" Sapporo, Japan Boarding Academy " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 10 to 18 years of age.
Welcome, students, to the Sapporo, Japan Boarding Academy! However, I shall warn you, this is not a normal school, and you only have a thousand dollars to spare...........
There are four rules.
1. No cussing. If you really, really want to, just insert [BLEEP] instead.
2. No powerplaying, or taking over.
3. No being disrespectful, just like in a normal school.
4. No sex or blood and gore. AKA nothing inappropriate.
Okay, have fuuuuuun!

1>Headmaster Inachi (Headmaster ), 53yo.2015,Jun.25 02:14 Welcome! This is a great school academic-wise, and it is in one of the most beautiful places on earth: the Hokkiado mountains.
1>Headmaster Inachi (Headmaster ), 53yo.2015,Jun.25 02:17 {Hokkiado is the northernmost major island in Japan.}
3>Sakura (Student), 13yo.2015,Jun.25 02:30 Hey, I'm Sakura, I'm gonna go in my dorm now...
3>Sakura (Student), 13yo.2015,Jun.25 02:32 *walks into dorm with head down and hood up*
3>Sakura (Student), 13yo.2015,Jun.25 02:34 *walks into dorm with head down and hood up*
2>Felicity (Schoolgirl), 10yo.2015,Jun.25 11:23 *sakura and me end up sharing the same dorm* Hi.
2>Felicity (Schoolgirl), 10yo.2015,Jun.25 11:24 Where did you come from, Sakura?
3>Sakura (Student), 13yo.2015,Jun.25 23:56 *sighs* Somewhere in the world...
3>Sakura (Student), 13yo.2015,Jun.26 00:01 *Is on phone with one earbud in
2>Felicity (Schoolgirl), 10yo.2015,Jun.26 13:18 *notices that something is wrong* Sakura, why are you so sad?
3>Sakura (Student), 13yo.2015,Jun.26 22:36 *shrugs*
3>Sakura (Student), 13yo.2015,Jun.26 22:38 I just... am I guess...
2>Felicity (Schoolgirl), 10yo.2015,Jun.27 00:12 *pulls a bag of gummy worms out of my bag* Want some?
3>Sakura (Student), 13yo.2015,Jun.27 05:46 *takes some* Thanks
3>Sakura (Student), 13yo.2015,Jun.27 05:57 *puts phone and earbuds away and looks up at Felicity*
2>Felicity (Schoolgirl), 10yo.2015,Jun.27 12:25 What is it, Sakura?
2>Felicity (Schoolgirl), 10yo.2015,Jun.27 12:31 Oh, I dont think I told you my name. I'm Felicity.
3>Sakura (Student), 13yo.2015,Jun.27 21:17 Can I have a bit of time alone?
2>Felicity (Schoolgirl), 10yo.2015,Jun.27 23:07 Oh, okay. I'll be quiet.
2>Felicity (Schoolgirl), 10yo.2015,Jun.27 23:12 *pulls out a drawing pad and starts doodling*
3>Sakura (Student), 13yo.2015,Jun.28 04:48 *reads a book*
3>Sakura (Student), 13yo.2015,Jun.28 04:50 *sighs and walks out* Wanna come with me, Felicity?
3>Sakura (Student), 13yo.2015,Jun.28 09:59 We're going to the park
4>Sasaki (Student ), 10yo.2015,Jun.28 14:43 Hey can I go too
2>Felicity (Schoolgirl), 10yo.2015,Jun.28 15:05 I wanna come!
3>Sakura (Student), 13yo.2015,Jun.28 22:51 Alright, grab whatever you want.
3>Sakura (Student), 13yo.2015,Jun.28 23:34 Alright, grab whatever you want.
2>Felicity (Schoolgirl), 10yo.2015,Jun.29 13:47 Actually, i changed my mind. I'll stay here.
3>Sakura (Student), 13yo.2015,Jun.30 05:34 Alright...
4>Sasaki (Student ), 10yo.2015,Jun.30 20:19 So what shall we do?
3>Sakura (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.2 03:25 *Walks back into dorm and slops onto bed, playing on phone*
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.4 19:57 Excuse me... I'm new here, where should I go?
3>Sakura (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.5 02:16 Find a dorm, set your territory and wait...
4>Sasaki (Student ), 10yo.2015,Jul.5 17:12 Hi Sasuke do you want to be my best friend? I can show you around the school if you want?
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.5 17:19 Sure!! I would love to be your friend!
