" Nekos! =^^= " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 11 to 17 years of age.
you play as neko! ^^

(neko means cat in Japanese yeah but it's human with cat ears, tail, thoughts, ect... when I talk about it)
I alow romance at this roleplay but just a little...

1>Kelly (neko girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.9 21:40 (she have white hair, her right eye is light blue but left is light green, she wears a black collar with bell, a white fluffy sweater and white shorts. she's pretty nervous sometimes, but she's very nice and cute)
9>Roger (neko boy), 16yo.2016,Feb.9 22:45 (Roger can't talk English, he talks only meowish but he can try if you want, he's not very smart tho so he's like a little kitten for Kailu)
6>Kailu (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.9 22:46 (Kailu is Roger's twin sister, she's really nice and friendly to everyone and she translates what Roger says)
6>Kailu (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.10 06:34 (they have creamy blonde hair. Kailu have greenblue eyes but Roger have gray. Kailu have brown ears and tail but Roger black. Roger wears black hoodie and pants but Kailu umm I can't see in that picture because she's siting but let's just say that she wea
6>Kailu (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.10 06:35 wears... white, black, yellow sweater with wide sleeves and.. and shorts)
6>Kailu (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.10 11:26 (you might ask why do they look different? well twins are born on the same day but they can be different and they are boy and girl so.. but older twin is Roger I think)
3>Tom (neko boy), 16yo.2016,Feb.10 12:15 (he have gray hair tail and ears with white fluffy fur, green eyes, he wears red hoodie, jeans and necless with green moon)
9>Roger (neko boy), 16yo.2016,Feb.10 12:20 (forgot to tell that he have metal chain necless..)
3>Tom (neko boy), 16yo.2016,Feb.10 12:24 (everyone thinks that he's together with Yoshiro or they are cousins but he just protects her because... well actually yeah he likes her...)
11>Yoshiro (neko girl), 15yo.2016,Feb.10 12:32 (Yoshiro is very shy so she trusts only Tom. she have dark brown eyes, creamy color hair tail and ears, she wears creamy color hoodie and brown scarf)
7>Lexus (neko boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.10 12:40 (he have bluegreen eyes, greenywhite hair and ears, white tail jeans and braceless, his white Jacket with bluegreen sleeves is usually open.. he's a nice guy...)
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.10 12:43 (he is very mysterious, he likes to stand in shadow, he don't comunicate much with others because others is afraid to ask him anything...)
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.10 12:47 (he have black hair ears and tail, red eyes necless and braceless, he wears black jeans and boots, black and violet purple jacket)
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.10 12:55 (he's a cool nice and friendly guy, smart too. he have light yellowpink hair ears and tail, light blue eyes. wears black hoodie with white fluffy hood and bright redpink T shirt and redpurple jeans)
1>Kelly (neko girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.10 13:01 (if you think why I didn't write how shoes they have? that's because it's not necesary to know I think)
1>Kelly (neko girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.10 13:02 ( the form you need to join is like I did with all my characters!)
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.11 01:35 [Naomi: Black ears and tail, long periwinkle hair in a high ponytail, blue eyes and pale skin.]
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.11 01:38 [Red crop top with long sleeves, high-waisted black Bermuda shorts, white sneakers with a 3-inch platform, black pleather zippie jacket with short sleeves.]
12>Noriko (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.11 01:45 [Noriko: Black ears and tail, chin-length hot pink hair, brown eyes and pale skin that's always slightly sunburned during the summer.]
12>Noriko (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.11 01:50 [White strapless, like, no sleeves whatsoever minidress with a black belt, black capri leggings, pink pleather zippie jacket with long sleeves, pink sandals with a 3-inch heel.]
12>Noriko (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.11 01:54 [Naomi and Noriko are fraternal twins.]
4>Akane (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.11 01:55 [Akane: Wild pitch-black hair down to her waist, icy blue eyes and super-pale skin. Black three-fourths-length-sleeved crop-top-style black pleather jacket, fitted tee that matches her eyes, black capri jeans and dark blue ankle boots.]
14>Aki (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.11 01:58 [Aki: Slightly messy black hair in a bobcut, blue eyes, sleek pink eyeglasses and pale skin. White tank top, knee-length light pink skirt. White sandals and a necklace with a heart charm that matches her eyes.]
14>Aki (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.11 01:59 [Akane and Aki are identical twins.]
1>Kelly (neko girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.11 15:53 [okay and how are they? friendly shy smart ect?]
14>Aki (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.11 20:50 [Personality descriptions are so hard to do. Are the characters going to be sorted into groups based on their personality?]
4>Akane (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.11 21:15 [Forgot to mention, Aki and Akane both have yellow-orange ears and tail.]
8>Hikari (Neko-Girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.11 21:26 [Hikari: Curly, fluffy brown hair that goes just below her shoulders, light pink ears and tail, pale skin and reddish-hazel eyes.]
8>Hikari (Neko-Girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.11 21:39 [Periwinkle miniskirt, Bermuda-shorts-style blue leggings, light pink spaghetti-strap tank-top that's waist-length in the torso and has this Elsa-Frozen-style collar, white bucket hat that has slots for her cat ears to poke through.]
8>Hikari (Neko-Girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.11 21:43 [Also periwinkle 3-inch heels with a 2-inch platform. Since she's so short, 5' 1", she wears those to look taller.]
4>Akane (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.11 21:44 [Aki and Akane are also 5' 1".]
