" Heroes Unite- a RP " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 11 to 21 years of age.
Welcome to Heroes Unite RP! Basically you can play as any Marvel, DC, or other hero that you like! The plot is pretty straightforward- the superheroes meet each other one day in NYC, then unite since some villains are coming together to destroy the heroes. Join today to experience the epic unification of superheroes!

1>Iron Man/Tony Stark (Avenger), 45yo.2015,Jan.24 23:37 Hi, and welcome to Heroes Unite RP!
1>Iron Man/Tony Stark (Avenger), 45yo.2015,Jan.24 23:38 The plot is pretty simple. Basically the characters come together in NYC to battle some villains who are trying to take over the world.
1>Iron Man/Tony Stark (Avenger), 45yo.2015,Jan.24 23:38 The rules:
1>Iron Man/Tony Stark (Avenger), 45yo.2015,Jan.24 23:39 NO POWERPLAYING!!! I won't allow players who want to take over the plot.
1>Iron Man/Tony Stark (Avenger), 45yo.2015,Jan.24 23:39 No innapropriate stuff. Keep things safe!
1>Iron Man/Tony Stark (Avenger), 45yo.2015,Jan.24 23:39 YOU MUST COME ON WEEKLY, OR ELSE I WILL DELETE YOUR CHARACTER.
1>Iron Man/Tony Stark (Avenger), 45yo.2015,Jan.24 23:41 Please, don't take all the character slots. Be 4-5 characters at the most. If you take 6...well, you're out.
1>Iron Man/Tony Stark (Avenger), 45yo.2015,Jan.24 23:42 No playing as animals, although the raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy is an exception. Actually, just play as characters who can speak the English language.
1>Iron Man/Tony Stark (Avenger), 45yo.2015,Jan.24 23:42 And that's about all for now. Enjoy the game!
1>Iron Man/Tony Stark (Avenger), 45yo.2015,Jan.24 23:43 Also, if you see an item missing from the Items for Sale list, and you want something added, let me know.
1>Iron Man/Tony Stark (Avenger), 45yo.2015,Jan.24 23:43 Once there are a decent amount of characters, we can begin.
10>Beast/Hank (Mutant), 23-25yo.2015,Jan.24 23:50 (Hank/Beast is from the X-Men films/comics. He's a mutant, and he can turn into a blue beast. His weapon is basically his really sharp claws when he's in beast form.)
19>Black Widow/Natasha (Avenger), 28-30yo.2015,Jan.24 23:52 (Black Widow/Natasha is from The Avengers, and makes appearances in more than just The Avengers. She's basically an agent working for Nick Fury, but is an Avenger too. Very tech savvy and sneaky. A good liar.)
19>Black Widow/Natasha (Avenger), 28-30yo.2015,Jan.24 23:53 (Weapons are basically a gun and her martial arts skills.)
11>The Winter Soldier (Villain), 25-30yo.2015,Jan.24 23:54 (The Winter Soldier is a villain. He was originally Bucky Barnes, Captain America/Steve's best friend, but fell off a train during WWII and was presumed dead. He was brought back to life and made a villain.)
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Jan.25 21:33 [Raven is from the Teen Titans TV show/Teen Titans Go! comics. (Note that I have actually read one or two "Teen Titans Go!" comics. They're based on the Teen Titans original show and are pretty good.)]
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Jan.25 21:34 [She's basically a member of the superhero group known as the Teen Titans. She's the most mysterious member, and is usually calm and stoic, since she has to suppress her emotions to control her powers.]
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Jan.25 21:34 [She is the daughter of a kind woman named Arella and an evil interdimensional demon named Trigon, thus making her a half human, half demon hybrid. Her powers are mainly black magic, although if she has to use hand-to-hand combat she can lash out some
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Jan.25 21:35 pretty good kicks.]
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Jan.25 21:36 [Rogue is from the X-Men films/comics. She is one of the main characters from the first film of the series, "X-Men," where it is revealed her real name is Marie. After doing some research, I found out Mystique was her foster mother at one point but Rogue
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Jan.25 21:36 eventually turned good and became an X-Man, rather than follow Mystique's evil ways and become a member of Magneto's Brotherhood of Mutants.]
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Jan.25 21:37 [Her main power is that she can absorb the life, energy, powers, and psyche of whoever she touches. That's why she often wears gloves to protect her friends from her deadly touch. Otherwise she isn't very dangerous.]
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 60+yo.2015,Jan.25 21:38 [Magneto is also from the X-Men films/comics. Although his roles in the films/comics vary from supervillain to antihero to superhero, in this RP he'll be one of the main villains.]
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 60+yo.2015,Jan.25 21:39 [He wears his usual outfit, helmet and all. His powers are his main electromagnetic ones that allow him to control metal. In rare cases his powers can go into the atomic level and he can produce radiation, but this is a tedious task and almost killed him
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 60+yo.2015,Jan.25 21:39 the one time he did it.]
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 60+yo.2015,Jan.25 21:40 [He's a cunning genius, but sometimes when things don't get his way he can become outraged. He likes chess, which, oddly enough, is something I really like too... O.o]
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35yo.2015,Jan.25 21:41 [Slade is one of the main villains from the show/comics "Teen Titans." His real name is Deathstroke the Terminator and/or Slade Wilson.]
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35yo.2015,Jan.25 21:42 [Slade is calm, cunning, manipulative, and practically a criminal mastermind. He rarely loses his temper, although when he does he can turn vicious.]
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35yo.2015,Jan.25 21:43 [His main weapons include martial arts mastery, great acrobatics/gymnastics, durability, stamina, a metal staff, and a seemingly unending supply of robotic commando minions.]
1>Iron Man/Tony Stark (Avenger), 45yo.2015,Jan.26 01:39 (Thank you for joining!)
Player 72015,Jan.26 01:46 (Cascade: the leader of the superhero team, The Sovereign Seven. She has the ability to teleport herself and others to any given place she wants)
Player 72015,Jan.26 01:47 (she is very brave, and is a fairly good natured leader)
Player 202015,Jan.26 01:49 (Indigo: one of Cascade's most loyal followers. He's an enigma of sorts, who has the ability to go anywhere unnoticed if he so chooses, and can persuade anyone to do almost anything he wants)
Player 202015,Jan.26 01:50 (he is considered very mysterious, but is extremely loyal without end to his allies and friends)
8>"___" (_), _yo.2015,Jan.26 01:53 (Nico Minoru: the leader of the Runaways. Is the daughter of two evil wizards, and is a witch with dark magic abilities. She is a pretty good leader, but she's also sort of awkward around the other heroes, since she's the daughter of two villains)
Player 152015,Jan.26 01:55 (Alex Wilder: one of the main heroes of the Runaways. He's a child prodigy, and like Nico is the son of two evil masterminds)
Player 152015,Jan.26 01:56 (he's extremely smart, and talented when it comes to almost everything, but he's also very cunning. He eventually betrays Nico, and joins the villains)
13>Shirou Emiya (Archer), 17yo.2015,Jan.26 01:58 (my last character, Rohan: the leader of the Mystic Knights, a group of magic heroes from a place that is pretty much mythological Ireland)
13>Shirou Emiya (Archer), 17yo.2015,Jan.26 02:00 (he is courageous, brave, and steadfast, but he can sometimes let his emotions get the better of him. He owns a very powerful flaming sword, and has limited control over fire.)
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Jan.27 00:07 [Cool characters! You can add bad guys if you want. :D]
1>Iron Man/Tony Stark (Avenger), 45yo.2015,Jan.27 21:45 (Thank you for joining, everyone!)
1>Iron Man/Tony Stark (Avenger), 45yo.2015,Jan.28 22:26 (So let's begin!)
1>Iron Man/Tony Stark (Avenger), 45yo.2015,Jan.28 22:26 -ONE REGULAR OLD DAY-
1>Iron Man/Tony Stark (Avenger), 45yo.2015,Jan.28 22:27 *is with Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Captain America, since they're off the job for a day* Whadya wanna do? Y'know, as a team.
16>Captain America (TheAvengers), 90yo.2015,Jan.28 22:28 Why don't we spend the day in New York City? Natasha: Yeah. Tony: Okay. *they get to NYC via private jet*
16>Captain America (TheAvengers), 90yo.2015,Jan.28 22:29 *after arriving, they enjoy a few city sights, then walk around* Hey, how about we get a bite to eat? Hawkeye: Yeah...*they go to a diner, sort of like the one in Seinfeld*
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Jan.28 23:46 *is meanwhile at the X-Mansion in New York*
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Jan.28 23:47 *sees Iceman going around and asking various X-Men if they would like to go out to eat, since they have the day off*
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Jan.28 23:48 Iceman:...Wolverine? You coming? Wolverine:Eh...yeah. Iceman:Storm? Storm:Of course! Iceman:Jean? Jean Grey:Sure. Iceman:Cyclops? Cyclops:*nods* Iceman:Alright, then. Let's- Rogue:What about me?