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.5 17:20 Can you help me find a dorm?
3>Sakura (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.6 01:37 *Goes back to playing on phone*
2>Felicity (Schoolgirl), 10yo.2015,Jul.6 21:06 Wanna sleep next to me?
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.10 19:58 Sure! Does Sasaki sleep here too?
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.10 19:59  Secret message to Felicity  
2>Felicity (Schoolgirl), 10yo.2015,Jul.11 03:54  Secret message to Robert Kusuke  
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.11 15:12 Ahah!!
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.11 15:13 *throws gummmy worms at Sakura* Here, you can have all these!!!
3>Sakura (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.12 22:30 *sighs and devours gummy worms*
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.13 01:29 Yay, it worked!!!!
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.13 01:30 Sasaki, where are you?
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.13 01:30 Has anyone seen Sasaki?
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.13 01:30 *reads book*
6>Carpir (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.18 19:49 [I'm a boy]
6>Carpir (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.18 19:49 [I am also very stuck-up and rude]
6>Carpir (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.18 19:49 [But not in real life]
3>Sakura (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.20 05:36 *glances at Carpir, blushing slightly*
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.20 19:29 *giggles*
6>Carpir (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.20 19:29 Hello people! I am movin' in!
6>Carpir (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.20 19:30 *plops down on Sasuke's bed*
6>Carpir (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.20 19:30 This bed is COM-Fee!!
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.20 19:31 That bed is MY bed
6>Carpir (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.20 19:31 Not any more *sticks toungue out*
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.20 19:32 *throws book at Carpir*
6>Carpir (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.20 19:32 *ducks*
6>Carpir (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.20 19:33 Wow, you have a BAD temper!
2>Felicity (Schoolgirl), 10yo.2015,Jul.21 01:58 Um, Carpir, being disrespectful is against the school rules.
2>Felicity (Schoolgirl), 10yo.2015,Jul.21 01:59 And you need to go into the boys' dorm. Get out.
3>Sakura (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.21 04:27 *laughs slightly, cracking a smile for once*
6>Carpir (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.21 19:07 Oh, there are seprate dorms? [I actully did not know that, sorry]
3>Sakura (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.21 19:35 *Throws on a beanie, Nirvana band t-shirt, black skinny jeans, and some Converse*
3>Sakura (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.21 19:36 *grabs skateboard and rides out of the building to the park*
3>Sakura (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.22 23:09 *Rides back into dorm room, glancing and blushing at Carpir*
2>Felicity (Schoolgirl), 10yo.2015,Jul.22 23:14 Why are you looking at Carpir all funny, Sakura? He's just trying to pull the gum off of the sheet that was on his foot.
6>Carpir (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.23 00:21 *screaming* This is war! Somebody PUT this gum on my foot!
6>Carpir (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.23 00:21  Secret message to Robert Kusuke  
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.23 00:22 Uh, Carpir. I don't like you any better, but you made Sakura smile, so I respect you slightly for that
3>Sakura (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.24 02:01 It's nothing, Felicity. *plops on bed and plays on phone*
2>Felicity (Schoolgirl), 10yo.2015,Jul.24 16:13 Ooooookay.
1>Headmaster Inachi (Headmaster ), 53yo.2015,Jul.24 16:16 *over the loudspeaker* I just want to let you know, classes start in two days' time and you do have Saturday and Sunday off.
3>Sakura (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.24 21:06 *scoffs* Alright, more school...
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.24 22:11 They don't allow phones in school, so at least you will be off that horrid thing.
3>Sakura (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.25 08:25 *stands and towers over Sasuke* Fun fact: I'm actually doing something productive on here. Ever heard of a scholarship. Oh yeah, you're too dumb to get one.
3>Sakura (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.25 08:26 *plops back onto bed, glaring at Sasuke*
3>Sakura (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.25 08:28 I've been waiting for someone to do something productive. Maybe clean up this place a bit, cook some food
3>Sakura (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.25 08:31 *slides phone into pocket, taking out a book*
6>Carpir (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.25 22:22 Why did you call Sasuke dumb? And you could have said it nicely
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.25 22:23 Also, fun fact, if you doon't like school, why do you want a scolorship
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.25 22:25 *runs out of room*
3>Sakura (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.25 23:28 Have you seen the way Sasuke acts?
3>Sakura (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.25 23:29 At that age, I won tons of awards, skipped a grade.
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.27 01:14 [Game Master, please delete me. i don't like this any more]
2>Felicity (Schoolgirl), 10yo.2015,Jul.27 04:47 [How come you don't like this?]
