" Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 11 to 18 years of age.
Have you ever wanted to enter the world of Harry Potter and step into Hogwarts? Have you ever wanted to receive a magic wand, be Sorted by the Sorting Hat, and learn to cast various magic spells? Well, now you can, for now you are in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! Create your own unique Hogwarts student and let your new life in the wizarding world begin. The doors of Hogwarts are open to you!


1.No bad-minded messages
2.No powerplaying.
3.You can have three characters at the most. They must ALL be Hogwarts students and start at the age of 11. You cannot play as teachers, animals, or any character from Harry Potter. Your character can be Muggle-born, half-blood (one parent being a wizard/witch, the other being a Muggle), or pureblood.
4.You must come on once a week. Otherwise, your character(s) will be deleted. Also, if you create a character and do not make a post or a profile for your character in less than three days, your character(s) will be deleted.

1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 01:51 [Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!]
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 01:52 [As explained above, you basically create your own made-up Hogwarts student and choose which house he/she is from.]
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 01:53 [Your character can be pureblood, half-blood, or Muggle-born. He/she will start out in his/her house with his/her family when he/she receives a letter that says he/she must attend HSWW.]
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 01:53 [Your character must start out at 11 years old.]
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 01:59 [I will play as Dumbledore (Note:Although the rules say you cannot play as teachers, Dumbledore is an exception.), Leia, and Orion.]
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:03 [Name:Leia, Age:11, House:Gryffindor, Type:Half-blood, Appearance:Long blonde hair, dark blue eyes, a bit tall for her age, wears typical Gryffindor robes, Personality:Compassionate, brave, smart, and a bit quiet.]
10>Orion (Slytherin Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:05 [Name:Orion, Age:11, House:Slytherin, Type:Pureblood, Appearance:Short, neat bleach blonde hair, bright green eyes, lean, wears typical Slytherin robes, Personality:Ambitious, prideful, hates Gryffindor-especially Leia.]
4>Connor (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:07 (Connor, a student from Ravenclaw. Has brown hair, hazel eyes, and is pretty tall. Is from a Muggle born family. Wears the Ravenclaw robes. Is pretty bold and outgoing, not afraid of anything really.)
7>Amanda (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:08 (Amanda, another Ravenclaw student. Has bright blonde hair, striking blue eyes, and wears the Ravenclaw robes. Is nice to pretty much anyone she meets. Comes from a half blood family.)
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 02:08 [Thanks for joining!]
20>Lilly (Slytherin), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:10 (Lilly, student from Slytherin. Has bright blue eyes, wavy blond hair, and unusually puckered lips. Wearing the Slytherin robes. Is usually rude to everyone, even her friends.)
20>Lilly (Slytherin), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:10 (Comes from a Muggle family.)
7>Amanda (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:10 (No problem!)
14>Sirius (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:11 (Sirius, a Gryffindor student. Has black hair swept across his face, dark eyes, and wears the Gryffindor robes. Is nice, smart, and pretty quiet. Comes from a pureblood family.)
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 02:16 [Once Paige is done making characters, we'll start.]
16>George (Ravenclaw), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:19 (George is a Ravenclaw student. He has green eyes, light red hair, and wears the traditional Ravenclaw outfit. Is kind of serious, but is quick to have fun. Is a half-blood.)
18>Elle (Gryffindor), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:21 (Elle- a Gryffindor student. Has light blond hair and blue eyes. Wears the Gryffindor robes, and is a pureblood. Isn't raucous and loud, but is quiet and nice to everyone.)
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 02:22 [OK, we're ready to start!]
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 02:23 *a new year at Hogwarts is about to begin**various students from around the world are sent letters-by owl, of course-inviting them to attend the school*
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 02:23 *Connor is eating breakfast when he sees a big tawny owl collide beakfirst with a window XD*
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 02:24 *Lilly also sees an owl smack into her window**Leia's owl is luckily not as clumsy-it stops and sits perched outside the window*
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 02:24 *Orion's owl sits on a mailbox in front of Orion's house*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:24 (Elizabeth- A Gryffindor with green eyes, long brown hair, and sorta tan skin, who is a bit like Hermione in the sense that she's a smart Gryffindor.)
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:25 (Also has an owl named Delilah.)
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 02:25 *Amanda sees an owl perched on her windowsill, and George does too**Elle sees an owl on her mailbox, and Sirius is sitting by an open window when an owl flies in*
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 02:25 [Sorry, but you have too many characters.]
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:25 *sees an owl hit the window*
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 02:25 [As the rules say, you can only have three characters maximum.]
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:26 (Me?)
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 02:26 [Once again, sorry...]
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:26 (WHat?)
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:26 (I have one character!)
4>Connor (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:26 (It isn't me or Paige's character.)
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 02:26 [Oh, sorry Cree! I thought you were Paige or Joan for a moment...I misread your profile.]
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 02:26 [Again, sorry!!]
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:27 (Nope.... Hehe..)
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:27 (It's okay.)
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 02:27 [I've been really tired today, so I've been having constant brain farts. XP]
4>Connor (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:27 Seriously?! *goes to the window and snatches the letter from the owl*
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 02:27 [Could you put Gryffindor Student in your Role box?]
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:27 What the? Mom, what's that? *points at owl that just hopped back up on the window sill*
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 02:27 [BTW, I'm loving how the owls keep smacking into the windows. XD]
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:27 (I'm half blood BTW)
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:28 (Lol ik)
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:29 Mom: *looks excited* Sweetie! This is important! *opens the window and owl lands on table*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:30 Mom: You may want to sit down... *explains how she's a witch and how Elizabeth is one too*
4>Connor (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:31 What the heck is Hogwarts? *since he lives in America, he really has no idea where it is*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:31 *is so confused* So, I'm a witch?
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:31 *sees her parents, who know what is happening* Uh...what's with the...owl? Dad:It's important. *opens the window, letting the owl hop in**takes the letter it has and gives it to Leia*
4>Connor (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:31 *his parents have to look it up online*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:31 Mom: *nods*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:32 Brilliant!!! *snatches letter and runs upstairs to room*
4>Connor (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:32 So it's a school frozen in time? Dad: I guess so...Mom: This is really an honor that you were invited. Dad: *looks sort of disappointed* I wanted you to grow up to be a star football player, but this seems cool.
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:32 *reads it* Uh...what's Hogwarts? *her parents explain everything* Wait...I'm a witch?! *is scared and excited all at once**her parents nod*
4>Connor (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:32 Awesome! I'd love to be a wizard!
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:33 Mom:And you will go to Hogwarts in only a week. Leia:This is...just...wow...
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:33 *reads it over and over again and squeals with excitement* I'm ACTUALLY a witch!!!!! *clutches letter closely*
10>Orion (Slytherin Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:33 *is in a pureblood family**knows all about the wizarding world already, since he practically lives in it**everything is arranged for him casually*
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:34 *is rather quiet but shocked and amazed*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:34 Mom: *knocks on door* We'll go to Diagon Ally tomorrow sweetheart!
14>Sirius (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:34 *since his parents wanted to put him in Hogwarts anyways, it isn't really amazing news*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:34 Okay!!!!
7>Amanda (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:35 *is pretty excited about going to Hogwarts*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:35 *is thinking all of this over in head, bewildered*
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:37 Mom:Your father is a wizard, but I'm a Muggle, so he'll arrange most of this. Dad:Yeah. In fact, I'm going to get an old friend of mine named Hagrid to escort you and all. Leia:Really? Great! I guess... *isn't sure who Hagrid is*
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 02:37 ~A DAY OR TWO LATER...~ *everyone is at Diagon Alley*
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:38 Dad:*is with Leia* I have some work to do at the Ministry of Magic. You go along now-Hagrid's over there. *points at a corner* Leia:Where...? Dad:The one that stands out.
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:38 *her heart sinks-the only guy who stands out is GIANT ol' Hagrid**gulps*
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:39 *nods* OK. *hugs her dad**then her dad walks away**quietly walks over to Hagrid*
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:39 Hagrid:*doesn't even notice Leia until she tugs at his sleeve**looks down at her* Oh, hiya little girl. Who are ya? Leia:(So-and-so's) daughter, Leia... Hagrid:Oh! Why hello there!
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:40 *walks down ally with mother looking at everything*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:41 Can I get my wand first mom?
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:41 Mom: Yes sweetie.
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:41 *runs ahead in front of the wand shop* Olivander's..
9>Fay (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:41 (hi! I decided to join this, since I love Harry Potter!)
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:41 Hagrid:I'm Hagrid! Nice to meet ya! *shakes Leia's hand, almost crushing it**notices how scared Leia is* It's okay. I'm friendly. Come on! Time to get ya a wand!
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:42 Mom: *walks up behind and whispers* Go on in.
