" Metropolis " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 12 to 18 years of age.
A few decades into the future, some fairly new companies in the USA developed technology that could be implanted in people's brains and used via thought. Combining their money, knowledge, and resources, they soon merged and became one giant company called Manas (run primarily by the rich Maximus family) and formed a powerful political machine. At first this machine did plenty of good things for the country, but power corrupts. Throughout the decades, the political machine drove North and Central America more and more together, until the two continents formed one giant country: Metropolis. It was called that because most of it had become one gigantic, continuous city (however, a big chunk of Central America was reserved for agriculture, and because it was archaic and dangerous compared to the rest of the country, it was also used as a place to exile the worst criminals). After creating a special chip that could control the way people think and act, Manas (through bribery) got the government of Metropolis to pass a law that made it mandatory for everyone to have this chip implanted in their brains. Ever since, Manas and the government have been able to control and monitor the people at all times, and because of how powerful Manas was/is, no one could do anything about it.
About a decade after the law was passed, some citizens of Metropolis realized what has been truly going on and freed themselves by removing their chips from their heads. Coming together, these citizens made a plan: They would have children in secret so that they don't receive chips at birth. These children would then be raised to be saviors and would fight against Manas and the government.
Fast forward to about seventeen years later. Savior children have indeed been born; now they are all around the ages of 12-17. All of them are living in hiding except one - a boy named Tomas, whose mother brought him back into society and raised him like a normal Metropolis boy (but secretly neither of them have chips in their heads). However, when the government and the band of saviors suddenly take strange interest in him, Tomas begins to learn the truth about who he really is. But there are still many questions to be answered. Why did his mother return to society? How will the chip-less kids save Metropolis? WILL they save Metropolis...?

1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:18 Hello and welcome to Metropolis!
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:19 The rules are same as the ones on all my other RPs: No bad-minded messages, no powerplaying, come on as often as you can (this RP will be fast-paced), and, most of all, have fun!
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:19 Before we begin, I'll introduce each of the characters!]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:19 *no ]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:21 [Ivan Maximus is the CEO of Manas and the head of the political machine. He comes from a long line of other CEOs of this company (all of them are/were in the Maximus family and all of them except the earliest ones were corrupt), and he is the worst of
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:21 them. He will do anything to make himself even more powerful and keep that power, including enslaving two entire continents (which he and the previous CEOs in his family have technically done).]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:21 [However, he is EXTREMELY smart and intelligent as well, and he doesn't reveal his ruthlessness in words (he is generally polite) - but his actions show it. He has greasy/glossy black hair, very pale skin, and very dark (practically black) eyes.]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:22 [He is tall and is lean to the point of being bony. He has a pampered, spoiled, whiny wife who is nice to him but isn't too nice to Ivan's neice, Rave.]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:23 [Ivan himself is nice to Rave, but sometimes he notices her rebellious streak and questions her loyalty, which perhaps sometimes gives Rave a bit of a scare (he doesn't have a bad temper, but when things don't go his way, he gets MAD).]
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.10 05:24 [Tomas is the savior mentioned above who wasn't raised like the other saviors - in fact, he doesn't even know he's a savior. He has dark brown spiky hair (it's like the Robin from Teen Titans hairstyle) and blue eyes.]
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.10 05:25 [He is curious, understanding, noble, kind, and surprisingly brave - one could perhaps view him as a very young, futuristic knight. Wears a normal Metropolis schoolboy uniform (mainly gray and pale blue clothing).]
7>Nova (Savior), 12yo.2016,Jun.10 05:25 [Nova is one of the saviors, but like Tomas she is actually separate from the main savior gang. She could be considered the main heroine of the RP.]
7>Nova (Savior), 12yo.2016,Jun.10 05:27 [She has jet-black hair in a bobcut and stunning cyan eyes. She wears a cyan T-shirt, a black leather jacket with cyan seams/lines, black leather pants, black military style boots with cyan markings, and black fingerless gloves.]
7>Nova (Savior), 12yo.2016,Jun.10 05:27 [She is mysterious, stubborn, bold, and independent. She doesn't like being told what to do and she doesn't like being around people in general.]
