" Instrumental " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 12 to 17 years of age.
Instrumental is the game I've made because I'm both a bit of a band geek, and wanted a game that included lot's of band references and fun, and also a fictional book lover, so I wanted lots of adventure. This game is going to be about the instruments of a classical orchestra/any classical instrument, as if they were humans. Their music uses a power of sorts that creates portals to the dimensions of their pieces. Then they also fight bad guys who want to take over the musical worlds, led by the main bad guy, Reece Duncan, a man who wants to have music destroyed forever.

1>Clara (Clarinet), 15yo.2015,Jan.7 02:09 Hello all! Welcome to Instrumental. The description above explains everything about the game, but I shall also further specify, and cover all the rules.
1>Clara (Clarinet), 15yo.2015,Jan.7 02:10 So, as it says above, this is about the instruments as humans. They are beings of immense power, the very Protectors of Music itself.
1>Clara (Clarinet), 15yo.2015,Jan.7 02:10 However, they don't know that yet. All they know is that they have a love of music.
1>Clara (Clarinet), 15yo.2015,Jan.7 02:11 You can choose to be any classical instrument (Violin, Trumpet, Flute, Cello, etc.), which means no electric guitars and such!
1>Clara (Clarinet), 15yo.2015,Jan.7 02:13 The bad guys in this game are people who wish for music to be banished for eternity. Most of them may actually have good reasons other than just hating music, like the main bad guy, Mister Duncan, which will be revealed later.
1>Clara (Clarinet), 15yo.2015,Jan.7 02:14 There will be no tolerance for any bad messages on this rp whatsoever! You're character will be dealt with swiftly, and they be deleted forever.
1>Clara (Clarinet), 15yo.2015,Jan.7 02:15 Now, more about the Instrumentals (what they call themselves) "powers". They do have a small amount of powers, like playing certain songs may make some magic thing happen.
1>Clara (Clarinet), 15yo.2015,Jan.7 02:16 Throughout the worlds they travel, there will be a "Master Song", which they will all have to play in order to open the portal to the next dimension.
1>Clara (Clarinet), 15yo.2015,Jan.7 02:18 Now for the action part of their powers. They're instruments can also be used as offense. For example, the clarinet may play a high C and cause temporary deafness. (I think that they do that in real life though too!)
1>Clara (Clarinet), 15yo.2015,Jan.7 02:19 Once an instrument has been taken, no one else can take it. This includes variants of the instrument, meaning that no one beyond this point may take Clarinet, or any of its variants (bass clarinet, etc.)
1>Clara (Clarinet), 15yo.2015,Jan.7 02:20 And...I think that's it! Just, remember to have fun! Enjoy my new Roleplay!
1>Clara (Clarinet), 15yo.2015,Jan.7 15:45 Oh yeah, and this is Clara's description:
1>Clara (Clarinet), 15yo.2015,Jan.7 15:47 (Her name, Clara, is obviously derived from her instrument the Clarinet. She has mid back length jet black hair, and silver eyes. Wears a black tank top, and black pants, inlaid with silver buttons, making her outfit even look like her clarinet. She has
1>Clara (Clarinet), 15yo.2015,Jan.7 15:48 a tendency to act loudly, and sometimes, like her instrument, her voice sqeaks.)
9>Violetta (Violin), 16yo.2015,Jan.8 02:05 (Hey! This sounds like a lot of fun.)
9>Violetta (Violin), 16yo.2015,Jan.8 02:06 (My character is based off of the violin. She wears black shoes, and mahogany colored pants and a coat. She has dark brown hair.)
9>Violetta (Violin), 16yo.2015,Jan.8 02:06 (In terms of personality, she can be pretty happy and nice, but also bold and dramatic.)
1>Clara (Clarinet), 15yo.2015,Jan.8 03:36 Well, thanks a bunch for joining!
2>Florence (Flute), 15yo.2015,Jan.8 18:29 Hi, its Julia here, I am not sure if I will join yet because i have a couple of questions
2>Florence (Flute), 15yo.2015,Jan.8 18:30 firstly, does your name have to sound like an instrument or could it be for example harmony or calypso?
2>Florence (Flute), 15yo.2015,Jan.8 18:30 Secondly, could you be a singer or is it strictly instruments
1>Clara (Clarinet), 15yo.2015,Jan.10 18:17 (I guess the name part doesn't have to sound like the instrument, but in terms of the singer...no, it is strictly instruments)
1>Clara (Clarinet), 15yo.2015,Jan.10 18:18 (actually, on second thought, maybe you could join as a singer, as long as it's only one, I will make an exception)
3>Tom (Trombone), 15yo.2015,Jan.14 03:09 (hi! I'm going to join as the Trombone, Tom. He, like a lot of the Bass instruments, tends to have a supporting role in the group. He's also very unique, though. He's tall in height, with golden hair, and hazel eyes)
3>Tom (Trombone), 15yo.2015,Jan.14 03:10 (his uniform is made of a yellow coat, and black pants/boots, with brass buttons)
2>Florence (Flute), 15yo.2015,Jan.14 21:58 Hi, flo (short for florence) and i'm the flute.
2>Florence (Flute), 15yo.2015,Jan.15 18:22 I have Long silvery blonde hair and grey eyes. I often wear black jeans and a grey jumper but that varies depending on her role in the piece they are playing at a current time
2>Florence (Flute), 15yo.2015,Jan.19 18:22 (hello?)
16>Pandora (Piano), 16yo.2015,Jan.24 23:27 [I'm going to be Pandora, the Piano.]
16>Pandora (Piano), 16yo.2015,Jan.24 23:28 [Pandora has long, strange pure white hair, icy blue eyes (though her eye color turns white, her pupils stay the same, the whites of her eyes turn black when she uses her intrumental powers), pale skin, and she wears a long, flowing dress.]
16>Pandora (Piano), 16yo.2015,Jan.24 23:29 [Her dress is like the Elsa from Frozen one, except it doesn't have the snowflake cape and instead of being bright blue it is white with fancy black markings, stri pes, and more.]
16>Pandora (Piano), 16yo.2015,Jan.24 23:29 [Her semi-translucent sleeves are white with the black lines and markings thinning out as they reach her wrists.]
16>Pandora (Piano), 16yo.2015,Jan.24 23:31 [Pandora is often emotionless, stoic, and due to her "black and whiteness" can resort to Cartesian thinking. However, she has a tremendous amount of emotion within her that when released can activate her powers and bring them to dangerous levels if she
16>Pandora (Piano), 16yo.2015,Jan.24 23:31 isn't careful. She will, however, eventually lighten up with the other Intrumentals.]
16>Pandora (Piano), 16yo.2015,Feb.12 22:21 [Are we going to start?]