" Girl's Night Out! " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 9 to 19 years of age.
Tonight is the night for a Girl's Night Out!

-No bad words.
-You have to make four slots: a girly-girl, a tomboy, a lone wolf and a super-smart one.
~Examples of the smart one: inventor, someone who's really good with computers as in computer programming, and culinary chemist, and before you ask, that's a thing.
-Make your first post within a week or I'll delete your slots.

RPing tips:
-When you're posting something outside the RP, use either [brackets] or (parenthesis.)
-If you're signed in, just hit Enter without typing in anything to see what other people have posted.

Tell me if I should add more buyables via a secret message, and HAVE FUN!!! :D

1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.3 04:00 [Amaya Nakamura: Fair skin, dark hazel eyes rimmed with turquoise glasses, long light brown hair that's dyed bright blue at the ends for some reason. Her hair is usually worn down, but in her lab, she wears it in a braid set high on her head.]
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.3 04:01 [She wears denim capris and a crop-top-style jean jacket. The jacket's usually open, but in the lab, she zips it to protect her white shirt that says 'I am the sharpest pencil in the box' in navy b. She also wears black ankle boots with a four-inch heel.]
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.3 04:02 [Caprial, is Sam short for Samantha?]
2>Keira (Smart Girl/TomGirl), 17yo.2016,Jan.3 04:02 [Red hair in an "over the shoulder" with her bangs held back by a flower clip, pale skin and reddish-hazel eyes. Magenta tank top with a pink hat, a red skirt and violet flats.]
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 04:03 (C.J: Is a lone wolf likes to sit in the forest is not very awear of other peoples emotions and it is hard for her to understand why people get upset at things she say and is always honest even if its hurtful she dosent try to be mean at all she)
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 04:04 (always wears a green hoodie and leggings she has pale skin and hair down to her shoulders)
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.3 04:05 [Oops. In the clothes post, it was supposed to be navy blue.]
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.3 04:05 [And is Peck a girl? They all have to be girls.]
6>Sam (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 04:06 (Sam is a tomboy would probably die if she had to wear pink or a dress or heaven forbid a pink dress She wears a jersey and torn up jeans is always pulling pranks making fart jokes and making weird noises with her mouth she has blond short hair)
6>Sam (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 04:06 (yes Peck is a girl)
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.3 04:07 [I've stopped giving personality descriptions. They're so...hard to do.]
14>Peck (smart one), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 04:09 (Peck: Has redish hazel hair always in a ponytail is quite smart and if she isnt being shy or scared she will talk about psychology and human behavior and therorys She wears a bright blue long sleve shirt and skinny jeans usually has a notebook with her)
7>Tsuki Nakamura (Tom--boy...girl...?!), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 04:10 [Tsuki Nakamura: Fair skin, brown eyes and dark brown short hair tied back in a low ponytail with a navy blue hairtie.]
5>Flynne (TomBoy), 17yo.2016,Jan.3 04:11 Brown hair down to her shoulders, pale skin and reddish-hazel eyes. Soccer tee with a team captain badge on it, blue skirt with a brown belt and sneakers.]
5>Flynne (TomBoy), 17yo.2016,Jan.3 04:11 *][at the beginning.]
16>Destiny (Girly Girl), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 04:11 (Destiny: Is a girly girl always wears some sort of sparkely dress usually its pink she has to pigtails in her brown hair tied with a ribbion matching her dress always wears lipstick and has her nails done usually wears white sparkely shouse is very)
5>Flynne (TomBoy), 17yo.2016,Jan.3 04:12 *][at the beginning.]
16>Destiny (Girly Girl), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 04:12 (happy and bubbly and gets excited about alot of girly things has a small white kitten at home named princess)
5>Flynne (TomBoy), 17yo.2016,Jan.3 04:12 [Nvm]
13>Julie (Girly-Girl), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 04:14 [Hello! This sounded fun, so I decided to join!]
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 04:14 (so what exactly do we do in this rp? i will have lots of fun playing all these diffrent charecture types but what setting are we in is it like school or?..)
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 04:15 (btw brunny im still on the Rpa)
13>Julie (Girly-Girl), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 04:15 [Alright, so Julie has brown eyes, short black hair in a ponytail (the band holding up her ponytail is all sparkley and stuff) and is very lean - kind of a "stick girl."]
7>Tsuki Nakamura (Tom--boy...girl...?!), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 04:16 [Black long jeans, blue sneakers, dark green T-shirt with a golden star motif on the front, black jacket usually tied around her waist.]
12>Mallissa (Lone Wolf), 17yo.2016,Jan.3 04:16 [Brown hair in a braid with her bangs tied into it, pale skin and hazel eyes. Camouflage shirt with a camo cap, ripped jeans and a Jean, and black sneakers.]
13>Julie (Girly-Girl), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 04:17 [She wears shiny pink lip gloss or whatever and has tan skin. Is popular and sort of acts like only her girly-girl friends exist. Wears anything that's blue, pink, and "fancy." Is actually kind of annoying.]
