" DungeonsandDragonsRPG " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 13 to 60 years of age.
If you like to play D&D this is a RPG for you.

7>Fenoyerro (ice Dragon), 5yo.2015,Dec.18 13:38 (Fenoyerro is a little ice Dragon, he loves to play and roar, he's still learning to live the life so he's a happy little kid, he loves fish)
7>Fenoyerro (ice Dragon), 5yo.2015,Dec.18 13:42 *roars in the Dragons training* roar roar rrr roar *tries to fly* *falls* aw roar roar rrr roar *gets angry* *tries to breath fire* *nope he can't do it yet* *siting sad*
7>Fenoyerro (ice Dragon), 5yo.2015,Dec.18 13:44 *sees box with fish* *starts to run there happy* fish! :3 (it's the only word he knows for now)
8>Andrea (DragonsTrainer), 20yo.2015,Dec.18 13:47 No! no! Fyerro stop! don't run away!
7>Fenoyerro (ice Dragon), 5yo.2015,Dec.18 13:49 *stops* but fish!? :|
8>Andrea (DragonsTrainer), 20yo.2015,Dec.18 13:49 you will get it just come back please!
8>Andrea (DragonsTrainer), 20yo.2015,Dec.18 13:56 (Andrea is a Dragons trainer, her favorite Dragon is Fenoyerro but he's kinda dumb for now so it's a lot of problems, she's blond and green eyes)
8>Andrea (DragonsTrainer), 20yo.2015,Dec.18 13:56 (*blond hair)
7>Fenoyerro (ice Dragon), 5yo.2015,Dec.18 14:01 *comes back, sits down waiting with big smile*
8>Andrea (DragonsTrainer), 20yo.2015,Dec.18 14:03 ok ok here have a fish *smiles and gives Ferro fish*
7>Fenoyerro (ice Dragon), 5yo.2015,Dec.18 14:04 *jumping around happy* roar roar
7>Fenoyerro (ice Dragon), 5yo.2015,Dec.18 14:06 *yawns* *falls on the ground and sleeps*
8>Andrea (DragonsTrainer), 20yo.2015,Dec.18 14:10 aw... let's go to sleep little dragons! *takes Fyerro softly and brings him inside* *other dragons follow her*
7>Fenoyerro (ice Dragon), 5yo.2015,Dec.18 14:11 *yawns* *falls on the ground and sleeps*
7>Fenoyerro (ice Dragon), 5yo.2015,Dec.18 14:15 (why it replied)
7>Fenoyerro (ice Dragon), 5yo.2015,Dec.19 21:27 *wakes up*yawns* rawr *looks around*thinking* where andrea?
8>Andrea (DragonsTrainer), 20yo.2015,Dec.19 21:29 *sees that he's awake* oh hey my little friend! *smileing* how are you feeling today?
7>Fenoyerro (ice Dragon), 5yo.2015,Dec.19 21:30 *smiles* rawr *jums up and lick her face*
8>Andrea (DragonsTrainer), 20yo.2015,Dec.19 21:33 aw... ok ok let's go, can you help me wake up others?
7>Fenoyerro (ice Dragon), 5yo.2015,Dec.19 21:34 *makes as big roar he can for now* ROAR!!
8>Andrea (DragonsTrainer), 20yo.2015,Dec.19 21:35 wow :0
8>Andrea (DragonsTrainer), 20yo.2015,Dec.19 21:36 ok let's go eat and than today we will go to train in the forest
7>Fenoyerro (ice Dragon), 5yo.2015,Dec.19 21:37 *is eating* om om om (:D)
8>Andrea (DragonsTrainer), 20yo.2015,Dec.19 21:39 *everyone finish to eat, we are going to forest*
8>Andrea (DragonsTrainer), 20yo.2015,Dec.19 21:40 ok now stand there! today we will learn to find food in the forest!
8>Andrea (DragonsTrainer), 20yo.2015,Dec.19 21:42 but please try to not get lost! ok? than 3 2 1 go!
7>Fenoyerro (ice Dragon), 5yo.2015,Dec.19 21:44 *all dragons are runing in the forest* yaaaaa!! fish! (srsly? he thinks fish lives in forest?)
