" A Hogwarts Roleplay " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 7 to 11 years of age.
This is an 8-10 year old role-play game. First, you must create a wizard. Second, you buy the items you need. Third, have fun!

P.S, Here is the list of items:
1. 3 Robes
2. 1 animal of your choice
3. 1 wand
4. 1 bed
These are just necessities, so you can buy more! *You might get kicked of if you haven't logged in often (5 or more years), so other players can join. If you are over/under the age range, also will you be kicked out.

1>Angelic (Ravenclaw), 11yo.2019,Nov.22 01:56 Hello! You can start doing things by tapping the CONNECTION button!
1>Angelic (Ravenclaw), 11yo.2019,Nov.22 01:57   + 5 Money points to  
1>Angelic (Ravenclaw), 11yo.2019,Nov.22 01:57 Here, Lauren!
1>Angelic (Ravenclaw), 11yo.2019,Dec.1 23:03   + 5 Money points to   Secret message to  
4>Hestia Granger (Ravenclaw), 14yo.2020,Jan.9 08:34  Buying Any Type Wand (1) (x 1)  
4>Hestia Granger (Ravenclaw), 14yo.2020,Jan.9 08:35  Buying Any Type Robes (1) (x 1)  
4>Hestia Granger (Ravenclaw), 14yo.2020,Jan.9 08:38  Buying Bed (x 1)  
4>Hestia Granger (Ravenclaw), 14yo.2020,Jan.9 08:39  Buying Any Type Robes (1) (x 2)  
4>Hestia Granger (Ravenclaw), 14yo.2020,Jan.9 08:40 when is a Mc Gonagall' class?
1>Angelic (Ravenclaw), 11yo.2020,Jan.15 23:26 Ok, everyone! Classes will start shortly, you may settle in.
4>Hestia Granger (Ravenclaw), 14yo.2020,Jan.16 11:23 What are we going to study today?
1>Angelic (Ravenclaw), 11yo.2020,Jan.16 22:44 We are going to learn basic transfiguration!
1>Angelic (Ravenclaw), 11yo.2020,Jan.16 22:46 "Everyone, try turning an paper clip into a match" McGonagall said.
4>Hestia Granger (Ravenclaw), 14yo.2020,Jan.19 11:04 Oh yes! Professor, I succeeded!
1>Angelic (Ravenclaw), 11yo.2020,Jan.28 23:11 Well done! 5 points to Ravenclaw!
1>Angelic (Ravenclaw), 11yo.2020,Jan.28 23:12   + 5 Wisdom points to Hestia Granger  
4>Hestia Granger (Ravenclaw), 14yo.2020,Jan.29 15:26 teacher, can you talk about animagus, I would love to become one!
1>Angelic (Ravenclaw), 11yo.2020,Jan.30 23:45 Are you sure? It is a rare ability, and not everyone can attempt that particular speel.
1>Angelic (Ravenclaw), 11yo.2020,Jan.30 23:46 *spell
1>Angelic (Ravenclaw), 11yo.2020,Feb.13 22:53   + 50 Money points to Hestia Granger  
4>Hestia Granger (Ravenclaw), 14yo.2020,Feb.21 15:14 I'm sure!
4>Hestia Granger (Ravenclaw), 14yo.2020,Feb.21 15:14  Buying Any Type Cat (1) (x 1)  
4>Hestia Granger (Ravenclaw), 14yo.2020,Apr.13 11:06 Hi!
1>Angelic (Ravenclaw), 11yo.2020,Jul.31 23:23  Secret message to  
1>Angelic (Ravenclaw), 11yo.2020,Jul.31 23:24  Giving Water Canteen (1) (x 1) to  
1>Angelic (Ravenclaw), 11yo.2020,Aug.1 20:55 My Gonagall: An animagus has the ability to transform into an animal at will. Becoming an animagus requires a long period of practice
1>Angelic (Ravenclaw), 11yo.2020,Aug.1 20:57  Giving Any Type Robes (1) (x 3) to sean  
1>Angelic (Ravenclaw), 11yo.2020,Aug.20 23:21 Sorry I have to archive this game! There have been too many problems with players breaking the rules and trying to shut this game down. I hope you understand and found this message. Good bye.