" ClockTown " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 11 to 16 years of age.
This town is back in the Medieval days, far in the mountains, secluded from civilization. It's a mysterious town, with only a few people. The only piece of modern technology is an eerie clock in the center of the desolate town. The clock rings it's bell once every week, which is when one of the villagers goes down to the kingdom to face a pn enemy in combat. The villagers cannot destroy the clock, and if they lose the battle, the enemy is let loose upon their village. Join this club and discover the secret of this clock...

1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.1 04:52 Hello
2>Shelly (Villager/Girl), 11yo.Aug.2 02:45 [Hi, it's me, Brunny. Can I join? I want to make a Raven-like character who is basically a villager who has secret, special dark magic powers, hence making her a sorceress.]
2>Shelly (Villager/Girl), 11yo.Aug.2 02:50  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=nothing  
2>Shelly (Villager/Girl), 11yo.Aug.2 02:50  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=Yes  
2>Shelly (Villager/Girl), 11yo.Aug.2 02:56 [Basically, my character looks exactly like Raven from Teen Titans original, and has pretty much the same powers, except they are a bit more magical and unstable.]
2>Shelly (Villager/Girl), 11yo.Aug.2 03:29  Buying Baby Child (x 1)  
2>Shelly (Villager/Girl), 11yo.Aug.2 03:29  Giving Baby Child (x 1) to Kajalaka  
2>Shelly (Villager/Girl), 11yo.Aug.2 03:30  Buying Teenager (x 1)  [Just testing out my abilities and such real quick...]
2>Shelly (Villager/Girl), 11yo.Aug.2 03:30  Selling Teenager (x 1)  
8>Violet ( villager), 16yo.Aug.3 05:03 Has bright blond long hair, with bright blue eyes. Wears peasant clothes-a tunic and skirt. Wears worn out shoes. Is homeless, and lives on the streets near the Clock. Steals a lot from shops nearby.)
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 08:20 Cool characters!
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 08:23 Kajalaka is a 23 year old man who is skilled with swords and knifes, brown hair, blue eyes. His skills are secret, but uses them as the villages butcher. Hasn't been sent to fight yet, but the clock diggs every week, and with twenty villagers, his chance
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 08:23 Is higher than ever.
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 08:23  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=nothing  
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 08:24  Using Ultimate death drink  
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 08:24 *dies*
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 08:24 Just testing rn, getting used to it
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 08:24  Giving Baby Child (x 1) to Violet  
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 08:25 Ok, let's start!
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 08:30 *walks through streets.*( It's late and I need to get home.) *sees violet in streets*
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 08:31 Hello, Violet, umm, here, it's all I can spare right now. Be safe. *scurries off*
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 08:35  Giving Sling (x 1) to Violet  
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 08:36 *starts pouring* umm, violet, you can stay out here in the rain! Come with me to ravens.* puts violet on shoulders and runs to ravens house*
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 08:37 *knocks on door* Raven!
8>Violet ( villager), 16yo.Aug.3 08:37 *takes the child and runs off, carrying the sling* *stares up at the creepy looking clock*
8>Violet ( villager), 16yo.Aug.3 08:38 (By the way, hi! It's me, Paige!)
8>Violet ( villager), 16yo.Aug.3 08:42 *is with Kajalaka at the doorstep* *is wet and cold* *shivers in the rain*
8>Violet ( villager), 16yo.Aug.3 08:42 *sees some curtains moving, and also a candlelight flickering *
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 08:45 (Hey Paige!)
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 08:46 Oh my, raven!*bangs at door**lightning striking*
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 08:47 She is not home, Violet, come with me.*picks her up and runs to his house*(I keep picking you up cuz I am thinking you're a little girl, how old are you?)
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 08:48 *runs past clock, and suddenly gets ice cold, then warmer when he is out of its sight*
8>Violet ( villager), 16yo.Aug.3 08:48 (16 in the RP.)
8>Violet ( villager), 16yo.Aug.3 08:49 *the baby starts wailing really loud*
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 08:49 Okay, here we are. *unlocks door* blasted with heat from fireplace
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 08:49 (Oops lol too heavy to pick up)
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 08:50 I have something to calm him down
8>Violet ( villager), 16yo.Aug.3 08:50 (Hahahaha!!)