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 04:19 [Hiroe Koyanagi: Shoulder-length blond hair, green eyes and fair skin.]
11>Tara (Tomboy), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 04:20 [Tara has long, straight light blonde hair, large light blue eyes, and usually wears brown gloves, black goggles, brown boots, yellow shorts, and a black long-sleeved shirt.]
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.3 04:20 [All of the slots need to be full before we start.]
11>Tara (Tomboy), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 04:21 [Is ultra outgoing, adventurous, playful, and friendly. She loves carnivals and has a decent sense of humor. However, she can get into (physical) fights and occasionally can be a bit naive.]
20>Allyssa (Girly-Girl), 18yo.2016,Jan.3 04:21 [Brown hair that flows down to her waist, also pale skin and hazel eyes. Silver 1/2 sleeved dress, gold leggings, and silver and gold swirled heels.]
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.3 04:22 [Hey, Brunny, Joan said that she might join this. Why not you ask her? Tell her that there's an open space--four slots--with her name on it.]
11>Tara (Tomboy), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 04:22 [OK. Paige or Joan might join, so please try to save the last slots for one of them.]
11>Tara (Tomboy), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 04:22 [I asked her on WB, but she is not online yet.]
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 04:22 [Got it.]
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 04:22 (of course)
19>Maddie (Lone Wolf), 16yo.2016,Jan.3 04:24 [Has very dark brown hair in a braid, very dark brown eyes, and brown skin. Is short and a little on the chubby side. Only has a few friends; is an introvert.]
20>Allyssa (Girly-Girl), 18yo.2016,Jan.3 04:24 [Allyssa and Mallissa are twins.]
9>Edna (Super Smart Girl), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 04:25 [Has long, curly blazing red hair and green eyes. Often wears a red sweater and black pants; in warmer conditions she wears an orange-red shirt.]
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 04:25 (kalista want to go on kidnapped)
2>Keira (Smart Girl/TomGirl), 17yo.2016,Jan.3 04:25 [When we starting?]
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 04:26 [Pink 3/4-sleeve shirt, white knee-length skirt, pink leggings that reach just below, and red sandal wedges. She usually carries around one of those Japanese messenger-bag-schoolbag things, a red one.]
9>Edna (Super Smart Girl), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 04:26 [Is VERY smart and especially skilled with computers. She is also quite logical and knows plenty of stuff not related to computers that a lot of other people don't know.]
9>Edna (Super Smart Girl), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 04:26 [@ Kalista: Read this: 1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo. 2016,Jan.3 04:20 [All of the slots need to be full before we start.]]
9>Edna (Super Smart Girl), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 04:27 [Is great with mathematics too. Normally she's nice, but she is can be stubborn and has a bad temper. Especially unleashes her temper on someone who says something that's just plain stupid.]
2>Keira (Smart Girl/TomGirl), 17yo.2016,Jan.3 04:27 [When did she post that?]
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.3 04:28 [Oh, I just remembered! Amaya's scientific specialty is culinary chemistry.]
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.3 04:28 [Yes, that's a thing.]
9>Edna (Super Smart Girl), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 04:28 [Is also quite artistic and can play the cello. Loves classical music, chess, and opera. In terms of personality, Edna's a lot like me, except she has a worse temper than I do.]
9>Edna (Super Smart Girl), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 04:28 [@ Kalista: 7 minutes ago. :P]
9>Edna (Super Smart Girl), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 04:29 [Make that 8.]
15>Ashley (Tomboy), 16yo.2016,Jan.3 04:29 (Hi!)
18>Rika Koyagani (Lone Wolf Girl), 13yo.2016,Jan.3 04:29 [Brb.]
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 04:29 (
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 04:29 (hi)
9>Edna (Super Smart Girl), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 04:29 [@ Felicity: BTW, there are many types of engineers, but there are a couple types (e.g. a software engineer/computer programmer) that have to do with computers. Therefore Edna is an engineer.]
9>Edna (Super Smart Girl), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 04:30 [@ Felicity: That also means that your " someone who's really good with computers" part in the game description is redundant.]
9>Edna (Super Smart Girl), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 04:30 [@ Felicity: Sorry about "going logical" on you. :P XD]
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 04:30  Secret message to Allyssa  
15>Ashley (Tomboy), 16yo.2016,Jan.3 04:31 (My character is Ashley. She has brown-blonde hair, brown eyes, and can be seen wearing a hoodie with a football team logo and jeans.)
18>Rika Koyagani (Lone Wolf Girl), 13yo.2016,Jan.3 04:31 [Back.]
18>Rika Koyagani (Lone Wolf Girl), 13yo.2016,Jan.3 04:32 [Joan, you need four characters. Unless you're gonna take two and Paige is gonna take two.]
2>Keira (Smart Girl/TomGirl), 17yo.2016,Jan.3 04:32 [I'm the kind of smart good with computers.]
