jumped right before Connor* *laughs, thinking it was actually really fun*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.24 22:05 Max:Alright, who's next? *silence* Nicole:*finally she comes forward* I'll go.
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.24 22:08 [Note:I'm going to say that Nicole's original name was Nicoletta.] Max:Come on up. Nicole:*comes up**looks down, hesitating**then jumps*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.24 22:10 *lands on the net and is winded for a moment* Trainer:*helps Nicoletta get off the net* Name? Feel free to choose a new one. Nicoletta:Nicolett-*thinks for a moment* Nevermind.
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.24 22:10 My name is Nicole.
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Mar.24 22:11 Trainer:Eleventh jumper-Nicole!
12>Patrick (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Mar.24 22:11 *another person goes**then he goes**unfortunately, he is the unlucky thirteenth jumper**lands hard and awkwardly on the net* AUGH!!!! Ohhh...
12>Patrick (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Mar.24 22:13 *clutches his back while the trainer helps him get off the net*
12>Patrick (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Mar.24 22:13 Trainer:Name? Patrick:Patrick... *wincing* Trainer:Thirteenth jumper-Patrick! *shoves a still winded Patrick into the crowd*
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.25 02:43 *glances at Patrick* Trainer: Follow me. Dauntless born, go with Miranda. *points to another Dauntless trainer*
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.25 02:43 *follows their trainer- who is named Corey- back into their temporary living quarters*
11>Trimena (Abnegation), 16yo.2015,Mar.25 02:45 *the first thing he sees is toilets sitting out in the open* *laughs out loud* Why are the bathrooms in here?! Corey: What, you're not brave enough? *a few people snicker*
4>Ginger (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Mar.25 02:46 *snickers* Wow, so you're really taking the name 'Dauntless' seriously. *silence* *gets a glare from Corey* *crosses arms skeptically*
4>Ginger (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Mar.25 02:47 Corey: Oh, if it makes you feel any better, the showers are back there. *points to a cement wall where some shower heads are* Now get dressed.
4>Ginger (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Mar.25 02:47 *everyone dresses in Dauntless clothes and tosses their old faction clothes in fire*
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.25 02:48 *feels bad watching his Abnegation clothing burn, but forgets about it*
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.25 02:48 -IN ERUDITE-
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.25 02:49 Jeanine: *is hosting a Erudite ceremony in honor of the new initiates* ....it is a great honor for us to welcome you into this faction. We sincerely hope that your time here is spent wisely and you gain knowledge and wisdom.
16>Riley (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.25 02:51 *listens to Jeanine carefully* *soon the ceremony is concluded and everyone retreats to a feast* *sits down at a table with Jake*
17>Juan (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.25 02:52 *sits down by Savannah and Jake* So you're the Stiffs, huh? By the way, I'm Carlos. Dauntless transfer.
16>Riley (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.25 02:52 Nice to meet you, Carlos. I'm Savannah. *begins to eat quietly*
17>Juan (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.25 02:53 *there are a few moments of silence* So, what made you want to come here? To Erudite?
16>Riley (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.25 02:54 *stiffens up* Well, I guess I was always interested in Erudite...you know, since they make a lot of contributions to the faction system.
5>Sierra (Dauntless), 16yo.2015,Mar.25 11:35 *walks over to sit down by Savannah, Jake, and Carlos* Mind if I sit here? No one else will take me.
16>Riley (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.26 01:44 Yeah, go ahead. *makes space for Lizzy*
16>Riley (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.26 01:44 *introduces herself, as does Carlos*
7>Nathan (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Mar.26 16:20 *introduces himself too*
7>Nathan (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Mar.26 16:22 *already misses Sarah, but pushes the feeling away**is eager to get started and begin learning*
7>Nathan (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Mar.26 16:23 Carlos:And what made YOU join Erudite? Jake:Well...I've always been interested in learning and knowledge, and my test said I was positive for Erudite, so I guess that's why.
17>Juan (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.27 21:20 *nods, smiling* Same.