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.11 21:46 [Naomi and Noriko are 5' 5".]
16>Takeru (Neko-Boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.11 22:00 [Takeru: Brownish-blond sha ggy hair, gray eyes, ears and tail and slightly tanned skin.]
1>Kelly (neko girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.11 22:13 [nno they won't be sorted into groups.. well okay you can not to say that if u want but I just think it's better to know it...]
16>Takeru (Neko-Boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.11 22:16 [Blue long-sleeved shirt, yellow zippie fleecy hoodie vest, blue jeans, black sneakers and a yellow Digimon wristband thingy on both wrists.]
16>Takeru (Neko-Boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.11 22:17 [Fine.]
16>Takeru (Neko-Boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.11 22:17 [Forgor to mention, Takeru's 5' 7".]
1>Kelly (neko girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.11 22:20 [thaaan... you wont tell their personality?....]
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.11 22:24 [Kind of hyperactive, sensitive, but she lashes out rather than cries, is one of the most popular girls in her town and school, extremely assertive and creative.]
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.11 22:24 [Oh, she's also really brave.]
1>Kelly (neko girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.11 22:26 [okay ^^]
7>Lexus (neko boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.11 22:28 [forgot to say that Lexus and Rex are brothers... I think..]
12>Noriko (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.11 22:30 [Is less hyperactive than her twin and is still sensitive. She's the one who cries. She's still popular, though, but some people bully her. She's not as assertive, but she's more creative, particularly in appearence. Also, not so brave.]
12>Noriko (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.11 22:30 [Oh,and hi.]
1>Kelly (neko girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.11 22:31 [hi :)]
4>Akane (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.11 22:38 [Can be really mean at times, and is super-mischevious, yet easygoing. She does have frequent flashbacks from her past, and sometimes she faints because she can't handle it.]
4>Akane (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.11 22:40 [Will eventually warm up to the others, and develop a small crush on Rex. Or maybe not.]
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.11 22:43 [ouuuuuu... =^~^=]
14>Aki (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.11 22:46 [Is obedient, rule-abiding and at the same time an awkward leader. Shy and has a bad rep because her twin is so mean. She's smart and used to her sister's frequent fainting. When her few friends or her twin are in danger, she's ready for action.]
14>Aki (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.11 22:47 [Will eventually be able to leave Akane's side and have lots more friends.]
8>Hikari (Neko-Girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.11 22:52 [Thinks that everyone is against her since both her parents died a year before and she never got over it, but hopes that Takeru is on her side because she has a crush on him. Lucky for her, they'll end up as an item.]
8>Hikari (Neko-Girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.11 22:57 [Seems to be forever in a negative spiral, and cries frequently. There is little thatcan make her happy, but when those things do come, life seems a lot better. Is a very, very, very good mange artist.]
16>Takeru (Neko-Boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.11 23:00 [I'm kind of getting lazy right now XD, so let's just say that he acts exactly like TK Takaishi from Digimon.]
1>Kelly (neko girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.11 23:05 [you can continue any time. I will wait till you finish. it's not necesary to do all discriptions today :) and I haven't watch that anime but I will someday I think :)]
16>Takeru (Neko-Boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.11 23:05 [Well, Season 2 version.]
1>Kelly (neko girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.11 23:11 [okay goodnight.. I have night 12:10]
16>Takeru (Neko-Boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.11 23:11 [Delete Melody Gonzalez, Jasmine changed her mind.]
1>Kelly (neko girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.11 23:12 [oh okay..]
1>Kelly (neko girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.11 23:13 [done]
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.11 23:15 [Ok. Can we start now?]
1>Kelly (neko girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.11 23:21 [oh you did them all, I did'nt notice. but can you give a fast just some words about Takaishi? and yeah than we can start :)]
16>Takeru (Neko-Boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.11 23:22 [It's TK.]
16>Takeru (Neko-Boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.11 23:24 [Search 'TK digimon' on the internet, and open the page on Digimon Wikia about him.]
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.11 23:27 [Brb]
1>Kelly (neko girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.11 23:27 [okay he's nice]
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.11 23:28 [Back.]
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.11 23:30 *it's a rainy day* *he's standing at the outside wall of school* *he puts his hands in pockets, looks up with closed eyes and breathes the fresh air of this rainy morning*
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.11 23:31 [Um, what grade is Rex in?]
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.11 23:32 [umm...uh....hm... 10?]
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.11 23:33 [So he's a sophomore...but I thought that 15- or 16-year-olds were sophomores.]
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.11 23:35 [um... Idk lets just play as it is...]
4>Akane (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.11 23:37 *doesn't want to go to school* Hey, Aki, why not we skip school?
14>Aki (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.11 23:38 No. We're in eighth grade. We're too old for that.
7>Lexus (neko boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.11 23:38 *comes outside* hey come in! you don't want to get cold..
14>Aki (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.11 23:39 [What time of year is it?
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.11 23:39 ugh fine... *comes inside*
14>Aki (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.11 23:39 [*]]
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.11 23:39 [looks like fall]
14>Aki (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.11 23:40 [Halloween?]
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.11 23:40 [umm sure okay]
4>Akane (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.11 23:41 But tonight's Halloween! We have to prepare!
14>Aki (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.11 23:42 I said no!
4>Akane (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.11 23:43 Why not?
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.11 23:43 [and the halloween prom? ;) or not]
14>Aki (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.11 23:43 Because we'll get in trouble!
