" The Last Olympians " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 11 to 18 years of age.
This is an rpg kind of based on the Percy Jackson series, only the main characters are the Olympians, instead of them being their children. The Olympians are the major deities of the Greeks (Zeus, Hera, Artemis etc.) as kids ages 12 to 16. Their goal in the game is going to be destroying a new rising threat in order to bring balance to the world once again. The only problem: None of them know who they truly are. Can they realize their destinies before it's too late?

1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:17 Hello all! Let me tell you all the simple rules of this game. Obviously, you can not have any bad minded messages. Never! Your character must be from 12 to 16, unless I tell you otherwise!
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:18 You can't be all powerful...at least not yet, anyway. Right now, the character is just a normal kid going about their everyday lives.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:19 Your first character should be one of the major deities to start with, but you can add lesser ones later, if you like.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:20 You should know at least a little bit about the Greeks, and their myths, in order to play this. The knowledge doesn't have to be extensive, but you should have some.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:21 You must come on at LEAST once a week. No less, or your character will be deleted!
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:21 If you have any questions, you can always ask! Until then, have fun playing!
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:22 Oh, and please don't take deities once they've already been taken. For example, Zeus (Zane) has now been taken.
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 17:26 (Hi! I'm joining as Annalise, the kid version of Hera! Has shoulder length light brown hair, and blue eyes. Super bossy and arragant, thinks she's better than everyone, but she's also probably the most mature)
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:27 (awesome! By the way, Zane is obviously the child version of Zeus. He has spiky blonde hair, and electric blue eyes. He's also somewhat bossy, but he's also a really good leader)
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:29 (let's begin the roleplay!)
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:29 ok
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:29 I meant to make my name Anna for Athena but I completly forgot.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:30 *walks around in the orphanage he lives in. Opens a small book in the corner, titled "Greek Legends"
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:30 (that's fine. You can still change it)
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:30 How do you change youur name?
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:30  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Arrows  
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:31 Perfect!
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:31 go to modify profile, and change the name)
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:31   + 5 Intellect points to Anna  
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:32   + 5 Wisdom points to Anna  
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:32 Ok and thanks for the intellect points.
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:32 and wisdom points
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:32 (some smart points for you, considering athena is the goddess of wisdom and strategy)
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:33 were is modify profile?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:33 *begins to read the book*
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:33 Yeah, that makes sense.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:33 (at the bottom, near help)
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:33 * works on math problem*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:34 (is a girl verison of haties is not thaat evil yet she has a sick sence of humor and loves to pull pranks)
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:35 Thanks! * thinks pi 3.1415926535
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:35   + 5 Power points to Hiry  (cool!)
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:35 *comes over by Zane and Athena* hey whats up?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:35   + 5 Strength points to Hiry  
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:35 *smiles* Nothing much.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:35 Just reading this new book
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:36 hi hiry!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:36 *looks over at her math problem* pie is a never ending number just stick with 3.14
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:36 * finishes math*
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 17:36 *walks over to the others* Hey everyone! Didn't see you come in!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:37 do you guys want to prank Annalise later tonight?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:38 *stops talking when Annalise comes in*
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:38 * i know but pie is delicious! Pi is math. Combine them and you get my favorite pie ( or a pi pie on pi day)
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 17:38 (just changed my name to Harriet. It's closer to Hera, so it makes more sense than Annalise)
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:38 hi Annalise I was just talking about you
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:38 * whispers to Hiry* sure!
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 17:39 My name is Harriet!
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 17:39 NOT ANNALISE!
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 17:39 *glares at Hiry*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:39 so do you guys want to get pizza later on or something?
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:39 * harriet is bossy, it makes sense to anyway* Athena whispered to Hiry
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:40 * pizza!!!!!!* i love pizza
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:40 i love pizza and hot sauce
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:40 *whispers to Hiry* I'll come too.
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:40 Can we get Sprite with it?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:41 have you ever hat hot sauce on pizza?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:41 ya we can get soada it will be fun
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:41 Olives is my favorite topping!
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 17:41 You guys are really immature! *leaves the room*
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:42 Hot saue on pizza..... hmmm..
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:42 *gets up* ill get it what kind of pizza do you guys want?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:42 *laughs at Harriet as she leaves*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:42 mmm pizza
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 17:42 *sighs, sitting outside the room*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:43 I like pepperoni pizza I guess.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:43 that was a great diverstion but now i really want pizza i am going to go get pizza
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:43 * also laughs at Harriet*
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:44 Papa Zeus's?
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:44 or Pizza palace?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:44 * walks to pizza place but sees Herriet sitting outside sits by her* whats up
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:44 Papa Zeus's!
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 17:45 *sighs sadly*
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 17:45 It's just that you guys seem to hate me so much.
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:45 I wonder if Harriet wants pizza?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:45 I am going to buy pizza do you want some you can pick a topping
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:45 Wooo!!!
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:45 I perfer olives
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 17:46 *smiles* Sure. I'll help pay for it.
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 17:46 I like mushroom.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:46 we dont hate you *helps Harriet up* come on lets go get some pizza
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:46 *follows them*
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:46 ( BTW, Papa Zeus's is like Papa Johns)
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:47 *walks to the pizza place orders a large pizza with mushrooms olives and peperonie then sits down at the table*
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:47 * follows Hiry* We didn't get to pull a prank on Harriet! :(
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:47 I didnt order hot sauce on it i brought my own I dont want to burn your faces off
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 17:48 *glares at Anna* What?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:48 *smiles* Nothing.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:48 *wispers to Athena* later tonight
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:48 harriet, I don't hate you either.
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:49 *got it*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:49 Hey, you guys should look at this book.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:49 *wispers to Herrate* we are planning Zanes serprize party
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:49 It's pretty cool.
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:49 when is the pizza readdy?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:49 ooh! the pizza is here *pays the pizza guy in full* its on me
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:50 What?
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:50 Pizza! * grabs a slice*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:50 Sweet, thanks!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:50 *takes a pice and poures a puddle of hot sauce on it and eats it* mmm! that is so good
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:50 *grabs a pepperoni slice*
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:50 With Sprite?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:51 do any of you want some hot sauce?
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:51 i will try with hot sauce
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:51 * tries* Yuck!!!!
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:51 Nasty....
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:51 i forgot the sprite one sec *go to the counter and orders 4 large sprites*
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 17:52 *whispers to Hiry* By the way, if it's Zane's surprise party, then you should use Greek mythogy. It's his favorite.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:52 *brigs them back after she pays for it* here you go
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:52 Do you guys want to watch a movie at the theathers?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:52 *nods*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:52 *smiles* I know I do!
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:53 thanks, Hiry!
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 17:53 Sure.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:53 ya sure but maby later
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:53 Ok, then what movie?
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:54 That's what I meant like after pizza.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:54 *purs hot sauce in her sprite and driks it*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:54 hot sauce makes anythig good
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:54 * texts Artemis*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:54 What's playing?
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:54 What?!?!?! Hot sauce in Sprite!!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:55 *burps and a little puff of smoke comes out*
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:55 Artemis wants to go to the surprise party. * grins*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:55 I'll give you ten bucks if you drink just plain hot sauce!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:55 that is wird... *reads the hot sauce lable* what is in this stuff....
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:55 Too spicy?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:56 ok *driks the whole bottle with no problem*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:56 no hot sauce isnt spicy everythig else is just bland
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:56 Awesome! *hands her ten bucks*
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:57 i wonder if it's the Ghost Pepper. It makes everything spicy as one of the hottest peppers
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:57 What surprise party?
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:57 Ahhh...
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:57 Never mind.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:57 Zane pay up... you should have known i drink plain hot sauce all the time
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:57 *counts the money*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:58 (I'll modify the game so you get ten extra dollars)
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:58 * exhanges worried glanes with Hiry*\
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:58 gost pepers are yummy
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:58 :)
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:59 Well...nevermind I guess.
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:59 Way too spicy for me...
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 17:59 Is Harriet still here?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 17:59 Whats Serprize party?
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 18:00 Maybe went to the athroom.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:00 I think she left...
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 18:00 *decided that it was just too immature for her*
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 18:00 * sighs* I was talking to Harriet about a surprise party for Zeus*
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 18:00 *she ended up going back to the orphanage*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:01 *drinks more sprite burps small balls of smoke* it is not the hot sauce what is in this sprite!!
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 18:01 Sorry for the spoiler Zane.....
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:02 Thats ok.
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 18:02 Carbonation bubbles..
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:02 What is in that sprite?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:02 Thats not carbonation.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:02 It's smoke!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:02 *reads the lable*
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 18:02 I guess it will just be a party.
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 18:02 WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 18:03 * spits out Sprite*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:03 maby the carbon....
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:03 when you guys burp you dont give out smoke
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 18:03 ( i have to leave right now, so I have to exit RPG. Bye!!
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:03 Well, I think we've all had too much sprite.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:04 What do you say we head back to the orphanage?
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 18:04 Maybe, it is the pizza1
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:04 maybe it a mix of the hot sauce and the sprite.... Zane drik some of my soda to se if you burp smoke
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 18:04 Good Idea.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:05 ya ok .. but i have to see if its just me
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 18:05 I will be back tomorrow.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:05 WHy ME?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:05 drink the soda and burp
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 18:05 Bye! For real this time!
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 18:05 ?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:05 beacause athena is to scared to
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:05 (bye)
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:05 (bye!)
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:06 Fine *takes the soda*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:06 please
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:06 thanks
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 18:06 :(
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:06 *takes a large drink*
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 18:07 What?!! I am not scared! I just have to head to bed.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:07 did you burp smoke?
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 18:07 Night.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:07 No...I feel fine.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:07 ok Athena good night you can try if you want
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:07 Nothing happened.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:08 night *takes the soda and burps smoke*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:08 maybe its just me...
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:08 Night Anna!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:09 its late lets get to bed
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:09 Yeah.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:09 Night Hiry.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:09 We can prank Harriet tomorrow.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:10 *crawls into her bed next to the Window*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:10 ya
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:10 *yawns and more smoke comes out*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:11 this cant be healthy.....
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:11 Ok, you can be honest with us Hiry. Have you been smoking?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:11 Zane have you ever read about someone breathing out smoke?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:11 no!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:12 i never smoked a day in my life that is nasty and gross and eww!!!!
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:12 I have read about it.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:12 It's in this book here.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:12 *hands her Greek Legends*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:13 why do you think i am breathing out smoke?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:13 I don't know, Hiry...
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:14 *reads out loud* when young Haties was a kid he did not know he was a god but soon he started breathing out smoke one day he fell into a fire and didnt get hurt he learned to control his powers
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:15 Sounds about right.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:15 That was Hades, lord of the dead.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:15 he could do great things but the others teased him so her turened into an evil dark under lord who rules the dead
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:16 that... that is just a myth a scary story they tell to kids
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:16 Yeah, the others forced him to.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:16 The other deities I mean.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:16 *looks at Zane with concern* right? its not real right?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:16 Its not real.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:17 But your symptoms are.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:17 *looks out the window at the stars*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:17 I dont know maybe i should go to a doctor
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:17 Don't worry. We'll figure it out.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:18 what if the doctor doesnt belive me?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:18 (I've got to go for a while! I'll come back soon! Bye for now.)
