" Future World " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 8 to 19 years of age.
In the year 3015, in the far corner of the Crab Nebula, there is a small planet where 600 humans have migrated and started a colony 500 years ago. Now the planet has flourished, and the people on it are...you know, futurey! It is called Niimioa, and two countries on its surface, Kariad and Madria, recently broke into a minor conflict , but today, it becomes an all-out war. You will have to survive.
1. The age limit isn't just a suggestion, it's an actual rule. Do not join if you are younger than 8 or older than 19.
2. No inappropriate stuff.
3. You have to make your first post within three days, or you will be deleted.
4. You MUST have two slots: One is a Madrian character(from Madria) and one is a Karaidese character(from Kariad).
Tell me if I should add buyables, and have fuuun!

1>Rendem Hemonecha (Madrian girl), 12yo.2015,Aug.22 18:12 [Welcome! When you make your character, be sure to include these things:]
1>Rendem Hemonecha (Madrian girl), 12yo.2015,Aug.22 18:13 [Appearence: Just what it sounds like. Face, hair, clothes.]
1>Rendem Hemonecha (Madrian girl), 12yo.2015,Aug.22 18:14 [Personality: Describe how your character thinks, acts, feels.]
1>Rendem Hemonecha (Madrian girl), 12yo.2015,Aug.22 18:15 [And family members. Also exactly what it sounds like.]
1>Rendem Hemonecha (Madrian girl), 12yo.2015,Aug.22 18:25 [My first character is Rika Hatsune. She has long red hair tied back in a high ponytail with a black hairtie. She also has pale skin and very unusual blue-purple eyes. She wears a little short gray dress with a blue heart on it. She also wears red boots.]
1>Rendem Hemonecha (Madrian girl), 12yo.2015,Aug.22 18:32 [She sings a lot and is very good at it. She can easily put up a fight, but she's only 20% hard. The remaining 80% is soft. She has a best friend named Rena, but can't go to bed at night without havinng a dream that exactly resembles the day that she
1>Rendem Hemonecha (Madrian girl), 12yo.2015,Aug.22 18:46 moved back to Kariad, where she was born. She misses her friend, what with Rena living in Kariad 200 miles away, but doesn't really talk about her.]
1>Rendem Hemonecha (Madrian girl), 12yo.2015,Aug.22 18:49 [She doesn't have any siblings, and her dad died of cancer two years ago. Her mother, Halia and her pet chinchilla, Kari are the only ones she lives with.]
2>Romana Heratichi (Kariadese girl), 12yo.2015,Aug.22 19:12 [Rena Itsumi: Has black hair cut in a bobcut, blue eyes and tan skin. Wears black pants, a blue tee and gray boots.]
2>Romana Heratichi (Kariadese girl), 12yo.2015,Aug.22 19:13 [Is very artistic and doesn't act like an "actual" girl most of the time. Is very smart, very logical and was bullied since she was nine so she can be fierce, and as such, knows how to defend herself. Her only friend is Rika.]
2>Romana Heratichi (Kariadese girl), 12yo.2015,Aug.22 19:25 [Her family consists of her mom, Kila, her dad, Soru, and her older sister, Likai.]
20>Adrina (Kariad Kid), 9yo.2015,Aug.22 21:21 [Adrina has blond, wavy, long hair and deep blue eyes. She wears a pink skirt with madgenta hearts on it and a royal purple shirt. Aswell as red flats.]
20>Adrina (Kariad Kid), 9yo.2015,Aug.22 21:33 [She's a tiny bit shy but mostly friendly. She's sort of a Tomboy but sort of a Girly Girl. She calls herself a Tomgirl. She is like a cat, she usually lands on her feet, she has sencitive ears,
20>Adrina (Kariad Kid), 9yo.2015,Aug.22 21:34 and really likes meat.]
20>Adrina (Kariad Kid), 9yo.2015,Aug.22 21:42 [She's not sure if she has any siblings because she was adopted but the people who adopted her say there names are Hera and Zues but they sounded sarcastic.]
5>Darina (Madria Child), 9yo.2015,Aug.22 21:50 [Darina has short, brown hair and greenish-brownish eyes. She wears blue skinny jeans and a tight red tank top along with green sneakers with yellow laces.]