14>Aki (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.11 23:43 [Halloween prom? Never heard of it, but sure!]
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.11 23:44 [yea me too but it sounds fun]
14>Aki (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.11 23:45 And besides, the Halloween Dance at our school is tonight.
4>Akane (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.11 23:46 So?!
14>Aki (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.11 23:47 We have to show up or we can't go.
1>Kelly (neko girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.11 23:47 *comes into school and acedentaly bumps into Lexus* oh sorry sorry!
7>Lexus (neko boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.11 23:47 hey
7>Lexus (neko boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.11 23:48 it's okay
4>Akane (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.11 23:48 Fine.
7>Lexus (neko boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.11 23:49 [lol it sounded like another car bumped into a Lexus car lol]
7>Lexus (neko boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.11 23:50 heey will you come to that halloween prom?
1>Kelly (neko girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.11 23:50 umm... I don't know...
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.11 23:51 Come on, Noriko! We have to go to school otherwise we can't go to the Halloween Prom!
7>Lexus (neko boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.11 23:51 come it will be fun *smiles* I can take you with my car
1>Kelly (neko girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.11 23:52 you have a car?..
12>Noriko (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.11 23:52 You just want to ask Mike out, don't you?
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.11 23:53 Um, yes.
7>Lexus (neko boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.11 23:53 well yes. I will wait you at sevenpm
1>Kelly (neko girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.11 23:54 um... okay.. I gtg bye *walks away fast*
7>Lexus (neko boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.11 23:55 okay
12>Noriko (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.11 23:55 [Is it okay if Mike likes Naomi?]
7>Lexus (neko boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.11 23:55 well? will you ask a girl?
7>Lexus (neko boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.11 23:56 [yep]
12>Noriko (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.11 23:56 Well, I talked to Mike the other day...
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.11 23:56 I don't know...
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.11 23:57 What? WHAT?!
7>Lexus (neko boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.11 23:57 dude you really need someone
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.11 23:58 *takes a deep breath*
12>Noriko (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.11 23:58 He said he likes you.
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.11 23:58 they don't like me...
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.11 23:59 [haha xd love]
4>Akane (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.11 23:59 *rides by the highschool on her electric scooter, just enough for Rex to catch a glance*
7>Lexus (neko boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.12 00:00 I'm sure someone do!
4>Akane (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.12 00:00 Wahoo!
14>Aki (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.12 00:00 Wait up! *runs after Akane*
7>Lexus (neko boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.12 00:01 hey look! there is someone ;)
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 00:02 *looks by the window* mno I can't...
7>Lexus (neko boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.12 00:03 baby is too scared? ;D
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 00:03 No!
7>Lexus (neko boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.12 00:03 than go! do it! ;)
4>Akane (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.12 00:03 *crashes into the wall of the highschool, right in front of Rex* Ow!
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 00:04 :( ...
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 00:04 whoa!
14>Aki (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.12 00:04 Whoa! *runs towards Akane* You okay?
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 00:04 umm are are you okay?...
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 00:05 (nvm)
4>Akane (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.12 00:05 Yea, I'm fine. *gets up*
7>Lexus (neko boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.12 00:05 *walks away*
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 00:06 ...
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 00:06 hey...
4>Akane (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.12 00:06 I can't say the same for my scooter, though.
4>Akane (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.12 00:07 *turns towards Rex* Oh, hi.
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 00:07 I can fix it if you want...
4>Akane (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.12 00:08 Can I trust you with it? *shoves a rubber knife under Rex's nose*
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 00:09 um.. yea
4>Akane (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.12 00:09 Just kidding, it's rubber. I love doing that.
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 00:10 oh
4>Akane (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.12 00:10 Anyway, when can you fix it by?
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 00:10 umm do you...
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 00:10 I will take it home to fix
4>Akane (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.12 00:11 Do I what?
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 00:11 will you go to halloween prom?........
4>Akane (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.12 00:13 *smirk* Hm. Maybe. I'm Akane.
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 00:14 I'm Rex..
4>Akane (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.12 00:15 Hm...maybe I can fix my scooter...*takes a look at her scooter* Looks like it's completely fine, just a little tattered.
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 00:16 nyeah
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 00:17 but it still need some things to fix
14>Aki (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.12 00:18 *looks at her pink watch* Oh, crap. Akane, we gotta get to school.
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 00:18 you don't have a transport to go now right?
4>Akane (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.12 00:19 Okay, Aki. *sets her scooter upright**rides off, although it's a little slower than usual*
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 00:19 well we can take you to school and back if you want... my brother have a car
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 00:20 (oh)
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 00:22 [they are at school alredy..]
14>Aki (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.12 00:22 Bye! *follows Akane*
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 00:23 bye..
14>Aki (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.12 00:24 [Akane and Aki go to the middle school.]
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 00:24 [buut it's in the same place? isn't it?]
14>Aki (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.12 00:26 [That would be a middle-high school, although I made up that term.]
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 00:26 [ok 13,14,15 and 16,17,18 go in different grade...]
7>Lexus (neko boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.12 00:28 *comes back* well? will they come? ;)
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 00:29 I don't know! *walks away*
7>Lexus (neko boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.12 00:30 ... okay you can still get someone from our class...
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 00:30 no
7>Lexus (neko boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.12 00:31 ...
14>Aki (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.12 00:32 Slow...down...Ak...a...ne...STOP!