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:19 ya your right *goes to sleep yawns* we will see tomarrow
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 18:19 (ok bye)
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:04 (I'm back!) --THE NEXT MORNING--
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:04 *yawns sleepily, rubbing his eyes*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:05 *glances at his book, wondering just a bit if maybe...it was real*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:06 No...Stop imagining things...
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 19:06 *walks near Zane's room, and hears him talking to someone*
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 19:07 *knocks on his door* Zane? Who you talking to?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:07 *startled, he opens the door, and sees Harriet* Oh, Harriet, it's you. I was...well, I was talking to myself.
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 19:08 *nods* Ok, then. Hey, I was wondering if you could let me borrow that book you were reading...
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:09 *wakes up*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:09 *a little confused, he holds up the book* You mean this? Well, sure. Why do you want it?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:10 *walks through the door yawns and more smoke comes out* uggh!
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 19:10 *not answering* THanks Zane! You're a life saver! *hugs him, and runs off*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:11 Hiry!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:14 ya Zane?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:15 this smoke is anoying
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:16 *yawns as more smoke comes out* i need to see a doctor
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:17 *sighs*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:18 *coughfs a little and a small spark catches her shoe on fire* AHHH!!!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:19 Its not burning why cant i feel any burning help!!!
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:19 Here, I'll call one. *picks up the phone, but as he touches it, he gets an electric shock*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:20 Ow!
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:20 *tries to call, but keeps getting electocuted*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:21 HELP!
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:21 SOMEONE!
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 19:22 *hears the yelling*
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 19:22 *rushes over to see Hiry burning*
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 19:22 Oh man!
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 19:23 *hurries to get water*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:23 *pours a near by cup of water on her foot and it isnt burnt*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:23 *stares at his hands, which are now glowing with blue electricity* What's happening to us...
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:24 Zane please tell me there is a logical explination to this
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 19:24 *returns with water, only to find that Hiry is ok*
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 19:24 What just happened?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:24 this is not Normal
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:25 *shakes his head*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:25 No, it's not.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:25 And I don't think a doctor will help.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:25 i coughfed and a ember came of of my mouth and lit my foot on fire but i couldnt feel it burning
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:26 ok um we need a logical explination to this
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:26 *suddenly, the owners of the orphanage come to inspect all of the screaming*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:26 *they see Zane's hands, and the smoke*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:26 We need to run, Hiry.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:27 We need to go, now.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:27 ok fire cant hurt me and i breath smoke and zanes hands are covered in blue elextricity but he isnt hurt
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:28 *the owners begin to back away, scared*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:29 Hiry! *Zane starts to rush towards the windows*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:29 *the owners get over their shock, and are starting to get mad*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:29 Owner: Call the Police!
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 19:30 *confused, she runs towards Zane*
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 19:30 What's happening? WHy are your hands electric?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:31 I don't know...we have to get out of here though!
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:31 *opens the window, and hears cop sirens*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:31 That's not good...
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 19:32 What about Hiry?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:32 *tries to see Hiry, but the door gets knocked down, and police enter*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:33 *runs and catches up with the others*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:33 this is bad ill hold off the police
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 19:33 What's happening?
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 19:34 Ok. *follows Zane onto the roof out the window*
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 19:34 Anna!
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:34 Anna come on!
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:34 (we sort of set the building on fire...now the cops are after us)
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:35 *climbs onto the roof*
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 19:36 Ok * sprints out of room*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:36 *the building is surrounded by police*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:36 *doent know how but makes a wall of fire in frount of the police*
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 19:36 * thenclimbs roof*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:36 *they are trapped on the roof*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:36 what are we going to do?!!!
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 19:36 * shouts* help!
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:37 I don't know...
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 19:37 HELpPPPPPPPPPPp!!!!!1
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:37 the police are going to catch us
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:37 (by the way, Zeus is the god of the sky, so he can fly)
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 19:37 I think we are doomed!
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:37 (he'll end up flying them out of this)
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:37 wait? why are we running from the police cant they help us?
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 19:37 We are so toast.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:38 maybe they want to help us *sound unsure*
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 19:38 I don't think they want to help.
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 19:38 Yeah, why not
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:38 wat will we do
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:38 *feels the wind around him shift*
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 19:38 * shouts even louder* HELLLLppPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:38 *starts to get pulled up by the wind*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:39 Uh...guys!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:39 we are different people are afraid of different
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 19:39 My arrows might help!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:39 Zane you are riding wind?!!!
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 19:39 .....
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 19:39 Whaaaa...
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:39 I think so!
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:40 Grab on
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 19:40 I'll save you with arrows
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:40 we might be able to get out!
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:40 *hold out his hand for the others*
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 19:40 ill aim at the police to daze them.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:40 *grabes zanes hand is now on the wind thigy*
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 19:41 *grabs on*
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 19:41 Anna! Hurry!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:41 whoa
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 19:41 Umm my arrows are missing! * clings to zane's hand*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:41 HOLD ON!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:41 Anna get on
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:41 *starts to fly off*
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 19:41 Are we all safe?
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 19:42 I am on!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:42 *hold on* do you know how to drive this thing?
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 19:42 *screams*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:42 NO!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:42 guys! remember our tree house from when we were kids?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:42 *they fly randomly*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:42 Yeah!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:43 head there it is loaded with my pranks and booby traps
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 19:43 It was awesome!
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 19:43 Harriet, are you okay?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:43 Ok! *attempts to steer*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:43 i planed for a mass army and it has an under ground shoot
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 19:43 ......
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 19:44 That's good.
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 19:44 I'm fine! Just sort of...confused!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:44 it has escape tunnels and things i didnt tell you about
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 19:44 :)
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:44 *crash lands near the house*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:44 *they get to the tree house
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:44 Ow!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:45 *Climbs the ladder*
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 19:45 Are we all safe?
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 19:45 I think so
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 19:45 I just have a small bruise.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:45 *tapps a nail 3 times with her foot and a tunnel opends up*
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 19:45 :)
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:45 Woah...
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 19:46 ...
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 19:46 Amazing!!!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:46 get in it has my safe place... its were i go when i am not at the orfanage
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:46 *looks around*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:46 Ok.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:47 *when everyone is in she closes it walks to a steel vault door and enters the code*
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 19:47 Does it have survival tools?
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 19:47 How did you make all this?
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 19:48 * gasps wehen insie*
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 19:48 gasps when inside
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 19:48 Whoa!
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 19:48 Hiry, how do you make this?!
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 19:49 ...........
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:51 *it looks like the perfect club hangout place*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:52 *closes the steel door and locks it* it is sound proof it has oven microwave bathroom beds bean bag chairs arcade games and a sterio
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:53 I took a long time to make this i also have a room in case of a zombie epocolips
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:55 (I have to go for a bit. My dad needs help with something. I'll be back
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 19:59 (ok)
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 20:00 oh and i have a shoot conected to the grocry store all i have to do is insert cash and type in what i want and it slides down
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 20:02 I found this old vault along time agao it was colappsed so i cleaned it out and i found that it was filled with money so i bought some things and fixed it up i still have millions here but it is my emegency money for when i need it
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 20:03 i made this a long time ago incase of a zombie apocolips i planed it for you guys to it should work for now
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 20:05 it has a few rooms it has a bathroom a kitchen dining room living room game room and a bedroom with 6 beds
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 20:06 it has 15 differnt escape shoots leading to different places they are all hidden
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 20:06 oh and the wepon room i forgot about that
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 20:07 *sits down in a nearby bean bag chair* my parents helpped me make this before they left
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.13 20:08 WOW!!!!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 20:09 the weopon/ traing room is fire proof when i was little i used to make fire but when my parents left i went out to find then and the orfanage took me in i told then i could make fire but they thought i was dilustional
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 20:10 i promised my dad i would never show people so i didnt so i forgot about it for a while
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 20:10 but the smoke was new
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 20:10 so make yourselfs at home
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 20:11 i am going to practice this fire thing *walks into a room with automatic doors
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 20:12 *is going to re teach herlself about her powers*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 20:12 *starts creating tiny sparks
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 20:13 makes sparks fly up moves them around making desingens*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:14 (well, I'm back from helping my dad!) *walks into the training room* Hey, Hiry! Neat designs.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:14 I got more info about the book.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:14 Turns out that my..."powers" are in here too.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:15 Only, they're about Zeus, lord of the skies and storms.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:15 I don't think that this is a coincidence.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:15 great
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:15 *turns away* I think it might be...real.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:16 listen *sees something on one of the pages of the book* let me see that for a second
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:16 *hands her the book*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:16 *looks at the book*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:17 What's wrong?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:18 Hiry?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:18 *goes to the Haties page* See righ there *moves her hand over it* on this page when i put my hand over it it glows slightly.... just maybe...
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:19 *flips to the Zeus page*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:19 *puts his hand over it*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:19 *it glows*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:19 *hold a small spark of fire over the page and words apear mutters them aloud* congradulation... you found out this is real? *the page starts glowing drops the book*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:19 oh man that .... that is real
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:20 *stares in wonder*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:20 use your power when you read it it shows words like invisible ink
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:20 I don't understand!
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:20 *uses lightning*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:20 *the words appear*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:21 what does it say?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:21 It says...Congratulations.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:21 You have found the first step in the prophecy.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:22 same on mine here let me see someting *turns it back to the Haties page*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:22 What is it?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:23 *uses power to read* you have the powers of the greek gods the pages you can read are the powers of the god you have
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:23 Woah, what?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:23 Zane? were did you get this book
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:24 It was the only thing left from my parents.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:24 I never really knew them.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:25 *reads a little more* we know you found this so a portal will bring you to Olimpus for ferther training?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:25 Wait, what?1
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:26 something is wrong this.... this cant be real *hands the book back to Zane
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:26 Something is going on...
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:26 And...what about the...prophecy?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:27 ok so what do we do i have fire powers and you have lightning powers.... what would happen if the police found us?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:27 this must be a prank a joke something this isnt real
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:28 I don't know.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:28 I just don't
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:28 but it is at the same time....
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:28 Why would they prank us like this?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:28 ok um lets not worry about what how or when and lets just try to learn to control our special abilities
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:29 Ok. I agree.
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 22:29 *walks into the training room*
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 22:29 You guys might want to see this...
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:29 maybe they are getting me back for all the times we pranked then i mean Harriet and Anna dont have powers
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 22:29 *shows them the outside*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:30 *trys making small fires*
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 22:30 *its surrounded*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:30 ....
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:30 *allows lightning in his hands to grow*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:31 *his eyes begin to glow*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:31 wepond.... they are all water guns!
