" The Fantasy Roleplay " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 10 to 18 years of age.
Hey Everyone! Welcome to The Fantasy Roleplay! This is basically a roleplay where we make up missions, ideas, they can be even based off movies, book, TV shows, anything, even your own life. The main storyline is that everyone is in the city of WingStorm. The Mayor, Fredrick Handlord is hated by everyone that lives in the city. The only way people can leave is if they have a special ability or animal that has the power to fly. Also The mayor has his own guards that protect him if any trouble approaches him. When he or the guards attack, there will be dice rolling. 4- looses 1 health, 5+ looses 2 health. There is a special drink that can heal back 1 health though. Here are some rules though.
1). No bullying, arguing(Unless funny), bad words, etc.
2). All characters can be from movies, books, TV shows, yourself or a made up character.
3). They can have a special ability or power, or animal.
4). They all have to live in the same city.
5). Please have boy and girls characters.
6). Have Fun!

1>Fredrick Handlord (Mayor ), 40yo.2015,Jun.5 01:02 (Fredrick Handlord: He has black hair with some white growing in, has blue eyes, but has to wear glasses, is sort of tallish, but will seem to be smaller. He normally wears suits, ties, dress pants, and nice shoes.)
1>Fredrick Handlord (Mayor ), 40yo.2015,Jun.5 01:03 (He has a terrible personality, only will be nice to those that are friends or have known him for a long time. Extremely picky with newcomers and hates kids and animals.)
2>Leafpool (Med.CatofThunderclan), ?yo.2015,Jun.5 02:49 (If you have read the Warriors series by Erin Hunter, you know her description.)
2>Leafpool (Med.CatofThunderclan), ?yo.2015,Jun.5 02:50 (Her special ability is obviously having a special connection to healing and Starclan)
2>Leafpool (Med.CatofThunderclan), ?yo.2015,Jun.5 02:50 (She interprets dreams of her own.)
2>Leafpool (Med.CatofThunderclan), ?yo.2015,Jun.5 02:52 (Leafpool is here in WingStorm because of a prophecy saying; Leaves will calm the storm.)
12>? (?), ?yo.2015,Jun.5 02:55 (Also, Dovewing had a dream from Starclan that was a prophecy tied along with Leafpool's.)
12>? (?), ?yo.2015,Jun.5 02:56 (Rest of Prophecy: Then peace will come on the Dove's Wing)
4>Ghost Girl (Superheroine), Imrtlyo.2015,Jun.7 21:30 [Ghost Girl:A made-up superheroine. She has long white hair with a greenish tinge that's tied back in a ponytail, green eyes that glow green when she uses her powers, and wears an outfit that resembles Beast Boy's except it is black and green instead of
4>Ghost Girl (Superheroine), Imrtlyo.2015,Jun.7 21:30 black and purple.]
4>Ghost Girl (Superheroine), Imrtlyo.2015,Jun.7 21:30 [Backstory:Is a bit of a mystery, actually. What's known is that she was once a little girl with strong ESP powers allowing her to see and contact ghosts. At one point she messed with something paranormal; that paranormal force got out of control and
4>Ghost Girl (Superheroine), Imrtlyo.2015,Jun.7 21:31 killed her. However, she tamed the poltergeist (the "paranormal force" that killed her) and made its spirit become at peace. In return, the poltergeist, who had become a powerful but good spirit, brought Ghost Girl back to life and gave her ghost-like
4>Ghost Girl (Superheroine), Imrtlyo.2015,Jun.7 21:32 powers and abilities. Note that if I open the superhero RP idea I posted on the RA, Ghost Girl will be one of my heroes.]
4>Ghost Girl (Superheroine), Imrtlyo.2015,Jun.7 21:33 [Ghost Girl's powers include:Phasing, flying, launching greenish "ghost rays"/energy, and (though she does this VERY rarely because it brings out a darker/more ghostly form within her) "possessing" people's souls.]
4>Ghost Girl (Superheroine), Imrtlyo.2015,Jun.7 21:34 [Personality:She's very brave and loyal, but she's rather mysterious, witty, and grouchy most of the time. She highly dislikes Fredrick Handlord. In this RP, she lives in WingStorm.]