9>Edna (Super Smart Girl), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 04:32 [@ Kalista: We can hear you. XD]
9>Edna (Super Smart Girl), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 04:33 [@ Kalista: No need to shout. XD]
15>Ashley (Tomboy), 16yo.2016,Jan.3 04:33 (Ashley is very much a tomboy. If you don't really like football or have any interest in it, then you'll have a hard time carrying out a decently long conversation with her. Other than that, she's really friendly.)
2>Keira (Smart Girl/TomGirl), 17yo.2016,Jan.3 04:33 [Yes, yes I meant to post that.]
15>Ashley (Tomboy), 16yo.2016,Jan.3 04:33 (Ok.)
2>Keira (Smart Girl/TomGirl), 17yo.2016,Jan.3 04:33 [Just excited.]
9>Edna (Super Smart Girl), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 04:33 [By the way...what is the plot of this RPG?]
15>Ashley (Tomboy), 16yo.2016,Jan.3 04:33 (Anyways, some aspects of Ashley are based off of me.)
9>Edna (Super Smart Girl), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 04:34 [Heh, Ashley's based on you and Edna's based on me...]
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 04:35  Secret message to Keira  
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 04:35 yes i would like to know the plot myself
3>Emma (Girly girl), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 04:35 (Emma's a girly girl. She has black hair in a messy bun, tons of makeup, and wears a sweater and leggings. Has her phone and Starbucks on her 24/7. Also super dramatic and hyper.)
18>Rika Koyagani (Lone Wolf Girl), 13yo.2016,Jan.3 04:37 [Rika Koyanagi: Short red hair tied up in a ponytail, lavender eyes and fair skin.]
13>Julie (Girly-Girl), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 04:37 [Oh, and I forgot to add this: Like Emma (and like many other normal Americans -.-) she has her phone in her face ALL THE TIME.]
13>Julie (Girly-Girl), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 04:37 *she (Julie) has her phone... (etc.)
10>Anna (Super smart), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 04:39 (Anna's my super smart character. Her wardrobe depends, but she has straight black hair and occasionally wears glasses. Not only is she smart academically, but musically. She's a violin and piano prodigy.)
18>Rika Koyagani (Lone Wolf Girl), 13yo.2016,Jan.3 04:39 [White tee with blue sleeves. Brown belt, red steel-toed sneakers, yes, you read that right, blue jeans with the ends folded up, red wristbands and yellow infinity scarf.]
9>Edna (Super Smart Girl), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 04:40 [I have steel-toed boots, so I didn't see what's so mysterious about Rika having steel-toed shoes... o.o]
9>Edna (Super Smart Girl), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 04:40 *what was
6>Sam (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 04:41 (oh btw Sam is short for Samantha but if you call her that she will probably punch you)
18>Rika Koyagani (Lone Wolf Girl), 13yo.2016,Jan.3 04:41 [Oh, I didn't think that steel-toed shoes were all that common.]
17>Katie (Loner ), 16yo.2016,Jan.3 04:41 (And finally, Katie. She has straight, sandy blonde hair in a ponytail and wears a black headband. Probably wears a tee and jeans most of the time. Is really quiet, hardly socializes unless it's mandatory. Sort of based off of me.)
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.3 04:42 [We can start now! But first, I set the setting.]
2>Keira (Smart Girl/TomGirl), 17yo.2016,Jan.3 04:43 [All my characters are in a classical band. Keira plays Violin, Flynne=Piano, Allyssa=Harp, and Mallissa=Conductor.]
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.3 04:44 [This takes place in Washington, D.C., near that park with all the cherry blossom trees.]
9>Edna (Super Smart Girl), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 04:45 [OK.]
6>Sam (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 04:46 (alright)
9>Edna (Super Smart Girl), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 04:46 [@ Kalista: Girls aren't usually conductors - I've seen an uncountable amount of operas and concerts and I've only seen one female conductor - but it's kind of cool that Mallissa is a conductor.]
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 04:47 (oh we are not starting yet? sorry...)
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.3 04:48 *is in her lab, making some sort of science drink*
9>Edna (Super Smart Girl), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 04:48 *typing away on her computer*
6>Sam (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 04:49 *is in the park playing football with some guys*
9>Edna (Super Smart Girl), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 04:49 *mutters* while x >= 5: print 'True'...
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.3 04:49 And just a spoonful of liquified sugar.
11>Tara (Tomboy), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 04:49 *playing football with Sam* [Note that I can throw and catch a football quite well in real life.]
14>Peck (smart one), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 04:49 *is re-reading the way colors can show how people feel on her labtop*
10>Anna (Super smart), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 04:50 *practicing her violin tirelessly*
9>Edna (Super Smart Girl), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 04:50 Annoying English Correction Fairy: It's spelled "laptop." ~.~ [Me: Uh, get out. *kicks the Fairy out of the RPG*]
16>Destiny (Girly Girl), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 04:50 *is texting her friend*
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.3 04:51 *the super-heated liquid sugar spreads over the top of the drink**squeals* Perfect!
