" The Mystic Forest- a RP " (game over)
This game was destined to players of 1 to 100 years of age.
Once upon a time, in a far off kingdom, there was a mysterious forest that no one dared set foot upon. At that time, it was ruled by the Creatures of the Dark- creatures such as vampires, witches, etc. But then, a new era arose: the Creatures of the Light overthrew the Creatures of the Dark in an epic battle. Peace remained, and the Creatures of the Dark presumably disappeared.
But now, the Creatures of the Dark are looking for revenge- and the Creatures of the Light may need the help of the common folk to destroy them once and for all. Join today to be a part of this epic quest!
Common Folk
-King, Queen, Princesses, Princes, Villagers, Maids, Servants, Apprentices

Creatures of the Light
-Fairies, Elves, Dwarves, Animagi, Mermaids, Warriors,
Shapeshifters, Wizards, Nymphs

Creatures of the Dark
-Vampires, Werewolves, Goblins, Trolls, Ghosts, Pirates, Witches, Warlocks, Giants

1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.29 02:20 Hi, and welcome to my game! Before we get started, I am going to state the kinds of characters you can play as, their abilities, etc., so bare with me please.
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.29 02:21 In the meantime, the same rules apply on here as they do in any RP: no inappropriate content, no swearing (if you really need to, insert '(BLEEP)'), no bossing people around, and no power playing.
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.29 02:21 Also, I may have to delete your character if you don't return in a week. :/ Sorry.
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.29 02:34 *If you have ideas for types of creatures, please let me know! I'm open to a lot of ideas, and I've probably missed a few, anyways.
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.29 02:39 A bit of background on every character....
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.29 02:40 COMMON FOLK: They're regular people, just like you and me. Some of them are mean, some are nice. Some are selfish, some are perfectly selfless. Whatever they are, they're normal humans. Some believe in the lores and legends of the forest, but people like
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.29 02:40 the King and his family are highly skeptical.
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.29 02:43 Out of these types of people, you can be the Queen, a princess, a prince, a villager, a maid/servant, or a hunter. (Note that hunters especially believe in the legends and constantly hunt all creatures down).
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.29 02:46 FAIRIES: As you know, fairies are Light creatures. They live inside of trees and are generally only an inch or so tall, but they can transform into human height too. They are often very beautiful, and their wings are precious objects. Sadly, this is why
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.29 02:47 fairies are hunted down. They can be described as kind, loving, and caring.
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.29 03:05 ELVES: The elves live deep in the forest in a grand lair. They're part of the reason the Dark creatures have a conspiracy coming. Elves mainly stay in their own area, but will fight if they have to.)
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.29 03:07 They are very agile, and their main weapon is a bow and arrow or dagger. They are great leaders, which causes them to act serious all the time, but they are incredibly loyal and have a witty, sarcastic sense of humor and are up for a laugh anytime.
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.29 03:10 Elves mainly wear their hair in some sort of braided style if they have long enough hair, and they wear mainly leather and stuff.
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.29 03:11 DWARVES: Dwarves are somewhat chubby, very small old men. They live underground and work in a secret mine of theirs, digging for precious gems to trade with other Light creatures. They are very friendly and sociable, and maybe a little bit dopey, bashful,
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.29 03:11 Or grumpy. They are also pretty wise.
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.29 03:12 Animagi: Animagi are basically people who can turn into animals and vice-versa. They are very charismatic, depending on which animal they are.
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.29 03:13 Animagi: Animagi are basically people who can turn into animals and vice-versa. They are very charismatic, depending on which animal they are.
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.29 03:13 (Double post, sorry)
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.29 03:15 MERMAIDS: Mermaids lives more to the western side of the forest, in a magical pool of water. They can be somewhat snobby, quiet, and seductive. They are also known to have a long and dark past with the pirates.
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.29 03:16 WARRIORS: Like elves, warriors are the fighters of the forest- except more fierce. They are EXTREMELY skilled fighters, and often wear armor all the time. They are more bossy, more demanding, and more annoying than elves, though.
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.29 03:18 SHAPESHIFTERS: They're basically humans gone wrong. We need not go into the tale of the shapeshifters, but they obtained powers related to telekinesis. However, the Light creatures welcomed them warmly.
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.29 03:18 Shapeshifters prefer to live alone, and they can be desribed as gloomy and mopey.
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.29 03:24 WIZARDS: Wizards are mainly all boys, and they attend a school called Slaugnart's School of Wizardry somewhere very deep in the forest. They are wise, and the headmaster was the reason the Light creatures had won. However, no one has seen the headmaster-
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.29 03:24 or any of the wizards- for centuries.
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.29 03:26 VAMPIRES: Vampires are probably the fiercest Dark creatures. They rely solely on blood as their meal, and they are mostly nocturnal (although some aren't). Surprisingly, they don't get along well with the werewolves.
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.29 03:28 They can run super fast and are very strong, but a good way to ward them off is by garlic or holy water.
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.29 03:31 WEREWOLVES: They can turn into large wolves, and live and travel in packs. They can be very aggressive, and they don't like vampires a lot.
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.29 03:33 GOBLINS: Goblins are mainly nocturnal and have green skin and wear a purple loincloth. They also have very pointy ears and a mean face. They rely on humans as their source of food.
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.29 03:33 Beware the goblins, everyone!
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.29 03:34 TROLLS: One word: MEAN. Very, very mean. Like dwarves, they are small, except they have a more smashed-up face. Besides being mean, they are also very annoying.
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.29 03:36 GHOSTS: Ghosts are basically the dead, back for vengeance. They come from the opposite of heaven, and are back to haunt the living. However, the Dark creatures recruited them.
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.29 03:38 PIRATES: Pirates live far out of the forest in an ocean, but it's pretty close to the forest geographically speaking. They are always looking for treasure...especially in the forest. They are rude, rambunctious, and have extremely bad manners.
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.29 03:39 WITCHES: Don't be fooled by the witches, because you'll be lucky if you aren't. They look like old hags, and are always willing to entice anyone into their secret plan that isn't always good. Beware!
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.29 03:40 And that's it! We'll begin as soon as we have enough players!
13>Erin (Maid), 18yo.2015,Jul.29 04:16 (Introducing Erin, a maid. She has brown hair and brown eyes, and she wears a tattered dress and worn leather shoes. Erin's parents grew up as servants themselves, but they died when Erin was young, leaving her an orphan.)
13>Erin (Maid), 18yo.2015,Jul.29 04:17 (Has since been living a terrible life as a maid in King Reingard's castle. Isn't really happy at all, and her inner rebel is about to shine very soon. )
13>Erin (Maid), 18yo.2015,Jul.29 04:18 (Has always believed the legends of the forest- her parents told her. Has actually visited it as a child, but it's not a very clear memory.)
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Jul.29 04:21 [Hi! This game sounds really fun so I decided to join! BTW, I have a Light creature suggestion: The Nymphs. I also have a Dark creature suggestion: The Giants.]
17>Alwin (Elf), 18yo.2015,Jul.29 04:21 (Alwin, an elf. He has long blonde hair and blue eyes- he looks kind of like Legolas from LOTR. He wears a green leather outfit and boots, typical elf attire.)
17>Alwin (Elf), 18yo.2015,Jul.29 04:21 (Ok! )
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Jul.29 04:23 [Norma: Is a shapeshifter with EXTREMELY powerful telekinetic abilities. She has strange violet eyes, long jet-black hair, and wears a cool super dark purple (almost black) velvet outfit (a jacket, boots, pants, and gloves all made of the same material).]
17>Alwin (Elf), 18yo.2015,Jul.29 04:23 (Anyways, Alwin's father is the king of the elves, so Alwin was always put in the spotlight. He doesn't really care though. Is an archery master as well as great leader.)
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Jul.29 04:24 [She has a VERY complicated and mysterious past, so I'll go over it briefly. It'll be revealed in more detail over time. (BTW, question: Why are they called shapeshifters? Is it because they can turn into animals? Note that shapeshifters are basically
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Jul.29 04:25 Animagi, in terms of definition.)]
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Jul.29 04:26 [Norma is a "blueblood," but no one is sure if she should be queen of the Dark side or the Light side; her father was from the Dark side but was more affectionate than most Dark creatures while her mother recognized this trait in her father and fell in
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Jul.29 04:27 love with him. Both of her parents are royal-one was supposed to be the king of the Dark while the other the queen of the Light. However, shortly after Norma's birth, there was an argument on which side she should be on and her father was killed by his
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Jul.29 04:28 brother, who was greedy for the throne, while her mother died for mainly unknown reasons; some say she was assassinated by someone who hated her for falling in love with a Dark man, while others say she died from grief and stress.]