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Jan.28 23:48 *tries to hide the fact that she feels hurt, since he was left out* Iceman:Oh-sure. Let's go. *they all pile into a car and drive away to the Seinfeld-like diner*
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Jan.28 23:49 *they soon arrive at the diner and sit down at a table near the one the Avengers are at*
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Jan.28 23:49 *puts on her gloves, since she's sitting at a pretty crowded table and she doesn't want to hurt anyone with her deadly touch*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Jan.28 23:50 *meanwhile, in Jump City, California...* Beast Boy:TOFU PARTYYYY!!!!! Raven:No. Cyborg:Bleah...I can't stand that stuff... BB:~.~
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Jan.28 23:51 Robin:Hey, since Slade has disappeared for several months and all the other villains are in jail, why don't we go on vacation? BB:YEAH!! TO MEXICOOO- Raven:No. BB:-.-
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Jan.28 23:51 Starfire:*picks up a map* Why don't we go to...the City of New York? Cyborg:Yeah! Now THAT'S my kind of town! Robin:Sure. BB:*whines* But what about- Raven:Just shut up.
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Jan.28 23:52 *they're on a plane to NYC before you can say "Dr. Light"**they soon arrive at NYC**Cyborg's belly rumbles loudly*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Jan.28 23:53 Cyborg:Man...that was a long flight. I'm HUNGRY!! BB:Me too! Starfire:I am the third! Robin:Then why don't we find a place to eat? Raven:Fine by me, as long as it's not in this airport...
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Jan.28 23:54 *they leave, get on a taxi, and start riding and pointing out restaurants they like* BB:...But I wanna go to MCDONALD'S!!!! Cyborg:No, WENDY'S!!!! Raven:Ugghh...make it stop...
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Jan.28 23:54 Robin:*sighs* Well we have to decide on something. BB+Cyborg:Hmph!
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Jan.28 23:55 Starfire:*sees the Seinfeld-like diner up ahead* Why not go there? Raven:Anywhere is fine, as long as I get some peace and quiet. Robin:That looks good. Driver, stop the taxi.
8>"___" (_), _yo.2015,Jan.28 23:55 (hi!)
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Jan.28 23:56 *they pay the taxi driver and get out of the car**they enter the diner**when they see the other superheroes, they are a bit confused* BB:Dude...is this National Seinfeld-Like Diner Superhero Day??
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Jan.28 23:56 [Hi!]
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Jan.28 23:56 Cyborg:Man...and some people thought WE looked like weirdos...
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Jan.28 23:56 *several of the other superheroes are seen glaring at them*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Jan.28 23:57 Let's just shut up and pick a table before we get into trouble. *the Teen Titans sit down together*
Player 72015,Jan.28 23:57 (so, all of the heroes are at a diner now?)
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Jan.28 23:57 *there is an almost immediate argument on what pizza toppings they should choose* Cyborg:But I want EXTRA MEATY!!!! BB:I want VEGAN!!!! *they start tackling each other in order to get the menu*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Jan.28 23:58 [All of them except the baddies and all your characters.]
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Jan.28 23:58 [I'm just guessing all of the heroes will meet at the diner, so that's why I'm bringing mine there.]
Player 72015,Jan.28 23:59 (ok, that makes sense. I guess I'll bring mine in soon)
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Jan.28 23:59 Starfire:I would like my pizza topped with blueberry ice cream, salad, and extra whipped cream! ^.^ The Other Titans:O.o
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Jan.28 23:59 Robin:o.o Er...Star...not all the things on the menu are pizza toppings... Starfire:Oh...
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Jan.29 00:00 *sighs irritably*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Jan.29 00:00 *BB and Cyborg are still playing tug-o-war with the menu**snatches it from them angrily* Let's just order plain cheese.
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Jan.29 00:00 *next thing you know, a delicious cheese pizza is set on their table*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Jan.29 00:01 *they begin eating**has her hood down**notices some of the other superheroes are glancing at her purple hair, sort of weirded out, but tries not to let it bother her*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Jan.29 00:01 [Want to go to You Decide?]
Player 72015,Jan.29 00:02 *was testing out her powers of teleportation, and she ends up sucking she and Indigo into the diner* *looks around, confused*
Player 72015,Jan.29 00:02 (sure)
Player 72015,Jan.29 00:02 *mutters* Ooops...
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Jan.29 00:02 BB:*sees Cascade and Indigo appear* DAAHH!!!! *falls over*
Player 202015,Jan.29 00:02 *rubs his head*
Player 202015,Jan.29 00:03 *looks at everyone* Er...hi?
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Jan.29 00:03 Cyborg:Uh...whoa... BB:*gets back up and sits back at the table* Dude...this HAS to be some Seinfeld-Like Diner Superhero Day...
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Jan.29 00:03 Robin:Okay...I admit this is strange. *notices the X-Men whispering to one another about all the different superheroes in the same diner*
8>"___" (_), _yo.2015,Jan.29 00:04 *was walking around with Alex* *walks into the diner, and sees everyone* *starts trying to back out slowly*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Jan.29 00:04 Starfire:Yes, this is very...very strange...
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Jan.29 00:04 *they see Nico and Alex* Rogue:*is heard saying a little too loudly* MORE? *is elbowed a little by Wolverine* Sorry...
Player 152015,Jan.29 00:04 Woah...uh, who are they...?
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Jan.29 00:05 [I'm on You Decide now. Let's switch!]
8>"___" (_), _yo.2015,Jan.29 00:05 (k)
16>Captain America (TheAvengers), 90yo.2015,Jan.29 03:28 *is trying to eat in peace* *turns around and looks at everyone*
14>Hawkeye (The Avengers), 30-40yo.2015,Jan.29 03:28 Um, why are there so many weird people here?
19>Black Widow/Natasha (Avenger), 28-30yo.2015,Jan.29 03:29 *glares at Hawkeye* It's not like you aren't....
10>Beast/Hank (Mutant), 23-25yo.2015,Jan.29 03:31 *he and Raven are walking around, looking for somewhere to eat* Hey, how about we eat at Tom's Restaurant?
12>Mystique/Raven (X-Men), _yo.2015,Jan.29 03:33 *laughs a little* Okay. *tips the brim of her hat down, and enters*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Jan.29 04:25 *sees Mystique and Beast* Hm... Cyborg:They look normal. *Beast and Mystique glance around at all the heroes, a bit confused, and then sit down with Rogue and Co.* Raven:Except they're sitting down with- BB:More weirdos. So that means they're heroes too.
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Jan.29 04:25 Starfire:This is quite unusual. Raven:You think?
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Jan.29 04:45 *glances around at the other heroes quietly and sort of awkwardly*
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Jan.29 04:49 *sees Cyborg accidentally eat BB's piece of pizza, causing BB to go beserk**can't help smiling a little*
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Jan.29 04:51 Raven:*shrugs and manages to settle the dispute*
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Jan.29 04:52 *eventually, they all finish eating and all the Titans and X-Men except Rogue and Raven decide to leave**while the four Titans go out to explore NYC, the X-Men go back to the X-Mansion*
16>Captain America (TheAvengers), 90yo.2015,Jan.29 04:52 Well guys, what shall we do next?
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Jan.29 04:53 *Raven stays in the restaurant for some peace, quiet, and, yes, herbal tea**Rogue stays in the restaurant also for peace and quiet, but also because she wants to figure out why so many heroes are in there*
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Jan.29 04:53 *oh, and Mystique and Beast didn't leave*
19>Black Widow/Natasha (Avenger), 28-30yo.2015,Jan.29 04:53 How about we look at the 9/11 Memorial? I've never been there before.
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Jan.29 04:55 [So...what are the rest of the heroes supposed to do? Accidentally follow the Avengers around?]
19>Black Widow/Natasha (Avenger), 28-30yo.2015,Jan.29 04:55 (Yeah, probably.)
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Jan.29 04:59 *looks at Mystique and Beast* So...what should we do? Hank:Why don't we go to the 9/11 Memorial? Rogue:Sure. Raven:*finishes her herbal tea and decides to check out the 9/11 Memorial*
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Jan.29 05:00 *she, Hank, Mystique, and Raven get up to leave*
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Jan.29 05:01 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
19>Black Widow/Natasha (Avenger), 28-30yo.2015,Jan.29 05:01 (Bye!)
1>Iron Man/Tony Stark (Avenger), 45yo.2015,Jan.29 05:03 *walks around on the streets* TAXI! *a taxi speeds right up to the corner* *the Avengers get inside, Steve sitting in front*
12>Mystique/Raven (X-Men), _yo.2015,Jan.29 05:04 *watches the Avengers' taxi speed off*
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Jan.29 23:40 *they also get in a taxi and head to the 9/11 Memorial**Raven simply exits the restaurant and flies over Chicago towards it*
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Jan.29 23:41 *soon the Avengers, the X-Men, Raven, and I guess Izzy's characters all arrive at the 9/11 Memorial at approximately the same time*
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Jan.29 23:42 *they all spot and look at each other sort of awkwardly**mutters* This can NOT be a coincidence.