8>Violet ( villager), 16yo.Aug.3 08:51 *falls near the fire, taking in the warmth*
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 08:51 Here
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 08:52  Giving Baby bottle (x 1) to Violet  
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 08:52  Giving Warm clothes (x 1) to Violet  
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 08:52 How long have you been out here?
8>Violet ( villager), 16yo.Aug.3 08:52  Using Baby bottle  Goes over to the baby*
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 08:52 On the streets?
8>Violet ( villager), 16yo.Aug.3 08:53 *looks at Kaj* Ever since I was small.
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 08:53   - 1 Health points to Violet  
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 08:53 You look sick. Here
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 08:54  Giving Healy thingy (x 1) to Violet  
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 08:54 *sits down*youve been out there for that long and the clock hasn't picked you?
8>Violet ( villager), 16yo.Aug.3 08:54 Thank you.
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 08:54 *sits down*youve been out there for that long and the clock hasn't picked you?
8>Violet ( villager), 16yo.Aug.3 08:55  Using Healy thingy  No, it hasn't.
8>Violet ( villager), 16yo.Aug.3 08:55 Surprising, actually...*stares into space*
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 08:55   + 1 Health points to Violet  
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 08:56 Even more surprisingly, it hasn't picked me either.
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 08:56 *pats chair nearer the fire* sit down! warm up, are you hungry, thirsty?
8>Violet ( villager), 16yo.Aug.3 08:57 *stumbles over to the chair* I could use some food and drink. I've been living off of garbage thrown in the street*
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 08:58  Giving Food (x 1) to Violet  Here dear
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 08:59  Giving Drink (x 1) to Violet  
8>Violet ( villager), 16yo.Aug.3 08:59  Using Food  
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 08:59 That child, is he your brother(she/sister, wteves:))
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 09:00 😄
8>Violet ( villager), 16yo.Aug.3 09:00  Using Drink  *swigs down her drink*
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 09:00 (OMG EMOJIS WORK)
8>Violet ( villager), 16yo.Aug.3 09:00 *spits out her drink* W-W-W-What?!
8>Violet ( villager), 16yo.Aug.3 09:01 (😊👍yeah!)
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 09:01 *thunder* I'll be right back! I'm going to check on Raven. Stay here, eat whatever you like.
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 09:02 *runs out of house! and around secret door to back of house*
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 09:02 Oh my Zounds, where could you be Raven?
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 09:04 *closes back door! making loud sound that can be heard up front*
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 09:04 *sighs* hopefully she didn't hear me...
8>Violet ( villager), 16yo.Aug.3 09:05 *sits by the fire, eating bread*
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 09:05 (If it lands on even number, it was extremely loud, if odd, not loud enough to notice)
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 09:05  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=No  
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 09:06 (She didn't hear me)
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 09:07  Using Normal wand  *takes out wand and chants* by the rains drops, by the firelight, show me where Raven is tonight!
8>Violet ( villager), 16yo.Aug.3 09:08 *an especially loud clap of thunder rattles the house*
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 09:08 *wand explodes in face**shakes house*
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 09:09 *runs back around and walks in* Are you okay? I hear a boom.
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 09:09 *wipes forehead and sees black ash on hand*
8>Violet ( villager), 16yo.Aug.3 09:09 Yeah, I'm fine. Looks like a pretty wild storm hit the town.
8>Violet ( villager), 16yo.Aug.3 09:12 (Gtg! I'll be on tomorrow sometime!)
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 09:12 😅Hehe, yes...
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 09:12 (K, cya!😊
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 09:14   - 1 Health points to Shelly  
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 09:14   + 1 Health points to Shelly  
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 13:07   + 100 Magic(Users only) points to Shelly  
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 13:08  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=nothing  
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 13:08  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Child  
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 13:10 *walks into back room and comes out with a young child* Violet, this is my son, Casper.