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:42 (Hey Derick)
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:42 (Me too)
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:43 [Hi Izzy! Could you please put (So-and-so) House in your Role box? Also Cree, do you mind putting "Gryffindor Student" in your character's Role box?]
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:43 *walks in slowly and hears a misty voice say* "Hello there young one, and who might you be?"
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:43 [Wow...lots of members all at once on here! :D]
9>Fay (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:43 (Derick, a student of Ravenclaw. Has dark brown hair and green eyes. Is really very shy and nervous, but also very smart. He's a halfblood)
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:43 (Sure)
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:43 *she and Hagrid go into Olivander's**sees Elizabeth nearby*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:44 *jumps and looks around and sees a pale eyed wizard standing there*
7>Amanda (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:44 *goes to the pet store and buys a snowy owl*
7>Amanda (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:44  Buying Owl (x 1)  
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:44 I-I'm Elizabeth, Elizabeth Antoinette.
9>Fay (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:44 *wanders the alley, and eventually goes to the pet store*
9>Fay (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:45  Buying Cat (x 1)  
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:45 Mr. Ollivander: Ahh, Hello. *turns to Leia* And who are you little lady?
9>Fay (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:45 *buys an ugly looking orange cat, and smiles at it*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:45 *looks around the shop fascinated*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:45 (CROOKSHANKS!!)
9>Fay (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:46 (it's based off Crookshanks!)
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:46 (A bandy legged ginger cat with a bottle brush tail.)
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:46 Olivander:*nods**looks at Leia* And who are you? Leia:L-Leia Blau.
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:47 (Hehe.. I'm obsessed..)
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:47 [Knew it!]
9>Fay (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:47 *eventually sees Amanda and goes over to her in an attempt to make new friends*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:47 (Umm I'm Ollivander already...?0
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:47 *Ollivander
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:47 [Oops, sorry. Didn't see your post. OK, you can be Ollivander.]
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:47 [Ugh...one brain fart after the next... XP]
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:47 (Ok, thx. :D)
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:48 (lol)
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:48 Ollivander: Who first?
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:48 Do you want to go first?
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:48 (I type really fast)
7>Amanda (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:48 *sees Derick and smiles at him* *looks at his cat* Er- what a nice cat you have!
14>Sirius (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:49 *enters the pet store* *gazes at all of the pets, wondering which one would be best*
9>Fay (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:49 *nods* Yeah.
9>Fay (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:49 Your...owl looks really cool.
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:49 *shakes her head* You go first...
14>Sirius (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:49  Buying Owl (x 1)  *decides to buy a great horned owl*
10>Orion (Slytherin Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:50 *goes in the pet shop**sees the others* Hmph. All YOUR pets look pathetic.
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:50 Okay! *turns to Ollivander*
10>Orion (Slytherin Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:50 *sees Derick's cat* Especially yours...just...disgusting.
10>Orion (Slytherin Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:50 *walks away and goes to buy his own pet*
9>Fay (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:50 *glares at Orion*
9>Fay (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:51 Buzz off! I think my cat is sweet!
10>Orion (Slytherin Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:51  Buying Owl (x 1)  *gets a large tawny owl that resembles a hawk*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:51 Ollivander: Well, try this one. *hands her a wand* That is elleven inches, holly, unicorn hair, and pleasently springy.
7>Amanda (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:51 *frowns in Orion's direction* What a rude comment...I like your cat, it's different.
10>Orion (Slytherin Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:51 Whatever. My owl is highly superior to your...THING.
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:51 (Lol like Malfoy's hawk owl.)
9>Fay (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:51 *smiles at Amanda* Thanks.
10>Orion (Slytherin Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:51 [Yeah. Orion's based on Malfoy.]
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:51 *waves it and a vase shatters*
10>Orion (Slytherin Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:52 [I actually got a hawk owl by accident...I sorta forgot that Malfoy had one. XD]
4>Connor (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:52 *enters Olivander's shop*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:52 (*giggles* I'm so stupid.)
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:52 Ollivander: Not to worry. *repairs it with his wand and takes the one Liz is holding back*
3>Lionel (Slytherin student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:52 (ok, adding Grace, a young muggle born with short platinum blonde hair and clear blue eyes. She's a Slytherin Student, although she often feels like she belongs to Gryffindor)
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:53 Ollivander: *looks at some more shelves*
10>Orion (Slytherin Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:53 [Note to Cree:Leia's wand is a twelve inch oak with dragon whiskers in it. You can have Ollivander try out other wands with her if you want just for fun, but when you get to Leia I just want to make sure you know what wand she uses.]
7>Amanda (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:54 *her parents tell her it's time to move on* *waves at Derick* I'll see you at school hopefully!
9>Fay (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:54 *strokes his cat happily* *looks at his list of items to buy*
7>Amanda (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:54 *leaves the pet store*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:54 (Ok, thanks)
9>Fay (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:54 I hope I'll see you too!
7>Amanda (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:54 *goes to the bookstore to buy books*
9>Fay (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:54 *notices he still needs a wand*
7>Amanda (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:54  Buying Book (x 10)  
9>Fay (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:54 *hurries off to the wand shop*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:55 Ollivander: AH! *hurries back and hands her a new one*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:55 Ollivander: That is 13 inches, Larch, Dragon Heartstring, and Unyeilding.
3>Lionel (Slytherin student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:55 *goes to a shop selling what appears to be candy* *exits, and heads off to another shop*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:55 *waves wand and green and blue sparks fly out*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:56 Ollivander: That's the one! Next!
16>George (Ravenclaw), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:56 *enters the book store and buys a few books*
10>Orion (Slytherin Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:56 [Sorry, typo-meant dragon heartstring, not whiskers. Brain fart no. 348943658347...]
16>George (Ravenclaw), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:56  Buying Book (x 4)  
9>Fay (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:56 *bustles into the shop, and realizes too late that he intruded in on them*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:56 (Lol)
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:56 (Mine is from Pottermore.)
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:57 *walks over to Ollivander*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:57 Ollivander: *beckons the next person forward*
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:57 [Sorry if this is a dumb question, but what's Pottermore?]
9>Fay (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:57 *tries to just keep quiet and hope that no one notices him*
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:57 [I haven't watched the movies or read the books in a while, sorry...]
9>Fay (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:57 (it's a site about Harry Potter)
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:58 [I'm a HP fan though. I was sort of a HP know-it-all when I was reading the books. Man, I need to warm up on my Harry Potter...]
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:58 [OK.]
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:58 Ollivander: *hands her a wand* That one is 10 and a half inches, elm, pheonix feather, and pleasantly springy.
9>Fay (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:58 (it gives out behind the scene information and other cool stuff)
16>George (Ravenclaw), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:58 *goes to the pet store* *looks around, and decides a cat would be cool*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:58 (Potermore is like a HUGE Harry Potter fan site made by Queen Rowling.)
16>George (Ravenclaw), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:58  Buying Cat (x 1)  
20>Lilly (Slytherin), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:59 *is in the pet store too* *buys a sleek white cat*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:59 Ollivander: *notices Derick* You next my boy.
20>Lilly (Slytherin), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 02:59  Buying Cat (x 1)  
4>Connor (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:00 *stands in line at Ollivander's*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:00 Ollivander: *sees Connor* Then you.
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:01 *waves the wand**books on some shelves are sent flying everywhere**one even hits Ollivander in the head* Oops-sorry...
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:01 Ollivander: *looks at Leia* Give it a wave.
10>Orion (Slytherin Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:01 *comes in and sees the line**shrugs and sighs loudly*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:01 Ollivander: Quite alright... *makes them go back in place*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:01 Ollivander: *sees Orion* You last.
10>Orion (Slytherin Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:02 [Note:Orion's wand is an 11 inch elm with unicorn hair in it. I purposely gave him the unicorn hair because unicorns are girly. XD Orion:-_____-]
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:02 *watches Ollivander curiously as he selects another wand*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:03 Ollivander: *hands her a wand*
4>Connor (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:03 *turns around and looks at Orion irritably*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:03 (Whats you wand again? Brain Fart!)
18>Elle (Gryffindor), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:04  Buying Owl (x 1)  *buys a snowy owl at the pet store*
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:04 [*FAAAAARRRRT* Brain:Ahhh...that felt good... Me:Aw, shuddap!!]
18>Elle (Gryffindor), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:05  Buying Book (x 4)  *goes to the bookstore and buys some books* *Lilly is there also*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:05 (Really, what is it?)
20>Lilly (Slytherin), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:05 *smirks at Elle* Hey, freak.
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:05 [A twelve inch oak with dragon heartstrings in it.]
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:06 (k)
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:07 Ollivander: That is 12 inches, oak, dragon heartstring and unyeilding.