4>Akane (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.12 00:33 *stops* What?
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 00:34 *wakes up...* whoah! it's alredy eight! *fast gets redy and runs to school* *runs into class* sorry teacher I'm late can I sit down now...
14>Aki (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.12 00:35 Can I get on?
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 00:35 (did she saw mike?)
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 00:35 (nope..)
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 00:36 *runs into the classroom* Sorry...I'm...late...Mrs...Saachi...
1>Kelly (neko girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 00:36 teacher: yes! go!
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 00:37 What do...you mean... by...go?
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 00:37 hey you late too? *smiles*
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 00:38 (she sed it to me)
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 00:40 *blushes bright red[her face is already a little red,but her cheeks are a little bit more vibrant* Um...yea...
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 00:41 haha :)
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 00:43 ur red ;D
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 00:45 sorry
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 00:45 I can pretty much tell...I live two miles away from here and I ran the whole way...
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 00:45 [brb]
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 00:45 [back]
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 00:46 okay
12>Noriko (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 00:48 *yells from the hall* NAOMI! I...CAN'T...RUN...AS...FAST...AS...YOU!
12>Noriko (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 00:49 *enters the classroom**panting HARD* y...were...u...running...so...fast?
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 00:51 I didn't want to be late.
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 00:53 Sassy ponytail. Not so sassy anymore.
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 00:53 do you usually ride with school buss?
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 00:54 I do.. I missed it tomorrow
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 00:55 *this morning
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 00:55 No. Why are you asking?
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 00:56 I'm sure it's easyest to go by buss not walking
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 00:56 We prefer walking to school.
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 00:57 yeah fresh air and so...
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 00:58 but it's raining today
12>Noriko (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 00:58 *still panting* What's wrong with...walking to school?
12>Noriko (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 00:58 Even in the rain?
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 00:59 nothing! it's cool that people prefer walking
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 00:59 Really?
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 01:00 yes :)
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 01:01 [wow it's 2am... let's continue tomorrow?]
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 01:01 Um, are you going to the Halloween Prom tonight?
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 01:02 um yeah
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 01:02 will you come with me? ;)
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 01:04 Ummm.........sure, why not? *blushes*
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 01:05 *blushes a little too* ;D
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 01:05 cool
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 01:06 So...should I meet you at your house?
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 01:07 nno I will come to your house :)
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 01:07 Okay, sure.
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 01:08 (kay goodnight ttyl)
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 01:10 [Bye.]
9>Roger (neko boy), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 13:02 [ok I resumed all agen and it looks like roger now is the only one without chrush soo you can choose from Aki or Noriko because theyr single...]
6>Kailu (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 13:04 [buy then Kailu and the other girl will be single till two boys join this rp but don't join them! you alredy have six characters...]
6>Kailu (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 13:04 *but
1>Kelly (neko girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 13:05 [and about the classes.. well it looks like this...]
1>Kelly (neko girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 13:07 (Aki, Akane, Tom, Yoshiro) (Naomi, Noriko, Mike, Kailu, Roger) (Lexus, Rex, Takeru, Hikari, Kelly)
1>Kelly (neko girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 13:08 [and chrushes are ;D ....]
1>Kelly (neko girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 13:10 (Takeru + Hikari) (Kelly + Lexus) (Rex + Akane) (Mike + Naomi) (Tom + Yoshiro)
1>Kelly (neko girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 13:11 (Akane, Noriko, Kailu, Roger are single for now... till you choose and someone join)
1>Kelly (neko girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 13:12 [something else you want me to check?]
8>Hikari (Neko-Girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 22:06 *slowly walks into the classroom**sits down**starts drawing*
8>Hikari (Neko-Girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 22:15 *mumbles* Last-Ditch Layer Cake, Shut Em' Up Shortcake, Brain Booster Bolognese, didn't they make up Last-Ditch Layer Cake, Pho-Tographic Memory, yea, they definitely made up Last-Ditch Layer Cake, Berry Barrier Bar divided by Protein Protection Shake...
8>Hikari (Neko-Girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 22:15 ...wait--what am I adding?
8>Hikari (Neko-Girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 22:16 [Forgot to mention that she's creative and a good baker.]
16>Takeru (Neko-Boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.12 22:18 *walks in**taps Hikari on the shoulder* Um, can I see that?
1>Kelly (neko girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 22:19 [yay you're online ^^]
4>Akane (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.12 22:19 [Decided that Rex+Akane's only going to be one-sided.]
4>Akane (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.12 22:20 *grabs Aki's wrist and pulls her on*
14>Aki (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.12 22:20 How did you know where my wrist was?
4>Akane (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.12 22:21 *doesn't know, so she doesn't answer*
1>Kelly (neko girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 22:21 [well yea it's normal if only she likes him because he's too old for her :D]
8>Hikari (Neko-Girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 22:21 *slowly turns around* It's not that good, but okay.
4>Akane (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.12 22:22 [No, I meant only he likes her.]
16>Takeru (Neko-Boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.12 22:23 *looks* Wow, that's really good!
1>Kelly (neko girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 22:23 [umm....that's... weird but okay.. if you want so]
8>Hikari (Neko-Girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 22:24 *looks back at her drawing**blushes* Oh, um, thanks.
1>Kelly (neko girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 22:24 [but she will like him someday?]
4>Akane (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.12 22:25 [Still have to decide.]