3>Casper (Villager/Student), 12yo.Aug.3 13:13 H...hi...*turns away*
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 13:15 Casper, you face people when greeting them
3>Casper (Villager/Student), 12yo.Aug.3 13:20 *turns back slowly* h...hi...I'm Casper.
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 13:20 (I made some changes. The weapons that cost money are the weaker weapons and do less damage to the Enemy
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 13:21 The ones that are free are rarer and more powerful, but one use each)
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 13:22 (You can get the rarer ones from dice drops)
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 13:23  Using Slicers of Tenacity  
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 13:23  Using Staff of Eroticon  
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 13:23  Using Scimitar of the Magi  
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 13:23  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=18  
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.3 13:24  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Adult villager  
8>Violet ( villager), 16yo.Aug.3 18:32 (Ok.)
8>Violet ( villager), 16yo.Aug.3 19:01 *turns to Casper* Hi Casper. Kajalaka: This is Violet, and she'll be staying here tonight.
7>Nicole (Villager), 16yo.Aug.3 19:21 [Hey guys, it's me, Brunny. I forgot my password to be Raven. Can you delete her, so I can create her again and RP as her, since I forgot the password?]
7>Nicole (Villager), 16yo.Aug.3 19:22 [Oh, and Christopher is a normal villager and a good friend of Kajalaka's. He is skilled with carving wood, and in terms of weapons he can secretly use swords well. Has blue eyes and dark brown hair. Tall and a bit slim.]
7>Nicole (Villager), 16yo.Aug.3 19:23  Buying Sword (x 1)  
7>Nicole (Villager), 16yo.Aug.3 19:26  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Bow  
7>Nicole (Villager), 16yo.Aug.3 19:27  Selling Sword (x 1)  [Actually, I'm going to change Christopher's character altogether.]
7>Nicole (Villager), 16yo.Aug.3 19:28 [I changed my original character named Christopher to Nicole. Nicole is a girl with long black hair that is usually in a ponytail, and has bangs (in terms of hair).]
7>Nicole (Villager), 16yo.Aug.3 19:28 [Her eyes are dark blue. She wears a black hoody set with black tennis shoes, and some blue markings are on her hoody set.]
7>Nicole (Villager), 16yo.Aug.3 19:29 [Is an archery master. Sneaks out of town sometimes to practice. Is sort of like Katniss.]
7>Nicole (Villager), 16yo.Aug.3 19:29 [Has a little hut near the fence that surrounds the town. She and her family survive mainly from her sneaking out of ClockTown and hunting.]
7>Nicole (Villager), 16yo.Aug.3 19:30  Buying Bow (x 1)  
7>Nicole (Villager), 16yo.Aug.3 19:30  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Adult villager  
7>Nicole (Villager), 16yo.Aug.3 19:30 [Just testing.]
7>Nicole (Villager), 16yo.Aug.3 19:30  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=nothing  
7>Nicole (Villager), 16yo.Aug.3 19:31  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Rocks(for sling)  
7>Nicole (Villager), 16yo.Aug.3 21:14 (from Webmaster) : so I turned the lost password to: pass
7>Nicole (Villager), 16yo.Aug.3 21:14 please re-connect and click on Modify (bottom page)
7>Nicole (Villager), 16yo.Aug.4 01:18 [From Brunny:Thanks, but for some reason it still isn't working...I put in "pass" twice and it wouldn't take it. Perhaps someone else already went into my character and changed the password again?? I'm not sure...]
7>Nicole (Villager), 16yo.Aug.4 04:34 [Hey Kajalaka, if you're here, could you delete Raven?]
3>Casper (Villager/Student), 12yo.Aug.4 04:35 Trying to get into game master, but the pass isn't working, even though it's the exact same as caspers pass
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.4 04:38 Lol got it
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.4 04:38 They weren't the same
7>Nicole (Villager), 16yo.Aug.4 04:40 [Yeah. That's my problem with Nicole and Raven-different p-words.
7>Nicole (Villager), 16yo.Aug.4 04:40 *]
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.4 04:40 Lemme figure out the delete button...
7>Nicole (Villager), 16yo.Aug.4 04:43 [My replies will be slow.]