7>Nova (Savior), 12yo.2016,Jun.10 05:28 [After a turn of events (which will be revealed in the RP), she left the savior band and lived on her own in hiding. She can take care of herself surprisingly well and is a pretty skilled fighter. Though she doesn't like to admit it, she is actually
7>Nova (Savior), 12yo.2016,Jun.10 05:28 quite lonely.]
15>Jesse Bane (Savior Leader), 42yo.2016,Jun.10 05:31 [Jesse Bane is the last surviving savior parent (other than Helen) and the father of Spencer and Bertha. He is the leader of the saviors; he is charismatic, strategic, and smart, but he can be cold, harsh, and overly bossy.]
15>Jesse Bane (Savior Leader), 42yo.2016,Jun.10 05:32 [He has slightly long, wild dark brown hair, a tall, muscular build, and strange amber/golden eyes; he is surprisingly handsome. He wears jeans, a black shirt, brown boots, and a brown leather jacket.]
11>Spencer (Savior), 17yo.2016,Jun.10 05:33 [Spencer is a savior. He looks like okka from Avatar: The Last Airbender, except his hair isn't a mohawk, it's short and shaggy, and his skin is more pale. He also wears black slightly punk-ish clothes with dark blue and silver (he looks like the average
11>Spencer (Savior), 17yo.2016,Jun.10 05:33 teenage band member, sorta). Despite being a protagonist, he's a jerk - he's very full of himself and he doesn't think much of others, especially Tomas.]
11>Spencer (Savior), 17yo.2016,Jun.10 05:33 [He dislikes being bossed around by his father, Jesse, and the only person he's genuinely nice to all the time is Bertha. However, he will eventually become a more kind person.]
11>Spencer (Savior), 17yo.2016,Jun.10 05:34 [He is actually fairly humorous, but he expresses his sense of humor in a more bully-ish way. Also, despite being mean to most of the people around him, he's actually very loyal and he is quick to defend any other savior in battle (especially Bertha).]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:35 [She is a savior with very short (like the Tris from Insurgent haircut) light blonde hair and large, light blue eyes. She has a full figure and wears a futuristic outfit that is white with cyan and yellow markings.]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:36 *Bertha is
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:36 [She is a lot like Terra from Teen Titans - she seems outgoing, fun, and very tomboyish at first, but she's really actually shy, quiet, kind, and naive. People are generally happy to have her around since she's a nice person.]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:37 [She is loyal and brave. However, she can sometimes be irritated by Spencer's rudeness, and often has to assure others that he doesn't really mean what he says.]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:37 [Gage and Hinge are twins and saviors. They are African American. Gage is a boy who has very close-cut black hair and dark brown eyes; he is lean and of average height.]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:38 [Hinge is a girl who has a black afro and dark brown eyes; she is also slender and is about Gage's height (her hair makes her look taller though).]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:38 [Both of them are good-humored, nice, and fairly stubborn/tough; they often wind up having little arguments and are the comedic relief of the team.]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:38 [They are named Gage and Hinge because they are quite tech-savvy; Hinge is good at software (e.g. hacking, programming, etc.) while Gage is good at hardware (e.g. constructing weapons, mechanics, etc.).]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:38 [They wear black, though Gage wears some lime green while Hinge wears some pink.]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:41 [Freyja is a savior girl who is of Indian descent. She has tan skin, dark brown eyes, and soft black hair that goes a little past her shoulders. She is short, lean, and agile.]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:41 [She is extremely soft-spoken and introverted and doesn't usually engage in conversations with others, and she can seem a bit sad and isolated at times. However, when others confront her and get to know her, she is sweet, kind, selfless, and can be
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:42 surprisingly intelligent and brave at times. She mainly wears dark shades of blue. Though she doesn't like fighting, her weapon of choice is a crossbow.]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:43 [Luke is a savior who has sandy blonde hair and stunning green eyes; he is fairly lean and short, but he has big hands, feet, and shoulders, suggesting that he'll grow to be very big and strong.]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:43 [He wears green, brown, and black. He is enthusiastic, daring, outgoing, and friendly; he is basically like a younger and much more carefree version of Connor from World Battles RP.]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:43 [Though he's still a kid at heart, he'll fight if he has to; he prefers a club or a flamethrower, but he can use a gun (he's not very good at shooting, though). He will be one of Tomas' best friends.]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:44 [Carol is a savior who is tall, lithe, and surprisingly pretty (Spencer has a bit of a crush on her and often tries using cheesy pick-up lines on her, but she never buys his crap).]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:44 [She is Asian and has very long, slightly wavy red hair that is in pigtails and very odd light pink eyes (this sort of eye color is possible in real life; albinos have it).]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:44 [She is very intelligent, a fast thinker, and a decent leader, but she can be overly bossy and, once in a while, persnickety. Jesse has made her his second-in-command. Though she'll be a bit tough on her comrades at first,
