" Kidnapped (The next Generation) " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 12 to 18 years of age.
Hi I have made many kidnapping rp's in the past (they are in the archive if you wanna check them out) but this is the next generation so if you have done this before use new characters if you are new Welcome! here are the rules !) no bad words or anything inappropriate you can have a relationship but nothing more then hand holding hugs and small short kisses if you are a kidnapper you job is to kidnap kids kids you job is to not get kidnapped and if you do try to escape but keep it realistic so no magic anything and no more telapoting places you have to walk run or drive there lets have fun with this you can use old charectures but only if they are like double there age so nick and those guys would be like 50

1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 20:31 (nicolai has blondish brownish hair has is very smart and invented fission cord at a young age is very smart and now one of the most ruthless unforgiving kidnappers there is this happened after his brother and his girlfriend died in a lab explosion)
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 20:33 (when he was 16 so he moved away to a different city were he kidnaps people every once in a while he will drive back to the small town and visit the tree him and steff shared)
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 20:42 [Rika: Short red hair tied up in a high ponytail with a bright blue hairtie, cold lavender eyes and pale skin. Blue jeans with a brown leather belt, red sneakers and white socks and a white fitted T-shirt with a blue broken heart motif.]
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 20:45 *sits down picks up a picture of him his brother and steff in labcoats they were all ssmiling*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 20:45 *looks around his house is full of pictures of steffiny some with him some without*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 20:48 [She also wears a yellow infinity scarf.]
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 20:49 *goes outside for a walk walks to the park*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 20:54 [Is like the lone wolf of the RP. Can't stand soft people and has a short temper. Is sassy and sarcastic. Even though you can't tell at first glance...or for the first month or so of knowing her...she does have a heart.]
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 20:56 *sits on a park bench and watches the birds*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 20:58 *glances over to See Rika* continues watching the birds isnt in the mood to do anything today but he might if he is bothered*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 20:58 [Is brave and can put up a fight like it's nobody's business. Hates it when people waste time because of her. Is smart and observant...even though you can't tell by looking at her.]
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 20:59 *notices Nicolai looking at her* What do you want?
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 20:59 *ignors Rika*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 21:00 *its about 5 am so no one is around*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 21:01 *talks to herself* My mom might be worried about me, but this is all I can do to avoid that stupid photo shoot. I don't mind being up this early.
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 21:03 .. i know what you mean i hate photos
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 21:03 No, I don't mind photos, it's just that I don't wanna become a model like my mom.
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 21:04 *chuckls slighty*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 21:05 What's so funny, gogglehead?
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 21:07 its just when i was i kid i didnt want to be anything like my dad but I do the same thing he did
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 21:07 Oh yea? What did he do?
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 21:09 well *stands up he did this* puts a cloriform rag around her mouth and holds her tightly until she passes out*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 21:11 *wakes up almost immediately**lets out a muffled scream*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 21:11 *takes her to his basement and ties her up tightly to a pole with fission cord* (fission cord is a cord that painfully shocks you if you struggle the only to get out is a distributor key that cancels the signal of the cord)
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 21:11 [She's incredibly pain resistant.]
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 21:12 [I'm assuming that her hands are the only things tied up, and they're tied up behind her.]
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 21:12 [Around the pole.]
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 21:13 (yep but the voltage gets higher each time you are shocked after 3 goes its strong enough to knock you out)
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 21:13 (we used it in the old Rp's)
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 21:14 *struggles to break free, but the cord shocks her* It'll take more than fission cord to stop me from doing what I wanna do.
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 21:14 *sits in a chain in the basement in front of Rika is reading watership down*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 21:15 alrighty kid
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 21:15 *turns the page*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 21:15 [Is fission cord string-like]
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 21:17 [Is fission cord string-like?]
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 21:17 (no it is harnessed engergy and it is impossible to break or get out of without the key)
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 21:18 *is constantly struggling* Urgh.......come on...come on!
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 21:19 if you keep moving it will shock you
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 21:19 I know that, you idiot!
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 21:20 *chuckles slighty*
8>Ryo (Kidnapped boy), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 21:20 *breaks in* I shall save you, Rika, my damsel in distress!
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 21:21 *shoots Ryo in the leg*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 21:21 Ryo, stop with the Prince Charming act and get me out!
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 21:21 *ties hi up with fission cord on a diffrent pole*
8>Ryo (Kidnapped boy), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 21:22 [Ryo actually wears cool futuristic armor on his legs.]
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 21:22 (oh)
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 21:22 *grabs Ryo tightly on his arm forcebly ties him up*
8>Ryo (Kidnapped boy), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 21:22 *has a key**unlocks himself*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 21:23 you are an idiot kid
8>Ryo (Kidnapped boy), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 21:23 *goes over to Rika and unlocks her*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 21:23 or maybe not.. *tackles him again*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 21:23 Thanks, Ryo!
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 21:23 *grabs Rika puts a gun to her head lets go of Ryo*
8>Ryo (Kidnapped boy), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 21:23 *breaks free*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 21:24 You wouldn't really kill me, would you?
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 21:24 *stands up is holding Rika with a gun to her head*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 21:24 yes i would i have killed many people before
8>Ryo (Kidnapped boy), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 21:24 *pulls Rika away*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 21:25 so if you try to escape i will shoot your friend
8>Ryo (Kidnapped boy), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 21:25 You deserve to be put in prison, you jerk.
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 21:25 *shoots Rika's leg and grabs her back*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 21:25 *pulls Ryo towards the exit*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 21:25 move again and she is dead got that?
8>Ryo (Kidnapped boy), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 21:26 How did you resist that bullet, Rika?
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 21:26 It was a Nerf bullet, Ryo.
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 21:26 *grabs Rika and holds her tighty wich is easy beacause she was shot*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 21:26 (nvm)
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 21:27 *opens the door**runs out*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 21:27 ugh wong gun.. *grabs his rreal gun Shoots Rika crippling her*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 21:27 (nvm)
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 21:27 *chases after them grabs Rikas arm but Ryo gets away*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 21:27 *runs all the way home, tugging on Ryo*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 21:27 you are a bunch of trouble arnt you?
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 21:28 *locks the door to the house before Nicolai can get in*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 21:28 ...
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 21:28 *goes back home gets kid of all the evidence*
8>Ryo (Kidnapped boy), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 21:29 You okay, Rika? I saw him shoot at you before we left.
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 21:29 *sits home and continues reading watership down*
8>Ryo (Kidnapped boy), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 21:29 [Brb.]
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 21:30 It missed, Ryo. And I'm fine.
8>Ryo (Kidnapped boy), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 21:31 That's good. I wouldn't forgive you if anything happened to you.
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 21:32 (madison is a spunky happy kid looks almost exactly like steffiny has brown hair to her shoulders and blue eyes is friends with Ryo and Rika)
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 21:32 *walks up to Rika's house knocks on her door*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 21:32 Ryo, if I got hurt, it would be that gogglehead's fault.
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 21:33 hello? anyone home?
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 21:33 *opens the front door slightly* What do you want?
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 21:34 Oh, hey, Madison. Sorry, me and Ryo just escaped from being held hostage. Leave us alone, please. *shuts the door*
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 21:34 whats with you? are you ok? you look terrrified
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 21:35 hostage? you guys are weird
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 21:35 [She's hardly ever scared. She was just shaken up a bit.]
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 21:35 but nice cover story i guess?
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 21:35 (kk)
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 21:36 *calls Josh his kidnapper friend* hey josh
17>Josh (Kidnapper), 19yo.2015,Nov.11 21:37 You've got the wrong Josh. *hangs up*
17>Josh (Kidnapper), 19yo.2015,Nov.11 21:38 [The only one that Josh knows is his girlfriend, Maddi.]
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 21:38 (oh sorry)
8>Ryo (Kidnapped boy), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 21:38 So, that was Madison?