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.4 04:44 I:)
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.4 04:44 Kk :)
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.4 04:45   - 1000 Health points to Shelly  
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.4 04:46 Guess taking away your life didn't work...
7>Nicole (Villager), 16yo.Aug.4 04:48 [Darn...I guess the WM will have to try to make a new password for her or something...]
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.4 04:50 This site is kinda going slower...
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.4 04:50 Or we'll.
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.4 04:50 Oh well
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.4 04:51 Bunny, use the pinkish tab in the bottom corner that is empty as Raven, then WM can just delete Raven altogether.
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.4 04:52 And I'll give you a compensation of one rare item
7>Nicole (Villager), 16yo.Aug.4 04:52 [Wait...what pinkish thingy??]
7>Nicole (Villager), 16yo.Aug.4 04:53 [Raven's tab is purple BTW.]
7>Nicole (Villager), 16yo.Aug.4 04:53 [Sorry, I'm confused right now... XP]
7>Nicole (Villager), 16yo.Aug.4 04:54 [Ohhh...wait, nvm...I know what you mean. Actually, I think I'll just use this Nicole tab for Raven-temporarily.]
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.4 04:55  Using Excalibur  
7>Nicole (Villager), 16yo.Aug.4 04:55 [Nvm, I'll use the dark blue tab instead. XP This'll be Nicole again.]
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.4 04:55 Okie!!
12>Raven (Shade/Sorceress), 16yo.Aug.4 04:56 [Done.]
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.4 04:56 (We left off at my secret secret spell to find you exploded in my face, and Casper joins)
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.4 04:57 (Kk)
12>Raven (Shade/Sorceress), 16yo.Aug.4 04:57 *is meditating in the basement of her house*
12>Raven (Shade/Sorceress), 16yo.Aug.4 04:58 *stops meditating and decides to go get some herbal tea**flies upstairs via her telekinetic powers and goes to her little kitchen**brews some herbal tea*
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.4 04:58 Casper, stay here and entertain our guests. *whispers* and keep me out of my room.
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.4 04:59 **keep them out
3>Casper (Villager/Student), 12yo.Aug.4 04:59 Okay... *stares at Baby*
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.4 05:00 *runs back to Ravens house* *bangs till his knuckles bleed* RAVEN!!
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.4 05:01
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.4 05:02 *lightning strikes not far from the village**falls on knees and starts crying, his tears lost among the raindrops*
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.4 05:04 😥💦💧Raven... WHERE ARE YOU??
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.4 05:05 (Brb makin a new rp on clubs)
12>Raven (Shade/Sorceress), 16yo.Aug.4 05:05 [OK]
12>Raven (Shade/Sorceress), 16yo.Aug.4 05:06 *angrily opens the door, getting tired of the banging* What is it?
12>Raven (Shade/Sorceress), 16yo.Aug.4 05:06 I was meditating, and then trying to enjoy some herbal tea when you started to make dents in my door.
12>Raven (Shade/Sorceress), 16yo.Aug.4 05:06  Buying House (x 1)  
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.4 05:12 I need you to come and help me find the right home for a girl I found on the streets. She's young, and the clock hasn't picked her yet.
12>Raven (Shade/Sorceress), 16yo.Aug.4 05:13 [gtg! *offline* Bye Kajalaka!]
12>Raven (Shade/Sorceress), 16yo.Aug.4 18:05 Uh huh.
12>Raven (Shade/Sorceress), 16yo.Aug.4 18:14 Well, I guess I'll come and help.
12>Raven (Shade/Sorceress), 16yo.Aug.4 18:14 *she and Kajalaka go to his house*
12>Raven (Shade/Sorceress), 16yo.Aug.4 18:15 [Note:No one knows about her powers. She's just a strange person to the other villagers.]
12>Raven (Shade/Sorceress), 16yo.Aug.4 18:40 [Hey Kajalaka, do you mind RPing on Magical RP more often, so your character doesn't really go to waste? BTW, on Magical RP, you can be a wizard, witch, warrior, knight, archer (only if you're an elf), or merchant.]
12>Raven (Shade/Sorceress), 16yo.Aug.4 18:41 [We already have too many wizards and witches, so perhaps you can be a warrior?]