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:44 eventually she'll start being nicer to them. Other than being smart, she is an extremely good fighter; she is especially talented in martial arts and she can use practically any gun she gets her hands on.]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:45 [She likes wearing red and pink, though often she has to wear darker colors since she lives in secrecy and has to blend in to her surroundings when she sneaks around. Unlike the other saviors, she was born a normal Metropolis citizen and had a chip
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:45 implanted in her brain. When she was little, she was walking back from school when suddenly she resisted the chip's orders to return home the normal route and took a shortcut through some dark, abandoned alleys, where she met Jesse.]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:45 [He helped her get rid of the chip and become free.]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:46 [David Kurtz is the President of Metropolis and has olive skin, light gray-blue eyes, and neat brown hair that is starting to turn gray. He usually wears a gray, red, or dark blue suit (or a black tux at special occasions).]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:47 [Though in reality he's a normal/nice guy (in terms of personality), he still is a bit of a crook for letting the political machine control the government so easily by accepting massive amounts of bribes.]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:47 [e has his own private island near what was once Florida and, when he's not on that island, he lives in a spectacular mansion in the center of Metropolis (which is not too far away from where the saviors dwell).]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:47 *He
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:47 [Though he is an antagonist, he is often used as a mouthpiece for the political machine; though he has no chip in his head, ironically he CAN be controlled (specifically through money or blackmail).\
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:47 *]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:48 [He has a wife and two daughters whom he cares about deeply. He is often insecure and actually fears Ivan Maximus to some extent.]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:48 [Despite being a bad guy, one can in fact feel sorry for President David Kurtz.]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:50 [Rave Maximus is Ivan's neice, a cyborg, and more of an antiheroine than an antagonist. She has brown-red hair in a bobcut (but the cut isn't as neat as Nova's; you can see each strand of hair, while Nova's cut is like Raven's from Teen Titans where the
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:50 hair looks like it's all stuck together) and strange, dark brown-red eyes. Her parents died when she was very young so Ivan and his wife took her in; her aunt never liked her one bit (but she pretends to be nice to Rave, especially in public).]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:51 [She is of average height and wears a tight, futuristic long-sleeved red dress with military style fringes that cover the back of her hands (suggesting that she is of high rank in the government and/or political machine - and indeed she is) and Ivan's
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:51 company's logo/crest on her chest; she also wears a crimson, leather glove on her left hand and futuristic matching red shoes with very large/tall soles/bottoms. She is generally quiet, intelligent, and calculating, and she almost always looks a bit
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:51 melancholy/depressed. She has a rebellious streak that causes her to secretly question whether what the political machine has done is right. She will at first do whatever Ivan says, but in the end she'll decide to switch sides and help the saviors.]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:52 [After an accident resulted in her left arm, a small part of her head behind her left ear, and her feet having to be removed, she was given the following robot parts:
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:52 A left arm and hand that can be changed to a laser blaster (this arm also gives her super strength; she wears a glove over her left hand to hide the fact that this arm is artifical), feet that can become rocket launchers so she can fly, and a
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:52 small supercomputer put in her head behind her left ear to replace a part of brain that was damaged and/or destroyed (this computer allows her to think more precisely, coldly, and quickly, but she is still human at heart).]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:52 [Because of her robot parts, she is an extremely dangerous opponent to face in battle.]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:53 [Darren Drake is a muscular (but this also makes him look chubby/fat), bald hitman who was hired by Ivan and President Kurtz to destroy the saviors.]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:53 [He primarily wears black and very dark gray and has light blue eyes; he is around the age of 30. He is very tough and laughs at the pain of others, and he is very skilled at killing (being a muscular