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:31 What?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:32 *makes a small fire in her hand*lets not attack until they break in
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:32 my weponds i was a kid all i have are water guns and tomato catapults!
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:32 Oh...
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:33 This isn't good...
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:33 and water mellons get me a watermellon i have an idea
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:33 *gets her a melon*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:33 have you ever had a watermelon roast before?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:33 What's the plan?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:33 if you have a watermelon and heat it up it exploads
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:34 I like where this is going.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:34 i have heat if the break in i will make them all explode
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:35 line the melons up a few feet away from the door
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:35 *lines them up*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:35 Now we wait>
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:36 there is a flat sceen behind it there is a trap door Zane stay with me to help fight them off i will take the exit behind the stave you take the bean bag exit
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:36 harriet anna go through the flat screen trap door
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:37 You heard her! Go!
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 22:37 *runs with Anna through the trap door*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:37 they wont be able to fallow all of us when the mellons explode me and Zane will run to our exits they wound be able to see with hot mellons exploding
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:38 Sounds good *he's really actually very nervous*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:38 they will be at the old rock skipping pound we will meet them there once we go out of ours unless police fallow us then we lead them away to the grocry store
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:39 You got it.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:39 *waits*
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 22:40 *stands with Anna*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:40 listen if police catch me i will send a piller of fire into they sky that means do not come for me same with you and lightning got it?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:40 *hesitates*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:40 I...ok...
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:41 and if they try to get information out of you or i dont tell them anything exept for that we are at the cave on the east wood then they will go there and we can get away
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:41 Alright.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:41 if they catchh you i will try to get you if they catch me dont come for me
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:41 *the police start breaking the door*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:42 We're out of time!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:42 *hears them breaking in* good on the plan?!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:42 its go time * explodes the melons and runs*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:42 Yeah!
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:42 *runs*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:43 *sees Zane escape through his exit in time*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:43 *escapes, running for the pond*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:43 *tries to see Harriet and Anna*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:44 *the police grab her before she makes it* KEEP RUNNING ZANE DONT COME FOR ME *puts a fire piller in the air*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:44 Hello?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:44 *sees the fire pillar*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:44 NO!
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:44 *starts to run back*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:45 *a storm begins to form*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:45 *lightning suddenly rains from the sky*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:45 *the police panic*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:46 *controls the lightning more*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:46 *enraged, he goes after the police, even when they surrender*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:46 *yells so loud that Zane heres her* ZANE STOP GO RUN WITH THE OTHER GO NOW! I WILL BE OK
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:47 *tears form* I'm sorry...
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:47 *the lightning stops*
4>Percy (Persephone), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:47 *holds Hiry tight is scared*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:47 *runs away with the others*
4>Percy (Persephone), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:48 ok kid were is your friend?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:48 i am not saying anything
4>Percy (Persephone), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:49 pour water on her so she cant make fire
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 22:49 *barely escaped*
4>Percy (Persephone), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:49 *cuffes her hands and puts her in the back of a police car*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:50 tell me why are you after us?
4>Percy (Persephone), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:50 that is classifed
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:50 *crying heavily* I...I'm so sorry...forgive me Hiry...
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:51 i could blow up this car if i wanted to
4>Percy (Persephone), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:51 you are a threat to humanity
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:52 *can some how hear Zane in her mind* its ok zane keep the others safe i will hold them off
4>Percy (Persephone), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:52 who are you talking to?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:53 were are you taking me?
4>Percy (Persephone), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:53 that is classifed
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:53 Hiry? But how? *in his head* I promise...I'll keep them safe.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:54 *thinks about something.* how about a trade?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:54 *some how tunes Zane on there conversation*
4>Percy (Persephone), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:55 *chuckles* what kind of trades?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:55 information for information
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:55 *listens in his mind*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:55 you tell me where we are going why you are taking me and why you are after us
4>Percy (Persephone), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:56 and what would you tell me
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:56 *listens intently*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:56 the aline master mind who sent us... there plans and how to stop them
4>Percy (Persephone), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:57 alines? i dont belive in alians
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:57 *smiles* Clever Hiry...clever.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:58 *thinks of something is making this all up* if i am not aline could i do this? *catches her whole body on fire*
4>Percy (Persephone), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:58 STOP THAT PUT IT OUT YOU ARE GOING TO KILL US BOTH!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 22:59 *puts it out gets into her mind but keeps Zane tuned in* listen to me you are going to do exactly what i say
4>Percy (Persephone), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:00 what what do you want why are you in my..
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:00 shh dont talk i am going to call off the invastion but only if you do exactly what i say
4>Percy (Persephone), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:01 *nods*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:01 now turn of the servalence camras and take off the traking divice and the audio recorders and throw them out the window...
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:02 Yes!
4>Percy (Persephone), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:02 *thinks* how did you know.... *does what she said*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:03 now keep driving i am going to melt the handcuffs i want you to turn off the locks
4>Percy (Persephone), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:03 *turns off the lock is about to call for back up*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:04 *keeps listening*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:04 dont even think about calling for back up
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:04 throw out your radio and walking talking
4>Percy (Persephone), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:04 *does what she said is quiet scared
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:06 you are going to give me your gun and when i say so you slow down i will get out shut the door and you will keep driving until you reach your destination
4>Percy (Persephone), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:06 *nods*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:06 Hiry...somethings not right...
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:07 you will not look back to were i am going and you will tell them what happened and tell them that we will not destroy your planet beacause you are all to stupid for us
4>Percy (Persephone), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:07 *hand her the gun*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:08 *tunes in to zane* Yes?
4>Percy (Persephone), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:08 *listens as she drives*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:08 *turns around, just in time to face a whole police force*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:08 whats not right?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:08 They're here...
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:08 Hiry...they came!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:09 ok get on your wind and fly out of there!
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:09 I don't know where Anna or Harriet is!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:10 *looks at the officer* you are going to take me to my friends right now understand?!! NOW
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:10 ANNA!!!!HARRIET!!!!!
4>Percy (Persephone), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:10 i... i dont know were they are!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:10 listen do you know where they are taking them?!
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 23:10 *screams*
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 23:10 HELP!!
4>Percy (Persephone), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:11 yes...
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 23:11 *they start to take Anna*
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 23:11 Anna! NO!!!!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:11 take me there now!
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 23:11 *rushes the police officer*
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 23:11 *the officer shoots*
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 23:12 *it hits Harriet, but doesn't do any damage*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:12 *tunes into zane* zane do nothing exactly nothing let them take you i have a plan
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 23:12 What the?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:12 *surrenders to them*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:12 *tunes into Harriet and anna* do nothing let them take you i have a plan got it?! stop and let them take you
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:13 officer when we get to were we are going make sure we are in the same room then and only then will we coperate
4>Percy (Persephone), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:13 ok
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:14 call the other oficers on your phone and tell then what i said
4>Percy (Persephone), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:15 *calls the other officers* they want to be in a same room together they say only then they will coperate....
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:15 tell them i said if they dont i will call on an aline invastion
4>Percy (Persephone), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:16 she said if we dont she will call on an aline invastion
4>Percy (Persephone), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:16 *arives at the bilding*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:16 take me were you need to take me
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:17 *feels like struggling*
4>Percy (Persephone), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:17 *helps hiry out and brings her into a fire proof room with camras and a intercom then locks the fire proof door*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:18 I hope you know what your doing Hiry...
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:19 *thinks to zane* tell them exactly what i told the other officer about being together
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 23:19 *stares at the spot where she was shot* Not even a small mark...
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:20 *turns to the officers*
4>Percy (Persephone), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:20 *when the others get there she puts them with Hiry just like they requested*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:20 Look, I'm going to blast you all to pieces unless you put us all in the same room.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:20 *thinks to the others* we are being listen to and watched only say out loud what i say
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:21 *thinks* Ok...
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:21 *hugs them and says out loud* I am so glad we are all together
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:22 *thinks* fallow my lead
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:23 now that i found you i can call off the invastion
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:24 Yeah, no more aliens...
4>Percy (Persephone), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:24 *speaks on the intercom* who are you and why are you here... what are you?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:25 *thinks* Plan A?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:25 oh... we are a spetial kind of people we live in different places of the earth but we were sent into space last time you launched a rocket
4>Percy (Persephone), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:26 what kind of people?...
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:27 we are what keeps earht together without us the world would die thats why we need to me together i control fire Zane controls lightning and they sky Harriet controls rock and life and Anna controls water and keeps us from fighting
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.13 23:28 *rolls her eyes, but keeps her mouth shut*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:29 please you need to let us go... a storm is coming and Zane needs to control it so it wont hurt people *thinks to zane* creat a massive storm outside
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:29 *thinks* Ok. That I can do *makes a storm*
4>Percy (Persephone), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:29 you mean the earth will die if we dont let you go?...
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:30 yes hurry *makes fire outside* the elements are going hay wire!
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:30 *nods*
4>Percy (Persephone), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:31 *looks outside and sees the fire and the forming stoms* ok ok ill let you go.... *hurries and lets them out* save the earth!
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:31 *smiles*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:31 *goes outside and stops the fire* THANK YOU YOU SAVED THE EARTH FROM DOOM
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:31 *thinks* Hiry?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:32 *stops the storm*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:32 What if they come after us again?
4>Percy (Persephone), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:32 *smiles thinking she saved the earth*
4>Percy (Persephone), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:33 *says on inter com* I will make sure no one comes after you again!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:33 *looks at Zane* you were saying?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:33 Ok ok.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:34 *looks in the distance sees something perple* what the...
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:34 But, we still have to figure this whole thing out.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:34 do you see the purple swirly thing? in the distance?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:35 *squints*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:35 *feels something sucking her in* Zane!!!
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:35 It's getting closer!
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:35 Hiry!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:35 *is the portal from the book starts sucking Zane Anna and
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:35 rriet as well*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:36 Hiry!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:36 ZANE!! HELP *trys to get away from it*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:36 *summons lightning*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:36 *grabes Zanes hand*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:36 *blows it towards the portal*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:37 *it sucks everyone in* AHHH!
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:37 No!!!!!!!
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:37 HIRY I"M SORRY!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:37 *in a few seconds finds herself and the others at the base of an olive tree in olimpia were the gods live*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:38 were are we?.....
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:38 What the...?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:39 (by the way, this should eventually lead to a part where they need to find the remaining gods and goddesses)
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:39 (that way we can add them as characters)
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:40 Hell?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:41 (sorry, that was supposed to be hello)
4>Percy (Persephone), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:41 *pops up from underground in a piller of fire* Hello children
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:42 um... hi
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:42 Woah, what the?
4>Percy (Persephone), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:43 *looks at Hiry* Hiry! is that you?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:43 *is quiet shocked*
4>Percy (Persephone), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:44 oh right you have forgotten *waves his hand over her head and she can remeber her past again*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:44 What? Hiry?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:45 *remembers* thats why his name sounded so fimiler
4>Percy (Persephone), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:45 I am Haties god of fire and Hiry is my daughter
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:45 Ok. You. Explain.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:46 ...........