1>Kelly (neko girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 22:27 [aand who will like Roger? :]
4>Akane (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.12 22:27 [I dunno.]
1>Kelly (neko girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 22:28 [k]
4>Akane (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.12 22:29 Oh, look, we're here.
4>Akane (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.12 22:29 *stops her scooter**gets off*
4>Akane (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.12 22:30 *forces Aki off*
4>Akane (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.12 22:31 *leans her scooter against the bike rack*
8>Hikari (Neko-Girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 22:34 Um, oh yea, that besties PBJ. Multiply that by the square root of apple pie...
8>Hikari (Neko-Girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 22:37 [hello?]
1>Kelly (neko girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 22:38 [do my characters will do something soon or you will play with yours?]
1>Kelly (neko girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 22:39 [hi]
8>Hikari (Neko-Girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 22:40 Ah. Cedronian vanilla. That's it.
12>Noriko (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 22:40 *plonks into her seat*
9>Roger (neko boy), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 22:42 mew
6>Kailu (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 22:43 he sed 'hi'...
12>Noriko (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 22:43 Hi.
9>Roger (neko boy), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 22:44 (if you remember, he talks only meowish...)
12>Noriko (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 22:44 [Is it schools for nekos only or is it normal schools?]
9>Roger (neko boy), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 22:45 [umm this is nekos school]
12>Noriko (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 22:47 *starts fiddling with a piece of paper*
12>Noriko (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 22:49 *eventually makes a sailboat hat**plops it on her head*
9>Roger (neko boy), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 22:50 wyant syom chocho?
9>Roger (neko boy), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 22:50 (nvm)
12>Noriko (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 22:50 Chocolate? Sure.
12>Noriko (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 22:50 [Well, nvm then.]
9>Roger (neko boy), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 22:51 cewl kat! ^^ (cool hat)
12>Noriko (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 22:51 Um, thanks.
12>Noriko (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 22:51 What do you want?
12>Noriko (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 22:52 [Brb.]
9>Roger (neko boy), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 22:52 [oh you want it? okay ^^] *gives her chocolet*
9>Roger (neko boy), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 22:55 sowy.. do yo unrestyand whyat I sya?
6>Kailu (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 22:57 you understand?
12>Noriko (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 23:02 Sounds like a slurred version of English.
12>Noriko (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 23:03 No offense, but do you have a speech defect?
6>Kailu (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 23:04 yea he's still learning to make it better... if you understand I will go, I have some things to do
9>Roger (neko boy), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 23:05 yesh *lands his eyes*
12>Noriko (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 23:07 Anyway, what do you want?
12>Noriko (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 23:08 *pops some chocolate in her mouth*
9>Roger (neko boy), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 23:08 ...nnothen..... well..
12>Noriko (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 23:09 Well, what?
9>Roger (neko boy), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 23:09 I cinda wanyted to ask yo to.. pyom.......
12>Noriko (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 23:09 Um...I'll think about it.
9>Roger (neko boy), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 23:10 ...
9>Roger (neko boy), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 23:11 *starts drawing something...*
14>Aki (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.12 23:14 *grabs Akane's wrist and runs towards the school* We don't wanna be late!
9>Roger (neko boy), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 23:14 look.. fiwsh *smiles and shows the drawing to Noriko*
9>Roger (neko boy), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 23:19 yo like it?
12>Noriko (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 23:22 That's cute.
9>Roger (neko boy), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 23:22 tanks ^^
12>Noriko (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 23:23 Like Pusheen Cat.
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 23:26 hey, Naomi look! looks like your sister have friend ;D
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 23:27 We have other friends.
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 23:27 I know
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 23:30 Chocolate.
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 23:31 yea it's good :d
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 23:32 Chocolate.
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 23:33  Buying chocolet (x 1)  
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 23:34  Giving chocolet (x 1) to Naomi  umm I have one too... you want it? ^~^
9>Roger (neko boy), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 23:35  Buying chocolet (x 1)  (nvm this... I will just do the same thing...)
9>Roger (neko boy), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 23:35  Giving chocolet (x 1) to Noriko  
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 23:37 here *gives her chocolet*
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 23:37 Chocolate! *pops some in her mouth*
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 23:38 :)
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 23:41 Mmnmnmnmnmnmnm.
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 23:42 you really love it huh? :)
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 23:45 (is it valentines day today? real)
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 23:46 [Bored, wtg.]
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.12 23:46 [No, where I am, it's in two days.]
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 23:47 (oh yeah right)
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 23:48 [wtg? want to go? okay you can.. bye]
7>Lexus (neko boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.12 23:55 *after school* ok it's over, let's go, we have to get redy for prom! *jumps in his car*
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 23:56 ... na ... I will walk a little...
7>Lexus (neko boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.12 23:56 :/ okay see ya later *rides away*
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 23:57 *takes a deep breath and starts walking...*
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.12 23:58 *stops by a tree with birds* ... *looking for a while... than walks away*
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 00:00 *sits on a park bench* *looking at people around*
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 00:01 *watches the time at his phone* ... *stands up and continues walking*
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 00:02 *gets to Akanes school* finaly...
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 00:03 *standing to the wall. waiting till her lesons end...*
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 00:04 ...
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 00:05 [yep he's just standing there.. doing nothing.. waiting..]
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 00:07 *sees her scooter* *goes closer to check it...* hm it's not that bad *fixes something* now it should be fine...