15>Ashley (Tomboy), 16yo.2016,Jan.3 04:51 *sits on the floor of her room, checking up on her favorite team*
6>Sam (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 04:52 *passes the ball to Tara*
3>Emma (Girly girl), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 04:52 *hangs outside of the school (possibly after hours) talking with her best friends* *squeals* Oh my god!!! Christian just liked my Instagram pic!! *giggles*
7>Tsuki Nakamura (Tom--boy...girl...?!), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 04:52 What the heck is going on in Amaya's lab?!
16>Destiny (Girly Girl), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 04:53 *texts Emma* "want 2 hang out 2night?"
7>Tsuki Nakamura (Tom--boy...girl...?!), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 04:53 [It's 3:30 PM there.]
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 04:53 *keeps reading her book*
7>Tsuki Nakamura (Tom--boy...girl...?!), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 04:54 [The text was fine.]
3>Emma (Girly girl), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 04:54 *texts Destiny back:* Yea!! :) :)
2>Keira (Smart Girl/TomGirl), 17yo.2016,Jan.3 04:55  Secret message to Anna  
7>Tsuki Nakamura (Tom--boy...girl...?!), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 04:55 *walks into Amaya's lab* Whatcha makin', Adrienne Attoms?
3>Emma (Girly girl), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 04:55 *texts Destiny back:* Mayb we can go 2 starbucks??
2>Keira (Smart Girl/TomGirl), 17yo.2016,Jan.3 04:55  Secret message to Keira  
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 04:55 *Texts Emma* meet me @ star Bucks @ 5pm
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.3 04:55 Oh, nothing special. And thanks for the nickname, little sis!
13>Julie (Girly-Girl), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 04:56 *texts her "bff" ~.~ Emma:* "heyyyy bff wanna go like 2 starbucks and like hang out"
13>Julie (Girly-Girl), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 04:56 *as usual she uses no capitalization and no punctuation...*
10>Anna (Super smart), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 04:56  Secret message to Anna  
10>Anna (Super smart), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 04:56  Secret message to Keira  
6>Sam (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 04:57 *throws the football at Tara again acedently hits her in the face*
3>Emma (Girly girl), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 04:57 *texts Julie back:* Omg yasss gurl!!! *insert crying with laughter emoji*
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.3 04:58 [Me and Kalista gtg. Like, right now. Wanna do this at 12:00 PM EST tomorrow? Bye!]
13>Julie (Girly-Girl), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 04:58 [I probably won't be able to get on then, sorry.]
14>Peck (smart one), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 04:59 *goes to Amaya's lab* I think i figuared out why humans make crule jokes about death and stuff *puts her laptop on the counter*
3>Emma (Girly girl), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 04:59 (Ok, see you! I don't know if I'll be around then, but I'll be back at the same time tomorrow and will be occasionally posting throughout the day.)
13>Julie (Girly-Girl), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 04:59 [I'm switching to being on WB and one other RPG w/ Caprial.]
14>Peck (smart one), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 04:59 (i will be on then)
13>Julie (Girly-Girl), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 04:59 [@ Joan: Same. I sometimes am able to pop up for a few minutes and then leave again.]
13>Julie (Girly-Girl), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 05:00 [@ Caprial: Want to go to my club Brunny's Awesome World of Randomness on the Thematic Clubs?]
14>Peck (smart one), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 05:00 (sure)
13>Julie (Girly-Girl), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 05:03 [OK, see you there!]
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 05:04 (k)
2>Keira (Smart Girl/TomGirl), 17yo.2016,Jan.3 05:09 *plays her violin and it drowns out the sound of Anna's violin*
2>Keira (Smart Girl/TomGirl), 17yo.2016,Jan.3 05:09 [Kiera's a professional violin player.]
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 05:41  Secret message to Keira  
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.3 13:37 Peck, get your laptop off the table!
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.3 15:32  Secret message to Edna  
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.3 15:37 Anyway, I whipped up a special drink. Wanna try it? *pours some sort of effervescent liquid from a cylindrical breaker into two small drinking glasses* And if you want to try it, now's your chance, because it won't stay in liquid form for very long.
7>Tsuki Nakamura (Tom--boy...girl...?!), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 15:38 Eh. I've tried your fizzy rock candy. This won't hurt. And it's probably good.
7>Tsuki Nakamura (Tom--boy...girl...?!), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 15:39 *takes one of the cups and drinks a little bit* Hm. Tastes like chocolate chip cookie dough.
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.3 15:40 I knew you would like it! You wanna try it, Peck?
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.3 15:42  Secret message to Keira  
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 15:44 *texts Amaya* hey, wanna go downtown l8r 2day?
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.3 15:45 *her phone's on vibrate so she doesn't know that Hiroe's texting her*
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.3 15:48 *the little mini oven she has in her lab dings* Oh, that must be my churros!