2>Felicity (Schoolgirl), 10yo.2015,Jul.27 04:50  Secret message to Sakura  
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.28 00:25  Secret message to Felicity  
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.28 00:25  Secret message to Felicity  
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.28 00:25  Secret message to Felicity  
2>Felicity (Schoolgirl), 10yo.2015,Jul.28 00:48  Secret message to Robert Kusuke  
2>Felicity (Schoolgirl), 10yo.2015,Jul.28 00:50  Secret message to Robert Kusuke  
3>Sakura (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.28 05:48  Secret message to Felicity  
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.28 13:50  Secret message to Felicity  
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.28 13:50  Secret message to Felicity  
2>Felicity (Schoolgirl), 10yo.2015,Jul.28 14:08  Secret message to Robert Kusuke  
2>Felicity (Schoolgirl), 10yo.2015,Jul.28 14:08  Secret message to Sakura  
2>Felicity (Schoolgirl), 10yo.2015,Jul.28 14:09  Secret message to Sakura  
1>Headmaster Inachi (Headmaster ), 53yo.2015,Jul.28 14:15  Secret message to Sakura  
1>Headmaster Inachi (Headmaster ), 53yo.2015,Jul.28 14:15  Secret message to Sakura  
6>Carpir (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.28 19:09  Secret message to Headmaster Inachi  
6>Carpir (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.28 19:13 *walks into boy's dorm*
6>Carpir (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.28 19:13 *flops onto bed*
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.28 19:13 *walks into dorm*
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.28 19:14 Hey, where do I go?
6>Carpir (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.28 19:14 The boys are in here.
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.28 19:15 Oh, thanks
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.28 19:15 [Kusuke is a Japanese name. He is Japanese/American]
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.28 19:16 *flops onto bed*
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.28 19:16 What's your name?
6>Carpir (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.28 19:16 I'm Carpir
6>Carpir (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.28 19:17 The girls are Felicity, Sakura, and Sasaki. There was another girl named Sasuke, but I don't know what happened to her. I think she died...
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.28 19:18 Oh...
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.28 19:18 So, when do classes start?
6>Carpir (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.28 19:19 *thinks* Uh, two day's time. And we have Saturday and Sunday off.
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.28 19:19 What school did you go to before this?
6>Carpir (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.28 19:20 I didn't really go to school. My parents sent me here to get me actully in school.
6>Carpir (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.28 19:21 They think I didn't go to school because I didn't care, I just already knew what they were teaching us.
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.28 19:23 I went to private schools, then my parents sent me here. I guess they wanted me to stay in one place. Our family moves around a lot, and my mom didn't like having to pay money for school, when I would move anyway.
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.28 19:24 They thought it was a waste of money. I preferred doing that, than sitting here, never seeing my family.
6>Carpir (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.28 19:24 Ah, that makes sense
7>Hoshi (Kid), 9yo.2015,Jul.28 19:28 *walks into dorm*
7>Hoshi (Kid), 9yo.2015,Jul.28 19:28 *sits down*
6>Carpir (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.28 19:28 Hey, what's your name?
6>Carpir (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.28 19:29 Hey, what's your name?
7>Hoshi (Kid), 9yo.2015,Jul.28 19:29 Hoshi.
6>Carpir (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.28 19:29 Hey. The girls room is that way. *points*
7>Hoshi (Kid), 9yo.2015,Jul.28 19:30 *goes to girl's dorm*
3>Sakura (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.28 21:20 *glances at Hoshi and look back to book*
3>Sakura (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.28 21:32 *Stands, throwing book onto desk*
3>Sakura (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.28 21:32 *grabs skateboard and rides out of the building, riding around the school*
9>Bryant (Student), 14yo.2015,Jul.28 21:37 *walks into boys dorm, having a ton of bags*
9>Bryant (Student), 14yo.2015,Jul.28 21:37 *sits on bed with a femenine stature*
6>Carpir (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.29 01:23 Hello, what's your name?
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.29 01:23 I'm Robert Kusuke, but you can call me Robert or just Rob.
7>Hoshi (Kid), 9yo.2015,Jul.29 01:24 *grunts* Hey.
7>Hoshi (Kid), 9yo.2015,Jul.29 01:24 *points to herself* Hoshi
7>Hoshi (Kid), 9yo.2015,Jul.29 01:24 *starts reading Hunger Games*
9>Bryant (Student), 14yo.2015,Jul.29 02:11 *says with a bit of girl in his voice* Bryant
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.29 13:31 Wait, are you a BOY?