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Jul.29 04:29 [The Light beings recognized great, strange power in Norma and adopted her. Wizards and elves specifically raised her, and her past was hidden from her. However, after learning that she was a Shapeshifter (which are I guess the "outcasts" of the Light to
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Jul.29 04:30 some extent) and learning about her parents, she felt like a threat to others and blamed herself for her parents' downfall. She ran away and lived alone in a mountain for some time; eventually she returned to civilization, keeping her true identity
4>Makaela (Elf), 16yo.2015,Jul.29 04:30 (Makaela, an elf. Has stunning copper red hair in a braid worn over her shoulder and blue eyes. Wears a green leather elf shirt, brown leather pants, and dark brown boots.)
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Jul.29 04:31 anonymous and pretending to be normal. Her powers are an odd mixture of Light and Dark-if used badly they can cause great destruction, and if used well they can help secure a brighter future for everyone.]
4>Makaela (Elf), 16yo.2015,Jul.29 04:31 (Has a black bow an
4>Makaela (Elf), 16yo.2015,Jul.29 04:32 *and a brown leather quiver filled with handmade arrows. Is really nice and funny, a great companion. Is also an archery extraordinare, like any elf. However, like many elves, she has her mostly serious side.)
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Jul.29 04:33 [Another Dark creature idea:The Warlocks (which I think are basically evil wizards).]
10>Clarion (Fairy), 17yo.2015,Jul.29 04:34 (Ok, thanks!)
10>Clarion (Fairy), 17yo.2015,Jul.29 04:35 (Clarion, a fairy. Has blonde/brown hair that's somewhat curly (but not really), and brown eyes. Wears a white dress with a golden hue to it and a crown of flowers on her head. Also has iridescent wings.)
10>Clarion (Fairy), 17yo.2015,Jul.29 04:36 (Used to be living in peace in quiet, until the hunters started invading the forest. Nearly got her wing cut off by a hunter- and it shows,because her left wing is somewhat maimed, so she isn't an expert at flying.)
10>Clarion (Fairy), 17yo.2015,Jul.29 04:37 (Went into hiding out of fear, and she only comes out at night.)
10>Clarion (Fairy), 17yo.2015,Jul.29 04:40 (Is very kind and caring, but has since become fearful of almost every Dark creature.)
19>Lucinda (Vampire), Immtlyo.2015,Jul.29 04:41 (And lastly for now, Lucinda, a vampire. Looks kind of like vampire Bella from Twilight. Wears a long black jacket, a gray shirt, and dark blue jeans with boots.)
3>Audric (Dark King/Warlock), 40yo.2015,Jul.29 04:42 [Audric: Has shoulder-length messy, wavy black hair, cold, dark eyes, pale skin, and wears black robes with red borders. Is the ruler of the Dark creatures and none other than Norma's evil uncle.]
19>Lucinda (Vampire), Immtlyo.2015,Jul.29 04:42 (Was a regular old villager with no personality, until she ventured into the woods one day and discovered a vampire. They grew attracted to one another, and eventually, Lucinda was turned into a vampire herself.)
3>Audric (Dark King/Warlock), 40yo.2015,Jul.29 04:43 [After killing his brother to become ruler, Audric (whose name ironically means "wise ruler") went into hiding and hasn't been identified by anyone outside the Dark world for years. In various attacks by Dark creatures, he disguises himself as any other
19>Lucinda (Vampire), Immtlyo.2015,Jul.29 04:43 (Has become 10x more fierce, 10x more brave, and 10x more merciless. Is really focused on getting the forest back for the Dark creatures.)
3>Audric (Dark King/Warlock), 40yo.2015,Jul.29 04:43 warlock for safety purposes.]
3>Audric (Dark King/Warlock), 40yo.2015,Jul.29 04:43 [He mainly aims to catch Norma and use her powers for his own gain; if he can get her on his side or find a way to use her powers, the end of the Mystic Forest will arrive shortly.]
3>Audric (Dark King/Warlock), 40yo.2015,Jul.29 04:44 [BTW, why are humans with telekinetic powers called shapeshifters exactly?]
3>Audric (Dark King/Warlock), 40yo.2015,Jul.29 04:45 [BTW, can you add a Magic Staff to the buy-able items list?]
18>Bellatrix (Witch), 38yo.2015,Jul.29 04:51 [Bellatrix: Basically looks and acts like the witch of the same name from Harry Potter. A follower of Audric and a friend of Lucinda.]
7>Daninachi (Mermaid), 15yo.2015,Jul.29 04:52 [Daninachi: a mermaid with long, flowing blond hair that's brown near the bottom and blue eyes. Has a turquoise tail and one of those scaley things that cover her..ahem..chest parts in the same color.]
18>Bellatrix (Witch), 38yo.2015,Jul.29 04:55 [gtg! *offline* I'll probably come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.29 04:56 (Bye!)
7>Daninachi (Mermaid), 15yo.2015,Jul.29 04:57 [Has a strong bond with the human that she's known since she was eleven named Andrea. Really nice and loves new friends.]
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.29 05:02 (Thanks for joining, Felicity!)
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.29 05:02 New creatures have been added to the list: Nymphs, Giants, and Warlocks.
6>Andrea (Villager ), 15yo.2015,Jul.29 05:09 [Andrea: is the human who is friends with Daninachi. Has short black hair and green eyes. Is very adventurous but can be playful.]
6>Andrea (Villager ), 15yo.2015,Jul.29 05:13 [Also, she wears a blue hoodie that has the sleeves rolled up most of the time and khakis. Wears black shoes and carries around a black bag.]
6>Andrea (Villager ), 15yo.2015,Jul.29 05:14 [Wait, is this modern time or like, the time of Rapunzel?]
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.29 05:18 (Time of Rapunzel probably.)
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.29 05:18 (Also, it's suggested that everyone have at least one common folk character. They serve a huge role in this RP.)
6>Andrea (Villager ), 15yo.2015,Jul.29 05:22 [Okay. So I will take away the hood and the bag, not make the sleeves rolled up, and replace the khakis with a long blue skirt.
6>Andrea (Villager ), 15yo.2015,Jul.29 05:25 [but can we talk normal?
8>Victoria (Pirate), 18yo.2015,Jul.29 15:25 [Victoria is my bad guy. The only reason that she's a pirate is because she was raised by her pirate father after her mother died trying to give birth to her. She's your traditional pirate, except she's a bit more modest, like you would expect a female to
8>Victoria (Pirate), 18yo.2015,Jul.29 15:44 be. She also doesn't have a peg leg because those are ugly. She has long brown hair that is almost always tied back and gray eyes. She has one of those pirate hats, except the feather is much bigger. She's a little clumsy to tone down the scariness factor
8>Victoria (Pirate), 18yo.2015,Jul.29 15:54 and is smart because she notices things around her.]
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.29 17:54 (Yeah! Everyone in this game will talk normal.)
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Jul.30 01:03 [A common folk character type idea: Apprentices (e.g. common folk kids ages 12 to 18 who are training with someone to be something when they grow up).]
11>Peter (Apprentice), 12yo.2015,Jul.30 01:07 [Peter: A common folk type boy and an apprentice of a strict but wise shoemaker and song-writer based on the famous German mastersinger Hans Sachs (you can look him up if you want).]
11>Peter (Apprentice), 12yo.2015,Jul.30 01:09 [Has brown hair and hazel eyes. Wears a tan leather shirt, pants, dark brown leather boots, a dark brown belt, and a little round dark brown peasant-ish hat.]
11>Peter (Apprentice), 12yo.2015,Jul.30 01:09 [He is also lean and agile.]
11>Peter (Apprentice), 12yo.2015,Jul.30 01:10 [Backstory: Lives normal life, but is much more inquisitive, brave, and adventurous than the other boys; when he first became an apprentice, he was caught playing hooky and going on "adventures" a lot.]
11>Peter (Apprentice), 12yo.2015,Jul.30 01:11 [Now he's been disciplined. During the day he works hard for his master, but once evening comes he grabs his slingshot, runs off with some hunters, and listens to their stories/legends while trying to help catch magical creatures.]
11>Peter (Apprentice), 12yo.2015,Jul.30 01:11 [Obviously, he is a hunter-wannabe. But that'll probably change soon.]