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 21:39 *sits down* Uh-huh.
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 21:39 hi Ryo
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 21:41 well i was going to ask you guys if you wanted to go to taco bell but it looks you guys are busy... so..
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 21:41 im just gonna go bye *walks out starts walking tawards tacobell*
6>Rumiko (Rika's mom), 31yo.2015,Nov.11 21:42 *starts running towards Rika* Rika! Where have you been?! You missed the photo shoot!
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 21:43 I never wanted the stupid photo shoot, and give me a break. I just escaped from being held hostage.
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 21:44 *acidently bumps into Josh* sorry
17>Josh (Kidnapper), 19yo.2015,Nov.11 21:44 Hey, watch it, shrimp.
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 21:45 i said sorry you dont have to be rude sheesh *starts walking off*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 21:45 *goes to her room with Ryo*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 21:46 [BTW, Rika lives in a one-story Japanese house.]
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 21:47 *mumbles about some defect in today's society*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 21:47 [Brb]
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 21:47 (cool)
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 21:47 [Never mind the BRB]
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 21:47 *flops on bed*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 21:48 [Okay, BRB now.]
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 21:48 [BRB later.]
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 21:48 (lol ok)
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 21:48 *goes to taco bell*
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 21:49 *sits down and eats her food*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 21:49 [BRb now...]
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 21:50 (XD )
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 21:53 [Back]
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 21:53 (ok)
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 21:54 *starts walking back home sees Josh again sighs and keeps walking*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 21:55 I really didn't like being in that guy's stupid basement. My hands still hurt from the fission cord.
8>Ryo (Kidnapped boy), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 21:56 Well...if you want... you can always--
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 21:57 No, I don't want a hug.
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 21:57 *is walking accidentally trips on Maddi's shoe when walking lands on her face* OW!
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 21:57 u
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 21:58 ugh its just going to be one of those days *stands up*
18>Maddi (Kidnapper), 18yo.2015,Nov.11 21:58 *ignores Madison* Pathetic weaklings.
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 21:59 excuse me?! what did you just call me?!
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 22:00 *grabs a candy bar**opens it and starts eating it*
18>Maddi (Kidnapper), 18yo.2015,Nov.11 22:00 *doesn't respond*
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 22:01 ugh! *walks off*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 22:02 *thinks* He promised that he'd stay for the sunset...but he didn't. He left without another thought.
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 22:03 [Guess who 'he' is!]
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 22:03 *is walking and acidently bumps into Josh.. again* UGH! what is with you people!
17>Josh (Kidnapper), 19yo.2015,Nov.11 22:04 *sees Maddi and walks away with her*
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 22:04 *starts walking off again is very mad at this point*
17>Josh (Kidnapper), 19yo.2015,Nov.11 22:04 *grabs Madison before he does that* How many is that?
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 22:04 ugh.. people are idiots! *goes to the park and sits down in a tree*
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 22:05 (nvm)
18>Maddi (Kidnapper), 18yo.2015,Nov.11 22:05 Fifth one this week, and it's only Tuesday!
17>Josh (Kidnapper), 19yo.2015,Nov.11 22:05 *puts a gag over Madison's mouth*
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 22:05 mind your own buisness! now could ya let me go?!
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 22:06 *muffles a scream*
17>Josh (Kidnapper), 19yo.2015,Nov.11 22:06 Sweet! Boss'll be proud!
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 22:06 *passes out pretty quickly*
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 22:07 *goes limp*
18>Maddi (Kidnapper), 18yo.2015,Nov.11 22:07 *grabs Josh's hand and walks with him to a part of town where the buildings are old and covered with graffiti*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 22:08 *is walking sees Josh kidnapping Madison*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 22:08 (nvm)
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 22:08 *is walking in the park*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 22:08 *thinks* Why did he break his promise to stay for the sunset?
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 22:09 [Guess who 'he' is!]
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 22:10 (idk Ryo?)
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 22:10 *sings softly* He promised that he'd stay for the sunset--*clamps hand over mouth*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 22:11 *thinks* Why'd I do that?! I hate singing!!
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 22:11 [Guess again!]
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 22:11 (Nicolai?)
8>Ryo (Kidnapped boy), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 22:12 Rika? Why do you have your hand over your mouth like that?
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 22:12 [No, it's someone personally close to Rika! In a good way!]
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 22:13 (her dad?)
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 22:13 *still has hand over mouth* Just go. Go! *quickly ushers Ryo out of the house, with her hand still over her mouth*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 22:13 [Bingo.]
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 22:14 *wakes up in the ally starts screaming for help*
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 22:14 *tries to kick Josh* Let me go!
8>Ryo (Kidnapped boy), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 22:15 Weird. Why'd she have her hand over her mouth like that?
17>Josh (Kidnapper), 19yo.2015,Nov.11 22:15 Oh, shut up, idiot girl.
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 22:15 not a chance! HELP SOMEONE HELP ME!! IM BEING KIDNAPPED!
17>Josh (Kidnapper), 19yo.2015,Nov.11 22:16 *ties Madiso to a tree*
17>Josh (Kidnapper), 19yo.2015,Nov.11 22:16 [*madison]
17>Josh (Kidnapper), 19yo.2015,Nov.11 22:16 *puts the gag back over Madison's mouth*
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 22:17 *trys screaming even though she is gagaed*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 22:18 *takes hand off mouth**goes back to her room* Weird. I hate singing, so why'd I sing, especially in front of Ryo?
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 22:19 *is struggling to get out of the rope*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 22:19 [BTW, a romance is not heating up between Rika and Ryo, but Ryo does have a mild crush on Rika.]
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 22:20 (kk)
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 22:21 I don't wanna impress him. I want him to get the idea that I'm not worth romance so he'll lose his crush on me while still keeping me as a friend.
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 22:22 *stops screaming after a while*
18>Maddi (Kidnapper), 18yo.2015,Nov.11 22:23 That's more like it. Be quiet, you twit of a teenage girl, so we aren't interrupted.
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 22:23
18>Maddi (Kidnapper), 18yo.2015,Nov.11 22:23 *leans in to kiss Josh*
18>Maddi (Kidnapper), 18yo.2015,Nov.11 22:24 [Make Madison interrupt them!]
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 22:24 *sits there silently as tears start to drop from her face*
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 22:24 *hiccups loudly accidently*
18>Maddi (Kidnapper), 18yo.2015,Nov.11 22:25 *faces Madison* Shut up. We're in the middle of something here.
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 22:25 *it is muffled by the rag but it is still loud*
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 22:26 *keeps hiccuping cant control it*
18>Maddi (Kidnapper), 18yo.2015,Nov.11 22:26 Why are you crying, you dolt?
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 22:27 *cant say anything beacause of the rag*
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 22:27 *keeps sighlently crying though and the hiccups have stopped*
18>Maddi (Kidnapper), 18yo.2015,Nov.11 22:27 Well, stop crying.
18>Maddi (Kidnapper), 18yo.2015,Nov.11 22:29 *quickly kisses Josh before Madison can do anything*
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 22:29 *cant stop crying the tears keep flowing*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 22:30 *takes a book off the shelf*
18>Maddi (Kidnapper), 18yo.2015,Nov.11 22:30 *takes lips off Josh*
17>Josh (Kidnapper), 19yo.2015,Nov.11 22:31 *walks away with Maddi, leaving Madison tied to a tree*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 22:32 *turns on light and starts reading*
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 22:33 *is stuck in the middle of the forest tied to a tree continues to cry and stugle but cant get out off the ropes*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 22:34 *can't get her mind off the singing*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 22:36 *is walking in the forest sees Madison tied to a tree rushes over to her quickly and unties her gag* are you ok? what happened?
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 22:38 *starts wandering around**quickly finds Nicolai and Madison* Madison! Don't trust him! He's dangerous!