7>Hoshi (Kid), 9yo.2015,Jul.29 13:31 Boy?
9>Bryant (Student), 14yo.2015,Jul.30 06:29 *blushes* Ye-Yeah...
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.30 12:43 Oh, it sounded like you were a girl. I mean, "Feminine"
20>Kari (4 grader), 9yo.2015,Jul.30 14:36 Hi i'm a new sudent!
2>Felicity (Schoolgirl), 10yo.2015,Jul.30 14:39 *looks up* Oh, hi! What's your name?
20>Kari (4 grader), 9yo.2015,Jul.30 14:51 My name's Kari!
20>Kari (4 grader), 9yo.2015,Jul.30 14:55 *sits next to Felicity* What are your names?
2>Felicity (Schoolgirl), 10yo.2015,Jul.30 14:56 I'm Felicity!
20>Kari (4 grader), 9yo.2015,Jul.30 14:58 Nice to meet you!
6>Carpir (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.30 21:36 I'm Rob
6>Carpir (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.30 21:36 [Sorry]
6>Carpir (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.30 21:37 I'm actully Carpir
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.30 21:37 I'M Rob.
7>Hoshi (Kid), 9yo.2015,Jul.30 21:37 *points to herself* Hoshi
3>Sakura (Student), 13yo.2015,Jul.31 00:20 Hey,,,
20>Kari (4 grader), 9yo.2015,Aug.2 20:55 *points to Sakura* What's your name?
20>Kari (4 grader), 9yo.2015,Aug.2 20:59 Um, okay could someone show me around?
2>Felicity (Schoolgirl), 10yo.2015,Aug.2 20:59 Her name's Sakura.
2>Felicity (Schoolgirl), 10yo.2015,Aug.2 20:59 Oh, sure.
20>Kari (4 grader), 9yo.2015,Aug.2 21:06 First I have a question. Are there classes here or are you on break?
1>Headmaster Inachi (Headmaster ), 53yo.2015,Aug.2 22:38 *over the loudspeaker* I realized that it was ambiguous, so what I meant by "you hve Saturday and Sunday off" is "you do have weekends off." Just clarifying. Also, I saw a lot of new students come in, so for them, classes start in three days' time.
6>Carpir (Student), 13yo.2015,Aug.3 00:16 What's ambiguous mean?
7>Hoshi (Kid), 9yo.2015,Aug.3 00:17 Ahem: unclear or inexact because a choice between alternatives has not been made, or (of language) open to more than one interpretation; having a double meaning.
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Aug.3 00:18 *stares* Wow.
2>Felicity (Schoolgirl), 10yo.2015,Aug.3 01:08 Whoa, you're smart.
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Aug.3 01:17 I know! I thought she didn't talk much!
7>Hoshi (Kid), 9yo.2015,Aug.3 01:30 *runs out of room*
10>Sakuke (Sasuke's sister), 9yo.2015,Aug.3 01:33 Hello!
10>Sakuke (Sasuke's sister), 9yo.2015,Aug.3 01:33 I'm Sasuke's younger sister
10>Sakuke (Sasuke's sister), 9yo.2015,Aug.3 01:33 I miss her a lot
10>Sakuke (Sasuke's sister), 9yo.2015,Aug.3 01:33 So when's the classes start?
10>Sakuke (Sasuke's sister), 9yo.2015,Aug.3 01:34 I'm hyper
10>Sakuke (Sasuke's sister), 9yo.2015,Aug.3 01:34 Do you like me?
10>Sakuke (Sasuke's sister), 9yo.2015,Aug.3 01:34 I like you
10>Sakuke (Sasuke's sister), 9yo.2015,Aug.3 01:34 Like I said, I'm hyper.
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Aug.3 01:34 Uh, we can see
7>Hoshi (Kid), 9yo.2015,Aug.3 01:34 Hello
10>Sakuke (Sasuke's sister), 9yo.2015,Aug.3 01:35 Hello
10>Sakuke (Sasuke's sister), 9yo.2015,Aug.3 01:35 What's your name?
10>Sakuke (Sasuke's sister), 9yo.2015,Aug.3 01:35 I'm Sakuke
10>Sakuke (Sasuke's sister), 9yo.2015,Aug.3 01:35 Did you know Sasuke
10>Sakuke (Sasuke's sister), 9yo.2015,Aug.3 01:35 I'm her sister!