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Jan.29 23:42
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Jan.29 23:42 [Oops]
14>Hawkeye (The Avengers), 30-40yo.2015,Feb.2 04:19 *frowns* Why do they keep following us?
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.2 04:22 *overhears Hawkeye* Um, I was not following you.
14>Hawkeye (The Avengers), 30-40yo.2015,Feb.2 04:23 Well I've seen you 3 places already. And why are you right behind me?
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.2 04:25 Rogue:*looks at Hawkeye* Well, why are you right behind ME?!
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.2 04:28 *says crankily* Why are any of you here? I came here to look at the 9/11 Memorial only to find out I was being followed.
16>Captain America (TheAvengers), 90yo.2015,Feb.2 04:32 Actually, we decided to come here.
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.2 04:33 Rogue:We did too. Raven:I did too.
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.2 04:33 *everyone looks at each other awkwardly again*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.2 04:34 [BTW, I noticed last night that you didn't know that Rogue was a mutant. Is it OK if I give you the definition of mutant?]
16>Captain America (TheAvengers), 90yo.2015,Feb.2 04:37 (I know that she's a mutant, but what Paige was trying to say is that she doesn't have a different physical form, sort of like how Raven turns blue and how Hank turns into a beast.)
16>Captain America (TheAvengers), 90yo.2015,Feb.2 04:37 (There are other mutants who have powers like Storm, Blink, etc.)
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.2 04:38 [Ohhh, now I get it. I didn't really understand that Paige was saying she understood that Rogue was a mutant, but like most mutants she didn't have the ability to turn into something else physically, thus making her unable to have a second pic.]
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.2 04:38 [Yeah.]
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.2 04:38 [Anyway, let's RP!]
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Feb.2 04:44 So...
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.2 04:44 Well, I'm going to look around. You guys can stand here and stare at each other if you want. *turns and floats away, exploring the area*
19>Black Widow/Natasha (Avenger), 28-30yo.2015,Feb.2 04:44 Something's obviously going on.
12>Mystique/Raven (X-Men), _yo.2015,Feb.2 04:45 *slowly heads towards the museum part*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.2 04:46 *reads some of the names and looks at the flowers and other things put around the 9/11 Memorial*
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Feb.2 04:47 *puts some roses down by the memorial*
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Feb.2 04:48 *turns and walks after Mystique*
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Feb.2 04:49 [So...are the baddies going to ambush them or something...? And then they'll be rescued and taken to some base, where it'll be explained what's going on?]
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Feb.2 04:49 [Just wondering, because I'm ready for heroic action on here! :D]
12>Mystique/Raven (X-Men), _yo.2015,Feb.2 04:53 (Yeah! The villains will come.)
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Feb.2 04:57 [OK, great!]
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 60+yo.2015,Feb.2 04:58 *he and Slade are hiding in an underground lair together, watching the heroes via cameras* Hm...so they're all assembled now? Slade:Yes. And it isn't a coincidence, thanks to what I put in their food and drink while they were at the restaurant.
19>Black Widow/Natasha (Avenger), 28-30yo.2015,Feb.2 04:58 *walks around, looking at stuff* *feels sort of emotional*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35yo.2015,Feb.2 04:58 *picks up a bottle of weird-looking potion-like stuff* It actually did make them all want to go to the 9/11 Memorial...
11>The Winter Soldier (Villain), 25-30yo.2015,Feb.2 04:58 *watches Captain America's every move*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 60+yo.2015,Feb.2 04:59 *they are silent for a moment**then...* Is it time for us to strike?
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35yo.2015,Feb.2 04:59 Yes...ALL of us.
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.2 05:00 *meanwhile, she is reading some of the names when...**KABOOM!!!*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.2 05:00 *there is a huge explosion, knocking down most of the heroes and making Mystique and Rogue come back to see what's going on*
12>Mystique/Raven (X-Men), _yo.2015,Feb.2 05:02 *looks at Rogue, then sees tourists running out as fast as possible*
12>Mystique/Raven (X-Men), _yo.2015,Feb.2 05:02 Tourist: Terrorist!!!
12>Mystique/Raven (X-Men), _yo.2015,Feb.2 05:02 *has a feeling it wasn't any ordinary terrorist*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.2 05:02 *rubs her head and sits up to see all of the villains assembled and standing in a crater they just created with their bomb*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.2 05:03 *flies up, putting her hood up* Slade...
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35yo.2015,Feb.2 05:03 *looks at Raven sort of creepily* Why, hello there, little girl...long time, no see...
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 60+yo.2015,Feb.2 05:04 *looks around and immediately lays his eyes on Mystique, Rogue, and Beast*
10>Beast/Hank (Mutant), 23-25yo.2015,Feb.2 05:07 *starts backing up fearfully*
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Feb.2 05:08 *sees and recognizes Magneto**gasps*
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Feb.2 05:08 *Magneto smiles at them**gulps, trying to hold back her fear*
11>The Winter Soldier (Villain), 25-30yo.2015,Feb.2 05:08 *marches towards the Avengers, mainly Captain*
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Feb.2 05:10 *Slade approaches Raven, and Magneto approaches the X-Men**I guess Izzy's characters are left standing there awkwardly, not sure what to do*
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Feb.2 05:10 [Wait...are Slade, Magneto, and the WS really the only villains on here?!]
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Feb.2 05:11 [Dude, we need more villains.]
11>The Winter Soldier (Villain), 25-30yo.2015,Feb.2 05:12 (I'll make a villain real quick.)
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Feb.2 05:13 [Yeah, I probably will make another villain too.]
6>Terra (Apprentice of Slade), 15yo.2015,Feb.2 05:16 [I call Aftershock Terra!]
6>Terra (Apprentice of Slade), 15yo.2015,Feb.2 05:17 [Originally a member of the Teen Titans, it was revealed that she was a spy for Slade and was kicked out of the team. Now wearing a special suit Slade made for her, she is his loyal apprentice and will do whatever she can to help him destroy the heroes.]
6>Terra (Apprentice of Slade), 15yo.2015,Feb.2 05:17 [She especially hates Raven, but occasionally shows signs of good and isn't sure where she truly belongs.]
6>Terra (Apprentice of Slade), 15yo.2015,Feb.2 05:17 [She mainly joined Slade's side because she was unable to control her powers, and Slade taught her how-but it was in exchange for her loyalty.]
6>Terra (Apprentice of Slade), 15yo.2015,Feb.2 05:18 [Terra may or may not turn good later. She may also die heroically in an Aftershock Part 2-like fashion.]
17>Alexander Pierce (Villain), 60yo.2015,Feb.2 05:18 (Alexander Pierce- a bad/annoying villain from Captain America the Winter Soldier. Just wants to rule the world and kill CA.)
6>Terra (Apprentice of Slade), 15yo.2015,Feb.2 05:18 Hey hey heyyy! Wait for me! *rides down on a big rock**smiles at the heroes evilly*
6>Terra (Apprentice of Slade), 15yo.2015,Feb.2 05:22 [Classic Teen Titans quote! :D] Raven:Terra... Terra:Raven... Raven:Traitor! Terra:Witch!
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.2 05:22 *she and Terra fly/ride at each other**Terra launches some rocks at her, but she deflects them with black energy and, eyes glowing white, says:* Azarath Metrion ZINTHOS!!!
17>Alexander Pierce (Villain), 60yo.2015,Feb.2 05:22 *saunters over, smiling stupidly*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.2 05:23 *launches a beam of black energy at Terra, knocking her back, only to be grabbed and hit hard by Slade* OOO!!! *falls down on the ground*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 60+yo.2015,Feb.2 05:23 *the assault has truly begun**lifts up cars and launches them at Mystique, Rogue, and Hank**Rogue ducks, bracing herself*
12>Mystique/Raven (X-Men), _yo.2015,Feb.2 05:24 *turns into her mutant self, quickly dodging*
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Feb.2 05:25 *quickly takes her gloves off in case anyone gets too close for comfort*
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Feb.2 05:25 *Magneto approaches them-specifically her and Mystique*
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Feb.2 05:25 *backs away*
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Feb.2 05:26 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
12>Mystique/Raven (X-Men), _yo.2015,Feb.2 05:27 *is at Rogue's side* *glares at Magneto*
12>Mystique/Raven (X-Men), _yo.2015,Feb.2 05:27 (Bye!)
Player 42015,Feb.2 23:19 (since we didn't have very many villains, I made a team of the villains from Runaways: the main character's parents. I don't recall their full names, but I'll just refer to them by last name.)