7>Tsuki Nakamura (Tom--boy...girl...?!), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 15:49 Um, Adrienne Attoms, I think that someone's texting you.
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.3 15:52 Tell them that I'm busy at the moment and I'll get back to them later.
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.3 18:14 [I'm here. Caprial should be coming on any minute, unless she thought of it as noon Mountain Time, which is in two hours.]
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.3 18:21 *takes the churros out of the oven*
7>Tsuki Nakamura (Tom--boy...girl...?!), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 18:28 Tsuki tax. *takes one of the churros*
2>Keira (Smart Girl/TomGirl), 17yo.2016,Jan.3 18:39 []
2>Keira (Smart Girl/TomGirl), 17yo.2016,Jan.3 18:41 [I might not be on at two. I'll proply be at the new Star Wars movie, IN 3D! I'm gonna see the new Star Wars movie in 3D!
2>Keira (Smart Girl/TomGirl), 17yo.2016,Jan.3 18:42 *]
7>Tsuki Nakamura (Tom--boy...girl...?!), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 18:51 [Shut up, Kalista.]
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.4 05:21 (Sorry i got grounded...)
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.4 05:21 (but i found a loop hole and im back)
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.4 12:37 [Boo on the grounding, yay on you being back.]
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.4 12:40 No, Tsuki! Don't eat it! The chemical formula that I put inside is unstable and it might--
7>Tsuki Nakamura (Tom--boy...girl...?!), 15yo.2016,Jan.4 12:41 *bites the churro, which promptly goes boom*
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.4 12:41 explode.
7>Tsuki Nakamura (Tom--boy...girl...?!), 15yo.2016,Jan.4 17:55 I should've known it was too normal to be normal.
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.4 17:59 Ha-ha, very funny.
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.4 18:00 *over at the park* Eee! Dylan liked my pic on Insta!
18>Rika Koyagani (Lone Wolf Girl), 13yo.2016,Jan.4 18:01 Hiroe, why do you obsess over Dylan? Boys are wierd!
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.4 18:02 I thought that you had a crush on Ryo.
18>Rika Koyagani (Lone Wolf Girl), 13yo.2016,Jan.4 18:02 He has a crush on me! What are you, an idiot?
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.4 18:03 *kicks Rika in the leg*
18>Rika Koyagani (Lone Wolf Girl), 13yo.2016,Jan.4 18:04 *walks back home with her arms folded over her chest*
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.6 21:02 [Cp, don't make me delete another message. Rika went home.]
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 19:32 *sits in the tree reading her book glances over at Hiroe* huh... why is everyone so strange?
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.9 19:32 [caprial?]
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 19:32 *continues reading*
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.9 19:33 [Nvm.]
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 19:33 (yes)
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 19:33 (ok)
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 19:33 *goes up to CJ* Prove that I'm strange!
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 19:35 *sets down her book* you just climbed up a tree to yell at someone who you were eves dropping on
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 19:36 I did not climb a tree, and I was not eavesdropping on anyone!
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 19:36 now if you will excuse me i am busy and i dont like people esspecially when they are close to me *picks up her book and contiues reading*
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 19:37 I just happened to overhear you!
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 19:37 *looks down at Hiroe* Exactly
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 19:38 now go do what ever entertains you tiny little mind and shoo
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 19:38 Can I help it if I have amazing hearing?
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 19:38 *continues to read*
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 19:38 Why are you being so mean?
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 19:39 why are you bothering me?
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 19:39 I want to know why you think I'm strange!
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 19:40 plus juding by your physical apearance there isnt much you can do and i dont see how i was being mean
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 19:40 You said something about my 'tiny little mind'.
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 19:40 and i dont care about you or anything you may think makes you strange your just the same as everyone else deep inside except me
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 19:41 And how does my physical appearance translate to how much I can do?
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 19:42 Nobody is the same! My sister is the exact opposite of me!
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 19:44 *chuckles slightly* if you say so now go do what ever you do
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 19:44 Why don't you give what other girls do a try?
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 19:46 not a chance *continues reading*
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 19:46 Why not?
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 19:46 beacause you are stupid and you have weird emotions
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 19:47 How am I stupid? And how are emotions weird?
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 19:48 oh please in my opinion everyone is that way so dont take it personally
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 19:49 Still, I have to know. Once I start asking questions, it's hard for me to stop.
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 19:51 [Gtg. Be back in about an hour, which is 2:45 my time and 12:45 your time.]
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 19:51 ok *hops down the tree and starts walking away*
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 19:51 (ok)
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 19:51 [Well, probably.]
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 19:52 [Wait, I'll shorten it to ten minutes at the most.]
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 19:55 [I realized something and I'm back. But replies will be really slow.]
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 19:58 (ok)
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 20:06 Would it kill you to join Instagram?
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 20:09 instagram is stupid
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 20:19 How?
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 20:21 all you do is take pictures of yourself so other people can look at them if they want to see me so badly then they should stop looking at there phones and come see me themselves
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 20:25 What if you want to show people halfway around the world a strange piece of food that you're gonna eat?