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Jul.30 01:24 [Yet ANOTHER character idea, this time for the Dark creatures: Necromancers (undead skeleton-like people who are skilled in the arts of manipulation, dark magic, and summoning/talking to the dead).]
14>Bancroft (Giant), 36yo.2015,Jul.30 01:34 [My last character for now: Bancroft, a Giant. Is hairy, wears an old, ragged, huge, dark brownish-green, kilt-like loincloth and has dark, cold eyes. He also has dark brown, scraggily hair.]
14>Bancroft (Giant), 36yo.2015,Jul.30 01:34 *scraggy
14>Bancroft (Giant), 36yo.2015,Jul.30 01:36 [He doesn't wear a shirt, but he wears spiked bands around his wrists and uses a huge, spiked club. He's also super strong and great at throwing things. Not the brightest, but still dangerous.]
14>Bancroft (Giant), 36yo.2015,Jul.30 01:36 [He acts like a bodyguard for Audric and, because he's a Giant, he is also probably one of the most dangerous Dark creatures around.]
14>Bancroft (Giant), 36yo.2015,Jul.30 01:38  Secret message to King Reingard  
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Jul.30 04:06 [Here!]
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.30 04:08  Secret message to Bancroft  
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.30 04:10   + 10 Charisma points to Erin  
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.30 04:11   + 5 Strength points to Erin  
14>Bancroft (Giant), 36yo.2015,Jul.30 04:11  Secret message to King Reingard  
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.30 04:11   + 15 Strength points to Alwin  
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.30 04:11  Secret message to Bancroft  
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.30 04:12   + 20 Experience points to Alwin  
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.30 04:12   + 20 Strength points to Norma  
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.30 04:12   + 10 Strength points to Makaela  
14>Bancroft (Giant), 36yo.2015,Jul.30 04:12  Secret message to King Reingard  
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.30 04:13   + 20 Experience points to Makaela  
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.30 04:13  Secret message to Bancroft  
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.30 04:14   + 5 Charisma points to Clarion  
14>Bancroft (Giant), 36yo.2015,Jul.30 04:15  Secret message to King Reingard  
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.30 04:17   + 50 Strength points to Lucinda  
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.30 04:17  Secret message to Bancroft  
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.30 04:17   + 5 Cleverness points to Lucinda  
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.30 04:18   + 40 Cleverness points to Audric  
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.30 04:18   + 45 Cleverness points to Bellatrix  
14>Bancroft (Giant), 36yo.2015,Jul.30 04:18  Secret message to King Reingard  
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.30 04:18   + 10 Charisma points to Bellatrix  
14>Bancroft (Giant), 36yo.2015,Jul.30 04:19 [BTW, can Norma have some Charisma points? One of the definitions of "charisma" is talent, and her powers make her quite talented, so I don't see why not.]
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.30 04:21   + 20 Charisma points to Daninachi  
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.30 04:22   + 15 Charisma points to Norma  
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.30 04:23   + 15 Experience points to Andrea  
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.30 04:23   + 5 Charisma points to Andrea  
14>Bancroft (Giant), 36yo.2015,Jul.30 04:25 [Thanks for the Charisma points!]
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.30 04:26   + 15 Cleverness points to Victoria  
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.30 04:27   + 20 Charisma points to Victoria  
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.30 04:27 (No problem.)
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.30 04:27   + 20 Charisma points to Peter  
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.30 04:28   + 10 Cleverness points to Peter  
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.30 04:28   + 25 Strength points to Bancroft  
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.30 04:29   + 5 Experience points to Bancroft  
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.30 04:29 (Okay, let's begin! We'll start out with a flashback, because no fantasy RP is complete without a flashback!)
14>Bancroft (Giant), 36yo.2015,Jul.30 04:29 [YAY!!]
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Jul.30 04:29 -FLASHBACK 8 YEARS-
13>Erin (Maid), 18yo.2015,Jul.30 04:32 *calls out:* I'm going outside!! See you later! Erin's mom: Okay! *at the time, Erin and her family lived in a small but sturdy home in the village and were considered villagers*
13>Erin (Maid), 18yo.2015,Jul.30 04:33 *runs out of the village and into a meadow that leads into the forest* *picks wildflowers for awhile* *then runs off to the forest*
13>Erin (Maid), 18yo.2015,Jul.30 04:34 *walks cautiously towards the entrance* *looks inside- it's pretty dark* *takes the trail inside*
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Jul.30 04:34 *is in the palace of the elves**wakes up bright and early and happily runs to her balcony, stretching and watching the sun rise*
11>Peter (Apprentice), 12yo.2015,Jul.30 04:35 *a four year-old version of him is spotted using a little slingshot and trying to shoot random squirrels by Erin*
4>Makaela (Elf), 16yo.2015,Jul.30 04:35 *is at the elvish citadel, practicing archery with a lot of the younger elves* *everyone gasps in awe as Alwin makes a perfect shot*
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Jul.30 04:36 *the Queen elf herself comes to the balcony and smiles**spots her and hugs her* Mommy! [Note: Norma's parents died when she was REALLY, REALLY little, so she was told that her mother was the Queen elf.]
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Jul.30 04:37 [The elves and wizards have been keeping Norma safe from her evil uncle.]
4>Makaela (Elf), 16yo.2015,Jul.30 04:38 (Ok.)
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Jul.30 04:39 Queen Elf: Hello Norma! *puts her down* Ready for breakfast? I have invited some of those crabby dwarves! Norma: Yeah!!
17>Alwin (Elf), 18yo.2015,Jul.30 04:39 *smiles smugly* Mentor: Congratulations, Alwin! Your parents will surely be proud of you.
17>Alwin (Elf), 18yo.2015,Jul.30 04:39 *grins* Thank you.
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Jul.30 04:40 *she and the Queen start walking down the stairs towards the dining room, but some wizards with tall hats, one looking a lot like Gandalf (I'm thinking of making Gandalf the Blue a character; is that OK?), are standing there, looking solemn*
13>Erin (Maid), 18yo.2015,Jul.30 04:40 *ventures quietly through the forest* *suddenly hears a voice saying "Who are you?!" * *looks around and sees only a speck of dust- a moving one*
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Jul.30 04:40 Queen: What is it? Gandalf the Blue: We need to talk. Now. Queen: *nods quickly**turns* Norma, go back to your room. We'll have breakfast in an hour. Norma: Aww! *starts climbing up the stairs*
13>Erin (Maid), 18yo.2015,Jul.30 04:41 (Yeah. He can be the head of Slaugnart's School.)
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Jul.30 04:42 [Cool! :D]
16>Simon (Wizard), 17yo.2015,Jul.30 04:42 (New character, I've decided- Simon, a wizard. Basically looks like Harry Potter.)
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Jul.30 04:42 [Is Slaugnart's School basically The Mystic Forest's version of Hogwarts?]
16>Simon (Wizard), 17yo.2015,Jul.30 04:43 (Long ago, Simon's parents were killed by an evil wizard or warlock- it's unknown. Simon was taken in by a few villagers for a few years, until he was finally accepted into Slaugnart's School of Wizardry.)
16>Simon (Wizard), 17yo.2015,Jul.30 04:43 (Yeah.)
12>Gandalf the Blue (Wizard), 60+yo.2015,Jul.30 04:44 [Hey, can the evil wizard who killed Simon's parents be Audric? I was thinking of having Norma and Simon be connected and even fall in love. :D]
16>Simon (Wizard), 17yo.2015,Jul.30 04:44 (Is always anxious, because he wants to find his parents' killer. Is also willing to fight alongside the Light creatures. Is a very loyal friend.)
12>Gandalf the Blue (Wizard), 60+yo.2015,Jul.30 04:45 [Gandalf the Blue: Basically looks and acts like Gandalf from LOTR/The Hobbit except his clothing is blue instead of gray. He is one of Audric's biggest rivals and is interested in protecting people like Norma and Simon from the Dark world.]
16>Simon (Wizard), 17yo.2015,Jul.30 04:46 (Okay!! Sounds good, actually!)