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:47 as far as i can remember it is true but again he is a lying deciving kind of god so he could have put fake images in my head!
4>Percy (Persephone), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:48 you and Zane are cousind Zuze is my brother after all
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:48 I am so confused
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:49 Uh...yeah.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:50 gwa!!! *wakes up back in the orfanage it was a flash back kind of thing exept it told the futer Zane is right outside the door talking to
12>Archer (Apollo), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:50 (Allan, one of the god children they need to find later)
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:50 harriet her foot hasnt caught on fire yet*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:51 *smiles at Hiry*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:51 *wakes up and runs to see Zane anh Harriet talking about his book* We need to go now! were were is anna?!!!
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:51 There you are!
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:51 Why?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:51 What's wrong?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:52 *grabs Zane and Harriet* we need to go but quietly
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:52 dont ask question just we need to go!
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:52 Hey...what's going on?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:53 were is anna? *looks around*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:53 *sees Anna*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:53 There!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:53 it... it is a surprize....
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:53 *grabs annas hand* lets go now come one
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:53 Right! Cool!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:54 *goes to the forest and keeps walking*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:55 Um...Hiry?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:55 Is this going to be a surprise that I like?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:55 *goes into the tree house and goes into the volt this time the police cant fallow beacause they didnt see Zanes wind going there*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:56 (the police aren't after them anyway)
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:56 *locks the door makes sure everything is locked and that no one was fallowing* ok... safe we are safe
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:56 (they never set fire to the building)
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:56 (yep)
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:57 *sits on the bean bag chair and sighs*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:57 So...what's up Hiry?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:57 ok ok we are safe now
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:58 Uh...of course we're safe.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:58 *explanes to them about everything that happened in her flash back thing*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:59 Hey, it was just a dream, right?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:59 Nothing to worry about.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.13 23:59 *sees them looking at her is disbelief*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:00 It's ok, we're fine.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:00 *rubs her hands together and holds a ball of fire in her hands* see it is real
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:00 it doent even hurt me!
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:01 *stares in shock*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:01 Wow...
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:01 i will show you the text hand me your book
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:01 *turns off the fire*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:02 *hands the book*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:02 *shows him the Haties page hold fire over it* see the text? it is the same with you and zuze when you make lighting
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:02 *gives him the book*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:02 I...make lightning
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:03 and Harriet you dont get hurt when people shoot you.... i dont know about anna yet
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:03 ?*
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.14 00:04 (hera is the goddess of immunity, and often helps girls when their injured. She can heal them)
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:04 beacause i never lit my foor on fire the police doesnt know so we are safe
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:05 oh Zane you dont just make lightning you control the sky
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:05 So, what happens now?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:06 *reads more of the book*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:06 oh we can talk in our minds see watch *gets in Zanes head and says in his mind pretty cool huh?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:06 Hey look at this...
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:06 we can train and make this a awesome fort for us to train
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:06 ya?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:06 *opens to the page titled "Prophecy of the Olympians"
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:06 *looks at the book* what does it say?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:07 It's a prophecy...about us.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:07 *listens carefully*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:07 Here, read it!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:07 ya what else does it sayy?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:08 ok ok
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:09 *reads out loud* for kids , whoes parents are the greek gods were sent to earth once they find there powers they will train and return to Olympus and end the family fude between Haties Zuse and Tridon
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:10 *hands him back the book*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:10 This is...amazing.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:10 *reads more* It says we must find the others*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:10 The other children of the deities.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:11 But there are so many!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:11 lets go into my traing room we need to train
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:11 *goes to the room*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:12 *summons lightning*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:12 we have to control our powers so we wont mess up in puplic we come here every afternoon and return to the orfange ok?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:12 we always go out in the afternoon so it wont be different
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:13 Ok.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:13 (do you know if you could delet my Haties charecture? i dont think it is the best idea to have him righ now)
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:13 (go ahead)
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:14 (there)
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:14 *works on her fire learns how to make it spin and send off sparks*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:14 (thanks
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:15 *one of the sparks hit Zane* Sorry...does it hurt bad
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:15 Hey, Hiry!
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:15 No.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:15 It doesn't hurt badly...
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:15 Harriet maybe you could practice healing....
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:15 sorry
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:15 *opens his book again to the Haties page*
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.14 00:16 The book clearly states, that I can only heal girls.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:16 *thinks* i know we need like a room to put people in case something goes wrong and real weponds
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:16 oh ok
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:16 Your right.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:17 we wont need weopnds though... only watermelons
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:17 *grins* yeah.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:18 we have our powers but.. weponds just in case
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:18 and more beds....
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:18 Hiry, listen to this! It says that your powers aren't just limited to fire! You can also control...death.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:18 and maby more rooms...
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:19 say what?!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:19 death?.. like the anime Death note?....
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:19 *hands her the book*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:19 See for yourself.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:19 could be useful....
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:19 *reads* cool
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:20 *gives it back* I have an idea !
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:20 Yeah.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:20 *starts working on spear parts*...
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:21 *mmh hum*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:21 What are you doing?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:22 *tinkers on parts twisting tools and metel pices*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:22 i am making something *keeps working on it*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:23 *works on it for a few hours*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:23 *reads*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:24 THere are so many children. One for Tridon, Apollo, Artemis, Hestia, Hermes...
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:24 THe list goes on and on...
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:24 *it is a metal robot covered with skin like meterial it is dressed up in a bisness suit it looks like a man*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:25 What. Is. That.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:26 it is mind controled look *the robot speaks in a voice that sounds real* hello how are you today i am mr. Jakson would you like to see my drivers lisence?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:26 That is so....COOL!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:28 a long time ago i made a fake person he is a leagal U.S citacain he has a bachlors degree in science he works at home as an accountant he is 32 has a wife and no kids his crinimal record is clean and so is his driving licence he pays all his bills and
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:28 he owns this land
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:30 he has allready done the paperwork for are adoption now all he has to do is show it the the orfange lady and we are adopted
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:30 thats amazing!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:30 tomarrow he will pick us up *check her watch* we should get back
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:31 Although...I don't really want to be your brother...that's kind of weird...
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:31 *starts walking to the orfanage
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:32 it wont be real we do it so we can train
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:32 *walks back*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:32 *when they get her the lady stops them
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:33 *looks at the lady*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:33 Lady: someone adopted you guys he will be here to pick you up tomarrow so no running off
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:33 what is there name?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:34 Lady: mr.Jackson now go up to bed it is late
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.14 00:34 *smiles* No more orphanage from now on!
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.14 00:34 *heads to bed*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:35 *walks up to the room smiles* I wonder who mr.Jackson is *chuckles*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:35 *laughs* Yeah.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:35 See you tomorrow then?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:36 this will be cool
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:36 good night* goes to bed*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:37 *wakes up in the morning controls the robot so he goes to the orfanges and packs her bag with her clothes*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:37 *goes to sleep*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:37 *wakes up*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:38 *looks around*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:38 Bye orphanage.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:38 *the robot enters and they all walk to the club house*
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.14 00:39 *gets up, and meets up with Anna*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:39 wow i cant belive that worked
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:40 People are so gullible!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:40 *they are soon all inside the club house or fort*
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.14 00:40 *goes to train*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:40 i know and this robot that i control is now are legal gardian
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:41 *laughs*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:41 This is going to be fun.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:42 *strats reading the book*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:42 How are we going to find them all?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:43 it sayd that deities can send messages to each other maybe i could send i mind message to all of them
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:43 Maybe...
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:43 i could tell them to come here.... i bet they are all orfans all of them
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:44 (by this point, you can start adding new characters)
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:44 then you can send wind to pick them up one at a time of corse
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:44 Yeah.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:45 it says only deities can directly respond
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:46 *send a message to deities* if you here me in your head reply saying here i am do not freak out i am a kid just like you
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.14 00:47 *trains further*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:47 *you have powers but do not show them to people beacause they will hurt you tell me when and i can bring you to saftly*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:47 well i sent the message all we can do is train and wait
12>Archer (Apollo), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:48 *hears Hiry*
12>Archer (Apollo), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:48 What on earth?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:49 *sets her finger on fire and waves it around like a sparkeler*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:49 *goes to the training room*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:49 I wonder...
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:49 *starts to run, then gets faster and faster*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:50 *adds wind, and suddenly he's flying like lightning*
12>Archer (Apollo), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:51 *sighs* It was nothing. Just the wind.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:51 *heres Archer acedently reply saying what on earth*
12>Archer (Apollo), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:51 Woah, it is the wind...what-
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:51 *replies back to him* i am not the wind that would be Zane
12>Archer (Apollo), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:52 *suddenly, Zane appears in the form of lightning*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:52 Hey there!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:52 *my friend Zane isgoing to use the wind to bring you here calm dont and keep quiet if they find you they might kill you*
12>Archer (Apollo), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:52 *faints*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:53 Oh, great.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:53 *you will be ok go with my friend and you wont be hurt*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:53 *Zane just drag him on your wind*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:54 *in a few minutes Archer is laying on a bean bag chair in the living room*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:54 Well, here he is.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:54 hey guys i think he is waking up! *is standing by Archer*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:55 *wathches Archer*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:55 (i have to go! See you in a bit!)
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:56 *watches him as he starts to wake up*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:56 (bye)
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:56 *waits for him to wake up
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 00:57 .........
12>Archer (Apollo), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 02:06 Uh...Hmm...What...?
12>Archer (Apollo), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 02:06 Where...?
12>Archer (Apollo), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 02:07 *looks around the room; sees Hiry, Zane, Harriet, and Anna*
12>Archer (Apollo), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 02:07 What's going on here?
12>Archer (Apollo), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 02:07 Where am I?
12>Archer (Apollo), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 02:07 What are you all doing here?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 02:08 My name's Zane.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 02:08 And this is our...fortress. Yeah, that sounds cool.
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.14 02:09 *smiles at him* It's a lot to take in. My name's Harriet. I'll show you around.
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.14 02:09 *takes Archer and walks him around, explaining things so far*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 02:10 Well, that's one child down...but there's still so many more to go.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 02:11 I just hope we can find them all, before...well, I don't know what will happen if we don't stop the war between Zeus, Haties, and Tridon...