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 20:25 instagram is for vain people who think there worth is based on how many likes there picture gets
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 20:25 and what kind of idiot takes pictures of there food?
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 20:37 What about if you want to show people something really weird, like a bright pink rabbit?
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 20:38 [I'm hungry. I'm gonna go get food. Brb.]
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 20:39 bright pink rabbits dont exist unless you dye its fur
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 20:41 whoa how stupid are you?
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 20:42 dont.. dont answer that
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 20:49 [Anyway, back.]
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 20:50 It might happen because of a genetical mutation.
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 20:50 no thats not how it works
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 20:51 Or what should the word be? Eh, let's just say a mutation in its DNA.
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 20:51 oh gosh your dull
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 20:53 can you please for a moment stop talking like you are an idiot i know it will be extreamly hard for you but still
16>Destiny (Girly Girl), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 21:01 *runs up to Hiroe excitedly* Hiroe! Jared just liked my Instagram pic!
16>Destiny (Girly Girl), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 21:02 and on facebook he commented a heart emoji on my new profile picture!
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 21:02 That's it. *calls Rika* Hey, Rika. We've got a Code Teal. Oops, I mean Code Periwinkle. Get to the park, stat. Bye.
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 21:04 Good for you, Des.
18>Rika Koyagani (Lone Wolf Girl), 13yo.2016,Jan.9 21:06 *gets to the park* Alright, where's the Code Periwinkle?
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 21:06 *points to CJ*
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 21:07 *waves slightly*
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 21:08 *looks at Destiny with slight disgust* pink... yep your one of those...
16>Destiny (Girly Girl), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 21:09 whats wrong with pink?
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 21:09 nothing it discribes your personality perfectly all that pink ith sparkels...
16>Destiny (Girly Girl), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 21:10 oh thanks *smiles looks at her phone* ooh! a text from Jared! *runs off*
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 21:10 *climbs a nearby tree and continues to read*
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 21:14 [Bye. I feel like leaving.]
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 21:14 (ok bye)
2>Keira (Smart Girl/TomGirl), 17yo.2016,Jan.10 04:10 *is in her computer lab hacking in the controls* Why don't I reprogram this and see what it does. *reprograms the computer**the programming blows up on the screen and her computer shuts off* Guess I destroyed the programming.
12>Mallissa (Lone Wolf), 17yo.2016,Jan.10 04:12 *climbs the tree CJ is in* Hey CJ.
5>Flynne (TomBoy), 17yo.2016,Jan.10 04:14 *kicks her soccer ball into the tree**the branch next to CJ breaks and falls down* Oops. *giggles* Guess I have more power in my kicks than I realized.
20>Allyssa (Girly-Girl), 18yo.2016,Jan.10 04:17 *looks at Flynne and Mallissa* You two need pink. *gives Flynne a pink soccer jersey* Hold that up. *throws Mallissa a pink camo top* Hold that up. *looks at them**smiles* PERFECT!
2>Keira (Smart Girl/TomGirl), 17yo.2016,Jan.10 04:18 [By the way, Keira's family is rich so she has a lot of computers.]
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.10 04:19 Huh.
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.10 04:20 *runs over* Let them wear what they want!
2>Keira (Smart Girl/TomGirl), 17yo.2016,Jan.10 04:20 *sets her computer on record**plays her violin* 🎵(Lullaby and Goodnight)🎵 *stops the recording**plays it* I guess I could edit that, write down the music, and play that.
20>Allyssa (Girly-Girl), 18yo.2016,Jan.10 04:21 Whoever you are, YOUR OUTFIT IS AMAZING!
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.10 04:22 Just let them wear what they want!
2>Keira (Smart Girl/TomGirl), 17yo.2016,Jan.10 04:37 *edits the recording**plays it* 🎵(Lullaby and Goodnight)🎵 *copies the recording really loudly* 🎵(Lullaby and Goodnight)🎵 Nope. *edits it more and copies it more**finally finds the right tune and pitch* Lovely.
2>Keira (Smart Girl/TomGirl), 17yo.2016,Jan.10 04:38 *looks at the clock in her computer lab* Oh! Look at the time. Band practice!
2>Keira (Smart Girl/TomGirl), 17yo.2016,Jan.10 04:39 *texts Allyssa, Flynne, and Mallissa* Time for band practice! Meet me on the mini country stage in my backyard.
12>Mallissa (Lone Wolf), 17yo.2016,Jan.10 04:40 *her phone's at home*
5>Flynne (TomBoy), 17yo.2016,Jan.10 04:41 *her phone's on vibrate in her purse*
20>Allyssa (Girly-Girl), 18yo.2016,Jan.10 04:43 *her text tone rings* Guys! Keira tested me. It says: Time for band practice! Meet me on the mini country stage in my back yard. Come on guys!
12>Mallissa (Lone Wolf), 17yo.2016,Jan.10 04:44 *they all go to Keira's house* Oh! Our band equipment is already here. Cool.