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 22:38 *turns to Rika* i found you friend here tied up to a tree im helping her
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 22:39 *unties Madison* there you go be careful around people you cant always trust them understand?
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 22:39 *punches Nicolai in the face*
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 22:39 *wipes away her tears and smile* thank..thank you sir! *runs off*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 22:40 You're the one Madison shouldn't trust!
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 22:40 *grabs Rika's arm and twists it* dont! punch me alright?!
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 22:40 i wasnt going to hurt her and i didnt tell her to trust me ok?!
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 22:40 C'mon, Madison, let's get away from that guy. He's the one who held me hostage.
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 22:41 That doesn't hurt, Gogglehead! Leave my friend alone!
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 22:41 *pushes Rika so she falls on the ground and starts walking off acidently drops a picture of him and steffiny as kids Madison looks just like Steffiny*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 22:42 *didn't fall* Huh? What's that picture?
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 22:42 *wasnt with Nicolai and Rika was running as soon as she was untied is home by now*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 22:42 *leans down to pick it up when Josh tackles her*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 22:42 *dosent hear Rika is walking home*
17>Josh (Kidnapper), 19yo.2015,Nov.11 22:43 Sixth one!
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 22:44 You're gonna be a zero when I'm through with you! *grabs the picture and stuffs it in her pocket*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 22:44 *is at home continues reading*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 22:44 *stands up*
18>Maddi (Kidnapper), 18yo.2015,Nov.11 22:45 No! Don't hurt my sugar-pie!
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 22:45 *is walking home happily*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 22:45 Bleck! Stop with the gushy-talk and get ready to fight!
17>Josh (Kidnapper), 19yo.2015,Nov.11 22:47 Okay, if that's what you want...*grabs a thick stick**aims at Rika's feet*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 22:47 *jumps, letting the stick flow harmlessly under her* You missed.
17>Josh (Kidnapper), 19yo.2015,Nov.11 22:48 *swings the stick at Rika's neck*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 22:49 *ducks* Missed again.
17>Josh (Kidnapper), 19yo.2015,Nov.11 22:49 *tries to punch Rika*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 22:50 *looks at his wallet sees his picture is gone runs into the forrest*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 22:50 *swerves out of the way* Oh, so close.
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 22:50 *sees josh* ugh amature
18>Maddi (Kidnapper), 18yo.2015,Nov.11 22:51 *tries to tackle Rika from behind*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 22:51 move it kid! *pushes Josh out of the way walks up to Rika* were is it?!
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 22:51 *jumps on top of Maddi* This is getting boring.
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 22:52 What do you mean? I don't have anything! *has forgotten about the picture she shoved into her pocket*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 22:53 My picture were is it?! I know you have it!
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 22:54 I don't get it! *sees how high the sun is* Gotta go home. It's just about time for breakfast at my place. *runs off*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 22:55 ugh!
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 22:55 *kicks a tree*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 22:56 *looks at Jossh and Maddi* $500
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 22:56 $500 each if you can kidnap her forr me deal?
18>Maddi (Kidnapper), 18yo.2015,Nov.11 22:56 For what? We don't work for you.
17>Josh (Kidnapper), 19yo.2015,Nov.11 22:57 We work for someone called Rumiko. That's her daughter.
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 22:58 listen she has something important to me so you can keep her after i get it back im offering $500 for each of you want it?
18>Maddi (Kidnapper), 18yo.2015,Nov.11 22:58 Therefore, we aren't kidnapping her.
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 22:59 i just need my stuff back all you have to do is get it back $500 each if you can get it back unharmed
17>Josh (Kidnapper), 19yo.2015,Nov.11 22:59 Rumiko has made is crystal clear that we can't kidnap her daughter for someone else, even if there's a reward involved.
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 22:59 i just need my stuff back all you have to do is get it back $500 each if you can get it back unharmed
18>Maddi (Kidnapper), 18yo.2015,Nov.11 23:00 We aren't doing it.
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:00 you dont have to kidnap her i just want my stuff back
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:00 (brb)
18>Maddi (Kidnapper), 18yo.2015,Nov.11 23:00 How do you know that she even has what you're looking for?
18>Maddi (Kidnapper), 18yo.2015,Nov.11 23:01 [It's ok!]
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:04 (back)
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:05 beacause she was the only one that could do it
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:05 she was the only one here
18>Maddi (Kidnapper), 18yo.2015,Nov.11 23:06 Maybe it got blown away by the wind.
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:06 listen its a picture of a boy and a girl sitting in a tree ok? i want it back
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:07 and its not windy out and its not on the ground
17>Josh (Kidnapper), 19yo.2015,Nov.11 23:07 It probably got blown away in the wind. And what makes it so special?
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:07 so you can get it for me and get paid or i can get it myself and she will end up hurt
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:07 *ignors Joshes question*
17>Josh (Kidnapper), 19yo.2015,Nov.11 23:08 It was windy before you showed up.
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:08 it is to heavy to get blown away it had it made that way so if i did drop it it wouldnt get blown
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:09 so she took it so im i going to pay you for it or do i have to do it myself
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 23:09 Maybe it got covered up with dust. Or maybe it did get blown away, since it was at least 15 miles an hour.
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 23:09 [Oops.]
17>Josh (Kidnapper), 19yo.2015,Nov.11 23:10 Maybe it got covered up with dust. Or maybe it did get blown away, since the wind was at least 15 miles an hour.
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:10 ill take that is a no ill do it myself *starts walking off*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:12 *goes home then goes to the park at 5am and waits for Rika*
18>Maddi (Kidnapper), 18yo.2015,Nov.11 23:12 *yells* We just don't want to see Rumiko get killed! She can handle punches, but nobody's immune to death!
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:13 *looks like he is in bad shape looks like he hasnt slept all night is vibatiing his leg up and down and looking around fo Rika*
18>Maddi (Kidnapper), 18yo.2015,Nov.11 23:13 [oops. It sould be "rumiko's daughter" instead of "rumiko"]
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:14 (k)
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:15 *looks around for Rika*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:16 *sees her quickly walks up* listen kid i need that picture back
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 23:16 *arrives at home* Hey, Mom.
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:17 (nvm)
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 23:17 *Rika wasn't at the park**goes inside the house*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:17 *sits at the park waiting for Rika to show up*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:18 *drinks coffe and sits there all night nervouse and figgity*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 23:19 [Wasn't it 6 in the morning the last time I posted?]
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:20 (i ment to type that he was sitting there all night)
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 23:20 [I mean, in the RP?]
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:20 *is looking around nercouse and figgity*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:21 (yes i know)
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:21 (just um he was there all night he is still there at 6am)
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:22 *sits there waiting for Rika to show up*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 23:24 *goes to room*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 23:25 *fidgets with sunglasses*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:26 *calls Rika*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 23:27 *the home phone rings since Rika doesn't have a cell phone**goes to the phone* Oh, some random number. *doesn't pick up*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:28 He..hello? i.. i need that photo back..
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:28 *is leaving a voice mail*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:28 ugh *clickss a button on the phone and delets his message*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:30 *sees Ryo quickly walks up to him* hey hey? listen ill give you $500 and i will never bother you or your friends again if you do something for me
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 23:31 *goes to her room and starts reading The Penderwicks* Great. She had to let Yaz out.
8>Ryo (Kidnapped boy), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 23:31 What is it, kidnapper man?
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:33 your friend she has something of mine it's a picture of two kids in a tree it is very important to me i need it back
8>Ryo (Kidnapped boy), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 23:33 Yea, right. Why should I trust the man who almost killed my girl?
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:34 *gives him $250* here is half of the money i will give you the other half when you get the picture ok?
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:35 i might be a kidnapper but im not a lier
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:35 i wont bother you guys ever again if you get it back deal?
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:35 *is obviously distressed and figgiting*
8>Ryo (Kidnapped boy), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 23:35 There are lots of pictures of a girl and a boy in a tree. How will I know which is the one?