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 02:18 (by the way, I've come up with a list of the new characters to be had. They are as follows:Aphrodite, goddess of love; Ares, god of war; Artemis, goddess of the hunt and Apollo's twin; Demeter, goddess of the harvest; Dionysus, god of wine; Hephaestus
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 02:20 god of the forges and fires; Hermes, god of travelers and thievery; Tridon, god of the seas; Hestia, goddess of Hearth and home; Chronos, the god of time; Erebus, god of shadows; Hypnos, god of dreams; Cupid, god of love; and Nyx, goddess of night)
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 02:21 (just pick out of those. I've given plenty of options for new players)
4>Percy (Persephone), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 02:59 (hey, I'm joining as the child of Persephone, the goddess of healing, life, flowers, and springtime. He has pretty light blonde hair and blue eyes. Is very girly for a boy, and has a secret love of flowers)
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 03:07 *runs up to Archer* I bilt this club house all by myself
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 03:08 but oh i have some work to do
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 03:09 *sends out another message to the deities *if you can here me respond asap dont be frieghtened no, this is not your imagination or the wind respond... please respond*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 03:10 *is trying to find the other dieties eats pizza with hot sauce as she waits*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 03:11 *searches on the internet "kids with wird powers" looks at some of them*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 03:14 *scrolls down and finds and artical read out lout* "boy who bloombs Percy a 14 year old boy seams to florish or bloome in spring he has been claimed to be seen making flowers grow" hmmm interesting
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 03:16 *gets into Percys* if you can hear me respond your name is Percy and you are 14 years old you have powers yes? if this is true dont scream or anything just think back to me i have powers to
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 03:16 we all have powers and we are all kids
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 03:17 *eaats pizza as she look on the internet*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 03:19 *makes the fire apear to dance above her head*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 03:27 mmh this looks intesting *reads more articals*
4>Percy (Persephone), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 03:29 *hears Hiry*
4>Percy (Persephone), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 03:32 (Percy lives in a flowers shop. The owner is an old lady, who lets him stay there if he helps her witht he work. He hears Hiry, and listens for more)
4>Percy (Persephone), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 03:38 I...hear you...what are you?
4>Percy (Persephone), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 03:40 (hello?)
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 04:33 *talkt to Percy so you arnt freaked out about me nice i am a kid like you i am going to send one of my friens to pick you up I am not asking you i am telling you oh and dont use your powers until you get here
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 04:34 we will talk later when you get here
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 04:35 *walks over to Zane* Zane I foud another kid named Percy he know about his powers and i dont think he will faint on you can you bring him here tonight?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 11:47 Sure, I can bring him. *goes to get Percy*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 11:49 *looks around for Percy, sure this is where he was* This is where Hiry said he would be....right? *looks around some more, concerned. Begins to walk around*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 11:50 *its about sundown now, and he's getting worried* What's going on here?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 11:54 *suddenly, he gets blasted into a wall, by a jetstream of water*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 11:54 What the...?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 11:54 *gets up, and sees...*
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 11:56 (Introducing----Trinity! Daughter of Tridon, controller of the seas and waters! She was actually brought up by Tridon, so now, she's sort of against the others in the war, especially Haties children and Zeus children)
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 11:57 (she has long wavy black hair died with blue streaks, and has navy blue eyes. Since she also grew up with her father, she's also a lot stronger with her powers than the others are)
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 11:59 *stares at Trinity, soaking wet* Who....who are you?
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 12:00 Name's Trinity, but that's not very important for you right now, lightning boy. *blasts him with another huge jetstream of water, knocking him into a wall*
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 12:01 *walks over to him, and lightly picks him up* That was easier than I expected. Geez, what a wimp.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 12:02 *struggles to get free; it's not working*
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 12:03 Hold still! *shifts her position to try and hold him*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 12:03 *sees an opportunity; breaks out of her grasp, and summons lightning throughout his arms*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 12:05 *throws the lightning at Trinity; it hits her, but she also managed to dodge it at the last second, so she isn't badly injured*
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 12:07 *glares at Zane; she's now pretty hurt* You want to play with lightning? Fine. Then this might shock you. *gathers up a small wave, which she crashes over his head; the lightning that he controls electrocutes himself, and he goes limp*
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 12:09 Hmm...Maybe father was right...maybe you truly are the one the legends spoke of...
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 12:11 *feels his energy draining, as Trinity begins to carry him off. With the last of his strength, right before he blacked out, he sends a message to Hiry* Hiry...help...it was...ambush...
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.14 15:47 Hi!
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 15:57 (hi!)
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 15:57 (a lot's happened since you were last on. I'll summarize)
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 15:57 (we found out about our powers, and that we're children of the gods)
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 15:58 (soon, Hiry gets a vision of going to Olympus and having to train)
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 15:59 (we go to our old tree house, and get "adopted" by a robot that Hiry makes, giving us time to find the other children)
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 15:59 (we find a new one, Archer, and rescue him)
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 15:59 (then, Zane goes to get another child, Percy, and meets Trinity, daughter of Tridon, and get's caught)
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 15:59 (that about sums it up)
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 16:46 *after a while, Trinity opens a portal to Tridon's Underwater Palace, a beautiful castle submerged somewhere in the Pacific. She presents Zane to her father, bowing on one knee, never directly looking at him*
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 16:47 Look, father. I have brought you the one that the prophecy speaks of, the one who they claim will end the war.
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 16:48 Tridon: He is puny, compared to my plans. You have done well my daughter. Do with him as you see fit, but keep him alive. He is going to be our bait for the others.
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 16:49 Trinity: But, father...surely they will unite against us! You are not yet strong enough! Just let me-
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 16:49 Tridon: SILENCE!!! You dare to contradict me?
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 16:49 Trinity: No, sire. I was only concerned for your well being.
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 16:50 Tridon: *sighs* You are not yet strong enough, either, it would seem. Take the boy, and do whatever you wish, just keep him alive.
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 16:51 Trinity: *bows* Yes, father. *leaves, taking Zane with her*
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 16:52 Tridon: She is strong, but...she is too impulsive. I fear for her greatly. I will win this war, one way or another, even if it means killing all the others. No one will stand in my way...*looks at a small painting of he and Trinity* Not even her.
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.14 16:53 *walks around some more with Archer, and passes Hiry* Hey Hiry. Have you...seen Zane? He's been gone for a while, and I haven't gotten any mind messages from him.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 21:28 *looks sad was listening in also listtening in with Trinity and Tridon* he has been kidnapped he is being used as bait Harriet tell the others not to go looking for him it is a trap i will go
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 21:33 Harriet Anna stay here do not bring any more people here try to find more of them only them message me so I can tell them not to use there powers no matter what i may not come back for a while
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 21:35 *walks as far away from the fort for a cupple of hours until she is far away from everything mind messages Trinity* Trinity come here were i am i just need to talk to you please i need to talk to you i wont use my powers on you i promise come here we
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 21:37 have to talk now just a friendly talk i dont use my powers you dont use yours and we talk like civalized people
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 21:37 but i want to talk to you in person I dont like long distance calls
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.14 21:38 but if you prefer otherwise i will talk to you via mind message
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.15 17:26 *waits for Trinity is mad but isnt going to show it*
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 00:30 *laughs to herself; thinks to Hiry* I will not accept your conformities of me coming to you. That's surrender after all. I'm also not very "civilized" you'll find. *since she grew up training with her dad, she also developed her powers of the mind, and
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 00:32 she can now "block out" people's thoughts and tuning in* I won't come. If you want your little friend back, you'll have to come get him! Either that, or I'll just keep him for a while I think...*blocks out Hiry, and the connection is cut*
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.16 00:58 So, I'll stay here doing nothing! lame........
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 01:24 fine ill just have to come to you Trinity... *forms a cloud of smoke and flys to Trinity* you Requested I come to you so here I am to colect my Friend
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 01:27 I must say it wasnt very fair the way you Jumpped Zane he is a weakling and he just learned his powers today, I did as well but I prefer not to use my powers that I found today but the powers i had know about for life a power everyone has but few choose t
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 01:31 to use it.. do you know what power i am speaking of Trinity It requires lots of training of corse I wouldnt want to wast my time explaing it beacause it is a power you dont understand and it is beond your capibility
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 01:36 I know of the power that you speak of. It is in fact, beyond my capabilities.
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 01:36 I wouldn't worry, though. I've got plenty of other tricks up my sleeve.
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 01:37 In fact, you've come on a fool's errand.
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 01:37 You see, friend, Zane isn't here.
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 01:37 And, I don't much want to tell you where he is...
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 01:38 *whistles shrilly* But you have other things to worry about now...
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 01:38 *after her whistle comes one of her "pets" a seven headed Hydra*
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 01:39 I can see you have bigger problems, so I'll just stay out of your way. *teleports away on a blue wave*
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 01:39 *the Hydra looks at Hiry, considering her. Then it lunges with one of its heads, attacking with venom*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 01:53 *grabs it by the neck and pushes it aside the uses powers to kill it travels to Trinity* If you know the power i speak of then what is it
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 01:59 Never mind about that I am not going to use my powers on you I just want to talk and not about Zane I would prefer not to chase you all night while killing your pets who
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:03 you send to do your diry work
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:19 now I would greatly appreachate it if we could start over I will pretend you dont have Zane and you can pretend you dont want to kill me and we can talk Hi I am Hiry *holds her hand out for Trinity to shake*
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:24 *shrugs* I'm Trinity.
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:24 *doesn't shake her hand*
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:25 I don't much want to try and kill you all night either.
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:25 It's such a pity really.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:26 i am glad we came to an agrement
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:26 Every thing was going according to our plan, and then HE showed up, with his oh so special gifts.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:27 now i must say that trick you did to get Zane was quiet impressive
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:27 oh... so it wasnt planned?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:27 or maby it was
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:27 I'd say so too, but it's nothing really.
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:28 I didn't plan on getting Zane, no.
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:28 My plan was the other one, Percy.
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:28 But, he's much more valuable.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:28 planned or not it would have been impressive if he wasnt such a weakling
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:29 True, true.
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:29 He was very weak.
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:29 I expected more from the prophecied one.
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:30 Oh well.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:30 oh Percy we were looking for him as well but your power might not effect him it might acctually help him beacause you have water power and her controls life and plants and water helps with the perpouse while fire kills
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:31 Yes, I dislike him very much.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:31 Zane did just learn about his powers yesterday he didnt use then until today that might explain why he is weak
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:31 He's too...joyful.
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:31 That's no excuse!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:32 I might be able to help you depending on your perpouse sence i can control fire and death... or maby you want him alive yes? i could knock him out if I wanted to
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:32 Oh well, it's not like you'll be finding him...
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:33 And besides...
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:33 I dont like using my new found powers i like human powers better but i use what i have to use when i need to
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:33 There's something far greater at work here.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:33 besides what?
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:34 You and your petty plans. There's something even greater going on than our WAR!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:34 besides you planing to over throw the proficy for you dad? do you think i want the profice to come true? in true honesty i dont
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:35 The war of the great three...
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:35 I don't want to overthrow the prophecy.
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:35 I'm playing my part...
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:35 I will raise the Titan.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:35 last time i check i wasnt in any war i am just trying to keep the proficy from coming true by making people belive me
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:35 He is greater than you all.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:36 If they come to peace no one will rule that is part of peace but you dad winning is not the proficy so i can help you
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:36 Well, I've already told you too much.
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:36 Time for you to leave.