12>Raven (Shade/Sorceress), 16yo.Aug.4 18:41 [The name Shishaa kinda sounds like a fierce warrior name...kinda... o_o]
8>Violet ( villager), 16yo.Aug.5 00:03 *sitting in Kajalaka's house with Casper*
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.6 06:10 (Kk:))
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.6 06:12 *opens door* Violet, we are back! This is my friend*says to side* who left me in the rain..*normal* Raven.
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.6 06:13 We are gonna help you as much as we can.
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.6 06:13  Giving House (x 1) to Violet  
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.6 06:14 Tee hee.
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.6 06:14 We are building your house, so you can stay with us for a few days.
8>Violet ( villager), 16yo.Aug.6 22:13 Thank you! *is nearly crying* *hugs Kajalaka and Raven*
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.7 06:28 *thunder and lightning* I've never seen a storm that large up here in the mountains like that before...
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.7 06:29 Casper, take her to our extra room, and stay out of the back!
3>Casper (Villager/Student), 12yo.Aug.7 06:30 Okay... *takes Violets baby brother* follow me.
3>Casper (Villager/Student), 12yo.Aug.7 06:32 *walks down hallway, into extra room* I'm sorry I didn't talk to you, I am just not used to talking to new people. Didn't mean to be rude...
3>Casper (Villager/Student), 12yo.Aug.7 06:32 We don't have a crib, but I am learning to make one, I can make it by tomorrow morning.
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.7 06:33  Giving Warm clothes (x 1) to Casper  
3>Casper (Villager/Student), 12yo.Aug.7 06:34  Giving Warm clothes (x 1) to Violet  Here are some clothes for you and your brother.
3>Casper (Villager/Student), 12yo.Aug.7 06:35 If you need anything, ask me. My father is a blabber mouth.
3>Casper (Villager/Student), 12yo.Aug.7 06:36 My room is just down the hall, toward the living area, the closest door to it.
3>Casper (Villager/Student), 12yo.Aug.7 06:39 (Forgot to do caspers bio. He is a 10 year old boy brown hair, blue eyes. He is skilled with hatchets and throwing axes, but is still training. His teacher is his dad, and he's the only one who knows about his dad's fighting abilities. Extremely shy,)
12>Raven (Shade/Sorceress), 16yo.Aug.8 23:42 *looks rather annoyed from getting hugged, but says nothing*
12>Raven (Shade/Sorceress), 16yo.Aug.8 23:47 *hears a knock on the door**sighs* I'll get it. *opens the door to see Nicole, who stumbles in* Nicole:Hi Rae! Sorry to intrude, but I got lost in the darkness...whew, that storm is wild...
12>Raven (Shade/Sorceress), 16yo.Aug.8 23:48 Uh huh. Well, come in and dry off. Welcome back to Kaj's house. Nicole:*nods and walks into the living room, her hair wet and wild from the rain*
12>Raven (Shade/Sorceress), 16yo.Aug.8 23:48 Nicole:I'll stay here for the night, I guess... Raven:Me too. I don't think I can get home in a storm like that.
7>Nicole (Villager), 16yo.Aug.8 23:49 Hi Kajalaka. Is it OK if I stay here for the night? I'll sleep on the couch...
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.9 03:45 Yes, but you do not have to sleep on the couhc, we have an extra bedroom.
3>Casper (Villager/Student), 12yo.Aug.9 03:46 *confused*no we-
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.9 03:46 Shh, Casper, hehe, Adults speaking.
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.9 03:47 *walks out of house, runs to the door to the back room*
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.9 03:50  Using Wand of Eldrion  *pulls out secret rare wand* The Bird flying through the night. Darkness found in light. Tomorrow, the day of a villagers doom, but for now, i summon an extra Bedroom!
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.9 03:51 *house creaks extremely loudly, and Wand of Eldrion disappears* My wand!
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.9 03:51 Oh well.* runs around front back inside*
3>Casper (Villager/Student), 12yo.Aug.9 03:52 Did you hear that, Dad? what was it??
