" Ever After " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 12 to 17 years of age.
Earth's people have told the tales of brave warriors and dashing princes for ages and ages. Of fairies, and magic, and wonders beyond belief! So when a young, unsuspecting teen opens the book entitled Ever After, she expects to read one such tale for old times sake. What she doesn't expect is the book...coming to life. Now, she finds herself in the face of strange magic, warrior princesses, fire breathing dragons, wicked witches, and the adventure of a lifetime. Now, it's up to her to uncover the secrets of Ever After, in order to save her world from destruction.

1>Eve (Teen), 14yo.2014,Dec.30 21:25 (Hey! I think that this is going to be a really fun game, but first, let me explain it a bit)
1>Eve (Teen), 14yo.2014,Dec.30 21:27 (This game is centered around the teen Eve, who is described in the above paragraph. She unleashes a bunch of History's most classic fairy tales, and has to set things right)
1>Eve (Teen), 14yo.2014,Dec.30 21:29 (In order to fully enjoy this game, you must follow the normal rules of this site: No bad minded messages, no power playing, respect other players, etc.)
1>Eve (Teen), 14yo.2014,Dec.30 21:30 (Your character can be a couple of things: one of the options being a friend of Eve's. They would most likely be somewhere around the age 14.)
1>Eve (Teen), 14yo.2014,Dec.30 21:33 (Another option is being one of the fairy tale characters. This option is very ideal. Be aware, these characters don't have to follow traditional tales. Your character is free to use weaponry, or have magic powers. This is even encouraged! You can fo
1>Eve (Teen), 14yo.2014,Dec.30 21:35 allow traditions though. Some examples of characters might be Snow White, or Cinderella. You could also play a villain, like Maleficent. You are allowed, although slightly discouraged from playing as an original fairy tale character. An example of thi
1>Eve (Teen), 14yo.2014,Dec.30 21:36 s might be playing as a talking animal, or a classical folk)
1>Eve (Teen), 14yo.2014,Dec.30 21:37 (Beyond that, there aren't really many rules. Try to follow the storyline as best you can, and above all things, enjoy! That is what the game is here for after all!)
1>Eve (Teen), 14yo.2014,Dec.30 21:39 (We begin with Eve entering a small library with some of her friends)
1>Eve (Teen), 14yo.2014,Dec.30 21:46 (Eve is 14, and has brown hair at mid back length. She has green eyes. She's a bit shy around new people, but she's really very nice)
2>Sam (Eve's friend ), 14yo.2014,Dec.30 21:49 (Introducing....Sam! He's Eve'
2>Sam (Eve's friend ), 14yo.2014,Dec.30 21:51 (s best friend, no matter what. He's a class clown, and is extremely goofy, loud, and ever so slightly immature. He often tries to get Eve out of her shell. He has blonde hair, and blue eyes)
3>Jack (Eve's friend), 15yo.2014,Dec.30 21:53 (Jack, another one of Eve's friends. He's kind of antisocial, and very quiet. He could maybe be described as being almost...dark. He does have what Eve describes as a light side though. He has raggedy black hair, and dark brown eyes)
1>Eve (Teen), 14yo.2014,Dec.30 21:55 *grins as the last bell of the day rings, and the kids rush to get out of school*
1>Eve (Teen), 14yo.2014,Dec.30 21:57 *grabs Sam's hand* Hurry up, Sam! We've still got to catch Jack before we head to the movie theatre!
1>Eve (Teen), 14yo.2014,Dec.30 21:59 They're showing, Monsters of the Night Part Three! I don't want to miss watching that with my two best friends, and we are going to be late if you don't hurry up!
2>Sam (Eve's friend ), 14yo.2014,Dec.30 22:01 You only want us to come, cause you get scared of horror films! *he grins* and besides it doesn't start for another half hour! what's the rush?