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:53 wrestler type, he prefers to take on opponents with his bare hands, but if he has to use a weapon his preference is any sort of large gun or blaster), but he's also kind of dumb (hence his comrades call him "Dunce" - sometimes that's a joke, but a lot of
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:53 the time they really mean it). Still, he is a bad guy to be wary of.]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:54 [Vanessa Lopez is a slender, agile, pretty assassin with tan-ish skin, dark brown eyes, and bright red-pink lips (she likes lipstick and makeup); she was hired to take out the saviors and is pretty young (she's a bit over 20 years old).]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:54 [Though her beauty makes her look sweet and innocent, don't be fooled - she is VERY skilled in killing. She can use guns but she prefers knives and martial arts.]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:54 [She is also smart and calculating, and often she seems like a co-leader of the group of mercenaries hired to kill the saviors. However, she has an annoying, whiny side that comes out when things don't go her way or when she doesn't get what she wants.]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:54 [She wears mainly black, but some markings/seams/fringes with "girly" colors (especially pink and purple) can be seen on her clothes too.]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:55 [Rory Cain is another assassin who looks like the actor who plays as Hawkeye from The Avengers. He wears black and dark blue-green, and like Hawkeye he's a skilled archer - a futuristic archer, that is.]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:55 [His arrows and recurve bow are equipped with all sorts of technology (for instance, he can use exploding arrows, arrows that have killing or sleep serums in them, and only he can use his bow - his bow has technology that recognizes his fingerprints).]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:55 [He's actually a nice guy in terms of personality, but with his knack for killing he doesn't have many friends and he has been a bit corrupted by money.]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:56 [Like the other assassins hired by Ivan to locate and kill the saviors, he can use a gun, but he prefers a different weapon.]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:56 [Ethan Wong is yet another hitman and bears a high resemblance (in terms of appearance) to Jack Kang from the movie Insurgent, except he's more muscular. He is cold, calculating, and smart, and he often seems to be Vanessa's co-leader.]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:56 [He is often quiet and is a skillful planner. He is skilled in ninja type fighting and weaponry (martial arts, smoke bombs, throwing stars, staffs, stealth, etc.) but he is a very good sniper as well.\
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:56 *]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:56 [He mainly wears all black. Good guys beware: He is EXTREMELY dangerous.]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:57 [Polly is a normal citizen of Metropolis who has a chip in her head; she is about 13 years old. She has long, straight red hair that has been cut neatly around the middle of her back and baby blue eyes.]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:57 [She wears primarily white, pink, and/or light blue. She is sweet, gentle, slightly soft-spoken, and very gullible (since she's being controlled, she believes everything the government says, believes in everything the government does, and does whatever
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:57 the government tells her to). She is Tomas' childhood friend, but because she is controlled and he is not, she can never understand why he doubts and questions the government sometimes and she is quick to defend the leaders of Metropolis.]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:57 [Overall she is a more minor and neutral character, but the government will realize what's going on regarding Tomas and the rest of the saviors and will try to use her to put it to an end.]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:58 [Helen is Tomas' mother and is around the age of 45. She has long, straight, brown hair and gray eyes. Like Jesse, she escaped control of the government by removing her chip.\
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:58 *]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:58 [Unlike the other parents of the saviors, she raised Tomas in the standard society of Metropolis (she put a fake chip in herself and another one in Tomas to avoid being detected as "chip-less"
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 05:58 by the government; both of these chips can be removed at any time, unlike the normal chip, which is underneath the skull and latched onto the brain). Why she left the rogue society (the secret society the savior parents were in)