13>Erin (Maid), 18yo.2015,Jul.30 04:48 *grabs at the speck of dust* Voice: Hey! Ow! Erin: *backs up* *suddenly, the dust speck grows to full height*
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Jul.30 04:48 *looks over her shoulder to see Gandalf looking at her strangely**the wizards and the Queen Elf leave, but, being curious (thanks to her magical powers, her gut feeling makes her want to know what's going on), she sneaks after them*
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Jul.30 04:48 [Yeah!! :D]
10>Clarion (Fairy), 17yo.2015,Jul.30 04:49 *brushes off her wings* *looks at Erin* Do you live here? Erin: *shakes her head* I really like your wings, though. Clarion: *smiles pridefully*
16>Simon (Wizard), 17yo.2015,Jul.30 04:50 *is making his way into the forest, dragging a huge suitcase behind him*
10>Clarion (Fairy), 17yo.2015,Jul.30 04:51 Erin: What's your name? Clarion: *states her name* Erin: That's a lovely name- mine's Erin. Clarion: *smiles* I like it.
13>Erin (Maid), 18yo.2015,Jul.30 04:52 Well, I best be going now. Clarion: Where are you going? Erin: I'm going on an adventure!! *runs off*
13>Erin (Maid), 18yo.2015,Jul.30 04:52 *goes i
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Jul.30 04:52 *follows them into the Queen Elf's room and crouches down on the stairs, peeking through a crack between the door and the wall*
13>Erin (Maid), 18yo.2015,Jul.30 04:53 *goes towards a small river and gets a glimpse of the mermaids and nymphs* *continues going*
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Jul.30 04:54 Queen:...but how could that be? Why would he want her? Gandalf: We already told you this seven years ago...her parents are dead, and her uncle is responsible. And now he's coming back for her.
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Jul.30 04:55 Queen: But I do not understand- Gandalf: Don't pretend to be blind to the truth. If he lays his hands on her, the end shall be near. You must hand her over to me.
13>Erin (Maid), 18yo.2015,Jul.30 04:55 *hears some noises* *sees Simon wheeling his suitcase along* Excuse me! Have I seen you before? Simon: *looks dumbfounded* I don't reckon so. Erin: *holds out her hand* I'm Erin.
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Jul.30 04:55 Gandalf: You know what she is. Now please...for our own good. Queen: *turns away* Give me a moment...
16>Simon (Wizard), 17yo.2015,Jul.30 04:56 *shakes it* Simon. *pauses* Well, I better keep going. Erin: Where are you heading? Simon: *answers as if it's the most obvious answer ever* To Slaugnart's!
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Jul.30 04:56 *turns and runs down the stairs as quietly as she can, confused**her gut feeling lures her into the Queen's secret room*
16>Simon (Wizard), 17yo.2015,Jul.30 04:56 Erin: Where?! Simon: A special school for wizards only! Erin: *watches Simon walk off* Well...see you around? Simon: Hopefully.
16>Simon (Wizard), 17yo.2015,Jul.30 04:57 *continues on to Slaugnart's*
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Jul.30 04:57 *finds several orbs-all of them are memories that the Queen has extracted from her mind because she doesn't want to have to think about them**a certain orb glows more brightly than the others**grabs it and puts it on a magic tripod*
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Jul.30 04:58 *the memory flashes before her eyes-it is a vision the queen had of a dark figure striking down her father and then her mother dying somehow as the dark figure tries to get baby Norma while she's in a cradle**a blur of Gandalf the Blue enters the vision
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Jul.30 04:59 and saves baby Norma, carrying her away*
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Jul.30 04:59 *has just realized the truth**feels betrayed that she was blinded by the Queen and the wizards and hidden from her own past**gets angry from this and runs up to her room*
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Jul.30 05:00 *packs some of her things and runs downstairs to the dining room**grabs some food and then runs away from the palace, her stuff in a sack slung over her shoulder*
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Jul.30 05:01 *looks around nervously at everyone as she passes them, as if she thinks they're going to catch her in the act of running away**keeps walking until she leaves the elf kingdom and goes down a path towards some beautiful, wild mountains*
13>Erin (Maid), 18yo.2015,Jul.30 05:01 *walks back towards the forest entrance, feeling hopeful for some reason* *bends over and sifts gold fairy dust through her fingers*
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Jul.30 05:01 *the path to Slaugnart's intersects with the path to the mountains**her mind is whirling, so she just keeps walking**accidentally bumps right into Simon; she and Simon go tumbling to the ground*
13>Erin (Maid), 18yo.2015,Jul.30 05:01 *
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Jul.30 05:02 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
13>Erin (Maid), 18yo.2015,Jul.30 05:02 *makes her way into the open field* *sees Lucinda bossing Peter around (at the time, Lucinda was a human)* *glares at her* Leave him alone!
13>Erin (Maid), 18yo.2015,Jul.30 05:03 (Bye!)
19>Lucinda (Vampire), Immtlyo.2015,Jul.30 05:04 *smirks evilly at Erin* You can't tell me what to do. Now get away from me, idiot.
13>Erin (Maid), 18yo.2015,Jul.30 05:05 *gives Lucinda a deathly glare* *then pushes her to the ground, punching her silly*
13>Erin (Maid), 18yo.2015,Jul.30 05:05 *Lucinda is let out of "the ring" bruised up* Lucinda: I'll fight you again someday. *staggers away* Erin: *dusts off her dress*
16>Simon (Wizard), 17yo.2015,Jul.30 05:06 *hits the ground hard* *all of his belongings in his suitcase go flying* *scrambles to pick them up* *says sarcastically* ThanksN
16>Simon (Wizard), 17yo.2015,Jul.30 05:07 *!
9>Myrtle (Nymph), ∞yo.2015,Jul.30 21:49 Are you okay sir?
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Jul.31 03:41 [Hi RKC! Do you mind providing a description of your character?]
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Jul.31 03:41  Secret message to Myrtle  
11>Peter (Apprentice), 12yo.2015,Jul.31 03:43 Go away! Go away! *kneels down, makes balls of earth, and launches the balls at Lucinda, making her filthy*
14>Bancroft (Giant), 36yo.2015,Jul.31 03:44 *is in the Light creatures' prison, being held in chains**is also inside a dome of invisible magic energy that keeps him from escaping in case he finds a way to escape the chains*
14>Bancroft (Giant), 36yo.2015,Jul.31 03:45 *screeches and struggles against the chains, but it is no use; he has been in the prison for years and so far there has been no way out*
14>Bancroft (Giant), 36yo.2015,Jul.31 03:46 Guard #1: Ugh...SHUDDAP!! Bancroft: *turns and gives the guard a death stare* Guard #1: *shudders* Guard #2: Don't be intimidated. There's no way he's getting through that magic dome.
14>Bancroft (Giant), 36yo.2015,Jul.31 03:47 Guard #1: Yeah...well, I just don't have a good feeling about this... Guard #2: Don't worry. Our shift will be over in an hour, and then you can go home.
14>Bancroft (Giant), 36yo.2015,Jul.31 03:47 *he and the guards sit there for a moment**looks around warily and intensely, sensing something**suddenly some faint screams from above the dungeons Bancroft is in are heard*
14>Bancroft (Giant), 36yo.2015,Jul.31 03:49 Guard #1: What was that?! Guard #2: What was what?! Guard #1: That-those screams!! Guard #2: I didn't hear anything... Guard #1: *grabs his weapons* I'm going up! Guard #2: Don't be paranoid! There's nothing to be worried about!
14>Bancroft (Giant), 36yo.2015,Jul.31 03:52 *then suddenly two black, hooded figures come out of nowhere**the two guards grab their weapons and turn to meet their enemies, but their enemies launch rays of green light at them**the guards scream and collapse, dead*
12>Gandalf the Blue (Wizard), 60+yo.2015,Jul.31 03:53 Queen: ...but it...it can't be-the elves can take care of Norma, and- Gandalf: Sh. *raises a finger while closing his eyes**has some visions of Norma fleeing into the forest and bumping into Simon, and has visions of the two dark, hooded figures coming
12>Gandalf the Blue (Wizard), 60+yo.2015,Jul.31 03:53 into the dungeons and approaching Bancroft*
12>Gandalf the Blue (Wizard), 60+yo.2015,Jul.31 03:53 Queen: *looks at Gandalf, growing more and more worried*
3>Audric (Dark King/Warlock), 40yo.2015,Jul.31 03:54 *the figures let down their hoods, revealing themselves to be Bellatrix and Audric**approaches, his staff glowing red*
3>Audric (Dark King/Warlock), 40yo.2015,Jul.31 03:54  Buying Magic staff (x 1)  
3>Audric (Dark King/Warlock), 40yo.2015,Jul.31 03:54 *stops as some of the air wavers in front of him**reaches out with his staff, and the air glows white, driving back his staff* There is a magic shield. Bellatrix, remove it.