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.27 21:20 -IN AMITY-
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Mar.27 21:21 Johanna: *is gathered around with the initiates, old and new* *everyone goes around and introduces themselves*
8>Elizabeth (candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.27 21:27 *has only talked to two people tops* *wanders around, smiling at people* *is still trying to get used to being in Amity, for it's much different than the Erudite community*
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.29 23:46 *meanwhile in Dauntless, everyone is feasting in the cafeteria area* *has already become sort of good friends with Connor* *walks around aimlessly, looking for a seat*
4>Ginger (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Mar.29 23:47 So, where should we sit? Doesn't seem like there are many options.
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.29 23:49 *sees Kelly sitting at a table, almost isolated* How about we sit there? *makes a timid pointing gesture*
4>Ginger (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Mar.29 23:50 *says loudly:* By that Amity girl?! Well- Mike: Shh!! That's not really nice. Connor: *raises eyebrows* Okay. *he and Mike sit down by Kelly*
20>Christina (Candor/Dauntless), 16yo.2015,Mar.29 23:52 *looks at them and smiles* Hi! I don't think I've officially met you guys, but I think you're Mike, right? *Mike nods*
4>Ginger (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Mar.29 23:52 Oh, and I'm, um, Connor. Candor transfer.
20>Christina (Candor/Dauntless), 16yo.2015,Mar.29 23:53 *rolls eyes jokingly* Of course. *smiles* It's great to meet you both.
11>Trimena (Abnegation), 16yo.2015,Mar.29 23:55 *wanders around, looking for somewhere to sit* *eventualy takes a seat at the table where Kelly, Mike, and Connor are sitting* *clears throat* Er- hi, I'm Drew.
4>Ginger (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Mar.29 23:56 Drew...it's good to meet you. Where are you from again?
11>Trimena (Abnegation), 16yo.2015,Mar.29 23:57 Er- um, Erudite.
4>Ginger (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Mar.29 23:58 Er- you say "er" quite a bit. *Drew chuckles, but ultimatelydoesn't seem to find it funny*
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Mar.29 23:59 *tries to conceal a laugh, but isn't doing a very good job of doing so* Kelly: *to Connor* Shut your Candor mouth! *laughs* Connor: *laughs heartily*
13>Kara (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.30 00:02 *in Abnegation, there isn't very much pomp and circumstance* *enters her designated Abnegation house with a roommate from Amity named Sadie* *is soon donning a gray dress and the Abnegation bun*
13>Kara (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.30 00:04 Sadie: *tries to make small talk with Lauren* Which faction did you transfer from? Lauren: *puts on a thin, gray, wool coat* Dauntless. Sadie: *seems surprised* I always admired them. I'm from Amity, by the way.
13>Kara (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.30 00:05 *is mildly surprised that Sadie isn't an Abnegation native* You look like you could be from Abnegation. Sadie: *laughs* Well that's good, I guess.
13>Kara (Candor), 16yo.2015,Mar.30 00:07 *she and Sadie walk towards a central building belonging to the Abnegation government for a special dinner* *enters the building, searching for any familiar faces* I think this is going to be the most we'll eat for a long time.
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Apr.4 22:59 (Since Jack and Izzy haven't been on in awhile, I'm afraid I'll have to delete their characters. My apologies.)
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Apr.8 17:17 *sits down at Kelly's table**since she and Kelly both came from Amity, they already know each other*
14>Mary (Abnegation), 16yo.2015,Apr.8 17:18 *comes in and bumps into Lauren* Sorry...by the way, hi Lauren.
20>Christina (Candor/Dauntless), 16yo.2015,Apr.8 19:00 *smiles at Nicole* Hi! By the way, these are some of my new friends: Mike, Drew, and Connor.
20>Christina (Candor/Dauntless), 16yo.2015,Apr.8 19:01 By the way guys, this is my friend Nicole, from Amity.