18>Elle (Gryffindor), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:07 *glares at Lilly* *leaves the store, actually pretty hurt by the comment*
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:07 *nods**waves the wand**sparks come out of it*
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:07 *purple and blue sparks come out*
20>Lilly (Slytherin), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:08  Buying Book (x 4)  
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:08 Hagrid:*is seen smiling, knowing that Leia has the right wand*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:08 Ollivander: Good! Next! *looks extremely excited*
16>George (Ravenclaw), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:08 *enters the bookstore* Lilly: Hi, weirdo. George: *murmers:* Shut up. *walks past her*
4>Connor (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:09 *comes up to Ollivander*
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:09 *runs to Hagrid, also excited* I got a wand! Hagrid:Good! Now come along! *he and Leia go to a bookstore*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:09 Ollivander: Who might you be young lad>
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:09 ?
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:09 *enters and is greeted rather unkindly by Lilly*
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:10 [BTW, among all the Defense Against the Dark Arts teachers there were in the series, who was your favorite?]
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:10 [Mine's Lupin.]
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:10 (Lupin.)
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:11 (Remus John Lupin.)
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:11 [Also, what is your favorite book/movie out of the series? Mine is HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban.]
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:11 [Awesomeness!]
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:11 (Who's your favorite character?)
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:11 (Mine is Half Blood Prince.)
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:11 [Good news:Lupin's gonna be the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher in this RP!]
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:12 (Movie I mean, Half blood prince is my fav movie.)
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:12 [Hm...not sure. Probably Hermione. I also like Harry, Luna, Fred, and George.]
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:12 [And Hagrid. AND Dumbledore.]
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:12 (My fav character is Nymphadora Tonks.)
4>Connor (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:12 My name's Connor. *smiles a little at Ollivander*
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:12 [AAAND Lupin.]
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:12 [AAAAAAND Mad Eye.]
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:12 (My BFF's fav characeter is Luna.)
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:12 [So hard to choose...]
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:13 [Anyway, let's RP!]
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:13 [BTW, happy Valentine's Day everyone!]
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:13 Ollivander: Ah! *hands him a wand* This is 11 and a quarter in., yew, pheonix feather, and surprisingly swishy.
16>George (Ravenclaw), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:13 (Same to you too!)
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:13 (Happy Valentines Day!)
16>George (Ravenclaw), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:14  Buying Book (x 4)  *buys his books*
10>Orion (Slytherin Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:16 *still stuck around the back of the line* -.-
4>Connor (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:16 *gives it a swish* *it seems to work really well*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:16 Ollivander: Excellent! Next!
10>Orion (Slytherin Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:16 *feels like yelling "HURRY UP!!!"*
7>Amanda (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:16 *enters Ollivander's, Elle trailing behind her*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:18 Ollivander: *sees Amanda* You after that fellow. *points at Orion.
10>Orion (Slytherin Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:18 *Derick is next, but he sort of just stands there**finally, Orion just walks past him over to Ollivander boredly*
7>Amanda (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:18 *nods quickly*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:18 Ollivander: *points at Elle* And you after her.
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 03:18  Giving Wand (x 1) to Leia  
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 03:18  Giving Wand (x 1) to Elizabeth  
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 03:18  Giving Wand (x 1) to Connor  
14>Sirius (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:18 *goes to the bookstore and buys his books*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:19 Ollivander: No, he's next. *looks at Derick.
14>Sirius (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:19  Buying Book (x 4)  
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 03:19 [Note:Don't Use your wands. You want to save them. I'll give you Magic Spells to Use later on.]
10>Orion (Slytherin Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:19 *sighs* But he's just STANDING there...
16>George (Ravenclaw), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:19 *enters Ollivander's* *is behind Elle*
10>Orion (Slytherin Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:19 [I think the person playing as Derick left...]
10>Orion (Slytherin Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:20 [Not sure...maybe you should just pick a random wand, say it works with Derick, and then Orion's turn can come?]
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:21 Ollivander: You after that girl. *looks at George then Elle*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:21 Derick: *comes forward*
10>Orion (Slytherin Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:22 [Dude...Derick's a boy.]
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:22 Ollivander: *hands him a wand* That one is 9 and a half inches, Holly, Dragon Heartstring, and surprisingly swishy.
10>Orion (Slytherin Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:22 [Unless his name is feminine or something... O.o XD]
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:22 (IK!!!!)
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:22 (IK HE'S A BOY!!!)
10>Orion (Slytherin Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:23 [You made Ollivander sort of call him a girl...awkward...]
16>George (Ravenclaw), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:23 (Ithink she was referring to Elle.)
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:23 (He just isn't on soooo....)
10>Orion (Slytherin Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:23 [Sorry...]
10>Orion (Slytherin Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:23 [Brain:*farts again* Ahhhh...]
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:23 (When Ollivander said that he meant George behind Elle.)
10>Orion (Slytherin Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:23 [Man, I've been not just munging up...but munging up my munge-ups. XD]
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:24 Derick: *waves it and red and purple sparks fly out*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:24 Ollivander: Brilliant! Next!
10>Orion (Slytherin Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:24 [So again, sorry...I watched the Met's live broadcast of the Iolanta-Bluebeard's Castle double bill in HD today, and somehow I just got worn out...]
10>Orion (Slytherin Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:25 *stuck behind Elle now* Ugh...
10>Orion (Slytherin Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:25 *or make that George*
10>Orion (Slytherin Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:25 *Amanda comes forward*
10>Orion (Slytherin Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:26 [Man, if I were a Sorting Hat I would not be sorting things out well. XD Especially not tonight.]
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:26 (Dude, You are next!!!!)
10>Orion (Slytherin Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:28 [Oh...crud...I've been messing up a LOT.]
10>Orion (Slytherin Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:28 *next*
10>Orion (Slytherin Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:28 *comes up, bored as heck*
10>Orion (Slytherin Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:29 *waits impatiently as Ollivander selects a wand*
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:29  Buying Book (x 5)  *after being greeted rather meanly by Lilly, she and Hagrid get a bunch of books*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:29 Olllivander: *hands him a wand* That is 11 inches, elm, unicorn hair, and unyeilding.
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:30 *they head to the pet store*
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:32 Orion:*meanwhile, he waves his wand**green and gold sparks fly out of it**leaves with his good wand*
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:33 [Is there such a thing as a black owl?]
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:33 [Or an owl with all/most of its feathers being black?]
7>Amanda (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:33 *goes up to Ollivander*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:33 (Yes.)
7>Amanda (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:34 (Yeah; I think it's just called a black owl.)
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:34 Ollivander: Who might you be?
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:34 (gtg bai)
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:35 [Bye, Cree!]
7>Amanda (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:35 (Bye, see you soon!)
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:35  Buying Owl (x 1)  *buys a black owl*
7>Amanda (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:36 My name is Amanda.
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:36 [I guess I'll be Ollivander while Cree is gone.]
7>Amanda (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:37 (Ok.)
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:37 Ollivander:*smiles* Well, I've got a wand for you! *fishes around, finds a wand, and gives it to Amanda* Elm, 10 and a half inches pheonix feather, surprisingly swishy.
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 03:37  Giving Wand (x 1) to Orion  
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 03:37  Giving Wand (x 1) to Fay  
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 03:40 Ollivander:Give the wand a swish!
7>Amanda (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:40 *gives the wand a swish and finds that it works well*
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 03:41  Giving Wand (x 1) to Amanda  Ollivander:*sees sparks fly out of the wand* Good! Go on, then!
7>Amanda (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:41 *smiles and exits the store*
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 03:41 Ollivander:Next! *Elle comes forwad*
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 03:41 *forward
18>Elle (Gryffindor), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:42 *is up next* *introduces herself to Ollivander*
14>Sirius (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:42 *enters the wand shop*
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 03:47 Ollivander:*gives Elle a wand* Yew, 11 and a half inches, unicorn hair, unyielding.
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 03:47 Ollivander:*sees Sirius* You come after him. *points at George*
18>Elle (Gryffindor), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:50 *waves the wand, and it works* *seems impressed*
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 03:51 Ollivander:Brilliant! Go on ahead. *Elle leaves and George comes forward*
16>George (Ravenclaw), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:53 *steps forward, looking up at Ollivander nervously* H-hi...I'm George.
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 03:54 Ollivander:What's your name, young man? George:George. Ollivander:I have a wand for you, George! *gives George a wand* 12 inches, holly, pheonix feather, pleasantly springy.
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 03:54 [Jinx, sorta.]
16>George (Ravenclaw), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 03:57 *waves the wand, and boxes go flying* *jumps, setting it back down*
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 03:59 Ollivander:Nope...that's not it. *arranges the boxes and gives George another wand* 10 inches, elm, dragon heatrstring, unyielding.
16>George (Ravenclaw), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 04:04 *waves it, and it works perfectly*
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 04:08 Ollivander:Great! Go ahead and feel free to explore Diagon Alley some more! Next!
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 04:08 Ollivander:*really excited**Sirius comes forward*
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 04:09 Ollivander:And who might you be?