18>Bellatrix (Witch), 38yo.2015,Jul.31 03:55  Buying Magic wand (x 1)  Yes, master. *quickly draws her wand and makes a slicing motion**a white line forms in the air, and the line opens and spreads out in the form of an ellipse, growing bigger and dissolving the dome*
18>Bellatrix (Witch), 38yo.2015,Jul.31 03:56 *she and Audric come up to Bancroft, who looks at them strangely*
3>Audric (Dark King/Warlock), 40yo.2015,Jul.31 03:57 *holds out his staff towards Bancroft, the staff glowing red* You want revenge on the Creatures of the Light, don't you? *the giant nods* Then come with me and be my servant, and I shall guide you down the path to victory. Together, we can take back the
3>Audric (Dark King/Warlock), 40yo.2015,Jul.31 03:57 Mystic Forest!
3>Audric (Dark King/Warlock), 40yo.2015,Jul.31 03:58 *Bancroft's eyes glow red briefly; Audric's magic just brainwashed him into siding with Audric**the giant gets up, and Audric, Bellatrix, and Bancroft escape the prison epicly, killing many guards and causing great destruction; many Creatures of the Dark,
3>Audric (Dark King/Warlock), 40yo.2015,Jul.31 03:59 including people such as Victoria, escape with them*
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Jul.31 04:00 *says quietly* I'm sorry. *gets up and hears a distant boom as the prison that contains many of the Creatures of the Dark is severely damaged**she and Simon look around for a moment*
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Jul.31 04:01 *has a feeling that something terrible has just happened and backs away* I...I have to go! *turns and runs away towards the mountains**Simon, who is curious about her, yells "Hey, wait!" but she doesn't turn back*
12>Gandalf the Blue (Wizard), 60+yo.2015,Jul.31 04:02 *opens his eyes again* Norma has run away and there has been a major jailbreak at the prison that contains the Creatures of the Dark.
12>Gandalf the Blue (Wizard), 60+yo.2015,Jul.31 04:03 Queen: *looks devastated, terrified, and horrified all at once**turns to some of the other elves* Go. Set out and find Norma. Quickly! *they nod and leave*
12>Gandalf the Blue (Wizard), 60+yo.2015,Jul.31 04:04 I must go to Slaugnart's and protect my school. Queen: But... Gandalf: The Creatures of the Dark are intending to attack it! *turns and rushes out of the elf kingdom*
12>Gandalf the Blue (Wizard), 60+yo.2015,Jul.31 04:07 *heads down the paths and meets with Simon* Come, Simon. We must hurry to Slaugnart's; there you'll be safe. (Sorry Joan) Simon: Wait-what's going on?? Gandalf: I will explain later. *grabs Simon and uses magic to reach Slaugnart's very quickly*
13>Erin (Maid), 18yo.2015,Jul.31 18:12 *walks through the field alone, Lucinda following close behind*
13>Erin (Maid), 18yo.2015,Jul.31 18:12 -8 YEARS LATER, PRESENT POINT IN THE RP-
13>Erin (Maid), 18yo.2015,Jul.31 18:13 *is working a night shift in the castle* *the king is holding a grand ball, so she has to work extra hard due to all of the visitors* *sighs and wipes her brow, holding her broom up*
6>Andrea (Villager ), 15yo.2015,Aug.1 02:51 *puts hand on the doorhandle* Mother, I'm going for, um, a walk in the woods! *Mom* Sure, darling! *me* Don't worry, I'll be back for supper! *opens the door and leaves*
6>Andrea (Villager ), 15yo.2015,Aug.1 03:00 *instead of going to the woods, heads straight for the lake**kneels down when she reaches the lake**rolls up sleeves, holds breath, plugs nose and dunks face in water**says code word underwater, which is "moo", and is kinda hard to say, but she practices*
7>Daninachi (Mermaid), 15yo.2015,Aug.1 03:07 *hears the code word and swims to the surface**emerges right next to andrea* Hi, Andrea.
6>Andrea (Villager ), 15yo.2015,Aug.1 03:11 Hey, Dani! What's up?
7>Daninachi (Mermaid), 15yo.2015,Aug.1 03:20 Oh, nothing except I found a passageway to the ocean that looks like a coral cave that looks super-awesome. *sighs* I wish that you could swim so I could show you. You?
6>Andrea (Villager ), 15yo.2015,Aug.1 03:28 Well, my parents are going to visit my Aunt Penelope next week for three days. And I can hold my breath for a really long time because of the ten-minute scandal of last summer. Remember that?
7>Daninachi (Mermaid), 15yo.2015,Aug.1 03:32 Yea. So.......are you saying that I can show you?!
6>Andrea (Villager ), 15yo.2015,Aug.1 03:43 Yes! *notices a big ship on the lake and immediately realizes that the lake was already part of the ocean but also something else* Um....Daninachi, you should probably see this. Turn around.
7>Daninachi (Mermaid), 15yo.2015,Aug.1 03:46 *turns around* What?! *a pirate ship comes towards us*
8>Victoria (Pirate), 18yo.2015,Aug.1 03:52 *kinda hangs off of the mast while holding out cutlass* Ha ha ha! Now hand over your riches!
8>Victoria (Pirate), 18yo.2015,Aug.1 03:54 *kind of slips* Whoa, whoa, whoa, AAH! *plunges into the water*
6>Andrea (Villager ), 15yo.2015,Aug.1 03:56 *bursts into laughter* HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!
7>Daninachi (Mermaid), 15yo.2015,Aug.1 03:57 *follows suit* Tee hee hee!!!
8>Victoria (Pirate), 18yo.2015,Aug.1 03:58 Not funny.
7>Daninachi (Mermaid), 15yo.2015,Aug.1 03:59 Yes funny!
6>Andrea (Villager ), 15yo.2015,Aug.1 04:02 *stops laughing* Hey, I realized that this lake is actually part of the ocean. Crazy, right?
7>Daninachi (Mermaid), 15yo.2015,Aug.1 04:03 Yea! *notices a figure in the shadows* Okay, you have to see this.
6>Andrea (Villager ), 15yo.2015,Aug.1 04:05 *looks* Oh my gosh, do you think that he's good or bad?
7>Daninachi (Mermaid), 15yo.2015,Aug.1 04:07 I don't know, but I hope he's good! [Who wants to be the figure in the shadows? Please volunteer in brackets!]
13>Erin (Maid), 18yo.2015,Aug.1 04:23 (Just going to buy some stuff real quick.)
12>Gandalf the Blue (Wizard), 60+yo.2015,Aug.1 04:23 [Here!]
13>Erin (Maid), 18yo.2015,Aug.1 04:23  Buying Cloak (x 1)  
13>Erin (Maid), 18yo.2015,Aug.1 04:23  Buying Dagger (x 1)  
13>Erin (Maid), 18yo.2015,Aug.1 04:24 (Hey, is it okay if we go on WB in addition to this? Paige isn't a part of this club, and I think it would only be fair to her.)
4>Makaela (Elf), 16yo.2015,Aug.1 04:24  Buying Bow (x 1)  
4>Makaela (Elf), 16yo.2015,Aug.1 04:25  Buying Arrows (15) (x 2)  
4>Makaela (Elf), 16yo.2015,Aug.1 04:25  Buying Dagger (x 1)  
10>Clarion (Fairy), 17yo.2015,Aug.1 04:25  Buying Fairy house (x 1)  
10>Clarion (Fairy), 17yo.2015,Aug.1 04:25  Buying Magic wand (x 1)  
10>Clarion (Fairy), 17yo.2015,Aug.1 04:26  Buying Powers (any) (x 1)  
17>Alwin (Elf), 18yo.2015,Aug.1 04:26  Buying Bow (x 1)  
17>Alwin (Elf), 18yo.2015,Aug.1 04:26  Buying Dagger (x 1)  
17>Alwin (Elf), 18yo.2015,Aug.1 04:26  Buying Sword (x 1)  
17>Alwin (Elf), 18yo.2015,Aug.1 04:26  Buying Arrows (15) (x 1)  
19>Lucinda (Vampire), Immtlyo.2015,Aug.1 04:27  Buying Clothing (any type) (x 2)  
19>Lucinda (Vampire), Immtlyo.2015,Aug.1 04:27  Buying Powers (any) (x 1)  
12>Gandalf the Blue (Wizard), 60+yo.2015,Aug.1 04:28 [OK!]
12>Gandalf the Blue (Wizard), 60+yo.2015,Aug.1 04:28  Buying Magic staff (x 1)  
19>Lucinda (Vampire), Immtlyo.2015,Aug.1 04:28 *appears out of the shadows where Andrea and Daninachi are* *smirks evilly* *a few of her fellow vampires take up the rear* Looks like we're having dinner tonight.
