" Best Friends. School RP " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 10 to 17 years of age.
is RP is only for kids age 10 to 17

Girl and Boy can play ;)
Please Join ;)
is about Daily Life
have FUN ;)

17>benjamin (), yo.2016,Aug.25 01:18 Yo Guys I'm new here
Player 142016,Aug.28 12:05  Secret message to benjamin  
Player 142016,Aug.28 12:06 Hey guys whats this RP about?
Player 142016,Aug.28 12:06  Buying iphone (x 1)  
Player 142016,Aug.28 12:07  Selling iphone (x 1)  
Player 142016,Aug.28 12:08  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=Yes  
Player 142016,Aug.28 12:09  Buying clothing (x 4)  
Player 142016,Aug.28 12:09  Buying Make-up (x 3)  
13>Sam (), yo.2016,Aug.28 12:12 Hello everyone
13>Sam (), yo.2016,Aug.28 12:15  Secret message to  
13>Sam (), yo.2016,Aug.28 12:18  Buying Make-up (x 4)  
13>Sam (), yo.2016,Aug.28 12:18  Giving Make-up (x 4) to  
Player 142016,Aug.28 12:19 Omigosh sam! What was that for??
17>benjamin (), yo.2016,Aug.29 05:38  Secret message to  
17>benjamin (), yo.2016,Aug.29 05:39  Secret message to Sam  
8>Kashira-chan (), yo.2016,Aug.29 10:21 [hey :) this looks interesting. should I join?]
8>Kashira-chan (), yo.2016,Aug.29 10:23 [hey :) this looks interesting. should I join?]
8>Kashira-chan (), yo.2016,Aug.29 10:25 [sorry, dobble post. okay I will join. what time you usually play?]
8>Kashira-chan (), yo.2016,Aug.29 10:57 [Kashira is a newcomer. her dad is Japanese but mom English. she's cute and friendly. she hopes to get good friends here. she have auburn or brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. she wears dresses and hoodies. right now she's wearing a white cute dress and
8>Kashira-chan (), yo.2016,Aug.29 11:02 a cute hoodie with cat ears, and white shoes. she's usually happy]
8>Kashira-chan (), yo.2016,Aug.29 11:04  Buying back-pack (x 1)  
8>Kashira-chan (), yo.2016,Aug.29 11:05  Buying Book (x 7)  school books right?
8>Kashira-chan (), yo.2016,Aug.29 11:06  Buying iphone (x 1)  
8>Kashira-chan (), yo.2016,Aug.29 11:40 *walks into the class*
8>Kashira-chan (), yo.2016,Aug.29 22:20 Hey
8>Kashira-chan (), yo.2016,Aug.30 13:27 *sits down by one of the tabbles*
8>Kashira-chan (), yo.2016,Sep.3 15:05 [wow where did all the messages go?..]
1>Akita (Girl), 13yo.2016,Sep.3 23:51  Secret message to Kashira-chan  
8>Kashira-chan (), yo.2016,Sep.4 18:36 [oh sure]
Player 72016,Sep.5 06:16  Secret message to Miss Cookie  
20>Miss Cookie (), yo.2016,Sep.5 08:39  Secret message to  
8>Kashira-chan (), yo.2016,Sep.9 19:15 [so when will we play?]
4>Angel (), yo.2016,Sep.15 07:51  Secret message to Kashira-chan  
4>Angel (), yo.2016,Sep.15 08:03 *smile at Kashira-chan*
4>Angel (), yo.2016,Sep.15 08:10  Secret message to Akita  
4>Angel (), yo.2016,Sep.15 08:10  Secret message to Akita  
4>Angel (), yo.2016,Sep.15 08:10 * looking at Benjamin*
8>Kashira-chan (), yo.2016,Sep.17 21:06 [if any guy characters would like to be with Kashira I'm okay with that ;) she's a bit shy at first but she's a nice girl so you can friend her if you wish]
Player 72016,Sep.18 05:21 *flips hair* Uhhh I HATE Boyd,none of them are even cute!
Player 72016,Sep.18 05:22 I mean who goes for a boy they are so annoying!
Player 22016,Sep.18 05:23 Tots Arie!I mean *plaits hair* we are rich,NO boy will EVER be perfect for us!
Player 22016,Sep.18 05:24 *rolls eyes and giggles* though they DO try
17>benjamin (), yo.2016,Sep.18 23:18 *smile at Angel *
4>Angel (), yo.2016,Sep.18 23:29 *Cheeks go red*
4>Angel (), yo.2016,Sep.18 23:32  Secret message to Kashira-chan  
8>Kashira-chan (), yo.2016,Sep.19 19:15  Secret message to Angel  
8>Kashira-chan (), yo.2016,Sep.19 19:18  Secret message to Angel  
4>Angel (), yo.2016,Sep.20 04:06  Secret message to Kashira-chan  
8>Kashira-chan (), yo.2016,Sep.20 20:59  Secret message to Angel  
8>Kashira-chan (), yo.2016,Sep.20 21:03  Secret message to Sam  
3>Emily (), yo.2016,Sep.24 02:25 Mom please, i really want to be home schooled.