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.9 03:53 Come this way, Nicole. *leads her into a new door that has appeared at the end of the hallway*
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.9 03:55 this is a two bed room, for when someone stops by. Raven, if you would like, yiu can sleep here too, is pouring hard, and i do not think you should walk home.
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.9 03:57  Giving Food (x 1) to Raven  
3>Casper (Villager/Student), 12yo.Aug.9 04:00 *walks away towards where Violet is**knocks and walks in with medicine* here is some medicine for you and your brother in case you feel sick from the outside rain. You should get some sleep. i heard Dad saying that the Clock might Ding tomorrow.
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.9 04:01  Giving Medicine (x 1) to Casper  
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.9 04:01  Dropping Medicine (x 1)  
3>Casper (Villager/Student), 12yo.Aug.9 04:02  Giving Medicine (x 1) to Violet  
7>Nicole (Villager), 16yo.Aug.9 04:33 OK, thanks! *goes to one of the twin beds and hops on it**pulls out a book and reads it while lying on the bed*
12>Raven (Shade/Sorceress), 16yo.Aug.9 04:34 *nods to Kajalaka and floats into the room**meditates on the other bed*
12>Raven (Shade/Sorceress), 16yo.Aug.9 04:34  Taking Medicine (x 1)  
12>Raven (Shade/Sorceress), 16yo.Aug.9 04:35  Giving Medicine (x 1) to Nicole  
12>Raven (Shade/Sorceress), 16yo.Aug.9 04:35 [Just adding stuff to my inventory.]
8>Violet ( villager), 16yo.Aug.9 05:28 *sits on the bed, staring at Casper* No. It can't be. It hasn't struck for awhile now.
1>Kajalaka (Villager), 23yo.Aug.9 20:06  Giving Staff of Eroticon (x 1) to Raven  Raven, *whispers* I found a rare item outside the village! looks like some staff.
12>Raven (Shade/Sorceress), 16yo.2014,Aug.11 03:37 *an
12>Raven (Shade/Sorceress), 16yo.2014,Aug.11 03:50 [What the...? My last message didn't post...]
12>Raven (Shade/Sorceress), 16yo.2014,Aug.11 03:50 [Retry.]
12>Raven (Shade/Sorceress), 16yo.2014,Aug.11 03:56 [-.- Darrrn...it won't post.]
12>Raven (Shade/Sorceress), 16yo.2014,Aug.11 03:57 *looks at what Kajalaka gave her* Hm...it does seem rare.
2>Shelly (Villager/Girl), 11yo.2014,Aug.12 04:04 What happened?
12>Raven (Shade/Sorceress), 16yo.2014,Aug.12 04:12 [LEEKTA!!! Hey, it's me, Brunnhilde-your penpal!! :D]
12>Raven (Shade/Sorceress), 16yo.2014,Aug.12 04:12 *LEETKA
2>Shelly (Villager/Girl), 11yo.2014,Aug.12 05:31  Secret message to Raven  
2>Shelly (Villager/Girl), 11yo.2014,Aug.12 05:31  Secret message to Raven  
2>Shelly (Villager/Girl), 11yo.2014,Aug.12 05:31  Secret message to Raven  
2>Shelly (Villager/Girl), 11yo.2014,Aug.12 05:32  Buying Normal wand (x 1)  *uses Harry Potter Spell*
2>Shelly (Villager/Girl), 11yo.2014,Aug.12 05:33 Avada Kedavara!
2>Shelly (Villager/Girl), 11yo.2014,Aug.12 05:33 *Directs it at wasp. Wasp falls instantly*
2>Shelly (Villager/Girl), 11yo.2014,Aug.12 05:33 *stops moving*
2>Shelly (Villager/Girl), 11yo.2014,Aug.13 01:40  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=No  
2>Shelly (Villager/Girl), 11yo.2014,Aug.13 01:41 Aw, man!
2>Shelly (Villager/Girl), 11yo.2014,Aug.13 01:42 So the chickens in the town WILL be killed?
2>Shelly (Villager/Girl), 11yo.2014,Aug.13 01:42 *starts crying hysterically*
2>Shelly (Villager/Girl), 11yo.2014,Aug.13 01:42 They shouldn't die! They never did anything wrong!