Player 42015,Feb.2 23:19 (there's Nico's parents: both are evil wizards, who use their dark magic powers for evil purposes)
Player 42015,Feb.2 23:20 (then, there's also Alex's parents: super geniuses who used to be part of a mafia. They're super smart, and great at combat)
Player 42015,Feb.2 23:22 (finally, I'm also going to add the father of one of the characters named Chase Stein, although he's not in the rp: Chase Stein's father, an average joe, who was gifted with gauntlets that hold amazing powers, that also turned him evil)
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.3 00:42 [Cool characters!] *the Runaway's Parents appear out of nowhere and start approaching Indigo, Rohan, Alex, Nico, and any of Izzy's other characters*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 60+yo.2015,Feb.3 00:43 *Beast comes out of nowhere and tries to attack him, but he easily makes a car come out of nowhere and ram into Hank/Beast**Hank falls down*
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Feb.3 00:43 *Magneto is getting wayyy too close for comfort**turns and tries to run away, but Magneto makes a metal street pole/lamp thing bend down and twist around her, trapping her*
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Feb.3 00:44 AGH!! *squirms, trying to free herself*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.3 00:44 *is stuck facing two villains-Slade and Terra*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.3 00:45 *Slade punches her epicly while Terra bombards her with rocks**although she tries fighting back with black energy and escaping via flight, it's no use*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.3 00:45 *is knocked down for the 50th time**collapses, weak*
6>Terra (Apprentice of Slade), 15yo.2015,Feb.3 00:46 *raises a big rock over Raven**smirks* Who's in control NOW?
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35yo.2015,Feb.3 00:47 That's my good little girl. Now, strike, apprentice!
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.3 00:47 *sits and looks up to see the boulder looming over her head**braces herself for the final blow*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.3 00:48 *luckily, Black Widow comes to the rescue and epicly dives for Raven, grabbing her and pulling her away just in time**BW then shoots at Terra*
6>Terra (Apprentice of Slade), 15yo.2015,Feb.3 00:48 *quickly makes some earth rise up, blocking the bullet*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.3 00:48 *looks at BW* Thanks. *BW nods as if to say "No problem."*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.3 00:49 *Terra, riding on a big rock again, lunges forward towards Raven**before BW can help, Slade comes out of nowhere and whacks her HARD with his staff*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35yo.2015,Feb.3 00:49 *whacks BW over and over* You know, Natasha, the Winter Soldier told me all about how good you are at martial arts.
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35yo.2015,Feb.3 00:50 *knocks her down hard* I am so disappointed in you.
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Feb.3 00:50 *keeps squirming, but it's no use**looks up to find herself face-to-face with Magneto*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 60+yo.2015,Feb.3 00:50 You think escaping would really be that easy?
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Feb.3 00:51 *her eyes widen*
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Feb.3 00:51 *sees a car rise up and start coming towards her**braces herself*
8>"___" (_), _yo.2015,Feb.3 03:16 *watches her parents coming for her* *her eyes widen with shock* But...but I defeated you! You're supposed to be-
Player 42015,Feb.3 03:17 What, dead? I assure you...we're alive. And seeking revenge. *launches dark magic and Nico, who fires back her own black magic at them*
Player 152015,Feb.3 03:18 *uses some of his various tech to go after his parents, but they just counter it with even stronger technology* Seriously? You come back to life and get a tech upgrade?
Player 152015,Feb.3 03:18 How is that fair?!
13>Shirou Emiya (Archer), 17yo.2015,Feb.3 03:19 *shouts* Fire Within Me! *his powers are activated, and he uses his flaming sword against Chase's father* *Indigo then appears from behind and starts fighting him as well*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.3 23:56 *Terra launches a big boulder at her**her eyes glow white**quickly blocks it with a black energy shield and then transforms into a raven made of black energy*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.3 23:56 *flies into Terra in raven form, knocking her back pretty far*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.3 23:56 *turns back into her normal self, hood up, violet-blue eyes glaring at Terra*
6>Terra (Apprentice of Slade), 15yo.2015,Feb.3 23:57 OOF!!!! *falls down on the ground**some of the hair in her face momentarily falls down, revealing her right eye, but she quickly pushes it back over her eye*
6>Terra (Apprentice of Slade), 15yo.2015,Feb.3 23:57 *jumps to her feet, her eyes glowing yellow**raises her hands and starts launching rock after rock wildly at Raven*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.3 23:58 *dodges most of the rocks but gets hit by one or two anyway**winces in pain*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.3 23:58 *uses her telekinetic powers to lift up some benches and cars and launch them at Terra*
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Feb.4 00:00 *through luck she manages to get one of her arms free**quickly grabs Magneto by his face, absorbing his energy and powers*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 60+yo.2015,Feb.4 00:00 *winces, life literally being su cked out of him**the car he lifted falls down, and after standing there for a moment, he collapses, very weak*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 60+yo.2015,Feb.4 00:01 *the metal pole wrapped around Rogue unbends, freeing her*
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Feb.4 00:01 *steps back for a moment, looking down at Magneto, eyes wide, before running away to Mystique*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35yo.2015,Feb.4 00:01 *still beating the crap out of BW*
19>Black Widow/Natasha (Avenger), 28-30yo.2015,Feb.4 00:38 *swiftly kicks Slade*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.4 00:39 *Terra manages to dodge some of the benches but gets hit by a car**she is sent flying back and hits a wall*
6>Terra (Apprentice of Slade), 15yo.2015,Feb.4 00:39 *slides down the wall, apparently unconscious*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35yo.2015,Feb.4 00:39 *gets hit and stumbles back* That's better...
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35yo.2015,Feb.4 00:40 But are you really as good as you seem? *throws some swift and powerful punches at BW*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35yo.2015,Feb.4 00:40 *is surprisingly faster than her*
19>Black Widow/Natasha (Avenger), 28-30yo.2015,Feb.4 00:41 *staggers backwards*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.4 00:41 *cautiously lands and approaches Terra**as soon as she stands close enough to her, Terra opens her eyes and smiles wickedly*
6>Terra (Apprentice of Slade), 15yo.2015,Feb.4 00:41 Are you really THAT stupid? *kicks Raven HARD, sending her flying back*
6>Terra (Apprentice of Slade), 15yo.2015,Feb.4 00:42 *gets up**the earth rumbles**approaches Raven*
19>Black Widow/Natasha (Avenger), 28-30yo.2015,Feb.4 00:42 *an arrow goes flying past her*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 60+yo.2015,Feb.4 00:42 *recovers and gets up**looks more serious now**raises lots of cars and launches them at Mystique, Beast, and Rogue*
19>Black Widow/Natasha (Avenger), 28-30yo.2015,Feb.4 00:42 (Replies will probably be very slow.)
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 60+yo.2015,Feb.4 00:43 [OK.]
12>Mystique/Raven (X-Men), _yo.2015,Feb.4 00:44 *dodges quickly*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 60+yo.2015,Feb.4 00:45 *Rogue just ducks*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 60+yo.2015,Feb.4 00:45 *however, he takes advantage of that and aims low**she gets hit by a car hard and bounces along the road until rolling to a stop, unconscious*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35yo.2015,Feb.4 00:46 *Hawkeye has launched an arrow at him**it bounces off his armor*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35yo.2015,Feb.4 00:46 Hm... *picks up the arrow, eyeing it* Is that really the best any of you can do?
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35yo.2015,Feb.4 00:46 I expected more of a challenge.
16>Captain America (TheAvengers), 90yo.2015,Feb.4 00:46 *glances at Hawkeye* you're gonna have to do better than that.
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35yo.2015,Feb.4 00:46 *runs over and grabs BW**she squirms and kicks, trying to break free, but he is too strong*
16>Captain America (TheAvengers), 90yo.2015,Feb.4 00:46 *has his shield ready to go*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35yo.2015,Feb.4 00:47 *lifts up BW and throws her, grunting with effort*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35yo.2015,Feb.4 00:47 *she hits Hawkeye**the two fall and skid back*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35yo.2015,Feb.4 00:48 *some of the heroes raise their eyebrows at him, realizing how strong he is* CA:Whoa... Slade:"Whoa?" Is that all you can say? No witty comment? No smart insult?
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35yo.2015,Feb.4 00:49 *epicly kicks CA, sending him flying* I thought not.
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35yo.2015,Feb.4 00:49 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35yo.2015,Feb.4 00:49 [Make that later tonight, not tomorrow. Anyway, bye!]
16>Captain America (TheAvengers), 90yo.2015,Feb.4 02:20 (Ok!)
16>Captain America (TheAvengers), 90yo.2015,Feb.4 02:21 *skids onto the ground not so gracefully* *throws his shield at Slade* This isn't personal...but it kinda feels personal. *the shield makes a dent and bounces off of Slade's armor*
17>Alexander Pierce (Villain), 60yo.2015,Feb.4 02:22 *laughs to himself, amused* Nobody around here is capable of anything, Slade...
17>Alexander Pierce (Villain), 60yo.2015,Feb.4 02:22 Why don't we just kill them all at once? These battles are pointless.
11>The Winter Soldier (Villain), 25-30yo.2015,Feb.4 02:23 Let's play around with them a bit and see how they react.
5>Blink (X-Men), __yo.2015,Feb.4 02:45 (Introducing a new character: Blink, from X-Men. She has the power to create a teleportation portal. She can make people or objects go through the portal and she can close them off as well.)