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:37 the girl is wearing a grey hoodie and they guy is wearing a black shirt and they are hugging
8>Ryo (Kidnapped boy), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 23:38 And you say that my friend has something that's yours.
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:38 she is wearing blue covers and they guy is wearing green tenis shoes and the hoodie is to big for the girl wearing it
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:39 the picture is the thing that is mine
8>Ryo (Kidnapped boy), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 23:39 You say that my friend has it.
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:40 yes she dose
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:40 i dropped it and she picked it up
8>Ryo (Kidnapped boy), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 23:40 Which friend?
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:40 the one you rescued
8>Ryo (Kidnapped boy), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 23:41 And how do you know that she picked it up?
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:42 she was the only one there and no the wind didnt blow it away it is to heavy for that i just need it back
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:44 so will..will you do it?
8>Ryo (Kidnapped boy), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 23:45 Maybe it got covered up with dust.
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:45 no it didnt i checked last night
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:47 just get it back alright?
8>Ryo (Kidnapped boy), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 23:48 No. I shouldn't trust you.
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:49 $1000 ill give you $1000
8>Ryo (Kidnapped boy), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 23:49 Leave me and Rika alone or I'll drop-kick you to the next time zone.
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:51 listen she stole something of mine i am being nice normally i would kill someone who took my stuff so if you wont get it back then give me back my $250!
8>Ryo (Kidnapped boy), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 23:52 Here. *gives him the 250 bucks**walks off*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:53 *sits outside of Rika's house until she sees he parents leave*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:54 (ugh ment to say until he sees her parents leave)
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 23:54 Have fun at the mall, Mom!
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 23:54 *goes back inside*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:54 *comes into the house with a gun goes into Rika's room holds a gun at her this time it is real* Give it back!
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 23:55 [Her parents are divorced and her dad lives on the other side of the country.]
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 23:56 I don't know what you're talking about!
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:56 listen yesterrday you picked up a picture i droped i need it back!
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 23:58 Wait. I think that I might have what you're looking for. *digs around in her pocket**pulls out the photo* Is this it?
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:58 yes! yes that it give it back
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.11 23:58 *grabs him and ties him up after confiscating his gun*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:59 hey!
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.11 23:59 Listen i wont bother you or your friends again i just need that photo back!
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.12 00:00 Here. *tucks it under the ropes* But I'm calling my mom and the police.
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.12 00:01 *grabs the photo*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.12 00:01 *grabs a knife from his pocket cuts the rope and runs off*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.12 00:01 *goes home*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.12 00:02 *sits down after he locks the doors*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.12 00:02 *smiles at the picture*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.12 00:02 *goes to the home phone**calls mom* Hey, Mom. The guy who kidnapped me earlier is here. I tied him up. I know you're probably super-busy, but this is an emergency. Can you come home ASAP? Thanks. *turns off the phone*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.12 00:03 *calls her mom again* Never mind, he ran away. You can continue shopping. *turns the phone off*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.12 00:05 ( i gtg ttyl)
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.12 00:05 [Bye.]
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.12 00:05 [That was quite a while!]
12>Michael (Kidnapper ), 26yo.2015,Nov.12 00:22 (Hey! Michael has blondish hair, blue eyes, he's pretty tall. He became a kidnapper after Destiny left him. He's pretty fast because when he was younger used to do sports and work out a lot.)
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.12 00:24 [Hi.]
12>Michael (Kidnapper ), 26yo.2015,Nov.12 00:24 (He is usually sitting at the beach looking out in the water where he and Destiny first me and got together.)
12>Michael (Kidnapper ), 26yo.2015,Nov.12 00:24 (Hey!)
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.12 00:25 [Wanna join Caprial's summer camp RP?]
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.12 00:25 [I've already joined, but do you wanna join?]
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.12 00:28 [Are you still here?]
12>Michael (Kidnapper ), 26yo.2015,Nov.12 00:29 (Yeah sorry!)
12>Michael (Kidnapper ), 26yo.2015,Nov.12 00:29 (I might join.)
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.12 00:30 [It's ok!]
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.12 00:30 [Brb]
12>Michael (Kidnapper ), 26yo.2015,Nov.12 00:31 (Okay)
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.12 00:33 [Back!]
12>Michael (Kidnapper ), 26yo.2015,Nov.12 00:36 (Okay!(
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.12 00:38 [Why not you make a kidnapped person, too?]
12>Michael (Kidnapper ), 26yo.2015,Nov.12 00:39 (I haven't decided yet.)
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.12 00:40 *goes back to her room and keeps reading her book*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.12 00:43 No, Hound didn't kill Yaz.
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.12 00:44 *lowers the book* Why do I imagine this book as anime?
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.12 00:57 [Gtg.]
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.13 00:13 *drives to his old childhood town thats about an hour away goes to the park sits on the bench in front of his and steff's old tree looks at the picture and sighs*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.13 01:39 *calls Michael and leaves a voice mail* hey um im.. im just in town and was wondering if you might want to hang out.. call me back, k bye *ends the call*
17>Josh (Kidnapper), 19yo.2015,Nov.14 22:37 *knocks on Rika and Rumiko's door**Rika answers it* Excuse me, but can you tell your mother about our latest development?
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.14 22:38 *is confused* I don't remember you two being part of my mom's entourage.
18>Maddi (Kidnapper), 18yo.2015,Nov.14 22:39 Tell your mom that we've kidnapped five kids since Sunday!
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.14 22:41 *immediately knows what's going on* Sorry, but my mom isn't a kidnapper, so I think that it's time for a little reality check! *pushes Josh into Maddi**they both hit their heads and remember that they work for Nicolai*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.14 22:45 Rika: Easy-peasy, 1-2-3-sy. *shuts the door*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 01:47 *goes back to reading her book*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 01:51 *puts down the book**sighs* Might as well go for an early-morning bike ride.
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 01:53 *goes outside**hops on her bike**is about to start riding when she sees Ryo* Ryo, what are you still doing here?
8>Ryo (Kidnapped boy), 14yo.2015,Nov.15 01:55 The person who kidnapped you...he wanted me to hurt you. But I couldn't and that's why he went inside the house. I was so scared that he was going to come out with you over his shoulder and dead.
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 01:56 Why were you scared?
8>Ryo (Kidnapped boy), 14yo.2015,Nov.15 01:57 Well...you see...*kisses Rika on the cheek*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 01:59 *blushes a tiny bit, but it's hardly visible* I knew about that the whole time, doofus. *playfully puts fist right above Ryo's nose*
8>Ryo (Kidnapped boy), 14yo.2015,Nov.15 02:00 *takes Rika's fist off his face* Okay, stop that.
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 02:01 *rides away*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 02:03 *thinks* I didn't expect him to kiss me.
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 02:08 *thinks* I can't stand romance or soft people. Does that mean I can't stand Ryo?
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 02:08 *thinks* All this guy stuff is so confusing. *stops*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 02:09 *starts up again, this time faster than ever*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 02:14 *rides right past her mom*
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Nov.15 02:16 Later......
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Nov.15 02:17 Girl walking near Rika.
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Nov.15 02:17 Hello!!!!
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Nov.15 02:18 I'm Cecilia what's you's????
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Nov.15 02:22 And what are you doing on a bike, alone????
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 02:24 *ignores Cecilia**checks watch* It's 6:45. I should be getting back home.
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 02:28 Grandma's probably making breakfast. *turns around**rides back home*
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Nov.15 02:29 Wait.... Come back!!!!! I never even learned your name!!!!
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 02:31 *stops* I'm like a lone wolf. I wouldn't be caught dead around googleheads like you. So leave me alone or suffer the horrible consequences. *rides off*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 02:35 [Hello?]
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Nov.15 02:37 Cecilia follow's "Well, I will follow her. Lone Wolf HA!!!!"