14>Sirius (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 04:14 *smiles a little* I'm Sirius.
20>Lilly (Slytherin), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 04:14 *pushes the door open to Ollivander's*
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 04:18 Ollivander:Sirius...hm...*remembers Sirius Black**sighs and grabs a wand* Anyway, here you go. Eleven and a half inches, oak, pheonix feather, surprisingly springy.
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 04:19 Ollivander:*looks at Lilly* You come next.
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 04:19  Giving Wand (x 1) to George  
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 04:19  Giving Wand (x 1) to Elle  
14>Sirius (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 04:20 *waves the wand, and it works well for him*
14>Sirius (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 04:27 *thanks Olivander, and he is off*
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 04:28  Giving Wand (x 1) to Sirius  
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 04:29 *Lilly comes forward* Ollivander:And what is your name, little girl?
20>Lilly (Slytherin), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 04:31 I'm not little. And my name is Lilly.
4>Connor (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 04:32 *buys his other stuff*
4>Connor (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 04:32  Buying Toad (x 1)  
4>Connor (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 04:32  Buying Book (x 4)  
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 04:33 Ollivander:*smiles* Okay then, big girl! I'll get you a wand! *gives Lilly a wand* Ten inches, yew, unicorn hair, unyielding.
20>Lilly (Slytherin), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 04:34 *smiles* Unicorns...
20>Lilly (Slytherin), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 04:34 *waves the wand, and it works out well for her*
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 04:40  Giving Wand (x 1) to Lilly  
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 04:40 Ollivander:VERY good! Now off you go!
20>Lilly (Slytherin), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 04:40 *smirks pridefully*
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 04:40  Giving Wand (x 1) to Lionel  *Grace comes in**Ollivander presents her a wand and it works*
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.15 04:41 [OK, so everyone has to buy a wand, books, and a pet. Once everyone has done that they're free to go get on the Hogwarts Express.]
10>Orion (Slytherin Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 04:42  Buying Book (x 5)  *heads to the bookstore and gets some books*
10>Orion (Slytherin Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 04:43 [You can start buying books. I'm going to switch to WB and Movie RP only now since I'm done with my characters until everyone has the things they need.]
10>Orion (Slytherin Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 04:43 *books and pets
20>Lilly (Slytherin), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 04:44 (Ok. I have everything too.)
3>Lionel (Slytherin student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 14:24 *heads out of the shop, and goes to the pet store* *wanders the aisles aimlessly until she sees a baby rat*
3>Lionel (Slytherin student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 14:25 *asks the shop owner about it, and he says that since it was the runt of the litter, they were actually not sure it would live* *buys it anyway*
3>Lionel (Slytherin student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 14:25  Buying Rat (x 1)  
3>Lionel (Slytherin student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 14:25 *finally goes to the bookstore* *buys all of her textbooks, feeling anxious and ready to get on the Express* *is a little worried she may even miss her ride*
3>Lionel (Slytherin student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 14:26  Buying Book (x 5)  
3>Lionel (Slytherin student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 14:27 *accidently rams into Derick as he's entering the bookstore* Sorry! So sorry! *helps him pick up his wand* *smiles* Hi, uh, my name's Grace. Really sorry about that!
9>Fay (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 14:28 *looks at his feet* I'm Derick... *gives her a lopsided smile, and hurries into the bookstore*
9>Fay (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 14:29 *loves to read any type of book, but especially loves fantasy, or even science fiction, since he was brought up with his father, a muggle* *buys a bunch of books, besides just the text books*
9>Fay (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 14:30  Buying Book (x 10)  
9>Fay (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 14:30 (now, my characters are good to go!)
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 20:25  Buying Book (x 5)  
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 20:27  Buying Owl (x 1)  *goes to pet store after bookstore and buys a tawny owl and names it Delilah*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 20:28 *hurries off and sees her mom outside Florean Fortiscue's Ice Cream Parlor* Mom! I got my things! *is very excited to start her first year at Hogwarts*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 20:29 Mom:Good, your dad should be here any minute... *sees her husband walking down the ally looking proud* There he is!
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.15 20:30 Dad! *runs up and hugs him* I got my wand! *shows it to him*
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.16 01:58 Hagrid:Got everything? Leia:*nods happily* Hagrid:Great! Now we're off to Platform 9 and 3/4 at the King's Cross train station!
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.16 01:59 his cart, not sure what to do* Hagrid:I have to go somewhere else. I'll meet ya a' Hogwarts. See ya Leia!
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.16 02:04 **sees Sirius holding into his cart, not sure what to do*
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.16 02:04 [Note:After Hagrid said "we're off to Platform (etc.)" we went forward in time. Now everyone's in the King's Cross station.]
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.16 04:35 *Amanda, Derick, Connor, Elizabeth, George, and Elle are all walking together nearby, pushing their carts towards a big wall**Orion, Lilly, and Grace are together, pushing their carts towards the wall really quickly and confidently**the three future
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.16 04:35 Slytherin students are much farther ahead than the others*
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.16 04:41 *rolls her cart over next to Sirius'**looks at Sirius* Er-hi...I'm Leia.
9>Fay (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.16 12:28 *is naturally walking with a book in his nose* *walks happily next to Amanda and Connor, telling them about his life back at home, and how he's just a little nervous to start school*
3>Lionel (Slytherin student), 11yo.2015,Feb.16 12:32 *walks briskly next to Orion, trying to look confident* *has been listening to Orion babble on about how great he is, and how he's going to get into Slytherin* *hopes she gets into Slytherin as well*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.16 21:53 Dad: That's cool sweetie! Now, have everything?
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.16 21:53 *nods*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.16 21:53 Dad: Then we all need to get to Platform 9 and 3/4.
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.16 21:54 The Whole Family: *goes happily to King's Cross Station*
14>Sirius (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.17 01:07 *glances at Leia* Oh- hi. I'm Sirius...*slowly pushes his cart forward*
4>Connor (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.17 01:08 *agrees with Derick* Yeah, I'm nervous about starting school too. I don't even know if I'd make a good wizard or not!
7>Amanda (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.17 01:09 I'm sure Hogwarts will be better than you think. I myself am excited to start school there.
16>George (Ravenclaw), 11yo.2015,Feb.17 01:10 *obliviously pushes his cart forward* *accidently runs into Elle, knocking her stuff over as well as his own* *gets up off the ground* Oops- sorry.
16>George (Ravenclaw), 11yo.2015,Feb.17 01:11 *glances at Elle, then begins to rapidly pick up her stuff*
18>Elle (Gryffindor), 11yo.2015,Feb.17 01:11 It's okay. By the way, I'm Elle...what's your name?
16>George (Ravenclaw), 11yo.2015,Feb.17 01:12 Er- uh- my name is George. It's been nice meeting you. *hurries off to Platform 9 3/4, but ends up getting sort of lost*
9>Fay (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.17 02:01 (hey, I just needed to say that I most likely won't be on again tonight. If you guys decide to roleplay on here a lot tonight, then feel free to just play as Derick and Grace as needed whenever, like on the train or being sorted, etc.)
9>Fay (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.17 02:02 (there is a chance I'll be on though, so that's just in case)
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.18 00:03 *waits to push cart forward* Mom, dad, I can find my way on the platform, just, could you help me with my trunk?
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.18 00:04 Parents: Yes.
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.18 00:04 Thanks. *smiles*
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.18 00:36 Mind if I come with you? I'm not sure what to do, so...maybe we can help each other. *Sirius says "Sure" quietly**she and Sirius start pushing their carts through the station*
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.18 00:36 That's odd...there is no Platform 9 3/4.
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.18 00:37 *Sirius suddenly points at something**looks and sees Orion, Grace, and Lilly go through a wall* Whoa...should we follow them? *Sirius shrugs his shoulders as if to say "I don't know"*
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.18 00:38 *sees everyone else following Orion and Co.* Hm...let's follow them. *all the remaining students crowd around the wall with their carts*
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.18 00:38 *soon, all of them have gone through the wall and are in Platform 9 3/4* Wow...this is amazing!
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.18 00:39 *sees the Hogwarts Express pull into the station**looks at it, amazed*
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.18 00:39 *all the students make their way through the crowd and start boarding the train*
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.18 00:41 [I just noticed that no one has a character from Hufflepuff. Izzy, Cree, do you mind creating a Hufflepuff student or two?]
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.18 00:41 [Although we don't really need any students from Hufflepuff, it would be preferable if we had characters from all four houses.]
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.18 00:43 *eventually, everyone makes it on the train and start picking rooms/seats to sit in*
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.18 00:43 *naturally sits in a room with Sirius, since she and Sirius are beginning to become friends*
9>Fay (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.18 01:57 (yeah, I can easily make a Hufflepuff kid! I'll do it right now, in fact!)
Player 112015,Feb.18 02:00 (so, here's to our first and only Hufflepuff student so far...Edmond!)