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 06:00 and returned to normal society will be revealed later in the RP. Helen is thoughtful, careful about what she says, gentle, and has a smooth voice. She has a "rocky" relationship with Jesse.]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 06:00 [Helen is also protective of Tomas and isn't quite sure if she approves of him being around the other saviors. She especially dislikes the idea of him getting into life-and-death situations by battling the government.]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 06:01 [However, she loves him, and only wants what's best for him.]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 06:01 [The final character(s): The government has an army of police-like people who keep the peace (and are also assigned to look out for any chip-less people and kill or capture them immediately).]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 06:01 [They are the only antagonists in this roleplay who are controlled by chips. They wear uniforms that vary in colors depending on their rank/skill (but they always wear a combination of black, gray, and/or white).]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 06:02 [I will play as them via the Ivan Maximus slot.]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 06:03 [Whew! Done with the intros. I mainly copy and pasted them from my text file, and I mainly posted them so that Silver could learn about all the characters.]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 06:04 [Oh, another thing: The characters will battle each other by Using a Blow and Rolling the 100-sided Dice. Using a Blow "signals" that one character is attacking another; Rolling the Dice comes up with a score.]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 06:05 [When one character attacks another character via Using a Blow and the 100-sided Dice, the other character will do the same. Whoever has the higher number "wins."]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 06:05 [The winner receives 1 Fighting Skill point and the loser receives -20 Health points. If a character's Health reaches 0, he/she is knocked out (or dead in some situations).]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 06:06 [However, there's another thing called a Super Blow. Each character will have a couple of them, but these are extremely powerful Blows and should only be used as a last resort.]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 06:07 [If one character Uses a Super Blow and Rolls the Dice, the other character will NOT Use a Blow or Super Blow; he/she will just Roll the Dice. The player who used the Super Blow (or SB) will receive -33 Energy points.]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 06:08 [If the attacking player has a higher score, the defending player takes major damage and receives -40 HP. If the defender has the higher score, he/she receives bonus points while the attacker has accomplished nothing (except wearing him/herself out).]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.10 06:08 [Just thought I'd clarify how to battle. Anyway, we'll start the RP tomorrow!]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.12 04:26 [Change that to the day after tomorrow (which is toay)...]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.12 04:26 *today
12>Freyja (Savior), 15yo.2016,Jun.12 04:27 (Ok, I'm here!)
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.12 04:28 [Alright, so I'm in control of most of the plot, so I'll post a brief summary of what'll happen...]
12>Freyja (Savior), 15yo.2016,Jun.12 04:28 (I'm listening)
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.12 04:29 [Tomas will be going to school like he normally does every day. During a break he'll talk to Polly and question the society they live in; Polly obviously will defend the government and its actions.]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.12 04:30 [Not long later, school will end and Tomas will be walking home when he starts noticing other people who are walking by sometimes looking at him - this is not normal (people with chips sort of stare ahead while walking since they're kind of mindless).]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.12 04:31 [One of the people will be a muscular man with long-ish hair. Another person will be a man leaning casually against a wall who resembles Hawkeye from The Avengers (you can guess who this guy is).]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.12 04:32 [Tomas will get nervous and take a detour, walking into a more abandoned part of Metropolis (sometimes buildings get too old and the government doesn't bother to replace them; these are the slums of Metropolis, though no beggars live there since there's
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.12 04:33 no such thing as a homeless person in Metropolis).]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.12 04:33 [At one point he'll hear a girl yelling; he'll rush into an alley to see what's going on to see a girl with short black hair resisting against some government peacekeepers/policemen.]
19>Gage+Hinge (Saviors), 16yo.2016,Jun.12 04:34 (Hi!)
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.12 04:34 [Before Tomas can do anything, the girl will manage to take the policemen out by herself. As more policemen come running over, a brief chase ensues.]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.12 04:34 [Hey! Welcome back!]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.12 04:34 [Or, well, just welcome, since that's your first post here. :P]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.12 04:35 [Tomas and the girl finally escape, but Tomas has been freaked out by everything. He continues to run; he notices some of the saviors in the alleys looking at him and is freaked out some more, but he doesn't stop.]