4>Ginger (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Apr.8 19:02 *smiles brightly at Nicole* Hey Nicole! *Mike and Drew also say hello*
13>Kara (Candor), 16yo.2015,Apr.8 19:03 *turns around and sees Gerald* Oh, hey Gerald. Didn't know you joined Abnegation. *sits down at the table and feasts frugally*
6>Jake (abnegation), 16yo.2015,Apr.8 19:06 (I decided to make a new character for Abnegation, Matthew. He has bright red hair, blue eyes, is pretty tall and stocky. Originated from Dauntless, but didn't really know Lauren and Gerald at all.)
6>Jake (abnegation), 16yo.2015,Apr.8 19:07 (Although he looks strong, he really isn't. Is also Divergent. Let's just say he escaped Dauntless for a reason.)
6>Jake (abnegation), 16yo.2015,Apr.8 19:08 (I may or may not make another initiate, but Amity and Abnegation will have key parts in this game, as well as Dauntless and Erudite. So if anyone wants to make a new initiate, I recommend Amity or Abnegation since we don't have many players there.)
6>Jake (abnegation), 16yo.2015,Apr.8 19:09 (Also Brunnhilde, if you want to change Lola's faction, feel free. Candor actually really won't make many appearances in this game.)
6>Jake (abnegation), 16yo.2015,Apr.8 19:10 *is looking around for a place to sit* *sees Lauren, Gerald, and Sadie sitting near each other* *quickly sits down next to them* Um- hey, I'm Matthew. Dauntless originally, but I joined Abnegation.
13>Kara (Candor), 16yo.2015,Apr.8 19:11 *glances at Matthew* Nice to meet you, Matthew. I don't recall seeing you very much back in Dauntless. Matthew: Well..I kept to myself, mainly.
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Apr.8 19:13 *back at Dauntless, the entire community bangs their cups on the tables* *all of the initiates are picked up and carried around* *whoops with joy* *is possibly having the best day of his life* *looks across to see his friends and laughs*
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Apr.8 19:17 (Double post.)
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Apr.8 20:01 Jeanine: *is overseeing her initiates work* *has admired the work of only a few of her initiates, especially Jake, Carlos, and Savannah* *looks over Jake's shoulder as he takes notes* Hmm...very good.
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Apr.8 20:02 Jeanine: *pulls the threesome out of class* Let's go for a walk. *she and the trio exit Erudite headquarters and enter the city*
17>Juan (Candor), 16yo.2015,Apr.8 20:05 *there is a sort of long and awkward silence* Uh, can we help you, Jeanine? Jeanine: Well, I've been overseeing your work...and I must say, I'm quite impressed...*shares all of her schemes and dreams with them*
17>Juan (Candor), 16yo.2015,Apr.8 20:05 Jeanine: It'd be an honor if you could help me carry these plans out....Carlos: I'd be glad to. Savannah: *nods in agreement*
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Apr.8 20:07 *in Dauntless, everyone is heading to "the ring" to practice hand-to-hand combat* *glances at some of the initiates nervously* Max: NICOLE VS. PATRICK!
4>Ginger (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Apr.8 20:13 Kelly: *murmers "good luck" to Nicole* Connor: *watches in anxiety as Nicole and Patrick make their way to the front*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 04:23 [Here!]
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 04:23 *she and Patrick enter the ring*
4>Ginger (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 04:24 (Hi! Ok)
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 04:25 [Replies will be very slow.]
16>Riley (Candor), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 04:26 (Ok.)
16>Riley (Candor), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 04:27 *she, Jake, and Carlos have sort of became Jeanine's "trusted initiates"* Jeanine: I'm going to need you to accompany me on my excursions to the factions, specifically Abnegation...
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 04:27 *Patrick goes for her repeatedly, but she keeps dodging him and rushing to the other end of the ring*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 04:29 Random Dauntless member:HEY!!!! C'MON, TRY TO ACTUALLY FIGHT!!!!
16>Riley (Candor), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 04:29 Wait, why Abnegation? Jeanine: They are corrupting the faction system by saving Divergents, as well as countless other...incidents, so to speak. And if we don't stop them, they will destroy the faction system.
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Apr.12 04:29 Max: Come on...stop playing around...
20>Christina (Candor/Dauntless), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 04:30 Come on, Nicole. Connor: You got this.