Player 112015,Feb.18 02:02 (he's a muggle born, who has raven black hair, and dark eyes that you don't really know what color they are. He's sort of dark so it would seem, always dressing in black, acting sort of shifty, and constantly has his nose in his journal)
Player 112015,Feb.18 02:03 (as it turns out, the journal is a collection of short stories of his own making, similar to that of Edgar Allan Poe's writings. he's a novice writer, but really good. He loves poetry, books, and emotive art. He works hard toward his goals.)
Player 112015,Feb.18 02:05 (oh, and just for fun, Edmond is also an animagus that can transform into a black panther)
Player 112015,Feb.18 02:06 (I think I'm going to have him initially warm up to Grace, but he'll end up being more friends with the others when she gets sorted into Slytherin)
9>Fay (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.18 02:07 *eagerly boards the train with all his stuff* *wonders where he should sit, since a lot of the cars have already been taken up)
4>Connor (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.18 04:24 *is sitting down with Amanda and George* *sees Derick wandering the train halls*
4>Connor (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.18 04:25 *opens the door* Hey! You can come sit in here if you want!
9>Fay (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.18 12:27 *grins, and step inside* Thanks a lot!
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 18:20 (Sure Dumbly-Dorr.)
17>Maria (Hufflepuff Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 18:21 (There!)
17>Maria (Hufflepuff Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 18:21 (Edmond and me!)
17>Maria (Hufflepuff Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 18:22 *is waiting at the platform still unsure about what she's supposed to do*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 18:24 *sees Maria and whispers* You run into the platform barrier between 9 and 10, let's do it together.
18>Elle (Gryffindor), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 18:26 *sits alone on the train*
17>Maria (Hufflepuff Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 19:45 Thanks! *smiles*
17>Maria (Hufflepuff Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 19:46 Both: *run side by side into the barrier and come out on platform 9 3/4* Wow! Oh look! It's 10:55! We've made good time!
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 19:47 Yeah! We have!
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 19:48  Buying Gryffindor Robes (x 1)  Parents: *come walking onto the platform* Mom: Now, got everything you need? Oh! I almost forgot! I never went to Madame Malkin's with you so I got your robes!
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 19:49 Dad: *helps get Maria's and Liz's trunks onto the train* Now have a good time!
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 19:49 I will, c'mon! *Maria and her find a compartment*
17>Maria (Hufflepuff Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 19:50 *sits down with Liz* So, what's your name?
17>Maria (Hufflepuff Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 19:50 I'm Maria.
17>Maria (Hufflepuff Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 19:50 Maria Clearwater.
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 19:51 I'm Elizabeth, Elizabeth Antoinette.
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.19 20:17 [Thank you very much for making the Hufflepuff students! Is it OK if you post some info about Maria, Cree? E.g. you post what she looks like, etc.?]
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.19 20:19 [If you munge up and buy the wrong robes I'll trade robes with you. Just hand me your robes and I'll hand you the correct kind via the Give function in the Select Action menu.]
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 20:19  Buying Gryffindor Robes (x 1)  
10>Orion (Slytherin Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 20:20  Buying Slytherin Robes (x 1)  
10>Orion (Slytherin Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 20:22 *sits in a compartment with Lilly and Grace*
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 20:23 *notices that Elle is sitting alone in the compartment next to them**looks at Sirius* Hey, do you mind if we switch compartments? That girl in the compartment next to us seems a bit lonely.
14>Sirius (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.19 22:27 *nods* Sure, sure...*they switch*
17>Maria (Hufflepuff Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.20 18:06 (She has red hair, freckles, glasses, her hair is long, and she has blue eyes.)
4>Connor (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.20 21:34  Buying Ravenclaw Robes (x 1)  
7>Amanda (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.20 21:35  Buying Ravenclaw Robes (x 1)  
14>Sirius (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.20 21:35  Buying Gryffindor Robes (x 1)  
16>George (Ravenclaw), 11yo.2015,Feb.20 21:36  Buying Ravenclaw Robes (x 1)  
18>Elle (Gryffindor), 11yo.2015,Feb.20 21:36  Buying Gryffindor Robes (x 1)  
20>Lilly (Slytherin), 11yo.2015,Feb.20 21:37  Buying Slytherin Robes (x 1)  
14>Sirius (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.20 21:37 *smiles at Elle* Hi, I'm Sirius and this is Leia. We noticed that you were sitting alone and we decided to join you.
18>Elle (Gryffindor), 11yo.2015,Feb.20 21:38 *smiles back* It's nice to meet you...I'm Elle.
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.20 22:34  Giving Wand (x 1) to Maria  
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.20 22:34  Giving Wand (x 1) to  
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.20 22:35 [@ The Hufflepuff Students:Make sure to buy your robes, books, and pets!]
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.21 23:03 (hi dee as she like to be called has a bob that is the color strawberry blonde and deep blue eyes and is kinda quirky she also has freckles and square glasses but she doesnt like to wear them she prefers contacts)
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.21 23:04  Buying Ravenclaw Robes (x 1)  
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.21 23:06 *walks over to Amanda* hi im dee would u like to be friends?
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.22 00:39 [Thanks for joining! Don't forget to buy your wand and your pet!]
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.22 00:39 *typo, I meant buy your books and your pet
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.22 00:40  Dropping Wand (x 1)  [Note:Do not Use your wand via the Use function in the Select Action menu. You want to keep your wand.]
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.22 00:41  Taking Wand (x 1)  [Whoops, I meant to Give you the wand. One sec...]
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.22 00:41  Giving Wand (x 1) to Finnick  
7>Amanda (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 02:50 *smiles at Deeanna* Hi, it's great to meet you!
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 03:07 *smiles back* great to meet you too!
17>Maria (Hufflepuff Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 03:32  Buying Cat (x 1)  (has a light brown, black, white, and orange tabby named Chex-Mix.)
17>Maria (Hufflepuff Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 03:33  Buying Book (x 5)  
17>Maria (Hufflepuff Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 03:33  Buying Pet Food (x 1)  
17>Maria (Hufflepuff Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 03:34  Buying Hufflepuff Robes (x 1)  
17>Maria (Hufflepuff Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 03:34 Are you hungry?
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 03:34  Secret message to Elizabeth  
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 03:34  Secret message to Elizabeth  
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 03:34  Secret message to Elizabeth  
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 03:35 (UGH!!!!!!)
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 03:35 Yes!!!!
17>Maria (Hufflepuff Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 03:35  Buying Chocolate Frogs (x 10)  
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 03:36  Buying Book (x 5)  
17>Maria (Hufflepuff Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 03:36  Giving Chocolate Frogs (x 5) to Elizabeth  Here.
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 03:36 Thanks. *smiles*
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 03:37  Buying Cat (x 1)  (is black and white named Socks)
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 03:38 Both: *eat them then look at the cards* Maria: I got Dumbledore, Helena Hufflepuff, Nicholas Flamel, Godric Gryffindor, and Newt Scamander!
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 03:39 I got Salazar Slytherin, Rowena Ravenclaw, Bathilda Bagshot, Viktor Krum, and Harry Potter!
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 03:40 *walks away from Amanda and knocks on Elizabeth and Marias compartment* May I sit with u guys? oh I forgot im dee wanna be friends?
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 03:41 *looks at Deeanna and beckons her inside* Sure! What house do you want to be in?
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 03:42 either Ravenclaw or Gryffindor U?
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 03:43 Or Hufflepuff just NOT Slytherin never.
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 03:44 I want to be a Gryffindor!
17>Maria (Hufflepuff Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 03:45 Hufflepuff.
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 03:45 (dee has a twin sis im gonna create her now)
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 03:45 oh cool!
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 03:47 I think you look like a Ravenclaw.
Player 82015,Feb.22 03:52 (fel as she likes to be called looks just like dee bc their twins anyways she has light brown hair)
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 03:53 Deeanna, you would be good in Ravenclaw I bet... Although, I don't really know you...
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 03:53 (Ok.)
Player 82015,Feb.22 03:54 *looks around and finds maria dee and liz ina comprtment and sits without asking* hi
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 03:55 Hi there... *looks at dee and fel* Umm...?
Player 82015,Feb.22 03:55 (feliccity is a rebel)
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 03:55 (Ok!)
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 03:56  Secret message to Finnick  
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 03:57 oh yea way to make an entrance Fel... This is my twin sis Felicity but she dosent like to be called that she would probably be in Slytherin.
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 03:57  Secret message to Elizabeth  
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 03:59 Ok.. Well, we need some Slytherins who aren't total jerks.
Player 82015,Feb.22 04:00 hey u know i dont like to be called that *scowls* ok let me introduce myself Im fel i wanna be in Slytherin *puts feet up on the seat and gets comfortable and falls asleep*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:00 *giggles*
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:01  Secret message to Elizabeth  
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:01 right... sorry about her shes a butt
Player 82015,Feb.22 04:02 (fel has pink and blue tips in he hair)
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:03 (Cool! I have red tips.)