5>Emily's mom (), yo.2016,Sep.24 02:27 Honey, if youd
5>Emily's mom (), yo.2016,Sep.24 02:28 If you'd tell me why, I might consider it, but otherwise no.
3>Emily (), yo.2016,Sep.24 02:28 *bites lip nervously* Nevermind, see ya later mom. *grabs backpack and heads out the door*
1>Akita (Girl), 13yo.2016,Sep.24 07:32 [Hi Emily]
1>Akita (Girl), 13yo.2016,Sep.24 07:33  Secret message to Emily  
20>Miss Cookie (), yo.2016,Sep.24 08:56 10 minutes until class everyone
20>Miss Cookie (), yo.2016,Sep.24 08:59 *starts organizing math workbooks and wipes blackboard clean*
17>benjamin (), yo.2016,Sep.24 09:00 *get up quickly from the table outside the classroom and walks to locker, glances across at Angel and smiles*
3>Emily (), yo.2016,Sep.26 01:42  Secret message to Akita  
3>Emily (), yo.2016,Sep.26 01:42  Secret message to Akita  
3>Emily (), yo.2016,Sep.26 01:44  Secret message to Akita  
3>Emily (), yo.2016,Sep.26 01:46 *tucks braid behind ear and sits down at desk*
3>Emily (), yo.2016,Sep.26 01:46  Buying Book (x 4)  
3>Emily (), yo.2016,Sep.26 01:46  Dropping Book (x 4)  
3>Emily (), yo.2016,Sep.26 01:47 Oh, sorry that was an accident
3>Emily (), yo.2016,Sep.26 01:47 *starts picking up books*
1>Akita (Girl), 13yo.2016,Sep.26 07:31  Secret message to Emily  
1>Akita (Girl), 13yo.2016,Sep.26 07:31  Secret message to Emily  
1>Akita (Girl), 13yo.2016,Sep.26 07:32  Secret message to Emily  
1>Akita (Girl), 13yo.2016,Sep.26 07:33 *gets up and Start to help Emily pick up her books*
4>Angel (), yo.2016,Sep.26 07:35 *Starts to walk to the classroom, bumps into Benjamin* *face goes red*
17>benjamin (), yo.2016,Sep.26 07:36 *looks to see who bumped into him and sees it is Angel, smiles to Angel, Continues to walk into class*
4>Angel (), yo.2016,Sep.26 07:38 *walks into class still red and embarrassed and sits next to Kashira-chan* Hi!
3>Emily (), yo.2016,Sep.26 13:19 Thanks for helping me....er-
3>Emily (), yo.2016,Sep.26 13:19  Taking Book (x 4)  
3>Emily (), yo.2016,Sep.26 13:20  Secret message to Akita  
8>Kashira-chan (), yo.2016,Sep.26 19:03 hey *smiles* hmm are you feeling okay?
4>Angel (), yo.2016,Oct.1 05:01 Oh...ummmm yeah I'm fine. Why did you ask? *looks nervous*
8>Kashira-chan (), yo.2016,Oct.1 08:44 well you look pretty nervous that's why
8>Kashira-chan (), yo.2016,Oct.1 08:48 well you look pretty nervous that's why
8>Kashira-chan (), yo.2016,Oct.1 08:49 (sorry dobble post)
4>Angel (), yo.2016,Oct.1 21:49 Um...Um..Um.....Not...Nervous *blushes*
4>Angel (), yo.2016,Oct.1 21:50 *looks across to benjamin* *smile*
8>Kashira-chan (), yo.2016,Oct.2 11:49 do you like him? *smiling*
4>Angel (), yo.2016,Oct.2 22:31 Oh my I can't believe you just asked me that *blushes more and face is looking as red as a tomato*
4>Angel (), yo.2016,Oct.2 22:32 Um um he is cute you would have to agree?
8>Kashira-chan (), yo.2016,Oct.3 19:58 yes, he really is a very cute boy :)
4>Angel (), yo.2016,Oct.4 02:39 Awww Yes he is a bit OMG and his hair lets not get me starte on that *looks at Benjamins hair and smiles*
20>Miss Cookie (), yo.2016,Oct.4 02:42 'Everybody Quiet Down, Be in your seats and get out your text book'
8>Kashira-chan (), yo.2016,Oct.4 14:16 *gets ready for the Lesson*
4>Angel (), yo.2016,Oct.5 22:27 *gets books out on table*
4>Angel (), yo.2016,Oct.5 22:31 *stares at Benjamin*
8>Kashira-chan (), yo.2016,Oct.5 22:34 *laughs quaetly* Angel stop starting haha *she whispers to you*
4>Angel (), yo.2016,Oct.5 22:36 *looks at Kashira Chan* 'I can't help it'
8>Kashira-chan (), yo.2016,Oct.5 22:40 (I gtg sorry bye for now)
4>Angel (), yo.2016,Oct.5 22:41 (thats ok bye)
8>Kashira-chan (), yo.2016,Oct.6 19:52 (when's the lesson starting?)
4>Angel (), yo.2016,Oct.14 23:50 [in 5 minutes]
8>Kashira-chan (), yo.2016,Oct.16 11:08 [okay]
17>benjamin (), yo.2016,Oct.26 09:24 *taps fingers on table waiting for Miss Cookie to start*