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 04:30 [Jack's on, so I'll be on here, TT, and the Avengers.]
16>Riley (Candor), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 04:31 Jeanine: We'll also be taking several trips to Dauntless as well. Savannah: *feels a sudden pang of anxiety, since one of her good friends is part of that faction*
12>Patrick (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 04:31 What's wrong? Are you gonna caress me if you try to punch me, Amity?
16>Riley (Candor), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 04:31 (Ok!)
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 04:31 *gets angry and lunges for Patrick**throws a punch at him*
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Apr.12 04:32 Max: Less talking, more punching...here we go.
12>Patrick (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 04:32 *easily grabs Nicole's arm and knees her hard*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 04:33 *is pretty hurt by getting a knee to the stomach**goes a bit limp, allowing Patrick to lift her up and throw her across the ring*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 04:34 *screams upon landing**thinking one thing:"Get up...get up...get up..."*
12>Patrick (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 04:34 *walks to Nicole and kicks her repeatedly*
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Apr.12 04:36 *takes a step back as the fighting gets more intense*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 04:37 *wraps her arms around her head defensively*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 04:37 Max:C'mon...this is taking too long. Finish her off.
12>Patrick (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 04:37 Okay, whatever. *lifts his foot and stamps down hard on Nicole, knocking her out cold*
1>Jeanine Matthews (Erudite Leader), 38yo.2015,Apr.12 04:38 Jeanine: *is heading on over to Abnegation with her "trusted initiates"*
6>Jake (abnegation), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 04:39 *sees the Erudite* Better get moving. *carries a basket full of vegetables over to some factionless people*
7>Nathan (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 04:39 *is with the Erudite and recognized by many of the Abnegation*
13>Kara (Candor), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 04:40 *nods and gets to work* *brings a wool jacket to a factionless woman* Factionless: Those Erudite...Lauren: What about them? Factionless lady: They're plotting...plotting to overthrow your faction...
6>Jake (abnegation), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 04:42 *sees some Abnegation nodding respectively to Jake and his peers + Jeanine* *rolls his eyes in secret*
7>Nathan (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 04:43 *nods back to the Abnegation;his own Abnegation is showing*
13>Kara (Candor), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 04:43 How is that? *she and the factionless woman engage in an in-depth conversation* *is starting to put the pieces together, as well as starting to hate Erudite more* Well, it was nice talking to you...*walks off, feeling distraught*
13>Kara (Candor), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 04:44 *glances at Jeanine and her subordinates darkly*
13>Kara (Candor), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 04:44 *exits the Abnegation village to go "take a walk"* *has a few conspiracies of her own*
6>Jake (abnegation), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 04:45 *watches Lauren walk off towards to the train tracks* *shrugs to himself*
4>Ginger (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 04:45 -LATER-
4>Ginger (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 04:46 *he, Mike, Drew, and Kelly decided to go visit Nicole in the hospital wing* Man...you don't look too good, Nikki.
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 04:51 *bruised all over* That's a total underestimation. I was horrible. And I am horrible.
4>Ginger (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 04:55 No you aren't. I'm sure that you could kick Patrick's butt anytime. You just don't know it yet.
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Apr.12 04:55 Yeah. All in good time. *looks somber*
11>Trimena (Abnegation), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 04:56 *looks around anxiously* Well, Corey invited us for a game of Dare, so we better be off. Don't want to miss the train or anything.
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 04:57 Can I come? *the others give her look*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 04:57 Really. I'm okay. I'm just...bruised. That's all.
11>Trimena (Abnegation), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 04:58 I suppose if you want to. Max might be mad though.
4>Ginger (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 04:59 *scoffs* Who gives a crap about Max? If he wants warriors, then this is his door of opportunity.
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 04:59 Yeah. I can handle Max's anger.
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 04:59 *gets up, wincing as she does so*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 04:59 *is okay, though*
20>Christina (Candor/Dauntless), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 05:01 *smiles* Ready to give Patrick a payback?