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:05 so have u guys known each other for a while?
Player 82015,Feb.22 04:05 *snores loudly to annoy dee*
17>Maria (Hufflepuff Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:06 No, we met today. *smiles shyly*
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:07 *elbows fel in stomach* shut up!
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:08 oh cool!
17>Maria (Hufflepuff Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:10 *giggles slightly*
Player 82015,Feb.22 04:10 geez *scoots over*
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:11 ok what e
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:12 *laughs at them and says sarcastically* You are such good sisters!
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:13 ver she does ignore her
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:13 Well then.
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:13 right u try having one
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:14 I'm an only child.
17>Maria (Hufflepuff Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:14 I have six brothers and sisters....
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:28 sorry wow Maria it must be a full house its just me and fel at home
17>Maria (Hufflepuff Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:29 It is.... We have our own bedrooms at least!
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:32 wow u must have a big house r u a halfblood muggle born or pureblood
17>Maria (Hufflepuff Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:33 I'm a muggleborn.
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:34 I'm half and half.
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:34 cool im a muggle born to
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:34 *too
17>Maria (Hufflepuff Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:36 Brilliant!
Player 82015,Feb.22 04:37 r we there yet *rolls eyes and looks out the window hopefully*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:38 Not yet Fel.
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:39  Buying Cage (x 1)  
Player 82015,Feb.22 04:39 How loooong? *says wineily
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:41 yes im kinda getting impatient too
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:41 I don't know... Here comes the trolley!!!!
17>Maria (Hufflepuff Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:42 OOooooOOOo.....
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:42 trolley lady: ANYTHING FROM THE TROLLEY ANYTHING FROM THE TROLLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12>Bruce (Slytherin student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:43 Yay the trolley *shy face*
17>Maria (Hufflepuff Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:43 *mumbles* Maybe a shut you up potion...
12>Bruce (Slytherin student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:44 Can I get some jelly beans please?
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:44 Nothing for me. *smiles*
17>Maria (Hufflepuff Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:44 Nor me.
17>Maria (Hufflepuff Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:44 *smiles shyly*
17>Maria (Hufflepuff Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:46 (Oh, can I be the sorting hat?)
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:46 oh ill have some choclate frogs and bertie botts and thats it thank u!
12>Bruce (Slytherin student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:46  Buying BB's EF Beans (x 1)  Thank you
17>Maria (Hufflepuff Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:47 *looks at Fel and elbows her*
Player 82015,Feb.22 04:48 nothing for me *says tiredly and falls back asleep*
12>Bruce (Slytherin student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:48 When are we going to be at hogwarts yet?
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:48  Buying BB's EF Beans (x 1)  
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:49  Buying Chocolate Frogs (x 6)  
Player 82015,Feb.22 04:50  Buying Book (x 5)  
Player 82015,Feb.22 04:50  Buying Slytherin Robes (x 1)  
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:50 *rolls eyes*
Player 82015,Feb.22 04:50  Buying Owl (x 1)  
12>Bruce (Slytherin student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:53 EWWW what is this?!?! * looks at package* EAR WAX!?!?
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:53 *hears someone yell earwax and laughs*
17>Maria (Hufflepuff Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:53 *laughs too*
Player 82015,Feb.22 04:54 (my owls name is feathers and is a screech owl)
12>Bruce (Slytherin student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:54 * spits jelly bean out the window*
12>Bruce (Slytherin student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:55  Buying Gryffindor Robes (x 1)  
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:55 *sees a bean fly past and laughs harder*
12>Bruce (Slytherin student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:55  Buying Book (x 10)  
12>Bruce (Slytherin student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:56  Buying Owl (x 1)  
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:56 *starts dying of laughter*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:57 *is on the floor and Maria is laughing at her*
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:58 ok *is crying bc of laughter*
12>Bruce (Slytherin student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:58 *Laughs 2*
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:59 (when do u think well be at hogwarts? cuz it better be soon)
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 05:00 (in a sec)
12>Bruce (Slytherin student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 05:00 Should I get the Nimbus 2001 or the Firebolt?
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 05:00 *sees Hogwarts but cant say anything so she just points and is crying*
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 05:00 firebolt
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 05:00 (Firebolt)
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 05:01 (we should be seeing hogwarts now
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 05:01 (BTW, welcome to the RolePlay!!!!!!)
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 05:01 )
17>Maria (Hufflepuff Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 05:01 *sees it too and points*
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 05:01 *sees hogwarts too* GUYS HOGWARTS!!!!!!!!!!!
12>Bruce (Slytherin student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 05:02 k
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 05:02 *shakes fel* wake up hogwarts!
Player 82015,Feb.22 05:03 *feels shake* great i dont care
12>Bruce (Slytherin student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 05:03 FINALLY!!!
17>Maria (Hufflepuff Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 05:04 HOGWARTS!!!!!!!!!!!
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 05:04 HOGWARTS!!!!!!!!!!!
12>Bruce (Slytherin student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 05:04 thanks
Player 82015,Feb.22 05:04 *train stops* ok get ur stuff! were at hogwarts
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 05:05 (gtg)
Player 82015,Feb.22 05:05 *grabs suitcase and is smiling biggly*
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 05:06 ok *grabs suitcase and smiles widely*
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 05:06 (gtg too bye!)
Player 82015,Feb.22 05:06 (gtg Bye!)
12>Bruce (Slytherin student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 05:08 *grabs stuff* Bye
12>Bruce (Slytherin student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 05:09 So this is hogwarts
12>Bruce (Slytherin student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 05:10 wait did you guys actually leave the game
12>Bruce (Slytherin student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 05:14 thanks
12>Bruce (Slytherin student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 05:14 FINALLY!!!
12>Bruce (Slytherin student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 05:14 k
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 22:31 yay! *grabs fel and runs off the train*
Player 82015,Feb.22 22:33 *feels pulling and just goes with it* ok great to be here finally
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.23 18:16 *train stops*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.23 18:19 *grabs trunk and owl and heads out Maria following closely*
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.23 18:19 oh yay! were here!
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.23 18:20 We're here!!
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.25 00:31 [@ Felicity:Don't forget to buy some books!]
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.25 00:31  Giving Wand (x 1) to  
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.25 00:32  Giving Wand (x 1) to Bruce  
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.25 00:32 *the train gets to Hogwarts**it is night**everyone gets off the train*
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.25 00:33 Hagrid:*holds up a lamp* FIRST YEARS THIS WAY!!! FIRST YEARS THIS WAY, PLEASE!!!!
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.25 00:33 *recognizes Hagrid and eagerly rushes over to him with the rest of the first years*
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.25 00:34 *Hagrid leads them all to the water, where they get in boats and eventually get to the castle*
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.25 00:35  Secret message to Bruce  
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.25 00:35 *all the first years enter Hogwarts and are amazed*
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Feb.25 00:36 Professor McGonagall:*comes over to the first years**briefly explains to them that there are four Houses and they are to be Sorted via the Sorting Hat*
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.25 00:39 *they are lead to the Great Hall**really amazed at everything she sees*
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.25 00:44 *the Hat sings a song and then the Sorting begins*
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.25 00:44 *waits in line*
7>Amanda (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.27 04:40 *feels jittery* *watches anxiously as a random student is sorted*
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.28 00:10 *walks with the class is nervous and amazed*
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.28 00:10 WOW
Player 82015,Feb.28 00:11 *is amazed but doesnt show it*
Player 82015,Feb.28 00:11 cool
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.28 00:12 isnt this cool Fel
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.28 00:13 McGonagall: DEANNA JERKINS
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.28 00:14 omg fel ur next *squeels with excitement*
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.28 00:14 *hat goes on my head and thinks*
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.28 00:15 Hmmmm RAVENCLAW!!
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.28 00:15 *is terrified*
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.28 00:15 (that was the hat who said ravenclaw)
Player 82015,Feb.28 00:16 McGonagall: FELICITY JERKINS
Player 82015,Feb.28 00:17 ok here i go *mumbles to self*
Player 82015,Feb.28 00:17 The Sorting Hat: Hmmm SLYTHERIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.28 00:17 *mumbles* I'm next..
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.28 00:18 McGonnagall: ANTOINETTE, ELIZABETH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Elizabeth: *gets calmer and walks bravely up to the stool and sits*
Player 82015,Feb.28 00:18 yes *whispers to self*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.28 00:19  Secret message to  
Player 82015,Feb.28 00:20 (im mcgonagall) *puts hat on elizabeths head*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.28 00:20 (K)
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.28 00:21 *sits down at raven claw table* this is gonna be awesome!
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.28 00:21 Sorting Hat: *whispers in Liz's ear* Difficult... You don't belong in Slytherin.. Nor Hufflepuff... Ravenclaw would suit you.. Though your is is that of a lion.. GRYFFINDOR!