7>Hoshi (Kid), 9yo.2015,Aug.3 01:35 I'm Hoshi
7>Hoshi (Kid), 9yo.2015,Aug.3 01:35 I'm nine
10>Sakuke (Sasuke's sister), 9yo.2015,Aug.3 01:36 Cool!
10>Sakuke (Sasuke's sister), 9yo.2015,Aug.3 01:36 Me too!
10>Sakuke (Sasuke's sister), 9yo.2015,Aug.3 01:36 Ya' wanta' be friends?
7>Hoshi (Kid), 9yo.2015,Aug.3 01:36 Sure
7>Hoshi (Kid), 9yo.2015,Aug.3 01:36 *they walk out together*
7>Hoshi (Kid), 9yo.2015,Aug.3 01:36 Bye.
10>Sakuke (Sasuke's sister), 9yo.2015,Aug.3 01:37 Bye people@
10>Sakuke (Sasuke's sister), 9yo.2015,Aug.3 01:37 [Sorry]
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Aug.3 01:37 *stares after them* Wow, she's HYPER!!
6>Carpir (Student), 13yo.2015,Aug.3 01:37 Yeah
20>Kari (4 grader), 9yo.2015,Aug.4 00:47 Ummm..... That was quick I guess? Seriously though what just happened?! I'M CONFUSED!
20>Kari (4 grader), 9yo.2015,Aug.4 00:48 I'm calm now. hmmmm
20>Kari (4 grader), 9yo.2015,Aug.4 00:49 ......But for some reason that was also funny. Anyone agree?
20>Kari (4 grader), 9yo.2015,Aug.4 00:50 I'll stop talking now.
20>Kari (4 grader), 9yo.2015,Aug.4 00:50 I'm done
20>Kari (4 grader), 9yo.2015,Aug.4 00:51 I'm being really chatty right now that's weird I don't usually talk this much
20>Kari (4 grader), 9yo.2015,Aug.4 00:53 *thinking* okay Kari it's time to shut up
20>Kari (4 grader), 9yo.2015,Aug.4 01:04 Well when she comes back I should tell her my name shouldn't I.
2>Felicity (Schoolgirl), 10yo.2015,Aug.4 01:19 Whoa.
10>Sakuke (Sasuke's sister), 9yo.2015,Aug.4 01:21 *comes back* Hey, I din't catch you guys' names?
10>Sakuke (Sasuke's sister), 9yo.2015,Aug.4 01:21 What are they?
2>Felicity (Schoolgirl), 10yo.2015,Aug.4 03:08 I'm Felicity.
20>Kari (4 grader), 9yo.2015,Aug.4 03:10 I'm Kari!
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Aug.4 13:48 I'm Rob
6>Carpir (Student), 13yo.2015,Aug.4 13:49 I'm Carpir
7>Hoshi (Kid), 9yo.2015,Aug.4 13:49 You know me, I'm Hoshi
4>Sasaki (Student ), 10yo.2015,Aug.6 21:27 Hi Robert, sorry I had an Internet problem but anyways please tell me about yourself?
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Aug.7 00:34  Secret message to Sasaki  
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Aug.7 00:35  Secret message to Sasaki  
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Aug.7 00:35  Secret message to Sasaki  
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Aug.7 00:35  Secret message to Headmaster Inachi  
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Aug.7 00:35  Secret message to Headmaster Inachi  
4>Sasaki (Student ), 10yo.2015,Aug.7 22:38  Secret message to Robert Kusuke  
1>Headmaster Inachi (Headmaster ), 53yo.2015,Aug.8 13:42  Secret message to Robert Kusuke  
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Aug.8 19:42  Secret message to Sasaki  
4>Sasaki (Student ), 10yo.2015,Aug.9 15:25  Secret message to Robert Kusuke  
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Aug.9 19:17  Secret message to Sasaki  
7>Hoshi (Kid), 9yo.2015,Aug.9 19:18 Hey Sakuke, want to read Harry Potter withme?
10>Sakuke (Sasuke's sister), 9yo.2015,Aug.11 19:37 Sure.
10>Sakuke (Sasuke's sister), 9yo.2015,Aug.11 19:38 *goes to Hoshi's bed*\
10>Sakuke (Sasuke's sister), 9yo.2015,Aug.11 19:38 *they start reading*
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Aug.17 01:29 I have to use the restroom. *runs out*
7>Hoshi (Kid), 9yo.2015,Aug.17 01:30 Weird.