12>Gandalf the Blue (Wizard), 60+yo.2015,Aug.1 04:28  Buying Cloak (x 1)  
12>Gandalf the Blue (Wizard), 60+yo.2015,Aug.1 04:29 [Mind adding a cart and a horse to the list of buy-able items?]
19>Lucinda (Vampire), Immtlyo.2015,Aug.1 04:30 (Sure!)
12>Gandalf the Blue (Wizard), 60+yo.2015,Aug.1 04:30 [Thanks!]
12>Gandalf the Blue (Wizard), 60+yo.2015,Aug.1 04:31  Buying Hat (any) (x 1)  *puts on his awesome, pointy wizard hat*
12>Gandalf the Blue (Wizard), 60+yo.2015,Aug.1 04:32 [Can you give Audric a Castle?]
12>Gandalf the Blue (Wizard), 60+yo.2015,Aug.1 04:33  Buying Clothing (any type) (x 1)  
12>Gandalf the Blue (Wizard), 60+yo.2015,Aug.1 04:33  Buying Cart (x 1)  
12>Gandalf the Blue (Wizard), 60+yo.2015,Aug.1 04:33  Buying Horse (x 1)  
14>Bancroft (Giant), 36yo.2015,Aug.1 04:34 [Can you also add a club?]
14>Bancroft (Giant), 36yo.2015,Aug.1 04:35  Buying Clothing (any type) (x 1)  
18>Bellatrix (Witch), 38yo.2015,Aug.1 04:35  Buying Magic wand (x 1)  
18>Bellatrix (Witch), 38yo.2015,Aug.1 04:35  Buying Clothing (any type) (x 1)  
18>Bellatrix (Witch), 38yo.2015,Aug.1 04:36  Buying Powers (any) (x 1)  
3>Audric (Dark King/Warlock), 40yo.2015,Aug.1 04:36  Buying Powers (any) (x 1)  
3>Audric (Dark King/Warlock), 40yo.2015,Aug.1 04:36  Buying Cart (x 1)  
3>Audric (Dark King/Warlock), 40yo.2015,Aug.1 04:36  Buying Horse (x 1)  
3>Audric (Dark King/Warlock), 40yo.2015,Aug.1 04:37 [Note: Audric has used magic to mutate his horse and make it a black, flying horse made out of pure dark magic energy.]
1>King Reingard (King), 65yo.2015,Aug.1 04:38  Giving Castle (x 1) to Makaela  
4>Makaela (Elf), 16yo.2015,Aug.1 04:39  Giving Castle (x 1) to Audric  
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Aug.1 04:42 [Thanks!]
14>Bancroft (Giant), 36yo.2015,Aug.1 04:42  Buying Weapon of choice (x 1)  
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Aug.1 04:42  Buying Clothing (any type) (x 1)  
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Aug.1 04:42  Buying Food (x 1)  
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Aug.1 04:42  Buying Water (x 1)  
16>Simon (Wizard), 17yo.2015,Aug.1 04:43  Buying Magic wand (x 1)  
16>Simon (Wizard), 17yo.2015,Aug.1 04:43  Buying Cloak (x 1)  
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Aug.1 04:43  Buying Powers (any) (x 1)  
12>Gandalf the Blue (Wizard), 60+yo.2015,Aug.1 04:45  Buying Powers (any) (x 1)  
17>Alwin (Elf), 18yo.2015,Aug.1 04:49 *is out hunting with Makaela and a few other elves* *they sneak around the corner, only to see the vampires close by* *says quietly* Vampires.
12>Gandalf the Blue (Wizard), 60+yo.2015,Aug.1 04:49 [I'm ready to roleplay!]
12>Gandalf the Blue (Wizard), 60+yo.2015,Aug.1 04:49 *is riding his cart through the village*
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Aug.1 04:49 *is up in the mountains, as usual*
4>Makaela (Elf), 16yo.2015,Aug.1 04:50 *watches the vampires- specifically Lucinda- creeping up on Daninachi and Andrea* *glances at Alwin* Should we do anything?
17>Alwin (Elf), 18yo.2015,Aug.1 04:50 *is staring intensely at the scene before him* No. Not yet. And keep your voice down!
4>Makaela (Elf), 16yo.2015,Aug.1 04:51 *feels annoyed with Alwin, but follows the rules anyways*
14>Bancroft (Giant), 36yo.2015,Aug.1 04:51 [MESSAGE TO FELICITY: I volunteer for Bancroft to be the mysterious figure in the shadows!]
14>Bancroft (Giant), 36yo.2015,Aug.1 04:51 [Nvm, Lucinda is the figure in the shadows.]
11>Peter (Apprentice), 12yo.2015,Aug.1 04:52 *is in the village, working while secretly using his slingshot to shoot at a squirrel up in a nearby tree every time Hans Sachs isn't looking*
3>Audric (Dark King/Warlock), 40yo.2015,Aug.1 04:52 *I'm not telling where my bad guys currently are... >:)*
10>Clarion (Fairy), 17yo.2015,Aug.1 04:53 *sits up in a tree near the forest entrance*
13>Erin (Maid), 18yo.2015,Aug.1 04:54 *looks out the window sadly, remembering the days when she didn't have to work in the castle* *ditches her mop and sneaks out of the castle, grabbing a tattered cloak*
13>Erin (Maid), 18yo.2015,Aug.1 04:54 *walks incognito through the village*
12>Gandalf the Blue (Wizard), 60+yo.2015,Aug.1 04:57 *rides right by Erin**Erin recognizes him and is shocked to find herself staring at one of the most powerful wizards in the Mystic Forest*
13>Erin (Maid), 18yo.2015,Aug.1 04:58 *looks up at Gandalf in awe* *is almost knocked over by a passerby*
11>Peter (Apprentice), 12yo.2015,Aug.1 05:00 *slacking off*
11>Peter (Apprentice), 12yo.2015,Aug.1 05:01 *Hans Sachs starts screaming at him**huffs* Okay, okay! *gets back to work*
11>Peter (Apprentice), 12yo.2015,Aug.1 05:02 *suddenly a crowd of wild, whooping hunters rushes by**beams, grabs his slingshot, and runs after them, "forgetting about" work*
11>Peter (Apprentice), 12yo.2015,Aug.1 05:05 *runs smack into Erin while chasing the hunters*
11>Peter (Apprentice), 12yo.2015,Aug.1 05:06 [BTW, mind adding "Apprentices" to the list of Common Folk in the description of the RP at the top of the page?]
11>Peter (Apprentice), 12yo.2015,Aug.1 05:07 *doesn't even apologize as he scrambles to his feet and continues running*
11>Peter (Apprentice), 12yo.2015,Aug.1 05:07 *whoops**Erin overhears one of the hunters yelling "LET'S GO CATCH SOME FAIRIES!!"*
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Aug.1 05:11 *is in her cave at the peak of the tallest mountain in the Mystic Forest, trying to control her powers**the cave walls glow and radiate with purple telekinetic energy*
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Aug.1 05:11 *is in deep medititation; this is one of the few times when her powers are truly balanced*
13>Erin (Maid), 18yo.2015,Aug.1 05:14 *sees the Hunters running crazily towards the forest* *absentmidedly runs after them, trying to make a detour so she can give the fairies a proper warning*
13>Erin (Maid), 18yo.2015,Aug.1 05:14 (Ok, I'll add that.)
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Aug.1 05:21 [Thanks!]
13>Erin (Maid), 18yo.2015,Aug.1 05:24 (Ok, it's been added.)
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Aug.1 05:26 [Thanks again!]
3>Audric (Dark King/Warlock), 40yo.2015,Aug.1 05:28 *a dark, hooded figure is riding a dark cart drawn by an equally dark horse**he passes Gandalf and gives Gandalf the death stare while doing so*
13>Erin (Maid), 18yo.2015,Aug.1 05:28
13>Erin (Maid), 18yo.2015,Aug.1 05:28 (Oops)
13>Erin (Maid), 18yo.2015,Aug.1 05:29 *manages to outrun the hunters into the forest*
3>Audric (Dark King/Warlock), 40yo.2015,Aug.1 05:30 *the figure pulls up to the castle the King lives in and gets out of the cart**a more feminine-looking figure joins him*
11>Peter (Apprentice), 12yo.2015,Aug.1 05:31 *the hunters split up and begin hunting**follows his favorite hunters* Hey, can I help? Hunter #1: Shh! Peter: Can- Hunter #1: Shut up you little annoyance!!