4>Ghost Girl (Superheroine), Imrtlyo.2015,Jun.7 21:35  Secret message to Leafpool  
4>Ghost Girl (Superheroine), Imrtlyo.2015,Jun.7 21:35  Secret message to Leafpool  
4>Ghost Girl (Superheroine), Imrtlyo.2015,Jun.7 21:37 [Note:Ghost Girl looks like she's 16 in appearance because she died at the age of 16. Being partially a spirit, however, she is immortal, so she will always remain with this appearance. Also note that her hair was originally dark brown.]
16>Al Bundy (Shoesalesman), 35yo.2015,Jun.7 21:40 [Al Bundy:The main character from the awesome 20th century sitcom "Married with Children." The show is focused on the Bundy family, which includes Al (the father), Peggy (the super lazy mother), Bud (the son who can't get a gf), Kelly (the dumb daughter
16>Al Bundy (Shoesalesman), 35yo.2015,Jun.7 21:41 who has a million boyfriends), and Buck (the family dog who is never fed). Of course, family members and friends are occasionally removed/added throughout the show, but those five have always been the main characters.]
16>Al Bundy (Shoesalesman), 35yo.2015,Jun.7 21:41 [Backstory:Al Bundy is just a normal(ish) poor shoesalesman who lives in the Chicago-like portion of WingStorm. He has no powers, but he is strong and fast (he was once a high school football star).]
16>Al Bundy (Shoesalesman), 35yo.2015,Jun.7 21:42 [Like always, he often insults fat women in hilarious ways, he has a family who hates him (though on occasion it is shown that they really love each other deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, DEEP, DEEP, DEEEEEEEP inside), and has a job that gives him terrible
16>Al Bundy (Shoesalesman), 35yo.2015,Jun.7 21:43 wages. He hates Fredrick Handlord (with a passion XD).]
16>Al Bundy (Shoesalesman), 35yo.2015,Jun.7 21:43 [Al Bundy will be a good guy, but at the same time will be like the "funny guy" on the good guy team.]
1>Fredrick Handlord (Mayor ), 40yo.2015,Jun.8 23:39 You can create one or two more characters. Who wants to pick the first idea for the rolplay?
1>Fredrick Handlord (Mayor ), 40yo.2015,Jun.8 23:41 My idea was this: Al, Ghost, LeafPool, Dovewing, and etc, all come up with a plan that night to escape from WingStorm, but they need help... DUH DUH DUH!! James Bond, Indiana Jones, Rick, and more come and help them!)
1>Fredrick Handlord (Mayor ), 40yo.2015,Jun.8 23:42 (They escape and the mayor is extremely angry. He sends out his minions to find them, but comes up with nothing. They search a few more days and find them and a fight outbreaks. Will the stay escaped? Or go back to Wingstorm. Stay tuned)
3>James Bond (Secret Service Agent), 45yo.2015,Jun.8 23:45 (James Bond: Has brown hair, brown eyes, always wearing suits and ties, and fancy shoes.)
3>James Bond (Secret Service Agent), 45yo.2015,Jun.8 23:46 (He is a secret service agent and is very strong and brave, has killed people, save innocent people, hates bad guys like Fredrick Handlord)
3>James Bond (Secret Service Agent), 45yo.2015,Jun.8 23:46 (He will stay as a good throughout the whole roleplay.)
11>Rick (Sheriff ), 40yo.2015,Jun.8 23:49 (Rick: He was a sheriff back in New York City and stars in The Walking Dead, which is a show about a whole population that is infected by a virus. But Rick and a few others who had survived help others and fight zombies.)
11>Rick (Sheriff ), 40yo.2015,Jun.8 23:50 (He helps out when he can and is extremely good with guns and aiming. Also knows how to fight. He has a burning passion of Fredrick Handlord and even hopes that one day he will turn into a zombie.)
4>Ghost Girl (Superheroine), Imrtlyo.2015,Jun.11 19:35 [OK, sounds like a plan! :D]
18>Katniss (District 12 tribute), 16yo.2015,Jun.11 19:36 [OK, so as we all know, Magneto is just too awesome to leave out of the roleplay. XD]
18>Katniss (District 12 tribute), 16yo.2015,Jun.11 19:37 [Magneto:Has light gray/white hair from age hidden beneath a cool-looking helmet, wears his typical red and black suit and cape, etc.]