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:37 Either that, or I shall kill your friend, Zane.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:37 he most likly is greater then me i am only so young so are you so are all of us besides he is the oldest of three
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:37 i am sorry but if you kill him i will have to do the same to you
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:38 can we please just talk for a little more or do you have a deadline?
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:38 as a matter of fact...
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:39 I do have a deadline.
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:39 I'll be seeing you...
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:39 *summons Zane, and brings him to Hiry, then leaves*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:39 I want to talk about joining forces You want you dad to win and I dont want my Biological father to win eaither so we could unite our forces
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:39 (ment for before sorry)
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:40 Zane! *hugs him* are you ok?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:41 hey i am going to get you home
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:41 *shivers*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:41 Hiry?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:41 *helps Zane onto a cloud of Warm but not hot smoke makes sure she isnt being fallowed then travels to the fort*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:42 did she hurt you?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:42 It will be an hour or two before we get to the fort
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:43 do you want to tell me what happend?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:43 next Time i will be getting the deities you need to rest
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:43 *shivers more* I was too weak.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:44 I'm not strong enough Hiry...
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:44 Not strong...
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:44 for a few days at least
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:45 no you are strong you just cant control it right now and she wasnt after you,
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:46 Hiry, I'm just not strong enough *passes out from too much exertion*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:46 listen I am going to help you train once you doubt yourself you start becoming what you think you are
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:47 *a few hours later brings him into the fort lays him on the bean bag chair and wakes him up*Zane, I want you to tell me exactly what happened to the best of your rememberence
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:48 can you do that for me Zane?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:48 *sighs* All I did was fight her.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:48 She beat me, then I called out to you.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:49 Then, she trapped me in some water dome.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:49 it will help
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:49 It's hazy after that.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:49 wait water dome?... do you know were the domb was?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:50 I do know this. SHe's trying to raise something called the Titan.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:50 The water dome was...I don't know.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:50 *dome*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:50 It was just underwater.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:50 ok, Titan is a greek god it is her dad
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:51 was the water fresh or salt?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:51 Salt.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:51 it makes a big difference
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:52 ok was it cold or warm?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:52 Hiry, I'm so tired.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:52 I can't even remember.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:52 that helps...
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:52 its ok you need to sleep '
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:53 can you answer me to more questions?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:53 Hiry...
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:53 was it cold and was it moving?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:53 yes?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:53 Maybe
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:53 Im sorry you need your sleep
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:53 It was cold.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:54 do you want me to stay here or leave?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:55 *smiles softly* thank you for helping me Zane
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:56 Hiry, thanks for coming to save me....
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:56 When you feel better i will help you train
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:57 Ok.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:58 I would save you any time I didnt threaten her or use my powers i just talked to her I know how the mind thinks once you know the person you are dealing with it is easy to get what you want
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:58 now get some sleep *leaves and closes the door walks to her room and goes to sleep*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:58 *smiles* Clever Hiry...
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:59 *goes to sleep*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:59 *wakes up early the next morning and starts making breakfast*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 02:59 *sleeps, having strange dreams*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 03:00 *makes muffins oatmeal orange juice hard boild eggs and bacon sets it on the table Brings Zanes Food to his bedroom*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 03:00 *tosses and turns fitfully as the dream turns to a nightmare*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 03:01 *sees he is asleep covers his food so it wont get cold and leaves it on his night stand by his bed and leaves the room*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 03:01 *feels Zane having a bad dream goes back in and gently wakes him up*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 03:01 *the nightmare gets worse, as he sees Trinity walk out of the shadows*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 03:02 *Trinity stabs Hiry in the back, and she crumples to the ground*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 03:02 *speaks softly*zane.. wake up your having a bad dream
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 03:02 *Zane wakes up, screaming*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 03:03 *shakes him a litle* zane its ok.. its not real
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 03:03 I-what?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 03:03 *gives him breakfast* here i made you breakfast in bedd
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 03:03 *hugs Hiry* You're safe! But...Trinity stabbed you!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 03:04 you were having a nightmare i could feel it
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 03:05 I am fine, pluse i wouldnt let her stab me she sent a 7 headed venomouse animal to kill me and it couldnt even bite me
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 03:05 Yeah...It felt so real...
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 03:06 pluse she isnt in the mood for killing and she gets along with me fairly well for someone who hates me
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 03:06 I will be fine and so will you
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 03:07 Right, I'm just glad you're ok...I mean, who would save me from freaky psycho's if you were gone?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 03:08 now eat your breakfast we have a long day today we are going to visit Trinity if she lets us
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 03:08 *eats the food*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 03:08 I hope I can make it...
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 03:08 she isnt a psycho she is very intresting once you know her a little
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 03:08 I'm not exactly at my strongest right now.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 03:09 if you wont attack she wont attack i wont let her hurt you anyway
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 03:09 we are going to talk and that is all
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 03:10 Alright, fine.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 03:11 you dont have to come if you dont want to but i thought i might as well invite you because your opinine is aprecated
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 03:11 Alright, I shall be representative Zane!
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 03:12 You can be judge Hiry.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 03:12 we are going to descuss the pros and cons of letting the prophicy happen
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 03:12 there is no judge we are all equal in power
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 03:13 Sounds good.'
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 03:14 we wont insult her no matter what she says or does we are not looking for an argument we are looking for an agreement
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 03:14 Fine, no insults.'
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 03:14 even if she says the worst things possible we wont say anything offending, rude or mean
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 03:15 Ok, I'll keep my mouth shut
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 03:16 now lets go *makes a warm buffy flying smoke cloud helps Zane on it and Travels to Trinity*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 03:16 (i gtg off line bye)
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 03:17 *stares at Trinity*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 03:17 (oh, bye!)
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 04:14 Good moring Trinity I have found we are having a simmiler problem and I was hoping we could find a solution by discusing it in a friendly and civelized manner
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 04:15 would you prefer to talk now or later although the sooner the better in my opinion but I doesn't matter that much
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.16 04:30 so would you care to sit down and talk about it?
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 00:10 I'm starting to get a little tired of you invading my privacy. *summons a wave in the form of a throne, and sits in it* Speak.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 00:11 *starts to get nervous in all of the water surrounding him in the water dome, but smiles at Hiry supportingly none the less*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 00:21 well the topic for the discution today is the proficy You want your dad to win wich isnt the proficy so you might be against it or maybe for it i myself want anyone but haties to win but that is just me so should we help the profecy come true yes or no
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 00:22 that is the question so what is your opinion on the proficy Trinity?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 00:42 If you want your dad to win and I do not want mine to win than we can both agree that we dont want my dad to win
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 00:44 but the profecy states peace wich means everyone wins or everyone looses so the proficy could or couldnt be in my favor but you father winning could or couldnt be the profecy so if everyone wins including you dad then the profecy is true
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 00:45 but sence i dont want my dad to win and you want yours to win the only sensable agreement is that we dont want the profecy to come true unless you just say you want you ddad to win beacause thats what he wants
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 00:48 and you say you want what your father wants to avoid futer trouble or it is just eaiser to express his idea rather then your own thots or you might acctually want what your father want so you two are in a mutal agreement or you dont know what you want so
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 00:49 you argee what your father wants for the time being until you can find what you acctually want while theese are all possiblities one of them is right yes?
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 00:51 Ok, hold it up for a second! You're going to give me a head ache.
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 00:52 I'm just following what my dad wants, and he wants to win.
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 00:52 I don't care about the prophecy, whether it comes true or not!
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 00:52 I just want Tridon to win...that's all.
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 00:52 And as far as he says, the other gods and goddesses are getting in his way.
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 00:53 Zeus and Haties sleep for now, but their powers grow stronger each day...in you both.
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 00:53 And it's not just that...its the others too.
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 00:53 There are so many threats, but I will make sure that Tridon rises.
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 00:54 And that plan doesn't involve either of you getting in my way.
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 00:55 You may not think that the power is rising in you *looks directly at Hiry and Zane* But you have to admit sooner or later that their powers are growing...and you won't be able to resist it when the time comes.
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 00:55 You may not want to fulfill the prophecy, but your fate isn't in your hands.
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 00:56 *sighs* Such as my fate isn't my own either. We must all do the bidding of our creators, our fathers.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 00:56 i am sorry was i confusing you?
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 00:57 The powers are growing stronger in you both...just as mine are growing stronger in me.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 00:57 i cant help but here that you feel you dont have a choice but to do what your father says yes?
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 00:58 I'm sorry, but I don't have a choice.
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 00:58 And soon, neither will you.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 00:58 I do not nessicerily agree with obaying my father i havent yet and i am not planning to any time soon
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 00:59 You've got spunk. So did I.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 00:59 i dont know about you but i dont quite like living in the underworld and controling the dead
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 00:59 Like I said, we won't have a choice soon.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:00 i never met my father i am not quiet sure i would like to
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:00 *shudders* It's not as if I wanted to meet Tridon.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:01 you may feel like you dont have a choice but you do, you chose to stay and talk, you chose to kidnapp zane and to send your pet after me
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:01 *feels as if the water dome is closing in on them*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:02 (i brb i need to put the clean dishes away ill be back in 2-3 minutes)
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:02 (k)
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:03 *shakes her head, shuddering more* I don't...I don't want to do this...I have no choice...I really am sorry...
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:03 *her eyes begin to glow, and her skin and hair turn blue*
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:04 *she starts to scream, and then her voice changes, taking on a more masculine form*
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:04 *she appears slightly taller, and she stands, panting for a little, then laughs creepily*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:05 (im back)
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:05 It feels good to be awake after all these years...Trinity has finally served me well...
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:05 Trinity! snap out of it *shocks her a bit with fire*
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:05 *turns to the others* Hello.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:05 (that was ment for before)
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:06 *catches the fire in her hands*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:06 Tridon i asume
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:06 Trinity is no more.
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:06 I am indeed Tridon.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:06 i am Hiry
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:07 *is beginning to shake*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:07 I'm...Zane.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:07 and this is zane we are not agenst you but i am not certain i am for you eaither
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:07 I know who you are.
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:07 I also know that you aren't exactly rooting for your father.
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:08 I do like that.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:08 but we wont surly know til later but i will inform you i am not for my father at all
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:08 Hmm...
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:08 (ment for before)
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:08 I don't really care much for the word of a mortal.
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:08 It means nothing to me.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:09 well children dont genrally always like there fathers pluse iv never met him
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:09 Oh, but thats not really true, is it Hiry.
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:09 You've met him.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:09 the mortal world has it perks
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:09 You simply chose to forget.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:09 yes once but it was in a dream and most likly when i was younger
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:10 You still met him.
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:10 And Zane...dear boy...
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:10 yes in a way you are right
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:10 You've been awful quiet.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:11 he is a little sensitive right now... its best not to pressure him
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:11 I'm fine Hiry.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:11 he has been through a vary tramatizing night last night as you know
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:11 Just a little...uncomfortable around all this water.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:11 *sighs*
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:12 *laughs*'
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:12 *glances at Zane*
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:12 Oh...that was just a bit of fun.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:12 so you have a liking for water Tridon?