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 02:38 *stops* Well, you asked for it. *punches Cecilia in the face as hard as she can*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 02:39 *rides off faster than ever before, which is really fast*
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Nov.15 02:41 Owwwww!!!!!! *Get's up* " Well then I will just spy on her" (Thinking)
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 02:43 I think I lost her. *arrives at her house with Cecilia nowhere in sight*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 02:44 *goes inside**closes the clouded glass sliding door to her room* Lucky it's clouded glass. She might be spying on me.
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Nov.15 02:45 *Peeking though the window* " What is happening in there???
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 02:45 [There are no windows to her room!]
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 02:46 *reads the book she was reading before*
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Nov.15 02:47 [Sorry!!!! I wish I hadn't said that.]
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 02:48 [Well, the only thing window-like is the clouded glass sliding door.]
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Nov.15 02:48 *Sigh* I can't see anything!! It's clouded glass.
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 02:49 *turns on the light in her room*
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Nov.15 02:50 I wish I could see something....
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Nov.15 02:50 But maybe I can hear something!!!
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 02:51 *has the feeling that someone is watching her**opens the sliding door a crack, then wide open* Aha! I knew you were spying on me!
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Nov.15 02:53 Well, sorry!!!!!! Would you at least intrudose yourself!!!! *Looks at Rika with inoccent eye's*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 02:55 I wouldn't be caught dead with a googleheaded shrimp like you! Sure I have friends, but they're all my own age! *slams the door on Cecilia's fingers*
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Nov.15 02:56 *Sigh* Teenage trouble.
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Nov.15 02:57 Ochhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Nov.15 02:57 [Is there a front door????]
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 02:58 *yells back at Cecilia* I'm only 13! And if my grandma sees you, she'll call the police!
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 02:58 [Yes, there's a front door!]
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Nov.15 02:59 [Oh, good]
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 03:00 [How do you think Cecilia would've even gotten in if there wasn't a front door?]
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Nov.15 03:00 *Pull's the sliding door open and walk's into her room*
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Nov.15 03:01 [I have know idea]
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 03:02 Get out. *points to the door*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 03:03 [Brb]
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Nov.15 03:03 *Walk's into her room showing her whole body cover'd in mark's even though she has bright blonde hair and blue eye's*
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Nov.15 03:04 Hello!!!!! I'm Cecilia. Look, we got off to a bad start but ummmmm......
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Nov.15 03:05 Could we be friend's???????
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Nov.15 03:07 *Looking at her again with innocent eye's*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 03:09 No. I said that I'm only friends with people my own age. Now get out. *pushes Cecilia out*
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Nov.15 03:12 NOOOO!!!!!
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 03:13 *shuts the door and locks it after Cecilia gets out*
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Nov.15 03:14 Could I sleep here just one night????
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 03:15 [Brb]
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Nov.15 03:16 Please?????
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 03:20 [Back]
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 03:20 No. Why can't you sleep at your house?
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Nov.15 03:21 [Keep Playing??]
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 03:21 [Huh?]
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Nov.15 03:21 Because well well.....
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Nov.15 03:21 I don't have one.
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 03:21 Keep talking.
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 03:22 Wait, what?!
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Nov.15 03:22 My parents just died and I don't have any realitivies who are alive.
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Nov.15 03:23 I was hoping I could spend the night???
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 03:23 Well, can't you sleep at your parent's old house?
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Nov.15 03:24 It's taken...
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 03:26 Really? Well, if you tell them--wait, why am I talking to you? And why are you asking about spending the night, anyway? It's 7 in the morning!
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Nov.15 03:26 By an Kidnapper.
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Nov.15 03:27 [Wait. It's really 7 in the morning!!! Way past Cecilia's bed time!!!]
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 03:29 [No, 7 AM. Most people are awake by then.]
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Nov.15 03:30 [brb 15 min]
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 03:30 [Ok.]
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Nov.15 03:57 So can I sleep with you???
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Nov.15 04:13 I have not slept all night and plus I'm only 8.
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Nov.15 15:06 [Well considering she has not slept all night!!!]
12>Michael (Kidnapper ), 26yo.2015,Nov.15 15:28 *Calls Nicolai back* Sure. Where do you want to meet? How about that old diner?
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 17:23 No, Cecilia. My family doesn't even like visitors we don't know. Now leave me alone.
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Nov.15 17:27 Fine... *Walking out*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 17:29 *goes back to reading her book*
8>Ryo (Kidnapped boy), 14yo.2015,Nov.15 17:32 *knocks on Rika's bedroom door* [They have a kind of open hallway.]
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 17:32 *doesn't even look up* Cecilia, if that's you, the answer is still no.
8>Ryo (Kidnapped boy), 14yo.2015,Nov.15 17:34 It's me.
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 17:34 'Me' who?
8>Ryo (Kidnapped boy), 14yo.2015,Nov.15 17:35 It's Ryo...you know, the boy who--
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 17:36 I get it, Ryo. *unlocks the door and opens it**after Ryo comes in, closes it before Cecilia can get in*
8>Ryo (Kidnapped boy), 14yo.2015,Nov.15 17:36 So, about earlier...
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 17:36 Yes, I know. You meant it in that kind of way.
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Nov.15 17:38 [Cecilias already out.]
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 17:39 [I know, but Rika didn't know.]
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Nov.15 17:43 [Oh! Okay!!]
8>Ryo (Kidnapped boy), 14yo.2015,Nov.15 17:44 Um, yea. That kind of way.
6>Rumiko (Rika's mom), 31yo.2015,Nov.15 17:45 *walks into Rika's room after getting home**tosses a dress at her* Please?
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 17:46 *pushes the dress to the side*
6>Rumiko (Rika's mom), 31yo.2015,Nov.15 17:47 *leaves Rika's room**shuts the door*
8>Ryo (Kidnapped boy), 14yo.2015,Nov.15 17:52 Your mom doesn't understand.
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 17:56 Yea, clearly.
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.15 18:04 *keeps reading the book*
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Nov.15 21:15 *Cecilia is outside now* Sigh..(Thinking) "Where shall I sleep?" [Even though it's 7:00] "Hopfully without being punched!"
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Nov.15 21:21 *Trying to get settled below a tree* "Hope she doesn't find me here." (Thinking)
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.16 19:07 Yeah the dinner works ill meet you there in 5 k bye *hangs up and goes to the dinner waits for Micheal*
12>Michael (Kidnapper ), 26yo.2015,Nov.16 19:10 *Walks to the diner and sees Nicolai sitting down at a booth* * Goes over and sits across from him* Hey
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.16 20:07 hi
20>Destiny (Madison's mom), 25yo.2015,Nov.16 20:19 (Destiny has amber brown hair and greenish blue eyes used to date Michael works as a model for Rumiko)
20>Destiny (Madison's mom), 25yo.2015,Nov.16 20:20 *is at the dinner visiting her home town dosent notice Michael or Nicolai is eating Salad*
6>Rumiko (Rika's mom), 31yo.2015,Nov.17 00:26 [No, Rumiko is her own model.
6>Rumiko (Rika's mom), 31yo.2015,Nov.17 00:26 *]
20>Destiny (Madison's mom), 25yo.2015,Nov.17 01:11 (ok nvm Works for a completely diffreent modleing company that is 10x more successful then Rumiko's has been on the cover of many many magazines)
12>Michael (Kidnapper ), 26yo.2015,Nov.17 03:07 Hey Nicolai. How is it hanging?
6>Rumiko (Rika's mom), 31yo.2015,Nov.17 18:03 [However, Rumiko has been on the covers of magazines, too. But you can keep Destiny where she is.]
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.18 01:43 not good man.. not good at all.. i don't know whats been happening its like i just stopped its like i cant do anything anymore ya know?
12>Michael (Kidnapper ), 26yo.2015,Nov.19 00:12 Dude I know how you feel. Good to see you though. Want to eat anything? I haven't missed or thought about Destiny after she left me..