11>Peter (Apprentice), 12yo.2015,Aug.1 05:32 *looks sort of hurt, but doesn't say anything* Hunter #1: You might as well go. You won't be like us. Hunter #2: Don't listen to him. He's just p***ed off because he fell flat on his face in the mud yesterd- Hunter #1: Oh, shut up!!
11>Peter (Apprentice), 12yo.2015,Aug.1 05:33 *sighs and turns around in order to go back to the village**suddenly sees a faint glow coming from a knot in a tree**turns to the hunters, whispering:* Hey-hey, over here! HEY!! *they pay 0 attention to him*
13>Erin (Maid), 18yo.2015,Aug.1 05:34 *watches the hunters from behind a tree and a couple of bushes*
11>Peter (Apprentice), 12yo.2015,Aug.1 05:35 *sighs and gets his slingshot ready**watches the glow flicker**carefully aims*
10>Clarion (Fairy), 17yo.2015,Aug.1 05:35 *sees Peter getting really close to her and freaks out* *knows she can't fly due to her crippled wing, so she transforms into her full human height*
11>Peter (Apprentice), 12yo.2015,Aug.1 05:35 *finally, he shoots, hitting the glow**the glow falls down on the ground**picks up the glow and starts running away* Yes! YES, I GOT ONE!!
11>Peter (Apprentice), 12yo.2015,Aug.1 05:36 *then Clarion goes into her full height**drops Clarion immediately* O.O
11>Peter (Apprentice), 12yo.2015,Aug.1 05:36 Uh...hi...??!!
10>Clarion (Fairy), 17yo.2015,Aug.1 05:37 *glares at him* What do you think you're doing??
10>Clarion (Fairy), 17yo.2015,Aug.1 05:38 *is trying to ignore the pain in her wing; Peter shot it*
11>Peter (Apprentice), 12yo.2015,Aug.1 05:42 Training to be a hunter, obviously!
11>Peter (Apprentice), 12yo.2015,Aug.1 05:43 *sees Clarion's damaged wing and feels pity for a moment**then snaps out of it* I have to capture you now. Come on! *tries pushing Clarion, but she doesn't budge* I said...come ON! *grunts, but she still doesn't budge**stops, panting*
10>Clarion (Fairy), 17yo.2015,Aug.1 05:44 *crosses her arms* What are you trying to prove, exactly?
11>Peter (Apprentice), 12yo.2015,Aug.1 05:46 That...uh...I'm a worthy hunter!
11>Peter (Apprentice), 12yo.2015,Aug.1 05:47 My family and my master want me to be a cobbler and a songwriter, but that sounds boring! I want to be able to roam free in the forest, do whatever I want, whenever I want-you know, FUN stuff!
10>Clarion (Fairy), 17yo.2015,Aug.1 05:48 I don't think hurting people sounds like a lot of fun, but I'm sure you can find other fun things to do in this forest.
11>Peter (Apprentice), 12yo.2015,Aug.1 05:49 "Hurting people?" You're not even a person! You're a...you're...a...I don't know!!
10>Clarion (Fairy), 17yo.2015,Aug.1 05:52 What I'm trying to say is...spare the creatures in this forest.
11>Peter (Apprentice), 12yo.2015,Aug.1 05:54 Why? What have they ever done for us? (Sorry Joan) Clarion: What have we ever done to you? Peter: *realizes that catching and killing the creatures of the forest is unfair because the creatures (other than the Dark ones) haven't done anything bad*
11>Peter (Apprentice), 12yo.2015,Aug.1 05:59 Er...I'm sorry, then... *hears some whooping and looks over his shoulder**turns back to Clarion* You had better go. The hunters are coming.
11>Peter (Apprentice), 12yo.2015,Aug.1 05:59 In fact, shrink back down again. I can take you away where you'll be safe.
11>Peter (Apprentice), 12yo.2015,Aug.1 06:00 [Another buy-able item idea: Items used for carrying things-pouches and packs are especially good.]
10>Clarion (Fairy), 17yo.2015,Aug.1 06:01 (Ok!)
10>Clarion (Fairy), 17yo.2015,Aug.1 06:02 *nods and shrinks back down*
11>Peter (Apprentice), 12yo.2015,Aug.1 06:04  Buying Backpack/sack (x 1)  
11>Peter (Apprentice), 12yo.2015,Aug.1 06:04 *puts Clarion in his pouch and runs away as the hunters arrive**hears them whooping and screaming "WE GOT ONE!!!!"*
11>Peter (Apprentice), 12yo.2015,Aug.1 06:04 *finally dives in some bushes and watches as they pass by, holding a tiny cage w/ a glow inside it; obviously they caught a fairy other than Clarion*
13>Erin (Maid), 18yo.2015,Aug.1 06:08 *watches the hunters run by gleefully* *comes out of hiding and subconsciously follows them*
13>Erin (Maid), 18yo.2015,Aug.1 06:08 Hey! HEY!! *tries to get their attention*
11>Peter (Apprentice), 12yo.2015,Aug.1 06:09 *the hunters ignore Erin and go back to the village**they sit down around a campfire and pass around the cage, letting each hunter look at the fairy*
11>Peter (Apprentice), 12yo.2015,Aug.1 06:09 *follows the hunters, determined to save the fairy*
13>Erin (Maid), 18yo.2015,Aug.1 06:12 *lost the hunters, so she just wanders deeper into the forest*
13>Erin (Maid), 18yo.2015,Aug.1 06:12 *gets as far as the elven citadel, and from there she sees the glowing purple mountain* *frowns in confusion, but keeps moving*
11>Peter (Apprentice), 12yo.2015,Aug.1 06:19 *pokes the hunters* Can I see? *they ignore him**finally:* Hey, I caught a fairy too. *they all look at him* Want to trade?
11>Peter (Apprentice), 12yo.2015,Aug.1 06:19 Hunter: Show us. Peter: *takes out Clarion and hands it to the hunter* Hunter: Hey...nice! Here, take her. *gives Peter the caged fairy*
11>Peter (Apprentice), 12yo.2015,Aug.1 06:20 Thanks... *turns to walk away but then spins around and punches the hunter in the face*
11>Peter (Apprentice), 12yo.2015,Aug.1 06:20 *grabs Clarion and puts her and the caged fairy in his sack**then runs* Hunter #4: HEY!! HE'S GETTING AWAY WITH THE FAIRIES!!! GET HIM!!!
10>Clarion (Fairy), 17yo.2015,Aug.1 06:22 *can't really tell what's going on; it's all a blur*
11>Peter (Apprentice), 12yo.2015,Aug.1 06:24 *just runs and runs and runs and runs until he reaches Hans Sachs' shop**goes inside the shop**the hunters turn around a corner and run right past the shop; they didn't see him go in*
11>Peter (Apprentice), 12yo.2015,Aug.1 06:24 *sits down, panting**sees the hunters going by the shop and starts laughing*
11>Peter (Apprentice), 12yo.2015,Aug.1 06:28 Hans Sachs: *walks over to Peter and looks sternly down at him* Why aren't you working? Peter: I'm sorry-the hunters-they- Hans: Go work some more! *Peter rushes outside again, Hans almost kicking him right in the butt*
11>Peter (Apprentice), 12yo.2015,Aug.1 06:28 *by now all the hunters are gone**releases Clarion and the other fairy* You two okay?
10>Clarion (Fairy), 17yo.2015,Aug.1 06:36 *grows to her full height* *nods* Yeah, I'm fine. *the other fairy nods too*
10>Clarion (Fairy), 17yo.2015,Aug.1 06:37 Thank you for saving us.. If it hadn't been for you, we'd probably be gone already.
10>Clarion (Fairy), 17yo.2015,Aug.1 06:41 (I have to go now, bye!)
9>Myrtle (Nymph), ∞yo.2015,Aug.1 19:01  Secret message to Norma  
9>Myrtle (Nymph), ∞yo.2015,Aug.1 19:02 (Tall, skinny. Wears a pink dress and pink headdress. Looks like a myrtle tree)
9>Myrtle (Nymph), ∞yo.2015,Aug.1 19:03 What's going on?
9>Myrtle (Nymph), ∞yo.2015,Aug.1 19:03 Oh, hey fairies
6>Andrea (Villager ), 15yo.2015,Aug.2 05:08 [Kay, I'm going to include Lucinda in the convo with Daninachi and Andrea now. Joan, please say when you are talking to Andrea or Daninachi!]