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 00:08 *leans to the scooter* *still waiting...*
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 00:09 (ok I'm going to sleep so see you tomorrow bye)
4>Akane (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.13 00:39 *exits the school**runs towards the bike rack*
14>Aki (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.13 00:40 *isn't too far behind*
14>Aki (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.13 00:40 *is walking though*
14>Aki (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.13 00:42 *kneels dwn to look at a caterpillar*
4>Akane (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.13 00:45 *goes over to her scooter* Hm...why is there something different about it? *notices Rex**gasps* You messed with my scooter?!
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 09:57 I fixed it. now everything is okay with it. hey but than you will come to that prom..?
4>Akane (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.13 13:09 I looked at it, and it was fine! And I was never going to the stupid prom with you in the first place! I'm going to my own school's dance! *reverses the changes that Rex made**leaps on, starts it up, and grabs Aki as she rides by*
14>Aki (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.13 13:11 Eee-YAI!!!
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 14:25 oh.......
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 14:26 oh well.. *walks home*
7>Lexus (neko boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.13 14:26 where was you so long?
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 14:28 ugh nowhere
7>Lexus (neko boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.13 14:29 well... will you come to prom?
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 14:29 no
7>Lexus (neko boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.13 14:30 why? you have to! please!
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 14:33 I won't!
7>Lexus (neko boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.13 14:39 okay I understand you don't want to because you don't have a partner but dude you have to come atleast... maybe someone will ask you
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 14:42 NO You Don't Understand!! AND THEY WON'T!! THEY HATE ME!! *goes to his room and slamms the door*
7>Lexus (neko boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.13 14:43 ... :/
7>Lexus (neko boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.13 14:45 *goes to his room to get redy*
7>Lexus (neko boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.13 14:47 *hmm... what could he wear? okay.. he will have white wings and white suit...*
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 14:49 *sleeps in his bed, staring at the celing* ...
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 14:51 *looks at his closet* ... maybe I should go... ah *gets up and looks at his costimes*
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 14:53 ... dracula? *faceplam* ;D okay...
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 15:00 *wears a black cloak and shows his fangs* hwaaa! haha cool...
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 15:01  Buying flover (x 1)  *buys a red rose..*
1>Kelly (neko girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 15:38 *hmm... it's so hard to think... well okay... hmm... oh I know! she will wear a white dress and she will be ghost girl yes!*
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 15:46 *umm... chicken No ;) hmm fox? no... atsualy I think he's too cool to wear a costime so he will come as he is*
9>Roger (neko boy), 16yo.2016,Feb.13 15:49 *umm black suit...*
12>Noriko (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.13 16:03 *is at home* Hmm...Aphrodite costume.
6>Kailu (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.13 16:08 *aaaaam.... pirate girl.. okay :) I'm done with my characters*
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.13 16:08 Well, I'm definitely wearing my cat costume.
4>Akane (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.13 16:09 *they get home* Vampire. Definitely.
14>Aki (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.13 16:11 *slowly gets off* Um...Tinker Bell. Also, why did you pull me on while I was looking at a caterpillar?
4>Akane (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.13 16:11 No reason.
3>Tom (neko boy), 16yo.2016,Feb.13 16:12 *I will be wolf I guess*
8>Hikari (Neko-Girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 16:13 *is at home* Might as well go. Takeru might be there. *looks at a goth-girl costume in her closet*
8>Hikari (Neko-Girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 16:13 [Hi!]
11>Yoshiro (neko girl), 15yo.2016,Feb.13 16:14 *um... a cute bear...*
11>Yoshiro (neko girl), 15yo.2016,Feb.13 16:14 [hey]
16>Takeru (Neko-Boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.13 16:15 I don't really wanna go in a costume, but I'm still going. Hikari might be there.
16>Takeru (Neko-Boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.13 16:17 [Can we skip time to te dance?]
11>Yoshiro (neko girl), 15yo.2016,Feb.13 16:18 [Naomi is will wear a cat costime? she already is a cat ;)]
11>Yoshiro (neko girl), 15yo.2016,Feb.13 16:18 [well okay...]
16>Takeru (Neko-Boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.13 16:19 [Something's beng ird! Stuff not showng up!]
11>Yoshiro (neko girl), 15yo.2016,Feb.13 16:20 [what?]
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.13 16:21 Wait, I just realized that I'm already half-cat. Oh well, I'll go as a cute bunny.
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.13 16:21 [Normal now.]
11>Yoshiro (neko girl), 15yo.2016,Feb.13 16:21 [yep]
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.13 16:22 [Can we skip time to the dance?]
7>Lexus (neko boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.13 16:24 *still home* *goes to Rex room* I'm going. *sees him* oh you will come?
7>Lexus (neko boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.13 16:24 [yes]
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 16:25 I guess...
7>Lexus (neko boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.13 16:25 okay! let's go! :)
7>Lexus (neko boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.13 16:26 *they get into car and rides to take Kelly* hey :)
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.13 16:26 *is waiting for Mike outside her house*
1>Kelly (neko girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 16:26 hi :)
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 16:28 [oh I forgot sorry] *walks to her home* you really live very far...
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.13 16:29 It's not that far.
7>Lexus (neko boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.13 16:29 *they'r here* *gets out of car and walks into school*
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.13 16:29 Wait, why aren't you wearing a costume?
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 16:30 well yeah.. lets go?
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 16:30 I..
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 16:30 didnt want to
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.13 16:31 Okay. Anyway, let's go.