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.12 04:36 [Finally he gets home. I'll continue the summary from there. Let's start! :D]
12>Freyja (Savior), 15yo.2016,Jun.12 04:37 (Alright!)
1>Ivan Maximus (Manas CEO), 35yo.2016,Jun.12 04:37 ~LET THE ROLEPLAY...BEGIN!!!~
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 04:38 *is sitting in class**Polly is next to him**watches as the teacher (who is tall and big-nosed, like a bird) explains something about a certain equation on a screen*
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 04:39 *glances around to see that everyone is blankly staring at the teacher and the screen**smiles mischievously while secretly writing a little note that contains a funny joke about the teacher's bird-like appearance*
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 04:39 *passes the note to the stoic Polly while the teacher isn't looking*
5>Polly (Metropolis Citizen), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 04:40 *looks at the note, just as disconnected* *opens it up, reads it; is seen smirking not long after*
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 04:41 *smiles a little at Polly upon seeing her amusement, but as soon as she is amused she is again staring blankly at the screen**is a bit confused and disappointed* ~NOT LONG LATER...~ *is outside**it is recess*
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 04:42 *though the kids around him seem to be having fun, he always noticed how their eyes seemed glassy/unemotional**glances around at them and walks towards Polly, who is sitting on a stone bench*
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 04:42 *sits down by her* Isn't it weird?
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 04:43 [Sorry about not including your characters very much in the beginning, Silver. You can comment/share your opinions about what's going on in the RP as we go along, though.]
5>Polly (Metropolis Citizen), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 04:45 *looks at Tomas* What's weird?
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 04:45 You know - how everyone acts.
12>Freyja (Savior), 15yo.2016,Jun.12 04:45 (Yeah, it's fine. I love following along, and I'm watching a movie while I wait anyhow)
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 04:46 I mean, they smile and everything, they laugh and everything, they talk about how things are great and everything...but there's no real emotion.
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 04:46 [OK. What movie is it?]
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 04:46 I never see true feeling in their eyes...
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 04:47 *sighs* I don't like how controlling the government is. I have a feeling that that's why everything seems...artificial.
12>Freyja (Savior), 15yo.2016,Jun.12 04:48 (Brother Bear. I've been marathoning old animated movies)
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 04:49 [I haven't seen that in a long time...but I remember that I liked that movie a lot!]
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 04:49 [Have you seen the Emperor's New Groove?]
12>Freyja (Savior), 15yo.2016,Jun.12 04:50 (But of course!)
5>Polly (Metropolis Citizen), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 04:50 *shrugs* That's the way it is. You can't really change it - it's the government.
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 04:50 [It's so funny, right?! XD :D]
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 04:51 [Kronk: Oh, right. The poison. The poison for Kuzco, the poison chosen especially to kill Kuzco, Kuzco's poison. *hesitates* That poison? Yzma: >_< YES, THAT POISON!!]
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 04:51 [I love the Kuzco's poison quote... XD]
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 04:52 Why not?
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 04:52 Change can be good.
5>Polly (Metropolis Citizen), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 04:52 Well... not all the time.
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 04:56 *sighs* But don't you understand what I'm trying to say?
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 04:57 *Polly shakes her head; she genuinely is unable to understand*
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 04:57 *the bell rings**he had opened his mouth to continue the conversation, but he just gets up and walks along with the other kids back to school*
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 04:58 ~NOT LONG LATER...~ *school is over**slings his backpack over his back and trudges out into the city, deep in thought*
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 04:59 *decides to stop worrying about things**glances around him out of curiosity*
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 05:00 *a tall, strong man in brown is walking towards him**looks up at the man, and as he brushes past him, he and the man make eye contact*
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 05:00 *no stranger ever made eye contact with him for seemingly no reason before this**a shudder goes up his spine**shakes his head and sighs, deciding that he's just being paranoid*
15>Jesse Bane (Savior Leader), 42yo.2016,Jun.12 05:01 *crosses the street and starts walking the same direction as Tomas on the other sidewalk, watching him from a distance*
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 05:02 *looks to his right and sees the man looking at him again**decides he's not being paranoid*
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 05:02 *looks straight ahead, trying to act normal**quickens his pace**notices a man ahead leaning against a wall*
14>Rory Cain (Assassin), 37yo.2016,Jun.12 05:03 (That'd be Rory, yeah?)