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:12 I sense you don't much care for my powers, do you boy?
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:12 I do love water.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:13 it is a buetiful work of art i would love to control water it gives life but i am stuck with a tool that destroys life
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:13 Yes...Oh well.
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:14 Too bad for you.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:14 you are truely lucky
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:14 *notices the water is DEFINITELY closing in*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:14 Hiry...
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:15 did you get along well with your brothers Haties and Zeus?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:16 *notices the water* i am afraid we should be leaving....
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:16 i dont mean to be rude but we have training and things come on Zane
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:17 *sees there is no way out of the water dome* would you mind letting us out we dont have any time to wast
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:18 sir?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:19 *shifts uncofertable from side to side*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:20 *trys to mind message someone but it wont go through*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 01:21 i dont mean to be rude but we really need to be going i have friends who are expecting me
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 12:19 I understand you're friends are expecting you. It's a shame you'll never reach them. *Trinity suddenly disappears, leaving the two in the dome; there are no mind messages, and you can't teleport out*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 17:05 I am sorry Zane if we didnt come this moring we wouldnt be in this mess..... but the others are safe they promised not to come after me no matter what
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 17:12 and that is good, I see this as an opertunity to train, Zane you should train as well just not with lightning i have been traapped in a situation like this before i had powers and i learned it is good to keep yourself bussy
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.17 17:15 * looks a little scared and worried and determined at the same time uses smal bits of fire to burn small bits of the growned is drawing small pictures and desinges*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.18 04:12 *mumbles slightly to herself* maybe.... shock...... cumbustion......but no......I couldnt........but he...... no......
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.18 04:13 *sits down and keeps drawing looks very worried and nervouse*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.19 22:12 I really wish I could get us out of this...
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.19 22:12 Never thought I'd die like this.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.19 22:13 Ugh! Why didn't I stop you from coming here! You could have been safe!
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.19 22:14 *thinks* hairy...
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.19 22:14 *Hiry
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.19 22:15 Doesn't fire...evaporate water?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.20 00:11 *looks up at him wasnt paying ar
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.20 00:14 *looks up at him wasnt paying attention * oh um.. ya but i am not using fire just heat and i am using it on the ground not water *looks sad is remembering what happened before*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.20 00:16 I was kidnapped once before i new about my powers I had to move to another state when they found me and they had my name changed beacause he got away with two of my best friends*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.20 00:16 *sighs* Zane you remind me of Nicolia
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.20 01:24 but um never mind that.. i am thinking of a plan but i need time but i dont know how much time we have I have allready found out a way to get food and fresh water.... *starts drawing again and mummbles more* ...99 power voltage.....no....baybe 138....
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.20 01:24 *maybe*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.20 01:29 *starts sketching math problems but is using symbols insted of numbers* this is very complicated i need about 1/2 1, no i need about 2 weeks 4 at the most if i am corret..
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.20 01:29 but thats to long we need to get back to HQ
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.20 01:31 *thinks of something* I wonder... * touches the water is able to reach Trinity through mind message but only her mind messages her*Help, Please come and help us please.*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.20 01:31 *goes back to her math problems*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.20 02:35 (Funny Snatched reference)
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.20 06:33 (yep you go on snatched? wich charecturs are you?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.20 12:15 (I'm Tina and Danny)
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.20 16:54 (I'm Nicolai Stefiny Mr.Stefen Destiny Jade Miss,Ma'am and Fillip btw i have been waiting for someone to respond to that rp for a while but never mind lets get back to this rp)
11>Anna (olympian), 12yo.2014,Dec.25 20:24 Yo, Merry Christmas everybody!
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.26 01:15 (Yeah! Merry Christmas from your favorite Last Olympians!)
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.26 01:16 Hairy...I don't think we have much oxygen left in here...our time is almost up...
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.26 01:17 *Hiry
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.26 01:18 *Trinity receives the message, but she's too weak against her father*
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.26 01:19 I'm sorry...I never wanted for this to happen...
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.26 01:24 *Tridon takes full control again, silencing Trinity and Hiry, but not before Trinity sent out a message to the remaining children*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.26 05:08 *heats up some of the water bubble and makes water vapor or vary humid air it is humid but it is still air*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.26 05:10 if i heat up water i can make vapor wich is humid air water is made of one hydrodgen attom and two oxygen atoms
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.26 05:28 *thinks a litle almost jumps up with an idea* no its to risky.....
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.26 13:19 *rolls his eyes*. We're trapped in a shrinking dome of water! I think I'll take risky over the alternative!
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.26 13:32 (By the way, I'm considering turning this into a book. I must ask for your permission to use the characters though)
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.26 15:32 (May I please use Hiry and Anna?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.26 17:16  Secret message to Zane  
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.26 17:19 *sighs* ok but there is a very likly possibility you will be knocked out
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.26 17:21 I will lift us both on a smoke cloud next to the roof and you willl need to electrocute it with as much electricity you can possibly power
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.26 17:24 it will most likely knock you out then i will use my heat to turn the water above us into vapor as i raise the cloud so we wont have to swim but the hot vapor might burn you but not to badly if i do it quickly
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.26 17:26 are you ok with that? i could find another plan if you aren't ok with it
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.26 17:33  Secret message to Hiry  
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.26 17:34 If it means we can escape, then let's do it.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.26 17:35 *begins to summon electricity*
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.26 17:39 *using a magic water basin, he discovers the others base. Harriet and Anna have been busy finding other children including Percy, and the children of many of the other gods*
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.26 17:40 They think they're safe...but the war of the ages is about to break out. *roars in triumph! summoning all his energy and heading to their base*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.26 17:42 *Hiry lifts him up on the smoke cloud (it wasn't very stable) and Zane begins to summon lightning*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.26 17:44 *suddenly, he feels himself being overcome by some kind of otherworldly power. He screams, and he begins to change, like Trinity. His blonde hair turns Snow White, and his eyes turn gold*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.26 17:46 *he stares at Hiry. He is now overtaken by Zeus*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.26 17:48 Dear Hiry...I wish to help you...
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.26 17:50 You do not know your full potential... Neither does my own son, Zane
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.26 17:52 You do not know the true meaning of the prophecy Hiry...not yet...
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.26 17:53 You wish for peace...I shall make it so...
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.26 17:54 First, I must restore Zane's memories of old...of his destiny...
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.26 17:55 *lifts his hands, and lightning electrocutes the water! completely evaporating it.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.26 17:57 Your friends need you...I must leave for now, but if ever you require my strength and help again, I will come.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.26 17:58 Tridon and his forces are marching to your base...you must hurry...this is only the beginning...
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.26 18:00 *closes his eyes and leaves Zane*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.26 18:01 *Zane crumples to the floor*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.26 18:35 picks Zane up on the cloud and flys out as fast as she can *mind messages all the kids at the base* go run get out of base as fast as you can meet me at the cave at the west forest*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.26 18:36 *goes to the cave and lays Zane on a puffy smoke cloud*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.26 18:37 *sees some water splashes it on Zanes face so he wakes up*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.26 18:39 Zane? Zane are you ok?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.26 19:08 *coughs profoundly* Hiry...? Hiry...theyre in danger...
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.26 19:15 (by the way, what does Hiry look like?)
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.26 20:49 (brown hair that goes down to her sholders blueish green eyes and she usually wears a plain blue t-shirt long pants and tenis shoes she keeps her hair down but sometimes she puts it in a pony tail with a pice of hair on the left side of her face hanging
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.26 20:49 down on to her face she puts her hair in a pony tail when she goes some were)
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.26 20:51 I know Zane i allready warned them but i will again ....... it will be better if they are seperated when they come here *mind messages them again go sepratly to the cave take a partner if you are being fallowed seperate and go away from the cave*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.26 20:53 Zane do you think you can make a Electric force feild at the frount of the cave? that way if Tridons army comes they will be electricuted but only if you can i dont want you to black out again
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 01:03 I can...I can try...
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 01:03 *tries to feebly use his powers, but finds that he can't*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 01:03 It's too much.
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.27 01:05 (well, I think it might finally be time to add Harriet's character to this a little more)
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 01:06 its ok Zane dont strain yourself
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.27 01:06 *gets Hiry's message* Alright everyone! Hear that? Our leaders need us to go to the Cave! There's trouble coming our way fast, so we have to move...pronto!
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.27 01:06 *the other children begin to file out of the base, and head towards the cave*
4>Percy (Persephone), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 01:07 *walks near Harriet*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 01:07 I hope the others dont get hurt
4>Percy (Persephone), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 01:07 What happens if they capture us Harriet?
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.27 01:08 *looks pained* We keep moving...
4>Percy (Persephone), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 01:08 *nods* Understood. *runs off*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 01:08 *sees Zanes hands are burned from using the electricity* oh your hands dose it hurt badly?
12>Archer (Apollo), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 01:09 *packs his arrows and bow, and sets off*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 01:09 It's ok Hiry...
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 01:09 I can't much feel them anyway...
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 01:09 *smiles weakly*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 01:10 *gets some cool water from the spring in the cave* this might hurt a little *pours the cool water on his hands to clean them off*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 01:10 We have to make it to the cave!
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 01:11 (oops, that was meant for another character...)
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 01:11 that should be a little better
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 01:11 Thanks Hiry.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 01:12 are you hurt anywere else?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 01:12 No, I think I'm fine...
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 01:13 Hey, what even happened to me back there?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 01:13 I don't remember anything!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 01:13 as soon as we get out of this mess I am getting you proper medical attention
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 01:14 you blacked out and Zuze came and bursted the water bubble his power was probably to stron for your hands
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 01:15 Zeus, my father...
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 01:15 do you need something to eat?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 01:15 What was he like?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 01:15 Really Hiry...you need to stop fussing over me!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 01:15 i could get something i know were a blueberry bush is
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 01:16 sorry,
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 01:16 *smiles*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 01:17 he turned your hair white and your eyes yellow and he said he wanted peace but i am not going to belive any god until we straighten this out
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 01:17 but are you sure your not hungry?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 01:18 Of course...but just in case, I want to be ready for Tridon's armies.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 01:18 *smiles a little*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 01:18 I guess I'll have some berries.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 01:19 ok I wonder if they are bringing watermellons *chuckles a little*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 01:19 *laughs* Yeah...
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 01:19 ill be right back if you hear anything sespicouse mind message me
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 01:20 *goes off into the woods to get some blueberries*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 01:21 *walks for about 5 minutes and finds the blue berry bush starts picking berries and puts them in her shirt like a basket*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 01:22 *picks about 2 lbs of berries*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 01:23
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 01:24 *starts to head back but as soon as she steps away from the bush she is knocked out by one of Tridons men*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 01:28 *she is in a smaller but stronger water bubble sudenly wakes up* ZANE!!!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 01:29 *looks around is freaking out a little she can handdle being alone and she can handle being trapped with someone but she cant handle being trapped in a small space alone*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 01:34 *trys to mind message everyone but she can only get Trinity mind messages her Help! i cant stand being trapped alone i need to get out or moved with someone else help! dosent know if she is conecting to Trinity or Tridon but she dosent care*
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 14:08 *hears Trinity, but can't do anything*. I'm sorry, Hiry...