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.10 04:45 Huh.
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.10 04:45 [Brb.]
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.10 04:48 [Back.]
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.10 05:07 I think I'll do something traditional for the fun of it. *pours a bunch of baking soda and vinegar into a cylindrical beaker* Whee!
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.10 05:08 *fizzy stuff spurts from the top* Eee!
7>Tsuki Nakamura (Tom--boy...girl...?!), 15yo.2016,Jan.10 05:09 I never thought that you would do something as traditional as that.
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.10 05:10 It was just for the fun of it.
18>Rika Koyagani (Lone Wolf Girl), 13yo.2016,Jan.10 05:11 *walks back home*
7>Tsuki Nakamura (Tom--boy...girl...?!), 15yo.2016,Jan.10 05:13 Ohhhhh.
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.10 05:16 I know, crazy, right?
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.10 05:18 [I'm signing off for the night.]
12>Mallissa (Lone Wolf), 17yo.2016,Jan.10 05:31 [Testing]
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.12 18:44 well i didnt expect ingnoring them would make them leave,
2>Keira (Smart Girl/TomGirl), 17yo.2016,Jan.16 14:21 Keira's Mom: Keira? You're gonna have to move your stuff someplace else. Your Father and I need the mini stage. Keira: OK mom!
2>Keira (Smart Girl/TomGirl), 17yo.2016,Jan.16 14:21 Why don't we move to the park?
2>Keira (Smart Girl/TomGirl), 17yo.2016,Jan.16 14:24 [Caprial? Are you still on?]
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.18 21:37 [Oh, I forgot to mention that all my characters are in a band. It's called Smart Is The New Rock.]
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.18 21:39 [Amaya rocks the guitar, Rika plays drums, Tsuki's on keyboard and Hiroe's the DJ.]
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.18 21:45 [Cool name, right? Also, all the characters go to the same middle-high school, and there's a Battle Of The Bands coming up. Smart Is The New Rock will be competing, and Kalista's band might be competing.]
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.18 21:48 *turns around* I forgot to mention that our school is having a Battle Of The Bands! *grabs Tsuki's shoulders* Isn't this great, Tsuk? Our band can compete!
7>Tsuki Nakamura (Tom--boy...girl...?!), 15yo.2016,Jan.18 21:49 Great idea.
7>Tsuki Nakamura (Tom--boy...girl...?!), 15yo.2016,Jan.18 21:50  Secret message to Keira  
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.18 21:56 *lets go**grabs her phone**texts Hiroe* Theres a battle of the bands happening @ our school 2morrow at 9am. Should we enter?
2>Keira (Smart Girl/TomGirl), 17yo.2016,Jan.18 22:04 Come on! Here Flynne. *hands her a Keytar* And Allyssa. *hands her a mini harp* Play that. And, Excuse me, Berny? *her butler walks over* Can you carry these? *shows him 4 fold-up music stands* Berny: *sighs* Okay. Keira: Thanks!
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.18 22:10 *texts Amaya back* of course! i'll tell rika.
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.18 22:11 *runs about 15 feet**stops* Right. Wedges. No running. *walks home*
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.19 21:37 *continues to sit aand read*
9>Edna (Super Smart Girl), 15yo.2016,Jan.20 01:33 [Wow, I missed a lot. Can someone please give me a summary?]
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.21 20:47 [You read the announcement about the school and the bands, right?]
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.21 20:49 [Anyway, Hiroe was bugging CJ before Hiroe went home, a churro exploded on Tsuki's face, Kiera's band is gonna practice in the park.]
2>Keira (Smart Girl/TomGirl), 17yo.2016,Jan.22 03:34 Let's go! *they walk to the park*
2>Keira (Smart Girl/TomGirl), 17yo.2016,Jan.22 03:35 Let's set up here. *they set down their instruments* Okay, what should we play?
12>Mallissa (Lone Wolf), 17yo.2016,Jan.22 03:36 How about, *she pauses to think* "Quiet and Loud".
5>Flynne (TomBoy), 17yo.2016,Jan.22 03:37 Fine with me!
20>Allyssa (Girly-Girl), 18yo.2016,Jan.22 03:37 Nice idea sis!
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.22 03:38 [???]
2>Keira (Smart Girl/TomGirl), 17yo.2016,Jan.22 03:42 *texts Amaya* Symphony Rock is in the park! Going to start practicing in 10-15 mins!
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.22 03:43 *texts Kiera back* ok. SITNR will be there
2>Keira (Smart Girl/TomGirl), 17yo.2016,Jan.22 03:44 *texts Amaya back* Awesome! TTYL!
2>Keira (Smart Girl/TomGirl), 17yo.2016,Jan.22 03:46 Okay everyone! Turn to "Quiet and Loud". Warm up those instrumental muscles and let's get playing!