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 05:05 [Yep!]
14>Rory Cain (Assassin), 37yo.2016,Jun.12 05:09 *stares at Tomas* *it's different from the other blank ones*
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 05:09 *looks back at Rory as he (Tomas) passes him*
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 05:10 *starts running instead of walking**turns down a random street to his left, deciding that he'll find his way home by just walking in the direction of his house after he reaches another turn*
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 05:10 *soon reaches the "slums" of Metropolis*
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 05:10 *turns right, walking down a dark, desolate alley*
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 05:11 *suddenly hears a girl yelling "No! Let...go!!"**freezes in his tracks*
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 05:11 *jogs forward and looks to his left to see a girl struggling against some policemen in an alley*
7>Nova (Savior), 12yo.2016,Jun.12 05:11 *one policeman is holding her from behind while the other is clumsily trying to lift up her legs from in front of her* No!! You're NOT gonna take me!!
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 05:12 *hesitates, not knowing what to do**finally rushes forward*
7>Nova (Savior), 12yo.2016,Jun.12 05:12 *finally manages to give the policeman in front of her a hard kick, sending him stumbling back into a wall**elbows the sides and stomps the feet of the policeman behind her*
7>Nova (Savior), 12yo.2016,Jun.12 05:13 *breaks free and spins around, giving the policeman a good punch**turns back around and gives the other policeman a hard kick while he's still down*
7>Nova (Savior), 12yo.2016,Jun.12 05:13 *grabs a random piece of trash and drops it on that policeman's head, knocking him out*
7>Nova (Savior), 12yo.2016,Jun.12 05:13 *picks the trash back up and does the same to the other peacekeeper*
7>Nova (Savior), 12yo.2016,Jun.12 05:14 *pants, calming down**suddenly notices Tomas staring at her**becomes super aggressive all at once*
7>Nova (Savior), 12yo.2016,Jun.12 05:17 *charges at him* HEY!!
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 05:17 *is confused and scared**turns tail and runs*
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 05:17 *runs through several alleys, but Nova quickly gains on him**finally she manages to push him from behind**stumbles into a wall*
7>Nova (Savior), 12yo.2016,Jun.12 05:18 *flips/turns him around so that he is facing her and pins him to the wall* Who are you?! What is it you pathetic zombie want?!
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 05:18 Z-zombie??
7>Nova (Savior), 12yo.2016,Jun.12 05:18 *sighs and rolls her eyes* Whatever you chip-ridden rats are called!!
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 05:19 Chip-ridden ra...?? I'm Tomas...
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 05:19 I was just walking home when-
14>Rory Cain (Assassin), 37yo.2016,Jun.12 05:19 (Oh, I like Nova)
7>Nova (Savior), 12yo.2016,Jun.12 05:19 "Walking home"? "WALKING HOME"?!! *laughs almost hysterically* That's the worst excuse I've ever heard!
7>Nova (Savior), 12yo.2016,Jun.12 05:20 [Yeah, she's pretty tough...] So what's the real reason you're here? Are you a spy? Peacekeeper? Or is your chip just malfunctioning?
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 05:20 No, really, I was just walking home...I went this way because some guy wearing brown with long hair was staring at me, and some other guy with a bow and arrows was staring at me-
7>Nova (Savior), 12yo.2016,Jun.12 05:21 *her eyes widen and her hostility begins to disappear**is suddenly realizing that Tomas probably isn't a "chip-ridden rat"*
7>Nova (Savior), 12yo.2016,Jun.12 05:21 *looks around quickly upon hearing rapid footsteps and some yelling* More cops are coming...follow me!!
7>Nova (Savior), 12yo.2016,Jun.12 05:22 *starts running*
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 05:22 Wha-
7>Nova (Savior), 12yo.2016,Jun.12 05:22 Trust me, a person like you don't want to get caught!