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 14:10 *Tridon hears Trinitys thoughts*. You were always weak Trinity! We have captured one of their leaders! The other is rendered helpless!
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 14:11 *Trinity thinks* Father, they have an army, and a leader!
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 14:12 *Tridon* It will not matter...soon my daughter, you will see!
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.27 14:16 *they reached the cave, but did run into a bit of trouble. Now they have seen Zane, but no sign of Hiry*
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.27 14:16 Zane! Oh gosh, what happened?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 14:18 Hiry and I got ambushed!
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 14:19 My...father took control of me to save us, but it really just ended up hurting me.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 14:20 We found out about...some kind of war going on...you know, between the three god leaders, Tridon, Zeus, and Haties.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 14:21 It somehow involves us, but I don't really understand it.
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.27 14:23 That doesn't matter right now! We got ambushed too...some of us were captured...maybe that's what happened to Hiry!
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 14:23 Maybe...
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.27 14:25 Again, though, we have to focus! We haven't got much time!
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.27 14:27 Their armies are advancing! Soon, they'll be here, and we have nothing to defend ourselves.
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.27 14:28 Zane, I don't know...this might be it...
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 14:29 Please don't say that! Um...how about we check the cave system, see if we have escape routes, or defense positions...
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.27 14:30 *nods* Of course.
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.27 14:31 *spreads the word, and goes off on her own*
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.27 14:32 *sees a part of the cave, that seems to glow*
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.27 14:34 *goes into it, and is surprised to feel a strange sensation overtake her*
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.27 14:35 *she can feel herself...changing*
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.27 14:35 *her mother Hera has come*
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.27 14:37 *Hera* Oh Hiry...you have made me proud, but you have yet fallen to despair...
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.27 14:38 *Hera* Here is my gift to you, my daughter...
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.27 14:39 *Hera* you're legions are healed...
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.27 14:40 *Hera* Go now Harriet! Protect you're armies! And realize your true strength!
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.27 14:42 *in a sudden burst of golden light, Hera is gone, but she leaves behind...*
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.27 14:43 Oh my gosh....Weapons! Thousands of them! We can...we can fight back!
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.27 14:43  Buying Sword (x 1)  
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.27 14:44 *swings the sword* Oh yeah, this is going to be good!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 17:52 *is sitting in the room rocking back and forth is scared to death of being trapped alone in small spaces*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:13 *goes to prepare for battle, when he falls down. He gets a vision of Hiry, trapped. The vision shifts to Tridon talking to one of his minions*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:16 *he can just barely hear what he's saying* Tridon: Our diversion is working! They are completely focused on us, and they have no idea what's coming! When the girl is dead, the portal to Olympus will open for the first time in forever!
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:18 Tridon: They will be too busy trying to save themselves, that they won't be able to stop it! And when the portal is opened, well...I shall finally rule, and destroy the other realms!
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:19 Tridon: *walks over to Hiry* And all I need to do that...is to get rid of you.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:20 What?! *stands up*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:21 if you havent noticed i have been mentaly destroying myself sence i got in here i cant get anything done when i am trapped alone in small spaces
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:23 Dont kill me Ican be useful to you some how
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:23 Tell me what you need and I.. I can do it
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:24 *backs up until she hits the water wall*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:26 Just tell me what you need and give me a day or two and i can make it happen
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:35 *laughs* Oh no... There is no other way I'm afraid, my dear...
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:36 *the vision fades*. No! No, Hiry! I've got to save her!
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:38 *suddenly hears a huge explosion, and Harriet charges in* Harriet: Zane...were out of time.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:38 *puts his head in his hands*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:39 No...no...there has to be a way...please Hiry...
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:39 *has an idea* Harriet, there is one way...
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:40 You need to lead the children against Tridons army.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:40 I think that my dad and I have some catching up to do.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:41 *Harriet leaves, and she begins to gather the children. Zane focuses and thinks, Dad...I need you.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:41 wait just.... just tell me what you need i am sure i can do it
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:43 if... if you kill me think... think how mad my father would be.... but... but if you pretend to save me....me then he will... will have to listen to...to whaterver you...you say *is so nevouse is stuttering when she speaks*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:44 *Zeus answers*. Ah, Zane my boy, I thought I might be hearing from you. I also understand what you need. Are you sure though? Stopping the portal is going to take an even bigger sacrifice than it took to form it...but you know that, don't you?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:44 I understand dad...and for Hiry I'll do it.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:45 *Zeus takes control of Zane, and teleports to Hiry*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:45 than.... than you two can... can work. to...together to get rid...rid of Zeus...than...than you can get r..rid of my..my father
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:45 Tridon...it's been a while.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:46 I see you have met my sons friend.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:46 *is so busy trying to nagotiate withTridon that he dosent notice Zane*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:47 *sees Zeus is still agenst the wall*
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:47 Don't think you can stop this!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:47 *just stands there not knowing what to do*
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:48 You see, you're too late!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:48 *thinks about saying soomething but just keeps quiet*
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:48 *finally shrinks the water into nothingness*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:49 *sees an opening in the water starts slowing moving agenst the wall twards it*
7>Trinity (Tridon), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:49 *it disappears....Hiry too.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:49 *the water an opening disapear*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:50
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:50 *watches as the portal opens*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:50 *is stuck in a small clear box like thing alone again*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:50 *The sky turns black*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:51 *pounds on the box and trys to get out*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:51 *can sees everything around her turning black*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:51 Zane, my boy...are you ready?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:52 *Zane takes full control with Zeus and summons a full on lighting storm*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:52 *starts freaking out more she pounds the sides of the box thing screaming but no one can hear them*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:52 I'm ready.
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:53 *the storm erupts! shattering everything in its path.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:53 *the box starts liting up and spinning*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:53 *it even swallows Tridon*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:53 *she is pushed agenst one of the walls is freaking out*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:54 *suddenly, the portal appears in front of Zane*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:54 *she gets knocked out and falls out of the box*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:55
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:55 *voices whisper the prophecy, and the final line*. Storm shall fall, and to fire will rise*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:55 *Zane begins to cry when he sees Hiry*. Stay strong!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:55 *she falls onto the hard ground infrount of Zane and ends up breaking one of her legs*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:56 Stay strong Hiry! *the portal takes him*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:56 *is still knocked out*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:56
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:56 *it disappears in an instant*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:57 *everything returns to normal*
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:58 *the battle still rages though! and somehow! Trinity has survived*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:58 *is just lying there she is bleeding from several places*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 21:59 *starts beginging to wake up*
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.27 22:00 *runs over to where the portal was! and sees Hiry*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 22:00 *she sits up and feels her head it is bleeding and she cant feel her right leg her arms are covered in cuts*
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.27 22:00 Oh, gosh! *starts to heal her*
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.27 22:01 Hiry...where's Zane?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 22:01 *trys to stand up but falls* Harriet were..were is Zane *is in alot of pain*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 22:01 *the healing some how isnt working*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 22:02 *feels weak and light headed*
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.27 22:02 He...he's not with you?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 22:03 *Keeps trying to get up but falls every time* I.. I need to find Zane*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 22:06 Harriet help me up i need to find Zane *Keeps trying to get up but keeps falling just like every time*
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.27 22:06 I'll help you.
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.27 22:07 *helps her walk*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 22:07 *is freaking out* were is Zane he could be hurt or in danger or trapped
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 22:08 *she limps with her right leg dragging*
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.27 22:08 Hey...we will find him.
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.27 22:09 There's uh...still a war going on though...
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 22:09 *she trys to go as fast as the can with Harriet* Zane! Zane! were are you!
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.27 22:10 *tries to stay calm*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 22:11 *is freaking out*
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.27 22:11 Hiry, I don't think he's here..
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 22:12 *is in alot of pain but dosent care* I need to find him before something bad happends
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.27 22:12 Where would he be, though?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 22:13 Zane! Zane! were are you?!!!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 22:15 It is importants that we find him as soon as possible
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.27 22:15 *looks around half heartedly*
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.27 22:16 What do you last remember him doing?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 22:16 I... I need him *tears start forming in her eyes 1/2 from the pain and 1/2 from freaking out about Zane*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 22:17 I... I last saw him at the cave when i went to get berries but but on my way back i got knocked out then trapped in a water bubble *is freaking out*
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.27 22:18 Has it...you know...occurred to you he might not have made it?
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.27 22:18 He went to go save you.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 22:18 than... than Tridon tryied to kill ... kill me than Zane came then.. Tridon made me go into a tiny box alone in this black pit of darkness *is freaking out more and more*
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.27 22:19 Said he had a really stupid plan.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 22:20 then it started spinning and spinning and everything went black and i woke up... I need to find Zane! *starts trying to walk faster but Harriet isnt moving and she cant move without saport*
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.27 22:20 One way to really know...is to try mind messaging him.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 22:21 *starts hyperventalating* come on we.. we need to find him!
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.27 22:21 If he...replies, then we will find him. If he doesn't, well he was a brave guy, but we can't do anything.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 22:22 *is frantically trying to mind message him but is freaking out to much and is still very weak*
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.27 22:23 Well? Was there a reply?
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 22:23 *starts freaking out more* I.. I cant conect he... he must be trapped.. we need to save him!!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 22:24 *keeps trying to move but Harriet isnt moving* Come on we need to save him!
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.27 22:24 There are other reasons it might not be connecting Hiry.
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.27 22:24 You need to let go.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 22:25 *tears start falling down her face* I.. I need to find him!
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.27 22:26 Please...Hiry, for your sake, you need to let go!
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 22:26 *sits down pulls her right leg up and hugs her legs and crys into them*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 22:27 I...I need him
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 22:28 *dosent want to move just sit there and crys*
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 22:30 *wipes her eyes* this isnt helping *uses Harriet to get up* this wont help
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 22:30 (Well, I must say, that was stunning! I think I'm going to continue this onto another RPG. So it'll be kind of like a sequal. What do you think?
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 22:30 )
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 22:33 my..my judgement is..its off..what do we need to do
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 22:33 (whant to go on snatched?)
2>Harriet (Hera), 13yo.2014,Dec.27 22:34 We need to finish this. We need to finish off the battle, and find a plan.
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 22:34 (i will be on snatched)
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 22:34 (ok i will stay on)
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 22:35 (K, I'm coming)
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 22:36 (Here, I'll close this rp down, and then reopen the new one. I'll just call it The Last Olympians Two)
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 22:36 ok *sighs* what can i do
3>Hiry (haties), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 22:36 (ok)
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 22:36 (Then we can go on Snatched)
1>Zane (Zeus), 14yo.2014,Dec.27 22:37 THIS RP IS NOW CLOSED!!!!