Player 82015,Feb.28 00:21 *sits down at slytherin* Hello!
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.28 00:22 *heart is that of a lion
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.28 00:22 *claps for elizabeth*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.28 00:22 *takes off hat and rushes down to the Gryffindor table to many cheers*
Player 82015,Feb.28 00:23 *fake claps foe elizabeth*
Player 82015,Feb.28 00:23 *for
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.28 00:24 Dumbledore: Now that we have all been sorted, (the other people have been too.) The feast may begin!!!!!
Player 82015,Feb.28 00:25 *food pops up* yes!
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.28 00:25 *stuffs face*
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.28 00:25 Yay food
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.28 00:26 (So sarcastic.)
17>Maria (Hufflepuff Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.28 00:27 FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! *eats so fast and nearly throws up* *the fat friar down the table is laughing merrily at Maria*
Player 82015,Feb.28 00:27 (yep)
Player 82015,Feb.28 00:27 (lol)
17>Maria (Hufflepuff Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.28 00:27 (Maria is a hufflepuff, DUH!!!!!!)
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Feb.28 00:29 *after desserts are eaten* Dumbledore: Now that we are all fed and watered, off to bed, pip pip!
Player 82015,Feb.28 00:31 *follows head of house* ok
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Feb.28 00:33 *follows head of house* ok to bed
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Mar.2 02:43 [Sorry, not everyone has been Sorted yet. Please let all the players have their chance at having their characters Sorted.]
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Mar.2 02:43 *is called and Sorted**ends up being in Gryffindor*
10>Orion (Slytherin Student), 11yo.2015,Mar.2 02:44 *is also Sorted**is immediately put in Slytherin*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Mar.2 23:30 (Sorry Headmaster Dumbledore!)
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Mar.2 23:30 *watches as other people are sorted* *cheers extra loud when Leia is sorted*
4>Connor (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Mar.3 03:33 *is Sorted* *ends up being in Ravenclaw* *grins*
7>Amanda (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Mar.3 03:33 *is after Connor, and also Sorted into Ravenclaw* *smiles*
20>Lilly (Slytherin), 11yo.2015,Mar.3 03:34 *the Sorting Hat doesn't even have to think about where she has to be placed* *smirks, trotting over to the Slytherin tables*
16>George (Ravenclaw), 11yo.2015,Mar.3 03:35 *is Sorted into Ravenclaw* *stumbles over to the Ravenclaw students, sitting down next to Connor*
18>Elle (Gryffindor), 11yo.2015,Mar.3 03:35 *is Sorted into Gryffindor* *shyly walks over there*
14>Sirius (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Mar.3 03:36 *is called up* *after awhile, he is put in Gryffindor* *manages a small smile; goes to sit by Leia*
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Mar.3 21:26 *smiles widely at Amanda* Hello i thought u looked like a Ravenclaw
Player 82015,Mar.3 21:28 Hi *looks over at lilly* want to be friends?
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Mar.4 21:08 *eventually everyone is Sorted (Sorry Izzy...we'll just say your characters were sorted into the Houses their role boxes say they are from.)*
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Mar.4 21:08 *begins his short speech**includes this famous quote:* Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak! Four wonderful words, don't you think?
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Mar.4 21:08 *is a little confused but can't help laughing a little*
10>Orion (Slytherin Student), 11yo.2015,Mar.4 21:08 *rolls his eyes and sighs irritably*
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Mar.4 21:09 The feast may begin!
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Mar.4 21:09 *starts eating**is with fellow Gryffindors Sirius and Elle*
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Mar.4 21:10 [OK, so I'm going to give all of your students points in the table labeled "House." You can have a maximum of 4 points. Here's a list of the Houses and what number of points represents them:]
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Mar.4 21:10 [1 point=Your character is from Gryffindor House.]
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Mar.4 21:11 [2 points=Your character is from Slytherin House.]
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Mar.4 21:11 [3 points=Your character is from Hufflepuff House.]
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Mar.4 21:11 [4 points=Your character is from Ravenclaw House.]
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Mar.4 21:13 [These points just represent what House your character is from-they don't represent House Points. Don't confuse House with House Points!]
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Mar.4 21:13   + 1 House points to Leia  
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Mar.4 21:13   + 2 House points to Lionel  
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Mar.4 21:13   + 4 House points to Connor  
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Mar.4 21:13   + 1 House points to Elizabeth  
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Mar.4 21:14   + 4 House points to Finnick  
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Mar.4 21:14   + 4 House points to Amanda  
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Mar.4 21:14   + 2 House points to  
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Mar.4 21:14   + 4 House points to Fay  
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Mar.4 21:14   + 2 House points to Orion  
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Mar.4 21:15   + 3 House points to  
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Mar.4 21:15   + 1 House points to Sirius  
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Mar.4 21:16   + 4 House points to George  
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Mar.4 21:16   + 3 House points to Maria  
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Mar.4 21:16   + 1 House points to Elle  
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Mar.4 21:16   + 2 House points to Lilly  
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Mar.4 21:16 [If I made any mistakes, let me know!]
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Mar.4 21:17 [Also, remember:Don't confuse House with House Points. When I give you 1-4 points in the score table labeled "House," I'm just adding points to show what House your character is from. It's like referring to the four Houses by number instead of by name.]
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Mar.4 21:17 [E.g. Gryffindor is House #1, Slytherin is House #2, Hufflepuff is House #3, and Ravenclaw is House #4.]
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Mar.4 21:20 *looks around at her fellow Gryffindors curiously*
10>Orion (Slytherin Student), 11yo.2015,Mar.4 21:21 *has already formed a group of followers-including Felicity, Grace, and Lilly, to name a few**is already boasting and bragging to his friends about stuff*
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Mar.4 21:23 *sees Elizabeth sit down next to Elle* Hello!
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Mar.4 21:23 I'm Leia! What's your name?
20>Lilly (Slytherin), 11yo.2015,Mar.5 02:46 *is vying for attention* *begins to blabber about herself as well*
4>Connor (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Mar.5 02:48 *introduces himself to George* *they become fast friends*
7>Amanda (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Mar.5 02:49 *chats with Deanna, George, and Connor*
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Mar.6 21:40 So what do u guys like to do for fun? *is talking to her house friends george connor and amanda*(they became fast friends)
Player 82015,Mar.6 21:44 just to let u know orion ill just handg out with u not be your follower *makes quotation marks with her fingers and emphasizes on followers*
Player 82015,Mar.6 21:44 *hangs
Player 82015,Mar.6 21:45 *starts to talk about self too*
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Mar.6 22:48 *looks at Fel and sees that shes talking about herself and gives a scowl
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Mar.6 22:48 *
Player 82015,Mar.6 22:49 *sees scowl and scowls back*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Mar.6 22:50 I'm Elizabeth. *smiles brightly* I'm so happy to be in Gryffindor!
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Mar.6 22:51 (I'm talking to a random person. :P)
17>Maria (Hufflepuff Student), 11yo.2015,Mar.6 22:53 *is chatting timidly at the Hufflepuff table to Edmond*
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Mar.7 03:19 *they continue eating and chatting**finally, Dumbledore announces that it is time for bed**all of them head to their dorms*
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Mar.7 03:19 *is sharing a dorm with Elizabeth and Elle*
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Mar.10 17:23 *walks back to dorm and is sharing with Amanda*
Player 82015,Mar.10 17:25 *Walks back to dorm too sharing with lilly and grace*
10>Orion (Slytherin Student), 11yo.2015,Mar.10 18:32 *is in a dorm with two other Slytherin boys he doesn't really know or care about*
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Mar.10 18:33 ~NEXT MORNING...~ *everyone wakes up and heads to the Great Hall for breakfast*
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Mar.11 22:57 [Sorry Tobias from Sweden, but you are banned from the roleplay for having a very inappropriate character.]
4>Connor (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Mar.12 01:52 *complaining because he wasn't ready to wake up early*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Mar.15 19:04 *is waiting readily for the schedules* I can't wait to see what's first!
17>Maria (Hufflepuff Student), 11yo.2015,Mar.15 19:13 *is eating breakfast hungrily*
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Mar.15 22:47 *eats eagerly**just then, Nearly Headless Nick flies over**supresses a scream of surprise and fear*
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Mar.15 22:48 Nick:Hello, I'm Nearly Headless Nick, the Gryffindor House ghost! Pleased to meet you! *tips his hat-er-head**a lot of the Gryffindors are eager to meet him, too, but at the same time sort of grossed out*
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Mar.19 21:24 Gets down sorta late but is ready to go and eats breakfast hungrily and talks to friends* i cant wait to see hats first!
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Mar.20 00:20 Nick:So, how's breakfast? Leia:Great!
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Mar.20 00:20 I love the toast!