12>Raven (Shade/Sorceress), 16yo.2014,Aug.13 18:50 No, WE will be killed by the Clock. Anyway, who are you? Why are you out in the rain?
2>Shelly (Villager/Girl), 11yo.2014,Aug.19 01:20 My name's Shelly.
2>Shelly (Villager/Girl), 11yo.2014,Aug.19 01:20 (we will?)
2>Shelly (Villager/Girl), 11yo.2014,Aug.19 01:20 (I don't thik it said that at the top, but okayy...)
2>Shelly (Villager/Girl), 11yo.2014,Aug.19 01:20  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=No  
2>Shelly (Villager/Girl), 11yo.2014,Aug.19 01:20 We won
2>Shelly (Villager/Girl), 11yo.2014,Aug.19 01:21 We won't live?
2>Shelly (Villager/Girl), 11yo.2014,Aug.19 01:21 noooooooooooo!!!!!!!
2>Shelly (Villager/Girl), 11yo.2014,Aug.19 01:23 *falls down on knees and starts praying*
2>Shelly (Villager/Girl), 11yo.2014,Aug.19 01:23 oh god, don't let us die!
2>Shelly (Villager/Girl), 11yo.2014,Aug.19 01:24 I didn't bring the clock out here!
2>Shelly (Villager/Girl), 11yo.2014,Aug.19 01:24 *starts sobbing*
2>Shelly (Villager/Girl), 11yo.2014,Aug.19 01:24 *wiith the rain@
2>Shelly (Villager/Girl), 11yo.2014,Aug.19 01:24 **
11>Blake (part-time tailor), 19yo.2014,Aug.31 10:37 *leaves shop, and heads toward the town square* Anyone here?
11>Blake (part-time tailor), 19yo.2014,Aug.31 10:38 *soaked from the rain*
12>Raven (Shade/Sorceress), 16yo.2014,Sep.1 01:13 *goes back to meditating*
12>Raven (Shade/Sorceress), 16yo.2014,Sep.1 01:13  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Teenager  
12>Raven (Shade/Sorceress), 16yo.2014,Sep.1 01:13 [Just testing out stuff.]
12>Raven (Shade/Sorceress), 16yo.2014,Sep.1 01:13  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Teenager  
12>Raven (Shade/Sorceress), 16yo.2014,Sep.1 01:14 [Ugghh...repitition... >.< ]
12>Raven (Shade/Sorceress), 16yo.2014,Sep.1 01:14  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Sling  
12>Raven (Shade/Sorceress), 16yo.2014,Sep.1 01:15  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=nothing  
12>Raven (Shade/Sorceress), 16yo.2014,Sep.1 01:15  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Knife  
18>Maleficent (Evil), 26yo.2014,Sep.12 10:31  Buying Sword (x 1)  
18>Maleficent (Evil), 26yo.2014,Sep.12 10:31  Buying Knife (x 1)  
13>Cami (Highschooler), 18yo.2014,Oct.27 02:25  Secret message to Blake  
5>Mrs. Cress (Villager/Tess's Mom), 30yo.2014,Nov.16 18:10 Hi, I'm joining as Mrs. Cress, who is a 30 year old woman with long black hair kept in a braid, and dark blue eyes. Her daughter Tess is currently sick.
5>Mrs. Cress (Villager/Tess's Mom), 30yo.2014,Nov.16 18:11  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=House  
14>Alistair (Assassin), 15yo.2014,Dec.12 00:08  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=nothing  
14>Alistair (Assassin), 15yo.2014,Dec.12 00:08  Rolling 10 sided dice... Result=1  
14>Alistair (Assassin), 15yo.2014,Dec.12 00:08  Rolling 10 sided dice... Result=4  
14>Alistair (Assassin), 15yo.2014,Dec.12 00:08  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Rocks(for sling)  
14>Alistair (Assassin), 15yo.2014,Dec.12 00:09  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Bow  
14>Alistair (Assassin), 15yo.2014,Dec.12 00:09 Hello, im joining as Alistair, a young assassin looking for work