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 05:03 Oh, yeah. Let's go! *she and the others leave the hospital wing*
20>Christina (Candor/Dauntless), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 05:04 *runs after the train with some of the other Dauntless, keeping up with the pace well alongside Connor* *grabs onto the handle and enters*
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Apr.12 05:05 *is lagging behind* *becomes overwhelmed as Drew boards the train* *can't seem to keep up* *sees Kelly and Connor looking out the door in anticipation*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 05:06 *runs, but is in pain**some of the others help her keep up*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 05:06 *shoves Mike forward* Go!! *pants hard*
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Apr.12 05:07 Kelly: *holds out her hand* Grab on! Mike: *grabs on and is lifted inside of the train, collapsing to the floor* *stands back up, perfectly fine but sort of worn out*
4>Ginger (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 05:09 HEY!! Need a hand there, Nikki?
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 05:09 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Apr.12 05:09 *laughs a little at Connor* *turns to see Corey tossing a silver flask from hand to hand*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 05:10 *nods**eventually is pulled into the train* [Anyway, bye! *offline*]
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Apr.12 05:11 (Bye!)
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Apr.12 05:12 Corey: Ok, so we're playing Dare, a tradition here at Dauntless. Someone: What's Dare? Corey: Well, I'm about to explain that.
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Apr.12 05:13 Corey: I'll first dare one of you to do something, then you take a drink out of this thing. *shakes the flask around* After you do that, you'll dare someone else, and etc. Pretty simple...and fun, if I don't say so myself.
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Apr.12 05:14 *says silently:* Sounds crazy to me. Corey: *overhears* Well, isn't that the point, Stiff? Mike: *his face reddens; is very embarrassed* *some people start laughing*
13>Kara (Candor), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 05:15 *is in the same train, but not the same car* *overhears the Dauntless ruckus* *considers jumping out of the train, and does just that*
4>Ginger (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 05:18 Hey, did I just see a Stiff jump out of the train?! *eveyone crowds around the door, and sure enough, they see Lauren* *guffaws with laughter* *the rest of the train does too*
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Apr.12 05:19 Someone: HEY, YA LOST, STIFF?! Mike: *can't help but feel bad for the girl*
13>Kara (Candor), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 05:20 *glares, almost to herself* *pulls her wool coat around her tighter as she makes the long trek from the city to the Amity headquarters*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 18:28 Hey, that wasn't very nice. You shouldn't say things like that. Kelly:*whispers* Um, Nicole, your Amity is showing... *other Dauntless are seen snickering at Nicole*
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Apr.13 02:16 Corey: *takes a swig from the flask* Okay, so I dare...Mike first. I dare you to jump off at Abnegation and scream...."Grandaddy Stiff says hi" as loud as you can.
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Apr.13 02:18 *laughs in disbelief* Ok, only if someone comes with me. Corey: No. It doesn't work like that. Mike: Okay....Connor: C'mon, MIKEY!!!
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Apr.13 02:19 *jumps out of the train to Abnegation and walk around in the eerie silence* *doesn't dare go too far* *screams:* GRANDADDY STIFF SAYS HI!! *runs out of the place as fast as he can, laughing his head off* *jumps on the train when it comes around*
6>Jake (abnegation), 16yo.2015,Apr.13 02:20 *looks out the window, watching Mike run off* *sighs, shaking his head to himself* Always a Dauntless.
13>Kara (Candor), 16yo.2015,Apr.13 02:22 *finally gets to the Amity farms, interfering in on an Amity campfire* Amity person: Hey...what's wrong with that girl? Lauren: *pulls off the "I'm-so-weak-I-fall-to-my-knees" act* *is carried off by a few people to a sheltered area*
13>Kara (Candor), 16yo.2015,Apr.13 02:22 *Part 2 of her plan has began*
8>Elizabeth (candor), 16yo.2015,Apr.13 02:23 *is left to take care of Lauren with a few more initiates and some other Amity members* *eyes her, feeling suspicious*
9>violet (girl), 11yo.2015,Apr.14 01:27 *is with Claire and Lauren**is very worried about Lauren*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Apr.14 01:27 *is given the flask**looks at Mike* OK, dare me to do something.