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Mar.20 00:21 [Can you guys remember the usual schedules for first years in HP and post them? Sorry, I haven't read the books or seen the movies in a looong time...]
14>Sirius (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Mar.20 12:43 *smiles at Nearly Headless Nick*
14>Sirius (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Mar.20 12:44 (I haven't read the books or seen the movies in awhile either, but I think Potions maybe? Not sure. If anything, maybe you can just make up a schedule.)
7>Amanda (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Mar.20 12:44 *is really excited to start classes*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Mar.25 17:17 (First is D.A.D.A..... Ametuers.)
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Mar.25 17:18 Oh, Nick, have you seen the Fat Friar letely? I need to have a word with him.... And the Bloody Baron too.... Best to leave Helena Ravenclaw out of this.
17>Maria (Hufflepuff Student), 11yo.2015,Mar.25 17:19 *looks at schedules* Ooohhh!! We have Herbology first! I can't wait to meet Proffessor Sprout!
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Mar.25 17:19 (I was joking earlier BTW, I'm not calling anyone an ametuer.)
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Mar.27 17:10 Oooooo we have Charms! I want to meet Flitwick!!!
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Mar.27 17:10 (Gryffindors have D.A.D.A., Ravenclaws have Charms, Hufflepuffs have Herbology, and Slytherins have Potions.)
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Mar.27 17:10 (So, first classes with heads of houses.)
Player 82015,Mar.27 17:11 oh Potions cant wait!
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Mar.27 17:11 \
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Mar.28 16:07 Nick?
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Mar.28 16:07 Dumbledore: okay now Ravenclaw's off to Charms Gryffindors to DADA Slytherins to Potions and Hufflepuffs to Herbology
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Mar.28 16:14 ok off to class! *skips*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Mar.28 16:17 *gets up rather angrily*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Mar.28 16:18 Get them later Nick please?
17>Maria (Hufflepuff Student), 11yo.2015,Mar.28 16:20 *skips happily off to Herbology with the other Hufflepuffs*
6>Finnick (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Mar.28 16:21 *skips by liz and stops* whats a matter with u pouty pants? arent u excited?
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Apr.1 18:25 [Thanks for the help!]
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Apr.1 18:26 *everyone goes to their classes*
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Apr.1 18:28 *walks into the classroom with her fellow Gryffindor first years**they see Professor Lupin*
14>Sirius (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Apr.4 23:02 *quietly takes a seat among the Gryffindor*
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Apr.9 17:13 Lupin:Hello! I am Professor Lupin. Welcome to the Defense Against the Dark Arts class!
18>Elle (Gryffindor), 11yo.2015,Apr.9 19:20 *looks up at Lupin eagerly, ready to learn*
14>Sirius (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Apr.9 19:21 *sits up a little straighter*
7>Amanda (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Apr.9 19:21 *she and the other Ravenclaws follow Deanna to Charms*
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Apr.11 06:50 *cocks head curiously, like a puppy*
17>Maria (Hufflepuff Student), 11yo.2015,Apr.11 06:53 *Professor Sprout begins by telling us about the magical plants of the Wizarding World and when she starts on the Mimbulus Mimbletonia, she notices a round face boy with his robes on backwards smile and sit up straighter*
17>Maria (Hufflepuff Student), 11yo.2015,Apr.11 06:53 *surpresses giggles*
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Apr.14 01:24 [Wait, what was the first thing that the students learned in the DADA class?? I forgot... >.< ]
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Apr.28 03:49 *listens to Lupin talking about the basics and about their practical lessons*
2>Leia (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Apr.30 21:28 *OK, so Lupin does an intro on the DADA*
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,May.15 02:33 [Arrrrrrgh, this is so awkward...I'm the Game Manager of this and I can barely remember a thing about the first year at Hogwarts... >.< ]
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,May.15 02:33 *Lupin finishes the intro, teaches them the most basic DADA spell, and then they leave class*
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,May.15 02:33   + 1 Knowledge points to Leia  
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,May.15 02:34   + 1 Knowledge points to Lionel  
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,May.15 02:34   + 1 Knowledge points to Connor  
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,May.15 02:34   - 1 Knowledge points to Lionel  [Whoops, Grace and Connor aren't Gryffindors.]
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,May.15 02:34   - 1 Knowledge points to Connor  
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,May.15 02:34   + 1 Knowledge points to Elizabeth  
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,May.15 02:35   + 1 Knowledge points to Sirius  
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,May.15 02:35   + 1 Knowledge points to Elle  
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,May.15 02:36 ~MEANWHILE...~ *the Ravenclaws are learning spells in Charm Class*
4>Connor (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,May.16 22:06 *waves his wand, muttering a spell* *isn't that good, and the spell totally screws itself up*
4>Connor (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,May.16 22:06 *ends up with black ink in his face*
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,May.31 00:41 Flitwick:Now, now, let's try this again, shall we? *casts a spell that makes the ink in Connor's face disappear* OK, repeat after me: Wingardium Leviosa!
Player 192015,Jun.13 17:20  Buying Owl (x 1)  This is Flutter (shows everyone her barn owl)
Player 192015,Jun.13 17:21  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Tart  
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Jun.13 23:49  Secret message to  
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Jun.13 23:49  Secret message to  
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Jun.13 23:49  Giving Wand (x 1) to  
7>Amanda (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2015,Jun.16 17:49 Wingardium Leviosa! *waves her wand*
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Jun.29 19:23 [I'm sorry, but I have to remove Izzy's characters since she hasn't been on in a VERY long time.]
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Jun.29 19:23 [Feel free to rejoin anytime, Izzy!]
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Jun.29 19:24 [I also have to remove Joe and Alivia. Sorry!]
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Jun.29 19:25 [Oh, and I have to remove Ethan too.]
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Jun.29 19:26 [And Jonathan.]
5>Elizabeth (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Jul.17 01:38 (Hey..)
9>Fay (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Aug.3 10:15 Has anybody seen my wand?
9>Fay (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Aug.3 10:18 (Facts about Fay: long, dark-blonde hair, dark-green eyes, small and thin, pureblood but likes Muggles, too)
9>Fay (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Aug.3 10:25  Buying Hufflepuff Robes (x 1)  
9>Fay (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Aug.3 10:27  Buying Owl (x 1)  I'll call my owl Ikay.
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Aug.28 03:55 [Welcome Lucie!]
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Aug.28 03:56  Giving Wand (x 1) to Fay  
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Aug.28 03:56 [Don't forget to buy the 10 books you need-after that, we'll assume your character has been sorted into Hufflepuff and is already in class.]
9>Fay (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Aug.29 20:36  Buying Book (x 10)  
9>Fay (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Aug.29 20:37 Uh, these books are really heavy. *the books are falling on the table with a loud noise*
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Sep.7 18:38 [Well...more character removal stuff, I guess. I'm removing Katyusha and Felicity Hatsune because they never posted anything when they joined, and I'm also deleting Delainey's characters because Delainey hasn't been on in...well...forever.]
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Sep.7 18:39 [However, we're going to assume that they're all still students but don't really take part in the main plot.]
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Sep.7 18:40 [I'm going to post a list just to remind myself (and others) who's in which House:]
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Sep.7 18:42 [Gryffindor: Leia, Elizabeth, Sirius, and Elle. Slytherin: Orion and Lilly. Ravenclaw: Connor, Amanda, and George. Hufflepuff: Fay and Maria.]
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Sep.7 18:43 [If I delete any more characters I'm practically going to get rid of everyone except myself and Lucie, so I'm making Paige, Joan, and Cree "immune" to rule 4 for at least a little while.]
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Sep.7 18:44 ~MEANWHILE...~ *the Hufflepuffs are in Herbology class*
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Sep.7 18:45 [I'm thinking of increasing the amount of characters everyone can make because we lack members of Slytherin and Hufflepuff, and we also lack people who will come on here very often.]
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Sep.7 18:45 [What do you think, members?]
9>Fay (Hufflepuff student), 11yo.2015,Sep.8 13:42 (Okay, must I create some more characters?)
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Sep.13 05:40 [Go right ahead. I'll see if I can get Paige and Joan to come on here more often and create more characters too. Not sure about Cree, though; she doesn't come on much anymore, and I may have to delete her characters sometime, unfortunately.]
3>Lionel (Slytherin student), 11yo.2015,Sep.13 19:19 [Lionel comes from a pureblood family. He has light-green eyes and unruffled, long, brown hair. He's a bit spirited and sometimes repellent to strange people. Lionel doesn't really like people from other houses, especially from Ravenclaw.]
1>Dumbledore (Headmaster), Oldyo.2015,Sep.24 04:19 [I'm sorry Lucie, but I'm going to have to archive this RP. It's been taking way too long to get the storyline going, and others agree that they're actually kind of bored with this RP and how slow-paced it is.]