7>Nova (Savior), 12yo.2016,Jun.12 05:22 *doesn't
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 05:25 *just follows Nova, confused as heck*
12>Freyja (Savior), 15yo.2016,Jun.12 05:26 (Poor Tomas)
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 05:32 [Yeah...] *they run through alley after alley**several times some of the police almost spot them - or they do in fact spot them*
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 05:33 *finally they hide behind a dumpster**everything becomes quiet very fast*
7>Nova (Savior), 12yo.2016,Jun.12 05:33 Whew...they're gone...I'm Nova, by the way, and you-
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 05:36 Stay away from me!! *jumps away from Nova* Look...I just need to go home and go to my mom and get to bed!!
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 05:36 I want nothing to do with you and nothing to do with this!! *starts running away*
7>Nova (Savior), 12yo.2016,Jun.12 05:36 *rolls her eyes* Everyone else is so dramatic... *sees that Tomas really means it* Hey, wait!! *runs after him, but he is way too far ahead of her*
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 05:37 *makes it to the main/populated part of the city and soon manages to get back home*
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 05:37 *runs inside the house and slams the door behind him, panting hard*
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 05:37 *sees Helen in the kitchen nearby*
12>Freyja (Savior), 15yo.2016,Jun.12 05:39 (Question: did you pick a last name for Tomas and Helen?)
9>Helen (Mother of Tomas), 40yo.2016,Jun.12 05:39 *looks at Tomas* *she looks like the typical mother, but something in her expression seems slightly detached* Oh, you're home late, Tomas?
9>Helen (Mother of Tomas), 40yo.2016,Jun.12 05:40 *.
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 05:44 [Not yet.]
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 05:44 [Still choosing.]
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 05:44 *nods quickly**isn't sure how to begin or what to say*
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 05:44 *Helen can obviously see that he just went through a LOT*
9>Helen (Mother of Tomas), 40yo.2016,Jun.12 05:46 Are you alright? Maybe you should go lay down.
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 05:47 No, I'm not alright...
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 05:48 *finally the truth just comes pouring out**tells Helen what happened, starting from when he was walking home from school and ending where he ran away from Nova and back home*
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 05:52 [I'll continue the summary!]
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 05:53 [Helen's reaction is rather strange (she actually knows what's going on) and she and Tomas sit down to have a talk. She explains that she bore Tomas in secret so that he wouldn't have a chip in his head and so that the government couldn't control him.]
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 05:54 [She adds that a couple other children have probably been also born in this way, including Nova, but she doesn't provide any more information. She explains that that's why some people were after him and Nova and that he has to be extremely careful.]
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 05:54 [Finally, she sends him to bed. The next day is also normal, but as Tomas is walking home his curiosity gets the best of him and he heads back towards the alleys...unaware that he is being followed by the archer he saw the day before.]
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 05:56 [He goes looking for Nova and occasionally spots some flickers of movement as he walks through the alleys. Finally, behind him, Rory prepares to shoot him (not in a fatal area - the arrow contains a sedative and Rory just wants to knock him out).]
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 05:57 [However, the long-haired man in brown arrives and fights Rory, stopping him from doing the dreadful deed. Two more assassins (Ethan and Darren) come out of the shadows to get Tomas.]
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 05:57 [Bertha and Spencer come out of nowhere and attack Ethan and Darren. Gradually all of the savior children appear and attack, overwhelming the three assassins.]
9>Helen (Mother of Tomas), 40yo.2016,Jun.12 05:58 (I have to go now, see you!)
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 05:58 [(Note: The assassins have each been separately hired by the government to track down and capture chip-less people. All three have been tailing Tomas, but all three are "independent" - they haven't joined forces and are actually competing with one
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 05:58 another.)]
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 05:58 [Alright, bye!]
12>Freyja (Savior), 15yo.2016,Jun.12 06:00 (Well this sounds exciting!)
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 06:01 [Yeah! Anyway, the three assassins are finally forced to flee. Tomas is surrounded by the saviors, who take them to their lair. What will happen next? Stay tuned.]
16>Tomas (Savior), 13yo.2016,Jun.12 06:01 [gtg! *offline* I'll see you tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]