5>Blink (X-Men), __yo.2015,Feb.4 02:46 *enters the scene at random* Hello? Hank? Mystique? Rogue? *suddenly, the band of baddies appear* Slade: Why hello there...
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 02:01 [Blink? AWESOME!! She's pretty cool!]
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Feb.6 02:02 Blink?!
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 02:02 *meanwhile, she is still struggling to survive Terra's attacks**the earth shakes wildly**stumbles around a bit before finally falling down*
6>Terra (Apprentice of Slade), 15yo.2015,Feb.6 02:03 *breaks up the earth beneath Raven into millions of tiny grains, turning stone to sand**making a quicksand-like effect, she makes the soft, loose earth beneath Raven begin to slowly su ck her down*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 02:04 *struggles, trying to break free and fly up and away to safety**however, she keeps sinking**the only thing that keeps her from going all the way under is how much she is struggling*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 02:05 *keeps going up and down, trying to fly or telekinetically blast her way out**meanwhile, Terra keeps making the earth pull her back down*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 02:05 *finally she ends up having all of her body except her head and neck become trapped beneath the earth**Terra, getting tired of her struggling, brings the earth back together again, turning sand to stone*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.6 02:06 *is stuck with only her head above the ground**squirms*
5>Blink (X-Men), __yo.2015,Feb.6 04:38 *nods quickly, as if to say "that's me"*
5>Blink (X-Men), __yo.2015,Feb.6 04:39 *creates a portal, allowing the other X-Men to enter it and escape from Magneto before he gets to them*
1>Iron Man/Tony Stark (Avenger), 45yo.2015,Feb.6 04:40 *flies out of nowhere, suited up* *faces Terra* Hey sweetie, I think it's time for poppa to take over.
1>Iron Man/Tony Stark (Avenger), 45yo.2015,Feb.6 04:40 *blasts Terra with a powerful laser*
6>Terra (Apprentice of Slade), 15yo.2015,Feb.7 02:09 *turns and gets the crap blasted out of her* OOF!!!!!! *falls REALLY far, skidding along the ground*
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Feb.7 02:10 *leaps into the portal with Blink, Mystique, and Beast*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 60+yo.2015,Feb.7 02:12 *sees Iron Man flying around**while he is flying, IM suddenly freezes in the air* Iron Man:Hey!! What the-?! *sees Magneto holding out his hand towards him, controlling his metal suit*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 60+yo.2015,Feb.7 02:13 Hm...perhaps having a metal suit was a bad idea, don't you think? *smiles while throwing and banging Iron Man every which way*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35yo.2015,Feb.7 02:16 *meanwhile, he is having a fist fight with CA**while CA is able to defend himself well, he finds that Slade is too fast and he can't even lay a finger on him*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35yo.2015,Feb.7 02:17 *while leaping around CA, he secretly sticks a bomb on CA's back**CA punches him hard, but doesn't know that the bomb is attached to him*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35yo.2015,Feb.7 02:19 *falls back, skidding along the ground* CA:You're going down! Slade:*gets up and holds up a button* Actually, Captain America... *puts his finger on the button*...you're going UP.
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35yo.2015,Feb.7 02:19 *presses the button**BOOM!!!!!!**CA is sent flying*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.7 02:20 *turns into a raven made of black energy and flies up and out of the ground like a ghost**transforms back into her human form and sees Iron Man being thrown all over the place*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.7 02:20 Azarath Metrion ZINTHOS!!! *uses her telekinetic powers to drive away Magneto's magnetic ones and takes control of Iron Man**IM's suit turns black with her energy*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 60+yo.2015,Feb.7 02:22 Oh, no you don't! *uses his magnetic powers to try to take control of IM again**it's like tug-o-war**he and Raven are struggling to take control of IM's suit**it is a literal battle of wills*
Player 42015,Feb.7 02:22 (hi!)
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 60+yo.2015,Feb.7 02:22 *is frowning with intense concentration*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 60+yo.2015,Feb.7 02:22 [Hi!]
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.7 02:22 *her eyes are glowing white and her hands are glowing black*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.7 02:22 [Want to go to Last of Us?]
Player 42015,Feb.7 02:22 (sure)
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.7 02:23 [Oh-and perhaps Last of Us and Interdimensional?]
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.7 02:23 [OK!]
Player 42015,Feb.7 02:23 (I haven't been on there for a while....at least not consistantly. I feel sort of bad)
Player 42015,Feb.7 02:23 (ok, I'm on Interdimensional and Last of Us)
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.7 02:24 [It's fine! Let's go!]
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.7 02:24 [*switches to those two other RPs*]
1>Iron Man/Tony Stark (Avenger), 45yo.2015,Feb.7 03:50 *is working hard inside of his suit* *turns into a mega Iron Man- basically about 10x larger than his regular size*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.7 03:51 *still, they are having a tug-o-war fight going on**however, due to IM's new huge size, it is harder for both her and Magneto to control him, since they have to control much more mass than before*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.7 03:56 *finally niether she nor Magneto can take it any longer**while Magneto's magnetic energy is blasted away from IM and slams into her, her telekinetic black energy lets go of IM and flies into Magneto*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.7 03:56 *both she and Magneto tumble back*
6>Terra (Apprentice of Slade), 15yo.2015,Feb.8 04:55 *meanwhile, she weakly gets up and sees Iron Man*
6>Terra (Apprentice of Slade), 15yo.2015,Feb.8 04:55 Hey Tin Man! EAT MY DUST!!!! *starts lifting up and chucking big boulders at Tony*
6>Terra (Apprentice of Slade), 15yo.2015,Feb.8 05:02 *IM gets knocked back a little from the boulders but is otherwise fine**lifts up a HUGE boulder and launches it at him, making a little dent**things have gone too far XD*
6>Terra (Apprentice of Slade), 15yo.2015,Feb.8 05:02 Iron Man:*POed*
6>Terra (Apprentice of Slade), 15yo.2015,Feb.8 05:03 Iron Man:*THOROUGHLY POed XD*
1>Iron Man/Tony Stark (Avenger), 45yo.2015,Feb.8 05:06 *nothing affected him since he is probably taller than a 3 story building right noe*
1>Iron Man/Tony Stark (Avenger), 45yo.2015,Feb.8 05:06 *now
6>Terra (Apprentice of Slade), 15yo.2015,Feb.8 05:06 *IM's just mad about the teenie tiny dent XD*
1>Iron Man/Tony Stark (Avenger), 45yo.2015,Feb.8 05:06 *laughs* It's not tin. It's iron. Get your facts straight.
6>Terra (Apprentice of Slade), 15yo.2015,Feb.8 05:08 IM:Oh, and by the way...bye bye. Terra:*is blasted sky high*
6>Terra (Apprentice of Slade), 15yo.2015,Feb.8 05:09 AAAAUUUGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!
6>Terra (Apprentice of Slade), 15yo.2015,Feb.8 05:09 *starts falling back down**quickly makes some earth rise up**rides back down safely on an earth platform, winded but OK*
6>Terra (Apprentice of Slade), 15yo.2015,Feb.8 05:09 You're going to have to do better than that, dork!
6>Terra (Apprentice of Slade), 15yo.2015,Feb.8 05:10 [Are the superheroes going to win this battle? Or will they all be defeated, knocked out, and then saved by something like the X-Men, S.H.I.E.L.D., etc. before being killed?]
1>Iron Man/Tony Stark (Avenger), 45yo.2015,Feb.8 05:11 You think I'm a dork? I made this uniform on my own, whearas you didn't. Not that it matters. *prepares a laser*
1>Iron Man/Tony Stark (Avenger), 45yo.2015,Feb.8 05:11 (They'll probably drive the enemy away.)
6>Terra (Apprentice of Slade), 15yo.2015,Feb.8 05:14 [OK.]
17>Alexander Pierce (Villain), 60yo.2015,Feb.8 05:14 *saunters over to Steve* Well, Steve,,,it's been a long, long time.
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.8 05:14 *flies in between IM and Terra, hood up and eyes glowing white* Step aside, Iron Man.
16>Captain America (TheAvengers), 90yo.2015,Feb.8 05:15 *squints angrily* It sure has.
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.8 05:15 *summons all her strength**launches a raven made of black energy at Terra**IM launches a lazer**her raven and his lazer combine and hit Terra, knocking her back and sending her flying straight through a building-from one end to the other*
17>Alexander Pierce (Villain), 60yo.2015,Feb.8 05:15 *smirks* Why don't you just kill me now? I'm right here. *throws his hands in the air*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.8 05:15 [Where did Rogue, Mystique, Beast, and Blink go?]
16>Captain America (TheAvengers), 90yo.2015,Feb.8 05:16 (They made it into one of Blink's portal that led to safety somewhere.)
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.8 05:17 *puts her hood down, turns, and raises an eyebrow at IM as if to say "Wow...well done."*
16>Captain America (TheAvengers), 90yo.2015,Feb.8 05:17 I'll be nice this time and spare your life. But I'll let her do the rest. *glances at Natasha, who comes up and kicks Alexander swiftly in the stomach, knocking him back.)