2>Felicity (Schoolgirl), 10yo.2015,Aug.17 03:48 Weird what?
7>Hoshi (Kid), 9yo.2015,Aug.17 20:15 That he annoced he was going to the bathroom.
2>Felicity (Schoolgirl), 10yo.2015,Aug.18 00:02 What's so weird about that?
4>Sasaki (Student ), 10yo.2015,Aug.18 20:11  Secret message to Robert Kusuke  
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Aug.19 19:02  Secret message to Sasaki  
4>Sasaki (Student ), 10yo.2015,Aug.20 10:04 What question did I ask
4>Sasaki (Student ), 10yo.2015,Aug.20 10:04  Secret message to Robert Kusuke  
4>Sasaki (Student ), 10yo.2015,Aug.20 10:05  Secret message to Robert Kusuke  
20>Kari (4 grader), 9yo.2015,Aug.20 22:13  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=nothing  
20>Kari (4 grader), 9yo.2015,Aug.20 22:16 what's going on now?
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Aug.20 22:18  Secret message to Sasaki  
4>Sasaki (Student ), 10yo.2015,Aug.23 18:09  Secret message to Robert Kusuke  
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Aug.23 19:30  Secret message to Sasaki  
4>Sasaki (Student ), 10yo.2015,Aug.26 00:32  Secret message to Robert Kusuke  
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Aug.28 01:27  Secret message to Sasaki  
4>Sasaki (Student ), 10yo.2015,Aug.28 10:21 Sort of
4>Sasaki (Student ), 10yo.2015,Aug.28 10:21 Guys
4>Sasaki (Student ), 10yo.2015,Aug.28 10:22  Secret message to Robert Kusuke  
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Aug.29 19:33  Secret message to Sasaki  
4>Sasaki (Student ), 10yo.2015,Aug.29 22:10  Secret message to Robert Kusuke  
4>Sasaki (Student ), 10yo.2015,Aug.30 11:28  Secret message to Robert Kusuke  
4>Sasaki (Student ), 10yo.2015,Aug.30 11:29  Secret message to Robert Kusuke  
4>Sasaki (Student ), 10yo.2015,Aug.30 11:29  Secret message to Robert Kusuke  
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Aug.31 01:29  Secret message to Sasaki  
4>Sasaki (Student ), 10yo.2015,Aug.31 19:54  Secret message to Robert Kusuke  
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Sep.2 19:42  Secret message to Sasaki  
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Sep.2 19:42 *comes back*
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Sep.2 19:42 Did I miss anything?
7>Hoshi (Kid), 9yo.2015,Sep.2 19:43 No.
10>Sakuke (Sasuke's sister), 9yo.2015,Sep.2 19:43 You only missed Harry Potter killing Lord Voldemort for the 100th time!
4>Sasaki (Student ), 10yo.2015,Sep.2 22:33 Sakuke did that really happen?
10>Sakuke (Sasuke's sister), 9yo.2015,Sep.3 19:03 Yeah!
10>Sakuke (Sasuke's sister), 9yo.2015,Sep.3 19:04 Hermonie was flying around, and Ron was distracting him, and then Harry yelled a killing spell!
2>Felicity (Schoolgirl), 10yo.2015,Sep.3 19:06 SPOILER ALERT! I haven't read it! Unless it's the first book.
4>Sasaki (Student ), 10yo.2015,Sep.4 19:55 I hate Harry Potter anyways, to I don't care.
4>Sasaki (Student ), 10yo.2015,Sep.4 19:57 I hate Harry Potter because it's demonic.
4>Sasaki (Student ), 10yo.2015,Sep.4 19:58 Let me tell you a true story
4>Sasaki (Student ), 10yo.2015,Sep.4 20:03 A little boy watched Harry Potter and saw a witch flying on a broom and he tried it . Soon he was flying. Up till now he has not returned. The parents have searched but they never found him.
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Sep.4 21:05  Secret message to Felicity  
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Sep.4 21:05  Secret message to Felicity  
5>Robert Kusuke (Student), 13yo.2015,Sep.4 21:05  Secret message to Felicity  
6>Carpir (Student), 13yo.2015,Sep.8 01:20 I will not be able to come on frequently because of school.
20>Kari (4 grader), 9yo.2015,Oct.7 02:23 Uh aren't you at school?
2>Felicity (Schoolgirl), 10yo.2015,Oct.8 18:07  Secret message to Kari  
20>Kari (4 grader), 9yo.2015,Nov.8 21:49  Secret message to Felicity