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 16:32 (is Noriko with them too?)
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.13 16:33 [Noriko's still getting her costume ready.]
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 16:33 [k]
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 16:36 you look cute! ^^ *blushes*
8>Hikari (Neko-Girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 16:37 Might as well go now.
8>Hikari (Neko-Girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 16:39 *slowly leaves her house**goes to the school*
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.13 16:42 Um, thanks.
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 16:48 [aki,akane,tom,yoshiro goes to one school but others are in one right?]
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.13 16:49 [Wtg, bye.]
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.13 16:49 [*virtually shrugs*]
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 16:49 [bye...]
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 16:50 [kay]
7>Lexus (neko boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.13 17:27 wanna dance? *smiles*
1>Kelly (neko girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 17:28 okay *blushes a little*
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 17:30 ... *goes to darker place and stands there waiting for party to end... or someone to ask him*
10>Jeny Arume (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.13 17:51 [I made up my mind. you can create some more characters if you want.]
10>Jeny Arume (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.13 17:58 [Jeny is a nice brave friendly funny and cute girl, she have dark green hair and ears and 20 slot eyes, she wears... something multicolored... well I will try to send link actually because I can't describe her clothes...]
10>Jeny Arume (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.13 17:59 file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/Sperlina%20Priedite/Desktop/pikas%20lietinas/girls/11.png
10>Jeny Arume (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.13 18:00 [I hope it works right...]
10>Jeny Arume (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.13 18:05 Hey!
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 18:05 what me?
10>Jeny Arume (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.13 18:05 Yes you ^^
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 18:06 um hey ;)
10>Jeny Arume (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.13 18:07 haha ^^ wanna eat something?
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 18:07 um sure
10>Jeny Arume (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.13 18:08 Let's go then! ^^
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 18:08 okay
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 18:08 where?
10>Jeny Arume (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.13 18:09 To that food table over there *points*
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 18:10 okay
10>Jeny Arume (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.13 18:11 yay there are candies! ^^ want some?
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 18:12 nyeah thnx *takes some candies*
10>Jeny Arume (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.13 18:13 *eats* so why did you stand there? :3
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 18:13 Idk... I don't really like parties
10>Jeny Arume (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.13 18:15 Seriously? Why? it's so fun! Come dance with me? ^^
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 18:15 ugh I can't... ;)
10>Jeny Arume (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.13 18:18 Comoon seriously? Come! ^^ *grabs him by hand*
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.13 18:18 :)
10>Jeny Arume (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.13 18:19 *dancing to a cool song*
10>Jeny Arume (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.13 22:33 
10>Jeny Arume (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.13 22:34 [if that link don't work than this should]
10>Jeny Arume (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.13 22:56 [well if they both don't work than write "neko girl with green hair" in google and find a picture with "yeyec" logo... Idk what it is so don't ask... I hope you find the corect picture..]
1>Kelly (neko girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.15 13:36 [maybe my friend will join here soon :)]
4>Akane (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.15 13:37 [Um, hi? Maybe not?]
4>Akane (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Feb.15 13:40 [Guess you left.]
1>Kelly (neko girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.15 13:44 [no im here. why not?]
1>Kelly (neko girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.15 14:09 [she haven't playd roleplay before but I think she can do it pretty good]
1>Kelly (neko girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.15 18:26 [are you there?]
8>Hikari (Neko-Girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.16 15:00 *slowly walks into the gymnasium/cafeteria/wherever the dance is*
16>Takeru (Neko-Boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.16 15:48 *walking into the dance**bumps into Hikari from the back*
10>Jeny Arume (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.16 20:51 so what is your name? :)
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.16 20:51 I'm Rex
10>Jeny Arume (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.16 20:52 I'm Jeny :) cool to meet you ^^
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.16 20:53 yeah cool.. soo do you learn here?
10>Jeny Arume (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.16 20:54 well I'm new. tomorrow is my first day in this school...
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.16 20:55 oh really? what class are you in?
10>Jeny Arume (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.16 20:56 umm 11.a I think.. and you? :)
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.16 20:57 oh that's my class too cool
10>Jeny Arume (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.16 20:57 yay cool ^^
16>Takeru (Neko-Boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.16 22:19 Oh, um, hi, Hikari!
8>Hikari (Neko-Girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.16 22:20 *quietly* Hi.
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.16 22:21 *walks in with Mike*
16>Takeru (Neko-Boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.16 22:22 So, uh, do you wanna dance with me?
8>Hikari (Neko-Girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.16 22:24 Oh...sure. *smiles for the first time in forever*
8>Hikari (Neko-Girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.16 22:25 [That was supposed to be a music note. ]
8>Hikari (Neko-Girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.16 22:25 [*virtual rage face*
8>Hikari (Neko-Girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.16 22:25 ]
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.16 23:16 oohkay we're here. soo .. wanna dance? ;)
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.17 20:46 Um...sure.
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.17 20:59 *dancing..*
2>Naomi (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.17 21:00 *awkward dancing*
12>Noriko (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.17 21:01 *runs into the dance*
12>Noriko (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.17 21:04 Where's Roger?
9>Roger (neko boy), 16yo.2016,Feb.17 21:06 ...here
9>Roger (neko boy), 16yo.2016,Feb.17 21:09 [I'll be back in 10 minits]
9>Roger (neko boy), 16yo.2016,Feb.17 21:21 waw.. u look amyazin
12>Noriko (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.17 21:22 Um...thanks.