5>Darina (Madria Child), 9yo.2015,Aug.22 21:54 [She's always ready for action packed adventures and thinks the war is exiting but scary all at the same time.]
5>Darina (Madria Child), 9yo.2015,Aug.22 22:00 [She has a younger sister named Gravene and a younger brother named Quinome. Her parents' names are Adrevita and Runotha.]
8>Raven Cassidy (Kariadese Girl), 16yo.2015,Aug.24 00:21 [Raven Cassiday: Has black hair in a bobcut, odd purple-blue/indigo eyes, and pale, grayish skin. She wears a white long-sleeved shirt, a white belt, white pants, white boots, and a white cloak (at first it'll be a scientist coat, but she'll switch to a
8>Raven Cassidy (Kariadese Girl), 16yo.2015,Aug.24 00:21 cloak when she evacuates the building she works at).]
8>Raven Cassidy (Kariadese Girl), 16yo.2015,Aug.24 00:22 [Since it's the future, I'm assuming people are much smarter than before; therefore, despite Raven's age, she's in college and has a part-time job in a Kariadesian research center. She's basically a scientist-in-training.]
8>Raven Cassidy (Kariadese Girl), 16yo.2015,Aug.24 00:23 [She wears glasses too when she works, but the glasses aren't for eyesight-they have special holographic screens that allow her to access computer systems and virtual stuff in the place she works at.]
8>Raven Cassidy (Kariadese Girl), 16yo.2015,Aug.24 00:24 [She is calm, cold, very smart, and somewhat grouchy. However, she'd eagerly give up her life for one of her friends in a heartbeat. She doesn't like having to tolerate others' stupidity.]
8>Raven Cassidy (Kariadese Girl), 16yo.2015,Aug.24 00:25 [Her father is a Kariadese government official named Trigon (yes, I named her and her parents after awesome Teen Titans characters); he is somewhat responsible for the war.]
8>Raven Cassidy (Kariadese Girl), 16yo.2015,Aug.24 00:26 [Her mother is the sweet Arella, who lives in the Kariadesian city and prefers peace; she has had many disputes with Trigon.]
8>Raven Cassidy (Kariadese Girl), 16yo.2015,Aug.24 00:26 *Raven Cassidy:
10>Joshua Gomez (Madrian Boy), 15yo.2015,Aug.24 00:27 [Joshua Gomez: Has odd green eyes, tan skin, and short black hair. He wears a futuristic black bodysuit w/ green markings and is part of a Madrian sports/racing team.]
10>Joshua Gomez (Madrian Boy), 15yo.2015,Aug.24 00:28 [He sort of drives those cool things from the movie Tron. Anyway, he is very immature, sort of stupid, friendly, and likes cracking SUPER cheesy jokes; he's basically the opposite of Raven. His personality is based on Beast Boy's from Teen Titans.]
10>Joshua Gomez (Madrian Boy), 15yo.2015,Aug.24 00:29 [Family includes a bunch of random cousins and brothers who are part of the racing team, and his parents.]
20>Adrina (Kariad Kid), 9yo.2015,Aug.26 19:01  Secret message to Rendem Hemonecha  
1>Rendem Hemonecha (Madrian girl), 12yo.2015,Aug.26 19:07  Secret message to Adrina  
4>Stella Hathaway (Karaidese), 14yo.2015,Aug.30 16:00 [ Lily has jet black hair, green eyes, tan skin and wears boyfriend jackets with shorts,sneakers and tank tops]
4>Stella Hathaway (Karaidese), 14yo.2015,Aug.30 16:02 [ She is friendly and social. Likes comics and teen titans. Wants to be the first woman to live on Mars.]
4>Stella Hathaway (Karaidese), 14yo.2015,Aug.30 16:08 [ Lives with her dad, Riley and sister Ferla. Got separated from her enemy sister called Lily]( by the way I meant Stella not lily in the first description)
3>Lily Hathaway (Karaidese), 14yo.2015,Aug.30 16:10 [ Lily like her sister Stella, has all her features. She is anti social. Likes electricity. Wants to be the first woman to walk on air.]