1>Eve (Teen), 14yo.2014,Dec.30 22:03 Oh, give me a break! I'm not the one who started bawling when we watched Pony Princesses! *people around them stifle laughs*
2>Sam (Eve's friend ), 14yo.2014,Dec.30 22:04 I had sand in my eyes! And those ponies were scarier than any horror film!
2>Sam (Eve's friend ), 14yo.2014,Dec.30 22:05 *grabs Eve's arm* Look! There's Jack!
1>Eve (Teen), 14yo.2014,Dec.30 22:06 Jack! Hey! *runs up to him*.
1>Eve (Teen), 14yo.2014,Dec.30 22:06 Hope you didn't forget we're watching Monsters of the Night!
3>Jack (Eve's friend), 15yo.2014,Dec.30 22:07 No, I didn't. It doesn't start for a while though.
1>Eve (Teen), 14yo.2014,Dec.30 22:08 Well, I want to get there early, so we get good seats this time!
1>Eve (Teen), 14yo.2014,Dec.30 22:09 Last time, some lady sat in our seats, and we had to sit behind some guy who smelled like old cheese...that's not happening this time I tell you!
2>Sam (Eve's friend ), 14yo.2014,Dec.30 22:10 *shudders*. Yeah, point taken.
1>Eve (Teen), 14yo.2014,Dec.30 22:11 *they walk to the theatre. No one else appears to be there*
1>Eve (Teen), 14yo.2014,Dec.30 22:11 *a cashier approaches them*
1>Eve (Teen), 14yo.2014,Dec.30 22:12 Yeah, hi. Umm...we're here to see Monsters of the Night Part Three.
1>Eve (Teen), 14yo.2014,Dec.30 22:13 Cashier: you're a tad bit early thw
1>Eve (Teen), 14yo.2014,Dec.30 22:13 (Sorry)
1>Eve (Teen), 14yo.2014,Dec.30 22:14 Cashier: You're a tad bit early there kids. Oh well, let's see your tickets.
1>Eve (Teen), 14yo.2014,Dec.30 22:15 Uh...tickets? We didn't know about any tickets... *glances at Jack and Sam*
1>Eve (Teen), 14yo.2014,Dec.30 22:15 Cashier: Well, it's an exclusive new movie, that sold out pretty fast...of course we have tickets!
1>Eve (Teen), 14yo.2014,Dec.30 22:16 Uh...can we buy some?
1>Eve (Teen), 14yo.2014,Dec.30 22:17 Cashier: Ooo, tough luck kid. Sorry, but we're all sold out. The theaters booked until next month sometime!
1>Eve (Teen), 14yo.2014,Dec.30 22:18 What? No! That's not...we can't...
3>Jack (Eve's friend), 15yo.2014,Dec.30 22:19 Hey, Eve, it's ok. Let's just get out of here. *guides her out*
1>Eve (Teen), 14yo.2014,Dec.30 22:20 Huh...I was really looking forward to that. Good night, guys, I guess. *sighs, and starts walking home*
2>Sam (Eve's friend ), 14yo.2014,Dec.30 22:21 Hey, we'll see you tomorrow ok?
1>Eve (Teen), 14yo.2014,Dec.30 22:21 *doesnt answer*.
1>Eve (Teen), 14yo.2014,Dec.30 22:23 *eventually comes to her house. Walks inside, and is surprised to see her great grandma Earn*
4>Molly (friend), 14yo.2015,Jan.3 20:48 Hi
4>Molly (friend), 14yo.2015,Jan.9 21:11 ( Molly has long black hair, blue eyes and really pale skin)
7>Violet (...), 12yo.2015,Feb.1 01:27 (Violet has light brown skin with knee length black hair, hazel eyes, and she is very competitive, and serious, but yet has a bubbly and happy side)
7>Violet (...), 12yo.2015,Feb.1 01:27 Hi everyone!
5>emma (cindrallas darter), 11yo.2015,May.5 02:22 hi
5>emma (cindrallas darter), 11yo.2015,May.5 02:23 my moms schoe
5>emma (cindrallas darter), 11yo.2015,May.5 02:25 she gave it to me