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 60+yo.2015,Feb.8 05:17 *confronts Hawkeye* [Hawkeye's bow is made of metal/has a few metal components, correct?]
16>Captain America (TheAvengers), 90yo.2015,Feb.8 05:19 (Yeah, I think so.)
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 60+yo.2015,Feb.8 05:20 [OK.] *Hawkeye loads his bow and raises it, ready for action**laughs* You really think you can shoot me?
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 60+yo.2015,Feb.8 05:21 *before Hawkeye can say or do anything, he raises his hand, causing his bow and arrows to all be sent flying away towards him and fall on the ground next to him*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 60+yo.2015,Feb.8 05:21 *Hawkeye looks around awkwardly, sort of defenseless*
14>Hawkeye (The Avengers), 30-40yo.2015,Feb.8 05:22 *uses his agility to run off*
19>Black Widow/Natasha (Avenger), 28-30yo.2015,Feb.8 05:22 *sees Hawkeye running* Hawkeye, that was cowardly.
14>Hawkeye (The Avengers), 30-40yo.2015,Feb.8 05:23 There's nothing I can do! None of us can defeat that... Iron Man: Magnet guy?
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 60+yo.2015,Feb.8 05:24 *smiles* If you're wondering, Magneto is the name. *makes a metal sewer cap rise up and slams it into Hawkeye's head, knocking him down**Hawkeye literally sees stars*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.8 05:24 *sees Magneto approaching Hawkeye, ready to finish him off* Oh, no you don't!
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.8 05:25 *flies up and launches a beam of black energy at Magneto**Magneto turns and quickly makes an invisible forcefield of magnetic energy, which makes Raven's energy bounce right back at her**gets hit and falls back* OOO!!!!!
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 60+yo.2015,Feb.8 05:26 *Magneto Quote!**sighs and shakes his head a little* Young people...
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 60+yo.2015,Feb.8 05:30 [Note:When I play as Magneto, I play as the older version who is portrayed by Ian McKellen in the films. I guess I prefer the older Magneto to the younger one, since the older one appears the most and the younger one was only in X-Men:Days of Future Past.
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 60+yo.2015,Feb.8 05:30 *]
14>Hawkeye (The Avengers), 30-40yo.2015,Feb.8 05:31 (Yeah.)
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35yo.2015,Feb.8 05:32 *comes out of nowhere and attacks Rohan**uses his staff to fight Rohan**is too quick for him and easily gives him some REALLY hard blows*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35yo.2015,Feb.8 05:35 *turns and goes after the next good guy he sees-Captain America*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 60+yo.2015,Feb.8 05:36 *is meanwhile beating up Raven, launching car after car at her and not giving her any chance of escape*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 60+yo.2015,Feb.8 05:37 *also launches other things at her-poles, metal parts of buildings, Hawkeye's bow and arrows, etc.*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 60+yo.2015,Feb.8 05:37 *launches one of Hawkeye's arrows at Rae**she quickly holds out her hands and deflects them with a shield of black energy*
16>Captain America (TheAvengers), 90yo.2015,Feb.8 05:37 *laughs* Hey there, masked mystery. *grabs his shield from over his shoulder*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.8 05:38 *then she tries to fly up and away**Magneto, however, makes a metal pole fly up after her, wrap itself around her legs tightly, and pull her down to the ground*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.8 05:40 *Magneto lifts up a big bus nearby**the passengers scream and frantically get out of the bus before it's too late*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.8 05:40 *watches, eyes wide, as Magneto moves the bus over her, ready to slam it down on her*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.8 05:40 *Magneto slams it down just as her eyes glow white and her hair and cloak rise up in a mystic wind/telekinetic energy* NO!!!!!
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.8 05:41 *turns into a raven made of black energy and flies through the bus like a ghost**then turns and flies into Magneto*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.8 05:41 *Magneto is sent flying back TONS of meters**he finally is slammed into a wall and slides down it, unconscious*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.8 05:41 *turns back into her human form and collapses, weak*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35yo.2015,Feb.8 05:42 *takes out his staff calmly*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35yo.2015,Feb.8 05:42 *waits for CA to strike first*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35yo.2015,Feb.8 05:47 *CA tries whacking him with his shield**dodges and tries punching CA**CA blocks with his shield, but Slade's punches are so powerful that they ALMOST make dents in CA's shield*
16>Captain America (TheAvengers), 90yo.2015,Feb.8 05:49 *he has super strength, so it is really no struggle to fight Slade*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35yo.2015,Feb.8 05:50 *finally manages to whack CA with his staff, making him stumble back*
16>Captain America (TheAvengers), 90yo.2015,Feb.8 05:50 *grabs his shield, throwing it frisbee-style at Slade*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35yo.2015,Feb.8 05:50 *finally manages to whack CA with his staff, making him stumble back*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35yo.2015,Feb.8 05:50 *CA throws his shield at Slade**gets hit right in the mask**stumbles back, stands up straight, cracks his neck creepily, and glares at CA**is getting mad now because a big crack has formed in his mask*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35yo.2015,Feb.8 05:51 *growls and lunges at Captain America**grabs him, summons all his strength, lifts him up, and chucks him several meters*
16>Captain America (TheAvengers), 90yo.2015,Feb.8 05:51 *bangs into wall, but gets up shortly after*
16>Captain America (TheAvengers), 90yo.2015,Feb.8 05:52 *sees the damage he has done, and that it is serious* *acts casual* I'm sorry I ruined your perfect face. *runs at Slade*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35yo.2015,Feb.8 05:53 *runs at him to**they throw super punches at each other, beating each other down until both of them are super duper tired*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35yo.2015,Feb.8 05:54 *too
11>The Winter Soldier (Villain), 25-30yo.2015,Feb.8 05:54 *stands above a slightly winded CA, staring at him blankly*
11>The Winter Soldier (Villain), 25-30yo.2015,Feb.8 05:58 *calmly picks CA up, twists his arm, and kicks him the the ground, hard*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35yo.2015,Feb.8 05:58 *looks at CA, still obviously furious* Say goodbye to your friends, Captain America.
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35yo.2015,Feb.8 05:59 Because you are not going to see them again after this. *raises his foot over CA, ready to break his neck by stomping hard on it*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35yo.2015,Feb.8 05:59 *however, CA grabs him by the foot, pulls him down, gets up, epicly pulls Slade up, and punches Slade's mask over and over*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35yo.2015,Feb.8 06:00 *finally breaks free and stumbles back, pieces of his mask falling to the ground**his eye is wide with shock**covers his face with his hands*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35yo.2015,Feb.8 06:00 Another day, heroes...another day. *glances around at the heroes, who glare at him, before fleeing*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35yo.2015,Feb.8 06:00 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
11>The Winter Soldier (Villain), 25-30yo.2015,Feb.8 06:02 (Ok, bye!)
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.9 00:45 *turns to the last few villains-Izzy's villains, the Winter Soldier, and Alexander Pierce*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.9 00:45 *puts her hood up**grows tall, tentacles made of black energy rising up and out from under her cloak* So...who wants to be first on my list of villains to send to alternate dimensions? *eyes glowing white*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.9 00:46 *Alexander Pierce actually screams like a little girl XD*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.9 00:50 *some of the Runaways' parents (can remember which ones) activate their own dark magic and face her*
11>The Winter Soldier (Villain), 25-30yo.2015,Feb.9 00:54 (Alexander's already down, by the way.)
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.9 00:56 [Oh, OK. Well, he screamed while being down.]
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.9 01:01 *sees the Winter Soldier beating up CA**grabs him and throws him to the ground with her black tentacles*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.9 01:01 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back later, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
11>The Winter Soldier (Villain), 25-30yo.2015,Feb.9 01:02 *is smashed hard* *almost knocks out, but due to his armor he has barely made it*
11>The Winter Soldier (Villain), 25-30yo.2015,Feb.9 01:02 (Bye!)
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.9 23:24 *shrinks back down to normal size, the tentacles disappearing**walks over to the Winter Soldier**the WS gets up and looks at her, eyes wide* What's wrong? Afraid of the dark?
11>The Winter Soldier (Villain), 25-30yo.2015,Feb.19 22:25 *is seen frowning behind his mask* *suddenly grabs Raven in a chokehold*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 00:48 *stumbles back, still in the chokehold**quickly tries blasting the Winter Soldier with black energy in order to escape*
11>The Winter Soldier (Villain), 25-30yo.2015,Feb.22 02:52 *is blasted backwards*
19>Black Widow/Natasha (Avenger), 28-30yo.2015,Feb.22 02:57 *as of right now, all of the baddies are down*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 02:57 *falls on her hands and knees, weak and tired from the battle*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 02:58 *BW walks over and helps her get up**nods to BW as if to say "Thanks"*
8>"___" (_), _yo.2015,Feb.22 02:58 *feels really tired*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 02:58 So...shouldn't we...get out of here?