20>Destiny (Madison's mom), 25yo.2015,Nov.19 05:08 *is wlking out with her drink aciddently trips and spills it on Michael* Oh im so sorry sir let me get you some napkins *runs off to grab some napkins*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.19 05:09 *nudges Michael* dude... was that who i think it was?!
6>Rumiko (Rika's mom), 31yo.2015,Nov.19 22:10 *walks into Rika's room* Rika, put on the dress. We're going to a fancy diner for breakfast. *walks out*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.19 22:12 I guess you'd better go, Ryo.
8>Ryo (Kidnapped boy), 14yo.2015,Nov.19 22:12 Bye. *walks out*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.19 22:12 *closes the door**changes into the dress*
6>Rumiko (Rika's mom), 31yo.2015,Nov.19 22:15 *pulls Rika to the car**takes her to the diner that Nicolai, Michael and Destiny are at*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.19 22:17 *has been yelling at her mom the entire car ride**is still yelling* WHY DID I HAVE TO WEAR THIS STUPID PINK FRILLY DRESS?! I CAN'T BELIEVE MY OWN MOTHER'S A GOGGLEHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6>Rumiko (Rika's mom), 31yo.2015,Nov.19 22:20 Please don't tug on the dress, Rika, you'll rip it.
12>Michael (Kidnapper ), 26yo.2015,Nov.20 01:19 *Shrugs and starts to clean himself up* Yeah I know man... But time has changed..
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.20 01:23 (hi)
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.20 01:23 yeah i guess so,
20>Destiny (Madison's mom), 25yo.2015,Nov.20 01:24 *walks back with the napkins notices its Michael* Michael?...
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.20 01:36 I HATE THIS STUPID FREAKING DRESS!
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.20 01:37 *walks past Rika's house hears them yelling* hmm...
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.20 01:38 whats with them? *keeps walking is looking through her phone accidently bumps into josh* sorr..*looks up and realises its Josh*
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.20 01:38 *starts running*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.20 01:39 [no, it was the fancy diner]
17>Josh (Kidnapper), 19yo.2015,Nov.20 01:39 *just walks past in silence*
6>Rumiko (Rika's mom), 31yo.2015,Nov.20 01:40 Rika, you shouldn't say that about the dress.
6>Rumiko (Rika's mom), 31yo.2015,Nov.20 01:40 [Brb.]
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Nov.20 01:41 *goes home and locks the door*
6>Rumiko (Rika's mom), 31yo.2015,Nov.20 01:43 [back.]
20>Destiny (Madison's mom), 25yo.2015,Nov.20 01:44 *sits back down at her Table*
20>Destiny (Madison's mom), 25yo.2015,Nov.20 01:44 (ok)
6>Rumiko (Rika's mom), 31yo.2015,Nov.20 01:45 [hey, you wanna join Evacuee Story? It was made by Julia on the Rp Alliance.]
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.20 01:47 *sits down at a table**even though it's the middle of summer, puts on her coat so nobody notices the dress*
20>Destiny (Madison's mom), 25yo.2015,Nov.20 01:48 (i might check it out)
6>Rumiko (Rika's mom), 31yo.2015,Nov.20 01:51 Rika, why do you have your coat on? Come to think of it, why did you bring a coat in the first place?
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.20 01:51 None of your beezwax.
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.20 01:53 [Hello?]
20>Destiny (Madison's mom), 25yo.2015,Nov.20 01:55 (hi)
20>Destiny (Madison's mom), 25yo.2015,Nov.20 01:55 *checks her phone*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.20 02:00 Stupid dress.
20>Destiny (Madison's mom), 25yo.2015,Nov.20 02:01 *is actually eves dopping on Rika and Rumiko unintentionaly smirks slightly at Rika's remark*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.20 02:04 *notices Destiny* Hey! Why are you watching us?!
20>Destiny (Madison's mom), 25yo.2015,Nov.20 02:05 *looks up from her phone* me?
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.20 02:07 You were watching us. weren't you?
20>Destiny (Madison's mom), 25yo.2015,Nov.20 02:08 im no i was Texting why do you ask?
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.20 02:09 I can tell when people are eavesdropping on me. So stop, gogglehead.
20>Destiny (Madison's mom), 25yo.2015,Nov.20 02:10 *looks at Rumiko* please control your child she is being very rude *gets up and leaves*
20>Destiny (Madison's mom), 25yo.2015,Nov.20 02:12 *goes home*
12>Michael (Kidnapper ), 26yo.2015,Nov.20 02:50 So now what Nicolai?
12>Michael (Kidnapper ), 26yo.2015,Nov.20 02:51 *Checks his phone and then puts it back* Ugh..
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Nov.20 14:39 [Good Morning!!!]
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.20 23:15 i dont know man... iv been doing the family buisness again but these kids are.. well you know like we were
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.20 23:23 Stupid dress. Stupid diner.
12>Michael (Kidnapper ), 26yo.2015,Nov.21 01:31 Yeah,,, Thank god I have no kids.
3>William (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Nov.21 01:33 (He has blonde hair, blue eyes, he's pretty tall, he was supposed to be a good kid, but now he's a big kidnapper that is not friendly to any kids.)
3>William (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Nov.21 01:34 *He walks into the diner and sits next to Michael* These kids are more of a pain, even worst than you were Michael.
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.21 15:58 Hey will how's it goin?!
3>William (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Nov.21 16:37 Terrible. These new kids are a pain in the butt. I can't deal with it anymore.
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.21 16:40 *bangs head on table*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.21 16:43 *puts on headphones*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.21 16:48 *lifts up head*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.21 18:33 yeah know.. if we work together we could do it
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.21 18:35 ok when we were kids what mistakes did they make? !) left them alone they left us alone by are selfes and we got rescued so we take shifts 2 are friends we need locations were there friends can never find them and 3 they were to soft on us
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.21 18:36 we wernt scared of them but the few times we were we stayed put.. so we take shifts watching them in a remote location and make them scared of us
3>William (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Nov.21 19:40 Yeah we could do that. It depends on who we kidnap and all.
3>William (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Nov.21 19:41 Remember that time when Nick scared Michael so badly.
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.21 19:45 haha yeah
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.21 19:47 oh there is this kid back in town were i live super weak easy find and she is rich so we can get money off of her and lots of it
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.21 20:34 *hears Nicolai and Co. vaguely through your headphones, but doesn't care*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Nov.21 20:35 [*her headphones]
12>Michael (Kidnapper ), 26yo.2015,Nov.22 22:46 Sure, and Nick didn't do anything that scared me! *Punches Will*'
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Nov.22 22:48 [Anyone on??]
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.23 21:23 *chuckles* ok Michael
12>Michael (Kidnapper ), 26yo.2015,Nov.24 00:17 Yeah...
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Nov.24 09:28 ( Hey just so you all know I will be gone all week so i wont be on the rp's for about a week unless i find a random internet conection so see you next tuesday probably)
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.1 00:45 (Im back)
3>William (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Dec.3 19:40 (Okay!)
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Dec.3 19:41 [Hello]
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Dec.3 19:42 [Guess I missed you]
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.5 22:15 Alright so
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.5 22:15 I have a great setup at my place although i need to reanhance the fission cords
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Dec.5 22:16 *bangs head on table*'
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.5 22:21 *looks over and sees Rika* you want to stay away from that little brat.
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.5 22:22 although it would be fun to break that snotty attitude of hers
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.5 22:22 you know what i mean will?
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.5 22:24 Well i should be going ill call you guys later *leaves the dinner*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 00:47 feels like someone is watching her*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.6 00:48 *drives home*
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Dec.6 00:49 *walks in the park humming*
6>Rumiko (Rika's mom), 31yo.2015,Dec.6 00:50 So, Rika, do you remember that song that you sang with your dad when you were little?
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 00:50 Yes, Mom, I remember.