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Apr.14 03:33 Okay, um...I dare you to ride on the back of the train until we pass Candor territory.
13>Kara (Candor), 16yo.2015,Apr.14 03:34 *jumps out of the hospital bed, pacing around in an agitated manner*
8>Elizabeth (candor), 16yo.2015,Apr.14 03:34 *squints at Lauren* Are you okay? You should probably go lay down.
13>Kara (Candor), 16yo.2015,Apr.14 03:35 It's just that I need to tell you something...but in order to do so, I need you to trust me.
8>Elizabeth (candor), 16yo.2015,Apr.14 03:36 I hardly know you, though. *is trying to be reasonable* Lauren: Yeah, well...I just need to explain something really important here...Trust me, one of-I mean, my test result was Candor.
8>Elizabeth (candor), 16yo.2015,Apr.14 03:36 *nods, still a bit suspicious* Well, okay. I guess I can trust you.
13>Kara (Candor), 16yo.2015,Apr.14 03:37 *glances at Sarah* And you?
9>violet (girl), 11yo.2015,Apr.17 00:47 *nods* I'm Amity. I trust and love everyone. So go ahead and tell us.
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Apr.17 00:47 *nods* Okay. Not too hard. *gives the flask to Patrick* Once I get back...you're next.
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Apr.17 00:48 *sticks her head out of the train and sees a ladder nearby**makes a leap of faith and grabs onto it with one hand, her feet scraping the ground**grits her teeth*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Apr.17 00:49 *reaches with her other hand and holds onto the ladder with both hands**hoists herself up onto the ladder, managing to put her feet on the bottom rung*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Apr.17 00:49 *climbs up the ladder and reaches the top**rides on top of the train somewhat epicly*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Apr.17 00:50 [Note that by the "back of the train," did Mike mean ride on top of it or ride in the back car?]
13>Kara (Candor), 16yo.2015,Apr.20 03:01 (Yeah.)
13>Kara (Candor), 16yo.2015,Apr.20 03:02 *sighs* Okay, so I've been noticing a few things. First of all, Erudite is obviously trying to take over the faction system, and I need some people to help me rebel against them.
13>Kara (Candor), 16yo.2015,Apr.20 03:02 I know that you Amity people are against that and all, but if the lesser factions take a stand, then maybe they'll stop. Something like that.
8>Elizabeth (candor), 16yo.2015,Apr.20 03:04 *grimaces a bit, since her former faction was Erudite* *is nevertheless willing to help Lauren out in any way possible* I understand what you mean, and I'd be glad to help.But I'll only rebel peacefully.
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Apr.22 02:58 [Did Mike mean the top of the train or the back car? I still don't know which...]
9>violet (girl), 11yo.2015,Apr.22 02:59 Yes. I will too-but still, I'll only do it peacefully.
13>Kara (Candor), 16yo.2015,Apr.23 00:28 (The very back of the train.)
13>Kara (Candor), 16yo.2015,Apr.23 00:29 *nods* Okay. Thank you. *looks out the window* I have to go. I'll see you soon, I hope. *smiles a bit at the others before making the trek to Abnegation*
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Apr.23 00:30 *everyone is cheering and clapping for Nicole* *happens to look out the window; sees Lauren again* *is sort of confused and freaked out*
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Apr.23 00:31 *eventually joins back in the fun*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Apr.28 18:15 [OK.]*runs epicly on top of the train until she reaches the back car**gets in the back car and sits down in it*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Apr.28 18:15 *leans out of the car a little and gives the rest of the Dauntless a thumbs-up to show that she's OK and she made it*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Apr.28 18:16 *then watches the city and such pass by until they get to Candor territory**sits back and waits**as soon as they make it past Candor territory, she hoists herself back on top of the train and runs to the car with the rest of the Dauntless*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Apr.28 18:17 *lowers herself down into the car**smiles* Piece of cake.
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Apr.28 18:17 *turns to Patrick* OK, your turn.
12>Patrick (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Apr.28 18:18 Whatever, lovergirl. *takes a gulp out of the flask* What do I have to do? Go to Amity and kiss your family's butts there for you or something?