8>"___" (_), _yo.2015,Feb.22 02:59 *looks around*
1>Iron Man/Tony Stark (Avenger), 45yo.2015,Feb.22 02:59 *comes down to everyone* Obviously someone's been plotting against us - wait no, make it a lot of people.
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 02:59 *looks around at the other heroes**feels a bit left out since she's the only/one of the few hero/heroes from DC Comics*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 03:00 Yeah...a lot of people each of us know about.
8>"___" (_), _yo.2015,Feb.22 03:00 You can say that again.
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 03:02 Random Hero:So what are we going to do?
Player 152015,Feb.22 03:03 *shakes his head* So...who are all of you then?
1>Iron Man/Tony Stark (Avenger), 45yo.2015,Feb.22 03:03 So, I'm inviting everyone to a special meeting at Stark Tower. Tonight, 6 o' clock. Don't be late. I don't know where the heck those mutants went, but they should find out.
Player 72015,Feb.22 03:04 *looks uneasy*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 03:05 *nods**turns into a raven made of black energy and flies down into the ground**soon she rises up in front of the rest of the Titans* Robin:Raven! Where were you? Raven:*explains what happened and that she is going to Stark Tower*
1>Iron Man/Tony Stark (Avenger), 45yo.2015,Feb.22 03:05 -LATER-
1>Iron Man/Tony Stark (Avenger), 45yo.2015,Feb.22 03:06 *everyone is gathered at Stark Tower- even the mutants*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 03:06 Robin:You sure you'll be alright? Cyborg:Yeah. We'll come with you if you want us to, Rae. Starfire:We are your friends. We will not let you down. Raven:*shakes her head* It's fine. I was in the battle. I was one of the main targets. I don't want you to
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 03:06 ...be in too much danger.
Player 72015,Feb.22 03:06 *sits with Indigo, uncertain*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 03:06 I'll see you soon. *starts flying away* BB:Wait! *gives Raven a penny he found on the ground**smiles* For luck. Raven:*smiles, then flies away to Stark Tower*
8>"___" (_), _yo.2015,Feb.22 03:07 *is with Alex*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 03:07 *arrives**her hood is down, revealing her purple hair and the gemstone on her forehead**sits down next to Black Widow and Iron Man*
5>Blink (X-Men), __yo.2015,Feb.22 03:07 *enters and takes a seat around a large round meeting table*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 03:07 *although she didn't have any friends or companions to bring along, she is calm and determined*
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 03:08 *sits down in between Blink and Mystique*
13>Shirou Emiya (Archer), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 03:08 *sits by himself awkwardly*
1>Iron Man/Tony Stark (Avenger), 45yo.2015,Feb.22 03:11 *eventually, everyone sits down* Okay, so we have important things to discuss.
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 03:11 *listens carefully*
1>Iron Man/Tony Stark (Avenger), 45yo.2015,Feb.22 03:13 An unknown force has been attacking us, and we all know at least one or two of them.
16>Captain America (TheAvengers), 90yo.2015,Feb.22 03:14 I can speak for that. I know Alexander Pierce and the Winter Soldier, although I won't go into detail. Natasha: Yeah.
12>Mystique/Raven (X-Men), _yo.2015,Feb.22 03:14 And of course, we all know Magento. *refers to the mutants*
12>Mystique/Raven (X-Men), _yo.2015,Feb.22 03:14 *Magneto
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 03:15 I know Slade-the one-eyed man wearing the mask. *adds darkly* I know him far too well...
16>Captain America (TheAvengers), 90yo.2015,Feb.22 03:16 *laughs a little* So the masked mystery isn't a mystery anymore.
1>Iron Man/Tony Stark (Avenger), 45yo.2015,Feb.22 03:16 What about everyone else?
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 03:18 *looks at the other heroes-Rohan, Alex, etc.*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 03:21 *I guess the rest of them admit that they recognized some more of the villains*
1>Iron Man/Tony Stark (Avenger), 45yo.2015,Feb.22 03:22 Okay. Does anyone have an idea on why they might be attacking?
12>Mystique/Raven (X-Men), _yo.2015,Feb.22 03:23 Well...*thinks* They probably think that we're an advantage and they want to capture us...merely so they can use us.
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 03:23 [brb]
12>Mystique/Raven (X-Men), _yo.2015,Feb.22 03:26 (Ok.)
10>Beast/Hank (Mutant), 23-25yo.2015,Feb.22 03:27 We need to put an end to this. All we can really do is fight them until the end, we can't avoid them.
14>Hawkeye (The Avengers), 30-40yo.2015,Feb.22 03:27 *nods* Yeah. I agree.
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 03:28 [Back]
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 03:29 Yeah...it's impossible to run away from Magneto. The one time he himself captured me is proof...
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 03:29 And I once failed to escape Slade's clutches. So obviously we can't hide from them. We can never hide from them.
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 03:33 [Still here?]
14>Hawkeye (The Avengers), 30-40yo.2015,Feb.22 03:33 Fighting them head-on seems like a good way to go, even if they're technically invincible.
1>Iron Man/Tony Stark (Avenger), 45yo.2015,Feb.22 03:34 Yeah, well they won't be invincible anymore, thanks to my superb technology.
1>Iron Man/Tony Stark (Avenger), 45yo.2015,Feb.22 03:36 I've been working on high-tech weapons...for all of you who use weapons. *goes over to a projection screen*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 03:36 If you have such superb technology, then why can't they have it too?
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 03:36 This is all easier said than done.
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 03:36 We need a plan.
1>Iron Man/Tony Stark (Avenger), 45yo.2015,Feb.22 03:36 Just because they're villains doesn't mean that they're all masterminds.
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 03:36 *watches everything quietly**raises her eyebrows at the sight of the weapons*
16>Captain America (TheAvengers), 90yo.2015,Feb.22 03:37 Yeah, like Buck- I mean, the Winter Soldier, and Alexander Pierce.
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 03:37 Trust me...Slade is a mastermind. Rogue:Magneto's got a high IQ too.
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 03:37 Just one mastermind can cause a lot of damage.
19>Black Widow/Natasha (Avenger), 28-30yo.2015,Feb.22 03:37 Mr. Pierce is pretty much defenseless without his computers, although he's crafty.
1>Iron Man/Tony Stark (Avenger), 45yo.2015,Feb.22 03:39 Okay, so I have this laser blaster for you, Natasha...it can pretty much go straight through anything.
1>Iron Man/Tony Stark (Avenger), 45yo.2015,Feb.22 03:39 Don't use it on your friends, the sting is quite unbearable.
1>Iron Man/Tony Stark (Avenger), 45yo.2015,Feb.22 03:40 *shows Hank some artificial yet sharp claw things that can be used "on the go"*
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 03:40 *wonders if she'll get a weapon**although her powers are already deadly, she was never really a good fighter*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 03:41 *just sits back and watches**doesn't need a weapon-her powers make her strong enough*
1>Iron Man/Tony Stark (Avenger), 45yo.2015,Feb.22 03:43 *has some different arrows and bows for Hawkeye, as well as a new shield for CA* *has some deadly gloves for Rogue to wear so that if anyone comes in contact with her, she can just burn them*
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 03:43 *takes the gloves, thanking Tony for making them for her*
1>Iron Man/Tony Stark (Avenger), 45yo.2015,Feb.22 03:43 *has built a strong sword and shield for Rohan*
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 03:44 *looks at the gloves**somehow her power to touch and absorb the life, powers, and energy out of anyone makes her immune to the gloves*
1>Iron Man/Tony Stark (Avenger), 45yo.2015,Feb.22 03:46 If anyone has any reccomendations, I'll do my best to whip something up.
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 03:49 So what's the plan now?
1>Iron Man/Tony Stark (Avenger), 45yo.2015,Feb.22 03:50 The plan is to wait. I'm sure one of those guys is stalking us right now.
17>Alexander Pierce (Villain), 60yo.2015,Feb.22 03:51 *is indeed stalking the team*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 03:53 [XD Pierrrrccceee...]
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 03:53 [Staaaalllkkkeeerrrrr...]
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 03:54 *shudders, having the feeling that she's being watched* [You think, Rogue? XD]
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Feb.22 03:56 [Want to switch to being on here and OTR?]
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 03:57 *is rather calm about everything**is ready to use her powers if the villains arrive*
17>Alexander Pierce (Villain), 60yo.2015,Feb.22 03:58 (I'm going to switch to On the Run, WB (I'd like to finish it), and Movie RP Members Only- It's time for the MRP Awards!)
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Feb.22 03:59 [OK!]
17>Alexander Pierce (Villain), 60yo.2015,Feb.24 18:32 *smirks as he watches the screen* *calls each baddie up, one by one* *murmurs to self:* Get ready...
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Mar.8 03:01 *waits patiently*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35yo.2015,Mar.11 22:48 Ready, my apprentice?
6>Terra (Apprentice of Slade), 15yo.2015,Mar.11 22:48 *smiles evilly* I was born ready.