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 00:51 *turns around to see Allison right behind her*
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Dec.6 00:51 (XD why is there a spy in a dinner?)
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 00:52 [It's breakfast right now. And I have no idea.]
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.6 00:53 *notices he forrgot his phone goes back to the diner to get it*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.6 00:54 *goes into the diner sees Allison dressed as a spy* what the...
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 00:54 Why are you here, Spy-Girl?
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.6 00:55 *grabs his phone chuckles slightly and leaves*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.6 00:55 *stands outside the dinner*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 00:56 *follows Allison* So why are we hiding?
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.6 00:57 *stands outside looks at his phone*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 00:58 If you're looking for a fight, you've come to the right person. But I have to warn you, I'm no ordinary girl. And I'm only wearing this stupid dress because my mom made me.
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.6 00:59 *is texting someone*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 01:00 I can handle them. I dealt with the guy outside.
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.6 01:00 *puts his phone away and goes to his car*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.6 01:00 *starts the long drive home*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 01:02 *follows Allison**chucks a big rock at Nicolai's car*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.6 01:02 *hees a loud thud slowly stops the car and gets out sees Allison on the roof* why did you jump up thee you could have gotten hurt get off
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.6 01:03 *heres*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.6 01:03 Listen just beacause you put a blanket on dosent mean i cant see you get off my car
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 01:04 Lucky that I'm wearing leggings with this stupid thing.
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.6 01:05 OW! Get off my car beforre i call the police!
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 01:05 We wouldn't care!
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.6 01:05 (there isnt that kind of tech in this rp...)
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.6 01:05 *looks at Rika* of corse its you. what do you guyss want?!
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.6 01:06 (nvm)
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.6 01:06 *gets in his car and dives off*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 01:07 He got away. Later, gogglehead. *goes back inside the diner*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.6 01:08 (invisiblity tech is to advanced for this rp sorry although you could have a spall camera and projector that projects things behind you onto the front of you you wouldnt be completly invisible but no one would notice you on first glance)
6>Rumiko (Rika's mom), 31yo.2015,Dec.6 01:08 Rika, what were you thinking?!
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.6 01:09 *goes home sees Allison still on his car roof sighs* why are you still on my car?!
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 01:09 Fashion is your thing, action is my thing.
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 01:09 [Brb.]
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.6 01:11 (k)
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.6 01:12 this is private property if you dont leave i will call the cops
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.6 01:14 *sighs* listen kid what possible reason could you have forr riding my car?!
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 01:15 [Back.]
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.6 01:15 *sighs* there is a wrinkle in your shirt i can still see you.
6>Rumiko (Rika's mom), 31yo.2015,Dec.6 01:15 Rika, I still don't want you doing things like that. It's dangerous.
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.6 01:16 (ok)
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 01:16 Danger, schmanger.
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.6 01:16 *turns around* Get off my roof! get off my properrty go do kid stuff i dont know!
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.6 01:17 what everr! * goes into his house and locks the door behind him*
18>Maddi (Kidnapper), 18yo.2015,Dec.6 01:17 *breaks into the diner*
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 01:18 I've had enough with these goggleheaded kidnappers!
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 01:19 *kicks Maddi in the face*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.6 01:19 *looks out the window* i dont kidnap! people are you insaine?! I make inventison im an inventor i also work forr the government!
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.6 01:22 oh yeah fine! *goes inside and gets his government inventors license holds it out the window for herre to se* Thee is my licencee were is yourse?! last time i checked they dont hire kids in the government!
18>Maddi (Kidnapper), 18yo.2015,Dec.6 01:22 *tries to put Rika in a headlock*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.6 01:22 oh yeah sue me for now ussing proper grammer when im mad!
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 01:22 *breaks free by punching Maddi in the nose*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.6 01:24 listen kid what do you want?!
Player 102015,Dec.6 01:25 (Hey, Caprial, you can feel free to delete this slot when you're done. It's just Silver, and I wanted to say that I sent a request on Hangouts, and it should be working.)
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.6 01:26 (k)
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 01:26 [Wanna go on A Matter Of Magic, Silver?]
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.6 01:27 Last time i checked recomended dosent mean approved!
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.6 01:28 i dont care just leave me alone!
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 01:29 [I'm bored. Bye.]
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.6 01:30 *a picture of two kids sitting in a tree falls out his window sighs goes outside and picks it up and brings it back inside his house is filled with pictures of this one girl who looks about 14 and in some pictures a young boy about 16 in there to*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.6 01:30 (if you keep pushing him he prrobably will kidnap you)
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.6 01:34 (aww ok ttyl)
7>Rika (Kidnapped girl), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 05:26 *puts headphones back on*
12>Michael (Kidnapper ), 26yo.2015,Dec.6 23:03 *Is driving around with Will and drives to his house*]
3>William (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Dec.6 23:05 *Laughs at Michael* So Destiny left you huh? Michael: Nope. I just couldn't take the pain anymore.
3>William (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Dec.6 23:06 Well, these brats are annoying and aren't the same. I miss the good old days when Nick, Mattew, Todd, etc used to kidnap us.
12>Michael (Kidnapper ), 26yo.2015,Dec.6 23:06 Yeah.. Those times were golden.
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Dec.6 23:43 *is walking on the sidewalk sees Michael's car coming up ahead shrughs and keeps walking*
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Dec.11 23:17 *Is at the park* *Somehow got to the park!*
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Dec.11 23:18 [XD.]
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.18 21:26 Alright thats it you little pest! *grabs Allisons are firmly and quickly injects something that makes her fall asleep*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.18 21:27 *takes all the gadgets and things she has with her then ties her up with fission cord*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.18 21:28 (fission cord shocks you every time you strugle and with more and move voltage each time if you stuggle enough the incresing voltage could knock you out or even kill you)
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.18 21:29 *takes all her gadgets and burns them in case they have a tracing device on any of them*
3>William (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Dec.23 15:36 *Enters his house and looks around* It feels weird being here and not seeing Todd all the time..
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.24 19:13  Secret message to Rika  
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.24 19:13  Secret message to Rika  
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Dec.24 19:15 * knocks on William's door*
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.25 05:21 (Connor has brown hair and blue eyes. He is rather serious and is very smart most of the time. He is very defensive, especially towards those he cares about. He loves playing with knives and playing video games)
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.25 05:27 *Is walking down the alleys*
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.25 05:44 (When i said defensive, i meant like if they were in trouble or threatened in any way, he'd get really defensive.)
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.25 05:48 (He loves doing parkour and if needed, can put up a fight. He doesnt talk much, except for when he talks to friends. Even then, he doesnt usually talk much.)
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.25 05:54 (Sorry i meant green eyes)
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.25 06:52 *sits there paticantly waiting for Allison to wake up*
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.26 06:38 *starts climbing the side of Nicolai's house. Loses his grip and falls, yelping as he hits the hard ground*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.26 08:51 *hears the thud rushes outside goes behind Connor and inject something into him causing him to be knocked out*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.26 08:52 *takes all the weponds off him* how many knives dose this kid have?!
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.26 08:52 *ties him up with fission cord next to Allison*
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.26 08:52 (XD as if he wasnt already knocked out!)
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.26 08:53 (yep)
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.26 08:54 *whe
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.26 08:54 (Darn it!! Touchscreen phones!! XD)
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.26 08:55 (ikr? no i dont i dont have a phone :p)
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.26 08:58 *wakes up after a while* .... *looks over and sees allison* what?
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.26 09:00 oh you woke up first i'm not surprized
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Dec.26 20:21 *Looks around innocently.*
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2015,Dec.26 20:22 [I changed Cecilia/Abigal's name BTW.]
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.27 00:51 What's going on here? Where am I?
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.27 22:24  Secret message to Abigal  
3>William (Kidnapper), 26yo.2015,Dec.28 16:07 *Opens his door and sees Madison there* How can I help you?