6>Andrea (Villager ), 15yo.2015,Aug.2 05:10 You know what, I'll take the chance. *runs up to the tree* Um, hello. What's your name?
9>Myrtle (Nymph), ∞yo.2015,Aug.2 17:27 I'm Myrtle
9>Myrtle (Nymph), ∞yo.2015,Aug.2 17:27 Who are you?
6>Andrea (Villager ), 15yo.2015,Aug.2 19:20 [I was not talking to you.]
9>Myrtle (Nymph), ∞yo.2015,Aug.3 01:16 [Sorry :( ]
2>Norma (Shapeshifter), 16yo.2015,Aug.3 04:37  Secret message to Myrtle  
19>Lucinda (Vampire), Immtlyo.2015,Aug.3 04:37 *looks up at Andrea* My name is Lucinda...and I'm a vampire. And you know what? I have all my vampire friends with me today.
11>Peter (Apprentice), 12yo.2015,Aug.3 04:38 No problem. Anyway, I had better get back to work before my master kicks me right in the butt. See you! *walks over and starts cobbling again*
12>Gandalf the Blue (Wizard), 60+yo.2015,Aug.3 04:43 *drives his cart along to Slaugnart's**makes it there, gets out of the cart, and walks along**sees Simon passing by* Why, hello, Simon.
12>Gandalf the Blue (Wizard), 60+yo.2015,Aug.3 04:43 I would like to talk to you. Why don't we go up to my office?
10>Clarion (Fairy), 17yo.2015,Aug.3 04:46 *is helped by the other fairy back to the forest*
16>Simon (Wizard), 17yo.2015,Aug.3 04:46 *is confused* Why do you want to talk with me?
12>Gandalf the Blue (Wizard), 60+yo.2015,Aug.3 04:47 I need to...discuss things with you about your parents. Come.
16>Simon (Wizard), 17yo.2015,Aug.3 04:50 *follows Gandalf into his office*
12>Gandalf the Blue (Wizard), 60+yo.2015,Aug.3 04:51 *as they are walking up the stairs, suddenly several booms and screams are heard**they turn and look out a window to see the magic dome surrounding the school dissolving and Bancroft entering the place*
12>Gandalf the Blue (Wizard), 60+yo.2015,Aug.3 04:51 Our conversation will have to wait. Simon, find the safest place you can! Now!
18>Bellatrix (Witch), 38yo.2015,Aug.3 04:53 *laughs crazily as she uses magic to remove the protective dome around the school*
14>Bancroft (Giant), 36yo.2015,Aug.3 04:54 *stomps his way towards the school**splashes all the way through the lake-picking up the giant octopus and throwing it aside at one point-and continues to approach the school*
12>Gandalf the Blue (Wizard), 60+yo.2015,Aug.3 04:54 *rushes back down the stairs, holding his staff tightly*
16>Simon (Wizard), 17yo.2015,Aug.3 04:58 *hides under Gandalf's wooden desk*
12>Gandalf the Blue (Wizard), 60+yo.2015,Aug.3 04:59 *the students start screaming and running amok, all of them searching for a safe place*
12>Gandalf the Blue (Wizard), 60+yo.2015,Aug.3 05:00 *the teachers and Gandalf himself exit the castle and start walking towards Bancroft, ready to fight*
12>Gandalf the Blue (Wizard), 60+yo.2015,Aug.3 05:00 *some of the braver and more experienced students join the teachers*
16>Simon (Wizard), 17yo.2015,Aug.3 05:02 *pulls out his wand*
12>Gandalf the Blue (Wizard), 60+yo.2015,Aug.3 05:03 *dark, hooded figures (obviously warlocks and witches who work for Audric) advance towards the school alongside Bancroft*
12>Gandalf the Blue (Wizard), 60+yo.2015,Aug.3 05:03 We must not let them enter the school! Now...BEGIN!! *the crystal on his staff glows*
12>Gandalf the Blue (Wizard), 60+yo.2015,Aug.3 05:04 *launches a jet of magic light straight at Bancroft, hitting him squarely in the chest*
14>Bancroft (Giant), 36yo.2015,Aug.3 05:04 *roars and stumbles, but keeps advancing, resisting the energy being launched at him*
18>Bellatrix (Witch), 38yo.2015,Aug.3 05:09 *rushes forward; she is among Audric's followers*
18>Bellatrix (Witch), 38yo.2015,Aug.3 05:16 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
16>Simon (Wizard), 17yo.2015,Aug.3 05:19 (Bye!)
16>Simon (Wizard), 17yo.2015,Aug.3 05:19 *stumbles down the staircase* *sees Bellatrix and Bancroft fighting Gandalf*
16>Simon (Wizard), 17yo.2015,Aug.3 05:19 *aims his wand at Bellatrix, screaming a spellI
16>Simon (Wizard), 17yo.2015,Aug.3 05:19 *
6>Andrea (Villager ), 15yo.2015,Aug.3 13:53 *conversation with lucinda* Well, that means that you can't go out in sunlight. *goes back to the pond* Bye. *to daninachi* Dani, I have to go back home now. I promised my mother that I would be back for supper.
7>Daninachi (Mermaid), 15yo.2015,Aug.3 13:55 Okay. When are your parents going to your aunt's house?
6>Andrea (Villager ), 15yo.2015,Aug.3 13:58 Next Monday. And today's Saturday, so two days from now. Bye. I'll come back then.
7>Daninachi (Mermaid), 15yo.2015,Aug.3 13:59 Bye! *goes back down into the water*
6>Andrea (Villager ), 15yo.2015,Aug.3 14:11 *turns back toward house**gets back* Hi, Mother. *Mother* Hello, Andrea. I made roasted passenger pigeon for supper. *me* Can I tell you about something crazy that I saw during my walk? *Mother* Of course, darling. *me* I thought that I saw a pirate and a
6>Andrea (Villager ), 15yo.2015,Aug.3 14:12 vampire.
9>Myrtle (Nymph), ∞yo.2015,Aug.3 19:26 *wanders around*
9>Myrtle (Nymph), ∞yo.2015,Aug.3 19:27 Huh, where to go, what to do
18>Bellatrix (Witch), 38yo.2015,Aug.4 18:15 *is quick to block the spell and launch a killing spell at Simon*
5>Audrey (Villager), 13yo.2015,Aug.4 20:06 *sees Myrtle*
5>Audrey (Villager), 13yo.2015,Aug.4 20:07 *carries clothes to a river to wash*
9>Myrtle (Nymph), ∞yo.2015,Aug.4 20:08 hello!
5>Audrey (Villager), 13yo.2015,Aug.4 20:08 Uh, hey
9>Myrtle (Nymph), ∞yo.2015,Aug.4 20:09 I'm Myrtle. I'm a wood nymph
5>Audrey (Villager), 13yo.2015,Aug.4 20:09 That would explain why you look like a tree.
9>Myrtle (Nymph), ∞yo.2015,Aug.4 20:09 Yeah, it would
5>Audrey (Villager), 13yo.2015,Aug.4 20:10 How did you get here?
9>Myrtle (Nymph), ∞yo.2015,Aug.4 20:10 I don't know. I just POP, was here one day
9>Myrtle (Nymph), ∞yo.2015,Aug.4 20:11 I was a small nymph, so maybe a cross between human birth and being a seed
5>Audrey (Villager), 13yo.2015,Aug.4 20:11 I meant get HERE
9>Myrtle (Nymph), ∞yo.2015,Aug.4 20:12 Oh, i don't know. My grandfather told me to come here. He thought I could help the villagers with fighting evil things or something
5>Audrey (Villager), 13yo.2015,Aug.4 20:12 Yeah, there;s been lots of fights
5>Audrey (Villager), 13yo.2015,Aug.4 20:13 Yeah, there;s been lots of fights
5>Audrey (Villager), 13yo.2015,Aug.4 20:14 [sorry]
16>Simon (Wizard), 17yo.2015,Aug.9 00:47 *dodges Bellatrix's spell* *yells out a spell name that will knock her back several yards*
18>Bellatrix (Witch), 38yo.2015,Aug.13 19:22 *is sent flying back**screeches, almost bumping into Bancroft*
7>Daninachi (Mermaid), 15yo.2015,Sep.8 02:25 [Does anyone do this anymore?]
7>Daninachi (Mermaid), 15yo.2015,Sep.27 13:23 [Looks like I'm the only one.