6>Terra (Apprentice of Slade), 15yo.2015,Mar.11 22:49 *turns to the other villains* Alright, gather around. *the others do so**her eyes glow yellow**she and the others then sink under the earth*
6>Terra (Apprentice of Slade), 15yo.2015,Mar.11 22:49 *transports herself and the others through the earth towards the room the good guys are in*
17>Alexander Pierce (Villain), 60yo.2015,Apr.4 22:56 *enters Stark's place* *acts really cool and casual* Well well well...what do we have here?
17>Alexander Pierce (Villain), 60yo.2015,Apr.4 22:56 *all of the other villains appear behind him*
14>Hawkeye (The Avengers), 30-40yo.2015,Apr.4 22:57 I'm afraid it's time to suit up, everyone...
17>Alexander Pierce (Villain), 60yo.2015,Apr.4 22:57 *partially mocks Hawkeye* I'm afraid there isn't much time to do that.
1>Iron Man/Tony Stark (Avenger), 45yo.2015,Apr.4 22:58 *remembers the weapons he had ready* Someone needs to get those weapons...
6>Terra (Apprentice of Slade), 15yo.2015,Apr.7 17:07 What weapons? *smiles "innocently"*
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Apr.7 17:09 *still has her gloves on the table in front of her**decides to put one of them on so that she can burn her enemies with one hand and absorb their energy and powers with her other hand*
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Apr.7 17:10 *carefully tries to slowly sneak one of her hands onto the table**snatches the gloves, but is fully aware that among all the baddies, Magneto saw her do that*
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Apr.7 17:11 *takes off both of her normal gloves and puts on one of her new ones Tony gave her**puts her second glove in her pocket, along with her normal gloves*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Apr.7 17:11 *calmly puts her hood up, ready to fight*
16>Captain America (TheAvengers), 90yo.2015,Apr.8 20:16 *takes out his shield, which is always at his side* *Hawkeye also has his bow and arrows*
12>Mystique/Raven (X-Men), _yo.2015,Apr.8 20:18 *realizes what she needs to do* *goes over to Tony* *whispers:* I've got it. Tony: *nods quickly* Mystique: *turns into her mutant self* *runs towards Alexander and kicks him swiftly* *runs out of the room*
12>Mystique/Raven (X-Men), _yo.2015,Apr.8 20:18 *races to Tony's weapons lab*
17>Alexander Pierce (Villain), 60yo.2015,Apr.8 20:19 *lies on the floor, the wind knocked out of him* *struggles to breathe* Get- her!
10>Beast/Hank (Mutant), 23-25yo.2015,Apr.8 20:20 *since the fun has just begun, he turns into his mutant self, Beast*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35yo.2015,Apr.12 23:04 *goes after Mystique, chasing her into the lab*
6>Terra (Apprentice of Slade), 15yo.2015,Apr.12 23:05 *sees Beast preparing to fight**smiles and viciously launches lots of rocks and pieces of cement that were part of Stark Tower at Beast*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 60+yo.2015,Apr.12 23:05 *comes in* I thought I might just as well join the fun. *takes control of and launches metal at all the good guys except Mystique, who isn't in the room*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Apr.12 23:06 *dodges some metal being hurled at her and comes face-to-face with the Winter Soldier**activates her powers* Azarath Metrion ZINTHOS!! *launches a wave of black energy at the WS*
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Apr.12 23:07 *teleports to another part of the room with Blink in order to avoid some of the metal being hurled at her*
10>Beast/Hank (Mutant), 23-25yo.2015,Apr.26 19:15 *dodges some of the rocks, which fly through the window* *roars at Slade, razor sharp teeth exposed and claws out* *charges at him*
10>Beast/Hank (Mutant), 23-25yo.2015,Apr.26 19:15 *Terra
11>The Winter Soldier (Villain), 25-30yo.2015,Apr.26 19:18 *gets blasted by the black energy* *stumbles down to the ground, looking at Raven fiercely* *gets up and walks towards her, ready to attack*
5>Blink (X-Men), __yo.2015,Apr.26 19:19 *runs down a hallway, Rogue at her side* *can hear Tony screaming about how someone will pay for the damage done at his tower*
12>Mystique/Raven (X-Men), _yo.2015,Apr.26 19:20 *can hear someone coming* *quickly gathers a bunch of weapons* *shoots a blaster at Slade*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 60+yo.2015,Apr.28 18:55 ["*can hear Tony screaming about how someone will pay for the damage done at his tower*" X'D I can TOTALLY imagine that happening.]
6>Terra (Apprentice of Slade), 15yo.2015,Apr.28 18:56 *tries knocking Beast back with a chunk of cement, but it is too late**is bodyslammed HARD**falls back*
6>Terra (Apprentice of Slade), 15yo.2015,Apr.28 18:56 *Beast lunges for her again, but she rolls over and quickly gets up, dodging him**turns and starts running, Beast at her heels**as she runs, she gathers up rocks in order to try to make a big rock to chuck at Beast*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35yo.2015,Apr.28 18:57 *when Mystique finishes shooting her blaster at him, she sees that he has vanished*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35yo.2015,Apr.28 18:57 *suddenly drops down out of nowhere behind Mystique**Mystique turns around to find herself being punched hard in the face*
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Apr.28 18:58 *runs alongside Blink, but Magneto comes out of nowhere in front of them**they gasp, both unprepared*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 60+yo.2015,Apr.28 18:58 *smiles* Hello again. *launches metal at both of them at surprising speed**Blink is knocked back before she can teleport herself, and Rogue is left standing there sort of awkwardly*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 60+yo.2015,Apr.28 18:59 *approaches Rogue* I love your hair. You should keep it that way. [Note that it was Magneto who almost killed Rogue and caused some of her hair to turn white.]
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Apr.28 18:59 *gets pretty angry and takes off her gloves*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 60+yo.2015,Apr.28 19:00 *launches metal at Rogue as he walks towards her**Raven and the WS are nearby, and Raven tries helping Rogue by sending black energy in Magneto's direction*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 60+yo.2015,Apr.28 19:00 *turns and blocks the energy with some metal, but this gives Rogue time to attack*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 60+yo.2015,Apr.28 19:00 *tries launching metal back at Raven, but Rogue pounces on him, pressing her hand against the only part of his body where his skin is exposed-his face*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 60+yo.2015,Apr.28 19:01 Gaahh!! *stumbles, but Rogue doesn't let go**Rogue controls Magneto's powers and uses them to send the metal he launched at Raven at the Winter Soldier instead*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 60+yo.2015,Apr.28 19:01 *eventually becomes too weak and collapses, unconscious**Rogue lets go*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Apr.28 19:02 *meanwhile, the Winter Soldier just barely avoided the metal Rogue sent flying at him and is on the attack again**creates black energy on her hands, ready to defend herself*
11>The Winter Soldier (Villain), 25-30yo.2015,May.16 22:01 *throws an explosive at Raven, then runs off*
11>The Winter Soldier (Villain), 25-30yo.2015,May.16 22:01 *BOOM!* *the floor Raven and others are on is pretty much destroyed*
10>Beast/Hank (Mutant), 23-25yo.2015,May.16 22:02 *Terra tries to throw her rocks, but the impact of the explosion throws her off guard and she loses control* *his leg is crushed by one of her rocks* *screams in pain*
12>Mystique/Raven (X-Men), _yo.2015,May.16 22:03 *was wiped out cold by Slade* *wakes up to feel dust settling around her*
1>Iron Man/Tony Stark (Avenger), 45yo.2015,May.16 22:04 WHAT...HAPPENED TO MY TOWER...
14>Hawkeye (The Avengers), 30-40yo.2015,May.16 22:04 I'm not sure, Tony...*is in shock*
19>Black Widow/Natasha (Avenger), 28-30yo.2015,May.16 22:05 I have an idea of who it was. *looks out one of the windows to see the Winter Soldier making a narrow escape*
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Jun.8 02:32 *wakes up to see a very POed Tony Stark*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Jun.8 02:33 *wakes up to find herself under a pile of rubble**tries crawling out, but the stuff is too heavy**finally uses her powers to send the stuff flying sky high*
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Jun.8 02:34 *gets up, brushing dust off her cloak**looks around to see the others trying to recover*
16>Captain America (TheAvengers), 90yo.2015,Jun.10 21:51 They've attacked. And this time, the damage has been done for real.
1>Iron Man/Tony Stark (Avenger), 45yo.2015,Jun.10 21:51 Well,
1>Iron Man/Tony Stark (Avenger), 45yo.2015,Jun.10 21:52 *Well, obviously! I'm not sure whether we should lay low for awhile or attack again.
19>Black Widow/Natasha (Avenger), 28-30yo.2015,Jun.10 21:53 It's hard to say. If we want to avoid potential destruction, then we have no choice but to lay low. But it's payback time.
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Jul.17 07:02 Agreed. I'm getting pretty sick of being bullied by a bunch of idiots who think they're so great and powerful.
2>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2015,Jul.17 07:03 They've been getting us...now let's get them.
18>Rogue (X-Man), 17yo.2015,Jul.17 07:03 I'm not sure about that...maybe we should lay low. We need to recover from all of this.