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Apr.28 18:18 *really POed now**tries lunging at Patrick, but the others hold her back**calms down after a minute or two*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Apr.28 18:19 Okay Patrick...here's what I want you to do.
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Apr.28 18:21 For a week, I want you to go around Dauntless, say the stupidest things on earth, and lose every fight you participate in to show what a wimp you really are. Got that?
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Apr.28 18:21 The Rest of Dauntless:Ooo hoo hoo!!
12>Patrick (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Apr.28 18:22 *sips some more stuff out of the flask casually* Not doing that.
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Apr.28 18:22 Why? You have to now.
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Apr.28 18:22 Dauntless Member:*@ Patrick:* Cowarrrd!
12>Patrick (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Apr.28 18:23 Oh. So you think refusing to act like a coward makes me a coward? I'm just following the real Dauntless ways.
12>Patrick (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Apr.28 18:23 *the rest of Dauntless then look at Nicole, realizing that she probably just tried making Patrick do something against Dauntless ways*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Apr.28 18:24 *tries not blushing, realizing she's sort of busted* Alright. I'll change it. Patrick, I dare you to go to Erudite HQ once we pass it and yell at them about how stupid and ignorant they really are.
12>Patrick (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Apr.28 18:25 OK, done. *the train makes a turn and Erudite HQ is up ahead**jumps out of the train once it gets close enough and runs to Erudite HQ*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Apr.28 18:26 *overheard the part about her and feels like unleashing her wrath nonstop on Patrick*
12>Patrick (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Apr.28 18:27 ANYWAY, HAVE FUN, AIRHEADS!!! *runs back to the train tracks and waits for the train to come back again**then ju,ps on it*
12>Patrick (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Apr.28 18:27 *jumps
12>Patrick (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Apr.28 18:28 *even though he insulted his family's faction, doesn't seem one bit shaken*
12>Patrick (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Apr.28 18:29 Okay, I dare...Kelly. *of course, he purposely chose one of Nicole's friends*
12>Patrick (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Apr.28 18:30 I dare you to go to the Abnegation once the train heads back to their territory and openly moon them all.
12>Patrick (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Apr.28 18:30 Oh, and make sure to verbally insult them a bit, too.
12>Patrick (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Apr.28 18:31 *typo;I didn't mean Abnegation, I meant Amity
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Apr.30 03:41 *sighs* Patrick, that's...that's....*stops himself*
20>Christina (Candor/Dauntless), 16yo.2015,Apr.30 03:42 No, it's fine. I'm Dauntless now. *waits for the train to reach Abnegation* *then jumps*
20>Christina (Candor/Dauntless), 16yo.2015,Apr.30 03:42 *wanders into the Abnegation village* HEY STIFFS! CHECK THIS OUT! *positions herself by a few houses so people can see out their windows* *does as directed*
6>Jake (abnegation), 16yo.2015,Apr.30 03:43 *sees it happen* *gasps* What did I just see?...
13>Kara (Candor), 16yo.2015,Apr.30 03:43 *watches Kelly fleeing while verbally insulting* *chuckles to herself*
11>Trimena (Abnegation), 16yo.2015,Apr.30 03:44 *stifles a laugh as Kelly returns to the train* *she takes a drink from the flask*
14>Mary (Abnegation), 16yo.2015,May.13 20:34 What the heck...?! Random Abnegation Member:Just ignore it. Laughing at or scolding such actions shows YOUR own opinion and feelings. Lose yourself.
14>Mary (Abnegation), 16yo.2015,May.13 20:34 *sighs and tries to shake it off, but the Dauntless in him makes him want to run after Kelly and give her a good spanking*
12>Patrick (Erudite), 16yo.2015,May.13 20:34 Alright, hurry up. Who's next?
12>Patrick (Erudite), 16yo.2015,May.13 20:36 [BTW, I meant for Kelly to go to Amity and do that-I typed in "*typo;I didn't mean Abnegation, I meant Amity." But that's OK; I was first going to have her go to Abnegation but changed my mind.]