12>Noriko (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.17 21:22 [You can play on both his and Camp Girl Power.]
12>Noriko (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.17 21:23 [*this]
9>Roger (neko boy), 16yo.2016,Feb.17 21:25 (I'm from phone.. it's not that easy...)
12>Noriko (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.17 21:26 [Isn't there an option of different tabs?]
9>Roger (neko boy), 16yo.2016,Feb.17 21:30 (yes.. well I can try but if my replies is slow then)
12>Noriko (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.17 21:31 [K.]
9>Roger (neko boy), 16yo.2016,Feb.17 21:34 soo.. I ges we shud danc.. u wan?
12>Noriko (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.17 21:36 Sure!
9>Roger (neko boy), 16yo.2016,Feb.17 21:39 I don relly can..
12>Noriko (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.17 21:42 Huh?
12>Noriko (Neko-Girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.17 21:42 [Maybe we can just be on the summer camp thing for now.]
9>Roger (neko boy), 16yo.2016,Feb.17 21:54 (yeah)
9>Roger (neko boy), 16yo.2016,Feb.17 21:56 I cant danc..
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.20 19:28 do you want to go out someday maybe..?
10>Jeny Arume (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.20 19:29 sure why not :)
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.20 19:30 okay cool *smiles*
10>Jeny Arume (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.20 19:30 it's like a date?
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.20 19:31 uh umm I didn't say so... well yeah I guess haha.....
10>Jeny Arume (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.20 19:31 cool ;)
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.20 19:32 um well it's late.. do you want to go home yet?
10>Jeny Arume (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.20 19:33 it's not that late
10>Jeny Arume (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.20 19:33 but okay let's go if you want
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.20 19:34 kay.. *folows Jeny home*
10>Jeny Arume (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.20 19:35 *walking...*
10>Jeny Arume (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.20 19:37 well this is my home *smiles*
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.20 19:38 oh okay um bye then *hugs her a little*
10>Jeny Arume (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.20 19:39 yea bye *walking away* see you tomorrow..
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.20 19:40 oh wait *takes out his rose* I.. I have something for you
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.20 19:40  Giving flover (x 1) to Jeny Arume  
10>Jeny Arume (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.20 19:41 aww thanks that's so sweat from you *blushes*
10>Jeny Arume (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.20 19:42 can I give you something back..?
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.20 19:42 yea sure ;)
10>Jeny Arume (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.20 19:43 *gives Rex a little kiss and runs into her home*
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.20 19:44 *confused...*
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.20 19:44 wow...
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.20 19:47 wow
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.20 19:47 wow *starts walking home*
9>Roger (neko boy), 16yo.2016,Feb.20 19:50 will u tech me danc..?
20>Mike (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.20 19:53 sso where is your sister?
1>Kelly (neko girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.20 19:55 umm I should go now..
7>Lexus (neko boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.20 19:56 huh so soon? okay let's search my brother
7>Lexus (neko boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.20 19:57 *searching everywhere* hmm guess he's already left. oh well let's go?
1>Kelly (neko girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.20 19:57 yes
7>Lexus (neko boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.20 19:57 *rides Kelly home* kay bye
1>Kelly (neko girl), 17yo.2016,Feb.20 19:58 bye. see you tomorrow
7>Lexus (neko boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.20 19:58 see ya *rides away*
7>Lexus (neko boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.20 19:59 *comes home and walks to rex room* hey bro why are you home?
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.20 20:00 *gives him a confused look* I'm a.. I come home
7>Lexus (neko boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.20 20:01 is everything okay?
18>Rex (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.20 20:01 yeah
7>Lexus (neko boy), 18yo.2016,Feb.20 20:02 hm *walks away*
6>Kailu (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.20 20:06 *waiting for someone to ask her to dance..*
19>Hirosho (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.20 21:09 ... hey
6>Kailu (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.20 21:10 h hey Hirosho
19>Hirosho (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.20 21:11 ssoo how are you?
6>Kailu (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.20 21:11 I'm okay
19>Hirosho (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.20 21:11 good
6>Kailu (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.20 21:12 yeah
19>Hirosho (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.20 21:12 (kay about Hirosho...)
19>Hirosho (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.20 21:14 (he is in Kailu class and they kinda like eatch other but they're talking only now)
19>Hirosho (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.20 21:14 (he's a nice and kind boy, sometimes a little shy but not much)
19>Hirosho (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.20 21:20 (he have hazel color hair and darkbrown eyes)
19>Hirosho (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.20 21:24 (hazel ears and tail. he wears brown hoody and jeans)
19>Hirosho (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.20 21:25 do you um... want to dance?
6>Kailu (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.20 21:25 well not realy...
19>Hirosho (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.20 21:26 that's good
19>Hirosho (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.20 21:26 I don't do it very well
6>Kailu (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.20 21:27 yeah me too
19>Hirosho (neko boy), 17yo.2016,Feb.20 21:27 let's go eat something?
6>Kailu (neko girl), 16yo.2016,Feb.20 21:28 sure
8>Hikari (Neko-Girl), 17yo.2016,Mar.20 13:02 *awkwardness*
1>Kelly (neko girl), 17yo.2016,Mar.27 16:55 [yep. when can we play this together?]
4>Akane (Neko-Girl), 13yo.2016,Apr.26 21:27 *they put on their costumes, and they're at the dance*