8>Andrea (DragonsTrainer), 20yo.2015,Dec.19 21:48 *they come back* well what did you found? *there is some berrys but other stuff is not eating* well good job, not the best you can find but it's ok, this was your first time in forest *smiles*
8>Andrea (DragonsTrainer), 20yo.2015,Dec.19 21:50 WAIT!! :0 Where is Fenoyerro!!! No I knew I will lost him! I knew it! No! no! what can I do now?? *starts to cry*
8>Andrea (DragonsTrainer), 20yo.2015,Dec.19 21:52 it's dark, we can't wait for him anymore ;(
8>Andrea (DragonsTrainer), 20yo.2015,Dec.19 21:53 ok! you go home! I will stay here! *other Dragons goes home*
7>Fenoyerro (ice Dragon), 5yo.2015,Dec.19 21:55 *it's morning* huh she's here? why? *jums on andrea* hey! hey! hm..
8>Andrea (DragonsTrainer), 20yo.2015,Dec.19 21:57 *hears him, wakes up* oh Fenoyerro your back! *it's cold* oh I'm so cold... let's go home
7>Fenoyerro (ice Dragon), 5yo.2015,Dec.19 21:58 roar roar *shows her the thing he hunted*
8>Andrea (DragonsTrainer), 20yo.2015,Dec.19 22:00 wow! how did you? it's bunny. how did you hunt it? it's atsually very big for you
7>Fenoyerro (ice Dragon), 5yo.2015,Dec.19 22:03 *she's cold? :|* *breaths a warm breath on her* (it's not fire! but it's warm so it's perfect for her)
7>Fenoyerro (ice Dragon), 5yo.2015,Dec.19 22:04 (oh and no the dragon say roar roar he's not atsually talking)
8>Andrea (DragonsTrainer), 20yo.2015,Dec.19 22:06 aw... thank you friend! *smiles* your so cute! *hugs him*
8>Andrea (DragonsTrainer), 20yo.2015,Dec.19 22:40 *we are back home*
8>Andrea (DragonsTrainer), 20yo.2015,Dec.21 20:56 (noone will join? I don't even know do I play this corect..)
7>Fenoyerro (ice Dragon), 5yo.2015,Dec.21 20:57 *other dragons are roaring*
7>Fenoyerro (ice Dragon), 5yo.2015,Dec.21 20:58 *Fenoyerro shows his hunt*
7>Fenoyerro (ice Dragon), 5yo.2015,Dec.21 20:59 *everyone is amazed*wow...*
8>Andrea (DragonsTrainer), 20yo.2015,Dec.21 20:59 ok I gues you can eat it now...
8>Andrea (DragonsTrainer), 20yo.2015,Dec.21 21:01 wait! can someone breath a fire? I think it will be better then...
7>Fenoyerro (ice Dragon), 5yo.2015,Dec.21 21:02 *is trying, but no* all dragons are trying but noone can do it yet*
7>Fenoyerro (ice Dragon), 5yo.2015,Dec.21 21:04 *is still trying, trying so hard*
8>Andrea (DragonsTrainer), 20yo.2015,Dec.21 21:05 well I gues you'll have to eat it as it is...
7>Fenoyerro (ice Dragon), 5yo.2015,Dec.21 21:06 *boom! ok not boom but yay he did a little fire*
8>Andrea (DragonsTrainer), 20yo.2015,Dec.21 21:07 whoa! Fenoyerro how did you do that?
8>Andrea (DragonsTrainer), 20yo.2015,Dec.21 21:10 congratulations you are the first one who did this! *pets his head*
7>Fenoyerro (ice Dragon), 5yo.2015,Dec.21 21:11 meurrrrrrrrrr ^^
8>Andrea (DragonsTrainer), 20yo.2015,Dec.21 21:12 now let's eat!
7>Fenoyerro (ice Dragon), 5yo.2015,Dec.21 21:13 yaaaa food!! *all dragons are eating*
8>Andrea (DragonsTrainer), 20yo.2015,Dec.21 21:14 *um.. I gues Andrea is eating sandwich*