3>Lily Hathaway (Karaidese), 14yo.2015,Aug.30 16:11 [She lives with her mom , Jade and brother, Rico. Got separated from her enemy sister, Stella.]
1>Rendem Hemonecha (Madrian girl), 12yo.2015,Aug.30 16:12 [Well, I think that we can start now!]
3>Lily Hathaway (Karaidese), 14yo.2015,Aug.30 16:13  Secret message to Rendem Hemonecha  
1>Rendem Hemonecha (Madrian girl), 12yo.2015,Aug.30 16:14  Secret message to Lily Hathaway  
4>Stella Hathaway (Karaidese), 14yo.2015,Aug.30 16:15  Secret message to Rendem Hemonecha  
3>Lily Hathaway (Karaidese), 14yo.2015,Aug.30 16:16 And check out my two new games called wind club and scooby dool
3>Lily Hathaway (Karaidese), 14yo.2015,Aug.30 16:16 I mean doo
1>Rendem Hemonecha (Madrian girl), 12yo.2015,Aug.30 16:17 [C'mon, back on topic.]
3>Lily Hathaway (Karaidese), 14yo.2015,Aug.30 16:20 LET'S START
3>Lily Hathaway (Karaidese), 14yo.2015,Aug.30 16:20 So how do we start
20>Adrina (Kariad Kid), 9yo.2015,Aug.30 16:20  Secret message to Rendem Hemonecha  
1>Rendem Hemonecha (Madrian girl), 12yo.2015,Aug.30 16:23 *wakes up one morning to see the conflict right outside of the window* The usual, gunfire and a little bit of blood on the ground. No surprise now.
20>Adrina (Kariad Kid), 9yo.2015,Aug.30 16:28 Hey!
3>Lily Hathaway (Karaidese), 14yo.2015,Aug.30 16:28 * she also wakes up and goes to the window *
20>Adrina (Kariad Kid), 9yo.2015,Aug.30 16:29 [In the game wanna be friends?]
4>Stella Hathaway (Karaidese), 14yo.2015,Aug.30 16:29 *does the same thing and their eyes meet * * she quickly pulls back * my enemy
4>Stella Hathaway (Karaidese), 14yo.2015,Aug.30 16:30 @Kalista: ok
20>Adrina (Kariad Kid), 9yo.2015,Aug.30 16:30 I've been awake since dawn it's been hard to go back to sleep. *yawns* yaaaaah!
4>Stella Hathaway (Karaidese), 14yo.2015,Aug.30 16:31 Good morning Ferla , she says to her sister
20>Adrina (Kariad Kid), 9yo.2015,Aug.30 16:31  Secret message to Stella Hathaway  
4>Stella Hathaway (Karaidese), 14yo.2015,Aug.30 16:33  Secret message to Adrina  
1>Rendem Hemonecha (Madrian girl), 12yo.2015,Aug.30 16:33 [You guys are being confusing.]
1>Rendem Hemonecha (Madrian girl), 12yo.2015,Aug.30 16:34 [I've kinda lost interest in this RP already. I'm gonna archive it.]
1>Rendem Hemonecha (Madrian girl), 12yo.2015,Sep.7 15:14 [I IS I KALISTA Felicity said I could take over this RP and make it my own]
1>Rendem Hemonecha (Madrian girl), 12yo.2015,Nov.7 14:37 [figured out the password!]
1>Rendem Hemonecha (Madrian girl), 12yo.2015,Nov.8 00:39  Secret message to Rendem Hemonecha  
1>Rendem Hemonecha (Madrian girl), 12yo.2015,Nov.8 16:59  Secret message to Rendem Hemonecha  
2>Romana Heratichi (Kariadese girl), 12yo.2015,Nov.8 16:59  Secret message to Rendem Hemonecha  
5>Darina (Madria Child), 9yo.2015,Nov.8 17:00  Secret message to Rendem Hemonecha  
20>Adrina (Kariad Kid), 9yo.2015,Nov.8 17:00  Secret message to Rendem Hemonecha  
1>Rendem Hemonecha (Madrian girl), 12yo.2015,Nov.8 17:02 [Note that this rp used to be owned by Felicity.]