2>Keira (Smart Girl/TomGirl), 17yo.2016,Jan.22 03:47 *everyone turns to "Quiet and Loud"**they warm themselves up*
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.22 03:47 *texts Hiroe* Tell Rika that we have 2 b in the park in 10 mins with our instruments. Symphony rock'll be practicing and i wanna surprise them
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.22 03:51 *texts Amaya back* sure!
2>Keira (Smart Girl/TomGirl), 17yo.2016,Jan.22 03:53 Ok gals. SITNR is going to watch us practice so we have to be at our best. We docent want some musical competition to pop up that they know about and we don't and they not tell us because they don't think we're good enough for it. I made no sense.
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.22 03:55 Hey, sis, get a wagon and your drum set. We're going to the park to practice.
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.22 03:56 Tsuk, we gotta get to the park. Bring your keyboard. We're practicing there.
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.22 03:57 [Kalista, we should get to bed now. And I don't care that you're right across the room.]
18>Rika Koyagani (Lone Wolf Girl), 13yo.2016,Jan.23 04:16 *loads her drum set onto a wagon*
2>Keira (Smart Girl/TomGirl), 17yo.2016,Jan.23 04:18 Okay. Conducting practice. Mallissa, conduct "Warming Colding".
12>Mallissa (Lone Wolf), 17yo.2016,Jan.23 04:20 Got it. *conducts "Warming Colding"**everyone plays* 🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.23 04:20 *grabs her folded DJ thingy and puts it under her arm*
7>Tsuki Nakamura (Tom--boy...girl...?!), 15yo.2016,Jan.23 04:21 *grabs her folded keyboard and puts it under her arm*
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.23 04:22 *grabs her guitar**they all go to the park*
2>Keira (Smart Girl/TomGirl), 17yo.2016,Jan.23 04:25 Oh! Hi guys! I didn't think you'd have your instruments.
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.23 04:25 Surprise!
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.23 04:28 Hm. Maybe we could play after you.
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.23 04:38 *pulls out phone**short gasp* Dylan reblogged my post on Tumblr!
18>Rika Koyagani (Lone Wolf Girl), 13yo.2016,Jan.23 04:39 *facepalm* Gyih.
18>Rika Koyagani (Lone Wolf Girl), 13yo.2016,Jan.23 04:42 [Disappearing for eight minutes.]
18>Rika Koyagani (Lone Wolf Girl), 13yo.2016,Jan.23 04:52 [Back]
2>Keira (Smart Girl/TomGirl), 17yo.2016,Jan.23 04:53 All right. "Quiet and Loud". 12 beats before start. 1 2 ready introduction! *we play the song while Mallissa.conducts* 🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵 🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵 🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵
18>Rika Koyagani (Lone Wolf Girl), 13yo.2016,Jan.23 04:54 *when the song's done they clap, although Rika's clap is kind of a slow clap*
2>Keira (Smart Girl/TomGirl), 17yo.2016,Jan.23 04:55 *they all bow* Thanks. We're glad you like it. We've been working on that piece for weeks.
2>Keira (Smart Girl/TomGirl), 17yo.2016,Jan.23 04:55 You wanna play?
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.23 04:56 Sure! *turns to the girls* I was thinking Neon Lights.
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.23 04:56 No, I think we should do The Great Divide.
18>Rika Koyagani (Lone Wolf Girl), 13yo.2016,Jan.23 04:57 Stop And Erase.
7>Tsuki Nakamura (Tom--boy...girl...?!), 15yo.2016,Jan.23 04:57 We all like Neon Lights, so why not we go with that?
18>Rika Koyagani (Lone Wolf Girl), 13yo.2016,Jan.23 04:58 I'm game.
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.23 04:58 Me too!
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.23 05:00 *turns back towards the others* Okay, this is Neon Lights. *starts singing, while the others start playing[the guitar doesn't come in until the chorus]*
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.23 05:02 🎵 Baby, when they look up at the sky...we'll be shooting stars just passing by...and you're coming home with me tonight...we gonna light it up like neon lights...*
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.23 05:20 [Night night.]
2>Keira (Smart Girl/TomGirl), 17yo.2016,Jan.23 17:02 Nice! *her band claps*
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.24 21:06 *takes out her phone* Oh my gosh. DYLAN SAVED MY PHOTO ON SNAPCHAT!!!
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.24 21:06 [I don't have Snapchat.]
4>C.J (lone wolf), 14yo.2016,Jan.27 10:59 *is still reading in the tree*
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.30 03:51 Wait, I sense something.
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Jan.30 04:32 Eh, no big.
8>Hiroe Koyanagi (Girly-girl...girl...), 14yo.2016,Jan.30 04:33 Dylan just retweeted my video I posted on Twitter!
18>Rika Koyagani (Lone Wolf Girl), 13yo.2016,Jan.30 04:33 *facepalm*
2>Keira (Smart Girl/TomGirl), 17yo.2016,Feb.15 05:31 [How come no one goes on here anymore?]
1>Amaya Nakamura (Smart Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.17 01:23 [*virtually shrugs* Friday night at 10:30?]