18>Katniss (District 12 tribute), 16yo.2015,Jun.11 19:38 [He is a mutant and the main villain from the "X-Men" series. He has the power to control metal through manipulating magnetic fields. Other than having super powerful abilities, he is also very intelligent and cunning.]
18>Katniss (District 12 tribute), 16yo.2015,Jun.11 19:39 [He is a close ally of Handlord and is pretty much Handlord's second-in-command and advisor.]
18>Katniss (District 12 tribute), 16yo.2015,Jun.11 19:41 [IMPORTANT NOTE: Actually, I'm giving Katniss Everdeen-my final character-this slot. I'm giving Magneto slot 13 (the light reddish slot)
18>Katniss (District 12 tribute), 16yo.2015,Jun.11 19:41 *.]
13>Magneto (Supervillain), 60+yo.2015,Jun.11 19:43 [Magneto:Same profile as before.]
18>Katniss (District 12 tribute), 16yo.2015,Jun.11 19:43 [Katniss Everdeen:Has long black hair in her trademark braid, gray eyes, and wears her typical Mockingjay-Part 1 Mockingjay costume.]
18>Katniss (District 12 tribute), 16yo.2015,Jun.11 19:45 [She is a 16 year-old girl who competed in the 74th and 75th Hunger Games in future dystopian America known as Panem. She survived through both of them and went on to be the leader of the rebels, who were fighting against the cruel and unjust Capitol.]
18>Katniss (District 12 tribute), 16yo.2015,Jun.11 19:45 [She is a master archer. She loves walking through the woods, hunting, spending time with friends and family, and Mockingjays. She hates President Snow, the Capitol, the Hunger Games, and, of course, Fredrick Handlord.]
2>Leafpool (Med.CatofThunderclan), ?yo.2015,Jun.12 23:09  Secret message to Ghost Girl  
2>Leafpool (Med.CatofThunderclan), ?yo.2015,Jun.12 23:10  Secret message to Ghost Girl  
3>James Bond (Secret Service Agent), 45yo.2015,Jun.15 23:32 (We can start whenever you guys want! :D)
4>Ghost Girl (Superheroine), Imrtlyo.2015,Jun.18 18:34  Secret message to Leafpool  
4>Ghost Girl (Superheroine), Imrtlyo.2015,Jun.18 18:35 [OK! I would start now, but it appears that Katka is planning on creating one more character named "?" who is basically a mystery character whose identity is unknown.]
4>Ghost Girl (Superheroine), Imrtlyo.2015,Jun.18 18:35 [She wonders if that mystery character can turn out to be Fredrick Handlord in disguise for a plot twist. Is that OK with you?]
2>Leafpool (Med.CatofThunderclan), ?yo.2015,Jun.20 10:41  Secret message to Ghost Girl  
11>Rick (Sheriff ), 40yo.2015,Jun.20 20:23 (yeah that is fine with me)
4>Ghost Girl (Superheroine), Imrtlyo.2015,Jun.29 19:18  Secret message to Leafpool  
4>Ghost Girl (Superheroine), Imrtlyo.2015,Jun.29 19:18 [@ Jack:Sorry, I misinterpreted what Katka said. She meant that the character named "?" would turn out to later be Fredrick Handlord's twin. Is that OK?]
4>Ghost Girl (Superheroine), Imrtlyo.2015,Jun.29 19:19 *twin brother
6>Jennifer (girl), 17yo.2015,Dec.17 14:47 (Jennifer have long blond hair and rainbow eyes, she is brave and beatiful, she have some magic powers, she have lightning Dragon so she can escape when ever she wants)
6>Jennifer (girl), 17yo.2015,Dec.17 15:04 (she wears red cape with hood)
6>Jennifer (girl), 17yo.2015,Dec.17 15:05 (so when will we start to play? :))
6>Jennifer (girl), 17yo.2015,Dec.17 15:08  Buying Swords (x 1)  (it's one sword?)