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,May.13 20:36 *leans back against a wall, watching*
11>Trimena (Abnegation), 16yo.2015,May.16 21:53 *looks at Patrick, a somewhat stupid smile on his face* Hold your horses! I'm going...
20>Christina (Candor/Dauntless), 16yo.2015,May.16 21:54 Alright...*thinks of a good dare* I dare you to cut off Erudite's power.
11>Trimena (Abnegation), 16yo.2015,May.16 21:55 What?! I can't possibly do that! *looks around for support* Nobody can! Someone: Don't be a wimp. You were from Erudite. You know what to do.
11>Trimena (Abnegation), 16yo.2015,May.16 21:55 Fine. *jumps out of the train and goes to Erudite headquarters* *it takes almost an hour to finally cut off the power*
16>Riley (Candor), 16yo.2015,May.16 21:57 *is working when all of a sudden, the lights shut off * *looks around in slight shock*
17>Juan (Candor), 16yo.2015,May.16 21:57 What...just happened.
7>Nathan (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Jun.3 02:23 [This is so awkward it's funny. X'D]
7>Nathan (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Jun.3 02:23 Something happened to the main power supply...but don't worry, we have emergency backup generators. They should provide us enough power-and enough time-to figure out what happened.
7>Nathan (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Jun.3 02:24 *meanwhile, Drew is outside yelling "VICTORY!!!!!" and breaking into a happy dance**the Dauntless in the train are also really happy and laughing their heads off*
7>Nathan (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Jun.3 02:25 *he and the other Erudite start working on activating the emergency generators* (Sorry Paige) Drew:YEEES!!!! VICTORY!!!! *hops around**then...all the lights come back on**and I mean ALL the lights*
7>Nathan (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Jun.3 02:25 Drew:*his mouth drops open**stands there in silence**then whines, yells in frustration, and kicks the nearest wall**hops on one foot in pain*
16>Riley (Candor), 16yo.2015,Jun.3 04:42 *some sort of fan whirs back to life* That should hold things out until we can get the main power supply working again.
17>Juan (Candor), 16yo.2015,Jun.3 04:43 *looks out the windows and knows it was a Dauntless prank* *smiles a bit, but turns away* *can't hang on to his former faction forever*
11>Trimena (Abnegation), 16yo.2015,Jun.3 04:44 *is being showered with plaudits of all kinds* *smiles bashfully* Don't thank me - I mean, you can thank me, but really - it was Kelly's idea. *Kelly is now being showered with praise*
11>Trimena (Abnegation), 16yo.2015,Jun.3 04:45 Corey: Hey, what does everyone say to getting tattoos?
4>Ginger (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Jun.3 04:45 YEAH!!! *a few initiates whoop in agreement*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Jun.4 01:00 Uh-I'm not sure... Someone:Your Amity's showing again. Nicole:Well...I guess I'll go for tattoos, then.
11>Trimena (Abnegation), 16yo.2015,Jun.4 19:33 *they reach the Dauntless compound and go to the tattoo parlor* *browses around*
4>Ginger (Erudite), 16yo.2015,Jun.4 19:34 *grabs a few tattoos*
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Jun.4 19:35 *looks at Connor like he's crazy* Connor: In order to be a true Dauntless member, you need tattoos. Mike: Okay... Connor: You scared to get inked up or what?
19>Jesse (Dauntless trainer), 19yo.2015,Jun.4 19:36 No!... No, not at all. Tattoos are just not really my style. *is too used to the simple Abnegation lifestyle that he was brought up in*
11>Trimena (Abnegation), 16yo.2015,Jun.4 19:37 *selects a tattoo which is sort of a cross between and dog and lion*
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Jun.7 03:53 *selects the raven tattoos that Tris got*
3>Richard (Amity), 16yo.2015,Jul.10 08:45 (Elva, from Amity. She has long dark- blonde hair with bright green eyes. Wears a short orange dress and is mostly barefoot. She is really kind, down on earth and wants to make everyone laugh.
2>Nicole (Amity), 16yo.2015,Jul.21 22:15 *has the tattoos put on/around her left collar bone*