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Dec.28 19:14 *looks down at her paper then up again* Oh sorry i think i got the wrong address im delivering things from my moms shop so unless you ordered a makeup kit i should be going sorry
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2015,Dec.28 19:14 *turns around and starts to walk away*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.30 06:28 Your in a basement
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.31 04:48 *rolls his eyes* No der, idiot.
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.31 04:49 Well if you knew why did you ask?
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.31 04:51 Its obvious im in a freakin basement. But where am I? And why am I here?
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.31 04:54 you were climbing on my roof so i tied you up in my basement
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.31 04:56 Well thats a stupid reason. You could have just told me not to. I wouldve left.
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.31 04:58 *chuckles slightly* yeah but this is more fun
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.31 05:02 I should inform you that i was on my way to a special meeting. If im really, really late, which i am, they will come to find me. They'll bring the CIA and they'll kill you. If you want to continue... whatever it is youre doing, you should let me go.
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.31 05:05 kid, i have been doing this for a long time im not stupid enough to lock you up in my acctual house and no one has ever found me before
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.31 05:08 let me ask you a question what day is it? or at least what time of day?
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.31 05:09 you dont know beacause after you got knocked out from falling off my roof i gave you a little something extra to keep you asleep for a long long time kid
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.31 05:11 *in a cocky attitude* i found you! She found you. Cuz here you are.
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.31 05:12 I dont care what time it is.
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.31 05:12 what the heck is that saposed to mean?
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.31 05:12 You tell me.
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.31 05:13 well if you want you can forget about time beacause you are going to be for a long time and you will get tired of trying to count days
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.31 05:15 What about weeks?
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.31 05:15 to count weeks you have to count days
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.31 05:17 oh hello princess you finally woke up
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.31 05:18 hmm how about you take wild guess
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.31 05:20 *smiles* girls always end up in tears
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.31 05:22 now here is the thing if i was planning to let you go i would have done this whole thing diffrent and kept my identity a secret
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.31 05:25 Who ARE you exactly?
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.31 05:25 Now I am going now you can attempt to talk to him but he is a smart aleck so i doubt he will be much comfert *walks upstairs and closes and locks the doors behind him*
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.31 05:27 *looks at Allison* What do you mean by that?
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.31 05:30 Has something like this happened before to you?
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.31 05:34 *comes downstairs beacause of the loud bang* oh she knocked herself out.. how sad
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.31 05:35 *sarcastically* Well that was useful. *yells at the door* Just letting you know, as interesting as you are, you are really annoying! What kind of person just leaves without answering someones question!
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.31 05:35 (nvm)
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.31 05:35 I find you mildly annoying...
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.31 05:35 (im so so so so so sorry Kalista i didnt know you were on vacation! )
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.31 05:36 Thank you *sits down*
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.31 05:38 So why'd you do this in the first place?
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.31 05:38 well thats my buisness not yours
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.31 05:39 Well screw you, too.
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.31 05:41 well ok then *chuckles slightly*
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.31 05:41 How long has she been here? *nods to Allison*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.31 05:42 you remind me of the last guy i kidnapped
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.31 05:42 longer then you
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.31 05:44 And you call her "princess"....
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.31 05:44 that i did
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.31 05:46 *stares at nicolai*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.31 05:47 *chuckles slightly*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.31 05:48 you are quite brave given the situation
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.31 05:48 So how do i eat? Do you feed me? What a luxury.
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.31 05:49 not a chance
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.31 05:50 ...
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.31 05:50 whats your name?
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.31 05:50 why do you need to know?
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.31 05:52 Why do you need to know why?
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.31 05:52 why dose anyone whant to know anything?
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.31 05:55 Why do you question all my questions?
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.31 05:55 i dont
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.31 05:56 names are pointless the only time you use them is when you are talking about them when they are not there
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.31 05:57 and im not one for gossip
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.31 05:58 So when I need to talk to you I'm supposed to just say "Hey, random idiot who kidnaps people! I need to talk to you!"?
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.31 05:59 Why would you need to talk to me? i wont come unless i want to and you could just normally yell hey or something but if you really need a name its Nicolai
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.31 06:00 *clearly something on his mind*
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.31 06:00 *now that he knows nicolais name*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.31 06:02 if you are planning to look for your cell phone or many..many wepons and other possesions i got rid of them all
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.31 06:02 *immitates russian accent* Nicolai cannot die! he-ey, that rhymes!
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.31 06:03 yes it dose
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.31 06:06 *continues imitating russian accent*
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.31 06:07 *continues imitating russian accent*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.31 06:07 if you are to annoying i could just kill you
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.31 06:08 Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.31 06:09 Die by the hand of Nicolai! Hey, that rhymes!
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.31 06:09 alright im done
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.31 06:09 *stops imitating*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.31 06:09 are you a scarecrow by any chance
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.31 06:10 *stops imitating*
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.31 06:10 scarecrow?
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.31 06:11 I couldnt resist the quotes
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.31 06:12 yes because you haven't got a brain
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.31 06:12 Who says I don't I never said I was SANE.
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.31 06:12 But i do have a brain
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.31 06:14 Well only someone extremely stupid wouldn't be terrified in this situation
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.31 06:14 Once again. Never said I was Sane.
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.31 06:14 even a insane person would be gravely concern
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.31 06:15 How would you know? Not all people who are insane are the same.
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.31 06:17 true
4>Alex (Kidnapped kid), 14yo.2015,Dec.31 06:25 (Alex: Alex is 14 she has brown hair and blue eyes has been kidnapped by Nicolai for a long time she is in the attic she has given up hope and stopped speaking a long time ago)
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.31 06:26 Oh i have an idea i will be back in a few minutes *goes upstairs*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.31 06:27 *comes back downstairs a few minute later With Alex and ties her up with fission cor next to Connor*
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2015,Dec.31 06:29 she is awake she just dosent talk anymore but yep i have things i need to do so bye *goes upstairs and locks the door*
4>Alex (Kidnapped kid), 14yo.2015,Dec.31 06:30 *kicks the ground slightly*
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.31 06:34 Can you talk and just dont?
4>Alex (Kidnapped kid), 14yo.2015,Dec.31 07:10 *mumbles slightly* yep
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.31 07:18 *nods* okay. Whats your name?
4>Alex (Kidnapped kid), 14yo.2015,Dec.31 07:18 alex
2>Connor (Kid), 16yo.2015,Dec.31 07:21 Why dont you talk?
4>Alex (Kidnapped kid), 14yo.2015,Dec.31 07:21 reasons
4>Alex (Kidnapped kid), 14yo.2015,Dec.31 07:26 *kicks a small pebble*
4>Alex (Kidnapped kid), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 04:01 *glances over at Allison then at the ground*
12>Michael (Kidnapper ), 26yo.2016,Jan.3 16:51 *He and William go back to the diner and eat some more dinner* Well that young girl is definitely someone we can capture.
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2016,Jan.3 20:23  Secret message to Nicolai  
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2016,Jan.4 05:18  Secret message to Abigal  
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2016,Jan.4 05:19 (Abigal is going to Replace Allison with being kidnapped so Abigal was kidnaped not Allison)
5>Madison (kid), 14yo.2016,Jan.4 18:27 *goes to the Diner alone and gets some icecream sits alone and happily eats it*
4>Alex (Kidnapped kid), 14yo.2016,Jan.5 06:14 I do talk just never to him
13>Abigal (NOT kidnapped child), 8yo.2016,Jan.5 13:32  Secret message to Nicolai  
4>Alex (Kidnapped kid), 14yo.2016,Jan.5 18:38 *glances over at Abigal who is still asleep*
4>Alex (Kidnapped kid), 14yo.2016,Jan.6 03:51 How long has she been asleep?
1>Nicolai (Kidnapper), 25yo.2016,Jan.10 05:01 (I am archiving this game bc no one goes on it any more)